BMW of San Diego in San Diego, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company BMW of San Diego in San Diego, CA.

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BMW of San Diego

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 223-5000
Address:5090 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on BMW of San Diego

Justin V. | 2015-04-24

I had the worst experience and warn everyone to take caution when going here. This dealership does not return calls nor do they care about customers. They are terrible at diagnostics and horrific at customer service. I do not trust to ever go back there again.

Michelle L. | 2015-04-22

Took my BMW in for a problem to be diagnosed and paid $99 for the diagnostic, and to be safe I also paid an additional $130 for a mechanical inspection that was recommended by the service advisor. That totaled to $230 to just diagnose and inspect my car, and the $99 would be applied to any repairs that were needed from the diagnostic inspection for my door locks that weren't functioning properly. I was told that when I brought my car in I would be given a courtesy car to drive home, but then I got there and they said they wouldn't give me a courtesy car even though I could see they had at least 10 of them lined up with the courtesy label on them. Instead I had to take a 20 minute shuttle ride back to my house and was stuck at home for the day. Later in the day I got a call with their diagnosis and they quoted me $700 to repair one door lock that wasn't functioning. After I received this call I immediately called an independent BMW certified repair shop and was quoted $350 for the same repair. That's half the cost. I told BMW that I would not get the repair done there and would be picking it up. When I picked up my car I had expected that they would have at least washed it since I paid $230 for diagnosis and inspection. Instead it was still dirty and I was sent on my way. Courtesy car washes are expected from the dealership when taking it in. I was very disappointed with the service I received here and will never be taking my car here again.

Nathan H. | 2015-04-20

I purchased my 2012 BMW 328i from this location and it was a great experience. I love shopping for cars, but I generally hate talking to salespeople. However, I worked with Tom Hada in this case, who was awesome. He was knowledgable and hospitable and not pushy at all. He got me in the car I wanted and made the whole buying experience an enjoyable one.

Amy Riggs in financing, who I had worked with in the past when leasing, was also great to work with, as I needed to be in and out of the dealership quickly. She was able to process me in about 15 minutes, yet still sell me on buying another year of maintenance on the car, which I'm glad I got.

Great team of people at this location.

Andrea T. | 2015-04-16

BMW of San Diego has been so helpful.  Emily Cooper has excellent customer service.

John S. | 2015-04-14

Ask for REZA!!!  I am always skeptical when shopping for cars but Reza was a true professional that genuinely cared more about me  and my needs instead of just his pockets which is rare when purchasing a car.

He was able to get me a brand new  335i  BMW for a great price in literally record time which is what I appreciated the most. None of the typical "let me go talk to my manager" just to waste time and wear you down... honest guy all the way. I'll be back when it's time for a trade in.

Mona M. | 2015-04-12

Jason B in leasing is absolutely amazing! We got a BMW 528 and couldn't be happier. Outstanding service, very friendly and personable. Thanks!

Bryton N. | 2015-04-06

This dealership will only cater to you if you cater them your wallet. In this dealership, you have to approach the salesman, or anyone for that matter.

The woman they grabbed told me she had an appointment soon and will need to take off. I told her I understand, and she replied "the appointment is more important, no offense".

Then I grabbed a USB cable from my car to test audio, she noticed my car and became so suddenly interested in assisting me.

Jarrod L. | 2015-04-02

This review comes as a reaction to my experience with the used car section of BMW of San Diego.  In no way does it reflect the new car area.  I was in the market for a car that was within a very specific year/price/mileage range.  

A member of the internet team reached out to me when a car within this range came on their lot.  Very cordial on the phone and responsive to my email inquiries.  Unfortunately that is where the ratings for this location stopped at 1 star.

I asked this salesman many questions about the quality of the car and he painted the picture of a vehicle that was in great condition, for a used car.  This dealer is roughly 1 hour away from my home so I wanted to gather as much information as I could before I made the drive down there.  One last question I asked was if this car was driven by a smoker.  I was told by the salesman that he had just checked out the car before I called and it is definitely not a smokers car.  

With that last bit of information provided to me I made the 1 hour drive to the car lot with my hopes high of finally getting the car that I needed.  Walking in the door of the dealership I was greeted by another salesman who made small talk with me as I waited for the gentlemen that I had the appointment with.  During this small talk he proceeded to tell me that the Toyota Camry I was there to see was also listed on EBay.  What?  Who does that?

So lets get to the car.  I open the rear passenger door and am immediately greeted by a stale "smoke" smell.  Wasn't sure if that was what the smell was but it definitely did not smell good.  Then right there on the back seat was a fairly large cigarette burn through the seat.  The salesman shrugged his shoulders and said "hmmmm, didn't see that before".  I got into the front seat and was greeted by an even larger cigarette burn smack dab in the middle of the dashboard.  Another shrug and look of confusion by the salesman.  Then I started the car and ran the air.  Hello, Golden Nugget of Las Vegas.   Entire car immediately smelled like a Vegas Casino.  The salesman quickly told me about how they can "do things" to remove the smell.  Not interested in that.  You lied.  And I just lost 3 hours of my day between the drive and the lot time.

I drove the car around and it was in great mechanical shape.  Nothing to report there.  However the overall outside appearance of the car was in rough shape to say the least.  Clear coat was peeling.  Rims were thrashed.  Back bumper had bubbled paint.  List goes on and on.  But the kicker was when I opened the hood.  The engine was corroded like it had major water damage and there were multiple areas of serious rust under the hood and on top of the shock caps.  This car was underwater from what I can see.  Carfax, didn't show it but someone just didn't report it.  Did they not see this when they brought the car in for reconditioning prior to trying to sell it to me?

As I looked around for the salesman that had deserted me at that time to help someone else, I ran into the other salesman again.  When I told him about all that I had seen and that they were all too large for me to overlook he said, and I quote, "I guess that is why it is listed on Ebay".  Really?

I found the original salesman and told him that I would pass since it needs too much attention.  I handed him the keys and his response was "well, we sell these types of cars all the time and someone will buy it".  Wow.  I sure hope that nobody else bought that car and fell for this after I left.  After all they wanted 13k for the car.  In the meantime I took my business to another dealer that got me into what I really wanted, at the price range I required.  And this other dealer actually reconditioned the car and didn't just hose it off and put gas in it.  

I am really disappointed that a BMW dealer would allow this to go on as it did.  And I couldn't let this experience go without being documented.

Timur O. | 2015-03-31

I agree with many sour sales experiences at this BMW. They failed to earn my business before but not this time. Today, I was helped by yachtsman Tom and navy James team. They were pleasant, easy, informative, friendly, simply superb. If it wasn't for them, I was about to purchase a X3 in Los Angeles. If you are shopping for a BMW, ask for them and have a excellent experience. Also thanks to sales manager Matthew.

kartika h. | 2015-03-30

The best loaner car services and Service Department. Thank you JAyson and the Crews,  Dave (service dept), Gary (service dept), victor (genius dept), Josh (service greeter) you guys the best....thank you for the best service and professional service....always taking good care of their customers.

Cypher Y. | 2015-03-24

Good car buying experience. Service is exceptional. I went there for service once and everything was still great. Will go there again if I ever need to buy a new vehicle. Only done side is that the wait time is sometimes long, better call ahead to make sure they are available.

C K. | 2015-03-21

Jessica Breen was awesome! We just bought a car with her at the SDCCU car fair. So efficient and personable! It made the car buying experience go smoothly and effortlessly. Thank you !

Kevin C. | 2015-03-11

I have a '07 530i and had an ignition problem and called the dealership for help.  Emily Cooper took my call and helped me out!  Her help proved to me that this dealership is more than selling cars - it is customer service first!

Dmdd S. | 2015-02-26

Late entry.... Purchased our very first BMW here on 2/13. We got the 435i and we are glad we chose to come here. We had the option to go to El Cajon and we were  even open to drive up to Escondido. From our initial inquiry online response was prompt. Dustin King was absolutely the type of sales person you want to have. Professional, Courteous, Detail Oriented, and A man of his word. We never felt pressured like you normally would at a dealership. He truly is Top notch. Thank you Mr. Dustin King!!! For the best car buying experience.

Chris S. | 2015-02-25

Warning. Stay away! This place is horrible. I sent my fiancé here yesterday for a maintenance light that was on and was immediately reminded why we did NOT buy her BMW here. She was told immediately that the light was for her brake fluid, that it wasn't covered under warranty and would be $169. They then began their normal antics and told her that in order to change the brake fluid that she needs to replace her microfilter and it would be an additional $150. She texted me and I told her to forget it and to take her car and leave. The cabin microfilter had been replaced in October by her normal BMW dealership service department under the maintenance agreement, so I knew it was clean and that she was just being hustled because she's a woman in an auto service shop. After she refused the service and asked for her car back, she had to wait 30 minutes for them to bring it out to her! A car that they were not working on and had just run codes for while she was waiting! 30 minutes!!! She had an appointment and was supposed to be able to leave with a loaner vehicle because she was on her lunch break, and they instead made her wait 30 MINUTES to bring the car around. I expect much more from a BMW dealership which is why I don't go here and warn anyone else about going here. I thought it would be more convenient since it's near her work, but I won't make that mistake again. Thanks for the REMINDER of why to forever avoid you BMW of San Diego.

Ray C. | 2015-02-23

A few Weeks ago I noticed my brand new BMW 4 series had some whitish discoloration on the outside window seals. I call BMW and was referred to Emily Cooper in the service department. She was very friendly and inviting. Ms. Cooper exudes a positive energy. I simply told her what was wrong with my car she took note of it, and had me fixed up with a courtesy car immediately.  Emily went the extra mile to ensure I was given the nicest BMW they had on hand, a fully equipped 335i. A few days later I received a call from Emily  explaining what was wrong with my car. The whitish discoloration on my window seals was wax from car local car wash that uses spray wax as a sealer. She had my car fully detailed for me and ready to pick up. Yes the whitish discoloration on my window seals was gone. Whenever I go to get my BMW serviced I only want to deal with Emily Cooper. She is very easy going with extensive knowledge, I feel like I am talking to an old trusted friend.

R M. | 2015-02-21

Brought my car here a few months ago for a checkup.  It wasn't due for oil change yet so I don't think they really did much.  Good thing it was free.

Compared to Lexus, I was not that impressed with the service.  There is a tiny customer lounge and you just sit and wait and wait for your service adviser to come out.  I must've waited 45 minutes before the adviser came out to take me to their office to discuss what was going to be done to the car.  

Also, their rental process is really anal about showing proof of insurance so make sure you have your insurance card on hand.

Jason J. | 2015-02-21

Awesome service from drop off, rental services, and pick up. My first BMW service did not disappoint.

Norton S. | 2015-02-20

So the fun news is I'm enjoying my 2015 Mineral White M4; the disappointing update is when the 'check engine light' comes on and ruins the weekend getaway ... or so I thought.

One is never sure whether the first-class VIP treatment that occurs on the sales side will carry over to the service side ... this is the question that was answered today in my first interaction with BMW San Diego Service.

Nicole Smith & Duane Bjerk made sure my M4 was evaluated quickly, understanding that I wasn't in the mood to wait given that this service issue was at 1300 miles. Though the news wasn't good and I'd have to leave the car for the weekend into next week, Megan Al-Timimi jumped in and made my day/weekend by offering to find a 2015 6 series for me to drive.

Proactive customer service by upgrading my loaner from the typical 3 series was awesome and does show that VIP treatment can indeed extend beyond the sales period.

Thank you Nicole, Duane and Megan for your smiles, service, efficiency!

maria l. | 2015-02-15

I have had a horrible shopping experience with Sheena on Feb.2nd of 2015. The lady is highly unprofessional and incompetent, giving us the worse deal and options. Verbal expressions like "I am not making money out of it" or "Most likely, you won't get a credit" are not usually thrown to the customer's face. The lady asked inappropriate questions and even pointed on my age, saying that I look like my friend's mom (my friend is 7 years younger)!!!!!!!:))) That was even funny, but still- the person needs a good training. We were all shocked and disappointed with all those bad manners and attitude. Also, made us wait for almost 3 hours with nothing, saying that she is not sure if the bank will approve a loan, but "let's hope to meet tomorrow evening"...
Honestly, BMW for us, Europeans, still represents a high class and quality. Not sure if someone like Sheena could make the company look the way it should be, but the whole experience was far from our expectations. We had to go to Encinitas the same day, and -we got a vehicle right on the same evening, with a great deal and without waiting for another 24 hours! And believe me, the service at Encinitas was excellent, where nobody assumed I looked too old for my age:)) Overall, BMW of San Diego left a very bitter aftertaste- ridiculous!!!

James K. | 2015-02-13

I have such mixed feelings about this place.

Okay, the positive:

I've had four BMW's and three of them I purchased from BMW of San Diego with the most recent last month.  I work in Escondido and was going to purchase there, but decided to go and check out what BMW San Diego could do for me and again, they were able to get me exactly what I wanted.  

The first car I bought from them I came in on a whim and asked if they could make me a deal.  The deal they offered was too good to pass up and so that was my first purchase with them.  The second time was after I had put 180,000 on the previous car.  I asked if they could work a good deal and again, they came through and so purchase number two.  Last month again, I went in because I was about 150,000 miles into that car and once again, made me a pretty good deal with an unbelievable car.  My most recent car is incredible and so much fun to drive.

Okay, the negative:

This mostly applies to my most recent purchase.  I had only had the car a few weeks when a warning light came on for low windshield washer fluid level.  I refilled it but a day or two later the warning light came on.  Clearly it was leaking from somewhere so I called the person who sold me the car but he wasn't available so I left a message.  A few days passed and no return phone call.  So, I called again and again, he wasn't available and again, I left a voice mail and again, no return call.  I waited about 10 days and finally got some time off and went into BMW to see if I could talk to the sales person directly.  I'm sure I could have just made a service appointment, however, this is a brand new vehicle and already something is wrong.  I just thought the sales person, who had asked me to give him the highest possible rating on my survey, would want to call me back and take care of any problem I was having.  Boy was I wrong.

I finally drove down to BMW during a lunch break.  I asked the front desk to speak to him and not surprising, they couldn't find him either.  Then when I explained the situation they started telling me he had been sick and that's why I hadn't heard back.  I'm very sorry for anyone who isn't feeling well, but it would seem to me that if you aren't able to make it into work that someone would handle your calls.  What if those had been calls from someone who wanted to buy two new cars?  I'm sure that person would have gotten a call back.  

As I was being helped who happened to walk up but the person who sold me the car.  Hmmmm..... guess he isn't sick after all!  Maybe he had been out sick but what they failed to listen to me was that I had been calling for weeks!  It wasn't in the past day or two that I had called, it had been weeks.  And again, if he was out all that time sick, why wasn't someone answering his messages because I'm sure others were calling.  Needless to say, the person who sold me the car walked by, waved at me and kept going.  Didn't even bother to say hello, or "sorry I didn't return your calls".  

Another individual emailed me the day before asking if I wanted to come in to get a thorough explanation of my new car and receive a free tank of gas.  Great I thought since my car was already there.  I emailed back to set up the appointment to coincide with the time I would pick up my car... but I didn't receive a reply.  Should I be surprised?  I emailed again the day I was supposed to pick my car back up only to get a response saying he was off.  Why in the world do you send out emails and then you aren't available?  Someone else finally got back to me but I had already picked up my car.

Lastly, they always want you to do surveys regarding their service which I don't mind, but they always tell you what to put.  They tell you that you MUST give them the highest rating.  Well, then what's the point of having a customer satisfaction survey?  Fortunately I can come to Yelp and give whatever rating I want.  

Bottom line, I think they are quite good when it comes to buying a car.  But beware, once you've bought the car that "First Class" treatment you received during the buying part is now gone.

Scott P. | 2015-02-13

Absolutely great service in the sales department.

I was interested in the M4 and asked for a test drive, but sales manager Dan Brummett tells me M4's have sensitive break-in periods so test drive request cannot be accepted. I wasn't buying the car without driving it so had to convince the sales person to let me drive it at which point I wasn't sure if I was the one buying the car or selling it. Eventually got to test drive it with Amir Savar, great guy who reminded me every 5 seconds to be careful with the car during the generous 1/2 mile of test drive I was granted. Amir didn't seem to quite find the appropriate timing to inform me of all the features of the car because he was busy reminding me of how careful I should be on the 15mph average trip we had. I also found it odd that he couldn't answer my simple question of whether the car had carbon ceramic brakes or not. I actually knew the answer: it didn't, regular brakes have blue calipers while the ccb have yellow ones, this one had blue. Well, he probably knows a lot about other things, such as safety. After the pleasant test drive I said thank you and went to BMW of Encinitas where I bought the car.

At BMW of Encinitas, they let me really test the car out. I went on the freeway and drove the car for a good 10~15 minutes. Showed me the car, popped the hood and showed me the beauty inside, took their time with me, and I bought the car that day. At that point I was reminded of how god-awful, I mean awesome Dan Brummett and Amir Savar was at BMW of San Diego. Great guys, if you want to have a pleasant car-buying experience try them out and you'll definitely see what I mean. Make sure you ask for Amir; great guy, love him. So great, I can't even forget their names.

Elika E. | 2015-02-12

I now take my BMW 128 to BMW Encinitas for all of my maintenance and BMW needs.. Even though BMW of San Diego is so much closer to me (I live downtown), having the bad experiences I've had w/BMW of SD and coming back to read the reviews and confirm other people have the same experiences, taking the extra 25min drive up there is so worth it to deal with friendly, helpful people who actually care about their customers. Then seeing that the account has been flagged due to numerous positive reviews coming from the same IP address? Unreal.

Mark B. | 2015-02-12

Called for an estimate, got transferred to a service rep whose voice mail wasn't set up and got disconnected. Called right back, left a message with the service department for an estimate and got a call back 2 days later. I had already moved on to an Indy shop by this time. Next time maybe they can be a bit more prompt.

Joseph L. | 2015-02-10

I consider myself worthy of the title "gearhead".  Enough, to have be-friended actual  BMW of North America engineers/marketing personel, etc... [mostly through my yearly visits to the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance, and auto shows throughout] - due to my preference, and enthusiasm for the brand.

So, contingent on their information, I have opted to implement xDrive (BMW's proprietary all-wheel drive) to my vehicles, here in Southern California.  Per their own words, " isn't just for the snow, anymore."  They go on to include the benefits on dry-terrain, year-long.  Better power delivery.  Also, we tend to drive more "dynamically", once in a while - even though we shouldn't.  Some times, even our children will.  We/they aren't professional race car drivers...  And when we are prone to lose control: that's when xDrive comes to the rescue!

They close with, "We hate how they misrepresent the technologies car makers invest billions in, merely to sell what they have, on-the-spot - or lack of education on it."  In short, a mere phone call to BMW U.S.A. is what should follow, when this takes place.  Especially, on the flagship products (unlike the 320i/328i models).  Target (here): 435i xDrive M-Sport.

Note: Even my friends at DINAN, have recently began suggesting the advantages of tuning the xDrive vehicles, with minor tunes - making them a bit more superior to even their M counterparts, for a mere 2,000.00 (U.S.D.)

Even after calling ahead of time, noting I wanted to place a "special order", they still insisted that we look at a 435i (rear-wheel drive) and merely "drive it", to feel the vehicle's "amenities" on the road.  Once done, (still wanting to special order the superior performing 435i xDrive) they moved on to wanting us to opt for the RWD-only car.

Once seated, my biggest peeve followed with their personnel insisting that this is a rear-wheel driver market, etc... - and that worst case scenario (after about an hour-in), they could try to locate and trade for a similar one, with a different dealership.  (I should also mention that I was in there with hopes of "special ordering" this car.)

I like my BMW vehicles in anything but the common black, silver, or grey-colours.  I like them in AWD.  I like mine as close to well-equipped as they come.  I don't just buy them for their badge.  If I wanted a 328i, I'd rather purchase a well-equipped, dare I say, MUCH MORE RELIABLE, Camry XLE V6 for 37,000.00 (U.S.D.).  In a household of (4) flagship BMWs (2012 and newer), alongside (2) 1973 and 1989 models, I know what I want in the brand.  Also, I won't take the word of salesmen vs. the fellows over at BMW U.S.A.

In the end, I ended up special ordering my vehicle over at a hassle-free (and closer) dealership, based out of Escondido - that still remains family owned, by (2) brothers - that my brother-in-law befriended at the Coronado Speed Festival, 2 years back.

Alan P. | 2015-02-09

Great customer service, this place went above and beyond with everything they touched for me. I am definitely a high maintenance guy and they over exceeded my expectations. Congrats and well done!

Claudia F. | 2015-02-08

In 2012, my husband and I purchased a Bmw CPO 535i . From the moment we drove it home it was nothing but problems. I had the car in dealer more than a dozen times in the 2 years I owned it. We brought to their attention several times and all they can tell us is to trade in for another car. Really, Your cars are lemons and sales people aren't dishonest! I finally got rid of the mess of a car and now have a chevy Tahoe and I love love love it. I will never buy another Bmw again or recommend this dealership to anyone!

