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We are your San Diego Mazda Dealer specializing in new and pre-owned Mazda vehicles, Mazda Service and Mazda parts. Our knowledgeable sales staff have been trained and certified by Mazda to provide amazing client service. Our San Diego Mazda Dealer has been selling and servicing San Diego for a long time - our experience is second to none!


Established in 1957.

John Hine Pontiac was founded by John Hine in Dallas Texas in 1950 and relocated to San Diego in 1957. John Hine added the Mazda line in 1971.

John Hine Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(619) 297-4251
Address:1545 Camino Del Rio S, San Diego, CA, 92108
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on John Hine Mazda

Allison S. | 2015-04-24

We're thrilled with our new CX-5! Arien was great to work with, super-nice and really down-to-earth. We felt like they really valued our time, too!

Kathryn F. | 2015-04-21

I came in today completely distraught thinking my newer mazda 3 2012 was having the transmission going out. I was pretty upset and tried not to let it show too much. when I got there I was greeted by a wonderful woman by the name of Nicole Brand. She was a complete delight smiling and reassuring me everything would be okay. After waiting a short time she came to inform me it wasnt my transmission but the computer for my transmission. It had been proptly fixed and the diagnostic fee had been waived thanks to it being under warranty. Nicole could tell that the fee was a concern for me so she made sure to inform me of it being waived right away. I was so extremely impressed with the customer service I dont usually leave reviews but this business had gone above and beyond to make me feel appreciated. I just want to say a huge thanks to eveyone over there and especially Nicole!
I would very much reccomend this dealership to everyone!

Geoff G. | 2015-04-19

I bought my preowned 2012 Mazda 2 here, in 2013... It was 2 years ago already... How time flies!  I want to say it was a great experience and I would recommend John Hine to anyone and everyone.  Arian is the sales rep that helped me, he's great!  I love Mazda, and John Hine Mazda fits the bill.  Thanks again.

Kelsey S. | 2015-04-14

I would highly recommend John Hine Mazda and my salesman, Carl. After dealing with lots of pushy car salesmen in the weeks prior, we were greeted at John Hine right away by Carl and he made us feel warm and welcome from the start. He answered all of our questions with confidence and made the buying process as smooth as possible. He wasn't pushy, was very friendly, and when we sat down he was able to get me the deal I was looking for. There was a small mix-up with my vehicle and Carl really made the effort to ensure it was handled, and that I was satisfied with the cleanliness of the car when I picked it up. Not to mention, the cars are awesome and I love mine so far.

Highly recommend! Thanks Carl!

Valerie V. | 2015-04-14

Michael Hill is awesome.  The John Hine service department is hands down the most efficient, clean, accommodating along with 3 separate lounges, including tables to enjoy the outdoors, and well informed service department I have ever been to.  My concerns where heard and I was explained the necessary steps to correct.  Michael went out of his way to get "extra" help for an item in repair.  Thank you!

Patrick D. | 2015-04-14

If you're looking for a new vehicle in the San Diego area, go into John Hine Mazda and track down Arien Porter. While I walked into the dealership with a specific vehicle in mind, it was my first time buying a brand new car and my first time having a loan without a cosigner. Taking on this undertaking was a little overwhelming but with Arien walking me through the process and answering all of my questions with a no b.s. attitude and a pleasant demeanor, I felt very much at ease. He went out of his way to convince another dealership all the way across town to relinquish a specific model to them and arranged for it to be delivered the following morning so I could get what I wanted because AWD is such a rarity to southern California. He met all of my needs promptly with a friendly smile. I felt comfortable working with him and didn't feel like I was being worked over, as is often the case with car salemen. I highly recommend allowing Arien to help you find your new vehicle, he knows people almost as well as he knows his product. By the time I left, even my very technology-challenged self understood how to work all the bells and whistles of my new CX-5.

Lori K. | 2015-04-09

NICE people at high pressure sales people in sight!  Sales and service are awesome.  I worked with Steven Camacho for my great, he streamlined the process and made it so easy!  I worked with Steven Aylia for nice and professional too.  I will be servicing my car there from her on forward as well.  So happy with my new 2016 Mazde CX5 - we love our car and we love John Hine!



Kisha B. | 2015-04-09

I have never had the best car buying experience in the past. But, honestly, between Tyler, Andre, Alex and Peter it really was a great experience. They were professional, communicative and straight forward. I am still floored. I would recommend them highly for your next car buy :)

Sara C. | 2015-04-09

Recently stopped in to John Hine to trade in my Mazda 3 for larger CX 5. I worked with Carl Johnson who was the salesman helping me with trade. Absolutely EXCELLENT service from Carl! He took the time to answer every single question I had, went through every detail of the car with me, and made sure I knew how to operate every tech feature before I drove my new car off the lot. Absolutely wonderful service! I can't recommend Carl enough!

Tara Leigh W. | 2015-04-02

I had been on the Hun for a "mom car" for a while! Had a beautiful camaro I needed to trade in and everywhere I went tried to offer lower than I wanted for my camaro or were trying to put me in a car that I didn't want!!! I had an appointment with Andre and let me tell ya'll!!  I walked in, told him what car I would like, how much I could spend monthly and how much I wanted for my camaro! He met a those needs! The BEST car shopping experience I have ever had!! Than you Andre for being the best!!!

Andrew M. | 2015-03-31

My recent experience at Hine Mazda was a good one. I had done some research online. And requested a quote. I received. Personal email from Tyler, who handles the Internet sales, at 8pm on a Friday.

They offered a good price in my trade in without too much negotiating. I left that day in a new Mazda 3 and felt great about my experience there.

Kevin B. | 2015-03-27

Salesman experience 5/5
Finance dept experience 0/5

This review is broken into 2 pieces because I had 2 polarizing experiences.

First of all, I should say it's a decent place to buy a car. Everyone on the floor is friendly. Salesman John wasn't pushy, answered all my questions, and even let me drive his own personal car (same make/model/year I was trying to buy) because the one I ended up buying honestly felt a little cheap at first so I was concerned about the longevity of the vehicle. But after driving his around (and mine) I fell in love pretty quickly. I had spoken to him earlier in the day when I was at work and he had promised me by the time I got up there at 6PM the car I wanted to look at would still be waiting for me. It was, and I ended up buying it that night.

As far as the financial side of this place goes, no amount of money could make me want to go through this experience again. My only mistake was not coming in with a loan already approved from somewhere else. I was condescended, poked and prodded at by their finance dept, and made to look like a completely irresponsible person. I ended up getting such an awful loan that as soon as I could afford it, I refinanced it with another bank and decided to take a significant loss to fix the mess I had gotten into. I really had no other choice at the time; my car I had was breaking down by the day and I needed out.

Overall the experience was fine, but I would DEFINITELY go in with a pre-approved loan from an outside source. The cars are great! Zoom-zoom!

Patrick M. | 2015-03-27

My Bride and I had not purchased a car in over 10 years. We spent a lot of time researching the vehicle we wanted and went to virtually every dealership in San Diego County. Our last place to visit was John Hine Mazda. It should have been our first! It would have saved a lot of time, and effort (let's face it, buying a car is a daunting and repetitious task). We dropped in just before closing on a Saturday evening and met Rod. He was very pleasant and accommodating. Very patient too I might add. We sat down and "ran the numbers" and it was a bit out of our price range. Rod and Art were able to get us a better rate than our credit union. We were still in need of taking time to think it over. There was no pressure at all to buy. We came back the next day and met with Arien and "sealed the deal". Arien is one of a kind, very energetic and immediately makes you feel at ease and part of the family. Sounds cheezy, but that's how it felt. He took care of all our needs and even washed the car himself prior to us taking possession. Keith in finance was also a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and won't try to push you to buy extras that you don't need. He did get a great deal on an alarm and warranty extension. Overall, this place was great! I would recommend going here to anyone who wants great service and a great product!

Janay C. | 2015-03-26

Carl Johnson is AMAZING!

I recently leased a 2015 Mazda 6. My lease with my Altima was scheduled to end next month and I was contemplating whether or not to go with another Nissan. I went up to Mazda with a friend of mine because he was interested in a Mazda 6. I was completely there just for moral support and had no intentions of getting a Mazda as my next car. When we showed up, the car was pulled up in the driveway ready (and washed) for us to look at. Carl completely sold my friend and I on the Mazda 6 and I fell in love with the car. I told him my situation with my current lease and he found a way to get me in a 2015 Mazda 6 two days later. I've always dreaded going to car dealerships due to past experiences of being there for 6+ hours, but Carl was able to get everything done in 2-2.5 hours!

I would definitely recommend Carl Johnson and John Hine Mazda!

Noel L. | 2015-03-17

Bought a Mazda 6 about 1.5 years ago. In the last nine months my rotors have warped and I have had a constant rattle in the car plus a moldy smell from the vents. This car is not worth it - do t but it and the dealership has a very cavalier attitude about the problems with the car.

Mauricio F. | 2015-03-14

The service advisor Ron was very helpful and professional, got us through a tricky situation on a warranty item from a repair in a Texas dealership.

But I am giving them 2 stars because when it came time to pick up my vehicle it took them a long time  despite the fact that I was called the day before to advise it had been fixed and was ready to go. Had to wait 45 minutes and had to ask repeatedly for my vehicle.

Very poor customer service and to think I was considering buying a new car from them! Your poor delivery on a very simple task lost you a customer.

Good job Rob!

Very bad, bad assistant service manager, whatever your name is.

Brenda B. | 2015-03-13

My husband wanted to replace our 2000 Saturn, his drive to work car. He doesn't put many miles on it per year so we didn't need a brand new car. After a quick internet search for used cars under $15000 with less than 50K miles, we were on our way to John Hine Mazda in Mission Valley. Our salesperson, Alex, was friendly, informative, and low pressure. In a very short amount of time and with 0 hassle, we had the keys to the exact car we wanted. My son was so impressed with the vehicle that he and his wife called on Alex a few days later, and now we have a great certified used Mazda 3 and a brand new shiny Mazda 3 in our driveway. My son's financial situation was quite different from ours, as he is only 23 and just building his credit, but somehow John Hine Mazda worked their magic on a trade in and gave him an excellent deal on the new car. We couldn't be more happy or more impressed with our John Hine experience, and Alex Reynoso, our car salesperson.

Cindy W. | 2015-03-13

Just last week I purchased a 2015 Mazda CX5. They gave us such a great deal on our new SUV. I couldn't be happier! John Hine, and specifically Brett our salesman, made the car buying experience easy and even fun. Brett was very knowledgeable and  answered any and all of our questions. We have already recommended John Hine Mazda to several of our friends.

Tricia E. | 2015-03-05

If you're shopping for a Mazda go see Andre and Brent. They are THE BEST! My last 3 cars have been Mazda's and all 3 have been arranged by Brent. Last week I leased a 2015 Mazda CX-5. This process was so painless and easy. Andre and Brent had the numbers worked up before I arrived. No hassles. I was in and out of the dealership in less than 2 hours. I would highly recommend Andre, Brent and John Hine Mazda. Thanks for making it so much fun to shop for a car!!!

Aa S. | 2015-03-04

UPDATE! After a bad experience a few days ago, I decided to post an update to report what happened after my first visit to the dealership.  The following day I was contacted by staff at John Hines Mazda and given a  apology. I was provided with great customer service and a much better deal on the car I wanted......overall, a much better experience. I truly appreciated the time that was taken by management to listen to my concerns. I definitely was able to witness great customer service my second time around......and I'm loving my new car!

Mary A. | 2015-03-03

I needed some work done on my Toyota and heard John Hine Mazda service department was reliable.  I called and spoke with Brent Howard and explained my concerns.  He introduced me to Michael Hill (Service Advisor) and Jerry Antoine (Service Manager).  What a great group of people!  They were patient with my explanation of what was wrong, and helped me decide what would work best for me and my budget.  Pricing was actually very competitive with other quotes I received and the work was done much quicker than expected considering what needed to be done. My car is driving great and I have to thank all 3 men for the great service I received.  Of course I couldn't leave the showroom without Brent pointing out the new Mazda Miata, what a beautiful car!!  When my current car is done, I will be calling Brent to get me set up with a new Miata!
Thank you John Hine Mazda and your great team!

Stephanie A. | 2015-03-03

The customer service provided by John Hine and Jerry Antoine is OUTSTANDING!
The short story is my 2012 Mazda 3 needed a new alternator, but my mechanic said it was on back order for a month (sitting on a ship somewhere between SD and Japan).  A month without a car? Ummm that's not gonna work.  So a co-worker overheard my conversation and recommended I take it to the guys at John Hine and connected me directly with Jerry Antoine.  After a 5 minute convo with Jerry explaining everything, he hung up with me, worked some kind of miracle and called back within a half hour with a confirmation I could have the part overnight!!!! These guys work miracles!! I towed my car to them that day and after their IMPECCABLE service, I'll NEVER take my car anywhere else!!  Jerry was patient with me, answering every little question I had, and kept me updated on my car's status.

Thank you so much John Hine and Jerry Antoine for everything!

Gail D. | 2015-03-01

I had owned a Mazda for ten years, and had found John Hines Service Department to be superior to any other.  So, when my 11-yr old Mazda's air conditioning failed, I did not consider any other source than John Hines for a new Mazda.  The service department is friendly, professional, and excellent.

Jennifer L. | 2015-02-24

Great customer service!!!!! Love Dave, general manager!

Melissa F. | 2015-02-21

Absolutely the WORST customer service I've ever experienced. Took our Mazda here to have a routine oil change and tire rotation. Shortly after having the work done, the car started making a loud jet engine sound. I called the dealer immediately to tell them about the problem and they claimed the tires were just cupping. Took the car to another mechanic and was told the wheel bearings were going bad. Called John Hine Mazda back to schedule an appointment since the parts were still under warranty. After being told it would only take a couple of hours to look at, we waited over 5 hours and were told nothing was wrong. During that time we took their shuttle service to the mall across the highway. They refused to pick us up and after waiting an hour, we walked back to the dealership. The staff there was completely unhelpful every time we've gone and have been rude every time we've called. This was their second chance and they screwed up royally. We will be taking the car elsewhere.

Lindsay C. | 2015-02-18

Purchased a used vehicle.  The car was just what we were looking for and at the right price.  We were told that the vehicle had all sorts of inspections before they put it on the lot.  That was reassuring because, I told the salesman, that we would be driving the car out of state very soon.  He said that he wouldn't think twice about driving it a long distance.  After purchasing, I had the car inspected by a trusted auto shop and it needed new brakes all around.  In fact, the mechanic said very very soon we would have started damaging the rotors.  So, big inspection? Coulda been way worse than new brakes, I guess.

Dustin W. | 2015-02-16

Last week I leased a 2015 Mazda 6. Andre was my sales consultant and was truly exceptional. This process was so painless and easy and really made it an enjoyable experience. He was very knowledgeable about the vehicle and had me in and out of the dealership in less than 2 hours knowing I was in a bind. I would highly recommend Andre and John Hine Mazda for any one interested in purchasing a Mazda.

The Mazda 6 is such a nice vehicle and I'm loving it. The gas mileage is ridiculous, I'm still on the same tank of gas from the dealership and it's been over a week (267 miles).  Smooth affordable ride with a luxury look and feel.

jennifer m. | 2015-02-13

John Hine Mazda was awesome. We worked with Tyler and Steven. Both of them were excellent. They gave me all the details I needed without any of the pressure I got from other dealerships. I felt that they were more than fair, upfront and open with their pricing. They were friendly and helpful! Completely great from beginning to end. I know I got an awesome deal! Couldn't be happier :)

Marlaena L. | 2015-02-12

I was in a horrible accident a few weeks ago and totaled my previous car.
I needed a new car ASAP and was under a pretty good amount of stress hustling to find the right car FROM the right person.
I feel it's equally important to find the right salesman as it is to find the right car.
I've had my eyes set on a Mazda 3 prior to even getting into an accident.
However- Nearly every single salesman I met PRE-Carl Johnson happened to be pushy, awkward, and or "stand offish".

I went to a dealer the day before, and it took him nearly 40 minutes to even FIND the car?!

I happened to call John Hine Mazda, and Carl answered. It was a rainy day, so he said to just call him when we were on the way so he could literally pull the car up to the door and be ready for a test drive! His energetic and down to earth demeanor even on the phone is what made me feel like THIS is where I'll be getting my car. From the second we stepped foot into John Hine, I received nothing but quality customer service from Carl, his manager Elario, and their financing team!

I definitely recommend John Hine Mazda and their superior staff/team:)

Santi A. | 2015-02-01

My wife and I purchased a CX5 at John Hine this past Friday.  We dealt directly with Carl Johnson.  Carl was very straight forward, informative, and professional.  He was extremely accommodating and courteous.   His knowledge of the entire Mazda product line was comprehensive.  Carl was able to answer all of the questions my wife and I had to pitch at him.  WE returned on numerous occasions before our purchase, at no time were did we feel pressured.  His manager Elario maintained the same outstanding  level of service throughout the entire process.  My wife and I compared prices and service (test drove quite a few)  from numerous dealerships in the county Elario and Carl  were able to demolish all of the other prices and their service was extraordinary.  We completed the transaction with Keith in the finance department, it was no surprise that he was on the same page with Carl and Elario.  Keith was extremely informative and was willing to be flexible with my wife and I.  We look forward to submitting future reviews for maintenance service as John Hine Mazda has earned our business.  I GOT MINE AT HINE !!!!

Santi and Suzanne

Jen W. | 2015-01-26

Bought out second new car here in less than 4 months.  We got a 2015 CX-5 in November anf I just got a 2015 Mazda 6 today.  In both cases we went through true car and got great offers from Tyler and Michael Watkins the same day.  We dealt in person with Tyler for both cars and he is great, friendly, not pushy, no B.S. And SUPER knowledgeable.  In and out in less than 2 hours from test drive to out the door.  Crystal in finance was really great too.  So far everyone we have dealt with in the service department has been friendly, and just dropping by for a nitro fill on the tires and a car wash on the CX-5 on a Saturday without an appointment has been a and out in a half hour!  Would recommend John Hine to all my friends!

Nova Bella C. | 2015-01-20

I purchased my 2014 Mazda CX-5 in December 2013.  Sales team was great, finance manager was pleasant and easy to work with.  They gave me a really wonderful deal on my trade-in (MINI Clubman).  
Thank goodness I have not had any major issues with my car so far but I have been into service more than 6 times over the last 14 months for various little things.  I've dealt with Steven Ayala, Tami Winslet, Robert Toole, and Ron Moehler.  I've also had the pleasure to have first hand experience with the service manager, Jerry Antoine.  All service staff and support teams (shuttle, greeters, cashiers) have all been top notch.  My favorite is Tami though!  She's a great listener and it always feels like she is working extra hard to make things convenient for the customer.
I recently won a raffle for a free complete car detail ($150 value).  I'm not sure how as I've never won anything!  I think they draw one name per week for all the service customers, if I remember correctly.   I was able to take advantage of my detail service today.   Thank you John Hine!  My car was super crusty courtesy of my crazy two year old.  
Dealership is conveniently located with lots of amenities including a very nice (and clean) playroom for your littles.  They even have a special room for nursing mothers!

Ron G. | 2015-01-15

I bought a Mazda 6 Touring. Carl Johnson was the sales associate. My wife and I had test driven five cars and the Mazda 6 was the clear winner. I haven't purchased a car in 15 years (hard to give up my Mustang convertible) and was a little nervous about what I might have to go through. Carl was super. Knowledgable, attentive and respectful of us both. The sales process was smooth, the price was what we had hoped for and the finalization of the sale was actually enjoyable! I would recommend John Hine Mazda for the car and Carl Johnson was the best. Thanks.

Elizabeth V. | 2015-01-07

This is a review for their service department. I wanted to get the interior of my Mazda 5 detailed and did a fair amount of research re: pricing and options.

John Hine Mazda had by far the cheapest pricing with similar cleaning services to other detailing businesses in town. I paid about $70-80 for a full interior cleaning (vacuum, shampoo, dash and leather wipe down, etc), whereas other businesses were charging about $120-135.

Other places may do a more thorough job, but for the price, you can't beat the great results. My car looks and smells great. Cup holders, nooks and crannies all cleaned out. Service also included a quick routine inspection (tire pressure, liquids, etc) and basic car wash for free.

Customer Service:
Ron Moehlig helped me from the initial phone call to checking out and he was terrific. Patient with my questions, friendly, funny and above all, honest. Epitome of great customer service.

- Clean your car out of your things/trash beforehand so that they can do the best job possible.
- I did have to wait a while for the service, about 4 hours, so be prepared to wait or go to Mission Valley to pass time.

Andrea M. | 2015-01-05

I bought my new car from Arien Porter at John Hine Mazda on December 29th, 2014.  Immediately, I felt very comfortable around him, never felt pressured, and knew he had my best interests in mind.  I had test drove quite a few cars, but only Arien put me in every possible situation out on the road to see why this car was best for me.  He even had me stop on a hill and take my foot off the brake to show that the car had hill assist and wouldnt roll backwards!.  No other test drive was like this one.    He was such a professional, but also very laid back and friendly as well.   He knew the answer to every question I had about the vehicle.  He was extremely knowledgable.  He got me a fair price for my new car and the most money possible for my 05 Nissan Altima trade in.  I actually left there feeling like he was a new friend of mine.  I definetly did not get this feeling from any other car salesman I have met in my search for a new car in the past few weeks.  I highly suggest going to Arien to look for a new car.  And of course I absolutely love me 2015 Mazda CX-5.  Best crossover SUV out there for this price point!  Couldnt be happier overall with my car buying experience.  Thanks Arien!

Laura B. | 2015-01-01

Bought a Mazda 6 from Carl Johnson at John Hine and it was a wonderful experience. Carl was a great combo of personable, knowledgeable and respectful.

He made the purchasing and negotiating experience completely painless. It was raining the day I purchased so he offered for us to get the car cleaned later in the week. Five stars.

I strongly recommend Carl and John Hine!

David F. | 2014-12-27

Wow, were we ever surprised.  We had no idea that Mazda has stepped up to the plate to rival not only Honda and Toyota, but to have features that Honda and Toyota reserve for their top flight Acura and Lexus lines.  The dealer was wonderful to work with.  First John Maurer gave us one of the best educations we've ever received from a sales person about the considerations for buying a new, in this case, 2015, vehicle.  Then Michael Watkins closed the deal with a lot of straight talk, honest comparisons, clear answers to complex questions about options and financing, and no pressure about anything.  We wound up with a fully loaded soul red Mazda3, and we love it.

Katie O. | 2014-12-23

Sorry....but when you pay monthly for prepaid services and get to the service center and then they try to make you pay that and for all of your services...its a little bit ridiculous. Get it together. Train your workers. Thanks.

Kimm C. | 2014-12-21

I recently purchased a used car that I had found on the internet from this dealer (Hine). The salesmen I dealt with are members of the Hine internet sales team. Even though the car I purchased was not a Mazda (Toyota FJ Cruiser), the salesmen were knowledgeable and friendly making sure that even after I had purchased the car, everything was mechanically sound. I will not hesitate in the future to return to Hine to purchase another vehicle and I will recommend Hine to my family and friends!! Trust me in that they go above and beyond to sell quality used cars!!!!

James L. | 2014-12-20

I recently purchased a 2014 Mazda 3 hatchback from here. I worked with salesman John who was very patient and answered all of my questions during our test drive. He was not pushy and did not pressure me to buy on my first visit. When I came back, I asked for him and we went for another test drive. When we sat down to talk about price, he was able to get me the deal I was looking for. The experience with John was much better than what I had experienced during the prior 6 weeks of car shopping.

Once we got the deal worked out, they sent me to the finance office where Keith helped me go through the paperwork. Keith was thorough and informative, but it felt like he was on a time schedule to keep me moving. He was not much for small talk and was definitely not as excited as I was about my new purchase.

