Kearny Mesa Auto Center in San Diego, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Kearny Mesa Auto Center in San Diego, CA.

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Kearny Mesa Auto Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 560-1447
Address:5370 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA, 92111

Reviews on Kearny Mesa Auto Center

Brenda M. | 2012-07-15

Great cars but the owner was this older middle eastern guy  he was really pushy and weird he gave me the creeps the other guys were nice  especially the young guy with the glasses he was really cool and helpful . Bottom line I was comfortable with him not shrek !

Davis J. | 2012-06-12

Not very impressed with these guys.  Seems they like to do the old "bait and switch."  I had called about a car they had listed online and i set up a time to look at it.  When I showed up the car wasn't there.  According to the sales guy it was down the road at their other dealership.  He called, and surprisingly enough the car had just been sold the day before.  But he wasn't slow to mention and point to all the cars they did have available on the lot and suggest that I find something different.  I was looking for a particular car and they never even had it.  I followed up a few days later to find out that they were still posting pictures of the car that they had "already sold."  I called the sister dealership and they assured me they had it and it had not been sold.  I arrived and once again..."oh sorry, its at our other dealership, let me call them".....then "oh looks like we just sold it yesterday".  I asked if they sold it, why did they post an add that morning with the car?  They fumbled and made some bogus excuse.  Bottom line, beware and don't go here if your looking to see a particular advertised car.

Andrew F. | 2012-02-18

Thanks to Yelp I was able to find a great car dealership close to my home. I submitted a credit application on Friday afternoon through Kearny Mesa Auto Center's website. The following morning I got a call from DAVE confirming that they received my application and he asked me which car I was interested in buying. I told him I was really interested in the 2008 Nissan Sentra that I saw on their website. He told me that it was a great car and he personally test drove it himself. He suggested I come to the dealership so I could test drive it and discuss the financing. At that point I became optimistic about my chances of getting financed and purchasing a great car.

I arrived about 2 hours later and I was warmly greeted by DAVE as soon as I entered the building. All the previous reviews were correct. The staff is great and there is a genuine no hassle environment. DAVE allowed me as much time as I needed to inspect the car and afterwards we went on a test drive. When we came back to the dealership, the paperwork was basically all prepared and ready for me to sign. The Nissan Sentra was in great condition and had 46k miles. The price of the car was $11,998 and after making a down payment, I was able to get financed at 13.9 %. Since this was my very first time financing a car, I was very surprised that my interest rate wasn't closer to 20%. I was also given a 5 year/ 100k mile warranty in case I needed any repairs done to my car. In addition, DAVE found me a great auto insurance plan that was very affordable.

The whole process took a little longer than 2 hours. Afterwards, I was able to drive the car off the lot a very happy customer! I am now the new proud owner of a 2008 Nissan Sentra. If anyone is looking to purchase a used car, make sure to see DAVE at Kearny Mesa Auto Center. You won't regret it!

taylor j. | 2012-02-13

Just bought a Cadillac CTS from this group - was super impressed.  My friend from work knew I was looking for a car & told me to check out their website.  I REALLY liked the feature on their site that calculates how much your payments will be, it's great, and the photos & info they have of each car is incredible.  I saw a few Caddy's I liked online so I thought about going to check them out in person. I hate high pressure tactics but my friend assured me it's not like that here, so I caved & went to see the cars on a weekday.

Peter was the first one to help me & was very friendly, not sales-y. I told him I was just there to look & he was cool with that & answered my questions.  I saw a Buick SUV for $40k I also really liked but after listening to me Peter said the Buick was going to cost more in the long run & also did not have several of the features I wanted, so he advised that if you get a car you're only sort of happy with, you'll end up getting rid of it sooner & won't get your moneys worth.  I really appreciated that he'd listened to what I wanted & wasn't out to sell me a more expensive car than I needed.

