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Established in 1990.

City Volkswagen has been a familiy run business since 1990. We support 146 employees.
When you do business with City Volkswagen your money stays in the local community.

City Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 899-1238
Address:2111 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92110
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on City Volkswagen

Romy D. | 2015-04-25

I came to city Volkswagen to drop off a car for a friend , I was received very well , I see the has attitude changed and see more smiling faces , keep up VW

Nat F. | 2015-04-18

I purchased my 2015 VW GTI here from Amy and it was as perfect a car buying experience as I could have hoped for. Amy was so nice and really knew everything about the GTI. She wasn't pushy for the sale like every other car salesperson out there and was very attentive. She even still checks up on me every now and then to see how I'm doing! Also, everyone in the service department was really polite and friendly. They all seemed to genuinely care about me. Whenever I'm ready for my next car it will be from City VW and Amy.

June A. | 2015-04-05

My husband and I are incredibly appreciative of the interest and care that sales representative, Christa DeLaTorre, has given us in our 3 car buying experiences over the last 12 years. Christa goes the "extra mile" to make us feel as valued members of the VW community, even sending me a birthday card recently, to celebrate with me. This dealership is top notch, from Christa, all the way to the top, and we wouldn't think of buying a car anywhere else.  If you want to feel like family, be sure and see Christa at City VW.

Anil M. | 2015-03-28

I called and checked if they had a Golf R available for test drive and went there. However the only one they had available was in the showroom and they didn't allow any test drives unless the customer was ready to buy. It would have been better if they had told me that when I called. In their defense, Golf R a very rare model right now and seems to be selling hot.

John G. | 2015-03-24

Somewhere on the pathway from service to sales, City became--well, something that rhymes with City but that is far less complimentary.

My wife spent the better part of the afternoon arranging a deal on a vehicle as a surprise for me, who is in the market for a new car. We explained to the salesperson that we already had financing arranged, but she provided a very reasonable monthly payment and explained to my wife that she wanted to finance us to earn our business. Again, we had financing in place and all we were set to go. We did not need financing. All we need to do is come on in and sign the papers. Car was waiting and ready to go.

Or so we thought. After spending the better part of an evening (over two hours to acquire signatures? What?), suddenly what was a solid deal turned to confetti. After being placed in an office and installing a printer for the saleswoman, we fell victim to a seemingly endless void of checks and rechecks with finance. Every 20 minutes or so, someone would come to visit and ask us if we were OK. Finance representative could not read paystubs; flotsam and jetsam milling about telling war stories; and worst of all, the saleswoman could not even tell us the names of banks under consideration (odd for a deal that had already been done, no?). Finally, after the dealership has basically shut its doors for the evening, a stumblebum of man claiming to be the sales manager comes in and congratulates us for obtaining a monthly payment 50 dollars higher than that we were promised. Exsqueeze me? Baking powder?

After we explain that we'd already come with financing in hand, he explains that the original quote was the stuff of myths, and that they do not accept financing from a certain bank that asks about the content of your wallet. At least not from us. He lamented that we weren't working with him. Odd, considering we were supposed to come in and sign papers at a rate that his salesperson promised.

Close to three hours later, we are on the road wondering what had happened. Were we on parole? It felt as though we had been prison raped. Given the bait and switch without the bait.

So, Chitty Volkswagen, you've lost not only a sale, but maintenance on a Touareg. Great job all around. The family that owns this family business should disown you all. One star for pity and the coffee.

Updated to add that the owner and the General Manager responded to my concerns immediately. I offer another star for their quick attention and willingness to address the above. Even offered a free oil change for our other car and the original deal we made with their salesperson.

Not sure we will pursue either, but Mr. Nieman, City's owner and Archie, the General Manager are both stand-up guys in my opinion.

Dan P. | 2015-03-21

I went there with a USAA buying certificate with a set price that is pre-negotiated.  The sales manager would not honor the price.  Do not go here as you will not get the best price.

Miss M. | 2015-02-23

I have never had sub-standard service here, beginning from day one. I can only speak of the service department, as I purchased my vehicle in another state but needed my service warranty carried over to San Diego where I was living. The guys are always extremely helpful in getting questioned answered in a timely manner. I was in a pinch one day, finding myself without a ride to get back down to the dealership after I dropped my car off for service. Without hesitation, my service manager Roman found me a ride with a member of their sister Chevy- dealership. Pretty awesome in my book. The only improvement I could suggest here is better communication with customers in letting them know when their car would be ready. All three services I have had, I have dropped my car off in the early morning, and ended up having to call them later in the day to find out when my car would be finished, only to find out it was already done. At any rate, my overall experience is positive.

Mark C. | 2015-02-22

Although the sales people are nice, don't count on the deal staying the same.  They gave me one number and then didn't honor it after getting to the dealership.  When asked about it they simply stated that they "couldn't do it".  My mechanic warned me about their service dept. But thought that the sales side might be's not.

Rick B. | 2015-01-27

Would recommend against buying or having your car serviced at this dealership.. Either they don't know or don't care about their product or their customers

Kurt S. | 2014-12-29

Doron always takes care of my needs including this am when I sensed my battery was weak. Sure enough, it tested as such. On the spot replacement will have me back on the road in no time. Thanks Doron!

R B. | 2014-12-25

My Daughter's Beetle need a quick fix to remove the locking wheel bolts that were lost.  Alex fit her in with no appointment even thought they were fully booked.  She was out in less than 30 min.  They were very helpful.  Thanks Alex.

Emily J. | 2014-12-15

I have been working with City for the past 6 years and my 2012 Jetta was my second car with them. I had always had a great experience. When my lease came up and my partner and myself went into the dealership to discuss buying the car or leasing another, I left with the worst most oppressive experience I have had with a dealership to date. Tori, the sales person chosen to work with us (as Mark who we set an appointment with was busy), attempted to be helpful and listen to our needs but was not able to do his job as the VW sales manager Tony (see multiple other reviews on this guy) was in and out of the office presenting me with different deals for buying a new car while trying to charge me $25000 for a car whose residual cost was $13040! He would literally wait for my partner to leave the office, come running in and aggressively ask me "so how much money can you put down for a car in the next two weeks?" What??!! When we made it clear that we did not want any extended warrantee or added "stuff" they refused to sell me my car without it stating it was the dealership and the GM's policy to do so. This is a lie...

In the end I chose to work directly with VW Credit (who confirmed this was a lie) which I could do it all over the phone and who gave me a price $7000 less than the dealer (including extended coverage). Good job VW for losing our business for good. Tony the VW sales manager is one of the slimiest sales people I have ever met with.

Victoria S. | 2014-12-10

My GTI was throwing up some warning lights so I took my car into City VW and they were on it right away. I had Doron Pomeranetz as my service specialist both time and Doron is the man! He's very patient and explains everything. I also checked in and got my free VW water bottle, the nice steel kind, no plastic shizz. The prices are set by the dealership but I always trust the dealers to do the best work. Also, they can clear the codes and also take care of any recalls. My GTI is still running great after 7+ years. I would recommend City VW Service for sure. I hope to take my car back again for a timing belt.

Desiree T. | 2014-11-21

Terrible service.  If you do decide to buy a car from this dealership, as I unfortunately did, question every promise or guarantee they make to you.  I do not feel- and rightfully so- that they are trustworthy.

They are only happy to shake your hand and sell you a car.  They do not seem to care about your concerns afterwards.  Be wary of them - Tony, the dealership manager, in particular.

German R. | 2014-11-21

The service was amazing, all sell staff specially Dago  was helpful and very proficient.  I was very pleased with the financial officer who assisted me during my purchase. I would highly recommend this dealership to friends and family.

Annie R. | 2014-11-16

Only one star because you have to give them one to write a review. Went in today to purchase a VW Touareg. Spoke with Rod before we went in to make sure that they had the car and the price would be honored. He said it was all good and the car was ready. When we got there, Rod would not even come out to talk to us. Fabio entertained us and told us  that Tony had to approve the deal. After sitting around for an hour with neither Rod or Tony even speaking with us, we left and went to South Bay V.W. and purchased our Touareg. Absolutely horrible customer service. Act like they are doing you a favor selling you a car. Everyone at South Bay Volkswagen was extremely friendly and efficient. Walked out with our car within a few hours. City V.W. had no interest or desire to honor Costco or True Car prices, even though they are signed up as part of the program. Total waste of our time to even try to work with these people.

William H. | 2014-11-08

Service is worth the extra few dollars. These guys are amazing and men/women of their word, and they go the extra mile without asking. I've been going here for 5 years now. And they amaze me every time. My service writer Jack Daniels (yes that's his real name, and he's just as cool as the drink) is very personable and straightforward and just a super chill guy.

Today I found that they steam cleaned my entire engine to brand new condition and fixed a few little things here and there, all without even asking or charging me. It's things like these that affirm that you are a customer to top notch service.

Amy M. | 2014-09-24

By the time we made it to City VW, we'd spent 7 hours that day trying to buy our new GTI. We were tired, hungry, frustrated beyond belief, and just DONE.

You probably didn't read my other 2 VW dealer reviews, so I'll just paraphrase our day.

Kearny Mesa VW: 6 hours, told the car didn't exist other than in Pasadena and they couldn't get it. Feel like we were lied to about price, availability, and ended up extremely irritated. Which brought us to call around, looking for car. And were told there was one available at...

Mossy VW in Escondito (1 hour), where they straight up lied to our faces about the car.

So finally, we talked to City VW, where Amy Hedrick told us she LITERALLY had her hands on the car we were looking for. Obviously, by that point, we were skeptical. But the chance of closing the deal that day overrode our feelings.

When we drove up? The car was right out front. Way to go, Amy! Also, awesome name.

I feel like, for the first time since starting to look at these cars, we were treated with respect and straightforwardness. We were able to come out of the situation with deal we felt was fair, with the exact car we wanted, and drove home in it immediately afterwards.

It was a MUCH better experience than those we'd had before. It probably didn't hurt that we didn't even want to test drive it, we were so ready to buy that car out front. I'd work with Amy again in a heartbeat, if we decided to buy another GTI. My Civic SI is starting to feel jealous of the turbo, so only time will tell if we end up with matching hatchbacks. But if we do, we'll be back to buy from Amy again.

Michele P. | 2014-08-20

I have to say that with all the problems I've had since I bought my CC from City, my service writer Shane has worked over time making everything right. He goes the extra mile for his customers. I never have to wait long, and if I do, they give me a loaner car to go on about my day.
They have done a good job making a wrong right!

Hliang M. | 2014-08-12

I recently got my car serviced there a month ago seeing as I was going on 1300+ miles round trip to Nor Cal and back. My advisor was Doron, he was very polite and took the time to ask what problems I wanted them to look into my car and afterwards, he explained in detail about each step of the service they'll be doing. Afterwards, he took me to the waiting room (which could be vastly improved) where I lounged and watched my shows for the next hour. He came back, polite as always and returned my car in better shape than it was. The attention to the customer was very thorough and it was a very pleasant experience.

Steve R. | 2014-08-11

This was the best service I've ever had at a car dealership service center. Something as simple as a headlight bulb switch. Alex also added air to my tires and I got a free bag and VW water bottle with Yelp check in! Service with a smile.I'll be back.

Lisa F. | 2014-08-08

This review is for Jack Daniels. He is a great mechanic and while in San Diego I was always satisfied with his work. But what was really exceptional was that after I moved to Texas he took the time to speak with my new mechanic over the phone about issues with my car. He knew exactly what the problem was and patiently took the time to speak to my new mechanic even though he knew he would not benefit financially from it. The people who have written negative reviews on here must not have worked with Jack. He deserves five stars!

Evan L. | 2014-07-26

I recently bought a used VW and decided to bring it to this location for an issue with oil leakage because it is near my house. I scheduled an appt a couple days in advance and needed shuttle service back home. I waited for about 10 minutes for a shuttle to arrive and it just happened to be a Limo which was awesome for me. So I ended up driving back in style.

Pick up my car later that afternoon and they even washed it for me. Lets hope the issue is fixed and I will be back for all my service needs.

P.S. make sure to check it to get some goodies.

Carolyn I. | 2014-07-11

CITY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY CAR BEING DEVALUED BY $2500. BEWARE. We took our GTI in for a 10,000 mi check-up and tire rotation. While City's employee was test driving he was in an accident. Someone rear ended him. City fixed my bumper at no charge but reported the incident to CARFAX and the value of my car immediately went down $2500. No dealer wants it on a trade-in. I also called City's used car manager 3 times for help but he never called back. I'm now waiting for a callback from the General Manager.

