Kearny Mesa Acura in San Diego, CA

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Kearny Mesa Acura is the leading Acura dealer in San DIego, CA. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Call our friendly staff today to learn about our latest Acura specials, demo a car, get details on any vehicle, request a brochure, discuss your trade-in or even talk financing on your next car. We are here to help you.

Still deciding on which Acura you'd like to be driving? Are you comparing lease programs or internet specials? Maybe you simply want the best price on a new or used car? For all of this and more, look no further than Kearny Mesa Acura. Our team is professional, offers you a no-pressure environment and operates with the quality you expect from a Penske Automotive dealership. We look forward to helping you with your next new or used car.


Established in 1989.

Kearny Mesa Acura is one of the premier dealerships in the country. Our commitment to customer service is second to none. We offer one of the most comprehensive parts and service department in the automotive industry.
Our primary concern is the satisfaction of our customers. Our online dealership was created to enhance the buying experience for each and every one of our internet customers.

Kearny Mesa Acura

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 430-5600
Address:5202 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Kearny Mesa Acura

Jennifer L. | 2015-04-22

I just recently bought a pre owned Audi A4 and Scott Barker was my sales man.  He was fantastic to work with!  This is the first car I have ever purchased on my own and he made the experience great.  There was no pressure or up selling, he gave me exactly what I wanted.  I would highly recommend going in to see Scott at Kearny Mesa Acura and I will definitely be back.  Thanks Scott!

Michael G. | 2015-04-08

I was a bit concerned because I bought the car from a dealer in LA.  And I was about two hours late for my appointment.  Neither issue was a problem.  

Juan took good care of my car and had it completed by the time he said it would be.  They treated me like I bought the car from them! No push to add things that weren't required in order to keep the warranty in effect.  Just good old honest service
The car was washed, hand dried and the floor and the mats were even vacuumed!  

They have my return business!

Jeromy H. | 2015-03-27

Well, I came in again and Ted S was amazing as always. We got me out of my 2015 TLX, it was a little small for me 6'4" and into a 2016 MDX. We had been in contact for about 2 weeks working numbers. I have always been well taken care of and recommend Kearny Mesa Acura to anyone.

Robert H. | 2015-03-19

Thank you Kelci Wilner for helping us get into our new 2015 TLX. At Kearney Mesa Acura as soon as we walked in Kelci greeted us with a smile. She answered all are question and was very knowledgable with all the products. We will definitely come back to purchase another Acura here!! Thank you!

Jared W. | 2015-03-14

Me and my wife just recently bought a 2008 mercedes from this dealership and they were very friendly and helpful, our salesman was scott barker and he was very understanding and eager to put my wife in the car she has wanted for awhile. I would recommend this dealership to anyone they are honestly in it for your better interest and are not snakes like some other dealerships.

MzChar L. | 2015-03-07

Direct, to the point with great customer service!  Thank you Ted S. for a great first time car buying experience. Can't wait to show off my new TLX :-)

Al A. | 2015-02-28

Parts Dept. - tried ordering something. Good luck getting a call back about the part.

Sales Dept. - gave the place a try today. We did get greeted immediately by a salesman who is pretty new. Test drove the car which is pre-owned and liked it. Unfortunately we found some deep gashes on the car. Like the front bumper hit a curb or something. He said they can buff it out, I told him no since its through the paint and it will need a new coat.

New salesman gave me the sticker price, no discount since they will fix the paint issue. He seems to be confident that it can get fixed, I know from experience that matching pearl white paint is tough. Something painted new won't match something that's baking in the sun in the dealership lot. I asked him if they can at least price it comparable to a dealership nearby (Miramar Audi). Senior salesman comes in, thanked us in absolute sarcasm, and showed us the door.

There's a million ways to say no and not be rude, this guy picked the worst one.

If you have money to blow and just agree to what the salesmen tell you then go to this place. You'll probably be happy. Go to some place else if you expect courtesy. Drive an hour north to an Acura dealership in Mission Viejo for better prices.

Kris R. | 2015-02-26

The B1 Service light came on yesterday, I am in the middle of moving.  Called their service department and they gave me an appointment the following day.  My service rep is Mitch, friendly, helpful and personable.  I couldn't ask for a better experience.  I am an Acura fan after a terrifying auto accident, and I only have my vehicle serviced at Acura dealers. The entire appointment was an hour and the car was done with a nice car wash. Their service area has a Starbucks machine, fruit and pastries, and a business center. Awesome.

pamela a. | 2015-02-23

I had a seamless and quick experience during my very first leasing transaction. I have been contemplating for weeks about leasing a new car. I only had the intention of getting information about leasing options when I walked in to the dealership. All changed when Scott Barker started to assist me.

It has been my experience that sales associates tend to get more aggressive with me since I have a quiet demeanor and it does not help that I look younger than my age. But this was not the case with him from the start. He listened to what I was looking for and gave me information that I needed.

Although he offered me the option for the bells and whistles, he understood that all those did not matter because all I wanted was my "red car". He was very courteous, respectful, and professional. I came in and I knew what I was looking for and at the end of the process I got what I wanted without feeling like I was coerced in to adding unnecessary extras. I felt really good about my purchase and I know for a fact it was because of Scott. I highly recommend him!

Thank you very much for your assistance, Scott!

Ace W. | 2015-02-18

We recently bought a new Acura ILX 2015. Scott Barker was our sale consultant. He's very straight forward and patient with us since we have no experience about Acura cars. He asked us about what we looking for and we told him that we want an economy car just like ILX. Mr. barker show us Acura ILX that we are interested. Not only that, Mr. Barker is very helpful after sale service. He also help us get a good deal that we are satisfied. We definitely recommend Mr. Scott Barker at Kearny Mesa Acura.

Leslie B. | 2015-02-16

This is a review for the service department.  Not only are they ridiculously overpriced, but have shown themselves incapable of detecting even the simplest problem.

Recently I purchased a 2006 Acura and my husband took it in to have a new key and fob made, as well as to have a complete checkup.  The key and fob cost $187.68 plus a $130 service fee, thus totaling approximately $300.  These were then placed in a plastic bag, without even giving us a key chain.  

Anyway, there was a slight delay when starting the car that my husband asked about.  The Acura dealer told my husband very clearly that it was not the battery, because they checked it.  Well, about a week later the delay was getting longer and I took it to my mechanic.  He showed us within 30 seconds that the battery was out of juice.

I am very concerned that if they couldn't even detect a dead batter, that they likely didn't find other problems as well.

With the amount the Acura dealer charges for a check up, they should be complete and thorough.  In the future, I will save my money.

Rona B. | 2015-02-13

Our search started at the Temecula Acura where George tried to have it his way and not my way. He was more concerned with how much money we made and what rank  my husband was then he was about answering our questions. It seems like he was screening us to see if we were worth his time and how much money he could get out of us. So, we searched for another dealer via the Internet. After receiving an out the door price from Anthony at Kerny Mesa Acura, we went to the dealership where we were happy to see Tim. He actually sold us our last car! He was very laid back, he did not pressure us, nor did he force the deal. He took the time to answer all of our questions and took us for a test drive. I even had him sit in the backseat to make sure my kids could fit and he was happy to oblige. The deal was closed, the papers were signed, and I own a brand new Acura TSX! Thank you Tim!

Theresa R. | 2015-02-10

After many unsuccessful trips to various dealerships in my area of Pasadena, I was pretty discouraged on my car leasing journey. I asked my husband to check the Acura dealership in San Diego to get a feel for the staff and quality of service. When he stopped by he requested Anthony Phoenix (recommended by Yelp reviews) and Anthony was immediately available and attentive to what we were looking for. He was able to give the best pricing with mention of incentives that were unique to this dealership as well as providing a straight and to the point approach. This was a breath of fresh air at the tail end of many pushy sales staff at other places. Needless to say, I made the 130 mile trek to lease my Acura from this location. I was able to get the exact vehicle I wanted and was greeted with exceptional customer service. He spent time patiently walking us through the paperwork and car operation so that we left feeling confident that we made the right decision. I can honestly say that I look forward to working with this dealership for service and any future needs that come up because the care you receive here is exceptional. I highly recommend this dealership. Thank you Anthony for taking care of us!

Daniel W. | 2015-02-08

Just went here to look at a new car with my girlfriend. We had a car from a Mazda dealership already in mind but wanted to make one last stop before buying that car. We were greeted by Scott Barker and we were very upfront with him on what we were doing. I was pleased that he was also upfront the entire time. I told him we were looking at the deals advertised and weren't going far from there. After driving the car my girlfriend loved the car so we sat to talk numbers. Instead of doing the typical 2 hour back and forth, I told Scott what we could do and we were able to work something out with the numbers very quick. I think the final detailing took longer than the negotiation--- which anyone that buys a car knows is crazy. Scott was easy to work with, honest and an all around alright guy. Maybe Acura will have a car that peaks my interest when I am in the market so I can go back to Scott.

Ronda A. | 2015-02-01

Very shady. I drove in from LA after putting 5k down to hold a Passat for me. They said carfax was clean and no accidents. Long story short my husband noticed it had had rear bumper+ right side door + front bumper + hood body work done. Beware of 2014 vw Passat tdi SEL 1VWCN7A34EC054310. Carfax is clean. I don't know how they were able to keep the carfax clean. After trying to pass off the unmatching paint as "ding repairs" the manager eventually agreed with what my husband found and offered to fill our car with gas for our return home.  We couldn't believe a reputable dealership would do something like that.

Ronnie S. | 2015-01-28

I recently bought a vehicle from Kearny mesa Acura. I did have some discrepancy with things but, they went out of there way to figure out how to make me happy. They not only fixed the issues but they surpassed my expectations. I feel very confident to do more business with them. They have an amazing business model and I can't recommend them enough. My next car will mostly be from one of the Penske dealership.

Jerry W. | 2015-01-27

Ted S. from kearny mesa  acura was great. He helped me alot on the car that I wanted. He gave me a good deal and was super nice.

Chris B. | 2015-01-16

I've had some ok and some horrible car buying experiences, but KM Acura was hands down the best. I was treated fairly and respect. At no time did I feel pressure, and it was a relaxed and (gasp) enjoyable experience. As far as sales managers go, Ted S couldn't be better - seriously, go try to find a better one. There isn't. He was incredibly knowledgable and accommodating to the logistics of my wife and baby. I doubt I would have leased a car today if I didn't go to KM Acura, and worked with Ted S. Go there, and ask for him if you're considering a new Acura or a used car.

Alicia S. | 2015-01-12

I brought my Lexus in for new tires and the service was fast, easy and pleasant. I got a loaner car in about 10 min., used it for the day and my car was done in a few hours. The manager, Mark Monell, gave me great customer service.

Leslie N. | 2015-01-11

I've had my Acura for over four years now.  I purchased this dealership and have had all servicing completed here.  I went to several dealerships for pricing when buying.  This was the only place that gave it to me straight on trade in and pricing.  I financed through them; however...what happened the day I picked up my car places them several levels above other dealerships I've worked with.  The finance rate had gone down more than a percent from my agreement.  They actually told me this and re-worked my paperwork to give me the better rate.  They didn't have to do that.  Each time I've gone for servicing...EXCELLENT service.  I chose them to detail my car at my last servicing and I can't believe for the price how great it turned out.  I trust this dealership which is rare in the world of cars.  They've answered all questions, delivered when they say they will deliver and the service staff is great.  While I'm convinced my Acura will last a few years (still is a great car!!!), if I were to go to a new BMW, no Mercedes, no Audi...I will return to Kearny for an upgrade if needed...or just because I want to. : )

Jennifer E. | 2015-01-10

Ted S. at Kearny Mesa Acura was great!  He was not a pushy car salesman like I experienced at Lexus (right down the street). I traded in my old 1999 Acura RL (fantastic car) and leased a 2015 Acura ILX. I absolutely love my new car and Ted was very knowledgable about every detail from lease options to the car itself. I'm loving my new car and I feel super confident in the decision I've made to lease an Acura. Thank you Ted!

Lucy Z. | 2015-01-05

After a very frustrating time at Acura of Escondido where the Sales team retracted an offer that was well documented and mutually agreed upon,  I went to Kearny Mesa Acura to see if I can close on a lease of the RDX. I met with Ted S. and I had a great experience.  Ted was attentive, courteous and patient as I visited the dealership 3 times before finally closing the deal. The sales manager Ralph was also very patient and straight forward, unlike the games that Acura of Escondido played by luring me into the dealership with an offer that didn't exist.  Ralph walked me through all the numbers and components of the car and lease and told me up front what he can offer and what he couldn't. When I needed time to think through the offer, Ted was not pushy and let me leave without any drama. When I finally came back to the dealership,  Ted was on point with helping to expedite the lease process, allowing me to get in and out quickly. Ted was also extremely responsive with any questions I had. On the day I picked up my new vehicle, Ted took his time explaining all the features of the vehicle,  helping me to pair my phone and setting up my speed dial. He also threw in many wonderful perks that made me wonder why I would ever go to Acura of Escondido again. I'm glad my bad experience with Acura of Escondido resulted in me having the opportunity to work with Ted. Thanks Kearny Mesa Acura!

