Courtesy Chevrolet Mission Valley Center in San Diego, CA

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Courtesy Chevrolet in San Diego, CA treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern. We know that you have high expectations, and as a cardealer we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence!Our experienced sales staff is eager to share its knowledge andenthusiasm with you. We encourage you to browse our online inventory, schedule a test drive and investigate financing options. You can also request more information about a vehicle using our online form or by calling 1-888-778-2877.


Established in 1961.

At Courtesy Chevrolet, you'll find the atmosphere in each of our departments to be comfortable and friendly, yet professional in our dedication to quality. Our family of employees is made up of highly trained professionals dedicated to fulfilling your automotive needs while exceeding your expectations. We pledge to build a relationship with you that is built upon professional service, trust and integrity, while providing you with the very latest in automotive design and technology.

For over 50 years the Fitzgerald and Gruwell families have provided the very best in automotive service and products to the people of Southern California, and our family remains committed to serving you and your family for many, many more.

Courtesy Chevrolet Mission Valley Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(619) 297-4321
Address:750 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA, 92108
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Courtesy Chevrolet Mission Valley Center

Rachel A. | 2015-04-23

My partner and I bought a Volt and I have never been so insulted and ignored. We called a day ahead of time to let them know we were coming in because we planned to buy the car (the car was picked out). We actually informed them the time of day that we would be in. We get to the dealership and one the helpers sat us down and handed us the paperwork and said "fill this out". He was so busy with other customers (not his fault) that they left us sitting there for over an hour. NOT ONE PERSON came up to us to say hello or even ask if we were ok. On top of that the car was dirty (you had HOURS to get it ready) AND the ELECTRIC vehicle had ZERO batter charge!!!! OMG REALLY?? It's like giving a person a new car without gas. Oh yeah, IT DIDN'T HAVE GAS either!!! What kind of joint are you running?

So they tell us we are 3rd in line to detail the care (again, no gas, no charge). Then, after sitting for 2 hours they send us to the finance guy. He was short and rude (which I get, he's finance, he was great compared to the rest of it). I asked to review the numbers and he handed over the paper, as I was looking at it he asked if he could have it back for a couple seconds (ok fine), then takes it and never gives it back (end of the day, I'm sure he was tired).  Makes the pitch to sell us increased coverage and after seeing we weren't biting, pulls it back and just keeps working. At the end of it he pulls out this customer service survey and asks us to give him an excellent rating when we get the customer service questionnaire  sent to us online. So basically, give me a good rating regardless. Awesome. I really don't think that he meant to be that way because these guys are required to get good scores (and they get reamed if they don't, which I am totally against) but why put the pressure on us? Maybe let them do their job and let us formulate our opinion.  How about a little bit more incentive to get them to actually make the visit pleasant? How about some customer service training?

Making a major purchase is a big deal. I don't care if its $7 or $70,000, you should walk away feeling good. Needless to say, my last experience at Chevy was crappy (went with a relative) and this time it just solidified the fact that I will NEVER ever be back. I'm not asking for you to be at German car dealer caliber, but don't ignore us, give us a product that is in sub-par condition, and then take our money.

Daniel M. | 2015-04-23

I just picked up my new Chevy Volt and the car had no charge and the gas wasn't completely full.  All I got was "I'm sorry" because I had already signed the paperwork.  I had been told the car was ready on three separate occasions and finally on the third time, the car was "ready" for pick up.  My salesman Robby was a very nice guy and kept apologizing but come on man, I came in irritated because it was the third time, then I had to wait an hour (even though I had completed all financing paperwork the day before) my floor mats were still in the boxes and ironically the car was sitting next to a charger, just not plugged in.  The manager John told me the car would be ready twice and he was off today so I guess it wasn't his problem.  They treat you great until you buy then drop you like a sack of potatoes.  I saw that someone else literally had the EXACT same thing happen to them an hour before me!  Look elsewhere, there are plenty of other Chevy dealers in the area.

Dan S. | 2015-04-03

Update from my first service appointment.... It was easy, on time, no surprises... I thank you very much for taking great care of my car.

Kaitlyn O. | 2015-03-31

We brought in our Chevy Tahoe to fix the back windows. Andy was our advisor and was very helpful and accommodating. They were able to repair the issue in a timely manner. Anytime I've ever needed to bring my vehicle in to be serviced, I am always please with the service. Thanks Courtesy Chevrolet!

Chris N. | 2015-03-28

Customer service was 1st class. I have never had a car buying experience go so well. I'm completely satisfied with the vehicle I purchased at the pleasing deal we agreed upon. It was so quick and easy I would not believe it was real if my new car wasn't sitting in the driveway. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Christa S. | 2015-03-26

Michelle is AWESOME!! Had to bring my cruze in for a recall issue and oil change. Everything was so seamless and streamlined from the appt scheduling to the rental car to paying and picking up my vehicle. They washed and dried it too!! I really appreciate the experience especially after going to a dodge dealership right down the street where they gave me a major run a round and horrendous service. Thank you courtesy Chevrolet! I'll be back!

Patti A. | 2015-03-13

I've been going to Courtesy for over a year for regular oil changes. It's easy to make an appointment. They are done in a reasonable time. Their customer service is excellent and they don't hassle you for unnecessary car repairs.

Marco M. | 2015-03-10

Went in there to purchase a new Tahoe I was immediately greeted by Kevin, who unfortunately was not an honest individual. He wanted to talk numbers first without showing me the vehicle. i asked him if he had the vehicle in stock and of course did not answer my question and kept giving me his sales pitch. After repeatedly telling him that he needs to show me the vehicle he called his sales manager who was an aggressive individual, with no personable skills. Steve Cox then came out and was somewhat upfront and told me that they did not have the vehicle but that he would locate it. He left and after 35 minutes waiting for an answer, Kevin had stepped away so did the sales manager and Steve was no where to be seen. I left the dealership and I ended up buying my 2015 Tahoe at Bob Stall Chevrolet. Where the customer service was outstanding.

To sum up Kevin had no idea of the cost and inventory in his lot, the sales manager a bald individual with a goatee was very aggressive and has no customer service skills and Steve is a nice individual that has to work with incompetent employees.

James F. | 2015-03-07

I have been to your service shop 3 times, and each time was helped promptly and efficiently. I particularly appreciated the feeling that I was not being 'sold' unnecessary services, as I have experienced elsewhere. That is building my confidence and I will be back.

Sawed Off F. | 2015-03-05

Andy and the rest of your Service Department are truly amazing! I was greeted, and treated like a valued customer. I take notice when Customer Service is exceptional, and this certainly was the case. I appreciate it greatly!

Aaron S. | 2015-03-05

Courtesy Chevrolet is anything but courteous.  The sales guys are full sh*t, the service department is subpar.  They have an online booking for service that is always broken, you may show up and have your appt., but then again you may not.  I was misquoted pricing on a Z/28 in December, and when I asked for it in writing the same night you would have that that I was asking the messiah to bless a piece of paper....  kept inquiring about another Camaro that they had in stock for sale sitting on the lot, had been there for at least a month, kept playing the dealer price game....  I would have bought for the right price even though it was not my desired color.... They fed me line after line....  Guess what.... I bought a ZL1 in the color I wanted elsewhere for less than they were wiling to let the lot rot go for....  Such a great business....  Do yourself a favor and avoid the both the sales and service department.

J V. | 2015-03-04

This dealership is about the best you can get.  I've been doing business with this dealership for 6 years even though they're 22 miles away from my home.  Over all they have the BEST sales department in both new and used cars, a great finance, customer service department, and service team of any dealership I've encountered from Chula Vista to Temecula, and their body shop is tip top!  Their level of professionalism and courtesy is (and has been) consistently the best.  They never hesitate to take the time, nor to go out of their way to make sure you're completely satisfied with any type of transaction.  If you're interested in getting a great new car, or a high quality used car and want to be treated with respect and dignity, this is the place to get it.  I TOTALLY recommend this dealership!

Ruben W. | 2015-03-03

People are very nice and the atmosphere is easy going. The showroom had awesome cars in it. 2 corvettes and a Camaro!!! And the windows were Immaculate!!! I didn't think I could qualify for the truck I wanted but they bent over backwards to make it happen and got me payments below what I wanted!!!! They even threw in the camper shell to boot!!! My Salesman Aaron was a true professional. The process was easy, painless and quick. Now the camper shell is on and My TRUCK IS ONE SEXY BEAST!!! WHITE SILVERADO DOUBLE CAB. I use it for business and it is awesome! very quiet, comfortable, and POWERFUL!!! ONLY GOOD THINGS TO SAY!!! Definitely recommend!!!!

Alla R. | 2015-02-22

I am beyond mad .. OMG r u effin kidding me ?? I paid 55$ to change turn singnal in my car and look what surprise I just found under the hood ... Curtesy Chevrolet San Diego Mission  Valley  is the worth dealership I know
First time: I picked up my car with broken windshield that crushed on me while driving .
Second time : after oil change they forgot to close something so all oil leaked out over night
For the third time:  they lost my keys for 3 hours .. Mechanic simply locked them in the tool box n left
N Now they didn't bother to put lights back to where is belongs too  ... Seriously ppl?!?

Dan H. | 2015-02-21

I was afraid the sales staff would make my purchase a "hard sell" .. but I was pleasantly surprised with my truck purchase and my experience overall.

I didn't immediately purchase my new truck, they were patient with me as I did my due diligence and looked at other cars in the San Diego area... I came back and when I saw the truck I wanted they made the decision easy.  

I will highly recommend Courtesy Chevrolet to anyone who is looking for a new car or truck.

The truck didn't have the side steps my wife said I needed ... so they placed an order for them and I"m just waiting for the call to have them installed.

Steven C. | 2015-02-18

I had a great experience in the purchase of my Chevy Malibu. My sales person Tyler took his time in trying to get me what I wanted and at the price that I wanted. He made my car buying experience easy, and a great thing about him was that he was not pushy or trying to sell me something I didn't want.

Doan C. | 2015-02-10

My husband and I never have a good experience when we come here. It seems like no one has any idea of what is going on. This last time I came in was last Friday to get an extra fob or electronic key for my 2013 Chevy Volt. We accidentally washed my husbands set and needed another one. First I was made to wait a very long time to see if they had any extra fobs. At one point I had to go back to the register because I though they had forgotten about me. I was told that they did have one in stock but I would have to also pay to get it programmed and that was a separate charge. Understandable. I walk the guy to my car and he looks confused. He's looking everywhere for a place to stick the key in to turn on the car. I tell him that I press the button to turn on the car, (I have a Chevy Volt) He goes, "yeah, but where to do you stick the key in to turn the car on?!" I assure him that that is all I do to turn on my car. Then I look around to see if Im at the right dealership. I am at Chevy right? How is it that an employee doesn't know how to turn on a new car? Kinda makes me skeptical of bringing my car here to get work done and also confirms why every time I come here I feel like no one knows what the hell they are doing. So he walks me to this guy named Larry to get answers on how to program my key. Larry seems very bothered to be bothered even though he was only sitting behind a desk doing absolutely nothing. Larry then tells me that it takes 2-3 hours to program a key. "Do you still want to do it?" I go, "well I kinda have no choice." and then he goes on to tell me that I came during lunch hour with no apt and it's going to be a minimum of 60 to program the key. "So you still want to do it?" Am I crazy or is Larry trying to talk me out of getting my key programed?" I basically feel like I'm a huge inconvenience. And 2 hours to programmed a key? I don't know anything about cars but I'm calling bull sh*t. It was just very obvious that these two had no idea on how to program something as simple as a car key. Larry said the earliest apt was Monday (I came on a Friday.) It was clear that he was trying to buy time for him to Google it.  At least guy #1 was honest about his incompetence. I went ahead and made the apt. for Monday and also bought the fob. I decided to drive down to the next closest Chevy dealer, City by the Bay Chevrolet and take my chances with them. I run into Mike Kennedy who was very busy but still found time to help me. He told me that all his mechanics were busy but it was something that I could do myself. I though he was joking but he got on his computer, printed up directions and asked me where my car was. It took him 2 minutes, maybe 3 to programmed my key and best of all it was free. Courtesy Chevrolet lost a customer for life and City by the Bay found one. That was my experience and I thought that I would share.

S D. | 2015-02-08

Had a very good drop-in experience at Courtesy Chevy's Service Dept on Friday afternoon - I bought a Certified Used pickup at an out-of-state dealer and had an minor issue that needed to fixed before I could get the car registered in CA.  Michele B. helped me with the issue and all was resolved in about ten minutes, I cannot express how impressed I was with the group there.  Will be back for service for sure.

Incidentally, I stopped in at MKB across the freeway and was turned away because my GM Certified vehicle wasn't a GMC, Buick or Cadillac so they officially suck.

T.j W. | 2015-01-23

Only place I will let service my corvette . Courtesy Chevrolet is a great place to service a Chevrolet vehicle .all the people who work there are very helpful . The service advisor Jesse is really on top of everything with updates on my vehicle and time of completion .

Robert P. | 2015-01-22

I tried to take my car into Courtesy Chevrolet to fix a broken light. I tried calling them five different times, always during posted business hours, and on different days of the week. Each time I got the same response: "All customer service representatives are busy, please leave your name and number or try calling back later." My car couldn't wait for their slow, unresponsive service. I took my business elsewhere and was much happier.

Paul S. | 2015-01-16

This review is strictly based on the friendliness and courtesy of Andy Reaves in the service department. Every time I come here for an oil change, he somehow manages to be there and happens to be the one to help me out. Always with a welcome smile and quick with the paperwork.
On my last visit, I spoke to a woman In the front and mentioned I had an appointment. She referred me to a desk across the room and I walked up and said hello to a service rep (NOT Andy)..he just looked over my shoulder like I wasn't there and hollered at the girl "WAS THIS FOR ME OR ANDY??" Terrible.
When I turned towards Andy, he smiled and asked what he could do for me. I reciprocated his courtesy. What good dude.