Chao C. | 2014-06-28

If you go to this dealership, I would strongly recommend Saleperson Christa De La Torre from whom I bought my beetle 1.8T 2014. Christa is very easy-going and patient to answer any question I have. She showed us the car we want and described every details of the car to me and my wife. She also replied emails promptly with correct info even after the sale was done. I bought cars from different dealerships before but she is definitely the most professional and devoted dealer I have ever seen.

Andy C. | 2014-05-02

check engine light came on in 2011 jetta, manual says it is a catalytic converter issue, took it in as a warranty issue and they charged a $108 fee just to look at it.  if it's not under warranty, don't get ripped off the way we did.

Ana B. | 2014-04-10

Be prepared to lose your original VW parts and replaced with cheap non VW parts.

This review is long overdue.  I brought my car here for oil change.  When I got it back, I noticed something was different but I could not pinpoint what exactly it was.  Then my daughter drove my car one day and she said that my rear view mirror was different looking.  It sure was.  My original VW rear-view mirror had a black trim and nice looking.  It was a $24 + K car after all, right?  Well, someone at this shop replaced it with a cheap  rear-view mirror with no black trim.  You entrust your car for a simple oil change and they steal your original car parts.  How dishonest is that?  I reported this incident to VW International.  I would not come back to this dealership.  Broken trust.

Jesse C. | 2014-03-31


Even though the experience from the day of purchasing the car left a sour taste, Jason, their customer relations specialist was able to respond to my complaints. First of all, he explained that the delay of getting the title and registration is caused by the DMV, but he did followed up with the paper work. (Update: I received the registration in the mail today, but still waiting on the title.) Secondly, since I already got the car detailed my own expense, Jason offered me a credit towards the next oil change service.

All in all, I wish everyone at this dealership has the same positive attitude as Jason. That would save a lot of grief. Nonetheless, their response to complaints does show that they care about customers.

I will own this Jetta for years to come, so I will continue to share my experience with this dealer here.

Sarah K. | 2014-03-25

Jack Daniels is seriously the best service rep here, he always takes excellent care of my car! I will always come here just because I trust him so much!! I love raving about him but I really shouldn't because he might get so booked up that I can't get in next time! Hahaha!!

Victoria P. | 2014-03-16

The SERVICE CENTER at City Volkswagen has always been fantastic! I moved to San Diego from Boston about 7 years ago and have purchased my past two Jetta's from City and use their Service Dept for all of my 10,000 mile tune-ups and needed repairs. My last visit was about two weeks ago and again, I could not have been happier with the entire experience. My service representative has always been Jack Daniels. Every visit he is courteous, knowledgeable, and completely forthright in explaining what repair items are recommended at what points and why. I personally declined the recommended coolant flush and A/C repair as I was not anticipating those expenses at this time. He explained that they would not interfere with safety of my vehicle and that was fine but it would be noted for future visits. I also asked several other questions that I probably could have 'Googled' but Jack is extremely considerate and kind, is happy to answer any questions and has never once made me feel naive or unintelligent by asking. I will never bring my car anywhere else.

Looking back over past experiences, I once brought my car to an EZ-Lube because I didn't want to pay the $120 tune-up fee at the Dealership. I noticed them pouring Green Coolant into my car, not Red like I know my vehicle takes and questioned EZ-Lube on it. They told me they are all the same. (CITY, if you are reading this, this was a PAST Jetta, not the current one. Merely coincidence a coolant flush was recommended). I'm not usually a YELPER or else I would have posted a negative review for them. Not only the coollant but the next time I brought my car in, there was a piece missing, things were not screwed on properly and I knew it was not taken care of correctly.

On a separate experience, I apparently had a light out (because the service light on my dash was lit)  and I brought it in. They identified the light and replaced it with no service charge because they are your shop. They are ambivalent to where you buy the part too! It's like belonging to the VW family and they all take care of you.

A little on the waiting area, every time I have told them I am a "Waiter", they offer shuttle service or to relax in their lounge. Good protocol is usually to check with Cheryl Ann first and see how booked up they are for that day (another fantastic person at City Service Shop) and schedule on a lighter day so as to make sure you receive the same great service. Wait has never exceeded two hours and they return my car washed, vacuumed and looking great. I don't drive to Mexico for antibiotics when I'm sick and I will never sacrifice cost for excellent care again.

Anthony Y. | 2014-02-24

Took my Volkswagen in today to have some bulbs replaced for my headlights. When I got there, I was advised my car would need a few hours before it can be serviced due to other vehicles ahead of me. I was told it will be ready before the shop is closed at 7 o'clock and I will be receiving a call from a technician. I was ensured this because I was adamant that I needed it before tomorrow. I then received a ride home in one of the VWs shuttle service limos.

After a few hours went by, I called the service center to check the status of my vehicle.  I spoke with Jack Daniels who told me the shop was closing up and the technicians were going home (it's 5 o'clock). Jack told me no person has worked on my vehicle. I told him I needed my vehicle and told him the bulbs that needed to be changed. Jack said he will head over to my car and get it done immediately and call me back. Jack called me back quickly and told me he replaced the bulbs and aired my tires. Jack told me he also identified two more bulbs which were on the verge of burning out in which he also changed. Jack told me I could come pick up the car. I got to VW a short time later and spoke with Jack who was preparing to go home. Jack told me he was only charging my for parts and was not charging for labor. Jack walked me to the receptionist who only charged me for parts.

I asked to speak with a supervisor but the receptionist was unable to locate one. She did try and was also very friendly. I wanted to make sure Jack got recognized for his great customer service and fixing the problem presented to him. I'm hesitant about bringing my vehicle back again for services due to my car being forgotten about for such minor repair. Everybody I came into contact with was very friendly but organization is definitely a problem at this VW.

Kim T. | 2014-02-12

I have been a City customer for four years now, and have bought two VW jettas from them.  I have had nothing but positive experiences with these people.  My service guy is Doran, and he's fabulous.  He always gets me in and out in a timely manner, and explains the expenses and repairs.  I'm writing this yelp review in particular because of the service I received last week.  I had to drive down into Mexico on a thursday, and had a warning light come on wednesday late afternoon.  I was frantic when I called Doran at 3:30, but he said to bring it in and he'd see what he could do.  He got me in and out by 6, and I was able to make my trip into Mexico without a problem.  Most people would say 'too bad, so sad. . .. " but Doran worked extra for me.  I have dealt with other dealerships, but have not had as good of an experience as I have with City VW.  I feel that they're honest, timely, and do a good job.  That's why I keep coming back.

Bill M. | 2014-02-07

I love this dealership, which is why I'm on my second car there.  (Both 3-year leases.)

These guys treat you with RESPECT.  And they make everything EASY.  Here are the people I've dealt with since 2010 who are straight aces: Sales manager Erik Mulhern, salesman Armando Bernal and service rep Don Thomas.  Also, I've gotten very prompt responses from Cherylann Ferrari.

I'm posting this because I just picked up my car from the service bay (routine checkup) and it sat there freshly washed (including the interior) exactly when they said it would be done.  Just a great vibe at this dealership --- big thumbs up from me.

Hm M. | 2014-02-06

Let me reiterate again:

THE REPAIRS THAT THEY TOLD ME I NEEDED TO HAVE WERE NOT "RECOMMENDED REPAIRS".  They said they were needed ASAP, or the imaginary vacuum leak would destroy my engine, and my imaginary broken CV Boot would cost hundreds of dollars if I waited for any time period.

                                                      MY REVIEW:


This is a review for the "SERVICE" repairs offered at this location.

I took my husbands VW Jetta for a new ignition switch, which was about 250.00 or so.  Upon a "Routine Safety Inspection" they discovered another 1500$ more work that needed done.

1. The CV boot was  severely damaged, and if I did not repair it ASAP, it would end up costing over 700.00.  If fixed it now it would be just under 300.

2. The vacuum in the engine was leaking oil onto the engine and destroying it.  I was told it needed to be repaired ASAP.  Over 800.00

Then there was the fuel filter, and various other fluids that needed to be replaced....which totaled around 250.00

I smelled BS, so I took the car to MY auto repair guy "Fernando's Auto Repair" on Moore street off Rosecrans. As it turns out,

NOTHING NEEDED REPAIRED!!!!!!!!! He said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the CV Boot, that there was a minor leak in the engine, but not from the vacuum and that if I wanted to fix it, it would cost about 150.00 but it was not necessary. Oh!  And all of my fluids were good.


Ashley P. | 2014-01-15

This is a review for the BODY SHOP.

If your VW gets into a fender bender, take it to the experts at City VW. They are professional and prompt with their service.

My 2012 VW Golf TDI was hit by another driver who was found at fault. Through my insurance, USAA, I initially took my vehicle to CALIBER COLISSION. They were unprofessional biased stating  that it could be repaired without even completing the tear down. No surprise that their estimate came in less than the value needed to claim a total loss (their estimate was roughly 12,000 dollars). I believe they wanted the job more than making sure my car restored to its pre accident condition.

Unsatisfied with my experience at CALIBER COLISSION, I took my care to City VW. Immediately they found an additional 6,000 in repairs and now I will be receiving compensation for a total loss. Their estimate was verified by a USAA inspector who said it was an obvious total loss.

Bottom line, if you have a VW, it pays to have it looked at by professionals who understand the finer aspects of German engineering.

James Q. | 2014-01-15

Dealer Armando did do excellent job for calmed and be very patience talked with me about my potential new car becuz of my Deaf moment. He got me lower A.P.R. like 2.4 %, even I am first time buyer. I got 2013 Passat TDI. I love it a lot. He is great guy! He should get 6 stars instead 5 stars! I loathed other dealers from Ford, Chevy, KIA, Carlsbad like they tried to rip me off like highest A.P.R. That's why I went to City VW dealer.

Bill H. | 2014-01-11

Abraham Santana is the friendliest and most knowledgable sales guy in SD.  I bought my GLI from a different dealer and got terrible service.  Abraham saved the day and restored my faith in Volkswagen completely.  He's smart, funny, hard-working.  Check him out when you're looking for a VW.

Vicki D. | 2014-01-07

My review is for SERVICE CENTER ONLY:

Made an appointment and got my car back the same day. The tech even called ahead of time to let me know they werent going to be able to smog it since the smog tech wasnt going to be working when I brought my car in, they also quoted a pretty legit price

Got my car back with a free wash and vacuum and no issues - the service guy applied extra special coupons for me too! Thanks Jack Daniels, ya did good

Nicholas R. | 2013-12-17

5 Stars to Armando! I leased my car there 3 years ago and feel bad that I've never put up a review for the great service I got from Armando. He is a stand-up guy, wasn't pushy or using lame sales pitches or tactics. He was straight forward and not high pressure and I appreciated that. Enough so that he earned my business.

Furthermore, for the least three years, he's kept in contact a couple times a year to make sure everything is going ok, see if I have any questions of service needs, and he recently followed up to see if I had any questions about the lease-end process. Again, he has done all this in a very professional way, and if I had my own sales business, I would want someone like him on my team. If you're looking to lease or buy from City VW, I suggest you speak to Armando. I believe you will be glad you did.

On another note, I've read some of the reviews of the service department. I did have to take my car there right after I got it as the touch-screen stereo was not working properly. Although it took two tries, it's been fine since. And I have taken my car there for routine services and always felt the service and work were good. Im not specifically endorsing it, just trying to add an unbiased review.

Roham M. | 2013-12-16

I'm new to SD, so when my car needed service I brought it over here. Didn't seem bad, but there were clues right away that something wasn't super right. They filled up my windshield washer fluid with water... Ok, never seen that before but whatever. Anyways, 4K miles later check engine light goes on. Huh... That hasn't happened the last 100K+ miles I've owned the car. Weird. Checked oil level, EMPTY. WHAT? Literally empty. 4K miles shouldn't eat up oil like that. Checked for leaks, but nothing. Ok, add more oil by myself, check again for leaks, nothing. The day after I added oil the check engine light went away. They pretty much did nothing to my car in terms of service. No oil change. No nothing. Only water in my windshield washer fluid. I will report to BBB and I'm going to try to get a refund. Not very happy. They do have a military discount though, but not worth it. Discount on overpriced VW service that they DON'T EVEN DO. Wouldn't recommend.

