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At JJ & O Auto Sales we sell quality Pre-owned vehicles. We offer excellent financing options. Check out our inventory online and test drive a car today! We are located in San Diego off of Convoy Court. We carry a wide selection of today's best makes and models, including Acura, BMW, Honda, Infiniti, Lincoln, Mini, Scion, Subaru, Jaguar, and Mercedes-Benz.


Established in 2005.

JJ & Auto Sales has decades of combined auto sales experience. We buy, sell, and trade cars, trucks, vans, and SUV's for San Diego County, including Kearny Mesa, Mira Mesa, Clairemont Mesa, Miramar, La Jolla, Del Mar, El Cajon, La Mesa, Chula Vista, Otay Ranch, and Eastlake. Feel free to talk to a friendly sales representative from JJ & Auto Sales today.

JJ & O Auto Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 569-4885
Address:7777 Convoy Ct, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Reviews on JJ & O Auto Sales

Johnathan S. | 2015-03-07

I wrote an original review back when we bought the car. An update, we retained an attorney,the car engine just blew up and we put more into the car than what paid for it.  Check out my earlier review and you can get our story.

Sean F. | 2015-03-07

SHADY SALES COMPANY!!! Both Jose's will say and "do" anything to get you into a car and then not stand by the deals they make. I recently bought a Honda Accord which had clear coat damage to the front bumper. Jose agreed to have it repainted at NO COST to me. When I got the car back everything looked good.
But the clear coat didn't even last a year and started chipping away at about 8 months. I took the car back in for them to look at and they told me they could do nothing for me and instead gave me the phone number of the body shop they had sent it to (even though the due bill stated that ALL work was to be done at JJ&O Auto). LIED!
I went to talk to the "body shop" who painted the bumper (which was a storage garage in Lakeside, that didn't even have a sign out front) and they told me I would have to leave my car and it would take up to 3 days to repaint...that's fine.
So I called Jose back at JJ&O to see if they would be willing to cover the rental costs to me since the bumper was part of the original deal and included in the $13,000 purchase price of the car and he told me I was extorting him. I told him the due bill (which he signed) clearly says that the "PROMISED work listed above will be taken care of FREE OF CHARGE" and now I'm spending additional money out of my pocket because they didn't stand up to their end of the deal. He would not listen to what I had to say and kept yelling that I was extorting him because HE would not honor his original deal of fixing the bumper free of charge. He then called me a piece of shit and hung up on me.

Button L. | 2014-12-06

Yet again I must update to say...
We already were having car troubles after having the car we bought here not even a month. After not even three months the car is DONE FOR! I mean totally quit on us and will cost more than it's worth for repairs....
Thanks for the slap in the face guys! Wishing you failure this holiday season, and only because I wish those that consider your shop wise discernment to stay away! I wouldn't wish this on anyone

Glenn P. | 2014-10-17

I got a decent car here that I'm happy with. I paid cash for one of the cheapest cars on the lot and it's a good little commuter car.
I'll probably return to get my next car here.

Jonathan E. | 2014-07-27

Don't know what happend to my review but here's what I posted.

First off, the customer service up front was fine as expected. After qualifying for the vehicle (2006 Subaru STi) I test drove it, made sure it was working mechanically. It wasn't, power cutting out, engine/turbo hesitation. As soon as I expressed my concerns, and ultimately deciding that the mechanic in their makeshift tarp "garage" is most likely not going to solve this permanently, customer service went out the window.

Became extremely rude and didn't bother trying to solve the issue.

Don't trust salesman with the shirt unbuttoned with their chest hair showing and wearing cop shades.

Ed S. | 2014-06-28

We walked in and Jose the owner was very courtious and low pressure , gave me a good reasonable price,
Would buy from the again

Duane B. | 2014-06-15

WARNING!  The car we bought at JJ&O Auto Sales in 2010  turned out to be a total nightmare.  It had very low mileage for a 7 year old car.  We suspect that somewhere along the line, the odometer was tampered with.  I dont know how someone got to the carfax to check out good, and got it to show that the vehicle was not driven for almost 4 years.  Really?  Also, the interior looked a little rough for a vehicle with only 40K miles as did the exterior paint job with wear and tear scratches all over.  I wish I didnt buy this vehicle, I could have saved years of hassles and 1000's of dollars!