Wendy C. | 2015-01-03

Today we purchased our second car from Ted S ...we came back for a second time because we loved our Rdx and Ted makes the car purchasing process quick and simple.  Go see Ted!!!

Rosie P. | 2014-12-14

We bought a car from Scott Barker today at the Kearny Mesa Acura and he was awesome. He got us a great deal on a traverse and I'm really happy with our purchase. Thank you for the excellent customer service.

Felix L. | 2014-12-11

I normally hate car shopping but thanks to Scott Barker this experience was easy fun and so low stress. Scott is not the typical car salesman. After looking at endless car lots I was so pleased to do business with Scott he really made me feel satisfied with my purchase of my 2014 Fusion. Thanks I love my new car and will definitely be recommending Kearny Mesa Acura and Scott to everyone I know in the market for a car!

Amanda D. | 2014-12-07

My husband and I went in there today to look at the Acura MDX as we have decided this will be our new car.  We walked around the lot, walked in the shiow room with sales people standing around, and then looked in a MDX up front with a blond employee that helped another customer and not ONE person asked us if we needed help.  We waited around 15 minutes and were shocked that no one seemed to want a sale made. Awful customer service! Will be buying our MDX at Escondido!!!

Rick C. | 2014-12-03

I recently relocated from Northern California and was 100% satisfied with my Acura dealership in up north.  Well I can tell you, that Kearny Mesa Acura met and exceeded my expectations.  Having been connected with service representative Tom at Kearney Mesa Acura has been amazing.  Tom is always welcoming and assisting in meeting all my needs addressing my Acura MDX.  His knowledge, truthfulness and attention to customer service definetly moves him to the top of the class.  Recently I met the service manager Mark and you can tell he leads by example.  Mark completly makes the customer number 1 and would never consider moving my service anywhere else.  In fact, when I'm in the market for another car, (Acura for sure), I will be purchasing at Kearny Mesa Acura.  Thank you Tom and Mark for making my transition from Northern to Sourhern California so good and making customer service your top priority.

Kevin M. | 2014-12-02

Kearny Mesa Acura is a very good dealership.   They were able to correct the problems caused by Acura of Escondido.   Avoid Acura of Escondido.

Ron F. | 2014-11-25

I received notification for the Annual November Acura Customer appreciation month, and thought I would take advantage of the free check-up and car wash. When I arrived in the service area, I was met with many friendly associates who were more than happy to assist me. Unfortunately, my awesome service advisor (Juan) was still on lunch, but Kathy was very attentive with finding another advisor to assist me. Mike and Kathy helped to point out extra services that could be done with my car with my warranty, and I took full advantage. It's always a pleasure working with these individuals as they certainly know how to take care of their customers. Big shout out to the Manager (Mark) for him being attentive with customer satisfaction. Thank you for the most pleasant experience.

Gene P. | 2014-11-22

First of all, if you are driving a Honda or Toyota , which I have for the 20+ years, you should test drive an Acura.  Had I know there was such a difference I would had bought an Acura sooner.  Ted S. helped with our purchase of certifified pre owned Acura.

Rusty A. | 2014-11-18

Awesome service. Super smooth buying experience.  Ted S totally took care of everything!

Amy K. | 2014-11-10

Tim at Kearny Mesa Acura was great! He honored the sticker price deal that was on the car the weekend before we bought it. I did my homework on my new MDX, even went to National City and got completely hounded with a high pressure pitch by the salesmen there. I ended up being able to work out a significantly lower price here at Kearny Mesa Acura with Tim. I am a fan of the less pressure = more comfort in a purchase. Really, I did my homework and if a person wants the car, they will return. I liked Tim's relaxed style. After we went to test drive, he followed up with me and even threw in the all weather mats I wanted. He also called a week or so after I had the car to see how I was enjoying it.  This is my 3rd MDX purchased over the past 10 years from KM Acura, but hadn't been back there since 2009 - I am happy to be back! Side note, the dealership has easy freeway access, a decent lounge area, free waters and coffee. I'm also told I get a free car wash anytime I'm in the area. I will have to try this out - hoping it's true!

The only reason this doesn't get a 5 star is because the financial department forgot to have us sign some papers and we ended up having to go drive back several times due to their oversights - so that was a bit of an inconvenience that we didn't need.

Cortney B. | 2014-10-31

I came to Kearny Mesa Acura for an oil change...In which it only took about an hour. Not a big deal..sat in the lobby area. Monica was the original associate that helped me setting up the oil change! She was great! But as I was leaving Mark the service director apologized for the wait and asked if I was satisfied with the overall service that I received and also brought me some water! He was friendly enough to give me his business card and told me to contact him with any future services I may need! The next day I noticed my floor mat was messed up due to the plastic piece pulling from the mat. I gave Mark a call and he helped me get some new mats the next day! Mark offered not only great customer service but fast and efficient service as well!! Mark thanks for making this experience easy and unforgettable!!! :)

Dr. Jacob A. J. | 2014-10-23

I have never been treated so worthless and belittled at a place of business before until I came to Kearny Mesa Acura. Whether it be at the parts or service level, they do not care about how you feel nor do they care about people coming in with older cars. I am a proud owner of three beautiful Acura Legends. I own an Acura NSX also and they acted like they didn't want to wait on me for any reason at all. I brought both of my white pearl legends in for routine service back in 2012 and 2014 and both times they gave me the run around about how they can't work on my cars because they're not under warranty, mind you I was ready and willing to pay the high premiums that this dealership requires in order to get service done. The personnel were stuck up, impatient and moody. I only like dealing with friendly people especially if they're taking my hard earned dollars! Shame on the snobbery of Kearny Mesa Acura. Little do they know, I'm highly educated and not poor by any means, they make you feel like a number! You shouldn't have to own a brand new car nor wear a suit to get any respect at a dealership, that's ridiculous! I can't tell you how much I felt disrespected! I took all my business to Ball Acura! Please do yourself a favour and go there! Escondido is owned by Penske automotive also, haven't dealt with them much but I would love for someone to write more about Acura of Escondido!

Jennifer P. | 2014-10-17

I leased a car for the first time ever last week. I had a great experience with Ted S. I leased a brand new TLX, and was happily out of the dealership in under a few hours. Ted was very helpful and patient with all my questions. Great experience overall, and really happy with the car so far.

Kaly F. | 2014-10-14

The sales guy Ted is great! He is professional, friendly, and trustworthy! We truly enjoyed the car purchasing experience at this place. I have recommended this place to my friends!

Katharine H. | 2014-10-09

This place is great. I recently purchased a 2014 Acura MDX. A rock was stuck between my wheel and rotor making an awful noise. Not knowing the cause of the noise, Acura got me in immediately, took the wheel off, and inspected and diagnosed the issue within an hour. It gave me peace of mind since I have my two kids in the car 95% of the time. A day later I noticed a small mark on my car, I called Mark the service manager, and he got me in right away to fix it. Top notch service. This Acura service department was more professional than the other Acura service department where I had my roof rack installed. I felt like I had a luxury car and was treated like that immediately after walking in to Kearny Mesa. I'm so happy to have a service department near my home who I trust and know I can call anytime. Thank you Kearny Mesa Acura!!!!

James L. | 2014-10-07

I bought my 2015 TLX from Kearny Mesa Acura. The Sales Representative, Mr. Scott Barker made it easy and was not pushy at all. He asked and informed me of additional options for the car and let me know of the extend warranties that was offered.  However, once I told him that I was not interested in any additional options or buying any extended warranties, Mr. Barker did not push it. Very Professional, courteous, and most important very straight forward and patient with me.  It's rare that you find people in this line of business (car sales) with the patience, and professionalism. When I buy my next car, I would definitely buy from Mr. Scott Barker at Kearny Mesa Acura.

Eddie C. | 2014-10-07

Bought my 3rd Acura from Kearny Mesa Acura. Got a CPO 2011 TL from Ted S on 10/3/14. Best sales rep ever!!!! Easy to work with, got everything done in a timely manner and was basically hassle free. Thanks for all your help. Loving my new car

Theo T. | 2014-10-05

Ted S/ Tom N at Kearny Mesa Acura totally went out they way to get me in my brand new Acura TLX. They both Made my car  buying experience easy and stress free. Check out the fancy Starbucks coffee machine in the waiting lounge

Joseph H. | 2014-09-22

I had an issue with my tight work/school schedule in which I needed a loaner car for my 2014 Acura A1 Service. At first,  I was denied the rental car, but then I further explained my situation and Kearny Mesa Acura worked with me to get myself a loaner car.
Kathleen was very helpful in getting everything resolved and set up to make my experience beyond amazing. I am proud to say that I will be happy to bring my Acura back along with refer others to Kearny Mesa Acura for their exceptional service. Once again, I thank them for accommodating myself and understanding the lack of free time I have!

Thank you!!

Lindsay H. | 2014-09-22

I wanted a new Acura RDX yesterday and went into this dealership knowing exactly what I wanted.  I was delighted by the manager, Ralph and salesman Scott's straightforward and efficient treatment.  This was the most satisfying car-buying experience!

Kevin P. | 2014-09-18

Michael Fentress has been taking care of my families vehicles for ten years and we have never had a bad experience.   We never feel like we are doing unnecessary maintenance .  Peace of mind knowing your vehicle has been taken care by the best of the best is priceless.
Thanks to all at Kearny Mesa Acura.....

Jennifer N. | 2014-09-16

I recently bought a brand new acura ilx and I can definitely say that this was the best experience EVER. After dealing with poor customer service at ball acura, we came into this location with all the things we expect and want in a car.  Scott Barker was our sales consultant and he definitely gave us everything that we asked for. He was very straight forward and that was what we asked for coming into the dealership.  He listened to our concerns and provided us the service that we requested. Scott Barker is the guy!!

Jackie H. | 2014-09-14

2 stars because they just dont deserve anymore. When you make an "appointment " here, you dont really get an appointment, what you get is the equal amount of wait as anyone who had just walked in 20 mins ago. What is the point of asking for an "appointment" if theyre just going to make you wait in line the second you drop your car off. 3 oil changes for a 2000 honda accord, each costs $49.99 using basic penzoil. Already not really worth it but, meh, youd expect a dealership to be more professional than jiffy lube right?

Guy comes over and tells me each time that my tires need to be changed, my batteries are dead, and each time i take my car to costco and they tell me i have atleast 8000more miles left... It turns out that even the people in costco were surprised that my tires lasted longer than 8000 miles after, so why this place thought i needed tire replacements was beyond me other than to get more money from me.

Really cant trust them to be honest about your repair summary, and expect to wait 2-3 hours just for a oil change. Never coming here again.

Brian M. | 2014-09-04

Just purchased my first Acura car today here and I'm  happy with it so far. Great customer service . Theodore Spiegel or Ted is a great in being able to workout ways to help the price go down even with a new car. In addition, Ted gets into more detail about the car and is able to answer all my questions about it.  

I highly recommend him and this dealership.

moe s. | 2014-09-03

The service department WILL RIP YOU OFF! If you don't do your homework.
Rear window stopped working. I was PRETTY sure my car was still under warranty. The Service rep informed me that it would be $130 to diagnose the problem. I said it's under warranty, he looked on his computer and says yah i see you bought CPO so ya. So and so will call you with detail.

so and so calls me. Tells me it's not under warranty (contradicting what first rep told me) and that the repair is $315 to replace the switch. $315! Plus $130 Diagnosis fee. I told them I want to pick up the car, at which point they wanted me to pay $270 in diagnosis fees, I refused to do so because 1) was told it was under warranty, then told no, and no one called me to let me know it wasn't under warranty if I wanted to proceed.

The other $130 in diagnosis charge was because I told the rep that I hear a clunk from the steering wheel when accelerating. Their conclusion "Unable to replicate issue" so why am I being charged for something that they couldn't even diagnose? Right when I pulled out of their service lot, I hear the clunk again. Known issue and there was a TSB  issued in 2009. But I'm not gonna do their homework for them when they wanna charge me $130 diagnosis for doing diddly squat.

The manager did waive the charges since I was given contradicting information on warranty and the 2nd diagnosis charge was silly.

So how much does this switch cost? LIST Price is $31.50, but can be had from Acura dealer for $22. Yup $22! Labor? It's a 30 Minute job. MAXIMUM...all that needs to be done is removal of door panel and swapping out the switch. Done this a million times on my other cars... The TL is not complicated. EVEN IF, $300 LABOR????? at $70 an hour that's over 4 HOURS! This is an under 1 hour job.