Jade S. | 2013-12-10

ive been here a handful of times over the years for service on my vw beetle and always been happy with the outcome and the service. jack daniels is friendly and so is everyone else. or WAS.

i attempted to contact a technician yesterday, yet kept gettin bounced around on the lines. to inquire  about some work i needed done.  the women receptionist who i ended up speaking with was extremely rude and send she would email the technician to get ahold of me. im pretty sure she did no such thing because i still havent heard from anyone.  one of the reasons i pay the overpriced cost of the repair here is for the great service. if im not recieving that ill just as well go somewhere else. oh like i did today. thanks for nothing. cant even find a link on the site to send a complaint.

Rita G. | 2013-11-23

So much for the 5 star review I gave in October!  Heaven help you if you have a follow-up question after the sale or if you have a question about why you don't have the car registration nearly 60 days after the sale.  I called the salesman, Armando, and the DMV person, Stephanie multiple times....not even a return call.  They get their meager commission and move on to the next.  Very disappointed to find out this is a sleazy dealership like all the rest.

E S. | 2013-10-23

Went for the first time last week and was helped by a service man named Jack ( I think last name is Daniels). He was very friendly and helpful, he got me in and out the door (I have a 2 year old so that was very appreciated) and did not try to sell me on any additional bells and whistles. Based on his professionalism and efficiency, I am very likely to bring my car back to get serviced at City VW. Thank you Jack!

Maria C. | 2013-10-11

There's not much I hate more than bringing my car in for service, so I was pleasantly surprised at the terrific experience I had with City VW.  I booked my appointment online and they called to confirm, then took me right in whenI arrived. My service tech, Don, was friendly and professional.  I got a sweet loaner for they day and my car was washed and ready when it was supposed to be.  You can't ask for better than that.  I was already pleased with my buying experience at City VW - now that I've had such good service, I know I made the right choice in dealers.

Jonathan W. | 2013-09-26

City VW is doing their annual SCAM, sending out invites for owners of 2006 VW's as they have a "great demand" for them - LOL
You can win door prizes etc etc but most common prize is a free oil change. I expected it to be a scam last year and it far exceeded my expectation. The free oil change took over 2 hours and they "identified" over $600 of repairs that needed to be done there and then, yes it would have been dangerous to even drive my car off the lot per the technician. I did anyway and took it to another mechanic, nothing wrong at all. I posted about this on yelp but you'd think they would not send me another invite but they did so just a warning BEWARE OF THEIR SCAM!

Don U. | 2013-09-22


Went into City looking for a new 2013 Jetta SE with convenience.  First sales guy was cool, he test drove and then handed us off to the manager.  The first round he comes in with basically the MSRP to start this process, this after we just talked about Volkswagen offering $2000 off to move the 2013.  So, now he takes more time and comes back with the same deal, but give us some $500 off now.  I ask about the $2000 that I read about and he agreed they were offering on 2013, he told me he couldn't do it. Asked me what we could do to make the deal.  I said lets start with the true Market Value you get from the internet and work from there.  He says he never heard of it (from Edmunds and Kelly Blue book), he gets online prints everything off and leaves once more.  Now, we are there Three hours he comes back with the same deal and presents it to me...he must think we are crazy.  By this time I have had it and walked out a waste of 4 hours of my time.  If they cannot even pass the $2000 discount that Volkswagen is giving the dealers it is pretty bad.  We went to Kearny Mesa Volkswagen, they had the same car, but we made a better deal on a TDI. The sale was simple, we test drove and made the deal and out of the showroom in about 3 hours.  Steve was our salesman there.  Skip City, I had my worse experience in buying a car from them, don't waste your time.

Tim L. | 2013-09-20

Even though I didn't buy my new 2013 Volkswagon Beetle from this dealership I had to get the bumper fixed because of manufacturer defect. These guys handled it wonderfully especially service representative Jack Daniels. The service manager and auto body guys were great as well. Here is the thing when I got the bumper fixed and the car returned I noticed someone accidentally had scratched my car when they were doing that repair. I was worried when I took the car back a couple of days later they would argue they were not responsible for that damage. After seeing the scratch and conferring with the very honest Jack Daniels that confirmed the scratch wasn't there when I had originally dropped off my car the service manager and the manager of the autobody repair guy apologized, told me they would have all fixed up like brand new in a couple of days and set me up with a nice Passat to drive around for a few days. Got my car back today and I am very pleased with the work they did. Kindness and integrity that is what you can expect from City Volkswagon. And even though I bought my car at Mossy in El Cajon, you better be sure I'll be a loyal service customer to City for a long time coming. Who knows I just may buy my next VW from City.

G S. | 2013-09-07

G. Prinz sold us a brand new jetta sportwagen a couple of months ago. The service was fantastic with Mr. Prinz going above and beyond to meet our every need (to include sourcing the exact car we wanted which was 100 miles away). Everyone we met at the dealership was courteous and the facilities were top knotch. Our VW purchase was painless and enjoyable.

Kevin V. | 2013-08-29

I recently was in the market for a 2013 VW CC Lux, and decided to stop at City VW.  The gal who met us was very nice, pleasant and really knew her cars.  I took one out for a drive, and decided I had to think about it.  I called her the next day and said to make me a deal.  First, they wanted to give me thousands less for my trade in than what KBB said it is worth -WRONG!  Once I stood my ground, I got into the lease I wanted.  Overall, the service was good - not 5 star, but good.

David B. | 2013-08-26

I set up a service appointment online, three days before the appointment. As part of the service request I told them that I needed to know what the cost of the service was, in advance, and requested they contact me. I did not receive contact. When I arrived, they quoted me $950 for the service... about $400 more than I was expecting (based on the list cost of 40,000 mile service on a VW.) I called Kearny Mesa VW, who quoted me $550 (which was the expected price.)

In short, City VW tried to rip me off $400 on standard service. I complained to the service manager. I received a call back from their customer service advocate, explaining "that's not who we are here" but, based on my experience, that's exactly who they are there. My first time at City VW almost cost me $400 more than it should have for a standard dealership service. That's completely unacceptable.

Shena R. | 2013-08-24

I was looking for a Volkswagen dealer to fix a coolant leak for my car. My first go-to place is, obviously, Yelp. And boy, all of the reviews for Volkswagen dealers are horrible. I was really discouraged to get my car fixed in San Diego and was considering to take it elsewhere. However, I was desperate to get my car fixed. I made an appointment online for both Kearny Mesa and City Volkswagen locations. Why? Both places are relatively closer to me and offered appointment day/time that met my schedule. I also called both places to see what the process is to get my car checked and fixed. City Volkswagen called me and left a voicemail for a courtesy reminder, Kearny Mesa didn't. That is one of the reasons why I decided to go to City Volkswagen. Plus, Cherylann was quite a sweetheart! She was so patient, knowledgable and reassuring. Her persona seemed to mirror the quality of the customer service they offer, so I went there. Man, I was SO glad I did! I had a tow truck take my car and they called to confirm that they received it. It was fixed in a few hours -- same day appointment, same day pick up!! When I went to get the car, I was kinda lost looking for the lobby/cashier. A mechanic, I believe helped me out. Everyone seemed so friendly! When the same guy brought out my car, Don, a service consultant, also came up to greet and told me what was completed. They changed the coolant pump (the main problem) and changed the tire pressures (didn't even know they weren't correct). Don also notified me about future maintenance, etc. OH, I also got a car wash (first thing I noticed)! Their customer service truly just made my day. You won't be disappointed. :)

Andrea L. | 2013-08-18

I had a great experience leasing my new Jetta! ABRAHAM is one of the genuine and kind salesmen I've ever met. He definitely goes above and beyond for his customers. Also one huge huge huge plus- I never felt pressured into anything extra. Definitely an overall great experience.
One tip to the sales floor (granted I only spoke to two of them)- make sure you let your customer know which specifics the lease requires them to have for their auto insurance. I didn't even realize I needed to have a certain specific limit on some sections of my insurance until I came home and really dissected my leasing agreement. But that small tid-bit wouldn't detour me from doing business with them again.

Kasey B. | 2013-08-05

I bought a pre-owned 2010 Jetta here two months ago and so far so good!  Abraham was my sales rep and he was fantastic!  It was my first car financing so naturally I was  VERY indecisive and I had a fairly particular list of requirements in the car I was going to buy (certain upgrades and colors, very limited budget, low miles.)  I probably visited the lot at least three times and Abraham walked me through every step of the way.  He was very patient and understanding.  You can tell that he cares about going that extra mile and helping every single one of his customers as best he can.  He's also not the type of sales rep who just sells you the car and you never hear from again.  He makes it a point to always be available even months after the transaction to help his customers with any questions they may have.  He will bend over backwards for you and he is a genuine person.  It also helps that he found the perfect car within my price range - believe me that was a challenge in itself.  Great job!

Harold A. | 2013-08-02

Hello yelp! I just want to say thank you to City VW for taking care of me on my new Golf GTI i lease on March 17,2013! I want to specially say thanks to Abraham and his expertise on the GTI and his great service, responding to all of my question on the GTI vehicle. If you want to purchase or lease a VW please got to City VW and ask for Abraham you won't regret it!! Thank you again Abraham!

Brett A. | 2013-07-25

Bought a CPO vehicle in June. Internet department is helpful. Full stop.

Took car out for spin, okay great. Noticed some scratches on the trunk. Salesman says "we can get these taken care of, we can schedule our paint guy to take them out." I noticed the gear changing housing in the interior was a bit lose. "We can have our guys take a look." Just hot air, nothing gets relayed to anyone.

By the time I get into the finance manager's office they are offering me 60% of KBB trade in value for my car, pushing a pen in my hand asking 'ready to sign?' I talk them up, barely. THEN I learn they can't take the scratches out as it would cost too much, but they can send me a thing of touch up paint in the mail. Classy. And all lies, paint never came. He's probably right though about it costing too much, but why do the salesmen say with confidence they can take them out...hmm... Oh, and they won't even put gas in the car after you buy it from them with 1/4 tank.

They do detail the car before you drive off, who doesn't though. However, their lot boys took off a sticker on the inside of the rear window scratching the defrost lines which makes them useless/broken. Talking to VW corporate about it.

I received at least 3 letters in the mail from the salesman saying: "Thank you for your money, let me know if you need anything." Well I do need something. My financing slips never came and neither did the registration. Also, CPO vehicles get a 30 day post-sale inspection so I need to schedule that. I emailed the salesman and hear nothing back. After a week I send another email: "???" I get a reply essentially saying "you should get your stuff soon I guess, and since you live closer to another VW dealership, schedule your own 30 day inspection."

Every negative connotation that comes with car dealerships is true with City Volkswagen. Good luck.

Julian Q. | 2013-06-27

Found a VW dealer in San Diego.  My break light was out and they were so nice to help me and not charge for the install. Guess I know who's getting my business now.

Pat M. | 2013-06-21

I just leased a 2013 Jetta SE from City Volkswagen. The salesman, Armando was extremely helpful and hospitable throughout the entire process. I am new to California having just moved here from New York and he made my experience very smooth and effortless. I also appreciated how he text messaged me to follow-up with my purchase. Overall, I had an overwhelmingly positive experience at City Volkswagen and I am very satisfied with my new car! Exceptional service and staff.


Naomi H. | 2013-05-26

I brought my car in because I had an engine light on. It's been 5 month since I bought a car there. My car previous owner had a dog so I smell the dog when I turn on AC. Anyways Don took care of EVERYTHING I claimed !! He is such a great guy, very honest and helpful, great service ;)

Sonya C. | 2013-04-24

Wonderful service as always. I normally work with Shane but on my most recent visit he was on vacation - I was told this upfront when scheduling an appointment over the phone, no big deal. I arrived a bit late for my appointment, as traffic was terrible - called and spoke with  an appointment coordinator who stated it wouldn't be a problem, and would let Doron know. Once I did arrive, Doron took down my concerns - had a check engine light, and a brake light out. I figured this particular problem would cost me an arm and a leg, turns out it wasnt as bad as I thought. He even covered the the replacement of the light bulb for FREE! I would recommend both Shane and Doron, they both seem very honest and knowledgable.

Manuel S. | 2013-04-21

I went looking for something to replace my Mini Cooper as I needed more space, but wanted the gas mileage. I decided on the Golf TDI so I made my way to South Bay VW, the dealership closest to me, which was a terrible disaster. Their selection was great but the sales guys tactics would bring shame to their families.