We ran into a little cash back in 2010 from an automobile accident and needed to find a replacement car fast.  We saw ads from JJ&O on Craigslist and checked them out.  They have a decent sized inventory and a car lot out back as well as an area in front where they display vehicles for sale.   Some of their cars look pretty nice.

We had enough cash to buy a decent looking black 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander SUV with only 40K miles on it!  We thought it was a miracle that a 7 year old SUV had only 40K miles.  I guessed that it was somebody's second vehicle, thus the low mileage, so we paid over $10K total and bought the vehicle.

At first the car ran great.  But after only 15K miles, the engine started making sounds like I've never heard before.  It was like a whirrring sound.  Well, to make a long story short, the timing belt busted at 55K miles on the odometer!  Really?  55K miles?  That repair cost almost $800.  But when the timing belt busted, it caused the balance shaft belt to break too.  Ever since then, the engine started to vibrate like a jack hammer whenever we accelerated or decelerated.  The vibrations caused the oil plug to loosen and one day the oil drained out of the engine and almost seized up it got so hot.  But wait.... it gets better!

This was just the beginning of troubles with this vehicle!  Right about this time, the engine started running hot and boiling over in traffic and at red lights.  I replaced hoses, then the radiator actually blew up and had to be replaced, also cooling fans, thermostats and still it overheated.  Whenever we drove we had to make sure we didnt get stuck in traffic in the summer.

Then when the car had about 90K miles on it, the transmission gave out.  That cost me $3500!  Only 90K miles?  Really????

My friend had a Mitsubishi and he drove it for over 200K miles with only average maintenance.

My experience with cars tells me that this vehicle's odometer was tampered with @ 40K miles by a repair shop (not saying who)  and sold to me at JJ&O Auto Sales.

Be careful when buying here folks.

Jason B. | 2014-03-31

Jose and Oscar are great guys, they won't pressure you to buy their cars.  Lots of great looking inventory.  Give them a shot, you won't be disappointed.

Manuel G. | 2014-01-29

****************PLEASE SEE MY ORIGINAL REVIEW ON 07/29/2011*******************

I had someone from JJ&O contact me about a year ago asking me to remove my Yelp

review because it was hurting their business. Even though I no longer had the vehicle

I had purchased from them, they offered me a free detail on a brand new car. I politely

declined as I cannot trust these guys. I'm pretty appalled that they would call me and

ask me to delete my Yelp review, because that defeats the entire reason Yelp is

around, right? So, I proudly will leave my review of this terrible organization and how

awful they have treated me in the past.

Zakiya L. | 2013-11-25

This place rocks!!! Great customer service and ABSOLUTELY NO pressure into purchasing a vehicle. If your looking for a reliable place to purchase a new or used vehicle come n see Jose, he'll take GREAT care of you!

T B. | 2013-10-08

I suspect they are somehow changing odometers or buying wrecked cars or something. I bought an '04 Audi A4 with only72K miles from them just over a year ago.  Within 3 months of having the car, $500 in repairs for engine oil leaks. Few months later, another $600 for something else.  Two months later, $400 repairs.  At that point, the mechanic asked "how long do you plan on keeping this car, it is not worth it." I'd only had it less than a year out of a 4 year loan and the mechanic says not worth it! Very disappointed, trying to keep the car moving long enough to be able to trade it in at a reputable dealer for a new car (I no longer trust buying used)... but between the fact that the car is a piece of junk and the APR on my loan was so high, I may not get there.  Now I'm driving it with unsafe brakes (which would be upwards of $600 to fix) and the windows won't even roll down... crossing my fingers that after the first of the year I can trade it in.

