DCH Honda of Mission Valley in San Diego, CA

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DCH Honda of Mission Valley is located in beautiful San Diego, California.  We have tradition of excellent customer service, outstanding quality and incredible value. We have one of the largest new Honda vehicle inventories in the area along with a great selection of Honda Certified and pre-owned vehicles.  Our sales staff has many years of experience satisfying our customer's needs and will make sure you feel welcome, respected, productive, confident, and enthused while making your purchase.

DCH Honda of Mission Valley has a state-of-the-art service center with the latest tools and technologies to repair your vehicle. Our service department team is a group of highly trained auto technicians who will properly care for your vehicle.  In addition, with our extensive in-stock inventory, our parts and accessories department is likely to have the exact Honda car part that you need.

When you visit DCH Honda of Mission Valley, you will discover that "Your satisfaction is our mission!"

DCH Honda of Mission Valley

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(855) 435-0246
Address:5812 Mission Gorge Rd, San Diego, CA, 92120
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on DCH Honda of Mission Valley

Anonymous P. | 2015-04-18

WARNING: Wow. Just wow. My disbelief is beyond words. Do NOT buy a car from DCH HONDA MISSION VALLEY. I repeat this...PLEASE GO TO SOME OTHER DEALERSHIP. Their lack of professional conduct is appalling. These car salespeople (and sales managers) lack integrity. They do NOT keep their word. Where do I even begin to explain my experience here? First of all, they had to bring a car from another dealership because they did not have the particular car I want in stock. Okay, that's fine, that's understandable. What was NOT okay was having me sign the contract while "the car was in transport". Basically, they had me sign the contract before I even had a look at my car. When I finally did look at my car, it was not what I wanted. As if this didn't void the contract already, the address on that contract was misspelled...three times. Incompetency. Second, the GSM promised me a year of free service and when I went to ask for that to be added on the final signed contract, he told me he never said that and just gave me a free oil change. When I finally signed the contract (again), they told me my car would be ready for delivery the next day. I came the next day only to have them tell me it was not ready. I waited hours and hours for them just to deliver this news to me. Needless to say, I left the dealership that day in a very unsatisfied mood. Now what happened next seriously prompted me to write this review. Third, I was promised a free full tank of gas once my tank ran empty. So, when my car was about to run out of gas, I drove all the way to the dealership to get the promised gas. Now, mind you, this particular dealership was far from where I lived (about a 20 minutes drive). I drove all that way (on a nearly empty tank of gas) only to have them tell me "sorry, we cannot give you the gas because you gave us unsatisfactory ratings on the survey." Upon hearing this, I was just in utter shock and disbelief. What happened to anonymity? The results of this survey were truthful. All I wanted was to pay for a car I wanted. I did not get this and hence I was unsatisfied, hence the ratings for the sub par customer service I received. My parents bought me this car with their hard earned money. All I wanted was to make every cent count. Had I given high ratings, they would've given me the gas but I at least have integrity to not lie just to my benefit. DCH is part of the name of their dealership. DCH. What does this stand for? Delivering Customer Happiness. Instead, it should be DCH: DECEIVING CUSTOMERS HORRIBLY. I DO NOT recommend going to this dealership but if you find yourself having absolutely NO OTHER CHOICE, please be careful to get EVERYTHING in writing IN THE CONTRACT, record when possible and just make sure you aren't deceived. I was promised a free oil change here but I probably won't ever come to this dealership again. I would much rather pay to get my oil changed than to set foot in this dealership again. I feel so highly uncomfortable even parking my car in their lot with the fear of my bumper being side swept or scratched. (Also, my car, a brand new car, had a scratch that they were unable to remove without "worsening the paint job"). This dealership is the definition of incompetency. They waste your time, having you wait before anything gets done and their lack of integrity in keeping their word makes you question how unprofessional this establishment is. One more word of advice: even if you already signed the contract and are unhappy with the car, DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR OFF THE LOT; CA law states that so long as the car is still on the dealership property, it is still THEIR car. So, you can still retract from the contract if you're unhappy with the car and have already signed the contract. I would give a rating of 0 stars if possible. Yelp requires at least a one star rating and hence I gave it one star. This one star comes from Yelp's requirements and the one person in the entire dealership that was decent to me (he was the one who finally helped me close the deal--his name is Ly Hua; I recommend going to see him if you must, must, must go to this particular dealership, with no other choice).

Jacquelin M. | 2015-04-12

I went in for an oil change yesterday and was taken care of by AJ, one of the service advisors. He was great! Very attentive, caring of my needs, and considerate of my time. I didn't have a Yelp account before this but I absolutely felt like I had to let everyone know about the service I received.

Monica Y. | 2015-04-06

Hate to say this..but this has been one problem after another.
I bought a "certified" Honda Civic through Costco. I came to find out this car was NOT CERTIFIED. Their response-"too bad"
According to the dealership manager.

BIG MISTAKE!!! This car has been one problem after another:-(
I am frustrated, sad, and disappointed.
Daniel service advisor-
It will continue to be a struggle,, thier recommendation, " trade it in and buy another car"
I thought Honda were supposed to last??
So far- Axel, strut, starter, tires, oh and let's not forget-paint job.
What?? This is ridiculous! No more Hondas for me.:-(

Ed T. | 2015-04-03

Just picked up my Ridgeline. Took it in for noise from right rear brake. Told Kai, service rep, to repair whatever they found, and not to bother calling me for ok.  They cleaned brakes, found plenty of pad/shoe left, washed car inside and out, and returned it to me for a grand total of $-0- dollars. Unheard of service.....I will be back!!! Thanks.

