Kearny Mesa Hyundai in San Diego, CA

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Kearny Mesa Hyundai is proud to open its doors to San Diego and pass along the benefits of significant buying power to our customers in the form of everyday low pricing. This means that we remove the hassle factor and the the wheeling and the dealing from the equation and simply focus on helping you find the best car. Kearny Mesa Hyundai offers a comprehensive selection of Hyundai products in San Diego - including hard to find models. Whether you're interested in purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle, receiving a price quote, ordering a part, or scheduling a service appointment, we are only one click away! As a member of the Sunroad Automotive family, Kearny Mesa Hyundai is proud to inherit the Sunroad reputation of unparalleled quality in the pre-owned market. Come check out over 500 Kearny Mesa Hyundai quality Certified and Pre-Owned vehicles...

Kearny Mesa Hyundai

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 633-0888
Address:4797 Convoy St, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Kearny Mesa Hyundai

Shannon w. | 2015-04-22

I came in to look for a SUV like car, Andy was the BEST!!!!! He made everything smooth and easy. In and out under 3 hours. Everyone who I met was nice and friendly!!!

Meagan G. | 2015-04-15

Okay, so it's been three years and my lease was just about up. I will say that the Service Department at Kearny Mesa Hyundai was nothing short of amazing. Their service was always wonderful, and at least once in a desperate situation they had a tech stay a few minutes late to change a tire for me (since the Elantra doesn't actually come with a spare tire.)

Now, on to the sales department. Once again I wanted to do some test drives to determine if I wanted to stick with Hyundai for my next purchase or if it was time to move on. So I was on the lot, looking at various vehicles. In my experience this has been a universal sign for "available sales person, please come talk to me." Not here. I walked into the building, and while many people were helping customers there were at least two that just stared without acknowledging my presence. No "someone will be right with you." No "hello, how are you, we're quite busy do you mind waiting?" If that had happened I would have understood. It was a weekend toward the end of the month, which is a high traffic time for dealerships. I get it. But nope. I looked around for an area where I could get assistance but the only reception type area was in the Service Department, and they couldn't really help. Just as I was about to leave, someone became available. I test drove the chosen vehicle. The sales person didn't give me any specs, didn't really say much about the car, and just kind of let me go about my thing. He mentioned knowing more about Subaru since he'd worked with them for longer. Okay, makes sense, but give me some info on it - please?

Hyundai's are decent vehicles, but you'll be happier if you purchase yours elsewhere. Service at Kearny Mesa is lovely, though, you'll enjoy (as much as you can) working with them.

Shawn L. | 2015-03-20

A little over a month ago I purchased my wife a new 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited from this dealership and have nothing but great things to say about the experience. I put my salesman Alex Parvizi through the ringer too. I was not always very polite to him and at times was more demanding than requesting when it came to the price, options, and special treatment. Even though I was probably a nightmare of a customer to have, Alex did not break and stayed extremely professional and helpful. He worked the price, options, and met most of my demands. The only demands he could not meet were because of the dealership's policy which kept him from doing so. I am also very detailed in my research and trying to squeeze the most I can out of a dealership to get the best price. Alex's initial and lowest price beat out ten different dealerships in San Diego, LA, Palm Springs, and a couple in Arizona. All the other dealerships thought I was making the price up until I sent the email quote from Kearny Mesa Hyundai to them. There response was we would be losing money if we sold you a car for that price. I had other dealerships not give me the time of day after I told them the price. To make matters more complicated my wife wanted a fully loaded, white, with brown leather interior which apparently is extremely hard to find. 2.4L, Limited, white exterior, brown leather interior, with tech and ultimate package is the unicorn of Hyundai Sonatas. This dealership tracked one down and had it for me the next night cleaned and ready to go. I later went in to have mud guards added onto the vehicle and the service department was very professional, quick, and friendly. They even called to follow up and make sure that I was satisfied with the work, product, and customer service. If you are in the market for a new or used Hyundai or Subaru I highly recommend this dealership. You will get what you agree on and the salesmen will work with you. I am pretty sure they will beat any other dealership in the area if you bring a legit price quote with you. If you want a salesman that will bend over backwards for you and follow up with you give Alex Parivi a shot. He let me test drive the cars to my house (I live in Clairemont about 5 miles from the dealership) to show my wife the different vehicles since she was at home with our new born baby.

Miz G. | 2015-03-16

Place was quick and easy to schedule an appointment and got me in faster than I thought.

Raoul S. | 2015-02-22

First off,  I got a good deal on the car I wanted!
I bought my car 2 years ago so I will review the buying process/service.  

Buying gets 3.8 stars.
It took a while to get some assistance and the negotiations was about average,  not easy but we didn't walk out from the stress lol. They would have earned 5 stars if it wasn't for this.
1. I told them it was a cash transaction, but they still wanted to run my credit? their reason was to verify my identity, which was reasonable but it didn't explain why they used a credit application for this. After 10 minutes of assurances from the GM and finance manager that they wouldn't be seeking credit on my behalf I agreed. Later at the final contact review what do I see?  Loan Approval and terms with a hard Inquiry on my credit! Now finance says it is a backup loan in case I my check didn't clear. I was furious that all the managers just lied to my face, but was my own fault for signing a credit application. In the end I had a good deal with the car I wanted, the loan wasn't a factor since I paid it cash, but I don't like being lied to. Bottom line believe what you SIGN not what anyone says.

Service gets 4.8 stars,  Joel brings a personal touch. And manages to get my car clean without putting it in the machine.  My windshield washer fluid was empty after 1 year, and I rarely use it, not to mention had I a few service visits which means that my fluids weren't getting topped off...

J L. | 2015-02-22

These guys play games! I walked in looking for a certified pre owned and was greeted by a nice man who seemed very willing to work with me, understood what I was looking for, and was very kind. Unfortunately when he found out I had previously received an email from the Internet manager I had to transfer over to him so he could receive commission. After talking some numbers and explaining that I have been looking for 6 months now and wasn't interested in playing games nor was to afraid to walk away, he took me on a test drive to try to sell me on a car I already knew I wanted, only the new model which is 7k more than im looking to spend. He told me I qualified for 1,200 worth of discounts and completely low balled me on my trade in. After telling him Id have to privately sell my car if that was the best he could do for me he pulled the "well let me see what the gm can do" trick. Like clockwork, he left for about five minutes and returned with "some good news and some bad news". The good news was they could now offer me 1,200 more for my car (magic, right?!) however I suddenly didn't qualify for any of the discounts since I wasn't going to finance through them  (he must have forgotten after talking about how I was financing on my own for about an hour and even running multiple sales offers with my financing). When I told him I was still talking with another dealer in regards to a certified pre owned about an hour away he sarcastically said "well you better run up there and buy it right now".
It's Unfortunate that these dealerships roshambo for their customers-if the customers could pick their salesman the overall experience would be far more enjoyable.
So no, Hyundai Kearny mesa, because of your arrogant Internet manager, I will not be purchasing a car, new or CPO from you. I will gladly take my business elsewhere, where I will be treated with respect and won't be insulted for having done my homework (knowing what my car is worth, how much theirs in worth, and which discounts I DO qualify for regardless of my financing choice). If you choose to go here to buy your car, please--do not work with the Internet manager!

Mrs. C. | 2015-02-09

I don't give out 5 stars often, but when I do, they are that good.  

Long story short, my car stalled on the Naval base my husband is attached too. (On a Thursday) I took it to the NEX auto garage and they told me they would look at it.  The engine light was on, so they were able to pull up codes.  However, they didn't recognize the codes my car was giving out, so they told me I needed to take my Santa Fe to a Hyundai dealership.  Dollar signs started running through my head.  I did some research and Kearny Mesa Hyundai was the place we picked.  It was now Friday morning.  I called up and spoke to Gabriel.  He was so nice.  He said if I could get my car in within the next 2 hours, they would try to get a look at it.  He was upfront about the initial cost, so there would be no surprises.  

The gentleman at the NEX auto center told us what he thought the problem was, but he couldn't be sure since he didn't recognize the codes.  I passed that info onto Gabriel.  Six hours later Gabriel calls me and tells me the problem was exactly what the NEX person said.  He said he could fix it for (this amount) and that I had a choice.  I could "shop" around to compare pricing, pay them their diagnostic fee and take my car somewhere else, or have them do it for that amount.  I told him to go ahead and fix it because I had done my own research about the cost.  (assuming the initial finding was correct)  I knew he was giving me an accurate price.  Within an hour and a half my car was up and running and I was able to pick it up!

The next day I brought it back in for an oil change and was taken care of by Aiden and his team.  All outstanding!  

They are very busy there, which should speak to how good they are.  I appreciate them looking at my car so quickly and getting it fixed.  I am sure most of us who have experienced the "engine light panic", you begin to wonder if the cost to fix it is going to equal a down payment on a house!  lol  (I know I did) But I also began to lose confidence in my car.  This is the car my husband and I picked out because of its safety features and reliability.  Now, I wasn't trusting it.  A lot of things crossed my mind when my car stalled, but I truly felt taken care of by the Auto Service Center at Hyundai.  My confidence is restored and I am now back to chauffeuring my kids around San Diego!  LOL

The Service Center was fair, honest and upfront.  While my husband is stationed here in CA, we will be bringing our car to them for issues and of course sending people their way!

Bruce M. | 2015-02-08

Alex was very helpful, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.  I love my new 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0.  A great car and an amazing value.

Jo Ann G. | 2015-02-06

My husband and I went to several car lots before our last stop at Kearny Mesa Hyundai and my husband got me into a helluva deal after working with Brian and the other sales and financing team, Brooke and forgive me I forgot the last gentleman's name who walked us through the details and features and chosen options of our hybrid and even served as our timer to get out and attend to a family matter on time, but their assistance was by far the best sales experience I've ever had. We did not feel pressured or cheated or taken advantage of, instead we felt taken care of, decisions and opinions seemed to be in our best interest, and the service was exceptional!

I'm typically horrible with working with sales people who only care about commission and what they care to get out of what customers can get them but here at Kearny Mesa Hyundai, it wasn't like that at all. Brian was pleasant enough to introduce himself and showed us around the lot's inventory and told us he'll be available at our convenience should we have questions. There weren't too many options to choose from based on the kind of car we were interested in considering my long commute to/from work but we did come across the hybrid that was newer with more features compared to the others we have seen or if we were even lucky to find a hybrid on the lot.  It was within our price range and it was a very attractive car I immediately had the urge to drive. After the test drive and discovering how rugged and stable and with the low mileage and year of the vehicle, my husband and I couldn't help but wonder if we would be making a mistake to walk out to wait another week before making a final decision and the worry that the car we really liked wouldn't be available anymore. With that said and Brian's honest opinion on the crucial dilemma that hindered our decision, Brian was very direct and informative to help us ease the possibility of regret and even gave us the option offer for a week and that allowed us to lock in the car. He worked with Brooke to see what our financing options are and thanks to my husband, Luke, who is always very supportive and is my trusted financial expert, we managed to drive away with the car at a very attractive interest rate and with the help of the 3 gentlemen we have a car with an awesome protection plan and guilt free/worry free service for the next 10 years with Hyundai! Thanks Hyundai of Kearny Mesa for a pleasant experience!!

C S. | 2015-02-05

On 2/01/2014 my mother and I purchased for her, a new loaded 2014 Subaru Forester at the tune of some $34,000.

I am OUTRAGED the Kearny Mesa Hyundai Subaru Dealership finance mgr. submitted 4 UNAUTHORIZED credit applications,  AFTER we stated it would be a CASH transaction.  He said it was their POLICY. I objected and was told not to be concerned as he would not proceed with any credit applications.  Big fat LIE!
After speaking to the very apologetic Dealership GM on more than one occasion,  I was assured the the issue would be resolved on their end.
To date all unauthorized applications/ inquiries remain on my credit report.

In addition, the home delivery did not include ANY information on the vehicle operation whatsoever. My mother, a senior is still quite frustrated not knowing the basic and numerous bells & whistle functions. To add insult to injury, the service department blows off her questions!   ZERO stars!

Dustin L. | 2015-02-04

I went to get my car ac refilled with freon today. I installed the part that was broken before taking it here and was hoping for the best. I got a call and they said it wouldn't hold freon. They asked me if I wanted to get it diagnosed,  I said no because I figured the used part I installed was bad. So I just headed back up there via the shuttle driver who was nice enough to take me home and pick me back up. When I arrived there they said they decided to diagnose it for free and AC was now working!! This place is awesome! This is why I go here & this is why I will continue to go here and I can't say enough about their customer service they washed my car even. Clean as can be. Anyway Thank you Kearny Mesa Hyundai! I appreciate you taking care of my older vehicle its very sentimental.

"vote with your dollar"

Jane L. | 2015-02-01

It's been a long day. It always is when you're looking for a new car. My party of 3 started our journey at 10am this morning. After visiting Kia El Cajon (see my review of them) and then Toyota El Cajon (see my review of them), we came here, and I'm glad we did because I drove off the lot with a new car.

Andy Pabon was our sales person. He was neither a pushy sales guy nor was he overly uncomfortably friendly. He was straight forward, really understood what I wanted as a customer, and he was genuinely nice. He tried to make our lives easier throughout the process by getting all the long-drawn out steps ready. He informed us of all the necessary administrative and pricing details so that we weren't surprised when it was time to sign on the dotted line.

Overall, I am very satisfied and Andy was a fantastic help.

JoYang Z. | 2015-01-28

When Coby says we'll take care of you, you'll be taken care of.  I think he truly care about customer service, in contrast to the feeling I got in another Hyundai dealership whose service managers are eager to squeeze revenue out of you.