He offered to let me drive every car I showed interest in, even though I told him I didn't want to buy that day, and when I left he was still as friendly as when I got there.  I went back to the website later that night to mess with the financial feature & decided on one of the cars that was in my budget.  I went back the next day & saw Peter & told him I wanted to get the black CTS, expecting to be there for at least 4 hours while we did paperwork.

I was out of there in 1 hour.  The car was already clean but they cleaned it up even nicer & were VERY quick with the financing options & it seriously was so painless I can't even describe.  I have never known car buying to be an actual pleasure, but I can honestly say this was a pleasure from start to finish.  These guys know their cars & are a rarity.  Now I am the one recommending them to others!

Ale H. | 2011-12-12

A family member just bought a car from this dealership and we were very impressed with the quality of customer service we received from Kearny Mesa Auto Center. The salesmen are very knowledgeable about their inventory and the management is great and professional.

I spent about two hours here browsing their inventory. You can find anything from gorgeous BMW's to affordable trucks and SUV's to Hybrid Priuses. I can't wait until I am ready to get my car because I will go where else but here!

Their prices really are very reasonable and they are great about matching the prices of other pre-owned dealers out there such as Carmax.

Karen H. | 2011-10-09

My husband Tim and I found the truck we were looking for on Auto Trader online at this lot.  My husband called and spoke with our salesman Mario before we got there.  Mario is a very pleasant salesman to work with.  We would highly recommend asking for him when you come in, although I'm sure that there are other good ones there, we can only speak for Mario.  No high pressure or hijinks found at some used car dealerships.    

We took a look at the vehicle and decided to make an offer.  We did our research and decided on the fair number to offer.  To make a long story short, we ended up getting the vehicle for what we wanted to pay, which is always good!  

Everyone that we worked with, from the finance person to the warranty expert were very friendly and we were able to get through the sometimes painful experience of buying a vehicle quite quickly and painlessly.

Beto F. | 2011-09-11

I've been in the market for a new vehicle for quite some time now but was hesitant to purchase as I am a first time buyer. The staff was absolutely AMAZING. I couldn't believe how stress free and painless they made everything, I was in awe. They treated me like family!

My insurance company wanted to inspect the vehicle before insuring it and as I could not drive it to Wawanesa myself, they had the lot boy drive me all the way to Mission Valley and wait with me in the insurance office while everything was handled.

Never once did I feel pressured into anything. Very professional and knowledgeable establishment. Art Molina went over all the details of the carfax with me and made sure I understood everything well. He noticed a few blemishes on the rear bumper after I had already purchased the vehicle and had the car detailed immediately.

Where other car dealerships wouldn't even look at me twice, Kearny Mesa Auto Center treated me like royalty. I couldn't be any happier with my car buying experience.

Now here I am, happy as a clam and proud owner of a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt. Oh, and did I mention they sold it to me for thousands under KBB?!

I would recommend Kearny Mesa Auto Center to anyone. Exactly what buying a car should be like. A+

Chris V. | 2011-03-22

Bought my first car here at Kearny Mesa auto center. I love it so much,I worked with a salesman named  jamon . He was a very nice guy that was very professional. I love my car it's newer with low miles I think I'll keep it until I graduate from college. I've read reviews on the managers and when I went into the dealership I had my guard up but the managers treated me very well! In fact  we all got together to take a picture. I love this dealership and would refer any body looking for a vehicle.

Andrea V. | 2011-03-20

My husband and I purchased an 09 Prius here, right in time for the raise in gas prices!
Everything about our experience was a dream! It was the perfect car, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and they really helped us out with our financing, which made the switch to our first hybrid a breeze!
The lot was full of beautiful cars, all sparkling clean, and the building was comfortable, clean, and updated.
They really take pride in their business, which helps the entire experience in car buying not all that bad :)
A++ Kearny Mesa Auto Center!