There were no "blow you away" moments, but the experience was better than what I expected.

Abby D. | 2014-12-15

I went here a few years ago when I was shopping for my Mazda 3. The sales people were very friendly at first. Then I said I was interested in a used Mazda. The sales person's demeanor totally changed. He told me to go wait some where and some one would come help me. After about 30 min, someone came to help me. His first question was how will you get financing? I thought that was incredibly rude. I was 19 at the time, but I didn't need financing. I told him I would be paying for my car in cash. He rolled his eyes and told me I probably couldn't afford a "newer model" Mazda. I was so offended, my boyfriend and I just left. I ended up purchasing a used Mazda 3 that same day from another dealership in La Mesa. I would not recommend this place. Their service was terrible!

Joanna D. | 2014-12-12

We just got our new 2015 Mazda6! Working with Javier was a true pleasure. He worked very hard to make sure all of our questions were answered and did everything he could to offer us the best possible price. He is extremely knowledgeable and explained all details during the final walk-through. Javier was extremely professional and friendly, and we appreciated that he wasn't putting any pressure on us ;).

Bobby L. | 2014-12-10

I purchased a used car 6 months ago from Hine Mazda.

I came in one day and asked for a specific car I had been eyeballing on their website for quite some time.

Arien was my salesman. I found it odd that he never allowed me to back up the car when test driving... Two days after I had purchased it I had found out why.

The new brakes were improperly installed and created a loud screeching noise when the car is backing up. They also occasionally make a hissing sound when accelerating. When suddenly braking after going 20 or so mph, the wheels feel like they are about to fall off because the brakes create a sensation as if its rolling on rocks. I continue to have these issues with the car up to this day.

After four days with the car I realized I was not satisfied. I called and ask about the brake problem and if I could return it. Before purchasing the car, they make you sign a paper with a long list of potential problems ensuring that they are not responsible for anything wrong with the car... I also told them I was willing to pay the restocking fee to return the car... but it had a two day policy. TWO DAY POLICY. I had no choice but to keep it.

Being a first time car owner, I have since gotten into two front-end accidents with the car and it's quality really shows. It still runs great and I'm happy with it.

Janessa H. | 2014-12-02

Andre and Tyler made my car shopping experience great all the way from test driving the car to driving home with it the next day.  Neither of them really had to "sell" me on the car we got since I came in with my heart set on a Mazda 3, but they both still delivered great customer service and were super helpful through the whole process.

Bethany F. | 2014-12-02

We went into the dealership with a TrueCar estimate from them, they located the vehicle and honored the price. No haggling or pressure. Arien was extremely easy going and great to work with. He was quick to help us and kept the process as smooth and fast as possible. You can tell he really loves Mazdas too which gets you excited. He is eager to talk about the car features in a relate-able and non "salesy" way. GREAT experience!!! My husband couldn't be happier with his brand new Mazda M3 hatchback!

Jenny R. | 2014-11-29

Arien approached us shortly after we came through the door, but we didn't feel like we had been pounced on, just greeted nicely. We shared with Arien that we were looking for a manual Mazda3 -knowing we were asking for a rare find. Arien shared with us that he too likes Manual transmission and he owned a Mazda too! He found it within a reasonable amount of time and took us out on a plesent test drive. He spoke knowledgably of the vehicle, knew the stats and wanted us to experience a variety of everyday road situations on our drive, very sensible!  We made the decision to have him check the inventory for all manuals, and found one a little above our price range but you know, it's like Arien said it would be bad to wake up and feel like we settled for the car, we wanted to be excited about it when you're spending this much, you really should be happy! He took us for another breif drive in the fancier 3 just to get the feel of it, enjoy the moon roof and the Bose speakers, and we were so happy with it! Negotiations of price were comfortable and breif, we came to an agreement easily the rebates offered were great.  All the important things were reviewed with us before we left and all the extras and service offers were icing on the cake. I believe that an experience is what you make of it and we have only nice things to say about our first car buying experience. I will recommend everyone go to you for the best possible car buying experience. Thank you!!

Mike T. | 2014-11-20

After a very nice conversation with Dave Miller, the GM, I feel very confident that the poor service I received in July was a hiccup in otherwise great service I had always received in the years I have been coming here.
Dave assured me the over-tightening of the emergency brake was an accident and not in any way intentional.
He also said he would monitor any service I receive in the future to make sure it is satisfactory.
As a result I am updating my review, though not 5 stars because the incident did occur but Dave did a great job in restoring my faith in the dealership.

Larry A. | 2014-11-19

Just stopped by for my "free" nitro-fill & car wash, was quick and easy.

Natasha K. | 2014-11-17

I have to say that after I had posted my original review, I was contacted by Dave miller 24 hours later. He asked me a few questions and did some investigating on his own. Although he didn't find an answer as to why my floor mats had been taken, he did go ahead and order new black ones
For me. I have to say for that he gets 5 stars in return for his awareness and giving
Great customer service in making me happy.

Piper L. | 2014-11-16

The guys at John Hine Mazda helped me pick out my next car and went above and beyond (upsold me ;) ) into the car I'm in now. I love it and love the help they gave me. I'll be back - though hopefully not soon!! I love my 2015 mazda 3 grand touring - I got it at Hine!!!! (Don't let this small mum && dad shop go out of business!!!!!) they are fantastic!!!!!

Cat M. | 2014-11-10

Awesome car buying experience!  Tyler Kalevitch was attentive and responded to calls and emails quickly. I was very impressed with the knowledge of the staff at Hine and also the amount of inventory at the dealership!  They had exactly what I wanted and made sure I was ready to go when I went by for the test drive. Crystal Caldwell in finance was friendly and efficient! I was in and out of the dealership in under an hour! Thank you very much for a painless first new car buying experience!!

Ly B. | 2014-11-08

As a first time buyer I did a little research before actually calling dealerships to make appointments.  I read that car buying can be an exhausting and cause a lot of anxiety.  Steven made my experience no where near the horrid things I read about.  He was so friendly, very informative and never once made me feel pressured into buying my beautiful Mazda3.  I highly recommend anyone that's looking for a new car to go to John Hine's they will take good care of you.  Thank you again Steven for making me feel confident in my purchase.  Still madly in love with her:)

Tony K. | 2014-11-01

This was a fantastic experience, and probably one of the best car buying experiences I have ever had.  I had always been a loyal Mossy Customer, but the Mazda5 is closest U.S. Vehicle I could find to what I was driving in Europe (Vauxhall Zafira).  

 The Sales Rep, Mr. Art Cervantes, was fantastic and not pushy in the least.  He listened and took the time to show me what I wanted, not what he thought I should get.  I must give a, "thanks" as well to Eladio, the Service Manager, and Keith the Finance guy.  You guys made my car buying experience during Game 7 of the World Series memorable. See you when the kids graduate High. School in a couple of years. :-)

Wei-Hsuan K. | 2014-11-01

Went John Hine Mazda for maintenance two times, met tire pressure issue two times RIGHT AFTER  maintenance....

Mandi D. | 2014-10-30

Love the services here. I purchased my car in Ontario and will never return to them for a service. John Hine has a loyalty program, they give you a printout of your inspection, and they go through this with you to discuss any needed future services. They are prompt and courteous. I always feel taken care of at John Hine.

Andrew P. | 2014-10-28

Great customer service! They were very patient with us, we even stayed up until they closed. Ask for Carl if you're in the market to buy a car. He is extremely friendly and personable. He was the salesman when I purchased my car there. Great guy and salesman.

Jeff T. | 2014-10-21

I have been casually shopping Mazda's all over the county for the last year.  Early in the process I stopped in at John Hine and spoke to Carl.  I had a pleasant conversation about the pre-owned inventory and I explained I was in the early phase of considering a purchase.  No problem, no hard sell, I got useful information about the timetable for lease returns of the recently introduced Mazda6 and no "you can't leave without buying now" hassles.

A couple of weekends ago my wife and I stepped onto the same lot with serious intentions to purchase a pre-owned Mazda.  My research indicated there were at least two suitable cars.  Fortunately for us we met-up with Carl again upon our arrival.  This got things started on the right foot since our previous encounter had been so satisfactory. We test drove the car and this was a very pleasant experience.  Carl was informative and also let us experience the car and take turns driving.  We then sat down to talk in earnest about a purchase. We had few a rounds of negotiation and were able to arrive at a transaction, including our trade-in, that was fair.  We then turned our attention to attending to the paperwork which was also accomplished efficiently and with no surprises.   We took delivery less than 4 hours after arriving  and a fair amount of that time was taken up by deliberations by my wife and I during negotiations and then by time to wash and prep the car for delivery after we reached agreement.

Buying a car can be an unpleasant experience. Emotions and money are in play and we all seem to view these transactions as win or lose propositions.  In this case, we knew what we wanted and arrived with established parameters for purchase.  With this bit of preparation you just need a bit of good fortune to have a sales person who can help you determine if your buying proposition can overlap with the dealer's selling proposition.  Carl did a great job of facilitating that process and we would feel the same positive feelings about his role whether we bought from John Hine or not in the end (a "good" sales person is sometimes the one who leads you to a decision to move onto another dealer without wasting more of your time and energy where a fair deal is not in the cards).    Fortunately a mutually satisfactory deal was possible and Carl was instrumental in getting to that answer so we could either move on, or as in this case, so we could turn our attention to taking delivery and enjoying our new purchase.      

Thanks Carl!!

Summer X. | 2014-10-19

I bought the most ideal car at John Hine Mazda. Dan Cho is a friendly and honest sale representative. He doesn't push his sale to me, rather he introduces the features and specifications of the car that I'm interested in. If someone's looking for a sale I'd probably recommend him.

Dave C. | 2014-10-19

Have been shopping for a new car for the past few weeks, looked at a bunch of different makes and models before deciding on a Mazda3. Salesman Andre Mullen was very personable and easy to work with. I was actually at the dealership three different times, and Andre was patient and put up no sales pressure. Would highly recommend.

It did take several no's before the finance person dropped the extended warranty pitch, but overall it was a smooth and easy transaction.

Justin K. | 2014-10-17

We knew we wanted to buy with John Hine since we used them for service 2 years ago before selling both cars and moving abroad. We came back and my wife wanted a CX-5 so I emailed local dealers and got some pricing information. John Hine easily beat the competition, and set it up for us so that when we landed, our car was ready. We were out of the dealership in less than an hour and on our way! Thanks Tyler!

Gary G. | 2014-10-15

I researched getting a Mazda 6 after seeing a commercial about its good gas mileage for a midsize car. I had 3 lease payments left on a fiat 500 that was coming to an end in a few months and the idea of a midsize car with the same gas mileage intrigued me. I used autobytel to get some quotes from all the local Mazda dealers and Michael Watkins, the Internet manager at John Hine, provided the best price for the lease I was looking for. I was extremely impressed with the fact that his quote was the after tax out the door price.  No other local dealer even came close.  So I made an appointment to come down and see Michael, test drive the car and decided I liked it and wanted to bring it home.

I have to say that this transaction was the best experience I ever had at a car dealer in my life.  Michael literally made me feel like family!

Daniel V. | 2014-10-15

Best in town for Mazda's.

Patrick S. | 2014-10-14

We recently bought a Mazda CX-5 and the whole experience was straightforward with no typical dealer nonsense. The salesman knew his products well and realized quickly I knew what I wanted and just helped me get to a decision quickly. When I need a new car (in a few years) John Hine Mazda will be on my dealer short-list. The financing aspect was also pleasant and they worked with my unique situation with no issues at all. Grocery shopping typically takes longer than buying a car there.

Rodrigo Z. | 2014-10-10

Do not do repairs of your car there. They want to charge $300 for a tire that in the market is $190. After telling them they say they march the price and end up with totally a different tire for $180 that in the market is $120.

Bradley H. | 2014-10-07

What a wonderful car buying experience we had last night at John Hine. We were met in the lot by a gentleman named Carl and I was at ease right from the moment we met. Talk about "No Pressure" sales, this was a very relaxing experience. Carl showed me the vehicle that I had seen on the internet and then just let me look and drive. There was no BS about how good your wife looks driving this car, he just answered the questions that I had. After a very brief negotiation, we agreed on a price and the rest is history. While waiting to speak to the finance dept, he came out and helped my wife and I sync up our phones to our new system. This by the way, was way past closing time. I would so recommend Carl and John Hine to Anyone looking for a vehicle. Nothing but a Positive experience. My apologies to the wonderful finance Lady as I can't recall her name, but she was a lot of fun as well. There was Zero up-sell and I was, and still am Very Pleased with the entire process. If your looking for a vehicle, Go See Carl!

Jeric C. | 2014-10-06

We went to john hine mazda yesterday and service was fast and effiecient. Javier was there to assist us up to the time we get our new car. My family was very satisfied with the purchase. We would certainly recommend john hine mazda to our family and friends.

Karyn M. | 2014-10-02

Short and sweet.

I purchased my Mazda at NC Mazda. Went back once for service. The lechs there made me uncomfortable (though I got a few free things. haha)
I switched to John Hine. The service = Excellent.
staff is friendly. They are honest about what you do and do not need. very honest. I don't mind taking my car there at all. Plus internet and free coffee.

when you come in each time you get "loyalty" credit. So I had $5. But when it was time to pay, they credited the $5 plus the $10 from that day. Every little bit helps!

sounds like a commercial but I love my mazda and next May on my birthday i am trading in my precious Mazda 2 for a new Mazda

Mariann S. | 2014-10-01

This was my first experience buying for a new (or any) car. I had done my research and knew specifically what I was looking for (Mazda3 I Touring 2014 or 2015)). Not only did John Hine Mazda had the model I was looking for but their online reviews were very good, so I felt comfortable reaching out.

I emailed for a quote and Tyler responded and was kind from the get go. I touched base with him when I was finally ready to come in and make the purchase. He told me he would be busy with another customer but to reach out to Steve. Unfortunately or fortunately, when I arrived, he too was taking care of a client. So I was greeted by Javier Belendez. He was awesome!! He was patient, answered every question and helped me out when I didn't understand something. He made my buying experience painless and even enjoyable! I was super excited to have come to an agreement with the dealership on a price I was comfortable with and felt I walked away with a prize. I came here looking for a 2014 and bought the 2015!!

I came to pick up my car the next day and Javier took his time to go over all the features in my car. What a great guy!!!  All I know is that I have nothing but praises for this dealership and will definitely send my friends to shop here for a Mazda!!! Thank you! I absolutely love my car!!!

Gracias Javier!! :)

Lauren L. | 2014-09-30

Andre, one of the salesmen, was very rude and I would never expect that from this dealership. When I think of John Hine Mazda, I think of positive and respectful staff. They definitely dropped the ball on hiring this guy. He was not only abrasive but very disrespectful. We get it, you wanna make a sale. With that said, his approach is in no manner the way you should treat a loyal customer. If you are looking for a new or used Mazda, beware of this salesman if he approaches you in the car lot. He doesn't deserve your sale. There are plenty of other more respectful, pleasant sales people out there that would love your business. And they would also make you feel a lot better about your large purchase than this guy will.

soco l. | 2014-09-23

My Mazda5 2010 had to be taken back to the dealership for service a week later after I had gotten it serviced for the brake fluid problem.  Now it was a total different problem. They said Mazda had to get involved and so after 3 days with no car and no diagnostic yet they got me a loaner car.  My warranty covered the needed part ($1,200) which they said I should be gratefull because they were surprised it was covered (what?!).
$115 dollars for the diagnostic test is still in my opinion not acceptable if you do have warranty coverage.  This is the first dealership that charges this fee with warranty coverage.  Plus, it took them a whole month to fix it.
I am grateful for the loaner car but I kind of feel that is the reason why they took so long to fix my car.

Bonnie C. | 2014-09-22

I just bought a 2015 CX5 from John Hine and I couldn't be any happier!  Andre Mullen was my sales guy and was awesome!  I mean, who says that about a sales guy?  I had bought my Miata back in 2007 from John Hine and they gave me a great trade in value.  Seriously, they treated me a queen.  I went by Friday evening to see what my trade in was worth and when I went back Saturday to buy my car, I was in and out of there in no time.  Andre went over all the new fun stuff the 2015s come with.  Go see Andre for your next purchase.  Just tell him what you want and he will make it happen.

J M. | 2014-09-22

My husband and I are extremely satisfied with our recent purchase of a 2015 Mazda3 from John Hine Mazda. We were very impressed with Andre Mullen, the sales consultant who assisted us with our purchase. He listened very carefully to our priorities, and did not pressure us to make any decisions.  His professionalism and communication skills contributed to a wonderfully pleasant purchasing experience. After finalizing our purchase, Andre gave us an excellent walk through of the advanced features of the vehicle, and contacted us two days later to see if we were satisfied or had any additional questions. If you are considering a Mazda3 and live in San Diego, you should seek out Andre Mullen at John Hine Mazda.

Anonymous A. | 2014-09-17

I always have a great customer service experience in the parts and service department!

lisa r. | 2014-09-17

Came in this weekend to look around for a used car...I'm always very hesitant with sales people at dealerships...I'm definitely glad we came here. Our sales rep Arien was/is awesome. Funny guy easy going not creepy or pushy like I experienced elsewhere. I had a small problem with the car and right away he took care of it. He went above and beyond my expectations.  I will definitely be back when it's time to purchase my kids car. Anyone interest in a new or used car should definitely see Arien!

James G. | 2014-09-16

Awesome experience with sales rep Andre Mullen getting me set up with a lease on an awesome Mazda3.  Smooth the whole way, and Andre spent a ton of time going over all the technical aspects of the car and details in controlling the nav/ display system, and helped me get all sync'd up.  Overall great experience.  Will be recommending them to friends in the future !!

Alvin Z. | 2014-09-16

Just got a new2015  Mazda 6 from John Hine.  It is an amazing car with so many standard features that you would never find on just any car. Our salesman Dan was great. He was very knowledgeable of the cars and answered every question we had whether it was about the features or the price or just anything about the car. He got us behind the wheel very quick and easy. I would definitely recommend this dealership to any of my friends and family. Dan was a very great respectable salesman who has a lot of knowledge to what he is selling unlike other dealerships i have been to where i knew more about the cars than the salesmen themselves. Go and see Dan at John Hine Mazda. You wont regret it.

Simon J. | 2014-09-06

I went to the Mazda dealership looking to buy a new car. A person help me out right away, and offered to show me the car I was looking at. We went for a test drive, and everything was fine. I told the sales person that I was not going to be financing the car, and that I would be able to pay for it fully. I felt like he was not giving me a good price, and he was slightly insulting implying that it was a lot of money that I would maybe not be able to afford. I ended up calling around some other Mazda dealerships, and just by making a few phone calls, I was able to shave almost $800 off the price that I was offered at this dealership. With everything else being equal, I was able to get a better deal elsewhere by about $800, and without the insults about not being able to pay for the car in full.

Klarissa O. | 2014-08-22

I feel so sorry for those who come here for service who don't know any better. By this I mean I am very thankful to have previously worked for a Mazda dealership. Luckily, I am able to recognize when I am being taken for a fool. Let me walk you guys through my service inquiry.

Issue: I own a 2014 Mazda CX-5 Touring; 36,567 miles. The A/C unit isn't giving off enough air when it is on the maximum level. (From levels 1-4, they each have the same feel of air pressure, 4 feels like 1) However, it is very cool so coolant isn't the problem. Also, you can hear the motor or blower (unsure of which) lagging and failing to perform to it's ability.

Scheduling the Maintenance: Made an appointment for 8:20 a.m. one day in advance. Service advisor made the appointment with the last service advisor I have dealt with (oil change).

Arriving for the Appointment: Was greeted promptly and pleasantly at the time of arrival. However, I waited for Dyana (assigned Service Advisor) for 10 minutes. The guy who made the appointment assisted me until she arrived.

Consultation with Dyana: She brought me to her office and began analyzing my concern. She did let me know that a diagnostics test would have to be ran which would be $115 that I would be responsible for. Being that I was 567 miles outside of my standard warranty, she kindly offered to get in contact with MazdaUSA in order to get the needed repair covered. I remember purchasing an extended warranty, so I let her know. She then told me that it wasn't showing in the system and made it my responsibility to call the dealership I purchased my CX-5 from and get the information. I retrieved the information but she wouldn't be able to tell me if anything were covered until AFTER the diagnostics were run. This made me weary because so many scenarios could occur in which I would still be paying WAY more than expected coming into the appointment.

Second Consultation with Dyana: After 20 minutes of waiting, Dyana came to the waiting area to notify me of what the technician thinks should be done first. He recommended that the cabin air filter should be changed. Since the extended warranty does not cover maintenance services, I would be paying out of pocket for this service, in addition to the $115 diagnostic test. I had agreed to the service because I knew from working previously at a Mazda dealership that this was a simple and less than five minute service. But then I get stunned as she tells me the charge for this service: GET READY! $109. MY MIND WAS BLOWN! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! I declined the service and began making phone calls.

My Research: Come to find out the part itself is $32. My previous employer Ingram Park Mazda in San Antonio, TX would charge $10 for labor (not an employee discount). I thought, "Seriously?!" I wanted to yank my car out of Hine Mazda so fast! But, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and another chance to redeem themselves.

Third Consultation with Dyana: I asked her to show me the breakdown of the charges which to my surprise she had to "double-check" the prices and big whoop it was reduced from $109 to $101. I her know how ridiculous the charges were and how much my previous employer charges. So, I then asked if we could bypass the cabin air filter and he check other things so I could make sure I get my money's worth of the diagnostic test. She refused saying that the cabin air filter may be the cause of the problem. I refuse to pay $216 for a less than five minute service. I asked for my keys. I luckily talked (argued) my way out of the diagnostic charge and did not get my cabin air filter replaced and left.

I continued to research on how to replace a cabin air filter. It took me 1 whole minute to install it. (Remove the glove compartment and simply pull out the old filter and replace it with the new one). I did purchase the part from John Hine Mazda and the Parts Representative, Thomas was very kind and helpful. However, surprise surprise, it DID NOT solve the problem. So everyone, before going to this dealership, PLEASE research your issue and the cost of the services. Helpful tip: Go to the Dealership's website in San Diego AND SURROUNDING CITIES to see if there are any special offers. Since the cabin air filter did not fix the problem, I will be visiting Subaru Mazda of El Cajon on Monday as they had a coupon for a free Diagnostic Test ($110 value). And just so you know the El Cajon Service Advisor was happy to tell me of this special. He didn't have to tell me, which shows honesty.


Madelyn H. | 2014-08-22

Michael and Keith were both great people to work with. Michael is an extremely intelligent and easy going individual. I did not feel at all like I was getting "jerked around" or "playing the game" as I had felt at other dealerships prior. He really put me at ease through the entire process, which can be a quite stressful experience. I was there until after close and he happily escorted me to my new car at the end of it all-- great service! I will buy cars from Michael as long as he is in business! JH Mazda really seems to care about their customers. Keith, in finance,  made the financing aspect of the experience very easy to understand and stayed after hours to get all of the paperwork taken care of. I felt like I got a fair price and met great people along the way. Can't go wrong with that.

Melissa M. | 2014-08-21

I just got a new CX-5 about a week ago.  Traded in my old car and they gave me KBB "fair" value.  I would have liked a little higher for a trade in value but that's not horrible. Most dealership try to give you 1/4 of the value.  I worked all the numbers over email so there was very little back and forth once I got there.  I test drove, worked numbers, signed docs all in 90 minutes and I was on my way with a new car.  Easiest car purchase ever. I am very much in love with my new ride.

David H. | 2014-08-21

I have bought several cars at many different dealerships, and this by far was the best and easiest experience i've ever had. Michael Watkins and everyone at John Hine Mazda was very knowledeable and helpful. From test driving the vehicle, to my trade in appraisal, our entire experience was pleasant. Also wanted to give kudos to Keith from finance for taking the time to explain everyhting in detail, and not just asking us to sign on the "x". I've already recommended this dealer to some of my co-workers who are car shopping, and I would recommend it to anyone else looking to buy a Mazda.