Sophie T. | 2015-01-23


I have a 2013 Hyundai Tucson and since I bought my brand new car I have had nothing but trouble, from the brakes, to MULTIPLE electrical problems. The newest problem I've encountered is my back window will not roll up.

Today I called Hyundai Kearny Mesa to get my car in on a weekend since I work long hours during the week and they pretty much cannot help me at all.. they do not offer loaner cars and they cannot fix my car on ANY weekend. So not only have you sold me a crap car but you can't accommodate to fix it either? Beyond frustrated and disappointed in lack of quality and customer service.

Guess its BACK to the Carlsbad Hyundai location, at least they offer better customer service.

Jared W. | 2015-01-07

I bought a 2013 Hyundai Sonata from CarMax down the street. A few days after owning it the car started to smell like 100 cigarettes were smoked in it a day, it had been covered up to sell it.

That was one of MANY issues with that company. I returned the car to them and drove down the street to look at new Hyundai's.

I bought my 2015 Hyundai Elantra with more options (back up camera, Bluetooth) 38,500 less miles (it had 5 miles on the odometer when I drove off the lot) and two years newer than the CarMax vehicle while only paying $1700 more.

My salesman was Brook. He was extremely helpful, knowledgable and efficient. If he still works there when I'm ready I will buy another car from him.

He went through every option on the car and talked about how everything worked and functioned before I drove off the lot.

Compare this with CarMax that basically shoves the car down your throat and onto the next victim.

Moral of the story: If you're in the market for a car avoid CarMax. You can get a brand new car at Kearny Mesa Hyundai for about the same price.

Daniel S. | 2015-01-06

10 months ago I was looking for a used Pathfinder.  Kearny Mesa Hyundai had one on their lot and I went to take a look.  They were professional and courteous, and the vehicle had everything I was looking for.  They refused to negotiate on the price, and offered me $100 for my trade-in (I got $1500 at CarMax right across the street), but I still thought the car was reasonably priced.  So I bought it.  10 miles off the lot and the check engine light came on.  10 miles later the light started flashing, the engine started revving out of control and I had to pull over on the freeway.  Kearny Mesa Hyundai's service center agreed to fix it, saying that there was "probably water in the engine from when it was power washed."  It took three trips in a single week for the light to go off.  Flash forward 7 months (and only 4000 miles) and the check engine light returns.  Kearny Mesa Hyundai's obligation to repair it has passed and they won't fix it.  Over the course of the next 3 months I have to bring it in to my mechanic repeatedly to keep it running.  Finally it dies on the freeway, stranding my wife and requiring a tow.  This time the bill is $4500 (radiator, clogged catcon, O2 sensors, tire pressure monitor sensors among other things) so I decide to trade it in.  Ultimately, I'm upside down close to $8000 on the car and only owned it for 10 months.  That's above and beyond the $2800 total I spent repairing it prior to the trade-in.  Kearny Mesa Hyundai sold me a car that was a lemon.  I learned my lesson and won't be patronizing their lot again.

Dustin K. | 2014-12-26

I bought my first new car here in August of 2013 amazing service, amazing people, and I love the car!
I also get all my work done at this place in over a year of service only had one small issue no big deal I'll be back for a oil change tire rotation soon

Jennifer B. | 2014-12-21

Phone system is a mess. Took me all day and multiple phone calls just to get someone on the phone in the service department. Finally got my appointment, but when I got my reminder phone call it listed the wrong time. When I called again to make sure they had the correct time, the service department was closed and the woman at the front desk couldn't help me. Told me I was out of luck and should reschedule my day to fit their mistake, since there was nothing she could do to confirm my appointment time. Thanks for the headache Hyundai!

Marilyn L. | 2014-12-08

I went to the dealership to check a sonata hybrid that I viewed online. Brook Govan and David Hughes gave me awesome service. I have really fallen in love with the performance and luxury of the sonata hybrid. They were extremely nice and offered me a great deal for the vehicle. Brook was very knowledgeable about my car. After they took good care of me and were understanding when it came to purchasing the vehicle. They made sure everything was to my satisfaction. 5 star service!
- Tristan P

Ashley B. | 2014-11-11

Just purchased a new Santa Fe from Andy on Sunday. Excellent service and great to work with. Andy was very knowledgable on everything his cars had to offer. He took time to get to know us, and what we were looking for. We will definitely go back to him in the future! Everyone that assisted us in finance was also great! Very friendly team.

Agata S. | 2014-11-01

The service departament is awful! I made an appointmeent cuz i got a preowned sonata and there were a few minor things I wanted looked at. I get there and I'm showing the guy my problems. There was something stuck inside the back break lights (I was told this is not something they would address) ok.... Then the rubbering on the door lost its shape and is coming off the frame. I asked about having it replaced ... I was told "well the rubber loses its shape eventually so there is no point of replacing it and we don't have time to do it today" wow really!? Wouldn't get any of my information or check me in.  He recommended that I go to the parts department buy the rubbering and replace it myself. I have a warranty on a year old car for this reason that I don't have to do it myself. This is not the first time I have gotten such poor service here. It's definitely worth driving the extra miles to go to poway, their service department is amazing, fast and so helpful.

Shara L. | 2014-10-27

Not surprisingly, anther compliment for Joel!

I have brought my car here for a regular oil change, and new brakes. I love them here. Joel is amazing, friendly, and doesn't take advantage of the fact that I am female, come by myself, and don't know a thing about cars.

My latest visit, I came to him in a panic because I had just been to car wash and when I came back to get my car, they told me it wouldn't start. They proceeded to tell me I had a bad battery and conveniently they sold batteries there for an extortionate price. No thanks!  I drove my car straight to Joel, left it running for 5 minutes, and it was fine. He politely explained to me the shadiness that sometimes happens at those places, and we think they left the doors open, lights on, radio on, etc and drained my battery, and tried to get me to just purchase another one.

Thank you Joel for being honest, and helping me out. You are so professional, and I can tell you look out for your customers and want to retain our business. I have learned my lesson, I won't take my car anywhere else, I promise!

Jonathan S. | 2014-09-30

Once again, the service here continues to suck.  The staff are friendly enough, but estimated times are always off, promised return phone calls never come, and the shuttle service is a total disaster.  Not once have I arrived to pick up my car to find the paperwork already processed.  After noticing I had been waiting a long time for the shuttle, the shop forerman, Colby drove me home himself.  Colby is a delight, but I'm not sure the operation can be saved.

John P. | 2014-09-28

A classic car selling moment:  We were standing in a part of the lot that felt like we were standing in the middle of the desert because we felt we were so far away from the car that we wanted and we didn't even know what car that was going to be.  Literally tired from a long day of shopping at many different dealerships we were ready to go home. As we were walking a few steps back towards the car we came in Zafar knew just the right thing to say "All I'm doing is listening to what you are looking for.  Want to go look at the Forester?"  It was genuine, so even though the Forester was not on our list, it made us turn around and walk a hundred yards across the lot to go look at one final car for the day.  

From there, we saw no color we liked and Zafar even smoothly got us excited to walk another 50 yards to go find the 'white' color and along the way open our eyes to Subaru!  Tired on a late Friday night, and we even did a test drive.

Zafar got us so excited we even stayed late that night and started running numbers.

His positive, genuine, and happy attitude really helped navigate us to make a decision that felt like it was our decision and not his.

Honest cars, honest people. Ask for Zafar: he's funny, listens closely to your needs, and is a great guy.

Veronica C. | 2014-09-23

Just bought a car from this location over the weekend & I must say, Sal made it the easiest, most comfortable & smooth experience!!!! He was so knowledgable & answered all my questions. He didn't force me into any decision I didn't want to make. I even had my 5 yr old with me & he was so sweet to her & helped keep her company while I shopped around & checked out the cars. I highly recommend this dealership & definitely recommend Sal to anyone who needs help with purchasing a car. It was painless! Thank you Sal & Kearny Mesa Hyundai for the smooth sale, I'm inlove with my car! :)

D B. | 2014-09-23

No-hassle, fast, enjoyable car purchase!  Andy Pabon was TERRIFIC - he was patient with multiple test drives, provided no-pressure support in my selecting a beautiful Genesis, and facilitated an expedited trade-in and sale completion as I was in a hurry.  Outstanding sales service - I would recommend Kearny Mesa Hyundai to anyone looking to buy a car.

Mike F. | 2014-09-16

Very disappointed.  I called last week to ensure that a rear tail light was available or could be ordered.  The person in parts ensured me that one was in stock. I asked to be transferred back to service to set up an appointment.  Now after an hour and half waiting I'm told that the part is not in stock and I would have to come back at noon.  As I travel for work and made an appointment 5 days in advance this is highly inconvenient for me.  I will find service from another dealership.

Frank G. | 2014-09-13

Andy helped me and my wife out on many occasions and is one of the best. If you go to Kearny Mesa Hundai or Subaru ask for Andy, he is very helpful and got us what we wanted in a time efficient manner. Thanks Kearny Mesa Hundai/Subaru.

Andrea D. | 2014-09-05

This review pertains solely to their service dept.

I got a service plan with my 2013 Elantra lease. Every single time I go here, it's a mess. One time it took over 3 hours to change my oil, even though I had made an appointment over a week before that. People that came in after me left well before me, and when I pointed it out to the technician he brushed me off and said it was the "busy season" and that appointments don't really matter because walk-ins and appointments are serviced in whatever order they come in.  

I went in today for an oil change, again with an appointment made in advance. I called the day before to make sure the shuttle would be there to take me back to work and I called again before leaving work to confirm. Both times I was told, yes, the shuttle is available. I got there a few minutes before my appt time and was told the shuttle wouldn't be back for an hour AT LEAST! And my car would be done in an hour and a half. I didn't have anyone lined up to come get me at the last minute so I had no choice but to wait (my boss was thrilled about that).  

I called and spoke to Shawn, the Service Director, to discuss this issue and past issues with him and was told that this is their status quo. They have 1 shuttle with a wide radius and it is occasionally gone for hours at a time, meaning they really shouldn't ever tell a customer that the shuttle will be available. He was rude and made absolutely no attempt to keep me as a customer.

Jennicca T. | 2014-08-30

I had an appointment scheduled for 2:30. I arrived promptly only to find the Hyundai side closed. Save for when I first bought the car, I had never had an pull change here. I got out my car to see what was up. Eventually as I walked up, i did notice a sign directing people to another location. I called to get directions and was given wrong information. I was told to cross Convoy Street headed west. After not finding anything I drove back and went in. I was told it was just next door on the Subaru side. This ended up getting me there around 3:00. I was so frustrated, I considered cancelling the appt since I had to be somewhere that evening.

One of the mechanics said there was no wait and my car would be done quickly. I consented to continue with the service. I ended up waiting nearly two hours and in the end was late for my evening plans and missed the first part of the event (which was why we were going in the first place).

I'm so irritated. Had they just been honest about the wait, I probably wouldn't be writing this review. I will NEVER bring my car back here!

UPDATE: They ended up comping my oil change, so at least there's that. Upgrading to three stars.

Theresa D. | 2014-08-27

We were in the market for a new vehicle and test drove a Hyundai Elantra. Decided we needed to look around for a better deal and the manager called us the following day to come back in to see what we could do. Came in today and Victor was the salesperson we dealt with. He said it was his second week on the job; he was extremely professional without being stuffy. He took the time to connect with us on a personal level while we were running numbers and made our experience a wonderful one! His demeanor was so refreshing and he definitely knows customer service! I highly recommend that you go to Kearny Mesa Hyundai and ask for Victor.

Vic M. | 2014-08-24

My wife took our daughters new car in for their "complete car detail special" earlier this week. She realized she left our daughters house keys inside the car and asked me to stop by the dealership so get them. as soon as I pulled into the service drive I saw her car so I walked over to it. What I saw as a gentleman sitting in her drivers seat with one foot hanging out the door texting with her car radio blasting and on his phone, really.
I surprised him when I walked over and asked to retrieve what id come for.
I didn't really know what to think about the matter at first so I just left. However after informing my wife of the situation she was quite uncomfortable. She called the service department to ask about policy of such circumstances. The service advisor was very apologetic and explained that a third party did the detailing called "Stanley Detail" the advisor said the company was owned by a mr. Michael Stanley.
We picked up the car later that day. Detail job itself was fine, no complaints what so ever about the job itself, although It wasn't anything to brag about (unlike the Kearny Mesa Lexus detailing which is phenomenal). But good enough to pay the price definitely.
However, it still doesn't sit right with me that Kearny Mesa allows third party to enter my vehicle and conduct themselves in such a manor. I TRUST THE KEARNY MESA HYUNDAI NAME, not this Stanley detail. Furthermore, upon trying to educate myself on the company that had preformed the detail I found NO INFOMRATION, noting. In the year 2014 not a single website, review page, they don't even seem to be registered small business in the state of California?
Seems like my wife's concerns may have been legitimate, after all, my daughters car contains many of her personal items; GPS history, mail, school things. It's just a bit disconcerting to not know who spent the afternoon in your daughters car.  
In addition, when I tried to call later in the week and express my grievances, I was placed on hold continuously and never able to speak with my advisor. When I called on again Saturday, I main receptionist was very short with me as I kept getting transferred back to the main like after the service line had me on hold for over three minutes. It would ring me back to the main desk and the receptionist seemed bothered by me and began to be very short, at times not even saying a word, just transferring me back.
Kearny Mesa used to be a great dealership, I just wish they would get it together. Until then, guess I'll be going elsewhere.

Chang L. | 2014-08-22

Joel, putting you on blast here.