I'm sure there are other great employees that work here, but Andy stands out. I will definitely refer folks to see him for anything at this dealership.

Peter H. | 2015-01-10

I bought a used 2004 Sierra and the purchase was seamless and I was treated well. However, the car has turned out to be a lemon and I have spent thousands trying to keep it running and still each month the check engine light comes on. Yes its a used truck, but the whole point of buying from a dealer is piece of mind! I will never purchase from them again nor refer anyone to them.

Ina C. | 2015-01-04

COMPLETE WASTE OF MY TIME. I called in to see what kind of rebates they were having on their 2014 silverados. I spoke to Steve Cox who was polite on the phone and informed me of what kind of deals they were having. Gave me a price of 33k  with rebates over the phone of the truck I was interested and told me it would be out front to be looked at when I got there along with a sales associate. When I arrived truck was out front and I was approached by KEVIN who said Steve told him I would be there to look at the truck. Long story short, after waiting for an hour just for them to give me my credit score and tell me they wouldn't be able to give me the truck for the payment I was looking for. I asked what the price of the truck they were basing the payment off of and he told me 40k. (Not to mention this truck is listed on their website at 36k. Bait and switch maybe...)  I told Kevin, Steve told me over the phone it was 33k not even including my trade in yet. He basically looked at me like I was stupid and there was nothing He can do. Not even "oh well let me call Steve and ask him about the price or your conversation) or anything. Didn't even say let's sit down and negotiate or even talk ANY kind of numbers. I am so annoyed at this whole experience and the fact that none of these people even tried AT ALL to work with me at all. It was a basically "oh well" and sent me on my way. I would never ever recommend anyone to go here. Seemed like they're all lazy after the holidays not even wanting to make any sales. GOOD LUCK.

Vicky L. | 2014-12-19

We took our truck in for service total $350.00 or so.  3-4 days later eng light comes on and another $450.00 or. We were told truck is ready, we get there sorry we need it for another day by the way you have a nail.  Sorry we didn't get to the nail, but if you take it to a tire shop they will repair it.

Aaron N. | 2014-12-18

I've been coming to Courtesy Chevrolet for over 10 years ( 2 Corvettes 2008 & 2012 both bought new a 2014 Silverado 1500 Rally Edition new & 2013 Equinox new) I have never had nothing but Great Profesional service from all salesman and members of the service department. keep up all the great work. Best Chevrolet Dealer in San Diego by far!!!!!

J.R. S. | 2014-12-12

I went to the service department on a Saturday and was unaware that it was by appointment only.  I was fairly aggravated and expecting to get the run around by the associate (Rafael) but instead he explained everything out to me very professionally and scheduled an appointment for me right there on the spot for the earliest available time the following Monday.  When I dropped the car off on Monday, Rafael remembered who I was and what was wrong with my car and took care of the whole process from there.  He made sure everything was covered on my extended warranty and worked in a new remote key since mine was broken.  

Thanks for everything Rafael I will be recommending Courtesy Chevrolet to anyone that needs car work!!!

Jennifer M. | 2014-12-02

I wanted to pay cash money for a car, they were un-willing to work out a cash price and laughed at me and asked me what I meant by cash, did you need dollar bills or check. I said cash money. They still wanted me to pay well above and then proceeded to tell me I wouldn't find a better deal in the county. Well I did the same car, less miles and 3K less. Then I tried to buy a part and they were also not helpful.

Jasmine R. | 2014-11-22

Went in for an oil change that I was promised would only take an hour in time. When I arrived to the dealership I was told I needed a maintenance package as well that would take three hours. Since I just got off night shift the service representative told me the shuttle could drop me off and pick me up when I call them. I told Him I must get my car by 2pm due to a doctor appointment at 2:30. He told me no problem just call at 1pm to get the shuttle. So I call at 1:00pm, the shuttle driver calls me back at 1:30 to tell me he is coming to get me but has 3 other pickups in different areas. Knowing the areas it is apparent that the driver will not be able to get me to the dealership in time as promised. The  service rep then told me its a ride share and I'm basically out of luck. It was never explained to me that there was a chance I wouldn't get to the dealership in time and if it had been explained I would have simply rescheduled my oil change. I was then forced to pay for a cab to pick me up in order to make it to the dealership in time. After I argued I shouldn't have to pay for their error, The service rep offered to pay for half of the cost but seeing this was not my fault I don't feel I should have had to pay at all. The poor communication and lack of responsibility is the reason I had to take a cab. I will never go to this dealership again. Also, previous visit I have caught my oil dipstick not reinserted and they didn't put air in my tires which were all low.

Julian V. | 2014-11-21

This was a very frustrating experience. After contacting me at least 5 times today going over what I want and my budget I scheduled an appointment and asked that they have the truck described ready. Why can't car shopping be easy?! We get there, nothing is ready to view, none of my conversations were noted as to what I was interested in. I was there for an hour and spent half of it waiting around for them to get the keys to different vehicles at separate times and bouncing us around to different sales people so we had to continuously explain what we were looking for... Which wasn't even that specific of a request - standard bed size, single cab, 6 cylinder engine with the technology features and other more pleasing aesthetic characteristics - leather seats, etc.

The prices given over the phone were $20,000 less than what they were realistically charging. They were also promoting an Amazon gift card which we had to drive back to the dealership. After driving back to the dealership they turned us away. A complete waste of time and energy...

Jacqueline B. | 2014-11-20

I have been coming here for 3 years. The service is exceptional! I always feel welcome  and they always go out of their way to make sure I am 100% satisfied. If you need service on your car Rafael is the right person to help, he has helped me so much. Overall this is the only dealership that I feel comfortable at. Highly recommend it.

Luis R P. | 2014-11-13

After calling 4 times, I finally managed to talk to a live person (and not a voicemail) and make an appointment.  I took my Chevy Volt there to check on the airbags, as the car was giving me a service notice, and I also wanted an oil change.
The oil change was $50, the most expensive I have ever had. Do not go here for oil/filter changes.

They kept my car for 3 days.  First told me the part that needed replacement was being sent overnight from L.A., then told me it was delayed, then told me it was coming from the factory and it would take a week.   Once the part arrived, I made another appointment for a loaner so they can finally get it done in a day while I was at work.  I got there, and there were no loaners even though I have made an appointment.  I have been trying made another appointment and have left 2 voicemails, but they have not called me back.

This is one of the worse experiences I have ever had with car service. Go somewhere else.

Tim T. | 2014-11-07

Overall my experience was average - not horrible, but not excellent either.    

I've purchased two vehicles here.  I had a great experience buying and receiving service on the first vehicle (which I purchased in 2006 or 2007).  

I bought my new car in December 2013.  There were some wrinkles in the process, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt because of my previous good experience here.

I took my new car in for it's first servicing yesterday.  It was not the same level of service I experienced when I had my previous vehicle.

It started with trying to schedule the appointment.  The online features to schedule an appointment did not work well. I used the chat feature once to schedule an appointment and was told I'd receive a call back (which didn't get routed to the correct department.  I got a call back from sales rather than service, and never received a call from service).  I then tried the email function to schedule an appointment.  I did receive an email response that told me I could reply and get the appointment.  There was no response to that request.  I eventually ended up calling for the appointment, left a message and was called back by a service associate.  The online process was frustrating and I would recommend either the online scheduling tools be removed, or that they be revised to streamline the process.  

Once I arrived for the appointment I was not sure where to go.  It's obvious where to pull up your vehicle, but once you get out it's not so clear which office to go to.  I stood outside my vehicle in the service driveway for several minutes.  Many staff saw me but no one inquired if I needed assistance.  There was no clear signage to indicate which service associate was behind which office door!  

I recall more attentive service at Coutesy with my previous vehicle so I was somewhat disappointed.  Has there been a change in managment in the last few years?

I will return since I had such previous positive experiences and the location is convenient to my work, but if the next encounter isn't more like what I used to experience here I'll be looking for a different dealership to take the car to.

jessica h. | 2014-11-02

Every review is right! Do not trust this dealership. Very dishonest and do not sell safe quality used vehicles! Glad I read the reviews before I went to the dealer because I had knowledge on how this dealer works before going in so I already had idea of what to expect. Shouldn't have wasted my time! Listen to these reviews...they are all factual! I don't see how these people sleep at night!

Rich J. | 2014-10-21

Avoid this dealership.  Terrible customer service.  They lost the keys to my vehicle and then had me wait over 2 hours to have new keys made!  Interaction with the service department wad dissatisfying from start to finish.  Lots of choices in San Diego - do not choose Courtesy Chevrolet!

Sashary R. | 2014-10-15

I came in to purchase a 2014 Chevy Sonic LTZ, after doing much research and comparing it to the Prius C and Honda Fit, I knew this was the car for me. Tyler and the rest of the team at Courtesy Chevrolet were fantastic. Tyler went out of his way to pull out the vehicle I wanted, and showed me all the features of the vehicle during the test drive; he also did a great job answering all of my questions and addressing my concerns regarding the purchase. Justin and the finance team were patient, and worked to find a payment plan that was reasonable for me, they took their time and made me feel like they wanted to help. Finally, Tonya explained the financing paperwork very well; she answered my questions and provided some guidance in regards to my servicing plan. I was completely satisfied with my purchase and the way I was treated at Courtesy Chevrolet, I will definitely recommend this dealership.

Nick K. | 2014-10-11

Worst service I've ever experienced in auto California. Twice I've made an appt for a simple oil change under the assumption that I'd get an oil change done at the time of appt. BOTH TIMES I'm forced to wait 2 whole hours after the appt time for them to even touch my car. What is the point of an appt scheduling system if you can't even abide by it. No "courtesy" phone calls to let me know of the delay? Thanks a lot for the crap service. Canceling membership IMMEDIATELY. And I suggest you do the same.

Kira U. | 2014-10-07

I have been forced to come here multiple times to fix recalls on my Chevrolet Cobalt. They are extremely overpriced (they quoted me $83 to replace a regular headlight bulb; I got it fixed for $23 at a car repair shop). They are extremely slow - plan on spending your entire day there for any type of repair or get someone to pick you up.

I urge anyone and everyone to stay away from this place. I never write reviews but this was worth my time. Such a sad representation of a local car company.

Stan O. | 2014-10-03

I have seen the reviews but couldn't believe that this dealer could be so bad.  It had always been expensive to go to a dealer but I had my first new car and was convinced that I needed them. Went there for an oil change and they talked me into obtaining 3 for a "good price".  What a way to get you to go back. What a mistake!  Had a problem with the engine light coming on and cruise control not working. Larry tells me that it'll cost $85 for a diagnosis of the problem and that they would fix the problem.  $482.00 later they tell me that the ECV was bad and had to be replaced.  I drove off the lot and the cruise control didn't work.  Brought back the vehicle and Larry said they wouldn't charge me for the diagnosis because I had mentioned it before.  Now they have to replace a switch on the brake pedal and it's only $200.00. $200!  Now this is a straw that broke my camel's back.  I looked up the switch and found that it costs only about $15.00 and takes a few minutes for anyone to replace.  Also discovered that there were problems across the board for this switch on 2008 Avalanches.  Of course this is not covered by warranty.  I really believe that this dealer is a dealer to stay away from at all costs (pun intended).

I do not recommend this dealer to anyone.

M G. | 2014-10-01

Hate the car I purchased and every interaction so far has been a nightmare.  From the financing to the service departnent.  Worst if all, my service contract is with them for the next 7 years and I bought a used Chrysler at a Chevy dealer so I dont even really belong there and have to use them for all my service.  Boo!  My one star is for the shuttle driver and the cashier who put up with most of the complaints.  You both make the place.

Alicia R. | 2014-09-25

I work for Sharp and we give our patients the Sharp Experience. I can honestly say that on 9/2/2014 I had the Courtesy Experience. I had excellent help from Eduardo Alavez and Ray Romo with the purchase of my Chevy. I was amazed at how well Eduardo and Ray worked together. They always had a smile on their face. I walked in that day with an I don't care attitude. I kept telling myself  that I was in no hurry to get rid of my SUV. I guess it was really hard for me to let go of my 2007 Chevy Tahoe. I had the Tahoe since 2006 and was very happy with my Chevy. My son and I were sitting down waiting for Ray to give me an offer on my SUV. Eduardo looks at me and says "Is that your baby" I said "yes and it is hard to let go of my Chevy". He had a confused look and says " I was talking about your son"!  At the end I left Courtesy Chevrolet driving a 2014 Chevy Camaro 2SS! I also met Ted Fregoso he was awesome too! Thank You Courtesy Chevrolet

MEG M. | 2014-09-23

If I could give them a 0 I would. SCAM ARTIST. Quoted me one price then wrote up the contract with another. DO NOT bother car shopping here. I wish I would have listened to these reviews!!

Maria F. | 2014-09-18

The car buying experience was good. Trying to get in touch with the service department is horrible. I have left messages and sent internet requests in all week and not one person has called me back. I also sent an e-mail to the sales manager I worked with and he has not replied either. I guess once they have your money they no longer care to help you. The worst customer service I have ever received from any Chevrolet dealership.

Chris H. | 2014-09-04

My experience with the Service department has been quite good; Jesse has been quick and professional with my Corvette, and has earned my business. In one case I took my machine there with a headlamp issue- And instead of charging me $1200 for a new assembly, Jesse worked with the tech and had him fabricate a pin, to the tune of $200. A bit better. Good shuttles, good coffee and just a decent, VIP environment I  the morning.

Jason N. | 2014-09-04

Everyone here was super friendly and super helpful.  I came on to the lot to check out a few cars and was quickly approached by a salesman, I stated that I was just there to look at this point and he was very friendly in answering my questions, no pressure.  I was left alone to check out a few vehicles and was approached again a bit later to see if I had any questions at this point, again the salesman didn't pressure me and was very friendly towards me.