Even at dealer prices and standards it's under $100 job. They wanted $315.

AVOID, Do your research and don't get ripped off by them.

UPDATE: contacted 2 other Acura dealers. Both quoted me $200-$220 to replace switch (parts labor included). How is this place charging $315?

Reading other reviews, it seems service department at this dealer is a little heavy on their estimates.

UPDATE 2: Switch was never bad! the Switch is a two part case assembly where two cases snap together with the electronic control board sandwiched in between, for whatever reason it had come apart and just needed to be snapped back together. Fixed in 45 minutes at $0 cost.

Jeanie M. | 2014-08-26

I recently purchased a RDX at Kearny Mesa Acura with Scott Barker as my sales person. I found Scott to be the ultimate professional in every way. As a woman I didn't feel pressured or confused but he helped me with the entire process. I changed my mind on the color and the technology package several times but he continued to listen and find cars that would meet my needs. We got a AAA discount and there was no haggling about it. I could get his best price over the phone and think about it without the extra pressure. He gets my highest recommendation!

Brie C. | 2014-08-07

Took car in for recall on the headlights and from the brief experience I had- I will definitely be coming back to get an oil change and seeing if my 4 starts remain:) hopefully!

Mary H. | 2014-07-10

Visited Kearney Mesa Acura to get my A1 checkup today.  Because I'm new to the San Diego area, I used Yelp to locate an Acura Dealer.  The first thing that made me question the dealership's ethics was when I smelled cigarette smoke inside the building.  Someone felt comfortable enough to smoke cigarettes in their office.  My first thought was it could not be an employee because management would eat them alive; so it had to be the main manager smoking.  An ethical manager would not lead their employees in such a manner because ethical managers lead by example.  

The next thing was instead of getting an oil change because that's what an A1 checkup consists of, it was recommended that I needed a new tire because my tire had a hole in it.  Although, I felt like I was being taken to the cleaners, I had the new tire installed.  My and my passengers safety is more important than money.

Then, on the way home I noticed that someone had turned on both seat warmers.  Why would my seats need warming in 80 degree weather?

I probably would not have felt taken advantage of if I had not smelled someone smoking cigarettes inside the dealership.  But because of someone's bad behavior I automatically distrusted the dealership.

My first experience at Kearney Mesa Acura was not a pleasant one.

Owen G. | 2014-06-19

I got a great deal on the car and Anthony the sales rep was great. The staff was thorough when it came to following up on a slight repair issue. Which really impressed me.

adam k. | 2014-05-31

Purchased a Certified Pre-Owned 2013 TSX Wagon today and was treated like royalty. Mike Creel and Kelci Wilner made it a very smooth experience and handled all my questions and concerns in a very professional manner. This is my second Acura and they have my loyalty.

I highly recommend Kearny Mesa Acura.

Elizabeth G. | 2014-05-30

Who doesn't love amazing customer service? I spent the past 48 hours interacting with Juan Carmona, and could not be more impressed. I took my Acura in for a routine oil change, and discovered that my car was in need of additional brake work among other things. From the onset, Juan was very genuine and came to give me an update before my estimated wait time had expired. You always hope someone is going to have your best interest in mind, and Juan went above and beyond in making sure I received best in class service. From arranging a courtesy car, providing regular updates and extending discounts where available I could not have been more satisfied. Such a positive experience, especially considering my car needed more work than anticipated. I will be bringing my business back to Kearny Mesa Acura, and requesting Juan by name. I recommend you do the same!

Lauren P. | 2014-05-14

This is a spectacular dealership! It's clean, luxurious, and who wouldn't want fresh Starbucks coffee while you're waiting? My sales consultant, Ted Spiegel, made my experience a very positive one. He is prefessional, courteous, friendly, and exceptionally knowledgeable about the cars. He makes his customers feel comfortable, highly valued and understood. I would recommend Ted to everybody! Thanks for making my car buying experience so pleasurable.

Juliana C. | 2014-05-07

I personally like going to the dealership to get work done on my car, just so they have a complete history of my vehicles maintenance, but moving to San Diego, I got a huge surprise... the service departments are CLOSED on the weekends. Not even just Saturday hours. I thought that this was absolutely ridiculous, how are people who work during the week supposed to get work done on their car? I would think they are loosing out on a lot of business, but San Diego mentality... weekends are beach days for everybody. Well I'm glad to announce San Diego, Escondido, and Carlsbad Acura service departments NOW have SATURDAY HOURS 9-2. Yay!

The Kearny Mesa Acura Dealership and Mike Fentress is awesome!

I was saved the first time I came here. I had just bought my car, and made the trip home to Sacramento. When I came back into town and went to work the next morning, by the end of the day to go home, my car sounded like it had emphysema heaving out a lung! The check engine light was on and I was so glad I had made the long drive back from Sacramento to San Diego OK, and I was not stranded somewhere on I-5 in the middle of nowhere! Mike was able to get me in right before they closed and even waited for me before closing. I was completely freaked out by the noise my car was making! He calmed me down, got me in a loaner car and told me he'd call me in the morning after diagnosing the car. Thankfully nothing catastrophic... a cover under my car completely rusted was hanging causing the noise which cut my O2 hose which made the check engine light come on. Oh, my Canadian car... I still love it! Thanks Mike! :)

I bring in my car for regular maintenance and any major work that may come up. It is a lil bit more expensive, but I trust them with my car. For the 2+ years I have been brining in my car, I haven't had a bad experience with them.

I work in Mission Valley and they are able to shuttle me to and from work during the week (before Saturday hours). The shuttle times are 7:30am for the first pick up and 3:30pm for the last drop off. While you are waiting for the shuttle or work to be done, they have donuts, coffee, tea, water and magazines while you wait. On occasion where my car has taken longer for maintenance, or I needed a vehicle to drive for work they have given me a new loaner car to drive for the day. I love driving the loaner cars, they are so much fun! Love the new car smell!

Check-in on yelp and get a small gift bag of car goodies!

Rick F. | 2014-05-03

Went in to check out an RDX. Waited for service while a group of sales people sat around joking with each other, pretty annoying. Service was much better at the Mini dealership next door.

Laura D. | 2014-04-30

I absolutely LOVE the service dept at this dealership.  I usually see Juan who is professional, courteous and knowledgable.  The dealership is very accomodating when I call for servicing.  Their prices are competitive and most importantly I have come to trust them.  I had a bad experience with another car shop (see my previous review for Allied gardens Automotive) where I was told I needed services that were not needed.  When I called Acura they asked me to come in at my earliest convenience and checked under the hood right infront of me to disprove the false claims by the other car shop.  My car is now 10 yrs old and I have been bringing it here the entire duration of my ownership (9 yrs or so) and will continue to do so.

Mr A. | 2014-04-25

So my wife and I decided to come to Kearny Mesa Acura for her car because of the location. It was getting pretty late in the day but we both wanted the car no matter what. So as soon as we walked through the door we were greeted by Anthony Pheonix. Now this is by far the best car salesman. He is very knowledgable and very quick to come up with and answer unlike some other salesmans in National City who dont know what the hell they are doing. Anyways, we told Anthony about the car we wanted. To make a long story short, Anthony got us a very great deal and we were very happy. They even washed the MDX for us even though it was at night and the next day I checked on the wash and it was spotless! Thank you again Anthony and everyone else at Kearny Mesa Acura.

Mon B. | 2014-04-17

I just traded in my CRV for a 2014 ilx, and I couldn't be happier! Scott Barker helped me trade in my car. He was not trying to hit me with any hidden fees and got me the best value for my car! He offered me the incentives that were going on which also helped get me the best deal possible. Scott went above n beyond to make sure I was satisfied with my car. The color and model I wanted was not even in stock but he made sure to find one for me and bring it in! Compared to many other dealerships which are just trying to rip you off, I left with my new ILX  never feeling pressured and felt very satisfied with the service I received. I would definitely recommend Scott who is now a senior sales rep to help with any other purchase in the future! Thanks Scott!

Sarah H. | 2014-04-15

I just leased my second Acura and the process couldn't have been easier. I worked with Scott Barker just as I did with my last Acura and I couldn't be happier. Scott doesn't pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable. He doesn't try to nickle and dime you and make you wait for hours playing the numbers game with you. I told Scott exactly the car I wanted and the amount I wanted to pay. Unfortunately he told me the exact car and color I wanted wasn't available at any Acura in all of CA. I was sad but had hope that Scott could find one for me. Sure enough the next day he called me to tell me not only did he find the car I wanted but I was getting it at the price I wanted as well ! AMAZING !!! I was in and out in no time ! I will continue to always work with Scott as he makes deals happen! Buying or leasing a car can be extremely frustrating and time consuming but Scott at Acura makes it painless ! Thanks again Scott !!!

Parke A. | 2014-03-27

Scott Barker was amazing!!!  He spent the time to make sure that we got exactly the vehicle we wanted.  We did not feel pressured in any way to purchase, he did a great job of explaining Acura, the MDX, and the advantages of all.  He seemed genuinely interested in my fiance and I finding the vehicle that best met our needs.  We were very specific on finding the exact vehicle that we wanted (colors, options, etc).  Unlike other dealerships, where they seemed just interested in finding a vehicle on the lot that closes met our needs, he took the time to find the exact MDX that we wanted and got it to the dealership in the course of only 3 days!!  I do not remember the name of the wonderful lady that helped us out in finance, but she was by far the best finance person that I have ever dealt with.  She did not pressure us into buying products that we did not need, but instead took the time to explain all of the products that were available.  She helped us select the products that were best for us and did not pressure us at all into the ones that were not needed.  Based on our experience, I would recommend Kearny Mesa Acura and Scott Barker to anyone that is interested in purchasing a new vehicle.

Sandy K. | 2014-03-20

I did not have a very nice experience with Kearny Mesa Acura off late. I used to be a loyal customer of Kearny Mesa Acura until recently when I was trying to book a service appointment and requested for a loaner car. They mentioned that they would be charging me for a loaner car. This was pretty disappointing as we customers pay premium charges to get our cars serviced at Acura and to pay additional for requesting a loaner.  

I also found out that this was the only car dealership in San Diego that charges customers for loaner cars. So now I've been thinking of finding another Acura dealership. I'd rather driver a few miles extra where I would get a complimentary loaner car service.


Audrey C. | 2014-03-12

The nicest Acura dealership/Service area I've dealt with in SD.  Don't rely on their chat service though...Although the rep who helps me on the chats are friendly, they always ask someone to call you back and sometimes they don't' call you back.

Super easy people to deal with.  Plus, get your car serviced there and they have water, Starbucks coffee, teas, and pastries in the morning on the weekends.  Plus now the service department is open on Saturdays which makes it super convenient.

HeartY I. | 2014-03-09

Stuck up sales crew. Great service department.

Kylah F. | 2014-02-28

I just purchased a 2014 Acura ILX and worked with Tom Nyguen. He was excellent and went above and beyond my expectations. I sold my car to Carmax and he picked me up and brought me back to the dealership where we finalized my sale. He then provided me with a thorough overview of the ins and outs of my new car including setting up my blue tooth for me. Overall I had such a great experience working with Tom and would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone interested in buy or leasing an Acura! I will also be taking my car here for service.

Joseph D. | 2014-02-19

Dropped the car off today for regular service and it was a pretty smooth experience! The process was fast and I received a call back quickly. The staff was very polite and professional. I would definitely recommend this location!

Joe K. | 2014-01-18

Went here twice to check out a bigger vehicle, seemed worse than most dealerships. Not too impressed. Salesman was a bit arrogant and talked down to some customers. We moved on.

Jayson V. | 2014-01-07

Every time I bring my car in for service at Kearny Mesa Acura my experience here has always been above and beyond. Tom Grasser my service advisor has always been taking car of my vehicle ever since I brought it in for its first maintenance. He has always been polite and always keeps me informed about everything. I couldn't imagine taking my car anywhere else but here. If you are looking for a place to bring your Acura for service Kearny Mesa Acura is the place to go! The employees there are always kind and they always have a smile on their face. I have no complaints about this place what so ever.

Pat M. | 2014-01-06

Horrible, typical car salesman attitudes and treatment.  Got an estimate to trade my car in a few weeks in advance of when I actually needed to sell my car, it was $19,000.  Went back the day I needed to sell it and they offered my $14,500.

Furthermore, I bought the car from them and the Carfax showed ZERO accidents, bought it as a certified pre-owned Acura; then when I went to trade it in there was a minor accident on the Carfax and they said that was impacting the value.

Carmax offered me $18,000 both times at the exact same dates as appraised above, sold my car to Carmax.