Brought my car in for a checkup because the transmission was acting funny. I've already had it tested at another place but something still felt off. And then I found Joel here. What took the other dealership a whole day and equipment to do Joel was able to detect in one test drive. He took one highway exit ramp and knew exactly what was wrong with my car. Before I could ask any questions Joel had all the answers for me. If he had a slogan I think it should be "that's how Joel rolls." Within 10 minutes of my arrival- new transmission on it's way, warranty info checked, rental car coming to pick me up. Yes, that was the most easy experience I've ever had dealing with such a difficult situation.

A R. | 2014-08-15

I love this place. I have taken my car to the service department throughout the duration of owning my car, and
                                  DAVID HUTCHINGS is AWESOME....!

He if friendly and HONEST in a way that is so refreshing. I cant say enough about this guy.  -Hyundai-  David is not lucky to have you..... NO, -You- are lucky to have DAVID. Thank you David for not being your stereotypical sleazy dealership person, and having INTEGRITY I am grateful to you.

Amanda C. | 2014-08-10

They're helpful and efficient.

We've never had a problem here and they only do the service you ask for, nothing more. No extra attempts at sales. It's nice.

It's within walking distance to places such as Starbucks so if you want to get out and about while your car is being worked on, it's easy to do.  

Plus, they have a coffee maker in their waiting room.

Stephanie L. | 2014-07-22

I would give ZERO stars if i could. Never been to such a rude/lazy dealership in my life. Completely wasted my time. The guy we were dealing with seemed like he was annoyed from the get go, and just didn't seem like he was trying to help us out. Save your time and go somewhere else.

John M. | 2014-07-21

***DO NOT COME TO THIS DEALER EVEN IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT***                                        

Worst place to buy a car. the sales person was nice and and patient.

So first of all went thought everything to get pricing and found the car, then after that it was about a couple hours later( because they just love to waste so much of your time  there its ridiculous, with time management) we went to start haggle for pricing. my goodness do they keep trying to go in circles and circles, he would bring back the same paper and then say " look  your getting it cheaper than what your asking." even though its no where near what your asking.  the sales rep kept going back and fourth bring the same paper at least 3 times before he would get a new on printed, then after we Had seen 3 different prices the last one what we wanted to see then said, but we cant guarantee that you that price because the rebates we are giving you, you might not get that price because the rebates may not apply to you. (so why would you try to negotiate a price with rebates if your not going to give them the rebates?) then when asked when they would know if qualify for the rebates they said that they didn't know and it doesn't matter to them. then i asked how long the sales manager worked there for so he would maybe be able to know what the qualifications are to making sure we qualify (i mean in 17 years and he cant tell if someone is going to be able to qualify to one of the rebates? ) then he said, OK let me ask my sales manager. then Cody McDaris (the sales gm) was completely rude and asked us to leave because we were not wanting to pay higher than what we told him we wanted to pay.  then i am walking out with my Grandma and Cody cuts us off when i am walking an elderly person, who needs a cane to walk, and was even ruder. i would not have posted this but this was the most ridiculous sales gm i have ever encountered.  all the reviews are similar most people want to give this place zero stars if possible like wise.  once again do not come here.

Dan E. | 2014-07-18

What started out as "our computer system is down so we have no access to or appointments" turned into an actually pleasant experience at Hyundai of Kearny Mesa. Came in for a recall that had been issued for my car and it was fixed fairly quickly - probably within 1.5 hours of me being there - and then they told me they found a new recall had been issued to protect the underbody of my car. OK, thanks for letting me know, and they did the work within their time estimate. Free wifi makes the customer "lounge" bearable and there are clean bathrooms. I eventually took the shuttle service they offer back home and he picked me up again a few hours later. To Hyundai- keep Jeremy your driver on staff- what a nice man to deal with- perfect for the position he is in.

When I came to pick my car up, apparently the car wash broke too; but my car looked clean and I was pleased. Fix your IT issues and your equipment and you are on your way to a 5 Star Service Department, Hyundai as long as you keep the friendly attitudes and people.

Jon L. | 2014-07-14

I wish I could give zero stars.

The service department managed to rob to me of hours of my life I will never get back due to their incompetence.

Different service staff gave me different stories for a total of three trips that literally only required one trip and one minute diagnostics. I'll never go back.

Rita K. | 2014-07-11

KM Hyundai has been the best experience I have had with a dealership.  The service staff has been top notch.  Even their shuttle service driver is friendly & this service is a life saver when needed.

The sales staff are excellent, making a car purchase a very pleasant experience not to mention getting a very good deal.

You cannot go wrong dealing with KM Hyundai and that is why I went back to them for a new car purchase today.  Hyundai value speaks for itself & this dealership makes me a repeat customer.

Thank you to David in Service, Carlo in Sales & Pineapple in Finance for making it possible for me to drive away in a new 2014 Hyundai Accent GS.   This car is not only fun, but it handles beautifully.

Way to go everyone at KM Hyundai!

Rita Kehrig

Sharon Y. | 2014-07-04

If I could, I would like to give ZERO stars. I was very dissatisfied and felt disrespected by their sales rep, Dan. I felt I was being screwed over because of my age. He said if we didn't like the deal he was cutting us, to not buy the car and to leave. I'm sorry but that is piss-poor customer service. As a customer, I expected to be reeled in and treated with respect. Instead, I was given a sour attitude and disrespect. The sales rep not only made me feel disrespected but he also did not treat my family with the respect that they deserved. We left and headed to Hyundai of Escondido and they were lovely! If you ever need to buy a Hyundai, head on over there and ask for Amy and Jordan. They absolutely made my day with the a great deal and their customer service was out of this world. Hyundai of Escondido is where it's at! DO NOT GO HERE! THEY ARE RUDE!

Beth R. | 2014-07-03

I went with my daughter to purchase her first new vehicle.  I went in with a very negative perception of car dealerships.  I left with a completely different opinion.  They were so great to deal with, and gave my daughter a killer deal on her 2013 Hyundai Elantra.  Smooth transaction, awesome customer service.

I wrote a letter of thanks to the GM, Dave M., and he was kind enough to call me and thank me for the letter.  I know he must be an extremely busy man, but he took the time out to make the call, and was down to earth and humble.  A very smart man to "get it" that customer sercive goes a long way.  I'm now a customer for life!

Fast forward about 8 months....I needed to take my Sonata in to have a door lock replaced.  I called and spoke to Rashad R.  Very nice young man on the phone.  When I checked in the following day, Rashad was again very polite, professional and just all around great customer service.  The service was awesome, and they got my vehicle done when it was promised.  I was delighted that the car was washed before they gave it back to me.  And to top it off, the repairs were covered under that awesome Hyundai warranty.  

I emailed Dave M. again to let him know how awesome Rashad and the Service Department people were.  Like 5 minutes after I sent the email, my phone rings.  It's Dave again.  That's twice the GM took time out to call me and thank me for my feedback.  Seriously, go see these guy and gals if you want to be treated right, like you matter, and aren't just a dollar sign to them.

LOVE this place!

San Diego S. | 2014-06-10

THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible service/sales, etc. They try to scare you into making quick/thoughtless decisions & they don't care at all about their REPEAT customers whatsoever. They are the epitome of CREEPY/CRAPPY CAR SALESMEN! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrienne J. | 2014-06-07

I really liked this dealership! Already when we pulled up, we were not attacked by vultures. We actually had to go in and ask for help. The sales associate, David, was very knowledgable about the different models and features. We knew what we wanted to look at and he didn't try to  up sell or pressure us into a more expensive vehicle.

Jenne F. | 2014-05-01

Amazing place and overall experience!

I have been driving the same '93 Accord since I was in high school (8 years ago) and after landing my first "big girl job" post college I decided it was time to invest in a new car since I finally had the income to do it.

I was very nervous because I have never experienced a car dealership but have heard the stereotypes about car salesmen. I brought my dad along to make sure I wasn't hustled. I went in because of an ad I saw online where a 2014 Sonata was $17,999 ( about $5000 cheaper than the MSRP). The person I was supposed to work with was with other clients so Sal came to work with me. In the beginning he wasn't very friendly and didn't seem to know what deal I was talking about. But once he verified it was happening he drove my father and I to their additional lot where it was and let me drive it back. From the drive back until I left the whole vibe changed and Sal felt like an old friend. When I decided I wanted to purchase it and was given a 1.9% rate we waited in their lounge area while they finished up the paper work. Lisa was the finance person I worked with and she was very personable and friendly. I ended up purchasing some of the "extras" most people go without but I'm a worst  case scenario thinker so I don't mind paying, especially since my monthly payment was still lower than what it would of been at their original price.

Overall I enjoyed my entire experience there. They made sure my father and I were always comfortable and gave us amazing customer service despite them losing out money because of my purchase. Definitely recommend to anyone!

Deanne G. | 2014-04-21

If I could give them 10 stars I would, always helpful, great customer service, great service department.

All round great team of people to deal with.


Mike W. | 2014-04-15

Had a good experience with Kearny Mesa Hyundai. Carlos, my sales rep was friendly and helpful. He did a good job of following up. Their finance department worked hard to get me a better rate. I purchased a certified pre-owned Elantra and they took care of several warranty repairs right away, without hassle. Their service lounge for customers is nice with free coffee and WiFi so I could work while I waited. Bought the car so soon after they got it that it was not quite ready, so I had to come back a couple times, which is a minor point.

Saeed S. | 2014-04-09

I had the pleasure to work with Alonzo "Big Al" while purchasing my Elantra. He's the greatest Sales person ever!! I felt completely relaxed and "at home" during the entire sales process and even after the sell. He's not pushy, he won't try to sell you anything you don't want. He was immediately available weeks after my purchase to address a concern on mine.
Kearny Mesa Hyundai should feel very lucky to have Big Al in their Sales department. I surely would recommend anyone i know that needs a car, to give Big Al a visit.
Way to go Al!!!

A very happy customer.

Nick D. | 2014-04-02

Bought a 2010 Pontiac Vibe from here. Great people, great prices, great to work with. I'm currently in the United States Marine Corps and they didn't try to swindle like many dealerships do with military. They have a pretty wide selection on make and model also. If you're looking for a new or used car come to Kearny Mesa Hyundai! Make an appointment with Carlo Pacini he really fought for us with sales.

Michael F. | 2014-03-19

Purchased a Hyundai elantra here over the weekend. I dealt with Andy and he was one of the best people I have dealt with when car shopping. The main reason he is great is because there was no haggling. Just basic and clear. If you need a car go see Andy!

Lupe A. | 2014-03-15

Absolute worst car experience in my life! I bought a used 2010 Accent for my daughter so our warranty is good up to 60k. So at 59800 my daughter tells me the transmission is starting to act funny. I drive it sure enough its slipping while going into gear.  I take it to the nearest Hyundai dealership Kearny mesa and they tell me "I just made" their going to replace the transmission free of charge. I'm happy get the car back my daughter drives it says its OK then i drive it and notice its doing the same exact thing. I again go back this time not happy at all because I'm thinking they didn't even switch out the tranny but also for the waste of my time so i leave it there soon after i get a call saying guess what I'm past the warranty now they want to charge me for a new transmission. At this point I'm livid i call and open a claim at Hyundai customer service they call the dealership and make them replace the tranny again. Fast forward a couple of months and yesterday my daughter calls me and says her car is making a super scary noise and the car is in the street and cant move. I go to see her start the car up try to put it in gear and its making a radical loud grinding noise i try to put it in neutral to push it out of the street wont move all locked up not to mention when the tow truck driver saw it he points out there's bolts missing on the front end and the tire is about to fall off! my daughters car.  I'm in raged now just got back from a 3 day commercial fishing trip to BTW so i call Kearny and they tell me that they cant come get the car i had to get it towed up there Ive had it with this place i get it towed to Drew Hyundai pay an extra $79 to get it there the guy there this morning calls me and says that the car is supposed to be at Kearny and there sending a tow truck now to get it. I'm blown away that this has happened I'm getting a lemon lawyer go take your car that at your own risk!!

Neachelle N. | 2014-03-08

OK Joel in the service department completely saved this service department with me

he said an hour for my service and almost to the minute

Much much happier  :)

thank you Joel

M K. | 2014-03-06

I just bought a 2014 Veloster Turbo 6 spd manual three days ago from Andy. I have dealt with many car salesman in the past but I have to say this was the best experience I have had yet. Andy isn't overly aggressive but he also puts in the effort to make the sale and is willing to work with you and find the car you want. I made a couple trips to the lot and waited until they got just what I wanted and bought the car in a really quick amount of time with a great deal on the Veloster as well as on the trade in for my Silverado. The showroom and lot are very clean and I don't know why other people have complained about the music because both times I was there it wasn't too loud at all and it was classic rock so don't see how I could complain about that. On a side note Kearny Mesa actually has what they advertise online and if you call to make sure they are honest and the prices are real (unlike Poway Hyundai, biggest scam artists I've ever met). Thanks Andy, love the car!

Thuy L. | 2014-03-05

If I could give this place a negative star I would. What a horrible experience! My brother took his car that he purchased brand new from this dealership last year in today to take a look at his speakers. He dropped the car off in the morning and everything was fine until he came back to pick it up only to find a nasty deep scratch on one of the rims! He then politely explained to one of the service guys that it wasn't there when he dropped the car off. The service guy then denies it and sent over the service manager Shawn Jordan who straight up denied that they didn't do anything wrong! He was extremely rude and started yelling. We brought the car in for just a stereo fix and they decided themselves to do a tire rotation to up sell the service when in turn they F*** up the rims and blamed it on the customer. As you can clearly see that they have many bad reviews on their service here. I highly recommend do not deal with this place once they sell you a car they don't give a shit about you after wards!!!!