I didn't purchase a vehicle at this time, but I would definitely come back, felt very comfortable and it was nice to be on a lot without someone breathing down my neck constantly, and not having the feeling of being under continuous pressure and scrutiny.

Marfe A. | 2014-09-01

I found my experience here to be excellent.  Sales team was helpful and knowledgeable. I would purchase another car here.

Josh S. | 2014-08-23

My experience here was anything but a good one. I bought a car here and the sales team was less than stellar. I researched the car and found a deal on USAA car finder, which was an awesome deal. It took about 2000 off of what they were asking for the car, which is something they weren't too happy about, but they had to honor it because they had a deal with usaa saying they would. So to earn some money back, they sold me a karr alarm system, gap insurance, and an extended warranty. Fine. No problem. Until 2 weeks later I got a check engine light. I took it in to a Toyota dealer (because it was a corolla) and they said the transmission was about to go. I told them I had an extended warranty that I had bought from these guys, to which Toyota said no problem, we get these all the time. But I spent the better part of 5 hours waiting for the service department at chevy to pick up a dang phone so Toyota could figure out what company had picked up my warranty. I got a ride home from Toyota very upset and wanting to figure out what the problem was. I went to chevy and they gave me the name and number to the company that supposedly picked up my warranty. I have that info to Toyota and they told me that company didn't have my warranty. So I went back over to chevy to talk to the actual person that sold me the warranty to ask him what the heck. I brought my contract with me and everything so I could see where it said what company it was. Like I thought, the company that picked up my warranty was not listed on my contract, but the guy tried to slip in the paper that said which company I was picked up by, even though my signature was not on it and tried to play it like I messed up. So I left there and sent Toyota the new info. I waited 2 weeks for Toyota to tell me that the warranty company was not going to cover it, even though my warranty specifically said that the transmission was covered. So I marched back to chevy again to figure it out. They once again tried to spin it like I was at fault and "tough luck" you bought it as is. At this point I was really upset and I told them that I wanted them to honor the deal we made when I bought the car in the first place. So finally, after sitting around for a while waiting for the fellers in sales and business to come back to me with an offer, the guy said that they would help me out, but I would have to pay more than the agreed upon deductible, but it was better than what I could be doing and that they treat their customers like family. If I had a family member that was anything like some of these guys at chevy, I would take them behind the shed and beat them. I finally got my car back after 2 and a half weeks and they decided not to charge me for the USED transmission with a 1 year warranty on it. So I guess that is ok, considering they were originally going to leave me holding the bag, but still crappy because the transmissions warranty is now cut in half. Very poor experience and I would recommend looking else where to buy a car.

casey s. | 2014-08-22

This review is for the Body shop and service. I had purchased a new Cadillac SUV and within 15 hours of driving it off the lot, some idiots crashed into me. I had it towed to courtesy, and was beyond upset because after an accident that big, I figured no way my car would be the same ever again. Mike Russo, I will say, is not the best about calling to coddle through the process, BUT my car came back looking AMAZING, zero indication of the 8k in damage that was done, color matches perfectly, it runs great, and, best part, it was done EARLY. So no point deduction for him not stopping getting stuff done to make calls saying "were working on it." I was really skeptical that Id get it back as good as new, and couldn't be happier with the repairs. thanks guys!

Teri F. | 2014-08-19

Jessie was awesome he informed me of a recall on my car I was unaware of and kept me updated on status of my car. Great customer service. Thank you

Annette P. | 2014-08-18

I am a satisfied customer after my 1st visit at Courtesy Chevrolet Mission Valley Center.  Jesse Martin was my assigned service advisor.  It was a busy Saturday morning in the service department and Jesse was very courteous and professional.  He offered me details regarding Courtesy Chevrolet Club membership as the benefits fit the needs of my future car repairs and oil changes. This was an offer I couldn't pass it up.  They even washed my car after the service work was done.  I'm impressed.

Although I didn't buy my vehicle from Courtesy I can say that this dealership will be my preferred location to service my car.  .  If you have a Chevy and need some service work done - go see Jesse at Courtesy!  He'll take care of you!

Kas S. | 2014-08-12

I wish I could give negative stars!!! Avoid this place at all cost!!! worse service center! Customer service was horrible and the whole process was a nightmare. Not my fault there was a recall. Courtesy my ass!

Kristin R. | 2014-08-10

I was directed to Courtesy Chevrolet for a cracked dashboard in my Chevy Tahoe 07. I dropped off my car and came back to pick it up later that afternoon.  While I was waiting I was approached about selling my car back for a new one.  I had just been given orders to Hawaii and the car I had just bought a month ago had been giving me problems left and right.  
They quoted me more than what my car was worth. I decided to look around and I fell in love with the 2015 Chevy Tahoe.  Justin T. and his team worked with me for three hours on things I could do.  My credit score was not perfect but they did what they could to ensure I was comfortable with the payments and the vehicle.  I love my new Tahoe and I am send my Marines this way when they are in the market for a vehicle.  Thank you guys for everything.  We made it safe to Hawaii and I look forward to purchasing another vehicle from you guys when we return.  Great Sales Reps,  Great Service, and amazing customer service.  Love you guys.

Pat O. | 2014-07-31

We purchased a new camero few weeks ago, We had the pleasure of working with Tyler who made the experience so pleasant! He was very knowledgeable and very business like but also at the same time very friendly. He is a asset to the dealership there. He gave us his phone number and said any questions call.My husband called him with a few general questions about the vehicle, He answered right away and had all the answers we needed.We went to another dealership before going to courtesy, So glad we left there! Couldn"t be happier with our salesman or our car-- Thanks Tyler!

Anthony C. | 2014-07-26

Once again this place upsets another customer. Surprise surprise. How is this dealership still in business?? Why do people continue to go here? Jimmy Johnson does much better service. Save your time and avoid this subpar dealership.

Patricia P. | 2014-07-25

Thank you for correcting problem in a courteous and efficient manner.
Seldom in today's businesses are the feelings of the customer deemed important.
Courtesy Chevrolet proved different.

Andy R. | 2014-07-25

Been bringing both my car and my wife's for years for service. Today I stop in for an oil change and I'm told they no longer service "foreign" cars because people don't like to wait for them to get the filter from the parts store. That never bothered me - they have a waiting room with wireless and coffee. Rather than go to the extreme end and offer no service why not inform the customer that there will be an extra wait?  Whatever...

Sam S. | 2014-07-21

Avoid like the plague. Hard sell tactics. Shady practices and numbers. I walked in intending to lease a Chevy Volt. Very clear about what numbers I wanted to see (residual value, money factor, zero down lease etc). While the salesman showing us the car was nice and friendly, the 'finance' guy (Ray) was a total douche. The very definition of the stereotyped used car salesman. Not only did he not show us any of the numbers we wanted. He blatantly lied to my face about some of the numbers that he did show. Essentially trying to convince me that it was a zero down lease when they were charging $2300 down. When I was walking away they handed it over to the manager who after initially refusing to admit that Ray was lying, finally accepted that he way. Said he wanted to make up for it. He offered us a competitive deal but basically again tried the hard sell tactics  with stuff like - this is a one time offer, I will give you this much for your trade in if you lease NOW etc etc. I walked away.

Next day got a call from someone claiming to be the big boss at the dealership, who said he had heard about what happened and would ensure I left 'happy' if I came down yet again. How he was the boss and would make everything right. Anyways - long story short, I went down again. The big boss guy apparently was just a phony. He didnt even show his face. Basically the same guy from the previous day came in and offered me the same deal.

Left and bought a Volt at City Chevrolet. Took about an hour and we got a better price.

Jake H. | 2014-07-15

So, it has been almost a month since I went to this dealership to purchase a new 2014 Chevy Volt. I wanted to wait to see how the car worked out for me so I could do a thorough review of everything. First off, the dealership itself is clean, well maintained and staffed with enthusiastic sales reps. From the first time I walked in I was greeted, kindly helped out and I also got all of my questions answered which is always a plus. The George's were my sales people. I knew exactly what car I wanted to look at when I went in, so that wasnt painful at all. I looked at a few options and then I told them I wanted to go and look at another car, so I went over to a Ford dealership and they couldnt work out a deal I wanted on a Fusion Energi so I definitely knew that I wanted to go back to Courtesy Chevy and let these guys sell me a car. I went back and the finance process started as soon as they got to their very bottom line price. George told me I can get you out of here in an hour, so I timed him haha. He got me out of there in 1 hour with the deal, financing and delivery of the vehicle! Very professional, thanks Courtesy Chevrolet!

Shawn S. | 2014-07-03

Tried to buy a car here several times. Not even a follow up call after my visit.   Steve Cox was exhausting to try and deal with and out of touch. Very old school sales approach. Resorted to buying in LA and got a much better deal.   Just say no...

Gio H. | 2014-07-02

If it was possible to give -5 stars i will rate this dealership this much...
they are not serious workers, they are liars and story tellers, when you walk there for the first time they see a "$" walking , and they will do no matter what it takes to get their commission, which is not Wrong in the Sales world, BUT when they LIE to get your business that is not acceptable at all!!!
i'm not going to mention names so this review stays on their page, but Two of the employees working there promised me that the credit inquiry will be only a soft credit check so we make sure that you are eligible, BECAUSE I TOLD THEM I'M STILL NOT SURE I WANT TO BUY YOUR CAR AND I NEED MORE TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT,  they were BLINDED by the "$$$$" they CAN"T WAIT UNTIL YOU SAY OK LET"S PROCEED,  so they DO INQUIRIES ON YOUR CREDIT SO THEY RUIN IT...

BAD $$$$$$$$$ BUSINESS $$$$$$$$$$$$$ BAD $$$$$$$$$$  MANAGEMENT $$$

Felicia B. | 2014-06-21

Blown away from how amazing these members are here!! Walked away with what we could afford & into a gorgeous vehicle. Jessie worked extremely hard to get us 100% satisfied with everything. David & George were also accompanied by Jessie & we loved all of them. So generous & kind. Hands down best car dealership we have been to.

res d. | 2014-06-19

I called this dealership letting them know I had an offer for a car I was interested in and to see if they can beat the price. The manager Steve told me that I should come in because he has seen prices negotiated and the last offer is not impossible to beat. After test driving the vehicle and talking to the sales person about the price that was recently proposed, another manager started to join the conversation and their price offered was NO WAY close to what I was anticipating to see. I wasted my time, gas, and also felt lied to over the phone. The manager told me I was getting a really good deal from the other dealership and should have bought the car. I wish this was told to me over the phone before hand!!!!! Will never go back or suggest this dealership to anyone.

Jeff B. | 2014-06-18

Extremely friendly staff that made purchasing a new vehicle as easy as possible.  I drove five and a half hours to purchase a specific vehicle that my local dealership couldn't help me do in Las Vegas.  Worth the drive from Las Vegas and it made for a great experience.

Henry L. | 2014-06-11

This dealership is anything but courteous!!!  They supposedly fixed my car (took them over 2 weeks and $1600 to fix) and a month later, my car is having the same issues. Oh, and no rental by the way.  I bring it back and had to fight them tooth and nail to have my car towed and fixed since they didn't do it right the first time and to finally get the service I needed. By the way, my car is the death trap known as the Cobalt.  Because of my experience with my car and this dealership, I will never purchase a GM vehicle again!!!

Andrea P. | 2014-06-07

In all honesty this place deserves zero stars. This is the dealership where I bought my car and have gotten most of the big fixes done here, but have finally decided that I will find another auto shop. The workers are disrespectful and never helpful, each time I call I hear new information. The staff seems to always blame others for the mistakes they made, and never offer an apology. Communication between employees is nonexistent therefore nothing gets done properly. I have had numerous bad experiences with this place and have no desire to ever return.

Kelly K. | 2014-06-02

Good Morning Justin,

I am not sure where you are getting that number from, but the price given to us was 33,000 and we offered 27,500 cash. Beyond the numbers, it was more about the attitude and communication with the staff. Daniel was very nice, we did not have an issue with him, it was the final negotiator, who's name I do not remember. All worked out great for us though, we took our business to a different Chevy dealer here in San Diego and purchased a great truck. We actually ended up spending even more than our initial budget, but it was their customer service, friendly, positive approach that made us feel comfortable and confident moving forward with an even nicer truck. Thanks for your response.

Adam J. | 2014-05-06

I first received an email from Courtesy Chevrolet that was a typical canned email, reminding me that my car was due for service. It did not specify what service, so I called and asked. The woman I spoke with (I did not get her name) asked me my info and I told her my name, and my car (2014 Chevy Spark EV). She told me oil change and tire rotation. I told her an oil change was not possible, the car is electric. She put me on hold to ask someone else what service would be needed and then told me "Ok, just tire rotation". So I made an appointment for a tire rotation. I was willing to forgive her lack of knowledge, but working in a service dept you'd think the person scheduling the appt would know what service cars need based on mileage (or even simply that an electric car doesnt need an oil change). Anyway, I arrive at 955am for my 10am appointment. I meet with Andy who was very nice and told me it would be about 45 minutes for the service. I tell him I will wait in the customer lounge. And I do. For over 1 hour 15 minutes. At 11:15 I walked back to the service dept to get an update on my car. Andy says "turns out, we can't rotate the tires on your car. We learned something on that one". So, you had my car for an hour and 15 minutes and you didnt do the one thing that I brought the car in for. I was running late for another appointment so I didnt have time to make this an issue or bring it up with a manager, but 2 things about this were disconcerting. #1) How could you not know that you can't rotate the tires on my car? Do you not have manuals or information that tells you these things? Am I the first person to ever bring this car in for service? Even if I was, that still doesnt excuse not knowing that I essentially don't even need to be bringing my car in at this point. #2) Why did it take you over an hour to figure this out? Someone should have come out within 10 minutes to tell me what you "discovered", and although I still would've been irritated at your lack of knowledge of how to service a car you actively have been selling for a year, at least I wouldnt have had to sit in the customer lounge while the 700 Club was painfully playing on the TV. Between time traveled and wait time, you effectively wasted 2 hours of my day yesterday to do essentially nothing to my car. I at least appreciate the car wash, but even that wasn't very good, as the car was dripping wet when I took possession of it and now there are water spots all over which I wiped off with a towel when I got home. My sales experience was actually very good when I bought the car from you , but for my first service experience it was a pretty poor one that has me seriously second guessing coming back.

