Cyrus Auto Sales in San Diego, CA

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We specialize in Jeeps, Toyota, and  Honesty. We do not sell any wrecked or salvaged cars. All our Toyota's are inspected for safety and mechanical by Toyota before offered it sale for the public. We also provide the carfax and allow you to have your free will in making your decision without any mental manipulation to buy.

If we offer the car for sale, that means its a car we would buy for our selves. If I don't personally like a car, I will not purchase for sale to the public. We strongly believe in what goes around comes around, and to treat all human beings with dignity, and make sure they get a vehicle that is safe, mechanically sound, and likeable.

We also do not add to the bank rate, nor would we ever. We recommend you go to the bank for the true rate. I don't believe in pressing bottom to prosper on your hard earned money. Our little mark up on our cars will suffice. Sometimes our cars are cheaper because we get them cheaper, some times they are really cheap because we need to open up cash flow. Otherwise, they are fairly priced, and I have heard people say our prices are the lowest in the country on some of our Prius vehicles. At times we only mark them up 500-800 a car for a quick sale, other times 1200 compared to the average dealers 3,000 to 4,000 thousand.

We will treat all people with respect, fairness, rationality, and hope customers can understand they are dealing directly with the owner. It is in a sense like buying from a private seller with assurance.

Cyrus Auto Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 277-1028
Address:7902 Dagget St, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
  • Saturday: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Cyrus Auto Sales

Marvy M. | 2015-04-24

These guys are sure something else!! In a total good way!!
I didn't know nothing about Toyota Prius and these guys gave me all the knowledge I needed. My buying experience was way better than any used car dealership I ever been into. The trust was obvious from the beginning and I was not pressured to buy a vehicle at any moment. They showed me all the vehicles they had and let me test drive the ones that I was interested on until I was satisfied with the one I really wanted. They let me check all current CARFAX history reports and most current Inspection papers from Toyota. If the car needed a certain repair they were willing to work with me until the vehicle was 100% good to go. The other good experience I had was that they are willing to help me out or point me the right direction if the car ever needs future repairs at very reasonable prices. I will definitely buy another vehicle from these guys and I hope I will get to see them again in the near future for any help I may need. I'm very happy with my Toyota Prius and I'm glad I didn't go anywhere else. I couldn't find a better deal else where after a long research of used Toyota Prius models.

Carbox C. | 2015-02-16

The best dealer!!! and they are very honest you guys will not regret to buy a car from them thanks Cyrus auto from samrand

Jake R. | 2015-01-15

I bought a Prius last year for business purposes and visited again this week to buy another. Both cars are running great and looking to give all future business to Cyrus Auto Sales. I searched extensively online for vehicles both times before I visited this dealer, and they've beaten my best finds twice.

I absolutely recommend these guys because I trust them and their assurance of making sure I'm a satisfied customer! Much thanks to Cyrus Auto Sales!

Ruben A. | 2014-09-13

"I was in the market for a used gen 2 Prius and found these guys on Craigslist. I have to say my experience went beyond what I would have expected from a used car dealer. They only have clean title inspected Toyota Prius' available. They went above and beyond regarding customer service, explaining the in and outs of a used Prius. I love the 06 Prius that I bought, and am completely confidant with the purchase I made. I will be coming back in the future when my daughter comes of age to drive. Thank you Cyrus Auto Sales. They are truly honest!" -Tom F.

Alejandra T. | 2014-08-31

Me and my family, who live is Tijuana Mexico, had a great buying experience, Dan was so helpful, calm and understanding with all the process to buy and import the car to Mexico.
The car itself was in great conditions, and a very reasonable price.
Me and my family would and probably will buy a car from Cyrus Auto Sale in the future and also definitely recommend it to our friends and family who  live either in San Diego or Tijuana.

Thank you so much for everything.

Craig J. | 2014-08-17

I recently purchased a 2006 Prius for my son at Cyrus Auto Sales. The idea of buying a used car is intimidating. I don't know enough about cars to be able to make an accurate judgement about the quality of the engine or whether or not the price is fair so I feel like I can be fooled.  Most used car dealers and salesmen are only interested in closing the deal, not the customer. So, it is a pleasure for me to write that the team at Cyrus Auto Sales is as good as it gets. They were both sincerely interested in providing the best possible customer service, the transaction was conducted with honesty and integrity, and I know I got a great car for a fair price.  I have already recommended them to two of my friends. They are top notch.

