Euro Car Service in San Diego, CA

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German automobile repair however we service everything from Acura to Rolls Royce


Established in 1980.

Have served Adams Avenue and surrounding areas since inception.

Euro Car Service

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(619) 281-8900
Address:2821 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA, 92116
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Euro Car Service

Jessica S. | 2015-02-21

I found Euro Car Services via Yelp.   I typically get my car dealer-serviced, but needed both headlight bulbs replaced on a Saturday afternoon.  

Sayed is the owner & a really nice guy, as are the mechanics in his shop.  I called at 3p and got a reasonable estimate over the phone, dropped the car off at 3:40 & the car was ready 20-mins later.  

It can be a diy project and net cost would just be parts, but comparing Euro Car Services to a dealer-service, I saved half plus a lot of time.  Best of all, I have perfectly working headlights for tonight and the rest of the weekend.  Plus, Sayed is a coffee aficionado and offered some of his French press coffee :)

Kevin B. | 2014-10-20

It's HARD to find a good mechanic, especially one close to your house. BUT thankfully, I dropped my car of here. Dont let the name fool you, they also work on domestic cars. So here is the low down.

Thursday, 10am. I call, explain my cars issues. They happily tell me to come on over.
Thursday, 12:15pm. Drop my car off, explain serious oil leak. Walk home.
Thursday, 1:30pm They call, explain what they found, quote me price. I tell them to fix
Thursday, 4:30pm They call, say car is done. I go over, get my baby and drive away a happy, happy man!


Jeffrey H. | 2013-10-06

I've been going to Sayed and Jose since 2009. They work on my 2000 Volvo S70 and 1984 Mercedes 380 SL. They have done oil changes, brake jobs, struts, engine overhauls, name it. I trust them both and the price has always been fair. I'll add that Sayed has gone above and beyond for me. He has picked me up and dropped me off when I've had to leave my car. On two occasions he lent me a car overnight. Nobody is perfect but Sayed tries very hard to please his customers. I'm sorry for anyone who has had a bad experience with him. I'm guessing that it was a misunderstanding or just an off day.

Give him a shot. And tell him Jeff sent you! :)

Ibbie M. | 2013-09-21

Euro Car Service is LEGIT. I have a 99 vw Passat and i've had so many different issues with it so i've had to take it to a number of different mechanics. Of all those auto shops is my GO-TO spot and i will never go to another San Diego shop now that i know about this one. I've taken my car into Euro Car Service 3 times, once to get my window assembly fixed, once to get my plugs and oil pan changed, and just today i picked it up after they did an alternator job for me. Sayed is one of the last few HONEST mechanics around. He's saved me a few hundred bucks in expenses and always gives you multiple options for solving your car issues. The best part about them is they work EXTREMELY FAST, they understand that your whole life is highly dependent on your car and they treat each job as if your livelihood is on the life. I would highly recommend them and will most definitely go back if i have any other issues!

piotr d. | 2013-08-12

I actually wanted to wait a couple of days after my experience to write this because I didn't want just my emotions to write this.  Anyway, I decided to read the other reviews first as well and I'm really shocked to hear that anyone had a bad experience at Euro Car.  

Anyway, I'm from out of town so that can always be a stressful thing to do (finding a mechanic out of town).  They had just closed but they took me in and basically saved my car.  I thought it was down for the count and it was actually just a relatively simple fix.  The shop owner was very genuine and you could tell really enjoys cars.  My car works like a dream now when the stupid bmw dealership kept asking for thousands more.  I will be moving to SD in a couple weeks and this will be my mechanic from now on.  I trust him and that is the most important part.  I can't wait to enjoy my car for years to come!

Gary P. | 2013-04-09

***Crook, Beware****
I love yelp and use it all the time but have never left a review till now. I just moved to San Diego and live in a condo without my own personal garage. I have always worked on my own cars as soon as they are out of warranty because no one cares more about your car then you.
I had just arrived in SD when I noticed my front driver side brake would creak while the car was not moving if I changed the pressure on the pedal. I was guessing that the caliper need to be greased, either the slide pins or the pad guide. I looked on Yelp because I don't have a garage and found Euro Car Service with decent reviews and it was close to me. Called and they were willing to look at the car in the morning, great. I show up and they look at it for an hour then tell me the caliper was damaged because the last set of pads were installed wrong. Well, he didn't know that I installed the last set of pads and on a BMW as with most any car you'd be hard pressed to install the pads wrong and get them bolted back on the car then drive it for two months before a problem appeared. It's kinda idiot proof.

