Kearny Mesa FIAT in San Diego, CA

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San Diego's central FIAT studio.


Established in 2011.

As a stand alone Studio, Kearny Mesa FIAT is committed to providing the best sales and service experience anywhere. From the moment you walk to our Studio, you will be embraced in a friendly and pressure-free environment. FIAT of Kearny Mesa has that small town, down-to-earth feel.

We have the newest FIAT facilities in San Diego, which includes our showroom, offices, and service department. All this has been done to better serve you, our valued customer. From our new, more spacious showroom to our state-of-the-art service bays, we have the most customer-friendly Studio around.

We invite you to stop in today and experience the difference. We know you'll agree that Kearny Mesa FIAT is simply the best FIAT Studio in San Diego! Better yet, read what others are saying about us on Yelp!
We sell the exciting new FIAT models, as well as a comprehensive array of Pre-Owned cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs. Our courteous, experienced and professional staff is waiting to assist you.

Kearny Mesa FIAT

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 492-9200
Address:5155 Convoy St, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Kearny Mesa FIAT

MB N. | 2015-04-11

We just came home with a 2015 Fiat 500 Lounge 1957 edition and I can't be anymore satisfied with my purchasing experiences with Kearny Mesa Fiat that I received today.  

The amazing services we received from Rachel, Linda & Frank were superb. I almost forgot I was dealing with a "Car Dealership".  Everything was straight to the point and by the time I was done signing the papers.  I was in and out within 2.5 hours.  

Thank you Kearny Mesa Fiat for simply an excellent customer services.

Courtney W. | 2015-03-30

Recently leased a fiat from KMfiat! I was beyond pleased with the service and overall experience. Enia and her team presented everything quickly and got us in and out in a timely manner. The dealership was super clean and the staff was very friendly. There selection was great and the prices were just right! Thanks again for exceptional service!

Lynda Y. | 2015-03-13

I've been to both dealerships in San Diego...These are the guys that deserve your business. EVERY time they are honest, efficient, and damn pleasant. lol

I'm going to have my Fiat forever, and I'm going to come here forever.

Matthew R. | 2015-02-17

George and the service department always take care of my car. My vehicle is special and needs precision work and these guys go out of their ways to ensure I walk out happy everytime.

Melissa D. | 2015-02-09

The entire team at Kearny Mesa Fiat is fantastic!  We were looking for a third, commuter vehicle and couldn't be happier with not only the car itself but the experience we had.  Joseph, Sean and Frank were professional, non "pushy" and overall such a pleasure to work with!

Anna S. | 2015-02-09

Selling "the experience" with a bad buying experience.

was ready to buy a fiat 500- they claim to match any other dealer's price and i showed proof of almost the identical car at a different dealership with a walk-out price of $1,000 less. I made it very clear that i would buy the car that day if they would take the same price. I was urged to come in. Once I got there it became very apparent that there was no inclination in matching the price and that their original price remained.

floor manager sean became increasingly aggravated and condescending when his weak, unconvincing and repetitive pitch fell on deaf ears. Said pitch relied on selling the "customer experience," which included "friendly greeting" and "espresso when you come in." Unfortunately what i was in the market for was a car- not an "experience" or a $1,000 cup of coffee (or the company). furthermore he dismissed the correspondence and pricing of the same car I had found at a different dealership by saying that the correspondence i had with the sales rep at the other dealership didn't prove anything and that the other dealership always had other hidden costs they tacked on at the end- I suppose there can be multiple interpretations of "final price" or "walk-out price" or "all in price".  Besides, he told me that I really didn't want to drive all the way to the other dealership in OC because he would take good care of me and would "work with me every step of the way"- which he did- right out the door.

meanwhile the supervising manager was apparently in the midst of "finalizing another deal" which was interesting considering how the dealership was empty and their prices un-competitive.

i ended up getting the same car for less from Orange Coast Fiat. No hassles, gimicks, empty promises or time wasting tactics. As for those "hidden added costs" that i had been warned about- never happened.

The bright side is that at least Kearny Mesa Fiat is consistent- consistently disappointing.

Lance D. | 2015-02-03

Just got home with our new Fiat Abarth from Kearny Mesa Fiat Alfa Romeo!  

Thanks, Sean. You made the new car buying experience a pleasure.  While this was not the first one we test drove, after Sean and I were discussing the merits of the other Abarth with all the goodies, he got me a better deal and an Abarth with 6 miles on it.  I am the only person to have driven this, other than the delivery driver taking it off the truck :-).  I really liked the fact that you took the time to go over all the paperwork and all the details about how to get the most out of this guy.  Very happy and excited to get to drive it again tomorrow and it's MINE!

It's such a blast!!!

I can hardly wait until the next Alfa Romeos arrive!

Angelica G. | 2015-01-24

Initially I was looking for a mini cooper but I decided to check out the Fiat dealership first as I've always thought of Fiat cars to be cute and fun looking. Long story short I ended up purchasing a Fiat 500c POP CABRIO after all. I have to say that my experience since I arrived at the dealership was exceptional.

I was assisted by ASHLEY SADLER who is a very knowledgeable and helpful associate to say the least! She answered all my questions (and I had plenty) showed and demonstrated to me how to navigate all the unique aspects of the vehicle. I never once felt pressured or hassled to buy anything which is an AWESOME feeling when car buying. I definitely recommend working with Ashley in particular, she knows her stuff when it comes to Fiats and is genuinely personable!

There was another man (Spanish speaking) who worked there and who I don't believe is a sales consultant but who was also extremely helpful and who DEFINITELY DESERVES A RAISE OR RECOGNITION because if it wasn't for him I don't think I would have walked inside one of the showrooms with the additional inventory of cars which ultimately ended up with the sale.

All in all, I walked away with the RIGHT car for me at exactly the EXACT price I wanted. I am highly satisfied with the service provided at Kearny Mesa Fiat and if you're looking for someone who will get you what you want and a fantastic deal then I especially recommend asking for Ashley Sadler, she makes it happen.

Perry H. | 2015-01-24

After driving the Fiat for a year the transmission broke the company bought the vehicle back but Kearny Mesa Fiat ended up taking us for $500 for the rental car while they repaired the transmission I guess the jokes on us once again .keep one eye open

Pam B. | 2015-01-15

On January 2nd, my wife , son and I stopped by Kearney Mesa Fiat to see their inventory of Fiat 500 Sport's and we left as proud new owners a few hours later.  
    Jan was our Client Service Representative and she is probably one of the nicest people we've had the pleasure of doing business with.  She was knowledgeable, extremely accommodating and very helpful in every way. I highly recommend going to her if you're looking for a Fiat.  Pricing was strait forward and we received generous end of the year rebates including a $500 military discount. The entire process was highly efficient, and very professional.
  If you're shopping for a Fiat, stop by KM Fiat and they will take excellent care of you and answer any questions you may have.  Our new Fiat 500 Sport is a blast to drive and we are always fighting about who gets to drive it.  If anyone has any questions about our experience at Kearney Mesa Fiat or owning a Fiat 500, leave a comment to my review and I'll get back to you.  Make sure you ask for Jan she's a great service rep. Overall, it was a GREAT shopping experience!

Sabrina P. | 2015-01-13

I absolutely cannot thank the service guys at KM Fiat enough for all their help on my car! These guys are the most amazing, helpful, and patient people, and I have absolutely no qualms whatsoever entrusting them with my car. There was one day where I actually hit a ladder on the I-15 southbound, which ripped out my splash shield. Jason and George took care of me with absolutely no problem! They were so kind, taking my car in without an appointment considering the accident. Once they even had my car towed out when my battery died and replaced it super quickly! Totally awesome. I cannot emphasize enough how much these guys have done for me, and it is a great feeling knowing my car is in good hands at all times. They're always honest and always genuine. I have never gone anywhere else and never will. Nothing to worry about with them. Hands down the most incredible service!

Maria C. | 2014-12-19

I was 100% ready to buy a car but the worse salesman Shawn made me and my family so upset that I couldn't even look at his face and I left that place!  He talks to women like they don't know anything about cars, such a typical sales jerk.  He said that they are not on commission and that's probably why he didn't care to give the excellent service we deserved. I ended up going to Orange Coast Fiat and bought my car there because their customer service was phenomenal!

Lorronishae E. | 2014-12-18

Shawn and all the guys there were super accomodating!
They're very down to earth, there's no games played. You don't have to worry about each salesman trying to compete over you to gain commission. They work as a team there, and it is clear in the way that they act and interact with customers. I'm from Escondido, and I went to Kearny Mesa Fiat! You should too!!!!

Joyce T. | 2014-11-29

Just went in for a test drive of the 500e. Wow! What a car!

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my Abarth, but I was so excited to see an electric Fiat come out. And trust me, they went all out on it. What a speedy little car!

Joseph was there to greet us, of course! If you're planning on checking out the Fiats, definitely ask for him. He's such a friendly, personable and knowledgable guy when it comes to these little cars. And he will crunch those numbers and do whatever he can to get you into the car of your dreams.

I've also dealt with some other people at the dealership and the Service department. Everyone there is great!

Thank you for all of your help Joseph! Sorry I was a bit of a speed demon in the 500e! It's just such a smooth drive :)

Kyle R. | 2014-11-29

We just leased a fiat 500e from Kearney Mesa Fiat. The entire staff was great. They made the transition from a gas guzzler to an electric fiat super easy. We visited the dealership 3 times before we decided to pull the trigger. They stayed open late the first night just for us. We had an espresso shot every visit. Linda helped us on the transaction and did a great job at getting us exactly what we wanted. We called around to other Fiat dealerships in the area and no one could touch their prices.

Sherry K. | 2014-11-05

Amazing service.  They take great care of me and my Fiat.
I don't usually take my car to the dealers for tune-ups or repairs, usually too costly. But not here. They give great service, and are very reasonable. usually pay less than if I had taken the care elsewhere. They know how to care for the cars. They are also kind and polite, really go out of their way to make sure you are happy with the service.

Shelby G. | 2014-10-30

I purchased my Fiat in April and couldn't be happier!! I just had my first service done (tire rotation, oil change) and my service provider was George. Insanely helpful and informative. I waited in the dealership while services were performed and the time they quoted me was exactly correct. All services covered under warranty. They even gave me a complimentary car wash. I love my Fiat!