Tanya S. | 2015-02-07

Ok... So I brought my bmw back to the service department to claim my FREE full detail I'd won (199.95 charge for this at this dealership otherwise) as well as check on a computer alert notification.

I was assisted immediately upon arrival and only waited maybe ten minutes total between check in and driving away in my free brand new gran turismo 4x4 with 1300 miles on the odometer loaner (yay, fun).

I got a call from the agent the next day and he sounded scared and hesitant. I was immediately thinking "uh oh....?"... The agent nervously explained that during the 5 hour full complimentary detail someone dropped a wiper too hard and it cracked my windshield. At this point the agents voice sounded like he was physically cringing awaiting what he thought would be my angry response.

He said this detail (remember 199.95 charge here) would be comped and they were replacing my windshield in house w/bmw standard stock...)

Sooooo..... You're telling me you're giving me 2 Full details and a factory windshield for free? I'm so mad, I can't stand it (sarcasm)!

Thanks for the free $400.00 worth of details and brand new windshield. I mean, my car is pretty new but the windshield was maybe like a year old already. Also, thanks for the cool loaner! Break my windshield anytime.

I love free stuff!

M M. | 2015-01-22

I'm ok with a valet driving my car, but I'd have second thoughts letting someone at BMW of San Diego drive it. Ironic, huh?

I brought my car in for some alert light that went on since it's still under warranty. A few hours after dropping off my car, I got a call to come pick it up. Moments later, I got another call explaining that there'd been a slight incident when my car was being driven up to the front and there was apparently a scratch on the bumper, so it'll be a bit longer. I was pretty annoyed and planned on heading over anyways.

What ended up being the case after the fact was that no, it wasn't a scratch, it was serious damage: a smushed in fender, scratched wheels. I did not appreciate the downplaying by the rep saying it was no big deal. I also asked the rep why he didn't tell me straight up what the damage was and he said he hadn't actually seen the car yet. If not him, someone there needs to learn how to own up to things the first time. Sketchy.

The bright spot, which merits the one star: they did agree to repair all other dents on the bumper, etc. They didn't get my door-dings on the other side as asked. The work was.... eh, good, though later I can look at my car and see where the damage was done: there's some 'wrinkles' as I call them above the fender.

:( My poor car will never be the same and I didn't recoup the value that I lost.

During this process, my account rep was sporadically available and generally frazzled. I feel slightly bad for him (he has to take the flak I guess when clearly some other dolt ran my car into another car). Though here's my 'favorite' quote from a call with him, " Sorry, It's been a madhouse over here so I haven't been able to call."

That madhouse comment has some validity to it: my overall impression, after 3-4 visits to this BMW location over time is that they handle a lot of volume without allocating the resources and [qualified] staff to handle it right. That means spotty customer service, rushed maintenance and serious mistakes. So yeah, it was one guy who damaged my car, but the management at dealership needs to put in place business practices to avert these sorts of incidents -- that'd start with lessening the load on staff (the ones that are good), training in customer service for reps and receptionists, and setting an overall expectation for quality and responsiveness before quantity.

I was close to filing a report with BMW of North America to get this outfit checked out. If someone else has an incident in the future like this, I'd suggest you reach out.

Son P. | 2015-01-19

This review is for the service center. I brought my car in for recall service on January 16th. As soon as I pulled up to the service center, an attendant came up almost immediately (awesome job). Although there was a long line of cars and customers, I was able to see a service advisor in about 10 minutes. Everything up to that point was great! It went downhill when I was up to get my loaner car. The lady behind the desk was not friendly at all. No smile or eye contact the whole time she was processing my loaner. Rushed me through the car inspection process, not giving me a chance to do a full walk around of the car. She literally gave me the keys, said the car is new so there shouldn't be any damage, then asked me to sign. The car may be new, but I would still want to make sure there are no damages before I drive it off the lot. Due to her attitude, I took my sweet time to walk around the car and inspected it inside and out, while she was waiting impatiently. Would have been a 4 or 5 star rating if the last person the customer saw was more pleasent.

Ernesto C. | 2015-01-10


Excellent experience.  My service advisor - Duane Bjerk  - was very professional - on top of it all, A-Z.   The loaner-car folks were swift and efficient, as were the other folks at the cashier and returning my serviced vehicle.    Oh yeah, my 6 speed racer is working just fine now // zoom zoom, off we go

Dave G. | 2015-01-06

Purchased a pre-owned 750Li in DEC 2014.  My experience with them from first contact through purchase has been exceptional.   My agent was Jeff Vedenoff - exceptional attention to detail and professionalism.  I highly recommend this dealer.

Ryver C. | 2015-01-03

In spring of 2013, I was looking for a high performance car in the price range of $75K - $100K. I did my research on the ///M3 and was impress by the specifications. So I wanted to test drive an ///M3 because reading the specs alone is completely different than actually driving one. Like many Yelpers have stated numerous times, this facility gave me the impression like they do not want your business. Not a single staff member greeted me and ask for help.

I spotted a sales associate at his desk and approached him. Straight to the point, I informed him that I wanted to test drive the ///M3 as I was looking to buy a high performance car. His expression looked as if I was wasting his time! The sales associate responded "We only offer test drive to serious buyers."

At this point, I am going through that "WTF" moment. Like is this SA for real!? I am thinking in my head does this SA even know that I actually have the cash in hand to buy an ///M3 out right???? Needless to say, this is clearly an indication of a piss poor customer service BMW dealership. That said, I would rather give my business elsewhere.

Finally, I checked in BMW of El Cajon. Immediately, I was greeted and welcomed! Not only was I offered a test drive, but the entire staff were professional and has superb customer service etiquettes. The SA actually has people-person traits!! I was so impressed with how I was treated that I decided to buy my first BMW... the last of the final ///M3 made at its finest hour.

As for BMW SD, I would have given a negative five star (-5) if I could. Do not waste your time and hard earnings at this horrible dealership! Perhaps what I should have done was drive my brand new 2013 ///M3 to that SA and tell him "How serious do I look now?"

Bill F. | 2015-01-02

I had been researching cars, and particularly BMWs for over a year and was in communication with the internet sales manager who readily answered all of my questions  over a period of months without even meeting me. Once it was time for a test drive, that was when the exceptional service began.

I was greeted right away on entering the facility, but since I had been corresponding with Dustin King, I was immediately introduced to him. Dustin is great and very knowledgeable. I have to write this part of the review based on my experience with him. Dustin is professional, passionate about BMWs, honest, and friendly. I was allowed to drive several cars and since I was a first time BMW driver and purchaser, I wanted to understand the differences in various models and styles. I was transitioning from an SUV to a sedan, and Dustin wanted to make sure I was comfortable driving the car that was right for me and met my needs.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the woman in the finance department who helped with the paperwork, but she was helpful as well. She made sure I understood the payment terms and conditions, was courteous and thorough. Yes, they will try to up-sell you on some options at this stage, but I was polite in declining certain coverages and we moved through the contract.

Once the paperwork was done, Dustin hooked up my Bluetooth to the car and made sure I knew how to operate everything and explained some of the features in more detail. It was dark and raining by the time I left, and he once again pointed out how to use the wipers etc. It was a small but nice gesture. He followed up the next day to see if everything was going well, and a few other times during the first month.

As someone who works in sales, I can appreciate Dustin's approach. He doesn't want to just move a car, he wants to build relationships. I was specific with what I wanted in a car, and how much I would spend. I never felt there was any upselling or pressure. I would come back to this dealership and happily work with Dustin down the road.

David H. | 2014-12-16

I give this place 5 stars primarily because of my positive experiences in dealing with Duane Bjerk- service advisor.

He has been more than helpful and has repeatedly made the effort to provide outstanding service in all of my encounters with him. Ask for Duane, you won't be disappointed.

Jeff L. | 2014-12-03

Awful experience test driving a car here.  After walking in with my dad, we were not greeted by any of the sales people that were standing and chatting w/ each other on the floor.  Eventually, someone came up to us and took us out to look at the cars.  She was not very knowledgeable about the car, other than the engine.  Many of my questions fell on deaf ears, and I was uncomfortable asking to drive any of their other cars.  As we were walking back in, she seemed more concerned with her work buddies that were making a Rubio's run.  Sad.

You would think that walking in with the intention of dropping $40,000 on a new car you would be greeted with enthusiasm like any decent customer-service-based business does.  Far from it.

I will not buy my car from this dealer.  And, I'm much more likely to not even buy a BMW.

Magdalene C. | 2014-12-01

This place deserves more stars. I stopped by BMW of San Diego to check out a feature on my car that my friend told me I had. One of the geniuses, Liang, helped me out and showed me some other cool features that I never even knew came with my BMW!

Robert B. | 2014-11-21

We recently purchased a 2015 528i from BMW of San Diego and I have to say that we received excellent service.  The salesman, Michael Sisco was very helpful and patient with us. He was open to our opinions and bargaining position and he gave us a fair deal. He took his time explaining all of the car's technology and went above and beyond. He was professional and polite. Look him up if you are in the market for a new BMW.
Lisa Norris, the Finance Director was very helpful too. She was down to earth and  straight to the point and we appreciated that. She didn't try to sell us add ons which we didn't need. I appreciated her polite yet direct approach in regards to signing the contract. As a matter of fact, everyone at the dealership was polite and friendly. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone interested in BMW sales and/or service.

Rick V. | 2014-11-18

Daniel Brummett & Ariya Tehrani and the other staff there were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It was a pleasure working with them getting our new BMW.

iraklii l. | 2014-11-17

Even after owning many high performance cars, most of them being BMW's, I still can't keep up with all the new models and specifications for all the new cars on the market. After test driving my friends 2014 335i, i was inclined to stop by and take a look at some cars that might be of interest to me in the future. I really enjoyed the interior design and performance of my friends 335i compared to my E46 M3 and thought I'd take a closer look at it.
when I arrived at the dealership, I was greeted by Ariya Tehrani, who I could tell right from the start was a BMW enthusiast. He was a very well informed and courteous person the whole time and showed me a lot of stuff that I wasn't aware of and even knew existed on these cars. We discussed couple of other BMW models that I've owned and what he drove as well and realized that he's almost as big of a high performance driving junkie as I am. He offered me a test drive in the 335 coupe that I was most interested in, but i declined as I wasn't in the market just yet and wouldn't want to waste his time. But overall I had a great experience with this dealership and would come back again simply for the pleasant atmosphere and knowledge of the staff.

Tri T. | 2014-11-15

This part of the review is for our X5 purchase experience with Moises Rivera. Mr. Rivera was and is an extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, no-pressure Client Advisor. Wife and I very much appreciate his friendliness, genuine sincerity, and  professional integrity throughout the several interactions over the 5-week order-build-delivery-purchase period as well as the subsequent follow-up weeks after taking ownership. It was and has been a topnotch experience! Thank you, Moises!

This part of the review is for our 2 BMW Genius sessions -- 1st with Ruhan Yan (Nov 1) and 2nd with Ariya Tehrani (Nov 15). Both Ms. Yan and Mr. Tehrani were/are very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. During our sessions, they were both attentive, shared many tricks and tips, and open to plenty of questions. This whole complementary BMW Genius program thing is awesome; highly recommend any and all BMW buyers take advantage of this great service! Thank you Ruhan and Ariya!

Damon N. | 2014-11-14

The employees here at BMW have horrible customer service.  I came into BMW get a 30k checkup and picking up a loaner car while they service my leased vehicle.  Kenji Timmerman, service advisor, told me to take my valuables.  Although I have glasses in the vehicle, he had me sign a document that says that they are not responsible for any lost valuables.  I understand why he had me sign the document, but he compared BMW of San Diego and Enron with Bernie Madoff.  He also continued to talk about how he doesn't trust any of his colleagues who work on my car, which I continue to think that leasing from this establishment was a bad idea.  How can a person tell a customer that he doesn't trust his own colleagues???  That does not make me feel comfortable leaving my car in the hands of untrustworthy people.  In addition, I was told that I was only responsible for tires under a lease at BMW, but I guess I have to pay for alignment too.  To think about my leasing process, I worked with Daniel Brummett (who was amazing).  When I went to the loan officer after working with Daniel, he sold me additional coverage that allowed me to pay an additional monthly fee and I could drop off the lease as-is without paying for issues with the car.  Now I think it's a lie with my experiences with BMW of San Diego.  My lease is up next year so we will see how the return process goes.  If this continues, then I'm definitely taking my business somewhere else and I'm definitely reaching out the the Better Business Bureau to write a formal complaint.  I've had many cars and dealt with many dealerships, but this has been one of the worse experiences I've had with a dealership.

Beatrice C. | 2014-11-12

Our BMW was scheduled for an air-bag replacement (recall) at BMW San Diego at 8:15 AM today.  We were not told until arriving for the scheduled service that there were no replacement air-bags currently available, and we would have to schedule another appointment when they came available.  It is totally unacceptable for the service department not to have called us to reschedule.  Unprofessional treatment of customers.

Amber T. | 2014-11-12

After going back and forth with BMW corporate, they magically discovered there was a seat sensor, and replaced it, after four times of bringing my car in for service, not out of the kindness of their heart or to make me happy, but because they know they were in the wrong and my car was extremely unsafe to drive.  Worst service I've ever experienced in my life.

John Z. | 2014-11-12

Probably the best and most knowledgeable BMW Genius team in the area. These guys know anything and everything about BMWs. They were able to answer questions ranging from something as simple as pairing your garage door opener to retrofitting complex performance parts to your BMW. Highly recommended!

Tony L. | 2014-11-11

Gary and Dwayne plus the receptionist are awesome very professional and courteous thru out the procedure

Ariya T. | 2014-11-11

This dealership is simply awesome. Great service, sales, and overall customer service experience. Their new and used car selection is awesome, and their recent addition of the BMW Genius team is even better.

Savannah A. | 2014-11-10

I am so glad I ended up at this BMW dealership! I am a college student and I lost my key at the beach on Saturday. I had my car towed here Saturday night and came back today to see about getting a replacement key made. Everyone in the parts and service department was so friendly and helpful! Mark High, most notably, provided exceptional service! He helped me work out a solution on my budget, had my new key rush ordered, and even helped push my car out of the 30 minute parking zone that the tow truck dropped me in so I wouldn't get a ticket. Not many people would go above and beyond to help out a college kid but I was amazed at the exceptional customer service experience! I would absolutely recommend this location to any BMW owner.

Sean M. | 2014-11-08

My cousin and I were taking a trip down to SD and recently stopped by BMW of San Diego regarding some questions for his new F30 328i. All of my BMWs have been E9Xs or E89s, so I'm still a bit unfamiliar with how all the F3Xs work.  When I approached the front desk I was directed to Ariya. He was extremely informative and knowledgable. We left knowing more about the car than before. This was my first time at this dealership and I'm happy we were treated right. My cousin is really happy (he doesn't yelp) and I now know how the F series work as well.

Jeff D. | 2014-11-08

This place is horrible!!! I took my BMW 750LI there because my oil was leaking and starting funny and shaking when I would drive it. I dropped it off and hey called me and said they had found all the problems. They said the total was $2000! I had a warranty through the dealership I bought it from so I used that but still came out to $900 out of my pocket. I finally ovules up my car after 8 days being there. They explained everything that was wrong and how it was all fixed. I went to start it and the same staring issue happened. I asked about it and he said it was normal. I drive it off the lot and literally 5 mins later all the same lights came on, same shaking. I called back immediately and the service guy wasn't available. I drove my car straight home and parked it. This was on a Friday and he finally called me back after leaving several
Messages on Tuesday. I explained what happened and he said that there could be additional problems now and to bring it back so they could take a look. He also said I would again be responsible for any additional parts or labor. This is after he took $2000 from me and said everything was repaired. I brought it back and they had it for a few days and said my battery was bad and it would cost $500 to replace. He said that's why the car was starting funny. I paid it and literally the car started the same way. Then he said thy repaired my oil leak. To this day I still have an oil leak. May this point I just don't feel comfortable taking my car back there. I wish I would have read the reviews on here first because they all say the same thing. HORRIBLE!!! I will never take my car back there again!!

Joshua P. | 2014-11-08

I stopped by this dealership with some questions regarding my 2011 M3. The BMW Genius Ariya was helpful in answering all of my questions. I very much enjoyed the customer service experience.

Coffee C. | 2014-11-07

I bought my car in Center BMW in Sherman Oaks where I always experience the best service.
Since I move to San Diego I   serviced  my car twice in BMW of San Diego, this is the worse dealer to service your car.  First time they didn't fix the problem, the second time the representative didn't pay attention to the problem. Now I have to bring my car to service with the same problem again.

E M. | 2014-11-05

I've been a long time satisfied service customer of SD BMW but my recent experience with their sales department was most frustrating.  I recently made an appointment to test drive some diesel models. I took time off work last Friday, met up with one of the CPO sales guys and spent the better part of 90 minutes looking for a car to drive.  One model was out on a test drive so we drove to their three inventory lots only to discover that keys were no where to be found for any of the models I was interested in.  When we got back to the dealership, another customer was in the process of buying the one he just test drove thus it was unavailable to me.  My sales person was visibly annoyed and embarrassed,  and rightly so.  There was plenty of inventory but no management system for keeping track of each vehicle and the keys. The next night, I searched on and found a CPO listed by SD BMW  that I had not seen during my visit.  I emailed my sales person and he confirmed it was available and I should come in the following day.  When I called the next day to verify the car was still available, I was told that it sold the previous Thursday.  I even got an email reply from the finance department indicating the car was available.  The following Monday morning, I left a voice mail message for the sales manager to discuss my dissatisfaction with my recent experience.  As of this writing I've not gotten a reply and the ad mentioned above is still on as well as .  I have since found a potential candidate in the midwest and am in the process of having it shipped to SD for closer inspection and likely purchase.  I will continue to have my vehicle serviced by SD BMW as I have always had good experiences with the entire service department.

Stacey R. | 2014-10-30

Absolutely the worst experience I've ever had at a car dealership.

Our salesman was incredibly rude, sarcastic, and insulting.

He started with a snide comment when I answered my mom's question about the model we were looking at (Excuse me for doing my research before showing up at the dealership.  Was I not supposed to already know anything about cars?).

Then, he made a big deal out of my dad taking pictures of the car in the showroom because he thought we were taking pictures of him (Why would we do that?  Is he famous?  On the run from the law? All other dealerships we'd shopped at clearly understood that we were obviously just trying to take note of what cars we were

He also looked incredibly uncomfortable as we checked out the showroom model like he  was afraid of us touching it.  (Contrast this with the five other luxury dealership salespeople we spoke to that day who all invited us to sit in and try out every car we were interested in including the showroom models.)

Then, he kept steering us away from that model saying that he had less expensive options that would be more to our liking.  He stated multiple times that we'd rather have more "affordable" options making our shopping experience feel very much like the scene in Pretty a Woman when Julia Roberts is turned away from the shop on Rodeo Drive.  I'm embarrassed to say that I found myself surreptitiously checking out what we were all wearing because maybe we were dressed as if we couldn't afford a nice car.  And then I suddenly realized that really shouldn't have mattered.  (Though for the record, none of us were inappropriately dressed.)

Also, the dealership has a checkin special on Yelp, but when we were redeeming ours on our way out, he seemed irked and judging.  (Contrast this with the Lexus salesperson who personally led us to the refreshment area encouraging us to have beverages and snacks after we were done looking around and knowing full well that we still intended to check out other dealerships.)  Granted, he did have to find us back at the front desk while we were redeeming our checkin prizes, but this was due to the fact that he'd actually left us without warning in the middle of showing us those "more affordable options" he was so sure would be more appropriate for us.  After walking us to those models, someone drove up the service driveway, and he just walked away to talk to that person.  No apology for a momentary interruption, no explanation that he needed to speak to someone...  Nope, he just left in the middle of showing us cars.  

Truly, I have never felt so insulted by a salesperson.  I would normally have confronted him about his attitude or spoken to his manager (which I may still do), but I was so upset that I actually felt my face getting hot and just needed to leave the lot as quickly as possible.

Thank goodness we decided to go to Mercedes and Infinity afterwards where we were helped by incredibly gracious and polite and non-judging salespeople who knew how to inform us of good deals without making us feel dirt poor.  Incidentally, the Mercedes salesperson used to work at BMW and felt very ashamed on behalf of his former employer.

Emily T. | 2014-10-30

Everytime I come to BMW of San Diego I receive great service. Suzie, at the cashiers, was extremely helpful when I came to pick up my vehicle.   Thank you !

Jason B. | 2014-10-28

Tracy the front desk girl is fantastic she is extremely easy on the eyes and she is the number one dog lover in the world

Lissa B. | 2014-10-28

This review is for the service I received from Matt A. at the Certified Pre-Owned BMW lot.

My husband and I went to check out cars and narrow down my lengthy list of possibilities.  Knowing that my lease on my current car wasn't  due for another 6 months, we went with the intention to narrow down my list -- not to buy.  Our first stop was the new cars at BMW of San Diego.  The service provided by the new car salesperson was less than stellar.  He did not seem interested in helping us, did not seem interested in getting to know what we wanted or what we were looking for b/c we were not going to be a quick sale.  He didn't even offer to take us out for a test drive.