David A. | 2014-08-17

John Hine always has excellent customer service. Its the car service that gets that last star knocked off.

The staff is excellent and they make you feel at home, and included in the service is a free car wash (always a plus). Unfortunately to diagnose and look at an issue with my infotainment system, it took them the first time about 2.5 hours, and the second time about 4 hours. Finally they diagnosed the problem and are going to be replacing the entire unit. If you are new to John Hine, ask for Tami as your customer service representative, she is awesome and will take really good care of you.

Free wifi, free computers, a lounge, and free coffee if you are waiting for your car to be serviced. I recommend taking some work to do, or a tablet to watch a movie.

Joe H. | 2014-07-29

My wife and I just purchased a 2015 CX-5. We had looked at all the similar makes and she really loved this car.
I worked with Carl Johnson. The first night I went in to check if they had the colors and features that my wife wanted. and he took me all over the lot so I could see everything they had. He even checked with their Temecula location to let me know what they had. When we went in to make the purchase it was after Carl was off for the day, but he came in and took care of us.
They gave us a fair price for our trade and a fair price for the car. Carl was super helpful from start to finish.

richard s. | 2014-07-28

I just leased my second car at John Hine Temecula and it was an excellent experience.  My salesperson, Paris, was very thoughtful and knowledgeable and Todd Mackey, the sales manager, remembered me from my previous lease and went out of his way to take care of everything I was looking for.  These guys are great to work with.  I will definitely be back and I highly recommend Mazda vehicles; I've leased 4 in a row!

Kelly J. | 2014-07-13

2nd purchase from John Hine Mazda, love my zoom zoom!  Whether it's buying a car or just getting an oil change, everyone here is just refreshingly professional, smiling and really wants you to have the best experience. #customerforlife.

Kory M. | 2014-07-05

Bought a Mazda 3 today - we have always been a honda family but wanted to check out the Mazda3, I have to say that we were very happy withe the service we received. TJ was our salesman and he made the buying easy- got a great feeling about him right off the bat and it made the process easy. He was not the pushy salesman that you come to expect from a car salesman- he was very informative and helpful- would highly recommend anyone that is looking to go see TJ!!!!!  Also the finance manager -can't remember her name but she was also very good and didn't try to push all the extras on me-just gave us the facts- THANK YOU!!!!!!

Rick V. | 2014-06-21

I can't remember if I ever reviewed Hines Mazda.  Bought my Mazda 3 in 2008 and have been doing all my maintenance since.  Was there yesterday and heard Nicole got a promotion.  She's the best, congratulations.  They have always done great work and go over all the details.  I always thought dealers charged more for maintenance but they are always within a couple of bucks and are worth the peace of mind.  Great car, great service.

Soban C. | 2014-06-05

I had a very bad experience with John Hine Mazda.

I went for diagnosis of my Mazda5 early morning at 8 AM, I had made an appointment one day in advance. I waited for almost 2 hours, yet they had done their diagnosis.

They didn't call me to tell me the status either.

I went there at 4PM, even then it took them more an hour to get the diagnosis report!

Added the below info. to be fair....

The service Director Jerry Antoine promptly called me and apologized for the delay, apparently their Computers had crashed. He also waived the restocking fee of the part and offered to help me in future.

Very good example of how to win over unhappy Customers!

Some more positive points about John Hine Mazda service:
1. Free shuttle up to 10 miles.
2. Free internet and Coffee.
3. Service includes free car wash and other free stuff.
4. extended hours for pickup and drop of cars.

A F. | 2014-05-30

I had a fantastic experience at John Hine Mazda over Memorial Day weekend! Carl Johnson is AMAZING. We were so lucky that he happened to be the member of the sales staff to approach us first. I was dreading the car buying process a little bit, having had negative experiences in the past, but right off the bat I knew that this experience was going to be totally different. He is the exact opposite of the stereotypical car salesman (sorry, it's a thing!), and I immediately felt very comfortable with him and felt that he was speaking honestly and had my best interest in mind. I felt ZERO pressure from him, and it was actually a pleasure spending a few hours with him!

On a separate note to give Mazda some love, I bought a new Mazda3 back in 2008 which I LOVED-and unfortunately totaled earlier this month which is what brought me in to buy a new one. I didn't think for a second about going with any other car, I was so sad to lose my '08 and wanted nothing more than to be back in a familiar car! I drive a lot, my old Mazda had over 150K miles on it, and I never had a single mechanical issue with it. I never kept up the oil changes/service (I don't recommend this) and still never once had a single mechanical problem. Obviously I got new tires as needed, and we did replace the battery recently, but even that wasn't completely dead. I can't recommend the Mazda3 enough for someone looking for a quality, sporty, affordable, good looking car.

I went into this knowing exactly which vehicle I was looking for (2014 Mazda3 I Grand Touring 5-door automatic, white), and I definitely encourage doing research ahead of time, but I have no doubt that Carl would have been great to work with had I shown up without a specific car in mind. He was extremely knowledgeable about Mazda in general as well as the model I was interested in specifically (and I believe he told me that he had only been with Mazda for about a year, so even more impressive). I knew from looking at their inventory online that they had the car I wanted on the lot (right color and everything!) and he led me right to it. He briefly mentioned the 1 notch higher sports edition of the Mazda3, which having researched prior I knew I didn't want due to the slightly less gas mileage it gets, and when I said I wasn't interested he dropped it, no questions asked. I really appreciated that he respected that I had done my research and knew what I wanted. I understand that car sales is a commission job, and obviously upselling is part of it, but when a customer appears to know what they're doing and know what they want, it is really nice to feel that the sales person acknowledges that and doesn't try to talk you into something else. CARL-NAILED IT.

The whole process took a few hours but it flew by. We financed through our bank and already had pre-approval for a loan, so that made things move faster. I asked to see the invoice for the car and he didn't hesitate to show me (well, maybe a LITTLE bit but all in fun :) I wasn't trying to walk out the door paying the invoice price, I just wanted to see what kind of difference we were looking at-it wasn't much. I understand that the dealership and the sales person need to make a profit on a car, and if anyone deserves a nice commission it's Carl! I thought the price we settled on was extremely fair. We dealt with Carl for the majority of the time, and briefly with Keith Gonzalez from the finance department, who was also great and funny!

Once the business end of things was done and the car was washed, Carl took us out, walked through all of the buttons/systems/etc., and sent us on our way! I returned the following Wednesday to drop off the check and was in and out less than 5 minutes.

I had a concern about the car speakers, so Carl walked me out and sat in the car so I could show him. Turns out the speakers were perfectly fine, I had just been blasting the stereo so loud that it was causing the passenger door handle to vibrate a little bit and make a tiny noise-which he said if it bothered me they would tighten up at no charge. I should mention here that the BOSE sound system in the Mazda3 is INCREDIBLE. Carl cranked up some Beyoncé (from my iPhone) to show us before we test drove the car, it was awesome.

The whole experience really brightened by overall view of the car buying process. Bottom line is, CARL JOHNSON IS AWESOME!!!!! THANK YOU CARL!!

***Important note: if you go online prior to going to the dealership and submit a quote request, this can impact who gets the sale. Carl asked us up front if we had done so (which I hadn't, but I actually almost did, and I'm glad I didn't!), I think at that point we might have been handed off to the sales person that received/responded to the request. I would recommend calling and scheduling an appointment and REQUEST CARL!!!!!*

Stephanie G. | 2014-05-27

Before coming to John Hine I visited Westcott Mazda at the Mile of Cars because their inventory reflected the only white Mazda3 in/near the San Diego area, which was my first color choice. I walked away from this dealership because the financial consultant was extremely condescending and undeserving of my business.

I bought a silver Mazda3 at John Hine that same day, and I couldn't be any happier with my purchase. Carl, who remained with me throughout the buying process was genuine and patient; he worked with my budget and made me feel secure and confident about my decision. This goes to show what a difference exceptional customer service will do. Thank you!

Alden W. | 2014-05-23

I love the service and work done on my car. However the shuttle service system is broken. When you call to get picked up the front desk will commit to a time to pick you up that the driver cant honor. I have been going to Hine Mazda since I purchased my Mazda 2 years ago. The first instance, I waited for the shuttle to pick me up for over 45 min a parking garage. The second instance I waited over 20 min. THE SHUTTLE NEVER PICKED ME UP ON TIME. I love the people, but the system is broken. Take a taxi on your way back tot he shop once your car is finished getting worked on.

Liliya S. | 2014-05-20

I have been coming here for 2 years to service my Mazda CX-7. I always request service advisor Nicole! Her high level of professionalism and knowledge makes my experience with John Hine Mazda a great one. I never have to wait more than an hour for all my services. Staff is very friendly and they are not trying to sell you services that you don't need. I have worked at a car dealership myself in the past and this one is a completely different environment. I will not take my car for service anywhere else except for John Hine Mazda!!!

Jason R. | 2014-05-18

While searching for used cars for a month, this was easily the best place I visited (8 dealerships and the Giant Used Car Tent Sale).  Worked with T.J., Dwayne, and Peter; friendly guys, didn't have what fit my needs, didn't try to push my into something that didn't.  Never wasted my time, didn't run my credit unnecessarily.  Even though I didn't buy anything from them this time around, I'm taking time to write a review and am planning on replacing my wife's car with a used CX-5 from John Hine in a couple years once the prices fall into my range, they made that good of an impression.

Daniel K. | 2014-05-16

So, I spent a good 10 days going to almost every car dealership looking around and trying to find the perfect car to lease for my budget. Ended up getting the Mazda6 from T.J, and I should say, I feel very happy and satisfied with my decision.
Unlike most of the other dealers I talked to in this 10 day adventure, T.J. did NOT try to play games or rip me off by trowing high  numbers at me. He simply listen to what I needed and what I wanted to spend (which was a reasonable number), talked to his manager, and came back to me with an offer exactly as good as I wanted it to be. I definitely felt good about it, and signed the deal with him. If you are a smart shopper, you would appreciate honesty and straight-forward deals.
Thumbs-up T.J. Keep it up man. I highly recommend working with T.J. if you are thinking about a Mazda.

Jamie S. | 2014-05-07

best dealership in the world!!

buy 9,000 cars here!!

free gourmet coffee handcrafted by wolfgang puck in the lobby!!

Julie F. | 2014-05-01

I needed an oil change, smog and tires, my daughter recommended John Hine Mazda.  The service was great!  I worked with Brian Wells and he gave me an estimate of the cost and time, he keep in touch with me and the price and service was outstanding, Thanks to the Service Manager Jerry as well he helped get me the tires I needed!  Julie

Freddy T. | 2014-04-28

I am shocked at the level of customer service offered here. I live in El Cajon, where there is another mazda service center couple miles down the road. I drive to this location in mission valley because of the amazing customer service they provide over any other mazda dealership I have been too. They are always extremely friendly, they explain everything they are going to do, they tell me the length of time, and some perks I may be receiving. They wash my car and provide shuttle service for me, at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Nicole is the one that usually helps me, she is very friendly and the reason I will continue coming here.

T R. | 2014-04-22

Awesome experience with my cousin.  After looking at Acuras and Lexus, we came here. Great friendly customer service with the salesman, Carl.  We were in and out of there on no time with exactly what we were looking for.

Renee A. | 2014-04-17

Best car buying experience ever!  

I had a complicated situation with my credit, what I needed to pay off my trade in, and making that all work with the car that I selected.

Steve Comacha made that all happen and then some.  He emailed me the potential deal and I was sure it would all change when I arrived.  My pay off was worse than I had realized and he still put it together with the slightest change in payment.  I was so happy!

Both he and the finance department were absolutely wonderful.  I went in alone (a woman) and felt right at home and I got a great deal!

Renee Anns
Ives Insurance services

Jason J. | 2014-04-10

Been doing business with these guys since they were Dodge and they have always treated me well.  I bought a nice Mazda3 2014 form them yesterday.  Carl was the MAN! He treated me very well and got me what I wanted.  He worked with me, I knew what I wanted and for the price I thought was in favor of my budget.  I got to the dealership at 2:10pm and was driving my new car away at 3:30pm.  Look forward to doing future business with them.  Hopefully my future experiences will match my past.  If you want a nice experience when buying from John Hine, ask for Carl, a very nice man that was very helpful in the car buying process. Big ups!

Desmond F. | 2014-04-01

I've been here a number of times now and overall have had pretty good experiences here. The sales people aren't too pushy and don't put too much pressure on you. We had the opportunity to test drive as many cars as we wanted to and the loop that they use is pretty long too. Not bad!

Paula B. | 2014-03-31

Love the sales staff - love the service staff!  I have been a loyal customer with them since I bought my Mazda there in 2008.  It was the first new car I ever bought and they made it easy peasy.  I find the service people very helpful.  I have never had a repair done that wasn't absolutely necessary.  And when I couldn't figure out my windshield wipers a week after I bought my car, they didn't make me feel stupid when I brought it in.  Not that I felt smart......but I sure didn't feel stupid.

Robert K. | 2014-03-30

My wife and I purchased a 2014 Mazda 3 Sedan here and worked with Arien Porter.  This was our first time purchasing a Mazda as all the other cars from competing manufacturers were dreadfully ordinary, boring, and completely unacceptable.  Arien was awesome to work with.  He was able to get us the price that we were willing to pay for the vehicle.  He also went the extra mile to make sure the car was ready to be picked up with all the accessories the following day since we closed the deal after the Parts Department closed.  All in all, a great car buying experience.  I would definitely go back and do business here if we decide to purchase another Mazda.

Biok G. | 2014-03-27

Don't talk with Steven Ayala, he is a big liar  and he will talk to you like you are stupid or something.

I took my new car to see what was wrong with the battery, I told him that it may be under warranty since the car is new. He told me that I needed  to leave the car for an hour or so to RECHARGE the battery because the battery it was low but unfortunately could not do it now because they where closing in 15 minutes. I asked him that since it was under warranty if he can give me a new one and I can install it myself later. It doesn't work like that, He told me,  this days we recharge the batteries, it sounded strange for me, so I ask him again if this is standard procedure he told me yes, they have a machine that test the power of the batteries and will recharge it, so, I say ok and I told him to schedule an appointment for me for another day.

While he was looking to schedule an appointment in his computer, he looked to see if the battery was under warranty and it was, but only 50%. He told me that since it has 50% warranty, replacing the battery will cost me half price of getting a new one.

So I told him that is ok, thinking...  he just told me that this days the battery gets recharged and not replaced. But he has the balls to tell me that no, no, I understood wrong, and this battery has to be replaced, they could not charge it.

Seriously Ayala?  I have been your client for ever, I owned only Mazdas and I always took them to Hine Mazda for services, I even got my new one over there. Thanks to you, I wold not go back there.

Joann C. | 2014-03-04

Went back last night after receiving a promising message from the GSM assuring me that I would be given the best deal on any car of my choosing.

Upon arrival we passed at least 4 employees non of which said hello or welcome except Dan who immediately came up to us said hello, introduced himself and asked if I was interested in the model of car I was looking at. Huge kudos to him for being so personable. Not only was Dan knowledgable ( I told him I was only interested in the one car so he didn't have to waste time with the usual spiel), but he was also efficient and took time to make a personal connection.

The only reason I'm still not giving a 5 star is because I felt like I was beyond low balled on the first few offers and the way in which my credit score (which is standard credit) was addressed was tactless and made me feel as though I should be lucky that they were even working with me. I almost got up and left.

Ended up leasing and not buying because of the above flaws and it was the better deal for the time being.

Never saw or spoke to Brent who was the contact I was given in the message reply to my first review.

Really wanted to give 3 stars but Dan's service earns the extra star.

Amy A. | 2014-02-18

Wanted to give props to Tyler Kalevitch. Car shopping for the first time in 12 years, it took me quite a lot of research, comparisons, and test drives to figure out what I needed and wanted in a new car. So I ended up visiting a lot of dealerships - and Tyler really stood out as an exceptional salesperson. The Mazda3 was almost the winning car, so I ended up emailing and stopping by a bunch of times. Tyler was really patient with all my questions, gave me straight answers about both features and pricing, and wasn't pushy. Definitely rare to find a car salesperson like that! In the end, sadly the Mazda just wasn't the right car for me, but if you think it's the car for you, look up Tyler!

Coco B. | 2014-02-13

I tried purchasing a used vehicle here and I don't think they even ran my credit or took me seriously.

He asked me 2-3 questions and I assume walked into the bosses office talked about football or something and came back to tell me no sorry we were unable blah blah blah bullshit!!!!!!

I went to the kia dealership and got approved instantly!!

So I wouldn't recommend them for not taking me or my money seriously. I don't know if it's because I am a woman or young, or both. either way i was disappointed.

Amy M. | 2014-02-06

The people here were very friendly, especially Michael Watkins and the lady who signs the actual paperwork with you and overall I would most likely come to this place again, if I were looking for another Mazda. Minus 1 star because they had two minor things going against them.

1: We went to look at a Mazda 3 and would have liked the model without fog lights, but they had "sold all of those the day before", even though we were looking at the inventory online while there. They had two colors of the Mazda 3 with fog lights (a $370 difference) but because we had to go after work to look at a car, it was really hard to make out the colors so we set up an appointment to come back 2 days later on Saturday and we were told that both cars would be side by side so we could see them and compare. When we arrived on Saturday morning, we were told that one of them had been "sold yesterday" so we no longer had a choice on the car we got. Which seemed to me like a ploy to make us get the last car because EVERY other car had already been sold. The one left was the one we were leaning toward so it wasn't a big deal, but still.

2: We already had financing from our credit union, all we needed to do was sign the contract, hand over our blank check and pick up the car. We handed over the check along with our paperwork, we were told that they were going to wash and fill the gas and then they would call us back to sign the contract, but we should go grab something to eat to kill the hour it would take to draft the contract. After returning, we waited for several people (even ones that we were there before) to have their contracts done and signed before we were called back. Total, it took FIVE hours to do... I have no idea, frankly. We already had the financing, all we needed was a contract! I am very pregnant right now, so sitting in a car dealership for 5 hours is NOT my idea of a good time.

Overall, I would still probably go back, but I would probably be very strict this time about them not taking 5 hours to do something that should have taken 2 hours, TOPS.

Ken S. | 2014-01-30

I have only gotten maintenance done here but I've always had a great experience - my service rep, Oscar, is THE MAN!  He always kept me up-to-date on how my repairs were going, whether via phone call, text message or even on his OFF days!  Whether it was routine maintenance or when my car was in the shop for 3 weeks after I hit a pothole he has always kept me informed & looked out for my best interest.  I know some people don't like going to dealerships because they can be a little more expensive, but I trust these guys completely with my 2004 RX-8 and they even price-match on certain parts such as tires, and Oscar found a better deal online than I did!  That's going way above to serve their customer.  Thanks a lot for all the help, Oscar!  You made my pothole nightmare into a positive experience & they worked very well & quickly with my insurance company.

Lana A. | 2014-01-26

We had been shopping for a used car for a few weeks and when we visited John Hine's dealership in Mission Valley we were treated with a high level of courtesy from the moment we arrived on the lot. There was never a time we felt pressured and Dale took his time to listen to our needs and show us options that might work. Adam and Dave worked very hard to get our financing approved and we ended up with a beautiful 2010 Mazda 6!!! Please pass along our thanks to the John Hine team. We will definitely be back in the future and will be referring our friends.

Liliya G. | 2013-12-19

I always go there to service my car. The staff is always professional it is very easy to make an appointment for the service online and get a confirmation email. You will always get a reminder call over the phone about your appointment.

Christine F. | 2013-12-12

It's nice to go to a business that doesn't treat a older, single woman like an idiot. I took my car previously to another 'car place' for an oil change and the guy in overalls comes out and tells me, 'Oh, you have this, this and this wrong, and a horrible leak! OMG, needs fixed now!'  Because I'm NOT an idiot I flatly told him to just change the oil. John Hines changed my oil, did a full check and filled my tires, and that was it!  A nice change. Thanks guys, for not treating me like an idiot.  Oh, I also bought my used car there months ago and it's run perfectly since...coincidence? I don't think so.

Ronnie C. | 2013-12-10

I went into the dealership on Saturday, was greeted and the gentleman said someone will be right with you, sat the for about 10 mins, someone finally came, filled out some paperwork, got ignored for another 20 mins, went on a test drive got ignored for another 30 mins, someone finally came and said "we're talking with the banks can we give you a call when we hear the result we don't wanna just keep you waiting".  its been 2 days not even so much as a check in call, the staff has poor customer service skills and the place is poorly managed.

Jill M. | 2013-12-09

UPDATE 12/10/13: Got a call from Michael at 4:14pm yesterday (almost 24 hrs after my visit)...soon after below post went live. Sorry, but if John Hine can't even keep an appointment for which they sent me a confirmation, and not one person in the dealership greeted us or offered to help, it's too little, too late.

They've lost my business. Had an appointment scheduled, but was completely ignored on 12/8/13.

After chatting over email with Michael Watkins in Sales for the past couple of weeks, I scheduled a test drive for Sunday (yesterday) at 4:45pm. Got an appt confirmation email from him earlier in the week that stated 'As a courtesy please give me a call on my cell phone if you are going to be more than 10 minutes early or late.'

My boyfriend and I arrived at the dealership at about 4:40pm (5 mins early), walked around the showroom a bit, then sat at a table near the entrance. After a total of 20 mins at the dealership, we gave up and left at 5pm. Not a single person offered to help us or even acknowledged our presence with a 'hello' or 'welcome.'

I was tempted to ask someone for help or where Michael was, but they were all busy in conversations. Even the gal cashier in the back was looking down when we first arrived, then disappeared when I came back later to ask for help.

My boyfriend even took a picture of me sitting in the dealership, which I emailed to Michael when we got home as proof we were there. Michael has yet to respond to that email as of 12/9/13 at 3pm.

Very disappointed, and I've already scheduled a test drive with a different dealership.

Chris S. | 2013-12-07

After hearing about the great reviews the 2014 Mazda 6 received I started looking for a local dealership and found John Hine Mazda on Yelp. It's not that often that you see a car dealership with 3.5 stars especially among the usual hate and vitriol on rating sites. As I walked in the door I was greeted by Andre Mullen who was happy to assist me with my first look at the Mazda 6. His breadth of knowledge on not only Mazdas, but any car, is immense. Any question we asked be it, horsepower, torque, skyactiv technology was answered immediately and accurately. It was great to work with a genuine car enthusiast who believes in his product.

After discussing and arriving at a mutually agreeable lease price I was whisked away to the finance office. This is usually where the heat gets turned up and as the numbers get crunched your agreed on price rises and rises. However, Crystal was extremely helpful in navigating the available add ons and their usefulness to my situation. She also believes in the product so much that she drives a Mazda 3. Within 15 minutes I was done and off in my new car.

The Mazda 6 did not let me down and I am actually trying to think of reasons to drive so that I can get behind the wheel again. I would and have been recommending John Hine Mazda for anyone looking for a new or used vehicle.

Tony G. | 2013-11-30

Typically, I do my own car maintenance unless it come to my wife's Mazda CX7. Having to deal with service representatives in the past was terrible. Here is the good stuff, Hine's maintenance department is top notch and is working to ensure that each customer is satisfied. I have not been disappointed so far. After several visits, I am still impressed. Noteworthy people in the department are Mike Hill and Steve Ayala. Outstanding people to get what you need done.

John L. | 2013-11-30

Coming here was like a breath of fresh air after going to the Toyota dealership on mission gorge. Our sales guy was friendly and had a consultative approach opposed to trying to sell us really hard. He gave us a great deal after a little negotiating which no other San Diego deal ship could beat. I would recommend Steven Camacho. He is an easy guy to work with and really knows the vehicles. This is who we worked with.