Not to mention they are no longer located at the place where I bought my car- I came on to yelp to see if they were even stil open.  Wierd they must have moved again?

They were nice to deal with when I bought the car, even let me keep it overnight to test drive it, but DO NOT buy a car from them without having a mechanic look at it first.  The time/cost for that will be MUCH LESS than being stuck in a car loan without having a car to drive.

Marc P. | 2013-09-10

Wonderful customer service! Fantastic people to work with.  Made the whole car buying/selling experience easy without pressure. Highly recommended!!

Sara G. | 2013-04-11

A little over a month ago, the owner of JJ & O Auto Sales reached out to me. He was very nice and noted that my review would certainly hurt his business and he would like to get down to figuring out the problems I was having in exchange for removal of the comment. I wrote back within 24 hours, with my lengthy response below detailing the issues with my car (which had not been included within my previous review) and no one bothered to write back. Here are the exact issues I had with JJ & O:

"Thank you for reaching out.

My husband and I bought a black BMW X5 from the Kearny Mesa location in October 2011. I drove the car for less than a week and the alternator blew, leaving me stranded. Someone from your shop came for the car (which I very much appreciated) and the problem was temporarily solved. The name of the employee that helped me with this slips my mind, although, he was the initial salesperson of the car who received help from Alex (I believe that was his name, he is younger with longer, light brown hair) during the process. He was very nice to work with, although it seemed as if the way this situation unfolded was out of his hands and into Alex's.

Upon purchasing, my husband and I spoke with Alex about getting the navigation screen fixed. That was the deciding factor in us purchasing the vehicle. Alex agreed and wrote down on a piece of paper that "disappeared" that this was to be fixed. He denied this promise later on, and my screen still does not work. This problem was said to be an "aesthetic issue," however, it has proven to cause my car to die and be put in shops at least once a month while it turns on and off over and over by itself overnight until it kills the battery.

The day I took the car home, it was pouring buckets. The clicker to unlock the car doors did not work, and when I brought it up to the employee they told me to wait inside out of the rain while they tested it, and then told me it worked just fine. I was relieved and ran to the car and left. Well, my clicker did not in fact work, and to this day does not. It will lock, but not unlock. I spoke with another one of your representatives and they said they would order a new clicker, as well as the navigation screen. That was over a year ago.

My husband and I do not live nearby to Kearny Mesa, and each time we brought the car back, it was a huge hassle. I needed the car for work being that a large part of my job is traveling. I have not had the safe, secure and reliable vehicle I was promised upon signing. My car sat at JJ & O "getting fixed," but when we got it back, nothing had been touched! Not one thing. After weeks!

My last straw, and when I finally decided to give up, was after I called Alex again and every word that came out of my mouth he raised his voice over me, telling me he would "not allow" me to speak to him in that manner. I'm not sure what manner he was talking about. I thought he was acting out of line. My husband and I are business owners ourselves, and I would never, ever tell a customer that they could not express their frustrations and explain what they would like to see fixed.

Again, being a business owner, I understand how a poor review can reflect negatively on an establishment. I had more patience with Alex than I can even comprehend, and spent hours on end on hold, waiting for a call back and on the phone re-explaining my situation with multiple people. I'm sure you can understand that after a certain amount of time, I would "tap out" of the struggle I had with this car and resort to writing an honest review. I feel terrible if I just happened to have a bad experience with a very honest and willing to help company, but I did not feel that this would ever get solved after the dozens of phone calls I had made to fix this situation, and lack of respect and support from Alex.

I have never been able to drive the car out of the city for fear that the navigation system will once again kill the battery (we've had to replace the battery twice since buying the car due to the faulty navigation system that was promised upon purchase). Everything from the cooling system to the transmission to the suspension to the door panels were faulty from the date of purchase, as we had it inspected by BMW Escondido shortly after. We have been told by two different shops that the car is not worth salvaging because it's in such horrible mechanical condition. The car has never ran or operated as promised and continues to be our biggest regret.

Please let me know if I can provide you with further information."