Jane H. | 2015-03-28

JOHN KIDD from internet sales is AMAZING!  Best customer service I have ever experienced from a dealership.  We discussed a lease price via email, I went in and he had the car and papers ready.  I was in and out in an hour or so.  I thought he would for sure try to pull something- say they only had 1 car at that price but they already sold it, or try to make me take one of the ugly less popular colors, but nope.  He didn't do any of that!  Stuck to the agreed upon price.  Would highly highly recommend this dealership, and if you're looking for a Honda don't waste your time driving from dealership to dealership- just email: jkidd@dchhondaofmissionv…

Heidi A. | 2015-03-23

Just had a GREAT car buying experience here. John Le helped us out and was extremely knowledgable about all the ins and outs of the crv ex model we were buying. We had been to two other dealerships and he knew so much more than anyone else at those dealerships. It seems like it should be this way everywhere, but clearly it's not and sets them apart. I left with my blue tooth synched, favorites in and anything new all tested out for me.

Next-super easy car buying experience. Granted, it still takes time getting the trade in, credit check, signing paperwork etc. We came in knowing exactly what we were willing to pay, and what we thought (and from research would be a very fair) deal. We told John, after the first numbers he showed to us, our absolute bottom line and he said ok, showed a manager and that was it. We got more for trade in than other honda dealers or carmax too. We didn't (and walked out of another Honda) for going back and forth over a few hundred dollars after we said our absolute low price. We really appreciated not going through that and know we got a steal of a deal in a low pressure environment.

Go here, come with some research (truecar numbers, honda pricing, etc) and see John Le. You with have a better or easier time anywhere else!

peter T. | 2015-03-21

Purchasing a car is usually not a pleasant experience, however today the staff
at DCH Honda was exceptional. The internet sales manager John Kidd and Alex
Orloff along with the finance manager Derek and Robert the sales manager, all
provided excellent customer service and made my family feel like part of their
extended family. I ended up purchasing two cars, one each for my daughters and
John Kidd gave me a great deal, over $1500 less than my next closest quote.
I'll highly recommend this dealership in the future.

Robert J. | 2015-03-19

I cannot recommend DCH Honda of Mission Valley strongly enough. When I first started working on this review, I wrote a long overview of my shopping process and the dealership... and then realized that my post didn't do it justice. Honestly, it's just hard to express in text how great my experience there was, but I'll try:

I've bought many cars (too many - one every 2-3 years since the 1990s!), and even when I was SURE I had gotten a good price I've always driven away feeling suspicious and distrustful, each time struggling to enjoy my new vehicles for a few days after purchase due to the lingering feeling that maybe I 'could have done better.' I've also always hated and dreaded the process of purchasing, as there are just so many better ways to spend your day than sitting in a dealership for hours on end while the salesman makes you wait pointlessly as he 'presents' each offer to his supervisors.

But this experience was different.

I worked with a gentleman from the internet sales department named John Kidd, and I felt comfortable with him from the first moment. I found John to be a straight shooter, and there was no time at which I felt taken advantage of - in fact, I left the dealership supremely confident that I had gotten the best price possible, and that at no point had they even tried to take advantage of me. Perhaps this sounds silly (it's a hard sentiment to describe in text) but it's genuine - the dealership, or at least John, truly believes in taking care of their customers instead of bilking them for all they are worth.

As for the lot itself, it has an odd location - not really near any other dealers or in a particularly good area of town - but I found it to be a clean, upscale place in great shape (I think they may have remodeled recently). Because many of the new cars were in the 'back lot', the dealership looks very small when you drive up - but once you are there, you realize it's actually massive, probably one of the largest Honda dealerships in San Diego (though still small compared to LA dealerships lol).

Overall, I could not be happier with the dealership, its internet sales department, or my salesperson John Kidd. It was an easy, stress-free experience that left me - for once - able to truly enjoy my car from the moment I drove it off the lot. Though I cannot say for sure that I will always buy Honda, I can say with certainty that if I go Honda with my next car my first stop will be this DCH Honda!

Kelly A. | 2015-03-19

Omar in the service department is so sweet & accommodating!  Michelin Premier tires were cheaper here than purchasing at costco.  Install & alignment was included!  They provided a shuttle to my house so I didn't have to wait there.  I'm very picky w/ auto repairs and they met all my needs flawlessly.  Excellent customer service!!  Thanks Omar & DCH!  :)

Michelle M. | 2015-03-18

Had to bring my car in for an oil change and to diagnose the starter. Soon as I drove up to the service area, two nice gentlemen greeted me and directed me to a nice young lady that helped me get to a representative. I had tons of books and a huge purse so she said that I could sit at the customer lounge and someone will come to me. Nice huh? Minutes later, Omar (service rep) comes up to me and brings me paperwork and told me I didn't have to get up. He probably noticed that I had unloaded my books and laptop and started my already-late-homework (totally my fault). Such a nice guy. Ask for him!

Now back to my situation, Omar told me that my oil change was complete but for someone to diagnose my starter issue, they'd have to charge me $115. If you choose to have the repairs done, the $115 goes toward the repair BUT if you choose not to do the repairs through them, the $115 goes to them for diagnosing. It's your choice but what a gamble right? I finally got my estimate (I needed a new starter).....are your ready???? $752! It was $352 for the part and the rest was labor because my starter was "in an odd place".  It's okay, and I understand, but I'm not rich (but I'm workin on it, hence the school books) but damnnnn $752?

So I ended up consulting with my wise old dad and we took my car to Midas who charged me $350 with warranty.

Loved Omar's customer service, everyone was so dang nice. I absolutely didn't want to leave. I'll be back for the small, affordable repairs.

P.S. The bathrooms were clean....(well it matters me to me dammit).

Wayne K. | 2015-03-13

I live in Point Loma and found a used car I wanted to purchase at DCH Honda when I dropped off my wife to get her air bags replaced on her CRV that was recalled.  After she dropped off her car and left they called her back to tell her they ran out of the airbag replacement and she would need to bring her car back on a different day.  I should have realized it would be a mistake to do further business with the dealership but I ended up buying a BMW 328i i I saw on the lot the next week.  About 1 month later I was informed by letter that they had lost the smog certification for the car and couldn't do the transfer of title and registration until I brought the car back to the dealership and left it for a smog check.  They would not accommodate me with a loner car even though it was their mistake.  Instead of spending hours of my time driving to El Cajon and waiting at their service department for them to do the smog check I paid $45 out of my pocket to get the smog check in 15 min at an independent smog certification location near my home.  I will never do any business with DCH Honda again.  I recommend you don't either.