Nathan D. | 2013-12-18

Owner of 2005 Acura TL. I have had my car overseas for 6 years due to military assignments and this was the first time my car had been to an Acura dealership. Tom was my service representative and he was very helpful. I had a list of questions about what services were required or recommended since I had done all the routine maintenance myself over the last 6 years. Tom directed me to what I needed done and a lot of things I thought I needed to do he told me they were not necessary for another 20k miles. While there for the first visit to change the oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid Tom found 2 recalls on my car and scheduled them for me a few days later.

Upon my second visit to have the recalls addressed for the windshield wipers and power steering hose Tom arranged for me to have a loaner car. I found this dealership to be very helpful and accommodating to my schedule. I appreciated that Tom told me what I needed and what could wait longer rather than just convince me to do everything now. I will be returning to this dealership while I live in the San Diego area.

akuma r. | 2013-12-08

If u have an Acura and want to service it here, do not use the online chat and assume someone will give you a call back. Online chat from the website is useless and you will just keep waiting and waiting.

Sandi S. | 2013-12-04

I should have read the reviews before we purchased our car here but we bought it through the North Island Credit Union sale and I trusted the Credit Union to vet the Penske group.  

Very very long story short.  We bought a used car.  They sold us on the extended warranty that "covers everything".  One year later, a part went out and the warranty wouldn't cover it.  Even though Kearny Mesa said they believed the part should have been covered, they would not cover it themselves and attempted to convince me to keep a basically worthless warranty.  After continuously calling to cancel the warranty/get status updates/emailing so I could have a paper trail, I was told we would receive a certain amount back (minus a service charge!?!).  At this point, we were so done with the situation, I wanted whatever I could get.  Except they didn't give us back what they said we would receive and I had to keep calling and emailing to find out why!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and don't buy a used car here!!! Don't believe that you are paying "extra" for a worthless warranty that they nor their warranty company will cover.  I will be taking my compliant to the better business bureau.

Nick L. | 2013-11-25

Best car dealer I've been to. Anthony was extremely helpful and informative. This was a true no-pressure experience.

I did my homework ahead of time and negoitated a deal over email after my test drive. I was very pleased with the final price and the fact that they offered add ons but didn't push when I said I wanted the car "as is."

Very honest and fair dealership, highly reccomend for all, I will be back.

Kelsey P. | 2013-11-16

Acura was the first, and only, luxury car dealer I looked into when I recently was looking to lease a new car. Much because Phil B. Was my salesman. I had heard the ILX had a great offer so I took it for a spin with no pressure to lease or buy during or after the ride. I felt comfortable to make my decision based off the pure enjoyment of driving the car. When I was ready to lease, Phil made sure the car was in perfect condition and ready for me to drive off the lot before I came in to do all the paperwork. I feel very safe in the ILX and it is comforting to know I have such a great time behind me in case I need the service!

Jaclyn S. | 2013-11-15

My hubby and I went in to Acura a few weeks looking for a family car. We are expecting baby number 2 and wanted an SUV for me. I guess you could say I wanted an efficient but still "hip" mommy car! PHIL is the best salesman I've ever worked with. He immediately asked what we were looking for and our price range. He didn't try to "upsale" us and put us in something we couldn't afford. After test driving many cars and Phil's Kind patience we found the one! 2011 pearl white Acura MDX with only 40k miles and pre owned certified with a warranty for 100k miles! Phil went above and beyond with the finance dept to get us the best rate and deal! Phil has called and text a few times since to make sure we're happy! Ask for PHIL hell give  you a deal and make sure it's right for your needs!

Lanie M. | 2013-11-06

My friend, Alejandra, and I went to to this Acura dealership on Nov. 1st because she was looking for a car.  I went with her to support her and for some advice since I had purchase my 3rd Honda in June 2013.  Kate, tall blonde with a European accent, was who ended up "trying" to help us.  We looked at the ILX and Alejandra was looking to lease it, and wanted to test drive it.  We ask about basic stuff about the car and Kate didn't seem to know much about the car.  The moment she heard my friend say "lease", her attitude change from cold to colder.  We asked if we can test drive the car and she said that Alejandra should come back as she "will forget how the car drives" if she was going to drive it that day.  I have never heard that before so it was obvious she didn't want her/our business. Alejandra drives a 2001 Honda Accord and was looking to trade that in as part of the deposit. She knew she probably couldn't get much for it but she was sure exactly. Kate then told us to go to CarMax near by to get an estimate and come back another time.  She told us that she will be gone all Nov. so we will need to talk with someone else (like we would requested for her rudeness).  Well, the only thing Kate did right in this case is sending us to CarMax because CUSTOMER SERVICE there was awesome. Tori helped us and should teach Kate what customer service is all about.  Our experience there was wonderful and Alejandra was able to test drive a couple of cars.  It wasn't expected but Alejandra ended up purchasing a Lexus IS250.  I guess we can thank Kate for sending us away from Acura.  So in conclusion, unless you want to be treated like your not wanted as a customer, then this is your place.  I

FYI:  Acura Temecula employees are so much nicer compare to this location.  I have serviced my car there before and they were very nice.  I wouldn't recommend Kearny Mesa location -- especially if people like Kate works here.

David T. | 2013-10-30

Recently leased a 2014 MDX and wanted to give a thumbs up to the team at Kearny Mesa Acura.  Contacted Tom the Internet sales guy over the phone and let him know what I was looking for.  Filled out the application online - simple.  Albert the FI guy got back to me, and did a great job getting me approved on a better Acura lease program.  I had them add some racks and accessories, put the down-payment on a credit card and made an appointment to pick up the vehicle.  Strolled in on Saturday morning, the car was sitting in front of the dealership washed and gassed.  Albert got me through the paperwork in about 45 minutes, and spent another 45 going over the vehicle and electronics.  Great experience - Thanks!

Angie H. | 2013-10-01

Why am I still receiving emails from this place!! Jessica R. F. simply does not know how to do her job! How difficult can it be (when asked MULTIPLE times), to remove someone from an email list! Not very, right? Unreal!! If this place does business the way she (can't) update her email list, I'm sure glad I didn't buy my new car here! And from reading other reviews, nor will I ever! Keep up the good work, NOT!!

Amanda p. | 2013-09-20

My parents and I going  into the Acura dealership in Kearny Mesa hoping to bring home a car. I left with nothing and in addition it ruined my day. If you are going to work somewhere that requires good dealership, have a good personality. With little understanding of English it's not needed to yell at us. No attitude was needed. I get it that we don't understand it well but I can tell the difference between bad customer service and trying to help. I was born here but my parents weren't so I'm very fluent in English. I don't agree with their service here, they were not trying to help us out at all they were trying to kick us out basically. It was 15 minutes prior to closing time but that doesn't mean you need to have attitude with everything that comes out of your mouth. I was honestly so astonished to be treated like that because I thought well you working at dealership and you need good customer service.. Bottom line I was not pleased with the way they treated us.. It was disrespectful and I'm just speechless. I've never written a review before but I just had to about this. Thanks kate and Anthony for not helping.

s p. | 2013-08-30

Very unprofessional- the young saleswoman (did not even give me her name- but she has a russian or eastern european accent) who "helped" me was condescending (witnessed an eye roll when I admitted I didn't know which Acura model I was interested in), rude, and not sufficiently knowledgeable. She literally said she didn't want to test drive with me because she said Saturdays are her money making days and she didn't want to miss out on a customer that might buy.  Never going back. Never been treated like this in any sales interaction before! Bought a high end accord instead.

Shaun D. | 2013-08-13

Needed a check up on my 2006 RSX Acura. Drove up and talked to a representative right away. First he did a look on our and saw the air bag light on and asked about it. I didn't know anything about it at the time. The diagnostic inspection was $122 so I was like sure. He promised me a call at noon the next day. Got a loaner car for the day and drove back home. Next day I got a call at 12:15p.m. about how everything is good and just need a touch up here and there. Great service!

Rennie A. | 2013-08-04

I am in disbelief of the great service I experienced at KM Acura (KMA), that I had to write a Yelp review. I have 9 year-old Acura, that I didn't buy from KMA, that I needed to have a clutch and brake fluid flush done. I went in on a Thursday to see if they could get me in for Friday. Michael Fentress, a service advisor was very amicable and scheduled me for the next day. Friday morning I bring the car in and I was promised the car would be finished at 1230. Although they gave me the option of getting a ride somewhere, I decided to wait (about a 3 hour wait). At 1100, I was then told that they would need till 300 to complete the service. Mike offered me a loaner in the meantime. I wasn't expecting that being I have an older car that I didn't buy from them. Turns out that I really needed the car that afternoon so in the end it worked out well. He also made sure to let me know that I could pick up my car anytime before 6, which is when they closed. So there was no pressure in coming back right away. I later picked up my car and the work was completed, the car washed and I was on my way. The overall experience was very positive. I would give 5 stars but I think I could have found more competitive pricing on the service elsewhere. Everyone, though, is super friendly at this dealership. Besides the service department, I've had good experiences dealing with the parts department as well. I would definitely encourage anyone with an Acura to come here if you need dealer service.

Shawn M. | 2013-07-25

Question, do you know the definition of an appointment?

I thought that I did too, but apparently when you make a service appointment at Acura it only means that you drop your car off at that time. Not that your car will be worked on at that time, or any time close to your scheduled "appointment".

I went online and set up an appointment at 8am at which time I showed up and dropped off my car. Here is where I made my mistake. When the Acura employee asks if you are going to stay at the dealership say "yes"! I mistakenly told him that I would be down the street at Starbucks, which translated in Acura verbiage to "do not start working on my car for 4 hours"! Only when I came back from the coffee shop at 11am and inquired about my car did I learn that everyone who came in after me, and waited, would have their cars worked on first. How could this be?!? I had an appointment! My car had been there since 8am! What were they doing with my car?

Lesson learned! I am still not sure what advantage an appointment serves if someone that walks in off of the street and says that they are going to wait has priority over your scheduled appointment! Makes you think, why did I waste my time making an appointment . . .

Marcel H. | 2013-06-11

I had recently looked for a preowned CRV at the Qualcomm GIANT TENT EVENT!  What a GIANT WASTE OF TIME... Stinky tent, unprofessional staff, and low-ball trade ins.  

Kearny Mesa Acura was such a different experience from ANY car dealer I have ever been to.  I found the pre-owned CRV I wanted online, already discounted about 4k lower than any CRV I found at the tent event.  I sent a "online price request" and they came down to an even lower price.  I met Scott in the show room, he was friendly, professional, and had already pulled the CRV up to the showroom.  They gave me nearly $1000 more than I expected for my trade-in and got me into the CR-V with very low monthly payments and a very low base price on the vehicle.  I got there at about 5:30 pm and was out of there with my new car in an hour!  Talk about quick and efficient service.  I paid well under Blue Book retail for the car and with-in private seller cost.

The showroom was clean and welcoming, everyone was very friendly (Scott for Sales, Albert for Financing).  I have read other reviews and can't comment on other sales representatives or the service department... But I can say my experience specifically with Scott and with Albert was extremely pleasant and easy... I got the car I wanted at the price I wanted with little to no hassle.  

I will also put my negative two cents in to say NEVER DEAL WITH ROCK AUTO GROUP AT THE USED CAR TENT SALE @ QUALCOMM.  They were inattentive, slimy, and worked out of a friggen tent... Never again.

Sharifa F. | 2013-05-28

Consistently great and friendly service! I have been going to this dealership for all of my Acura TL needs and have never been disappointed. They are great and highly recommend them!

Kelly T. | 2013-04-05

Initially, as a cash buyer my experience was good.  After the purchase it went from bad to worse very quickly mostly because the General Manager is one arrogant person who has never made me feel as if they appreciated the business.  

I guess the rumor is true, when you purchase a car straight out for cash, they could care less about you because they make no money from you without the financing.  Next time I will just order one direct from Acura rather than from a dealer which the term " dealer" describes truly what they are as people.

They do not communicate with each other from department to department and are owned and operated by the Penske Automotive Group which is a huge company and explains that lack of customer care and appreciation.

Mike Creel is so dis-engaged as a General Manager that although I plan to purchase two more Acura''s by the end of this year, would not purchase from this dealership and would go as far as having to go out of state to purchase one as they don't deserve my business and have a complete lack of respect and disregard for those customers who make cash purchases.  Without financing you see, they make no money so they simply don't give a shit about you once you walk out that door.  Thank god the car was a gift for my father so that I am not forced to use the service department which by what I can tell from the reviews here is even worse.

Rachael H. | 2013-04-03

Seriously, don't waste your time here.  If I could give this place zero stars I would because they don't even deserve one.  

I don't know if the entire sales team graduated from the same School For A-holes, but apparently they were handing out diplomas there like candy.  I get it, because they are in a central location they don't need to rely on good customer service to get business since they have a lot of people walking in, but pretty soon when words spreads that they have HORRIBLE customer service, people will stop coming through their doors.