Tom W. | 2014-02-11

February 11, 2014

On 02/07/2014 around 11:20 AM my niece called me with a car problem, her 2003 Hyundai Elantra had split the radiator and blown a radiator hose. She was at Kearny Mesa Hyundai where she had been towed to. After working as a Technician, Manager and Consultant to repair shops and Dealerships for many years I get these types of calls often. I explained to her that the parts may be more expensive, but the repair time should be fairly consistent and should she not be able to get back to that Dealership, any Hyundai Dealership would honor the warranty on the repairs. The total repair cost were $1143.12 after a 10% symbolic discount, 6 hours labor and over $400.00 for a radiator. This all can be documented on Repair Order #C21542.

Keep in mind her total time in the Dealership was only 3 hours and she was charged 6 hours labor. Mitchell 1 Labor Times allows for 0.9 hr. to R&R the radiator, and then you add 0.2 hr. to replace upper and lower radiator hoses, 0.6 hr. to replace the thermostat,. Then add another hour to verify and test the vehicle after the repair, (very generous), and you still only have a total of 2.7 hours at best. Replacement New radiator at O'Reilly's Auto parts on El Cajon Blvd is $117.00 retail.

So we take a bill that should have been in the $400.00 range and it turns out to be $1300.00 to a young woman going to college and barely making it. Congratulations boys! Sleep well!

Michelle D. | 2014-02-09

Andrew I cannot thank you enough for the complimentary car wash right after it had rained. My car always looks fantastic and you are to thank. Your service is phenomenal and unmatched anywhere else!

Chelsea W. | 2014-02-09

After at least a month of car searching for my sister, we finally tried this place out. Jim is most definitely one of the most straightforward guys. Not only did he not try to push us toward anything, but he didn't try any of that stereotypical salesman style with cheesy compliments or overhyping the car. Since my sister is a student, not only did he accept our Kelley Blue Book pricing offer, he even brought the price down more!  I am looking to car shop within the next few months, and I'll definitely be back here first thing!

Owner O. | 2014-02-06

I've taken my car here multiple times to get it, "fixed" while it was under warranty. They took massive shortcuts since they were not getting paid for labor. I took it to a proper repair shop, and their quote is over a thousand dollars in repairs for the same problems that should have been fixed when I took it here.

John B. | 2014-02-03

I had previously given this dealership a glowing review following the purchase of my brand new 2013 Hyundai Elantra.  I meant every word of it.  I now must apologize to any person who may have relied on that glowing review to do business with this dealership and/or  to have their car serviced by this dealership, more specifically.  I do not have the time to post a detailed review at this moment as to what I have experienced with this dealership, although I will do that as soon as possible.  However, in the interim, please ne informed that this Hyundai dealership is not worthy of your business in any way, shape, or form.  It is an entire discredit to Hyundai Corporation and hopefully will be shut down.  I regret that I must give this business even one (1) star.

Lia A. | 2014-01-24

They will give you the run around here. I came in knowing I wanted a Subaru hatchback, and they try to sell me the Veloster. When I dont decide the same day, they gave me an attittude. They bait and switched me, while i put down a deposit for them to bring the car down from another dealership location. By the time my Impreza came down from LA, it was a sedan (definitely made it clear I wanted the hatchback wagon). When i eventually purchased my Subaru from Frank Subaru in National City, Dan Fischer gave me a hard time waiting for my deposit check back lollygagging and not even acknowledging my presence. A week later he calls me trying to actually find the car I want, too late sucker. This place overcharges and lies to no end, DO NOT Do Business with them.!! Not only did Frank Subaru give me an incredible deal with a 1.8% finance loan (the same quoted from my Navy Federal loan), it was $2000 below list price compared to KM hyundai. Oh, and for those complaining about service here, Frank Subaru has impeccable warranties and service. They are friendly and very helpful, no BS. I got a 2 yr service (more like year and a half) of free oil changes and wear and tear parts replaced, on top of a 6 yr limited warranty. Go to Frank Subaru and Pilar will treat you right!

Kyle J. | 2014-01-20

I didn't like the sales guy's attitude. They just talk in circles to try and confuse you. Also they blast the most horrible music throughout the whole place so you can't think.

We came in simply to see our options for trading in my old Hyundai, and of course when we told them we wanted to take home the information and think about, he got pissy. I never said we were going to buy a car, but having an attitude about it is the best way to NOT earn my business.

Also the sales guy made some disrespectful comments to me about "retarded" people. Who does that?

Meh... I'm sure all car dealerships are like this though... will say anything to try and confuse you and sell you into a car. Was not super impressed.

Wei D. | 2014-01-17

I came in for the end of the year deal right after new years to take advantage of the 0% apr on the old 2013 models and I'm sure glad I came. I was a little worried as I wasn't sure how much i'd get for my old car.

The sales rep was courteous and didn't pressure me into buying anything but rather asked what I wanted. He walked me through the different options and answered all my questions. There was a minor hiccup with the title of my old car but the dealer worked with me so that I could drive off with my new car that day.

I will be back in a few months to take advantage of the service portion of this dealership so I'll keep you guys updated on how that goes. However if you're looking to buy a Hyundai in San Diego, this is the place to go.

Mary L. | 2014-01-11

I Absolutely hate taking my car in. That being said, it was necessary to have some work done on my 2012 Hyundai, Elantra.
After making an appointment with David in the service department, I was warmly welcomed and reassured all would be alright. David listened to all my concerns. Went over every detail with me. They had to keep the car overnight due to sound it made only on start up in the morning, which as we all know is a real pain.
Car was fixed to my satisfaction and no draw backs what so ever.
I was treated like I was the most valuable customer in the world. Car was fixed on time and without any surprises!
They have truly earned my business. I will be back!

Michael W. | 2013-12-27

I'm not really one to write reviews, as I'm fearful I may not articulate clearly my experience.    But today, I had such a positive experience that I must post, damn the spelling errors!    

First off let me say that I did a lot of online research and I was impressed with the length of the warranty on the Hyundai .   Way better than all the other Sedans on the market.   My father had previoulsy purchased a Hyundai Equus and I was amazed at the quality and luxury in this ride.

Anyway, if you want to be assisted by one of the friendliest and most knowledgeable sales associates at their facility, ask for Brook Govan.    He was able to answer all the technical questions about the car, provided a no pressure environment, and helped me secure a great deal on a gently used Hyundai GENESIS! (I had not even heard of the GENESIS!   What an amazing vehicle....)    And, the Hyundia dealer financing offered a better rate than USAA and Navy Federal!   (If your a veteran or active duty and your buying a new car, ask about their generous Military Discount!)

Thanks Brook Govan.   I'm a very happy new to me car owner!

Marci M. | 2013-11-12

Walked in to comparison shop and find the vehicle with the options we wanted.  We knew we wanted an Elantra limited.  Salesman Sal was great I would give him my business over and over at ANOTHER DEALERSHIP.  I started talking to the finance guy Cody, we started talking figures and terms, got a good deal going.  I told him I would be back on Saturday with my husband to talk about which terms we were going to settle on since my husband was at work. I ASKED HIM TO  JOT DOWN WHAT WE DISCUSSED so I could show my husband.  Waited around for 15 mins while I thought he was jotting this all down, but apparently he was on the phone.  I said oh well and we would be back up.   Sat morning rolls around we set out to go buy a car.  On the way to Kearny Mesa we stop off at Drew Hyundai to make sure we were getting the best deal out there.  I call Cody from a land line at Drew because I was in a dead zone for my cell phone, to ask him to email me over the terms we had discussed so I could show my husband that Kearny Mesa actually had them beat (we had a decent enough deal offered at Drew but was better at Kearny Mesa).   Cody noticed I was calling from a different dealer and  told me no he would not email me over what we had discussed and basically acted like I shouldn't be out making sure we ere getting the best deal.  I WAS JUST TRYING TO MOTIVATE MY HUSBAND INTO DRIVING UP TO KEARNY MESA TO SAVE A FEW BUCKS.  Finance guy Cody acted quite childish and uncooperative and its a red flag for me someone cant put the terms in writing.  We are military and its tough when we move around and don't have the same people we can deal with over and over.  BOO for the finance guy Cody.  Its a bummer too because they had our business and had a better deal, but I cant give my business to someone who wont put things in writing or cooperate and act like someone who wants my business.

Charles O. | 2013-11-07

After shopping for a car for a few weeks and be hounded by the salesman with their follow up calls to get me back to their dealership, I had the pleasure of dealing and buying my Hyundai Sonata from Kearny Mesa Hyundai. From meeting David Hughes, the sales manager, to working with Jimmy Saculles in finance the whole experience was a pleasure.

Besides the fact of dealing with professional and genuine people, I am driving a beautiful new Hyundai Sonata.

Thanks David and Jimmy.

Chick Odabashian

Mike B. | 2013-10-27

Great service, great prices, great people. Highly recommended.

Jack M. | 2013-10-24

This update is directly related to the warranty replacement of my inseam of my leather sports seats in my car. I brought in my car because the inseam of the leather seats had started to wear away after only 6 month of ownership. (… )

When I brought it in, my service ad-visor, Nicole, took one look, and basically said that we could not have non of that, and she immediately returned back inside to fill out a replacement order. After about 3.5 hours of being separated from my car, it was brought to be with the leather portions and inseams completely replaced at no charge. (… )

I was very happy with the quality of work, the way Nicole treated me, and that Hyundai stood behind their Warranty.

Allison G. | 2013-10-21

The people here are so incredibly helpful! I had my license plates stolen and had just gotten new ones in from the DMV. I called ahead to ask if they could help me put them back on. I showed up, and within 10 minutes they had them back on my car. Not only were they very helpful, but made me feel at home with their friendly banter.

Rob, one of the gentleman who helped me, stopped me before leaving to ask if I wanted my car washed. He washed it and then literally ran over it a towel, so as to have it dry for me fast. He really didn't have to do that; these guys go above and beyond service wise for sure!

Steven R. | 2013-10-13

Nicole is a legend. Knowledgeable, proactive, and friendly. I wont bring my Hyundai anywhere else.
I brought my Accent in for service and Nicole was on it. The computers were down but she flew through the paperwork and was able to come up with several "out of the box" ideas for fixing some front bumper damage.
Ask for Nicole Foley!

Angela Y. | 2013-09-30

Amazing service!!!! I came in because someone had bumped my car while it was parked in a parking lot leaving white scrapes on the side. Originally, I was just planning on getting a quote to see how much it would cost to fix the scratch but they looked at the scratch and helped me clean it up and wax it so that you can barely tell that it was even scratched before. They even helped me wax another scratch on my car that I got from scraping the curb!!!  And the best part was that it was all complimentary!!!! Definitely made my day!!! ^O^

Erin J. | 2013-09-27

Wish I could give zero stars. The service department guy was a complete jerk- horrible customer service he made me feel like he was doing me a favor or something- sorry dude I can take my car elsewhere.

Dedee K. | 2013-09-05

Service awesome.  dropped off car in the morning with check engine issues got car back that afternoon.  Brought it in dirty and picked it up clean plus tires checked and fluids topped.  And No Bill (under warranty) YEAH!  Thanks David

Mariko T. | 2013-08-23

Thank you very much to the staff at Kearny Mesa Hyundai!!!! You guys are awesome!!!

I accidentally dropped my wedding band down my center consul, and freaked out!
Called Hyundai, within 30 min. They had taken the entire inside of the car apart and found it!!!! They did it complimentary!!!!  They even stayed 15 min past closing hours to finish up and returned the car to me sparkling clean- freshly washed!!!!
Thank  you so much David and the staff at Kearny Mesa Hyundai!!! You guys are awesome!! Thanks for everything!!

Anthony R. | 2013-08-22

Took my car in for a scheduled oil change, Nicole immediately came out and greeted me by name before I was even out of the car! Very friendly and inviting atmosphere. We went over what they were gonna do to the car, quoted me a reasonable time it would take, and it was done 15mins before my initial quoted time.

Very affordable and competitive prices and even better customer service! I will be bringing my car back and referring all my friends and family here, ask for Nicole by name and schedule your next maintenance or car repair with Kearny Mesa Hyundai!

Tim S. | 2013-08-18

Just had my oil changed last Friday (August 2013).  They got me and an out in 1 hour, without any prior notice when I arrived.  Excellent service.  I leased my 2011 Sonata SE from Kearny Mesa Hyundai several years ago.  These guys are the best!  They treat me great every time I come in for an Oil Change or Service.  Joel Golliday especially has taken good care of me.  I would definitely return to Kearny Mesa Hyundai again to purchase or lease another car.

Jenn W. | 2013-08-18

My husband called on a Saturday to make an appointment for me because my engine light was on. We knew the code since we have a computer reader. I show up for my appointment time on Monday and it wasn't in the system. Took almost 2 hours for a driver to be able to shuttle us home. (Can you imagine making a child wait that long? He was not happy). It seems that they only had 2 mechanics working?!  Get a call after I'm home that the car will definitely not even be looked at til the following day (which I had been warned of). Husband had been speaking to the Poway dealership and they could take care of it then and there. So he drives down from Poway to get my car and the service department didn't even ask why he was picking it up or if we wanted to reschedule. So, long story short -- next time I'll just take the time to drive up to Poway when I need service. Nicole, who I dealt with, was very nice but that doesn't make up for a lost appointment or the time my husband had to take from work to transfer car to another dealership.