Ruben S. | 2015-03-06

I recently came into DCH Honda to see if I could trade in a car. I had a 2011 jetta and was looking for a new Civic. Being my first time ever there and purchasing at a dealership I was very nervous. My sales person was Tom Youngblood and when I got there he showed me the car then after that we talked numbers. I told Tom i was going to make a phone call and get a second opinion from two people. After the calls which were no more then 10 min each btw, Tom said you have to make a decision. Everything Was pleasant until that moment. I said I am not comfortable going forward and I would like time to think and come back another day. He blew up raising his voice saying "GET OUT DON'T EVER COME BACK YOU HAVE WASTED MY TIME AND YOU WILL NEVER FIND A BETTER DEAL" After that reaction I'm Damn glad I didn't purchase the car. That was extremely unprofessional and totally uncalled for!! I am definitely never going to come back to this dealership and I'm going to let everyone know that Tom Youngblood is extremely unprofessional and down right rude. What a way to represent your place of business. I wish I didn't even have to give them one star...  DCH Honda just lost a customer!!!!!

Ps. I went to Poway Honda and got a way better deal and on a newer model!!!  Everyone was very friendly and patient!  Not pushy at all and very helpful (unlike Tom Youngblood)

Janini D. | 2015-02-28

Take great care of their customers in the service department. Josh even remembered me from five months prior. They finished my car earlier than promised. I'll be back again and again

Michael K. | 2015-02-25

Once again Daniel Dees comes to the rescue! After purchasing replacement wiper blades at Pep Boys that did not even touch the glass in a huge gap on the windshield, I ordered OEM wiper blades and when I went to pick them up at Honda Mission Valley, ran into our expert service rep, Daniel Dees. In no time he got the new blades installed with no charge (after a slight mixup from the parts department). Alas, we were in and out in no time and everything was done correctly and professionally. Thanks again, Daniel for your generous assistance.

Sheena T. | 2015-02-20

Kai is so awesome, he made my experience an excellent one. I will always bring my cars to DCH Honda.

Ariel C. | 2015-02-17

5 shining, solid stars!!

I live in Mira Mesa and I drove pass all the other Honda dealerships on the way and came down to DCH Honda in Mission Valley. It is worth every mile of it!

I was referred by a coworker to AJ Almeida at the Service Department to check my car in for a what-was-going-to-be a gigantic hole in my wallet. I had taken my car to a out-of-town shop over the holidays for a simple check up and alighment, the guys at that shop said alignment was off due to a much bigger problem..so they ended up suggesting me to get 4 new struts which will cost me, with labor, about $2000 dollars for this one issue alone. Due to the holidays and being out of town, I decided that I should get a 2nd opinion and perhaps perform a big job like this at an official Honda dealership. Whew, boy am I glad I waited!

I took my 05 CRV in on President's Day, bright and early appointment at 8:30am. AJ and the service guys welcomed me warmly and speedily as I told them that I'd need an escape plan since I don't live near by. They offered the free shuttle services and promised will keep me updated on the estimated time of completion. I was able to get a few things done while my car was being looked at and I did not have to waste my time waiting or going back and forth at all! I also would like to point out that, being not so much of a car person, AJ did an amazing job explaining what they had found in my car and why that will fix the problems that I was having. They found that I didn't need new struts or spend a few thousand dollars, and a honest way to fix my car without ripping my car a new one!

Long story short: CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EXCELLENT HERE!! Bring your Honda babies here!

Oh here, I hope AJ won't hate me for blowing up his phone: 619-521-6009 :)

Thanks guys!

Tom S. | 2015-02-14

I had to bring in my 2001 civic to get my air bags replaced for a recall , I was helped by Omar , he was very helpful , got me in and out of there quick and even took care of getting me a rental car!  The car was done when promised, what more can you ask  for !  Tom S.

Jared Y. | 2015-02-14

Gotta hand it to DCH - my experience buying my 2015 Honda Civic LX was the very best car buying experience I've ever had. Usually buying a car feels like a mixture between a game of tug-of-war and getting teeth pulled. At DCH Honda of Mission Valley, my girlfriend and I first spoke to them over the phone because I didn't want to waste my time coming in if I wasn't able to get my payment within a certain range, and if I couldn't get a car I liked.

Not only did I get the payment I needed and the car I liked, but I got the best APR I've ever had, a friendly and extremely helpful staff that went the extra mile for me, a cool and comfortable facility with good
Coffee and clean cold water, and the next thing I definitely appreciate: no one tried to sell me extras I didn't want. Not only that but when the original car u picked out resulted in a payment that was larger than I could handle, they got me into a car I liked even better, and because Honda had a special financing deal for the Civic, my payment went $100 lower than the car I had originally chosen. I didn't even realize I could get a Civic for less than the Fit! I was just assuming the Fit would be my best bet for the lowest payment. If They hadn't presented me with that option I would have assumed the deal with the fit was just going to have to cut it but they worked hard to get me a better deal.

High marks for their friendliness, their ability to do whatever they could for me, and their honesty! They paid me what my trade in was worth! No low-ball offer!

Jack L. | 2015-02-10

Finally have my car paid off and they won't respond to my voicemails about service or my email inquiries. I guess if I'm not buying a new car they don't care much for my business.

Jen P. | 2015-02-04

my review is for kai in the service dept. kai had great customer service skills and really explained things well with my car.  he was very nice and the service was quick as well.  im glad i went to kai and will be going back to him again when my car needs service.

Matt K. | 2015-01-28

Right down the street from where I live. Came here for a safety recall. Anthony in service took care of me. Signed some papers. In and out before I could use the free shuttle they offer. So impressed with how fast and efficient the whole process was. They are definitely doing everything right here. Anthony hooked it up! Very happy with my experience.