I remembered City VW from driving past it on my way to work and stopped in. They had just as good of a selection as the other place (even though they seem like a smaller lot)  and one of the best sales experiences I have ever had. From start to finish, they explained what was going on satisfactorily and I negotiated a decent price for the Mini Cooper.

I absolutely love this car. A friend of mine was recently looking for a car,I introduced him to my TDI. He then decided to look for one as well, and happened upon South Bay VW  (due to their selection) and their sales people sliminess. When he told me this, I told him to go to City VW. He did and bought himself a nice gray Jetta Wagon TDI.

We are both very happy with our experiences at City VW! I have another friend interested and will be referring him there as well.

Christianna L. | 2013-04-11

I came in on a whim looking for a part I needed for my VW. This place was one of the best car service places I have ever been to and that is saying a lot, as I have owned my car for 8 years. At first I went to the sales department on accident, the gentleman practically walked me down the street to show me where I needed to be, at parts and service. At parts and service I interacted with 4 other employees, ALL of them were EXCEPTIONALLY helpful, and not in a obnoxious and smothering way, but in a genuine way. They were not pushy about getting my business, as dealerships can be. I own a VW, but I have always has horrible experiences with the multiple VW dealerships I have encountered and for that reason I steer clear of them- this will change as of now. City VW has me as a new customer. I would recommend this business to anyone. Most importantly, they did what they could to have me spend the least amount of money as possible and I ended up spending a lot less than I anticipated. This is a great great business, highly recommended.

Terrynce R. | 2013-04-09

Just wanted to thank Don at City VW for his assistance. I was getting rims and tires put on my car down the road BUT the last place I took my car did not give me back the wheel lock! I came to city VW with an emergency, I explained everything to Don and he went above and beyond the call of duty to help me. He found a wheel lock that matched my vehicle, took the locks off and then found 4 plain lug nuts to put on my car so that the rim and tire place could finish the job on my vehicle. He was super nice and really helpful. Had I not run into him, I definitely would not have gotten my car finished that day. If I lived closer, I without a doubt would take my car here to be serviced. Thanks again Don!

Maria S. | 2013-03-20

I reluctantly brought my car in for some much overdue service. I have had terrible experiences at other VW dealerships in past (out of state) so I wasn't expecting much at City VW. I am so used to other dealerships being condescending and cold and I was pleasantly surprised here. Jack didn't push any additional services on me, shuttles were convenient and remainder of staff was also quite pleasant. I would return in future.

Liz F. | 2013-03-05

I really don't understand why this place has such bad yelp ratings.

Every time I've gone, I have had amazing and friendly customer service from Jack Daniels. He does an awesome job of listening to my concerns & needs about the car, taking care of everything and then some! For example, they have washed my car for me twice just because it was dirty! They even have a complimentary limousine service if your car is going to be there for awhile and you need to get somewhere. All in all, I couldn't be happier with my Jetta, and I definitely couldn't be happier with the way it gets taken care of by this great group of people. Keep it up guys and gals!

Kayla L. | 2013-03-01

Cheryl/Cherylnn greeted me and asked me to bring my car into the service department. Automatically was greeted by her and very friendly at that. She explained the routine and cost of my issue. She had also explained that IF I preferred to take my fixing elsewhere, I could do so.

Bigger brand companies obviously make their money on many things, but fixing your car isn't always cheap. You can go to a cheaper shop, so don't feel obligated! BTW make an appt... They get very busy.

I knew I had two lights on on my car. One was the airbag, and other was the check engine light. I literally was expecting to spend a lot of money, but Jack Daniels actually came back with great news! He told me he fixed the lights, and by passed my stereo issue and there was no issues besides recommendations. He didn't try selling and pushing to fix issues, he reasoned and kept using the words "if" and "when". (Again, your not obligated)

Jack Daniels is real good, enjoys his job, and keeps you at ease with your visit. He also has a pretty sarcastic sense of humor. ;)

Cheryl was very perky and gave positive energy the whole time as well. I enjoyed my visit, I couldn't agree with the other reviews. And trust me, I'm very picky!

O P. | 2013-02-11

I have had my first VW for the past 3 years.  The recent changeover at Drew  VW forced me to come to City VW for servicing of my in-warranty vehicle.  I have found with my few visits to this unfriendly and cold service department to find the "service advisors" to demonstrate frank indifference, sarcasm, arrogance, confrontational and condescending attitudes. Scheduling of an appointment ( whether on-line or by telephone) will not always be acknowledged. Be warned that your scheduling of a fairly simple task ( like an oil change and/or a tire rotation)  will take more than 2 hours.  It seems the average time is 4-5 hours.  

My latest experience (and the last, as they have never shown any improvement in service or courtesy) they kept my vehicle for more than 6 hours for a simple corrective repair that other service stations state should take no more than 2 hours.  Also, they do not perform the services you ask them to do despite having your car for multiple hours.

If you are desperate to have  service done on your vehicle, I recommend you think long and hard before consenting to their "service".    As far as I am concerned, don't EVER go there.

Adam H. | 2013-02-11

Drove down from L.A today to view and then purchase car.  Unfortunately the car was not as advertised, for one thing it was filthy inside and out with black scuff marks on both front doors.  They said it was certified, but the tires looked old and there was alot of rust around the non contact area of all four disc brakes.  The salesperson said it had been sitting on the lot for three months, and it looked like it had.  Thumbs up for some honesty there.  I complained about the cars appearance,  I was told it would be ready to go as soon as I got there, the sales manager who was upset because he had to walk over from the chevy side of their dealership asked "What's your problem ".  I ended it right after that comment.  I believe that first impressions say a lot about a person or establishment, needless to say I drove back to L.A without the car.  Stopped off at Galpin Volkswagon and could not have been treated any nicer.

Thank You for your message, although I think we are talking about two different things.  It wasn't the fact that the car was dirty, i understand they do sitting on a lot, the complaint was how your sales staff responded to my concern, I was originally told that the car was going to be moved to the back lot and detailed and be ready for me to pick up the following day.  It was a three hour commute from Los Angeles, and upon arrival to your dealership, I was treated like a problem just because i asked why the car was not ready.  Like I said in my first post, first impressions go along way, and flatly you fell short of that.  To call and offer a $25.00 gas card for a six hour drive and a wasted day is just that, a waste.  You made an agreement you did not keep, and then treated me poorly for having a concern.  I think that speaks volumes.

christi G. | 2013-02-08

Sales: Our experience was ho-hum, not good, not bad.

Service: We use this dealership because it is the only one that has a shuttle service that runs to our area. We take the car here regularly, despite the fact that the service technicians here are not very good at figuring out problems. When we first bought the car, we had a couple minor issues that we asked about several times but they were never able to figure out how to fix. Another dealer fixed the issues right away. A couple times, they've misdiagnosed problems, so we had to take the car back in multiple times for the same thing before they got it right. And once they installed the wrong part and we had to go back again for the right part.  They are also slow and even the most minor thing (ie changing a tire) takes ALL DAY. They get three stars, though, because they've been able to fix most of the big stuff on the first try, everyone is pleasant, and the shuttle service is usually good.

Monica G. | 2013-01-28

I recently bought a Passat from Ana; she was very friendly, and not the typical car saleman. My favorite part about our experience was that Ana was not pushy, and did not make us feel pressured to buy a vehicle. Many other dealers called us 2 or 3 times a DAY to see if we would come in a buy the Passat from them (I went through the Costco car buying service, which is where they got my info). Ana honored the Costco price even though it was for another VW dealer. Ana made the car buying experience a pleasure, and I would definitely purchase another car from her.

Amy H. | 2012-11-30

Sales Associate, Ana Ituarte, at City Volkswagen was just amazing!  I trusted her right away and felt that I could be very honest with her about my situation and what I needed in the total price and monthly payment.  She got me an incredible deal with 0% financing and was so fun to talk with throughout the process.  Also, she is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable on all the features of the car I purchased.  I was really impressed with her overall warmth, knowledge and ability to get me exactly what I wanted.  Thank you, Ana!

Lorna J. | 2012-11-29

Just bought a car from City Volkswagen.  Did a lot of research and comparisons of other cars, so I arrived knowing the exact car that I wanted and had lots of comparison data.  They took me straight out for a test drive and we knew right away that this was the car we wanted.  Negotiations were easy and we felt we got a great deal.  The paperwork was done so fast that the car wasn't even washed by the time we had finished!  Overall, I am very happy with my experience.  They were not sleazy at all!  We will see how the service department stacks up in 9,500 miles!

Rob R. | 2012-11-19

This is for SALES, not service.

As a lease customer, I was lured back into the showroom this weekend.  Got a call at home that my lease is up and they needed my car (Passat Wagon which they no longer make in the US, so it's rare and in high demand for the right customer).  They even sent me a "scratcher" kind of like lottery ticket, where I get a code and then i get a prize.  Either $500 cash, a 37-inch TV, or a free oil change.  Guess which one I won, of course... the oil change.  I don't think anyone really wins those other prizes, so negative points for having to resort to gimmicks.  

The irony, is that my car already comes with free scheduled Oil Changes.  So the "prize" has $0 value to me.  When I asked if there was an alternate prize, they said sorry, nothing they could do.  "The oil change is the prize." Wow, that sucks.

The main complaint though, is that this dealership refuses to make a "deal."  Isn't that what dealerships do?  Deal?  EXAMPLE: After looking at a Routan Van for my expanding family the Salesman told me that they are trying to get rid of inventory, the vans aren't selling so well, so they are dropping over $10K in price.  Sticker price is now $36k.  Lovely.  I can work with that number, as a good starting point for negotiation.  We head into the office and since i want to Lease the van, the number is now $39k.  No incentives, no breaks, nothing.  So what happened to all that talk about trying to slash prices to get rid of the car on the lot?  Needless to say, I was not happy.  Even worse, they didn't budge 1-penny.  They stuck tho their guns on the new MSRP of $39k.  The second word in MSRP is "Suggested".  No one ever pays MSRP, and neither did I.  I walked out of there and told them that I'm taking my current car home. See you in 4 months when the lease is up.  I will simply return it, free and clear, and then look to do business with someone else.  

It's a shame too, because they are actually very courteous people.  They were nice to my toddlers and wife.  I like them as people, but they just don't want to seem to do business.  The holidays are a slow season for car sales.  Let's make a deal!!!  You need room for the 2013s.  Let's make a deal!!!  Not City VW, unfortunately.

Nicole H. | 2012-10-25

This review is for service.  My service manager, Jack, is awesome.  I brought my car here several times and he was always nice and seemed genuine when recommending what services were essential and which were not.

The prices are just way too high, they're not very good at explaining what is wrong with your car (I do understand how the basics of how an engine works, I'm not sure that some of their mechanics do) and it takes them way too long to do work that gets done faster at other shops.  I'd recommend going to MR Master Mechanics instead.

Casey P. | 2012-10-09

I had leased various vehicles from this location.  I was very disappointed in my last visit that not only the response, but that they did not offer me the 10k in manufacture rebates that were available.  They seemed to really low ball my vehicles value as well.  I took my car to CarMax and they were willing to give me 2k more than City.  They did not respond well to my phone calls and my emails.  City VW were the ones that got me thinking of a new car by sending me emails that my lease was coming due.  Even though this dealership and the new VW dealership on Balboa are close to my home.  I ended up driving the extra miles to Mossy VW in El Cajon as to they offered me the manufacture rebates and valued my car.  You would imagine manufacture rebates would be available to all dealerships.  

I will say Shane in the service department for City VW has always treated me well and I will miss doing business with him.

Cameron T. | 2012-09-18

This past weekend, I had visited City VW to look at a VW Jetta that I had seen online. Loved the car at first glance, however when I opened the hood of the car i noticed quite a few concerning things.
1) Grill was broken
2) The hood had been replaced and did not line up right
3) The quarter-panel on the right side was some aftermarket cheapo part
4) The paint job on the replaced quarter panel was not a match of the car
5) Clear coat drips on the car from a bad paint job
6) Panels and covers on compartments under the hood were mostly broken or loose

So what does someone do when they see this, they ask for the Carfax which is what i did. To my dismay, there had been no accidents or body part replacements documented on the Carfax.

I pointed this out to the salesman helping me and his reaction was, "This is a quality job and the vehicle has NEVER been in an accident." What a dummy, of course it has look at the paint that doesn't match.  He just kept trying to convince me it never was. After trying to negotiate the car to a reasonable price given the condition it was in for an hour he finally admitted, "Why else would the car be $500 less than the others if it hadnt had body work, we take into consideration the quality of the car." Then he spent the rest of my time there, that the cars value is there as long as it is "mechanically sound."