So, my husband suggested looking at the Certified Pre-Owned lot just to see some different models that he thought I would like.  Matt A. immediately came out and asked if he could help us out with anything.  He was very polite, friendly, and genuinely interested in our situation.  He took us out on a couple of test drives and showed us the two different models we were looking at.  I asked, for future reference, what the financing would be like so we would have it for reference.  Matt A. took his time to review all of the financing options with a barely used car (2014 model with 3K miles on it).  He gave us a quote, even printed it out, and said we can call him anytime that we are ready or have questions about the car or deal.

After test driving numerous other cars at several other dealerships, we both chose the BMW pre-owned car as the best drive and quality, and dealership with the best service.  Over the weekend, I emailed Matt a couple of times asking him questions and ultimately letting him know that we would be in touch in about 4-6 months.  To my surprise, Matt called back with an even better deal -- a deal that I could not pass up.

We ended up purchasing the pre-owned 2014 model and Matt streamlined the purchase process.  I was in and out of the dealership in 30 minutes (between two appointments in North County).

I cannot rave enough about Matt A. Since the purchase of the car, Matt A. has been available via text, email, and phone whenever I have questions about the car, available accessories, and future options.  Even if he is not working when I contact him, he STILL makes it a point to get back to me that day.  I believe Matt A. exemplifies quality customer service and shows a genuine interest in the wants and needs of his clients.  Seek out Matt A.'s at the BMW CPO lot if you are in the market for a BMW!

Francisco A. | 2014-10-26

So, I have never been a fan of dealerships. I have always purchased any cars through private parties. I never thought i would ever buy a car from a dealer, especially a used car. When i came in i quickly greeted and helped in a very professional manner. I want to say that i cannot speak for the other salesmen, but Rich Manas was just excellent. He was very professional, helpful, very knowledgeable, friendly, and not too pushy. Everything you could possibly ask for. Also very much a man of his word; i bought a used car with a few scratches and scuffs, and he said he would take car of that and any other reasonable defects. Once all the work was finished i felt like the car was new! He was also, very reachable, communicating through texts and phone calls, and would always get back to me. He made this such a great experience, exactly what i expected from BMW.

I don't understand why they have so many bad reviews, I have had my car serviced already and it was a good experience, although my car did have an older iDrive software, and i wanted it updated because i couldn't connect my phone, and they charged me $100 for the upgrade, which i didn't think was fair. Considering i just bought the car, and it should have the ability to connect to my phone from the start. I would have taken off a star or 2 for that, but because of rich's excellent service ill keep it at 5 stars!

I will be sure to keep this review updated and my experience and relation ship with this dealer continues. So far you have done a great job of making me a loyal customer so far! =] Thanks again Rich!

Nick P. | 2014-10-25

I figured the ultimate driving machine would have ultimate customer service. Finally got rid of my X3 after 1 year.

Tasha B. | 2014-10-22

Duane is a great service advisor. I have worked with him for many years and 2 cars! He always goes out of his way to fit me in and provide a high level of service. Tasha

R. C. | 2014-10-20

I have been going to this dealership for years and so this review is based on several experiences. In regards to sales their prices for leases have always been non- competitive.
In regards to car service it's always lacked from the front desk to the service representatives.  This last recent experience I decided to add a review because I picked up my car and it was still dirty; however the work order said a car wash was approved. What kind of higher-end dealership gives a dirty car back to a customer let alone any dealership. In addition, my car seat was out of whack along with my steering wheel. My personal settings for the car seemed to be wiped out. You'd think they would pay more attention to these details when returning a customer's car!

Whitney S. | 2014-10-10

First class dealership! Went in last week and was quickly approached by a lady, Megan, who was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. I recommend this dealership for anyone interested in a BMW!

Daniel M. | 2014-10-09

Where do I even begin. So my 2002 325i was one of the units that required an airbag recall service. I called 4 weeks ago in September to schedule an appointment day, having been notified that they were only doing recall services the week of October 6-10th because that was when the parts would become available. Ok, no problem. I have an older model so that is completely understandable. I scheduled an appointment for today (Thursday Oct, 9th) at 2:30.  The weeks preceding the appointment date, I received at least 5 notification/conformation emails regarding my appointment. I even received a .vcs file from them that saves the appointment date directly into your smart phone calendar. So after plenty of reminders, appointment day comes. I wasn't even in there for 10 minutes before a service tech told me, "So we're going to have to reschedule your appointment. Someone should have called you and told you. The clips for the airbag aren't available yet because the parts are currently not in existence". SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME AND TOLD ME?? What kind of horse crap is this? You waste my time and my gas to come down there for absolutely NOTHING because someone couldn't do their job correctly? Make one phone call? Four weeks time you guys had to call me and tell me that I need to reschedule. 5 conformation emails and a month later I still have no idea when my air bag is going to be replaced. Thanks BMW of San Diego. Show em how to keep the clients happy.

**UPDATE** 10/23/14

I was called a week ago by BMW of San Diego to let me know that the parts were in and that I can reschedule my appointment, Despite being apologized to numerous times for the previous service, you guys f***ed up yet again! This time, my appointment was NOT EVEN BOOKED. Had I not called this morning to cancel my "appointment", I would have showed up again only to be sent home by these knuckle-dragging infidels.  The kicker? The service ID conformation number they sent me was invalid when I read it back to the tech. It simply DID NOT exist. Not only did they not have my name on file after I scheduled the appointment twice, (the second time THEY CALLED ME) the broad taking my information wrote my vehicle down as "2014 other" for the service...on cars that were meant to be from 2002-2006. Doesn't previous information with my vehicle and account information show up as you are rescheduling an appointment? Remember apologizing for my previous visit? I guess not. Critical thinking skills and attention to detail are out the door with these guys. They're not going anywhere near my car; I refuse to take my 12 year old BMW to this joke of a business and risk having them break something during a simple service recall and not take responsibility for it...if I could even get something scheduled with them. Learn from my mistakes people, don't waste your time or your money and go straight to BMW of El Cajon.

Maryam B. | 2014-10-01

I wasn't paid to write this review. I truly had a great experience with their sales department. Tony, the sales manager, took care of my husband and me. I had to bring my car in for service on a Sunday and although service was closed, he let me take their BMW I3 loaner while my car was getting repaired. We loved the car so much that we decided to lease one. Dustin King was my salesman. He was SO patient; he answered all of my questions as I went back and forth between the BEV and REX, charging stations etc. He also gave me updates everyday as I waited for the I3 I ordered. In addition to giving us military discount and the federal/state rebates, we got a $1k rebate from USAA. When I picked up my car, the tint was completed as requested and the plate I had purchased was affixed. Dustin called me the next day and told me there was an extra $2k rebate that had just posted by the manufacturer. They ripped up my contract and had me resign so I could take advantage of the discount. Victor Lopez is one of the Geniuses. He sat with me for over an hour and went through all of the functions of my car. He showed me how my car parallel parked itself! Awesome. I was very satisfied.

Will K. | 2014-09-29

Normally I don't care for car dealerships.  After switching from another BMW dealer, I was pleasantly surprised that my wife was very happy with the dealership.  Fearing that perhaps this was perhaps a case of my spouse being over run by kindness, I took a chance to go a long during scheduled maintenance.   As you can see by my previous review, the service here was great.  And an impromptu service between the last review and this one was equally as good.

One thing to apprecaite about this service.  A BMW is a car that's a bit above regular cars.   They do have a certain aura about them.  When driving them, you see the fit, finish, performance and consistant quality that has built a reputation of a great automobile.

That said, you can put a shiny story on anything, but it takes people to back it up.  The service here exceeds that of any other BMW dealer we've been too (that's 3 other dealers).   The communication, level of courtsey, and drive to "do it right" makes the difference.

Personally I don't follow the "You get what you pay for" ideal.  I'm a fan of "pay for what you get".  Service here is probably on par with all other dealers, however, you get confidence (huge) and dedication, which is worth it.

Lindsey C. | 2014-09-25

Ray is the best mechanic I've ever had work on my car. He's incredibly honest and knowledgeable. I'll never go to another mechanic after the wonderful experience I had with Ray.

Suzy P. | 2014-09-24

Stevie was so great, very professional. took care of what I needed, this dealership is great to work with, you want great service stop by this bmw.thank you!!

Tina P. | 2014-09-20

Ask for Chris Myron in service. He's the man! Honest, thorough, and reliable. I bought my car at BMW of El Cajon and will only take my car to this location just because of my wonderful experience with Chris. The whole service department understands the value of your time. They are professional and always address me by my last name. I call ahead of time when I'm on my way to pick up my car and they already have it pulled up front for me so I can get in and out. It's the little details that make an amazing experience for me.

Danny M. | 2014-09-16

Another positive service visit...everyone here is great from the service drive to the lovely girl in the front Judy....I love that you can get a rental while your car is being serviced..just one of the perks of owning a service dealer  in my experience :)

Kat R. | 2014-09-14

Service department is busy but good at what they do. Had an iphone issue with my BMW, Eddie was able to walk me through it quickly over the phone. Thanks Eddie!

Ashley c. | 2014-09-11

I called in and had loads of questions but Danielle helped me not feel like such a complete idiot. I will most certainly be sending friends here if they need help!

Bob N. | 2014-09-10

Been taking my car here for awhile, but I'm done with these guys.  We all know taking your car to a dealer is expensive.  It is what it is.  So when the dealership told me it would be $550 to fix a transmission mount, I wasn't surprised, but when I got underneath my car to fix it myself, I found out that the transmission mount (actually there are two them) was fine but it was the gearbox supporter that needed replacement.  The cost of the gearbox supporter?  $40.  Transmission mount?  $20.  Time for me to replace?  About 1 hour.  And they quoted $550.

Vic P. | 2014-09-05

I recently purchased a new 2014 535I from here and I have to say it was a great experience.  My salesman was Frank and he was the only person there that wanted to help me.  I look pretty young and was only driving an old 2006 325CI.  He showed all the 2014's they had left with great lease special and I bought the one I liked best for a great price.  The process was quick and there wasn't a whole lot of back and fourth.  He didn't try to sneak in a crazy price or a bad number on my trade in so all in all I would say this was a very nice experience.  I was in the car business for almost 10 years so I can appreciate a good sales experience.  I will be back as I try to convince my wife to get a BMW for her next car.

Maureen C. | 2014-08-31

Another visit, another excellent experience. The technician assigned to my car was Adam C. and he even took the time to come out and answer some of my questions. I really don't understand the (inappropriately assigned) less than stellar reviews.

If you want your car to perform well, as it is designed to do, and continue to do so, you will be satisfied with coming here.

Joshua O. | 2014-08-31

I recently took my bmw Un for some maintenance.  And Carlos R. Was the one taking care of me. He was very sufficient and honest with me. He was also fast at what he does. Very good experience at san diego bmw I will come back and I will recommend him to other people. Very professional as well.

Justina S. | 2014-08-31

Jus just had our car serviced here for an oil change and balance & rotation. We couldn't have been happier with the service we received from Carlos R. He was very friendly and knowledgeable of our vehicle. We will definitely be back here for our routine maintenance.

Yaribel P. | 2014-08-30

I got to the shop at night and there was this young man named Fernando that gladly was helping me out, he was very polite and helped me out with all the questions I had. I had a very nice experience, he clearly knows what he is doing.

Rick A. | 2014-08-30

After three years, I am delighted with every aspect of this fine BMW store.  All work under warranty has been completed perfectly, the loaner BMWs are excellent, even the coffee (free) is great.  I am particularly impressed with my service writer, Gary James, who looks for ways to take care of the little things before they become big things.  Judy at the cashier desk always makes me feel welcome and important.

David Joshua D. | 2014-08-28

I understand why people give this place such bad reviews from the last visit here. I took my car in for maintenance and dropped it off on a Friday expecting to pick it up on Saturday. Saturday comes along and I was told that my car wasn't needing brake pad replacement because it wasn't low enough even though the computer said it was. So they said they needed to reprogram the computer which would be done by Monday since the guy who does it works on Monday. So Monday comes along and I didn't receive any call saying it was done. I called at 3PM and left a voicemail with the rep that was helping me asking me if it was done like he said it would be. I called the receptionist and ask to speak with the service dept. They routed me there and then couldn't even check the status on my car and was about to route me to the rep who help. I was getting pretty upset at that point because I told the person the rep isn't at his desk or returning my call. I just wanted an update on my car. So he routed me to the cashier. Then the cashier didn't know the answer and still routed me to the rep who helped me and I got his voicemail again. I called backed and they did the same thing over again!!

There's so many people working there when you go there but they don't know anything! The rep finally called me and said the programming won't be done until Tuesday but the guy who verifies the programming works the night shift. So basically told me that my car wouldn't be done until Wednesday. The customer service here is horrible. I have the maintenance program where they cover maintenance for 4yrs or 50k miles. I'm around 46k miles and needed my brake pads changed but they didn't do it because they said I've only used up 3mm of out 12mm and only replace it with 3mm or less. Feels kind of fishy that they wouldn't replace it since my 50k miles is almost up.

Doesn't really matter because I will not be going her for my maintenance because the service here isn't what you would expect and sounds like all the negative reviews about this place is true.

Alex S. | 2014-08-28

I took my 328i for scheduled maintenance and Kenji was excellent from the time I stepped in.  He made me feel welcomed and in no time I was on my way.  If anyone needs to take their bmw in for service ask for Kenji.  He was extremely helpful and kept me informed on the status of my vehicle.   Thanks Kenji.

Brian C. | 2014-08-28

Getting my car serviced is always a pain. The times I've gotten my car serviced by Alvin I had the greatest experience. He's knowledgable, personable, and goes above and beyond to make sure you get the best treatment. I'd strongly recommend you ask for him next time you need service.

Linda C. | 2014-08-28

My husband has been traveling for work lately and it was time for our car to be serviced. I took our car in this week and will definitely be back in the future! I don't know too much about cars, but Alvin at the service drive helped with everything I needed. He was friendly, helpful and knowledgable. I probably asked a lot of dumb questions, but be didn't make me feel stupid one bit. I highly recommend asking for Alvin when you go in. Thanks so much for all your help and services!!

Eva W. | 2014-08-28

Wasn't sure why my 330ci was not starting, so I had my vehicle towed to BMW of San Diego and Danny diagnosed my car and fixed it.  It turned out the starter needed replacement.  Danny was fast and efficient, and thanks to him my car is starting again!  I'll definitely return for any future service needs.  Thanks Danny!!

Ruth K. | 2014-08-27

Service here is horrible. We only take our 550i to be serviced here, oil changes, etc. So after asking to check why our oil has been leaking they tell us it's because whoever did the oil change last tightened it too tight. And now we need to have the oil pan replaced-- $2000. Uhm so isn't that technically your guys' fault?! Breaking things on purpose so we can spend more $$$?

Not coming back.

Lloyd L. | 2014-08-27

Brought my 96 m3 in for a routine check up.  Service was great! Particularly from the technician Alvin M.  I got an honest opinion on services that needed to be performed and had my M purring like new.

Adam M. | 2014-08-27

I usually am hesitant to go to a dealership for maintenance for my familys 5 series however under the recommendation from a friend my wife brought it in.  A gentleman by the name of Alvin (master technician) assisted her with the care of our vehicle.  He was attentive, patient and extremely helpful in explaining the whys and how's of the vehicle maintenance to my wife and put her at ease about the visit.  In short say hello to Your newest loyal customer.

Aaron L. | 2014-08-27

Everytime I get work done on my 5 series I always ask for Alvin. He does the best work and always satisfies me with his expertise. Just ask for Alvin. You won't be sorry.

siam s. | 2014-08-27

Iv been servicing my car here for about 2 years now and when I make an appointment I always request that Alvin I the guy who is gonna work on my car. He honest and tell u what's really wrong with ur car and if it really need to get fix. For example I thought I needed to change my breaks but when he looked at it he said that I can still get another 5k-7k miles. He's NOT trying to come up in u....

Thanks Alvin for looking out and saving me a few hundreds bucks!!

Jennifer S. | 2014-08-25

I bought my X5 here before Christmas and have had nothing but GREAT experiences every time I come back! Christopher Myron, in service is my favorite, and I will not see anyone else! He is on top of my repairs and gets my car in and out as quick as he can. I never have to call to check in because he probably already has. Jason Balelo, in Sales is also a true gem! Not your typical cheesy car salesman at all! Listened to what I said I wanted and never tried pushing something I didn't want in my face. Had my car and paperwork to go in record time! I refer all my friends to him to buy cars! Jayson in loaner cars has always taken fabulous care of me! Tries his best to get me into a car that fits my needs as well as alway has a smile on! Lastly, Judy in the cashiers desk was a doll. Quick to handle my pick up paperwork and had my car to me in a jiffy!  Overall, I LOVE SD BMW and would never think I going to another location.

Princess A. | 2014-08-24

My boyfriend and I came in today to see/test drive the 650i gran coupe.  When the salesman was pulling the car out for the test drive he said "These guys better not be jerkin' around and fucken' buy shit."  He clearly did not realize I was sitting in the back seat the entire time and when did he says "I didn't know you were there."  He did not even bother apologizing.  My boyfriend and I have owned 4 BMW's in the last 7 years alone so we are not new to BMW. MICHAEL SISCO will not be getting our business ever as you are unprofessional and a horrible representation of BMW.  I do not recommend anyone to purchase from him either.

jonas s. | 2014-08-18

I was purchasing a duplicate keys at parts department. The cost is $252.00 while waiting I ask if they would do a courtesy wash since I am out town. Absolutely no was the answer. So, why would I give my business to this dealership.

Cindy P. | 2014-08-11

This review is for the extended warranty. I bought my 328i coupe 6 years ago and knew owning a BMW is expensive so made sure to buy the extended warranty. HUGE MISTAKE!! Whoever is selling you this is scamming you and I know this now after having to go thru these horrifying experiences!!!

Right after the original warranty ended, my AC started malfunctioning and several leaks were detected. Thought I was covered thru extended warranty for the repair (btw- there is a $200 deductible per  repair!!) but the dealer is charging me over $300 to diagnose just the ac problem (this btw is NOT covered under warranty) and whatever they find is causing the problem, they will attempt to get it covered under the warranty. No guarantees either! The warranty apparently does not cover diagnosis!! What kind of bullshit is this? How do you know what needs to be fixed if you don't test the system??!!! Even worse is I have to leave my car there for several days bc the warranty comp wants to inspect it!! Bullshit!! Not only they nickel and dime you for everything, they are making the claim process extremely difficult!! This piece of shit warranty cost me almost $4K and I have yet to recoupe any of the cost due to all theses nonsense!!

I ended up not doing any of this at the dealer and went to a shop nearby and they charged $65 for the diagnosis. They found the actuator ($400) to be the culprit and will file the claim but again I have to pay $200 as deductible and leave my car there for 2 days  for the inspection!!! This means I won't have a car and will need to rent a car to get to work the next few days!! Ugh!! I feel stupid for buying that expensive worthless piece of shit!! Never again!!!

Brad B. | 2014-08-07

whats up with sales people ?

I am in middle of deciding my first new you put  ur foot in the lot of other dealership, sales people come running to you asking for any help.Here you check out all the cars, enter their premises/office look at the car,sit in the car and no one is bothered. Are they thinking that cars speak for themselves and no interaction is needed!!!.Finally you have to request them to open car locks and then they need ur driving license.i know many people come for window shopping but some people might be genuine.S ales people have to make an extra effort.
first question of sales people is what other brands are you considering.I said Audi. here is the quote from one of the salespeople "Please don't compare our cars with Audi.Audi is a Chic car" . Seriously!! Whats wrong with a Chic's car.atleast they are better built with less engine problems than your so called BMW's.

Sales People advice:-Come back in December,that is the time when we have great deals.How  about never coming back ???

Nam L. | 2014-07-30

Don't go here! Horrible service!! I took my car in for some repairs and non was taken care of. They charged me $80 for replacing the headlight washer cap because it keep falling out when I use my windshield washer. I explained that to them believing that that was the problem but they did not believe me until it happen the 2nd time. After replacing the cap the 2nd time, except for fixing the problem they decided to disable the headlight washer to insure that it doesn't pop the cap out again without consulting me! On top of that they scratched my seat and promise to fix it. Got the car back and the seat were still scratch. I explained to them the climate control wasn't working right. From 70-83 deg, cold air was blowing out of the passenger side, they told me that all 2011 coupe does that (That's kinda of hard to believe). One last thing that frustrated me the most was the fact that they stoled my sunglasses that I left in the car's compartment!! I wouldn't have care if they were $12, but these were expensive sunglasses. Are the people at BMW that poor that they have to steal their customers personal belonging?!? I called the manager regarding the incident and he told me my service adviser will call me back shorty. Days passes and no call back. I'm never going back to this place for service.

Connie B. | 2014-07-24

Had a good experience at BMW of San Diego. Tom Hada is a great salesman and didn't try to pressure us at all.