Justine H. | 2015-01-27

I should have ended up in Los Colinas for driving my Cadillac CTS blacked out throughout my entire academic career at SDSU. That was really stupid and I don't drive drunk anymore, but I had bought that baby while I was a barely legal, smokin' hot little hustler at Little Darlings and Deja Vú. That was really stupid too and I don't do that anymore either (sorry boys). That car was on it's last leg and it was time for mama to drive something that was better suited for me.

A little less than two years ago my husband dropped me off at my work and he picked me up in a brand new Honda Civic 2013. If you're looking for a quality car that is affordable and practical then this is it. If you're looking for a car that is safe then this is da real MVP. Recently I was t-boned at an intersection by a car going 35-40 mph. The car was instantly totaled, but I hopped right out and went to the gym that same day. Yes, daddy was pissed at me and revoked my breast augmentation surgery, but he is really happy I'm alive. That's what matters.

Daddy bought the last car for me so one week ago he got what he wanted. We got the 2015 Honda Si Coupe. This car is way more bad ass than the last one and I'm learning how to drive stick! The exterior and interior are way better looking and the features are rad too! I don't even need a key to unlock and start my car!!!! The car is still super affordable and way more fun to drive.

Honda's website has details and pricing on the cars, but for the last two years we've been dealing with the sales manager Jeff. He is super down to earth and is a pleasure to deal with. Whenever the car has to get serviced, I actually don't mind waiting around. Customer service at Honda is great and sometimes they have cookies. I love cookies.

Alex D. | 2015-01-26

Wish I could give negative 10 star. Worst service and vehicle I ever buy. They can not fix their own car or honor warranty. If I could go back I would not buy Honda. Worst experience I every had that's why I will never buy Honda again or own another one even if it's free. Last than one week of purchase new car, it have issue and bring in for service numerous time but still can not fix it. I will bring future service else where and will not let ALL HONDA get a single penny out of me. Rather pay more else where. If anyone planning to shop for Honda I recommend look for another brand. You have been warn.

Naureen I. | 2015-01-25

Went here for servicing and I was told my tires needed changing. Our customer rep, Kai, was very helpful and got us a good deal on a set of 4 tires. We did our market research for Michelin branded tires and found that he offered the best deal. The car was ready pretty quickly and they even called with a follow up to make sure I was satisfied.

Ra T. | 2015-01-22

I want to buy a car and was giving my information to the sales person he ask us for couple of minutes came back with my credit score. They checked my credit score before getting a signature from me or even explaining that they are going to check my credit !!!!
I told them I don't need navigator on my car but they were pushing me to get a car with navigation I guess because they only have that in their stock or it was more expensive. Anyway I could not trust them and left. I bought my car in other dealer

Amon T. | 2015-01-21

I took my accord to have an inspection first. Omar was helping me the first time and he was very helpful and friendly. Then I had to go back to  get a set of 4 new tires. I asked for Omar' service again.  I am really satisfied with his service.

Andrea A. | 2015-01-13

My 2013 CRV has been to this dealership twice, and both times, my car was in great hands with Omar Atilano. Not only did Omar get the job done promptly, he made me feel welcome and comfortable both visits with a friendly greeting and small talk rather than sounding robotic and making me feel like just a number. He genuinely cares and listens attentively when I describe what is going on with my car and takes his time answering any questions I have thoroughly. I also never leave without understanding what was done.

Finding a trustworthy service advisor is rare these days, but I completely trust Omar. He will definitely be my go-to for any issues and concerns with my car.

Brent T. | 2015-01-09

Ugh.  Does every dealer in S.D. do the bait and switch or am I having a string of bad luck?

I look online and see a used 2009 Civic that I am interested in.  I send an inquiry via USAA car buying service and get a price quote from DCH Honda of Mission Valley.  I get a message from Teresa yesterday so I call her today and set up an appointment for a test drive.  I arrive 30 minutes prior to appointment time and am told "Oh, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, the car actually isn't for sale."  What?  Ok, then how about a phone call, email, text, something?!?!

And the best part, the salesman told me that this had happened to other people but he had no control, it was out of his hands, etc.  So does that mean DCH of Honda of Mission Valley has a history or bait and switch?  Or, that they are incompetent if they can't handle the seemingly simple task of not advertising and not setting up appointments for cars that aren't actually for sale.

Or maybe the best part is that as I type this the 2009 Civic that isn't for sale (and never was) is still advertised on their web site.

So I will put this word out wherever I can to warn people about DCH Honda of Mission Valley and I shall report them to the legal office on base to see if they have a history of this and possibly making them off limits to military personnel - a move that usually only happens with seedy used car lots.

The nice touch is that the sticker on their used cars says something to the effect of "We want your time to be productive . . ." and "We deal ethically . . .".

You be the judge.

Norm H. | 2015-01-08

I came in to get a new key which would take awhile because it has a chip in it. While I waited, Omar said they'd be happy to take a free look at my hood which was skewed and not closing properly.

I was very pleased to find that when I received my car back with key, the hood had been fixed at no charge. Thanks Omar!

Jeffery A. | 2015-01-05

We went to the San Diego Auto Show with no intention on purchasing a new car.  We ran across the Honda Civic Hybrid and liked it, there was a ton of people climbing in and around it so on our way home we stopped to check one out a little closer. Dario in the internet department was the team member that worked with us.  I have to say it was extremely refreshing to work with someone that listened & truly cared about or concerns and use of the car. He at no time did he ever push us to buy. Now he did ask us to buy and we did, but he made it seem like if we said no he would be ok with that as well.  SAA the Sales Manager & Scott in Finance was just as great. If you are in the market for a new or used transportation I would stop by and ask for Dario!!  I will tell all my Friends and Family and highly recommend them.