Did i mention that this is a Certified Pre-Owned car? and that the warranty is void after having work done to it not done by the dealership. So essentially, if i drove it off the lot the 24000 mile warranty would instantly be VOID...

This dealership is in the business of scamming people by certifying cars that are meant to be on Craigslist.


Stock # 87532

Vin# 3VWRZ7AJ6AM040625

I reported this dealership and this sales crook to VW USA, hopefully they address the issue or I will not be buying a VW again.

Karen B. | 2012-08-29

I have been going here for service for years, but I have totally changed my opinion regarding City Volkswagon and will NEVER, EVER take my car there again. In less than two weeks after I had paid for an overpriced 30,000 mile service, I recieved a coupon for a complimentary 30,000 mile service, which they refused to honor. So much for appreciating a long term  loyal customer!  I would advise you do NOT take your car there fpr service unless you wish to be treated very poorly!  How dissapointing!

Kimberly W. | 2012-08-22

This review is for the Service Department, and I am specifically leaving it because I had such a good experience dealing with Shane (for the 2nd time, actually).

My car was fixed quickly; even though it took a while to get looked at, once the problem was discovered it was taken care of right away.

I was kept informed the entire time.

I had no issues getting a hold of anyone.

Repair wasn't particularly inexpensive but I didn't expect the dealer to be the cheapest game in town.  It was more important to me that I wasn't wasting my time and energy waiting around for days.

Everyone I encountered was friendly and professional but especially Shane (and also the gentleman that brought my car out and apologized my complimentary car wash wasn't more thorough. Really?  Give that guy a raise.)  

Quite honestly, I will come back solely because of them.

Firas B. | 2012-07-24

Stay away from their service dept, specifically Pete. Very unprofessional, doesn't have real customer service skills, was not flexible and difficult to get a hold off when I really needed status updates on my car. Yes my car came back to me working like I expected it to be after dropping almost $800 and almost a week later. The entire experience was ruined by Pete's awful service. Another service manager, Jack Daniels, helped me out a bit when Pete wasn't around (which seemed like a lot) and even washed my car and put in a light bulb for me free of charge.

I think if Jack was my initial service manager rep, My experience would have been completely different. Either way, I would still avoid this place. You can get better overall service and cheaper labor elsewhere.

Jayme F. | 2012-07-05

Had to file BBB dispute to get the dealers attention. Once I brought the car home I started noticing some features that'd been listed on the ad and paperwork were missing (bluetooth, mismatched tires, satellite radio.....) Salesman told me wrong information about the warantee length and previous usage of the car. When I confronted the dealer they said the salesman had made some 'honest mistakes' and that there wasn't anything they could do to fix them. They never just said sorry or offered to fix the issues. Took me over a month to get their attention, and once I did, they hardly solved it. Spent $25,000 on an almost new car, so I don't feel like these issues should come up. Shady and disrespectful. Take your $$ somewhere else.

Anne L. | 2012-05-05

I would give them zero stars if I could. What a nightmare dealing with them. We took our car in for a leaking differential. They fixed that, and also a leaking rear axle, which they supposedly found. There was no loaner available (even though we were scheduled to come in) so we had to juggle rides to work and child care.

THEN, after we picked it up, we noticed there was a TERRIBLE grinding sound when ever we turned that wasn't there when we dropped it off. We took the car back and they told us that there was damage to the bearings that couldn't have happened over one day, and quoted us over $1200 to fix it! For a problem THEY CAUSED!!

My husband told them to button the car back up; we were taking it to another more reputable place for a second opinion. At that point, the supervisor, with much attitude, reluctuantly agreed to fix the damage, "as a show of good faith." Uh huh, right. No, we called your dealership out on trying to scam more money out of us, and you were covering your 6.

To add insult to injury, the supervisor still charged us for the rental while our car was being repaired the second time.

My husband and I are both active duty Navy, and we were getting all our car repairs done prior to his deployment overseas in 2 weeks. Military members....STEER CLEAR OF CITY CHEVY/VOLKSWAGON!! You have enough problems making ends meet, you don't need these crooks to add to your financial woes.!

Lisa G. | 2012-03-07

This review is just for the dealership/sales department, I haven't been here for service yet.

I just leased a new Tiguan over the weekend and thought the process was fairly straightforward and simple.  My salesperson, Armando, was friendly and  very helpful, and I was able to negotiate the lease without a ton of pressure.  One star off for the not-as-friendly finance manager who made it reaaaaallly clear he didn't like all the questions I asked when I was signing.  He probably gets the same questions all that time, but you want to cover your bases!  Overall, it was a pretty positive experience for a dealership - much, much better than at Mossy Toyota (review to come) 3 years ago when I leased there.

Jaime M. | 2012-03-06

Of the two dealerships I've dealt with (BMW and Volkwagen), I am consistently impressed with the customer service provided me by City Bay! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Don Thomas is the epitome of customer service!

Julie K. | 2012-03-01

This is a review for SERVICE:

I'd give them NO stars if I could. I called several place to get a cost on drilling a bolt  from my exhaust manifold and replace it. I explained that this bolt is between the engine and the firewall on my 2001 Volkswagen Beetle. They quoted me $300, same as my regular mechanic, however this was going to take finesse and I didn't want to have to replace anything if it went wrong. So I opted for the dealership. I made an appointment and dropped it off. They didn't start my car for THREE days!  Then called to say it wasn't sheared off, just backed out but it would cost me $108 because they had to remove something to retighten all the bolts.  They called back again to say oops, you were right it is sheared off and it will be $2000 because we have to drop the engine to get to it. Really?? No one else had to do that. I won't even get to the other little thing I tried to have done!

Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!!!

Genti S. | 2012-02-24

Had to do a recall here for my car. I had them check my engine line as well. Very expensive $108 hr. They recommended parts but the labour was overpriced i think. I took it to a 3rd party shop for half the price.

Ryan C. | 2012-02-21

These guys are awesome.  From start to finish, we could spend hours talking about how good of a experience we had with them.  We had major problems with our car and they had us back on the road in no time, and didn't charge a arm and a leg.  A+++, we will be back for sure.  If you are using the service department, ask for Shane, he is the MAN...

Adam R. | 2012-02-13

Shane Dehner at City VW is always customer friendly and goes beyond to help me out. I wouldnt go to any other dealership. Great service and always a pleasure.

Misty R. | 2012-02-13

I had a great car buying experience in Jan when I went to City VW to purchase a new 2012 GTI. I worked with salesman Armando Bernal, who showed me the car, and let me tell you...he knows his volkswagens! He showed me all the big details down to the smallest little things. The gentlemen @ VW credit knew I was on a time crunch & did whatever they could to make sure I was all done before i had to leave. At one point I had to leave the dealership to get my husband...soon after that I received a call from Josue Centella who advised me that Armando was helping another customer from earlier that day but he was available to help if I needed anything at all. When I arrived back @ the dealership with my husband, my paperwork was ready for us to review and sign. Everyone we worked with were very pleasant and made the car buying experience as painless as possible. They work as a great team from start to finish. I will defintely be going back in the future.

Joel S. | 2012-02-13

review for sales and service. I just leased a Jetta SE with Armando this weekend.  Took a lot of time and a couple of visits, with lots of patience on his part.  gave me a good price (below USAA Car buying service price) and everyone seems very conscientious thus far.  this was a second jetta lease in a row for me, and these guys had taken good care of my 2009 jetta up 'til now.

Niki B. | 2012-02-13

I took my car to City VW service and was as always pleased with my service. They did an amazing job detailing my car and the service advisor, Shane, was so pleasant to work with. Thank you Shane!

Dustin L. | 2012-02-13

Just leased a jetta gli. Gret service at dealership. Walked me through whole process and gave me the price that I had in mind. Armando and erik were a great help. This is also my second vehicle from this location.

Jen K. | 2012-02-08

This place is a joke! I called the VW service department to ask a question about my car and the man I spoke with told me to "Google it". Do NOT recommend this place for purchasing a car or for service.

Josh B. | 2012-01-08

Recently purchased a certified used car from these guys. Christa was really sweet, helpful and knows her vws. I could have done without the whole song and dance of the price battle and how I'm getting such a great deal from the manager. Yeah,  I'm really sure your losing thousands on the deal already, right, that's how most places stay in business. But I'm happy with the car, overall not a painful experience as car buying can sometimes be, and I got a pretty decent apr on the loan through vw. I have yet to interact with the service department, but will update when that happens.

Richard M. | 2011-12-31

So I had to leave a second rating only because my first one was based solely on the Volkswagen dealership, this review is just on the service dept.  I have never seen such a good name be so poorly run before, not to mention such a weird combination,  Chevy and VW and such an unorganized mess.  I had to take our car in to get service and after pulling into the service dept (by the way you have to go to the Chevy dealership across the street for your VW service needs) I was already dissatisfied.  The place was run down and I didn't agree at all with not even being able to drive to the dealership where I bought the car to do the service. Then I drive up and after talking to the service writer for 2 minutes I had to finish my service writeup with the Mgr. The writer challenged my needs and after working for a BMW dealership for over 12 years I think I know how things operate and don't need to be insulted.  I change the oil myself of course and both times was given the wrong oil filter. ( really, an oil filter??? is it that hard to get it right?? not like there are many options on a 2008 2.0T Passat..  So parts dept is lame and by the look of other reviews I'm not the only one who thinks that, and the service writer (whom I cant remember his name) is also lame.  Never again will I bring our car here. They do have a limo as a courtesy shuttle, as if that's suppose to make me impressed. I think that limo had more rattles and creaks then my truck with 200,000 miles on it.  La Mesa VW here I come!!!

Nick S. | 2011-12-01

I went to City Volkswagen for my 20,000 mile warranty service. Everything went smoothly, and I had no issues.

Before I decided on City, I checked Yelp for reviews on local VW dealerships. There weren't many near downtown San Diego, and like most dealerships, they all had lukewarm ratings.

I decided on City because it was closest and most reviews cited Shane as a good service adviser. Even better, the City VW website allowed me to schedule the appointment on line with the adviser of my choice (i.e. Shane).

I dropped off my car in the early morning, rented a car from the shop, and went to work. That afternoon, Shane called and let me know my car was ready. I drove over, picked up my freshly cleaned car with no surprises.

I can't speak to the sales experience, but my run-of-the-mill service experience went well.

William H. | 2011-11-12

I read all the reviews first. Check engine light or timing belt is going to be trouble wherever you go. I live near an auto shop where I saw the mechanics start to run; when they saw  a Border Patrol vehicle. You don't want them, but they get 3.5 stars on YELP? So I had a '92 Jetta I leased from Metro VW. I had to take it in for maintainence when book said. Sometimes, It costs more than I like. BUT THE CAR LASTED. Five days ago, I got a notion to get a 2012 Jetta (5AM,) Searched for the nearest VW dealer online, went to the City VW site. Saw 4 cars; black,white,silver, grey. Don't like silver. Went over at 8:30, met Christa, drove the grey one. I decided on the white one 'cause the black one was sold. My credit is great, got the lease. Drove away at Noon. I know lots of people who hate the idea of a lease, I had one with the old car, it was OK. I have bought maybe 8 cars and I hate talking to salespeople. This was so easy, it is scary. Do it the way I did (look online first,) Ask for Christa. I LOVE MY NEW CAR.

David C. | 2011-10-14

Just got back from City Volkswagen where Jason took care of me. Had a burnt out headlight and he fixed it for me right on the spot, at no cost!

No waiting in line, no hassle, just great service. Wouldn't go anywhere else to get my Jetta fixed!

Victoria L. | 2011-10-11

I will never ever get a Volkswagen. Maintenance costs way too much.

Bumper was coming off and we went to the store part to buy the parts for it - they gave us ALL THE WRONG PARTS. One star for the service manager (I think) who helped us for quite a while and helped us fix it. He was getting fed up with them not giving us the right parts, so he just put them in and had one of his service guys help us out as well.