Meg H. | 2014-07-29

Bought a 2005 Prius on 07/05/14. I wanted to wait a few weeks before writing a review to make sure the car drove well, all the paperwork was correct, etc. I'm happy to report that all is well, and that the car has been a great buy. Dan was very helpful and courteous, and I never once felt pressured to buy. If I'm in the market to buy used again, I'll definitely be back.

Tim N. | 2014-07-27

Dan is an amazing person. Genuine, to the point and well humored, I might add.

My girlfriend and I bought a white '05 Prius and it was such a good experience buying with him.

The buying experience was easy going, relaxed and not pressuring.  Not only did he let us test drive almost every Prius on the lot - with patience and plenty of humor, but they taught us about the hybrids and the battery life - since we were first time hybrid buyers.

If you're looking to get a Prius - don't look any further than Cyrus Auto Sales because they will most certainly please - both in price as well as customer service!

Cheyanne S. | 2014-07-21

My husband and I saw a car for sale on Craigslist that they were advertising.  Dan was very fast and helpful. He made us feel like family! We love the car we got very very fair pricing. He went above and beyond for us and our needs. We will definitely recommend Dan to our friends :)

Julia C. | 2014-07-17

I'm so glad I came across Cyrus Auto Sales' post on craigslist. I had been doing research online for used cars since mine has been deteriorating quickly. I decided to go test drive one of their cars to see if I liked the feel and the car itself looked pretty awesome online. Don't let the small size of this dealership turn you away. We took the car for a test drive and the salesman was extremely knowledgeable and personable.
Definitely not your average salesman, trying to con his way into you buying a car.

Cyrus Auto Sales has a number of Prius and Mazda cars on their lot, putting a lot of time and effort into making sure they are getting reliable and good cars.

I quickly fell in love with the car because of my own needs, not because I was being talked into it. They were very flexible and honest.

I got a crazy deal on my car and I am beyond thankful. These are good-hearted people who simply run an honest and true used-car dealership. Not your norm! But it was a breath of fresh air.

I would point anyone to their direction, especially if you're looking for a Prius or Mazda.
All of their cars have clean titles as well!

Kari A. | 2014-07-11

If you are looking for a Prius this is the place. No pressure. Great prices. They don't sell salvage or rebuilt. I spent 3 weeks looking for a used Prius all over town. The markups at other dealers were absurd. Dan, the owner, was unbelievably helpful. First, I'm the indecisive type, but he let me take my time test driving multiple vehicles. Second, when I bought mine I was in a jam and had no one to follow me home in my other car, Dan generously volunteered. That's the kind of customer service you expect to find at Disney World not a used car dealership. Finally, due to my own error, I had an issue with the DMV. Again, Dan went above and beyond the call of duty to fix the problem quickly even though it was my fault. They've got a customer for life here.

Natalie C. | 2014-07-10

I had a great experience with Dan and would absolutely recommend Cyrus Auto Sales to anyone interested in buying a used car, especially a Prius. I got the sense that he very much wanted to make sure I got the car that I really wanted and was happy with it, without any pressure to buy. I ended up purchasing a 2004 Prius and unfortunately had some problems with the instrument cluster the day I drove it away. When I called him, he was exceedingly apologetic and said, "I am here for you," and said he would take care of the problem at his cost. It took some days to trouble shoot what was wrong, but in the meantime he lent me another car to drive. In the end I got my car back good as new and have not had any problems with it since. Overall. I enjoyed exceptional service and a great car at a fantastic price.

Jill B. | 2014-07-09

This business was very very helpful & educated us so much on Prius cars.    They would follow up & answer any questions we had & after we bought a car not from their company he asked us what we bought & said we got a great deal.  If we know anyone looking for a Prius we will 100% for sure send them to CYRUS AUTO SALES as they will be in great hands there.

Jason H. | 2014-07-09

They had a good deal on a clean used Prius with low miles (I saw it on craigslist). I'd been looking for a Prius for awhile so I called them up, I'm from LA so I wanted to make sure it was exactly what I wanted before I drove 2hrs. They told me it was in great condition and sent me a lot of pics. I then asked if they could take it to the local Toyota dealer and if it checked out I would buy it. I drove out in the afternoon test drove it and bought it. I never like used car dealers, but this was a good experience. After I bought it he showed me how to achieve max mpg and even filled up my gas tank. I've had the car 4 days and so far so good...

Mert Zhang B. | 2014-07-07

I bought a 2006 used Prius with a new battery and I came from Los Angeles just to buy my car. Dan, owner was so helpful and honest person. I highly recommend that place if you are thinking of buying an used car...

Daniel D. | 2014-07-06

Dan was super helpful!! He was understanding of all of our needs and requests. He definitely went above and beyond to help us find what we wanted and never had that "pushyness" that you would normally expect from a used car lot.