Todd K. | 2014-10-20

Just bought a car from Kearney Mesa Fiat, was probably the best car buying  experience I've ever had!  The sales team was very professional, and dealership was clean and inviting!  I would highly recommend this company for your next car purchase!!

Julia G. | 2014-10-18

This is a very overdue review about KM Fiat. I have had my new fiat 500 sport for about a month now, and have loved every second and mile in it.

This dealership and the representative that was helping me, Shaun, was so patient with me as I went through the car buying process. They sat with me for HOURS and listened to me being crazy and dealt with my family's questions. They gave me the best price for my trade-in clunker and helped me secure the best possible financing(I was getting calls from Frank until 10 pm telling me "this loan is better! Wait I found you a better one!") I truly felt completely taken care of. They did not push me, they did not send me a million emails and they made me feel appreciated.

While I did not receive the lowest possible price on my car of choice, I do feel I received the highest possible quality of service. For that, I was willing to pay a little more. Since buying my car at this showroom, I have gone back with questions and had Shaun hop in my car with me, make sure my worries and questions are satisfied, and send me home feeling reassured. I think that if you are seriously considering buying a Fiat, you should trust this showroom with your business.

Amanda B. | 2014-10-18

Excellent service! Very kind and quick employees. My husband and I got every thing we needed to get done in maybe 1.5 hours versus other dealerships were 2.5-3 hours. Would definitely buy a FIAT here again!

Elisabeth T. | 2014-10-11

I went into Kearny Mesa Fiat looking for a vehicle, the 500 e.  Sales, client service representative, Jan, come out to assist me in my search.  We showed up on Friday morning along with my two dogs.  She was very knowledgeable about the fiat and also in comparison to other electric vehicles.  She provided me tons of information and let me take a test drive of one of the vehicles.  I never once felt pressure to buy anything, instead it was a nice afternoon of education.  I definitely suggest that if you are looking for a vehicle this is one place you should definitely go to!  The amount of information and professionalism is exceptional.  They also seem to have great incentives and prices for their vehicles!

Jon P. | 2014-09-28

Truly an A++ experience with amazing integrity and thoughtful kind help from all of the staff.  Sean Russell in particular was a delight to work with as he went far beyond the call of duty to help me!

Best dealership in San Diego? Yes!!

Would love to see some cherry used Alfa Romeos on the lot.

Matthew G. | 2014-09-17

Worked with Linda to lease our 500e and very happy with the experience. She was super knowledgeable and the overall dealership experience was miles ahead of others that we went to. Best selection of vehicles around. If you are in the market for a Fiat and soon-to-be Alfa Romeo this is the place to go.

monica n. | 2014-09-09

I originally posted a review the day that I made the mistake of visiting this dealership.  That post was removed shortly after I received an extremely unpleasant and unprofessional message, here on Yelp, from what I can only assume was yet another very unprofessional representative from the company.  Her points regarding my reasons for posting however were well taken.  I am, therefore, explicitly citing my reasons for giving this dealership the lowest possible rating...

1) Deceptive advertising on the web site.

2) Misleading tactics in the showroom (stating certain conditions could be met with regard to price/financing/vehicle availability).

3) General overall obnoxiousness on the part of a very aggressive so-called manager.

Yes, I understand that some degree of finagling is to be expected of most people in this business, but Kearny Mesa Fiat went well beyond the acceptable range of typical shifty, car salesman behavior.  They were blatantly disrespectful, dishonest, and just flat out rude.  

After walking in with all my paperwork in order and 4K in cash, I was essentially yelled at by a fat little old man with a very poor attitude who tried to pawn off responsibility for his behavior on "the bank".  I had spoken with "the bank" (Chrysler Capital) just that morning so I know for a fact that the man was lying through his teeth, and "the bank" had nothing to do with his outstandingly poor customer service.

Bottom line, beware shopper.

John S. | 2014-09-09

What a great experience. These folks are NO PRESSURE sales, not commission based and provide excellent customer service. Giuseppe was fantastic as our sales guy. This place works as a team and kick butt. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Linda and Sean were also fantastic in helping to make it a great experience.

Mandy M. | 2014-08-24

I own 2 Fiats, I tried to buy them both from KM Fiat and both times I ended up at another dealership. They keep saying how they are different because they are not on commission. Well, their interpretation of not being on commission is to not care about customers. The second time I got yelled at for asking a question. Anyways, too bad, if they just answered my 2 e-mails or returned my few calls, I would have bought my cars from them.

Kris D. | 2014-08-15

Great experience at Kearny Mesa Fiat.  I had rented a Fiat and had been wanting a small car.  I stopped in a KM Fiat and the staff was very helpful and no pressure.  They don't work on commission so, it's a different kind of experience than other dealers.  I test drove several cars before deciding on the Abarth. The manager Curt was very low key, authentic and a pleasure to deal with.   I'm looking forward to my new car!

San Diego C. | 2014-07-02

My car wouldn't start Monday morning and Fiat roadside assistance was there in twenty minutes.  The next day I stopped by the service dept with no appointment and they checked me in quickly and had the problem fixed that same day.  I have had all my required service done very well and my first hiccup was handled in the same manner.  Keep up the good work.

Steve J. | 2014-06-29

After being told how KM fiat is not on commission and how they are different than a regular car dealer, they would not honor the advertised deal on the Fiat 500e - 1000 down and 199/mo. As I wanted a couple options on the car I knew the payment would be a bit higher...BUT the down payment they wanted was $2,000.00 - Something was wrong with this picture. Found the exact car I wanted at Mossy Fiat and they honored the $1, 000 and a very reasonable payment based on the sunroof and e-sport package I wanted.

Brigette Z. | 2014-06-27

We've had our brand new Fiat 500e for just a bit over 24 hours and we have Enia to thank for making this happen. We arrived on a Wednesday, distracted by life, but we were committed to at least looking at the 500e and the 500 1957 Edition. Enia was very helpful and patient with us as we tried to focus in the midst of multiple distractions. Honestly, if anyone ever looked like they weren't going to buy a car, that was us. Enia still gave us her time and worked out the basic numbers for us.

Later that evening, I emailed Enia and she got back to me very promptly with exactly the combination of 500e that we wanted ... black on black which had just arrived. I also sent her our VIN, mileage, etc so that she could work on a trade-in. She gave us the number we were looking for based on her preliminary research, so I told her we'd talk about it and get back to her.

The next day Thursday, we emailed her to let her know we'd be coming in and we fell in love with this 500e ... the car is phenomenal, but that's not what this review is about. Anyway, Enia and Curt made the deal happen and, within 2.5 hours, we left our SUV for a fully electric car. Enia walked us through every detail of pairing the TomTom and Bluetooth, and didn't just send us on our way when the deal was done ... there are a lot of little details when making the transition to electric.

Three small but hugely important little bits about their treatment of customers at Kearny Mesa Fiat ... the sweet coworker next to Enia offered us DumDums when our sugar was getting low, Will from service took off the paper plates for us, and Enia did all the paperwork for our rebate ... literally, ALL OF IT. She left nothing for me to have to do.

This is the 5th vehicle I've bought from a dealership and this was an experience 10 times better than the next best experience. If you're considering an all-electric car, you cannot go wrong with Enia, Curt, and the entire KM Fiat team. Highly, highly recommend!

Jason Y. | 2014-06-02

My experience was awesome!  No haggling, they honored the FIAT 500e lease program no questions asked.  They were very thorough with the transaction including registering for the state refunds on my behalf.  They even bought me pizza! (Thanks Sean).

Paul B. | 2014-06-01

I had an outstanding experience leasing a FIAT 500E at Kearny Mesa FIAT.  Ashley was fantastic; very professional and knowledgeable.  The car was available at the advertised price, and I was not pressured into buying anything extra.  In fact I was pleasantly surprised to find that the price was actually $2,500 better than I expected due to state rebate.  Overall an outstanding car buying experience.  I love the car too.


nik d. | 2014-05-12

The service department is horrible. I made an appointment for 900 to get a simple oil change and they didn't finish until 330. I called to check 2x after 200 and the service rep never returned my call and just let me sit and wonder how much longer it was going to be. They originally told me an hour. It takes all day for this dept to do a simple oil change. I would think twice about using them. This is the second time they have done this to me. I am going to use National City Fiat and see if it's any better.

Ponty D. | 2014-05-05

Checking out Fiat first time. I was impressed with the car but unfortunately sales person Assumed I wasn't ready and decided to not be helpful. Every question I asked was answered by everyone loves this car. I had specific questions and continuously got vague answers like uh my customer got this amount of driving from charge.

Then when I'm sitting down looking at lease terms. He was rude and said when you are ready to make a deal come back simply because I was asking questions bout terms. So obviously when I'm ready well which was yesterday I Would not purchase with a company that is Rude and rushed me when making a 30k purchase. Tip: hire professionals who actually want to be helpful and not in a rush.

Beth K. | 2014-04-26

So easy to work with!  Never a missed call returned, and flexible in scheduling for the service department for oil changes. Very pleased with the fair labor charges! Great lobby to hang out in while you wait.

Felizia R. | 2014-04-24

I just leased an amazing new Fiat 500e and I was so lucky to have done so from Linda! Not only was she knowledgable and stocked with amazing Italian chocolates, she helped me find the right Fiat for my needs without pushing me in any way. I didn't even feel like I was being sold a car, more helped in making a big life choice. Not only would I suggest a Fiat to anyone searching, but Kearny Mesa Fiat especially. Don't bother getting one from any other dealership! I looked around and ran into sale people who knew nothing about the car I was looking for, but were completely aggressive and rude. It made my experience here feel like a dream! Thanks!!

Jesse F. | 2014-04-18

(for service department) I have a 2013 500 turbo. It developed an oil leak. I took the car into these guys. Richard checked me in quickly and informed me that the repairs would be done under warranty once they find out whats leaking. He was qiuck an very professional. Richard then had Jeramya give me a ride home in one of their shuttle cars(500 all carbon fiber-ed out). We chatted about the 500 line and he was very knowledgeable about the product, not to mention just a cool guy. I dropped it off on a Friday. I received a call Saturday from Israel and he informed me that they cleaned the under side and confirmed "yes it is leaking and we will find out where and give you a call back". Isreal was very professional and to the point. Saturday another call from Israel. "found the leak. its at the base of your dip stick housing" O ring failed at tube that hold the dip stick. He then told me the parts should be in by Wednesday and they'll have me out same day. I picked up the car today(Thursday) and no more oil leaks. Great communication, way to keep the customer in the loop! All in all i am very happy with the service received and cant say enough about my new relationship with Fiat...Happy customer.