L D. | 2013-11-22

I bought my pre-owned CX-9 last year and have been coming to John Hine Mazda for my maintenance visits. The service managers are very helpful and attentive and the staff are very friendly. I have not had any issues with the quality of their work or the expediency of their service. Their time quotes are accurate and their computer station makes it easy for me to continuing working while I wait for my car to be serviced. I have had Mary and Michael assist me with my car service and they have always been very helpful and friendly. Thanks!

HS R. | 2013-11-13

This was probably the best car buying experience we ever had.  Arien Porter was very helpful and able to answer every question we had regarding the vehicle we were interested in (2014 CX 9).  He made sure we got exactly the car we wanted.  Both he and Crystal (from Finance) explained all the details involved in a car sale without applying any pressure to buy 'extras'.  We would buy from John Hine again and highly recommend Arien Porter as a salesperson.

Travis L. | 2013-11-06

I bought my RX-8 from a different dealership in 2004.  However, I've always had it serviced at John Hine because of the excellent work they've done.  Their prices are fair -- the lowest among any dealership I've shopped around at.  Their work seems top notch -- I've never had anything fixed that broke, in nearly 10 years of going there.

My service representative, Michael Hill, is everything you could ask for.  Very upfront with what needs to be done now, what can be put off, maintenance, etc.

My biggest fear when going to get car repairs is that they'll sell me something I don't need.  Never had that concern with Michael -- he's extremely forthcoming, very responsive, and has always made me feel confident that the work will be done right and at the best price possible.

Very happy with my experience.

Derek D. | 2013-10-31

I bought a 2014 CX-5 here. The dealer (Michael) originally was nice. But later during the final price negotiation, he was very inpatient and even a little rude. On the other hand,  the young guy, his fellow, was actually very nice. I gave four star due to the good service of the young dealer and BTW the car is good. I drove it for half year now. I will do a quick service. I will update after I check their service.

Had their service on Nov. 2nd. The mechanic adviser (Steven Ayala) is very nice. I would personally give their service 5 star.

Metin K. | 2013-10-16

I admit it.  I know nothing about cars and their inner workings.  So when I go to a dealer for oil changes and regular check ups, I have to trust them and it becomes the #1 issue.

I first went to John Hine Mazda in December 2012 to have an oil change and to have my brakes looked at.  They found other problems with my car, such as worn out tires and my transmission fluid needed replacing.  All in all, $1,100 worth of repairs.

My trust issues with them started with my next two visits to them, in April and in October of 2013.

April: I dropped off my car for an oil change.  The contact person that was assigned to me, Oscar, calls me to tell me that my transmission fluid needed replacing and that my rear brakes were near replacing, that it should be done during my next visit.  I had just gotten my transmission fluid replaced in December (4 months prior) so why would it need replacing?  He said he'd check it out.  He called me back and said my transmission fluid was perfect.  Alright.

October: Went to get my oil change.  The same contact person, Oscar, calls me to tell me that my transmission fluid needed replacing, that my battery I had replaced a year ago (September 2012) is low and that my brakes looked perfect.  I was so confused.  Same issue with transmission fluid??  I questioned him on that, asked him how long, on average, did a battery last and why I was told my brakes needed replacing in April, but not now.  The inconsistencies were puzzling me.  He called me back and said he double-checked the transmission fluid and that it was in fact fine.

At this point, I don't trust anything they say.  I'm doubting that my transmission fluid needed changing in the first place in December 2012.. or if it did need it, that it was performed.  I'm also questioning the state of my brakes.  Are they okay or should I replace them?  Since I do not trust them at all at this point, I'll be going to another mechanic.

Oscar did tell me that he told his boss of the mistakes and that his boss was yelling at the mechanics.  First, I doubt that the boss did that.  And Oscar shouldn't be telling me this as this doesn't make me happier.  It just makes the place look unprofessional.

Steph S. | 2013-10-14

I'm normally a Honda kinda girl, but I decided to branch out to Mazda after getting the runaround from Poway Honda (three DAYS to get credit approval from Honda's finance department...really?).

I dealt with Tyler and Stephen and they were both fast, professional and helpful. I found a sweet deal on a 2007 Toyota Yaris through the $12,000 or less section of their website. I got (pre) approval for financing within a hour, and owned the car within a few days (my delay, not theirs). I'm pleased that they provide a 3 month/3K mile short term warranty (so no "lemon" worries), and they also provide gap insurance at a reasonable rate (just in case the tragic "I totaled my car a week after I bought it" situation happens).

The only feedback I'd give is that they need to clone their financial manager (who is a doll, btw), so that they can process people more quickly (particularly on the weekends). I had to sit and wait a good 45 minutes, even after agreeing to purchase the car. Otherwise, this was the easiest car buying experience I've ever had!

Anil M. | 2013-10-13

Best dealer in San Diego. Got my CX-5 yesterday from here.


1. Price: I visited three Mazda dealers and two Honda dealers to compare CX-5 and CR-V prices. I got the best (by far) price on CX-5 at John Hine. They didn't reduce the price much at all. I am taking that as a huge positive now as they were able to beat other prices with their initial quote itself.

2. Michael and Steven: I had taken test drive last week and Michael was patient with me explaining the different features of the car. I took two other test drives and the salesmen didn't seem as knowledgeable about the car. I had a lot of correspondences with Steven over email and he was very patient and never pushy. He also helped me get a very good financing deal with my short credit history in US.

Minor con:
I also wanted to test drive the latest 2014 Mazda 3. But they didnt have it last week. Maybe it is a problem with Mazda3 stocks. Also, I was in a hurry.

Overall it was a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend this place.

Quinn V. | 2013-10-04

I just recently bought a Mazda CX-5 from this location and it was hands down the easiest car buying experience I've had. They're very competitive with pricing and were able to help out with the price even further by offering me a USAA discount. I made my inquiry through the online USAA car buying service and had the pleasure of dealing with Steven Camacho, the internet sales manager.

Steven was exceptional in every aspect during the entire process. He's very friendly and personable and has a sense of humor, it kind of feels like you're just talking to a neighbor instead of a guy helping you to buy a car. He helped me find the exact car I wanted while beating other dealerships offers and doing it in a very timely fashion. He was very knowledgeable and was quick to get back to me when I had questions, whether it was via e-mail or over the phone. The best part was that he was not a typical car salesman in the sense that he does not try to pressure you into buying every single extra option available to get a bigger sale (he simply told you what options were available in case you wanted them and let you decide whether or not you wanted them added on). I sent him a detailed e-mail outlining what I was looking for, and within a couple hours he had sent me back a list of the cars they had available. When the car's didn't match my color or other preferences, he checked around with other dealerships until he was able to find the exact one I wanted.

I highly recommend the online car buying service that John Hine Mazda offers, specifically through Steven. I was able to apply for financing online, and by the time I actually went into the dealership Steven had all of my paperwork already prepared so it was just a matter of signing a few papers. I was in and out of the dealership with a brand new car in about an hour (and probably half of that time was because I requested he went over the features of the car that I wasn't 100% sure how to work from the test drive I had done previously).

James D. | 2013-09-21

Easiest car buying experience ever. Bought a 2014 Mazda 6 Touring (amazing car btw.) After doing my due diligence test driving other cars in the same class, I knew this was the one to get for me, hands down.
I started on and saw prices in KBB, Mazda forums and truecar when I was ready to pull the trigger. Among the tons of emails I got back from dealerships after doing the edumunds thing, Steven Camacho at Hine was straight up no BS and very professional.

As a matter of fact, he is the only guy that didn't have some canned reply with a special 'internet price' or try hunting me down on the phone or email. I had some questions regarding interior colors and he was always quick to respond. On a side note it was amazing that in this day and age of car buying via the internet, the old skool some of the salesmen I dealt with seemed to miss the boat and STILL try to sell the same way. lol

Steven C came right back slightly below the KBB sales prices in the area. While they didn't have the specific car I wanted on the lot, he was able to source one and have it in the next day as promised, all washed up with a full tank.
We came in the next day, test drove it and even got a better financing rate than what we had coming in. I don't think we were there for more than 45 mins tops.

Definitely ask for Steven, great guy that you want to business with, not feel like you have to do business with. Additionally we didn't get a hard up sell for additional XYZ stuff. It was brought up but never pushed which was icing on the cake.

LOVE the car, always get compliments.

Summer W. | 2013-09-19

5 stars for what was one of the most stressful days of my year. Yes.
The head gasket blew on my car and I needed a replacement quickly. I went in looking at a used Mazda5, knowing my situation was complex I wasn't expecting much.

***Enter Sam Girmai***

Sam ran the numbers, and without having to argue and push he gave me a great deal on my towed in trade in. He also got me into a brand spanking new Mazda5 for less than the used one! Sam went above and beyond and helped my drop off and  unpack my rental car into my new car.

When I buy a car for my daughter I'm going to John Hine!

Wayne G. | 2013-09-17

I "didn't" get mine at Hine"  Contrary to their catchy commercial, I was unsuccessful at getting a 2014 Mazda 3 today.  I came equipped with USAA members buyer certificate and pre approved financing and a willingness to talk numbers.   The agent I was suppose to deal with, Stephen Camacho, was busy with other clients so the other agents fielded my questions.  

Basically, it went like this:  they don't have many cars on the lot and they don't honor USAA buyers pricing on the 2014 models, only the 2013 models.  They will sell me a car at MSRP.  There was no interest to sit me down and discuss the numbers.  This information could have been provided in the email exchanges or a simple phone call.  The dealership contacted ME after I filled out the USAA paperwork and submitted my interest in purchasing the vehicle.  SInce they know I was using USAA, AND USAA contacted them with my information, they could have told me they were not able or willing to price the vehicle lower than MSRP.

I was told to come down and see the car and go from there.  Waste of time.  Maybe in a few months, the experience could be better one resulting in a sale, but for now, if you are interested in a Mazda3 2014 model, expect to pay full price and save yourself the gas of going to negotiate.  That isn't going to happen with the sales reps this month.

Benjamin K. | 2013-09-15

I recently purchased a '14 Mazda 6 from John Hine Mazda. I was pretty set on getting the 6, so I contacted all the San Diego area Mazda dealerships to inquire about the car. Michael Watkins from the internet sales department contacted me for John Hine. Not only did he quote me the best price up front, he didn't jerk me around like some of the other Mazda dealers. He made the whole process simple and convenient for me and I was happy to buy the car from him.

Also, the car is great so far!

Jason R. | 2013-09-02

We were in the market for a new car. We went to 3 different dealerships including Mazda, Ford, & Toyota, and after driving a half dozen different cars we decided on the Mazda 3 hatchback. My wife handled the "shopping" and did everything online. Steven Camacho at John Hine Mazda beat every other dealership in the San Diego area on price, and he went above and beyond to beat our expectations on service. The buying process was easy, efficient, and haggle free. My wife was prepared to have to fight against last minute charges and/or extras that would raise the final buying price above our agreement, but there was none of that. Steven even stayed late on a Monday night to walk us through all of the cars features. It was a great experience all around. We're happy to say "I got mine at Hine!"

John S. | 2013-09-02

I worked with Mike Watkins. I came in during the morning and they didn't have the specific color and model I wanted.  Mike said he would have the car brought in by the afternoon, and he did. It was washed and ready for my pickup. Very pleased with their  service.

Adan S. | 2013-09-01

Okay, so you are probably  wondering how someone could rate a car dealership 5 stars.  Well, my experience was definitely worthy of 5+. I purchased my car several months and so my review is long overdue. I am sorry if I have my salesmen's name wrong ( I believe it was Brett) he was just the type of salesman I was looking for. Friendly , knowledgeable yet not the least bit pushy. I knew what I wanted , what price I wanted to pay and I was in the drivers seat ( literally ). Brett was truly professional from beginning to end as was the woman that I worked with through the finance department. It truly was the least stressful car purchase experience I've ever had and I would HIGHLY recommend John Hine for anyone looking for  great car buying experience. P.S. I love my 2014 CX5

Gabriel H. | 2013-09-01

The car buying experience here is a well deserved 5-star.  Well, I shouldn't say all of John Hine Mazda because I wouldn't know that but it was a 5-star experience working with Steven Camacho and Mike Watkins.  I spent hours upon hours of research and negotiating prices between dealerships that it all added up to days of my time.  It wasn't just Mazda dealerships but Honda as well.  I wasn't completely sold on either brand so I was willing to go either way.  I come in contact with Steven Camacho at John Hine and DAMN! it was an easy experience.  There wasn't any mumbo jumbo to deal with.  I had emailed and spoken to Steven when I decided to come in.  When I arrived, the car I wanted was ready to go.  Mike spent the time to go through everything about the car.  I don't know anyone who likes the car buying process.  I think if every dealership was like dealing with Steve and Mike at John Hine everyone would think differently about the car buying experience.

Brianne B. | 2013-08-29

My review isn't so much for John Hine Mazda, as much as it is for the most awesome car salesman ever, Steven Camacho.  I actually didn't end up buying a car from him but only bc we were buying used and they just didn't have the exact car I wanted on their lot.  I feel bad bc of all the annoying, awful, arrogant salesman we encountered in the process, Steven actually made all the time I spent with him totally enjoyable.  He was funny, honest and he understood our price point.  He didn't try to push beyond that and was very considerate of the position my family was in after having one of our cars totaled in an accident the week prior.  It wasn't the normal "we saved tons of money and came here to get your best car"....we were forced into needing a new car suddenly and money was an issue.  He was awesome about that and did the best he could for us. Unfortunately, you can't move used cars from different dealerships bc if you could, I would have had the car I purchased from Bob Baker Mazda moved over to John Hine and bought it from Steven.  He deserved the sale 100%.  

If you ever need a car...head to John Hine and ask for Steven Camacho.  He will totally take care of you, unlike most car salesman.

Samuel B. | 2013-08-26

I went over while I was shopping for a car. It was a wonderful surprise that how attentive and straight forward these guys were.

Steven help with a quote in the Internet, and the dude was very honest about the whole process. No shenanigans, no crap about this and that. We couldn't agree in some of the numbers, but that doesn't make it a bad experience. If anyone is shopping for Mazda vehicles, call Steven and you will be glad you did.

Lana R. | 2013-08-20

-I always get those guys at dealerships/mechanics trying to upsell me on  things I don't need.
-These guys are polite and professional.
-Free shuttle that goes pretty far.
-Synthetic oil change $50 with loyalty discount (includes tire rotation, filter, car wash).

I'm not going to try going somewhere else for oil change. This is the place where I'll be taking my car from now on.

Dory B. | 2013-08-20

I have a one-year-old CX-5, and yesterday one of my emergency alert lights came on.  I called John Hine and they said I could bring in the car later that day at my convenience.  When I arrived they took care of me pretty quickly, although I did not have an appointment.  Turned out it was just the tire pressure monitoring system light, but they checked all the tires, added some air, checked my alignment, said everything was fine, and even washed the car--all at no charge!  I was quite pleased and will definitely continue to use them for my service.

Alexandra W. | 2013-08-09

Go to Arien Porter ! He was amazing to deal with , made it easy & I got the deal I wanted ! He's the best

Sandy C. | 2013-07-23

Talk to Peter Rost.  He is your guy.  Great place to pushiness, fast approval, and awesome staff.

Shralon S. | 2013-07-22

When you hear the advert "I got mine at Hine" it is so true, I am proud to have done business with John Hine Mazda, I can truly say I had an amazing experience, I have to say firstly thank you to Jerry Antoine the Service Director you are truly amazing and thank you so much for introducing me to Steven Camacho, you were amazing, I absolutely love my new Mazda 3 it drives amazing and I would highly recommend John Hine Mazda.
The process was painless and simple.

Charmaine T. | 2013-07-22

We purchased our car at John Hine through Michael Watkins.  Once we decided which car we wanted to purchased, the price was agreed upon over the internet and the rest of the buying experience was hassle free.  I have never had such a easy car buying experience.

Candace R. | 2013-07-13

It's been 7 months since I bought my new Mazda CX-5 from John Hine Mazda.  It's finally time to go get it serviced for the first 7,500 mile service.  I live in Long Beach so unfortunately I wasn't able to drive back down to San Diego to use them.  WOW do I wish I could have.  I went to another dealer out my way and you would think since they are new they would have a good handle on the importance of the first service for a new customer and a new owner of a Mazda.  Unfortunately they didn't get that memo so during my horrible experience at that dealer I called John Hine's Asst. Service Manager on a Saturday to ask for their help.  Not only did he answer my question about my car that the dealer I was visiting didn't know (my actual tire size), but he also looked up and pointed out that I bought the extended warranty for my car and the $385 tire would be covered.  That warranty has now already recouped the cost as I thought it might.  He also gave me the phone number to call for my warranty service to give to the dealer I was at and he called me back to offer to speak to them to help get them up to speed.  It's amazing what service you get when you deal with educated, professional and caring people like the one's who work at John Hine.  You are a fool if you don't go to this dealer for purchase and service.  They take better care of you than any other dealer I have experienced so far and if I was closer I wouldn't trust anyone else with my investment.  Thank you Team Hine!  You guys are top dogs!!!

Kailen Q. | 2013-07-09

Best car buying experience I've ever had. Set up the entire deal over the phone, showed up, drove the car, signed the papers and left in my new car. No hassle, no haggle. I'd buy from again in a heartbeat! I drove 100 miles to come get the car.

Ro N. | 2013-07-07

Steven Ayala is a great service manager he took all my complaints and handled them in a fast manor. I will always go back to john hine with him there.

Meechi S. | 2013-07-06

Arien made it easy to buy a pre-owned car.  I had stopped in a few weeks earlier to test drive (without an appointment) they were super busy, but I got to take a drive, which ultimately made our decision easy when we decided to buy. Arien is low pressure and will tell you like it is.  The only problem, and this is across the board, is why it takes soooo long to finally leave a dealership.  Here's the money, hand me the keys lets me be done.  Why do I have to come back an hour later to finish the transaction! If you are looking to buy a Mazda talk to Arien at John Hine.

Abby M. | 2013-07-03

My 2007 Mazda3 (purchased at another Mazda dealership) needed a new catalytic converter, and NICOLE helped me get exactly what I needed FOR FREE!

I had researched the California emissions laws prior to coming in and knew that my car was covered by warranty - emissions problems have to be fixed for free in California if the car is less than 10 years old and less than 150,000 miles - and Nicole helped me through the entire process, even offering to look into getting me money back from a mechanic I had seen and paid $660 for emissions related work.

I would deff recommend this dealership because of the outstanding customer service I received, as well as the ease of renting a car onsite and the communication via text that let me know exactly when my car would be ready.

Jon N. | 2013-06-30

Excellent price, quick transaction. Couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks To Michael Watkins for a great experience.

Jennifer G. | 2013-06-27

I bought my car here back in '08 and I recently gave their service drive a try. I would've come sooner, but I lived in Long Beach and that is too damn far to drive for an oil change!

- Sign up for the Loyalty Cash program and save $10 from the jump!
- No pressure to get services you don't want/need, they only advise you
- The shuttle takes you anywhere within 15 miles of this place (pick ups end at 3!)
- The mall is across the street if you want to get some shopping done while you wait

To be clear, I usually do my own oil changes, but this summer schedule of events on the weekend and long days at work has made it nearly impossible to muster up the energy to do a simple oil change. Hah! But, I don't trust many people to touch my car (even dealerships! See my review of Long Beach Mazda:… ) so choosing to come here for my service was not one made lightly!

Being a member of MOCC (Mazda Owners Club of CA), I had heard good things about this  service drive so now that I am back in SD, I decided to give them a chance. I'm glad I did because now my Grouch (Mazdaspeed3) has clean synthetic oil and I have a clear conscience about we weekend list of events!

So for starters, Brian at the Service Drive was especially cool. He too lived in the LBC so we had that to chat about. Upon arrival, he got me situated to get my synthetic oil change done and told me that he'd call me when it was done. I told him no big deal since I wouldn't be back until after work. He called anyway which I appreciated.

I dropped my car off before 9 and needed to be at work by 9:30. Since there was only two of us waiting for the shuttle, they put each of us into a Mazda5 of complete with a driver and sent us on our way. I was really happy that I didn't have to wait for 5 other people to get dropped off on my way. They could've just saved some gas and put us both in one shuttle, but they didn't! That was great! My driver was a kind older gent - a retired Navy man who told me about the Hine business. He even referred to John Hine as "Dad". It must be a good, family company.

When I came to pick up my car before 6, the ladies at the cashier were friendly and helped me get signed up for the Loyalty Cash program. I mentioned to them that I had trouble signing up and the website so they signed me up right there and then - and gave me the $10 Loyalty Cash sign up perk!

$65 later, I was all set. And they even washed my car! It was a good experience and should the business of life get the best of me again when my oil needs to be changed, I'd definitely return to this dealership!

Dale G. | 2013-06-21

The best Mazda dealership in San Diego! We recently bought our second Mazda, a CPO 2010 Mazda CX-9 GT, .The overall experience was A+. Steven Camacho was very helpful  from the beginning 'till the end. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend John Hine and Steven Camacho. If you are looking to buy a Mazda  make sure to visit them. I can proudly say that " I got mine at Hine"

Abhay S. | 2013-06-16

Never use this facility! I took my Protege5 to have the timing belt replaced and they broke my air conditioner and denied doing so. I took the car to another mechanic who confirmed that the line was old but wasn't damaged before the change. They still refused to take care of it. only after receiving a friendly letter from my lawyer and the DCA involved, they finally resolved the problem.

Joshua S. | 2013-06-14

Initially the process was smooth and painless when it came to car shopping.  Once I selected the car I wanted to purchase that's where the problems arose.  When I went to the back the finance lady repeatedly tried selling me extra options I didn't want (extended warrantees etc).  I understand this is how the dealership makes their profit but after politely declining twice it began to border on harassment.

She kept telling me how foolish I was for turning down this coverage.  Just rude.  Then it came time to get me my keys, owner's manual and I was out the door.  Oh wait...they can't find the spare key for my car?  That can only mean some salesman took it home for personal use seeing as their wirelessly coded (fob key) to the individual car.  It was also around this time that the sales manager informed me that they couldn't find any owner's manuals either.  Against better judgement I shrugged it off and accepted their apologies.  Little did I know this trouble was only the beginning.  

Around 5600 miles I had a severe problem arise with my car.  Broken down on the side of the highway I used my mazda roadside assistance to have it towed to the dealership.  Luckily 1 week before this I had it taken in for an oil change and a tire rotation.  (They almost put the wrong oil in until I corrected them)  Upon having my car dropped off I flagged down a Service manager and told him the issue I was having with with the car.  Having one look at the car and one look at me (I look much younger than I really am) he straight out told me it was a $118 "diagnostic fee" to pop my hood and diagnose the problem.  I told him that was absurd.  It's a brand new car bought and serviced right here and it has a problem and now you mean to tell me you're going TO CHARGE to just pop the hood?  He informed me that industry standard.  A quick call to Westcott Mazda in National City proved this to be a lie.  He was trying to take advantage of me.  I demanded to speak with the service lead right away.  If they wouldn't help me thenI would take my car to a dealership that would.  

My father worked nearly 5 years in the service department at an auto dealership.  So I knew the importance of treating the service guys with respect.  This entire time I remained calm, did not use profanity and kept my voice at a reasonable volume.  The service lead agreed right away to "waive" the diagnostic fee.  Funny how that works.   Just 2 minutes ago I was told it was going to cost me over $100 and that this was "industry standard".  Once they found the problem they decided that it wasn't normal wear and tear and completely threw out the notion that it could have been equipment failure.  The Dealership informed me that I would be paying out of pocket for the entire repair.  They went as far as criticizing my driving habits on the matter.    

Knowing better I stood my ground.  I fought back knowing it had not been my fault for the failure despite what the dealership thought it to be.  I once again threatened to take my car elsewhere and contact corporate.  Upon hearing this once again issues were quickly resolved as my car was miraculously moved to the top of list for repairs and for free I might add.  My car was ready for pickup friday.  Thank God.  This nightmare was finally over.  But once again I was wrong.