Ari M. | 2012-10-28

I purchased a 2004 Audi S4 from BMW of San Diego, it ended up having a bad engine and was bought back. BMW of San Diego then sold the car at auction and JJ&O Auto Sales purchased it from that auction and re-sold it. Buyer beware.

Alex S. | 2012-07-06

Save your time and money. These guys are your typical car salesmen sleaze balls. Be careful cars are not what they seem. Cars may look in excellent condition but underneath the hood the cars are falling apart. Like myself, most people are not savvy with car engines. I purchased a BMW from them and one week later  a loud noise was coming from the engine and a belt ripped apart while driving. I had to fork out 3k to fix it. F these guys. Don't fall for their cons.

Eric F. | 2012-03-23

Though we saw the other reviews for JJ&O Auto, we decided to give them a try.  They had a good price on an '07 Subaru Outback.  Very nice staff, by the way!  They said they do a 150 point inspection on their vehicles, we test drove the car, and we decided to take it to our long-time mechanic to have them check it out just in case...

That was a good decision on our part.  Our mechanic found about $3,000 of repairs needed immediately on the vehicle and advised us NOT to buy the car.  These were all things that would/should have been found if JJ&O Auto would have performed their stated 150 point inspection AND had been honest in the disclosure about the condition of the car.    

Things such as both axles and CV boots needing replacing, oil leak, head gasket leak, soft engine mount, serpentine belts are cracked (likely needs timing belt) etc.   Minor things, but things that should have been disclosed by JJ&O auto were weak battery, headlight out, tires out of balance, etc...

JJ&O's response to this was they would take money off the price of the car to get it fixed, they could do the work themselves for much cheaper, etc.  They said that their 150 point inspection covers things such as windshield wipers and turn signals...We said "no thanks, we have lost trust in this car" and their services unfortunately ..

If you're looking at their cars, be cautious.  We would not return to look at any of their cars even if the price was spot-on.  If you give them a try, definitely take the car you're considering to YOUR mechanic.  It'll be the best $100 you've spent!

Tammy s. | 2011-03-26

Found what looked to be a beautiful car on auto trader. Called and asked condition of car. They said excellent no scratches. Pristine in and out of car. I explained I would be driving about 3 1/2 hours just to get to his place. I also asked if it was an actual dealership. I have an approved loan from credit union and they are very finicky on whether it is an actual dealership or they just have a dealers license to sell vehicles. They assured me they had an actually dealership.
After 3 1/2 hours on freeway I found it. It was a very small office. They said to go in back and ask for someone to show me the car. It had rained the day before, so instead of dirt it was muddy lot. They had a lot of what looked like nice vehicles form a distance. BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar etc. It looked like an auction lot except for the prices. These cars were sitting in a muddy field. The car I drove such a long way to see was terrible. It had scratches, a small dent, paint peeling off every piece of trim on the car, scratches all along the top of the trunk. It looked so pretty in the pictures. The interior was just as bad with holes pierced in the leather piece wrapped around the gear shift. leather looking seats ripped. scratches on door panels. The person came out to me I don't know who he was there didn't seem to be any car salesman anywhere (normally this would be a delight). I use to sell luxury cars myself.

Frank K. | 2011-02-15

I purchased a 2004 MB CLK with 61k miles yesterday.  Prior to the purchase I payed Minsky Mercedes & Bmw Service $140 to inspect the car.  They gave it the thumbs up and purchased the car.

From the inspection they recommended the rear tires be replaced. The dealer agreed to replace the 2 rear. I negotiated the price $1000 above wholesale cost and was happy with the purchase.  They allowed me to test drive multiple vehicles multiple times till I was happy which one I wanted. The place was no pressure as the test drives where over 4 days, they did not hassle for a commitment.

If you do your pre-purchase homework this place seems legit.
The last 3 car I purchased were from Kearny Mesa Toyota.

**Edit** I have a bad seal on my rear window.  The mechanic id'ed the issue but I forgot to mention it during the negotiation.

We'll how their customer follow up is.