Richard D. | 2014-04-04

We love our new 500 Sport but Kearny Mesa FIAT didn't build it so they don't get credit for that part. On the other hand, everything within their control has been perfect: the salespeople were knowledgeable and helpful and not at all pushy. The price we paid was less than we expected it to be. They took the time after the purchase to show us how every feature worked, and followed up with a phone call and email to make sure we were happy with the car. We had one very minor issue with the car so we dropped by their service department unannounced and they fixed it in about 10 minutes. I see a few bad reviews on here, and maybe they accurately reflect people's experiences, but this is the most professionally-run car dealership we've ever seen.

Oh, yeah, and they offer you an espresso when you come in. Maybe not a big deal but a nice gesture just the same.

Cary E. | 2014-03-29

Everything went so smoothly when we walked in to lease my Fiat 500e. Amy, our salesperson, was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, everything we could ask for. She answered all our leasing questions(rookies) and car questions. One of the best car purchasing experiences we've ever had!  No commission means no pressure, no wheeling and dealing. Just buy it!

Red M. | 2014-03-04

I love cars.  I hate car sales people.  I've never bought a new car before - because I hate dealerships.  I'm already planning my next purchase here.  Ashley is smart as a whip.  You should ask for her specially.

Kearny Mesa Fiat breaks the rules.  Test drive?  Sure.  Test drive to my house in the mountains?  Of course.  Six weeks later I can't figure out the sat nav - so someone I didn't even know talked me through it.  I ran the battery flat while running errands - they topped it up and made espresso while I waited.

Look, you can get a car on the internet.  Service is the difference.  Theirs is the best.

Lauren D. | 2014-02-18

I just got back from visiting Mossy Fiat for an oil change and now regret not coming to Kearny Mesa Fiat instead. I guess Kearny Mesa Fiat spoiled me with their top notch service and personable staff. Mossy is disfunctional and a waste of my time. Here is a list of things that Kearney Mesa Fiat does way better than Mossy Fiat:
*Efficiency of booking service appointments online.
*Good signage. Easy to find service center.
*Friendly, professional and knowledgable staff.
*Classy atmosphere in waiting lounge (no Mossy - I do not want to watch Judge Judy at an ungodly volume. I also don't want it to feel as though I'm waiting to return something at Wal-Mart).
*Prompt and professional shuttle service.
*Courtesy call as soon as my car is ready, followed by a request for when I'll be ready for the shuttle to pick me up.

After going to all 3 Fiat service centers in and around San Diego, Kearny Mesa Fiat is the best.

Kelly M. | 2014-02-07

Enia was awesome was the rest of the team !

Yossi G. | 2014-01-29

Buying a car here was a good experience for a few reasons...

1. Joseph Ghosn was a pleasure to buy from because he sells the product not the person. With no commission for making a sale, there's no urgency to close it - he approaches selling like you're someone who wants to know more about the car and it's his job to show you what owning it is like. If you like it? Great. No? No problem, it's just not a fit.

2. Joseph was very sincere in wanting to get my feedback as a customer on the process of "buying". There were a few delays in getting me set up caused by a misunderstanding about insurance and it wasn't uncomfortable to share that. I felt like I could give my $0.02 and I was being listened to without any drama.

3. Everyone on the floor was pleasant and seemed to enjoy being there.

4. They were good about looking into issues with the electronics in the car I bought.

I saw some of the negative reviews about problems with paperwork and maintenance... I could see those problems happening given my misunderstanding about insurance and... I would not let those problems be reasons to not visit the dealership. They get the big things right - i.e. the test drive, the price and terms for payment, diagnostics and fixing mistakes.

Samantha G. | 2014-01-08

Went in just to look around and was approached by three employees to see if I needed help and offered my an espresso while I looked. I told them I was just looking and they kindly gave me space! What a difference from other car dealerships!! Great staff! KUDOS

Peter S. | 2014-01-05

My partner and I just purchased a new FIAT 500C ABARTH.  The purchase process was unlike any other car purchase we have experienced. It was quick, efficient, and concise. Our salesperson was very knowledgeable and explained the entire process.  The staff went out of their way to accommodate our needs during the purchase.

The facility is immaculate, bright, and modern. It is a direct reflection on the quality of their product.

Our thanks goes to the entire Kearny Mesa Fiat staff for a stellar experience.

Peter S.

kathryn n. | 2013-12-31

I love my Fiat 500 Pop ... and have had good experiences with this dealership.

I've had no problems with paperwork processed by the dealership ... as I actually read the documents and understand what a 3-month DMV release of liability process means.

Regarding the car buying experience itself, I spent about a week shopping at Chevrolet, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda/Subaru, and Ford. Believe me when I say that Kearny Mesa Fiat is by far the best of them all

I found the high-pressure sales tactics from the 80's used by the other dealerships to be offensive. I heard such classics as: "What will it take for you to buy this car today?" and "If you won't commit to purchasing a car from me today, why should I put effort in for you?"


Kearny Mesa Fiat's low-key approach has me happy. Jan was a pleasure to deal with .. and the car is really fun!!

Yolanda S. | 2013-12-29

Best car buying experience at Kearny Mesa Fiat. Just bought a 2013 500 Sport. Great car and very fun to drive.  Joseph was extremely helpful and got us a very good price for our lease. We would highly recommend this dealership, no pressure and easy to work with.

Ellison W. | 2013-12-19

What I have learned from Kearny Mesa Fiat:

1. A small dealership like this definitely does NOT equate to better service or more care. Most of the salespeople are nice, but they just show you the car and nothing more. It's the administrative and financing side that you'll be dealing with.

2. **It's one thing to mess up my info on the paperwork, it's another to need more than 3 months to resolve it.** Even tho I sat at their desk and slowly spelled out my full name and birthday and address, then handed over my license for them to make a photocopy of it, they still managed to mess up my information which resulted in a hellish transaction over the next few months with their affiliated financing company, Chrysler Capital. Which leads to #3....

3. Chrysler Capital can be a pain to work with. Their website glitches half of the time, and their agents get abrasive & frustrating to deal with on the phone. Try calling them and listen to how their representatives answer your inquiries. Chrysler Capital is for the most part manned by belligerent women on the phone whose amateur level of professionalism will kill your holiday spirit faster than a drunk Santa who drops your kid.

Laney F. | 2013-12-19

I love Kearny Mesa Fiat! I just purchased a 2013 500 POP and I love it. Not only did Amy and Linda make the whole process so easy but actually enjoyable! I started my search a few weeks ago and finally settled on the POP. I looked online at their inventory and completed my application. That evening Amy called with an offer of finance. I came in today and signed my paperwork with Linda. I loved everything from the espresso to music playing in the showroom. Linda did the introductions to my new car and explained everything in detail. Just amazing at how fast and through the process was. Thank you for showing me how car buying should be. No pressure, no hassle and excellent customer service!

David L. | 2013-12-18

Joseph, Gio and Kearny Fiat Team,

Thank you for a great car buying experience. Everyone single one of you that we met were friendly, courteous, and professional. From the evening before when my wife and I came in to test drive (thanks Gio!) to our purchase the following day (with Joseph), you guys were super accommodating and efficient. Thank you for assisting us with the purchase of our 2013 Abarth.


David L.

Andrew L. | 2013-12-17

Brought my Abarth here twice and let me tell you, both times were eh. The first time they gave my car an Oil Change (oc) and I needed a new windshield. They said it was on backorder and would let me know when one was available. One came in, but they said it was promised to another customer. The Service Dept said they would call me once they find out if the customer is going to pick it up, regardless if she picks it up or not. No call.

Second time I brought my car here, they did a OC again and I asked them to refill my windshield washer, which they never did. I drove all the way back to Chicago in the winter with no fluid to clean my windshield.

Thanks guys..Thanks..

Ben K. | 2013-12-15

Best car dealer experience i've ever had.  I had a bunch of weird experiences with dealers in the past, but this dealer is different.  They really care about getting you the best deal, and the end price was right and just.  Of course i did my research, but in the end, at this dealer, a new fiat ended up being cheaper than a used one from somewhere else.  At first my wife wasn't so sure, but in the end she ended up loving it.  She is very happy.  They also delivered the car, and let her come in the next day to go over all the features and how they work together.  Sean helped us out and he was extremely relaxed.  The good reviews definately reflect the service.  If we are ever in the market for another fiat, or if there is someone out there who is, this is the place to get it.  You get so much car for your money, how could you not end up here?  They also have drinks and snacks while you do paperwork, which is a big plus.  All in all, a good experience.


Emily R. | 2013-11-26

This is unlike any car dealership I have been to, and made my first "I'm a grown up now and don't have my daddy along to help me buy a car" experience great!

They don't work on commission here (the main reason I wanted to come to this dealership!), so it made the whole experience a lot less stressful than most other dealerships where you have salespeople breathing down your neck and trying to "sell" you from the moment you step on their lot.  Joseph greeted us immediately, and made us some fresh-brewed espresso, which was a nice touch. He was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, and made everything super easy.

I've only been driving my new Fiat 500 Pop for 4 days, but so far, I love it!  I would highly recommend anyone looking to buy a Fiat to do so at Kearny Mesa Fiat!!

Jenifer N. | 2013-11-19

I will never step foot in this dealership again. After my last update I receive a nasty gram from the dealership complaining that my review was "unjust" and complaining that the date I saw on the receipt they sent me was a result of them resubmitting the release of liability to the dealership. Why they didn't send me the "original" one, I haven't a clue, but, from my dealings with this dealership I'm sure they didn't send the "original" because the "resubmitted" one was the original.  

Fast forward to this week, I made arrangements with Linda to have my car picked up by someone at Kearny Mesa Fiat from my work to have an oil change. The person who was supposed to pick up my car came alone and was late. I work downtown and had paid for meter parking that morning because the garage where I park my car normally is six blocks away. The person was late to pick up my car. I got a parking ticket to the tune of $42.50 and still no oil change. Why? Oh, because in order for the guy to pick up my car he would have had to gone back to the dealership, wait for another service member to come in, so he could then come back downtown to pick up my car. While it's nice they were willing to pick up my car, it also became a major hassle because I'm at work and busy and can't keep running outside when they say they are going to be here and waiting on the corner for 15 minutes only for them to call me with some other problem. After I refused to allow this nonsense to continue any further, I came back to the office and sent Linda an email. Her response was:


Jeramya, our service foreman, was there to pick your car up for an oil change.  He was aware that he was picking the car up at your work (edited to remove my building name) and bringing your car back for an oil change. You decided, not to let him take your car.  As far as your parking ticket, we are not responsible for you parking in the street.

