Del Mar Motor Cars in San Diego, CA

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Del Mar Motor Cars sells quality pre owned vehicles, and provides financing for all credit scores


Established in 1998.

Over 30 years Helping San Diego consumers with their automotive needs

Del Mar Motor Cars

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 481-2900
Address:3444 Tripp Ct, San Diego, CA, 92121
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Del Mar Motor Cars

Jordan B. | 2015-04-19

0 Stars if possible*
I went with my friend to go look at a Nissan xtera for her to possibly buy the next day after reinstating her lisence. The owners daughter Audrey right away accused my friend of being high, she's an mp in the military by the way. So she is drug tested often and is no way she could of been high. Then after the daughter accused her of being high the owner assumed my friend had a dui when all she had was an expired license. The car wasn't even in the condition the add said it was in. The vehicle needed new tires and had a crap paint job and the tint was purple. Would stay away from this "Dealership" they have shity customer service and their car selection is crap.

Braden J. | 2015-03-29

I bought a 99 jeep wrangler here it was my first time purchasing a vehicle. These guys were friendly and helpful at first but when it came time to negotiate they would not. They were stiff on their price and said that it was 2k over kbb value because of aftermarket upgrades to the bumpers and lift.  Me not knowing better trusted these guys, stupid I know, but their salesman smiles got me. I purchased the jeep. The 2k in upgrades I later found out was maybe 500 dollars, and within the first 60days the back left shock absorber went out requiring me to replace both rear shocks. Also while doing this I came across several stripped bolts which I had to drill out because of the inability for them to be removed.  I'm scared to see what else is waiting for me to find under the body and hood. I don't not recommend buying a vehicle from these guys without first doing lots of research and taking a mechanic to inspect with a fine comb Evey inch of the car. Also their hours on Google are wrong and after bring it to their attention they seemed not to care and spoke to me rudely and as if I was interrupting their off time. If I could go back I would take my money else where.

Aaron L. | 2014-12-09

There dealers are not negotiable even thow I had showed them wat it's worth on kelly blue book. And very rude telling several customers not to waist there time. They also try to screw you on interest rates even thow I have perfect credit

JE L. | 2014-07-10

I bought a Truck and paid well over what it should have been priced at...same story as others on here.  Outside looked great...I was told that everything had been overhauled and re-built under the hood...I asked for a list of all of the repairs that had been done...but was not supplied with one, even asking multiple times before buying...being trusting...I bought the truck anyways.  

After only having driven the truck a few hundred miles the radiator blew up...I was told that it was a brand new was not.  I kept asking and asking for the list of what had been done to the truck and they finally sent it over.  The actual overhaul of the truck and the engine was nothing close to what they told me was done when I bought it.  

I did buy an extended warranty...but so far nothing that has gone wrong with the truck has been covered by the warranty.  

This truck is a second car so barely ever gets driven and I still actually had to replace the Drive Shaft as it was almost completely worn through...had I been driving the truck while the drive shaft broke I could have been in a serious accident.

I should have had my own mechanic check this truck out before I bought it but I trusted these guys.

Big Mistake!

Cindy D. | 2014-05-26

Bought my car here about 3 years ago and have been in love with my car ever since.

The staff seemed to be up front and honest.

At the time, the price seemed a little high, but pretty comparable to other dealers. Even though the price was higher than private sellers (as dealers usually are) I caved in and bought the car because it was EXACTLY what I was looking for, and it was a harder to find car.  

It turns out I ended up with a solid, high quality vehicle that had been babied its entire life. Score!

In the three years I've owned the car, I've had routine maintenance done on it, but haven't had any major issues. I recently had some oil leaks fixed, but keep in mind I bought this car 3 years ago and my car is now 14 years old.... those things come with age.

Will check out Del Mar Motor Car's inventory in the future when looking for a new car.

Blake L. | 2014-05-07

At first impression these guys seemed to be polite and professional, but this changed once I began to do business with them.  I had been looking for my favorite make/model for a long time and found it here, but priced way above Blue Book.  The boss Rob said he pays no attention to KBB and wasn't even aware of the suggested retail value.  It was blatantly obvious that the car had been in an accident, which he repeatedly attempted to assure me never happened.  Truth is he had no idea.  He said he'd refuse to negotiate but would fix anything we could find wrong with the car, so I took it to my mechanic who gave me a laundry list of issues with it.  He also told me that somebody had tried to clean and even paint parts of the engine to make it appear to be in better condition.  
I returned with a printout from the mechanic, showed it to Rob and reminded him about what he agreed to.  He wanted a copy of the printout, which I had paid good money for and had all my credit card information on it.  I told him just to look at it while we negotiate, or that I will black out my credit card information.  His reaction was amazing really.  He threw the list at me and shouts "I don't want to do any of this!  You don't trust me, I don't trust you!"  And stomped out of his office, just leaving me sitting there.  All because I was responsible enough to get the vehicle checked out and to protect my credit information.  It was the behavior of a sensitive angry child, totally insane.
This was just my interaction, I know they might all differ greatly.  But I will say in general that these guys are looking to do business with chumps and suckers.  They just hope you don't know what you're doing and if you do, they just walk away. Or stomp away in my case.