Eduardo S. | 2013-08-16

My wife and I were in the market to buy a 2013 Hyundai Sonata.  We first went to the Poway Hyundai and had a horrible experience there.  The salesman was nice, but the finance guy (won't mention his name because I'm a merciful human being) was dirty.  He was deceitful on several occasions and was NOT upfront.  Check out my Yelp Review of the Poway Hyundai dealership.  

I then called the Kearny Mesa Hyundai Dealership and spoke with Alonzo.  He was very upfront wasn't hiding anything under the table.  He clearly told us the sticker price, the rebates, and how much the dealerships leaves room to negotiate.  He gave us a quote ($1,100) less than Poway and told us to come in to buy the car.  We went to the dealership in the evening and were met by Billy and Sal.  Alonzo's quote was already on Billy's desk because Alonzo left for the night.  Billy is one of the finance guys and was as genuine as someone gets.  He didn't put on a show and got to the point by breaking down the numbers and showing us documents to substantiate the price he was giving us.  I'm a logical person that needs that logical breakdown, and that's what I got! We filled out the credit apps, but since it was past 9pm, we had to wait the next morning to get an approval.

Next morning, Sal calls us with the good news -- approved!  There was an issue with one of the rebates because of a mistake on part of one of my financial lending institutions, which would have barred the rebate.  Billy was very understanding and worked with me to resolve the situation.  We went in, signed some documents, and then met with Lisa, the finance manager.  Lisa was very welcoming-and like Billy--very straightforward.  She did her job trying to sell us extra packages, but was not too pushy.  In fact, she gave us an amazing deal on the Gap insurance, which we thought would best protect our investment in the car.  It was a killer deal.

Sal was very nice and made sure we were satisfied with the car (car wash/fuel/etc.) before we left.  However, I would suggest that the dealership spends a bit more time explaining the car's functions to the customer.  I bet they assumed that we were fully aware of the Sonata's features, we it's best not to assume as new owners we know everything about the car's functions.  Overall, very good job!

Thank you Kearney Mesa Hyundai for everything.  After leaving the Poway Hyundai dealership I was disheartened and extremely frustrated.  But now, not only did I get a better car (with more features than the one Poway was selling), but a cheaper price!  You honestly could not have made my first car purchase a better experience.  Thank you!

P.S.  TO ANYONE BUYING A CAR: make sure you do your research thoroughly and take in someone with you who has LOTS of experience with dealerships and car buying, especially if you are on a budget.  Buying a car could make one's emotions consume one's rational decision making.  Ask LOTS of questions and take your time.  For example, if you are buying Gap insurance, you will lose this deal if you refinance your loan, and you will then have to get a separate Gap insurance from the refinancing institution.  However, most dealers such as Hyundai Kearney Mesa will refund you the pro rated amount.  So if you refinance after one year, they will refund you the pro rated amount that covers the length of your finance (e.g., 60 months, 72 months, etc.)  Don't rush  the car buying process.  Good luck!

Peter D. | 2013-08-16

Great service at the service department. Scheduled an appointment to have a tech look at my car for transmission trouble. Got a new transmission under warranty, which is fantastic! However, when I got the car back, the alignment in the two front wheels was off so had to get that fixed, which they did promptly. No run-around or sketchy stuff here. They stood by the warranty and provided prompt service. Happy camper here :)

David O. | 2013-08-11

I came here in November 2012 because I knew what car I wanted, but it had to be exactly what I wanted, and I was hoping they would have it.  I wanted a new 2013 Genesis Coupe 2.0T with a manual transmission.  BAM!  They had just got one on the lot when I arrived.  They hadn't even done their checks and stuff on it yet but I wasnt leaving until it was ready.  

Dave was the salesman and he was pretty nice.  I dont think he was the most informed as far as car specifics, but he got the job done.  The service in general was really good.  Everyone was nice and informative blah blah.

Since then I've been back for two oil changes (the first one is on the house) and the service is excellent.  During one of my trips back I had a question about the car.  The service guy was honest and said that he didnt know the answer, but a couple mins later he comes back with another service guy who explained the answer to me.  

Overall, I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a Hyundai.  Oh yeah, I had gone up to the one in Carlsbad.  I was on the lot for about 10 mins and not one salesman came up to me.  I even walked inside and nobody would help me. So Kearny Mesa Hyundai gets 2 thumbs up.

Monika W. | 2013-08-01

A couple year ago I took my car in for minor cosmetic repairs and a 40,000 mile check up.  When I went to pick it up, the parts they ordered for the cosmetic repairs were the wrong color.  The mechanics laughed when we pointed it out.  

A few thousand miles later, the engine died.  I had it towed to a dealer closer to my work, who said that the last guy who worked on it screwed it up. He didn't want to work on it since it would probably cost a lot to repair, and if the first guy has any integrity he'll fix it for free.  So I called and asked for the mechanic who worked my car.  When I explained the problem to him he yelled at me.  He told me if he'd done what the other guy claimed he did, my car would have died sooner.  The other guy told me that's BS and he knows it.  The original mechanic finally agreed to take a look at if I had it towed to his lot. At my expense, of course.  I hung up and asked the mechanic where I was at to fix my car.  I knew he'd charge me, but I told him I don't trust these guys anymore.  He worked miracles to get my engine running again, and didn't change me much at all.  I think he felt sorry for me.

After I told my husband about my ordeal, he called and asked to speak to a manager, who stood behind his employee.  They ordered the wrong colored parts, installed them without noticing, and I'm suppose to believe they're infallible?  I found this whole episode absolutely shameful, since before I came here for a routine checkup for a fairly new car, in perfect working order, and it was nearly totaled as a result.

Ash S. | 2013-07-30

I come here to get my car serviced.  Usually I just drive up without an appointment... but I'll make an appointment for major services.

There's a shuttle service available, which is nice and I've used it a few times.  I wish there were more than one shuttle, passengers end up getting driven all around town before getting to their final destination.

The customer service at the service center has definitely gotten better over the last few years... I don't know if the chauvinist was fired or quit but I'm glad he's finally gone.  Now I really enjoy coming here :)

Joseph C. | 2013-07-21

Service department worst I've ever dealt with.  My car needed a simple oil change, so I scheduled an appointment online via their own website for the "45000 mile service" (essentially an oil change with several "inspect" items) for a Saturday.  I received a confirmation email which included the name of the service department rep who would be taking care of me.  Everything seemed like this should be a smooth and timely event with nothing to worry about.
Saturday morning rolls around and I'm 10-15 minutes early to the appointment, but there are 6-7 cars in front of me.  I go inside to speak to my "rep". and he is nowhere to be found.  I spoke to the person behind the counter to let someone know I was there for my 10:00 appointment and I was promptly told I should wait by my vehicle and someone would be with me shortly.
After standing around for about a half an hour, I finally went back inside to speak to someone only to find out that online scheduled appointments for service do not get forwarded to the service department.  So essentially I did NOT have an appointment and the service would take 2.5-3 hours to complete AFTER someone got to me to get me registered.  Several other people had apparently made the same mistake I did by trusting the dealership's online appointment system.  One guy had been standing there for over an hour and still no one had taken care of him.
No apology, no explanation, nor any attempt to make things right.  Needless to say, I didn't stick around to let them touch my car.  If they can't even get something as simple as customer service and online appointments right, I definitely don't want them touching my car.

Alvin Y. | 2013-06-06

TERRIBLE Customer Service. I went into Kearny Mesa Hyundai ready to buy my first car. I was deciding between a Sonata or an Elantra. I had done my research on the two cars and decided that it would come down to a test drive between the two to see which one "feels" better.

I was never greeted by any car salesman, i had to go up and FIND someone to help me. And the man i found (coudlnt remember his name) explained some lame generic details to me. When I asked if i could test drive it, he said "oh, i have a phone call, i'll be right back." I saw him walk over to another car salesman that was on the lot and saw him hang out their for a little. I got fed up and left. If you are not going to take me seriously, then i can take my business elsewhere.

I ended buying my sonata from a dealership in Riverside.

Jana J. | 2013-06-05

This is hands down the worst review I have ever made and will ever make.

I went in there yesterday to look for a new car. My mechanic raved about Hyundai's and I was ready to buy. I came in to trade my Mini in and get a new car.

Not that any of this SHOULD matter, but I walked in wearing a business suit with a smile on my face thinking "Wow, I am going to make someone's day today, they don't even have to sell me".

When I walked in there was a portly older fellow that looked truly miserable that stared right at me and barked at someone next to me saying "You take her".

The guy said "Oh I am busy".

Immediately I felt like a nuisance to them and even looked down at myself to see if I was wearing something that would create such disdain. Then the guy nearest me said "Oh, I guess I can help you". I should have left then.

I told him "Hey if you are busy, I can wait for a bit" and he said "Yes, I am writing an email". So I just sat there playing on my phone. When he got off the computer and looked at me I smiled and said
"Hi, sorry I am new at this. I have that mini over there and I would love to swap it for a new Hyundai".

He responded "mileage?"

I said, "Oh I am sorry I don't know that. I can run out and check!" He said "How much do you owe?" I said "Oh I apologize again, this is my first time doing this. Let me see."

He literally looked up at me and made a big sigh, rolled his eyes and said "Uhhh yeah I can't do anything without that."

I could NOT believe how crappy I was being treated. I looked at him and said "You know, forget it. I was so happy and excited to purchase a car and it's just not even okay how I am being treated". He didn't apologize and let me walk away.

If it were possible I would pay everyone's gas to NOT GO to this place and go to another Hyundai dealer. Just COMPLETELY DEPLORABLE how I was treated. I am still in shock about the whole interaction.

And if someone there is reading this, I bought a brand new 2013 Honda two hours later from someone who decided to just take two minutes.

I will be writing Hyundai Corporate as well.

Melissa C. | 2013-06-03

I had such an awesome buying experience at Kearny Mesa Hyundai.  I started to look at vehicles on the Hyundai website and my information was sent to Kimberly Frickey, the Internet sales manager.  She contacted me right away.  She was very helpful from the start by giving me quotes on vehicles and her repsonse time was very timely.  Upon meeting her, she is very thorough, friendly, and patient.  She made the whole buying a new car experience a very postive experience.  I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a new car to buy or lease.  The place is clean and everyone there is extremely helpful and friendly.  I am one satisfied customer!  :)

Tony S. | 2013-05-24

Love this place! Had the best experience I've ever had purchasing a vehicle, & the 5 stars don't stop there, I came into the service dept to service my car, & was amazed how great the customer service was, shout out to Nicole, Joel & Juan! Schedule your appt and ask for them by name. Very knowledgeable, informative, professional & inviting.

Kim L. | 2013-04-10

After realizing that I needed a new car, I did lots of research online and settled on a Hyundai.  One evening I used AAA car buying service, and was referred to KM Hyundai.  I put in what I was looking for - model and color - and the information was sent to a salesperson at the dealership.

The next morning I had an email from Suzette with the available cars and options in the color I wanted.  I immediately called her, and after speaking for a few minutes, she emailed me the quotes for a different model that I was also considering.  I set up an appointment to meet with her that afternoon.

Suzette was great from the start.  We test drove an Elantra and a Sonata.  I REALLY loved the Sonata, and Suzette did her magic to get me the price and monthly payments I could afford.  She was courteous and efficient, and was so kind to my friend and daughter who were waiting for me during the process.

Jimmy from financing was also amazing, he helped us find a maintenance package that fit within our budget.  We got a great deal and are satisfied with our decision.

I noticed that some of the more negative reviews are old, so apparently they've listened and really stepped up their game.  I highly recommend them if you're interested in a Hyundai.

Adam S. | 2013-04-07

Andy Pabon will take care of you! My wife & I have purchased two 2013 Hyundais from him and couldn't be happier. He isn't a "shady" salesman & just wants to help you find a great new vehicle you'll love. Thanks, Andy, for helping us get a 2013 Santa Fe & Elantra!

Ricardo S. | 2013-03-03

Bad experience overall. Think twice. Here's a summary: Basically they didnt fix the problem even though they kept it super long and the service was odd. I would think twice before going. More details below

Took my car in because it was having trouble changing gears to the point the engine light turned on and on my drive there the car felt super heavy when accelerating. They kept the car for 6 days! and they didnt even figure out what the problem was until like 4 days later.

Each time i called they gave me a roundabout answer. What it actually probably meant is that they didnt know what they were doing and/or hadnt looked at the car. The last time I called he said dont worry, we like to take care of everything so you just show up and its fixed.. Thats not how this works.

Then, I show up and they try to charge me even though I'm under warrant. Furthermore, my car was dirtier then when I took it in.

Worse, they didnt fix the problem. Within a day I had to take it to the Hyundai in Poway. They figured out the problem in 5 hours and apologized for the delay ( I took it in without an appmt so it was fine).

Kevin E. | 2013-02-19

These guys are always trying harder and harder to be the best.  Real Professionals.

Grace G. | 2013-01-26

I have decided to discontinue my business with this Hyundai dealership in Kearny Mesa based on my most recent experience and several previous, negative experiences I have had.

Recently, I ordered a part that was not in stock and scheduled to come in 4 days from the time of my visit. Upon arrival of the part, I assumed the employees would have the foresight to schedule a service appointment to have it installed, or at the least, mention that I would need and appointment. Thankfully, I called on the day the part arrived to see when I could come in. I was incredibly disappointed that it would take 2 weeks until the next available appointment time. The part I ordered was not vital and I cannot imagine a customer's frustration when their car is out of commission for weeks because of these employees neglect.

I scheduled the appointment 2 weeks later in their earliest time slot. Again, I called a day in advance to confirm my visit and I was baffled to find my appointment was not listed anywhere in their system. I rescheduled for 7 AM the next morning.