Your service contract is good at any FIAT Studio and I believe Mossy FIAT service department is open on Saturday's.


Linda M. Bryson
Kearny Mesa FIAT

Why in the world didn't she tell me when I first complained that my service contract was good at ANY FIAT and that one was actually opened on a Saturday?????

The bottom line, DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS DEALERSHIP.  There communication is HORRIFIC and it doesn't seem like it is going to get better. The service guy told me he thought he was picking my vehicle up from a house and that he would be able to leave his car in my driveway...that he had no idea he was going to a place of business!

I'm posting this update because I want people to be informed before purchasing a vehicle from this dealership. Also, I have no complaints about my car... i love my FIAT but I cannot stand this dealership.

Mark N. | 2013-10-09

Kearny Mesa FIAT delivered my 500e at the end of August - and I am delighted with the car.  The electric-powered Fiat is a rare bird indeed, and Kearny Mesa was able to get me one - and they were also willing and able to honor the FIAT USA promotional lease price!  Many dealerships in California have reportedly been looking for reasons to bump up the monthly payments on these sought-after cars, but KM Fiat is not that kind of dealership!

I enjoyed working with my sales rep, Jan D., who kept me very well informed over the summer while I was on the waiting list.  She has great energy and always answered my pestering e-mails quickly and candidly.  I appreciate that open communication very much.  And it was fun working with Sean, her manager, who has a great sense of humor and passion for cars.  And finally, I need to thank Curt, the "finance guy" who was down-to-earth, real and easy to work with.

I knocked off 1 star - and I'm being tough here - but my car was somewhat dirty when it was delivered.  I know you guys can do better, and I'll restore the 5th star in 2016 when I pick up my next, clean 500e from your studio.  I never want to drive another car!  And I want to lease my next one from Jan.  By the way, Jan has made good on this already since she has promised to have my e detailed just as soon as I have time to drop it off for a few hours.

I've been showing off my e around town, and I've given at least 2 dozen test drives.  People, if you want to drive one of the best e cars available, the poor man's Tesla, then hurry down to Convoy Street and see Jan!  She might have one left!

Michael M. | 2013-09-29

I met Sean Russell at SD Earth Fair in Balboa Park in April.  I've wanted a pure electric car since I was a child, and there Sean was with the Fiat 500e I'd heard so much about.  The cars were a long way from being available for purchase but I joined his interest list and started corresponding weekly until just when I thought it would never happen, I got an email late September saying they were unloading a truckload of 500e's.  I said I'd be down in a few hours.

Sean not only had 500e's, but he had the exact color and package I was looking for, and was honoring Fiat's national lease deal.  It was a no brainer.  The process was painless, and I picked up my 500e the next morning.

Sean is not only a car guy and fully knowledgable about cars, but he knew the 500e electric inside and out.  This was extremely important because electric cars are the future and Sean's on the cutting edge.  He's knows about all of the rebates both state and national, and is active in forums and social media.  This is your guy!

The dealership is clean and fresh, the bathrooms are immaculate, and they pump some pretty awesome ambient music through the showroom.

Heather B. | 2013-09-27

I just bought my very first brand new car and Kearny Mesa Fiat made the experience as enjoyable and stress free as ever. I am OBSESSED with my new Fiat 500c!! I got the pearl white with the red cabrio top and interior...the JLO model... LOVE IT!!  I stopped by the dealership on a whim with my boyfriend on a Monday afternoon and Joseph greeted us and gave us our own private little Fiat show. We test drove three different models and it was like cruisin around with one of our friends. He was very nice and pressure free which is something so hard to find in the car business. Every dealership I went to before Fiat I left annoyed because of how the sales guy would try to steer me towards something I wasn't interested in after hearing what I was looking for and they didnt have it. After 3 hours at the dealership with Joseph on Monday going over pricing options and going on joy rides we went home to think it over for the night. When I woke up the next day all I could think about was buying my car. Joseph had the day off and even though they dont work off commission he still came by to close the deal for me. I thought that was so nice of him to do because we all know how much we enjoy our time off, My credit wasnt the best and they did everything they could to get me to get the 0% Interest. I am extremely happy with the customer service at Kearny Mesa Fiat and Joseph is awesome!!

kati h. | 2013-09-24

I spotted a vehicle on the website that I was searching for and finally found. I immediately called to verify it was in stock. Jonathan took the call, let me know it was in stock and ready for a test drive so we headed over immediately.

Jonathan quickly greeted us inside. Note-I love the fact that there aren't tons of sales people out front pressuring people. All staff works on salary not commissions. No pressure, no anxiety. He took us for a test drive. We took our time and got a good feel for the car. After getting back to the office we let him know we would take it but needed to run to the bank (we were paying in full outright.)

When we returned he was assisting another person so he handed us off to Sean to close up the deal. Both were easy to work with. We were out with the vehicle within an hour or so (after they deep cleaned it, sped through the paperwork, and topped off the gas tank.) We were thrilled! They handled everything in a matter of hours.

Thank you guys so much for helping us out in a quick, stress free manner!!!

Danny M. | 2013-09-22

I had a great experience at Kearny Mesa Fiat. No pressure at all. The sales staff was very good. Let us test drive a number if cars and got us a great deal. The sales rep Jan was very professional and made the process pain free. Good selection great price. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a car!

John W. | 2013-09-17

I love my 2012 Fiat 500 and everyone at the studio. From the front desk to the service department, the folks are happy, friendly, and professional.


Gabrielle F. | 2013-08-25

Drove away with my new Fiat this weekend and couldn't be happier.

I first went to Kearny Mesa Fiat around the end of June but they didn't have the color combo that I wanted, so I checked out the other dealerships in San Diego.  Even though they had the car that I wanted at the other dealerships the second I walked onto the lots I knew that I would not be buying it from them and wanted to leave as soon as possible.  Not one but two sales guys swarmed me as soon as was in sight and wouldn't leave me alone the entire time I was there.  I told them that I was just looking but no matter what I said they wouldn't leave or give me any space at all.  They were so pushy and rude and kept asking what it would take to get me to buy the car today even though I kept saying I was just looking.  Finally I said the only way I'd be driving away in the car today was if they would give it to me for free and then they finally backed off and I ran out of there as fast as I could.

Since my first trip to Kearny Mesa I had gone back 3 or 4 times and every time they were so nice and patient and NOT PUSHY at all.  Joseph drove me over to their overflow lot 3 separate times since they're constantly getting in new shipments and the last time we went the one I wanted was sitting there ready to go.  It was late on a Friday evening and he even stayed after hours to finalize all the paperwork.  It was too late that night for it to get washed and cleaned so they had it ready for me the next morning.  I am so happy to have waited and deal with Kearny Mesa Fiat rather than the other guys.  Totally worth it!

Q T. | 2013-08-11

Went here to buy my Fiat 500c

Dealt with a guy - can't recall his name but he claimed to be the guy to see for Gucci Fiat even dubbing himself the "Gooch" for having sold so many.

My friend gets the loan all geared up and situated before we go in the second time. The first visit "the Gooch" was so cool and friendly saying he was down to get me in a Fiat whatever it took. We come back ready to do paperwork and suddenly he is all business and refuses to make any kind of deal like he promised before. We ask abut the maintenance plans and warranties and they want to charge like 4K and refused to give any kind of break. Fed up we leave.

And go to Bob Baker Fiat.
Great experience there and their SAME WARRANTY/MAINTENANCE PLAN was 2K less. Go with Bob nor Kearny.

Maggie C. | 2013-08-07

My experience with this place so far has been great. I bought my car here, I loved that the staff wasn't too pushy and gave us time and space to look at all the cars and make a decision on our own without the constant blabbing.

There were some things on the car that needed to get fixed (used car), nothing too major or serious. So since I made an appointment for that, I figured I might as well get an oil change too. The two guys who were helping me out were REALLY nice and attentive, they give you a rental care in case you decide you don't want to wait, they offer you water (or anything to drink) and since I decided not to get a rental car but wait instead, they told me to let them know if I wanted to get something from Starbucks later (because the wait would be about 2 hours)

Overall I'm very impressed by this place and will be coming here to get oil changes from now on.

Sarah J. | 2013-07-31

I don't know how it gets better than Kearny Mesa Fiat. My very first adult car-buying experience, and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

About 3-4 weeks before I actually made my way into KMF, I called to ask a couple of questions. Joseph answered the call and graciously answered every single one of my detailed questions with a level of sincere care that is hard to come by in the sales industry. The next week, I called back with another slew of questions, and again, Joseph answered them all. He gave me his e-mail address so I could just e-mail any further questions I had.

And e-mail him I did.

When I finally had all my questions answered and made my way into the store, I worked with Joseph to test drive, select, and purchase a Pop. My whole process was hassle free and I actually enjoyed it.

I've owned my FIAT for 4 months now, and anytime I go back to the store for anything, I am greeted with smiles, espresso, and the best of service. I really don't know how you can beat KMF.

The store is maintained to a pristine cleanliness, and the entire staff is a joy to work with. As a plus, they are dog friendly :) Whenever I come in the shop with my pup, they bring out a bowl of water and treats for her.

You can really tell the people working at Kearny Mesa Fiat love what they do and enjoy helping their customers make the best decision for themselves.

Madison J. | 2013-07-26

Absolutely in love with my Fiat!
I recently bought a 500c about a week ago and I cannot get over how wonderful my experience with Kearny Mesa Fiat was.

Sean Russell was a tremendous help. Extremely knowledgeable with the product and was able to answer every question thoroughly and then some. I'd been car shopping for months and had plenty of questions to ask. Sean didn't have to sell me a car I was more than happy to do the buying!

The hardest part was actually picking out which car I wanted, they had so much inventory to choose from! Fortunately Sean was extremely patient and helpful while I checked out every option that caught my eye. I ended up choosing the Pearl white 500c with the red top and interior. A definite eye catcher! It's so fun to drive, the gas mileage is so great and it's quite spacious for how small it appears.