Armand C. | 2010-09-12

I went to go test drive a Lincoln Navigator that was advertised on Craigslist. The description said the usual "Not a single scratch" and "This is the one", etc. It had fairly low miles, decent but not great price.

I called them up and they said they closed at 6pm, when I showed up at 5:15 the guy who washes the car said the all had left....

Went back the following Monday, and met with the owner, Jose.

The vehicle had some minor scratches, and a mangled exhaust tip. Once inside the vehicle.... THE HORROR!
The panels were all scratched up, none of the folding cupholders/ashtrays/cubbys closed or even lined up anymore, and the panel that covered the radio was shattered! As in "someone-with-a-big-fist-got-really-mad" shattered.
The "power" rear liftgate was powered no more, and when I wrestled the dead motor to open up the hatch, I saw that there were gaping holes in the backs of the headrests where monitors once were. Big, 7-inch square holes.

After telling Jose all the issues, he was surprised to know the liftgate was supposed to be powered to begin with, he told me that he shouldn't have wasted his time by letting me see it. How on earth would I have known the horrible condition of the interior without seeing it????

Had he warned me that the previous owner was a clumsy Ogre with a violent temper, maybe we could have avoided wasting my time.

Kinjal B. | 2010-08-26

I came across this dealer when searching cars in Autotrader. I was interested in second hand BMW car. Eventually the owners put really nice high-res photos of their cars on craigslist so it attracts many buyers. So I went in and checked the car I was planning to buy. The car looked good. I asked about the same to dealer and he assured me that its really nice car, good interiors and reasonable price. I test drove, checked history on carfax, and prices on kbb. All looked good so I bargained a bit and then bought it. I also bought the 3 year extended warranty from the same dealer for any maintenance issues. He claimed that its best policy and I will not have to pay anything for 3 years for any car maintenance, which is usually hefty on BMWs.

Now starts the real story. The first week itself the check engine light lit off. I called the guy and he gave me some BS. So I took it to the Euro Auto Spot's shane and he told me that the torque converter of the car is having a issue and the car needs to change it. Now this torque converter is a 2500$ a piece, plus to change it you need to open whole transmission chassis, so its a whole day job for a BMW mechanic. That is a like 3000-3500$ job, and I found that in the first week of buying the car. I called the dealer, he argued that can happen to any old car, and I need not worry. Thank god I had the ext warranty on my car. Now the warranty company took hold of my car and made me wait a week to finalize the amount they are ready to pay for the repair. Moreover they only agreed to pay for replacing the part with the refurbished part. When the whole story came to an end, I came to know my policy is co-pay. So I ended up paying my hard earned dollar all because I trusted this dealer.

Bottom line: Don't trust a word. Things look rosy but it changes very fast into ugly facts. Don't buy until you get them checked thoroughly with a independent mechanic/car shop. Get all the smog and others tests done before you pay. Extended warranty may look like overkill, but serves as life saving angel when you are dealing with people like this.

Nick O. | 2010-03-22

Found this dealer through craigslist.  It looks small on the outside but they keep the cars along the side of the building which leads to a larger back lot with more cars.  If you don't say hello in the front office, you can just kinda stroll around without being bugged.  You'll need someone to open the cars for you though.  They have a decent selection of lux cars which all seem to be in decent condition.

The dealer was nice, a bit hard to understand (accent), but not pushy at all, kind of laid back. Family run business as there was his son playing in the lot (hah kinda cute), may be why he was laid back.  Turns out that this dealer is connected with "US Motors" like they are friends or cousins or something, so be aware of that if you are trying to shop between the two.  I bought a car from US Motors and that experience was fine though.

The car we did look at was in fairly good condition on the exterior and interior.  There were a few things on the exterior I would be concerned about but no major red flags.  We didn't test drive since the price was a bit higher than was in our range.  We took a stroll to look at the other cars but that was about it.  Didn't end up buying anything from this dealer, but their selection seemed decent and the dealer was personable, so we may be back if the right car and price are here.