Jimmie Johnson’s Kearny Mesa Chevrolet in San Diego, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Jimmie Johnson’s Kearny Mesa Chevrolet in San Diego, CA.

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Jimmie Johnson’s Kearny Mesa Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 223-1700
Address:7978 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Jimmie Johnson’s Kearny Mesa Chevrolet

Christie D. | 2015-04-24

Not a fan, by any means of this dealership! I hate the fact that I HAD to leave at least one star to post my review.
Let me make a very long story, short!
Over a month ago, I brought my truck in for one issue.  It was a simple issue and I was told that I would have my truck by the end of the business day.  Two and a half weeks later, I was still out of a truck, more "issues" were discovered and I was asked to pay for mistakes made by the dealership!
When I finally got my truck back....there were three new issues for me to deal with!  Things that WERE working when I brought my truck in, now were completely useless.  The dealership even replaced parts on my truck that were the wrong ones.  After several unreturned voicemails (6+), I ended up driving my truck back to the dealership only to be waved off and told that "I can't be helped here!"
The night before I scheduled to take my truck in somewhere else, the original 3 problems became problems again, it was back to square one.  Now, I had 6 different things wrong with my truck!   I was told that Jimmie Johnson hires "technicians, not mechanics, " as an explanation for  the things that were wrong with my truck and for the length of time they had it!
After another two and a half weeks without my truck and zero communication, one more issue was discovered!    I went to pick up my truck, only to find out that the 2nd set of issues, which were completely the dealership's responsibility, weren't fixed!!!!

It is completely ridiculous to treat customers in this manner.  It's a shame that the service managers allow such poor communication and such low standards of performance to leave their garage.  I work 40+ hours just like the employees there and I need to have a game plan when I don't have my vehicle.  It's a good thing that I didn't rent a car and have over a month's worth of rental fees on top of the outrageous bill that the dealership presented me!
Please know that placing a one-minute phone call to offer a client a status update is beyond the reach of their service.   Oh and taking ownership for errors they make is won't happen!

Brian R. | 2015-04-21

Had the greatest car buying experience today. Frank Torres was great as a sales representative without being pushy. Came in today just hoping to get approved ( not the best credit rating) we're leaving today with a 2012 Kia Soul. Thank you all at Jimmy Johnson Chevy for your hard work.  My wife will be happy for years with our purchase.

Mari N. | 2015-04-10

Collision Department
I had a car accident and had to bring in my car to get fixed and Vito is amazing the crew here are amazing. I brought my truck in and I was in a rental and I kept getting text updates on my cell. Come on you know that is awesome. I was only in the rental for a day because my truck was fixed. yay! and thanks to John in the detail dept. my truck is beautiful from inside...

Lewis H. | 2015-04-05

Took my 2003 Aztec in to repair the engine not idling and fuel gauge not working. They charged $128 diagnostic fee for each problem. $256 total. I was stuck with the bill, but they did not diagnose. They didn't use gauges or meters to figure out which part was bad. They, gave me a list of parts for the engine idle. List of parts for the fuel gauge. $3,700 repair estimate.
I took the car home and repaired the engine idle myself by replacing the $45 fuel pressure regulating valve. The car did not need all the other parts they were trying to sell. It was ridiculous list of parts they wanted to install including the valve cover gasket and intake manifold gasket, which had nothing to do with the engine idle problem.

Robert C. | 2015-04-05

We came in kind of close to closing time but Jason still helped us out, he stayed much later than we thought he would to get us into a car. We left about 30-45 minutes after closing time and felt bad that we kept people from going home. But everyone was very polite and were fine with staying late to help us. Great service. Thanks!

Mislyssa W. | 2015-04-01

I inquired online And Jason Alire immediately called me back. I made an appointment with him to come in. He was very professional and attentive. He listened to my needs and did everything possible to get me into a car. Everyone else was also nice, helpful and easygoing. I'm proud to say I'm an owner of a 2015 Chevrolet Cruze! And when people ask, I tell them to go and see Jason Alire at Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet.

Gabrielle A. | 2015-03-31

Thank you Jimmie Johnson Kearney Mesa Chevrolet for coming through with legendary customer service. I came to this dealership not knowing what to expect but was treated with nothing but great customer service from Rick Reyes (car salesman) and Brian Burgett (General sales manager) I was able to purchase a new car without feeling like they were too pushy. They listened to all my needs and took care of me and did everything to follow through. After dealing with so many dealerships prior they were the only ones HONEST from the start! I am truly grateful they took my trade in without a hassle. I highly recommend Rick Reyes and Brian Burgett to any of my family and friends. I am now a loyal customer and will only return to them for any future needs :)!

Debbie S. | 2015-03-30

Mike Z. in service is very knowledgeable.  I was told I need a new engine by another garage and he told me why the compression test didn't take and was absolutely right.  saved me $$$$.

David F. | 2015-03-29

Contacted dealership to test drive advertised car.  Confirmed appointment the night before.  Dealership even sent the "VIP" confirmation.  Salesperson I was in contact with was with another client so I was passed off to another rep.  Then told the car was not available for a test drive.  Made the trip for nothing!!!  Apparently was being held for a friend of the manager.  Companies that easily make little lies also slip into big lies as well.  Stay away.  Old school dealership BS.

Robert F. | 2015-03-28

Derek is very helpful and a great advisor upfront and honest and don't BS you like other dealerships. I even brought my second car to him vs the Chevy dealer I got it because I trust him. He is A plus ! Only suggestion is while waiting for a part I had to call to see if part was in after waiting a week vs them calling me .. Who knows how long part was sitting waiting.. Other than that service from the techs to the people who check in your car is awesome

Kimberly J. | 2015-03-27

The people and this dealership are so friendly here! I have been leading my 2012 Chevy Equinox for the past three years and have decided to turn my lease into properly owning! Robert Agala helped me and has made the process really simple and easy. He was clear, professional and made sure I was aware of the process and procedures every step of the way. The manager John Segal was every bit as personable and hospitable. Not only am I going to be leaving with an amazing car that's perfect for my lifestyle and needs, they're even detailing and filling the car with a full tank of gas!!! I highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the the Southern California area. The people here are enthusiastic, personable, professional and efficient! They care about what they do and they care about the customer. I had a great experience today and look forward to the next time I come back!!!

Brandon C. | 2015-03-25

After several very questionable car dealership experiences I had my guard up. Decided to do a ton of research on the car I wanted, and it pointed me to Jimmie Johnson. I put in an inquiry online and got hooked up with Jason Alire. I'm from LA, so I waited until the weekend to come to SD and it was soooo worth it. It was busy but I was greeted timely, none of the salespeople were overly aggressive and I felt in total control. Jason sent me on an amazing test drive course instead of just rolling around the corner and was extremely personable. It may have helped that I walked in knowing what I wanted and already financed by my bank but at any rate, awesome experience. I'm a first time buyer, so the questions were plentiful and I had a lot of concerns. Jason answered all my questions, and met my needs with competitive pricing, customer service, and a down to earth personality. Upon my purchase, the paperwork part was super easy and I didn't leave feeling dazed and taken advantage of. The finance manager was cool, once he realized I didn't need anything extra from them he didn't try to scam me. They filled up my tank, detailed the car, and even put nitro in the tires for me. I couldn't be happier! See Jason for a great sales experience.

Mark H. | 2015-03-22

Not a good experience. I went to Jimmie Johnson's today to potentially purchase a 2015 Corvette. I pull up in my car which cost $76k new, stood around outside for 25+ minutes and walked around the showroom for 10 minutes and no one greeted me (even though it was a Sunday and wasn't that busy). Secretary finally grabs a young and inexperienced salesperson the doesn't know much about the car. He explains they won't let me test drive the car since they didn't want to put miles on it. Ok- fine- let me drive the used one with 2500 miles. "Nope. Can't let me do that either. We will need to do 45 minute interview you, run an extensive check, fill out all the loan paperwork, and then we MIGHT let you drive it."

Ummm, I'm paying cash for the car- why do I need to go through all of that? The whole process was insulting. On top of it, Jimmie Johnson's is one of those scam dealers that advertises the car for $55k, but tacks on $2k in worthless accessories that they will not take off ($1k paint protection etc).

I can understand why people like buying from Lexus, MB, Audi, etc to get a better sales experience. I'll take my money to a dealer that treats me with respect.

Antionette L. | 2015-03-21

Just purchased my second vehicle from this dealership! I have been contemplating this purchase for a while and it just took getting me in the door to get me a new set of keys (and a great new vehicle to go with them). I worked with Julie Cooper and I could not be happier with my experience. She got me into a vehicle I loved (not the one I just "liked") with a payment I feel comfortable with. Thank you Julie for an excellent experience not only with me, but dealing with my rambunctious 4 year old as well. I would recommend this dealership and Julie to anyone looking for a great deal on a great car!

Kimberly C. | 2015-03-07

Yesterday my husband took our car in to get a diagnostic yesterday. We got some really bad news. It was going to cost a lot of money to fix our car. We were left with the big decision as to whether or not put money into the car or purchase a new one. While my husband was wondering the lot waiting for the news on our car, a sales person named Justin Hawkins came up to him. He answered all my husband's questions as well as offered to appraise our car. After all my husband's questions were answered, my husband said he has to talk with me and discuss our options. When I got home from work, I could tell my husband was worried about our future vehicle needs. I had only been home a couple of hours when the manager called my husband to ask about his visit. My husband had told me how impressed he was with Justin.  He had told Brian, he had made an appointment with Justin for tomorrow after he was off work.

When my husband got home for work, we went to Jimmie Johnson. We were very impressed with how Justin helped us. He not only showed us several cars but asked us what we liked and what we didn't like. He was very through in all his explanations. He also made us feel like we were at home. It truly felt like we were family.  

We have always gone to Jimmie Johnson for our maintenance needs when it came to our  cars, this was the first time we actually bought our car at Jimmie Johnson. We are very impressed with how Justin and the Jimmie Johnson team worked.

Next time you are in need for a car, please stop by and ask for Justin Hawkins. He was very nice, professional and knowledgeable.

joan o. | 2015-03-05

Very professional, great people. I had an appointment and they got me in right on time and I was able to wait for my car. They were done earlier than they estimated and everyone I saw or met greeted me and was courteous, friendly and professional. Al, my rep, was funny and very nice. All in all a great experience - so easy!

Vagan B. | 2015-02-28

This Review is for the Collision Repair Center at Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet.

I drove in my car on December 19 to have the Jimmie Johnson Collision Center evaluate damage through Geico insurance. I chose to do the repairs at this location as there was extensive damage to the car and it was not in drive-able condition because it was taken apart for assessment (Geico evaluation process was good). I picked up my car after being told that repairs were completed on January 8th.

This is where my experience with the shop took a sour turn. I noticed that my check engine light was on, personal items left in the trunk when I dropped off the car were missing and trunk net was incorrectly installed. I noted this information and was told to come back. I came back within same week to get the check engine light repaired and to retrieve my personal items that they found in their shop (Third time at the shop). During this time I noticed that the body lines on the rear trunk were not evenly spaced, a large spot on the front bumper that needed buffing and that the trunk button did not work with the key fob. At this point I did a thorough check of my car and noticed that my break light in the rear window did not work either (groan). I was told to get the trunk button part from Infinity Dealer and to come back another time for them to fix all the problems (sigh.. okay).

After receiving the part from Infiniti on January 30th, I came back a (fourth time now) for them to replace the button, fix the break light, to adjust the body lines on the rear trunk and buff the spot off the front bumper (thankfully there was a lifetime warranty on the repairs). After waiting 2 hours, I received my car back. They were able to fix everything but the trunk button. I was told that the trunk button was rusted on, so what they tried to do is cut the wires off the perfectly working part to solder on to the stuck trunk button. They were unable to properly do this and asked me to come back again once they receive another replacement part. Also, it took them 3 tries to correctly re-install the trunk net that was originally in the car.

Finally, on February 9th, I come back for the fifth time now.. and spent another 2-3 hours so that my car can finally be fixed properly. For the pain of having to deal with this average repair shop for close to two months and spending at least 8-16 hours of personal time (during working hours), I was offered a car wash and exterior detail for the pain (interior was left dusty). When I went to pick up the car, the associate said "I hope we do not see you again". Well to be honest I never want to see this shop again either. Please choose another shop for you collision needs, unless you want to deal with below average business.

For these reasons, I give this shop a 1 star ( I wish I could give 0 stars).

Anna R. | 2015-02-18

Travis, thank you, thank you, thank you !!! Every time I've gone in to get work done on my car you are wonderful !! I will never take my car anywhere else. I hope Chevy appreciates their hard working, good hearted, polite, and amazing employees!! Thank you again Travis !!!

Robert P. | 2015-02-18

My car developed a flat and my car does not have a spare just a pump. I called Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet, and they came and picked up my car. They quickly replaced the tire, and did not charge me for the tow. Thanks a bunch for the great work.

Rainbow Farms S. | 2015-02-06

To the Jimmie Johnson sales team
Simply the best Chevrolet dealership in the area.  They are helpful through every process they were patient and caring, they were not like other dealers this team made an effort to talk to you and get to know you especially CHRIS WAZIR. I've been to many dealerships but Chris made an effort to get know my gf and I, he made an effort to show us what was good for our budget but most of all he took the time to look after us patience and understanding. Chris was straight forward never let us down, for what he gave me I would give him an over rating off 100 points you don't see a lot of ppl like him or his team at Chevrolet dealers. The team at Jimmie Johnson are really friendly. I'm surprised people are giving them the low rating but if people had patience and understanding I promise your salesman will too. Good job guys keep it up, Ill be sure to send you my family and friends.

T.j W. | 2015-02-02

Great place to do business and Ernest is a great service advisor and kept me upto date with my vehicle

James T. | 2015-02-02

If every car salesman possessed Rick White's integrity, Americans would view them in the same light as physicians.

Rick was extremely credible, helpful and professional. He was honest and straightforward. We felt super comfortable dealing with Rick, and the rest of the Jimmie Johnson / Hendrick Automotive team.

We checked out a pre-owned vehicle that was not manufactured by GM (we visited Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet). The dealership had acquired it through a trade. We called ahead of time to schedule an appointment. Rick did not pretend to have all the answers about the vehicle. He was very honest about this. It was also apparent that he'd made an effort to get to know the vehicle before we arrived. If he couldn't answer a question, then he clearly said so. Rick spoke in certainties. This was extremely refreshing.

However, Rick's knowledge about the auto industry runs deep. He knew every detail about GM's vehicles -from truck to hybrids. Rick's knowledge was interesting and informative. Rick was also super helpful at retrieving information when possible.

We did our homework ahead of time -extensive homework. We knew our budget. And we knew how much we were willing to pay. Our homework empowered us. It also allowed to clearly see that Rick was sincere, honest and straightforward.

We spent about 3.5 hours at the dealership: 90 minutes test driving the vehicle and discussing its features; 120 minutes negotiating.

Negotiating can be a nuisance. Rick and his finance manager made it as painless as possible. By CA law, the dealership is required to offer certain warranties. We had zero use for these add-ons, and nobody tried to force them on us. This was very refreshing too.

After two hours of negotiating, Rick and his team informed us that we would not be able to come to a deal. Despite this, we left happy. Rick and his staff were professional and courteous from start to finish.

TL/DR: If you're interested in buying GM, then do you homework and talk to Rick.

Andrew I. | 2015-02-01

Just wanted everyone to know what a horrible experience I had at Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet. Mind you, I am a new graduate. I have been contemplating getting rid of my college car and buying either a new Colorado or Silverado and have visited Jimmie Johnson in the past for this. Last week, however, my neighbor scraped/hit the front of my car. I describe it like this because I did not see it, and he was kind enough to leave me a note saying he's already filed a claim and was taking care of everything. The insurance asked me where I'd like to take my car to get fixed. When they said JJ Chevrolet, I immediately agreed because I thought a Certified Chevrolet dealership would have no problems fixing my car the right way. Plus, I wanted to purchase a truck from them.
    Before I brought the car in, both the bumper and drivers side headlight had scuffs as well as was broken. A check engine light came on the next day after work so I immediately brought the car in and got a rental. They had my car for a week after being told three days, for them to call me and say "the car was hit before, has a bad radiator support, and it looks like the check engine light has been on and has had parts replaced for it. The gas cap is replaced and various other sensors." They said they would not replace these issues because they suspect it's a prior issue. Even though I was there when the check engine light came on the day after the accident. I have replaced the gas cap and Evap sensors before coming to California for emissions reasons, but I had no check engine light EVER until the accident. I asked if it was safe to be driving around with a half broken radiator support and the guy I dealt with, joe, said "I would drive around on it."
     So when I picked the car up, the bumper did not line up with the hood, in fact the hood was bent up at the front. I made joe write down on the receipt that they chose not to fix the check engine light, and to finish it off, they replaced one headlight, and it didn't even match the other! I have been driving around with a black and chrome headlight! I have no idea who in their right mind, would let a car go back to a customer like this, but then must not have any pride in their work or their organization. I was told the headlights were aftermarket and they don't know where to get them from. Which was a blatant lie because they are OEM headlights, just painted. There is even a Gm part number underneath them. Very lazy people. Very disrespectful and when I WILL NOT be buying a new truck from them. I will go to another dealership and will tell everyone I work with and know never to come here.

P.S. I have a couple pictures to validate my comments.

Tony R. | 2015-01-25

The worst salesmen I have ever dealt with in my life!!! Joe comes out and tells me that they can't let me test drive a Camaro with the 1LE package because they are collectors cars?????? REALLY? This is not a Z-28 or a COPO Camaro.  He then proceeded to tell me that if he ran my credit to "show commitment" then we could do a test drive, but not the 1LE only the regular SS......I drove on to the lot in my 2013 SS Camaro. Why would I want to test drive a car that I already own?? Once again REALLY? I also had to correct another salesman who was telling other potential customers that 1SS means the car is an automatic and a 2SS means the car is a manual transmission. To the Sales Manager at Jimmy Johnson's Kearny Mesa Chevrolet, please teach you salesmen about chevrolets automobiles and their packages. This would have been down right embarrassing to me if I worked there. Chevrolet only has about 15 vehicles and trim levels aren't hard to learn. You guys lost a sale of either a 1LE or a ZL1 Camaro. Good job fellas!

Jesse M. | 2015-01-17

2014 Chevy Silverado.
Airbag issue and repair.

My truck was at the dealership for almost 1 month. I was originally told it would take 2 weeks for the repairs to be completed. I had to constantly call for updates and after the first 2 weeks I was told it would be done the next day; I got that answer several times. During this time I had to extend my rental vehicle and spent extra money. Once the work was finished, I picked it up at night.  SO, I was unable to see the quality of the work.  The next morning I got to look at the repairs that were done on my truck. The headliner was replaced and it was sagging and was not cut properly in multiple spots. The paneling does not line up correctly and I found leftover trash from repairs in my truck and a golf score card in the driver side door compartment. (I have never played golf in California...) Now, I have to bring my truck back for a second time so the repairs get done properly and spend more money on a rental for probably another 2 weeks. All in all, I'm very dissatisfied. I would not recommend Jimmie Johnson's to anyone and once this repair is completed, I will absolutely choose one of the many other dealerships in San Diego. I really wanted to continue using Jimmie Johnson's Chevrolet because of convenience and proximity to where I live; but this dealership has let me down multiple times.

Jim D. | 2015-01-14

As a business owner myself, I know that the shortcomings of any business are limited primarily to its employees. I'll share my experience with the service department. I brought a company van in for a diagnosis as the engine was making some bad noises. I suspected it was due to driving it while low on oil because of my own clueless employee...I explained that the van is very important for my business & dropped it off on a Wednesday. Thursday was New Years day. On Friday Jan. 2, I called about the progress, but nobody ever got back to me. After the weekend, on the following Monday, I called 3 times leaving voice mails for the man who had been my service rep. When I did finally make contact with him, I requested that he email me the estimate of repairs. He said he'd get right on it, to give him a few seconds. Two hours later, still no estimate, I called & requested it again. This time I asked for the service manager. So the service manager emailed me the estimate which turned out was completely wrong. I called back again for my service rep who told me that his manager emailed me the wrong information. He would  send me the correct information right away, which actually took another few hours. But each time I had spoken to him, he told me it would be sent within minutes, not hours. I spent a lot of time waiting and waiting. I decided to just pay for the diagnostic, picked it up and I took it somewhere else. Turns out, it needed a complete new engine.