Tail lights went out for a while, and no it wasn't 'cause of the lightbulb. We changed it and it still didn't turn on. We tried fixing the switches (?) ourselves and it worked for a little bit, but then went out again so we had to get it serviced. When we got the car back, we noticed that the emergency blinker button was lighting up when it didn't before. Two weeks after we got that fixed, our directional blinkers stopped working. We brought it in and they said that we had to get the entire wiring fixed, which involved stuff with the steering wheel and that would cost over $200. We asked our friend to look for how to fix it online, he told us to order the emergency blinker button online (it cost around $25). He helped us install it, and lo-and-behold! Directional blinkers worked again! It was their fault that it stopped working and not only did they refuse to acknowledge that, they tried to trick us.

Never again. Expensive car with low resale price because of high maintenance costs. Once something stops working, you're fucked and stuck with having to get it serviced at a Volkswagen dealership, all of which rip you off. Oh, and never bothered to get heater fixed because it would cost over $1200 because of all the labor involved in getting THE ENTIRE DASHBOARD out (the heater itself would have cost $200-300).

Steven S. | 2011-09-15


If I could give six stars....I would! I have had my 2000 Passat serviced at City VW for over ten years now. Don Thomas is the man you want to see. He is honest, reliable and won't sell you something you don't need. Would I really go back to this place for 10+ years if the service wasn't the BEST? His customer service skills are unmatched. It's time to purchase a new car and I'm seriously considering another VW just so I can have it serviced by  Don at City VW. If you're really lucky, Cherylann will be there to greet you with a smile and get you checked in......Hope to see you there!!

Laurie G. | 2011-09-12

The staff is very warm, helpful and eager to please. I have had a great experience every time since I bought my Passat there in 2003 (but I think the staff keeps trying to find ways to provide even better service). I have never been tempted to go anyplace else with my car.

Barbara Z. | 2011-09-02

My service representative Jack Daniels (I know, really, that's his name!) has been great. He's knowledgeable, friendly and professional. My car gets serviced correctly and quickly and it's always a pleasure to deal with Jack. If you have a VW I would absolutely recommend calling City and asking for Jack.

Steven K. | 2011-08-03

I was surprised with the service that I received when buying a used car from them as I have heard good thing about the way they treat their customers. After purchasing the car and commenting on a few things about it to the manager on duty the next day, he tried to imply that I am a liar and was making these things up to get a better price. After calling him out on the way he "remembered" things, I never heard anything back. You think the manager on duty would be the one to try to defuse an issue, not escalate it. Next time I consider a Volkswagen, I will make sure it is elsewhere.

Matthew L. | 2011-07-13

I don't yelp so much - in fact this is my first.

A. Set up a appointment with a sales person.  When I arrived it was not the sales person who scheduled the appointment with me and he had made it seem like he was the person I would deal with..

B.  They needed to run my credit to give me a "Deal that would make me drive off in a new car tonight."

C. They told me they would provide a deal that would make me drive off tonight

D. The deal was on a more loaded up model than I wanted but salesperson said since it was one they had in stock they could offer a great deal..

E. They started with a deal that would have me not even tingle at considering driving off tonight and a trade in value that was even low by most car dealerships standards..

The sales associate was friendly and nice enough and all seemed to be in the showroom but whomever the slicked back hair guy that delivered the numbers seemed to be your stereotypical used car sales person.  I do not appreciate that in order to get a price on the deal thats going to have me driving off today that I had to provide all my credit information, be taken into a office with loan papers etc. and to be low balled on a trade in to start with.. Also the guy who delivered the numbers did not take ownership of them.. Its always someone else..  I would appreciate starting with more of a lets get you in a car that you actually want and working forward.. I should not be surprised and I should also give myself one star for how I dealt with the situation and my excessive sarcasm dealing with the process and low ball trade in offer.. still my previous experiences buying/shopping for a new car far exceeded this one and will cause me to look elsewhere in the future

Brandon K. | 2011-06-22

Can't wait to buy another car from here! I bought a certified Passat from City a couple months ago and received nothing but the best of service! I was offered a very fair price for my trade in and the car I bought was priced below KBB thus the transaction was simple and we didn't have to waste time going back and forth for price. The sales person and the finance manager made this a great transaction! My only complaint was that after I spent 25k on a car the fuel light was on and I was informed that on pre owned cars you don't get fuel... REALLY!!?

cabie b. | 2011-04-29

All of the 1 star reviews are right!!  This place has totally taken a nose dive.  I bought 2 brand new vehicles from them between 2001-2003, once the warranties ended I fell into the same category the other unsatisfied customers.  My guess is 5 star reviews are for cars that still have manufacturer's coverage.  The personality of the service department has dropped to the bottom of the barrel as they all act like clones of Jim Klepper...SAD!

Once I finally get my vehicle back (assuming they fix it correctly) I plan on NEVER returning there!!  HARLOFF AUTOMOTIVE in La Mesa will be my new shop, they even work on Eurovans if any of you need a new mechanic!  


***it turns out the "mistake" they made, (causing my entire car to shake & wobble) was not attaching the engine to the frame correctly

....hello high school shop class!!

Alisa J. | 2011-04-16

I own a VW Eos and have always brought my car here for service and any body work. Each time its been dropped off at City Chevy and VW, I get it back straight out of a car wash. I have always used their shuttle service, and the limo driver is very nice and they don't have distance limits for a pick up. Customer service has always been good, and the guys in service and body shop are straight forward and friendly.

I had someone rear end me in my Eos, and I took it here for repairs. They worked with the insurance company and had no issues with getting the work done quickly. However, when I picked up my car, I noticed a dent in my passenger car - someone had opened another door and it hit my car. I was told to bring it in at my convience and they gladly made up for their mistake by removing the dent in the same day as drop off.

Recommend this place for VW service and body work. They do a great job, are quick, honest, and take responsibility for any mistakes and make up for them. A+

Heather W. | 2011-04-04


there seems to be a trend in overall low ratings for the VW dealerships, but I have always had absolutely great service.

note: VW on Miramar is no more! Apparently it just happened a few weeks ago but I hadn't been in years (which proves how good they make their vehicles...and ive been told more than once im not exactly easy on my lil jetta).

...anyway, city VW it is then! and I admit I was a lil nervous since Ive heard bad things about them.

and perhaps i show a bit of bias since the friendly service dept gentleman named Don gave me the great news my catalytic converter was still under warranty after nearly 9 years of owning (and 5 years since being out of general warranty).

thats right! always inquire about major parts having extended warranties. mine happened to be 10 years or 100k. Thank you VW for the early birthday just saved me over $1,000 :DDDD

Don was able to get me in for their diagnostic (to prove it really was defective) and install the very next day.

***the service dept is located across from the small dealership building - on the City GM area. took me a while to see the ity bity sign stating that and i got rather frantic.

Super convenient with the shop opening at 7am with a 7:30 shuttle to get you to work. During the morning rush they will split up between 2 drivers based on the areas of SD. I didn't get to ride in the GM limo - but there was only one other person in the standard shuttle i rode, so A-OK with me! I guess after that point they run ever 45 mins or so...but the driver told me if you are in a super rush and tell them, they will get someone in the service dept to drive you.

...they offer pickups as well, which was something the miramar VW didnt do.

obviously i am more a fan of service that doesnt cost me a dime, but the whole experience was really pleasant and headache-free regardless.

Andrew C. | 2011-03-07

I am rating the service dept. in this review. I have a 9 month old VW Golf. My "service advisor" gives the impression he just does not like me, or rather he would prefer to be anywhere else than dealing with "people". He just wishes you would go away.

They had my car for 6 days for an electrical issue, and I had to badger the guy like crazy to get any info at all. Then at the end, it was like, here's you car get out of here. Would not you want someone who bought a new car to feel that you at least give a damn about it? And the problem was not fixed to top it off.

Tashfeen B. | 2011-03-05

Used them for the first time for a warranty fix and they kept the car all day to tell me that they didnt have the part available, and when I told them I will come and pick the car up around the time they were closing, they told me to pick the key from the cashier. When i got there, they had locked up my car and the cashier didnt have access to it. It took a long time for someone to get my car out.

John F. | 2011-02-22

Brought in  a 1995 Blazer with a bad fuel Pump.  Was told it would be $1600.  for all new parts.  1 week after paying for the repairs the pump went out.  City Chevrolet said it was just a loose wire but the pump went out again 2 weeks later in LA.  Chevrolet dealer in LA asked what had been done and when we told them they acted surprised, replaced some parts but said they couldn't guarantee the repairs.  We found out why- 2 weeks later the pump went out again and we brought it to a private repair shop who told us the fuel pump had not been replaced. They showed us the part and it certainly looked old.  City Chevrolet denials it all.

Stay miles away.

Shane O. | 2011-02-15

I had been to several dealerships and VW was the last on the list of three.  This shoulda been my first stop as it was a stellar experience.  If you want to know about the car you are going to purchase then head here and ask for Tony.  When it comes to product knowledge, he is second to none.  If you want someone who isn't just there to sell a car...ask for Tony.  He had this way about him...I guess it was passion.  It was infectious...and I could not be happier with my purchase.  After signing for the car...Tony took me down to it and gave me a full on tutorial.  There was nothing I didn't know before I drove away with it.  That was 7 months ago...and I work in customer service so I always go back to how he treated me.  The rest of the staff was kind and courteous...not at all what you normally get at a dealership.  These people weren't hawking, they were friendly.  In short, go here to get the car you've always wanted...these people will make sure it is a pleasant day for you!  I bought a 2010 GTI!  I still can't believe it's mine every time I walk out and see it!

David G. | 2011-02-11

What can I say, but this is the best place to buy a car - new or preowned!  I have purchased 2 cars from City VW and have been satisfied from the start.  My Salesman, Ryan Lewis, had stellar customer service and was quite knowledgeable about the autos as well.  The entire sales team is always helpful, attentive, and friendly.  Furthermore, when I bring my car in for service always the best as well!

Michelle W. | 2011-02-11

City VW made the car shopping experience enjoyable and painless.  My sales rep was very perceptive of the things I was looking for in a new car.  I didn't feel any pressure and he was extremely knowledgeable on all the cars and options.  I know I got a great deal, and I don't feel like he was there to hustle a sale, but truly believed in the VW products and quality.  Overall exceptional customer service and friendly staff.  I noticed they handled all their customers with supreme professionalism.  I feel very fortunate to have had such a pleasant car buying experience.  I won't ever shop anywhere else for a new car!

SJ R. | 2011-01-28

I have a local mechanic whom I trust. When he told me that he wouldn't fix the growl in my car because it should be a warranty job (see why I trust him??), I almost begged him to do it instead of having to deal with a dealer service department. My brakes went out a few days later, and I didn't have any choice -- the work had to get done. My husband talked to Jack Daniels at the City service department and explained what was going on. He said that the growl was probably a warranty item, and that they'd take a look at the brakes. We got an appointment for the next day.

We dropped off the car, and the shuttle brought us back home. Later that day, Jack talked to my husband to let him know that they found "a lot wrong" with our car. My heart dropped. I know how expensive VWs are to fix. I just got out of the hospital from having surgery and our finances...well...the economy just ain't what it used to be. And then they dropped the bomb.... "it is covered under warranty."

For real. Warranty. Can you believe it??? I bought certified pre-owned. Whatever extra I paid in the price of the car for that, I just made up every penny. How grateful am I??? My soured opinion of VW has gone up a few points. More than a few. Just buy CPO. I love driving my car -- it's wonderful. I hate owning it. Except it's a little better now that it's all fixed :) It took them 2 days, but there truly was "a lot wrong."

And there you have it. City gave us great service -- warranty or no. They kept us informed. The shuttle service was nice. They even called when the shuttle was going to be late in picking me up. They've gained a customer. City's service is worth the 5 stars.

Sara N. | 2011-01-27

We came here to buy a used car that was advertised online.

We appreciated that the price was fair (not marked up horrendously like in most dealerships), and that there were no "internet special" gimmicks. The car we found was actually purchased at that same dealership, was one-owner, and was always local. It was also in great condition, and drove nicely.

We appreciated that they worked hard to get us financed, and even were able to get us a lower interest rate than was first quoted. They went over our credit scores with us, and we felt fairly well informed.

We didn't love that we weren't able to negotiate the price down AT ALL, or even negotiate an oil change into the deal. Finally, they let my husband choose something from the VW shop just so he felt like he was getting something out of the deal. We felt pressured to buy extra services.

We thought that we had agreed that they would fill the gas tank, and as my husband hopped into the car our saleswoman assured us that they did indeed put gas into the tank. However, his gauge was on empty (and the light was on) by the time we got home (about 25 miles away). This seems underhanded and rude, and was a terrible last impression to leave us with. $20 in gas could have given them a four, maybe even five star review.