Cesar v. | 2014-07-15

Very friendly staff, will give you a good trade in value for your old automobile.
BMW of San Diego helped me realized my long time dream of becoming a BMW driver

John B. | 2014-07-14

Overrated, overpriced, over-ego'd.  Easily, one of the most pompous and arrogant repair services in the US (yes, well beyond San Diego area).  They wanted over $1,000 to replace the starter in my vehicle, claiming it takes over two days to install.  Ask a mechanic directly, and the job takes 2-3 hours.  I discovered a brand new BMW OEM starter runs for $310 retail.  So, where does the other $700+ go to?  It's pretty clear this money does NOT go to the guys doing the real work there.  Their story is that other places use "aftermarket" products.  How the hell do they know what other (read: honest) mechanics install?  AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP AND DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OF THE CRAP THEY SAY.  THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT LINING THEIR POCKETS, AND CLEARLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CONSUMER.


Melanie P. | 2014-07-12

Worse BMW dealership I have ever been to, quite frankly. Every time I come here, I've had to wait incredibly long to see a service advisor, and often times, they run out of loaner cars. Customer server here is absolutely terrible. I came in this morning due to a check engine light coming on, and after being told they could service my car and provide a loaner, I decided to check in my car and wait. 30 minutes later, I was still 4th in line with no hope of being helped in sight. I was forced to leave since I was now running late for an appointment, and was told I could come back a few hours later but to call to make sure they have a loaner available.

I called prior to coming back, confirmed they could take my car and give me a loaner. 30 minutes after I came back, I asked to speak to a service manager. I was told they could not take my car not give me a loaner, which I told him was unacceptable being that I called ahead to confirm. They ended up taking my car after I made my compelling arguments, but not after my blood was boiling after being subjected to such incompetence on behalf of the communicating staff. It was truly horrific customer service.

Bottom line, never coming back here. I live in Mission Valley but drive all the way to BMW of Vista due to their superior customer service. But if you want to waste your time and money, come here by all means ...

Jaylynn R. | 2014-07-12

Great customer service! Proud first owner of a BMW X1! Go see Reza! One of the best salesmen I know. I will definitely recommend him!

Dawn M. | 2014-07-03

This is in regards to parts and service. I needed to schedule regular maintenance for my vehicle. I attempted to do it from their website which didn't work and I tried from multiple browsers to make sure it wasn't on my end. After that didn't work I tried calling & was on hold for 30 minutes before I gave up & hung up. I called back to use the call back feature & never did receive a call back. I left negative feedback thru the website under the contact us option & still nothing. I called the parts department because I needed to replace my mirror cap. The rep couldn't order it for me and the only suggestion was for me to drive there (25 miles) to order the part? I called El Cajon BMW & in a matter of 2 minutes my maintenance appointment was scheduled & part ordered. Avoid San Diego BMW!

David A. | 2014-06-28

This review is for Reza... Great salesperson. I highly recommend anyone going to San Diego BMW, to look at or buy a car, to ask for him.

Sarah M. | 2014-06-26

My BMW broke down and I had it towed to BMW of San Diego because they had late night drop off and I needed a loaner vehicle to get to work.  Big mistake!! I can tell you the prices you will pay at the dealership go above & beyond the cost of the repair at any other reputable BMW repair shop & getting your own loaner vehicle. I was beyond shocked when they quoted me $1250 for a new starter. I called my normal BMW repair guy and he quoted me $830 to do the same job! It ended up being less expensive to pay out of pocket to tow my car to my normal guy to get it fixed & rent a car myself. This is on top of still having to pay the dealership their $99 service diagnostic fee! Totally insane!  It was worth the hassle despite all the running around I had to do. Never again. If your BMW is no longer under warranty and you want a fair price and honest service, take your car & your business elsewhere.

stephen m. | 2014-06-25

I'm not sure who this punk kid thinks he is. There's a little mid-20's guy who works in the parts dept who thinks he's god and the customers are idiots. I know giving them a 1 may sound extreme but every time I buy something from their parts dept and deal with this smuck I end up leaving upset. He rolls his eye's when I tell him I'm gonna pass of buying spark plugs from them because the rate is 300% of what they are priced online. He quotes me another part and I ask him for the part number so I can search it online and he tells me he can't do that....listen lil punk, you are a $10 an hr worker so quit thinking your crap doesn't stink. I will never go back to this dump.

Melissa G. | 2014-06-16

Reza was the best of the best. I would definitely not only come back to BMW San Diego , I will also be referring my friends and family to come see Reza at San Diego as well. Reza took his time, was honest and made me feel like my purchase was his priority. He answered all of my questions promptly and accurately. The service was excellent, 2 thumbs up and 5 stars!!
Thanks again

Joe T. | 2014-06-07

Only time I stop in here is for motor oil.  I have heard a lot of stories about the service here.  Never experienced anything first hand.  Usually they have the motor oil at the counter where you pay.  Other times I have gone to the parts department and return to the front counter to pay.  It makes it a little confusing.  Service area waiting room is tight.  They could use more space and natural lightening.  Staff is everything from friendly to highly effecient.

Christina M. | 2014-06-05

All the years I've been dealing with BMW of SD it's still the same crappy service.
Going in as a woman, of course the service advisor tries to give me a laundry list of things that need to be fixed or replaced.
I'm sure he was surprised that I wasn't falling for his tricks. I went in for a recall on my airbags. Received the notice at the end of last year and now they "finally have the parts."
The service advisor tells my car is too dangerous to drive, and that I should have it towed away. My tires are still pretty new. But, nice try buddy. And, its due for service... That's funny, it was just fully serviced. On top of their shadiness, they give out Toyota Corollas as loaner cars. I'm sorry, but if I wanted to drive a Toyota corolla I would have bought one.  Get more BMW loaners, no one is happy driving up in a BMW only to drive away in a crap car cause you "ran out."
Same song and dance every time.
So over this place. Definitely won't go back unless I absolutely have to.

Tiffany L. | 2014-06-05

The 2.5 stars on Yelp did not let me down.  Thanks, Yelp, for letting me know ahead of time what I was getting myself into!
My car came on with an engine fault so I took the car into my normal shop.  The shop told me that it was a fuel pump issue and that fuel pumps now have an extended warranty and I should take it into the dealership to get it replaced.  To the dealership I went.  I was very against taking it to this dealership because of the Yelp rating but then again, all the BMW dealerships in San Diego had very low ratings; the only exception was the BMW of Vista but that location is way too far from where I live.  Now let's dive into why my experience at this dealership was so bad that it warranted a 1 star rating.
1. I drop off my car and the service rep told me that there would be a $100 fee if they run the diagnostics testing and find out there is no issue with my fuel pump.  If there is an issue with my fuel pump, it will be replaced for free and my $100 fee would be waived.  It turned out that there was a wait list for cars to be worked on so my car wouldn't be worked on until the next day or the day after.  I asked for a loaner because I do need to get myself to work for the rest of the week and he made it seem like it was a burden - that they were short on cars.  I'm sorry that the dealership is short on cars but if I had to bring in my car due to a warranty issue that needed to be resolved, me getting a loaner car shouldn't be an issue - especially if the service was going to leave me without a car for two to three days.  My request wasn't unreasonable and shouldn't be treated like it's a burden to the dealership.
2. I get a call from the service rep that there's a problem with my fuel pump and my water pump.  I tell him to proceed with changing my fuel pump and that I will pass on the water pump.  He then tells me that my balance when I pick up my car will be $100 - the fee is for the water pump diagnostics.  I have two issues with this.  First, I asked him to only run a diagnostic problem on my fuel pump because I was confident that was the issue based on the diagnostic the shop provided me.  Secondly, based on what he said when I met him, there was ONE $100 fee and regardless of what they find, if they found an issue with my fuel pump, that fee would be waived.  There was an issue with my fuel pump so I shouldn't be paying a diagnostic fee!!  We went back and forth on the phone and he finally said he would talk to BMW to see if they would waive it.  He later wrote back to me via email saying it was covered by BMW of San Diego.  The one star rating here is only for the fact that he remained calm when I got aggravated with him on the phone.  If it wasn't for him remaining calm and trying to work through it, I would try and give zero stars (even though that's impossible).
3. I come to pick up my car and they pull it around looks super dirty.  I didn't get the complimentary car wash as promised.
Overall, the experience here was absolutely horrendous.  If it wasn't for the fact that I had an issue where I was nervous about driving my car further than needed to a dealership, I wouldn't have gone here.  HORRIBLE SERVICE.  If you have the option, go to the BMW of Vista and not this one!!!

S L. | 2014-06-03

Dear Jason (reluctant sales rep),

This was the most degrading experience I had today.  I was ready to purchase a car and you automatically assumed I couldn't afford it.  Don't judge a book by its cover Jason.   I own a business and the first thing we do when someone walks through our doors is smile and say hello.  Second thing, we do everything to "earn" your business.  Never show disinterest and treat everyone equally.   Maybe it was because I wasn't flashing my diamonds but I'm at the point in my life, I don't have to do that.  Whoever hired you should put you back in training because you let a serious customer go.  It's not really about the price at this point, it's the customer service I'm looking for and this facility does not have it.  I walked in the showroom and 4 set of eyes looked my way, each one just lazily standing there, not a single one budged.  AMAZING!!! Is business that good where the customers are begging to buy a car from you?  

Jason did the least amount of work and was short with his words to make me leave asap.  Perfect way to kick someone out.  "We don't have any SUV's to look at"....then stare off...

Tips: has much better rates.  The one at my location recommended Escondido BMW.

Someone told me that dealerships don't carry the suvs on the lot because they don't sell fast enough.  It is due to the the economy and people wanting to save on gas.  Not what the dealerships tell us about the SUV being high demand.

Another yelper below said El Cajon BMW was where they purchased after having a horrible experience with SD BMW.

Rivak H. | 2014-06-02

Went to purchase the 2014 BMW M5 Sunday. Never in my life had I experienced such rude Sales personnel in all my life. Unfortunately the make, model and color of the M5 was not on there lot. This car is quite rare !

We originally went to BMW El Cajon. We worked with Sean for almost 4 hours. After deciding on a vehicle, the vehicle was unfortunately located at SD BMW.  The two dealerships would have to swap vehicles for us to acquire.

A vehicle exchange would be orchestrated once we confirm that the exterior and interior colors were what we wanted. So Sean recommended we go to SD to look at the car very carefully.
The MSRP of the BMW M5 is $115,000. So who  wants to purchase a vehicle at that price without making sure it had the specs we were looking for..

Anyway, the Vultures at SD BMW begrudgingly wouldn't show us the car, they even tried to hold us random, and manipulate us to buy the vehicle from them. They claimed they could save us $18,000. Yeah right!!!

We said no, Because Sean at El Cajon BMW did a ton of work for and therefore earned our business..Dirty tactics and mud slinging ensued.. We bee lined it out of SD BMW.  Such a crazy situation to be in.

Long story short, BMW El Cajon won our service.. Warning to the wise. Watch out for these rude operators at SD BMW.. One would think that classier salesmanship would come from a BMW dealership.

Jason D. | 2014-05-23

Horrible customer experience right up to Craig their GM.  Spent the last week trying to hand them $64k for a new M3.  After sending me incorrect paperwork twice I complained.  Instead of an apology I was told my business just isn't important to them. They backed out of our deal in the 11th hour instead of simply apologizing for their mistakes. All I asked for was someone to recognize and apologize for the fact that I wasn't given the time and attention that a $64k transaction deserves.  The gm says they don't do business with out of state buyers.  Guy coped out instead of dealing with the situation like a professional.  Total waste of time and money.

Kearan M. | 2014-05-18

I had the great pleasure of working with Jeff Vedenoff in purchasing my CPO 740i this weekend.

Jeff was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. He made the buying process seamless and it was quite refreshing to have an honest sales person. He was awesome and even did "FaceTime" to show me the car in real time and address any damage and/or wear and tear on the car. This was extremely helpful, as I was driving up from Los Angeles.

All in all, I was very pleased with Jeff and the dealership.  He made the buying process seamless and he's earned a customer for life.

Thank you again Jeff for a wonderful car buying experience!!

Jyl L. | 2014-05-04

I completely agree with another reviewer below about the sales person we encountered - Matt A. He was rude, cold, with stuck up attitude and little interest to be helpful (therefore no sale). He did answer all the questions we had and that was pretty much it. Considering there are 10 other dealerships within 1 mile radius and multiple BMW dealers within 30min drive, I will take my business elsewhere.

Varant O. | 2014-05-03

One word, AMAZING! This review is specifically for the service department, and more specifically for the service advisor Laura P. I was buying a used BMW from a different private seller and scheduled a PPI at SD BMW, with the difficulty of trying to coordinate this while NOT living in SD. Laura was extremely responsive to all of my questions and went above and beyond to make sure all of my concerns were addressed and that the process was seamless. She also shared with me additional tips and items to consider when buying a BMW, etc. Laura is honestly one of the best people I have dealt with at any dealership, and because of her, I would definitely return to this dealership in the future. Thank you!

Benjamin K. | 2014-04-30

Horrible experience. I was definitely put on the back burner during this experience and will NEVER return. Too bad for them I was in the market for an upgraded BMW but after my experience here will not be retuning to SD BMW. My 2007 BMW broke down, lost power and was towed to independent dealer who diagnosed my issue as a recall for a faulty cable line. Ethically and charging me no money, they advised me to head to a local dealer who could complete the work and close out the recall ticket per BMW requirements. I had my car towed into SD BMW ( nearest location form La Jolla) who seemed annoyed to help me because my car was already diagnosed as a FREE recall from someone previous. I'll give them only 1 prop as they gave me a free loaner however 1 day later 1 received a call from Joe ( that wasn't the original advisor) who stated my out of pocket labor cost was $320 plus to put the car back together for labor, start over for an additional $99 diagnostic fee and possible future costs if they determine something else besides the recall. Why the additional charges when my car was already diagnosed broken down due to a BMW recall? Hmmmm.....At the end of conversation, he then stated its a liability and he suggested take back to original dealer who diagnosed the issue. Upon picking my car up today for tow, not one person greeted me, asked if I needed assistance or offered me anything.... I walked to the loaner return, handed her the keys, she directed me to the receptionist who very cold, signed a form and walked out to find my car alone. Flabbergasted and annoyed At their process, I assisted the tow truck driver alone in finding my car in the lot and explained the issues. I asked to speak to Joe twice and was told he was unavailable...convenient huh? After calling BMW of North America about my horrific experience, time wasted and lack of service, I was referred to El Cajon BMW who guess what... Charged me ZERO dollars and fixed my car ethically for the required BMW recall. After 3 tows in 4 days to 3 different dealerships, I'm exhausted and appalled at the LACK OF SERVICE offered at BMW SAN DIEGO!  News travels fast about bad service so it's unfortunate they give BMW a bad name. Buyers or maintenance people BEWARE! If you want to be treated fairly and ethically proceed elsewhere.  

Sincerely - BMW owner of 3 cars!

Kelly M. | 2014-04-22

Bought a used vehicle here in late December 2013.  They are all about getting the deal done when you're there, but the post sale follow up is quite poor.  Phone calls went unanswered and email messages got not response.   Wouldn't buy another vehicle here, thought this place was different, but they are all the same.

Windy C. | 2014-04-18

Awesome service all the time with Joe Merritt....always addresses our problems. We like so much cuz weather we have an appointment or not he accommodates us with his busy schedule.

James U. | 2014-04-14

I just was back to BMW San Diego to switch out the front emblem on an X5.  Initially they were hesitant to do so for fear of scratching the paint but Steven helped me out and it is much appreciated! (and it came out perfect)  All the staff at this dealership are so nice and helpful and everyone seems to be in a good mood.  I enjoy going to BMW San Diego.  I still recommend Laura Paine as the service advisor and Thank you to Steven for taking time out of his day to help me out! I will be back.

Lorenzo C. | 2014-04-11

I was really impressed by the service I got from this location. I took my car to get serviced here and Greg assisted me from the get go. I felt like I was being hooked up with the best service and at a great price. The 30k maintenance & tune up made my car drive like new. I would recommend BMW San Diego to all my friends and will definitely be back for the 60k tune up.

Ness B. | 2014-04-09

Went in for service and was greeted right away by steven lopez. He was fast, professional and attentive, answered my questions and got me checked in right away. He was great!

JR C. | 2014-04-08

I brought my car in for service and had to leave it over night. I was greeted at the loaner desk by Martha and Nayeli. They did an excellent job accommodating my needs for the car I got as a loaner. Jayson did a fantastic job escorting me to my car ensuring that there were no damages to the car prior to me taking it. My day went by smoother from my start at BMW of San Diego. Thanks guys!

Larry D. | 2014-04-04

Today was my third visit to this dealership.  I don't know how it is I manage to make it through the entire showroom without a single bmw representative greeting me or asking if they could help. The purpose of my visit was to purchase an oil filter for my car.  Made it to the parts counter that I had to find myself, just to be completely ignored by ALL three reps behind the desk!  So I waited for one of them to lift their head, and the guy just looks at me, no words, just looks.  In my head I'm like wtf is this?  I say hello, he responds "hello" and that's it.  I don't know if I'm asking too much but shouldn't his next question be "how can I help you?" Nope, he just looks at me!  At this point I'm really taken back by it.  So I just tell him I need an oil filter, and he says "she'll take your payment."  Once again I might be asking too much but a decent customer service rep would ask is there anything else I can help you with, and thank me for spending my money here, right?!  Step to the cashier to once again receive NO greeting what so ever, not a smile, how are you doing, NOTHING!  She takes my payment and that's it, doesn't give me ANY further instructions on where to pick my part up, where it's coming from or anything.  So I'm kinda just standing there waiting, and finally ask "where do I receive my part" she say "they'll bring it out."  I get my part BTW the rep STILL didn't thank me for my business I told him thank you!  I wish I could say this was the end of my experience, but it get worse.  Decided to check out some of the cars on the lot.  Once again walked by at least three sales reps not a single ONE asked if they could help!  So I approach one of them, surprise surprise he just looks at me!!!  No greeting, nothing! So I look back at him and wait, I'm wanted to see if he'd say something, didn't respond at all, seriously! So I ask "do you a have any manual transmission 3 series" and he response "no".  He didn't say anything else and I just turned my back and walked away I'd had enough!  I don't know who these people think they are being so damn pretentious!  You're a customer service representative, which means YOU service the customer!  To say the least I will not return to this establishment.  I do realize I am a very young looking 31 year old, but I paid good hard earned money for my bmw and they should appreciate every customer.  I realized that this type of treatment is obviously standard operating procedures and I refuse to accept it, especially because it's people like me buying your products that keep you employed.  Anyone looking to do business here that doesn't fit the stereotypical bmw driver profile, you have been warned.

Seth S. | 2014-04-02

I've bought a lot of cars in my life. Dealing with a salesperson is obviously typically, my least favorite part of the deal, as I usually leave feeling stressed and taken advantage of. On my 19th vehicle, which was my first with BMW of San Diego, Alex Sabra changed everything. I've never met a more professional and knowledgable salesperson in my entire life.

Alex takes pride in his profession and treats the transaction as the important and exciting moment that it is for a buyer.

I arrived at the dealership, thinking I knew all there was to know about the 335i but Alex was quick to tell me even more about it. It was obvious that he is a true enthusiast and loves BMWs. He treated us with respect throughout the test drive and negotiation process.

Even after the sale, Alex has been incredibly supportive and responsive to questions and followup with promises made during the deal signing.

I have honestly never met a car salesperson that I would go out of my way to recommend but Alex Sabra is different. I would recommend him whole heartily to absolutely anybody.

Vin S. | 2014-03-27

The service manager here is as unprofessional as it gets. My story:  

I had brought my old car in here for servicing. The service representative told me that there was a recall on a certain part. I told him I already had that part replaced. He said that because it was under recall, if I showed him proof of purchasing of the new part, he could get me a refund that would cover that cost. The replacement part cost $45, and he indicated "no problem". So I authorized the servicing the car needed, and went about my day.

A few hours later I came back to pick up the car and asked about the refund. He indicated that the dealership replaced the part a second time (!), and that he didn't remember saying anything about a refund. I pressed him about this, and he admitted that they didn't actually replace the part but modified it slightly. Because it was clear he was not going to honor his commitment towards the $45 refund, I asked to speak with the service manager.

The service manager was hostile from the get-go. I politely asked him about the refund, and we went over the situation once again. It was clear he was becoming angry. He grabbed the receipt materials out of my hand, and said you'll get a check in the next 10 days.

Of course the check never arrived, and no one ever returned my calls.

This is a Penske dealership, so I recommend working with an independent dealership if this is possible. I'll certainly never step foot back into this dealership - they've lost my business on all counts.

Keith C. | 2014-03-26

I've had 4 BMW's and have serviced that last 3 here in Kearney Mesa, and it is the most convenient for me...  Thankfully, BMW of Encinitas is horrible.

I had an emergency repair that had to be done (electronic radiator was busted?), and made an appointment to go in the next day.

Was helped fairly quickly by the service team.
Sadly, they were busy and were out of loaners...
They had someone drive me to work, which was nice, and said that they would pick me up when they had a car.