Shylo H. | 2015-01-09

The wait is about 90 minutes but the customer service is great. Got a free holiday oil change, can't complain.

Carrie F. | 2015-01-08

Just purchased a Silverado from Tony Alvarez.  He was great...knew all the specs for the different vehicles, wasn't pushy at all, and made the entire shopping experience painless and even fun!  I would definitely recommend this dealership, and Tony in particular, to a friend.

Jim B. | 2015-01-06

Sean H, did an awesome job with my car and I had a great experience. He will work with what you can afford and will update you on progress and status updates thanks everyone at jimmy Johnson Chevrolet

Scott F. | 2014-12-26

Bought a 2012 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab 1500 LT here in 12/12.  Bought the 6 pack oil change with it, unknown at that time it only works with JJ chevy...

So I decide to do my service there because of that package sucks, I have needed two different little parts ordered thru service (while doing my oil changes).  I have had to call back each time months after to check on them, and when I do, they have to check on it and never call me back...it's actually unbelievable.

This place sucks. I am going to be ditching the 3 last oil changes I have and go to another Chevy service shop.

Daniel S. | 2014-12-23

Slava Gaziev contacted me after I applied for a Costco Pin number so that I could get supplier pricing.  He was extremely patient and helpful, considering I was a first time buyer.  He got me a phenomenal deal on the 2015 Chevy Volt and never put undue pressure on me to agree to a deal I could not afford.

Only thing I think could have been improved: dealer offering to do State rebate paperwork/app with customer.

Mitch P. | 2014-12-20

Customer service in the service dept is the worst I have ever encountered. I was quoted $120 for my car battery with no labor charge because they had already done over $5,000 to fix the body. When my wife goes to pick up the car, I find out that they had charged her $200!!!!! When I called to ask why, they said that they had no knowledge of the previous quote and the person who gave me the quote had left for the day. No offer to give us a refund or nothing. 5 days before Christmas too!!! If I could give this place negative stars, I would. Freakin Crooks!!!!!

Brandon B. | 2014-12-08

Four vehicles and we will keep coming back.   What's awesome is their sales team is good, but the service team kicks butt! Special thanks to Travis in Services who really goes above and beyond!

Kate H. | 2014-12-06

So far so good. I've had my 2008 Cobalt LT serviced here several times now. Prices are decent, and they sell service plans so that if you know you plan on having maintenance done here in the future, you can save some money. Staff are very professional, courteous, and friendly. I usually deal with Palmer, and he's outstanding. I've always gotten prompt service, and usually paid less than expected.

Some other pluses are that they have an indoor waiting room as well as an outdoor area. The business is also within walking distance of numerous Asian markets and restaurants, so it's pretty much the perfect place to go drop your car off and get lunch while you wait for the work to get done.

My favorite Chevy dealership in SD.

Michael H. | 2014-12-03

Lied about willing to work with a price on a V8 LT silverado sent me a picture of the truck and everything and when I showed up tried to sell me a used V6 LT completely different from the one they originally showed me. Typical car sales lot do what they can to get you there and then switch it all up and act like it was my fault that I must have miss understood. Too bad I do all my stuff through email so I have records.

Trisha B. | 2014-11-20

Jenni Kendall was such a wonderful person to work with and I hope that everyone gets the pleasure of working with her. She made me feel like family. I will be bringing my sister in to see her when she gets ready to buy her car in the next couple of months.

Lance H. | 2014-11-15

I had an appointment with them to sell them my car (not a trade in), when I got there they said it would take 45 minutes to go through the car and give me a price, I waited an  over a hour and half before I asked when  would  they be finished, Their rep said they never got a chance to look at my car because there were several cars ahead of me, and could not inspect the car until the following Monday.
I think out of common courtesy they should tell me this ahead of time . What is the point of making an appointment?

Matt C. | 2014-11-12

I brought my truck in to have normal maintenance done and while I was there I decide to walk around the lot and take a look at the Chevy Avalanche. I had no intention of purchasing a new vehicle at the time and I explained that to a gentleman named Brandon Denali who was very helpful and to my surprise no pressure at all.....most people dread dealing with salesman....I don't really care one way or the other because if you don't give me the deal I want there is another dealership down the road with the same car. Remember it is your money your spending not theirs so you are ultimately in charge.
Back to my just looking.....Brandon opened up some cars and answered a few questions I had, he offered a test drive and was pretty straight forward and told me that whenever I was ready or or if I had any other questions to feel free to give him a call. Now the most impressive part, when he handed me his card it said he was the sales manager.....I was shocked he took the time to help, most managers would have pawned me off on a salesman.
I went back and checked on my truck and was recommended to change the air filter and fuel filter and they said it could be completed in 30 mins....sounds good.
Headed back up to talk to Brandon and get a brochure on the new Avalanche  and while I was up there he introduced me to John Segal who was the General sales manager....very nice guy who to my surprise didn't try to hurry off...instead he stood there and talked to Brandon and I for probably 15 minutes and not just about me buying a car.
Well long story short I have a brochure sitting on my coffee table and a matching Avalanche in the driveway and it was all because these two guys understand the difference treating you like an equal and not just a number or their next sucker. They gave me the price I was willing to pay and we didn't have to haggle and play games....they wanted me to trade in my diesel on the deal.....nice try guys ....it's still in my driveway also....I would just like to say these guys get it when it comes to helping you get your next vehicle. ....check them out for yourself...Ask for Brandon and tell him Matt sent you, he is just a normal guy who wants to help....thanks guys...

Luis C. | 2014-11-12

Derek at the service department delivers an outstanding Customer Service, I brought my Cobalt for service-recalls and he took care of my car and me, he got me a rental while my vehicle was in service. he kept me inform at all times of any updates. I would go back to this place only for Derek! he is the best and make you feel as a person and no as a number. way to go Derek! and thanks for your OUSTANDING service.

Tom W. | 2014-11-10

The Service Tech "Palmer" is an Asshole! The guy should NOT be working in the Front of the House talking to customers. They should put in the Back where no one has to talk to this Jerk!
The Service Manager needs to talk to this guy and tell him to be less of a Jerk or let him do the Oil changes and tire rotations in the back.

Paul M. | 2014-11-10

After spending half a day at Carl Burger's dealership in La Mesa getting the run around I decided to come here.  I called prior to check if they had the Jeep I wanted in stock.   As soon as I got there I met Rit.  The enitre process Rit was professional and  didn't beat around the bush.  He wasn't  your average car salesman trying to get a sale.  I told him actually what I wanted and my limits and he did everything he could to make it happen.  Withiin 2 hours I test drove the Jeep and had everything signed.  To top everything off I was looking to see if I was able to trade in my truck to get a new 2014 Chevy Silverado.  Once again he didn't try to sell me anything.  I told him what i needed to make the deal happen.  After getting a quote on my trade in Rit had a couple of options for me to chose from.  All the options he had were out of my limits.  He understood that no matter what happened it wasn't going to happen.  Instead of pushing and trying to sell me the truck he simple told me if i'm ever able to purchase the truck to give him a call.  With everything said I highly recommend coming here.  If you can ask for Rit and you won't be disappointed.

Erickson R. | 2014-11-01

Great people, great car and great service! A special thank you to Francisco and his team at Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet! Once again thank you...The Rodriguez family.

Richard B. | 2014-10-28

I purchased a 2015 Traverse from Gabe C. The experience was painless and Gabe was very patient and knowledgeable. I would definetely recommend this dealership and Gabe to my friends and family.

Jose H. | 2014-10-27

Great service at service department from service advisor Michelle ! Thanks for the help and highly recommend Jimmie Johnson. I'm looking forward to my next visit . Never had a negative experience . But when stuff does happen they are quick to make it right .

Jose O. | 2014-10-26

This dealership exceeded my expectations by far! They were very polite, professional and did not "BS" you like most dealerships.

Rey T. | 2014-10-26

Our AC was blowing cold, but not as cold as it used to.  We called and had a 10:30 AM appointment.  At 3:00 PM we called for status.  They said "if you don't hear from us today then check back tomorrow".  We called the next day, each time being told they had no update.  We finally received our Blazer back at 3:30 PM - 29 hours after our appointment start time.  They wanted to replace our compressor.  We declined.  AC no longer works *at all*. We called to report the issue and were rushed off the phone, never heard back from anyone there.  We brought the Blazer to another mechanic, found out there was NO freon at all in the tank and had it added, and with only 4 hours (without an appointment) we have nice cool air blowing thru the vents.  Would NOT recommend this dealership to *anyone* for service.

Ray D. | 2014-10-25

My service advisor Palmer was awesome! He performed above and beyond the expected service. Give that man majority shares of the company he deserves it!

Brian T. | 2014-10-21

oil change and recall inspection. friendly staff. great manager.

Ryan M. | 2014-10-18

I usually hate buying vehicles and dealing with the salesmen and finance guy. They tend to give you the run around. The first guy to approach me was dennis, Dennis didn't bug me about buying a vehicle. I gave Dennis my number and I contacted him with what kind of truck I wanted. Dennis went out of his way to find what I wanted. Dennis never pushed me to buy anything and knew everything about the vehicles he sells. I will buy another vehicle here because of Dennis. If you're looking for a vehicle there ask for Dennis.

Carlyn C. | 2014-10-17

I'd like to thank Jimmie Johnson's for a job well done!  Thank you Sean for greeting me with a welcoming smile as I entered the Service area.  I came in for a GM safety recall, was well informed, paperwork in motion and so I wouldn't be inconvenienced, I was offered a rental car through Enterprise.  Travis, who was the one originally taking care of my problem, was great about keeping me posted on my car's progress.   Upon my return, I was greeted by Palmer in Service, where we wrapped things up.  He made check out a breeze, with a smile on his face and showing incredible customer care.  Please give your boys a BIG "Bravo!" from me.  They made it a pleasure, not an ordeal and that was surprising for me.  In the future, I'm sure to return to Jimmie Johnson's!  Thank you all!!!!

Alex K. | 2014-10-15

I have never bought a car here so this is a review only of the Service Dept.  I have always received excellent service here.  i have found the prices to be reasonable, but of course as a dealer they are not the cheapest option, but when you get your car back you can rest assured a quality part was installed and it was installed correctly and according to GM specifications.  

I have not had any issues with unnecessary services being "recommended".  They will also automatically top off your fluids and let you know about any issues that might be coming up on your vehicle.  They will also get you a ride to and from work/home so you can leave your vehicle and get on with your day, but the waiting area is comfortable too.  This is a good place for auto maintenance!

Susanne R. | 2014-10-09

The only reason I don't give this a 5 star is I will never buy another GM product again.

I'm on my 3rd recall on my 2006 Malibu, the previous 'Car of the Year'.....

However, if you are a Chevy fan, this is THE dealership to go to!  Seriously courteous staff, they offered me water while waiting.  It was a hot day (90s) so that was greatly appreciated.

Ernest Lopez in the service department was friendly, professional and explained what was going to be happening in the recall repair in a way that I could understand. He called when the car was ready, had the car already washed for me when I arrived.

He is a true asset.

We were going to go to Bob Baker Chevrolet, which is much closer to us, but they never answer the phone!

Ruachelle B. | 2014-10-04

All of the staff were friendly but Dennis was amazing and really went the extra mile to make us feel comfortable while we looked and did not mind giving me all the information for the vehicle i was going to purchase. He still keeps in touch and answers any questions I have. I am very happy I was recommended to Dennis. Later the company still helped me by finding me a better interest rate before my first payment and Amanda Magdolen was very helpful.

Ann M. | 2014-10-02

Best Service Department in town!  Had a recall and needed work done on my Chevy HHR recently.  Everyone in the service department, especially, Ernest Lopez, was extremely helpful.  They explained everything, provided me with transportation for the day, and got my car back to me within the same day!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet for service and purchase of cars!

Bill B. | 2014-09-27

We were treated with respect from the minute we arrived. The honesty and good attitudes of everyone made our experience great. Your staff blew Courtesy Chevrolet out of the water!!! We have already recommended your dealership! Thank you Dennis, Camryn, Brian, Aaron and Brandon! We look forward to coming back to check out the new Colorado.

Justin H. | 2014-09-25

I have never been more pleased! Good trade in offer, rebates covered so much of my negative equity and after years of 13-18% interest I ended up with 5.79% and I left with all my requirements(V8, 4WD, Z71, Crew Cab). You can't beat the service, they asked us why we wanted all that and they respected our reasoning and still let us know other options but they attempted and succeeded in getting us in our dream truck. Aaron, Tony, Eric and Justin are the greatest, we mainly worked with those 4 and they just make it such a fun experience, paperwork takes all of 5 minutes once you have your loan/payment ready. Give them a shot, every business gets bad reviews but I can assure you one of these 4 gentleman will certainly give their all to help you out.

Kristina W. | 2014-09-21

Came in to get my door handle fixed and was told since my car is pretty old (2002) they had to order the parts first.
Three days later they sent me an email for an appointment. I called to confirm it but when I came back the part wasn't even there yet! Such a pain. I had to find a babysitter for my three month old baby on that day.
So they said they would call me when it actually arrived but two weeks later I had to call and check on it.
The rep promised  a free car wash for being inconvenienced but I had to remind him about that too!
They did fix the handle but it was not worth the trip.

Barbara A. | 2014-09-20


Tianna A. | 2014-09-19

The day after we moved to San Diego from Hawaii with our 6 week old daughter we purchased 2 vehicles from Jimmie Johnson's Chevrolet (one brand new truck, and one used suv). Less than 3 months later my suv was leaking oil. I brought it back, and they "fixed it" within a few days. They rented me a vehicle, and I was pleased with them at that point. 2 days after I got my vehicle back it started leaking even worse. I called and told them I would be coming back in. They "fixed it" again. Then 3 days later it was leaking again. This time they kept it for a while. They loaned me one of their cars that smelled like pot. Granted this is California, and most everything smells like pot. But going on and off of Military bases gets you questioned, and pulled over by Military police. I returned the loaner, and they rented me a vehicle. After 3 attempts, and the promise of a full tank of gas because they use so much to test it, I got my vehicle back, with an empty tank.

Fast forward to the very beginning of September. I got a ticket for not having a front license plate. I never received one from the dealership, and was unaware that I needed 2. I will take a little responsibility for not knowing the laws, but the dealership should take 99% responsibility for not giving me one. I went in and spoke with Brian, who is their general manager because Brandon, the manager I spoke with originally never seemed to be there. Brian gave me the paperwork, and $25 to pay my ticket. I mailed the paperwork back to him about 2 days later. 3 weeks past, and I didn't hear anything. I called, and spoke with Lori in their DMV department. She said she, "doesn't have it on her desk." And to either go to the DMV, or send the paperwork again. I asked her if she would possibly look around for it, before I wait in line at the DMV for hours with my now 15 month old daughter, during the hottest weather San Diego has recorded in recent history. She called me back less than 5 minutes later, and said, "no it's not here."

Yesterday September 18th, I personally dropped off 6 copies of the paperwork needed directly to Lori. I'll wait and see what she means by a "rush" on my plates. Meanwhile my ticket has increased to $75.00 because I need proof from either the DMV or police saying that I have fixed the issue. I asked who would be responsible for paying the extra $50.00 seeing as I sent the paperwork as soon as I could so that the fine would not increase. Lori had no clue, and told me to talk to Brian. The receptionist went in to speak with Brian. He was "too busy closing a deal" to talk to me. And as I left, I saw him talking to the receptionist again, and pointing towards me. I decided to call him when I was finished work. Again, "too busy to talk to me." But I was told not to worry because Brian, "always returns calls." Well here it is, the next day, and no call back.

The customer service at Jimmie Johnson's is more than HORRIBLE. Not one time did any person I spoke with regarding my missing plate say, "I'm sorry." Or take any sort of responsibility for it. Brian refuses to talk to me about the fine. And Lori is just plain rude and ignorant. They couldn't care less about what happens after a sale. As long as they get the sale!!!

Luckily, I'm in a very unique position. I get to meet hundreds of military personnel every year. A lot of them don't have vehicles, and I get to be the one to spread the word about Jimmie Johnson's Kearny Mesa Chevrolet. Although we were more than pleased with the way Doug our salesman handled us quickly and with respect for our situation, the rest of the Jimmie Johnson team seriously lacks any sort of customer service skills, empathy, or sense of importance when it comes to dealing with customers after they drive off the lot. Hopefully, I will get my new plates before I get pulled over, and my vehicle is towed.

If anything sticks with you about this very long rant, I hope that it's NEVER BUY A VEHICLE FROM JIMMIE JOHNSON'S KEARNY MESA CHEVROLET!!!

Shari S. | 2014-09-16

Great purchasing experience at Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet. Jay Buckley was efficient, fair and made the buying experience painless. I  recommend this dealer and Jay to everyone.

Mercedes F. | 2014-09-10

I bought my used Pontiac G5 here last year, and continue to have it serviced and maintained here.  Best car dealership I have ever encountered and will continue to do business here. Two thumbs up for JJ!

Mara W. | 2014-09-07

Best customer service! My husband and I just got a 2014 Equinox, going in we had no idea what it even was, our sales guy was Jay Buckley and I will recommend him to anyone I know who is looking for a car. He was awesome to work with, very generous, funny and made us feel comfortable. Everyone here was very nice. They all seemed like they liked their job and didn't act like the "typical car sales men" that other dealerships have.
   Thanks for helping us get our new beautiful car!

Michael R. | 2014-09-05

I had a great experience here. I actually bought a car the same day as a friend who referred me and we both couldn't be happier. Very glad I got my 2015 Equinox here.

Steveo G. | 2014-09-05

Great place. One of the few no "yanking your chain" dealerships. Glenn was able to help me out of what seemed like an impossible situation into my dream truck. If you want the real deal, its well worth your time. I highly suggest Glenn D. No pressure straight shooter.

Jo-Lynn R. | 2014-09-05

I just wanted write a review about our experience at Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet. I went through the Costco auto program my representative at the dealership was Jenni Kendall. Talk about a fantastic person who makes you feel like you are the only customer in the dealership. She was outstanding.  Our salesman was Thomas Lopes. We were told it was Thomas's 1st day. I would have never guessed that. We had been to 4 other dealerships and I have to say this was the best car buying experience that I have ever had. Not only did we drive off with the car that we wanted but they went above and beyond at Jimmie Johnson to get us the lowest rate possible. Before we left the lot with our new car our salesman Thomas went over every inch of our new car and explained everything that we had in our new car. Thomas was so knowledgeable I have never been so impressed with a dealership or a salesman. I appreciated the fact that Jimmie Johnsons is hiring salesmen that know the products they are selling. We had stopped at Bob stall Chevrolet in La Mesa a few days earlier and the salesman did not know anything about the cars he was selling so we left that lot and made the appointment with Jimmie Johnsons, and Im glad we did. It was so refreshing that Thomas was so knowledgeable about all of their vehicles. We were able to ask him anything and he knew the answers. Purchasing a new vehicle is a huge thing for us and they understood that at Jimmie Johnsons. Everyone was checking in on us Tanya  Charles and Brandon Danieli were the managers and even they were checking in on us while we were there. They were so busy on labor day weekend and still they all had time to make sure that we were happy. We had When I thought our experience couldn't get any better I got a call a few days later from the finance manager Amanda Magdolen she was looking over our contract and was able to get us an even better rate. I tell you this dealership went completely out of their was to make us happy and to make sure that we had the best deal possible. I haven't quit talking about it. This has never happened us. If I ever purchase another can I will go back there without hesitation. You owe it to yourself to check them out you wont be sorry that you did.