For a first time car buyer I was very nervous from the horror stories I've heard about buying cars. I couldn't imagine a better experience, if I could do it again I'd stick with Kearny Mesa Fiat without a doubt. It was quick and painless and quite a delight.

Make sure to see Sean Russell and fall in love with your Fiat like I have with mine.

Francis C. | 2013-07-26

I just visited this FIAT "studio" and what a fun experience! They put no pressure on the potential buyer what so ever. I had the pleasure of interacting with Joseph and he was as friendly and unobtrusive as could be. He let me take all the time I wanted, checking out the different models, and let me test drive any and all the FIATs I desired. I DEFINITELY recommend a visit, even if you are just a little curious about FIAT. Wonderful place and experience. THANKS JOSEPH!

Dianna N. | 2013-07-25

Just purchased the incredible 500e from Kearny Mesa Fiat.  Because this is a car in high demand there is a "wait process".  KM Fiat was incredibly organized in this process and handled the transaction so professionally.  A definite team approach in their transactions without any typical car purchase haggling or high pressure sales.  The best car buying experience we have had thus far.  A shot out to Enia, Gio, George, Giuseppe and the rest of the staff for making this such a positive experience!

Carolina M. | 2013-07-02

I bought a Fiat last year and I absolutely LOVE the literally makes me giddy every day when I get in it :)  So 5 stars for the car.

The purchasing process was also quite painless and Enia was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She was helpful and enthusiastic, but not pushy.  5 stars for Enia :)

Service however, is a whole other story.  Since I've had the car, I've had to deal with service a few times and have been quite disappointed.
For starters, they're not open on weekends.  Seriously?  Most people work Mon - Fri.  When are we supposed to get our cards serviced?  For me it means taking a half day off and paying someone else to do my job.  Extremely inconvenient and very expensive!!!
I also had an issue with the AC a while back and called the service department because I had a feeling that I had pushed some kind of button and turned it off somehow.  It just didn't make sense to me that a brand new car would have this kind of problem so soon.  I told them this and specifically asked if there was some kind of button somewhere that I may have accidentally turned off.  They told me no and that I had to bring the car in.  So 2 weeks later I was able to get someone to cover for me, took a half day off of work, paid the other person that covered for me and found out when I picked up the car that it was a button all along.  So no AC during 2 hot weeks and $144 to get someone to cover for me.  VERY inconvenient.  
1 star for the service department.

Before purchasing a FIAT from this location, you may want to consider the fact that you will have to take time off work to take your car in.  
But the car is awesome and so is Enia :)

Mary M. | 2013-06-18

I bought my Fiat at Kearny Mesa Fiat in Feb. 2012.  I had a great experience and I cannot say that about any other car I have ever bought.  Sean was helpful and informative.  I never felt pressured.  Everyone I encountered there was, like Sean, helpful, patient, and respectful.  Over a year later, I still have good service from the folks at Kearny Mesa Fiat, including the people who service my car.  I would recommend the car and the dealership to anyone.


Jody S. | 2013-06-08

Stopped into the studio about 6 weeks ago and Guseppee (sp) answered all of my questions. Stopped in today with my daughter and drove home a brand new Lovely Fiat. The easiest buying experience I've ever had. So nice to deal with a dealer that knows their product and loves their product. Linda, our sales person knew exactly where and what features where on every single vehicle on the lot. Cutting down on looking at cars we knew we weren't interested in. She didn't make an effort to upsell us and was able to show us exactly what we wanted. The car was chosen (by us not them) in about 20 minutes, the paperwork was done and financing arranged in less then 1 hr, on a Saturday, after 4 pm. After a very in depth orientation for my daughter who had never purchased a new car before, we were on the road with the exact car we wanted and a payment that was 17 dollars over what we had anticipated. 17 dollars! Who has ever heard of someone actually getting the payment they wanted, and the car they wanted! As a joke I asked them to throw me in a free FIAT coffee cup from their FIAT swag shop. Well, they gave me one, no problem. Now, as for the car. My wife and I ended up renting a FIAT 500 pop from our local Enterprise and we drove it hard, including a trip from San Diego, to Kansas, and back in 3 days. We rolled across the Rocky Mountains, the desert, and the great plains. The car literally rolled non stop (other than to buy fuel)  for 27 hrs, it rested about 11 hours and then rolled non-stop for another 24 hrs. 3,543 miles non stop. And it ran like a Swiss watch. After that I knew I wanted one and now I have one.

I simply couldn't be happier. I suspect I could have gotten it a few hundred dollars cheaper from someone else, but honestly when your spending 18k and you can walk away feeling good or 17,800 feeling like you might have been rushed, or someone might have missed something, or like your really not sure what happened for me it is a no brainer, you get what you pay for. If your looking for the WalMart of cars this isn't it. If your looking for the Macys of Fiats, this is it.

(I only wish YELP would let me post a picture of our new car :) )

Erin K. | 2013-06-02

My husband and I had an awesome experience at Kearny Mesa Fiat. We had spent the day haggling with used car salesmen at other dealers and after reading the reviews decided to check out kearny mesa fiat. We were looking for a small car and had planned on buying a civic or corolla. Turns out my 6'4" husband fits better in a fiat than a civic! These cars are so awesome! When we got to km fiat we were greeted by Amy who was sooo bubbly and sweet and let us know that they do not work on commission (such a relief!) after a test drive we fell in love with fiat.  We thought it would be out of our price range but after some immediate rebates including student discount we were able to get our monthly payment exactly where we wanted.  They even gifted us service on the car! (Thank you!!) we are heading back in today to have our car cleaned and we can't wait to drive over in our fun little fiat and have an espresso while we wait. Go get yourself a fiat from Amy!! :) (and enjoy your espresso!)

Richard F. | 2013-05-29

Just left here and had a wonderful experience. We literally drove in there not knowing it was 30 minutes after closing, and honestly we would not have known if my girlfriend hadn't brought it up since we felt like we were using a lot of their time even though we couldn't buy the car today.

It's very easy to tell that both the manager and the customer service representative are very proud of what they do there, and that lends itself to a great experience for the customer. Both the manager and the customer service representative were extremely friendly and polite. They answered all our questions fully knowing we weren't going to buy a car that day, and since they didn't have the particular car we wanted in stock, ordered it for us without any obligation for us to buy it.

All of that and they were already closed! If anyone is looking for a Fiat, I can easily recommend coming here. I'm sure that my girlfriend is going to get the car from here after it comes even though she's moving to San Jose because of the great service. I'm also confident I'll be buying from here when I can afford to get a new car as well!

Zach C. | 2013-05-26

Just had an awesome experience at Kearney Mesa Fiat...  Linda & Joseph were very personable and up front with everything...  They were able to get us in on the percentage rate we wanted and even offered us almost $200 over what we owed on our trade-in.  

Great service!

Mike S. | 2013-05-25

Having bought many cars before, this was easy! Joseph was very helpfull and no pressure.  Very quick in and out with everthing in order. Great help in the set up of the bluetooth, vehicle setting and overview of the working of the car. Looking forward to getting another one someday!

C C. | 2013-05-06

I loved my car-buying experience.  The staff is courteous and accommodating and are there to help you get into the car of your dreams.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and unlike any other car-buying experience. Thank you Amy!

Daniella C. | 2013-04-25

I recently leased a beautiful red Fiat Abarth and even though I live much closer to three other dealerships I opted to take a train from Irvine to do business with the nice (authentic) people at the Kearny Mesa studio.

I never felt that anyone was trying to talk me into a more expensive package. Of particular help were Amy Mok, Linda Bryson and Curt.

I was even picked up from the train station.

I highly recommend this Studio above other Southern California Dealerships.


Grey R. | 2013-04-14

Go see Linda!

I left the house to go look at some cars, but knew I wasn't buying anything that day.  I had planned on checking out Nissans and Hondas, but after the salesman at the Nissan lot had the personality of a doorknob we headed over to Carmax to expand the search and get an idea of what to focus on more.  The guys at Carmax were borderline insulting, so I knew I wouldn't buy from there but they give free appraisals of your vehicle which I thought could be useful later in the buying cycle.  While my appraisal was being done, we browsed the lot and stumbled upon a green 2012 Fiat and decided to take it for a spin.  The car was great!  The green one wasn't for me, but I was definitely interested in learning more about Fiats at that point.  While we were on the test drive, we drove past Kearny Fiat and decided to go check out how a new car would rate, cost-wise, against one that was a year old.  

We pulled into the lot at Kearny Fiat and were greeted by Linda who was very informative but not at all pushy.  We got the info we needed to think over what we wanted to do from there.  After leaving, Linda called me promptly to give me some payment options and interest rates.  We had a few phone calls back and forth regarding the APR and by the end of the night I was driving off the lot in my new black 2013 Fiat Sport.  Remember, I was not buying a car that day.

Had it not been for the wide selection, GREAT price, effort of the finance department to make the cost work, and of course for LINDA, we would not have bought that day.  The buying experience was easy, pleasant, and fast.  Everything went smoothly, no harassment, and no headaches.  I will definitely be recommending Kearny Fiat and obviously LINDA to anyone who is interested in buying a Fiat.

Peg H. | 2013-04-07

We continue to love our experience with Kearny Mesa Fiat!  Sean is awesome!  Not only do I love, love, love my car, but I love the customer service here.  We didn't feel attacked when we walked up on to the lot, we were given facts, numbers and a test drive and then they just left us to choose if we wanted the car or not.  

Best experience ever!

Christine M. | 2013-03-24

The sales rep, particularly a manager...his name is Frank Ghosn - very rude and inappropriate. Prideful I would say, he told my husband after given an offer on a car "THANK YOU FOR YOUR OFFER....BUT I THOUGHT THAT JESSIE JAMES HAS DIED..."  Do not buy from this dealer!!! they are not customer oriented.  Try the Carlsbad Fiat or the Orange Coast Fiat

Lara M. | 2013-02-08

My car buying journey started about 8 months ago, and that was the first time I went to Kearny Mesa Fiat. They were so nice to us as we were looking around (I was not ready to buy just then, and they respected that). I think Shaun spent about an hour just answering questions, letting us sit in the cars to get the feel of the seats and the interior, a very low-key, no-pressure experience.