I won't go into details because it would basically be repeating what other reviewers have said, but to Mr. Creel, you need to have a serious meeting with your sales team, and have a special one on one with Martin Lopez and Paul Clark.  How this show is run is completely unacceptable and based on customer service alone I am taking my business elsewhere.

Jeff M. | 2013-03-08

I had a pretty pleasant car buying experience at Kearny Mesa Acura.  The salesman, sales manager and finance officer were all very friendly.  The salesman was very knowledgable of the car I was looking at.  I didn't feel any pressure, at all, and I've  experienced a pretty brutal car buying experience before (Bob Baker Toyota--DON'T shop there).

This was honestly the first time I felt a no-hassle, pleasant car buying experience.  The little bit of homework I did ahead of time in knowing exactly the kind of car I wanted may have helped, but the staff was definitely very friendly.  The reason for the four starts instead of five, is because I had my heart set on the TSX V6 with Tech package, and they didn't have one on the lot.  But that said, I am super happy with my TSX I4 Tech--an amazing car and a nice car buying experience.  I'd recommend Kearny Mesa Acura.

Brian H. | 2013-01-14

I have a 2001 MDX that I purchased from craigslist that had several issues which i didn't know about until after the purchase. I have been slowly fixing each issue over the last four months. The biggest of these issues was the check engine light caused by all cylinders randomly miss firing (P-301 through P-306). I consider myself to be a fairly decent mechanic that can usually fix most small problems. Through research I learned that this is a common problem with several possible answers all of which cost money. The last thing I wanted to do was to continue throwing money at other fixes which other people have done. Mike in the service department suggested a valve adjustment to be the real problem which made sense. I already knew that this needed to be preformed due to mileage but it could of also been several other things causing the engine light. We decided to do the valve adjustment and the timing belt at the same time and at a fair price compared to other reputable shops. I have avoided dealers in the past based usually on price however this problem required a real expert and Kearny Mesa Acura really delivered on this issue. They were very helpful the car runs great now and at a price I was happy with. I hope to continue doing business with them in the future.

Mark P. | 2013-01-04

Below is email sent to the Kearny Mesa Acura General Manager today.  Too bad.

Mr. Creel,
I purchased a certified TSX SportWagon from you in August and everything has been great until today.  I scheduled my first service, an A1...essentially oil change and tire rotation.  I drove down from Encinitas and arrived at 12:25.  After waiting 5-10 minutes I sat down to check in with Juan.  I was under the impression (mistaken, apparently) that maintenance was covered for the first two years.  No worry since this was a minor service.  Then Juan informed me that the cost of an A1 service was $129.  When queried why an oil change was so expensive, he told me that it was because synthetic oil is more expensive.  Well, I thought that seemed ridiculous and I also recalled seeing a "special" on your web site that the same oil service as only $70 so I immediately cancelled my service.  When I got home I verified that, low and behold, the oil service is listed for $70.  

So I just wanted to drop you a note to say I feel taken advantage of, and at this point have no intention of returning to Kearny Mesa Acura. After checking out some reviews on Yelp, it appears this is a common theme with your service department.  I hope this was an anomaly for the sake of your business.  The sad thing is that based on my sales experience, you had a service customer for the life of the car and now that's blown.


Update: the service manager called and offered to do the A1 service for the internet special price, but noted that synthetic oil is specifically not included.  He's right and I hadn't noticed that.  However, I can find synthetic oil on Amazon for a premium of only $2.59 per quart over conventional oil (Pennzoil 5W-30 European Full Synthetic vs. Pennzoil Conventional) I still can't see how a $50 premium is justified.  At the end of the day, I'll stick with my local foreign car mechanic who only charges me $60.

Neiser D. | 2012-12-26

Go here in your gym clothes and you will not even gonna get any one to help you even though you are a professional and you have a good intention on buying a car .  The sales people here are very judgmental.  Sorry Kearny Mesa Acura, u just lost a buyer.  (12-15-12)

Dawn N. | 2012-12-05

Big thanks to Mike & Dean in the service dept. Did a thorough look into my TL's mystery noise plus checked all the basics. Appreciate the patience and friendly service!

Jen L. | 2012-11-11

We were so set on buying a used Honda from this dealership. We stopped by and got to the used car lot and nobody was there at all. Decided to walk inside the dealership to let them know that we wanted to check out one of their used cars.

It was so inconvenient that there was another building in between the used car lot and the dealership headquarters. I think it was some kind of workers union office that was not owned by Acura at all. So we did the walking back & forth and we just wanted to buy the car and get it over with.

Don't even try to do any bargaining here. It didn't do us any good, because they're unwilling to work with you. It's their price or NOTHING!!!
We were told that the price we were asking for, they could get if they auctioned the car off.

Go ahead and put that car in auction. We got the same kind of car at the price we wanted elsewhere.

Katarina V. | 2012-11-09

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Acura TL, as a new resident of San Diego I am still exploring and trying to find places where I do this or that. Considering my car I looked up this place for oil change and I like the convinience they offer the firat time.
Well I had an emergency flat tire next day right after my vacation so I was kinda on a budget but I didn't want to wait and shop around , I brought my Acura to the same place I did my oil change, they quoted me 2 tires and service ( they have no future discounts, no millitary discounts, no any coupons for coming back customers- even though I read in some of the reviews that they actually do offer to some customers discounts). I did pay though just because I really didnt have time to shop around, But I felt really screwed when I left the place. I know they could do better than that but being located in Kearny Mesa next to Miramar base and have no millitary discounts ) thats kinda strange) and reading reviews about coupons from other people and not getting any I felt like service department is based n commision and guy knew I really have no time to wait or shop around .HE was also rude and not friendly. I dont know if I'll be back. Again I love my car too much and Im happy with the service they provided but I also want to be happy with the service I received!!!!!!!

Allen Z. | 2012-11-06

The Penske service department was excellent. I had an issue with my radio , and I needed to get a code to get it back up and running. Right when I arrived Juan Carmona greeted me and took the car for 5 minutes, and came back had the issue resolved and didn't charge me a thing. It made my day, thanks Juan.

Dave R. | 2012-11-01

I did not buy my Acura TL there, but it has been serviced there for the past four years. I can honestly say I have never received better service from a car dealer.

I drop off my car in the morning, grab a free starbucks coffee and pastry, and they drive me to my office downtown. They typically call me a few hours later to discuss the work performed, and then they have someone pick me up again.

I think their pricing is fair, plus they throw in a free car wash.

Note: I bought my car in Los Angeles and the Acura dealer there did not provide the same level of quality service.

Nancy S. | 2012-10-15

This review is for the service department at Acura Kearny Mesa. I have been going there since I had my car (2006). A couple of years ago, I started getting helped by Juan Carmona and since then, I can honestly say that any time I need to come in last minute, he always is able to squeeze me in. I have had my driver's visor mirror broken before and they were able to help me fix that, even after it broke again, I was happy to see that he did additional research to make sure it was covered by the warranty. Additionally, I have has my engine mount crack on me, and Juan was able make sure that my car was fixed in a reasonable amount of time and made sure that I was taken care of. Seriously, thank goodness for purchasing an extended warranty because another item was covered by them! I can attest to the fact that I hate people pestering me about how much it is to fix things that are wrong before doing the research to find out if my warranty covers it, and Juan is very thorough. He does his research, finds the best possible solution and presents several different options. I appreciate the honesty, integrity and work ethic of Juan and the service department. Additionally, I feel very valued for I always receive a follow up call to make sure that I had a successful visit.

Seriously, Acura has a great service department and an awesome service advisor! Can't ask for more :)

M. H. | 2012-10-11

Have had pretty good experience at this dealership. Service is pretty good and fast. They treat their customers well and usually have coupons floating around for service discounts. The place is pretty clean and so far haven't had any issues. Fairly organized staff there and their waiting room is not too shabby with tables, couches, and space to bring work while you wait. Just found out they have complimentary shuttle service to Sorrento Valley (and some other places) with pick up too. Will definitely be using that next time!

Athena G. | 2012-09-26

Kearny Mesa Acura...I can't give you enough praise for your service department.  They have always gone above and beyond on numerous occasions to keep their customers happy. The service is always done in a timely manner, making it as convenient as possible for me. Kearny Mesa Acura make it a point to ensure my happiness with  my vehicle.   I never thought that working with a dealership's service department could be such an enjoyable experience.

McCall H. | 2012-09-25

I had been shopping for a new car for quite some time. My boyfriend and I went to Volkswagen, Volvo and BMW- all of which were mediocre experiences (nothing positive, or made me want to buy). My brother told me about the new Acura ILX, so we went to Kearny Mesa to check it out.

From the get-go, they were nothing but friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I laid all of my expectations out, and they (Scott & Paul) brought them to life...including price!  Not once did I feel pressured or uncomfortable, they made the entire process very smooth and pleasant.

I would without reservation recommend Kearny Mesa Acura to my family, friends and co-workers. If you are looking for a positive experience and a awesome vehicle...look no further! AWESOME service, people and product :-)

Lindy K. | 2012-09-23

Fantastic car buying experience I have ever had.  First of all, our salesperson Ted Speigel Jr. was incredibly professional and not at all pushy.  We came back to the dealership 3 times, he was always very polite, and did not get annoyed with my 1 million questions.   He was incredibly knowledgeable and I feel like he worked very hard for us to get us exactly what we wanted.   We also got a good deal!  I spoke to several other in Carlsbad, and a several in L.A. and Orange County....none of them were as great as TED!!!!  I will refer everyone I know that is considering buying a new car to check out Kearny Mesa Acura and specifically ask for Ted.

David N. | 2012-09-18

Probably the best Acura dealership in San Diego County! Daniel was a great and courteous salesman! He wasn't trying to force the vehicle towards us, like Acura Escondido, thus making us feel comfortable.

I recommend opting for Kearny Mesa Acura in lieu of Acura Escondido...

Kyle M. | 2012-09-13

Went here to replace a gas cap.  Parts Specialist, Christina was very friendly and answered all my questions.  This was an easy shopping experience, and I was in and out quickly.  Highly recommend going here to replace parts for your Acura!

Holly B. | 2012-08-27

I had THE BEST experience 8/26/12.  i bought a car from Bob.  With help from Paul and Albert.  I have 0 complaints.  they were very professional and did everything they could to help me leave with the car i wanted AND gave me a completely kick ass deal on it AND gave me a VERY FAIR price for my trade in.  i have been an acura customer since 2000 when i got my first 1998 TL.  Bob and Paul were very honest with me from minute 1 and worked hard to get me what i wanted.  Albert in finance was SO NICE to work with.  He explained everything .  i will be a customer of this specific ACURA DELAERSHIP FOR YEARS TO COME. i love my new car!!!!!!!!!

chaoti c. | 2012-07-18

I'd give 0 if I could at this point.

I bought my TSX new from this location (then CUSH) in 2004. Other than two sets of tires and a brake job I did myself, all service on this car has been performed at this dealership for the last 8 years. I want to tell everyone about the increasingly sloppy service I've received over the years, culminating with my recent and final service visit on 7/5/12.

I've spoken to Cathy C. on several occasions about little things that fail to be completed during my visits. For instance, a full service oil change includes "topping off all fluids." I've found that to be untrue on several of my visits, EVEN AFTER SPECIFICALLY POINTING IT OUT when I drop off my car. I once had to pop my hood to verify, then ask the service rep to fill my washer fluid. After that, I just bought my own and filled the reservoir myself. Minor repeated FAIL.

My last visit was on 7/5. I specifically indicated that the tires were recently rotated when I dropped off my car. In addition to having my car wheel well dinged by a tech, my rotated tires were rotated again! How am I sure? The day before I dropped off the car, I rubbed my passenger wheel against a red zone, leaving a mark. When I picked up the car, that wheel was now my rear passenger wheel. That causes premature tire wear and likely explains why my last tire set balded prematurely; I have them rotated at Discount Tire regularly.

When my car was damaged by the service tech, I wasn't informed directly. I was told that the service tech "may have damaged your vehicle." What is that about?! Each car is inspected when it's checked in for prior damage. If the tech damaged the car, it should be very obvious. I understand that accidents happen. Just call me and be upfront and honest.

Instead I had to come down to pick up my car, pay for service, then verify the damage wasn't pre-existing. Tom, my rep, wasn't available when I arrived so another rep told me Tom would call so we could make things right. I didn't receive a call from Tom or anyone else about this incident so I called and left a message for him on 7/9. We set up an appointment to repair my car on 7/17.

I dropped off my car on 7/17 and Tom G. gave me a loaner car, telling me he'd call me if repairs to my car would take longer than a day. I never received a call from Tom until the next day saying that the car was done. I told Tom I was on my way when he called, but he wasn't there when I arrived about 20mins later.

Instead Service Mgr, John B, greeted me and apologized for the inconvenience. THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME ANYONE APOLOGIZED FOR THIS INCIDENT. I explained my loyalty to the dealership and was honest in that I didn't feel I could trust coming back given what happened. John was unfazed and asked that I call him directly should I chose to return.