Jordan C. | 2015-01-05

PRICE: I bought a 2015 Accord EXL a day after Black Friday and got a really good price! Although Honda of Lemon Grove was willing to beat the price Jeff and Claudia have quoted me, I decided to go for DCH because their price was still really good and they were really accommodating. (We ended up getting two cars, one white and one black!)

PRODUCT: The cars were awesome! But we got our cars pretty dirty. They did not detail both our cars  well, which meant foggy windows and sticker goo still present in my doors. They did offer to detail both our cars for free, but the experience on this is pretty terrible. (I call to make an appointment to get my car's alignment and camera looked at and decided to get it detailed at the same time since I was already taking time off of work. I get here on time, then they tell me that they will not be able to detail my car cause my appointment was at 3PM and it takes 5 hours to detail a car. So no detail today I guess, but they also tell me that even with an appointment it will still take at least 2 hours just to get my car LOOKED AT). My side camera is blurry when I got my car, and within a month, the car is slightly pulling to the right, which is why I'm bringing my car in. But even with an appointment, it will take two hours just to look at this? What's the point of making an appointment? They apologized and said that the girls that set up appointments does not know how long detailing takes, but that's something they should be clarifying with the appointment setters!

EXPERIENCE: Buying the car was great. I was in and out within 2 hours (since I test drove and put in my financing applications online the day before) but since my boyfriend was still thinking bout buying a car and have not made up his mind, Jeff was being a little too pushy which we did not appreciate. In the end, the deal was too good to pass by, but we would have been happier if he wasn't so pressuring and even made comments that made us feel bad. Their service department, however, is not efficient as I've explained in my PRODUCT portion of the review.  They're not coordinated even with an appointment. Think of it as going to the hospital and trying to see a doctor. It takes FOREVER!!!

Andy R. | 2015-01-01

Just bought a car last week - got a great deal on a 2014 Honda CR-V. Tom Youngblood was my salesman and I highly recommend him. I've bought many cars in my lifetime and worked in the auto manufacturing industry for 13+ years and these guys are top notch - honest and they truly value your time.

After a brief meeting and test drives with Tom I told him I wanted to think it over. He didn't pressure me and over the following week he only emailed me once and didn't call. After some online research I decided on my offer and stopped in to chat with Tom.  We discussed the deal and weren't quite able to come to terms initially.  Subsequently, after shopping around, I revised my offer and Tom was willing to negotiate via email (important to me given the craziness of the holiday season coupled with my work and family responsibilities). I also like how they were willing to discuss the price in terms of "out the door".

Once we settled on the deal I was amazed that I was able to be drive away with my new car within 2 hours of getting dropped off - pretty good given that I took advantage of their 0% financing offer. Yes - you still have to sit through the other guy trying to up sell you the paint protection, extended warranty, etc. but he was not as intense as most.  And there was no reneging on the deal or trying to upgrade me into a more expensive model. Overall this was a great car dealer experience - 5 stars!

Jean F. | 2014-12-28

My car rode on Santa's flat bed sleigh (tow truck) to DCH Honda the day after Christmas due to an electrical issue that prevented it from starting on Christmas eve. The service department was surprisingly busy at 9:30am. My boyfriend requested that our Service Advisor be Kai, since he had a very good experience working with Kai at this last visit for his Honda. Kai was extremely polite, professional, courteous, and was excellent at estimating the time it would take for the repairs needed. Although there is never a good time to have car problems, Kai did a wonderful job of softening the blow of a large and unexpected car expense during the holidays. I nominate Kai for Employee of the Week/Month/Year! Thank you Kai!

John S. | 2014-12-20

Just wanted to give an atta boy to who I thing is the best service writer at DCH Honda of Mission Valley.  Daniel Dees has been outstanding on his customer service over the past several years.  Always pleasant and efficient in his contacts with us and is always willing to take the extra time to make the customer happy.

Terry D. | 2014-12-01

I wanted to talk to someone about service on my Honda. I called and was transferred to a woman that had a very nasal voice and I couldn't understand what she was saying. I asked a couple of times, was this service? After the third time of some gibberish followed by how can I help you each time I gave up. If I can't even get transferred to the right person over the phone I'm not wasting my time. There are other dealerships

Ayda R. | 2014-11-26

Just got my 2015 Accord and was amazed by the service I got from TONY! He is very knowledgable and cares for his customers. Overall I have been to other Honda dealerships but nothing compares to this one. The customer service is great and I recommend TONY for the 5 star service my family and I received. Thank You DCH

Matt C. | 2014-11-12

Dealership nice...but as of late the customer service has not been anything to brag about...and that is not the norm. I heard the dealership is now owned by someone else and maybe that has something to do with it but the employees seem to be the same....I will still go here but if it gets any worse l will let you know....cross your fingers

Rich H. | 2014-11-06

We took our 2008 Honda Civic in with a perplexing ignition problem.  My daughter had lost the only key to the car and, when we had two different key replacement services out to the car, neither of them could produce a key that would open the door or operate the ignition.

We finally had the car towed to DCH Honda.  This dealership removed the entire ignition module and was ultimately able to make a key that would work.  It took a lot of work by several people to gain success in this project.  The locks are numbered and associated with the VIN on the car.  However, our locks had apparently been switched prior to "new-car" delivery of our vehicle.  We had purchased the car new in 2008 and had never had any problem or work done on the ingition key lock, or any other lock on the car!!

During our entire stay, the staff remained courteous, interested, helpful and sympathetic to our unusual problem.  We specifically want to thank  Daniel, "AJ", Alyssa and several others who contributed their time and expertise to resolving this dilemma.

I would highly recommend DCH Honda of Mission Valley to anyone who owns a Honda within 50 miles of their place.  It would be worth the drive!!

Holly W. | 2014-11-04

I just bought a new car! I worked with Tony Maldonado and he was great. He was friendly and patient and not pushy. I received more for my trade in than I ever expected and it was more than the Kelley Blue Book value! I got a killer deal on my car. I feel like I stole it!