Marta, was great, and luckily got me the car I was wanting to drive (new 4 series), so it all worked out perfectly.

Sadly, they fixed my car by the next day and I have to swap back for my X5.
I didn't get a chance to really test drive it much.

Thanks Marta and the loaner team for making this an easy experience for me.

John W. | 2014-03-22

Everytime we come here.  There's an issue. Nothing is ever done correctly. They can't even reset the service interval computer correctly.
They just don't care. Why did I buy a 5 series luxury automobile?????

Chris R. | 2014-03-20

Team was fast, efficient and effective. Painless event.. Thank you.
Car is now correct. Great product 328i is fun to drive.

Mike G. | 2014-03-19

Friendly and efficient. I was in and out with a loaner in 20 minutes. Coffee is good too!

Joseph F. | 2014-03-19

I had great all around service at the BMW of San Diego. My service advisor Dave Truesdale was very helpful and explained the process of fixing my car well enough for me to know what was going on. Martha Castro helped me with getting my rental and was very detailed in her search of the rental and explained how the late fee worked so that I would not get hit with one... Over all great experience and very professional workers.

Bryce B. | 2014-03-19

Have been interested in buying a new car and I would not think of anywhere else to go besides BMW of San Diego.  They back their product and are extremely helpful.  I went into the dealership the other day and was greeted and shown a few different models of cars by an employee by the name of Greg.  I remember his name because unlike all other places I had been he put a level of enthusiasm and guidance that I had never seen by someone.  Well long story short, Greg showed me the car of my dreams.  I look forward to dealing with more employees like Greg in the near future.

Alicia L. | 2014-03-18

My service advisor is great and helps me with everything however the rest of the staff is rude. I've called several times and not been able to get through to the service department.  I have also waited in the service line for a very long time to be helped and multiple techs just walked past me. If it wasn't for my great service advisor I would not go to this location. It is amazing that I own close to $150,000 worth of BMW'S and I have to be ignored in the service line and can't get through to make an appointment.

Andrea C. | 2014-03-18

I really appreciate the professionalism from some of the workers I encountered when I came in a couple weeks ago. I haven't actually gotten my car serviced here yet, but I came in with some questions and was helped by Greg who was happy to assist me with some concerns I had with my car. Considering I'm such a newbie with car problems, I was very appreciative of the patience he had with me.

Don K. | 2014-03-18

Last week my GPS on my 2010 x3 froze up. After turning it off overnight the GPS came back on but would not read the disc. I called the service department and was told to bring it in between 10:30 and 11:00 AM and talk to one of two service managers. When I brought it in and told the service manager I needed to talk to one of the service managers he got someone else who started to check the GPS on the spot. He came to the conclusion that the disc was damaged and ask when it was purchased. I purchased it 6 months ago at BMW of Seattle. He then stated if I brought in the invoice he would replace the disc. However the disc was at my home in Cabo but I was able to reach the parts department in Seattle and he emails the invoice to me.

When I told the parts person about the disc and the mechanic saying it could be replaced, the parts person rudely stated "Who told you that". Expecting the same quality of service I received in Seattle I didn't bother to remember the mechanics name. the parts guy tried to find the person that told me that but said he couldn't find any one making that statement. ??  He then said he couldn't and wouldn't replace the disc. After arguing that I was given a commitment by one of their employees that would not be honored he went to the manager and came back saying there was nothing he could do. I ask to talk to the manager, he left again, came back and said the manager said I should call BMW goodwill and see what they should do. THE MANAGER WOULD NOT TALK TO ME.

This is the poorest excuse of a business I have been associated with. They lost a customer and I sincerely hope anyone reading this will also refrain from doing business with them.

Now after going to Yelp to write this review, I wish I would have gone to Yelp first. The reviews are so bad I would never have done any business with them.

McMensch, C. | 2014-03-16

As the stars say: Meh. I've experienced better.  But I've also experienced much worse, too. That's a different review.

I went earlier this month to look at a used not-BMW convertible.  The salesman was pleasant and helpful, so I don't have any concerns there. He got someone to jump the car, since the battery was dead, and took both me and my husband on test drives that included some freeway.  I thought it was a bit funny -- funny "ha ha" -- that he asked me if I wanted to make an offer right after the test drive. Does anyone already in their 30s buy a used car without a pre-purchase inspection these days?  Don't do it!  But the job is to sell cars -- you can't blame him for trying to do it as efficiently as possible.

I asked about getting an inspection and was told, "Normally you buy the car, take it to your mechanic, and if there's anything we missed that would be under the warranty and part of our re-conditioning, then you bring it back and we'll fix it."  But, obviously, my concern is about problems that would *not* be warrantied.

Ultimately, I did get a pre-sale inspection and my mechanic said it was a "no buy" for various reasons.  (Clean Carfax, by the way. But don't forget Carfax has limits.)  Just too much re-re-conditioning for me to do, even if  I made an offer more than a grand below asking. That said, there were no immediate safety issues. Someone else could probably live with this stuff, especially if it's not a daily driver.

What I didn't love is that the car was -- and is still -- advertised as having a higher trim level than it does, which of course raises the starting price a bit.  I had my suspicions when I saw the top wasn't the standard GT cloth top -- but, on a convertible, that could have been replaced with vinyl by one of the owners. When the leather seats turned out to be covers for cloth upholstery, it was obvious the trim was listed wrong.  

There was some suggestion by the salesman that trim differences could be minor and easily confused. To an extent I agree. In this instance it was basically the top, leather, and the speakers. The sport model was only one step down from GT that year.  All the same, am I to believe dealers don't verify these things when taking a trade? That would be ... surprising. Anyone with the VIN and a phone or an internet connection can do it. And, of course, now they know it's wrong, because I told them.

I see it's still for sale,  listed  as the higher trim model and at the same price.

J A. | 2014-03-09

I bought my car as a CPO in 2012. I love my car and my mechanic tells me its in great shape. Today I had to take it in for my very first oil change. I was told that I needed new brakes pads and rotors. Wait hold on a second, I've only had the car for one year and I've only put 12K miles on it. How can I need new brakes? As it turned out, BMW of San Diego did not install new brakes pads before they sold me the car. They didn't even check the rotors before selling the car. These were things however that verbally I as told had been done. I went back and checked my paperwork. It's on there. New brake pads.  Something wasn't right so I went to another shop for a second estimate and opinion. The mechanic guessed that the rotors were not replaced with the pad which they should have been because they were already beyond the life of the rotors. Beware of the CPOs at this shop. I spent $950 on brake pads and new rotors because BMW of San Diego didn't do their job before they sold me a CPO BMW. I wouldn't buy from them again.

vinny m. | 2014-03-08

No stars to actually be given. You stand there waiting for an attendant, but I guess I don't "look like" your typical BMW owner. To top it off, nobody acknowledges your presence and when you pay, they don't even look at you. So sad how pretentious people are, even moreso because it's BMW?

Thomas H. | 2014-03-01

My BMW was purchased in Orange County, but living here in San Diego the convienence of having them close by was why I stopped in. I had to get a license plate frame for the front of my car (apparently the law). I walked around for a long time before I had to ask someone for the parts department. When I went in I seemed to have interrupted their conversation with my business.  The guy grabbed my part, and without saying a word walked me across the store with the item in hand to the front receptionist.  (Apparently you can't pay for anything in the parts department, and it looked to them like I run risk of stealing the item) The guy handed the part to the lady and walked off.  When she finished checking her fb on her phone she blurted the total out to me,  not a hi, hello, or kiss my butt.  I paid for it and i was out of there. I am so glad I didn't purchase my car there. This place is an embarrassment to customer service and BMW in general!  Get it together! The sales team may be great (from what I read) however, the rest of the team is a reflection of this branch and WILL deter people like me from even considering buy my next car from here. It looks like I'll head back to CREVIER BMW for the next purchase.

Dan W. | 2014-03-01

My car was experiencing a miss-fire.  Received a diagnosis that carbon build up in the intake must be cleaned and the charge would be $1000.  Seemed suspicious but not impossible.  Decided to take elsewhere to have the procedure done for $550.  Once completed, problem remained as before the cleaning.  BMW service rep suggested I was deceived by alternate source since BMW would do the service "better" and he was certain the problem was as diagnosed by BMW.  I was upset enough that I decided to debug and fix.  I replaced the ignition coil on cyliner one to start the process and problem was solved.  The ignition coil is a $41 part and labor would probably be an hour or so at the dealer.  The complaint is that the problem should have been properly diagnosed by BMW as this was actually the lesser expensive and easily identifiable problem to undertake before removing the intake manifold.

Alan G. | 2014-02-26

I had an issue with the tires on my new X5 35D and Laura got me right in and had my alignment checked right away. This is why I service my second BMW here. The service is extraordinary. Thanks Laura, to you and your team.

B L. | 2014-02-25

I leased a car from Pat Springer at Bmw of San Diego (I have leased or bought many cars from Pat in the past ~18 years or so)

I ordered the car to my exact liking, agreed on the lease terms, got pre qualified...and waited for the car to arrive approx. 2 months later.

I always have a good experience with Pat - this time it was no different.  i got the car I wanted, at a competitive price without having to search the world.... btw, if you configure on BMW website and add taxes to that result, that is usually  a good enough deal, as BMW is known for having very good leases - they can usually afford it because their cars have higher residual values at the end of the lease, so they make up for keeping a car that has good resale value...

btw2, leasing a bimmer compared to some of it's competitors is so much better, because you get service included(which can be a lot compared to a say a Benz). Also, residuals on such models, like the 3, are so high, that you can get a pretty darn low lease payment compared to other vehicles that have a lower MSRP, but due to their lower desirability as used cars, they have low residual rates for the leases - and as a consequence higher lease payments.

You do have to budget for expensive replacement tires if you have run-flat tires - however, it's kinda of a nice luxury to have...

I highly recommend Pat for all your bimmer needs.
btw3, he does not know I'm writing this -thanks Pat!

btw4, BMW's drive like no other cars in the world (except for maybe some Porsche, and a few exotics...)

Moto Moto Mike D. | 2014-02-20

100% everything you would expect from start to finish.  
I brought in my car in for service and was seen by Pete (Diagnostic Spclst), he explained everything and all steps that may be needed then walked me to Luarra Paine (Serv Advisor).  She took time out and went through my car history and pointed out that it was still under warranty (I did not know..  score!) , when and what my next service should be, tips in driving, ect plus set up the loaner car just incase!!!  
All around 5 star service!  I originally would save a few $$ and go to the independent BMW mech near my house but thanks to Pete and Laurra....  you now have my full business!

Brian O. | 2014-02-20

Just turned in my car and Ken Emmons of San Diego BMW hooked me up with an awesome car at a price I didn't think was doable. Great cars and wonderful people made my buying experience fantastic. Not sure why this place is only getting 2.5 star, it is way better than that.

Josh S. | 2014-02-17

This review is specifically for Ken Emmons, the leasing and sales manager over at BMW of San Diego. If you are in San Diego County or even the greater Southern California area, Ken Emmons will provide you a fantastic car buying experience from start to finish. Ken is very knowledgeable and calling him patient would be an understatement. He has dealt with me through three months of indecisiveness, researching cars for me along the way and always providing ample information and fair price quotes to help make the decision making process easier. He never once pushed me to commit to a purchase nor did he ever make me feel like I was wasting his time. He always genuinely cared about making sure I got the right vehicle and that I would leave as a happy customer. He is always quick to return phone calls, works many hours and is almost always available when you have questions. He also has pull with the service department, which helps when making appointments or making sure you have a loaner car waiting for you. Thank you Ken for a 5/5 top notch experience which is a rarity these days in the service industry, especially car dealerships. Highly recommended!

jacquie b. | 2014-02-14

Crooks. Service is good until you decline a recommendation. They seem to care when they are getting money from you. And a few times I don't even get a call to tell me my car is done. Just email. Good thing I checked my email.... They are only in it for the dollar bills...not genuine customer care.

April M. | 2014-02-11

Wish there was something less then 1 star. We walked around the dealership looking through the windows of the X3. Waited for someone help. Watched someone eating in their office but no one wanted to help.  Pretty clear that didn't want to sell a car.

Lee T. | 2014-02-10

I recently had my 2002 325i serviced here a couple of times. The service advisor, Laura Paine, was on top of it and communicated well via email which is my preferred method to communicate. She sent me a report of everything that needed fixing and how much it would cost. I don't know a lot about cars so I appreciated the pictures and explanation in the report.
There was no pressure to get everything fixed and I don't think they were recommending anything I didn't really need. I fixed a couple of urgent items right away and I came back a couple months later to fix the oil leaks. The car was washed and vacuumed when I picked it up so that was nice. The drop off and pick up procedure was pretty smooth.
This dealership is not cheap by any means but they are professional and I would never trust an old BMW like mine to a bunch of guys at the corner lube mart.

Tony T. | 2014-02-08

I usually only read reviews, but after meeting with service advisor Glen Widdop the level of service he provided should be known.   I have talked to other service advisors about my repairs needed, but they wanted to go with a more costly option.  Glen was very informative about my car repairs needed and completely honest during our meeting.   I have met with other service advisors at this location that just told me where to go to get a loaner vehicle, but Glen actually walked with me to the car loaner desk even though I knew where to go.    I receive a call two days later letting me know my car is fixed and it is ready to be picked up.   The speed and level of service is beyond exceptional and I will know who to go to if problems arise.   Thanks again BMW of San Diego & service advisor Glen Widdop

Dennis M. | 2014-02-04

I have to think any positive reviews of service at BMW of San Diego are paid plants.  First I show up on time for my appointment and get ignored by every single person walking by in the drop off area. Finally after 10 minutes and a few complaints someone actually made eye contact and said to go inside and leave the car.

I understand dealerships can't troubleshoot problems for free but I paid 99.00 for them to diagnose a park distance control issue.  I get a call the next day saying that the 10 minutes they spent with the computer trying to diagnose the problem wasn't cutting it and I would need to pay another $693.50 for them to take off the bumpers to further diagnose the problem? Excuse me? That does not include the fix. It's like they aren't smart enough to figure out their own product or are just such greedy crooks it's hardly believable.

A few other issues needed to be addressed one of the a battery replacement.  With labor the quote was $570.00. Checking online I can get a new replacement for 129.95 installed.

As the final kicker. The car was supposed to be ready at 1pm. I showed at 1:50 and it wasn't washed yet.  As I drove down the street to my private BMW mechanic one of the splash guards under the car dragged on the ground because one of the genius repairmen forgot to attach it.  A final insult. Crappy service, beyond ripoff prices, questionable ethics.  You are a fool if you take your out of warranty car here.

Rashad S. | 2014-01-29

Dude, I rarely write reviews... But this dealership is worth every second of my time! Not only was the browsing and financing portion of the process flawless and quite pleasent but after leaving the lot I had some issues come up with my financing that the team there handled with out a haggle, or even as much as a phone call!  I will buy all of my future vehicles from BMW San Diego, you guys have a customer and advocate for LIFE!!!! thank you Lisa, Scott,  Emily and the rest of the crew!!!

Evan L. | 2014-01-23

They were very easy to deal with. I had a service recall and they treated me great. Only issue was with the rental car. I wanted to drive around a new BMW to check out all the new features but they were out and gave me a corolla.

Mark C. | 2014-01-21

The lease on my BMW X5 was coming up and I wanted a new sporty sedan.  I was working with Riverside and El Cajon, but I had the best experience with Daniel Brummett.  He instantly was able to see that I wasnt going to play any games and so we skipped the usual back-and-forth that you usually have with car salesmen.  When I told him that I had received a good offer from Riverside, he not only matched it, he beat and threw in a few extras too.  My experience with him was vastly different from the sales manager at El Cajon (some guy named Josh who was extremely pushy and rude about selling me a car with fewer features than the one I was considering at the Kearny Mesa location).  All car buying experiences should be like the one Daniel provided me.  I will definitely be coming back to him when my lease ends and will direct any family/friends who are looking for not just a great car/price, but also a knowledgeable sales advisor.

annette s. | 2014-01-19

I had a problem getting my sunroof closed but was fortunate enough to have Client Advisor Moises Rivera help me out. First he tried helping me reset the roof over the phone but when that didnt work he suggested I swing by the dealership and he would take a look! Sure enough the next day he tried everything to get it closed, but it was jammed. Rather than send me home with an open roof he took the service department where they manually closed it and I was on my way within 5 minutes. Could not have asked for a better experience!

Nathan W. | 2014-01-18

Just wanted to upgrade my 4 stars to 5. On recommendation of Joe Merritt in Service, we went to Ken Emmons in sales (does both new and CPO). After 2 test drives we picked up our new Beemer... No pressure, no smoke and mirrors, and drove off in our new CPO 2 days ago. Ken and BMW of SD rock. I wouldn't use anyone but Ken in Sales and Joe in Service from now on...

Emily A. | 2014-01-12

On Thursday night around 6:00 pm I came into BMW of San Diego with the intentions of leaving with a 2014 x3 BMW. After 35 minuets of looking at cars and making eye contact with the representatives I gave up. I was ignored and avoided.
I have now decided on a Audi Q5 and the service and respect at Audi of Miramar is out of this world.
If the man who wouldn't stop talking about what he wanted to make for dinner that night while flirting with the receptionist would have given me some of his time, I would I left with an X3 that night.

Sandy Y. | 2014-01-07

Supposedly purchasing a BMW is some ultra luxurious experience right?  As Seen on TV perhaps, or maybe on MSNBCs BMW special.  Well, considering I bought my BMW in Seattle, that definitely was the case.  Unfortunately, when I moved here I inherited this awful dealership as the closest option to get service and included maintenance done.  This place feels like a dirty car wash, with lines of people and service that takes days to complete because they just don't have the capacity to service or deal with the numerous BMW owners that is California.  Obviously owning a BMW in CA is like a dime a dozen, but I'd hope that the BMW dealership would still pretend to be prestigious and a place that sells the "Ultimate Driving Machine."  Service here has been pretty hit and miss, minus my service guy Joe.  Whenever you bring your car in for service, expect it to be there for at least 2-3 days minimum.  The only saving grace is they offer you loaner vehicles, but that's a given since it takes them half a week to do an oil change.  Even making appointments, your average time is 2-3 weeks out, if you're lucky.  The place just looks shabby in comparison to my previous dealership.  It feels like an assembly line that is not shiny and new.  Dropping the car off is always a task, where random people come to assist you in hopefully less than 10 minutes  and when they do arrive they always seem unsure of what they're doing.  Even if you have an appointment, you're likely to wait at least 10-20 minutes so don't be on a time crunch because you'll be late.  When you come back to pick up the car, it takes centuries as well and checking out is always painful.  The cashiers try to be pleasant but they just seem irritated and miserable.  I got a free offer for checking in one day on Yelp and went to redeem my gift and the girl at the front counter was so rude, I  couldn't believe she worked in the front.  Who wants to be greeted with such stank?!  The only saving grace was the gentleman in the front handing me the free offer thanked me for coming and smiled graciously and was genuinely sincere!  Each time after service, the dealership usually washes her car.  It's never been a great job but this last time was quite appalling.  My car actually looked dirtier than when I brought it  in.  It's like they placed water on the car and then just let it dry without rinsing any dirt off.  Essentially, the car wash here is pointless and really not worth the time you wait for them to do a poor job.  When I first walked in to the Seattle BMW dealership I felt like I was in a commercial.  People are dressed to the nines there and that place looks expensive!  They did just get a new showroom and location, but they obviously wanted to make their owners know what they're getting in the full package.  The freaking bathroom had toiletries, hairspray, and tampons for crying out loud!  Service was outstanding, even the waiting room was impeccable with complimentary drinks, WiFi, water and comfortable seating.  I even got free car washes where they actually wash the car and vacuum it, anytime!  Not just when you're getting service!  You could drive in and request a car wash- amazing!  Granted, I haven't visited the upstairs lounge/waiting area that I only recently realized existed in SD, but truth be told, with the service and the way everything else is run in that place, I doubt I'm missing out.  Besides, it still takes 3-4 days for my car to be returned to me anyways so I'd be waiting awhile.  I'm sorely disappointed that I no longer have the fabulous experience I use to have back in Seattle with my beamer and it's a sad truth to know that the SD dealership likely will never change its ways because it has way too many patrons to give a damn.  The droves of people will still keep coming even if their service sucks because they have no where else to go.  Maybe the drive to Escondido or Encinitas is worth it?  Let's hope so!

Carlos M. | 2013-12-31

I have been taking my car to this dealership a couple of times for minor work or schedule services, it seams to me that every time something was fixed another problem will come up, so far they have done all the services and nothing mayor has come up.

last week the service engine came up, I took my car to this dealership just to find out that my car needs up to $6,000 dollars in repairs, in one month after taking my car to this place the car is falling apart?,  I was also informed that it just happen to be that my certification expired on December 6th. No wonder now the problems came up, now they are able to charge me full price for the repairs, while in warranty nothing was wrong with my car.

I had the feeling that something like this was going to happen, if I were you I will take my car somewhere else, I took my car to this dealership because is closer to home, it was convenient  and now I am paying for it.