My friend ended up getting a Prius from them and she's very happy with it.  

If you want to buy a car you should check this place out! They are very easy to do business with!

Steve A. | 2014-07-02

I bought a car from Dan about 2 years ago and was very pleased with the car and service. So I went back yesterday and surprisingly, he offered me a great price for the car I bought 2 years ago as a trade and sold me on a newer bigger SUV that will serve my growing family even more.  Thank you guys!!! See you in another 2 years.  :)

Keenan H. | 2014-06-29

BEST PLACE TO FIND A USED CAR OR A USED PRIUS! I GOT MINE FOR WAY UNDER KELLY BLUE BOOK PRICE. 2008 FULLY LOADED PRIUS 5 DR HB for $9,900 with only 89,000. I drove it all the way to Texas or a 2,142 mile road trip and the CAR IS RUNNING FLAWLESSLY!!

DAN is the most transparent and morally sound Dealer in the business!!
Loves Military and will not beat around the bush like most cheerful used dealers.
Go purchase your car here and leave in a great set of wheels like i did and feel great that your getting a good car and saving money!

They will have a CARFAX, Toyota Dealer 5 point inspection done on your PRIUS and you can buy a warranty. They gave me a Battery Warranty good until March 2015.

Really I was not expecting to be driving such a nice car that makes me happy everyday and not feeling broke. While at the dealership I saw 2 ladies leaving while cheering Dan for the great deals. Come see for yourself and ask him a 1,000 question about the car you want and even try bargaining cause he will work with you. I cannot believe how much patience he has :)
Great Guy!

Thank you so much DAN!

I love my PRIUS dude!

Also.... .

Simple rules when buying a used car:

1. Research about the cars you want. (Kelly Blue Book, Car Reviews and youtube.)
2. Look into their car inventory.
3. Call Dan and set an appointment or just show up.
4. Look at the car and ask a 1,000 questions and fiddle with everything.
5.Drive it.
6. Look at the Carfax they have for all inventory and their 5 point inspections done on all vehicles.
7. Bargain with the price. (Cyrus Autos Price is already priced way low)
8. Buy the car.

I had to write along review because DAN really hooked me up on this car.
Thank you.

Jesse C. | 2014-06-06

Really fantastic cay buying experience.   I buy a new/used car once every 2 years and this has been by far the most positive staff and easy purchase I've had.  Ask for Dan, he will answer any questions or concerns you might have.  I bought a prius from them and had so many questions,  they answered them all thoroughly and with grace.  I've put 45k miles in my used prius since I bought it from them and the thing is just ROCK SOLID!  I thank you guys so much.

Sherri C. | 2014-05-03

We fell in love with our new used 2003 Mazda Protege 5 "Mini Bee" (okay, so we name our cars, yeah, yeah!) on CraigsList.  When I called to speak with Dan this morning, he asked me if I was "the lady who called earlier that morning?"  I said, "No, that wasn't me."  I asked if the 2003 Mazda Protege 5 was still there, and he said yes, but he'd had about 15 phone calls on it today.  It was 10:50 a.m.  I was in a state of panic. We were way up in Oceanside, and you know I-5 and Saturdays don't mix.  It took us an hour to arrive, and the minute we saw the car, we fell hard.  Dan was sweet and kind, firm on his price, but the car was worth it.  We didn't spend more than 30 minutes before we hopped in the rental to the credit union, only to find they didn't loan on cars past 2004 year.  We freaked!!  The gal helping us suggested trying Navy Federal Credit Union, and since my son-in-law was a member there, we were able to be sponsored and get in.  On the phone as we rushed over with 40 mins. to spare before they closed at 2 pm, I did all the legwork for the new accounts and loan.  We arrived and saw Deanna at the Black Mtn. branch, and she whipped us through the process, staying 40 mins. late for us.  We left with an approved loan and check in hand, had some lunch and took deep breaths.

Then we scooted back over to buy our new little Mini Bee.  What a great, exciting, exhausting day, in which Dan was kind and understanding, and shared in our excitement.  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts, and can't wait to have adventures in this peppy little great-handling car.  What a joyful addition to our family, though it's just the two of us, our grandkids will love it, too.  Husband Bob will drive it to work 70 miles a day, and with the very visible bright yellow of it, he's sure to be seen in commuter traffic easily.

Thanks again, great doing business with you!  It's been our pleasure.  Cyrus Auto Sales handles Jeeps, Mazdas and Toyota Prius's, used.  Terrific place, and we're happy to have found them and the Mini Bee.  :)