The assistant service manager informed me that my car "might not be ready" by close of business on friday but if I wanted they could try and have it done.  I said do whatever you have to do...don't rush anything.  Well unfortunately that's exactly what they did.  When ever they serviced my car whoever put my tire back on didn't torque the lug nuts to specification and as a result my tire would rock around violently anytime I exceeded 40 mph.  I took it to the nearest mechanic (I was in San Marcos with a friend) and upon putting my car on the lift his eyes swelled to the size of saucers.  His jaw literally dropped.  There was so much damage to my wheel bearing that he REFUSED to allow me to drive it off the lot deeming it "was not safe period".  

Upon hearing this I...once again contacted mazda roadside assistance for a tow.   I contacted the nearest mazda dealer but since I was bringing it in for damages that occurred from John Hine service they refused to look at my vehicle.  I had to have my car towed all the back to San Diego for service.  Well it get's better.

Since Mazda roadside assistance only covers towing to the nearest dealership I had to front the rest out of pocket ($110) which I never ended up being re-embursed for because the John Hine service department lost my receipt.  The very next day John Hine corrected the problem and serviced my car for the very last time.  

In closing...I do all my own maintenance now.  The staff here is ill equipped, disrespectful, deceitful and can't even spell customer service.  The only reason I gave them 1 star is because I couldn't give them negative stars.  STAY AWAY!

javier j. | 2013-05-28

After coming from Honda Mission Valley too look at the Honda CRV (less than stellar customer service) I came here to compare the Mazda CX5.  Both cars were very similar in pricing and fuel economy but the sales team here at John Hine Mazda is what won me over sold the car, just goes to show great service is a must these days.

Chelsea H. | 2013-05-02

Today I went in to John hine because my lease was coming to an end if a Mazda 3 I have had now for 3 years.  I had an appointment with Michael Watkins and he helped me tremendously! He made all my options very clear and printed out all the numbers for each option.  He did not try and give me a bunch a sales pitches and did not try and rush me.  I now have a great new Mazda 3 sky active which will be saving me a bunch if gas money! Overall he was a knowledgeable and nice guy.

Ashley P. | 2013-04-29

really i would have given it  5 stars at first because they were all very friendly and they have a good selection of new and used cars but it wasn't until the actually getting the car that i had problems.

because my parents are paying from out of state they said they would ship it overnight but first they sent the wrong papers then the shipping isn't overnight and no one seems to be doing much. not too big of a deal but because its not being fixed it's kinda annoying.

In the end, the car was exactly what I wanted and it all worked out!  They have nice people and a nice selection!

Tracy A. | 2013-04-12

This place is great! I've been coming to their service dept for regular maintenance since buying here in 2004. This morning I got there for my 7am oil change appt, and was out before 8am, thanks to Nicole Brand, aka Best Service Provider EVER! It made my weekend. Thanks Nicole!

Jodie M. | 2013-03-31

Thanks for the maintenance scam...I'll stick to Mazda in Escondido.  Love my car, but not the $$$ you charge for things I DID NOT request and the 3 hour wait for a new tire and oil change.

Adrienne C. | 2013-03-29

I just leased a 2014 Mazda 6 Touring from John Hine Mazda. I loved the car during the test drive, but I really wanted it in Soul Red. The salesperson, Arien, and the manager, Brent, spent an hour calling around trying to find my dream car and then Arien drove to Irvine to pick it up for me. I am OBSESSED with this car! I live 10 minutes from the dealership, but after I picked up the car, I drove all the way to El Cajon and back just to drive it, and then I took a scenic drive down the Silver Strand. The car has amazing power for a 4 cylinder, and gets great gas mileage with the SkyActive engine. It has a touchscreen on the console and it plays my Pandora stations through the Bluetooth system. Arien knew so much about the car and showed me every awesome thing it does before I drove it off the lot.  

This is my first brand-new car, and I love it! My only other dealership buying experience was in 2005 when I purchased a used car from Wescott Mazda on the Mile of Cars and it was a horrendous experience, but I really needed the car at the time. Thanks to Arien and Brent, I couldn't have asked for an easier, friendlier, smoother buying experience.The finance manager, Genevieve, was awesome too. She made the paperwork easy to understand and had it all waiting for me to sign. I am proud to say, I got mine at Hine! You should too!

Brett W. | 2013-03-20

We went in to John Hine a few times to check out used cars, and ended up finding the car that we wanted.  We didn't have the best experience with the first person that we worked with and left disappointed.  The next day we received an e-mail from the internet manager Stephen, and he was really great to work with.  There was no run around, just a fair and honest quote on a car and a trade in.  When we went to complete the paperwork he was really patient, as were the other people that we worked with.  They didn't try to renegotiate at any time or try to pressure us with additions.  They were also really nice to our daughter, even when she spilled water on all of the documents.  I would highly recommend working with Stephen and will be happy to give them our business again.

Jim H. | 2013-03-09

I hate buying cars, like most people. Last month I was looking at new cars as my current lease was coming to a close. I'd seen a Mazda at the auto show that I really liked and wanted to go test drive it.

I went to the dealership expecting high pressure and lies. But everything went smoothly and was relatively pleasant. The test drive went well and I realized I wanted the car. I was able to work out a reasonable price with the salesman and ended up getting my lease.

The salesman was knowledgeable and friendly, no high pressure, no lies. I got through the financing process quickly, much faster than I have in times past. The salesman then spent 30 minutes with me going over all the electronics in the car. I drove off with a car that I loved, freshly cleaned and with a full tank of gas.

The service department contacted me soon after and had already made my first service appointment, which I really appreciate.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with the car and with my surprisingly pleasant experience at this dealership. I would definitely recommend them.

Jen N. | 2013-02-24

Mary is our favorite service center rep. All of the service reps here are really helpful....and nice....sometimes the desk girl can be a little snippy...but normally she's pretty nice.  Glad to always come back here because of the help they provide. Always wash your car when you're finished.


D W. | 2013-02-21

All it takes is one employee to be rude and condescending to mess up a good thing.  I have been buying parts at Hine for a long time and the customer service has been great.  I usually see the same people all the time, but the last couple of times I have noticed some new associates.  The training either needs to get better or maybe they were having a bad day, but they do not know how to deal with a customer in an awkward situation.  There is a right way to go about things and a wrong way and they chose the wrong way.  Rudeness and condescension is not how you deal with a customer who needs help, you can be firm and explain your policy, but not a jerk.  I have been shopping here for a long time, even recommended them to family members.  I hate to go shopping at Westcott Mazda, but I have no choice now.  I wish things could have been resolved in a professional manner, but human resources needs to do a better job of hiring.  Thanks for the good times Hine, but I am no longer going to your store or recommending people shop at your dealership.

Alfred M. | 2013-02-20

I have been emailing back and forth with Steven from Internet sales. I went in the other day to be greeted with Michael, since Steven was off. The process took no more than 2 hours. I got an Internet quote from Steven a while back for we'll below MSRP and that was the starting point. I also got more rebates resulting in another 1000 off the price. Michael was very helpful and easy to work with. There was absolutely no pressure at all. I went in, knew what I wanted, test drove, signed the papers and I was off. Dealing with Michael was a pleasure. If anyone is thinking about buying a car here, you own yourself a favor to get a hold of Internet sales. It's just so much easier that way. Thanks against Steven and Michael.

Emily D. | 2013-02-18

Cannot speak HIGHLY enough about the team at John Hine... for real. I spent a good 6 months searching for an extremely specific used Mazda3 and chanced upon the exact car on Auto Trader one night.

Being that the dealership is a good hour and a half from home, 99% of the purchasing process took place online and over the phone with Steven Camacho. Steven is THE BEST. The most down-to-earth, knowledgeable and helpful person I think I've ever encountered. He walked me through the entire approval process and even went out of his way to take pictures of the vehicle himself when it was still in detailing. Never once did I feel pressured (this also very much extends to the financing department when signing contracts), and when I had questions, Steven was there with an answer. He gained my trust quickly and got me exactly what I needed and I left John Hine with the BIGGEST smile on my face.

A huge, heartfelt "thank you" to Steven and the rest of the folks for making this experience not only painless, but enjoyable for me! That's right, buying my gorgeous car was an ENJOYABLE experience, lol :)

Alex S. | 2013-02-12

A normal person should detest having to buy a new car, and would prefer having a tooth yanked compared to dealing with a car salesman.    The process sucks, haggling sucks, the time it takes sucks.

We went to John Hine Mazda looking at new and used cars.   My salesman was Rod.   He walked me through all the features of the cars, all the pertinent info, all the stats, etc.   He was extremely knowledgeable of all the cars I looked at, shockingly so.   No cliched catch phrases, no pressure, no BS from him which I very much appreciated.  

I went to a few other dealers to compare prices and models, but I returned to John Hine Mazda to buy my car because of the way the salesman treated us.   New car prices are extremely similar among all the dealers in San Diego, so it makes most sense to buy where you are treated decently and get the best customer service.  A few days after I bought my car I got a follow up call from Rod asking if I had any questions and how I liked my car.   Nice job.  

If you are looking for a Mazda be sure to go to John Hine in Mission Valley and BE SURE to ask for Rod.

Marvin S. | 2013-02-09

Here's how you go out and buy a brand new car:

You start by telling your wife the plan. It's simple. First thing's first, you plan your escape. That's right. Never go to the first dealership and settle. Second, once one of us makes a move toward the door, the other one follows the other one out. We can always come back. Third, let's go to Mazda, then Honda, then Ford, to keep our options open. Yeah, that's right, we got a master plan, uh huh!

Reality settled in, and we already knew what we wanted the moment we walked into John Hine Mazda: a 2014 Mazda CX-5. Yeah, we've been looking at the 2013 since it came out and trust me when I say I read a million reviews on it. What screamed out to me was that there wasn't enough engine to really be able to push it around when you needed to have that extra power. The only reason we wanted to really go to Honda was because we own an awesome 2009 Honda Fit Sport that we love to death! Honda did GREAT with us, so we wanted to give them an opportunity to earn our business again. Ford was more an afterthought after reading about the new Ford Escape and how the upgraded Ecoboost engine was going to be where it's at.

So, here's how it all went down. Rod Rocha is what happened. Talk about one of the most modest, down to earth, car salesman that I've ever met. He was so calm, that all of our anxiety that we had when we got there really just went away. He walked us around after we told him that we were looking at a new CX-5. He brought up all the specs that we could ever want and he really was attentive to the things that mattered to us. He took us on a test drive, which was great because John Hine Mazda doesn't take you down the street and back. They actually designed a course around Mission Valley that took us through uneven roads, windy roads, highway, up hill and down hill to make sure that we really had a good experience. Rod was so calm and great on the test drive, that he really inspired confidence in us and made us feel like it was our car. He knew what he was talking about and made Krystle and I felt as comfortable as possible.

Once we got back, we almost knew that this was the car we wanted, especially how the pick up was on the new 2.5 liter engine in the 2014. So, we decided to crunch numbers with Rod and his team to see where we sat. We really got treated well and it wasn't stressful for us for them to run numbers that met our expectations. Granted we weren't stressed about not being able to afford it, but anytime anyone makes a major purchase like a car, you want people to be understanding when you are trying to make decisions and not pressure you into getting into a situation that you didn't want to be in, in the first place!

So, the end result was taking another walk and finding OUR car. It only had 3 miles on it and it fell into our budget! Leaving with it didn't take much longer after that. Rod even got into our car and took us through all the most important details about the car again, just so when we drove off we were good to go. He was freaking awesome!

To top it all off, he gave us another call the day after to make sure things were great. This is our first Mazda and it may not be our last from our experience with Rod Rocha and Crystal in the finance department at John Hine. I honestly hope there are more of these transactions here like what we went through.

Too bad Honda and Ford. We never made it to see you guys, but maybe next time we will stick to our plan...or not!

David B. | 2013-02-09

this is my third car purchasing from John Hine mazda. It was a great experince once again. Steven Camacho helped me the whole way. He made sure that I got the exact car that I wanted and gave me a great deal. I would recommend anyone to Hine Mazda and to have the chance to work with Steven. Check it out

Jami N. | 2013-02-09

Truly exceptional, exemplary. Internet sales, particularly Michael Watkins, made it incredibly easy to purchase our new CX 5. From start to finish took less than two hours and we were driving our new vehicle home. Very pleasant interaction, highly recommend John Hine and the internet sales department. Got a great price, great vehicle, and a great apr incentive.

Donovan R. | 2013-02-02

I haven't spent a lot of time in dealers service shops, but this place is great!
Private kids room... Not sure if that's for the kids or the adults, but who cares. Several Internet stations for everyone. Free shuttles, & super nice staff.

Roger C. | 2013-01-25

it's a shame their body shop isnt as good as the service side, my vehicle went back over 5 times and i was without it for 2 months because they couldnt get it right and when they fixed one thing they messed up another part. i ended up giving up and  trading the car still with some paint defects. i will never go back to the body shop here . customer service was good so thats why i gave 2 stars and not 1.

my original review still stands for the service dept.

Monique R. | 2013-01-08

Personally I find no pleasure in dealing with car salesman, even worse is car maintenance. John Hine Mazda has been an absolute anomaly for me beginning with my 2007 purchase to present.

My first auto purchase was made easy by the staff at John Hine, the salesman was incredibly patient as I test drove a manual, because I love, then an automatic for practical purposes, then another test in the manual. Once I made up my mind about the engine came the daunting task of finding a car containing all of the features I wanted at a reasonable price. My "guy" certainly earned his commission to find me my dream car, which of course was at a Mazda dealership in San Bernardino. No problem, John Hine did what they do to have it delivered and get me in the drivers no extra cost. Once my car made it to their lot, the final steps towards ownership were made easy by John Hine's team. The agreed-to-price remained and there was little to no haggling with respect to warranties and all the added mumbo jumbo. I left the lot in my brand new Mazda with a smile on my face and even some budget money left in my bank account.

Maintaining my Mazda has proven to be an equally painless process over the years thanks to John Hine's Service Department. They offer complimentary shuttle service to and from my work, of which I happily take advantage. A full circle inspection is included during standard maintenance operations and they provide a comprehensive report card so as to avoid unnecessary surprises. All of the guys and gals on the service team are delightful to deal with and speak in layman's terms, which I appreciate greatly. I have never felt as though I was being taken advantage of because I am auto mechanically incompetent and I believe their service pricing is considerably reasonable. They now have a Loyalty Cash program for which you receive credit for services performed, which is then applied to the next one. During my last visit for an oil change, I was pleasantly surprised to learn I had nearly $45.00 in credit which mostly covered what I had expected to splurge in having my car detailed. Detailing department, by the by, is amazing! They called to warn me my car may not be immaculate given my doggie driving companion, but when I picked up my car there was nary a stray hair and it sparkled and even smelled like new.

Loyalty Cash or not, my Mazda and I are devoted to John Hine!

D P. | 2012-12-29

Not all car sales people are slime balls!! ARIEN PORTER over at Mazda is AWESOME!! I had been looking around at cars for a few months and decided on the Mazda5.  I went over to Hine, Arien approached me and in the kindest voice asked if he could help me with anything.  I replied that I was just looking.  Unlike many other dealers, Arien, said ok and told me if I needed anything that he would be over there and his name was Arien.  WOW! Points right off the bat for not flipping hawking me and trying to be my shadow.

I found Arien, told him what I was interested in the Mazada5.  He told me he was helping another guest but would like to  open the car up and let me check it out. He walked me over to the car opened it up handed me the key and said, let's take a look.  After spending a few minutes with me, he excused himself so he could go back to the first guests.  

As I was inspecting the car, Arien checked back with me a few times.  Which I also gave points for.  He did not just bail out and was now where to be found or send one of his $$ hungry sales buddies to drive me nuts.  We finally got to the test drive part and what an adventure.  He shared many stories, which were cracking me up.  At one point I forgot I was on a test drive and thought a friend of mine was driving with me.

Ok the juicy part..the $ and numbers game.  The first few offers were not what I wanted and since it was past the bank hours, we had no deal.  Arien told me that he would continue to try and get the deal I wanted.  And he did, for 2 days.  Finally he got to a number I could work with.  But I still didn't take the deal.  I shopped some more, actually found a better deal, but the sales man at the "other" place was a douche-bag, Westcott Mazda South Bay (yup I put you on BLAST). So I called Arien and said, "make it happen!"

Long story longer.. He Did!! Now I am a proud owner of a Mazda 5.  THANK YOU Arien Porter and your finance lady (she was wearing glasses in the corner office)

Sean M. | 2012-12-29

fantastic service, then sales, then service again. i am the "second husband" and have been treated as great as the first! haha. great place and square deals every time!

Robb P. | 2012-12-28

Saw a used car advertised on auto trader and stopped by to check it out. Was greeted fairly quickly and the vehicle I was looking for was up in the air on a ramp. They had it taken down quickly so I could check it out. They offered a test drive for me and I accepted. Conversation was at ZERO on the test drive, which was nice in a way, but kind of uncomfortable. When I got back, I told them I was interested in the car but not at the advertised price due to some issues that I noticed. I told them I would fill out a credit app online and they said they would get back to me the next day. I never heard from them and also realized that the sales guy never gave me any contact info. Guess they didn't really want to sell the car??

Jeremiah K. | 2012-12-11

Well I was recently in the market for a new car, initially I was going to go with a Volvo however after driving a friend of mines Mazda 6, I decided that I would check them out and see if it would work for me. Another friend of mine and I drove down to Hine Mazda and decided to look around for a few cars that we saw on .

Shortly after we arrived, we were approached by Tyler who seemed pretty easy going let us look around without any hassle. We decided to test drive a 2010 Mazda 6 and a 2011 Mazda 3; while I liked the power of the Mazda 6, I preferred the handling and agility that the Mazda 3 provided.

The asking price for the car was $14,474 so I offered $12,000. After some haggling back and forth we reached the point where the dealership came down to $13,999 and I was at $13,000. As we did have to get going, I left Tyler with my number and told him if things changed to contact. Not more than a half hour later, Tyler texted me indicating that his manager was willing to go down to $13,899; I stated that I wouldn't go higher than $13,700.

The next morning, Tyler got back to me and let me know that his manager would go down to $13,700 (I was also working with the Mazda dealership in Orange County as they were willing to let a similar one go for $13,300 and it also turns out that Tyler also is a neighbor of mine...small world).  While I was willing to travel up to the OC; my wife who would be driving wasn't too I decided to give Tyler one last chance and were able to achieve the middle ground.

We went down and Tyler made everything go smooth; he even came back with an extremely lower interest rate that I was pre-approved for with both Navy Fed and USAA. After about an hour and half; I drove out of there in my new Mazda 3.
The only reason that I am giving Hine Mazda 4 stars instead of 5 has to do with when I went back today. I had decided to go with the extended warranty through the dealership (as I preferred theirs over USAA's). When I drove down on my lunch break and went inside; I took a seat right at the front and waited for almost 10 minutes just to sign some updated documents.

During that time while there were several people around, nobody came up to ask me if I needed assistance or what I was there. I finally walked toward the back and after using the restroom went up to the service desk where the person behind the desk was talking on her cell phone in what appeared to be a personal conversation; she also looked a little annoyed that I was in front of her.
She paged the finance person to meet up with me which took about 5 min (though she was busy). I signed off on the updated paperwork and was on my way.

I would definitely recommend Tyler and anyone who may be open to owning a Mazda to definitely check out Hine Mazda.

Cody T. | 2012-12-04

After my previous vehicle decided to take a dump of Biblical proportions, I was left without any choice - Get a new set of wheels to get from place to place.

I stumbled in to John Hine, mainly because I thought Mazda 3s were pretty cool cars. But it was not only the great, reliable vehicle that made me decide to pull the trigger.

From minute one, my wife and I were treated with tons of respect. Everyone we encountered treated us great. I was less than prepared to purchase that evening, yet they worked with me and made it work. Working with them since has been great. From finance, to service.

Would highly recommend getting yours at Hine. You know I got mine at Hine, friends!

Yasser A. | 2012-11-26

Great experience, as always!!

We became a Mazda family back in 2008 thanks to Michael Watkins, Internet Sales Manager.  We have received great service since.  We hope this relationship will continue to be what it has been and the key players (Crystal, Eladio and Michael W.) stay in place in order to facilitate the buying process for us as usual.

We dont mind driving from Temecula to get an award winning experience always.

Thanks for an easy transaction this past weekend!!

Bryan H. | 2012-11-20

We recently purchased a very clean 2010 Mazda CX-7 from Hine Mazda.  My wife has been a Mazda driver for the past 23 years and wasn't about to switch brands, and it was time to trade her 2003 Mazda 6.  After some research on various Internet car sites, we found a couple of pre-owned CX-7's at Hine.  We stopped in after work one day and checked them out.  Mr. Brett Dooley greeted us and helped us find what we were looking for.  After a test drive we were satisfied.  The CX-7 was already priced about $1000 under blue book and was the vehicle we wanted.  We were out the door that evening with our "new" car.  Thanks!  I got mine at Hine.

Sherin T. | 2012-11-04

After graduating college, landing a full time job, and making a steady income, I was finally ready to start making payments on my first vehicle. Because I'm still young and live on my own in a different city, I knew my parents who reside in San Diego would play an important role in this process.  My dad found a used 2012 Mazda 3 at John Hine, and he dragged me down from Los Angeles to see this "beauty" of a car.

When we arrived at the dealership, I was fortunate enough to be greeted by the same salesperson (Brett) that was helping my dad the day prior. He had the car ready for me to look at. I know how difficult my father can be, so I tried letting the men do most of the talking. One thing led to another, a few unexpected comments surfaced, and we realized that Brett lacked professionalism and courtesy. He was not straightforward, and tried to deflect any conversation that could potentially hurt our thoughts about the car. He could not answer simple questions about the body of the used car, and fed us lies that could have easily been resolved with the truth. Immediately, this caused a tiff amongst me and my parents, and I know others could sense the hostility as well. All I wanted to do was get out of there. Luckily, we still wanted the vehicle, and Samson came to the rescue.

Samson stepped in and took over the sale - it changed the mood and I could tell that my parents were happy. Rather than trying to rip off customers, Samson immediately set me up with a brand new 2012 Mazda 3 at the affordable price we were looking for. He made me feel more comfortable by relating to me, and made the rest of the process super easy and quick. Without Samson's help, I know we would have left the Mazda dealership not only bitter, but probably with a car that my father regretted.

So, a BIG kudos to Samson. I love my new Mazda and I know I will be making the drive to this dealership to have Samson help me as much as possible. It's nice to see friendly and caring salesmen still exist!

Kyle T. | 2012-10-31

Well my experience started out a lot better than it ended. My salesperson was friendly but they are trying to sell cars so they all are. Test drove the 2013 mazdaspeed3. They didnt have the color/package that I wanted so I was going to try another dealership. The manager and salesperson claimed they had one coming in that next week. I was called a week later and told that the car was in harbor and would take a few days to be released to the dealership. A few days and a few phone calls of saying the car will be here tomorrow and the car is on the next truck later I finally get a voicemail that says the car will be here late November? Took my business elsewhere and got my Speed3 that same day.

YoonJoo N. | 2012-10-22

This was the first Mazda dealership and even though I didn't buy from them (only because I ended up buying a hybrid from a different manufacturer), my experience here was very positive. Aerian Porter, our salesman, took our walk-in very seriously and he actually got us a really great deal for the Mazda 3 (from the sales manager) I was looking at. I definitely would have purchased here if I had bought a Mazda. Some other dealerships used crazy pressure sales methods that made me run away (screaming in terror in my head) but Aerian was professional while still managing to present a very tempting deal. He kept in touch with us for the days following to remind us that we still had a great offer on a fantastic car.

Alex D. | 2012-10-17

Review is for the sales, not the service department.