Look at the reviews, all these people can't be wrong.

James L. | 2013-12-28

I have bad luck with this 08 BMW 328i
Car was under 46,000 miles with so many problems. (with CPO too)

I have no words to describe a greedy service adviser at this BMW dealer.
Not all customers don't have car mechanical/electronic background.

Service adviser name: Duane Bjerk. attempted to charge me $180 for a gas cap problem that was covered by CPO (CPO warranty booklet doesn't say gas cap not covered; if you don't speak English well, he might play English game with you/ Non-native English speaker WATCH OUT!!!!).  I had to fight to get my warranty repair with this adviser.  (Read your warranty booklet carefully or they will milk you dry)

second ridiculous thing he asked for was replacement of car battery that cost about $500 dollar for 328i. I tested battery voltage and under loads. It all passed.  I don't know why he asked me to replace unnecessary parts.   On top of that, he told me the battery needs to be "programmed".    So..???   Go onto the youtube or car forums to find out how to program it.  

Lastly, this service adviser was so focus on charging customer big ticket items (tires, battery, and wheel alignment service) he ignored problem associated with  fog light. My fog light bulb was defective- it shows up on car computer system but it wasn't on my service quote.  I pointed it out to Duane before leaving the dealer and he apologized to me and told me "I can give you a quote for it". They are determined to milk every single drop of milk from customers.  I left the dealer with defective fog lights. (Fog light is easy to replace but the service from this dealer is focus on your $ and hitting their service sales quota)

Hate to fight to get my warranty repairs. Greedy Greedy and Greedy.


Loaner vehicle from BMW dealer incident

The service adviser Duane threaten me with $50 charge per day in second E-mail communication if I don't return the loaner car to them when they call me.

I left my car with dealer service department on 12/23/2013 morning.  The service department was not able to get to my car on 12/23/2013 so Duane emailed me about it saying they will get to it on 12/24/2013 (Christmas Eve)

Like all American, we all work like crazy. I wasn't able to look at my phone cuz I was working. Around 2:30 PM 12/23/2013. I had a chance to look my email and I got second email from Duane saying I will be charge $50 if I don't return the loaner car 12/24/2013. I took off from work immediately drove BMW loaner car  back to the dealer around 3:00PM 12/23/2013 only to find the service department was closed.  (rush back to dealer for nothing)

I was nervous about getting unnecessary charges so walked into sales department of the dealer in trying to get service department information.
Bad luck there again -!  I explained my situation to front desk lady at sales department and she with no emotion on her face keep repeating "You will need to talk to  service department on 12/26/2013".  I asked for general manager; she lied to me saying no managers were available at the time. Seconds later, Sales manager "Tony Zarcone" popped out and handled the situation professionally.  

as for the front counter lady...   ha ha ha ha haly unprofessional.  

another ugly thing I discovered from this dealer.  My windshield wiper relay was removed from my fuse box causing windshield wiper stop working in raining days. BMW San Diego was the only dealer servicing my car.  

Why taking so long to discover the windshield wiper wasn't working because SD hardly rain and car always park in garage.  

Sigh~~~       Never/ever BMW again.


As I understand more and more about my E90 328i, I started DIY many repairs.
I have this suspicion about my parts were swapped by dealer and some parts were missing. ( I compared my car with people on the youtube- same model and year)

Really hope Penske automotive management is reading this.!!~
Invoice: BMCS517856

Tony C. | 2013-12-28

Third leased new BMW at this dealership. It may be the last BMW:

New 2011 had electronics with BlueTooth. Phones paired fine. Replaced this with a new 2013 BMW in June. One phone pair, then a day or two later drop. Went to see Dave at Service. Was told phone was not vehicle compatible and also told to see BMW website and purchase a compatible phone. Did so and Samsung Convoy 2 did same thing. Returned to dealersip. Was told a Verizon Software problem. Went to Verizon and was told a BMW software problem (old version). Went back to BMW and spoke with service manager Glenn. Left vehicle with repair receipt and Verizon notes and was later told phone was not compatible with car. Was told by Glenn to buy a phone off the "BMW Website compatibility list" and he would reimburse. "Trying the same experiment after the first one failed using the same criteria and expecting different results is a sign of insanity (Einstein)". Being of sound minds, we did'nt do it.

Later in early December 2013, I received a BMW "survey" on this issue. I requested a corporate representative contact me. They never did.

The dealership has always treated us well. A product such as BMW makes a defective car, or has a misleading website, and then won't respond to customer concerns and/or make the appropriate corrections. This is not indicative of a "high end" consumer product or corporation. Also, Glenn did not return the repair receipt with the Verizon notes.

I do recommend this service department, but not the product.

Robert K. | 2013-12-25

I have purchased a couple of BMWs from this dealership.  I must say that the sales, service, and parts departments are on point and I have never had a bad experience in dealing with any of them.  Definitely have to see the following people who work here if you want to be treated right:

Client Advisors: Jason or Martin
Service Advisor: Duane

I am pretty picky when it comes to my cars and would recommend this place to anybody looking to buy a BMW or get one serviced.

Realtor Karl B. | 2013-12-23

Went back and forth with Dustin through email.

Two weeks later: I finally got the 535i I wanted with all my required options with a steller lease price and low downpayment. Maybe because it was 7 days before the year ended?

These cars have too much technology integrated. How much of it will I ever use?

I wish signing the final paperwork is faster - we sat there for 2 hours.

But, I do love my new car!

Wassim F. | 2013-12-16

BMW of San Diego is amazing. Alex Sabra helped me out find the right car I was looking for. He was very patient and took his time showing me cars and answering all my questions. Didn't feel pressured to close a deal at all like what other sales people do. Test drove the car I wanted then he worked some numbers on the new car and the trade in I had. No going back and forth to negotiate. I have shopped around at other dealers and bmw of San Diego is an exception, they are completely on a different professional level. I recommend going in and talk with Alex Sabra. He truly was amazing and understanding. Really helps you out to find what you are looking for and what you could afford and not pressuring you to make a sale.
Thanks a lot BMW of San Diego, and thank you soo much Alex. So far the best salesperson I have ever dealt with!!!!

Angel V. | 2013-12-12

I love this place. Great service and fantastic customer experience. I love my car and they help me any time it is needed.

Not everyone is like that, but most people that I've dealt with are.

Bayless C. | 2013-12-10

First of all I want to say the service at BMW SD is second to none.
I love dropping my car off and getting a loaner in minutes.
The service staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
This level of service is the reason I keep buying BMW's.
And I just had an experience that topped all the others.
I had a problem with my 2010 750li M Sport.
Long story short, the transmission was acting strange and when I took it in, one of the service guys had broken a beauty board in the trunk that was concealing an aftermarket subwoofer enclosure.
I made a complaint on yelp and the manager of BMW called me personally to handle the situation.
That is 5 star service.
So I am changing my original yelp review and giving the 4 star review they deserved in the first place.
The lesson I learned is if you have a concern, just call the manager of the department you have an issue with and they will handle it, no questions asked.

G P. | 2013-12-09

Great service. Super fast. Great cars. I have gotten two BMW here. They have been the best.  

From service to sales. I have found them to be most responsive.

Dawn R. | 2013-11-30

I recently purchased a CPO 328i from BMW of San Diego. My experience was beyond any pre-conceived expectations. Alex Sabra was my salesperson. It is rare to find a salesperson who is truly consumed with pride, passion, and an overwhelming fund of knowledge for the product he represents.

The service was, without a doubt, outstanding, and continued to raise the bar even after the sale was complete.

If you want a wonderful experience -- as a first time BMW buyer or as a seasoned repeat customer -- see Alex and he will exceed your expectations!!! I am so glad I did!

Dave K. | 2013-11-25

I can see why this place only has 2 stars, it took 45 minutes from the time I got there to getting the rental and nobody was any help.

Abby S. | 2013-11-25

I have been to BMW service department once before this most recent time. There was a big difference! My most recent encounter was when the night before I was stuck at a grocery store parking lot because my BMW wouldn't start. (How embarrassing was that..a pretty new BMW broken down... 2.5 hours later we were finally able to jump start it.) I have a 2010 BMW, I wouldn't have thought I would run into any issues with it starting (of all things.) The next morning, went to start my car, and it wouldn't start. Okay, now it was truly time to call for help. I called BMW service and spoke with Chris Mryon who was very empathetic to my situation and told me the only way he could help was to get the car to the service department. Luckily my car was still under warranty and when I arrived with the tow truck and car at BMW service, Chris was ready to help and get me on my way in a rental to use while they worked on my car. I felt like Chris went above and beyond to take care of my car.

The only reason I could say this is because my first time at the BMW service department, some other service person (I don't remember name) helped me. I felt like I was nothing more than a transaction and no sense of customer service. I guess I had some expectation that BMW would have some exceptional customer service. The job was done to my car but I would have rated that first experience average.

But I believe the service that Chris provided made me feel the great value in being  BMW owner. He was very personable and knowledgeable about BMW and helped me through a rough day. I would rate my most recent experience truly exceptional.

Rick W. | 2013-11-14

Nice people, but they need to tear that building down and start again. The facilities are fit for a Yugo dealer, not a BMW dealer.

M L. | 2013-11-08

We purchased our 328i in Germany and brought it in to this dealership for maintenance.  Looking at the reviews, I was actually quite worried, but our experience was fantastic.  Dave was our rep and he was friendly, helpful and honest.  You can't ask for anything more than that.  Across the board, everyone we dealt with couldn't have been better.  I know that I, personally, will keep coming here.

jp s. | 2013-11-07

I recently leased my 2014 3 series diesel wagon from these folks and I've got to say that it was one of the easiest car deals that I've ever made. I love the product and love this dealership. They treated me with respect and gave me a great deal!

John C. | 2013-11-06

I bought a used car October 2013 with the help of ALEX SABRA.  The guy was great.  He was personable and helpful without any pressure.  He helped me maximize my savings through BMW finance and delivered my new-used car in tip top shape.  I would definitely recommend asking for him at the dealer.  My dealings with the finance department were excellent as well.  Detailed but fast without the overselling techniques used by other dealerships i have visited in the past (yes, that means you Honda).

katia p. | 2013-11-01

Just like the other review, I am also trying to figure out how to buy a car here. The sales person Moises, is just Awful. I have a great credit and still i am the one having to call and follow up on my application. He is just very neglective and does not respond to my calls. I really need to go somewhere else, but i just want to make sure he will not get ANY commission from my purchase because he has don NOTHING for me, except pull my credit and file application

David T. | 2013-10-31

What an excellent car buying experience! My salesman, Pat, was great to work with. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and no pressure. He showed me several different vehicles and allowed me to drive each of them on an extended test drive. I got a nice feel for each car. I came back 3 times and he gave me a great deal. I'll be back when my lease is up in 2 years.

Ryan R. | 2013-10-30

You would think after spending $12000 on services, they could wash your car. Yet again, disappointed with BMW San Diego. Guess these comments are why I'm looking at Mercedes Benz.

Brenda G. | 2013-10-27

After visiting a couple of other BMW dealerships, with no success, we finally stopped at BMW of San Diego. Mr. Lee Luján did everything possible ti help us out in order to offer us the best deal in a brand new car. His excellent costumer service and experience allowed us to leave the dealership happily and satisfied.

Tracee L. | 2013-10-19

Great end experience! I had an issue with a service visit, and the head of the dealership called me directly to take care of it. They absorbed a cost that was likely not under warranty, to make up for the bad service experience, and dealt with the situation professionally.

Thank you.
Tracee Lorens

Analicia C. | 2013-10-17

BMW of San Diego provided me with the best service I've had in years! Out of the other dealers I've been to, this place is the best. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  Christopher Myron definitely  new what he was talking about and was very thorough, with a great sense of humor to boot!!! So Glad I can depend on these guys :)

Push B. | 2013-10-09

There must be a reason why this place mostly has 1 star reviews! Echo the sentiment of the person who wished for zero stars.  
Found out myself when I took in my X5 and found them to be unreliable, dishonest and even spoke to the manager who was no help. The place promised an urgent repair to the SUV and quoted a price that led me to cancel another appointment. When I went there the price was three times and they just kept lying!
Last BMW I will buy anyway and the X5 is a piece of crappy machinery anyway.
Real disappointment and I believe BMWs make only one thing as their ad proclaims ....  Unreliable and overpriced machines on 4 wheels.
They also need to do something about their dealers as so many people are dissatisfied  ... Cannot be good for business.

Sue H. | 2013-10-06

I wished I could give this place zero stars. Went in with my husband for a test drive yesterday. Spent only ten minutes there before walking to the Lexus dealership. The sales person here was horrendous. He first asked us what cars we were interested in and I told him maybe a Lexus as I already have one. He said the Lexus was a lot cheaper which isn't even relevant because the Lexus that I want is more expensive than the 3 series. Anyway,we told him we wanted to see a brand new 3 series sedan and he proceeded a hard sell on the 320. I asked him about the 328 and 335 since I need the horsepower. At this point it really turned south. He said the others were several thousand dollars more expensive and all you get is more hp. I like to drive fast and like the extra hp's. If a customer wants to see another car, you walk them to it! You don't infer that they can't afford it. You have lost a potential customer since we'll be going to Mossy instead.

Sasha B. | 2013-10-04

This place is horrible. If I wouldn't have got a free generic tote bag which was very cheap u would think BMW would give something a little bit more quality. I honestly should have complained all the workers act is of there forced to be here. Very rude. I will never buy another BMW again. Step your customer service up!

Maryam L. | 2013-09-30

I bring my car here for servicing and havent had a bad experience. Also come in every couple months when the low tire pressure comes up and they take care of it for me in a matter of minutes. I don't know how the sales folks are since i didnt buy my car from this dealership but im happy with the service dept.

John K. | 2013-09-28


Innovative I. | 2013-09-26

The first time I came to BMW there was no one available to help me. I waited for 15 minutes and decided to leave a bit bitter and frustrated.  The next day I received a phone call from Daniel Brummett and decided to come back one more time since I really liked my previous BMW a few years back.  I'm glad I did because Daniel was a pleasure to deal with. Not only was he professional but knowledgeable and friendly (not a typical car salesman in the least and I've dealt with many of them)!  We went over all the financing options and I was convinced I was going to buy the car outright but after talking with him for an hour it made more sense for me to lease!  There was no rushing or pushy sales tactics, Daniel was factual and patient. This was one of the best car buying experiences I have had.  I can't comment on the service department but the car was detailed, cleaned, and looking beautiful when I picked it up.  The process was also fast and easy since I was in a hurry to get to the airport.  If you are debating between Lexus, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW like I was, this was the best choice!

Joshua-Nasrawistein N. | 2013-09-19

Rip off!!  Service here coasts like 40% extra than ANY other dealer in the area. I stopped going here a while ago. Now I go to bmw of El Cajon. True that their shop doesn't look as fancy as the San Diego one but service is the same as they all have to go by bmw of NA standards and bmw of El Cajon is like 30-40% cheaper. Even on parts

Ted D. | 2013-09-04

"Professionalism, courtesy, easy going, everything about the experience was 5 star. Jason Balelo and the financing department were more than I expected, fantastic experience. Even when I was unsure about the vehicle and timing ran longer than expected Jason maintained contact and assured me he would answer any and all questions. The fact that I had to delay the buying process never deterred Jason and he always displayed a professional and cheerful attitude, it was extremely comforting to know that he had not dismissed my business because of hold-ups beyond his control"

Dna B. | 2013-09-01

How do they sell cars??? I am buying my BMW elsewhere.
My interaction with this dealership totally soured the BMW buying experience.

The salesperson we ran into while buying and test driving the car was terrible and not helpful at all. We had to go to another BMW dealership to get the info we needed to make our purchase.

After asking to test drive a specific model, he put us in the wrong car. I had to point it out, right after we started up the engine.

Actual interactions while buying/test driving car:
1. Can we look at the colors you have in stock for this car?
"Yes, you can go online to and see the colors."

2. Can you tell us how this car is better than the comparable Audi model?
(Insert Scoff here). "Why would you even THINK of buying an Audi. There is NO comparison." End statement. He said nothing else.

In summary, don't waste your time going here. If you need information and test drives, go to another BMW dealership.

Alexis W. | 2013-08-23

This place is always great with customer service until we went to buy a new car today the guy Alex was so stoked about the purchase that he wanted to run our credit before telling us the price on the car as soon as we told him we were going to wait the service even got worse no handshake bye or not even a word he simply just walked away I was so mortified I will NEVER go back to this dealer ship again because of this 1 employee that changed the BMW way for us "with you before the sale and after" ya rite he just wanted his sale rite then and there !

Zank B. | 2013-08-23

Go see Brian for anything used (previously owned). He's amazing and there's a reason why he sells more BMW's than anyone in the country. Very helpful, courteous man. Highly recommended.

Ian D. | 2013-08-17

I wish I could give this dealership ZER0 stars..

to make a long story short, I spoke to a service person to check on my VIN for recalls (particularly the rod bearing recall on early model E46 M3) but the guy said no outstanding recalls, have a wonderful day.

I wasn't satisfied so I thought I'd call another dealership to get a second opinion about the same recall, a few seconds after I hung up the phone  the service lady calls me back saying that there is an outstanding rod bearing recall that hasn't been addressed.
Don't come here unless you enjoy listening to lies. End of the story

Stay Classy San Diego, not Douchey ;)

Rich R. | 2013-08-09

I've brought my 335 in for several repairs lately, all you with N54 335's you know what I'm talking about, and I've been pleased with their service.  Yes it's the dealer, and you generally spend a bit more, however, it's the peace of mind for me that separates them.  The first couple time's I brought it in, I was satisfied with the work, and the time that it took to repair it.  Things have seemed to change in the more positive direction, which is always a good thing.  

I think they just recently upgraded their service ticket software, and you can pretty much check the status of your vehicle anytime you want.  I've got an open line of communication via email with my SA Christopher Myron, and he replies very quickly with the right answer the first time.  I'd consider myself an overly obsessive owner, and want to know the details etc....up front, basically high maintenance, and I feel very well taken care of.  I also have an aftermarket warranty, not through BMW, and Chris makes all the calls for me, and deals with these guys to get every last penny out of them, which is a huge plus considering my schedule.  

I'd recommend taking your Bimmer here to get it taken care of, as they just diagnose the problem quickly, give great feedback, and bottom line, get the job if BMW could only figure out how to get this darn HPFP thing resolved, lol!!!  Scrape together a few extra pennies, and do it right the first time folks.  

Well recommended by this OCD customer.

Kevin N. | 2013-08-01

Been going here for parts for my 2000 328i since I bought it, and recently for my 2006 325i. Their prices are typical dealer fare but, at least it's genuine and the staff is extremely polite and knowledgable.

Only reason it's a 4-star review is the reception service when you call in, sometimes doesn't always connect you to the right department, but that's human error I guess.

Marianne L. | 2013-08-01

really enjoyed the service. Plus it was great if you sign in at yelp that you where there you got a free bmw bag.
Only thing I didn;t care for I had a coupon for oil change at bottomm in fine print if you wanted the lights change and filter it was alot more money.So it was altille misleading for the coupon.So please read the fine print.

Paul C. | 2013-07-29

I live in San Diego not that impress with them. They close to my house, they are good for window shopping and then go to another dealer and make your purchase.

Jess P. | 2013-07-28

The managers here will appraise your car far below what it's really actually worth so you are better off going elsewhere, like CarMax for example. Then furthermore they try to screw you on the price of the car as if we are not educated on the price of these awesome cars, then they play with the interest rate  and it's always a game to them to see what you are comfortable with so you take an offer but the know there is a better rate available out there for you but guess what? The more you pay the more they make. Then of course there is the finance department who will do everything in their power to sell you over priced items like LoJack which no one needs but they will try to convince you otherwise so they can make more $$$$.....It just doesn't stop until you are out the door!! From start to finish this place is a mess you guys, trust me on this one. Will I ever recommend this dealership to my family and friends?? No. But if I had have a few enemies, I would love to prank and send them to BMW of San Diego in a heartbeat. Actually I wouldn't even do that or wish this on them so no, no one needs to go here and get the run around to "make a deal" and end up getting bad customer service all the way around. As a warning to all people who are looking to buy or lease a BMW please do yourself a favor and go somewhere else, heck go to Germany if you have to, but DO NOT go here!

Manny J. | 2013-07-27

Absolutely the best car buy experience I have ever had.  I recently purchase my second BMW from this dealership and  J.J. Balelo in the past six months.  I am now the proud of a 3 Series and X SAV.  He is the most knowledgeable salesperson you will find and made me feel like I matter and was important.   Honestly the vehicle speaks for itself :)  The staff worked really hard to get me the most out of my trade and made the financing processes quick and simple.  I would recommend J.J. Balelo and BMW of San Diego to anyone.  I will never shop anywhere else for another car.