Overall, it was a decent experience, but if you decide to work with them, check and double-check everything. Protect yourself.

Ainsley D. | 2011-01-24

I had a horrible experience in the Service Department at City Volkswagen this weekend.

My check engine light has been on in my car and after taking it into Pep Boys for a free scan, they told me that it was my catalytic converter. I heard that catalytic converters are covered (even if your warranty is expired) if your VW is less than 10 years old / less than 100k miles. I fit the bill.

Last Monday I called City Volkswagen (listed on ) and spoke with someone about coming in on Friday (in 4 days) to get my car diagnosed. I was told if it WAS the catalytic converter, it would be covered under warranty.

Friday came and I headed to my SCHEDULED appointment at 9am. Since I had been having some troubles with my windshield wipers going on sporadically I asked if they would also look into any problems there. The Service Rep, Harold Desy (a condescending belittling jerk), added it to the list and quoted me $300 ($100 of which would go away if the scan came back that I did in fact need my catalytic converter changed). To keep this short, I did not appreciate the way Harold rudely spoke to me, as if I was unknowledgeable about my own car. Once he had my keys and I had signed my car away, I was scheduled to be shuttled home. Harold had specifically told me that the shuttle would be back at my house at 3pm because the driver clocks out at 4pm.

I sat around for 6 hours waiting for a verdict from this 5 minute diagnosis scan. 3:15pm and no call OR shuttle driver, so I called Harold and he then informed me that they hadn't looked at my car today and wouldn't be able to fit it in, but the driver was on his way. I was furious, but rescheduled my appointment for today (Monday). 4:30 rolls around (an hour and a half of waiting) and still no shuttle, I called Harold again. He put me on hold then came back to nonchalantly notify me that the shuttle driver had clocked out and gone home at 3pm!! NO APOLOGY, just woops! Then Harold advises me to "beg, borrow or steal a car" if I wanted to get my car back before the dealership closed at 7pm. WHAT?! Very unprofessional and even more infuriating.

I had to scramble to find a ride within 2 hours at this point in order to get my car back for the weekend (weird that I have a job and things to do, you imbeciles!). When I approached the cashier/information desk, where my keys were, I saw that there were rental cars available for customers to use while they get their car fixed--NEWS TO ME. Dually noted that this was ANOTHER thing Harold forgot to mention.

This morning I was back at City Volkswagen for my second scheduled appointment at 9am. I told Harold that I would like to have only the check engine light diagnosed and cat converter changed. I asked for a new work order since the last was quoted $300 with two other work orders listed. He declined making a new work order and just crossed out what I no longer wanted.

I hopped on the shuttle home and waited a few hours. Come 1pm, I was getting antsy about possibly missing the shuttle again and called Harold to see if there was word on my car being diagnosed. He informed that it WAS the cat converter and they were changing it as we spoke and let me know to be expecting a call in about an hour. THE CALL CAME! I was incredibly surprised, to be honest. A little before 2pm, Harold called me to tell me that my car was done and the shuttle would be there "momentarily" (his exact word!). 45 minutes later, nothing... I called Harold because 3pm was fast approaching and at this point I could tell that he was annoyed with me when saying "he'll get there when he gets there". EXACTLY 2 HOURS AND 10 MINUTES after Harold said "the shuttle driver will be there momentarily" the driver shows up! WOW, you guys are on it!

When I got to the cashier/information desk, I asked if there was a Service Manager that I could speak to. The woman informed me that he was out until February 1st (how convenient!), but I could talk to the receptionist for more information. Even this part was a headache, but I will leave it at that I DID get a phone number and City Volkswagen WILL be receiving a call as well as an email to corporate for the awful, no good, very bad service!

Ryan W. | 2011-01-18

Absolutely do NOT go to this dealership.  I just had the most horrible experience with them.  I thought things were great, they found the car I wanted, I got the car for a good price, and we signed all the paperwork.  The next day, I received a voicemail telling me that the vehicle I had purchased (put money down, signed a loan agreement, registration paperwork) was unavailable because it'd been sold to someone else.  They then tried to pass off a less-equipped vehicle as "identical" to the vehicle I had purchased.  That was shady and unprofessional.  

They didn't seem to understand that I expected them to fulfill their contractual obligation.  I don't know why they think they're above their own contracts, but I wouldn't have it.  I walked away before they could bamboozle me further.  I don't know why they wouldn't find an identical vehicle to sell to me, nor do I understand why they were refusing to tell me the new price of this different vehicle.  In all, I purchased a car, but I never received a vehicle.  DO NOT GO TO THIS SHADY DEALERSHIP.

Cris H. | 2011-01-05

This review is for VW service*

You take your car, they'll say "we can't replicate the problem" you pay them your hard earned cash and you get your car back in the same condition. Waste of time, waste of money... end of story.

Darcy M. | 2010-07-08

My experience with City Volkswagen was pretty good.  I found the sales staff to be very friendly, and they did a great job of working with me and communicating with me to accommodate what I wanted out of the deal.  

It can always get a little ugly when it comes to negotiating the purchase/lease of a vehicle, but I found everything went as smoothly as it could go under such circumstances.

My only complaint is that it took 5 hours to wrap everything up with my lease...I think 3 hours should have been sufficient.

Hopefully their service department is friendly and their follow-up customer care is good...I'm used to the posh treatment of Audi (but I switched to a VW CC because I was sick of paying the Audi price).  I'll follow up with another review after my first scheduled car service.

John H. | 2010-05-15

Zero STAR!!!  These guy are @#$%ing criminals, I had my spare tire switched out with a stamped metal wheel. I know that I had a mag wheel for a spare. I would rotate it on to the road.  Had parts switch out with parts that had cosmetic damage.  This place needs long term investigation.

Vanessa S. | 2010-03-24

I would like to let you know that recently I was in your service department with my Jetta.  I had a small problem, my mirror broke off and I needed the mirror portion, just the glass portion.  My first call was to Miramar Volkswagen, they were rude and unprofessional.  I called your department and they were extremely helpful and professional.  I had to order the part, the individuals in your parts department were amazing, polite and extremely helpful.  The representatives in your service department installed the mirror within 5 minutes.  The individual who helped me was Peter Beck.  There were two other individuals that provided me guidance and assistance however I had to order the part, unfortunately I do not know their names but the deserve credit as well.  Peter B. was amazing.  He was quick, professional, courteous, personable, and simply amazing!!!!!  I will never go to Miramar again, its unfortunate I ever went there.  From this point forward I will have all service done at
your location, thank you for the exceptional service and a sincere, heartfealt, thank you to Peter.  I wish I could express how grateful and pleased I am with your service department.  Thank you again and please give Peter my regards and gratitude.

Alex F. | 2010-02-26

I recently purchased a 2010 GTI from City VW and had a good experience. I used CostCo's auto program for a lower sticker price and my sales rep, Brent, helped me out. I didn't feel any pressure from him and he was enthusiastic about the car. He was clear and concise about the numbers and when I asked about different things like changing the down, what the cost would be for a lease and those kinds of things, he immediately ran them and told me up front what the changes were. He had to drive to another dealership to get my car and came back as quickly as he could; he also filled it up for me and we sat in the car going over various systems before he handed me the keys and I drove off.

I only felt some sales pressure from the financing guy but that's to be expected. The overall experience was good and I think as long as you do your homework (finding the true price of the car versus MSRP, contacting other VW dealers around town for what they have in inventory and to see what they're willing to sell the car for and soforth), you'll do just fine here. I haven't taken it in for service yet since the car is brand new so it remains to be seen if City VW still retains at least three stars with me.

Overall, it was a fine experience and I drove away as happy as a clam in my new car.

Charlie G. | 2010-02-25

Sketchy. This place promises the world and doesn't deliver. "Ya we can connect your cell phone to the wireless speaker system in the car" then when you buy the car they all of the sudden forget how. "Yes, we can get you that trade in Price" Then when we bought the car, somehow it can't be done. We spent 30k on a car and many promises were broken soon after. We've been told by several other dealers we'd be paying much less with the credit we had going into it. I'd skip on this Dealer, not the honest people you think they are once the paper is signed.

Cristen K. | 2010-02-17

if i could give 0 stars i would. i absolutely hate this place the maintenance dept if full of complete --- clowns. explain to me the point of making an appointment to service your car if it's only going to be kept overnight, two nights in a row before even being checked out. are you kidding me? not only that but when i asked them to fix the break light, they didn't.  i do not understand how this place is still in business somebody call the BBB!

Kristie H. | 2010-01-03

I've been here countless times to service my VW and I have to say the service department is terrible! The service always takes too long, and I've experienced alot of attitude from many different employees there. Personel does not return calls in a timely manner. Two years ago I had my transmission replaced through them, and it took them well over three months to do the job. UNACCEPTABLE! And they would not provide me with a rental free of charge throughout that timespan... ughh...The only reason why I didnt make a huge fuss about it, is because my warranty covered the replacement of my transmission. However now that my warranty is expired, I will no longer bring my car there for repairs. I will never buy another VW based on my experience with City VW.

Hope G. | 2009-12-21

I love city VW.  I have had 3 VW's in a row, the last 2 being at city VW. Buying a car can be anxiety provoking but the staff there really helped me calm down and were extrememly helpful and nice.  Ask for John S.  He is so smart and really seems to care about his customers. I never have had a problem with the service dept there either.  From the managers to the sales people to the service dept...they have really made me feel like I am in safe hands. So yay for City VW!

Lex F. | 2009-11-06

Only compliments for this place. Recently purchased my 2010 Jetta TDI at City VW. The sales and service staff are great. Salesperson John Shumate did a great job, friendly and knowledgeable, he made sure the whole process was enjoyable and painless. I got the vehicle I was looking for, and he followed up with me after the purchase to make sure everything was OK.  I would recommend them to purchase and service your VW.

Sean M. | 2009-10-27

Been good so far both from the purchase and from the minor service I've had done.  I worked with Ryan and Josh for the sale and they got me the car I wanted (2010 Jetta TDI) with the options I wanted and did not want.  I worked with Shane from the service department for a couple minor issues and it's been easy so far.  Will update more as I interact with them more, but so far I am pleased and would recommend them.

Joe F. | 2009-10-02

City VW has consistently exceeded my expectations in both their Sales and Service departments. The Parts department is good too, but the Service department is exceptional. I never thought I'd take an out-of-warranty car to a dealer for service, but now I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. Really.

Wendy S. | 2009-09-09

My VW was just totaled and I would like to buy another.  But every time I think about it, I remember all the time I spent at City.  Everyone was nice.  I got a shuttle home.  But I had a very bad series of experiences when they would tell me my problem was fixed (and charge $$) only for me to find out it wasn't.  This went on for several visits and I had to prove to them that the problem wasn't fixed.  1) It appears they didn't know how to fix the problem but would replace some do-hickey at great expense, and 2) they (I suppose both the mechanics and the service people)  lied to me about it being fixed.  It was finally fixed when I complained to the manager.  But I didn't get my money back that I had spent on useless "repairs." (On the subject of VW's, ask the people who work at dealerships what *they* drive.)

Tim J. | 2009-08-26

This part of the review is for the Chevrolet part of the franchise.

Five Star Service

In 2003 I bought a Chevy Avalanche from City Chevrolet.  Sales process was about as easy as it gets when buying a new car.  I probably could have negotiated a better price, but heck, my time is valueable too and I wanted to get out on the road with my new baby.

For the next three years I took my Avalance to the service department at City Chevrolet.  I was always greeted by the SAME (Hey Mike, miss ya buddy!) service writer, unless he wasn't there.  They were always friendly, professional and fast.  When I sold my Avalanche in 2006 I was more upset about not being able to take my new car to this excelent service location than anything else.

This part of the review is for the Volkswagon Sales side of the franchise.

One Star Sales

I'd had such good luck here when previously purchasing a Chevy Avalanche that I went back when I was in the market for a Volkswagon GTI.  I went in on a weekend, early in the afternoon.  When I came on the lot I was greeted by a sales woman who looked like she was trying to juggle more than one customer.  I asked her some questions about the GTI and if I could test drive one.  She flatly refused to help me and claimed that I couldn't test drive one unless I intended to buy one that same day.  Giving the exercise up as pointless, I took my business elsewhere.  

I finally test drove the GTI in Carlsbad and bought a new car less than a month later.  But that's a story for a different review.