Kelly E. | 2014-05-04

The best car buying experience I have had. I live far and didn't want to drive down for them to tell me what 3 other dealers did "that's an ad run by chevy and we don't carry that car". I just wanted the $269 lease price for the volt like chevy's site said. Well they did better and like I said over the phone, so when I got there no haggle no fuss. Sign and wait for the car to be cleaned.

Robert R. | 2014-04-23

No - I never once communicated with you Justin. I never once met with you face to face. In fact, this is the first time I have ever heard of your name. The offer I presented to your dealership was 27K, your dealership list price was 30K. Your sales rep told me over the phone: "we can negotiate the price if you come in" verbatim. Not sure how that can possibly be misinterpreted. You should change your business process to run credit after a negotiated price has been established.

A simple "sorry for a bad sales experience" comment would have sufficed.

Allison S. | 2014-04-10

I'm disappointed every time I visit... I wish there was another Chevy dealership nearby. I usually get good customer service from the guys in the service dept, so I have nothing against them, but my car is never washed when I pick it up (even though I'm told that's complimentary for every service customer), it took 6 hours to complete an oil change yesterday (when I was told I had an appointment), there's ALWAYS a long wait for the shuttle, and yesterday I was recommended to pay for new wiper blades when I had installed new ones myself literally the day before.
As for the sales department... yuck. I signed up for the Vehicle Exchange Program just to see if I could trade up, and when the salesmen told me the numbers I'd be looking at, I declined. So they called me back a week later, at the end of the month, saying they were low on their quota and they could "move mountains" for me. Well, after four hours on a weeknight, apparently moving mountains is lowering that monthly payment by $50. And then the senior salesman comes out and says "everyone is in debt, that's just how it is, why not get the car you want now?" Unbelievable - they just seem sleazy.

Joe G. | 2014-04-09

I'm puzzled by some of these reviews. I decided to wait a month before I wrote this to make sure they car was ok (fingers crossed so far but the van is g-r-e-a-t) but I have to tell you: I had a GREAT experience in 2007 when I bought my first used car from Courtesy Chevrolet and AGAIN when I bought my second one last month. I had been approached by other friends and dealers about buying a new car (the word was out) but I decided to return to Courtesy because I had such a GREAT experience.  I went in and talked to  sales consultant Kevin Tran and had a SECOND great experience.
 Firstly, the car I replaced is the one I bought from them. I kept it well maintained and HAD to replace it -- at 322,000 miles. The Chevrolet Venture van really served me well when I did a national school tour in 2011-2012 and drove 49,000 miles. I'm about to do another and my van was giving me trouble repeatedly and it was running into a lot of money so I FINALLY had to replace it.
WHEN I WENT TO CC IN  2007 I had a not good credit rating.  They were very nice to me and I walked out with the Chevolet van. YES I had to pay a high interest rate due to my credit, but they got me the car.
  I paid that car off totally two years ago. This time I walked in again after emailing them and telling them the kind of van I needed. Kevin immediately got back to me about a 2012 Dodge Caravan van (previously a rental vehicle). It's wonderful and just what I needed.. It was actually FUN buying it there since they all had such great sense of humor (and since I'm a ventriloquist I made a voice seem like it was coming out of a truck).
  So I've had TWO INSTANCES were I needed a car in a hurry, I went it and walked out with exactly what I wanted.  Due to my upcoming trips I bought the warranties. They did not pressure me, but I decided to do it.
 Once again: I would NOT have gone back a second time if I hadn't been so happy with how they fixed up with a really good used vehicle and also helped me on financing with my less than stellar credit in 2007.
  Time will tell if this van goes 322,000 miles (and the old van is still running..I didn't trade it in) but I plan to use this extensively and if it is a good vehicle try to match the milage on the Venture van. And for my next car? YES I'll be going back.

Michael B. | 2014-04-01

I had a terrible experience buying my car I hesitate to give them a good review. But I had a very good experience today with the service department.

Sales Department - 1 star
Service Department - 5 stars
Average - 3 stars

They were pretty busy with the GM recall but were still able to fit me in for service today. They got me in and out in about 40 mins. Also apparently they have concierges who hang out in the waiting area and talk to customers to keep them entertained. When I walked in and was greeted very enthusiastically by two different ladies I was instantly skeptical. But they both turned out to be very nice (and gave me cookies).

Although I wouldn't buy another car from these guys, I definitely appreciate their service department :)

Candy P. | 2014-03-07

I have been coming here since August 2013 to get my oil changes done..The service is professional and quick.... not to mention having a comfy waiting area with Starbucks coffee or hot chocolate and free WiFi is also a super big bonus!

Patrick C. | 2014-03-04

Had a problem with the battery in my Chevy Cruze and Raphael got me a rental for the morning and got me my car back within 6 hours.  Amazingly fast service, I am very happy!

Brit K. | 2014-03-04

We have been to this dealership several times for different needs with service with our cars. Some service has been under warranty and some we have had to pay out of pocket. It saddens me to read all these less than stellar reviews because we have had nothing but WONDERFUL service from everyone we encountered at the dealership. Specifically Rafael in the service department. He has always been polite to us and had great communication about the work being done on our vehicles!

Melissa L. | 2014-02-20

I really wished I would have read Yelp before coming here. This was my first time at this specific location and they scammed me. Being a young girl that showed up alone, I should have known better. I originally went in because I was under the impression I had a warranty and my radio did not work. After calling twice and giving them my information, they didn't bother to tell me until I was there this morning that I didn't have a warranty. I asked if they could give me a quote since I was already there. He called me a few hours later stating it would be 600 DOLLARS. After I refused he mentioned I owed them 85 DOLLARS for taking the time to look at it. This was not mentioned to me! I was only told that the minimum price to fix it would be 85. Not that I had to pay it even if I didn't fix it. They knew my radio would cost a godly amount to fix. DONT GO HERE.

TC's Mom A. | 2014-02-16

Well, I think they only do business with people without internet.  They jack up the price by x thousand dollars from a price that's even higher than the typical KBB price.  They deduct that x thousand dollars and call that "PRICE LOWERED! SAVINGS of X thousand dollars!!".

So you ignore the original jacked up price and offer a price that's KBB typical or lower.  You go in circles with them saying, "yeah, but you're SAVING x thousand dollars already!"  Sales people are pushy and go on & on about how much $$$ they lowered, advertised as is (cough cough).  That's really embarrassing!  

Do they think we're stupid?  YES.  They have no logic.  We expect scratched paint and other "used car" conditions including mechanics, but those need to be taken into consideration before pricing a car.  They have no concept of this.  Maybe they need to learn to use internet so that places like with price analysis can show them how ridiculous their prices are.

We've been looking for a couple of models for months, for the right deal.  Finally found one at CITY CHEVY last month.  By the time we got home, made our minds to buy even at their asking price, it was gone.  Exact same thing happened with us with Kearny Mesa Toyota.  Their cars were in MUCH MUCH better shape as opposed to beat-up and problematic ones at Courtesy Chevy with MUCH less mileage.  Same model, same year, over 20K miles less, almost identical price to Courtesy's "Lowered" price of a beat-up car that needs much work.  Fair price is not a concept at Courtesy Chevy.

Got a clue, Courtesy Chevy?  This kind of sales tactics is OLD.  It's LOW CLASS.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  If you're looking for a Chevy, go to City Chevy.  If you're looking for a used car, stick with a "big name dealership" ----you may not mind paying "just a bit more" for being treated with class and not waste HOURS, to buy a car that's actually INSPECTED and priced accordingly.  Or go to no-pressure mom&pop independent dealers whose reputations are truly courteous here on Yelp.  Reputable small-lot owners & staff are fun & personal, and Yelp reviews never disappointed us.

Bottom line: Unless you're in a super hurry to find exactly what you're looking for, look around and get about the "average price" for a condition you can handle (mileage, exterior/interior damage, etc.).  Yelpers do have internet access (GIGGLE).  Check Yelp reputations before visiting lots so that you know what kind of attitude you should expect from sales personnel.  Even if you end up not buying, DO CONTRIBUTE at Yelp.

Austin F. | 2014-02-14

After spending the last 3 weeks researching and test driving cars, the most helpful review advice in my opinion is to point out an honest, easy to deal with salesman. If you go to Courtesy ask for Solon. I was a first time car buyer and wary of the car salesman stereotypes. Solon didn't try to hustle or pressure me. He was patient as I went on a couple test drives and he spent 2 weeks answering any questions that I could think up. I appreciate all of his help so I want to make sure others know about him so they can get the same great customer service.

Other tips for first time buyers: Do your homework. Print out KBB price quotes, research dealership inventories for the car you want, know all of the extras (extended warranty, maintenance packages, additional equipment, etc.) ahead of time so you leave with only what you wanted, and bring a pen and paper to test drives so you can take notes on things that you can't find the answers to on the internet (such as the car's sight lines as you're actually sitting in the driver's seat).

Kevin C. | 2014-02-05

This review is for the service department or the lack thereof. It took 4 hours for these people to figure out that my problem could be solved by getting new battery cables and a junction box. When I asked if my warranty would cover anything I was told that they don't know because they don't know what the part numbers were and that they didn't really "know" what all the issues were despite having just told me what parts I needed. They also told me it would take some time to find out what part numbers they needed. How much time does looking something up on a computer take?!

Long story short these people don't know what they are talking about and contradict themselves left and right. They will try to con you out of every penny you have. Find anyone else to fix your car!

Levi P. | 2014-01-25

I came in on Tuesday (1/21/2014) at 4:30 PM to look at a 2006 white GMC Yukon Denali (VIN Number 1GKEK63U26J125705) that I had come across on the online inventory for $10,999. I was assisted by a Sales Associate named Joe. Joe was helpful and polite while I looked the car over, took it for a test drive and asked many questions. I

We agreed on a tentative price and moved on to see if I would be able to get a loan approved. This is where Dave Hill comes in. I don't know what David's title is or what he does, but he seemed to assist Joe with the loan application. I filled out the application and waited to hear back.

During the wait, I was expecting to hear some information on what to expect. I remind you, I have NEVER been through this before. So some information would have been nice, but was never given.

I don't totally know what happened during this process, but I know that I received a copy of my credit report and talked some potential down payments with Dave Hill.

He seemed pessimistic that I would get a favorable loan agreement, which is fine. He threw out the number 2,000, but this was not what I would call an oral agreement. I was fine with the high numbers he threw out. I was pretty much expecting this.

It was getting late and Dave informed me that it would take until tomorrow to hear anything back from the banks. Dave and Joe agreed they would call me in the morning when they heard back. I went home and waited to hear back.

On Wednesday morning I anxiously awaited a phone call back. The day went on, and I never heard anything. Finally, at 6:33 pm, I received a voicemail from Joe. The following is a transcript:

          "Hey Levi, this is Joe over at Courtesy Chevrolet. I'm calling to let you know we didn't forget about you. We didn't get a hard approval yet, we're working on a few different banks and our used car manager is actually off today. I'll let you know that we'll keep working on this thing and I'm going to give you a call back Friday, because we're actually off tomorrow, on when we think we can get you in that Denali. Anyway, have a great day and I'll talk to you later and hopefully we'll be able to get you in and get you in that Denali on Friday. Anyway have a great day and I'll talk to Friday, alright bye."

As you can see, there is no mention of what the down payment, length of the loan or interest rate would potentially be. This is the first and last phone call I received from either Joe or Dave Hill.

I was expecting to hear from Joe on Friday, but was actually called at 2:57 PM on Thursday, 1/23/14, by a sales associate named Jesse Miller. First, I would like to point out that Joe informed me they were off on Thursday, so I was a little confused by the phone call. I was even more confused after I listened to Jesse's voicemail:

         "Hey Levi, this is Jesse Miller over at Courtesy Chevrolet. Uh, I know you came in the other day and worked with Joe, and I don't know if there is anything we can do to bring you back in the door to make a deal happen with you, but if there is please let me know. Uh, I know we were a little far apart on the pricing, but maybe if you looked at a few other vehicles you'll see that our price was competitive. My phone number is 6194508044 - this is Jesse at Courtesy Chevrolet. Hey, based on your area code it looks like you might be from Alaska. I lived in Alaska for 5 years so that's pretty cool man. Anyway have a good day and I'll talk to you later."

Now, there are a couple things that I'm sure you can see would cause confusion. First, Jesse definitely implies that a deal was not reached. I was not aware of this. I didn't even know if I had gotten approved for a loan because I had not heard from Joe. Jesse seemed very friendly, and turned out to be about the only helpful person I dealt with. I decided to give Jesse a call back to see what was going on.

I don't have an exact transcript of our conversation but I informed him that Dave Hill had thrown out the number 2,000 for a down payment, and that this would be too high for me. I told Jesse that the absolute highest I could go for a down payment. Jesse called me back promptly at 5:22 pm on Thursday the 23rd. His voicemail is as followed:

          "Hey Levi, this is Jesse again over at Courtesy Chevrolet. I talked to my boss and he said that as soon as you have $1,500 down, that would be good that day, we would gladly do a deal with you on the vehicle. And if for whatever reason that Yukon isn't here when you do have that (money) I'm sure we'll have another one similar or we'll look around and see if we can find you one. That is the only thing that we would need

Leslie B. | 2014-01-25

I took a 2012 equinox to the service center and have found they are extremely inefficient.  I had an appointment for an oil change today, I was told my car would be done in about an hour and a half.  Three and a half hours later my car was completed at double the cost I was quoted.  I will never buy another car or have any service completed at Courtesy Chevrolet again!