Alexis M. | 2014-09-02

I purchased a 2015 Chevy Equinox on August 30 2014. My sales guy Justin Hawkins was so nice and very personable. The finance guy Joe Brommer was just as helpful and nice as my Sales guy.

I have been to many dealerships over the last several months and this is the only dealership I felt comfortable in and didn't feel pressured to buy instantly. Everyone who works at Jimmie Johnson Kearny Mesa Chevrolet was very nice and you can tell they want to help you make the right decision for you, not just a sale for themselves.

Everything from walking onto the lot to look for a car, to climbing in the back seat to help set up my OnStar, this dealership was amazing!

Ian F. | 2014-08-31

I.  Initial Purchase

Maybe should be three stars here.  Overall I was satisfied, but I don't understand why, in the 21st century in the U.S.A. we still have to haggle.  This is not Jihad-land or Polynesian boat-city.  Here in the U.S., things have a price, and that's how much it costs.  Period.  Why do I have to waste six hours of my life turning down extras and insisting you give me appropriate financing?  

Here's my little story:  First, they said the specific trim I wanted was available from a partner in LA, but it had all these extra things (a low-jack, etc.) that would cost me extra.  I said fine, do it, bring it to town.  And what do you know -- they fetched the car and it had *none* of those extras.  

Also initially my rate for financing was really too high.  But then I said due to that too-high rate, I'm going to have my credit union finance it.  Suddenly, wow, lo-and-behold, they actually were able to give me an even lower rate!  Wow!  Much surprise!  

So after a ton of wasted time I got exactly the car I want for exactly the price it should cost.  Couldn't we have saved the time and done that up front?  At least however it was no worse than I expected and they did keep me supplied with water, coffee, popcorn, and friendly smiles.  Considering this is the U.S., where everything is s*t and nobody cares, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

II. Service:
I brought my car to the collision center after it was hit while I was parked.  The service was excellent and timely.  I only had two small issues:

1) On a Thursday, I received a call that said it was painted and just needed the final re-assembly and it would be done by Friday or the next Monday.  However on Tuesday of the next week I was told basically the same status -- it was painted, but not yet assembled.  The good news was that it was ready two days later, that Thursday afternoon.

2) I was disappointed that they did not charge the car before I got there. This would require a trivial amount of effort and cost on their part, but sends a message to the customer that they care and that the Volt represents a new era in innovation and service.  

Instead, when I arrived my battery was down to zero (even though it had about 8 miles left when I brought it in), and it had only a few gallons of gasoline left.  I think it should be common practice to charge electric cars before handing them back to the owner.

Nevertheless I would still recommend anyone with a Chevy to bring it back here.  The service was great and the people I interacted with were professional and friendly.  In the end, they did a fantastic, five-star job.  The two minor customer-service issues are the only reason I deduct a star above.


Justin S. | 2014-08-26

We walked in with the mindset we were not going to buy a car that day. We just wanted to look around see how much the Volt was and think about it over the weekend. But after sitting down with Jenny and telling her all what we wanted from paying off and having not residual she really listened and helped us out.
         She got us into a brand new Volt which we completely love we couldn't be happier without decision. The one thing we always fear going into a dealership is somebody just looking to make money off us not actually caring about what we want. We have told all of our friends about Jimmy Johnson Dealership and told them to look out for Jenny she was amazing to work with.
         We will defiantly be going back there in the near future for our business. they really treat you like family there.

Rafael C. | 2014-08-18

Really disappointed with how I was treated over a coupon??? At my local Albertson's on the back of their sales receipt is a coupon for 24.99 on a full synthetic oil change. I was amazed and floored that was being offered. I brought my Jetta which is made by Volkswagon in to JJ Chevrolet skeptical thinking no way and sure enough it was honored. Since than I think I've had maybe 3-5 changes done in till today. Basically was told everything from tree is an expiration date on the coupon which it's actually an advertising date, that the coupon isn't valid because it's not a full synthetic blend it's a blended synthetic blend, and where it says 24.99 on most cars that was put there to imply I guess on most makes since mine wasn't a Chevrolet they wouldn't honor it.
To make a long story short they did only after I mentioned what they were doing was against the law it was basically a bait and switch. There are advertising laws against this type of scam. Service manager got involved and basically told me since I don't have a Chevy I'm paying full price or go next door to the Volkswagon dealer. At first I thought wow what a great way to bring in future car buyers, as matter if fact I would still be interested in getting a Chevrolet but I would think twice about this service dept

Susan K. | 2014-08-12

Glenn Daley at JJ Chevrolet was BEYOND FANTASTIC.  What a smooth sale! What a beautiful new Chevy Cruze!  What a grateful gal I am to have been placed with this dealer... "winner winner chicken dinner" is all I have to say.  Glenn made me 100% comfortable, gave me step-by-step guidance, and handled everything perfectly - and I, a FIRST TIME new car buyer, am grateful beyond measure for the dedication he shows to his job and his clients.

Thanks Glenn!

Susan K.

G K. | 2014-08-04

Great deal on the purchase and trade in. Slava is an excellent salesperson and very helpful. Would definitely recommend. Use the edmunds price promise on line. Also get an offer on your trade in from carmax before going in. They will beat the offer.

Chris L. | 2014-08-02

Bought a new car at Jimmy's today, good experience Gabe a sales rep. has a calm, cool approach with respect for the frugal buyer.

Lee in parts department is knowledgable and also knows what true value means to the consumer. Thanks, Lee.

Jim the service manager is a straight shooter, no fuss, no fight, just gets it done right. Be patient and you'll be rewarded with speedy service, on the first visit.

It's a car dealership, they sell cars. Be real people this is a real dealership. No hand outs here, just good value and service with a smile.

I would buy here again. Thanks guys!

Claudia S. | 2014-08-02

Tanya and Jay hands down gave me the best car buying experience EVER. They made purchasing a car exactly what it should be, fun and exciting not a gimmicky deal you feel apprehensive about! I couldn't be happier with my purchase or my financing! I am still in shock that I was able to get such a great deal! Thanks Jimmie Johnson! You guys set the bar really high!

Amanda A. | 2014-08-01

Loved everyone in the service department!!

My 2014 Chevy Cruze had 2 safety recalls on it. I called to book my appointment as was greeted with a very happy representative that quickly set up my appointment.

When I walked in to my appointment, I thought that everyone might be a little grumpy since every Chevy Cruze had to be examined for recall safety, and all sales of Chevy Cruzes were put on hold until the issues were fixed. But when I walked in, I was greeted with many smiles and helped out by a very nice man named Sean. He got all the paperwork ready, and told me they would need to keep my car over night. I called a friend for a ride and waited in the waiting room. Sean even checked on me a little while later to make sure that I had a ride. Again, on the way our, smiles all around.

Sean later gave me a call to let me know that they had checked my car, and both parts from the safety recall would have to be replaced. He did a great job explaining the whole process. He let me know that they would not be able to give me my car back for safety reasons until the parts were fixed. He said that they placed the order for the parts, and that they would be a while before the parts would be in. Sean said it would be so long that I might think you guys forgot about me, but he promised you wouldn't and I could call to check on my car whenever I wanted. I got all of the details for the rental car, and got my rental the next morning. (The enterprise you work with has some great reps as well)

Like Sean said, it felt like I was forgotten even though I knew I wasn't... 3.5 weeks without my car and I really started to miss it. It was coming close to time to put more gas in the rental, so I gave Sean a call to see how close my car was to being ready. I didn't want to put tooo much gas in the rental and then turn it back in right after. :) The part had just gotten in that day and Sean was going to check to see if they could get it installed that day. He called me back later to let me know that they were finishing up my car and I could come get it at any time. I was soooo excited. I missed my car, I hadn't even had it 6 months yet (my first big kid purchase). Dropped off the rental and walked in to check in with Sean. Again, walked in to smiles all around. Sean was in a meeting so another nice employee helped me out, got everything recorded, had me sign pictures and I was on my way. One thing I did learn is that I bought the right car, I was giddy like the first day I got it when I got back in!

I have had nothing but great experiences at Jimmy Johnson, from test driving a Cruze, to getting my recall fixed in the service department. So, thank you. Please keep it up. I'll be back for Oil Changes and everything for the next 6 years. :)

Fitzy B. | 2014-07-31

A reputable Saturn service dealership, if you want to go to a dealership vs a regular service shop. Recently remodeled their waiting area, very clean and has outdoor/indoor option for waiting. I have a dog and bring her every now and then so she is not at home alone, and the outdoor area is perfect!
The service staff is extremely friendly. I have been going here for about 5 years since all the Saturn dealerships closed. Although they don't have complimentary car wash like satires did when u services your car, everything else I have to say is top notch.
I recommend speaking with Travis. He is so knowledgeable and remembers me every time. He is always concerned and makes sure I understand what's wrong or going on with my car. He truly is AMAZInG... I don't speak to anyone but him!!
If you go here seek Travis! He really is the top notch in customer service and service for your car needs!!!

Chris V. | 2014-07-30

Just bought a 2014 Chevy Sonic. I worked with Glenn Daley, awesome guy! The whole staff is friendly very nice and not pushy at all!! The won't let you leave unsatisfied. If you need a car and don't think you can get the financing.  Go see Glenn!! They will make it work. Thanks guy's  we love the new ride!!!!

Krystle L. | 2014-07-28

Worked with Glenn and Tanya yesterday when I my husband and I bought me a 2014 Traverse. They were amazing, helpful,kind, and were generally excited for us. We also met John the GM, and countless others that came out and took the time to introduce themselves to us and told us if we need anything anytime to come in and talk to them and they'd gladly help us with whatever it maybe. I will refer them to everyone I know. Best car buying experience I've ever had.

Gary C. | 2014-07-15

They called me to say they had a buyer for my car and then spent the next 21/2 hours trying to sell me a car. I must have met 6 different people with whom I had to repeat my story of why I was there.  While they check out my car in service. I. Kept getting the run around.  There was no buyer, just an excuse to get me in. "As long as it had under 150,000 miles. Etc....Please Tanya, it,a not necessary to leave me another generic response you left on all the previous yelp reports. I'm sure you try to give the best experience -blah blah blah etc........ But left felling used with a bad taste in my mouth for JJC.

Ashley S. | 2014-07-11

Please don't pay attention to the low ratings of Jimmie Johnson! I would believe those must have been one-off situations or someone going in with a bad attitude..

I came into Jimmie Johnson as a referral from a good friend of mine. I had gone to about 3-4 dealerships before JJ and was treated HORRIBLY to the point of writing off the idea of purchasing a vehicle from a dealership at all. I am SO glad I came in as my friend recommended because I had an amazing experience with my salesman Dennis and Aaron in finance. I never felt the "what do we need to do to get you in a brand new car TODAY" pressure at all! They were SO friendly, relate-able, professional, kind, flexible, etc.. They were willing to work with my budget by coming up with multiple payment scenarios and applicable discounts so that I could purchase the car I came in looking at.

I am so happy to have a brand new 2014 Equinox that is gorgeous, affordable and fully covered by all of the amazing warranties and extras that were presented to me at the dealership. THANK YOU for taking care of me! You have earned a long term customer, advocate and neighbor in me!

C P. | 2014-07-02

I have bought 2 trucks from JJC the salesman were outstanding. However the service department has gone downhill, my recent visit was for my 2014 silverado. Made appointment, got there they could not find it but said they could get me in, for a oil change plus a recall. I live 2 hours out and 2 hours home, they said it would take 2 hours, so we waited 2 hours, I checked on the vehicle. Has not even been started. I asked for my keys and left. I will look for a new dealers for my warranty and service to be done.

As for contacting you to help to try to see what the problem is read your other low reviews they are for the same thing, service or lack of it. I have found a place to take it for now. Maybe when I see some good reviews about your service department I may come back.

Richard E. | 2014-06-21

Bought my truck from here back in 07 and I have been taking it here for the regular service every since. They are always professional and friendly here. I've never had any complaints!

lisa c. | 2014-06-11

I recently brought my car to Jimmie Johnson's Kearny Mesa Chevrolet Body Shop and was helped by a really awesome professional named Ricardo Trujillo.  He was able to help with great advice and was very resourceful and knowledgable with my car's particular issue.

I know that I have my pick when it comes to auto body shops in town, but I would highly recommend this one.  Not only is it centrally located, they take Geico Insurance and the whole process is seamless.  The work was done when they said it would be too.

Having trouble with your car is bad enough but when it's this easy to get it taken care of, why wouldn't you go here?  Thanks, Mr. Trujillo!

Chris H. | 2014-06-10

I'm not usually one who will write  a review. This dealership has had my car a couple of times for recalls. The car is in great condition but they try to sell me on things that are not needed.
The latest recall on the ignition switch pushed me to write this. If you are notified to call for an appt. and they have not ordered the parts, what is wrong with that picture?
I called 5 weeks ago and ordered the parts. They said they would notify me. They did not. They sent me another notice to have the issue taken care of. I let the person know(I will not mention any names) that the dealership is at fault and that if need be, an attorney for this issue can be notified of your neglect. They assured me that the part would be ordered but it will take 5 weeks for it to come in. I hope this review gets to the dealership so they can try to get their act together. I know the recall is probably overwhelming for them, but if they know how to communicate to each other, their business will run a lot smoother.

Z P. | 2014-06-09

A pretty terrible car dealership.
Took my vehicle here to be serviced and was met with rude and unprofessional staff.
I will not bring my vehicle back here ever again. Actually sold my Chevy because of this experience.
They have hidden fees as well.
The GM is a piece of work too.

Scott E. | 2014-05-22

I really don't like taking my car in for service, and dread it even more when it goes to the dealer.  My most recent experience with Jimmie Johnson was fantastic, however!

My Saturn Sky had been having intermittent problems with the turbo charger, and I've taken it in a few times where, of course, the dealer found nothing wrong with it.  I got into the habit of just clearing the code (P0236, if you're interested) every few weeks, then the car would be fine for awhile.  Unfortunately, my OBD-II part broke, so I wasn't able to clear the code this time, and the issue persisted enough that the check engine light even came on.  Bummer.

Once again, I took the car into the dealer, and they were unable to find anything wrong with it.  This time, however, there was fantastic communication about what they actually tested, including them consulting with a GM engineer to see what other tests they could run.  The Saturn Sky forums seem pretty unanimous that replacing the connectors for the TMAP sensor with soldered connections solves 99% of the issues, especially when it's intermittent, so I said I'd happy pay a reasonable price to have Jimmie Johnson do that.

To my shock, they called me back and said they couldn't find a problem but agreed that soldering the sensor wires seemed like a good idea, and that they'd do that for no charge!  So far, so good...no turbo issues.  

Mostly, I was just thrilled to have Jimmie Johnson spend time looking for my problem, and do some preventative maintenance without charge.  I feel like they really wanted to do the right thing, and they did.  Good job.

Eva M. | 2014-05-12

Great experience! I took my car to the collision center after a fender bender. I was so impressed with their service! The estimator was so helpful and answered all my questions.

My car was done when promised which is rare in my past experience at other places. It only took 2 days and they did an awesome Job!  I got my car back better looking than before the accident!

When I picked up the car the manager came out to greet my husband and I thanked us for our business. Definitely recommending this shop to all our friends!

David N. | 2014-05-12

Traded in my old tundra for a 2014 traverse.Julie was the sales rep I worked with and I can't say a bad thing about her or this place. She went back and fourth from me to the manager to cut me a deal and I tell ya what, it was one hell of a deal. When I say this was an offer I couldn't refuse I mean it. Thanks  guys for being patient with me and doing all you can to help.

C R. | 2014-05-03

Ask for Dennis!!!!!!  He's a bit talkative, but his customer service is AMAZING.  I bought a Chevy Volt EV, and Dennis was the perfect salesman. Not pushy at all and very eager to please. Everyone there was nice, but Dennis definitely made sure I would never forget him- on a good way

Shawn S. | 2014-05-03

Worst car shopping experience ever!  Stay clear of these guys.  Msrps marked up over two grand.  Hiding Chevrolet incentives from buying.   Very questionable.

Chris C. | 2014-05-02

My daughter had just been hired for a position this summer upon graduating from high school. She was going to need transportation, both to work and to school in the fall, and we are a bit short on cars in our family and a bit long on drivers.

I asked Dennis Young to help us find a car for her, and gave her our price range. He found us a GORGEOUS 05 Honda Civic that was pristine. So we set an appointment with him to inspect the car and test drive it (I recommend calling and making an appointment with Dennis; you will be glad you did, trust me).

Dennis was incredibly patient with  my daughter (he's a dad, too), and allowed us to go over the car, ask questions, and was very forthcoming with information. Not just a "sales pitch;" but solid information about the car. It was obvious he had done his homework.

The test drive was on a course around San Diego that made it obvious that he knew his way around town--a nice blend of freeway driving, in town driving, and rougher road driving. It enabled us to really get a good feel for how the car handled in a number of conditions.

We were definitely interested and made an offer. There was no haggling over the price; the JJ Chevy team was very polite and very professional in their handling of the offer and of providing us with the price. We agreed to the price, got our funding together, and returned to find Dennis already a step ahead in getting the car prepared to drive off. Boom--done, just like that.

This by far has been the best car-buying experience I have had, period. The team at Jimmy Johnson was incredibly efficient, and treated us with dignity and respect. But Dennis Young went above and beyond; thank you, Dennis!

J G. | 2014-05-01

I had done some research on the Volt and called for an appointment to take a look.  Slava met me and was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable about the car, and we had a great test drive.  I had a time constraint and the staff quickly prepared a pro-forma lease quote for me to consider.  The next day I met with another dealer briefly since I had made a prior commitment, but the experience was not even close to the standard set by Slava. Later that day I returned and met with Jim, who was also very professional, helpful and knowledgeable and spent considerable time going over the technology with me and answering my (likely excessive) questions.  We reviewed the quote from the prior day, it was an excellent deal and the terms were delivered exactly as promised.  Jim and the staff promptly completed the delivery prep and I drove off in my new Volt!  I love the car and the technology and the fact I've burned only 0.1 gallons of fuel enjoying the car so far!  I will be recommending the Volt and the staff at Jimmie Johnson Kearny Mesa Chevrolet to all!

Michael N. | 2014-04-29

Best service department in the western hemisphere. if you are looking for great service ask for Steven Doman, he is top notch, friendly, informative, and answers all of your questions one by one. keep up the good work, guys!!!

Kelly C. | 2014-04-25

my whole family came to the dealership and we were immediately greeted by Joe and Randall.
They made the whole experience the best We have EVER had.
We buy cars every year or two so we have seen the good, bad and ugly but this was AMAZING!
Randall Is the best car sales man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!
He actually took the time to sit with us and truly understand our need and want in a truck.
Randall is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the deal.And made us feel really comfortable and at ease about the deal.
We left super happy with a beautiful truck!
We will ABSOLUTELY recommend all of our friends to come to see Randall.
He really is a true asset to Jimmie Johnson's.

Dean W. | 2014-04-22

Jimmy Johnson had the vehicle I wanted and worked with me to get the best price based on my unique situation. Rick White was hugely helpful and the rest of the team was great.

Rachel C. | 2014-04-08

This review is for your SUPERB collision center. I have never had better customer service from an auto dealership EVER. Your staff is funny, friendly, talented, and every other positive adjective I could say. Thank you so much for fixing my vehicle in a timely fashion...it is back to its GORGEOUS original state. Most importantly, thank you for making me smile today!!!

Justin G. | 2014-04-02

I recently bought a car here and it was a great experience.  There was no real pressure to buy anything, and they were more than willing to work with me, whether I was buying new, used, or lease.  I started looking in that order as things may have not been in my price range.  I ended up with a used car that wasn't that old and it was already listed for over $1000 under Bluebook.  They also offered me more for my trade in than I expected.  I may have been able to negotiate more than i did, but the starting point we started at was good enough to where there wasn't much to talk down on the car or up on my trade in.  The sales man was Aaron, I would highly recommend seeing him if you are in the market for a new car, especially if you've been turned down and pissed off by slimy high pressure dealers.

