California Auto Import in San Diego, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company California Auto Import in San Diego, CA.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 661-3682
Address:8580 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA, 92126

Reviews on California Auto Import

Tonya M. | 2015-04-09

This review is a long time coming, unfortunately (as it seems like others have not had as good an experience as I did).

My experience was back in 2006 but I am still really good friends with Sam since our interaction back then. I bought a 1997 Honda Del Sol si from him where he offered to take some money down, and he financed the rest for me ($5995 total). I had been looking for another Del Sol since I had had to trade mine in when I moved to San Diego in 2000. This was the only one I had seen that was actually reasonably priced and did not have a lot of mileage on it. It was a used car so I didnt have extremely high expectations for the car (as you never know what a car's maintenance history is REALLY like) but the car was really not in bad shape considering.

I was very pleased with the flexibility Sam allowed on letting me finance the car with him directly. He was flexible with what I could put down and when I could have the entire amount paid off. He had also indicated that if I had any issue with payments, to just let him know ahead of time and he would ensure he made notes on my account so we had a history of everything that took place. I didn't have to use that option but it was nice to know that he would be understanding with me if it did come up.

So fast forward to 2015 and I have had the car ever since. I decided to sell it, and I didn't have the title for it. Sam was instrumental in helping me get the title, signing off the lien for it, and mailing it to me all these years later. If it hadn't been for him I don't know if the process would have gone as smoothly.

When buying used cars, it can be a crap shoot because I know at the end of the day the dealers need to get some sort of profit on the amount they have invested to provide an inventory. However, Sam has always been very honest and straight forward with me regarding my questions and concerns. We are also considering another used car and Sam was the first person that we thought of.

David w. | 2013-02-28

It is a very small family owned dealership, with only about 20 cars on the small lot, they mostly have smaller compact cars for decent prices with a little wiggle room. I did like you the emplyee Peyvand, he was relaxed and didnt pressure me. He didnt fit the normal used car dealer stereotype of high pressure salesman. I will check their inventory the next time I buy a car.

Sue S. | 2012-05-09

Stay away.  I contacted this dealer via email for details on a car.  After I was satisfied it was a good car, I had my husband talk to the owner, Sam, regarding the car.  We thought we had good information, so we made a very long trip to the dealership with the intent of purchasing the car.  We found the car to have mismatched tires, exterior damage, a crack in the windshield (funny how the 9 photos on Auto Trader all avoided capturing the crack), and a SALVAGE title.  The disclosure of the SALVAGE title did not come until after the test drive and price negotiation.  Don't waste your time.  I wish I would have read the other reviews before visiting California Auto Import because they are accurate!

Monique B. | 2010-10-11

I saw a car on Auto Trader for sale for $5995..  A few days later, I went down to their tiny lot and spoke to David.  He told me the car had just been sold.  I left as there weren't any other cars that appealed to me.  About 2 weeks later, the same car had been re-listed on Craigs List.  The ad stated the car had a clean title. (1st LIE) This time, I called the dealership and spoke to Sam (David's father) I asked  him if the car was available and he said yes.  I told him the pictures look like the same car from a few weeks earlier. He said it was not the same car.  (2nd LIE)  I went down to the dealership and put a deposit on the car (it was getting dark and I wanted to see it in the day) The price tag hanging from the rear view mirror stated $6495. I told him the Craigs List ad said $5995.  He did not believe me and actually wanted to see a copy of the ad.  Good thing I had printed it out and it was sitting in my car! When I showed it to him, he honored the lower price and said his son had inputted the wrong price in Craigs List. I asked him if he had the car checked out by his mechanic.  He said yes and the car was in great condition. That night, I ran a Car Fax on the car and found it had a branded title.  There was some sketchiness about the odomoter reading. I called Sam the next day. He was very defensive and told me to come down to the trailer to talk to him about it and not to go to the DMV first, as this was not my car!  I went down there. He showed me the title and what appeared to be a data entry mistake by the DMV regarding the mileage. He was very cocky and kept saying I could cancel.  He offered to give me back my deposit check. I told him I would take the car to my mechanic.  He told me that was "my right to do that" but he wanted the car back within an hour! I told him the inspection itself takes an hour. He said to bring it back within 1 1/2 hours. I took the car to a mechanic, who found several problems with the car. The oil was dirty, the coolant was dirty, air filter was dirty, power door locks didn't work, tires were worn, timing belt was cracked,  the list goes on and on.  Obviously, he didn't have this car checked out by his mechanic like he told me.  When I brought the car back and showed him the laundry list of repairs from my mechanic, that's when he finally acknowledged he had never had the car checked out by a mechanic. At this point, I got my deposit back and walked away.  

Md S. | 2010-06-26

As mentioned by Nick above, this is a trailer dealer with a very small inventory (~ 15 cars). I went to check a car with him and the person was extremely rude insisting on finalising the price before a test drive.

The cars themselves were no where similar to what was posted on craigslist, they were quite dirty and very very ordinary.

The deal breaker for me was the rudeness of the owner of the place who had this buy-it-if-you care attitude. He was offering a 30 day warranty on the car but considering the rudeness of the person, I would not be surprised if he denied any service using some excuses even within the 30 day period.

Nick O. | 2010-03-22

A small lot trailer dealer off Miramar Rd.  It's easy to miss since it's basically a small narrow driveway of cars.  If you are heading east on Miramar, it's just after the Baby/Kids store.

The dealer itself looked pretty run-down just because of the location.  We checked out 1 car here but didn't test drive since the interior wasn't that good.  The car looked ok on the exterior, nothing major.  On the interior it wasn't very nice at all, some moldings and what not were missing and definitely showed quick aging leather.  The engine ran ok and did not throw any major codes.

The guy showing us the car seemed more like an assistant and not a dealer though.  Either way, just kind of stood around and did not provide much help or information.  I could of sworn I saw him walk over from the auto body shop next door.  If the two businesses are connected then I would be a bit more weary of getting a car here.

I personally don't like these trailer dealers (that work out of trailers).  Seems like their cars are not in as good of condition as other lots. Still, it wasn't that bad to earn only 1 star, but I don't trust it enough to give it 3.