Truth O. | 2013-12-31

I couldn't understand the completely inarticulate salesperson on the phone at all. He certainly didn't understand me when I asked if they had a certain model on the lot. Repeating the question several times didn't help at all (don't they even know the names of their products they sell?) and he finally said that he would have to ask his supervisor. I told him that I wasn't interested anymore and ended the phone call. He tried to call me back ten minutes later -presumably after he asked his supervisor what was the difference between a seat and an engine- but I have no use for clueless car salespeople. I bought the vehicle that I was seeking from one of Courtesy Chevrolet's competitors.
Car salespeople should know their products. It's not that difficult.

Jesse S. | 2013-12-27

While some of the sales people can be nice with their customer service, neglect to actually take care of the vehicles they receive. I purchased a 2002 Chevy Tahoe with a hundred and seventeen thousand miles on it. After months of having this vehicle the fuel pump went out, spark plugs we're not get properly and we're not the correct plugs I also had to change PCV valve, will pan gasket and numerous amounts of parts including washer fluid reservoir washer fluid lines washer fluid motors, EGR valve, intake manifold gaskets because they were leaking . I also had to replace the air filter front brake pads and still have other leaks coming from numerous spots on the vehicle. Well the dealership might have given me a good price for my trade in they sold me a lemon. The dealership does not take care of their used vehicles. When the salesman tell me that they take in vehicles and tell me they check for drivability and safety. All in all I would never refer anyone to the dealership. Oh and one more thing I pay for tax title and license and now I have to pay for my tags because they did not give me new tags.

Chance M. | 2013-12-14

Highlights: Sales Department is full of liars and scam artists.

I recently took my car in to get a quote for repairs due to a hit and run.  While I was at the body shop I mentioned I was selling the car.  I eventually talked to their sales department and this is what happened.

In the 30 minutes they took to work up a quote they insulted their own body shop saying that the previous work done on my car was terrible and that it should have been done by professionals.  They then lied about the carfax report.  I already had a carfax report on my car and they blatantly lied about what was on it not knowing I already had a report.  Offered us 10 grand below what NADA, Edmunds, and KBB value the car at, and 6 grand below what City Chevrolet offered me only two week prior.  I have dealt with them in the past only to have them yell at me over the phone and hang up.  This is the worst example of a Chevy dealership I have ever been at, all the Ford dealerships in the area can thank them because my next car will most certainly be a Ford.  I urge anyone to go to another dealership, it is simply not worth your time or effort to deal with this place.

Konnie D. | 2013-12-05

Horrible experience, really nice guy over the phone promising all kinds of discounts then you get there and the vehicle we wanted wasn't even for sale or there and we totally got pawned off on the clueless weird sales/finance people. Absolutely horrible.

Kristin G. | 2013-11-21

We had our new Tahoe serviced because of an indicator light.  Rafael in the service department was excellent (as usual)-he was courteous, prompt and professional.  We had our vehicle back by the end of the day-with a smile and no charge.  Thank you Courtesy Chevrolet and Rafael!  We have been very loyal customers for over 12 years.
Mike and Kristin Gohlke

David C. | 2013-11-05

Another reason this place sucks. Needed the fob battery replaced for my car. They wanted to charge 60$ for "programming" plus another 100$ for the "labor".  Just to see of this was legit I called the Chevy in's their response "pop it open, swap out the battery for 2$ at any grocery store and your done."

The programming charge was total bs and just goes to show how uninformed this staff actually is.

Errinn B. | 2013-10-29

The only reason I have returned is because I bought a groupon for oil changes that I have to use all of them at the same place. However, the customer service is only marginally better than the first time. Here I sit waiting for someone to come and give me my keys and receipt as my car is clearly done and in the finished lane. It has been finished for at least ten minutes, and this time they didn't even bother to wash it. That was one nice thing I actually liked. Even if the people were a-holes, at least my car was clean, but not true.

Mylan G. | 2013-10-18

Besides the fact that you cannot just spend a "little time" at a dealership ( I was there for 2 days in a row for 3 hours each time), the Sales Associate and Manager provided me with great customer service and made the deal happen for me. They put me in the car that I really wanted so that I didnt have to settle for less.

charlett k. | 2013-09-28

I have been working 4 jobs, and was able to sneak away from one of my jobs for a few minutes for my lunch break. My oil was at 10%, Raphael was able to get me in to get my oil and filter changed right away. My car also had been neglected due to my work schedule, and I got my car washed. Thank you so much.

David H. | 2013-09-24

Courtesy shouldn't appear anywhere in the name of this dealership.  My experience, like many a recent Yelper, reinforced the most negative stereotype about car salesmen and the car buying experience.

Here we go:

My wife found a used 2013 GMC Yukon with navigation in the color I wanted (white) on their website.  I had done my homework and had several "comps" from competing dealerships within a 30 mile radius.

Sure enough, we arrived at the dealership and Bill let us test drive the car.  I did a spin around the block and upon returning, said I didn't want it because unlike their website, this vehicle didn't have a navigation system.

Bill said if he could get one installed would I be interested.  Of course but as I said above, I already had comps and they had navigation.

To make a long story shorter then my 4 hours of wrangling with them, they said my comps didn't really have navigation in them, drawing my attention correctly to the pictures of the vehicles I showed them.  They said that some unscrupulous dealers claim the "On Star" feature as navigation.  When I pointed out that this was exactly what they did on their website, they got tongue tied.

I was ready to leave as my 14 year old was famished since we didn't think we were going to be there the afternoon, but they said they would work with me to meet the price I wanted and get the deal done.

Finally, after we had gone through the last hurdle of signing all the contracts, we were given the keys to this 2013 SUV and alas, there was no keyless remote on the key.  JUST A KEY!  Who buys a car that has remote entry without the remote entry fob???!!!

When I told them to get me one for free (it costs $125) they said they would have to ask the head Sales Manager.  That guy, kinda like the mysterious silhouetted banker in the old show "Who wants to be a millionaire", said no.  He wouldn't do a thing more.

We couldn't believe he'd blow 4 hours and a $35K deal for a measly $125 but he did.  We were incensed and walked out.  When my rage died down, I decided that I couldn't afford to go through the process with another dealer as in "I'll never get that time back again", and so since my time was more valuable then $125, I completed the transaction.

But suffice it to say, this was the most distasteful and really painful ordeal I have subjected myself to in my 57 years on this mortal coil.

No only would I not go back, I would stand in front of the place pleading other innocents to turn back, if I had the time but my 4 hour investment in that place drained me of ever wanting to see them again.

Buyer beware!

Ali M. | 2013-09-03

This review is about the Courtesy Chevrolet Auto Body Shop that was recommended to me by Geico.

Taking my car here was probably the 2nd biggest mistake I've made in my life after marrying my ex-wife. You can question my intelligence for deciding to drop off a Mercedes for these guys to fix; but the damage they did and what it's cost me is inexcusable.

In a nut shell, I got into an accident due to someone doing an illegal lane change. Ended up having my car towed here for these guys to fix. After a week of having a rental car they tell me they've fixed everything, but the break pad and rotors need to be replaced and they are trying to get me to do it for how ever many dollars (don't remember exactly). I declined knowing how much I had left on my breaks. I return the rental to Enterprise and have them drop me off to pick up the car.

As I get in the car to drive off, I hear the nastiest squealing sound I've ever heard on a car and it barely moves forward. I drive it about 20 feet, then u-turn and drop it back off telling them this has nothing to do with the breaks. The manager gives me a look like I'm an idiot (of course because I drive a Mercedes and am dressed in business attire so I most certainly don't have a clue what I'm talking about) and says he'll take a look at it. I had to have a friend come pick me up and another friend pick me up for work the next day.

Next day I get a call... "Uhhhhh so we noticed there was a spring from the emergency breaks that had dropped into the back rotor which was causing the squealing noise, and also we noticed that they put the incorrect size lug nut onto your rear wheel which hit the rotor and scraped it up so we have to replace it. Also... we noticed that your wheels on the left side are bent so we need new tires and wheels for that side too..." - Keep in mind they do not test drive the car after repairing it, because why would they?
Car gone for another week and a half.

I pick up the car again, get a half-assed apology from the manager and I quote: "Well the past is the past and I hope it's all set now". Really dude? You guys don't even test drive the car after you repair it, and you now "hope" that it's all set?
I get in the car, drive off everything is normal... until;

2 months later I notice the speaker cover on the passenger side door is loose so I snap it back in place (no big deal) and a few days after that the grab handle (thing you pull the door closed with) completely breaks off. I look at the inside of it and notice there's glue in it. These guys broke off the handle; and super glued it back together. I know this because I know they had to remove the passenger side door to get the repairs done and they wouldn't have been able to open the panel if it was super glued to begin with. Ordered a new one and installing it myself for $45. I refuse to deal with this body shop and anything Chevrolet related for the indefinite future.

Mind you, I'm an even keeled business owner that doesn't raise his voice, doesn't do the whole yelling and screaming thing to get his way; but as a result I've gotten screwed over. They did however pick a bad person to screw over because the business I happen to manage is a marketing company with some 40 people in it. Us marketing people are passive aggressive and we really love the Internet.

Dear Courtesy Chevrolet; Please invest in some computers, so your tech staff could have opened up YouTube to look up proper instructions on replacing car parts... Just sayin'.

P.S. Please don't respond with a common apology and some justification of how bad your service was. In 2013, that level of service is unacceptable. Instead of responding to me; do something about it.

Muffy C. | 2013-08-02

Bought a Groupon for oil changes and selected Courtesy to fulfill. Excellent customer service, quick turn around and they washed my car!!!!

Milan K. | 2013-08-01

I had a great experience working with Steve, Christine, and Jesse.  They all made it pretty easy to buy a car.  Steve even found the exact car I wanted and picked it up for me from 100 miles away.

Jonathan A. | 2013-07-31

The customer service was outstanding and efficient. Most importantly I got a good deal - the best in fact over all of the other dealerships that competed for my business. This included a trade in - and an extended warranty. Also - love Red Fridays!

Jesse did a great job.

Adriana E. | 2013-07-24

I've had 2 oil changes. They did a great job both times. I love how they wash your car too. Today, I picked up my car and after leaving, noticed that the driver's side mirror was cracked. I immediately called Raphael and he asked me to cine back in. He took a look and immediately ordered a replacement mirror. I'm very pleased with the service I've received there.

Alannah S. | 2013-07-24

It seems that there is a pattern in the rating for Courtesy Chevrolet...the "5-star" ratings are short, to the point, and clear about the excellent service and/or sales people.  The one or two star ratings are lengthy, and seem almost like a 'sob-story' with the customer being a victim of their own creation.  I would suggest that if you come in expecting the best, that is what you will receive from this dealership.  I have bought 2 cars over the past 20 years, had great service with fair prices, and am currently looking at another new car that fits my needs. The new manager (Marc) is as genuine and personable as his grandfather and Steven K. has been patient, professional, and most helpful.

Ranger B. | 2013-07-20

A special thanks to Courtesy Chevrolet, San Diego, CA. for appreciating the EMS/Medical services personal in "America's Finest City!" You made me cry with your "Red Shirt" story. I highly recommend them for any of your Chevy needs. Yours in health, Lynn "Beauty" Browne, EMR, EMS, WFA, AED/CPR, First Aid, CERT, NCMT-HHP, CAMT

Chris M. | 2013-07-18

Are representative Larry did a good job. Although the way you guys work on the Car and charge to diagnose every item at $90 is kind of ridiculous. Let's be real here it's a Chevrolet and multiple things go wrong with it every single year. We have a tire pressure sensor that was not working that I asked to be replaced. Courtesy Chevrolet would not replace it without diagnosing it first for $90. To me this sounded stupid because I could point at the wheel tell them which sensor. I drove down the street to discount tire where they actually took care of the problem for 14.99 and rotated my tires for free. I had one motor mount replaced and my windshield washer fluid canister that cracked due to poor quality replaced and the power steering hose fixed and it cost us close to $1500? It's bad enough that Chevrolets quality is horrible. They should at least make them inexpensive to repair.

My father is a very wise person and knows a lot about cars, I told him I'm thinking about trading in our 2007 Tahoe in to buy another SUV and asked him what would you look for in a new car. He replied with "the Toyota logo."

Michael S. | 2013-07-09

I have a great car that I love (Chevy Volt) and I have it serviced by Courtesy.  I've been there four times and pretty much each time is a disappointing experience.   The most recent one was for a tire repair (nail in tire).  I had to wait over an hour only to be told the tire couldn't be repaired -- I'd need to buy a new one for $130.   Rafael claimed it was the lowest-price tire available for the car.    I knew that not to be the case and declined the tire replacement.  They returned my car with the damaged tire with only 18psi (supposed to have 36psi), so they never even bothered to refill the air in the tire.    When I raised this oversight with Rafael, he seemed more bothered than apologetic and tried to use the excuse that the rate of air loss may have increased.....which was BS.     Took the car to Discount TIre and got a new tire for well under $100.......oh, and they would have patched the tire if I'd insisted, but I chose to not take a chance with a blowout.

I should mention that the previous time getting a service, they made me wait about 45 minutes longer than they had promised and ALSO failed to fill the tires with air.   In fact, each time I've gone there, they've held the car longer than promised and rarely were apologetic.   But the most recent event yesterday put me over the edge -- I'm going to look for a different dealership to service my really GREAT Volt.

Louis V. | 2013-07-07

Courtesy Chevrolet is less  than courteous! We went in today to look at an advertised Malibu. I could not believe how rude people can be. I only give them two stars because they are conveniently located and they had a decent price on the car we were interested in. But...we won't do business with them. Courtesy needs a new name.

Virginia R. | 2013-06-27

Great service. Extremely satisfied.