So, when I was finally ready to buy a car recently, I went back, and was so pleased to find that it was still a comfortable, friendly place to shop. If you are a hardcore wheeler-dealer, and like that game, this is probably not the place for you, but it was the place for me, for sure! Gio spent a lot of time with me, answered my many emails, and let me drive as many cars as I wanted (I think I drove at least 4). She is such an easy person to work with :)

They have a huge inventory, so the choices available on the spot were amazing, like picking from the really big box of crayons. When I finally made up my mind (and it took a long time, but I never felt like I had to rush) they knew right where to find it. But until then, there was no pressure on me to decide, and never any pushing of extras. I wanted the base of the model I chose (with the spare tire, you know, safety and all), and that's what I got, no questions or "suggestions" about add-ons.

Thank you Gio, Shaun, Curt, Giuseppe and all the lovely people at Kearny Mesa Fiat for making it such a pleasant experience!

And I love my car :)

Gustavo B. | 2013-01-15

I have to say, I am very, very happy with my Abarth and didn't have a problem at all with the buying process.   I could have negotiated a little bit tougher, but they had exactly the car that I wanted and it is an awesome little sports car.  

The problems I have had have been since I bought my car.  First, they had a recall to do that was simply to flash the computer, so I went in on a weekday morning to get it done quickly.  An hour and a half later they told me they couldn't get the computer to work.  I then tried to re-schedule to see if they could do something for me.   I work long hours and need to be in the office most of the time, so losing a couple of hours at a time is not good.  I asked them if they could provide a loaner, no go, I asked them if I could get a ride to the office, but their shuttle is limited, I asked them to come pick up my car since I couldn't afford to go back and sit and wait, no go.  Not the best of customer service if you ask me.

Finally, I had an oil change, the recall, a tire rotation and other minor details to check... So I made an appointment to go in at 8:15 a.m. and I once again asked if a loaner could be provided... I was told it would only take fifteen or twenty minutes to do everything and that I wouldn't need a loaner.  Alas, at 9:45 a.m my car was finally ready... Again two hours lost.  

I realize it's not the biggest dealership or the most expensive of cars, but how hard would it be for them to have a few loaners available for customers who can't really wait around for their routine service to be done?

Joann F. | 2012-11-14

We recently bought our new Abarth from Kearny Mesa Fiat and couldn't be happier. What a great place. Friendly and no pressure to buy like at the other dealerships  we visited. Linda is very knowledgeable about the cars and is a pleasure to talk with. There is even a little Italian guy Giuseppe who looks like Mario (without the mustache) who is so funny!  He even brought us espresso coffee!  By far, this was the best auto car buying experience we have ever had! I highly recommend them.

Peter-Nam D. | 2012-11-12

A very noteworthy car buying experience here.  I really appreciated the no pressure atmosphere of there studio.  Sean especially was a big help in helping to make arrangements to obtain a 500 with the requested options, where they had it delivered from LA to San Diego.  11 months later, I am still in love my Rame 500 sport, its lifestyle and am very thankful for the services this branch offers.

Solomon F. | 2012-11-06

I rarely take the time to write reviews for any type of business but feel compelled to give my thoughts on Kearny Mesa FIAT.
It must be noted, I love my FIAT. IMO, it has to be the most fun you can have in a car under $20,000.
The sales representatives are very friendly, courteous, and honest, and most importantly did not ruin my 1st car buying experience with undue pressure to purchase. I walked out of the studio on more than one occasion as I was having a difficult time deciding which model and color to choose. On my 3rd visit, I decided on the model and color, Espresso Sport with Black/Brown interior. While the Kearny Mesa Studio did not have my car at the lot, they went right to work to make a trade with another dealer to obtain my car.
Sean Russell was the gentleman who assisted me with my purchase. As promised (and this is definitely not part of his job description), Sean took the time out of his work day to install my Thule racks on my new FIAT at the Studio. A+++++ for holding down his end of the bargain. He also makes a fine espresso.
Financing was a breeze. Signing papers took just over an hour. I will not hesitate to refer anyone to Kearny Mesa FIAT. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

Shea C. | 2012-10-18

I had not bought a car in 6 years and never from a dealer on my own. I had been in contact with KM Fiat by email and phone a few days before, advising them that I would be coming down to look at a used Kia Soul that was on the lot. This experience was fantastic.

I decided to go two days early to look at the car and let them know after I left work in North County that I would be there 30 minutes before close.

When I arrived, Sean Russell was in the lot waiting with keys in hand. We looked at the car briefly and then it was out for a test drive. No talk about license or insurance, it was cool not being hassled. They could tell that I was serious about buying this car.

Sean answered all my questions on the Soul and did not try to persuade me to buy a Fiat which I can appreciate - not all dealers are super stoked when you look at a used brand over their own.

Anyways, I was financed and on the road in about one hour. Sean and some other staff stayed late so that we could make this purchase happen, and during the paperwork process the staff was putting the floor mats in the car and getting it ready for me. I appreciated this greatly!

Overall Sean and this dealership were wonderful to work with and I couldn't be happier with my 2010 Kia Soul nor the dealer whom I bought it through; Kerny Mesa Fiat.

Ryan T. | 2012-10-02

Car Buying Experience (5 Stars): Bought my first Fiat 500 Pop earlier this year from Linda , A++ excellent service at this dealership.. Great deals on beautiful vehicles! Just traded the Pop in for a beastly Abarth, Lisa showed the same exceptional service and I'm happy with the purchase.. Very Helpful throughout entire process!

Parts (4 1/2 Stars): Their parts department also priced matched for me with wheel locks & a locking gas cap, however I wish parts was open on the weekends as well.. And would be great if they had more of a selection of parts for customers that like to customize their cars.

Service Department Experience (4 Stars): They need to Improve their Customer Service however, even with persistent visits & calls.. They ignored a couple of my request (Warranty Related Aftermath Issues) and I had to contact Fiat's (Chrysler's) direct line to get my issue resolved/reimbursed.

*03/28/13, Update* Service Department Experience (5 Stars)
I had my first oil change done there today, I called Jeramya  @ Service a few days ahead and he made his best efforts to squeeze me in for today.. He's a great example of good customer service, the Techs also Rotated my Tires & then was all done in a little over an hour.. Hopefully they can treat me like this consistently each time, especially if I had any Major Work and/or Warranty Work done in the future.

Overall I'd give this Dealer a 4 1/2 rating which is pretty good, they show better service then any other dealership I've dealt with in the past. (Recommended)

Kimberly T. | 2012-10-02

First of all I have to say that I absolutely love my FIAT!  I traded my 5 series BMW Wagon in for the FIAT 500 and absolutely love the driving experience, the gas mileage and the chicness of it.  Second of all, working with the people there was not only a pleasure, but actually a blast!  I walked in without an appointment and was greeted by Sean (not Shawn, lol) who was anything but a "car salesman".  I know this because I actually met him in person and spent a few hours with him helping me test drive, apply for a loan, pick out my car and even helped me transfer all my belongings from my BMW to my new FIAT.  While I was there they offered me yummy espresso and even pizza he had ordered for lunch.  They stored my pod in their closet for 2 months until I came back today to have the Thule racks installed.  SEAN helped me figure out what parts I needed and installed the rack himself at no charge in 90 degree heat.  What kind of car salesman does that?  My guess would be one that cares about his clients and one that does not work on commissions.  The car sells itself and Sean was there to help me through the buying process.  I would seriously recommend not only to buy a FIAT, but to buy it from Sean at Kearny Mesa FIAT.  Thanks to everyone there for being so kind and always smiling when I arrive, even the guys in service who installed my license plates.  You guys are awesome!


Victor r. | 2012-09-06

After driving just about every car out there under 20K, we decided to go here. This 500 is the best car dollar per dollar to all others out there- After buying a stick shift and taking it home for three- fours days we called the manager and asked if we can take this car back at no cost to us and return it for an automactc, he said yes...WOW. we took it back and they gave us a new automatic that same day. Great service- great people. Every one of them were wonderful- very knowledgeable and warm to talk to too. I highy recommend this car and this lot for all your car needs.....this car is great and we love the for treating us with respect and patience as we picked out the right car.

Kim S. | 2012-09-05

I got my Fiat 500 here at the end of May, but have postponed writing a review because I wanted to live with the car for a while before commenting.

I love, love, LOVE my Fiat Pop. It is a blast to drive, gets great gas mileage, and every time I walk up to it in a parking lot it makes me smile. I have comfortably fit 5 people in it. Did I mention it's really fun to drive??

So, I'm glad I got the car! But I'm especially glad I got it here. This was the third dealership I visited that day (I'd also checked out the Honda Fit and the Nissan Versa), so I had very recently had experience of the "tough salesperson" approach. My experience with Joseph at Fiat was soooooo much more pleasant! There wasn't any "tough" in it... there wasn't even any "sales" in it. It was more like "hey, we have this cool car, wanna test drive it?", and "hey, we have this cool showroom, would you like an espresso?". He answered all my questions, and told me a lot about the car that I wouldn't have known. But there was NO pressure. When I decided I wanted to go ahead with the purchase, everyone was quick, friendly, and financing went super smoothly.

I went in about a week later to ask some questions in the "Service" part of the Studio (nothing was wrong with the car, I just had questions!), and everyone I interacted with there was also really helpful and warm and friendly.

I have nothing but good feelings about this place. I'm actually looking forward to getting my car serviced! Of course, you only need to change the oil on the Fiat every 8,000 miles, so I'm going to have to wait a while.... :)

Romi R. | 2012-08-25

The folks here at this studio =  awesomeness!!!!