Desmond F. | 2014-04-01

It took a while for someone to notice us when we walked in but it seems like they were pretty busy. As soon as they did though, they were cordial and took all my info down to contact me as soon as what I was looking for came in. I did feel as if the salesperson helping me was more of like a Jr. Salesman and didn't know much about specific trims and packages. We'll see when I come back.

JAN K. | 2014-03-15

I wish I could give negative stars, but. . . I guess not. So consider this a negative 10 rating. Jimmie Johnson's dealership allowed me to test drive the car that interested me. After I left, I got a call from the sales person that helped me  and I was told me to come back and bring my trade-in. I told them I already had another price from another dealer and could they match it?  "Oh yes, of course." They took my keys to my car and sat me down in the "hot seat" office. I waited. . and waited and waited. The sales guy came back, "just a few more minutes". Finally I went looking for my car keys. That took a while because the sales guy had my keys, but he was behind a locked glass door that read "Authorized Only". I couldn't get in. The sales guy came out with his boss, Brandon, who was beyond rude. I guess Brandon thought he could intimidate me because I was a woman. Needless to say, I was taken aback and wondered why the dealership would retain him as an employee. Then it hit me: That's how they sell cars, though wearing people down into a submissive state (bullying and belittling). It took some doing, but I got my keys back and I ran as fast as I could. The sales guy had the audacity to phone me and apologize and request that I continue doing business with him. Yeah, right. To be honest, I thought the sales guy was nice and he was so informative about the vehicle. I could have easily gone to the other dealer first who gave me the price quote, but I wanted to give my business to the sales person that helped me. Turns out Jimmie Johnson didn't  want my business. Jimmie Johnson's best price was $4000 more than the other dealer. To top it off, Brandon kept the invoice I brought from the other dealer and said he needed to keep it; he was such a bully. PLEASE don't buy a car from them: not only will you regret it, but you'll feel so devalued.
I'm sure some Jimmie Johnson rep will write an apology rebuttal to this review. "we're sorry for your experience . . blah blah blah." It seems to me if Jimmie Johnson put more effort into honesty and customer service, perhaps they wouldn't have to apologize, and maybe, just maybe, their would be less complaints.

Arce M. | 2014-03-10

My boyfriend Corey and myself decide to purchase our new 2014 Camero from Jimmie Johnson's   because of Jenni Kendall. She was amazing and very helpful during the shopping period. There was no pressure and she made sure she was able to give us everything we asked for! I would recommend everyone who is looking for a new Chevy to see her! Absolutely love her!

Terry B. | 2014-03-08

I bought My 2014 Chevy Cruze  in sept of 2013, at 1,500 miles I took it into the dealership. complaining of a noise coming from the  engine to be told nothing was wrong, I have all my oil changes done at that dealership, every visit  i complained and was told nothing was wrong, at 7, 800 miles I went for another Oil change and this time I got Steve Dorman for the service adviser,he took my complaints seriously and had my car thoroughly checked out, long story short they had to replace my engine at
7,800 miles, gave me a rental car for 3 weeks.  on Feb 28th 2014. I took my car back to the dealership  with 14,400 miles on it complaining of a noise coming from the engine again only to be told that it was the starter, That does not make sense to me,
I have never had any problems with the car starting.  but they put me in another rental
car for 5 days, the original noise is still their so I know I will be going back to the dealership, I admit I drive alot I average almost 1,800 miles a month I am in outside sales I start my day at 5:30 am  the dealership does not open till 7;00 am It is very inconvenient for me to try and get their  monday thru fri. I bought a brand new car because I did not want to have any mechanical problems. I have never had a car with this many issues, not even with used cars that i have bought over the years, I do like te interior, the body design,  but the reliabily factor leave alot to be desired. I would recommend anyone to buy this car.


trey j. | 2014-03-06

My wife and I had been in the market for a new vehicle for three months. We had done a bit of research and after visiting a number of dealers we had salesmen calling my phone almost daily. We recognized it was part of the process and we needed the eyes out there to help us locate the vehicle that would be right for our family and meet our budget. Our vehicle preferences ranged from the Volt, Tundra, Civic, Cooper Countryman, Mazdas and of course the Silverado.

We had a random night of being out on the town and decided to test drive the Volt. I had tried it before down at Bob Stall but it was rushed and I questioned its power. My wife encouraged me to give it another chance. We pulled into Jimmy Johnson and asked about the Volt. Cameron was our salesman. He was a young guy that was enthusiastic and had a very honest demeanor about him. Turns out he was a new hire, which also tended to be the trend among other salesmen at the dealership. Maybe they just send the new guys out to greet?

One of the things that really impressed me about Cameron was his knowledge about the Volt. Anyone who has driven it knows that it is equipped to the gills with all types of technological features that can be overwhelming. So much so that it is actually discouraging. It makes you think you'll wreck just trying to turn the radio on, change to sport mode, or answer a call. Cameron however, knew the ins and outs and had a way of presenting the car to me that made it seem more manageable.

When we went inside we met the sales manager. These guys are just about always the worst part of the experience. They're pushy. They don't listen. They treat you like you're just one of many they have to deal with. They lack eye contact. They lack personality. They have been doing this job for a long time so they have this overtop cheesiness that is a total turn off. While they speak with you, your salesman just stands in the background like a whipped dog. You feel on the defensive the whole time and just can't imagine this person functioning in society but they're a necessary evil of the car buying experience.

Our sales manager was Brandon Danieli. He was personable. Had an energy that wasn't over the top. He was knowledgeable about the vehicles and able to answer questions about lease options, engine reliability, etc. And in the end he didn't come across as pushy. We left and I actually felt like I wanted to stay and talk with these two guys. No deal was made that night but I was impressed and kept Cameron's number.

Later I was back to searching for vehicles and was fumbling through jimmiejohnsonchevrolet.c… . Trying to find the vehicle I wanted through this website was annoying and not helpful. It offered no options other than year, mileage and color. What about the obvious such as features? Bluetooth, leather, bench seat, review camera, running boards, etc. That is an oversight that just shows someone was being lazy in putting that together. That being said, I found a truck I was really interested in. My wife was partial to the Tundra and I was growing to like the Silverado more and more. By chance, Cameron called me and I asked him about the stock number. He told me it just sold a couple of days ago. Another short coming of the website that came out during this talk was that it wasn't up to date. Very frustrating. Cameron told me they had just received a white Silverado that had the features I was looking for. I told him about my budget. He said he spoke with his sales manager and that he would be willing to work with us if we take it.

It was an already busy day but I knew this truck would not last if it was the real thing. Picked up my wife and son and headed over. The truck got me excited. It was perfect. I felt like I wanted to drive it and I was thankful I had said no all those other times because I knew right then I was taking this truck home. Test drive went great. Cameron again was new but still knowledgeable about the workings of the truck. In the end I felt like I could trust him. I asked a question he didn't know the answer to, he would just tell me he didn't know but he knew who he could ask and he would find out. When we stopped, he actually found out the answer to my questions asked during the test drive. Great follow through.

We had to meet the sales manager. Not really looking forward to this part after experiences at some other dealerships. But I was determined to grin and bear it because I wanted the truck. The sales manager is Brandon and my defenses went away. Big smile and a hand shake. Felt like we were friends talking about the truck. Very easy. He listened to my concerns (the truck had worn tires) and understood the needs of the family and our budget and made us feel like we were actually customers he wanted. Paperwork was filled out and numbers came back good. A little negotiating and a handshake ended it. Now we will see how Chevy service goes. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Rachel H. | 2014-02-28

Beware of slimy sales tactics! Don't walk, run AWAY from this dealership!! My husband and I came here to buy a used car. After test driving, we were ready to make an offer. My husband wrote the offer down and signed it, at which point Carlton, the salesman, took it back to the general manager. Carlton returned shortly and told him our offer had been accepted.  They even SHOOK HANDS on the agreed-upon price. My husband then began filling out the paperwork with all of his personal info. 10 mins later the general manager appeared and increased the price by $2000!! WHAT A SCAM!!  I can't believe they wasted our time with their stupid games and shameless lack of integrity. Don't waste your time here. These people can't be trusted!

ETA: It's not a "misunderstanding," Tanya.  It's called a "bait and switch."  Lots of car dealerships do it.  I'm disappointed to discover that yours is among them.

Jamie C. | 2014-02-26

I needed to take my car in to check why my engine light was on and do a simple oli change. Checked in at 8am and waited until 11:30 before I was told a shuttle driver would be able to take me home because they are still running tests as to why the engine light is on. I agreed and came home. Within an hour I got a call from the service department saying the oil change is complete and informed me why the engine light was on however the shuttle driver is on a lunch break so I have to wait another hour to get picked up. Its been 5.5 hours all together and I'm still at home waiting.
My entire day is shot and I had a bunch of things to do!
I don't know if I will come back here again....

Laura D. | 2014-02-21

This is a review of the sales dept and service dept.
Wee bought our escape here, and sold another car here. The sales department is great and very helpful (I mean, I would be too if I were paid commission!) Either way the sales department is great and have always answered any questions we have and made sure that we were taken care of. Sales dept deserves 5 stars.

Now, the service dept deserves one star. When we had running boards installed, it took numerous phone calls just to get an appointment. At the same time they were supposed to repair scratches only to tell us that it couldn't be fixed at that time because their paint guy wasn't on staff and we would need to schedule another drop off appointment.  Speaking of appointments, im still not sure what's the point of them around here. We bought the two year oil change plan and have been VERY disappointed. We always make sure we have an appointment, and still end up waiting anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours for an oil change. Seriously?! At this point I'd rather pay for an oil change than hang out in their service dept for hours on end. We will probably continue to purchase cars from the dealership,  but once our two year oil change is up with the service department, we won't be stepping foot back in here. My advice,  skip on any plan through the service department.  You may save 50 bucks over two years,  but the quality and amount of time wasted is not worth it.

Mike D. | 2014-02-20

Decent service,  my only qualm is that I was quoted an "out the door" price over the phone for parts..... I got there and the price went up.   The guy looked at me like i'm a moron and exclaimed "of course we have to pay taxes like everyone else!!"

They clearly don't comprehend the meaning of the term "out the door".....

Debonie C. | 2014-02-20

I leased a new Camaro from JJ Chevy last February.  Let me just say, I have bought my fair share of cars in the past & this experience was second to none.  I'm not saying it was exempt from the usual waiting for the docs to be drawn up & other time consuming processes, but my sales guy, Josh, was awesome.  Honest, friendly & a genuinely nice guy.  Spent time introducing me to my cars systems & help me set up my OnStar, cell phone etc. before I left the lot.  Over the past year, I have only had my service performed by JJ Chevy.  Their Service Dept always gives me the same "standard" of service - honest, friendly, informative.  Everyone from the service techs to the guys power washing the awnings always say Hello & make me feel welcome.  Free wifi & coffee in their nice lounge always make it easy for me to get some work done, while I wait & then get on with my day.  Oh, and they service all makes & models, not just Chevy!  I have & will continue to recommend JJ Chevy to anyone needing a new car, or service on the one they have.

Jerry N. | 2014-01-30

my wife had to have something done on her car here.  She RAVED about the lady at the customer service window where you drop off and pick up your car.  She stated how freindly, nice, and what a wonderful place and it was clean.

Another car place who treats a lady like a lady, doesn't take advantage of her or gouge her for work done and totally honest.  We thought our repair was going to cost $700-$800 as we were told by others.  Out the door for under $300

Alex D. | 2014-01-22

I love it here. Good people, good service. I would not recommend any other place to go. I purchased my car here, thank you Craig. And I get it serviced at the same place. If you go any other place, your crazy

Lauren Y. | 2014-01-15

I came to Jimmie Johnson with a heavy heart, I had to sell my candy apple red gt mustang convertible so that I could pay for grad school. I needed something more economical, however I was not excited about trading my car in. I came much sooner than I was ready to sell and I spoke with Erik Nelson. He was very informative and offered me a fair offer on my vehicle. He was not pushy at all and he offered great information on the current cars that would work for my situation. He checked in and answered my questions but he never hassled me or called incessantly like other dealerships during the period while I was looking for cars.
  I shopped the market and test drove toyota, honda, nissan, and subaru. I was underwhelmed by the customer service and quality of vehicles at other dealerships. I felt pressured and irritated.
   When it came to make my final decision I knew I had to go back to Jimmie Johnson and see Erik. I had my car appraised at several places and Jimmie Johnson offered me the best trade in value. Erik worked with me and helped me get a  great deal on a chevy cruze that I love. The cruze is economical but also very smooth ride. I thought I would miss my mustang a lot more but I am very satisfied with my purchase and I never miss my mustang at the gas pump.
   If you are going to Jimmie Johnson to purchase a vehicle I would definitely go see Erik Nelson.

Janice H. | 2014-01-13

The only reason I am giving 4 stars is because of a tire issue we had when we bought my husbands car. We got it on a Saturday.  I took it to work on that next Tuesday.  I noticed the two front tires were bald on the sides.  I had my husband take back the car and the refused to put two new tires on there stating it was not their responsibility that the tires needed replacement. My husband went back and forth with the manager who ended up putting new tires on the front and alignment.  There's no way in less than 500 miles we made those tires bald. We had a great buying experience. They even put up with our kids who were losing it after 3 hours of being at the dealership. Everyone was very accommodating.  Will probably buy another vehicle from there. Slava was awesome!

Ronnie C. | 2014-01-12

nothing but good things to say about this place, customer service was absolutely fantastic, they work with you 100% and treat you no different then a customer who may be rich, class customer service

Elizabeth M. | 2014-01-08

This is a review based solely on their service department. I have been getting my car serviced on a regular basis for the last 3 years at this location. However my last experience, yesterday, was so exceptional it inspired me to make sure others hear about it!

My car needed regular service; oil change, tire rotation etc, however I had other asthetic issues with my car I need to fix. I had a problem with a passenger door, my rear windshield wiper and a volume button. My service technician was Jim. He was great from the start!

He had me take him out to my car, explain the issues to him. He then called out one of his body shop guys to take a look at my door issue , and they guaranteed the could have it taken care of that day. (I was in no hurry)

I dropped my car off and was told I would receive a call later that afternoon with a quote update as well as an ETA of completion.

Jim called me, twice, to let me know my care had been serviced and to give me an update on the parts needed for my wiper and volume button. He also filled me in on the fact that his body shop fixed my door for free!

I told him to go ahead and keep my car for an extra day, to have my wiper fixed. He did and had everything finished pronto the next day!

My car was serviced, door repaired, rear wiper parts replaced (entire wiper), and car washed, all for under $150.

What a bargain, and all with EXTREMELY friendly staff! Thanks guys!

Santio C. | 2014-01-07

Went to get my headlights looked at from a previous fix. I thought it was a wire issue, but only to find out it was just my bulbs! Lol

Nonetheless, the employees were friendly and gave fast service!

Thanks guys!!

Truth O. | 2013-12-31

The salespeople couldn't answer a simple question about one of their vehicles over the phone and I was told to come in and they would help me. When I pulled up, three salespeople who were lounging on the railing arrogantly looked me over. One smirked and walked off and the other two whispered to each other and turned their heads away. When I entered the showroom I had to ask to be directed to the sales manager who also couldn't answer my question. You'd have thought he would have called Chevrolet and gotten the information that I was seeking but he kept complaining how busy he was and would call me back the next day. I called him three days later and his answer was that he was still "slammed" and so busy he just didn't have time to either find the information or even refer me to a competent sales person. That was three weeks ago and still no phone call. Too bad for Jimmie Johnson's Kearny Mesa Chevrolet because they lost my business. I bought the $41,000 vehicle that I was seeking from another Chevy dealer in town. I guess Jimmie Johnson's salespeople have some arrogantly stringent requirements about who they accept as their customers... idiots that look like supermodels, that ask no questions and simply point at a vehicle on the lot and say "I'll take that one!"
Shop at Jimmie Johnson's if you don't mind being checked out like a piece of meat and if you don't care about a single detail of the vehicle that you are considering. All engines, transmissions, seats, fabrics, paint and models are exactly alike, right?

webster M. | 2013-12-18

This was by far the best car buying experience i have ever had! I had an appointment for a Friday evening to meet with a salesman to look at used vehicles. My wife and I did not need a car, but were in the market to find a second vehicle that we couldn't live without. we showed up at 7pm for our appointment, as were immediately greeted . We introduced ourselves, and the gentlemen recognized our names and went and got the salesman for us. We were then greeted by Kevin Bouchard, who showed us around the lot. We did a couple test drives on some cars that we were interested in, but they just didn't feel right. Kevin then introduced us to Joe Brommer, and together they found us the perfect Chevy Sonic. When it came time to make the deal, we worked with Joe who showed us all of our options and laid out all the costs. There were no hidden charges or additions once we got to the finance department, because Joe was the finance manager and had already written the warranty into the contract. This also made the paper signing so easy, as we had already seen everything and all that was needed was our signature.

All in all this was a great experience, and whenever i am in the market for another car, I will be coming back to Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet.

Nate R. | 2013-12-09

If looking for a new or used car ask for Jeremy Brown.  I was in need of replacing my broken down car that recently had a fender bender (other driver switched two lanes) that caused the front headlight and turning signal to be totaled.  My car needed to be replaced anyway but the accident pretty much left me with a choice to do it earlier then later.  Other car dealers made a too fast decision and wouldn't consider suggesting a replacement car due to my situation.  After pulling into Jimmie Johnson's Chevrolet, Jeremy approached with a warm welcome and assessed the situation.  He provided the benefit of the doubt and the Kearny Mesa's team gave a fair exchange price for my broken down car and upgraded my ride with a spiffy used car that was like new.  Jeremy looked at the big picture and made things happen so that I can drive out with an upgraded car, sincerely wanting to really help me out.  The Kearny Mesa's entire team was very considerate and worked with me to come up with a very reasonable finance plan that I was very happy about.  I'm very happy with the entire experience, one of the best.  Thank you Jeremy for making things happen!  I'm love'n my new upgraded ride!

Bradley E. | 2013-12-08

Best car buying experience ever. Dennis Young is a true hero of a sales consultant. He was very engaged, friendly and informative. He gave us lots to think about. He did not push, which we appreciate. We did not buy right away. Several weeks later I made up my mind to buy a Volt as a surprise for my wife's birthday. I visited Jimmy Johnson again, Dennis took me through the credit check, showed me some options, and we devised a plan to surprise my wife with the car. Another three weeks past, and Dennis drove the car to my house and put a big red bow on it. My wife was definitely surprised and so happy she cried. We went back to the dealership and finished the purchase. Dennis and the other people at Jimmy Johnson made the experience so great, we h8ghly recommend Jimmy Johnson.

Sedrick H. | 2013-11-18

I purchased a truck from here about 8 months ago and I signed up for 5 free oil changes. I wish I didn't. The service is horrible. Maybe because I'm not a lady, but no one bother to ask me for help. I parked my truck walked in and all the service reps acted like they were on the phone. Al is the only one who made eye contact with me and helped me.
So after I give Al the keys I just walk to the car lot just to see what else was on the market. I counted 3 sales men watch me walk by and 3 more casually talking in the used car lot about a woman dress attire. Real professional, neither did they ask me if I wanted assistance. I guess selling cars aren't what car sales men do. I guess they would never know I saw 2 cars that were in my price range and I really wanted more information.
Long story short, stay AWAY FROM JIMMY JOHNSON. I'm in the military and I will spread the word on my end.

Hanna M. | 2013-11-18

This is an update from my previous review from Nov. 8th.  
I have received a call from Ricardo,  the Collision Center Manager the Monday after, and told my husband that he was able to find a used side mirror for my vehicle and that it would be ready in the afternoon for pick up:)
Big thanks to Ricardo who tried his best in finding the mirror for me.  He also contacted  enterprise car rental and told them about my situation, and so when I went to return the rental, the branch manager at enterprise already knew my name and took good care of me. :)

They made up for the first experience and that is why I changed my rating from 1 star to 3 stars.