That isn't how you entice a former loyal customer of 8 years to return! I was given a similar promise from Cathy after a prior visit was unsatisfactory and that evidently didn't improve the level of service I've received at all. So now I'm supposed to take this guys' word?! Yeah right!

Do yourself a favor. Save your money and yourself the hassle in going here. Have your Acura serviced elsewhere, like a local mom & pop store. That's where I'm going from now on!

Fermin C. | 2012-06-23

If I could, I'd give this place 0 stars.

We went here a year ago to test drive the TL.  The dealer seemed like he was just going through the motions and did nothing to convince us on why we should buy this car over any other make/model.

We went here earlier today to test drive the RDX.  We walked around the lot for a good 15 minutes, and nobody even bothered to walk out to greet us.  We walked inside to get some info on the car and stood around for another 5 minutes... still nobody greeted us.  At this point, we just walked away.

AT LEAST ACKNOWLEDGE THE EXISTENCE OF POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.  If they don't want our business, why bother opening for business?

We drove down half a block to San Diego Volvo.  At least they have the professionalism to have a greeter walk up to us within a minute to ask us if we needed any assistance.  She had a dealer come up to us within 5 minutes.

LJ S. | 2012-05-31

Very unhappy with a car buying experience.  Set up an appointment for a test drive.  When I arrived, the sales rep said he didn't bother to check his computer, why was I there?  I knew exactly what I wanted, had checkbook in hand, and title to my car for tradein.  Instead of selling me what I wanted, they tried to steer me into several other cars.  They also said the car I wanted wasn't in production, and I would have to wait 6 months for its arrival.  They were unwilling to check with other Acura dealers for its availability.  I drove to another Acura dealer, who provided me with accurate information and found what I was looking for.

Jason L. | 2012-05-23

I used this Acura dealership from about 1998 to 2008 for all of my oil changes and most of my major maintenance on my trusty old '98 Acura Integra.  Not the friendliest place, but rarely rude.  As normal for a dealership, it is quite expensive, but hey, that's the price you pay for getting the "official" Acura service.  Not going to complain much about that.

But It all changed when I went in for a simple oil change in 2008.

Everything was just like any previous visit at first.  Dropped off the car, picked it up a few hours later, everything right on par thus far.  I started my car and got ready to head back to work.  I then noticed my radio antenna wouldn't extend and I got zero reception.  Hum...  Weird, I turn off the engine, took a cursory look around, but of course, didn't see anything wrong.  Weird, since it was perfectly fine when I drove in.

So I go in to look for the rep who set me up with the appointment, he wasn't in the office.  No problem, I'm patient.  I wait 3 mins.  He didn't come back. No prob, I talk to another rep and ask if someone can help me.  The rep looks at me like I'm a cockroach and mumbles something about how my rep's not around.  No shit.  Can you notify him or help me yourself?  He looks disgusted and mumbles something in the affirmative.

Wait 5 more minutes.  No one comes around.  So I look for the next rep.  He, also annoyed by this cockroach, says he can get the customer service manager.  Fine.

Now it gets bad.  The customer service manager comes by and pleasantly asks me what's the problem and how he can help me.  Sounds promising.

"Hi there, I just brought my car in for an oil change and for some reason now my antenna isn't working.  Can someone take a quick look and see what the issue is?

IMMEDIATELY he answers "No, that's impossible, there's no way an oil change can impact that."  I respond, "I know that's probably true, but can you just have someone take a quick look?"  Shit, if I have to pay for them to check, I would do so begrudgingly.  However, he IMMEDIATELY answers "NO, there is NO WAY it could have been impacted.  It must have been broken before the oil change."  I say, "No, that's not the case, it wasn't broken, I'm not saying your tech broke it, just can you have someone take a look?"  "NO, it was already broken."  Now I'm pissed, "Are you calling me a liar?!!!"  "Well no, but I'm sure it was broken before the oil change."

Then I raised my voice, "I'm been coming here for nearly 10 years and I've NEVER complained about one thing and now you are calling me a liar and you won't do a simple check for a loyal customer?!!"  Then he raises his voice and seems like he wants to start a fight.  At this point, the other reps finally noticed that something had gone south and they get the real manager.  The real manager comes by, tells the customer service manager to leave and starts talking to me like a real human being for the first time that day.

Long enough rant, but yeah, I never imagined that a loyal 10 year customer who has never filed one complaint would be called a liar and pulled into a shouting match within 5 minutes of a reasonable request.

That was the last time I set foot in that dealership.

Julie B. | 2012-05-02

Don't know about the dealership, but was at the service dept today for an oil change.  For all the years I've gone to the dealership to get a job done, I've never been mistreated like today.  First the guy told me to pull up the car myself which was fine; then he told me to go inside and ask the service rep what I needed.  I thought the guys are supposed to come out w/ their clip board, then greet you, then take care of you?  That's why we pay a little more for the "extra customer service" and perhaps better quality of parts.  Well, I asked the guy, "aren't you guys supposed to come out and help me?"  and his response was, "they are busy I guess".  So I took my car outta there because I don't have to take that kind of attitude.  Went to a Honda dealership and got the service done less than an hour.  So, never going back to this Acura dealership.

Kristen R. | 2012-05-01

Took my car there for an oil change before after making an appointment and it took twice as long as promised.

I went back because one of my sensors came on and I brought it in with the warranty, when I asked the guy if the cost for diagnosis would be covered by the warranty he said "yes it will" and I gave him a copy of the warranty. Well I just got a call and I have to go back and pay $117 for the diagnosis and it's not covered and there's no way I'm going back to this dealership and paying them $700 to fix the oxygen sensor.

Carolyn B. | 2012-03-26

I loved my experience with Kearny Mesa Acura they were so wonderful!! I bought a 2007 MDX CPO and I brought it back a week later with a minor issue (coin in the power jack) and they fixed it right up washed and vacuumed my baby!! on my second trip to the dealership one of they guys was  kind enough to help me re-program my phone to my car! I love Scott  in sales he is amazing!!

Sydney S. | 2012-03-14

I had a great experience at Kearny Mesa Acura. The service staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I will definitely be returning in the future!!

Ren B. | 2012-03-13

I have a '96 Acura Integra and it is in such good shape that a lot of people that come across it always offer to buy it off me! So I try to be good to it by bringing it to an actual Acura dealership when I want things done. Over the last 5 years, I've been bringing it to this dealership to get oil changes (I know, it's a bit pricey, but they also wash the car for you hahah). Every time I get the oil changed, they usually do a car inspection and find a few things for me to get fixed. Half the time I don't understand what they're talking about because I don't speak "car" so I usually end up calling my dad and relay the info. When I hear "brakes" or "tires" or "battery," I know it's something I should be concerned about; and I usually end up getting that stuff fixed elsewhere (we all know it's cheaper that way).

The reason why I am writing about this dealership is because I think they have TERRIBLE customer service and knowledge. I brought my car in for my usual oil change the other week. I checked in and sat with a service lady to go over the service that was going to be done. All I said was oil change and wash. She mentioned there were some recommended problem areas that needed to be fixed from the last time, so I said okay. She asked if I wanted them fixed. I said I don't even know what the problems are, so how would I know? And she said "Okay, we'll do an inspection again with the oil change and let you know." Fine.

The oil change is done, the cashier people call my name and ask me to pay. I go up there and I ask, "So what are the recommendations this time?" The guy highlights a list on my receipt to show me. I ask what they mean. He says "Well, your antenna is broken" Umm..YEAH, that's pretty damn obvious to me, it's been broken. What else? "Your windshield wipers should be replaced" YES, I'm aware of that when it rains. What else? He says, "I'm not really sure what the other things are--Trailing arm bushings, oil pan gasket, etc" Idiot. So he asks if I want to speak to another customer service lady. I said "No, I want to talk to the mechanics that work on the car.  Every time I get here, you guys tell me that something is wrong with my car; but when you're done with the service, none of the mechanics ever come out here to explain anything to me and tell me why, where, and how much." He says they are getting backed up, but if I want, I could talk to the service lady that checked me in. I opted out because I was already irritated.
So I head to my car, which is was in it's usual spot when services are done- outside, waiting at the end of the lot, with no one in sight.

I guess I am just mad because I usually expect the mechanic to come out and talk to me when something is wrong with my car. I'm a little surprised they don't schmooze and try to get you scared and pay for their overpriced parts right then and there. But if you keep telling me--on a receipt-- that something is wrong and have all these recommendations, I'd appreciate if someone would actually talk to me about it because I don't know what's going on.

I have since brought my car to "mom & pop" mechanics who are sooo much better and personable. When they do my oil change, they also do inspections, but they come and get me and point things out under the car that they think I should get done. They give me a quote and explain things in non "car" talk so I can understand. One mechanic (who I love and will forever be going to) actually showed me the car parts he pulled out and replaced in my car because he was genuinely concerned. He told me he sees this in a lot of Acuras, therefore he stocks his shop with genuine Acura parts.

I have no idea how buying a car from this dealership is (and I probably wouldn't buy one from here), but I will never go back here for any type of car service again.

floyd c. | 2012-03-01

Kearny Mesa Acura has the most customer friendly, professional, attentive and courteous Service Staff of any dealership I have ever visited. Their attention to detail and focus on the customer should be taught in Business Schools.
They bend over backwards to make sure that your car is in excellent shape and you have a smile on your face when you leave.
They take the time to "listen to your concerns" and then discuss with you the options that are available to address the concerns.
Their service staff is best in class.
Thank you for making me and my car feel valued.

TAN N. | 2012-02-28

I just bought  a brand new 2012 TSX from these guys and it just freaking sucks.  My car is burning a quart of oil every 1500 miles and they say that it's normal.  I brought it back to them about 4 times within 6700 miles for refilling the oil back to normal again.  Even the guy from the Acura factory says it's normal.  I've never had a car that burning oil that much on any car that I have ever heard of.  So which means that I have to fill up every 1500 miles with a quart of oil.  So, if you thinking about buying a brand new car from these guys? Good luck to you.  Their service department sucks so bad and all of them are freaking rude and don't care about you. This is my first time buying a lemon from them and this will be the last time I will bring my car back for anything.  And yes, I will get someone to help me getting my money back.

Spicy L. | 2012-02-16

Kearny Mesa Acura location is very convenient for me but as much as can I try  to avoid taking my cars (TL or MDX) there. First, when I was shopping for a new Acura TL I was mistreated by  a very rude salesperson, so I ended up buying from another Acura dealership. Next, I have been going to this dealership for service for more that 10 years because of its  convenient  location but every time I go they treat me as if they have never seen me  there before.  They ask me the same questions every time I go there   ' Have you been here before?' 'What is you name?' come on! at least pretend like you know my name by look at the appointment log after I have told you that I have an appointment. This is not a big deal but it shows their lack of customer service or care, when I am coming to spend about about $2000/year. That is why I go way out of my way to spend my money somewhere else. Another thing is that I wish the same Service Adviser that I left my car with  gives me or be available to explains to me the work that was done on my care before I take it so that I don't have to be looking for someone to help when I have some questions. May be it is too much to ask at Kearny Mesa Acura but I know other dealership do it.

K. W. | 2012-01-19

So good!  I bought a certified 2010 TSX from here a few months ago.  The sales experience was great!  I actually went there to look at a used volkswagen CC but my salesman, George, gently coaxed me to look at a TSX.  Once I drove the TSX, I forgot all about the VW.  Financing didn't take HOURS and I was on my way in my new car very fast and very happy!   The next day, I noticed a few very minor scratches on the car and took it back to ask if the scratches could be buffed out.  They could have easily said no...I mean, it's not like I bought a new car.  But they didn't.  Whatever they did to the car worked great and you can longer see the scratches at all (wash after wash).

I took my car in for service this week and Juan was just as great!  Free loaner car (which was a surprise because my last car was a Mercedes and Mercedes of San Diego charges $25 for a loaner!)  

So far, my interactions with Kearny Mesa Acura have been first class.  I'm very happy with my Acura and with this dealer's service.  Being a "mercedes girl", I didn't think I'd be happy with another car maker but so far, Acura has proven me wrong.

Erin R. | 2011-12-20

For a dealership this place is top notch!  I have an older Acura RL and it can be difficult to find mechanics who stock parts for my car, therefore almost everything must be special ordered and is more expensive.  This is never the case at Kearny Mesa Acura (I should think not since its a dealership!) and I am always able to make an immediate appointment with zero wait time.  They offer after hour drop off and have extended service hours for those of us with 9-5 jobs.  

I always try to work with Juan when I'm coming here.  He is very friendly and goes out of his way to answer my questions, keep me posted on the status of my car, and get me in and out as quickly as possible.  I've never had to wait here, there is always someone ready to take my keys and usher me inside.  My loaner car is always waiting and brand spankin new!!