He told me he could use refurbished parts and fix it for 600.00 then charged me 90.00 for the inspection. He also said even though it was damaged "It be ok to drive on" when I asked for details on how it was damaged he tap danced around with no real answer. Classic scam artist stuff.
Thank god I'm in the Navy so I use the auto hobby shop on base with a lift and pulled the caliper apart. No damage anywhere. I spent 3.49 on a can of white lithium grease that I put on the slide pins and pad guides for good measure. Guess what? Problem solved. I hope I save at least one person from getting ripped off but posting this. As with any car shop ask lots of questions even if you don't know the answer and ask for the "bad parts back" if it seems shady, it probably is.

Peter H. | 2012-07-11

This place is great. They literally saved me a thousand dollars over the guys who are "rated higher" across the street. They will work with you if you're on a budget and fix only what needs to get fixed. No upsells and no bs. I found my mechanic in SD.... and they also do American cars- so my girlfriend has finally found her mechanic too!

Aaron C. | 2012-06-06

I took our 2000 Mercedes C230 Sport w/ 134k miles to Euro Car Service and met Sayed based on recommendations here on yelp. Had a great experience.

Our car started up this weekend with an error on the dash that didn't show the gear selector (P R N D) and on driving wouldn't shift. I did some research to find out that the gear shifter is all electronic , and if it goes bad the car doesn't know how to shift so it enters "Limp" mode where you can drive it slowly, home or to a shop. I already knew the problem, and the shifter assembly price. The part was expensive, so I was prepared for that.

Sayed and team did a diagnosis, they agreed it was probably the shift lever assembly but tried a few other causes for that error first like the brake wheel sensor which he knew typically goes bad on these cars. I appreciate he tried to save us some money, but in the end it was the shifter. He knew also to replace the bushing that connects the lever to the transmission while in there, it's something you could easily miss if you didn't know these cars, and it's only a couple bucks to not have to worry about taking the whole thing apart again later if it broke or wore too thin.

They charge $90/hour which is reasonable and the going rate these days. 2 hours of labor, plus genuine Mercedes OEM parts, was my total. He called me and gave me a few other options for maintenance issues, I opted to do one that was probably very needed (transmission fluid / filter / gasket). He explained things very well, gave me plenty of options, and the pricing estimates were all accurate and fair. The car drives great again, shifts normally, displays gear position, etc.

My dad always said you can tell the quality of a shop by how clean they keep it, and I was SUPER impressed how clean his shop is. They were very careful with the car, and courteous. Highly recommend if you want a good job and don't want to pay outrageous dealer labor pricing.

Alicia O. | 2012-04-04

I was very impressed when Jose offered to come to my house and jump start my car for me.  I thought it just needed a battery, but I learned that the battery was not the problem. Luckily the issue is covered under my warranty and the dealership will pay the cost to fix.   I give this place an A+ for exceptional customer service!

Jes D. | 2012-03-21

Sayed wants to help you! He will be honest and invite you into the garage to show you what went wrong (or right) with your car. I destroyed my '85 Mercedes on the freeway when a bit of the engine broke off and mangled the rest of the engine. AAA towed me to a shop near my house and they took a week to tell me they had no idea what was wrong with it. Then I had it towed to Euro Car Service and less than an hour later Sayed had me on the phone with the bad news that the engine was done but he wanted me to come look at it so I would understand what happened.
This was well over a year ago. He helped me with my decision to sell the car for parts because once the engine was replaced I would probably only have 6 months on the transmission before that went too. I loved that car but seriously could not afford it. He even kept it at the shop for me until my craigslist buyer could come by with a tow truck.
Over the following months, Sayed helped me in my search for a safe and affordable car by connecting me with some of his other customers who had rides to sell that he had already inspected. He called me two or three times a week until I had settled on a car. The only way that Sayed benefited in these calls was to solidify me as a customer. He would have made no money on a sale. Just neighborly and honest customer service.
Their hourly rate is high ($90) if you have a ford or honda but very fair for a European car. They are licensed to work on Mercedes which is why I went but the great thing is their skill with much older cars too. You can trust your classic here.
Now, if we could just get Sayed to take a day off now and then. The man works so hard!!

Ethelyn H. | 2011-08-27

This place is excellent!  The mechanics and owner are honest, knowledgable and very easy to talk to.  Last Sunday my Mercedes' "Check Engine" light came on and when I took it to a highly recommended repair shop, they had me pay nearly $100 for a diagnosis and gave me an estimate of between $3K and $5K to repair it!     They said it would take nearly a week to fix it and they were vague as to what exactly was caus9ng this potentially expensive situation and never gave me a wirtten estimate with work breakdown.   My neighbor Mike  literally steered me to Euro Car, got my car from that "expert" and Sayeed, Jose and Mike, who's part owner, immediately got to work on my car and fixed it within a day for 15% of the price those "experts" quoted!  My car is home, running well and I'm very pleased.  Thank you, Euro car.