Thanks DCH Honda

Corrie G. | 2014-10-22

My husband and i are expecting a baby and needed to get an SUV! We were dreading the car buying experience because we have had miserable experiences in the past. We heard great things about the Honda CRV, so we found DCH Honda and went in for a test drive. We loved it, but we wanted to check out a Toyota Rav4 as well. Our salesman, Adrien, wasn't pushy at all and he let us leave that evening to go test drive other cars. We came back a couple days later because we loved the CRV more than any other SUV we test drove. We began working with Jeff and Victor as well as as Adrien. With a baby coming, we had a very strict budget to stick to and these guys all pulled together to do their best and keep us where we needed to be. We never felt rushed, manipulated, or pushed. We felt great about the men who helped us, the experience overall, and are loving our car!

To top it off, we had the finance manager call us the day after we purchased our car saying that he found a way for us to actually SAVE money. WHO EVER DOES THAT? So, we went in the next day to re-sign the paperwork and have a lower monthly payment and get more bang for our buck.

Thanks, DCH Honda for bringing the joy back to car buying!

Ryan M. | 2014-09-27

I had a coupon from being on their mailing list for 20% off accessories.  I ended up getting a custom fit sunshade.  They are great!  A perfect fit, so much better than one that is made for the masses.  These are made by Intro Tech, "Custom Auto Shade", they are reflective, multi layered and firm so they will stay in place, i like that you can tuck the edges into the edge of the windshield for maximum effect.  They also have a sewn in velcro tab for storage which is nice too.

They are $27 which is the same price or cheaper than you can find online (even ebay and amazon).  With my 20% coupon it came out to be $21 and change.  Great deal.

I did buy my car from here a few years ago, when they showed me around the guy was friendly and knowledgeable, but when you sit down with the manager or who ever to talk price, that guy is a different story.

They don't offer up available options for a better deal like asking if you have costco membership, (you have to do that on your own.)  And be aware of some shady tactics like where he writes down the price of things.. He offered a car alarm with tracking device, and put the price on the far edge inline with all the other prices for $1000, then another price inside of that for only alarm without the tracking device for $500 under that but more toward the middle of the page.  Then when i said i wanted only the alarm, he circled the $1000 alarm (with tracking device.)  I didn't realize that till i got home and the car was paid for!  Shady!

Guess thats his job to get the most out of you, but how bout, honesty and finding the best deal for you;  Which will make you a return customer and tell others how good service was.  Instead i paid more for something that i didn't want.  So just be aware of what they are selling you and what price the quote you, and always talk them down, or research how much you can get them on your own aftermarket.

So avoid the deceptive upselling, Instead go to the Costco website print out the car you want (including the price for all the add-ons) then go down for a no haggle experience.

Chris K. | 2014-09-23

The tailgate on my Pilot stopped staying open so I called to get the shocks/springs replaced.  I was told that there would be a $115 diagnostic test performed to figure out the problem i.e. tell me what I already know.  Really? $115? The door won't stay open. What else could it be? You're gonna charge me $115 just to tell me what I already know?  Wow just wow.  Helpful Honda methinks not!

I ended up calling another dealership in town and the parts guy said don't even bother getting it done through their own service dept because it's such an easy fix they'll just show me how to do it when I come in. They even put me on hold while they went to get the parts in hand just in case the computer was wrong about the parts being in stock.  When I got there the parts were on the counter with a receipt pre-printed and everything.   For the record the other guys are Pacific Honda.

It was only $200 in parts but DCH just lost my $200 business as well as any future Honda purchases. For what its worth I'm on my 3rd consecutive Honda and I'm starting to think about getting my 4th.  All over nickle and diming me over something so stupid.

Raven S. | 2014-09-23

I'm giving them 2 stars for 3 reasons.

Daniel Dees, Josh (I don't know his last name), and the honesty I got today.

After sitting around the dealership for 3 hours, they were able to diagnose my issue as a coil pack on my 1st cylinder. However, what they told me the cost to fix it was absolutely outrageous. After I pulled out my smartphone and did a few moments on Google, the obvious choice was to take my business elsewhere. I purchased my car here back in June, and my 90 day warranty is only five days expired (not to mention I called on the 21st when my car stall happened, but no one could pick up until the next day since they were closed, so this is just when they could fit me in). They were unwilling to honor my warranty, and I blame the penny pinching third parties for that.

I left and purchased the four parts from Napa for less than what they had offered to fix "ONE" of my coil packs for. Bad form, DCH, bad form. If you want to resolve this with me, you have permission to contact me. You employ people with good hearts; grow one yourself.

Rick M. | 2014-09-21

I am went down there to purchase A Honda Fit.  I met with John Le, we went for a test drive, he appeared to be preoccupied and didn't explain the features of the Honda Fit. We went back to his office and did some paperwork and did a credit check.  Had really good credit but they offered me a 3.99 APR.  I told John that I would go home and check my credit union to see if I can get a better a rate.  John then left the his office for a minute and then came back with the guy who did the credit check.  The  guy asked me if everything was okay and I said yes I'm going My credit union to see if they can make a better offer.  

I started to sense I was to being strong-armed by these guys. So I went home and my credit union offered me a 1.98 APR.  Call John and told him about the APR and then I would be down there The next day to buy the fit.  A few days later John called me and said I have a really good deal for you give me a call back at this number.  I called that number and found out it wasn't John's number it was a guy named Alex the Internet sales manager.  I knew then it started to look more and more like a high-pressure strong arm tactic.  

Either John or Alex told me the really good deal was that they met my 1.98 and can you give me the military discount as long as I finance the car through Honda Financial.  Alex definitely told me that I need to come down there right away because the cars were selling really fast.  At that point I knew I needed to go somewhere else to buy my vehicle.  From a vehicle sales standpoint I would not recommend this dealership.  

I originally went through Costco to purchase a vehicle with their program and this dealership was on the list.  I am going to file a complaint with the Costco automotive sales program. I don't think that mission Valley Honda should be part of the program.