Katherine B. | 2009-07-10

Like Dominick C., I bought my car from Sales Guy Ryan. I had a great experience (I've never bought a car before) and didn't feel pressured/wasn't stalked for weeks like I was at other car places ::cough, Mossy Ford::::

I went back last week to look at purchasing a different car and had a great experience with a Tim Gunn look-alike. Seriously, he could have been a stand-in. The price they quoted me was much too high, but the guy dealt with my sarcasm and I got to test drive the station wagon of my dreams. And no one has called me or showed up at my house to see when I'm coming back to buy it.

Sally R. | 2009-07-10

Okay, just a brief impression so far, but I think these guys are much better than Miramar Volkswagen.  The shuttles are better organized and the service advisers are friendlier.  Let's see whether they fix my car properly, though.

Deryl A. | 2009-07-08

The body shop is great.  I went there this morning with a fender problem, expecting to leave the car there all day.  They were (as always) friendly and helpful, fixed my fender right there on the spot...and didn't charge me for their work.  I bring my car here for all of its service and like knowing that they'll keep my car running well for many years.

Gabe H. | 2009-05-27

My BF just bought a new car here last week.  Overall it was a good experience.  Our salesperson was John Shumate.  He was very friendly a knowledgable.  Definitely worth a visit to buy a car from him.  Not your typical obnoxious car salesperson.

In general my only issue were with the finance manager (I wish I remembered his name) and the amount of time it took for them to get us the car after all was said and done.  The finance manager needs to learn the difference between being so detailed that you are informative and so detailed that you are kind of patronizing.  I'm not an idiot dude... I may not be a math major, but I can pull out my cell phone and do some math too to make the sale look good.

Regarding the wait, Poor John did everything he could to entertain us (5 stars for him).  I know he had been off for a few hours so I really appreciated that.  I would say from the time we said "Ok let's sign the papers" until we got the car was a solid 2 hours.  30 minutes waiting for papers, 30 minutes signing them and about 60 minutes waiting for the car after the the papers were done.

Anthony S. | 2009-04-28

Things I CAN do:
I can build a computer.  
I can put together furniture from IKEA.  
I can create websites and use content management systems.  
I'm a whiz with databases and CRMs.
I can do home improvement projects.

I'm definitely not a moron.

In fact, I know how to do a lot of things fairly well.  I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none.  But the one thing I couldn't do was figure out how to get the #$@%^*! battery cover off my VW key fob to change the dead battery.  I just couldn't make it happen.  I was afraid that I would break it and have to replace the whole thing at $150.00 a pop.

So, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I took the key fob into the parts department at City Volkswagen and purchased a new battery.  Sheepishly, I told the guy that I couldn't get the cover off and asked if he wouldn't mind replacing the battery for me.  He looked at me kinda funny, like I was joking or something, but I told him that I was serious...I couldn't freakin' do it!

So he holds the key fob in front of me and proceeds to smugly pop the little cover right off the back with his thumbs. Within thirty seconds he had replaced the battery and put the cover back on.  I believe that I turned a shade of crimson that I typically reserve for accidental public nudity or when someone sees my collection of *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys tapes.

I grabbed my keys back from the guy, paid and left quickly.  I don't think I can show my face in here again. :|

They just revoked my man card.

Rachael C. | 2009-04-28

BOOOOOOOOO on CIty VW service.  I took my 2001 VW Jetta to City VW multiple (and I mean 5-7) times to figure out WHY the check engine light kept coming on.  City VW "fixed" my car each time, each time charging me, of course, since the supposed "issue" was never under warranty.  Each and every time, about 100 miles later, the *^$%#@!! light would come back on.  I finally took it elsewhere (a wonderful independent repair shop called Precision Automotive, please see my review for them if you need a shop) and they fixed my car the right way!  Shockingly, Precision Automotive told me they discovered previous "repairs" where things had not been put back together properly (he even showed me photos).  I will never take my car back to City VW.

Nacho C. | 2009-04-07

Sales Guy Ryan is cool, but the management and finance department really sucks.  The finance guy tried to hardball me on an offer and all he did was piss me off.  Tried talking to me like I have never sold or bought anything in my life.  It was the typical, "If I do this, will you buy today?"  I said, "Do you think I have been here for 3 and a half hours cause I aint got shit to do?"

Avoid these people at all costs.

Meredith Victoria W. | 2009-03-11

Sucky suck suck suck. I used to go to Herman Cook in Encinitas because I lived in No.county, but I'm in La Jolla now so I figured I'd try a dealership a little closer for some service.

I had the shuttle, which was a limo complete with lighting effects, take me back home from the dealership and forgot to ask when they'd be back to get me, so when I called they said 'Uh, we're supposed to pick you up?'. Nor did they call me to let me know when it would be ready for me to come back and get it. They let me hang and we all know as customers, we LOVE to be left hanging!

OMG, I did not pay upwards of 30K for a car so  I could find my own ride to and from the dealership, so I could wash and vacuum it myself after service, AND so I could use the OLD oil change reminder decal from HC VW to write my own reminder of when I need to get the next change done. I got back in the car and wondered if they even changed the oil or did the recall work.

They charged me about $20 less than normal VW dealerships charge for an oil change, but I certainly paid for it with the lack of customer serviced. Malarkey.

J. M. | 2009-02-07

I would buy another car from John S.

Meaghan N. | 2009-01-08

The reviews really seem to be hit or miss, but City VW is the best car experience I have ever had. I am somewhat of a push over and am skeptical of car dealerships because of the bad experiences I have had. That was until I went to City VW. I did not buy my car here so I only have experience with the service side. The best thing is they assign you a customer care person that helps you every time you are in. My service person, Jack Daniels (no joke) is awesome. He knows more about the history of my car than I do so I don't have to explain everything each time I go in. I can schedule appointments online and when I pull into the service area there is someone to greet me who already knows my name and the reason I am there. They always call to keep me in the loop on what they are doing and of the five times I have been there, my car has been ready before they said it would be and the cost has never been more than estimated. I don't feel pressured to buy anything or have additional service done. Jack seems to be honest about necessary repairs verses repairs that can be put on hold for a bit. Paying and checking out is quick and easy and my car is clean when I get it.  

It may not always be the least expensive, but because it is less of a hassle and I can depend on them, I don't take my car anywhere else.

City VW has spoiled me. Thank you Jack and the rest of the team at City VW! I can always count on you.

Ginger H. | 2008-12-25

I did not buy my VW Beetle here (tried to and they messed up big time), but have used them for maintenance (oil change, etc) and have not been very pleased with the service I have received. I have no issue with the work itself (as if I could tell if it was done properly anyway). My issue is with the check-in and pick up process.

When I took my car in for oil change service earlier this week I was very frustrated with the 5+ minute wait to even get someone to speak to me while I waited outside the "offices". 4-5 employees walked by, but none felt the need to help me out (so annoying). When someone did finally come to check me in, he rudely told me to move my car (like I should have known this already). No signs indicate where to park while waiting for a service rep, so I was confused and irritated to no end. Once I did get checked in, the service rep was nice enough and quickly printed out my confirmation and got me on my way.

When it came to picking up my car, I had no issues this go around. However, the last time I took my car (yes, I've been more than once) I show up and it took almost 30 minutes to get my car. The service rep called saying my car was done (just as he is leaving for the day) so I come down and am ready to pay and get out of there. No such luck. I guess the guy goofed when he called me and they were still putting my car back together. Let me also mention that I had dropped off the car before 8AM, so why in the hell was it still not put together....I have no clue. So I wait and wait and then they finally come through. So annoying!!

I guess I keep coming back out of fear for nullifying my warranty by going to a non-VW shop. After this last f-up by City VW service I might have to do some research and see what I services I can get performed elsewhere and maybe check out the VW in Miramar where I purchased my car.

Oh, and one more story about City Volkswagen in regards to buying a car there. I was very specific about the car I wanted and the sales reps flat out lied about having the car I wanted just to get me to come down. They tried to talk me into all these "after market" upgrades (like a sunroof) and I was like HELL NO. I ended up going to Miramar and found the car of my dreams :-)

L. Ron H. | 2008-12-07

if i could give them negative stars, i would.
i hope they go out of business, because they've been ripping the people of san diego off for years.
the service doesn't ever actually fix any of your problems, all they do is take your money.  i've spent over $1000 dollars fixing a check engine light and engine misfire here.  each time i get charged and nothing changes. they don't fix shit, give me an attitude when i question their shoddy workmanship, and refuse to give me the number to the district supervisor of VW who oversees problems like this.  
my girlfriend went here the first three times and got the same problems while shelling out top dollar for nothing.  
when i took it in they offered me no help and seemed pissed off i was there instead of her.  worst customer service i've ever experienced.

natasha k. | 2008-12-07

The worst experience I've ever had in (almost) purchasing a car was with City VW.  At first they were friendly and nice and asked me what my price was where I would come down to the dealership to buy a car.  I told them what I was looking for and my monthly payment price and in a few hours I got a call back saying that they could do it for a car they had on their lot and that they had 3 cars that were close to what I was looking for.  I called some other dealers I had been working with and everyone told me that I should get the car from City because they couldn't match the price, not even come close and some warned me that it might be a bait and switch.  

The salesperson that I had spoken to Rayanne, was so nice and conversational that I doubted it, however I gave her a call, told her about the bait and switch and she laughed about it and confirmed the details that she had quoted me two more times.  We scheduled a time for me to come in to the dealership to lease my vehicle two days later.  

Pay Attention Here: 24 hours later I get a call from Rodney her business partner and he lets me know that the car I wanted sold but that they have another one just a different color if I was still interested.  He reviews the quote with me and it's higher by $1,170.  We go back and forth, he tells me that he is going to check with his sales manager Josh and get back to me.  I immediately call the other dealers and see what they can do and I start the wait for return calls.  Rodney calls me back to let me know that they will not honor Rayanne's quote and that they will only honor the quote on the one car they have on the lot, which is not the color I want, it's not even in my top 4 color choices.  If I wanted my car that I was looking at it was going to cost more since it wasn't on their lot.  I get three more calls from Rodney in the next 24 hours trying to get me to come in to purchase the car and to see if I could get a better deal anywhere else.  As it turns out, I got another VW dealership to match the quote at the higher price and so I drove down the next morning and signed my paperwork.

After the appaling service that I received from Rayanne, Rodney and Josh (sales manager) at City VW I was on the verge of actually buying anything but a VW, ever.  Giving your business to City VW is like supporting the ones that screw the general public over, in a manner that no person should ever have to deal with.

Miles B. | 2008-09-03

What a great dealership!

Jim Klepper in service and his entire staff make me glad I'm a VW owner.  And ecstatic that I've found this friendly VW store.

John F. | 2008-05-17

I had my car in for the 80k mile service, which I paid $600.00 for.    This includes inspecting the timing belt.   In addition I told them I heard a funny squeaking sound like a belt and asked them to inspect it.

2500 miles later the timing belt broke and cost $4,000 in engine damage.    They wouldn't give me a discount, they wouldn't stand behind their work.      Basically they've proven their VW shop is a bunch of amateur hacks.    Their stupidity is guaranteed to cost you, and when it comes to it they tell you to fuck off.     That's what loyalty gets you!!    

Well fuck you too City!    I'll never buy anything from you or use you for any auto work.

K O. | 2008-01-06

Took my 2001 Passat GLS in for a broken water pump and had the timing belt, serpentine belt, thermostat done at the same time. Overall good experience with some delays waiting on parts from LA. They provided me a free rental when the parts did not arrive as promised.
Recently took it in for collision damage with good results. You have to stay on top of the situation but the work was pretty good. I will use them in the future.

Evan P. | 2007-10-25

I am currently very close to purchasing a VW, and when I do, it will be from City VW. These guys let me take out THREE of their cars with nary a bit of annoyance. I was treated respectfully the entire time despite my age (21) and I came out of a car dealer smiling for the first time in my life. These guys are going to get my business, and I bet they'll get yours too.

Kari S. | 2007-07-10

Oh - I debated, 4 stars or 5?  This place is a solid 4.5.  Definitely worth checking out!

Before I knew about City VW, I took my car to two other dealerships in the area but those experiences have paled in comparison to City.  The service managers are attentive and creative; they know that if they help you out, you'll come back. It's all about repeat business! They've helped me out of a few jams...In SD, this is the only place that gets to work on my baby, Mo'Betta Jetta.