I brought my RL in a few months ago for some major repairs (timing belts, hoses, etc.) and Juan called me up to verify that this service hadn't been done before - turns out that it had and he saved me $1,500!!  Also, they honor previously quoted prices so when I come back I know that the price wont change from before.

Thank you Juan @ Kearny Mesa!

Saurabh B. | 2011-10-16

I own a TL and have been bringing it to kearney mesa acura for service since the car was new, for the last ~5 yrs. My wife is in the market for an MDX, and we just dropped by your new car dealership.  My wife had THE MOST UNPLEASANT experience ...the salesperson was downright rude. We have been to other Acura dealerships, including HOEHN, as well as Audi dealerships - the kearney mesa salesperson was simply extremely rude.  When i inquired about the manager, i was told "he was busy".  When i asked for the name, a colleague of the rude salesperson gave me the manager's name,but indicated they were not interested in any further conversation.

The result of our "encounter" is that we will stop our service relationship with Kearney Mesa on our current car (probably worth $200-300 annual recurring revenue to them), we wont be looking to buy anything from them (no MDX, or no future trade-in/upgrade against my TL), and we will share our experience with others to save them such unpleasantness.

Viewed individually - such situations dont have an explicit "cost" to the dealership. But if they recur, it does start impacting business.  When we went, there were NO guests at the dealership other than us, and at least 3 sales people around.  With this type of rude behavior, I wont be surprised if the situation worsens.

PETER Z. | 2011-08-30

I recently brought my 2006 Acura rsx in to the shop because of transmission problems.  The service adviser told me it is $1700 to drop the transmission to see how bad it is.  At this time I asked "how much do you think this could cost me?" He answered "i do not know. We have to take a look at it when its apart."  I then asked, "well what have you seen with other peoples transmission repairs?" He answered "well it depends how bad it was. some people needed 2000 dollars some needed 3000 dollars worth of repairs, it depends on the damage."  At no point in this conversation I was led to believe that the total cost could and would equal WHAT IT DID!  The next day they called to tell me my entire transmission is destroyed and its better to just get a brand new one instead of a used one and to also get a new clutch. The price of all this came to around 4 to 5 thousand dollars plus labor!!!!  I rely on my vehicle heavily and since I had already invested the $1700 to tear it apart and whatever else to put it back up if i denied the service i felt I had no better option then to tell them to go ahead and replace it.  Long story short the final out the door price is about $6,500!!!!!! MY PROBLEM WITH THIS IS THAT AT NO TIME BEFORE SIGNING THE $1700 TEAR DOWN AGREEMENT WAS I INFORMED THAT THE FINAL COST COULD REACH 6,600!!!!! EVEN WHEN I ASKED WHAT THE REAPAIRS COULD END UP COSTING ME!!  I will be filing a complaint with the bureau of consumer affairs, but after speaking with an unsympathetic "expert" there i was informed that the dealer did everything required by law.  I feel that I was misled and under informed and that the consumer assumes the dealer has more knowledge and resources to accurately inform the customer of the general nature of possible outcomes and expenses. Instead of just saying they do not know.  The bureau of consumer affairs said they did not violate any laws but perhaps there is no law that outlines accurately informing the consumer on possible auto repair costs, that could be broken.   I want future customers to know to ask SPECIFICALLY what the worst case scenario could be before agreeing to a huge diagnosis charge.  This way you can avoid a financial disaster to the likes of the one that has happened to me.

C R. | 2011-08-28

I went here thinking I would be able to take advantage of an ad I saw advertised on Acura National's Web we begin.....So I ask  my sales person George, who goes through the whole show of going to the GM to of course see what they can do to get the best value on my trade in...Well they came back with a low ball estimate on my trade in. I had it valued by other dealers and they all were within a few hundred dollars of each other....Kearny Mesa Acura was 1k less than everyone else..strike one....strike 2 they come back and tell me that the National Ad really does not exist and I cant expect them to make only $200 on the deal?...Really???? Strike 3 I had to leave but George advised that he would contact me the next day to discuss the deal and see if they could come up with a workable deal.....3 days later (might I add 3 days before the end of the month) he want s to send me an email asking if Im still in the market?.....................Save your time its a joke, I ended up driving To Mission Viejo Acura and getting a way better deal than what was even being discussed at KMA..................Moral of the story use these guys as a comparison so when you are ready to buy you know you got a better deal.

Andrew A. | 2011-08-14

I brought my car here a few months ago to have my brakes serviced. When I requested a loaner vehicle, the lady in the service department said it wouldn't be a problem as long as I got there early because they run out of them quick. I show up at the earliest time possible just to be told I can't use one of their loaners. I find out there's a minimum amount you need to spend to qualify. Huge lack of communication. So now I have to coordinate with the shuttle service to drop me back home so I can get ready to go to work, then in a couple hours bring me to work (kudos to all the drivers, they're awesome!). During that time the service guy calls me to let me know how much the work will be. It's triple the minimum to borrow one of their cars =/ I let them know of this horrible experience through their service questionnaire and got a call from their customer relations rep. I left a message, but I never heard back from him. The reason why I'm writing this review now is I recently discovered they rotated my tires after I specifically said not to. The  wheels on my car are wider in the rear than the front. Wouldn't a skilled mechanic notice this? Major fail. One star for the amazing shuttle drivers, zero for price, service, communication, and follow-through.

Tyson H. | 2011-08-11

I'm actually really happy with these guys.  Purchasing process was fair and non-gimmicky.  The price I negotiated was very competitive.

The service department always got pretty much everything done while I waited approximately two hours; if not, they kept offering me a loaner car to ease my troubles.

What inspired me to write this review is that it's time to move to another car, and I went by the dealership to get a buy-bid on what they sold me.  Our numbers didn't match--fine, that happens--but the sales manager took the time to make a number of recommendations on how I could get the numbers I was looking for through other avenues.  He had nothing to gain from helping me out--he knew I wasn't buying another Acura right now---but he did it anyway.  Wow.

The icing on the cake was that I left one of my car's spare keys around the dealership by accident.  I called and reached the manager right away, and he again bent over backwards to ensure I could get it back ASAP.  They have character and are candid and actually take the time out for an individual customer's needs--what more could you want?

Dane C. | 2011-08-10

Kearney Mesa Acura, and Mike Fentress especially, absolutely rock!

They are honest, flexible, punctual, accommodating, communicative and incredibly knowledgable and skilled at what they do, and though I've looked at other auto shops, KMA's prices are always cheaper, and I get a free loaner, and a free carwash every time.

The fact that they have a fabulous (free!) coffee bar, and WiFi in the comfortable and well-equipped-for-business waiting area is a bonus!

Jim L. | 2011-08-07

My wife and I purchased our last car from here and while we were very happy with the negotiations of our purchase and the vehicle itself, this review is really more for their service department rather than their sales.

We have always gone with the rule of thumb to get a vehicle serviced at "x" amount of miles. Sometimes it is hit or miss depending on our schedules but we still try to maintain that schedule.

My wife called to make an appointment and was told that the car does not require servicing until the warning light tells you so. Yes, they could have easily taken the low road and taken our money by servicing the car whether it needed it or not, but they didn't. Now, we wait for the light to come on and the service department does a great job of making an appointment.

Also, since the service was going to take longer than planned, a complimentary loaner car was provided.  A very nice touch in customer service.

The lack of a 5 star rating is only due to the fact that they are not open on Saturdays. Makes it a bit inconvenient for those households that work.

Kari P. | 2011-08-04

I just bought my brand new RDX here a few weeks ago as my bday present to me! Scott was my salesperson and the rest of the staff was great. My car was delivered to me spotless and with a full tank of gas for me to cruise around and enjoy my new car. Since my purchase I've received many follow up calls to make sure everything's working to my expectations and to answer any questions i may have. I'm VERY satisfied w/ this dealership and I'm recommending it to everyone.

T T. | 2011-08-01

Took my car here for my first oil change and few other services listed under the $80 package deal plus I asked them to check on the brake since it didn't feel right.  I dropped the car off at 7 in the morning then got a called from Mike (service consultant) at 11 stating that they will change my front break pads. Mike also explained that my factory warranty will cover for the break pads (heck yes!). Got my car back at 430pm, later then I expected but I work near by so it wasn't a big deal.

I recently got my fender linning replaced for free! Mike was able to get escondido acura to  cover the expense (which they did) awesomeness!!!! Mike F is a cool guy, he's been assisting me and listen to my needs. I will definitely return for future services!

Roman D. | 2011-07-19

Tom Grasser, Juan Carmona and Cathy Rinaldo are very professional but caring folks.  They get the job done.
I give them 4.5 stars. The only thing keeping me from 5 stars is if the same service people checked the work before returning the car.

Timothy K. | 2011-05-18

Absolute best place to buy a car in California!   After visiting a bunch of dealerships in the area with much dissapointment, I came across the remarkable Kearny Mesa Acura Dealership.  The People were absolutely amazing, and the service was unprecedented!   Found the Exact Car I wanted and they gave me everything I needed.  Super Stoked on my New TSX TECH.  Dont bother with any other dealerships, this is your first and last stop for buying a new or used car!  Thanks Again Becky, Jessica and Maria!

Julie S. | 2011-01-27

Had a great experience here!  Same day service for a 25K mile "check up" that came up on the screen of my '08 TL.  Not only did they fit me in same day, they gave me a loaner car no problem overnight since I didn't want to wait on it (two to three hours).  Quick service, free Starbucks and pastries, and my car came out looking FANTASTIC after they washed and vacuumed it!  Very impressed with Acura in general, especially Kearny Mesa.

BUT... it was $300 for "recommended" service at 25K miles... wondered if that was entirely necessary.... but it is what it is, I suppose!

Rosy F. | 2011-01-10

My first experience was great, however I went back today and talked to the parts specialist stonner I thinks the name and she was very impatient, with my questions. She needs to be in the back if she's impatient. Other than that they all rock! I'll just tell myself she had a bad day

Rare M. | 2010-12-14

I've been coming to Kearny Mesa Acura since my Acura Integra during the mid 90s. Now still coming here since owning a TL in '04. The place has friendly people and awesome customer service. I will keep coming here as long as I own an Acura.

Blue F. | 2010-12-06

I am very happy with their service so far. I only have been there two times since I bought my Acura RDX. Tom was the one who helped me. He is very nice and professional. I got a free loaner car the second time. Tom called me two times let me know what parts they needed and when it would be done.  I am very impressed with their service! I am glad I bought Acura!

Adam M. | 2010-09-27

I am very impressed with the service at this dealership. We brought our 2002 MDX here because it was slipping.  Mike in the service center contacted me  to let me know that it needed a new transmission. Cost of a new trans is $4400. My car has 58,000 mikes on it. Mike told me that a car with that low amount of miles on it should not need a new transmission and that he was going to call Honda to see what they can do for me.
Later that day he called back telling me that they would install a new transmission with a 36,000 mile/3 year warranty for $1,100.
They did the work and completed it 2 days ahead of schedule.

What impressed me was that they offered to give me a great deal on this without any prompting. I would have asked for the deal on it because the trans should last longer than that, but they didn't even make me ask.
That is awesome service.

Clair Y. | 2010-07-31

I had to chime in here because ever since Danny left the internet sales I have taken my business elsewhere. I have purchased a few cars from this dealership until last month where I purchased from another dealership because of the BS dealing with the new internet sales goon.

Kathy R. | 2010-07-20

Just bought a new Acura RDX from Kearny Mesa Acura.   My experience was wonderful.  We spend about two weeks looking, pricing, and comparing.  By far the nicest and easiest people to work with are George and Becky at this dealership.  They happily matched the costco price.  They were willing to go up to LA to find the exact car I wanted.  All in all it was an excellent experience.

Yui W. | 2010-03-24

I bought my TSX from Kearny Mesa Acura, and that went without incident.

Since this is where I bought it, I brought it here for a few oil changes, but they always take SO long. One time, they had my car for 3 or 4 hours, when they said it would take one. They didn't even apologize! Since I live closer to Ball Acura, I started going there (and by the way, Jeff Arkin and his team are waaaay awesome!). I decided to never go back to KM Acura again.

...or so I thought.

The company I work for has 3 Acuras leased from Kearny Mesa Acura, so I had to interact with them again today. We are returning one of our vehicles, and I needed to ask a few questions regarding the lease end. I was passed around at least 10 times, and each person I talked to didn't want to talk to me at all, was curt, and not helpful. When I finally got the sales manager on the phone, I told him how I felt, and he said, "Well, they can't help you anyway". I told him that it doesn't matter, they should tell me they don't have the knowledge, but they can still direct me to the right person, and be friendly. He apologized, but he also did it in a very, "I don't give a shi*" way.