Luther N. | 2013-06-12

Gordon was my point of contact during the process and he was extremely helpful. He took detailed notes of what was going on with my car. He gave me daily updates on the status of my vehicle. The only bad thing was me being the daily driver of the vehicle I can still tell there is something wrong with my vehicles transmission/clutch. But being how I am not the expert I took Gordon's advice, which was to bring it back if something goes wrong  or have them check it out when i come back for my next service. This being my first American car I really love how solid it has been and think I am now a loyal Chevrolet customer. As a consumer I just don't expect to have issues with a fairly new vehicle, but the team at Courtesy took very good care of me and my vehicle!

Holly B. | 2013-06-06

They treat you like a king here.  great service and the sale was super simple quick and easy!

Tony B. | 2013-05-25

I stopped into this dealership because it was the closest to my house and I was glad I did!  The sales staff was GREAT, friendly and professional!  The process was fast, I didn't have to wait around all day and night - they really had it together!  I sat down in the lobby with the sales guy agreed on the terms then finance come to me and I signed at the same table, very efficient - they had everything in order and knew what they were doing.  Very easy to work with and not pushy. Also the place is nice, recent remodel.
I will tell anyone who is looking for a Chevy to go here, I love my new Silverado.

R M. | 2013-05-17

First off, it took forever for someone in the service department to recognize that I was in the building and acknowledge me (Last time I checked my name wasn't Casper nor was I invisible). Second, they were very unorganized. Third, I had an appointment scheduled, yet they said there was no way my car could get serviced today (this has happened to me once before with this dealer already). AND THE WORST was the customer service! The advisor(s) were VERY unfriendly and then one of the "valet" service guys was leaning all up against my new car putting his greasy paw prints on the hood while talking to one of his other valet guys. Who does that? BE PROFESSIONAL! Very disgruntled customer and will be taking business elsewhere it seems.

Jessica M. | 2013-04-29

What a ridiculous waste of time. My sister and I went here to look at some trucks. All we wanted to do was look. I understand being approached by a salesman, but typically they back off when you say you just want to look.

This salesman was pushy. Very pushy. We were required to go inside to his office and sit down and answer a questionnaire about what car we were looking for. After that waste of 10 minutes, he took us out. We inspected the car and decided it wasn't what we wanted, so we said, "thanks but no thanks." Instead of saying, "Sorry it wasn't what you had in mind. Let me know if you want to look at anything else," he proceeded to rattle off every other car on the lot, in hope that we would stay and look at more. We said we weren't interested in anything else. By then (as we are headed for our own car), he pulls out his cell phone and calls his manager to come out and help him stop us. Yes, you heard that correctly. He was trying to stop us from leaving. I was actually scared for a minute. We hopped in the car, and as we are backing up, we are bombarded by him, his manger, and a service guy. They force us to roll down our window. He then bends down and hangs on to the window, half inside the car as he tries to get us to stay. My sister forwardly tells him he is too pushy and we are not comfortable staying. Still no apology, then the service guy tells us that there is a nail in her tire and that we need to get it fixed. Normally, the sentiment would be appreciated, but it was just a ploy to get us to stay. We only spent 30 minutes there, but I am baffled as to how they are still in business. We felt uncomfortable the entire time and had to take our business elsewhere because of that.

If you want a Chevy, I recommend Bob Stall or City Chevrolet. I hope this saves someone else some time before going there.

Michael A. | 2013-04-23

After visiting several other local Chevrolet dealerships, I have to say that my experience with your's was way above and beyond the others I visited.  Your sales people were much more knowledgable about the vehicles, you went out of your way to locate a car with all the features I was looking for, and your follow-up and service departments were better than both BMW and Infinity, who have an attitude of superiority, but not the same level of service.  I later referred a neighbor who also complained of bad experiences at other Chevy dealerships, but was so impressed by your's that they bought a car the same day they came to your lot.   I am a physician with a sincere work ethic, and I gravitate toward businesses and people with similar desires to truly serve others.  Thank you for a great experience.

Armelyn G. | 2013-04-20

CROOKS! I would give them more than negative 5 stars if it was possible! Me and my spouse came here with our newborn baby, tried to trade in our car for a bigger family vehicle. Lewis, a new sales rep tried to sell us a used truck without even giving us the trade-in price for the car we currently have. I asked them so many times how much they will take our car but they insist on pulling my credit first before giving me a price, how is that even connected? They could not even give us a number! how will I know the difference between the car i currently have and the other car I'm trying to get? Then he called his manager, and he was really not a nice guy, when he turned around, Lewis whispered to me to just take the deal coz the manager is not nice when he gets mad! And we don't want him mad (really?), why do i care anyway if he gets mad? I'm the customer, i just want to know the price of my trade in and they can't give it.. They also took our insurance card and registration that night during the appraisal for our car and they said they lost them! So how is it an "appraisal" if they cant give us the price? My husband went looking for the documents all around the parking lot and inside the store for our documents coz we didn't wanna drive home without those important documents incase we get pulled over or something, plus on top of that we have a newborn crying coz they held us too long in the office! Would not let us leave until we let them pull our credit. Then they finally gave up when they saw I was frustrated. But then Lewis called my husband the very next day to tell him he had our registration and insurance card, that he needs to pick it up and doesn't need to bring me along so he can try and sell him the truck again.. So they had our documents all along just so they can have my husband come back the next day alone! They think they can persuade him if he was alone, really awful!

PS. I think the main reason they cannot give us a price for the car we were gonna trade-in because they wanted to make more money off of that car as well, crooks!

Mari B. | 2013-04-08

Went in for the second time to test drive a car. Told two guys I was short on time and they said it was okay, somehow I got passed off to an old tall guy with a blubbery triple chin and a toupee (or artificially dyed black hair) who immediately told me it wasn't enough time. He treated me rudely and disrespectfully making me leave the place. Chevy cars suck already, everyone knows this, but unfortunately their shitty, and gross looking employees aren't doing them any favors.

Gary A. | 2013-03-20

The vehicle I purchased is a 2012 Silverado and I am totally satisfied with it's performance so far.  I also owned a 1998 Silverado for 14 years and it was extremely reliable.

However, the service department at Courtesy Chevrolet did not rate very high with me.

When setting up my oil change appointment around 11am, the service clerk asked that it be for 1:30 pm since the workers like to go to lunch together.  Awww how sweet.  Are you kidding me!  Why should I be working around their lunch plans.

When I arrived, there were three attendants, yet it took several minutes to be acknowledged.  It's pure comedy if you compare that with my initial shopping in the front of the dealership, where I was mobbed by salesmen as I stepped on to the property.  I was told the oil change would take 45 minutes to an hour.  It ended up taking one hour and forty five minutes!

When my service writer checked me out he told me that, "since the oil change was free I should leave a good review".  That the mechanics get paid by the dealership and good reviews are what keep them in business.  I'm sorry, but I paid for the oil change as it was part of the sales contract.  Then to be instructed as to what rating to leave saying, "you will be contacted on how we did, so make sure you say satisfactory to everything".  All this as he hands my keys over one hour late.

Tip for the company:  Provide tons of chevy accessories to purchase from the waiting room.  Having captive bored customers wealthy enough to buy a vet is a sales opportunity.  I cant believe this crap isn't figured out yet.  I mean you have guys who love the product, able to afford a vet and you sit them in a barren tile room with cold coffee and an expired Reader magazine.  Way to go marketing department.

If you are going to provide routine oil service make it FAST.  People don't like wasting time.  I practically had a birthday waiting for new oil.  Hell I was ready to rent a car and come back.  I was going to leave two stars, but remembering back to the sales staff throwing all there tactics at me, lets make it one star.

Edgar B. | 2013-03-01

I just bought a Tahoe from Courtesy and they were the best. Joe is a very good salesperson that is really knowledgeable. He helped us with our car and had answers for all our questions on the vehicle. I highly recommend this place. They weren't pushy orpressured us into anything we ddidn't want to do. Remember to ask for Joe.

Sabrina H. | 2013-02-15

Very courteous, kept asking along to process of buying our new car (Chevy Cruze) if we understood everything and were happy with the terms and conditions.  Explained all the options through financing without trying to constantly "upsell" us.  Gave my husband way more then his trade in was KBBooked at.  Continued to follow up and make sure we were happy with our purchase and even sent emails with updates on our registration progress and a tracking number for our plates.

I'm very happy with the service and the vehicle purchased.  Overall, very friendly with out feeling like they were being fake.

Danay T. | 2013-02-13

If you are looking for great service, quality cars and excellent service, Go see Michael Polite at Courtesy Chevrolet!!!  I had the best car buying experience ever! I am not one to visit car lots at all. In fact, I avoid them for any reason I can find.  But this day, I went with a friend for his own whip and was so impressed with the professionalism, relatability and friendliness, that I decided to jump in the car pool! I was taken care of even before my friend finished!  We walked out of there with 2 cars, and no hastle!
BEST DAY EVER! I wouldnt trade my experience at Courtesy Chevrolet for anything else.  Go see Mike, you wont be dissapointed.  If you dont believe me, send me an email asking me any question you want about my experience and I am happy to respond.

Jacey G. | 2013-02-04

Michael Polite and Dave Hill were great and made buying a brand new car easy and affordable! They were all very friendly to my kids and patient with us making our decisions. Thank you for everything we truly appreciate everything u all did for us:)

Tiffani H. | 2013-01-31

I came in this morning with my wife to have my car serviced, which I had just bought. 2012 TAHOE LTZ with 70 miles on Sunday night about 3 days ago, my first response was uhmmmmmm????? When we were test driving the car I noticed that the steering wheel vibrated quite a bit, I had told the sales person (Bill) on the day of purchase this problem already. After the sale was completed Bill told me he would call me on Monday to get one of his service guys to take a look at the truck. On Monday he called me around 5pm telling me that his service guy, Rafael will call me within 15 min, he then proceeded to book me an appoinment for Wednesday.  We arrived at the service place early in the morning, and understand that I have kids and work to attend to, I was simply astonished when I had to stand there for 10 min while workers wandered back and forth, while I received no help. Finally I decided to ask for help in finding Rafael, however I was not sure who to ask, finally one of the service guys went and called Rafael for me.  When he came out, I told him the problem I had noticed with the car, and asked for transportation services while they fixed my car, Rafael then told me that his company doesn't provide a rental car but that they do provide a shuttle, after that my wife asked him how can we pick up the car after you guys finish? With no regard to how rude he sounded, he told us that we had to provide our own transportation. Understand that a shuttle can take me to my job, however I can't go anywhere else, I've dealt with quite a few dealerships and none had such horrid service or little to no compensation for their customers. It's normal for a car dealership to provide transportation for their loyal customers but it seems at this rate they will have none left.

James b. | 2013-01-28

Do not do business with this dealership.  They promise the world and never deliver.  They also Lie to your face.  I found the silverado 2500 with the tow package I wanted but it needed to be a dealer trade.  They told me the truck was 300 miles away and it would take a few days to get it.  When I arrived to take delivery the truck had 35 miles and when I asked why so few miles, they said that they got it at a local dealer and lied because they did not want me to go to that dealer.  Then they tried to deliver it with out tow mirrors.  They tried to get me to pay for new mirrors that should have been on the truck.  I had to throw a fit in the lobby in front of customers to have them do what was right.  They finally installed my mirrors.  Now, I have another problem with them. I have 6300 miles on my tires.  I bought my truck new from courtesy Chevrolet.  I called them after my left rear tire blew out on the highway.  The tire almost disintegrated by the time I could pull over.  I contacted the dealership and they said without seeing the tire it was road hazard and it would not be under warranty.  I did not have enough of the tire left to inspect, except for the bead stuck on the rim.  I had to pay $273.00 for a new LT 265/70R18E1 LTX AT from discount tire.  Since I was told that Michelin and GM would not warranty my tire I was able to buy warranties from discount for $38.25 per tire to protect myself.  That's pretty sad I have to have another company warranty a product because Michelin and Chevrolet will not.  After it was all said and done, my bill was $478.72 that I should have never had to pay for.   Buyer beware about this place.  I have bought other vehicles all over san diego and this is by far the worst dealer.  Military, DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!  I am a retired Senior Chief and I will not lead you wrong.  Do not believe these folks.  Look at the rest of the posts if you do not believe me.  They also ask you to go on yelp and tell how good the service is.  Looks like the bad out weighs the good on this site.

mike d. | 2013-01-20

Went with cash in hand to buy an Acura they had advertised as "Excellent".  (Price on the sticker was not as advertised and over-inflated - per KBB, by almost $2k.) Upon visual inspection I noticed many flaws in that statement and pointed them out to the salesman. (Salesman was courteous and very professional) but when he presented my offer and noted flaws, the Sales Manager acted like they have the market cornered on USED Acura's.  Too bad for Courtesy - there are many more dealers in San Diego that really want to sell cars.

E M. | 2013-01-13

Went to Buy a used chevy and got hooked up with Joe Rizk. He was very friendly and didnt try to push us into buying something we didnt want. On top of it all he  got us an excellent deal. We could not have left any happier! The service here was wonderful

Theresa S. | 2013-01-10

For every bad review I write, I feel obligated to follow it with a positive.  so here's to you Justin and Courtesy Chevrolet.  You and the staff have gone above and beyond to help put me in my new car.  I'm a very happy customer and I really love my new Cruz!!!

Thanks again!


Man, I hate to do this, but as great as Justin was when I was signing my docs to buy a car, his follow up treatment has been DISGUSTING, DEGRADING and downright RUDE.  Three weeks after I bought my car, I get a call from him telling me that the payoff I got from my bank was off by $1500 (meaning I owed Courtesy more $).  This was terrible news and I told him I was terribly sorry this happened and I would make payments until I could afford to pay this off. I told him if I got a tax return and the settlement I was expecting (which to this day I haven't received), he'd be the first to know.  His reply was "well we are a family company and are willing to work with you".  So nice. So I go down and sign a promise to pay $100 per month. Great.  I'm in month two of my $100 payments.  Granted, I made the first payment on the 25th (it was due the 20th), and he blew a lid and reamed me for being 5 days late.  This month, I was 13 hours late and I get a degrading email from him with the subject line "HELLO" followed by his rude inquiry "when are you going to make your payment?"