Upon arriving at 6:54 am, I approached the front desk to check in. The gentleman who met me informed me that they open at 7 and to wait outside. This is, by far, the rudest greeting I have ever received from a customer "service" representative. Coming from the business world, the least he could have done was allowed me to wait inside for 6 minutes to conclude his business. I would expect a better business to at least allow the customer to check in and explain that while no one is there yet, the customer would be taken care of.

When those 6 minutes finally concluded, I was greeted and checked in, only to find that no one would actually arrive to fix my car for another hour.

On previous visits, I was never explained why the service being done to my car was necessary. Anytime I needed anything taken care of, employees would always try to upsell me. I felt I was taken advantage of. I felt like I was a transaction and not a customer. The reason I know the difference is because, due to circumstance, I visited a rival automobile service business and was treated with incredible respect and educated about the maintenance being done. I did not know it was possible to trust automobile mechanics. I will now be doing business with them and urging others to do the same.

Update: And as if this weren't enough, I received a call after service was completed saying a mechanic left a piece of equipment in my car. This posed a problem as I do not live in the area. I just moved to Orange County for work. I informed the service department of this upon scheduling my appointment as it is the reason I requested the earliest time slot, to be able to drive back to Orange County after the service was completed. I had to take time out of my new job to locate a post office that would send back the part. This treatment is unprofessional and ridiculous. I have already warned many others not to use your store.

Amy K. | 2013-01-23

Great customer service. Took my car in for service after my check engine light came on. Service was fast and efficient. They even threw in a rental car for me since it was going to be in the shop overnight.  I'll definitely be heading back to this Hyundai dealership in the future.

S C. | 2013-01-22

It's not often that I take my car in for service and everything goes smoothly. My first service appointment at Kearny Mesa Hyundai was just effortless. Bill was very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I did not have a ride today, but Patty (new from Georgia) was happy to take me home and pick me up in an extremely timely manner when my vehicle was done. Thanks so much for the great service experience!!!

Gayle G. | 2013-01-18

Terrible experience with service department here. A  few months ago on an oil change they told me someone had "spilled power steering fluid all over the engine" and they cleaned it up. When I brought it back still smelling burning, they diagnosed a small leak from a bad power steering high pressure hose. There was no noise and no steering problem at this point. After installation of the hose I had a terrible leak and horrible noise coming from the power steering pump, which they had replaced only 2 years ago. (should be good for life of car) It was pretty obvious they did something in the hose installation that destroyed the relatively new pump. At this point I took it to a mechanic I trust so I could actually get it fixed and he had to replace the pump (again). When I wrote in to try and at least get the cost of the pump paid for, they didn't even answer. I'll never buy a car here again and recommend you don't either. No point in a warranty if the service is incompetent.

Gestalt G. | 2013-01-04

Painless and didn't get taken advantage of. Kimberly is the best! Genuine and helpful, not slimy like all the other sales people at other dealerships!

Mark K. | 2012-12-20

Bought my car here just over a year ago, and their service department is very helpful and accommodating, and the waiting lounge is comfortable too (Just pass on the coffee vending machine).

Justin F. | 2012-11-11

Short Answer:  I've never experienced a more pleasant, efficient and enjoyable experience at a car dealership in my life.  If you want a Hyundai, go here and ask for Brian.

Long Answer:  My girlfriend needed a new car and I went along for the ride (no pun intended... ok it was intended).  The salesman, Brian, greeted us in the parking lot.  Nicest guy on the planet Earth.  He took a genuine interest in our needs and in our personal situation.  He answered our questions truthfully and if he didn't know the answer he either checked with someone else or we consulted the manual together.  He didn't seem like a salesman, but more like a friend.  Really made us feel comfortable.  The girlfriend knew what she wanted so that made our process easier - Brian showed us what they had on the lot and we got lucky since they had exactly what she wanted.  

When it came to pricing, they came in a little higher than we expected.  Ok so the reason we even went was b/c we saw a leasing offer on the internet for a base model car.  The one that we wanted was a step up from the base model, so we knew that the price would be higher, but this came in much higher.  So I pulled up the leasing offer on my phone and discussed it with Brian about trying to get their number closer to what was advertised, even though we realized it would be slightly higher considering this vehicle had more options than the one on the website.  Brian brought out Billy, their leasing manager, and after we presented our case Billy came back with a very agreeable offer.  We shook hands on the spot.  We told him what we'd be willing to pay and they gave it to us.  Pretty sweet.  Thank you Billy, it was really nice not having to get into any sort of haggle-war; this really made the sale easy.

The finance / paper-signing process was also super efficient.  The woman helping us, Theresa, was really nice and happy for us.  She explained everything that we were signing and was very pleasant.

Finally when we walked out to get the car I noticed there were no floor mats!  I said what's up, Brian?  We looked at the sticker and sure enough the floor mats were not included!  Never heard of that before... so Brian went back inside and after about 10 minutes came back w/ a brand new set of floor mats.  Total score.

So all together, this was a terrific car-buying experience and seriously I can't believe it went so smoothly. I've purchased and haggled over a bunch of cars and this was by far the easiest and best experience yet.

Jennica J. | 2012-09-29

Nicole at Kearny Mesa Hyundai is a Goddess!!!  She has helped me out numerous times and is always super friendly and helpful.  Just yesterday I had a light go on on my dash and didn't know what I I called Kearny Mesa, asked for Nicole of course, and she knew straight away what the problem was and was very reassuring about getting it taken care of that same day.  Thanks Nicole, you rock!!!!!

Cristie R. | 2012-09-01

After buying a car and purchasing the maintenance package, I have been bummed with the customer service I receive. I was hopeful, after many other Hyundai dealers gave me the run around, to find Kearny Mesa Hyundai where I got great service in the purchasing...wonder why??? But now, when I bring it in for service it's lost appointments, rude manager, short fuses...I mean I know it sucks to work on Saturday and deal with people with broken cars, and deal with people in general, but don't take it out on me.

Ericka C. | 2012-08-10

I'm definitely not a car person, so I'm always really hesitant to try out a new service department, and as a general rule, try to stay away from dealerships.  That's a little story.  My car is making some crazy sounds and when calling my normal repair shop, they (being awesomely honest) tell me that it's a waste of time for them to look at it since they don't have whatever thing tells you why the check engine light is on in a Hyundai. So I call Hyundai - talk to a super nice person who helps me make an appointment - and doesn't treat me like an idiot when explaining the noise I'm hearing.  I take my car in - again, super nice, they greet you by name at the door, take my car away.  I get a call early the next day (way before the time they told me to expect a call) with what was wrong with my car and a couple other recommendations, but not in a sales way.  Just FYI.  Cool, got my car fixed.  Of course, as I'm going to pick up my car, I get stuck in traffic and call because I don't want to be car-less for another day because the shop won't stay open (and it's happened before).  No worries, I'm told, we'll park it out front and leave the keys with the dealership.  Awesome, just found a great service department.  I'm stoked.

Ken C. | 2012-07-27

I puchased my 2010 Hyundai Tucson from KM Hyundai. I recently had an A/C issue. I returned to the dealership to have it looked at since it is still under warranty. They found the problem with a faulty evaporator. The part came in and I made an appointment to install the part and had Nicole as my adviser. Let me tell you. I was under the gun. I had a big trip planed and needed my car to drive out of state. The service department only had 2 days to replace this part. They tore my whole interior apart! I had no dashboard, no center console, nothing! It was all removed to change this one faulty part.

Not only did Nicole stay in touch with me the whole time, but they got the part changed in the time frame that they had! Everything works, including the A/C. I'm very impressed with KM Hyundai service dept! The technicians and Nicole is a service goddess. Thanks KM Hyundai!

Jeremy S. | 2012-07-18

Came to this dealership on the recommendation of a friend.  I worked with Kimberly in Internet sales to try and find a Sonata SE 2.0T loaded. She was able to find 3 in all of SoCal, and delivered on some preliminary numbers. I was very happy, but we still had to get the vehicle to the dealership.  Kimberly called me to let me know that she was having a hard time getting a hold of the vehicle, and let me know that there was another dealer in town that had one on the lot and she didn't want me to lose out on the car I wanted.  Bottom line due to her integrity and customer service I ended up with exactly what I wanted.  I would recommend Kimberly at Kearney Mesa Hyundai to everyone. PS because she worked numbers with me prior I had a lot of leverage at the location she suggested I try, and got an amazing deal. Thanks Kimberly!

Sawed Off F. | 2012-07-17

The salesman was helpful and seemed ok. The Finance Manager is a theif and the Sales Manager is a Con-artist. They tried conning me into signing a credit application even though I made it clear I was paying cash. On top of that, they changed the amount we had agreed on! They wrote me up for 21% and tried to pressure me to sign, but I didn't go there for financing. Used car dealers have many tricks up their sleeves to swindle people out of their hard-earned money. There are honest people in the world, but none here. Go elsewhere if you don't want to get robbed!

Kent L. | 2012-06-30

Looking to buy a new Hyundai? Concerned about the bunch of not-so-positive reviews on Yelp?

Well, I'll give you one HUGE reason to go in without any hesitation: Alan Duguzman in sales!

In fact, some of the reviews here have referenced Alan as the laid-back and knowledgeable salesperson that they talked to BEFORE they ended up getting a bad experience from someone else.

I first walked into KM Hyundai about a month ago to start my search for a vehicle. Alan came up quickly and showed me around. He was never pressuring, was able to answer all of my questions no matter how small or technical, and at the end of the day was just so friendly that you totally forget that he might actually be trying to sell you a car!

While others might choose to haggle their salesperson for every last penny, I believe that being nice and developing a relationship with a good salesperson pays off much more in the long run. In fact, I chose to return to Kearny Mesa to try to get the best price specifically because of Alan.

For the last month, I often called Alan to to ask some questions and to see what might be in inventory soon. He was always clear in his answers or would get back to me quickly when he wasn't sure. When I knew was I was looking for, Alan was able to offer me a good deal that I was happy with and all WITHOUT having to haggle for that last penny.

Ultimately today, I walked away with a GREAT deal, first-class customer service, and a really positive experience from my purchase. The whole reason behind it? Alan.

So I say go in and give them a try - make sure to expect great service and if you don't get it, know you can always walk away and find another salesperson or dealership. With the right guy though - I guarantee you won't!

Jason F. | 2012-05-18

Car shopping can be stressful and time consuming and quite annoying when paired with the wrong sales person. This was NOT the case at Kearney Mesa Hyundai Subaru with salesman, Brian Brown. Brian is a very friendly, non-pushy, knowledgeable and helpful salesman. My fiance and I had been looking for a new car for a few months. During our initial trip to Subaru, Brian showed us many models and what they offered to suit our needs. He took us on an extended test drive up to Mt. Soledad and he allowed my fiance and I to enjoy the ride and the view without feeling pushed to make any sort of decision. In fact we talked a lot about wedding planning and things we like to do together. Brian answered our questions specifically about the car when we asked him, but his overall concern was that we liked what the car had to offer US. After a few test drives we decided on the model we liked the most, but wanted to try it with a manual transmission. They did not have one in stock, so he took our info and told us he would contact us when that model came in. A few weeks went by and I began to wonder if he forgot about us, but at the same time was relieved that he was not calling us every 2 days to push us into something we did not want like so many other salesmen do. Nope, he waited until the model we asked for came in. So we went in again and met with Brian. We were pressed for time and told him we needed to be quick and we only had about 30 minutes. We drove the car, liked it, but we were not 100% sure and still wanted to try another car. He quickly went and got the keys, ran out and took us for our final test drive. We loved the car, but needed a few more days to talk over all the other vehicles we had researched. Again, Brian let us take our time. I called him up after we made our decision and the only thing left to do was negotiate price. I called Brian over the phone, told him we wanted the car we drove during our quick visit, but I wanted him to beat the price that another dealer had quoted. I need to add here that his wife had just flown in from a trip and Brian was very excited to see her. I insisted that he go see his wife and we could work the deal the next day, but he knew that this particular model might not last long and he wanted to make sure we got it. He told me he would get the car ready and start processing the deal as he was confident they could get the price we wanted. He was right, after some negotiating with the finance department Brian got us the deal. He even took the time to go to the store and buy me a birthday cake! He filled the tank, gave us a tour of the car, made sure all of our needs were met, and then saw us off in our new Subaru. The whole process, including finance and signing got us out of there in less than 2 hours! In all of my experience in car buying this was the easiest and most efficient place to buy a car. Coupled with Brian's guidance and warmheartedness towards us we felt confident and happy with our new purchase. I would highly recommend that if you are interested in a new Hyundai or Subaru that you visit Kearney Mesa Hyundai Subaru and ask for Brian Brown.

Johnny D. | 2012-04-26

We've talked to a few young guys and a few grumpy old farts here and the young guys do a good job, but old farts don't know how to treat customers, plain and simple.

Don't waste my time. Don't give me the runaround or look at me crazy when I ask you about inventory.

R T. | 2012-04-05

This review is based solely on a car-buying experience:

We knew coming in that we were looking at a new Hyundai Sonata (and deciding between that and a Honda Accord). We have excellent credit, great history, and strong income. We both work in sales, so we know how the system works and are pretty sympathetic.

After ignoring pretty much everything we said about what we wanted and showing us 3 cars we didn't want, the sales rep finally agreed to let us test drive a Sonata. He didn't volunteer any information on the ride (except that the plant was in Alabama and could only make 500 cars per day), and every time I asked a question about the car he sighed and would keep telling us that the Sonata was in "high demand" and "best in class."