Ashleigh A. | 2014-04-01

I purchased my BMW 335i from here in February of 2013. Within days of my purchase my car broke down due to electrical problems and battery failure. Since it was under a 30 day warranty and after a little argument Del Mar Motor Cars covered the problems and supposedly replaced the very pricy battery. After the 30 day warranty period was over more problems existed. Thankfully I purchased an extended warranty out of pocket because here I am a year later my car spends more time at the mechanic then in my possession.
I put down almost $10,000 on this vehicle as a down payment and paid over blue book price for it. I am so unsatisfied with my purchase. Seemed like it would be such a great car but its was all outer beauty. The car itself is JUNK.
About two months ago I had extensive repairs that needed to be done on the car that were not covered by warranty and I was a day late on my payment - I dropped my car off at the BMW dealership to have it looked at. I explained to Audrey (the woman in charge of financing at Del Mar Motor Cars) that I felt I was sold a LEMON due to all my problems I constantly have and I explained to her I was going to be a little late on my payment (in which they normally give you a 10 day grace period anyway) -- she went behind my back that day and had the car repossessed from the BMW service department (mind you I was ONE DAY late on my payment) and once I CONTACTED her she told me that the car was still considered theirs since I finance through them and she doesn't feel I take care of the vehicle! I was in shock. After speaking with my mothers lawyer and threatening to take this into legal matters she wanted to work it out and they offered to cover the preexisting problems through their mechanic and I can pay them back in installments. I agreed after further discussion.. they had my car for about two weeks, never did I get a list of what was taken care of and what I was paying for but apparently it was all fixed. Here I am a month in a half later with all the same problems again. I took it to a mechanic my family goes to and trusts where they explained that the previous mechanic did not tighten my belt which caused it to become loose and snap causing multiple problems in my engine. I live far from Del Mar Motor Cars and I work 6 days a week. I called to explain to Rob (the owner) that it is at my mechanic and what he said is wrong and it is due to THEIR mechanics faults. He told me I needed to drive it there (with no power steering) over 40 minutes from me and they would take it back to their guy and they would give me a loaner (which by the way is a 1993 Honda Accord --  why when I pay $500 a month for my BMW would I want that to drive for 2 weeks while your mechanic takes his sweet time probably screwing my car up some more). I just have had a horrible headache of an experience here and I do not recommend this place what so ever! Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!!

Ephraim F. | 2014-02-17

My wife and I wanted a change of pace, so we decided to sell our Jaguar sedan and get a nice sports car instead. I've been to Del Mar Motors before, and I always see a nice collection of special cars.
We spoke with Ayal and told him what we wanted and our concerns. Let's be real- if you buy a used sports car, you will have not-so-cheap events every now and then. That's just a fact of life. So you include that in your cost model, and Ayal also showed us some warranty options.
But then he did something surprising. He told us that, based on everything we told him, he would not recommend that we buy a used sports car, or even a new sports car. He suggested we lease one. The suggestion made so much sense. And that's just what we did.
So, even though I cannot comment on an actual "buying" experience, I do feel comfortable about giving this place my five stars.

Joe E. | 2013-02-15

I saw their ad for a truck in Autotrader and called them to check if it was available. It was. I called the next day before I left for my 30 mile drive to their location. I was told it was still there, even verifying by their stock number.  I get there and I'm told that they sold it already.  Rob didn't want to tell me when it was sold or any other details. ..probably because they use this shady tactic to get people into their doors.  This place sucks for their deceptive practices.  And to Audrey...take your job more seriously...when you say you're going to call and you don't, there's a lot of time and money wasted by your prospective customers.  Del Mar Motor Cars...not located in Del Mar...I guess your lies are in your name as well.

Danielle M. | 2012-12-30

Rob and his team (which just so happens to include some of his family members) really took care of me. I successfully made my first adult purchase with the help of the Del Mar Motor Cars team. The process was fast, easy, and I almost forgot I was making such a substantial purchase. Rob treated me kindly and like a friend rather then a potential paycheck. They were willing to go above and beyond. They explained every step carefully and offered me multiple options until we found the best fit for me. I feel confident with my purchase and LOVE my new Civic. I will take my car to be serviced by his team if ever need be in the future. Just moving to CA and not knowing reparable dealers I was lucky to find such a welcoming and honest dealer, dedicated to making sure I was satisfied. I recommend a car for Del Motor Cars and plan on buying my big girl, grownup car there one day. Thanks Del Mar Motor Cars!!

Chris B. | 2012-04-17

I purchased a 2004 Subaru Outback Limited with just under 130K on the clock from Del Mar back in August of 2011. I paid almost $1,000 over blue book value which I blame myself for not doing my research. Car looks super clean and only had one owner so I  was originally confident in my purchase...

Check engine light was on in the car only a few weeks after purchasing it. Within the first 2 months, I had to replace the spark plugs (wrong plugs were installed in the car), and both front axles. One of which broke while I was driving.

The check engine light has been on since January again for what seems to be a catalytic converter, and I had to have one of the head gaskets replaced due to a pretty severe leak judging by how much spray was covering the engine.

Del Mar did give me a contact for a trustworthy mechanic, but I would have preferred to just buy a car that didn't need so much work. I understand it has high mileage and many of these issues were unforeseen, but for the price I paid, I was hoping for a little less of a headache.

I will say that dealing with the team at Del Mar was very pleasant. Made the whole buying process very painless and I was able to drive away in the car right away. For that reason I would recommend checking them out.

Julia E. | 2012-03-09

These guys were very helpful in getting me my MINI Cooper!! There were some problems with the car but they gave me money to fix. What car dealer does that? These guys are very cool and laid back. Definitely recommend getting a car from them!