I find his treatment to be absolutely RUDE and frankly, I believe he should allow his accounting department to handle these matters, but he must have time on his hands because he is the most efficient debt collector I've ever experienced in my life.

Stick to sales Justin, your poor treatment and God awful collection techniques motivate me to continue to pay only $100 per month and not pay this debt off faster.

Marlene J. | 2012-12-28

I have been searching for a while looking for a car, and this place really sat down with me and worked with me. Mike was really patient and gave me honest answers. I appreciated all the work he did to make sure I was happy, and picked out the car I wanted.

Kisha B. | 2012-12-27

I have so many words that I could put into this review but I would rather keep it short and to the point: Do NOT underestimate a single woman/ mom that walks into a car dealership. This dealership tried to completely insult my intelligence by giving me the best "deal" that they had/ I could afford. WRONG! Something just felt off and when I had a mechanic friend check out the car before I committed to anything, unfortunately, I was right.

It is situations like these that remind me why dealerships have had such an unscrupulous/  unethical reputation for so long. I just hope the next person does their due diligence or you will be sorry. Shame on all of you!!!!!!

paul r. | 2012-12-14

i call them to have my chevrolet work on and they told me they only replace they dont fix any problem you might have like if you need a water pump they will replace the engine.fu

David C. | 2012-12-11

I traded my old truck in and I bought my 2011 Silverado from them 1 year ago (11/2011).  Kearny Pearson Ford and Jimmy Johnson offered me $4000 less than courtesy (without even haggling).  These guys were smart!  They made the sale because they gave me what my truck was worth.  My truck I traded in sold by that weekend.  Big mistake on the other guys part.  

I haven't been as impressed with this part of the dealer.  My first adviser offered me a loaner, and the next adviser told me they do not give loaners until they know for sure gm will cover the problem under warrantee.  So basically, they are inconsistent with their policy's.  Anyway, I have 4 free oil changes left so I will be using them for the next year and a half.  

All in all, I would recommend this dealer.  Like any dealer you would give your business to, exercise the use of common sense.  If you are buying a used car, look at the carfax report and dont buy a piece of crap with over 100,000 miles.

Elle f. | 2012-11-07

My review reads exactly as Jon R's on 11/02

It's just a sales tactic. Frank Toyota sends me fake crap ALL the time--pretending it's a letter from someone, pretending it's a newspaper article.

Sweartagod there ought to be a LAW. ha! There probably is.

I'm just going to mail it back with choice words. Any business who cons people in to coming in obviously wants that cliental for a reason. shifty.... I sure as heck will NEVER do business there.

Jon R. | 2012-11-02

I recently received an odd letter at my home with no return address on the envelope - only a postmark from Santa Ana, California. The letter appears to be a printed email from Jack Grimley to Tony Fodor concerning my personal vehicle, along with a hand written note requesting me to call a toll free number if I'm 'interested' in their offer (the handwriting is clearly feminine). They apparently work at a Chevrolet dealership in San Diego, so it's unclear as to why the letter would be postmarked in Santa Ana, CA. That is, until I could see what the 'printed email' really was.

I have never met Tony or Jack, I have never been to their dealership, and I have never owned or purchased a Chevrolet. Somehow, some way, these two men happen to know my home address and the type of vehicle I drive, and they have taken the liberty to try and engage me in an incredibly lame marketing scheme (as if I don't get enough junk mail already). This seems nothing more than an attempt to take advantage of people in some desperate times, complete with a 'Confidentiality Note' at the bottom of the message to make it seem as if this is a legitimate, personal email.

The only thing this letter has done is ensure that I will never set foot on the property of Courtesy Chevrolet, and I will be sure to share this experience with others.

marlon d. | 2012-10-11

This place does not care if you already have your own financing done, they would still require you to read sign paper work stated that they will run your credit report. I Didn't sign it at first but was told it is needed but they will not check  the report.   Are there any honest business people left anymore? because they did check it.

Anyway, i was bargaining with this car and i was told a guy called and willing to see and  buy the car i wanted at full price. Next thing you know they are saying bye bye to me. What a great service. Next thing you know the rep was emailing me and asking me to comeback. BOOM the car wasnt sold yet sucker

Matthew B. | 2012-10-11

I really do not like the way they do business.  Go somewhere else.  Bob Stall, MKB, Jimmy Johnson, John Hines, and Mossy are all way better as far as looking and researching cars.  I had to do paperwork before they would answer my question.  Not one other car dealer asked this of us in our car buying experience.  AND it continues....  I politely asked to be removed from their emails and all is get back in a email reply was WHY?  Zero dialog or interest in why I asked to be removed.  Just rude if you ask me.  High 5, only 1 star.

Sarah F. | 2012-08-17

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!! It was filled with some of the worst and most rude people I have ever met. Matt Watonuski pressured us and lied to us. The finance lady was nice but screwed up big time and the dealership spent 3 WEEKS cleaning up her mess. We ended up paying a loan on a vehicle we traded in to them that we no longer owned and they told us everyday that it was getting paid off that day..three weeks later it is finally paid. When my husband and I had questions about our situation that THEY SCREWED up with, they brushed us off, ignored us and even gave us the nastiest attitude any person has ever given to us. The vehicle we had stupidly rushed into purchasing from them was dirty and had less than a quarter of a tank of gas when they gave it to us. To this day, almost two month later, we are still waiting for all the final paper work and the plates. My husband went there the other day hoping they would honor there guarantee and they were extremely rude to him and the manager even THREW PAPERS on the table at him basically telling him to get out. I will never EVER do business with them again and I warn you to stay away from them. I will tell friends and family to stay away as well

Martha R. | 2012-03-22

Dean Straub in the Auto Repair/ Service Center was very helpful and friendly yesterday.  He helped me change my tail light. I bought the light bulb and thought I could change it myself, but I couldn't get the screws to loosen up.  He was so nice and managed the task in 5 minutes.

Wish I had had such a good experience with the leasing agent who tried to swindle me on the contract when I leased the car here 2 years ago. :( hence, only 3 stars for this place.

Rivak H. | 2012-03-15

I am a proud owner of a 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Coup, and as expected usual maintenance is required.  My recent visit at Courtesy Chevrolet was less than favorable. The typical up selling of additional services, that are not required. Seeking packaged oil changes for $180, and over promising and under delivering. After two day my car still wasn't completed. Yes my oil and filter was replaced, the checked a faulty tire sensor, and claimed a coil wire was loose which triggered a check engine light. Grand total $369.11 including tax! they obviously gave the Service Advisors trained to up sell, lie, and cheat the customers. Do yourself a favor and run for the hills and save your hard earned $ and stress levels. I have since scheduled an appointment to see TopFlight Corvettes here in San Diego to work on my check engine light issue, that has Courtesy Chevrolet baffled

Freedom R. | 2012-02-25

Gorgeous cars. Friendly staff. I was suckered in by an advertisement. Lol I thought I really won money or a trip. Lol. So silly but when I was there, they took care of me and was very friendly.
I often drive and stop to look at the convertibles....camaros.

Natalia B. | 2012-01-11

Too nosy, too pushing, too assertive. They treat you as a "Next please", not as a potential customer.  Never again

Brad S. | 2011-12-31

These guys are totally sketchy. They let my car sit in the shop for 7 days without working on it, and then tried to charge me a $150/day "storage fee." On top of that, they cashed the check from my insurance provider WITHOUT my signature or approval. Even after catching them in their lies, it still took opening a formal inquiry into check fraud for them to drop the storage fees, refund the money and release my car to another shop. SHADY SHADY SHADY!

Iris H. | 2011-10-11

My husband and I bought a Chevy Tahoe here and had a great experience..really easy to talk to salesmen...great loan rates and just a comfortable buying situation. Ask for Erwin..he's great and the GM there gave us the car's background so we knew what we were getting..everything was done in a day and we had our awesome new Tahoe for our growing family. Thank you Courtesy Chevrolet..all dealerships should operate like you.

Amy S. | 2011-10-10

If you need help go see DeeDee. She's an older lady with a great personality, extremely sweet and helpful. My husband and I were going to pick up a Chevy Sonic from here before we decided on another car elsewhere but were very satisfied with our service here that she gave. I'd recommend seeing her if you're looking for new Chevy wheels.

Jacques S. | 2011-10-05

I don't know if everyone is just super nice.. or if its company policy.. but whatever the case is, the people at Courtesy Chevrolet are extremely nice.  I have gotten my oil changed here 3 times and two of the guys Larry and Andy from the service department were very friendly and helpful.  Two out of the three times my car was ready in 40-50 minutes.. one time they ran out of oil or a filter of some sort and it took 1.5 hr.. but I had to give this place 5 stars because customer service like this is so rare.

My only criticism is that the "waiting room" could be updated a little bit with some newer/nicer features.  But seriously, always a positive experience.

Hope N. | 2011-09-24

Most of these reviews are completely untrue!!  We contacted several dealerships online and courtesy was the first one to respond "Brad" to be exact. He asked what I wanted and we set up a meeting I made it clear to him that I wasn't planning on buying for a couple weeks. But he was still really helpful and inviting. He wasn't pushy or annoying like most salesman are. He actually listened and narrowed it down to the two cars we wanted. He gave us a quote and honored it TODAY!!! yes I got my new car, but anyways Brian was more than helpful everyone was.... The whole crew was more than hospitable to anyone that pulled in the lot.  And " OMG they even tried helping out 20something yr. Old women to!! " I guess the other chick that said they don't pay attention to chicks was wrong LOL.  what do you think I am? Really ;) come on now. Anywhoooo.... We did our homework before buying and had spoken to "Bob  Stall" salesman also last week I pulled in and these JERKS, sorry but I call it how I see it didn't even look my way I said I was looking for an orange camaro and they replied oh well its not orange now is it? I was like WTF!! But hey whatever I wasn't planning on buying there anyways. Courtesy is AWSOME!!!
If someone had a bad experience I wonder why? Because we went back 2 times and communicated via email til we were ready and I was treated with superb customer service each and every time :)  Brad was kind enough to come in and help us out on his DAY OFF...

Well I'm posting an update...10/22/11 I'm quite sad :( I know its not this dealerships fault but the deal fell thru for the simple reason that the car I liked was on another lot. The dealership that was gonna do the trade sold MY car and we were left with nothing.... I was left with no other option but to just special order my car. they said it would be 4 weeks for delivery time. Its been 4 weeks this Tuesday and still NO CAR!! The only thing I'm excited about is the fact that its special order, and will be a classic one day.

Kevin G. | 2011-08-31

This testimony is coming from a former service adviser for Audi and Toyota. I understand how difficult a service writer's job can be and because of this I am generally pretty fair and understanding when dealing with service department staff.

However the atrocities that occurred at Courtesy Chevrolet need to be shared with anyone considering doing business with its service department


I originally set up an appointment at Courtesy for my girlfriend's (Rachel) car several weeks ago for an inspection on a fuel leak coming from the back of the car (I assumed it was a gas tank issue). When I did this, I spoke with a writer whose name I do not recall. I gave him VIN and mileage information. He told me that this issue sounded like something that would be covered under a GM recall that called for the replacement of the whole fuel pump module due to cracking of the plastic supply or return port on the modular reservoir assembly. We ended up canceling the appointment because the gas smell was intermittent and there was no visible leak. We thought it could wait 3 weeks until we were able to leave the car while we were out of town.

Several weeks after this, before our trip, we noticed that the car was leaking gas pretty badly. We decided, after talking to a service adviser at Courtesy named Larry, to tow the car over.

I asked if we could have a loaner car since the car would be down for a day or two due to a safety related recall. He told us 'No'.

He also disclosed that if the issue was not related to the fuel leak and the associated recall there would be a diagnosis charge of $85. We agreed to this stipulation.

Several hours later Rachel got a call from Larry explaining that there was a 'big problem' and that when he went to go inspect this problem in the shop 'he thought he was going to die' because the problem was so bad. He also told her that he VIN wasn't eligible under the recall but that the same parts that are covered under the recall were failing. His tone was condescending and he would not explain more in detail to her. He also explained that since they had diagnosed the issue and it was not covered, Rachel would have to pay $85 for diagnosis per the earlier agreement if she did not want to move forward with the work.

After this conversation, Rachel's father then spoke with Larry. According to her father, Larry was much more civil and kind to him than to Rachel.  Larry explained that because the car was currently registered in Washington, not California, it was not eligible for the recall. Had the car been registered here, the repair would have been at no charge to her.

Her father then called GM corporate customer service, gave them the vehicles information and GM said because the car was PURCHASED in California, that it is eligible under the recall. The car has been towed to City Chevrolet. The car in City's care and is currently being repaired free of charge.

MY ANALYSIS (In order of occurrence):

-I think its chicken sh*t that Larry refused to give Rachel a rental car at no charge. She simply could not afford the cost of a rental car for two days and is dependent on her car. GM, in their official press release for this service campaign admitted that it was safety related by saying the leak "could result in a fire." As a potentially liable car manufacturer, why would you want a dangerous vehicle on the road a minute longer than it had to be?

-Why weren't we notified as soon as the car got to the dealer, before diagnosis, that the car was not covered under the safety recall? It is easy, once armed with the appropriate information for a service writer to print this type of info from the GM service bulletin database. My guess is that either the writer on this was sloppy in his procedure or was trying to stick us with a diagnosis fee.

-Either Larry unknowingly or knowingly has awful customer service skills. If he unknowingly treats customers like this (especially female ones) then he should be disciplined. If he knowingly does this, it is for the purpose of scaring people into agreeing to repairs.