I really dislike Kearny Mesa Acura, and if Ball Acura is a practical other option for you, I really recommend it.

Erik R. | 2010-02-10

I bought a brand new 2006 RSX and it was my first and last experience with this dealership. As soon as I drove the car off the lot, I started having problems: The front end suspension system was defective, the molding strips over both the passenger AND drivers side doors flew off as I was driving down the freeway, the seatbelts would not retract when you took them off, the rear tail-light would fall off when you would close the hatchback, the carpeting came up when I took the floormats out to vacuum them. There was an issue with my brake system and it took the 5 times to fix it.
Mind you, THE CAR WAS BRAND NEW when I  bought it ....I wanted to return it as the car was a total lemon, but the dealership wanted to take no responsibility for it until I filed a complaint with the BBB and got them involved...Then the GM's assistant had the nerve to contact me and tell me "That since I was unhappy with the dealership, I should take my car to one of the other locations: there are only two: One is in Chula Vista, and one is in Oceanside....neither was at all close to my home....I lived 5 minutes from Kearny Mesa Acura.
I sold the car and Kearny Mesa Acura can kiss my A$$.....NEVER buy  a car from them.

Vinh H. | 2010-01-27

usually i put my own time and effort into maintaining my car, but at 60k i decided it's probably better to let the professionals determine if i've been doing a good job.

anyhow, let's just say it cost me an arm and a leg for a mere tranny oil change and for them to top off my fluids. wow. the perk is that i got to test drive their new tsx [free rental], but i'm pretty sure that's where all my monies went.

to sum it up, excellent service, but for the price, i would not go here again.

Jeff T. | 2010-01-19

Kearny Mesa Acura has taken care of me and my cars for several years and I'm (almost) always very pleased with their service and the quality of their repairs.

I always make an appointment, so it's easy in and out. I generally bring work and wait in their nicely appointed waiting room that has free coffee and WiFi (making it better than Starbucks!) plus comfortable chairs and desks if you need one. They provide a free shuttle van and will even hook you up with a free loaner car on major repairs.

The repairs are always done quickly and to a high standard of quality. I've had one problem reoccur and they fixed it at no charge. Everything is explained and the estimates are always accurate. I've had other dealerships try to rip me off on repairs, but never here. And, I appreciate them washing my car for me even if I'm just getting a small service.

Three drawbacks come to mind. First, the cashier tells you when your car is ready, not the service advisor. This is fine for minor service, but it would be nice if I didn't have to hunt down my service advisor after the big stuff to ask how the repair and/or inspection went. The second drawback is you will be hounded mercilessly to complete surveys or provide feedback on the service. I think it's great they ask, but I'd appreciate it if they dialed it back  bit. Finally, their prices are high. Of course, you get what you pay for in terms of service and convenience.

Take your Acura here if you want service and convenience and are willing to pay a premium for it. They'll get you in, do a great job, and get you out. Shop around if you have more time than money and are willing to chance disappointment at some other place.

Angela H. | 2009-11-01

My first experience here definitely blew me away. The annoying "maintenance required" light had been on in my Acura for about a week before I finally took my car in get the oil changed.

I had no idea what to do/where to put my car once I got there, but an Asian man (named Zhang?) was very helpful and went into the office to grab an advisor for me. Juan Carmona is the NICEST guy ever. He was very efficient, very charming, and processed all my paperwork under 5 minutes. He promised to have my car back to me within 45 minutes, and showed me where the waiting area was.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the lounge!!! They have a machine that brews Starbucks coffee (OMG!!!). The same machine will also brew hot chocolate for you. They have an assortment of teas. And of course, cold water.

The people at the Parts counter were also very nice. Mark loved the fact that I had four Acuras in my household. I bought wiper blade inserts from him for all four of the cars (he gave me the wrong wiper blade insert for one of the wipers, and I have yet to go back to get the right one. Note to self: GET IT DONE!!).

I thought I had lots of time to kill, but just 20 minutes later, my name was called. They were already done changing the oil, washing, and vacuuming my car. They even put a little reminder sticker on my windshield for my next appointment (Thanks, guys!!).

Two of the Acuras are with my parents in Los Angeles. But I called my mom, and we'll be rotating the cars down here for all our service needs. At $36.99 + tax for the oil change, wash, vacuum, and undoubtedly the nicest service on earth, you can't get any better than this!!

Mark F. | 2009-10-21

I write this review while in the waiting area...

Kearny Mesa Acura provides excellent service to your car and to you. The quality of workmanship and the friendly advisors make your experience not only bearable but comforting. The value of the service is perhaps the most important feature.

My two experiences here have been great on my wallet. The first, I was concerned about my engine light coming on; Michael Fentress helped me diagnose the problem, order the part to replace it, provide me with a complimentary loaner since the part would be next-day, washed my vehicle, and all of this was done at no cost (since the vehicle was under warranty)!! My current experience is just a regular tuneup. My advisor Tom Grasser is providing me again with a complimentary wash and my service is on special today so my cost today is again very reasonable.

I am very happy to be an Acura owner because of the great service and value provided me at Kearny Mesa Acura!

Vanessa D. | 2009-08-05

Recently I took my RSX there to have the starter and O2 sensor replaced. They quoted me $1200 for the starter and $575 for the O2 sensor. This seemed to be a bit on the outrageous side, so I did a little research and called a few shops to get an idea of what the price really should be. The average repair quote I got was about $850. A thousand dollar discrepancy in pricing is enough to tell me that this place has no problem taking advantage of their customers. No thanks. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Al A. | 2009-05-27

In case you didn't know, Acuras are really spiffier Hondas. They carry extra panache, luxury and a higher resale value. Being related to Honda, you'd expect the same kind of reliability while having the parking valets fight over parking your car.

You get the picture.

I used to own European but have gone back to Japanese cars. I've gone through the hassles that usually go with owning European. From those experiences my patience has taken many hits and my wallet has gotten a lot thinner.

That was then, this is now.

Recently, my MDX was making an unusual squeaking noise that was similar to a loose fan belt. Being way under 50K on the clock, I figured it can be repaired under warranty. Having Cush Acura located just 15 minutes from my house made this establishment a convenient choice.

At Cush, my Acura and I were treated to professionalism and courtesy you'd expect at higher end dealerships. Folks here are quick to get you on your way with a free courtesy loaner. Tom, our service associate kept me informed of my car's status and it was repaired within a couple days.

It felt good to sign the stack of paperwork with $0.00 to be paid at the bottom of the invoice. Furthermore, I was happy to have my car washed/detailed (for free) and back to tip top shape.

Just wished gas prices were going down. You can't have it all, I guess.

Chica D. | 2009-02-03

I've been taking my ol Integra bucket here for years. I only call it a bucket because I've had it for so long and wish it would die so I can get something new. Alas, it's an Acura so it just might run forever.

I love that even though I have a 90's era Integra, I still get the same level of service as the people driving those nice new MDX's or TLs.  

I love that I get to drive away in a decked out TSX or TL with leather and navigation while my car is being fixed.  Around Thanksgiving, they let me keep it over the weekend and I used it to visit my parents in Orange County.  All I had to do was fill up the tank when I returned.

My car is always returned to me in great shape. I often splurge on an interior detail (no use bothering with the exterior since I park outside).  My car is embarassingly crusted with the remnants of a rushed road lunch or spilled coffee.  They shampoo the carpets and seats, and get all the crusties out of the center console (gross, sorry).  

I'll be seeing them again soon, perhaps to enjoy that s* hot loaner car again.


liz r. | 2008-09-10

I just bought a used TSX from them. They were nice at first, although they (the sales guy and the finance officer) ended up being a little rude as we were closing the deal.  Granted, I was a bit naive, since this was the first car I've purchased from a dealership, but it doesn't give them the right to mock me for asking questions.

I don't know how the service department works, but I'll follow up once I take it in.

Mike D. | 2008-07-22

Bunch of shady haters.   I overheard one salesman making fun of a womans weight as she was in the parking lot looking at cars,  and he also exclaimed that she looked broke and her fat ass would probably buy somethin with cloth seats.    WTF?

Fiona T. | 2008-06-09

I pulled up into the lot not knowing where the hell to go. A man assisted me right away, told me to pull up into the shop. I did. The guy who helped me was really cute ^_^ so as he was fixing my stero, I was kinda flirting with him...but yeah! Good service! haha

Benjamin Y. | 2008-03-18

I go here often just to have to deal with the stuff I can't deal with at local shops or myself. Acura stealerships really rake up the prices on everything. I hate the service here too. I think they just like to take advantage of me because I'm a college student sometimes. I went in to get the car serviced because the SRS light was out and I had a warranty on it. I had it diagnosed to see what was the problem, and it was the warrantied sensor. Then I came back the next day when they had the part and got it installed. Both times they didn't offer me a car, and when I requested, they said I have to be 25. My gf automatically got a loaner right when she needed it and they didn't ask her squat. Useless.... And the first time, I got a van to take me home, which was nice, but I had to wait a half hour for him. On top of that, they said that they would call me when I could come but they didn't. I was in the dealership office when it was finished, and I just walked outside and there was my car waiting for me... The first time I had to actuallly call them. Service is terrible.

Now on to prices. Everyone knows that the dealerships charge out the ass, but acura is really ridiculous. I went in to ask how much transmission fluid change was, and it was like 90 bucks. WOW. They sell it 9 bucks a quart and we only need 3 quarts. And they sell the same tranny fluid at honda for 5 something a quart. I changed it on my own for 15 bucks. Avoid dealerships if you can.... I really hate dealing with them. Service and price is just ridiculous.

J T. | 2008-02-05

Great staff, made every effort to make the process easy and comfortable.  I dealt with the sales manager, Greg, great guy that had me laughing the entire time.  I buy new vehicles every couple years and based on my most recent experience with Kearney Mesa Acura I would definitely buy from them again.  The staff was extremely helpful which made the process fast and painless, no pressure and the follow up was phenomenal.  All around a great experience.

Donna B. | 2007-08-03

The staff is very friendly and professional, I have taken my RSX here for it's routine maintenance and other things. They are exceptionally  patient and are always readily available. I always call with a specific question regarding my car and they never hesitate to tell me to bring it in and they take a quick look at it...that and they always give me a loaner car even though I really don't need one.

Erin K. | 2007-07-26

I love Kearny Mesa Acura Service Department!  I used to do the $10 oil change special at Bucky's but I got smarter as I got older.  Not only do their oil changes take less than an hour, they hand wash the outside and vacuum the inside and send you on your way with a bottle of cold water.  That's service :)

Peter T. | 2007-07-20

I have been taking my various Toyota models (and now my new Civic) here for years, at least 7 of them, and the reason is Tony (aka the owner) of the shop.  Why bring a Toyota to a mechanic who specializes in Honda's?  Simple: service which is quick and thorough, and a mechanic who has NEVER ripped off myself, my parents, or anyone I've sent to him.

Tony has been a reliable and trustworthy mechanic for my entire family for a while now.  He is part of the reason why my parents now drive an Acura and an Accord - they trust that they can always get expert advice and service from Tony and his staff whenever they come here.

The fact is, when I was in college and couldn't always afford all of the necessary work on my Camry, he would always do the vital stuff, and wait on the other things until they became utterly necessary, which is a nice benefit for a kid in college.  Tony will not steer you wrong, and will give you an honest assessment for your vehicle.  It's a hard thing to come by these days - an honest mechanic - and it's a luxury I'm glad to have.

Steve R. | 2007-04-23

Review is for the parts department only.

Excellent friendly professional staff here. Cashier is equally as pleasant.

I get most of my Acura parts here and recommend them highly.

Walker S. | 2007-01-25

I decided to move up to Acura after 20 years with Nissan Maxima. My choice, the 2007 TL Type S. My experience with the dealer was the best ever. They make it very easy with excellent follow up. Buying a car is hard enough; go here and enjoy it for the first time.
We took a trip to the bay area and totally fell in love with the navigation system.  Among the many great features the "locate by phone number" is my favorite.  Here is all you do: use the touch screen to enter the phone number of any business, hit enter, and presto, up pops the business.  Now press route and the system calculates a route and starts guidance to the location.  The navigation system DVD database disk in the truck has a wealth of info.
First service visit March 30th:  I arrived at 8:30 where my service rep quickly wrote up the "A1" (oil change, tire rotation).  He added a free wash/detail and showed me to the comfortable waiting room.  Coffee and rolls were provided.  Less than an hour later I was called to pay a modest $46 with my car waiting just outside the door.  What a great place!!
Update Dec 18th:  My new car continues to perform giving me 30 mpg on a 4800 mile road trip in July.  The service department was completely renovated, parts deparment moved inside the main showroom and everything is new, fresh and comfortable.  The staff continues to provide outstanding service.  My recommendation is that you buy a car here and have it serviced here.  Excellent dealership!!