Blaine M. | 2013-11-13

Trevor is the man to see when in need of a car. Our experience was smooth and very easy. I would and will buy another vehicle from this dealership and Trevor again.

Michael S. | 2013-11-07

I responded to an e-mail and letter I received in October about a"complementary" service evaluation of my Volt with which I'd also receive a free emergency roadside kit.   I was interested in trying out JJ Chevy, as I wasn't particularly pleased with Courtesy Chevrolet's service department.   I made an appointment for this complementary service for November 4th and when I arrived, Al checked me in and told me it would cost $69.  When I explained that my appointment was for the complementary service (apparently JJ Chevy's appointment system didn't so indicate even though it was clear in my email response to the offer), he changed it to a complementary service, but he never offered me the roadside assistance kit after the servicing.    Bad form.   The service was relatively prompt and painless.  It took about an hour.  Still, I wish that I'd not been switched to a paid service and that Al had offered the free roadside kit that was part of the offer.   I didn't bother asking for it because, at that point, I felt like the process had become more of a hassle.   I'm on the fence as to whether I'll use JJ Chevy for future servicing -- my decision is driven more by how poor Courtesy was than by how impressed I was by JJ Chevy.

Rebecca S. | 2013-11-05

I came here last week to get my car appraised for private sale. While my friend and I were waiting for them to look at my car, Jeremy B was kind enough to entertain us and show us some of the used cars. I didn't intend on purchasing a car that day, but I was told I could get approved for a better rate than I was quoted elsewhere. Sure enough, the finance manager came out with an APR that was doable. This was my first time ever stepping foot inside a dealership so I had no clue what I was doing. The entire process was so easy and enjoyable, I never felt pressured or that I was being ripped off for my trade in. They were able to give me numbers I was comfortable with.
I'm now the proud owner of a new car (: I really appreciate their kindness and understanding. Would recommend them to anyone!

Tim R. | 2013-11-01

I recently bought a new truck from jimmy Johnson Chevrolet. I have bought several trucks throughout my life, let me tell you. This was the best customer service experience I have experienced bar none.

My sales person Dennis Young was knowledgeable, kind and passionate about his trade. No pressure sales he just wanted to sell me a truck that I would enjoy for years to come.

If you are looking for a car or truck you need to go see Dennis. He and his staff will take care of you.

cory f. | 2013-10-29

I went in a few days ago looking for a used car, I was greeted by Erik Nelson. He let me test drive a few cars and helped me narrow down what kind of car I really wanted. Unfortunately, they didn't have what I was looking for. However, they provided no pressure and offered me excellent deals on the cars I did try out. I really wish I could have bought from them, but in the end they just didn't have what I wanted. I can't speak highly enough about the entire staff and Eric particularly! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a new or used car, great experience without any hassle. They make it easy!

Nick N. | 2013-10-21

I recently wrote a review about the purchase of my 2013 Cruze.  I am writing this review based on my experience with the service crew.  My car unfortunately broke down recently, which was surprising based on the car being only 5 months old.  However, things break down, this is life.  I called Jimmie Johnson's, and spoke to Al.  He informed me to call a tow truck company and get it towed in.  Great service from tow company, quickly got my car into the shop.  Once in the shop, Al handled everything for me.  He took care of the tow truck paperwork, noted my issue, let me know when he would send me an update, and scheduled a rental car (Enterprise, which picked me up).

Later in the day Al called, when he said he would, to inform me of the situation.  I needed to wait one day for parts, but the next day I got another update from Al that the part was delayed and needed one more day.  On the second day, I got another call letting me know my car was ready.  I was really blown away by this, I have never been updated consistently like this when my car breaks down, and I really appreciated the timeliness of the calls!

When I picked my car up, Al handled everything.  I mean everything, the rental car, the tow truck, and all the Chevy work.  I owed nothing, which was awesome, as my car was still under warranty.  In addition, when I got into my car, they had washed it!

To summarize, I received excellent customer service (definitely service with a smile), helpful instruction, timely communication, and I barely had to do anything.  A big thanks to Al and the service team, I definitely recommend these guys.  Thanks again.

M B. | 2013-10-16

WOW!!! Talk about amazing customer service- I just bought my car from another dealership in April-Brand new 2013 Cruze. I live somewhat far from that dealership so when i notice i was having a problem and too afraid to drive it or have it towed the that location I called up this dealership since it was the closest to my home. First person I spoke with in the service center was MICHELLE. I was completely upset since this is my only car and brand new-Michelle took the time to hear me out and completely put me at ease with the whole process of bringing my car in. She even gave me the number to roadside assistance that was covered under my warranty. Fabulous customer service! Definately going to reccommend this dealership to all my friends and family. Customer service is what keeps the customer comming back and I hope Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet knows what a star they have. Thank you Michelle for making my day and putting that smile back on my face!!!

James H. | 2013-10-12

In July 2011 my girlfriend bought a Cruze from these people and returned a few months later for repairs for damage to the left side of the body. Once they brought the car around for inspection we noticed a scratch right across the newly painted area. I pointed to the scratch and this guy (Service Manager) says "How did that happen? What did you do?". Are you kidding us? I told him that we never got near the car and that he was rude for accusing me of doing the scratch. Then he says they gotta keep the car another day. We had to leave so we arranged to return to complete the repairs.

A couple months later we drove all the way back to have the repairs completed and replace the tint in the rear window that has and still have bubbles. We rented a room for 2 days to give them time to do this. Once we checked out of the room and returned for the car, this Service Manager show us the new tint on the left rear window? I told him "Why did you change the tint on that window?, the rear window has bubbles! LOOK!? He argues and says we told him left rear? There wasn't anything wrong with that window. Now we're stuck! We had to go find a flee bag hotel to stay in so the paint could be done but they out sourced the tint and we would have had to stay a few more days for that. We were outraged. Told them to have a dealer in the valley to fix the tint because we were not driving all the way back for more mistakes and excuses.

We have called a few times after this and they act like they don't know anything about the tint and the Service Manager doesn't return our calls for for months. Now we are still driving around with bubbles in the rear window.

We both worked for Lowe's at the time and my girlfriend still does and if they are gonna treat us this bad then we completely believe they have done all the negative things the folks here have said.

Next step in to contact Hendrix Motor Sports who owns the place and let them know how bad they are treating people.

We will NEVER recommend them or return....

Oh, her name is Shelly Ann I.

Tracy B. | 2013-10-06

Love love love my Chevy cruze! Would buy another one in a heartbeat. Good experience overall.

Sheldon K. | 2013-10-03

Worst service department, or maybe just like all other auto dealership departments.

On Wednesday 10/2 I phoned JJ's service department to get an estimate to replace the turn signal flasher switch in my 2002 Corvette. After explaining the problem the service writer quoted me a price of $90 "parts and labor" and said he needed the car for about an hour. I gave him my last name and said I would be in this morning,10/3, to get the switch replaced. When I arrived  I was assisted by a female service writer who quoted me a price in excess of $600 to replace what was not the correct part.  She conferred with someone who knew what the correct part was but his quote was in excess of of $350.  He said $90 doesn't even cover the part.  This was simply a matter of lowballing the customer to get me into the shop and once there up the price.  Rest assured I will never again consider doing business Jimmie Johnson Chevy.

After writing my original review I went online to research the cost of the turn signal flasher switch, actually called the hazzard signal switch, and found the cost of an AC Delco original factory part is less than $35 and takes about half an hour to switch out.  Clearly the Jimmie Johnson service writer misrepresented the repair cost by about tripple.

Brandon Z. | 2013-10-02

Patriot Act???  How gullible are you?

That's what you should ask yourself when going to buy a car here.  If you come with cash, cashiers check, or credit card, for the purpose of purchasing a vehicle, you don't need to... run credit here.  They tried to get us to run a credit check.  I said no.  Brian (yes, I'm mentioning his name because I take such treatment by your staff personal) tried to say "it's required under the Patriot Act".  What?????   Edmunds.com says it's not true.  To read more, here's a link below, from Edmunds:


I knew that was b.s. from the minute it left his mouth.  We needed the option contract, as requested by the bank.  They wouldn't give that to us, even after we agreed upon a price.  So we walked.  Oh but the manager had the nerve to say "seems like we have an issue with you trusting us".  No $#:+!!!  

I don't trust them.  I refuse to do business with them.  I encourage everyone if you do, be wary of their tricks.  We expect people at a car dealer to sell cars, not fool you into thinking the "law requires" you to fill out this "paperwork" that is conveniently on a credit check form.  How gullible are you?

Mimi B. | 2013-09-29

Purchasing a vehicle had never been so easy. The EXCELLENT and PROFESSIONAL service of Gabriel Catbagan/ Sales Consultant and the Managers made my car buying experience one that I will happily tell all my friends and family as my only auto buying recommendation - just go see the folks at Jimmie Johnson's Chevrolet. I am so happy with my sports car, you have a customer for life.

p.s. the sales consultant was so good, I think I'm gonna marry him.

Yrev T. | 2013-09-28

I was unimpressed with the service department.  I paid for a diagnosis that didn't result in a diagnosis, just that it would probably be expensive.  Then again, maybe it wouldn't have been because I never really knew what the problem was!  My previous mechanic would have done all diagnostics for free and would have told me exactly how much the parts are and give an estimate of the labor.  I chose to go here because I thought a certified Chevrolet service center would be the most knowledgeable, technologically equipped, and most capable to provide service in a quick and efficient manner, but in hindsight I would of looked a little more.  My recent used car purchase/replacement was made at one of the other dealers in the nearby area.

mike l. | 2013-09-18

So I called as per their request. I still needed my airbags fixed and an oil leak checked out. They treated me well (shook my hand, said sorry, that wasn't the way they do business, got me in right away, etc), but kept mentioning my yelp review. First "I heard we have a bad yelp review from you", to then "I hope we can change your mind", to finally, "we'd appreciate it if you could change your review".

They went out of their way to help me by getting me in the next morning and giving me a free car rental. They quoted me a price for repair that to me sounded insane but whatever, my car did need work. The woman behind the counter told me she'd email me a detailed line item quote the following day, which I didn't receive. I called to request it the following day and she wasn't in. It's now about 2-3 weeks later and I have not received that quote or really felt like calling.

I feel like reviews are for customers who come in anonymously, not really me coming in when they're trying to VIP treatment me into changing an online review score. If I was reviewing my second trip they'd get a 4 (5 - the lack of email), but that's not a fair review. I'm adding a star because they made a sincere effort to fix their mistake once I followed up.

Kaitlin R. | 2013-09-06

They are terrible!!!! I went in looking to spend money on a new or used car. I didn't have 100,000 dollars to spend, so the guy acted like I was a waist of his time. I left angry and ended up getting a great car from carmax!!!

Brian W. | 2013-09-05

I've leased about 8 cars in the past 10 years and my recent experience with Jimme Johnson Chevrolet was great/top tier.  While I am not disappointed, I kinda feel like I missed out on the part where I have to be willing to leave to get what I want :D  Not really.  I don't miss that part.  I contacted them via Chevy website, they emailed and called me, like I said was ok.  They were hesitant to give me pricing over the phone, which I can understand because they don't want to spin their wheels for nothing.  But I persisted and they relented, we made the deal via phone and email, and then it was smooth sailing.  I received an even better deal than I anticipated on the car and features I wanted after I arrived.  I am not a Chevy fan, but I would consider both Chevy and Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet again - so I guess I am more of a fan now then I was.  My sales manager was Jenni.  I don't remember her last name, she is in my phone as Jenni Volt, since I leased a Volt.

Dara R. | 2013-08-28

We went to Jimmie Johnson this past Sunday, because our truck just died on us. We had no money to put down and our credit is not good. We went in to see what we needed in order to get a car. We went in thinking we had no chance of getting a brand new car, Ali F was our salesman. Never once was he pushy or rude, he listened to our needs and wants. Their banks worked with us and we were able to leave with the new Chevy Sonic. I would recomend buying a car here, and having Ali F show you around.

S E. | 2013-08-17

I wish I would have read the reviews before I walked into this place.  Worst dealership ever.  Don't ever buy here!!  Worst service, worst treatment I have ever had in my life.  

I called to schedule a test drive of the Camaro ZL1. The person I made the appointment with was the internet fleet manager who left me hanging for 45 minutes before finally sending me a sales guy.  Then when it was time to do the drive, some a-hole manager comes out and tells me that I can't drive the ZL1 because it's apparently some magical car that no one can test drive.  He made a big deal about the price tag being $55k.  So what? The a-hole actually tells me that I should test drive an SS instead.  I was furious, told him I didn't like the way I was being treated, and left. Why didn't you tell me that I can't drive it over the phone, or during my wait?  I told the idiot that I'm looking at other cars and this is his chance to sell me.  I bought my car elsewhere!  He basically sold me into never stepping foot in there again. I'm sure they still have a stock pile of cars collecting dust.

Jay B. | 2013-08-15

Super simple, fast and efficient process. Let salesman Jay Buckley lead you through the sales process and I promise you it will be the easiest and best car buying experience you have ever had.
To all the Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet staff, Keep up the great work!!

Steven M. | 2013-08-02

I apparently picked up a piece of metal in my rear driver side tire in my Chevy Volt on my way into work yesterday. The tire went flat just as I entered my parking space. The damage was too severe to use the flat repair kit so I contacted Onstar. They promptly got a tow truck to pick up my car and transport it to my dealer. Al, the service representative for the Volt at Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet, did a great job in getting the problem annualized, and getting the required new tire installed that very morning. I picked up my car over lunch and got back to work without skipping a beat. Great service from a great team!

Kelsey C. | 2013-07-30

Amazing Service! After a horrible experience at Carmax we drove down to Jimmy Johnson. Aaron Moore greeted us right away and we had an great experience. He was not pushy or obnoxious, he was funny and the most helpful person my fiance and I talked to all day. We actually enjoyed our car buying experience with him! We will definitely be going to Aaron for our next car purchase! :)

Keriane K. | 2013-07-26

Aaron helped us out today. I was looking between a cruze and a sonic. He was great and not pushy at all. We couldn't come to a negotiation for the right price so I was unable to purchase the car. He tried so hard to get his manager to get us in the cruze but they wouldn't. Thanks anyway Aaron :) your great salesmanship was really appreciated.

Danielle S. | 2013-07-25

After my horrible experience and the negative review I got a call form the service manger apologizing for everything. He assured me that they were working on things and gave me a free oil change.

I went back this month and yes, things have improved a great deal. I was in and out of there at a reasonable time and the staff was very friendly. The same service manager was also there and made sure that I was well taken care of.

John S. | 2013-07-20

Bought my wife's Suburban there at the beginning of the year, they treated us fair, the price was negotiated to what I believed was fair, and they did everything that they said that they were going to do. Now, that being said, no one is "excited" to spend $60,000.00, just excited about driving a new car, and she LOVES her Suburban, 'nuff said!

Marjorie G. | 2013-07-08

This is our 2nd car from Jimmie Johnson and I have been please both times from both the selection and the lack of high pressure sales.   The salesman was very courtious and all went well.

Matt V. | 2013-07-07

I got into an accident and my car hit another car (stupid car).  I brought my ruined Toyota into their collision center and it came out lookin' great.  Great customer service, very accommodating.

Bianca D. | 2013-07-01

The only reason I give them 3 stars is because of Dennis, if it wasnt for him, I'd give them 1 Star. I was a first time car buyer. My boyfriend and I went in to this location knowing exactly what car we wanted ( we saw it online) We first met with Dennis who was very honest and nice. We test drove the vehicle and everything was great. We filled out paperwork and we drove off with the car a few hours later. Since it was late at night, we had not finished all the paperwork and had to return the next morning. On my way back to the dealership the next day, I noticed that the breaks squeeled a lot. I let Dennis know and he said he would have the car detailed ( could possibly just be dust) I drove the car back home and noticed that the car was still making noise when I would break. I called Dennis right away and he scheduled me in to have the car checked out. When I went to pick up the car, they said that my breaks were "hot" and there were "hot spots" they said that was because of the way I was breaking ( but I bearly drove the car) they put anti-squeek and anti-glare and send me away. I drove home and again noticed that they were making noise. I called Dennis AGAIN. I had to leave work early AGAIN to bring in the car. A few hours later I pick up my car and they did NOTHING to it! I was very upset. They said they could not find anything wrong with the breaks. and that some noise is "normal" they also ADVISED me how to break.  Which I think was VERY rude. I've been driving for 8 years and never had a problem. I went home very upset. Luckily my Dad is a mechanic and I brought the car by his shop for him to take a look at it. My dad said the break pads were new but the roters were very shiny and there were hot spots. Which is caused by breaking a lot. My work is literally 5 miles away from my house and I dont drive that often. I called Dennis again and told him that he needed to replace the roters and breaks with factory parts. I had to go in once again and they replaced both front roters and breaks and finally the noise stopped. It's been a few months now and I have not noticed any noise.  It was NOT beause of the way break FYI JJ Chevy!

John R. | 2013-06-14

JJ Chevy went out of their way to ensure that WE were happy with the purchase of our new 2013 Chevy Silverado. We couldn't be more pleased with our buying experience as well as the professionalism of the entire staff.

A special thank you to Jay for going out of his way to show us the entire lineup of Chevy trucks and helping us make the best decision on the model we bought. Thanks again, Jay!

Go 48!!!!

Angie C. | 2013-06-10

Horrible Customer Service! I cannot stand to go to the service department, you walk  in and stand there for a while before you even get a hello.  Most times I have to flag someone down for service. From there on it gets worst! They are very slow, i never get out of there under two hours.. for a standard oil change, even with an appointment.  All they say is that they are very busy, well, maybe they should stop taking so many appointments and give better service. Everything about this place is terrible!!!

Kim R. | 2013-06-03

Great service, very helpful and knowledgeable, took the time to clearly explained everything about warranties & deals.
Travis Ingalls was very professional and Nice.
Quality staff and service!

Adrienne M. | 2013-05-31

I bought my first Chevy from this dealership three years ago. When they offered a great price to buy it back, I took it--and then waited a bit to decide what I wanted to buy to replace it. Thanks to the phenomenal work of Francisco Frausto, I'm now the owner of a gorgeous red Sonic. We took a challenging journey together, since the car I wanted wasn't on the lot or even in San Diego; the first car (what I refer to as "the bad car") was found in L.A., but it was hit on the lot--so no go. The second car ("the wrong car") was also secured from the L.A. area and it had everything I wanted (including manual transmission!)--but it was a sedan, not a hatchback. When this happened on Thursday morning, Francisco was so determined to get me what I wanted that he drove to Lancaster (a desert community north of LA) to get the third car ("the right one"). We completed the deal Thursday night, with Francisco walking me through the car's features until almost 9 p.m. It was shortly before that when he told me it was actually his day off--but he wanted me to have my car that day, even after the appearance of the wrong car. I'm so thankful Francisco was my salesman  because he really did care about providing me with top-notch service, and he went "above and beyond" to do it. Frankly, everyone I've worked with at Jimmy Johnson has been super nice and very customer-centric. Kudos to Francisco, Brian, Gina, Rit and everyone else who crossed my path.

Kalpesh S. | 2013-05-22

I want to thank Jenni for being an excellent salesperson and for genuinely helping us to find the right car. She has an excellent attitude towards customers. I thank the dealership for providing an enriching leasing experience. I will definitely recommend this dealership to others.

Tracey A. | 2013-05-20

VERY disappointing.
I went to JJ Chevy because of their false commercials claiming to help people with challenged credit.
RIT tried to pressure us into a lease so we can drive a car out of our price range (not looking to do), he was not too sure how to explain it clearly, and may not fully grasp what a lease agreement is. Then after we were blatently clear to the point of being rude about not wanting to lease, RIT told us that our best chance to get financing is to go for a brand new spark. I didnt want to look at cars that cost more than 15000, but he insisted the company can get a lot of insentives for new cars, the banks are more likely to finance new cars, etc., so we finally agreed to test drive the spark. After enjoying the ride, we went with JAMES in special financing to work out some numbers. He was realistic about our monthly payment, which was about 100 more than we told RIT we were comfortable with. Then when i asked about working with the price, we were told there is nothing to work with. No incentives, no discounts, NOT EVEN AN OPTION TO REMOVE THE LED SCREEN FOR SATELLITE RADIO THAT ADDS 595 TO THE COST because it's not an add on. "it just looks like that but it a required safety feature" ..hmmm
then it took 3 days to be told they cant work with me.