Most frustrating was the terms they offered to us. It might be unfair to pin this all on the sales rep, but somebody can't do math. We wanted to put some down, trade in my car, and at 2.9% financing expected our payments to be about $300-$350/mo.

For the standard Sonata, he asked us to put $7,500 down, trade in my Honda Civic (for $2,500), and then offered us $343/mo. at 3.9% for a 60 month loan.

I ignored the math for the moment and told him that at our credit, we should be getting 2.9% financing, as Hyundai advertises (and as we'd already been quoted). He went back to his manager and presented us with new paperwork: $7,500 down plus trade in and 2.9% for 72 months to drop the payments to our range. While he was sitting down, he also had the audacity to say we were "looking for more car than we could handle."

They ask for $10,000 down, $20,000+ in payments for a car they priced at $22K?

We walked out right then and brought our business to Honda. For under $350/mo., $2K down and 1.9% financing, we have a new Honda Accord SE.

Victor D. | 2012-04-05

I really just made a yelp account to give this review due to the horrible customer service at this dealership. First, I walk in and no one takes notice that a potential customer has entered the building. Second, the salesman that I had to walk up to personally and ask if he was a salesman himself was on his iPhone. Third, Phu had the worst attitude and is definitely the worst salesman I have encountered. He did not help at all and he was not interested in doing his job. If you come here do not talk to Phu.

Lisa B. | 2012-03-13

After spending 3 more day & 2 nights @ KMH service dept, my Hyundai was determined to need new Oxygen Sensors... and cost over $500 to replace them.  At least they subtracted the $165 I paid from my last (misdiagnosed) visit, but I should have gotten a free tank of gas or something for the headache they've caused.  After they were replaced, and the technician put several more miles on my car, I had ONE day left to get my car smogged.  Thank goodness it passed the day was smog was due.  Talk about unwarranted stress.  This overall experience was terrible.  The time and money I wasted going back and forth from KMH to home to the smog place could have been avoided had KMH just fixed the problem in the first place.  I don't really want to take my car here ever again... In fact, I will consider just buying a new car to avoid taking my car into KMH. This is a very sad statement for a super clean/ well cared for 2006 car with less than 40k miles on it.

Elleicia W. | 2012-03-12

My husband and I had a fantastic experience with Kearny Mesa Subaru & Hyundai on Friday March 9th. We bought our second Hyundai Sonata sense 2004. We were so excited to do so and weren't sure if we would be able to on our budget, but with the help of Suzette and Kimberly we were able to purchase the exact 2012 Sonata we wanted at a price we could REALLY afford. My husband and I had been shopping for a long time before stumbling on a website called and used the info from that site along with others of that nature to help with the negotiation process. We weren't sure yet if we were going to get the Sonata or if we were going to opt for a Toyota Camry. It was a toss up of who could provide the best service with the best price. Needless to say as I sit in my garage staring at our beautiful new car... we got the Sonata. I only recommend "Kearny Mesa Subaru & Hyundai" though... out of the MANY Dealerships we visited over a month's period it was the best. We experienced extremely bad service at "Frank Hyundai" and we nearly got attacked badly by the sharks at the "Poway Hyundai".

We also enjoyed the finance associate Lulu at Kearny Mesa Subaru & Hyundai... She wasn't pushy when we told her we could not afford to have anything other then the bare minimum and she was also able to match the rate our bank was offering for our financing. Our only gripe would be the time it took to finance us. They need more finance people just like Lulu to speed up the process. We highly recommend this Hyundai to anyone looking for a great experience when buying a reliable vehicle. We're super happy customers!!

Gabrielle C. | 2012-03-11

I had a terrible experience here with a shady salesman.

They took 3 days to run my financing, saying they were "working on it" saying it was "really hard" and that they were "trying to help me out"... Frank Hyundai ran it and got better results for me in 10 minutes. Maybe why KM was having such trouble getting me financing was because they were running the numbers for the STICKER PRICE which I had already negotiated away from, AND $2000 of additional fees that I was not planning on paying (service contracts, gap insurance, and the like).

They treated me like a stupid girl who didn't know what I wanted or what I was doing. In the end, I walked away from the deal and took my money to Frank Hyundai. I got better financing, a similar price, and an experience I could actually feel good about. I love my new 2012 Accent, but will forever steer any Hyundai buyers away from this place.

Here's a tip Kearny Mesa: Treat people with honesty and integrity, it's refreshing and puts people in the mood to spend money, that's how Frank Hyundai got my business.

Kim T. | 2012-03-01

I've bought three cars here, each time the sevice is excellent and I love my new Sonata. Thanks Dan Fisher for your excellent  help.

Andrew B. | 2012-02-24

I don't understand how this place is in business.  We were looking at buying the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid versus the Kia Optima Hybrid.  The first time we came to look at the Hyundai, the salesman seemed to know nothing about the car.  We could not take a test drive as it had just arrived and they had not finished getting it ready yet.  We essentially were told to come back later.  So we went over to Kia and test drove the Optima.  A few days later, we came back to test drive the Sonata.  They had one in the front court, but the salesman seemed to have no desire to sell us the car at all.  Talk about low pressure - he acted like he did not want our business at all!  We asked to test drive it and he said no because we had already driven the Kia and it would drive the same.  Sorry, but if I am going to spend over 30k on a car, I want to drive it first!  He then asked if I had considered buying a Prius instead!  Just don't get it...  We left with no desire to come back - if that is their attitude towards selling a car, then what is their attitude towards servicing it?  We went back to Kia, had another test drive and spent our money on them.  It's funny, because before these encounters, I had pretty much sold myself on the Hyundai, but our experiences pushed us away.

R. P. | 2012-02-18

Service Update:
Well I returned to this dealer after buying my car here.  I needed a oil change and some recall repairs.
They took me in the same day I called and everyone one I dealt with was very friendly.  The service was completed in the time frame they projected and for the quoted price.  Tina was a great service advisor and she was good about keeping me informed.
I would return here for my Hyundai's service needs in the future.

Khan S. | 2012-02-16

I'm not sure where these negative reviews came from, but my experience has been 100% positive. I am certain the management has turned their customer service around recently because all I receive is 5 star treatment from everyone..every time.

Ken N. | 2012-02-12

Engage this sales and finance team at your own peril.  Apparently the sales and finance departments at this dealership missed the ethics class at business school.  I gave a new Sonata a test drive and told them I wasn't ready to buy a car yet because I wanted to think about it and check with my credit union about arranging financing.  I got the financing arranged and put a deposit down on the car to hold it until I could go pick it up.  THEY SOLD THAT CAR!  When I arrived at the lot to get my car they told me what happened and that they found another one in Carlsbad and it would be delivered in a few hours.  Meanwhile...

I showed up with the paper work from my credit union showing I had a pre-approved loan in place.  They asked me to fill out another loan application and have a 2nd credit check done.  I said no thanks, I have the financing in place.  Casey, the finance manager came to talk to me and said that I had to have another credit check ran because Homeland Security need to verify if I was a terrorist or not.  I asked to see that statute in writing.  She wasn't able to produce it.  Then I was told a story that implied I might be a car thief.  Then the sales manger comes and tells me that I have to have a 2nd credit check ran because they needed to verify if I was a good credit risk.  Again I said no.

Then he told me I needed to have a second loan in place to guarantee the first loan, just in case I defaulted on the first loan.

I can only hope the sales department has a better grasp of positive customer service.

Suzanne D. | 2012-02-02

We had a great experience here! We bought a Hyundai Elantra last October (2011) and had a great experience. Dave was the salesman who helped us. It was Halloween and we decided to go have a look at a car we'd seen online before taking our 2-year-old trick-or-treating. When we walked into the lot with our daughter in her Cinderella costume, Dave came out with a jack-o-lantern bucket full of treats and gave it to our daughter. AW-SOME! She was happy for the rest of the time we were there! We wanted to test-drive the Elantra but it would have been a tight squeeze with our two car seats (we also had our 4-month-old) and 3 adults. So he went inside and got some paperwork for us to fill out so we could go without him. When we decided on the Elantra after test-driving a couple more cars, he negotiated with us on the price without making us feel the slightest bit pressured or bullied -- something my husband and I both hate and would have left for sure if he had. While wrapping up the paperwork, he gave our daughter a big balloon that kept her entertained for the rest of the evening. They were quick and helpful with the whole process. We've had no problems receiving the registration, etc. We would buy another car from this place. They made the experience great, so we came away with no regrets or bad after-taste.

Sarah D. | 2011-12-07

I bought a 2011 Hyundai Elantra from them earlier this year. The salesman was horrible. He didn't seem to know anything about the car, in fact my boyfriend was telling me all the features during my test drive because the salesman was useless. The finance guy was ever worse, trying to bully me into gap insurance and all sorts of extended warranties that I didn't want (all my friends are mechanics). Anyway, I did buy the 30,000 maintenance package just so I could build those costs into my monthly payments, and the service department is OK. They do take an extremely long amount of time (two hours for an oil change with an appointment), but the technicians are pretty nice. I had no trouble doing the complementary rent a car feature the day that my paint sealant was put on, which surprised me since I'm under 25. All in all, I will still probably go to a different dealership next time (though I LOVE my Elantra!).

Stacie D. | 2011-11-21

I chose Kearney Mesa Hyundai based on a short phone conversation with Alan, a salesman there. He was the ONLY salesman (of the 4 Hyundai dealers I called) that answered my questions in a straightforward manner, rather than giving me a lot of "shop talk." Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I couldn't visit the dealership when Alan was working. So, I ended up interacting with another salesman, Phu.

I told Phu that I was considering both the Accent and Elantra, and wanted to test drive them to compare. We started off in the Accent. Phu came with me, and was cordial, but not overly helpful, and even seemed kind of annoyed/negative. As an example, I idly mentioned that it must be fun getting to drive and ride around in brand new cars all the time. His response was "Well, its really all I can do - I didn't finish high school." Awkward!  Also, after the test drive, I said, "Hey, that was fun!" to which he replied, "Fun enough to buy this car??" (no smile).  

We didn't even end up test driving the Elantra. I liked the Accent, and Phu never offered (nor did I ask) to test out the Elantra. As that was the pricier of the two cars, that seemed an odd choice for a salesman.

At any rate, by the end of the day I was signing papers for my new Accent. This step went great - I had a wonderful experience with the financing woman, whose name I unfortunately forget. She was forthcoming, friendly/chatty, and while she laid out all the options, she didn't try to push anything on me that wasn't essential (paint protective warranty, car alarm systems, etc). I would give her 5 stars, if I were rating her separately.

After I bought the car, Phu thanked me and gave me a few little extras, which was nice. Apparently this particular car didn't come with either floor mats or a radio-to-iPod cord, so he found some laying around and threw them in for free. This was a very nice gesture, which I appreciated, but was immediately tainted by Phu telling me MULTIPLE TIMES that I had better "give him high ratings" on the post-sale survey, since he was doing all these extra things. It felt very crass and took away from the experience in general.

All in all - buying a car on my own for the first time went better and was easier than I had hoped. I enjoyed the little extras that were thrown in, Kearney Mesa's large in-lot selection, and the spectacular finance department. However, the general negative feeling I got from my (perfectly cordial and appropriate) salesman really dampened what should have been a fun, exciting experience.

michael p. | 2011-10-25

I came one day told them i wanted all the paper work ready to sign the next and that's exactly what they did. Dave La Rue was a great person to help me out because he got straight to the point and everyone here at the dealership has been great especially Mercedez, such a nice and friendly laidy. The mantnance department has been great also. This is the first car I buy from a dealership and i'm glad I came here. I love my 2012 Hyundai Accent!

Julia B. | 2011-09-19

Tina is the greatest service adviser of all time. I had to bring my car in 8 times because of an electrical problem with my 2011 Elantra Limited, and every time she was so nice, got me into a rental car and was very nice.

I don't know if I would be capable of being as nice as Tina when I came in every week with a broken car.

On the 8th visit, Colby found the specific wire that was causing the problem and now it's all fixed.

Give that lady a raise!

Nick O. | 2011-09-02

Have only experienced the dealership and not service yet, but I think this dealer is a-ok.  Not quiet the best out there, but I would come back to buy another car if I was in the market again.

The GF needed a new car so she set up an appt. to have a look.  She dealt with Kimberly online/phone but we had the appt with her partner Alonzo since she wasn't available the day we wanted.

I figured because the appt was scheduled things would be a bit more ready but I think because the dealership is going through a major re-model things were a bit unorganized.  Like we had to walk a big circle around the dealership to find the car we wanted to test drive (which ended up being parked right in front anyway).

Since the place is getting remodeled, I can't say much..but it looked run-down and janky inside.  Hopefully, the remodel treats them well.

Alonzo was super friendly and nice, really seemed to tell it like it is.  When it came time for the dealing he was very easy to deal with.  He did use the typically "4-square" sure to google on how to deal with those.  They seem to be less inclined to budge on prices here but we did get it down $1-2k and negotiated an awesome apr. So stick to your guns!  He did say that the internet sales dept and floor sales are separate and when you go through the internet dept they can start your prices at a lower invoice...dunno how true that is, but something to consider.  Also, be sure to bring your credit score as that can help you negotiate for better APR.

The finance person KC (who tries to sell your warranties and crap) was probably the easiest I've ever dealt with.  She gave her pitch, we said no, and that was it.  It may also have been because it was closing time and we had already waited a long time for the finance stuff to be ready.

Car was nice and clean when we were ready to drive off and everything has been ok since then.  For buying the car from this dealer, they do include a 10% off parts/service card for you and the 1st oil change is free.

To get to 4-stars I would have wanted a better showroom/facilities and better handling of things during the remodel.