Annie R. | 2013-07-23

I would give them a minus if I could. We called and made an appt to discuss trading in our 535i for an X3 or X5. We were told no problem. We had a very desirable car, etc. After "appraising" our car they wanted us to carry $5800 from our old lease in to our new lease. We left and called BMW financial. They offered to have our car appraised and ultimately offered us $20 less than our residual value. We could not have been more surprised. When we asked why BMW San Diego's figure was so much higher they said that every dealership operates differently. BMW Financial was awesome to work with, but I would never set foot at BMW San Diego again! We turned in our car and bought a Mercedes!

Brandon D. | 2013-07-20

TRULY THE WORST!  A DESPICABLE COMPANY!  I finally did as I promised and sold the BMW I bought and had serviced at BMW of San Diego.  Just over a month ago, I brought my BMW in for it's regularly scheduled oil change.  I discovered after the oil change and "inspection" that they didn't even fill the washer fluid.  Something I consider to be standard during an inspection.  

Yesterday, when I took the vehicle to a certified BMW mechanic for an inspection prior to selling it, he discovered after putting it on the lift that the whole front differential was leaking into the pan.  Something that would be covered under warranty.  When I told him where I had it serviced, he agreed that BMW of San Diego has a reputation for being shady and keeping things from their customers until after the warranty expires.  He also said that had this not been found before the warranty expired that it would have cost me no less than $5,000 to fix.  STEER CLEAR OF BMW of SAN DIEGO.  BMW should revoke their license to sell BMW's.  They are a true disgrace.

Bill A. | 2013-07-17

Just purchased a 528i from BMW of San Diego.  I was considering three different cars including the 528.  At my first visit to the dealership Mike was very accommodating.  I told him I was looking at other cars and would not be making a decision.  He took plenty of time to not only show me the car and test drive it, but also to take me to their offsite lot so I could see one that was closer to the option package I was looking for.  Over the next week I was back and forth with him several times over options and costs.  He did not have the exact package so he gave me several options and ultimately brought down a car from Los Angeles.  The deal went very smoothly, the cost of the car was reasonable based on my research.  At delivery Mike took a lot of time to explain and set up features.  I was very pleased with his professionalism and definitely recommend him.

During the sales process I had checked into the Costco program.  This is handled through Encinitas BMW.  I had made an appointment to meet with a sales person through the Costco program and had already got the numbers on the car I was interested in.  When I got to the dealership she was there but was test driving with someone else.  I waited about 15 minutes for her.  I wanted to see the car and she drove me to the other lot to see it, but she could not locate it.  We drove around for about 30 minutes to different lots trying to locate the car.  Eventually we returned to the dealership and I waited about 45 minutes to be told that the car had sold a few days before.  I had made an appointment to see her and that exact car.  Not only did she waste my time coming up there, it took them combined over an hour to realize the car had been sold.  

Bottom line, Mike Sisco from BMW of San Diego did a great job!

Mj K. | 2013-06-19

this review is for the service department.
Not so much their work but the way my case was handled.
On June 3rd I received a letter about a recall on my year and model cars.
I scheduled am appointment for the next available date which was the 7th.
On the 5th my car showed a vehicle battery warning and it went away.
Not a big problem cause the car started fine and the warning went away.
On the 5th when I went in, I talked to Andy(my service adviser) about the recall and mentioned the warning that I got. He told me that it was because the battery was about 4 years old and it could be on its way out. He asked if i wanted it replaced and i told him no and that i would replace it when my car doesnt start.  The visit ended and i left with a loaner. On the 10th(Monday) I received a call that the recall was done and that indeed my battery was dying and i should replace it soon. He also told me that he found cracks on my rear tires, I told him that i had the wheel and tire protection and that it should be covered. He told me that he would check and get back to me. The following day, he told me that he verified and that my tires were covered and explained the process. Someone was going to come out to check the tires to make sure it was indeed road hazard that caused it(My tires were replaced last november by them).  Two days pass and on the 13th, Andy tells me that the inspection was done and that they will replace my tires. He also told me that he is going on vacation and his replacement will take care of me(I forget his name). Another weekend goes by and I get a call on the 17th that my car is ready to be picked up so i head to the shop. When i get there i get a bill for $450~. I ask what the charge was for and they tell me that it is for a new battery. I tell them that I specifically did not want it replaced. the replacement adviser tells me that he will talk to his supervisor and get back to me. few minutes pass and the adviser comes back to tell me that they will take the new battery out and place my old battery inside(they told me that they replaced the battery on the 10th, how will they find my old battery? do they keep track of all removed batteries?) that was that, no apologies for making me come back and forth and tell me to come back the next day.  today(the 18th) i go back to pick up my vehicle, there is a 36 dollar charge. I ask for what and they tell me that the warranty covered most of the fees and 36 dollars were the left over. I also find out that they replaced the rims instead of the tires because the crack had been on the rims and not the tires.(I dont really care which ever it was but it sure would have been nice to be told about it.) also it would have been nice to be told that i would have to pay the overage(36 dollars for two alloy rims, not a bad deal i know but still). I pay the fees and go out to pick up my car and my car doesnt start.(hmm...i've never had a starting problem. is this really my battery? Not making accusations but still the question lingers). I go back into tell them that my car wont start but the first thing they tell me is that i declined the new battery.(i know this but dont you check to make sure the car atleast starts before you tell me to pick it up?) they jump my car and i drive away.  I had a loaner car so i wasnt carless but i was without my car for over a week with multiple trips to the dealership. Not to mention the mix up of services, not a single "im sorry for the inconvenience" instead i get the "We'll put your old one back in" and the "you declined the replacement battery."  BMW, Im a fan of you guys. Which is why i drive one but really? for the money i pay, I would like a little bit more service and etiquette.

Maureen Z. | 2013-06-11

So, I was in the market for a convertible, and I figure if you're going to buy a convertible, might as well buy a nice one.  I made an appointment to test drive a 138 and the sales person I worked with, Dustin, was great.  The 138 he wanted me to test drive wasn't immediately available, so he took me out in his own car (a 138 with all the bells and whistles).  While I was driving, Dustin asked me questions about my driving habits and what I was really looking for in a car.  When we were done, he suggested I test drive a 128; the 138 is a great car, but it's built for someone who wants a really fast and powerful car - I'm not that person.

In the end, the 128 was what I selected since I don't need to go from 0 to 60 faster than a speeding bullet.  After the test drive, Dustin asked me what options I was interested in and he was able to find a car that was on it's way to California with everything that I wanted.  The 128 is plenty fast for my needs and it has the options that I want - namely the convenience package and the technology package.

The car buying process went fairly smoothly and in no time at all, I was driving away in my new car - they even put the top down for me.  As I was driving away, I felt something I have never felt before - I felt cool in my BMW convertible.

So, in the end, I had a great experience with BMW of San Diego.  If you're in the market for a BMW, I would definitely recommend them.

k r. | 2013-06-09

I am actually quite surprised to see these negative reviews bc I am a long time BMW of SD customer and have always had positive experiences in both sales and service. On 6/8/13i purchased a call from Jason Balelo and it was an easy short process. This is the second car I have bought from him bc he is straight forward and doesn't waste time. He is not the typical "car salesman" and is NOT at all pushy or annoying, as some salesman can be. He worked with me to find a car with all the features that I wanted and didn't try to just get me into a car I didn't love so he could get the sale. Another easy non stressful experience at BMW of SD! I will continue to refer friends and family to Jason!

Sharifa F. | 2013-05-28

For the sales department:

My husband and I made an appointment to visit BMW with the intention of purchasing a car this weekend. Over the phone they were very nice and interested in helping us. When we arrived, we were told we would need to wait for 10 minutes while our salesperson finished with another customer. We waited and waited.. After 25 minutes, we walked up the block to the Lexus dealership and I drove away with my brand new IS 350... Beautiful car!! Amazing service at Lexus!

Jen W. | 2013-05-25

This is the 4th BMW I have purchased in San Diego. The other three cars were purchased from two local dealerships. I planned on working with the same dealership I bought my last car from until a friend insisted I had to give BMW of San Diego a call. She promised that I would be taken care of with great care and honesty. I made a call and spoke with Ken. After hearing my financial requirements he suggested I give the new 320i a test drive. Today I went down and there was the car waiting for me. It had the exact features I wanted...... no more and no less. I was told I would not be able to tell the difference between the new 320i and the 328i on the test drive and that was certainly the case for me. I did enough research on both cars and knew I was given a great price on whatever car I chose. Ken also took the time to go over all the features with me before I drove away in my new 320i. Like most people I am very busy and don't have the time to read a car manual. I love my new car and highly recommend giving them a call.

Tony M. | 2013-05-23

SO, Anyone who's read my reviews know I rarely write 5 or 1 star reviews.  I feel like a 5 star review is reserved for a business that completely blows me away and conversely, one star reviews are for businesses that leave me utterly unimpressed.  That being said, my average is a 3 star and my experiences since writing the initial review lead me to believe San Diego BMW deserves 3 stars and below are my reasons.

The evening after writing my review I was contacted through Yelp by a representative of the dealership who wrote me a detailed note apologizing for the unsatisfactory experience I had and giving me contact information for both the service director and General Manager in addition to offering me a full detail on my next visit.

I scheduled an appointment to see the General Manager a few days later and dropped in after the morning service rush to see him.  Upon arrival, I was greeted politely by the receptionist and asked what she could do for me, I replied that I was there to see the General Manager and had an appointment and was told it would be a minute while she contacted him.  A minute or two later, I was sent up to the GM's office and greeted warmly.  He wanted to go over the experience that lead me to write my review so that he was certain of what had happened.  I explained that I wasn't looking for for special treatment nor anything free but rather I just wanted to find a good fit for both my service and future purchase needs.  

I was very surprised and impressed at his blunt admission that the dealership had several customer service issues and by the explanation of of what he felt they were.  It was refreshing to get such honesty when the expectation was a little whitewash.  He had the Service Director join us and we further discussed my experience.  I felt that he really cared that a customer came in and didn't receive a level of care that met his expectation.

I scheduled an appointment for later in the week and they both insisted on detailing my car after servicing (over my insistence that i wasn't looking for a freebie).  I arrived at the appointed time and was greeted in a timely, friendly manner.  My assigned service advisor came out and brought me to his office.  We discussed what I needed, set up a loaner car and I was told when I could expect the work to be completed.

A few hours later, my service advisor called to let me know that my car would be finished on time and that I could pick it up at my convenience.  I arrived to pick it up and finished my paperwork, the advisor went over what had been done and made sure my questions were addressed.  My car was retrieved by the attendant and I must say, it was IMMACULATE.  I'm pretty OCD about keeping my car clean and waxed but whatever they did brought back that "showroom" new luster.  The service was complete and my car beautiful.  I'll be happy to bump San Diego BMW up another star after my next visit if the level of service I get without the intervention of the GM or Service Director is as good as this one.  I would have no issues with recommending friends or family members in need visit SD BMW.

Mike C. | 2013-05-22

This dealership has improved a lot since Penske automotive took it over.

Oliver P. | 2013-05-20

These guys are great. I enjoy browsing and looking at cars before buying and they do not pressure and offer test drives. I have bought several BMW's from them and they are really great after the sale with service, loaner cars and they are friendly. I have mostly worked with Marc and Pat and they are really great people. I highly recommend.

em m. | 2013-05-17

This is for the service department. I just bought a 528I one week ago.  I noticed that my car was drifting right on freeway driving. Came in to the service department and asked if they could check the alignment.  They said that I would have to wait two weeks for an appointment. Wow two weeks!!! thats amazing.  So I called BMW of Vista and they were able to give me an appointment within an hour with a loaner car.  I live in SD so I just assumed that I would be able to service my vehicle in my own city.  So disappointed.

Marcella L. | 2013-05-13

Since I became a BMW owner I have services my car here. I have always received great customer service. I have always been informed of any service or upcoming maintenance that my vehicle will need. I recently traded in my vehicle for a newer model. Brian in Certified BMW sales was outstanding!! I will recommend him to my family, friends and anyone looking for an upgrade or purchase a vehicle. I will be back when am ready to upgrade again!

charles d. | 2013-05-12

They always take care of my car. Super busy, but maybe there is a reason for that. After all, Denny's doesn't take reservations , but Donovan's does.

Baciula L. | 2013-05-11

This review is for the sales department only.

Based on my previous positive experience I went back to buy another care there and was very disappointed! The guy that sold me my previous 1 series wasnt there anymore. Another salesman wouldn't let me test drive a car just because it was slightly out of my price range and he didn't want to waste anybody's time, even though it was 11am on sunday..

Jeanette G. | 2013-04-30

I came to BMW of San Diego after I was turned away from BMW Encinitas (they didn't have time to see me without an appointment).  

Moises at BMW of San Diego approached me in a friendly manner and asked if I needed help.  I was there to do a lease return and was interested in leasing another vehicle.

Moises helped me with the lease return and it was a smooth process.  We then test drove a car and there wasn't any high pressure sales on his end.  I didn't feel that I walked away with an amazing deal, but a more of an average deal.  After I agreed to another lease, the process was fast and I was excited to drive away in my car.

I would recommend working with Moises at BMW of San Diego.

Jojo Q. | 2013-04-27

I recently got my 2nd BMW from this dealership & Mike Arsoni, the sales agent who assisted me for both transactions was just AWESOME! He was honest, understanding & overall, the BEST SALES AGENT ever! Would definitely recommend this car dealership to friends & family!

John L. | 2013-04-27

Sketchiest "nice" car dealership I've ever been to.  Waited about 10 minutes for a salesguy who knew nothing about the cars.  Tried to test drive two certified pre-owned cars.  One was a former Enterprise rental car that smelled of smoke (no thanks).  Second one started *billowing* white smoke as soon as it was started.  How can a car like that possibly make it through the CPO process?  I'm staying far away from this place.

Johnny P. | 2013-04-23

I have been taken my car to them for years. because of BMW's maintenance plan i don't have to pay anything. So no complaint and everything seems good.

Well, I got them fixed a few leakages a few month ago while my car is still under warranty. one of the leak is due to what they called "transmission mechatronic sealing sleeve" leaking. Everything was fixed and good to go.

However, recently the car was not able to shift the gear. it automatically shift back to parking. So I had it towed to them. After they checked the car, they called me saying "the problem is that the transmission mechatronic sealing sleeve is leaking. the repair is around $680." I said "OK, please fix it".

I got a strange feeling after I hung up the phone, the problem they said sounds familiar. coincidently, i had my previous repair invoice in my bag! It was the same problem they repaired last time!

So i picked up the phone and called them. The guy said let me check with the tech and call you back. He called me back in half hour and said "it is a different sleeve, this one is behind the one we replaced last time".

Really? a sleeve was good a few month ago now is leaking so bad and causes transmission malfunction? The better part is that I just had them checked my car a week ago because I got an engine oil level low warning. They told me there is no leak at all and just need to top of the engine oil.

I have try a different shop. keep my finger crossed (we all know how hard it is to find an honest shop).

Shawn L. | 2013-04-23

Salesmen are liars. DO NOT buy your BMW from this dealer.  I learned the hard way.  The service is awful.  I bought the 2013 528i and had to take my car in several times for numerous issues.  They were never willing to fix the problem.  After several repair attempts I finally hired a lemon attorney who got me a full refund..  They brag about selling half of the BMWs in the county.  Well they are right, they are about quantity, not quality.  Same goes for their service too.  Save yourself the headache........

Oh yeah, the salesman tells the manager in front of me, "boy at this price we are only making a hundred bucks on the car."  I told them, "well guys, I really feel bad that you guys are only making a hundred bucks on the car.  Maybe you should just sell it to someone else."  The sales manager grinned and walked away.

Tommy D. | 2013-04-16

I recently needed to bring in my BMW for service, and after reading yelp reviews, this was definitely not my first choice.  But, after getting burned by the dealership in El Cajon, I decided to give this place a shot.

I set up the appointment and arrived a little early.  The service drive-thru lanes were set up so I followed the green arrows, got out, and looked around to see what to do next.  Aside from an area to pick up a loaner car, it wasn't very clear as to where one should proceed if dropping off.  After a few minutes, I found an employee who told me to just hang out a minute and he'd take care of me.  Fine.

After going over a few things out in the drive-thru area, I was linked up with my service advisor, whose name I do not recall.  He was friendly, but the entire time I was there, I felt like it was a race to get done and we were rushing through everything as he'd speed walk around the place.  We finished up the paperwork and he said I was good to go.  This left me with a couple questions I had to ask him:

- Is there any time frame for this?  Done in an hour, later today, tomorrow??
- Will you call when it's done?  Should I just come back whenever?
- Where do I go next for the loaner car? (some places have you go to a desk first, etc.)

In my opinion, these are all questions that I shouldn't have had to ask, but such is life.

Once the loaner car paperwork was done, I headed out to meet with a guy who clearly hated his job and was rather rude, having almost no customer service skills.  He eventually found the car to which I was assigned, did his walk around and handed me the keys, uttering not one word.  Awesome.

All in all, I suppose I may come back if I don't feel like making the drive to another dealership, but I certainly won't be buying another BMW after experiencing everything their dealerships have to offer.

Lisa K. | 2013-04-08

Joe Merritt is the only service representative that I am fervently adamant on assisting me with my repairs. He has a courteous and honest approach that I really appreciate. Joe himself gets 5 STARS!

I feel anyone other than Joe will presumably ,or has in the past,provided less than or equal to second-rate service. Two stars for BMW of SD!

Boston E. | 2013-04-08

I had an awesome experience buying my car from Mike Arsoni! He's such a chill salesperson. He got me a great deal on my new car, the lease return he did for me went absolutely seemless, no hassles whatsoever, and he had my new 335 convertible waiting for me as soon as I was done with all the paperwork. Which by the way, only took 30 minutes to get in and out of the dealership because they had everything ready to go by the time I got there. (It really does help to give them all your info in advance, you save SO much more time in the long run.) Thanks again for a such a great buying experience!!! There's no where else I'd ever consider getting a BMW in SoCAL!!! BMW of San Diego ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine A. | 2013-04-05

Far from a recommendation - I took my X5 in yesterday to get my oil changed- the service engine light also happened to have come on at the same time my check oil levels - when I got the service recommendations- nowhere did it mention what I had originally come in for OIL CHANGE but it did list $3,600 of other repairs needed- after speaking with the very nice service advisor - nothing needed immediate attention and when I asked about my oil change which she said I wasn't due for another couple of months- they had not even checked it! I told her that I wouldn't be there to pick up my car until after 3pm (as this was 8am and i had a loaner) and she said it was fine - that my car would be washed and all fluids topped off to ensure that my car would make it to the actual scheduled oil change- WELL ARRIVED AT 3:20pm - they couldn't find my X5 had to come back 3 times to look at the service paperwork (I wound up paying the $99 for the check engine light) to find that my car was "parked in the wrong place, it was parked on the street" so they couldn't FIND it- it was unwashed, and when I got home - the CHECK OIL LEVEL light was on and nothing had been topped off- IT TOOK 99 dollars to figure out I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK TO SAN DIEGO BMW! I will only go back for maintenance on the other things that are still under warranty- COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED!

Andrew M. | 2013-04-04

I went into BMW of San Diego several months ago when I received an email for the launch of the new 6 series Gran Coupe.  The email invited me as a current BMW owner to come into the dealership and test drive and check out the new car.  Hey why not!?  I went in and asked to see and test drive the vehicle.  The salesman "Mike" who was very casual about his approach and his attitude towards me was very standoffish, it was clear he wasn't taking me seriously by his lack of interest in even dealing with me.  I told him I currently own a 5 series and was here to try out the new 6.  Reluctantly and very hesitantly he said yes and proceeded to get his manager approval and grab the keys.

I understand its an expensive vehicle and certainly I was not intending to abuse this car on a simple test drive.  He not only wouldnt let me take the car on the freeway for a proper test drive but literally only let me drive around the block from the dealership.  If at any point I went over 20 miles an hour he raised his voice and told me to slow down.  At one point, he grabbed the wheel as I was driving and said very loud and angrily, "woah, woah woah, what do you think you are doing?  this is a hundred thousand dollar car, I don't wanna lose my job."  He was rude, abrasive and so incredibly unprofessional.  I was so shocked at the whole situation and how I was treated I almost pulled the car over and walked out of the car to get the hell out of there but I drove the car back and tossed him the keys and told him he had a lot to learn about customer service.  

I have never been treated so poorly in all my life in a situation where I am a contender to buy something.  They lost a sale that day because I was treated like a criminal and not a human being, let alone a perspective buyer.  If they didn't want me to drive the car, they shouldn't have sent me an email inviting me to come in!  

I had a recently weird experience with their parts department as well.  I came in looking for a part for my 528i and the parts guys also were very casual, non chalant and un-interested in helping me.  I found them to be rude and condescending and not very helpful when it came to buying and instructing me on how to properly install the piece onto my vehicle.  I'm seeing a nasty trend here that is just not the way a customer service based business should be ran.

On the flip side, I had my car serviced at the dealership a few weeks ago and my experience was awesome!  My advisor Trevor went above and beyond to accommodate me.  They are 1 for 3 in my book right now which is pretty piss poor.  I may have an Ultimate Driving Machine but the only thing ultimate about BMW of San Diego is the headache and mistreatment of its customers.  