Kimberly G. | 2011-03-10

Wow, I cannot believe anyone would rate these people decently. I needed an SUV to get me and my oversized dog whereever we needed to go. I found a Jeep Liberty here and, while not impressed with the salesmen, decided to just get it because I needed it. There was no gas in the vehicle and I asked them if they planned on filling it before I bought. There response, "No. We'll only put gas in it if the light is on. And only $10." Really? I'm giving you $15,000 and you can't put $40 worth of gas in? Ok, w/e I still bought it. I realized there was no manual in the car, but I was promised one. Of course that never came. All these things, not the end of the world, right? It gets much worse. When I was about to leave with my new car, I started to take the protective floor mats off. Salesman suggested I didn't until I got real mats. I thought this was smart so I didn't. When I finally did remove the temporary ones, there were HUGE RED stains everywhere. On the way home, I realized that sound was only coming from one side so I fixed the balance. All the speakers on the left side were blown. Obviously they knew that and fixed it so you wouldn't notice right away. Now for the worst. The check engine light came on within days. When at a light, the car would lunge forward while my foot was on the brake. They refused to do anything. All they did was turn the check engine light off. Then I thought, well I bought a warranty they said would fix anything. Nope, they lied about that too. Warranty was USELESS. Also had exhaust issues that they wouldn't fix. POS car. Don't buy from them unless you hate yourself.

Charli T. | 2011-03-09

These guys at Kearny Mesa Auto Center ROCK! We just got a 08 escape for way under value, and they made sure we were financed! Super supportive with the military and will do anything to get you a loan, even with horrible credit!

Timothy T. | 2011-03-09

This place is awesome!  They did everything in their power (and succeeded!) to get us in our new to us Escape. So happy with them.

Mike R. | 2011-02-06

I got my caddillac CTS here!  Finaly found the car I wanted and the price wasnt that bad!  They also paid off my car loan so i wasnt upsidedown. Also No money down!  Talk to Sales guy Mario, His a real good guy and wont pressure you into anything very easy to talk too! the only thing i didnt like was the inside of my car was black it was tan... but i can live with that! Wait was a little long .. But im sure its like that in all dealerships!

Ernie P. | 2010-12-01

Jamal is nice and will not pressure you but his boss is really arrogant. I think it was the finance manager that we unfortunately had to dealt with he was so pushy to sell you his car. The price was not so bad but the finance manager costumer service was terrible. Beware if you have to get a vehicle from this place.

hudson a. | 2010-11-21

i was looking for bmw for my doughter for weeks ,finally stoped by kearny mesa auto center , i could not believe there prices and quality of there bmw , also there selection was better then bmw dealer,it took us just 45
minutes to finish the purchase process and i saved over $4000,also they
were very friendly and professional, i would go back to buy my second car next  year for sure.

Geoff K. | 2010-01-29

I found the car I wanted on their website and called in the morning to make sure it was still there.  The sales guy I spoke to on the phone with assured me it was there, he was "looking right at it", and commented how nice of a car it was.  I took half the day off of work to check it out only to find out it was "not currently at the lot and it was being checked out by a mechanic", but it would be back in 10 minutes.  Of course, the sales guy told me to look around the lot and tried to get me to buy a different car.  The car never did show up like he said.  Basically, they baited me with a phony car and wasted my time.  AVOID AT ALL COSTS.  DISHONEST BUSINESS!

Jay D. | 2008-04-15

I had found my car online shopping.  The internet price was awesome and about $5k less than at the lot since it's an "internet price."  How could I say no given I love my car and they have a great selection of cars, the process seemed rather easy since I was "preapproved" from my bank and the sales guy was awesome and honored the internet price.    Was that a run-on sentence? I digress...

The salesguy was cool and I'm sure he could've finished my deal far more smoothly, but the manager/owner was the money guy, and that's where it all went awry.

Whether it's cultural or personality, he was frankly quite abrasive and domineering.  I am a very tolerant and patient person.  I can work with you, but eventually, he did listen, but it took some time to get there.  I think this was the most difficult car purchase I had ever had.    

I don't think any car dealership regardless of brand warrants 5 stars, unless they can convince me to frak the shite out of that my car's lusty rusty tailpipe.  But remember it's not the car necessarily (unless it's a lemon), but the experience of getting the keys into your hot little hands.