Mblue k. | 2013-05-19

The staff at Jimmie Johnson was amazing in our experience. We had a difficult situation and they met all our needs and wants with patience, understanding and smiles. We will be sure to refer all of our friends and family to them! Thank you for our new 2013 Chevy Equinox that we simply LOVE!

The Sales and Finance Team helped us with our MANY visits to the dealership and never got irritated when we couldn't decide what we wanted. Thank you to the whole team, especially Glenn, Dennis, Brandon, Joe and Rit!!!

Ron C. | 2013-05-07

Great and friendly atmosphere!! Everyone worked together to get me a wonderful deal.  From John the General Manager all of the way down the line to my sales associates Jay and Dennis. Amanda took extra time and got me a smoking rate on my loan! Jr helped me through all of the paper work and lobby staff Gina, Blake, Kathy and Wes were all excited for me along with countless other staff who stopped and congratulated me on my purchase. All in all, a great experience and great deal.  I received a fair price for my trade in and am excited about my used, but new to me, red Corvette!!!

Eric L. | 2013-04-22

Thank you Jimmie Johnson and thank you Jeremy Hickman. My experience here was exciting and educational. I enjoyed test driving a few of the vehicles and learning a few things about the cars. I felt no pressure in purchasing in any of them. Thank you again.

Margie W. | 2013-04-12

Very very unhappy with the parts department.  

A couple of weeks ago I went to Jimmie Johnson's Kearny Mesa Chevrolet for a part.  I paid cash.     I went home to work on my car and discovered I could repair the part that was broken.   I returned the part to the parts department - and they would not refund the cash!    The associate with whom I made the transaction was there - but I was told it is company policy not to refund cash - and Jimmie Johnson Kearny Mesa Chevrolet would have to send me a check.  They assured me it would be at my home within a few days.  

One week later I had to call Jimmie Johnson's Kearny Mesa Chevrolet to inquire about my refund check.  It had never arrived.   The associate on the phone was glad I called because they had lost my address.  

Now it has been another three days and I have received my refund check in the mail.  
I was discus ted with their policy to begin with.  Now I will do my best never to do business with Jimmie Johnson Kearny Mesa Chevrolet again.

As to the manager's message to me - Their policy is firm.

Katy L. | 2013-04-01

I was very pleased with my experience. The whole staff, from sales to service to finance were more friendly and wiling to help than I would have ever expected. Completely above any other experience in the past. I will be recommending this dealership to anyone I know looking to purchase a vehicle

Bernie S. | 2013-03-27

Recently purchased our second vehicle from this dealership.

The first vehicle had a minor moulding blemish and had to have a part ordered for  replacement. It was a very tricky installation despite the fact that it was a minor part - JJ's staff expertly installed the part and took great care of everything pronto....this was a year ago and that car (Malibu)  is performing nicely and is more than everything we had hoped for - a terrific all around vehicle.

The second vehicle was unfortunately damaged in transit and this was discovered by us a few days after we took delivery. I am 100% convinced that Jimmie Johnson's staff had absolutely no idea that that this vehicle (which also was a inter dealer swap) had the damage that we as owners only were able to discover after driving it a few days.

I believe this was a real test for Jimmie Johnson as they could have very easily washed their hands of the problem and just handed us off to some GM 800 number.
Not the case with these folks, they stayed with the problem and solved it, going way out of their way to see to it that we (the customer) were taken care of in every way. All of this extra work and attention for a problem that quite frankly they had not caused.

We are completely convinced and don't need to look at cars at other dealerships anymore, we will only buy from them from now on.

Wendy R. | 2013-03-23

Not only has our family purchased our last two vehicles here from Daniel, but we also bring them here for service.
Jim Spotts the service manager is alway pleasant and very well informed.
Michelle B, service writer is completely on top of making sure I know what is going on with my car each step of the way.
Steve, mechanic, did a ride along with me so I could show him how my car was performing. He drove the car, serviced it and made necessary repairs quickly.

Obviously they all work together as a team exceptionally well.
Thank you for a great experience...again :)
True professionals.


Joe S. | 2013-03-19

Thank you to Dennis in sales! You rocked. Thank you for the customer service and all the follow ups. If you want to buy a car, ask for Dennis. Al in the service dept was exceptional. He was fast, had everything ready when I arrived, had no wait at all. Al is on his game.

Natalie L. | 2013-03-08

GREAT COSTUMER SERVICE!!  The staff was extremely helpful and welcoming.  I took my car in last week to get my breaks looked at.  They had it checked out quickly and the problem was fixed immediately.  I did not feel pressured to have other services done or things fixed that didn't need to be.  I would definitely go back!

Sunny B. | 2013-03-08

Well, to make a long story short, it was all meant to be.  I was doing some browsing online and my random inquiries about the Volt went to several dealers in San Diego.  Nathan and Jeremy both contacted me via email, saying that Jimmie Johnson had the color that I had in mind.  A short conversation with Jeremy before his flight led us to Craig, who was very nice and helpful. My color preference, however, changed as soon as I set my sight on the crystal red Volt -- this is someone who had refused to have anything to do with red up to that moment in my life :-)!  We finalized the purchase deal within about an hour and half. Everyone was helpful, including Rick who delivered the keys to my husband and me the very next day, and Joe who made signing the finance document seem like a breeze.  All in all, it was a very pleasant experience, and I am having fun figuring out all the buttons on the front panel.

Bruce E. | 2013-03-07

This a shortened version because the Yelp form does not provide the space for the full version of events.  For the full version go to: letsflysandiego.com/jimm…

My car had been having problems, and having worked on my own cars for 30 years I attempted to diagnose the problem myself , but I was unable to check the fuel pressure myself as I did not  possess a  fuel pressure gauge.

When I brought the car in, I explained all this to the adviser, specifically telling him I needed them to check the fuel pressure and hook the car up to the diagnostic computer for a comprehensive diagnostic.  I also told him that I had had the fuel pump replaced there before and it was covered by a GM Good-wrench warranty for both parts and labor.  

The following day the adviser advised me that they did not find the problem, but had a couple of things that I should have them replace as a "start" to fixing the problem, namely the throttle body and the engine control computer.   He commented that the mechanic had been unable to pull up any codes from the computer  and they needed to replace it.   I explained to him that the computer was already replaced as part of my own diagnostic without any improvement and that the previous computer had not presented any codes.  He agreed that the throttle body would be at least $650 and computer at least $150.

I decided to just take the car back and work on it myself.   When asked to sign the invoice I noticed that no note was made about the need to check the fuel pressure, nor was there any note that the fuel pressure had been checked.  When I pointed this out and asked the adviser if it had been checked, he told me that those were standard procedures, but he would talk to the mechanic and check.  A few minutes later he told me the mechanic had verified that he had checked the fuel pressure.

The repair manual had referred to connecting the fuel pressure gauge to a "test port" which I had been unable to locate, so I asked the adviser if the mechanic had mentioned how he had checked it.  He said that he hadn't, but he would ask him.  When he returned he told me that the mechanic had told him he had checked it at the "fuel rail".   When I left the dealership, I believed not only that they had check the fuel pressure but that they had confirmed it with a specific explanation.  I had no idea that they had lied to me.

I replaced the throttle body with one I bought from a salvage yard.  I also replaced the engine control computer.  Neither one corrected the problem.  I then continued to diagnose the problem by testing electrical wiring and connections and swapping out parts when I had time over the next several months while still driving the car.   My diagnostics kept leading me back to a fuel pressure issue, but as I believed that I had been told the truth I ruled that out.  Over the next year I drove the car only intermittently when I really needed it and after each attempt to resolve the problem as part  of the diagnostic.  

I stopped driving the car, while I continued to work it  until I had spent over $1,000 on parts and 50+ hours in diagnostic labor before I, came to the conclusion that the adviser or mechanic at Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet might have lied about the fuel pressure being checked.  I purchased a fuel pressure gauge and special test port.

To my relief AND DISMAY I discovered the the fuel pressure was very low and had been the cause of the problem all along.  I do not know whether the mechanic/service rep at the dealership had been negligent and then lied about it, or whether there had been a deliberate attempt to get me to agree to unneeded and costly repairs.

I had them confirm the fuel pump failure and had them replace it before telling about the warranty.  I  contacted the shop manager explaining all this.  I also pointed out with both the original diagnostic and final repair invoice that the car had only had about 4000 miles on it over a year and a half period.  I also provided a detailed listing of my costs in parts and labor that resulted from my being misled.  I also provided receipts from a 1  1/2 year period, showed him all of the duplicate parts I had switched out during diagnostics, and showed where I had replaced connectors and tested wiring.  

The shop manager told me that he would talk to his manager.   When he did call, he told me that they did not doubt what I said, but that they felt that since my car was old it may have needed the repairs anyway.  He therefore they would reimburse me for the original diagnostic but didn't feel they had any responsibility to make amends for all of the diagnostic work I had done.  

However , that did not come even close to making recompense for the parts, labor, and loss of use of my vehicle.  In fact, none of the steps I had taken had made my car perform any better and before the surging problem the car had run fine.   Their actions show that they are untrustworthy and continue to be so.

Tom F. | 2013-02-22

Sales has been an all-around good experience.  I would strongly recommend dealing with Dennis Young.  Although Dennis's job is to sell cars, he does it by building relationships and figuring out what you are looking for.  

I hate buying cars and generally deal with Carmax and set up my own financing before heading to the lot.  Precisely because I hate the "slick" feel of car sales.  I did not have that feeling with this dealership and would not hesitate to do business with them again.  Dennis is definitely a very important part of JJ Chevy's image.  They can use 10 more like him.

Jason B. | 2013-02-14

The sales dept is fine but of course a dealership should be good at that part...  The service dept is a joke.    I bought a LTZ Avalanche from them with every option but going into their service department you would think I bought a Yugo.     I had a routine maintenance Service 2 appointment and the following are items I found today that they need to improve on.    

When I made the appointment I asked how long it would take for this service.  Lady on phone stated 3 to 4 hours.  I asked if they have a loaner car and she said "no, but you can walk across the street to rent a car."   (really?)  Every other dealer I have gone to would at least set me up with on even if I had to pay for it... Dont ever tell a client to go get it themselves, especially when that means crossing Balboa Av as a shortcut.       2nd, after they took my info the service head tried to up sell me on a service package... I had to tell him I just bought the damn car from them so i dont have to pay for any of this.   After a minute on his computer he agreed with me.  3rd... I was then informed that they had a service shuttle if I needed but that info would have been nice to have when i called days before.   4th,  the waiting room is horrible... in fact my wife and I were saying its almost as if they do not want you to be comfortable in either the showroom or the service waiting area.    Jimmy Johnson should pay a visit to the Lexus, Volvo, or Mercedes dealership nearby to see how a waiting room should be setup.    5,  Pay someone $8 to wash the cars that are serviced.   Other places do this for free, they should too.   6.   I had grease from the mechanic on the hood of my car where you pop the hood.   All the more reason to have someone washing cars so i would not have seen this.  

Management really needs to work on the service department because its that area that is really hurting the reputation of the dealership.  

I love my Chevy and want to add a turbo diesel to my gararge but I would prefer to stay away from JJ simply because of the service dept.

John C. | 2013-02-14

Some idiot stole my tail lights on my Chevy Silverado.  I was traveling and needed to replace them asap.  I have been reluctant to go to dealerships based on past experiences, but JJ Chevrolet kicked butt.  First, their newly designed service center is awesome.  The design and ease to order the new parts was refreshing.  Understanding my frustration and situation, the manager overheard me, stepped in, and installed the tail lights I had just purchased.  He did not have to do this, but did.  It took a few minutes but made a big difference in my day.  The staff from parts order desk, cashier, and manager are excellent!!!!!

Rivak H. | 2013-02-05

Best Automobile Buying Experience Yet!
Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet San Diego has a new superstar sales pro Dennis Young! He is the new metric for what auto sales pros should be like. Not aggressive, a real listener, goes the extra mile, and thinks outside the box. We all know, the car buying experience is typically an uncomfortable experience and sometimes traumatically negative. The antithesis happens at Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet when the right synergy between customer and sales happens. Another component of the car buying experience is the follow up rapport. Dennis Young has taken huge strides to find out how I am doing with my new car. I would bet that Dennis Young, and Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet will attain some kind of award for customer service and or dealership of the year awards. It's nice to see that GM has finally cleaned up its image by producing beautiful reliable cars, and now employs Tiffany caliber Salesmen like Mr. Dennis Young! Two thumbs up guys!!

Eric G. | 2012-12-21

After getting off to a rocky start earlier this year I'm happy to report I just had one of the best car servicing experiences at Jimmie Johnson on 12/13/12. I won't bore you with my past experiences but I will share with you today's events. I woke up to water in the back of my new 2012 Tahoe. It seemed as if one of the seals on the back lift gate was letting water in to the truck (I had no idea but it sounds good). I had holiday shopping plans plus a few other things that needed to be done during the day. The weather guy said "rain all day", in fact most of the week. Not wanting to drive all over town collecting water samples in the back of my Tahoe. I needed to make a decision - Jimmie Johnson or somewhere else? As I drove to Jimmie Johnson I started lowering my expectations of service so that I wouldn't be too disappointed. Really, my previous experiences were that bad.

I arrived with no appointment at 930'ish.  Devon (Service Advisor) jumped into action and within 15 minutes (I time this type of stuff), with my 4 year old in tow, he had me in a rental car (Enterprise agent standing in the rain waiting for me). He also arranged to perform my normal service and changed my originally scheduled appointment for next week so that I wouldn't have to come back; accommodated adjusting the nitrogen levels in my tires (not purchased with JJ) and promised to handle everything.

During Devon's evaluation of the Tahoe he said it could be a few things but they would get to the bottom of it. He explained what needed to be done in terms a normal person could understand and that they would "find the leak".

The Enterprise guys had a good attitude (like always J ) but one thing stuck out that was different at least for this visit. The agent said "I'll make sure you get a Chevy rental".  This is a very important thing in my book. Think about it... you spend 55-65k or more plus tax, service package and extras on a truck or car and the dealer puts you in a 10k ford focus for the afternoon or a number of days so they can service your vehicle. Not cool. In my opinion this is a direct reflection on the dealership not truly caring about their customers after the sale. This new strategy (new to me) is the type of best in class service I would expect.

After leaving Jimmie Johnson my son and I finished our shopping and arrived home around 4pm. I received a call from the sales manager. I had been working with him on another service request (radio repair) and he wanted to make sure everything was going ok since my Tahoe was in the shop.  We had originally combined two appointments for the following week (service and repair) but now that my Tahoe was being serviced today the other appointment was in question. His answer to this challenge was to have the stereo vendor come to me.  That's right HAVE THE VENDOR COME TO MY HOME -outstanding. The third party vendor (stereo installer) will be coming to my home to make the adjustments so that I wouldn't have to make another trip. That's customer service. This type of forward thinking is what all dealership should strive for.

At 5pm Devon called and the Tahoe was ready for pick up. Devon said "you can pick the Tahoe up today or tomorrow and keep the rental as long as you would like". He explained what had happened and that it shouldn't happen again. A wiring seal was put back incorrectly possibly during the installation of the rear camera. This story gets better. In order to dry the carpets and interior they had to run the heater plus get the moisture out of the car which meant running the car. That's right Devon gave me a full tank of gas.

I arrived at 545'ish (they close at 6pm) picked up the Tahoe and was home by 620pm. It seems the services and communication has been greatly improved over the last 4 months.

I can't guarantee your experience will be as flawless as this visit but I can guarantee Jimmie Johnson is working really hard to "wow" every guest and it's visibly clear. Keep up the great work.

People that standout: Service Advisor - Devon M. and Sales - Justin R.

Tony C. | 2012-10-13

Pitiful rip offs. Service department is typical bait and switch / upsale. Went in for a radiator flush and refill on my car with just 45k on it and just at that moment my water pump sprang a vent port bearing leak (according to the service advisor on the phone). Yeah, right. It went from a routine $100 service to $800. Don't go here!

I can't believe Jimmie Johnson, a San Diego NASCAR icon, will accept money to have his name associated with these bums.

Steve B. | 2012-09-21

UPDATE (Oct 2012):  After escalating my issue to the Service Manager, Jimmy Johnson Chevy went back to how I knew them when we bought the vehicle -  a total focus on customer satisfaction.  They resolved my issues and went above and beyond to ensure that I was taken care of and my vehicle was in top working order.  Leroy and Jim were fantastic to work with and their emphasis on getting the job done right once and for all was top notch.  I'm changing my rating from one star to 3 stars and if my next experience with them is as good as this last one I'll bump it up further.

Original post (Sept 2012):

If you want to buy a Chevy and be treated like a King during the sales process go to JJ Chevy.

But if you want post-sales support and customer service forget about it!!!

I bought a new 2007 Suburban and was treated like the most important guy in town. Since that time I've had the vehicle in for warranty-related service 15 times for a total of 38 days that I've been unable to use my vehicle.  Each time the service gets worse and worse. They can't seem to solve the one primary problem; I never get any updates on the service being performed; every time I leave a message for my service manager it doesn't get returned (and I end up having to call back and hope they answer to get any response); and, lately they just seem to be uninterested in solving my problems.  I realize they're losing money on me since its warranty repair work. But I would assume that a dealership that claims to be focused on customer service and getting "10's" on their service reports would pay a little closer attention to a long-suffering customer.  I've been very nice about all of it and I think I've been extremely patient and courteous, but at this point I'm just fed up and sick of the whole thing.

Would I buy another Chevy?  Maybe.
Would I buy it from JJ Chevy. Not on your life.

Tammy S. | 2012-09-14

Now in all fairness this incident did occur back in 2005 so maybe things have changed since then.

However, I brought my car in because it was making an odd noise.  The car was under warranty at the time.  They claimed that the problem was the upper strut mounts and that they were replaced.  I drove the car out of the lot and within minutes heard the noise.  What the heck?  Since I hadn't paid for the repair I simply brought the car to another dealer (City Chevrolet).  They did the same exact repair noting that the strut mounts appeared original and voila noise gone.

Mr E. | 2012-09-13

WORST SERVICE DEPARTMENT IN THE WORLD!!!!! Had my car broken into and needed my convertible roof replaced. This place screwed up so much that I didn't get my convertible replaced for a month!!! A month rolling around with a 9 inch hole in my cloth top, while these idiots order the wrong parts, forget to schedule with the body shop, not communicating with the insurance company, and them just generally dragging their feet.  It seems they took the sales team, and made them work in the service department! A BUNCH OF CROOKS!!!! I will never come back to this shop, and I firmly believe you should too!!!!

.....And don't let them do you a favor and clean your car, they will scratch the hell out of it. I'm still claying deep scratches out of my paint they were nice enough to give me, just to put a cherry on the outstandingly poor service they gave me.


Rebecca S. | 2012-09-10

I, like a few other posts on here can not figure out why Jimmie Johnson only has 2 stars... They are awesome. I went to a couple of well known dealers before coming to JJ Chevy and I do have credit challenges (I am embarrased to admit my score is in the low 500's) and did not have much for Down payment, I was not expecting much I figured they would laugh me out the door, I had the greatest experience, everyone was very nice. After the other 2 dealerships (1 was just down the street) asked me for 3000 over my Camry trade in I was sure I was wasting everyones time trying again. As soon as I walked in I met with Jeremy Hickman who I had communicated with via email for a couple days he sat my daughter and I down and offered us water then went straight to getting my trade in appraised. Within 45 minutes they had appraised my car and had approval for a new car. I was waiting  for the bad news (Large down payment or something) I had never owned a new car before. He had me filling out papers within an hour of my walking in the door, he was able to get me a good rate and was very friendly and caring the whole time, If you have bad credit you know how embarrasing it can be to apply for anything, especially a car but this was the most relaxed and friendly experience I had. I then saw my new Sonic it is great I am happier every day I get in it. I also met with Joe Brommer in finance to finish everything he was just as friendly and explained everything well. I had the greatest experience before I drove off the lot Jeremy even sat with me and set up OnStar (I have never had that before) went over the XM radio and bluetooth features, even answered a few silly questions from me without making me feel stupid. It was a great experience and I would totally reccommend JJChevy to anyone. I am now a Chevy only owner.