Walked in on a Monday with no appointment and was immediately greeted by Rod.  Told him what I wanted to test drive and all I needed to give was my license.  Drove around Mission Valley and knew it was the car for me.  Good experience overall, Rod wasn't too pushy and was very helpful.  I'd definitely recommend him.

I recommend doing your homework before coming in so you can get the best price but everyone here was extremely helpful and extremely friendly.  Got a new car in a combined 3-4 hours.

Middle F. | 2012-10-15

I thought it was a great experience. Only took a combined 3 hours to walk out with a great automobile. Mike (internet sales) was very professional and straightforward. As the customer you always want to pay the lowest amount, but he was very reasonable to deal with, and ultimately delivered a fair price. He will probably filter you to a salesman, I can definitely recommend Arturo, he was super chill and just made the experience pleasant.

The only negative I can give is my brief interaction with the floor manager.   Maybe he was having a bad day, maybe the the looming interest rate risk crisis was bothering him.....hard to tell, but not my problem.

The finance department was extremely easy to deal with and very cordial. Overall the purchase process was incredibly smooth and efficient. John Hine delivered and I am really enjoying my car so far. Definitely go through Mike, dude is responsive and he delivers.

Lowell N. | 2012-10-13

I bought my 2008 Mazdaspeed 3 there and the purchase was a good experience.  I had shopped around online, found the model and price I wanted.  Printed out everything and took it over to John Hine.  They had the exact model and color I wanted, and the car hadn't even been test driven before.  When I gave them my print-out of the quotes I got from other dealers, they accepted my price offer and I bought the car, simple as that.

The service department is very good.  It can be hit-or-miss on the scheduling and time frame, but they do pay attention to detail when they work on your car.  I had the Mazda logo stolen from my car and the people at John Hine replaced it, free, and didn't even mention it.  They also wash your car.  I love that kind of thing!

The only issue I had was a warning light that kept coming on even after servicing it 3 times.  Apparently a bad purge valve in the emissions is common in this model of car.

Leeann B. | 2012-09-30

Great experience.  I went in wanting to look at the cx-5 and that's exactly what I ended up with.  Arien was extremely helpful and never pushy.  He showed me all the features and let me ask my girly car buying questions, but never made me feel like they were silly questions.   After the test drive, we did numbers, and when I wasn't fully ready to commit , Arien said he'd follow up the next day.  To which he did and now I'm ready for my new ride.

Mark B. | 2012-09-25

I purchased my 2013 CX-5 Touring AWD from John Hine this weekend.  Trust me this was not an easy car to find. Walked in on Friday morning, went on a test drive in the non-AWD model, left the dealership while they searched for my car, and as promised, received an offer about 2 hours later via email. Everything else was cake.
Michael (Internet Sales) is the most low key, professional salesman I have ever dealt with!  I am 42 years old so this isn't my first rodeo, and I worked in sales for 10 years, so I know many of the tricks.  Those tricks or games were nowhere to be found at John Hine.
I came in with a USAA certified quote (being a veteran has its privileges),  and a USAA approved loan. Plug for USAA Auto Circle here.  Bottom line, John Hine beat my low interest rate from USAA (2.23%), and gave me an unadvertised 1.9% APR for 60 months.  Additionally, they got me a Touring model (backup cam, power seats, blind spot monitor) for almost the same price as the MSRP of the sport model.  A free upgrade!  They even drove up to Carlsbad and dealt with Bob Baker to make the trade, and get me my car the next day. Oh, and they increased their original trade-in offer by $1,000.00 to match a quote I received from another dealer.
Then came the dreaded Finance Office.  Cindy simply looked me in the eye and asked, "Do you purchase a new car every 50,000 miles?"   I responded yes.  There was no pressure, no talk of an extended warranty, and no add ons.  She simply said "well, lets get this paperwork signed and get you out of here!" Now that is amazing.

Michael even showed me his own CX-5 and offered tips for care.
Great experience from start to finish. HIghly recommend John Hine, and specifically Michael.

Erika A. | 2012-09-25

Armed with my months of research, I went into John Hine ready for battle! I had heard general car buying horror stories from family and co-workers and was pretty intimidated about buying my first car on my own.  After scouting the local Mazda dealerships, I ended up buying my new 2012 Maza3 iTouring hatchback manual from John Hine. With the lowest price and great service, I'm proud to say I GOT MINE FROM HINE!

Steven, the sales person that I worked with, was amazing! Throughout the whole process, from contacting him through the Internet (super easy, by the way) to handing over the keys, he was incredibly patient, helpful, and sincere. In no way did I ever feel pressured into anything.  Throughout the test drive, he answered honestly about any cons/complaints about the car (which weren't a lot anyway but his answers matched what I had researched online from driver blogs, etc). He went through all my options extensively and was very knowledgeable in answering all of my questions. After thinking about it over night, I decided to purchase a car that they had in stock. I contacted Steven the next morning to let him know and later that afternoon I came home with a brand new car (I'm saying this in my best Bob Barker voice)! Signing all of the paperwork was very efficient and Crystal from the Finance department was very helpful as well in explaining the different types of insurances and ensuring I qualified for the best financing option.

They really emphasize earning a customer's business and I believe they definitely did with me!

Celinda G. | 2012-09-24

I just leased a 2013 CX-5 and it was probably the most relaxed and best dealership experience I have ever had.  I had been to John Hine for all of my previous services for my Mazda 3.  Mary is amazing!!  She referred me to Sam while I was waiting for my car.  Usually, I dread the process of going to get a new car.  Sam, a very friendly, sincere sales person, made this so convenient and fun.  He took his time, went over different options with me over a couple of days, and dealt with my indecisiveness between a Miata or CX-5.  He never pressured or rushed me into a decision.  I appreciate his flexibility, friendliness and outstanding customer service!

Celinda G

Sara S. | 2012-09-18

Had a great experience with John and Steve at John Hine Mazda.  I love my new car and Steve has gone above and beyond to help me since the purchase of my car.

Alyssa P. | 2012-09-12

Took my mazda in to get service was very happy to be greeted with smiling faces and the services was really quick. And anything they had to do that was not signed for they called me to make sure I wanted to have it done! The detail job was PHENOMENAL!  Prices were pretty great to!

Ricky N. | 2012-09-10

Really good, clear service. I got the best deal on a new Mazda3 hatchback I could find in the area. I came here after going to other dealerships where the salespeople kept trying to up the price, even after we had settled on one, such a hassle and tiring process!

Rod Rocha, my salesperson, was very clear and upfront about the pricing, easy to work with, and was very warm and helpful. If you check out Hine Mazda, go talk to Rod!

Carol D. | 2012-09-10

I bought a Mazda3 i Grand Touring hatchback from Steven on Saturday. The negotiation was done online and by phone on Friday and everything was ready for me to pick up my car the next day. I was in and out in record time. Steven was knowledable and very pleasant as he took me hands on through every feature of my new car. I would strongly recommend Steven to any car buyers out there. His info is:
Steven Camacho | Internet Sales Manager
Direct: 619.682.3706 | Cell: 805.878.2915
John Hine Mazda… |

I love my new car!

Carol Delauter

Kay H. | 2012-09-04

Start to finish it took only a few hours to buy my used Mazda 3, sight unseen.

Why would anyone do something crazy like that?

I'd gotten a new job in San Diego and had ONE Saturday before work started to buy a car.

I'd test driven the models I wanted before I moved from LA. Then I called a couple of San Diego dealers. I got the usual "You'll have to come to the lot to see the prices and if you qualify for a loan, blah-blah-blah-bs-blah..."

The exception was John Hine. I checked their Web site, found a low mileage Mazda 3, with the trim I wanted, in the color I wanted, at a fair price. Their Internet Sales Manager, Michael Watkins, wrote me back immediately. I gave him my credit info, which given what the recession had done to my credit rating, was a serious challenge. Yet within a couple of hours, he'd found me a loan and structured the payments in a way that was affordable.

All of that was done, over the phone and the Internet, while I was still living in LA. On a Friday, I moved down to San Diego. That Saturday, I picked up the car, which was gorgeous. Mazda Certified Used gives you a lot of confidence, if you're buying a used car sight unseen. Kudos also to their extremely kind and helpful credit manager--I'm so sorry I've forgotten her name!

There was only one glitch in an otherwise perfect transaction, so just FYI: Hine does not offer any kind of temporary insurance, so you've got to have insurance pre-arranged or you won't be able to drive the car off the lot. Unfortunately, this meant I had to come back to pick up the car on Monday. The good news is that Wawanesa, which is a GREAT insurance company with LOW rates (I've been with them for years), is only about a ten minute drive away. They're not open on weekends, but if you go to John Hine Mazda on a weekday, you can purchase your car, drive over to Wawanesa to buy coverage (allow about an hour), drive back and pick up your now street legal car. Or if you get the VIN for the car you bought online, you can have your insurance already purchased and be able to drive off the same day.

Thank you, Michael, it was a pleasure! And when does anybody EVER say that about buying a car?

Chris N. | 2012-08-25

Really good experience buying a new Mazda 3 last month. Turned up just looking at new Mazdas and walked away with a new one they were that good. Explained all the features and long test drive. We're willing to give a good discount and even called up the big man himself to approve an even bigger reduction. Weren't too pushy at all. When license plates came they fitted them for free and adjusted the wonky rear plate holder even though the service department was closed. Even ran it through the car wash to get it looking ship shaped again! Will definitely be taking it back to get my oil change and service done here

Chris M. | 2012-08-20

Dont waste Ur time with service Dept!!! Bought a 2011 Mazda 2 and found out I was missing Cargo Cover. Made appointment to get it fix and was told it would only take 15min.

While in the middle of moving from The Mission valley area to Mira mesa area, I stopped by for the 15 min repair!  after waiting 15 min past my APPOINTMENT tome, I finally talked to Mary.

Mary told me Ellen dint know what she was talking about and the repair would take  couple of hours. obviously being in the middle of moving and having to work at 2pm I couldn't stay!

The service Director called me and apologized.. But that does me no good!! Now because of my work schedule its gonna take a couple more weeks to get it done.

Art my salesman was about the only good thing from this experience.. John Hine Dont sale cars that are missing parts!!!  

If you are thinking of buying a Mazda go to Bob Baker, Their service department will take care of you!!!

Kyle G. | 2012-08-18

I just purchased a new Sky Blue C-5 from John Hine Mazda.  The whole process from start to finish took about six weeks because I wanted a very specific vehicle that was not available anywhere in southern California at the time.  Michael Watkins and Steven Camacho ordered one configured exactly the way I wanted and then went out of their way keeping tabs on incoming inventory to all the dealers in So. Cal and as soon as one with the specs I was looking for arrived at a dealer in LA, they made a dealer trade so I wouldn't have to wait for the special order.

Michael emailed me to let me know they had located my vehicle and were sending a driver up to LA to complete the trade.  While we waited for my car to arrive, my wife and I went over to the dealership and completed all of our paper work.  The whole process took about an hour.   When we went in to F&I, I told Crystal (I think that was her name) that I didn't want to waste her time and that I wasn't interested in adding anything else on to the car.  She said "ok, then lets just finish this paperwork" It was a pleasant experience.  The car looks great, the price was reasonable, and the service was above and beyond what anybody would expect.  I would gladly return to John Hine Mazda for another vehicle.

Fares E. | 2012-08-16

I just bought a New mazda from this dealership very very happy with my choice, thank you Stephen thank you for your honesty and excellent service , i recommend this dealership and always ask for Steven :)

Bonnie N. | 2012-08-09

It's a shame that this dealer was the only closest Mazda to me without having to go south. I was THIS close to deciding between a Mazda3 or a Forte. Sometimes a car buyer like myself just needs to sit inside of a car and see if a certain je ne sais quoi feeling is there before knowing if it is The One. Now, no one likes those people that arrive to your business 10 minutes before closing, but come on, to ask to sit inside of a car on the showroom floor for a second before they closed? That could've taken a whole entire minute. The guy apologized that they were closing soon and that all the cars had been locked, and to return the next day. I bought a 2012 Kia Forte the very next day 15 miles away and am so happy with my choice. The smallest ounce of great customer service makes the biggest difference. Like, $25k worth of a difference.

Sean L. | 2012-08-02

Had  the best car buying experience ever.  Went in with a pre approved loan from my lender which I thought was a great rate only to learn John Hine could beat it.  Was there no longer then an hour and that is with filling out all loan paperwork.  Arien Porter could not have done a better job on this sale.  He said let's just check to see if we can beat your rate with one of our lenders.  Got my monthly payment lower which was music to my ears.  Thanks for all your help Arien looking forward to seeing you when I get my car detailed.

Robyn M. | 2012-08-01

I've been going here to get my Mazda 3 serviced since I moved back to San Diego 2 years ago. The service has always been excellent. The service reps are super friendly and are always looking for ways to save you money.

My last visit was just on Monday. Went in because the tire pressure light came on. They explained to me what that was, did all the necessary checks and fixes, and let me know it was time for new tires. He gave me a quote for the tires, but what impressed me was that he didn't try to scare me into getting them right then and there. He explained all my options, letting my know my tires had at least a few more months and I wouldn't be facing death if I postpone the purchase. He even said they'll match the price of the tires!

But what made me want to write this review and show my appreciation for this dealership was them replacing my ugly plastic vanity plates with shiny new silver ones. I know it's something cheap and easy, but it was just such a nice gesture.

Jennifer B. | 2012-07-30

We bought our brand new CX-5 from here. The sales staff were really patient with us, when we were comparing financing with someone else, ultimately choosing the other loan because it was a better choice for us. The car was pretty new when we got it ( I think there'd only been about 5 of them on the lot, we got ours on the second shipment ) but I was pleasantly surprised that the salesman knew quite a bit about it for it being so new. They made us feel very pleased with our purchase and comfortable with asking questions.

Three months later, I was in a not at fault automobile accident with some severe damage to the bumper. The collision department is absolutely great. They were very accommodating, and took very good care of my vehicle. I can't really thank them enough.

I think the only negative thing I could think to put here is that there is a dirty mark on the interior of the car from the time they had it, but I feel comfortable in contacting them to clean it. I never really expected that I could have such a pleasant experience with a car dealer.

Holly B. | 2012-07-23

I went to John Hine 3 times when I was looking at the Mazda CX-5 (which I now own... they missed out on a sale).

The 1st time I went after a wedding at the church next door. My dad had told me about the CX-5 so I figured I'd take a look. Art came out to help me but didn't take me seriously because I was dressed up in a party dress for the wedding. All he did was walk me over to the CX-5 and that was it. I had to try to ask about features, etc. All he told me was that I could put a $500 deposit down if I wanted one.

The next time I went I had done some shopping at other dealerships and was pretty sure that the CX-5 was the car I wanted. I really wanted to see it in sky blue and to get some numbers from Hine since I was told they're the biggest dealers in San Diego. No sky blues in stock but Rob was nice. I took his card and got some ballpark numbers.

The following week I was sure this was the car I wanted so I called Rob. Turned out he was at the beach but he had me text him my info and we set up an appointment so he could take a look at my trade-in. (The fact that he took my phone call at the beach is the only reason why this review has 2 stars and not 1.)

On the day of my appointment I received a call from Rob around 12:30pm. I was already on my way to our 1pm appointment and arrived around 12:45. Turns out his call was to see if I was still coming, but I hadn't called to cancel or made it appear like I wasn't going to show up. I asked for someone to get a hold of him since I tried calling and he didn't pick up. Anyway, this review is already way too long - basically he never made it to our appointment even though I waited around until 1:20pm. It was a waste of an hour of my time.

He never called to apologize either.

Bought my car 1 week later from Westcott Mazda.

Amanda K. | 2012-07-09

If I could rate this place lower I would. I absoltly LOVE my mazda 3 but the experience of buying it was awful once it came time to actually sign the paper work. I cant remember the guy who I worked with but he was horrible. I bought a 2010 Mazda 3, it was a rental car for the dealership at one point.

I was told that the car came with two remote control keys and that it was 2,000.00 less then i actually signed for.

When it came time to signing the paperwork I was told that I would have to pay an addition $125 for a spare key, the cars price suddenly went up and they tried to give the car to me with not even a quarter tank of gas. To top it off they tried to force me into a bunch of other extras such as extended warranty, GAP, ect. I was also told that the car came equiped for SAT radio and I just had to purchase a subscription.

That being said, I fussed and they filled up my tank but had to purchase a spare key even tho I was told it came with the car. I then was gifted a Satalite radio subscription but to my suprise when I went to set it up it ended up being that the car did not have the SAT equipment and if I wanted it it would cost me $600.00. I will NEVER return to this dealership. They are rude and do not stand by there word. However I will be buying another Mazda elsewhere in the future.

Lee Anne G. | 2012-06-01

I've bought two cars from them and the service department is great! Especially Tony!! He's an amazing mechanic - ask for him!

Johnny D. | 2012-05-26

We went back a few weeks later to check out a used MazdaSpeed Miata and an older gentleman helped us out. Unlike the first guy, he was really helpful and even though we didn't want that particular vehicle (it felt a little bit "over-loved") we would probably go back and work with him. Because service is hit or miss, I've gotta give 'em a 2.

Eli R. | 2012-04-12

Went there for an oil change and tire rotation. Had an appointment.
The whole thing took TWO HOURS. Really???

Got the service report with all the fluid levels being OK.

Opened the hood. The window washing fluid was low, and the coolant was BELOW low. Really?????

Sara Y. | 2012-04-11

I needed a major repair so my car was going to be laid up in the shop for a few days.  

My saving grace?  They have an Enterprise Rental available on site.  SCORE!!!!!  Being mobile never felt so good.

P.S. - my new clutch is amazing!  Special thanks to Luis for keeping my little car in tip-top shape.

John Kevin M. | 2012-03-16

Recently got my car back after an intensive engine overhaul. Great service from Mary Jackson and the staff at John Hine. She explained all of the different scenarios with my rx8 and we pretty much were on the same page with repairs.

Monica G. | 2012-02-27

HORRIBLE SERVICE!! While my car was under warranty I would take it in for service. I have never been treated with more disrespect than at John Hine Mazda. I would drive 45 miles to Escondido for service just to avoid this dealership. I love my Mazda, and when it comes to replacing it, I will NOT get it here! Save yourself headaches, frustrations, and having to deal with a rude service staff, and go to another Mazda Dealership.

Tamara N. | 2012-02-02

Went to John Hine because my insurance referred them to fix the collision damage on my car. There was an agreement in which they would contact me twice a week to keep me updated on my car. It's been approximately 1 week and a half and i haven't heard from them once! I myself had to contact them. Poor customer service.

Eric P. | 2012-01-18

Great quick service. I always make early appointments and they have me in and out within an hour. They are very informative and friendly.

I love the fact that I get an email reminder about my service appointment and if I need to change it, they are very helpful and quick to respond.

Have not had a poor experience and hope that I never do.

Mione C. | 2012-01-07

I bought my Mazda here in 2008 and have gone back several times for various servicing and repairs. I've had nothing but an excellent experience every time. The people here are so friendly and professional. I've never felt pressured or been given an unfair estimate for a repair  --which is a BIG plus in my book. They respect your time and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable while you wait. This is one car dealership that seems to respect and care about their customers' experience  --on the lot, over the phone and at the service counter. I highly recommend!

Jessie S. | 2011-12-04

I filled out a TrueCar report online and got a referral to John Hine's internet department. Steven was great. The whole process was haggle and stress free. I gave him the information from my trade, what I wanted to pay, and what I wanted. After a few days via email (since I don't live in SD) I ended up with a new car. Even once I got down there the process of getting my trade look at, mgr approval,and filling out the paper work with the finance mgr was painless. I would recommend the process!!

Melanie W. | 2011-11-19

For the service dept, in particular Nicole Brand.  Our car broke down when we were visiting from norcal.  Best customer service ever from a service dept.  She worked with us for 2 weeks until we could get back to San Diego and pick up our car.  She worked with the dealership who sold us the crappy car and the warranty company who were both trying to screw us over.  It's a super busy service dept, but the help and attention given is awesome.

Daniel W. | 2011-11-05

Shortly after writing my review, I was contacted by the Manager at John Hine.  He expressed concern as to why I had a negative experience.  After explaining the situation, he invited me back down to the dealership for a complimentary detail.  

He never asked me to edit my review.  I was impressed that he cared enough to reach out to me, and attempted to make amends in regards to my previous experience, which is why I am updating my review.  The detail was spotless, and he shook my hand and thanked me for my feedback.  Stand up guy.

Brandon K. | 2011-11-01

The customer service here is great; however, I would say that their mechanics are not so great.  I bought three Groupon specials for this place that included a car wash, oil change, and tire rotation.  I normally do the work myself but since I have been so busy I thought it would be nice to have someone else do the work.  Never again will I do that.  My first car I took looked great after I got it.  However, when I started driving away on the highway my car started shaking.  I want to take it back to them to check but believe it would be easier to take it to another place.  My second car was brand new.  When I dropped it off I told them there were no scratches on the car.  I get it back with multiple scratches and there car wash was half ass.  My 4 year old could wash a car better.  My third vehicle, they snap a lug nut and stud off.  I know this could happen to anyone but they expected me to pay full price for this.  I definitely complained about that and they ended up fixing it for the price of the parts.  Well that was nice of them but I still will not come back to them unless it is a dire emergency.

Rachel A. | 2011-10-21

Keev - You are  ROCK STAR!

Just moved to the area and headed to John Hine to service my Mazda Tribute. My service manager Keev, was beyond amazing. He took great care of me, was super nice and helpful, and a pretty handy with a good joke (the clean customer friendly kind). I got an oil change on my 1st visit, easy as can be and they even sent me home with a complimentary car wash so I was San Diego cruisin' ready. Then a week later I found myself, stumped by a new pair windshield wipers. So, I called Keev. He called me back in 5 min and said "come on down and I'll take care of it". And take care of it he did! Of course the ones I got were wrong (you know us girls and auto parts), so Keev helped me get the correct ones and even installed on the spot for free and with a 10% discount on the parts. Thanks again Keev, I am now ready for the 5 days of the year it rains here or at least the car wash.

The whole staff was super friendly and service was quick, just what I wanted.

Of course, it is what it is, a dealership, so if you are looking for an affordable service place and don't have a warranty this might not be the option for you.

Lynn F. | 2011-10-04

We recently needed to get a new car for my daughter. I had purchased a Mazda for myself last year (which I love) and, having had a horrific experience last year at Westcott Mazda, decided to try our luck at John Hine. Talk about night and day as far as customer service!

Our salesman at John Hine was Arien Porter. He was fabulous. He was extremely helpful, no pressure, showed us exactly what we wanted and worked with us in a friendly and professional manner.

Their finance department was courteous, professional, and worked with us to get to a price and an APR that was extremely reasonable. At no point did I feel stressed or pressured by anybody on that lot.

I would HIGHLY recommend John Hine to anyone looking to purchase a Mazda. Ask for Arien and you won't get any high-pressure sales tactics. If your experience is anywhere near what ours was, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!

David G. | 2011-10-03

"Dave's Automotive (Mis)adventures: Part II"

Seeing as I'm totally vain, driving around with a dented rear passenger door wasn't going to fly.  

Also, seeing as I'm too automotivally challenged, scouring San Diego for the best body shop wasn't going to fly.  Instead, i brought my Mazda back to the dealer for its repairs.

I was a little shell-shocked to find out that rear door repairs were going to cost me $1600+...but I suppose that's precisely why I have insurance and was only going to pay a much smaller amount out of pocket.

As for the repairs themselves, John Hine handled themselves reasonably well.  There would be a week-long wait until the right door panel was back in stock, and they didn't make me leave the car with them while I waited.  There was quite a bit of paperwork involved in dropping the car off, but it was quick and painless, since the collision repair folks were on top of their game.

Scratch that last part -- one aspect where they weren't on top of their game is communication.  They said that they'd call or email every 2 days to provide status updates on my repairs...which they didn't.  A minor inconvenience, I guess.  Communication would've been more helpful since the repairs were running a day behind schedule.