Sharon L. | 2014-09-14

EXCELLENT dealership! We shopped around for the perfect used SUV with several weeks of research and pricing. From Escondido to Chula Vista, we ran the gamut on sales peeps and price options. We liked the look of the Sante Fe and the size of the Equinox, and of course the very popular, but small Toyota Rav but kept ending up back at Honda due to SUV size, mpg and AWD availability. The resale value of used CRVs landed us back on the Honda CRV AWD. We hit it off with TONY right off the bat and he matched and BEAT the 2013 barely used price (from Poway) on a brand new 2014 AWD. He was professional, honest, clear, warm and down to earth in our dealings. He made our purchase a fast and pleasant experience and we would refer him to anyone who considers buying any vehicle "tedious and laborious!" He was wonderful. Thank you Tony!!

Simon J. | 2014-09-06

I came here looking to get a new or used vehicle. Unfortunately, the sales person who greeted me and took me out for a test drive then passed my cell to another salesperson, you said down and worked on prices with me. They spoke in Spanish together, and although I understood basic Spanish and they weren't saying anything bad about me, that was not courteous. Additionally, when I told the sales person what price I was willing to pay for the car, yes me where I would get such a ridiculous price. How I came up with that. Rather than working with me and potential he showing me different vehicles that were in my budget, the salesperson attempted to then sell me a used car and halfway through told me that he was pricing it like a new car, and when I questioned him about it, he said he forgot that he was selling me a used car, which are you just going to test drive with the other salesman. At this point, you had my keys and my registration for the car I wanted to trade in. I was upset, so I asked to leave. I asked for my keys back, and you told me that I have to wait and hear another sales pitch first. At that point I threatened to call the police if he did not return my keys. He said he just needed to talk to the manager for a few minutes, and see if you can work on the price for my car. I said I really want to leave now, and he said he would be back in a few minutes. After five minutes of waiting, I had to get up and find the sales person who is talking to other sales people. At this point, he was discussing with the managers, and I requested you return my keys. His managers were horrified at how you're treated me, and at this point I was in my car leaving. A nice manager then came running to me in my car, asking me to sign a form giving them permission to do a credit check on me which they had Already run. Business manager than apologized for the first and second sales person's behaviors. Even offer to extend a sale from a recent holiday special and showed me some other cars, and you try to make it up to me. At this point I was very frustrated and mad, but I ultimately did not buy a Honda. The only reason this was not a one star review was that the business manager was very apologetic and very nice in the end.

Troy L. | 2014-08-22

The customer service & quality is bad and getting worst.  Took my Crosstour in to get serviced at the place in which we bought if from in 2010 and have been going back for scheduled service and maintenance every since. So, we're not just some one time disgruntled customer. It took 20 mins before someone even acknowledged my appointment and needed my break light fixed. Paid for the service had to come back the 3 days later, because they actually didn't fix my tail light.

Margarette F. | 2014-08-11

It's my first time with DCH of Mission Valley. I had a great experience with their amazing service! I dread getting car services, but Kai's excellent customer device made it stress-free! I can't believe I waited so long to come here. They also took care of a recalled item on my '06 Honda Civic, free of charge, of course. I really recommend this place, and definitely will be coming back.

Don H. | 2014-08-08

We had made up our mind that we wanted a CRV so we didn't have a lot of questions for the salesman.  We were pleased that he honored the price he quoted over the phone, which seemed to be very reasonable.  The buying process was relatively painless.  Although we would have liked to get more for our trade in, it was an older vehicle that they probably wholesaled out and we didn't want to try to sell it on our own.  

Unfortunately we have gotten absolutely no service after the sale.  I called the service department with a question and got a recorded message instead of being connected to a service advisor.  I left a message on their machine for them to call me back, but nobody did.  I called again several hours later, with the same result.  My phone calls were answered by recordings that kept cycling me through the same options without ever being connected to a live person.  My second message also went unanswered.  I then tried emailing them.  This drew an automated response saying I would be contacted shortly.  Six weeks later I'm still waiting.  I am amazed at the lack of professionalism from the service department and find it incredible that it was not possible to speak to someone or have someone call me back.  What a disappointment.

We are happy with our CRV, but when we need service in the future we will avoid DCH Honda of Mission Valley and take our business elsewhere.

Christina M. | 2014-07-22

After getting conflicting advice, I went in to this Honda dealership with questions and confusion over my CR-Z transmission fluid maintenance. Even though I wasn't a paying customer, a service advisor by the name of Daniel Dees was nice enough to print out and explain the maintenance fluid needed on my hybrid. He could have easily just told me to go look in my owners manual. I will def. return and work with someone who is so considerate, and customer service orientated!

Emily J. | 2014-07-15

Had a great experience buying my first car from here! John Le is such an understanding and caring sales rep.  I found him through using online sales websites first. He helped me through the process and always responded so quickly. After setting up an appointment, we went on a test drive and he told me all the features and how to properly use them. John was so busy the day we got the car because he has so many customers (Seriously, because he is the best sales rep), but he still managed to give us all the time we needed --along with his other customers. It was overall a great experience.

The only reason I am giving them four stars instead of five is because we had troubles with the finance guy who couldn't get the numbers right for a very long time. I looked over the papers multiple times and told him what was wrong and each time it came back, there was something that was charging a little extra. This happened about three times.

Sandy D. | 2014-07-09

Very bad taste in my mouth!

Unfortunately, we caught Dan our service rep, in a lie! Surprised? Me either. But his lie would've cost us $511 more than we needed to pay.

First he scared the heck out of me saying we can not drive our car home and we had to get a tow if we want to take it or I would die in the car.

We dropped the car off at 9am and he didn't call us until 345.

And the he tells us one of the bolts on the oil pan was stripped and they would not remove the bolt unless we agreed to pay the $511 to replace the oil pan.