Steven E. | 2012-08-23

I took my car in for a scheduled oil change. Its a 2012 Cruze and has a warranty. I had an appointment on a Thursday at 11am. You would think it would be a 20 minute job. It took 3 hours. To make things worse the customer service was terrible. I would never come back if I wasn't required to due to the warranty.

Anne C. | 2012-08-21

This business is efficient in handling their job, I gave them a bad review because of some issues when repairing my car.  They accepted responsibility and apologized.  That means a lot to me because they obviously are able to adapt and fix issues that customers are having.

Sarah H. | 2012-08-13

For the life of me, I can not figure out how Jimmy Johnson Chevy has only 2 stars. Ridiculous.

I bought a brand new Equinox from them back in 2010. I chose it via USAA's car buying service, and they directed me to JJKMC. It was the easiest, friendliest car-buying experience ever. I mean, yeah, car salesmen are commission based, which makes them a touch pushy, but we're all aware of this. Stop acting all offended when you go to a car lot and send out buying signals, and a salesman offers to help.

Over the past couple of years, I've been back in a dozen times. I won't take my car anywhere else. The entire maintenance/repair department is top-notch, and everyone is ridiculously friendly and honest and efficient.

So, three separate people have rear-ended me since I bought this car (texting-while-driving, people, knock it off!), and every single time I've had it towed straight to JJKMC. The last accident was particularly bad, and USAA suggested that I just total the vehicle. JJKMC took a second look, and said that they could fix it.. And they did. They hauled in Chevy specialists and used all new Chevy parts and my baby is good as new. The best part, though, is that they called or updated me every single day (and believe me, the repairs took a month, so this was actually a ridiculously awesome gesture) with status updates, repair photos, and answers to any questions I might have had.

They're also good at everyday little things...refilling the nitrogen in my tires, checking imaginary noises, changing oil, whatever. And they're extremely reasonably priced...I swear, half the time I pop in and out without even being charged.

I love these guys enough that I take my husband's non-Chevy here when it needs service. ..I swear, I'm treated better here than I am at Lexus Carlsbad. This really is as good as it gets.

Abby K. | 2012-07-31

The service center and collision center are both great. Janice, collision center, and Travis, service center, are fantastic and very helpful. They explained the repairs I needed and why the systems were in need of repair. For the first time I felt like I was not being ripped off. The repairs were done in good time and at a reasonable price. Thank you for excellent service.

Elizebeth L. | 2012-07-29

Jeremy Hickman...THANK YOU!  I have bought 5 cars in my adult life, and last night I bought my 6th from Jimmie Johnson Cheverolet.   It was by far the best buying experience I have ever had.  I did the primary purchase over the internet and the phone.  Picked the car, the price I wanted and told Jeremy Hickman that if I couldn't get the car I wanted...I would not do business with them.  He made it work.  

15 minutes...15 minutes later, I received a phone call telling me to come and pick up my car.  Did I mention, fincancing took 15 minutes?  I got the price I wanted, the payment I wanted, and an even better finance rate than I had expected.  

They are just like any dealership.  They upsell you.  Try and get you in more than you wanted.  All you need to do is say no.  If you don't want wheel locks tell them when you talk to them...no wheel locks!  You as the buyer need to be clear and let them know exactly what you are willing to pay, and tell them that you won't do business if it is more than what you want.  YOU AS A BUYER have the power to control the situation.  

Again, Jeremy Hickman great friendly sales guy will make it work for you.  You just need to know what you want and be clear if you don't want any extras.  Me, I wanted everything, except a V6 and that is what I got.  I love that new car smell and look forward to driving my 2012 Chevy Equinox 2LT!  LOVE IT.  

I will continue to do business with JJ Chevy and with Jeremy as long as he is there!

Tony K. | 2012-07-23

Not even 1 star. Service adviser Michele lied to earn my business. I had a transmission problem and I went to Jimmy Johnson to diagnose the issue , Michele called to tell me My 2007 Chevy Suburban was missing gear 2 and 4 totally wiped. I had asked her to see if this was under 100.000 mile coverage and simply because it was little over 5 years she insist on not even trying to get this repaired under Warranty yet she offer $200 rebate card that GM authorized for these types of vehicles .Later GM sent me post card saying this vehicle wasn't covered under this rebate program. So I called GM to address this issue in a timely manner as service manager had told GM they did everything. Simply Michele had lied to me to earn my business and they later did not honor the $200 rebate thats when I got upset. If she didn't lie and I received my $200 rebate I wouldn't feel cheated or lied to earn my business. Now I m arguing with General Motors to take this to step ahead due to the lie.
I will from now on take it to an other shop ,which I believe smaller shops are more honest then GM dealers. They rip you off.

Elias K. | 2012-07-19

I received great service from Jimmy Johnson's Chevrolet collision center.
Mike McCullough is a nice man, and was very helpful when I picked up
My cargo van.
Janice stone is the super star of this repair center.
From the first time I contacted her via phone, to the day I picked up
My van from the repair, she was unbelievable.
She remembered speaking with me on the phone. She also took good care of my
Father, when he took my van for an appraisal.
Janice is kind, warm, caring, and passionate about her customers and job.
The best service, hands down I've ever experienced in a service type situation.
The consummate professional.
Jimmy Johnson's is very lucky to have you.

Janice, I told you I was going to review your service.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Manny F. | 2012-07-11

As Far As The Sales Side Of the Dealer Goes I loved my Experience there. Jeremy From The Internet Sales Team Was Great and very Considerate about my time, and Making sure that I got the deal I wanted.

After Reading all the Reviews about the Service Department. Im A lil Bit Nervous About Taking My Vehicle To them For Service.

But From the Sales Side of the dealer It was A Easy And Good experience. I would Definately Tell My Friends about this Place from A sales Standpoint.

update - I have Taken My 2010 Toyota Camry, (Yes I bought A toyota from A chevy dealership) In to Service Department Numerous Times Now, For oil Changes, and A fix to my speakers making A noise. Everytime I have Gone it has Been A good Experience.

I hope to continue to get Great Service from JJchevy, If I do, I will definitely Be A returning Customer.....

Emilee C. | 2012-06-26

Craig from Sales and Joe in Finance were awesome and extremely helpful.  

My complaint is that I came by earlier in the week to test drive a stock Sonic with Jeremy from Internet Sales, and expressed some interest in a black model that was coming in later that week. That was obviously my first mistake.  By the time I came back to buy it, needless "extras" had been added to it totalling over $800 like a rubber trunk mat and wheel locks. Wheel locks, for 15" rims! I was told these "could not be taken off - it was policy" and to add insult to injury the wheel lock key was left in the packaging in the glove compartment. I was charged about $150 dollars, and the retail price? $24.99.

Stella A. | 2012-06-25

I recently had the unfortunate luck of being in a collision in which I was hit by another driver. I work many hours and had to quickly get my car serviced. I was told that the Jimmie Johnson collision center was open, and so I went there. I arrived several minutes before closing and thought for sure they would not be able to help me. However, to my pleasant surprise, not only did I get help but was quoted an estimate which was sent via PDF format to the third party involved in the collision. One staff member in particular, Janice Stone, went above and beyond to make me feel better in a very uncomfortable situation. Janice made sure to follow up with me as well as the person who hit my car. She made sure to keep me updated and had my car fixed in two days as oppesed to the estimated 2.5-3 days. I truly appreiciated the kindness and amicability of the staff members who truly have thier customer's best interests at heart. If I had a friend who had gotten in an accident I would not hesitate to immediately refer them to the excellent staff and service members of the Jimmie Johnson Collision Repair center. Thank you for making my life easier :)

Joanna H. | 2012-06-25

We went here. We decided to lease for the first time ever. We dealt with RIT the first day when we were just looking. He was very helpful, we told him what we were looking for and he delivered. I even considered upgrading and he let me know that for what I had told him, didnt sound like I needed to upgrade it would be a waste. He never seemed pushy. Brandon the manager that day we were not a fan of. A couple days later we went in and Rit was busy so we got Francisco to help us. He was not very helpful but then again he was assisting on someone elses sale so maybe that was why. But we liked the manager Justin that day. They gave me the highest offer for my trade in than anyone else. My only regret is I wish I would of signed 3 yr lease instead of 2 yr, but in 2 yrs I may be happy to be in something different :)

William M. | 2012-06-06

This review is regarding the service department, not purchasing an automobile.

Originally I was somewhat disappointed at a past service maintenance at JJ Chevrolet for my 2011 Silverado 2500, but it wasn't a big deal.  So I emailed the GM, and he put me in touch with the service manager, Jim Spotts.  I must have asked Jim a dozen questions via email prior to bringing in my truck for another servicing, and Jim answered every one of my questions quickly and thoroughly.  When I brought my truck in, JJ Chevrolet fixed everything I asked for and then some.  They were great.  I highly recommend the service department.

Savannah R. | 2012-05-31

BEST EXPERIENCE I'VE EVER HAD. A few days ago I purchased my truck from Grant Schaul, he was amazing, bent over backwards for me every day trying to fit exactly what I wanted and needed. He never tried to sell me anything else besides exactly what I was looking for from electric brake hook ups to exterior and interior looks. This man worked so hard for us that even when he was off work and at home he called us to let us know he checked his work website and found there was a new truck on the lot that day. Which is now the truck in my driveway. I've been looking for the perfect salesman and the perfect truck for over 2 months now due to my stolen vehicle, and meeting Grant and working with him for the first time in just a short time I knew this was the guy I was going to buy from. I would not change my experience with the guys at Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet in any way. Grant rocks!

Jennifer S. | 2012-05-31

THEY WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!  My dad's 70th birthday was approaching so my brother and I decided to get him a new car (which he hasn't had in the last 30 years) and wanted to get him the 2012 version of an old muscle car (cause they were cool back in his day).  My brother scouted out a few dealerships and we looked at all of the muscle car brands before deciding on the Chevy Camaro.  My brother told Jimmie Johnson why were were buying the car and they bent over backwards to accommodate our every request, get us every rebate / discount available and were overall really helpful.  We decided after we bought it we wanted to get one of those big red bows when we gave it to my dad.  I researched online and couldn't find one that I could get delivered on time for his birthday.  We asked the dealership and they got us one, no charge!  Both Dustin and Brandon were on top of our every request!  When we gave my dad the car, he was ecstatic.  Thanks Dustin and Brandon for making this a great experience for our family!!!

Nicholas C. | 2012-05-24

Liars/ Unprofessional!

I took my H1 hummer here because it was having trouble starting. A couple days later i called up and wanted to know the status on it because naturally i needed it back.  These guys said that i needed 2 brand new, 200 dollars a pop optima batteries.

I thought this to be weird, because i just bought these batteries a few months ago. They also said the battery side posts were stripped. Being suspicious i took a ride up to see them unexpectedly.

When i got there i noticed my perfectly good batteries laying on the ground TIPPED OVER!. (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO) and these "stripped side posts" werent so stripped.

I took my batteries and my truck up to Predator INC. in Vista, CA. They took one look at it and told me my starter was bad. 30 minutes later i have a fixed truck.

I do not understand why people try and screw you in this day in age. Being that there is this lovely thing called technology you'd think businesses would have some kind of integrity with there costumers. Thanks to Google and Yelp we can get the word out about scum businesses like this. I hope your business goes under. Enjoy whatever time you have left because its only a matter o time :o)

David K. | 2012-05-24

Long but MUST READ!!!!

Collision and Service Department.

Those two departments pretty much some up my review.  The service I received was a collision.

I took my Jeep here after being hit from behind by an uninsured motorist.  Geico is my insurance company, and JJ Chevy is their "repair facility".  I wish now I would have read yelp, and seen all the horrible reviews.

About a week after bringing my car in, Les from JJ Chevy called to tell me my car was ready.  As I was driving home my check engine light came on, I live about 2 miles away.  I called Les and told him the light was on.  He told me since they replaced the gas tank, sending unit, and other fuel system parts the light just might  need to run a cycle then it will go off.  He said to give it a couple of days.

Well a couple of days later the light was still on.  I brought it in to JJ Chevy and they said that it was a fuel emissions code, and they reset the light.  I was told nothing was wrong, and they sent me on my way.  I started my way back home again and guess what popped on again?  Yep the check engine light.  I called Les AGAIN, and he said just bring it down to the service department.  I asked him if I needed an appointment to which he replied "no just bring it in".

So I head down to JJ Chevy for the THIRD time.  I got in line at the service station and waited about 20 minutes for the guy to come out and tell me that they can't get to my car now because I don't have an appointment.  I told him Les in the Collision department said I don't need an appointment, and to just bring it in.  He responded well I don't know why they tell people that, but we can't do it now.  So I make an appointment for Monday and go home.

Two days later on Sunday I take my 3 year old mini golfing for his birthday.  As we start the car to leave it stalls ,and won't start again.  I look at my gas gauge which reads 1/4 tank of gas.  I then had to pay $55 dollars to have my car towed back to JJ Chevy.  This is the FOURTH time!!  Monday I get a call from Mike saying that the car wouldn't start because I was out of gas.  When I told him the car is reading 1/4 of  a tank he said he will have to call me back.  Mike calls back and explains that the USED parts they put in my car must be defective, so they are going to put all new parts in.

Another week or so passes and I get a call saying the car is ready to be picked up.  I pick the car up, check engine light comes on again.  Then I go to lunch and the car will not go more that 45 mph on the freeway.  I now have to go back to JJ Chevy for the FIFTH time.

A couple days go by and I get a call from Mike again this time telling me its an O2 sensor, and that it is non accident related, so I need to pay $300 to fix it.  This is puzzling to me because when I brought my car in to JJ Chevy it had NO PROBLEM going over 45 mph.  Mike then proceeds to tell me that they need to take my car to the Jeep dealership, because they are NOT EQUIPPED to handle Jeeps.  Well why in the world did they take my car in the first place?

Furious now I drive down to JJ Chevy, and speak with Dave the General Manager, where he apologies for my experience, and tells me he will take care of everything.

Well today 05/24/12 I get a call from Quinn letting me know that they replaced the O2 censor at no charge to me, but that the car STILL doesn't go over 45 mph, because I need a catalytic converter.  Which is only going to cost me a mere $1,100.  Fed up with JJ Chevy and their lack of knowledge I pick up my car and take it to a REAL mechanic.

Hunter K. | 2012-05-13

I had one of the best purchase experiences at jimmie johnson's.  They were straight up and honest, the purchase was easy fast and the sales rep Rit handled the transaction effortlessly.  They even covered the return fees on my rental car that I used to drive down from LA.   I walked away feeling like a got a good car and a good deal.

Anthony K. | 2012-05-03

4/19/12 First I purchased my used Corvette at another dealership. I found out I had a fuel leak. That Dealership would not repair it under warranty (emission)? I took it to Jimmie Johnson, Travis later told me it was a crack fuel tank, and he got it repaired under warranty (100%)free!  

4/26/12 I decided to get a complete service on the Trans + Diff fluid.  I was told it would be $180 (Trans), $225 (Diff)., later they say to work on the Trans it would be 6 hours at $99/hr., some crazy bill of $985 ? Total $1275_wow! They convinced me, so I signed. I went home and called around and found it to be $385 (trans) $225 (diff), total $610. I threaten to take them to court. The service Mgr Jim Spotts and adviser Devon, apologies, that they had made a great mistake and charged me only a grand total of $250, I felt better.  I believed they honestly made a mistake due to techs lack of understanding the new software where they input the order.  big thanks to Jim Spotts and Devon!  Their customer service is A+!

Bill V. | 2012-04-30

Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet has serviced my 2003 Tahoe Z71, 2007 Corvette coupe and my daughters Cobalt. The service department has been excellent and has done great work on all the vehicles.

I recently traded in my 2007 Corvette for a 2012 Equinox. The sales staff was very helpful with helping me pick out which of the vehicles I wanted. The trade in process was smooth and the the finance department was very easy to work with. They were night and day better than Toyota of San Diego (See the earlier review) .

Adam M. | 2012-04-28

Hilariously horrible sales people.

I got about 4 steps out of my car before being greeted by "Jenny." I explained to her exactly what I was looking for, a used minivan. I told her I was fine walking the lot by myself and would flag her down if I found something interesting.

Of course not. Like an unfed puppy, she walked side-by-side and fished for information.

"I have something for you."

She proceeded to show me some POS Chevy I'd never heard of. It was clearly an SUV. She said, "No, it's a minivan."

No, a minivan has sliding doors and seats 7-8 people. This is an ugly mini SUV. Do you have any minivans on the lot that I can look at? I want something that is a van, you know... a sliding door, built for families... DVD player... not an SUV.

"Sure, I have something else you might like." She then proceeds to walk me across the lot to ANOTHER FREAKING SUV! This one was a used car priced at $53k. Trust me-- there isn't a used SUV on the planet worth $53, much less one that ISN'T a minivan.

As soon as she opened the doors to this $53k POS I was behind her closing them. No, I asked you to show me a minivan. If you don't have them I'm OK leaving.

Her reply, I sh*T you not. "Um, no one sells minivans anymore. None of the major manufacturers make them or carry them on their lots."

Yeah... so Chevy doesn't have a minivan anymore. Got it. But VW, Toyota, Honda, Ford,  Dodge, Chrysler, Nissan... everyone else has minivans in their line-up. I could SEE minivans in the lot next door. Who is she kidding?

Worst sales person ever. Hilariously bold in lies.

Johnny D. | 2012-04-26

I received GREAT service from Edgar when my wife and I stopped in to look at a Camaro SS.

Although we are not sure whether we want to purchase a Camaro, if we do, it will be from Edgar. He took extra time to show us the little bits and pieces that differentiate the vehicle from the competition, and he was very good at identifying what we were interested and only showing us what we were looking for.

The vehicle we test drove had more options than we were interested in, but because he had a no pressure technique, I seriously considered getting a Camaro SS with those options.

Steven S. | 2012-04-16

I went there to find a Chevy Avalanche and didn't buy anything because I was not able to test  drive one.  I ended up going there three times just to finally get to see how it handled on the third trip.  The first time was understandable because all of the Avalanche were parked in the back; boxed in behind a bunch of other meaningless cars.  So I was asked to come back on a Friday, which was two days later and they still didn't have the truck (any Avalanche) out so that I can see it and drive it.  

I even called and relayed that I was on the way to give it a drive but when I arrived I didn't see any Avalanches in sight and confirming my suspicion the sales clerk gave me the same weak answer, "I'm not sure who you talked to but there is no way we can get it out of the stack we have on the back lot today."  Pathetic!  What is even more pathetic, is that I went back a third time.  The third time I went back I got a chance to drive it but I so was through with the lack of coordination, professionalism, excuses and lack of concern for my gas and time.  I ended up buying an Infiniti SUV.