Buying a car here was a great experience for me. They picked up a car I wanted for me from a studio in LA and the whole transaction all in all went smoothly. They are very knowledgeable as well. Linda was very thorough when she gave me a lil orientation to my new 500 Lounge. Thanks once again Linda!! =) You definitely get treated well when you're here so if you want to buy a new FIAT, this would be the place I recommend. Thanks guys once again!!! =)

Janelle B. | 2012-08-11

Let's start with the fact that I probably wouldn't have thought about a Fiat until luck happened one night and I won a lease for any Cinquecento. Wow!, what a cool car. A lot roomier than expected, a lot more get up and go and WAY more airbags than probably needed.( I have two kids). I must have taken at least 10 hours to decide the style, color, and model. All at the dealership at Kearny Mesa! I test drove, I brought the wife and kids, and sipped espesso and talked to EVERY sales person there. Sean, George ,Lisa, Javier and the rest of the gang made me feel completely relaxed and made sure I wasn't in a hurry. Really a top notch team of professionals. So, I finally picked out the car amd now have very little problem finding a parking spot at the beach.

vince s. | 2012-08-06

Updated!   Went to two different dealerships, Mossey and Kearny Mesa looking for an Olive green/Ivory color combination.  Mossey has a very limited selection of Fiat 500s out on the far end of a Nissan parking lot (their 'studio' is under construction).   Kearny Mesa Fiat has a very sizable selection of Fiats, just about every color combination and model you can imagine.  One great thing about Kearny Mesa is they have lots of 500 Pop models at the  base price... a lot of dealers only have a couple base models without all the extra bells and whistles that push the price too high.  The Kearny Mesa sales staff is helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable ( more-so than the Mossey people).  After patiently working with me for 3 visits and as many test drives (without any pressure), Enia helped me find the 500 pop with the right color combo and advocated throughout the financing process.  Got the car with a great financing rate and a payment within my comfort zone.   I didn't' notice it but the shift-boot was popping out on the passenger side, Enia noticed it,  pointed it out, and made sure the mechanic ordered a part for it right away... she is an honest, sincere, sales advisor/advocate unlike any other I've encountered anywhere else.  5 STARS for the SALES department.

Initially, I was unsure of the service department - but now I have complete confidence.  After driving home in my new car, I noticed it tended to pull to the left.  Since Kearny Mesa is a new shop, they didn't have an alignment rack set up yet.  I went to Mossey Nissan and they aligned it under warranty.  After my initial post on yelp, I gave the service department 2 stars... but now I've got to raise that to 5.
Here's why:  Phil, the service/parts manager, a guy with 40+ years managing large-dealer service operations, personally talked to me.  He apologized profusely that they couldn't yet do the alignment and that they really wanted my business.  During our conversation, he shared that he has never seen a new car like the Fiat 500... absolutely no major mechanical problems whatsoever, very little warranty work.  Only very minor, and easily fixed matters.  I came away feeling very confident about my car's reliability... and the service departments commitment.  
But it gets better:
Phil told me that Enia, after finding out about my alignment issue, immediately looked into the matter with the service department, advocating for my car in my absence.  And, I got a call from the general manager as well... wanting to address any concerns I had.  AND, on the Fiat 500 Owner's forum a representative from Chrysler offered to reimburse me for any alignment work if I got it done at an independent shop...

There you have it, folks.  Kearny Mesa Fiat is breaking the mold.  Once you buy a car there, they will shepherd you through any and all service, repairs, purchases, financing, etc.  They have VERY conscientious sales people... who also act as service advisors/advocates, a very experienced and involved service manager and general manager, and a growing studio/service facility.  They have every about color combination and every model you could want.  No pressure... really.  I bought the base model... but they treat me as though I bought the most expensive car on the lot.  If you are in the market for a small, fun, economical, well-build, cute, practical, sporty, great-handling, inexpensive car... you will be please with the Fiat 500 (any model).  If you want a dealer/studio that really means it when they say they will take care of your car, go to Kearny Mesa Fiat.

Jiaqiao S. | 2012-07-01

Ok, this time i went in for my 19000 mile check up.  I was glad to see that they open up right no time.  I didn't have to wait at all.   Only one thing, is that they open up at 8am vs. other places which open at 7am.  But seeing as they have just recently opened up, most of their customers would not have many miles on their Fiats yet.  

But I have a different case, in which i bought mine up in Carlsbad, nothing wrong with them at all.  But the fact remains is that the Carlsbad dealer is just too far for me to go and get my car serviced.  It is almost an hour to get to Carlsbad from my house, when this one is just a short 25 minute drive.  

Anyways, as for the service, it was great, I was the only one, and my car's service was done in about 35 minutes.  I had an oil change, tire rotation, and even a car wash and vacuuming as well.  All of this free under my warranty as well.  The guy working there, Jaime was great.  Great work, efficient and very helpful and was genuinely concerned with the car and getting me back on the road.  

And to add to the cool factor, they even have a 1970's red Abarth there.  Being restored to full specs.  Wow, talk about small and wicked.  This little car is going to be super cool when it is done.  But if you are in the market for a new small car, like the Fiat 500 go no further than here if you live in San Diego.  and say hi to Jaime too.

Pat M. | 2012-06-12

My experience with Kearny Mesa FIAT Studio ultimately ended badly.

I wanted a tiny hatchback with great mpg. When considering major purchases, my strategy is to extensively research a product, determine exactly what I want, then shop price. I quickly eliminated the Smartcar (not enough range), Mini Cooper (too expensive), Honda Fit (felt like a tin can), Scion iQ (gutless uphill). While it may be unpatriotic, I hate American cars, so a FIAT 500 seemed like a possible candidate.

My first visit was a quick recon to see FIAT up close & decide if I needed to find out more. I met Sandee, who answered most of my questions. Each time I asked how much the car would actually cost, I was told the MSRP price. I made it clear that as an experienced negotiator, I had no intention of paying MSRP. I would shop for the best deal & if they wanted my business, they should simply give me their best price. I also was not in a great rush to buy because I was also in the midst of refinancing my mortgage. This also kept me from making an impulsive immediate gratification purchase. I shared all of this with Sandee, who promised to follow up via phone, specifically about potential discounts (AAA, Costco, etc.) & out-the-door pricing. I agreed to return for a test drive in about a week. In the interim I did my homework, watching video reviews & reading commentaries posted at various websites including dealerships & owner forums.

After not hearing from Sandee, I phoned few days later. On this call Sandee insisted she knew who I was, yet persisted in demonstrating throughout the conversation that she had no clue. Attempts to refresh her memory were repelled. It was an awkward exchange, particularly because Sandee did not have the answers she had promised. I laughed it off & set the test drive appointment.

When I returned for the test drive, it was quickly apparent that I knew more about the car & its features than Sandee, who seemed more focused on telling me how buying a FIAT was a "lifestyle" choice & offering espressos than addressing my questions. Fortunately Linda (another salesperson who seemed sharp & has glowing yelp comments) overheard & filled some gaps in Sandee's FIAT education. In retrospect, I regret not switching salespeople to Linda at that point. During this visit, I narrowed down my choice to model (Sport), options (sunroof) & color (Verde Olivia). They did not have the exact model I wanted in stock so I test drove a similar Sport. The test drive went great & although I wasn't ready to sign the contract, I was prepared to negotiate price so that when my mortgage was done the deal would be expedited. I was introduced to Curt (sales manager) who explained after I showed him my excellent credit report, that because he didn't have the car I wanted, only price he could give me was the MSRP. When I explained I would shop around for the best price, he said "We are like family here at Kearny Mesa FIAT. Would you give up that kind of relationship for a few hundred dollars?" I replied "I don't know, are you willing to give up the sale?" Curt came back with "Well, if you're planning to use our service department, we give better service to Kearny Mesa FIAT customers." While troubled by this remark, I let it go for the moment. Curt then appraised my potential trade-in & I left shortly afterwards with assurances from both Curt & Sandee that they would find my car at a great price & be back in touch shortly.

After another week without a call from Sandee, I followed up. She had still not confirmed the discounts I might qualify for, would not give me a price quote & actually said "People love these cars so much, they pay the full MSRP!" She also told me "If you still owe money on your existing car loan, you can't just sell it to anyone. You have to trade it in here." I disagreed & ended the call, deciding to give her one last chance to get back to me.

After a few more days, I finally gave up. I was no longer comfortable doing business with these people. Overall I felt Sandee & Curt were evasive, misleading & less than forthcoming. As a courtesy, I called Curt to offer some constructive criticism. I basically told him everything I outlined above. He explained they were a new dealership with growing pains, then threw Sandee under the bus, saying she was inexperienced, originally hired to work in the business office & wasn't really a salesperson. Regarding his own disturbing comments about inferior service for customers who didn't buy a Kearny Mesa FIAT, Curt actually defended himself. I was stunned! I believe ALL FIAT dealerships are expected to represent the FIAT brand. I was creeped out enough that I don't ever plan to return.

On a positive note, I got an AMAZING deal on an adorable gorgeous 500 Sport a few weeks ago with Louis Alayza at Bob Baker FIAT of Carlsbad! I having a blast with my new FIAT!!! Maybe Sandee was right about that "lifestyle" thing...

Lisa C. | 2012-06-11

This is long overdue but I have been too busy driving my fabulous Fiat 500 Pop Cabriolet!!  A day doesnt go by that I don't get rave reviews from random people on my groovy, mod Italian ride.  I love this car!!! So much fun to drive and so stylin!!
Ti amo Cinque Cento!!!
Ok, now for Kearney Mesa Fiat.... there are Fiat studios and then there is the Kearny Mesa Fiat Studio.  These people are awesome!  A completely fun  car buying experience with zero pressure.  I usually hate car salesmen but these people are tutto bene!  Sean Russell was the man of the hour for us.  He went out of his way to make sure that we got exactly what we wanted and was so helpful every step of the way.  Awesome customer service!   They will even whip you up a cappucino with a side of Italian music playing in the backround to complete la dolce vida that is Kearney Mesa Fiat!  The best! Ciao!

Leita K. | 2012-05-03

OMG, OMG, OMG.  Four days into new relationship with Abarth & cannot wipe this smile off my face.  Weekend spin on backcountry roads was totally thrilling -- and I spent the last six years in a BMW Z3!  Glad I waited for the extra horsepower, fun pick-up esp in 'sport', and wonderful road feel. Happy addendum: all the broad grins Abarth elicits on the road. Andiamo!

Truly unbelievable car-buying experience. This team amazed us with their 'think outside the box ' approach, integrity, and warmth.  We were one of the first to get in line for the new Abarth, and were kept happily updated along the way. Thrilled to drive this awesome car off the lot today (it arrived earlier than expected -- wow), and especially happy to let folks know that George, Sean, Curt, and the rest of the KMF gang are The Best!

Jill R. | 2012-04-27

We just bought our first Fiat yesterday!  It was a great experience from Joseph (our sales person) to Sean and Curt (our finance guys).  They were personable, friendly and most of all no-pressure.  Joseph called the day after our first test drive and the day after our purchase to check in with us.  

I highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a fiat, and if you have not considered a fiat check it out.

Kelly C. | 2012-04-25

Great experience test driving here in January!  Truly no pressure car shopping experience.  They showed us everything we asked about and were very informative.  Ultimately, we didn't purchase a Fiat this time around but I will definitely consider them in the future.