Tomas D. | 2011-06-18

These guys were friendly and very helpful. I bought a little project car and brought it to them after I got it running. They lifted the car and showed me all the problems that I could not see. The car is old and parts were difficult to find but they were able to get everything I needed to restore it. In fact, a few of the items needed were no longer available so they manufactured them for me. I never got the feeling I was being ripped off and they were always welcoming when ever I stopped in to check on the progress. I could tell these guys loved tinkering with cars just as much as I do. In the end they did a ton of work, gave me a great price and my little 1978 British convertible is still running strong.

Tony T. | 2011-05-19

I live just down the block from this shop and have never really bothered to check it out since my M3 was covered under warranty. just a couple months after my warranty was over my transmission went bad on me. needless to say. i had a second car so i just garaged my baby for a good while just to get quotes on the tranny work. BMW quoted me $5600 after their diagnostic, local shops brought it as low as $1600. when i presented to Sayed if he could match it he said he would considering if i had gone with the other shop they would have outsourced the labor on the tranny to another shop which would take longer. I told Sayed i was in no rush but to get the car out by one week to get it smogged so i can get my registration tag. After a Couple of days Sayed called me to come by and take a look at when had happened to my transmission. he showed me a gear locking pin that had cracked and locked up my gears and that the job would actually be cheaper. (Thats HONESTY right there) at that point i figured if it was less than what i had budgeted i told him to go ahead and add the 100k tune up which basically is a good amount of work replacing filters, oil, spark plus, lubrication. fluid capping, belt inspections, etc... about 5 days overall i got the call from Sayed telling me my car was all ready to pick up. So i walked up to the shop and saw my baby spankin clean, !! Not only did he fix my car for a great price, he washed it, shine my webbed up wheels but he went above and beyond  by taking my car to get smogged and pass for me!! So i didn't have to worry about doin anything else. I would Definitely highly recommend going here.

Zac R. | 2011-04-27

I Needed to get my car ready for smog. Turns out I needed a lot of work done. These guys were quick friendly and affordable, Sayed is a great guy to work with. My car is running as good as the day I bought it. They have a customer in me for life.

Najah A. | 2010-11-10

I found Euro Car Service by driving by one night, and knew that when I purchased my dream early 80's Mercedes 300 that I would bring it there.  But little did I know what a great  and honest mechanic Sayed is.  The car that I am currently driving 'apparently' needed new struts- well according to Precision Auto Tune in Midway.  But after I spoke to Sayed on the phone, he told me to bring in my car so that he could check the struts himself.  So I brought my car to him, and after 15 minutes, he told me that I DID NOT NEED NEW STRUTS.  Him and his employee Jose lifted my car and showed me why I did not need new struts, and that the noise that I was hearing was from a loose bolt that Precision Auto Tune did not correctly tighten.  Thanks to Euro Car Service, I saved hundreds of $$ :-)  I am now a loyal customer of Euro Car Service!!

James T. | 2010-05-07

Your typical, rip-off repair shop.

I stopped by because I was in the neighborhood and have been looking for a close-by shop to put in new front suspension (I did the rear myself and know how to work on cars I just didn't have the proper tools for the front). I casually asked for a rough estimate and was quoted $90 for the labor. Reasonable I thought. So I dropped the car off at 3pm and explained that I needed the springs off of one set of shocks put on the new pair and then replace the assemblies on the car with the new shocks and springs. I left feeling confident the job would get done.

After an hour, I got a call explaining that the labor would be an extra hour due to the fact that the springs needed to be taken off one assembly and put on another. This started to sound shady. I know with the proper tools, it takes MINUTES to disassemble and reassemble a mcpherson strut assembly. I hesitantly went along and agreed to the extra cost and was told i would be called when it was ready around 6pm.

I received a call at 5:13pm telling me the car was ready to be picked up. No mention of final price. I return to the shop only to see an invoice for a whopping $270!!!! the excuse this time? Oh they had to put 2 mechanics to work on it so it would be done in time!! At that point I had had it and just wanted to leave. I explained that was a lot more than I was hoping to pay and in return for my polite complaint, $20 was knocked off. I was then informed that they hadn't re-aligned the car and THAT would be an additional $70!!!

needless to say, I am VERY UNHAPPY and highly recommend you go elsewhere for mechanic work. I feel cheated, lied to, and ripped off. I can only imagine what they would have tried to charge me had I bought the parts through them!!

My advice? STAY AWAY!!!