That's a minor gripe, though.  All in all, the final product was a car that looked brand new -- and that's exactly what I wanted.

Russell L. | 2011-09-18

I took my Mazda in for service and warranty repairs.  It was a third party warranty.  The estimate for my 70K service was just under $300.

I dropped off my car Thursday evening.  Friday evening I got a call that they hadn't figured out what was wrong with it.  They couldn't mimic a transmission pop, and couldn't figure out why I was experiencing a loss of power.

Tuesday I hadn't heard back.  I emailed and suggested ways to recreate the transmission pop.  Later I get a call.  They found the problems, but the warranty company wants to review the car before authorizing repairs.  Now my cost was up to $700.  Why?  They wanted to change the spark plugs, clean the throttle body, and do a fuel system cleaning.  They didn't know that would fix anything... it's just a blanket diagnosis for loss of power.

Again, I didn't hear back... until Friday evening.  Now it's been over a week.  The adjuster has been out, but nothing else has happened.  So I waited.....

...until I finally call them Thursday.  They've now had my car 2 weeks.  "Oh, have you heard from the warranty company?"  No. "Oh, maybe I should call and see what's going on....."  Maybe?  At least his voice was polite while he was blowing smoke up my ass.

It didn't take long after that phone call to get some answers.  Things were explained to me and my estimate was now just over $500 because I refused their $265 spark plug change.  This was when I was told there had been 3 $100 diagnostic charges.  1 for the cold transmission test (the pop), 1 for the warm transmission test (loss of power), and one for my AC Control... to tell me there was a short in the control... which is what I told them.  At this point, it's 1 Star.

They got another two because once authorized, they got the work done in a day.  They also knocked down the price because of the failings with the warranty company.  So I got out for $300.  I think they took out the bogus diagnostic charges.

On a side note, the loss of power is gone.  It went away with the transmission fix.  Don't let them charge you $400 to change $60 worth of spark plugs, spray $5 of Carb Cleaner in the the throttle body, and poor $10 of Chevron fuel line cleaner in the gas tank.

Pressley R. | 2011-09-10

I had the best experience I have ever had in an auto dealership.  Kevin Brent was an honest friendly dealer who made me feel no pressure.  This was a great experience.

awaiz k. | 2011-08-31

We just bought Mazda 3s HB from Mike and our experience was just fantastic. The deal that we got here was unbeatable. He actually printed the quote to us and we took it to number of dealer and everone said they just cant match as its too good. So we ended up buying the car from here and no problems so far.

Pam H. | 2011-08-27

This review is for you, Arien. I never write reviews but the great experience I had buying a car at John Hine's needs recognition. I had a couple of cars I was planning on test driving before deciding but the Mazda 3 hatchback was the first one my boyfriend and I looked at. Arien was easygoing and personable and basically gave us all the info we needed without hassling us like the typical salesmen you meet. We voiced our needs and specification of the car we wanted and told him that we would be back. After shopping around, we decided with the Mazda 3. We went back to John Hine Mazda and Arien pointed out different options we had to choose from and told us straight up what they could or could not do for us. On the day of pickup, the processing of documents was painless and I was quite satisfied. Arien went through the details of the car and pointed out how to work some of the featChures of the car. I drove away with a great car, great price and excellent service. It was fabulous!

Thank you, Arien for being honest and upfront with us . You made my car shopping experience pain free. (and there were a lot of different characters out there). It was a breath of fresh air to have your questions answered truthfully and honestly. I would definitely recommend future prospect buyers to John Hine Mazda.

Courtney P. | 2011-08-25

Went to look for a new Mazda5. Drove into the dealership, walked around the lot and found two Mazda5's. Looked around and didn't see any sales people. Opened the cars up, sat inside, checked them out.....still no one. Walked towards the office, saw sales people. Sales people saw us....but no one said hello. We figured they must all be busy so we waited approximately 20 minutes and then left. Very dissapointing especially considering there aren't many Mazda dealers in this area.

Justin P. | 2011-08-20

The smell of new cars and vulcanized rubber just gets me excited.  Now we didn't actually end up buying a car from John Hine Mazda, but we would have if they had something used in our price range.  

We began looking at new Mazda3s and were greeted by Arien, who was spectacular.  We returned to the dealership one or two other times, and each person we spoke with was extremely nice and helpful.  None of the stereotypical slimeball salesmen.  We also spoke with a manager who was also very courteous and professional.  

If I was in the market for a new Mazda, I would highly recommend the staff at John Hine.

Elisha H. | 2011-07-30

Arien, this is for you!  I just bought my CPO Mazda3 s Grand Touring Hatchback a few days ago and I LOVE IT!  After walking away from a not so great experience at another Mazda dealer in National City (you know the one!) I decided just to stop by Hine Mazda to see what the inventory was.  There in the lot was my perfect car, and already stickered at a fantastic steal of a price!  I initially was going to get a brand new Mazda3 sport, but getting a one year old CPO that is fully loaded for the same price...seriously...can you say A-W-E-S-O-M-E?!

My husband and I had plans so we couldn't stay long.  Arien kept it brief, showed me the car, and gave me his card.  I told him I'd be back the next day for a test drive.  The next afternoon Arien was ready for me when I got there and we took the car for a spin.  When we got back he further pointed out all of the goodies and explained the warranty and services.  I drove away in the exact car that I wanted and I got a fantastic deal.  Since I came prepared the process was pretty quick and easy, and thank you for waiting patiently while I added my new car to our insurance policy.

Thank you Arien for sharing my NO B.S. approach to car buying and thank you for not wasting my time with car dealer jackassery.  You acted like a normal person, you took the time to answer all my questions truthfully, and I loved your easy going personality.  I'm very glad that you're the guy I happened to run into in the lot because this was an excellent car buying experience.  Mr. Hine, give the new guy a bonus.  ;)

Also, Crystal in finance, you're a doll.  You showed genuine excitement for me knowing that I had just bought my perfect car.  You were friendly and personable and made all that contract signing actually enjoyable.  Mr. Hine, bonus for Crystal too.  :)

Stacy T. | 2011-06-25

The only good things I can say about this dealership is that I got the vehicle that I had been looking for at a great price, and Genevieve was very nice. Other than that the experience with them has been very negative. A few days after I bought my vehicle I started getting harrassing phone calls from my finance company on the car that I traded in because the car hadn't been paid off. Over the last 2 weeks I have left 5 messages for Adam Morris the finance manager. I still haven't heard back from him. I called Elijah, the young man that sold me the car. It had only been 7 days and he couldn't even remember my name. He said it would be taken care of but that didn't happen.  I finally got to speak to a woman named Penny who was extremely rude to me, called me "hun" and then proceeded to tell me that it was a Friday so they were busy and I could expect NOT to hear from anyone. Finally, after 2 weeks of harrassing phone calls to me by the finance comapny, they paid off my trade in. I understand that things take time, and I would have been fine had someone just treated me with a bit of courtesy. Of course, I am comparing my service with John Hine to my service with Toyota Carlsbad. I bought my previous car there over a year ago  and just got a birthday card from John Sanders, my salesman there...a year later. And a final note...if someone purchases a car from you don't send them off the lot with an empty tank of gas.

Next time I'll wait until Toyota Carlsbad has what iIwant. If I were you I would steer clear of John Hine Mazda. I regret not giving my business back to Toyota Carlsbad where I was treated so well.

Huy K. | 2011-06-23

This review pertains mainly towards oil changes (since its my only experiences here).

Been going here for my last 5 oil changes (usually during my 1 hour lunch time).  Was always an excellent and fast experience.  I always request to not have a car wash so my car usually finishes within 30 to 40 minutes.

Today was not one of those excellent experiences.  The oil change took close to 1 and half hour without a wash.  If it wasn't for the service manager calling to apologize, the rating would have been a lot lower.

I'm pretty sure this is a one time thing and the service manager reassured me it will never happen again.

Martin R. | 2011-05-17

I will no longer be going to John Hine to have my Mazda repairs done. Took my car in because it was making a noise from the rear when a brake. The mechanics there took a look at it and told me that it was the rear bearings that needed replacing and the cost would be $700. I waited to get another estimate somewhere else. I took my car to La Mesa Auto and was told that the bearings were still good, that the noise was coming from the rear rotors. They needed to be re-machined and the pads needed lube. The total cost was $90. They saved me over 600 dollars.

Service Advisers Nicole and Mary have always been great to me when i visit the dealership but I will no longer go because the mechanics don't know what they're doing. I'm now wondering whether all repairs that I've had done there were even necessary.

John K. | 2011-04-28

I bought my 2nd MX-5 (2005 Mazdaspeed MX-5) here, used. They didn't have a carfax and I found out later the veh had been in a fender bender. It's still a great little car and I have a TON of fun driving it. I had a really bad experience here with the Service Department Manager Gerald. I will NEVER go back to this business. Gerald, you don't know your ass from a tailpipe. I brought the veh in because less than 6 mos had passed and the transmission started squealing.. I took it in thinking it would be under warranty. Gerald says he's gonna void my warranty and that they wouldn't service my car unless I paid for the repairs. I asked why and he said he found an inspection sticker from the qualcomm drag races in the trunk. I asked him just what the hell was he doing in my trunk when the problem was the transmission? He didn't have an answer for that, and after some choice epithets I took it to El Cajon Mazda, and they fixed it, no questions asked. They were impressed with my LEGAL intake upgrades and commented on the drags, and I told them the whole story and they encouraged me to complain with MAZDA USA.  So, Liars and thieves are what I consider the occupants of this den of iniquity to be and I tell ppl to RUN, not walk away from the service dept here every chance I get.

UPDATE: 4/30/11  The General Manager actually pays attention to Yelp these days. Jeez, they didn't give a hoot when this happened back in 07/08 even after writing emails and letters, I'd never received a response until now. Goes to show what some public negativity will do, thanks YELP!

UPDATE: 5/4/11 The GM tells me it's all my fault and to go piss up a tree and they "regret" my bad experience?!?!? Can I call in an airstrike? Seal Team 6??

Ren P. | 2011-04-27

I had an excellent experience with John Hine Mazda!

My car needed extensive repairs and didn't know a thing about wether it was covered or not. As soon as I arrived at the dealership everyone was a s nice as apple pie. I was greeted the moment I arrived.

Mary Jackson took extra good care of me she almost wanted to give the shirt on her back. She made sure I was informed of every step that was being done as I asked her (because I was afraid of the repair bill) with my car and what was being found, covered or not. She called me everytime she found she got news from the service department. I was extra lucky because everything was covered under the Mazda warranty and my car isn't even new. So  even though all the extensive repair was covered and I thought they might not treat me as a on the spot paying customer, well I was wrong like i said they went the xtra mile the whole time. Smiles everywhere and super courteous service.

Even when i walked in to the lobby to wait for a shuttle service I was greeted by someone there. And GET THIS they have 3 computers with public internet (which I quickly latched on to) and an awesome little vending machine that makes you your favorite cup of java from simple black coffee to a delish mocha, your pick.
And I even got my car washed and vacuumed both times I've been there and delivered super shiny! i swear my car has never that clean and shiny. :) I also have to give a shout out to Marco the shuttle service guy. Thanks Marco! and MAry!! I'll definitely be back and recommend you.


Alana H. | 2011-04-22

My car was backed into by an individual and they happened to be covered by Wawanesa, which John Hine serves as a repair shop for. They repainted and took a dent out of my bumper and at first it looked good, but I noticed that the bumper was not put on right and that the seam on the driver's side was not flush. I brought it in a few weeks after the repair and the guy (I think Ken) just lifted the bumper a little and assured me that it was on right and that I just needed to give it a good "whack" to make it stay flush. Which he did. Which flattened the seam...until a few days later. I brought it in AGAIN convinced that something did not go right when they put the bumper on...alas once again told to give it a good "whack". It's been almost a year and now I find myself giving my bumper a good "whack" every day, which leaves me with no confidence with the ability of John Hine to take responsibility for the quality of their repairs.
As a sidenote, when they do a repair they ask you how often you would like to be updated by phone or email. I said every 2-3 days by one or the other...over the three weeks it took to repair I didn't receive a phone call about status or even that my car was done.

Jaci C. | 2011-04-22

If you can have your car towed somewhere else, I would highly recommend it!

toni l. | 2011-03-20

This dealership has been a disappointment since i first started coming here.  I just brought my car in this last december because it was acting up.  They said that they had done a full service inspection on my vehicle and cahrged me 100 dollars just to look at it and tell me nothing is wrong.  They said at this time that if anything is wrong with my vehicle within 90 days of the inspection it would be covered.  Sure enough, within the 90 day mark later, i have tangible issues with my car and now they are trying to charge me 800$ for repairs..  i KNOW i can get this done anywhere else cheaper so i declined the services.  They charged me for each item they looked at in my car 50$ each!!! this place is a rip off.  I suggestion to get a second opinion before coming here because they will charge you just to walk in the door.

Will R. | 2011-03-14

Steve Hellman ( ) with John Hine is a ton of fun to buy a car from; enthusiastic and diligent, you can't go wrong buying from him!

Lynn B. | 2011-02-05

I have a Mazda Protege that I care about very much and I always have it taken care of, sparing no expense.  When I moved to San Diego, I noticed Hine Mazda from the freeway and thought it looked like a great place to take my car.  I began bringing it to Hine Mazda for maintenance and service, and eventually purchased another Mazda from this location. They made the sale a bit difficult and were not budging to make me a deal.  They wanted me to pay sticker price, and I know better than to pay that; I wanted them to knock off at least a grand to make me feel like I got a deal.  They wouldn't budge, so I asked if they would please at least replace a part from the car, that the car originally should come with.  They would not, and even tried to tell me that the car didn't originally come with the accessory, when I know it did.  I purchased the car, and a while later, wanted to purchase another, but this time I wanted a deal for being a return customer. They, again, would not relent, so I refused to purchase another car from them and left.  They called me for about 6 months after that, leaving me messages that they were now willing to make a deal with me.  I wasn't interested, but I did return for some service on both of my cars.  Eventually, whenever I would bring either of my cars for service, they would find one thing or another wrong with my car and it was extremely expensive work.  I had some engine work done on one of my cars, that cost about a grand, and about two months after they did the work, my car started making a rattle under the hood, so I took it to another shop to have it evaluated.  The mechanics at another shop asked me who did the last round of engine work on my car, and I told them Hine Mazda did.  The mechanic told me that they did not put my engine mounts back on properly when they did that, so they were breaking down and would eventually need replacement. I was so pissed that I would never bring another car back to Hine again.  Eventually I did bring it to a mechanic to have the engine mounts replaced, because the rattling became so severe, and it is now costing me another grand to have that done.  I tried bringing the issue to the attention of the manager in service at Hine, but he was a sketchy guy and treated me like I was lying about it, so I just walked out.  I would rather pay a lot of money to have good work done on my car than trust Hine to fix anything on my vehicles again.  So my car is in the shop having the mounts replaced and the mechanic calls saying that they ran into a problem.  When Hine last did the work on my car, not only did they not put the mounts back on properly, but they stripped some of the bolts doing it, so I now have to replace damaged bolts, costing me another 200 bucks on top of the 1000 bucks it is costing me to replace the damaged mounts.  Thanks a lot to the jack asses at Hine for jacking up the parts on my car.  Beware, beware, beware!!!!!  Hine's facilities may look like the mecca of service and sales for cars, but all the bells and whistles they flaunt only mask their incompetence for doing decent work on vehicles.

eric w. | 2011-01-17

I just received a message from Adam who stated California law requires dealers to show vehices to any prospective buyer before executing a contract.  I found this response to be quite comical considering we were at the office before the vehicle was test driven by the other clients.  We also began the process of paperwork before the other buyers even returned from their test drive.  So basically we were at the register with our completed application in hand and our paper work was held for a convenient 20 minutes while the sales manager began to strike a deal with the other buyers.  Shame on you John Hine Mazda for defending this type of business practice, the almighty dollar resulted in the final say - not customer service.

You also stated that you would like to pay for my gas in order to help compensate for the "inconvenience" we experienced at the hands of your establishment, but that you need my contact info...try looking either in the computer that we began our credit approval with or the sales contract that we had begun to finalize as you worked some "magic" on your other customers.

You see John Hine Mazda, reputation is also most important to me and I would like to make sure that ALL of the wonderful people in San Diego know that they should take their hard-earned money to a business that understands it is we customers that keep businesses afloat-Not the other way around.

Tim N. | 2011-01-15

8 East recently spat a rock at my new Mazda's windshield and cracked it. But I'm glad the John Hine service department runs as well as their cars and their sales team. I called one of the service coordinators, Mary Jackson, and she took care of it for me. She's smart and fast and communicates frequently and clearly. Most importantly, the mechanics who replaced the windshield for her demonstrated quality workmanship. I can't recommend this dealership more highly.

J R. | 2010-12-23

Kevin, this is for you. You know who you are (just in case you don't, you work in sales, probably evening shifts.) I called this evening about a Mazdaspeed3 in Mica Black, and you were a complete douche face. I mean it's one thing to not like your job, but stop being a jerk, and at least pretend you want to help people.

After a few standard questions, I got "Listen, I don't sell cars over the phone.. I need to run your credit and see you in person BLAH BLAH BLAH." God I wanted to poke your face.

If I'm driving 100 plus miles, I need at least a little information on the model -- is that too much to ask? Apparently so. When I asked if you could check if it was a 2008 or 2008.5, you said no. It sounded like you didn't know there were two releases that year with different options. Finally, you said you'd go check and call me back. "CLICK". You didn't say click, that's the sound a phone makes when you rudely hang up on someone.

I was really interested in the '08 you had, but you made my decision very easy going with another Mazda dealership and car (even though it was 1k more.) Leave your job, or fake being nice -- pick one.

J B. | 2010-12-16

This review is based on their SERVICE Department. I did not buy my Mazda from them.

The service here is great .. they're nice, they don't wheel and deal me into things I don't need, and they're fast. The facility is clean and NOT sketch. Nothing makes me more uneasy than a sketch a$$ dealership.

To really boot: I went here for an oil change and they ran my car over their quick alignment inspector which said I failed. I actually had just taken the car to a full alignment shop the day prior, and so I didn't believe them. I replied to an email survey a few weeks later informing them, not really thinking I'd hear anything. Turns out the service manager directly emails me and asks me to come in so he can personally double check things. Turns out it was just human error and my car was fine ... so he gives me the oil change for free! Seriously, when's the last time a "stealership" gave you that? That's 5 stars right there.

Granted, the prices are still dealership prices, but they have a frequent oil change card (like buying coffees) so for $40 it's not bad to get your 5th free.

PS, don't go to the National City Mazda, they're a bunch of weasels.

Jen U. | 2010-10-26

I bought my first car (with my own money on my own loan) from Derrick about 3 years ago at the Mazda in Mission Valley.  From the moment my boyfriend and I spoke to Derrick we loved him.  It was still a new and sort of scary experience, but nothing like the stereotypical car-salesman experience.  The ONLY reason I didn't give a 5 rating was because we were "persuaded" to do a loan through Mazda without being informed that we have a right to negotiate our own APR and rate with an outside lender--which was partly our fault too for not knowing ahead of time.  Still, I have taken my Mazda 3 back for service every time and been as satisfied as I would have been taking it somewhere else I'm sure.  (As a girl I'm always a little uncomfortable talking shop!).  The carwash isn't the greatest, but it's a small price to pay for feeling like you're not being ripped off--and it's included in service.

Howie W. | 2010-09-25

Just last week I bought a brand-new 2010 Mazda 6 i Touring Plus. Thus, this review is based on my car-buying experience.

First... I just moved to San Diego two weeks ago. In August I was in Denver, and was looking to get my new car there, but decided that I wanted to keep my old car (instead of trading in). With no way to get two cars from Denver to San Diego by myself, I decided to just drive to San Diego and get my new car once I arrived.

While in Denver, I had shopped around and been able to compare prices and financing terms. The most favorable offer that I was given in Denver (most favorable by about $900) was $2900 under sticker (~$300 under invoice) AND 0% for 60 months (the entire term of the loan).

In San Diego I located four Mazda dealership reasonably close to me (John Hine, Westcott, Escondido, Bob Baker). I first called John Hine and spoke with Eric C. Over the phone, I explained that I was interested in a black Mazda6 i Touring Plus, and that I had previously priced the car while I was living in another state. I then asked, "Can you do $3000 under sticker, AND 0% for 60 months?" After putting me on hold for a short bit, he said, "I can do $3000 under sticker, but at the standard rate. If you want 0%, then I can give you $2000 under sticker." I thanked him then called the other dealerships.

The only offer I got that was better than Eric's was from Westcott Mazda, where someone offered me $2500 under sticker, AND 0% (mind you, when soliciting offers, I didn't disclose any of the offers from other dealerships). I then called Eric at John Hine back and asked if he could beat the offer I had received from Westcott. He said he could only match it, and pointed out that his offer INCLUDED the destination fee. Thus, the only fees I would pay would be the price, tax, and title and licensing (~$400). I thanked him, and said that because Westcott had given me my most favorable offer initially, I felt it would be most fair to give my business to Westcott. He said he understood, and said that if anything changed, he would be available to work with me.

I then searched Yelp to read reviews of both Westcott and John Hine, mindful that most of the reviews would either be effusive or vitriolic. While that turned out mostly to be true, I was surprised to see that Eric personally had several favorable reviews on Yelp. I decided that if one particular salesperson is being favorably singled out, then working with him would likely be worthwhile. I was right.

Long story short, I went into the dealership around 7pm that same day where I met with Eric. We went on a test drive then sat down at his desk. He immediately wrote down the EXACT TERMS we had agreed upon over the phone. Because I didn't have some necessary documents with me (my lease to prove my new residency in San Diego), I had to return the next morning to finish the deal.

The next morning, Eric again went over everything with me to make sure that nothing changed overnight (nothing had). I then met with one of the finance managers. I knew I wasn't going to buy any of the  products that she was trying to sell, and though I made clear at the outset that "I will not be buying any of these extended warranties, gap coverage, or other items listed here," she pushed hard for about 20 minutes. ("This gap coverage would add $9 a month to your monthly payments. You can't afford $9 a month?")

Instead of trying to explain myself, I should have simply said "No thank you" until we moved on to signing the final papers.

To her credit, the final paperwork reflected the deal as I understood it--she didn't try to sneak anything in (I'm pretty sure), and after she was done trying to sell me extended warranties, and I just had to sign all the final paperwork, she did actually become quite pleasant.

Then, the deal was done. Overall, excellent experience. Five stars because the negotiation was honest and straightforward (if a bit forceful at the end), and they delivered exactly what I wanted. If I buy another Mazda, I will start at John Hine (hopefully Eric will still be there).

Simple word of warning--do your research ahead of time, and walk out ONLY with what you wanted walking in.

PS: I did get better deals on an extended warranty AND gap coverage elsewhere.

PPS: The sales manager followed up with me by phone the next week and was very receptive to my concerns, and tried his best to resolve my concerns so that I was completely satisfied with my experience.

I'll post another review once I take my car back for servicing.

Paul M. | 2010-09-15

My wife and I just purchase a car from John Hine and it was quite the mixed experience.

The Good:

We had Eric as our initial salesperson and he was great. Relaxed and straightforward about negotiating. We were able to test drive both of the cars that we were interested in without issue and any questions we had he was able to answer without the usual up-sell crap.

The Bad:

The second time I came back in to pay for the car Eric was not there and I had to deal with a different sales manager who was awful. We had already agreed on the price and financing rates with Eric and the original sales manager, however when we went to pay they said that they could not possibly honor that price and that Eric was new and didn't know what he was doing (after Eric had already told us that he had been doing auto sales for over 16-17 years, clearly "new"...).