Steve O. | 2012-03-29

So I don't write reviews but I am making an exception here. I drive my 2010 GMC Sierra back from Tucson and the next morning it won't start. I make a 0700 appointment with JJC for Monday morning and arrive at the scheduled time. A very cranky (obviously not a morning person) greeted me, I told her my truck would not start and I had to jump it, she said do you want us to check the battery? I politely said I want you to run a diagnosis on the truck to see what the problem is. She then proceeded with complaints about her slow computer. After 20 min of this I said I really need to get to work perhaps we can do this the old-fashioned way and write my information down. I get dirty look, then Miss morning person picks up a pen, grabs a sheet of paper out of the printer, slams printer door shut and says what's your name. I give it to her, pen doesn't work, Miss Happy throws pen, grabs another one that doesn't work, tosses it, I think she needed coffee among other things. After a 30 min wait I leave. She calls me that afternoon to let me know my battery checks out OK. So I politely ask why the truck will not start, reply, "we don't know". I recommend they keep it overnight which they do. I get a call (this is the second day mind you) at 3:30 saying my truck is ready and it was the battery after all. She also said it had been a hectic day and was sorry she didn't call earlier. So now I go to pick up truck and wait another 45 min to get said truck so I can sit in traffic rather than pick it up on my lunch. My whole experience here was a complete disaster. I will never step foot in this dealership again. I'll say this; all they have is a famous name, their service flat out sucks. One star for the car rental being across the street. Minus four for making me run across Balboa avenue.

Melissa O. | 2012-03-28

Im going to assume that Jimmie Johnson has changed things in their service department recently. After reading everyones yelp reviews I could not dissagree more! Awesome service from the begining! Fixed everything in 1 day! Had a great experience..

Steven W. | 2012-03-09

My wife, kids, and I recently went in to J.J. Chevrolet "just to look" and it ended up being the best car buying experience we've ever had. (And I've purchased quite a few cars) Jenni Kendall was absolutely amazing in helping us find the perfect car! She listened to what we were looking for, did a ton of research, and provided us with a number of potential matches. When we finally came in to check out what she found, she was "Jenni-on-the-spot" with the answer to every question we had. She helped us get the most for our trade-in and get us the best deal on our new car. Even doing a ton more research after buying our new car, I haven't been able to find nearly as good of a deal as she fought to get us. She and Justin made us true believers in J.J. Chevrolet and we will ABSOLUTELY be coming to see Jenni at J.J. for our next car!

Julie M. | 2012-03-05

I have a 2011 Cadillac CTS.  I am a 64-year old secretary, and this is the first brand new car that I've ever had.  Someone rolled into me at a stop light and my bumper was dinged.  I have GEICO insurance and one of their body shops was Jimmy Johnson's.  I was a little nervous when I took my car in for the body work, worrying that the bumper color wouldn't match, etc.  Not only did they have my car back to me by the end of the working day, they kept me informed on their progress every inch of the way.  Les Haye was especially cordial and helpful.  The bumper repair is absolutely perfect in every way.  I cannot recommend this body shop highly enough.  It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

Tara P. | 2012-02-19

I first went to Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet to actually buy a car. The salesman that helped me was very helpful and not pushy(and he remembered my name and step fathers name when I ran into him after dropping my car to get fixed)!!
Although I didn't buy a car their, I purchased a Chevy Cobalt that needed a stock air intake and a few other things needed to be checked out. Devon McClung was the sales rep that helped me. Not only did he find  the stock part needed for my car but he did so quickly. Within a hour my car part was installed and ready to go. He also let me know that the techs saw a oil leak because the seal was broken (something Firestone said they fixed when I got tires with them) and there were two recals that they could fix for free. A month later the check engine light went on and there was a problem with a sensor. The part was under waranty so I only had to pay for the diagnostic.
I've always had a great experience with jimmy Johnson Chevrolet and highly recommend it.

mark m. | 2012-02-13

they fixed a leaking tire on my chevy impala which sears autocenter UTC could not figure out after i gave them 3 tries.  well three strikes sears is out and jimmy johnson did a good job, friendly staff, took about 3 hours.

Kelly C. | 2012-01-25

First off, this dealership needs more signage!!!  Only signs for service & used cars... Confusing to tell where the entrance is. We went around the block because we weren't sure where to turn in.  Also still says Kearny Mesa Chevy, so they probably haven't changed it yet?

We came to test drive the new Camaro.  Spent about 15 minutes outside with the sales guy before we did our test drive.  It drove pretty well, but after a few days of thinking... it's just not our style.  If I was serious about this car, I might go to another dealership to see if I could get a better experience.  Compared to the other car dealerships we went to, this one was the most traditional and felt "high pressure" which also isn't our style.

Paul H. | 2012-01-24

My truck got repaired there after getting hit by a drunk driver. I had to take it back twice the first time for a bent sway bar, and chunks missing on my brake rotor. The second time I had to take it back was because they didn't tighten the jam nut on the steering rod end after they aligned the wheels. They really helped out, les in the body shop was good keeping me up to date and helping me fix all my problems. They did pay for everything and my rental car. They also rotated my buddies tires on his truck and didn't tightened all his lug nuts on one of his tires. They did reimburse him for all the damages but it was a big problem for him while he was on vacation out of state. I would recommend looking over any work they do on your vehicle.

Lois B. | 2012-01-01

Stopped by to look at a Chevy Cruze after looking at Hyundai Sonata and Elantra.  The experience I had was great.  I usually hate car shopping, all those high pressure salesmen, etc.  Like what I got at the Hyundai dealer.  Craig Kitnick was my sales rep.  He was knowledgable about the Cruze, asked questions to help him help me get a car with which I would be happy.  Sales manager, Brandon (sorry don't remember his last name) was just as helpful.    I got the car I wanted, with a great interest rate and the car payment I wanted.  The entire transaction, from entering the dealership, looking at models, test driving, questioning, trade in appraising, to signing documents took less than 5 hours--a record for me at a dealer.  If you are looking for a Chevy Cruze in the San Diego area, visit this dealership and ask for Craig Kitnick,.

J Tony R. | 2011-11-10

We have purchased several cars from Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet. Every transaction beginning with the original transaction has been handled with the utmost in class, honesty and all without sacrificing the over-all value.

I would recommend and have recommended this dealership to friends and family and do so without reservation or fear of being left with 'egg on my face'!

This is a first class facility that delivers outstanding customer service!

Missy M. | 2011-11-05

Have never had a wait less than 2 hours...whether I had an appt or not, whether it was an oil change or a major repair.  I live too far away for the shuttle to take me home.  Forget their offer to rent a car from Enterprise...I think they actually showed once in the 4 times I've asked for one.  They were too busy or didn't have a car at the time.  I really wanted to like this place, since I purchased my car within the Hendrick family of dealerships.  Very frustrated and don't think I'll be back...

Ryan R. | 2011-10-16

My wife drives a 2008 cobalt sport. She realized that her breaks were hardly working. since Jimmie Johnson was on the same street she pulled in to see if they could help.Turns out there was a leak in the break line near the rear passenger wheel. Not only did they tell us it wouldn't be covered under warranty but also that it would cost around 600 to fix and it would take 2 days to order the brake line they needed.

I couldn't believe it. so i poured some brake fluid in and drove it to city Chevrolet. They fixed the leak under warranty the same day. They even drove me home so i didn't have to wait there while they fixed it.

City Chevrolet isn't that far from kearny mesa. So don't waste your time bringing your car to crooked Jimmie Johnsons.

Amy W. | 2011-09-26

I dropped my car off on Wed. at 7:30a and was promised it would be ready Thursday morning and that they would call me. I also made sure to ask that all parts were available.
Sure enough Thursday comes, no call. I gave them through the day and then finally called them only to find out that they have to order parts. Long story short: they said every day that it would be ready and they would call, which they never did. I didn't get my car until Monday! And that's only because I had called them AGAIN and it was finally ready.
When I got there I went through another set of hassles just  to pay and get a list of repairs completed.

My advice: go anywhere else but here.

Daniel V. | 2011-09-07

Great service in the collision center! Les was awesome and personally walked me through every step of my vehicles repair. These guys do excellent work and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys!
Dan v.

Anna S. | 2011-08-31

I purchased a car that was not a Chevrolet and also purchased the oil-change service since it was really cost-effective.  I asked if this would be a problem, since my car is not a Chevy, and they said it wouldn't be.  
Months later, I made an appointment to get my oil changed and notified them that I would wait with the car.  It took them over 3.5 hours to change the oil.  
Oh wait....they never actually changed it.  I changed it myself a week later, since I had a feeling that they just didn't know what they were doing.  It was definitely well used oil that came out.  They wasted 3.5 hours of my time, and they claimed to have done a service that they never actually did.
The managers were in a meeting with "higher ups" and didn't have time to take care of my problem while I was sitting in their waiting room.  Well, I hope those "higher ups" were worth it.  I tell everyone I know never to come to this place.

jonathan k. | 2011-08-17

Update 08/11: After Dave Crane, the GM of JJ Chevrolet, read my yelp review he emailed me to say that he was very sorry for my experience and wanted to make it up - so he offered a free oil change service and tire rotation. He informed me that JJ Chevrolet had recently undergone a management changes and had fixed some of the issues of the past.

After some email and phone tag, I finally spoke with Dave. He was very nice and gracious. We set a time for me to come in. He wanted my
VIN # to make sure they had the right oil filter and oil.

Dave was waiting for me when I pulled in. We talked for about 5-10 minutes and was very nice. He made sure that I was well taken care of and let me know my oil change would be expedited. About 30 min later I was all set. I appreciate Dave reaching out to try to make up for my bad experience. Thanks!

Mounique S. | 2011-07-22

Jimmie Johnson's Collision Repair dept takes Geico claims - My car was hit by a Geico insurance holder - this is the ONLY reason I had repairs done here. I will admit the svc was speedy & the phone call updates were great - then again they do give Geico claims priority.

Upon pick up of my car I noticed that my work cell phone & charger was missing from my center console. I didn't think much of leaving it in the car considering this was obviously not a 'mom & pop' shop.

I called Les who was my contact  but he couldn't do much obviously. He said, "It's like if you told me you left a hundred dollar bill on the dash & now say it's gone."

How does a customer reply to that?! My Blackberry & charger have not yet been retrieved & I'm not holding my breathe either. Someone took these items from my vehicle & nothing was done about it. WATCH OUT for this place, someone in there has sticky fingers.

Ranger B. | 2011-06-14

A HUGE thanks to Kenny in the service department.

My engine light was on & he found out that it was my gas tank lid.

A quick fix in less than 5 mins. right at the service dept. & *NO CHARGE*!

Thanks Kenny!  You *ROCK*

Lynn Browne
San Diego, CA

Travis was AMAZING working with me on billing. THANKS!  Please give him a day off with pay & a raise!  :-)

Lindsay K. | 2011-05-02

I've had to take my 2009 Saturn Outlook here twice for routine maintenance since Saturn dealerships are no longer.  The service staff has been wonderfully accommodating both times I've been here.  I know that Saturn has a high standard survey where if the dealership doesn't get an "excellent" review they get some sort of penalty.  I always feel when I bring my Saturn in - they are overly friendly....but hey, I'd take "too nice" anyday over some of the crappy customer service I get at other places.  

This past time I had some warranty issues with my car and they were fixed promptly.  GM had to get me a rental car for a few days to address an air bag warranty issue but they paid for all of it.  

Now some of the other customers in the waiting area are another story....too bad I couldn't review some of them!!

Maroun B. | 2011-04-23

The dealership's new GM contacted me to apologize for my bad experience. He also offered a free oil change. It's a bit too late but at least they're doing something.

Glam T. | 2010-12-29

Great customer service! I was helped by a nice gentlemen in service, he was honest and very polite. I would definitely recommend to go to ... I own a 2002 Yukon and they got the job done ! Five stars !

Nick D. | 2010-12-19

Dishonest or incompetent? Which are they more?

I took my car in for a service. I agreed to a ~$50 basic service, came back to a $220 bill because they'd decided to include a fuel air cleaning too - without authorization. Whatever, it probably needed it and I wasn't in the mood to argue.

Within a couple of hundred miles, the service light kept going off, the battery drained, I had countless problems. Turns out they'd pushed all the carbon out of my engine and straight in to the exhaust gas recycling valve and clogged the thing to hell and back.

A $550 bill to have it replaced later and they called me up, "When did you last have your oil and filter changed? Our mechanic says it's very dirty." "Really?" I asked, "Because *you* just billed me for changing it two weeks and three hundred miles ago." "Oh, it must've been a mistake. Your car's ready for collection."

For those who don't know, claiming parts of the engine that always get dirty (oil, oil filter, air filter) are dirty is a common scam to charge for unnecessary work.

I went in to collect my car. On the print out, it mentioned the mechanic noticed I needed a fuel air service. Yet another service they billed me for just two weeks earlier. And, yet another one that it's easy to point to a dirty looking engine and claim it needs doing. I called them on it again. This time they said, "Oh, our mechanic must have got your car confused with another one." "REALLY?!! Your mechanics are so incompetent they can't tell which car they're looking at? And how can I trust they checked a single thing that actually needed doing on mine?"

For good measure... The report they print out? It had a page of what looks like photos of girls from a dating site stapled to the back of it. My best guess is they're out the back "adjusting their torque wrench" to girls from the net rather than performing the services they bill you for, then making up other generic-yet-false claims so they can bill you a little more.

Most people hate going to mechanics because cars are a mystery subject and they're not sure if they're being lied to. Well, I have print outs from them now that PROVE I was being lied to.

I will never, ever allow any of my cars anywhere near these clowns. I will also do everything in my power to stop family, friends, even strangers from falling victim to them.

On the postive side, it has forced me to learn how to do my own car repairs. That $550 egr valve is $150 to buy the OEM part new and the YouTube video shows end to end replacement in six minutes. The catalytic converter they wanted to bill me $1100 to replace (yes, they tried tacking that on too) is $300 to buy and half an hour of work.

Forget about buyer beware. Buyer, stay the hell away.

Jill F. | 2010-09-22

If negative ratings were possible.....Own a 2002 Monte Carlo SS

Light came on for the traction control. Schedule an appointment for first thing Monday Morning. Dropped the car off on Sunday with no issues when we drove from Escondido to Kearny Mesa besides the traction control which would only come periodically when backing out of a space. Dealership calls me monday and says they can't start the car and we need to pay to replace the mass air flow module which costs almost 800. I was furious. Then they replaced what we originally came in for at another 800 dollars. After they claimed they fixed the issue the car still does the same thing. We took it back to the dealership to show them it still does the same thing and they said they could reprogram the computer and charge us 800 more, but they wouldn't guarantee that would fix the problem.

If they are such a 5 star dealership they should be a leader in fixing this problem which seems to be very common in other models in similar years. GM isn't recalling this, but each time you back out of spot or turn the wheel too hard the traction control and ABS lights come on. Right now we just drive around with our dashboard lit up like the 4th of July.

I will never take the car back there again. I also filed a complaint with the BBB.

Joey D. | 2010-09-04

This review is for the SERVICE (or rather, lack thereof) Department of Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet:

I had to take my truck there for a factory recall job since my normal dealership (Seaside on Miramar Rd., which is AWESOME!!) dropped their GM affiliation.

Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet is absolutely awful.

Here are some of the things I experienced:
---Rude, arrogant service writers
---A number of workers standing around refusing to greet you (for 15 minutes!)
---Sleazy, unethical up-sell attempts

Bear I mind, I was there for a factory RECALL service! Isn't that when the dealership should be thinking, "Well, we've already created a hassle for this customer, and it was our own fault, so what can we do to fix the situation, make them happy about our brand, and foster future business?" Not this dealership!

It doesn't matter how far you have to drive, DO NOT go to Jimmie Johnson Chevrolet.

J S. | 2010-08-17

I brought my car to their collision service (separate from the rest of the dealership) and had an excellent experience.  Customer service was great.  They fit me in quickly, completed the repairs in the estimated time, and did a great job.  When my window was squeaking a few weeks later, they fixed it immediately at no charge.  On top of that, my taillight was out, which had nothing to do with them, but they fixed it for me at no charge!  Joe is great.  I would give 5 stars, but both times they tweaked something that made my convertible top not go down...it was a quick fix, but it happened both times & since I had no idea how to fix it myself the first time, it meant having to take an extra trip back there.  

I see everyone has had a terrible experience with the general dealership, but the collision folks are terrific.

Sara S. | 2010-08-11

This would be ZERO stars in I could.

I called on Monday morning to make an appointment for some warranty work to be done on Tuesday. Mind you this is the second time I have taken in our truck for the same issue. I learned the first time to call and make sure the parts were there first! Anyways, spoke to a service guy who took my name, phone number, and VIN of the truck. He put me on hold for at least 5 min. But came back on at last and said they had to parts and told me to come in Tues morning. When the hubby showed up on Tues morning there was no appointment in the system. He was told that they couldn't get to him till after noon and that even then there might not be anything they can do under the warranty. Keep in mind these idiots "fixed" the problem under warranty about 6 months ago...... But no on there can comprehend that part.

Bottom line is if you need work done at the service department of a Chevy dealer go see someone else!!!

Wayne S. | 2010-08-10

Worst place to take your vehicle. Call ahead time to have two things done, one of which is a re-do. Got there today, and it was like playing twenty questions.  Do your self a favor take your chevy product to a differnt chevy dealer, Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet, is a waste of time, so is there service people!!!!  I took it in for two things, one was to re-pack the drive shaft, this is a problem with chevy trucks, but not in the re-call issues, the second one was to replace the power lock on the driver door, this too is a problem with their trucks.  Unfortunately, there is no re-call on this, but the the GM plant is not letting anyone know about this.  Either way, supposely had an appointment for seven a.m. and when I spoke to the service guy, all he wanted to do is play twenty questions, and said I was not in the computer for an appointment.  Was told day before from another service guy  thatI would be, and needless to say, someone on there end dropped the ball.  Anyone who owns a chevy truck, take it somewhere else, poor customer service, I do not recommend going to them for anything.

Josh P. | 2010-07-29

I am pretty savvy when it comes to cars, so I do all my research before bringing the car in. I had 2 lights on the dash of my 01 Camaro SS. I took it in to the service department and asked how much it would be to have serviced. They first informed me that the two lights (ASR and ABS) were not related. The ABS light dealt with the brakes, and the ASR light delt with the airbags. Each one being different, it would cost $220, JUST TO DIAGNOSE THE PROBLEM! I quickly informed the service MANAGER that the ASR light was infact the traction control, which is controlled by the ABS module, and the look of suprise covered his face. I told them I would never bring another car there and that I would inform as many people as possible just how pathetic their service department was. From looking at the other posters, looks like their sales department sucks as well. I would highly recommend that no one take their vehicle here

Kristen P. | 2010-02-04

To be fair, I'll say that Kevin, the salesman, was a pleasure to work with.

The rest of my experience was awful. I had a used car in mind and went back a week after test driving it to make an offer. It had a new neon sticker on the windshield for almost $6000 less than what it was originally. I was stoked and ready to pay that. But no, they insisted it was a mistake, there's no WAY it could be THAT cheap, blah blah blah. I told them state law required them to sell it to me at that price. I even flat out said I'd buy it right then if they gave it to me for that price. They refused, claiming they had called the "general manager" who said they can't sell it for so low and that for some reason or another, I wasn't allowed to sue. The salesman even said that his sales manager, Joan, had asked if I took a photo of the sticker. I left obviously irritated, and walked back to the car - the sticker had been removed in the 30 minutes I'd been inside talking with them. If that's not shady business...I don't know what is. There's no way I'd ever give them my business.

Anna S. | 2009-04-26

Wow, I've only yelped a few times, but this needs it.  This dealership has the worst customer service ever.  When you call, you get an operater that asks where you want to be transferred to.  Then, if nobody answers, it goes to a voicemail..  seriously? is it that hard to talk to someone.  I had to call three times before I was transferred to "parts" when I should have been transferred to "service" since I told the operator I was calling to bring my car in.  Then I had to be transferred to "service" from the parts guy, which I was then put on hold for 15 minutes when the phone then reconnected me with the operator.  I was so frustrated I asked to talk to someone to make a complaint, and then the operator asked me where I wanted to get transferred to..  HELLO, I don't know, I don;t work there!  So I got "James" from SALES, who said he couldn't pull up my information anyway since he was in the sales dept.  Then he transferred me to "Joan" the "Sales Manager."  This woman was rude and unprofessional, and then she transferred me to "Service" which was who I should have been talking to in the first place.  This whole thing took about one whole hour!  Ridiculous!!!!  Please, save yourself the hassle from these knuckleheads.  GO ELSEWHERE.  I REGRET buiying my new car there.