-Why would Larry give more information to Rachel's Father then to her (the owner of the car) and it was also different information?

-GM explaining to us that the car is covered was the nail in the coffin for this dealer. The best case scenario is that the dealer did not read the recall carefully. If they did, they would have been able to match it with the vehicle information (which they probably did not print in the first place). In the worst case scenario, Larry decided to be 'selective' about which portions of the recall to uphold in order to get money out of us. Either way, this is unacceptable behavior from automotive professionals.

All I can say is DO NOT DO BUSINESS WILL THIS DEALER. You will ultimately regret it. Chevys products have gotten better; it's too bad that some of its dealers have not.

Ashley N. | 2011-07-06

Service department service is great but the wait for an oil change is an hour to and hour and a half even with an appointment booked in advanced. No oil change should take that long.

Chelsey C. | 2011-07-03

I came here yesterday and left with a brand new Camaro!

I went to Ron Baker and after the horrible customer service there coming here was a breath of fresh air!

Audrey was my sales rep and has such a beautiful, shining, not pushy, personality. I've never felt more comfortable purchasing such a high priced item from someone. She treats her customers how she would want to be treated.

The finance manager (who's name I can't remember) was also such a sweetheart. She got me approved at a lower rate and smiled the whole way!

Thanks Courtesy, you guys are awesome.

Ryan R. | 2011-04-14

If you have to choose a dealership this is the place to go!! The service department is great. Every time I go I deal with Rafael and he is awesome. Gets me in and out quickly with no BS! Definitely recommend!!

Kristen G. | 2011-03-01

My car had been smelling like gas for a few weeks and decided to take it in to have it looked at and the car had a recall on it for power steering. Juan took great care of me and my car! I had told him that I had seen something on line about a recall for a fuel issue but it was not for my car. He said he would look into it, he called a few hours later and said that GM would cover the repairs to my fuel leak. He saved me tons of money. I for sure will be going back.

Cheré P. | 2011-02-22

I have never had this much fun buying a vehicle in my life !  Everyone was so nice and helpful, plus we laughed and really had FUN with our salesmen.  They worked as team and really bent over backwards to meet ALL of my needs.  

They were patient with my indecisiveness, and eager to find out what features were most important to me.   I would recommend this dealership, especially Eddie, Brian, and Ziggy to anyone in the market for a new vehicle.  And I will be a continued customer.  

Even when doing all of the paperwork, the lady was wonderful and was able to help me with some budgetary reconfiguration so that my payment plan could be manageable.  She was able to help me to get what I needed.

First time customer, will definitely return and tell my friends as well.
When they say they want you to be completely satisfied, they mean it.   I really am.

Jon L. | 2011-02-21

Worked with Thomas Lopes at the dealership. He took an appropriate amount of time with me in searching for both new and used cars. He was knowledgeable and friendly without being pushy. It was clear that he was willing to work together with me to meet my automotive needs. I can recommend Thomas for assistance.

Katie L. | 2011-02-17

DO NOT RECOMMEND! Went in today to inquire about pricing on purchasing a 2011 Equinox and they were nothing but rude. Firstly, I stood there before I was assisted by anyone. Brian was extremely unhelpful, dismissive and condescending to me, a 20-something woman coming in for information. He NEVER got up from his desk to even introduce myself and NO ONE actually sat down with me to help. I have a feeling if I were a 50 year old man in a suit it might have been a different response. Perhaps not! Unresponsive and unhelpful. Yesterday I went to the Hyundai dealership where they were extremely accommodating, helpful and willingly answered questions. Would not recommend this dealership to anyone! My family have been Chevy customers in Michigan for years, but I will never purchase or lease a vehicle from them after this experience.

Megan B. | 2011-02-03

I have a 2006 Chevy Cobalt which I purchased at another dealership that is pretty far from my house. I took my car in to Courtesy Chevrolet  because I got one of those letters in the mail about a recalled part. The first person I met was named Kevin, he is in the sales department I believe but he directed me to the service department and made sure that a man in that department named Larry set me up with everything I needed. When they finished replacing the part they called me to let me know my car was ready. I was so pleased to find that they had washed my car.
Their service was so great that I went back for an oil change. They offered me a great deal, it was like $30 for 3 oil changes. When I came back for the oil change I ran into Kevin again. He is just such a nice man. When a friend of mine was looking to buy a Chevy truck I sent him to Kevin and he took great care of him. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone.

Meg B. | 2011-01-17

I just bought a vehicle from these people, more because I just wanted to get it over with than because they "earned my business."

I brought in pricing information from Consumer Reports. It's a great service where they tell members how much dealerships actually pay the manufacturer for the car. I made the mistake of showing it to the salesperson and it magically disappeared. When I told her it was gone, she just said, "Hm, that's weird." Yeah, super weird!

When I said I wanted to check out another dealership to see if they could beat the price, the salesperson accused me of "trying to shop" her, like I was betraying her by trying to get the lowest price I could find. She then encouraged me to call the other dealership and suddenly my cell phone didn't work. I began to feel a little paranoid because as soon as I walked off the lot, my phone worked fine. Cell phone jamming devices are pretty cheap, so I wouldn't put it past them.

They lied and told me that I had to sign a contract committing to buying the car before getting financed in order to get another dealership to release it. I refused and went to my bank to get a loan. When I came back, they told me that I didn't need to sign any contract and acted like they didn't know what I was talking about. And when I got in the car, it had 1 mile on it. I suspect it was on their lot the whole time and they just wanted to force me into signing a contract. They refused to let me walk out with any pricing information on paper, even when going to the bank. Guess they didn't trust me not to go to a competitor.

The salesperson and a few other people repeatedly told me about their consumer satisfaction survey and how important it was that I tell GM I was "completely satisfied" on all accounts. They even mentioned that the salesperson's pay was determined by these surveys to guilt me into giving her high marks, as if their performance wasn't the actual issue.

How can I be "completely satisfied" when they lied, cheated, and stole to close the deal? I will never step foot in that place again, not even for an oil change.

Virginia M. | 2010-12-30

I took my Chevy S-10 for basic work this past Nov.  I worked with Ralph and he was far from helpful to me. Their service shop had my vehicle for 3 days only notifying me at the end of the day that the vehicle was not ready.  On the 4th day, the service dept called and told me they had broken a part in my engine and on the 5th day they broke something again.  Ralph was only responsive to me once I complained to his supervisor, Scott, who was less interested in helping or listening to my issues. I received less than an 8% discount on the service...reminder they broke parts of my vehicle which caused about a 4 day delay in the return of my vehicle.  

I will never take my vehicle back to this shop for service.  Nor should you.  This incident has shown me their true colors.

Today, my check engine light came back.  Did the $2000 I paid mean anything was fixed?  I have gone out of my way to inform others not to take their vehicles there to include fellow service members.

melissa w. | 2010-12-11

Just had my 6th experience with the service department, they are lazy and could care less about customer service. I have never experienced worse customer service in my life! They all seem to hate their jobs and my car is worse than when I brought it in. They have no clue what they are doing half the time. The only reason I brought my car back to them this time was due to my warranty. However, in the future I will go to my own mechanic even if I have to pay for it out of pocket. It is THAT bad there.  DO NOT GO THERE.

Adrienne J. | 2009-10-30

Just finished purchasing our new 2009 Chevy Tahoe.  Justin was/is a phenomenal sales man...and I despise car salesmen.  Justin gave us no BS, was quite personable, and was easy to relate to.

Unfortunately he wasn't there tonight when we went back to purchase, but that's ok, his co-worker Darren was there and picked up right where Justin left off with the personality and laid back attitude.

We were promptly greeted by THE RASHID, of Yelp lore.  I implore you to generate your own opinion of this individual and NOT go off the negative reviews on here.  Rashid was courteous and efficient, and did his due diligence with tracking down the paper trail of what we had been told AND researching a better interest rate than the one we had secured with Bank of America earlier in the day.

So far we are nothing but pleased and can only give Courtesy Chevrolet five stars.  I completely suggest dealing with them, Justin and Rashid.

Good luck and happy car buying!

Travis S. | 2009-10-28

dont buy used or new from these snakes!!!!  cons!!! they forged my signature on a service agreement warranty! and charged me $2,400.00 for a 5,000 miles warranty!  that i cant use if i wanted too because i have already put 6000 miles on my truck!!!  i cant wait to see their faces in court!!!!!!!!!!!  and i'm calling "turko files" from kusi news!!!!!!!  if you have had the same or simular happen to you, please reply to this comment and lets see if we can help each other. leave me a message on my profile. thanks

john l. | 2009-07-11

I've owned a corvette for 22 years, same one, as you might imagine it's been worked on plenty by many mechanics.
first 8 or so years I only took it to GM dealers, Courtesy was one for about ten times, and I must say that the times I walked out of there feeling like someone had stripped my wallet clean and slapped me in the face with the empty leather, were too many to count. Dishonest AND rude to boot!  (in contrast, So. Bay chevrolet, C & M, John Hine Pontiac, and others, were the opposite)
Three different times I specifically asked them to return the bad parts they replaced for inspection, each time, as if I was stupid and would fall for it,  I got the same lame, canned excuse- "oh, we forgot, it must be at the bottom of that dumpster" as they pointed to a container at the corner of the lot.
The capper was the time I had a $1200 repair replacing the front Y pipe, called them from work at lunch and asked if my personal check was okay to pick up the car before 6:00 PM. Sure, they said- "absolutely sure- I'm getting dropped off and live in OB-" I asked again- "no problem!"  and I borrowed a friend's car from work and burned my lunch hour going to B of A to transfer $1200 from savings to checking. I get dropped off before 6, on a  dark, drizzle getting heavier, chilly  December night in a dress shirt and tie from my office job to pick my car up. I see its speedy warmth, lemon that it was becoming, sitting behind their chain link fence, my security blanket- my sleigh home to some egg nog after a long day. She calls the check in via telecheck, and they refuse to honor it and won't give me the car. I show her the B of A transfer receipt with my account #'s, etc- no go. I ask if there is a manager we  can talk to to override her procedure rule that telecheck must approve the check- they aren't closed yet- SHE SAYS THERE IS NO MANAGER AT ALL ON THE PREMISES. I point out i've never bounced a check anywhere in my life and at that point had close to a dozen pricey repairs done there for thousands of dollars-been at the same job for 6 years, same address for 8- no, she has rules, and nobody above this cashier to call otherwise-  and Courtesy Chevrolet, after not telling me on the phone that there is a Telecheck approval process, lets me walk home. In the dark. In the rain. In a flimsy dress shirt, carrying a briefcase.  Right before Christmas. I didn't ask them for a ride, wasn't rude in this exchange, but they just watched as I walked away and didn't offer to do anything for me. It took me less than two hours to weave through the dark, lightly flooded streets of the valley then sports arena area to get home, my anger probably made the trip easier as I was too mad to think about being cold or tired- but my leather briefcase and dress shoes were ruined.
Yes, they are that bad, and every detail of this story is accurate.  I'm sorry there are businesses like this that make these experiences so vividly easy to recall.

Cat P. | 2009-05-18

Ok Ok I bought a car from them and I am super happy with my Hybrid Tahoe, but when I went back to buy a 2nd car from them with my husband I though for sure they would be nice and WANT to sell a car considering that they aren't selling cars!
HAHAHA that's what I get for assuming! Talk about a bunch of assh0les no one cared and were no help at all! You would think that the economy was booming they acted like we were just a waste of their precious time. We ended up leaving and I was sooooooooooooo upset.
So I went to their competitor Bob Baker and got one hell of a DEAL left with a huge smile on my face as did my husband cause he got the new car!  
So Courtesy can go to hell!

Tina M. | 2009-03-20

I needed a new car. I didn't have any money walking into the dealership...just my old car "Maxi" who was slightly beat up and needed about $5K of maintenance & bodywork. She was almost paid for but I didn't have the $$ to get her all gussied up.

The salesman, Mo, greeted me as I was drooling over the shiny new cars. I spotted this pretty little thing and within 2 minutes was taking her out for a spin. She had all the bells and whistles I could ask for -- XM radio, OnStar, heated leather seats, a remote control ignition was love at first sight. Deep inside I knew she was out of my league. I suggested to Mo that we test drive one of the cute teeny little cars that seemed to be more my style anyway. He knew my budget and my new crush was not in the budget but just for fun, I wanted to see how low I could go. Mo was good...I didn't feel pressure from him but in steps the finance guy, Rashid, who was a snake and I knew it. We went back and forth for 2 hours. I was ready to walk out of there when he finally met me to where I needed my monthly payments to be. What sold me was they offered me $7,500 for "Maxi" who had over 100K miles on her...she's a beauty but still not worth that much, even on her best day AND she needed a new catalytic converter ASAP. The other dealership I went to offered me half that for a trade-in.

We agreed on a price after I pulled out my secret weapon at the end -- the GM employee discount (I know people on the inside). I signed all the papers and once I was in the car ready to drive off, Rashid told me that he still needed to get the loan & rate approved through the bank.  It was 10pm on a Wednesday night and I was exhausted at this point. I drove off with my new crush but I wasn't feeling good about it because the bank could still deny me. Rashid had told me my credit score was much lower than it actually was (I found this out a few weeks later when I was looking to buy a condo) and he didn't give me a copy of my credit report. Also, when I was in the process of buying a condo, it showed that Courtesy Chev shopped a loan to FIVE different banks which all showed up on my credit score. My advice to anyone shopping for a car - -Get a loan through your own bank if possible. He got me a GREAT rate but at the expense of my FICO score.

1) They gave me a generous amount for my trade-in.
2) They included 3 free oil changes.
3) Mo, the salesman was nice and I didn't feel pressured.
4) When I had my oil changed recently, the service dept took good care of me and my car.
5) One free year of ONSTAR service, sweeet!!

1) Rashid, the finance guy was a snake.
2) The entire finance process was terrible and misleading.