After hours of the typical used car BS, we finally left and told them to figure it out and call us when they would honor the original price offered (which btw, was not that low, they still made at least a few thousand $ on the sale). Of course, the next day they called to say that they had figured out a way to honor the original price... shocking.

Another disappointment was the finance lady we dealt with who was one of the worst customer service reps that I have ever met and I work in customer service. She just kept badgering me over and over for extended coverage that I told her upfront that I was not interested in. She insinuated that if I did not get GAP coverage I would ruin our co-signers credit WHEN I failed to pay my car payment. WHO SAYS  THIS IN FRONT OF A CUSTOMER AND THEIR CO-SIGNER??? I have had many cars over the year and never a single missed or late payment ever and this lady was insisting that  if I did not get her ridiculous coverage, which is extremely overpriced, I would basically be screwing over my co-signer.


Five stars for Eric, a great salesperson

Zero stars for the rest of the dealership, especially the sales manager we dealt with and the finance rep.

William M. | 2010-09-12

I emailed a lot of Mazda dealers trying to get the best price on a new Mazda, and many did not respond, and those that did, I got the best price from John Hine Mazda.  Brent and his associate Travis were surprising low-key.  I kept expecting the typical pressure, but instead I got "here's our price, let us know when you're ready to buy."  I've been buying new cars since 1983, and this was one of the best experiences I've had.

Krista G. | 2010-08-10

I went back to this place right before my warranty was up and the service was MUCH better. Although they did not think to try to OPEN the sunroof that they fixed before giving it back to me and I had to go back again since it was still broken, they allowed me to bring it back after my road trip voided my warranty since it WAS their fault. I enjoyed getting two free car washes out of one broken sunroof as well :-)

Samantha N. | 2010-07-21

This is based solely on my car buying experience.

I will let you all know that I had to purchase a new car cause I got my 1994 Honda Del Sol stolen twice! This time I was not fortunate enough to find it.

So the weekend my mom comes down, she said she'd help me out and give me a loan on my down payment to buy a car. Luckily I had my persistent uncle call John Hine to haggle down the price on the Mazda 3 Hatchback down from their MSRP.

When I got in there, I was so scared we were going to get hustled (we were a group of three Asian women, WE WERE GOING TO GET RAPED!) But since my uncle called in, I got to work with the MOST AWESOME SALES REP EVER, BRENT! He was so nice, helpful, didn't try to push anything on me at all.

He even made it so that I could get the $500 dollar Mazda loyalty rebate while maintaining the cheaper SD sales tax (My dad's Mazda is registered in SD and the tax is 9.25%) He could have so done us dirty and kept it at the higher tax rate, but he didn't! He even tried to lower my monthly payments for me since he felt bad I got my car stolen twice. Such a sweet heart! Everyone who wants a good first time car buying experience, PLEASE GO TO HIM! I was looking at the other car sales people and I knew they would have pulled a Shady McGrady on me, so I'm so thankful I got to work through his department.

Like every other Yelper here, Genevieve the finance person was really hard to get through. She kept PUSHING AND PUSHING me to get more shit on top of my monthly payments. But already having Brent lower my payments, I kept firm. But she did knock down the price for the Gap Insurance, so I was sooo happy about that :)

All in all, it was a good experience for me. Now I'm scurred about my first service with them. So expect an update from me.

Kate N. | 2010-07-11

Can't speak to their service department because we only just bought a car there today. But for sales it is by far the best experience we have ever had and I have ever heard of.

Our sales rep was David Christy and he treated us with the customer serivce you normally only wish for. He showed us every part of the Mazda 3 we were looking at, never even mentioned another car he wanted us to try out. We told him what features we wanted and he told us the Pros and CONS of each. After the great test drive we told him we had some other cars to look at first and he wished us the best, then told us we'd be back. And we were - the very next day. We called to tell him we were coming back to purchase and he pulled 6 cars he had on the lot in the color we wanted before we got there. He walked us through them, we picked the one we wanted, and that was that.

In the sales room he walked us through everything slowly (we are first time buyers) and explained every little detail. When we crunched numbers he really did give us a reasonable deal and we barely had to haggle to get what we wanted. When we said we wanted to call a family member to run everything by them before we made the decision he left the desk and gave us privacy. He was AMAZING!

As for Financing we worked with Crystal who was just as good with her customer service. She also walked us through every detail and answered every question we had.

In comparison to the other dealerships we went to in San Diego for Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, and Kia this place was far superior. Not only was the car great and exactly what we wanted we were able to get it without one inkling of pressure of bullying. Go here to buy your Mazda and definitely ask for Dave.

D P. | 2010-06-18

I bought a '02 Mazda Protege here and have had it serviced here ever since then.  The buying experience was pleasant and low pressure, with no hassles.  I'd recommend them for buying a new car.

The service is OK.  They over-diagnose problems to a moderate degree -- not as bad as some dealerships I've been to, but not as good as you have a right to expect.  Just OK.  On the other hand, the car's transmission had a problem and had to be replaced under warranty at 2K miles, and they did it quickly and with no hassle. It's a reasonable choice for service if you don't have a clearly better option.

Zach W. | 2010-03-29

Taken my '03 Mazda 6 to John Hine Mazda about 3 times since I moved to SD (I usually go to Phillips Mazda in Orange County....they're AWESOME!!!). I WILL NEVER GO TO JOHN HINE MAZDA AGAIN. I have never had a pleasant/good experience with these folks. The service representatives (especially a guy named Mike with a mustache) are money grubbing jerks. Not to mention that they always manage to make me feel like an idiot and have been downright rude.

1st time I just brought my car in for an oil change and they tried to upsell me on multiple things I didn't need or want....even after I had declined repeatedly. It also took about 2 hours to do an oil change when I had made an appointment!!!

Next time I brought it in to get my headlamps fixed because they kept burning out waaay too quick. After an hour or so of waiting Mike came out and asked me if I wanted them to change the headlamps since one was burned out. I said no they're special high intensity lamps that I can change myself. He then informed me that they had already been changed and tried to charge me an exorbitant fee for the lamps....had to argue for a few minutes to get the charge reduced (not removed....just reduced). Mike was rude, short, and treated me like I didn't know anything about cars (which I may not....but still....customer service buddy!!!).

Last time I brought my car in (guess I'm a glutton for punishment) I went with a different service rep. He was definitely nicer, but told me the oil change would take about an I waited in their waiting area.....for 3 hours!!!! No apology, no mention of the extra time, the front desk ladies were reasonably nice but couldn't tell me anything about how much longer my car would be..... This just seems to be a poorly run business with poorly trained employees.

Needless to say, I am very dissatisfied by the customer service here and the lack of awareness and concern for the customer....not to mention a lack of accountability and fairness. I will not be back here again and encourage you to find somewhere else too.

Samantha E. | 2009-11-06


I just went in this week to fix a small problem on my car. I knew exactly what it was, but couldn't do it myself. This is the 2nd time I've been to John Hine. The first time they raped me of over $275 and I missed a full day of school after I was told it would take less than an hour.

This time, I had an appointment at 11am. Got there 15 minutes early, and was told it would take until after lunch because the guys go to lunch in awhile. HELLO, WHY HAVE A GD APPOINTMENT AT 11am THEN? SERIOUSLY? At the time, I wasn't that upset, but I just drove 15 miles to get there. Said I'd come back, but HELL NO.

Called my dad who owns a dealership back in the midwest, he said never go there again! I called him before I went even, and he asked WHY the hell I would go there again. I thought maybe this time would be better, but it was comparable.


Al F. | 2009-11-06

I have to say that my experience with Hine Collision was a bit of a rollercoaster.  First, they were great, and waited on the phone to confirm that they received my faxed estimate, worked with my insurance company to set up a rental car through their on-site Enterprise, and made dropping off my car nice and smooth.  

But then they never called.  And while I was given an estimate of 2-3 days, on the 4th, I hadn't heard by midday.

They aren't open on the weekends, so I had to get my car that day, or else I would be paying the insurance on the rental all weekend, and I had made arrangements to have time off on Friday, not Monday.  I called and was told the someone would check and call me back.

An hour later, I called back, and was told that the person assigned to my car was on a lunch break.

An hour and a half after his lunch break ended, I called back, and spoke to him.  He told me he would check the status of my car and call me back in ten minutes.  This time, I did actually get a call back, but at that point, I was pretty disappointed in the communication.

When I went to pick the car up, everything went smoothly, and the guy even apologized, but when I told him that I had been told to expect a call the day before my car would be ready, he said nobody had notified him of this.  So, apparently, they don't notify you your car is going to be ready to pick up--unless they get a note that you requested this courtesy?

Still, what matters is that the car is repaired, nicely cleaned, and Hine worked with Enterprise and my insurance to make this easier for me.

I would probably go back, I would just want to call daily for a status check.  Apparently that's the only way to find out what's going on.

Alexandra S. | 2009-09-28

Never in my life have I been so frustrated with incompetency before. I was in a car accident and had to get my car repaired. John Hine Mazda was one of the repair shops that my insurance suggested and so I went with it trusting that they would be efficient and honest. It took more than a week for them to even begin working on my car and after that it took another two weeks for them to complete. They were supposed to be finished on a Friday afternoon and when I called I was told that they were running behind on my car but that it would be done first thing Monday morning. When I called back the following Monday I was told that all that was left was the quality check and that Jeff (the man in charge of my car there) would call me after he came back from lunch. More than four hours later I called and they still hadn't completed the quality check. I expressed my urgency when i called to check on my car and explained that for the 25 days they have had my vehicle I've been paying a percentage of my rental car and that as of right now I've paid for four extra days because they weren't finished on time. I was told that it would be finished that day and that Jeff would call me back in fifteen minutes. More than an hour later there still had been no response. They cost me yet another day in rental fees because by the time they got to me the rental car place was closed for the evening and even if it had been open I wouldn't have been able to get to both places before John Hine itself closed. I am totally disgusted with their customer service and lack there of.

Dylan M. | 2009-09-20

The hidden price of zoom zoom. This dealers give car dealers a bad name. Sales staff that hook you in and turn you over to their manager. Service that causes new problems and warranty issues unsolved by the third visit. That's the price of buying zoom zoom from HIne.

Javier C. | 2009-08-28

I purchased my Mazda 3 hatchback in March of 2008. Went through Michael from the internet sales department and he was easy to work with. I bargined a bit and we were able to settle on a price that was fair to both of us. I was in and out in under 2 hours with no pressure from him. The whale of a lady in the finance office was a different story, but I was able to shoot her down rather easily.

John Hine does offer a warrenty on tires were if you receive all of your service from them, they will replace your tires for free. I decided to do this as paying a little more up front would be easier on my budget than having to pay for new tires at once. I got all my servicing down there on a pretty regular basis. Well, this morning I roll in and am helped by Mary Jackson. Starts off by saying my car smells like vitamins... what is that supposed to mean? I had some flowers in the car the day before for my girlfriend and it also happened to be a hot day. Of course the car will have a funky smell to it. In any case, it's not proper and rather insulting to comment on how a clients car smells.

I indicate I am there for a tire rotation and oil change and she states the tire rotation is not necessary as my tires are shot. I indicate I have the warrenty and she said that since I had surpassed the limit by 1000 miles, it's void and I have to pay full retail. WTF? I had been in there for all servicing and never once did she indicate that. I even called her out on it and told her last time I was there I asked about the policy to which she replied, just bring it in next time and you'll be fine.

Long story short, she was a rude, condescending and very patronizing. I will no longer be doing business with John Hine service department due to their spotty warrenty and lack of service.

Jeff A. | 2009-08-01

I have brought my mazda 6 here about 6 times before. Originally they were OK - several times I paid $0.00 because everything was on warranty. However, they keep changing their policies on the shuttle service, and sometimes they only do it one-way (what good is that!) and it is slow. Recently their manager responded to the economic downturn but cutting all longer-distance (sorrento valley) shuttle service and firing their "greeters" (who are the people who process you when you come in and make sure your technician knows you are there). So basically they chose to kill their customer service to cut costs. Also, they don't appear to have a rental car option when you're getting your car fixed.

I've also talked to some of the technicians and they seem to live in eternal fear of getting fired due to some ridiculous customer sat survey expectations. I've had enough of this place. Instead trying a place called Japanese Auto Tech that gets good customer review on yelp and is much closer (and is open on Saturdays which John Hine could never manage to do). I would give them one-star but they did make good use of my mazda warranty a number of times.

Amy H. | 2009-06-24

Update of review (after work finished) -- The COLLISION CENTER at John Hine was professional, helpful, detailed, timely, and determined to return my car to its previous pre-collision state.  Dennis (look for the guy with the mustache) was fantastic in coordinating with the adjuster, upholsterer, orders/shipping department, and repairmen.  The damage to my car was somewhat challenging - there were several broken parts that weren't apparent until other parts were removed, and it took a few trips to the collision center before everything was fixed (the adjuster had to come back out a few times, more parts had to be ordered, etc.), but Dennis did not seem dismayed or make me feel like I was being too picky (which I feel many places do to women, whether the women are too picky or not).  In sum, I had a very good experience with this collision center.  If I had another accident, I would go back, but I'm hoping that that won't be necessary!

aaron b. | 2009-06-02

As a preface, I was in the car business and so I know the game well.  I have my own mechanic who I have used for 20+ years, but the wife had her purse stolen from her desk at work and I needed to have the remotes and key chip codes reset to nullify the stolen key/remote (since they could find the car in her clinic parking lot fairly easily).  

Side story, if you have any Mazda, get a third key or remote now. If you have at least 2 operable keys you can reset these codes on your own.  The reason I had to go to the dealer (and overpay) is they have a proprietary tool that plugs into the OBDII port and can reset the codes when you are down to one operable key.  

So the downside to the reset is that it does not affect the manual key lock on the driver's side door.  Wife is feeling a bit victimized and so she is truly concerned about this.  My mechanic estimates 1/2 hour at $60/hour to pull the door panel and disable the mechanism.  Lose the key as means to open the door, but so does the thief.  Hine tells me they need an hour at $98/hour to do the same thing.  I want my Prius back (wife won't take her Mazda back until this situation is resolved) so I decide to eat the $68 bucks for convenience.  

Fast -forward to car pick-up.  Try remote, no action?  Ask service writer what's up?  Informs me they "disabled the power door locks" per my request.  Huh?  So, I try the door works!  So now my remote is useless and the key the thief has still works to open my door.  He realizes they f'ed up and apologizes. Bring the car back Monday and they'll fix it.  

Not wanting to live all weekend unlocking the doors manually (plus w/o the power locks I can't even open the rear hatch) I decide to solve the issue myself.  My thought was, if I were a tech trying to disable power locks, I would merely pull the fuse.  Pop the trunk and reinsert the fuse (he was kind enough to leave it in the fuse box) and voila! Power door locks!  So I paid, wait for it...$98 for a tech to pull a fuse, which took me about 3 minutes to locate, diagnose and replace!  

Assholes!  I can only imagine what they do to people who have no clue!  Got my $98 bucks back on Monday and squeezed the service manager for a free paint tube.  Went to Home Depot, bought a slug, super-glued it over the key hole and painted to match. Car actually looks like it never had a key hole (and looks better actually!).

Maggie M. | 2009-05-16

I bought my 2008 Mazda 3 here.  I was fussy, but they took the time to find the car I wanted. That was fine!

My first couple service visits were nightmarish. Very nightmarish.  Then I hooked up with Mary Jackson, service advisor. She ROCKS.  She gets me in, gets my car done and gets me out.  Her attitude while professional is also friendly and warm. The other service advisors gave me the feeling of being "good ol' boys".  The FOUR HOURS to change my oil (twice) also gave me that impression. But with Mary? NEVER.  If my appointment is at the top of the hour, my car is in the service bay at the top of the hour. And even though I'm there at the busiest part of the day I'm out of there in an hour.  Its -awesome-.

Janelle M. | 2009-03-16

Went in to check out a Mazda Speed3.  The car was great.  What was not was when I went home and learned they ran my credit not just once, not twice... but oh... SEVEN times.  Way to rape my beautiful credit score.  I bought the same car elsewhere cuz I was so pissed.  Don't trust these dudes!  

Not only did the credit rape occur...

The dealer full on lied about the Model saying the Speed was switching to a different model in 2010 so I had to "act fast."  Bologna.  All scheming ruthless lies.  Those idiots will sell their souls (and my credit score) to score a sale.  


Dan A. | 2008-12-30

Oh man! Only now,after the fact do I read the reviews on Yelp!

Our "check engine" light was one for a couple weeks. Usually it doesn't mean anything. We just take the car in to any old mechanic and they do a quick check, find nothing, and turn the light off.

Not here! They charged me 75 bucks just to have them connected their computer to the car. Then they tell me I have to replace this and that and I need to pay 1000+ bucks and sign here. They wouldn't let me talk directly to a mechanic, you have to go through this "customer representative" guy. They really tried to rush me into signing, which felt weird. So I said I would go to get a second opinion but they said that I might not even get the car home.

Of course, it drove home fine. I got another mechanic to check it out, and there really were no serious problems. It drove just fine for another 2 years before any major work was needed.

Worst 75 bucks I've ever spent.

Mia B. | 2008-08-07

I took my Mazda here for an oil change, which doesn't seem like a very difficult task. They managed to screw up everything possible. 1) They used the wrong oil for my car; 2) They gave the car back twice as dirty as when I gave it to them. When I realized they had used the wrong oil and called them about it they were totally bemused and only offered to change it to the correct oil when I told them that was what I wanted done. I was really disappointed by my experience here and had bad vibes all around.

Rainier T. | 2008-05-27

Totally incompetent service department. Go here only if you want to spend hundreds of dollars only to see nothing in return.

The one bright spot was a nice gentleman by the name of Noah, who happened to have the same name as one of our guinea pigs, and was eager and helpful despite the retards he worked with.

Tonie T. | 2008-05-17

Wow! Why didn't I read the Yelp reviews first?!?!?!

The thing about John Hine is that they run a very well-oiled machine, pardon the pun. The people are friendly and kind, and come across as wanting to help you out and work with you. Until you question their work.

Yep, I was duped. And, coming from a family who owns their own car dealership back east, I'm embarrassed t say they got me when I was in a crunch! I know how to talk cars, and I'm car saavy; but I needed quick service during a busy time of travel and work deadlines. I just went in and trusted them. (Ouch! Bad, Tonie! Very bad!)

The weather stripping on my trunk was compromised and leaking water into my trunk. Not a pretty smell a few months back when we were getting a lot of rain!!! So, after two days of repairs (not to mention multiple attempts to upsell me on a new battery, an oil change, alignment, and tire service I didn't need) I pick up my car to find ... I paid almost $200 for NOTHING! The leaks continued a few days later with another downpour.

John Hine refused to take responsibility, and refused to even fix their error without charging me again. The service rep said he would look at it for free, but anything to fix the problem would be another charge. I called them on it, questioning if the work I paid for was even completed. Of course, they denied that. I filled out the service report card sent to me by Mazda, but I heard nothing back from either Mazda or John Hine to rectify the issue. Booo!

All I can say is this: I will not return, and I recommend anyone to steer clear of this place!

By the way, after returning from my travel plans, I was able to fix the issue myself in 20 minutes. It wasn't a complicated job at all. So, it doesn't make sense to me that 1. John Hine charged so much; and 2. They couldn't get it right.

Two Words: STAY AWAY

Dan G. | 2008-04-14

Stay away from John Hine!! Our car (a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan) went into the shop at John Hine for work to be done on the brakes and steering column (at a steep cost of $1,754.79). At the time the car went into the shop, the engine was working just fine.

The day we picked up the car from the repair shop, the engine was suddenly skipping (at least one piston was not firing). When we brought the car back in to get this condition returned to normal, we were told that one spark plug was not firing and a  "tune up" was needed, at an additional cost of $400.

It's very clear to us that this mis-firing spark plug was caused by the work that was done on the engine at the shop, yet the repair shop insists this is just a coincidence. After thousands of miles with this car, I know that this is too much of a coincidence. I believe the engine should be returned to the operating condition it was in when we brought it to the shop the first time without having to pay another $400 for a tune-up. This is obviously a money-making trap by John Hine. We'll clearly never buy a car from this dealer. They couldn't produce the "fouled" spark plug. Any reasonable shop can show you the old/damaged parts that you pay to replace.  

Service Mgr: Brad Alford
Service Contact: Mary Jackson

Velma B. | 2008-01-19

I agree completely with BeachGlitter - worst car service experience I've EVER had. The guy who took my service order was a blood-sucking, evil little cockroach of a man. I took my car there for repairs and it came back with dents, scratches and marks on it that were not there when I brought it in. They wouldn't take responsiblity despite that there was now a huge blue mark on the driver's side door that could be seen a hundred yards away.

It you are still willing to take your car here and a guy who looks like Dennis Franz with a thicker moustache and black-framed glasses approaches you, get back in your car and drive away as fast as you can. If your car won't run, get out and PUSH it out of the lot if need be. Otherwise, you might as well just hand them your checkbook, credit cards, and cash and smash your car with your sledgehammer. At least the pain will be over faster.

Scott H. | 2007-11-10

This place is absolutely the worst experience I have had at a dealer in my life.  There is a woman who works the counter there.. ohh she gets
under my skin! I used to work in a place where we dealt with the general public and when we would all get pissed off at each other about something, my boss would come around and be like "come on guys just remember we are all fighting a common enemy here... the customer"  he was funny, but I think she really believes that shit!

They are shady with their warranty work, they cut corners and try to trick you.  I stupidly bought a Volvo from them and they sold me the warranty and told me I could bring my car back there for all the warranty service, and when I brought it in for the first free oil change, they didn't want to check my car in because they didn't work on Volvos!  

NEVER NEVER NEVER bring your car here!

Erin V. | 2007-06-15

I have never bought a car here, but I always want to.  The salesman surpass any at any other car lots.  They're not pushy, but they are helpful.  They tell you that if you think you'll get a better deal elsewhere, you should take it.  Their facilities are nice and so are their cars.  Their people are extremely warm and friendly.. it makes me not feel bad about spending money there.  The only reason I didn't buy there when we got my husband's car was because we got a hot internet deal somewhere else that we couldn't pass up.  However, I am convinced John Hine would have treated us much better.  This is the only dealer I will give 5 stars.

Bony K. | 2007-05-11

Update 1/20/08: I noticed a discrepancy in documentation on my car receipts, that when I had my tires replaced at ~35K miles, that when I had my oiled changed at ~39K miles, that upon the full circle inspection that my tires had the "yellow" tiry status. So thus makes me wonder if their inspections are that accurate d/t some possible young mechanic just making that comment w/o fully looking at it more carefully. Good thing I kept my receipts & go by Mazda corporation's maintenance schedule instead of the dealerships.
Although I didn't purchase my Mazda at this location, I have come here for the routine oil changes for over a year. So far my experiences have been consistent with the friendly guys in the front to greet you.

The oil change, routine check up & complimentary car wash (since my car is still under warranty) has usually been around 45 mins. I'm glad they have a couple of computers for internet surfing or caravan to drop you around if the maintenace job would take a few hours.
Costs me around $39. I know it would've cost me about $10 at the dealership that I originally purchased the car, but unfortunately have no desire to drive 2 hours out for that.

Also the website is great for mazda owners to document on the maintenance log book & to look actually on the owners manual what maintenance repair you are due for. There is some discrepancy in terms of dealership's view of when to have the more in depth maintenance at whatever miles  vs the manufacturer. I go by the manufacturer instead.

Larisa R. | 2006-10-29

Haggling is the most wearisome part of buying a new car. John Hine has a no haggle policy, which immediately makes the experience way more pleasant. I still felt I got a good deal on my new truck, I didn't feel like I needed a drink and a long bath afterward. They did cute things, like take your picture with your new auto and make a calendar out of it, follow up with holiday cards, etc. Whenever I brought it in for service, even a little oil change, they would wash it for me. Little details make business stand out, and John Hine stands out as great place to buy a car.