Frank's in North Park, not only changed my oil with no mention of any frozen bolt he changed the master cilynder for $500. SAVED ME HALF

Shop local small businesses, big corp do not care about the average joe

Barbie G. | 2014-06-27

I just wanted to share my experience with DCH Honda of Mission Valley.  I had gone shopping for a car for 2 days.  I came into this dealership and dealt with Adrian.  What an honest, nice, guy.  I didn't feel like I was being closed.  I felt like he was being Genuine, and authentic.  The sales manager was really nice too.  I bought a an  Acura.  I highly recommend this place. :) Thanks

B H. | 2014-06-23

Saw a Tacoma earlier that morning, spoke with a sales man and he said it was still available. I told him I would be back later to see if it was still available. I came back later with my family. Another salesman came up and asked if we were being helped. I noticed the trucked had moved. The new salesman told me the truck was in negotiations. I had brought my whole family at this point. So the truck being in negotiations was not the problem. The first guy stated that the people inside had credit issues and that it seemed unlikely that they would qualify and come to terms. I wanted to confirm that the truck was not going to be sold before i invested any more time into the sale. The salesman was handed the key and then smugly stated, "i have the key right? why would i have the key if it wasnt for sale?" we then asked if he was for sure because we didnt want to be the tool used to close the deal inside.

he reassured us over ten times that the tacoma was not going to be sold.

reluctantly we go for a test drive. after i come back the salesman goes in and comes out in about 2 minutes and says, "there are two things, i cant print the car fax and the truck is sold". WOW i felt so used and abused. wasted about an hour of my families life.

this guy used us to solidify the deal inside. They played us hard and fast. after over 10 confirmations that the truck was not going to be sold, what do you know, it was sold. I was happy to walk away in the beginning, i was not desperate for that truck, but i went in to speak with a manager, and the manager refused to apologize, the first salesman eventually said sorry just to get us out of there. but i had such a horrible taste in my mouth after the deal that i wouldnt recommend this place to my worst enemy.

it goes without saying, i would give a negative star rating if possible.

E. S. | 2014-06-14

This review is for the Service Dept.

I've been coming here for 7 years now--ever since I bought my Accord.  I tried a few advisors with mixed results until I found Tony McKerchar.  Tony is the best!  He has excellent customer service and loads of experience and I ALWAYS know that I am well taken care of.

Now, for the last couple of visits, Tony has been out on leave.  I was VERY nervous as some of the folks that I have dealt with have been a real "miss!"  However, Yelpers recommended Daniel Dees so I gave him a try and he is every bit as honest and through at Tony!  

Both Daniel and Tony have always treated me with the utmost kindness, courtesy, and respect.  I can't recommend them highly enough!

Stuart G. | 2014-06-13

Had an overall good experience here thanks to their staff. I was pleasantly surprised by their friendliness and willingness to do whatever they could to please us.

The lot is very clean and spacious with a good selection of cars to choose from in their used lot as well as their great Honda cars.

The reason I'm giving them four stars instead of five though is for two reasons. One is that the finance guy tried to overcharge us. Bad. He now doesn't work there as we found out after being there three times later. Due to his overcharging us, we didn't end up keeping the leased car. They found out for the amount that they were charging us, we wouldn't be able to keep it and pay for it according to the bank, which is silly when looking at my expenses and income.

Then there is the part mentioned earlier that we ended up having to give the car back. In the end I wasn't mad at them because they were very nice about it, gave us out money back from the down payment and continued to be courteous and friendly throughout. It's not also completely their fault that their worker wasn't doing his job correctly, which they fixed with his termination. We did end up getting a car later in the day from somewhere else as well.

Even with losing the car, due to a bad finance employee overcharging us, they still treated us right. I would also highly recommend Tony to talk to for sales. Extremely helpful and friendly while also not being pushy.

Steve M. | 2014-06-11

These guys are top notch!  Based on previous good service, I brought my 2011 Civic in because of a low screeching noise. I had an appointment at 7:30 and arrived at 7:10. They had me checked in and were working on my car by 7:15.

Josh was the service writer that helped me and he kept me in the loop. I suspected it was the brake sensor warning me it was time to replace the brakes. Josh came out within 30 minutes and confirmed my suspicions. He told me that it sounded liked the brakes before they started on my car.

They had my car done and ready by 9:00 am. Plus, you get a 15% discount on service if your a Costco member.

Josh was very friendly and professional. I highly recommend him and DCH of Mission Valley. I'll be going here for all my service needs and when I need another car.

The experience here was like night and day compared to the dopes at Mossy Honda of Lemon Grove.

As a side note. I bought my car in Lemon Grove and tried to have them check the brakes a month ago. Those morons refused to even check it as they said my mileage was too low. When the pros at Mission Valley checked it, they said I brought it in just in time. It was about to go to metal on metal.

Anyways, head on over to DCH Mission Valley and ask for Josh. You'll be glad you did.

Deborah L. | 2014-05-15

Yesterday I purchased my fourth car since 1997 from this dealership.  It has changed hands a few times but the customer service has remained the same -- simply AMAZING!  Skip, my service advisor, is VERY honest.  He & his crew have been very good to me thru the years.  I ONLY have my car serviced there.  Yesterday the fleet manager Alex Orloff & the finance manager Derrick made the process of selecting & buying the car a great experience!!  This dealership  puts the customer first!! They treat you like family. It's the honesty & integrity that keeps bringing me back.  I can't say enough good things about DCH!!! And I love my beautiful new Honda CRV Ex!!!

Betsy A. | 2014-05-10

Recently I had to take my Honda Odyssey in to repair a plastic part that had come loose on the front of the car and was dragging on the ground.  I called and left a message with my Service Associate Skip and asked if I could bring it in around 3:00.  Within 10 minutes of my call he called and confirmed that I could bring it in at 3:00. When I got there he had everything arranged to get my car serviced. Everyone at the dealership greeted me and made sure that my car was in process. The repair took about 30 minutes and I was on my way - with a clean car and nothing dragging on the front. Skip is the best service person I have ever known.  He always keeps me informed and has the car completed in the time that he has estimated.