Shawn H. | 2011-08-25

I've read these reviews and don't understand where their bad experience came from.

I enjoyed the no pressure sales experience at this dealership.

My salesman was Alan D. (the big dude) He was knowledgeable on every car they had + some of the other cars in the same class with other dealers.

We leased a 2012 Tucson for my mom, she absolutely loves this vehicle. Sales manager, forget his name, was a pleasure to talk with and gave us discounts we didn't realized were available to us.

There was no pressure as we actually left to test drive a Chevy and came back a day later to decide on the Tucson.

I'm thinking about purchasing  a car for my wife from Kearny Mesa Hyundai Subaru.

They were under construction when we went there, and I didn't like getting the car in and out of the lot, but i guess that will be fixed after construction of their Subaru side.

Krystal I. | 2011-08-19

I was recently shopping around for a new Hyundai Genesis coupe and called up different dealerships to get quotes. I called this dealership and got Dan Fisher on the phone. Prior to calling him, I had a list of quotes from other dealerships. He seemed nice enough at first because he was researching to see if my car with my specifications were even available in the area. He called me telling me he had found my car and then we began talking numbers. I told him to give me a quote and it was $2,000+ more than I have seen at other dealerships. I told him so too. Then he became degrading and condescending saying things like "Where are these numbers coming from? Here in the "real world" those numbers don't exist. So let me bring you back to the "real world" and we can talk about some realistic figures." His tone alone made me want to get off the phone with him as quickly as possible. I essentially told him I'd take my business elsewhere since I wasn't in the "real world."

I eventually bought my new car $1,000 below invoice and $2,000 less than what he was asking for.

Rachel B. | 2011-08-17

Why was my review, along with a few other recent ones, removed?

This is the worst dealership, let alone customer service, I have ever dealt with!

I wish I could give negative stars.

Ryan A. | 2011-08-03

I could not give a worse review of a car dealer. This is by far the worst dealership  of any kind in San Diego, if not all of California. The salespeople are rude, unprofessional, pushy, and seem to have no problem lying directly to customers, even those who have already shown themselves to be well informed.

They pushed us into a car we didn't want and lied to us about how long we had to bring the car back if it didn't suite our needs or budget. Instead, the instant we came back with car problems - which was within a few days, they turned it all over to their Hyundai financial company as fast as they could to make sure we couldn't return the defective vehicle.

Since then we have been harassed, lied to, insulted, etc. I am also submitting full complaints to the BBB and the parent Hyundai company. After many wonderful experiences both buying and leasing, this is the first time I have seen a dealership go so far to harm customers (and their own reputation).

Daniel C. | 2011-05-31

Very bad experience overall.  I'll caveat by saying that I made some huge rookie mistakes (telling the dealership I needed a new car fast and negotiating monthly payments vs out the door price) when it came to buying a new car, but I am much better informed.  It still doesn't excuse the car dealer to basically sell me the car at full MSRP and add an extended warranty.

I mainly come here for the service on my current new vehicle warranty, and service is alright I guess.

CHRIS K. | 2011-05-23

WORST DEALERSHIP experience in 20+yrs of buying cars. I walked on lot to look at WRX lease specials the internet has been advertising. I walked around EMPTY lot for good 20 minutes with NO salespeople in sight. Finally found very limited subbys in back (2) WRX and (1) STI. I walked all way back to the office so I could find salesperson for possible test drive and confimr lease specials. I was somewhat greeted by saleman who asked if I needed any help. I said I was interested in lease options on WRX and he promptly said, "This saleman here will be happy to assist you." This is where it get WEIRD. The other salesguy that he introduced me too got VERY ANGRY with him and started yelling at him - syaing "Calm the F*** down he was only walking around the lot not to buy!!!"

WTF? I was awestruck and the phrase "awkward" fit the bill perfectly. The manager that introduced me apologised and I just said forget this and promptly LEFT, never looking back.

I have never witnessed something so bizarre & agressive in a seemingly professional business.No way should anyone do business like this. I will NEVER step foot in there again no matter what kind of specials they have going on.

Angie R. | 2011-04-23

We purchased my husbands truck at Kearny Mesa Hyundai Subaru and it was a great experience.  I love them!
When we needed to get it serviced, we returned to the dealership and they got it fixed right up.  The Service Director Shawn Jordan is the best!  He made sure everything went smoothly.  I would highly recommend Kearny Mesa Hundai Subaru for service or sales.

Mitchel W. | 2011-04-18

Kimberly Frickey (Internet Sales Manager) was the best! She made buying a new car a piece of cake. Even though the car I wanted was nowhere to be found in the entire state of CA. Kimberly never stopped until she found exactly what I was looking for. She was fair, honest, hardworking, funny, professional and very easy to deal with. She was very prompt to keep me updated on how the car search was going via email or a simple phone call. She assured me that of the process the entire way through.

In the end she was able to get me a better deal than what we originally started with. I would most definitely recommend buying a car from Kimberly Frickey and will do so again. She is an asset to the company and they should be proud to have her be a member of their team.

Thanks for everything Kimberly.

Mitchel W.

Tim G. | 2011-04-09

I purchased my new car here, and it was painless (used their web sales group, via USAA). I got a great deal.

I've since brought my car back to the dealership for oil changes and servicing, and it's been great. They've managed to do my oil changes/inspections while I was at lunch.

I've had moderate success with scheduling appointments online, however. The first time I tried, I didn't receive a response within a business I just called. The second time was quick, but when I needed to reschedule my appointment it was booked for the wrong time.

No matter, ultimately...they took me two hours early, and still got the vehicle turned around quickly.

Tanner S. | 2011-03-28

By far the worst car dealership I've ever dealt with. All the stereotypical scumbag car dealer tricks are used by these guys. This place treats Veterans horribly and I truly advise you to go to another Hyundai dealership. Sonny, one of the salesmen, called my house at 8:45 p.m. to argue about paperwork. I understand there are alot of steps in buying a new car, and things don't get signed and they have to be corrected. Oh and if you're looking to finance and you have paperless cellphone bills, don't even bother. They will literally make you return your car.. I would love to give this place negative stars but that isn't possible. Dan E. did an awesome job, and I have to give him credit for being thorough. Oh and they will DEFINITELY call you after your purchase to change prices and paperwork and change dates..... Save yourself a headache and find another dealership.

Craig R. | 2011-03-13

The service director Shawn Jordan got involved after reading reviews on Yelp and got the remaining two items fixed - thank you!

Julie J. | 2011-03-10

I went last week to simply test drive a new Hyundai Sonata. I was clear that I was still researching my car choices and although the Sonata was a front runner, I was NOT buying that day.
The salesman had the typical canned approach and didn't seem very knowledgeable about the cars at all. Wasn't even sure what was on the lot. Just kept asking if we could "do a deal today"? Annoying. The sales manager was worse, although more knowledgeable, and really went for they slick and expected "hard sell" at the end to get me to buy that day.
I don't mind good sales people that put on a little pressure, but knowing I was no where near ready to purchase... my advice to KMHS would be to give me some good customer service and a positive experience so I actually want to go back and deal with you. Bottom line, this dealer made me rule out the Hyundai. I actually went with a Mazda from John Hine.

Not to mention the incoherent voice-mail the sales rep left me this week to "please call back. I have a good news for you."

One work. Icky.

Gloria P. | 2011-01-14

I just purchased a new Hyundai from this dealer and it was a most pleasant experience.  For a gentleman who knows his business, ask for Sonny Tornatore.

Thanks, Kearny Mesa, for my new Hyundai!

Terry A. | 2010-09-25

Billy Williams (Sales) went above and beyond, even coming in, and staying late, on his day off, to get me the exact model & color car I've been looking for.  He didn't try to see me something they had on the lot, or even something they could get from a local dealership.  He made sure I didn't have to settle for less than I wanted, or buy more than I needed.

Tracey L. | 2010-07-23

I have had my car serviced and the experience was ok.  I was promptly greeted by a service adviser and was given an estimate of the time it would take to perform the recall update to the computer.  I had also needed to get an iPod cable installed that I had purchased but never had installed.  The adviser was very good about keeping me informed about the progress of my service.  My disappointment came when my car was returned to me with the contents of my console and cupholders literally strewn about both the front and back seats.  Had I known that it had to be removed I would have happily cleared it out when I arrived at the service center.  I'm not quite sure why the contents were simply placed on either the front seat or back seat rather than literally showering the front and back seats with everything.  Seems like taking an extra 2 minutes to tidy things up would have gone a long way.

Kate O. | 2010-04-23

Why was this review removed? This was the worst customer service I've ever experienced in my life.

Meredith M. | 2009-10-05

I don't know shit about cars.  I repeat: I don't know shit about cars.  I am a girl, and I expect that, most likely, I'll get ripped off.  It's a fact of life, I suppose.

My epic tale of woe started last Monday.  After being sick for almost a week (and plenty jokes about Swine Flu), I decided to take the day off work, go to the doctor, etc.  When I attempted to start my car, it went "whirr-whirr-click-click-click."

Cue me freaking out.

Luckily, a neighbor helped me jump-start it, but I figured I should probably get the car checked out just in case.

Wednesday morning at about 730am I dropped it off.  I will say that Eric and Jose in the Service Department were very friendly and helpful.  Mid-morning, I got a call from Jose.  My battery is barely holding a charge and is about to die.  My brakes are at 2mm.  My drive belts need to be replaced.  Quote was around $800.  

*frustrated sigh*  FINE, FINE, FINE.  DO IT.

For all that needed to be done, my car was ready at 2pm.  I was happy with this.  Plus, the total turned out to be $100 under quote.  FABULOUS.

They also cleaned my car.

Like I said, I don't know a damn thing about cars.  My boyfriend (who does), is out of town for a month.  So I'm pretty much on my own here.  I got my car back in less than a day, it runs like a charm and the cost was below what they quoted me.  Plus my car is clean.

Good enough for me.

Angela S. | 2009-08-21

Ugh!  I have to agree with the two below me.  The servicemen are complete arrogant jerks and have been unable to correctly fix my fix engine light after 3 visits!

Elizabeth G. | 2009-03-30

So, I'm in the market for a used car and being young, a chick and fairly ignorant of car buying I took a neighbor with me. He's helped a few people buy cars and has gotten some great deals. My boyfriend has a 03 Hyundai Tiburon and I love it so was considering getting one for myself as well, which is why we hit up a hyundai dealership. They didn't have any Tibs but Kennth showed us around the lot and I saw an 07 Sonata (sp?) that peeked my interest. Truth is, I kind of have my heart set on a death trap Eclipse Spyder convertable and the Sonata wasn't anything close to that. BUT it was a late model and had a lot of extras that I liked plus while not sporty, the body styling wasn't too bad. And it has some amazing safety features which the sales guy kept pointing out (I think he though my neighbor is my dad, happens a lot actually).
Took it on a test drive..... Totally not wowed.....under powered for my taste and a little over my budget. But we thought about asking for a out the door price.

Here's where it starts to go down hill.....
They wanted me to do a finiance through them, I've already been preapproved through my credit union (Navy Federal, BEST bank I've ever dealt with), with a surprisingly good rate. They ask me what rate I got and I told them and also mention that since it was a newer car my credit union would actually give me a better rate than that. I go ahead and fill out the credit junk even though, I was not going to finiance through a dealer ship, he asked what the max I wanted to pay per month, I told him.

Now, I should also mention I was sleep deprived, hung over and having an allergy attack, so I wasn't in the best mood and didn't want to be jerked around. The longer we waited while they tried to figure out how they were going to beat my bank, the more I realized I didn't want that car.

Finially, after like 30 minutes he came back, said they could match my banks rate (except not since once the bank would lower the rate since it was such a new model). Plus the payment was right at the top of what I could I wanted to pay. I'll admit, it was a good deal on a nice car but I really felt pushed into getting something more than I wanted to spend. They told me when we said that we wanted to think about it that this deal was only good for that day and that they closed in like 3 hours.

I give it a 3 since they were nice and they did try and get me a good deal but they really didn't listen and I felt really pressured. And no, i didn't buy the car.

Hannah Y. | 2008-05-11

!!!Avoid this dealer at all costs!!! I had dealt with them over the internet for a week and ended up not going to this dealer. They have a really bad reputation even at other Hyundai dealers.

This dealer is very rude and extremely unprofessional. Their main goal, it seems, was to try to get me into the dealership as fast as possible and make my decision in about thirty minutes.

I wanted the best price for the car and sure, they gave me a price that was even the other dealers couldn't beat. But of course, I found out what they were really trying to sell me. The internet sales manager  Kearney Mesa Hyundai had lied to me that the car I wanted was at their "storage" 90 miles away while it was actually at a different dealer and had been sitting around their lot for at least eight months.  I found out before I went to another dealer (which I did not buy from either). They  were trying to pass the car off as a new one and I was not going to gamble over 14 grand for a car that might have dents and scratches, and tons of mileage.

So after, I tried to get a quote for a brand new car sitting in their lot. I wasn't planning on buying from them. They had lied to me so they lost their chance to do business with me. I was curious what they had to say. I managed to get a dealer from another county to give me a quote.  I asked if they could match it, they simply told me to take my business elsewhere. This proves that their guarantee to match any dealer's price is a scam.

They have wasted my time for a week.  I am most displeased with this dealer.

Kearney Mesa will make you a really good deal that other dealers in San Diego can't compete with and they will easily add extra charges to make up for the cost. Their main goal is to keep you from other dealers. If you do want to give this dealer a try, do your research on the car. Go to other dealers first (physically) and get quotes. Know exactly what you want (including options). That way you have some control over the salesman.