Thanks for the friendly NO-PRESSURE experience!

Ted V. | 2012-04-06

I wish I could be writing a similar review as everyone else on here but my experience was not the same...
nice friendly staff was my first general impression my very first visit. they seem to be helpful answered questions and appeared to be honest...was told buy two different salesman that putting a downpayment on the car to hold it would be no problem..came back the next day and the story had changed..they don't except down payments...hmm okay very weird but I was interested in the car and wanted to have it inspected by a mechanic shop (a close family friend) which they had no problem letting me do. Although it was supposedly put through rigorous test and inspections before put on the lot after the inspection the car was found to have numerous leaks from the engine deferentials and the rear there was no way I would purchase this vehicle that had nothing but problems! I returned the vehicle and kindly told them I wasn't interested where I was then pressured to continue on with the purchase because what the mechanic saw was just "left over oil from its most recent fix because it was smoking recently when someone was test driving it but we fixed it" yes that what they had you know I was absolutely not going to buy the car!!! so they got upset and stated since I took the vehicle with 3/4 gas I must go fill it up and return it with 3/4 gas or more! so rediculous. I would absolutely steer clear of this place! please people don't go through all the hassle I did!

Dan M. | 2012-03-29

Wow, I love these guys!!  I've been to many dealerships in my lifetime (almost ever single one was a painful experience that had me ripping my hair out), but Kearny Mesa Fiat is hands down the best I have ever been to.  The sales staff is pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and passionate about the Fiat brand.  There is absolutely NO pressuring in purchasing a car here.  I went to the dealership at least 4 times drooling over the 500 Sports, and everytime I was treated warmly and like family.  

I finally pulled the trigger and bought a silver 500 Sport on 3/28/12 and it was such an easy process...AND THERE WAS NO HAGGLING THE PRICE :)   There was a factory rebate of $1,300 right off the bat, then I told Curt (Sales Manager) that I was a USAA member and there should extra incentive discount.  Without batting an eye, he smiled and came back in a couple minutes telling me that I received an additional $500 off no questions asked.  On top of that the car had a dealer installed matte black stripe on the side and a matte black roof...Curt gave it to me for cost!!  

While waiting for the paperwork to be completed I talked to a few of the customer representatives and I felt like I was chatting with old friends.  We talked about the Fiats and even the General Manager came by and enthusiastically wanted to show me the Yellow Sport that he drives everyday.  I could tell that him and his staff weren't trying to be fake, they truly loved the cars and their jobs.  

If you're looking for a Fiat and you want a pleasant buying experience, then Kearny Mesa Fiat is the only dealership to consider.  Look at the reviews online, they're all 5 stars and they deserve it.  

Thank you to Enia, Curt, and the whole Kearny Mesa have a lifetime customer!

Sa Diego T. | 2012-03-29

I'm a regular customer..I'm a teacher in Clairemont. I'll put the kicker first. They actually called us back the next day so that my wife could come in and re-sign our loan because they got us a better deal on our loan, 0%, after we left. That's just flat out cool. Maybe it was a better deal for them to, but I can't imagine that it was worth their time.

I have to be honest. I am a very suspicious person and I hate buying cars. The cool thing about this dealership is the people. They are really nice. No pressure and chill. The salespeople are not on commission so they are relaxed. I got a really great deal. I actually bought the one car in an ad. It did take a while to process our paper work but no longer than any other dealership.

Lets be honest you aren't going to come here to get a boring car. These little cars are fun to drive. If you want the car you should buy read your Consumer Reports , go to the Honda Dealership, get the FIT. It is slightly more expensive, more versatile and super boring. I love that the FIAT screams I'm hear to have fun ...not haul a bunch of stuff around. Gas is good to but not as good as I thought because it is very fun to drive it fast... sue me. I still pay less for my car and gas now than I did for just my gas with my old Jeep.

Tim B. | 2012-02-12

Great buying experience...the nicest staff.  No sales pressure.  They went out of their way to find a car I could rent to better evaluate a purchase.  Truly above and beyond.  Enia was our sales associate: friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  All the staff were amazing.  The best buying experience I've had in 30 years of buying new cars.  And the Fiat 500, well, Italian high fashion and design meets Japanese quality and reliability.  A blast to drive and so comfortable!  Loads of room.  I purchased a Lounge model with the automatic.  Commuting over 60 miles a day and the cute little thing is getting in the low 40's on the highway and mid 20's in town, for a combined average of around 33 MPG -- and it's not even broken in yet.  Anyway, a fantastic little car that's a great value.  Much better deal than a Mini Cooper.  Go to this studio and enjoy a fun buying experience...without spending a fortune.  :)

Tiffany G. | 2012-01-10

We went in just to check out the Fiat and see what its all about. Right from the get go Joel and the entire staff were amazing and very very accommodating! Absolutely no pressure of haggling. We are for sure going to be regulars there and look forward to purchasing a Fiat in the very near future from them...

Marc N. | 2012-01-05

My wife and I had been shopping around for a replacement to her aging car for a while and visited a number of car dealers in Southern California over the last few months.

Not all Fiat Studios are created equal and we both agreed that Kearny Mesa Fiat is about as good as it gets for a car dealership and the best Fiat Studio we've been too. The staff treated us like normal people, explained all the options and  explored different combinations of features as we changed our minds several times. They even  loved having our dog there to try out several cars.  

The closing and financing process was open, honest and as simple as I've ever seen it.

Thanks for making the car buying experience not only painless but fun, guys! We're happy customers and now proud Fiat 500 owners

Lawrence l. | 2012-01-03

pronounced: Chin - que - chen - to

This review is not only about my experience at Kearny Mesa/San Diego Fiat, it's also a huge thank you to all the guys that I met there in the process of buying a car from them. From the first gal that greeted me when I arrived for the first time at their dealership to the guys working the floor to the finance guys and the main/head guy were all super cool and friendly. Everyone was very approachable. It was by far the best experience ever buying a car. Nothing shady, no pressure, and a great atmosphere are just a few of the words that describe them and their "Studio" as they call it.

I'm not going to review the car too much here - there are tons of rave reviews already on the internet - just google it, but I gotta say the Fiat 500 is a really great car. I am a car aficionado - this car just brings a smile to my face every time i think about it or drive it. I'm looking forward to a long and awesome relationship with it - they've been out since 2007, but only recently came to America - their reliability is great and I totally recommend you check them out.

I first met a member of the Kearny Mesa Fiat team at the San Diego auto
show - the next day I went to their showroom and and met several guys, Joel showed me all the features on the cars and took me for a test drive. He was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly too. I was really riding the fence on if I should buy one or not - there was no pressure whatsoever to buy - they just told me to think about it and let them know if I had any questions. I really was expecting some pressure to buy, but there was none - and honestly it made the whole buying process sooooo much better.

So if you are in the market for a new car I strongly suggest you stop on by; even if you are not considering a smaller car like this, you should at least check it out. *good things come in little packages* conveniently located right off the 52 at convey and near the 805 and 163 it's easy to get to; you won't be disappointed.  


Chris S. | 2011-12-22

I have been putting off buying a car for the longest time, Living in LA and doing all the driving LA people drive, started looking for something fitiing, good gas mileage, looks , safety, innovative and different.
I looked at about 10 diiferent makes and models, knowing that I can afford to replace my 03 BMW with just about anything out there, but did not want to spend the money for a Highline anymore especially another BMW. I drive by myslf most of the time and when my better half need to take a long trip out of town we usually rent a car, it is always cheaper than putting the miles on ours.

I waited to go to the LA Auto Show last month, and walked around looking at all the diiferent makes and models. I finally narrowed it down to three the Prius, the mini and the surprising FIAT 500. for the money the amnities it has I decided to go with a Fiat 500 Sport Pkg. More airbags shorter stopping distance and a lot more fun and not to mention much cheaper than the other two.

Now to the fun part, Shopping for one... Since I dread the actual shopping and buying process, this time I wanted to do it in an effortless way (one of the reason I chose the  FIAT because of the way the advertise). I contacted three stores in the LA and OC Area but was not very impressed and sure if I liked what they had and how they handled my inquiries, I was having jitters and flashbacks of my previous car buying experiences the haggling and negotiating and the manager said and all that nonsense..

Since I do a lot of travelling, I rented a 500 from Enterprise rent a Car in San Diego and kept it for three days. Let me tell you I had so much fun with the car I wanted one the day i got back home.

A friend in San Diego mentioned KEARNY MESA FIAT in San Diego, a new store she visited and liked what she saw and liked the way she was treated. so I paid them a visit to check out the car with much hesitance... right away as drove in I was greeted very enthusiastically by one of the sales reps, when I immediately was corrected that she was not a sales lady, she was not a product specialist, not the typical car saleswoman; but simply a Customer Service Rep and a client representative. I was taken aback a bit but that approach but gave her the benefit of the doubt and proceeded with  extreme caution to see the fiat 500 Sport... let me state that at no time during my visit did I feel pressured or asked the traditional qualifying questions a typical Car sales person asks. Was given the tour of the "Studio" and we decided to go on a test drive, all the time hearing what  she knew about the car and how much she like it,  she was very passionate about her way in which she explained the various features on the 500, I found out about some things I had no ide existed on that car.

The studio as they call call Fiat dealerships.was just opening or had just opened a few days prior. When we got back I was expecting the hard push and the usual close techinique and the introduction to a manager for the hard close. None of that, I was introduced to Curt the sales manager, a teddy bear kind of Manager who knew so much mechanical and technical stuff he blew me away. never made his move introduced himself and went on explaining the car features to me. Never once did he ask me what would it take to buy nor did he ask for my last name. They thank me for my visit and off I left, as I got on the raod I started running my thoughts about how painless this visit was and how great these individuals were.

I got home shared my experience with my Partner in life and we decided to go back down to San Diego and get our Fiat. Well we did and the buying experience was just as pleasant as the shopping one, we were given the price which we thought was very fair, did the Financing for us painlessly. It was one on easiest deals i have ever experienced in a car dealership... I told all my friends about it.
They even showed me a pledge to management they all signed that no one will use traditional sales methods, that they all refrain from those methods of old  car sales practices. none of them had been car sales reps before expcept for Curt I guess.
Way to go Kearny Mesa Fiat Thank you for all the help. we love our Fiat.