All in all, these guys have a lot of work to do to retrain their staff on proper customer service etiquette.

N K. | 2013-04-03

I was really unhappy with the customer service. I just had surgery and was in allot of pain, i needed my car and they would not give it to me because i did have my ID, and i am a regular customer. I would never go there again, I will use a neighborhood mechanic that is half the price,  his name is Ceasar auto mechanics he is in vista!

David P. | 2013-04-01

Just leased a new 328i and Jason my sales rep was really laid back and helpful (car salesman that's laid back and not overly aggressive is truly rare). Plus he hooked me up with a great lease deal. Talk to Jason if you want a sales guy who won't try to push you into something over your head.

erika b. | 2013-03-30

I am not sure why the reviews are so bad. I have had nothing but positive experiences here. I bought my first BMW in 2010 and my everyone was amazing. I have refused to bring my car anywhere else for service, knowing that I could definitely save more if I did, but just know the service I receive there cannot be duplicated elsewhere. The greeters are great, loaner people and cashiers are friendly and my service advisor, Gary James always goes above and beyond to ensure I get the best service for the best price. Sadly, my BMW started giving me issues, so I brought it in for repair and decided to trade it in and buy a brand new one. Moises Rivera, my salesman didn't try to push me into something I couldn't afford. He actually worked for several hours to get me the best deal, the best interest rate, and took the time to go over every last detail to ensure I was happy. My experience in the finance department with Cherry was excellent too. I feel good bringing my car here and know whatever needs I have will be met and my expectations will be exceeded. I have yet to be disappointed in the almost 3 years I have been going here. Keep up the good work, everyone!

Jaime G. | 2013-03-21

I went to buy my second BMW this past weekend, and the sales department was awesome! Amir my sales person was great!

Andres C. | 2013-03-18

Since I went into BMW the first time and wrote this review the General Manager of BMW of San Diego (Craig Hauenstein) contacted me to get a better feel for what had happened. I explained my experience, he apologized on behalf of his staff and asked if I was willing to give them a chance . Then he had me deal directly with Daniel Brummett. Dealing with Daniel has been a pleasure! Daniel is extremely knowledgeable and patient. Negotiating the price of the car was easy and I got a deal that I am very happy with. My car is now in production and should arrive in a month or so. Daniel has managed to compensate for my previous bad experience with BMW of SD. If you are going to buy a BMW in San Diego make sure you go see Daniel.

I came in on Saturday looking for a 3 series or an X1 and there were 5 people standing at the door. After they all ran I was stuck with Amir. He was not very willing to help and was acting as if he was doing me a favor by showing me the cars. He made no effort to describe the features of the cars and when I asked a question he responded with "the sticker has all the info you need". This will be my first time buying a luxury vehicle and I have no idea if my expectations were too high but I was hoping I could get knowledgeable and friendly staff. Anyways after I talked to the guy for a little bit some couple came by and Amir just decided to leave. he said "I'm going to take these guys out for a test drive, do you want to wait for me?" Also after I asked to see a car that had the trim that I was interested in Amir said that he would like to go over the numbers before he brings a car out of the back lot! Needless to say if I buy a new BMW I would not be considering BMW of San Diego.


Gianni D. | 2013-03-12

Joe Merritt always exceeds my already outstanding expectations at BMW. He is extremely knowledgable, friendly, thorough, and a joy to be around.

Lloyd F. | 2013-03-09

BMW of San Diego is a rude, poorly run dealership. Although there are tons of employees on premises, rarely does anyone take the time to assist. In the service department, no one wants to take responsibility to assist and the sales department is snobbish and lazy.

Although I visited twice in efforts to purchase a new vehicle, neither time did any offer to help. Because of location, I take my car (which I bought from a different BMW dealership) there to be serviced, but every time I do, Ii expect to be ripped off.

Luke R. | 2013-02-01

This dealership has the worst service dept, they don't call you back, they make you feel like they're doing you a favor by servicing your bmw when it's part of their job to do so, and service items requested aren't completed as asked. I'd rather drive to bmw Escondido to get the kind of service bmw advertises.

Seth B. | 2013-01-31

Pretty happy with BMW of San Diego. I have a been a client twice now with two different 535is. Their service department is definitely not cheap, but their sales department is really friendly and their selection is very solid. Well run business. Would be a great business if their service department was just a little more affordable

Melanie I. | 2013-01-31

Sales Department is about as clueless as they come in the industry. The salesman I had was not focused on my needs and was not a very good listener. I wish I got his name but he looked well, desperate. Anyway, if you are not ready to buy a car that day the salesman loses interest immediately in showing you the car. I have a friend that bought a car in Los Angeles but I just thought why not buy locally and support my local business right here in San Diego, you know? The manager Mark was a total jerk! Does the higher ups know that this guy has no class, no shame and makes women feel very uncomfortable? Look, I know many people don't enjoy buying cars at Toyota, Kia or Hyundai etc but come on this is BMW and they represent not just BMW but the owner of the dealership? I looked up on Google who runs./owns San Diego BMW and it's owned by some well respected man named Roger Penske. I am sure that if they got wind of the bad customer service or lack thereof the higher ups would clean house and get some real professionals. I am considering about writing to corporate and the BBB so that others know that this dealer is being not run at a professional level by any stretch of the imagination. My friend warned me not to come here and I thought how different would it be at Beverly Hills BMW or the one in Irvine?? I have 4 girlfriends that have BMW's and we all are going up to LA or Orange County to buy our next BMW's from up there and I am sure we will get way more respect and not get jerked around by salesman who are more interested in selling me a car "today" and in my outfit, legs and my shoes. Boys keeps it in your pants, I'm a customer and this is not bar you can just look at me up and down and ( blank ) me with your eyes. Grow up!!

Frankie B. | 2013-01-21

The manager just contacted me to apologize for the inconsiderate treatment I received from their salesman.  THAT was very responsible of them which is why I raised my stars to two.  Management 3 stars....sales ZERO.

Alberto A. | 2013-01-16

No Stars! Do not take your car here! If you have Thousands of dollars  you want to throw in the trash be my guest,! This place totally rips you off! I'm no fool I'm not paying you $1,400 to change out a part that cost less than $200. Horrible service, Andy is incompetent along with the manager.  As much as I paid for a luxury car from BMW I get the worst service.

Native C. | 2013-01-08

Was there a few months back and I was not happy with the service department. There was a Sr service person and he would not allow me to fully explain my vehicles problem.  The service person was terribly arrogant  and based on my experience I will NOT take my car there again.  I think the service person was Senior and too comfortable...

Lynnette S. | 2013-01-01

Amir was a rude and arrogant salesman. He discounted what I said as I asked him questions.  We took a test drive and  didn't take the opportunity to educate me about the car.  Then after, he thought it sold itself because he acted surprised we didn't  plunk down the money to buy it then and there.  Mind you, we were there for probably a total of 25 minutes.  We told him we wanted to test drive a Volvo and he waved us off- " Boring".   My husband and I went to another BMW dealership the next day.

Avery O. | 2012-12-10

Sales sucks
I am a 15 and a half year old and looking for a car when I am 16. I went to mercedes, dodge, ford, and BMW. Mercedes dodge and ford all have one thing in common and that is they let me test drive where as the prick at BMW didn't let me because he claimed his insurance didn't cover a permitted driver. He was also reluctant to let my dad drive. Wish I could give 0 stars.

Snj P. | 2012-12-04

Brought the car in for standard/preventative maintenance. Service was exceptional and fast. Using the loaner Bimmer was extremely easy and convenient. Joe Merrit did a GREAT job.

SdNinja N. | 2012-09-30

Thieves!!!  Not only did they charge an arm and a leg, they also "lost" my house key.  Now how you can loose a house key that was with the car key, but not loose the car key?  Service managers were totally useless with their "investigation".  The manager went aroud asking and came back in less than a minute to tell me "I am not sure what i can do".  F U!  Don't take your car to this place!

Alexander T. | 2012-09-28

As a BMW enthusiast who has lived in San Diego for nearly 20 years, I cannot recommend this dealership.

Over the years, I have brought my car here for service a few times and purchased numerous parts.  I've also looked at and test driven a few new BMWs here with other family members.  Every time I leave this dealership, I just get the feeling that no one cares.

Take for example when the new F10 5 series was released in 2010.  I visited this dealership with some family members to get a closer look at a new 550i.  The car was incredible.  The salesman was a fool.  I don't remember his name (I wouldn't share it even if I remembered) but he knew almost nothing about the car and he didn't seem to be very excited about his job.  I tried talking about a few specific BMW related topics and they all went over his head.  Who wants to buy something from a salesman who is clueless?  We left without purchasing the 550i.

Fast forward a few years.  I brought my old 3 series in for the tail lamp wiring recall.  I pulled the car into the entrance to the service bay.  I got out and noticed many BMW of SD employees walking or running around, but no one came up to me.  I finally wandered inside and get my appointment setup, but what a pain.  I've spent plenty of time at the adjacent Toyota and Lexus dealerships and every time I have brought a vehicle in for service in either one, they immediately greet you and get you set up.  BMW of SD leaves you to walk around like a fool.  Thanks a lot.  

The service on my 3 series was completed, and when I returned to pick up my car, I found it was washed!  But oh no, they parked it under a tree.  Way to go.

My dealings with the parts department have been marginally better than those of the sales and service departments.  I have bought many parts here over the years, and it's always been pretty easy.  They look up the part number and I purchase it.  But, I do have a few complaints in this regard as well:
1.  The prices are ridiculous.  BMW parts are actually not that expensive, if you know where to get them.  BMW of SD capitalizes on the fact that most people are clueless, so they are perfectly okay with charging almost $40 for a brake wear sensor.  (I paid $8 for OEM from a web retailer)
2.  The staff is clearly not excited about their jobs.  They seem to have a decent technical understanding, but they seem like they'd much rather be doing something else.  However, they did recently help me out with an exchange and made the process very easy for me.

Overall, this dealership does not live up to what it's name should mean.  San Diego is a fine city and it deserves a top quality BMW dealership that is armed with staff that is passionate about the brand and excited about making customers happy.  BMW of San Diego fails in these regards.  

BMW South County is a much better choice, but being located in El Cajon, they are simply too far for me to reach on certain days as I live in the golden triangle area.

Brian M. | 2012-09-21

I recently took my 2007 BMW 335i in for service.  My service adviser is the young and beautiful Laura Paine.  She was fantastic.  I am also very impressed by each of the technicians I've met as well, though I don't know their names.

My vehicle had an issue that was extremely hard to duplicate because the car would only have the issue when it was cold.  Laura went above and beyond by coordinating cold start test drives with her technicians on multiple days until it finally duplicated the problem for them.  Laura then got authorization from my extended warranty company to replace a bad fuel injector.  

I highly recommend the service department at BMW of San Diego.  Not only do they provide you with a BMW loaner vehicle, but this is a place where I can actually count on difficult problems getting fixed.  Thank you to Laura and BMW of San Diego!

Bryan B. | 2012-09-17

My service specialist is Joshua Miller.  He is so good that when I need to bring my car in, if he isn't available, I wait a day or two until I can see him.  

First of all I love BMW of San Diego.  I first purchase a 2006 brand new 328 and when my lease came due I bought another brand new 2009 328.  I considered turning it in since I was trying to save money but I ended up purchasing it and they actually gave me the car for less then my residual.  I am sure that this was as good for them as it was for me, but I don't care, it was still good for me and helped me decide to purchase the car.  If you need to lease or buy off of lease go see Ken, he is super nice, easy to deal with and simply a pleasure.

So, after 6 years of purchasing, leasing cars with them I must give them 5 stars.  When you bring your car in, you get a free BMW to drive, not some old piece of you know what, but a car you don't want to bring back!  Moreover, any time anything went wrong with my car it was easy to get an appointment and they always replaced or repaired everything perfectly.  The service reps get rated on how well they do, and before I even start I know that Joshua is getting a 10 from me becuase he will go to the ends of the earth to make it a good experience.  I am sure that other service advisors are also good, I just won't change becuase he happens to always take care of me and over time he knows me and my car.

Tom F. | 2012-09-12

If your looking for quality service, this is the place. Laura Paine is the best.! Give her a call if your looking for the wow factor!!!

Cat P. | 2012-09-08

Their service center here is nothing short of terrible! First time coming in to get service (with warranty) i needed to get the window seal fixed and the service light came up. They fixed the seal and just topped off fluids instead of doing an oil change. they told us it was too early and that they could service it after 2000 miles. The car also came back with a scratch & was not cleaned (their usual protocol). So after about 1500 miles, asked a service person if we could bring it in 500 miles early & said yes that they could even make the appointment for us. We opted to make the appt. online instead & came back today at 2:00 pm for our oil change and service. After waiting for about 40 minutes to even speak to the service coordinator guy gary, he told us that our vehicle was not ready for service because his computer said it wasnt ready for service yet for another 2600 miles, even though the last time we were there someone told us otherwise. He then proceeded to try and tell us its a style of driving rather than how many miles to drive. Also tried to show us the cars idrive service indicator on how to check for service. We already knew how to do that but just did as the last person advised on when to bring the car back. Wasted two whole days to bring the car in & nothing got done. All BS. Their team really needs to get it together on what they tell their clients & communication. They deserve 0 stars.

UPDATE: 9/8/12
Chris Myron is the only reliable, decent and honest service office personnel in the whole building. Everyone else there has given me nothing but attitude and bad service. We always try to make appointments with him now to get service check-ins whenever we take the car in to get serviced. two thumbs up for Chris Myron! All the other office personnel should take note and lessons from this guy in customer service!

Nathan C. | 2012-09-08

I have only been there twice once for a fuel filter for my M3 and once for a sub-frame inspection. I dealt with Rod U. in the parts department and he was very helpful and friendly. I dealt with Craig for the service and he was also very helpful and pleasant, I would recommend them to others.

R S. | 2012-09-07

Rod U. In parts helped me with an exchange of some items while I was getting service on my car, he was very courteous and helpful.  Thanks Rod!! I even bought some extra stuff since he was so nice, others should follow his lead.


Ari M. | 2012-09-06


Wish there was a 0-star option, this business is most deserving. I guess the 1-star is acceptable because the sales experience was decent.

My nightmare started in July 2012. I searched for months all over the state to find the perfect (so I thought) Audi S4 which they had at their pre-owned inventory.

I live eight hours away, so I called Paul Hodges (used car salesman) who was super friendly and easy to deal with. We arranged financing and I drove down on a Saturday.

Car looked clean, they had receipts for new valve cover gaskets, tires and provided me with a full inspection checklist as well as a clean, local-owned and Audi-serviced Car Fax.

I drove the car home and started noticing some smoke coming from the engine compartment. Once I got home, I parked it and called the dealer for advice. They had me speak with Aaron Green, a service advisor at their Mini dealership who did the work on the car.

They had me take the car to my local Audi dealer for inspection. They determined that the valve cover gaskets were replaced with the same bolts and crush washer (one time use parts) so it was creating an uneven seal against the heads.

Aaron worked with the Audi dealer and they paid for the repairs totaling $1,000.

I got the car back after a week in service. The very day I got it back, the power steering line blew and I had to pay a $145 tow back to the Audi dealer as well as $400 for the power steering line repair. BMW of SD kept saying to fax over the receipt and they would work on me with it. That fell on deaf ears and never got paid back.

At this point, the car is burning oil at the rate of a quart every 350 miles! The Audi dealer said it could be because the seals had not seated yet so I should drive it a little longer to see if that could have been the cause.

I didn't know what to do since I purchased the car without an extended warranty, so I did some research on any avenue I could get out of the car. I looked over all my paper work and found out that they did not include a Federal Trade Commission mandated Buyer's Guide which says weather or not the car has a warranty.

Not including this is a violation of the law and a $11,000 fine per incident.

I called the salesman who sold me the car and asked their office to send me over a copy of the Buyer's Guide.

Days went by and no email. I called back several times asking for it.

I decided to talk to a manager to see what they would do about the bad engine. I spoke with Mike Gartin, GM of sales who told me: "I suggest you get it fixed or trade it in somewhere. I don't have to do anything, I just need to make sure the cars go, stop and pass a safety inspection."

No "Sorry" to speak of. That's when I inform him that there was no buyer's guide and his business office was not able to provide a copy for me. He said "Of course it does, every car we sell does. We send it to the bank as well, so I'll have them send over a copy".

At this point I filed complaints with the FTC, BBB and CA beauru of automotive repair and consulted with an attorney.

I called the bank myself and they didn't have a copy of the Buyer's Guide either.

I called back Mike and informed him and his tune really changed "Okay, bring the car down, we'll take a look at it and we'll set you up in a loaner."

I leave at 5am for the eight hour drive back to the dealer and have to add oil several times during the trip.

They have my car for five days and I get no contact from them. I called and asked what was up. At this point I was given the biggest runaround of my life. I would call, leave messages and NO response.

Finally they get back to me that there are 3 bad cylinders on one side, 1 bad on the other and they would need to take the heads off to see the damage.

A simple compression and leak down inspection BEFORE it went for sale would have easily caught this. SHADY!!!

Then then tell me that I need to drive the car for 1,000 miles and do an oil consumption test so they can see what they can do about it. Even though I provided a comprehensive list of when I added oil by date. That means two more eight hour trips and I don't even know if I'll be getting a replacement engine.

At this point, I ask them to buy back the car. They leave me hanging for a day and call me back to let me know they will buy back the car but not cover the $400 power steering bill.

At this point, I'm done. I'll take the loss of 24 hours at $100/hour (my hourly pay rate), $400 for the PS line repair, $200 for a deposit I put down on a custom fabricated stainless exhaust, $160 in fuel.

All I can say, is that I'll be getting my expenses back one way or another.

Rich K. | 2012-08-14

I had a steering sensor go wacko while in San Diego and stopped here without an appointment. They took my car, were honest about not being able to look at it that day, and arranged for a loaner for me.

They did check out my car the next day and got it back to me in tip top shape two days later. I was happy with the result as well as the professionalism of the service department.

I would certainly not hesitate to take my Z-4 here again should the need arise.

TracynSanDiego O. | 2012-08-08

BMW of San Diego had my car for four days and could not diagnose the problem.  A small service shop in PT Loma was able to diagnose it within 20 minutes. I don't know what's going on with this place but I seriously doubt I will ever go back.  Yeah they provide loaners but at this point, who cares?!

I've also noticed that they've started using the "let me put you on hold so I can talk to my boss about getting you a good deal" line... very offensive to anyone of even below average intelligence.

Glen H. | 2012-07-10

This is an update from my old review... I had problems with the service department in the past, but they seem to have worked through all of those and the service I have been receiving as of late has been great. I have been working with Glen Widdop in service & definitely recommend him.

For the sales department, I would give 7 stars if I could to Pat Springer. It is my 2nd car that I have bought through this dealership and with Pat. I can't say enough good things about him, his level of service and what a pleasure he is to work with. Absolutely zero pressure, he's a really good guy and you can tell he actually cares about helping you, not just putting you into whatever he can to make a sale. (Not saying anyone else at this dealership is like that, but we do know they're out there.)

If you're going to be looking to purchase GO SEE PAT! You won't regret it.

Sam P. | 2012-06-19

The end of my journey to find my first high-end sports/performance car ended here. It actually began by experiencing a salesman with a horrible attitude that drove me to another dealership. When I learned that what I really wanted was back at BMW of San Diego I decided to consider another salesperson. Once there I remember a salesman that had sold me an M3 seven years prior and recalled his great attitude and nature. I decided to give him a try. I struck gold. Pat Springer is one of the most honest and caring salesman I have ever encountered. When my request included something not usually agreed upon by the dealership, he discussed it with his manager, Tony, who thoughtfully agreed to satisfy my request and grant this exception for me.

I walked in to meet Pat in the morning, addressed my specific concerns and requests, acquired lowest interest-rate financing and went home with my new BMW convertible!  I reduced the rating to 4 stars because of the initial contact with the first salesman. But, Tony, the manager,  was a true gentleman and professional and I cannot say enough about Pat Springer, the salesman.  This may be the most confident recommendation I've made thus far.  Ask for Pat Springer.  He's the best!

Jim H. | 2012-06-16

I caught this place running scams!! I brought my 330ci here because I was experiencing some odd vibrations at freeway speeds. The service man Mr. James told me it was probably my tires and that they would balance them for 59.00. Two hours later Mr. James calls me and says its not the tires and he would need more time to "analyze the problem" and quoted me a $298. I said okay. Three days later they called me and said I needed a new drive shaft or a rear diff they were not sure. they quoted $4200.00 I told them I was going to get a second opinion. Long story short I took it to European auto sports in Mira Mesa the guy had it on the lift for five minutes and solved the problem for under fifteen dollars! Do not deal with these people, you will regret the experience.

Alec H. | 2012-06-05

I dont know why there are so many bad reviews but i have always been taken care of here and they treat me very well. They serviced my new bmw very quickly but they also did a very good job on getting rid of the exhaust noise in the back of my car.

Van L. | 2012-06-04

I have been leasing my BMW for over 10 years from these guys.  Moises Rivera has been taking very good care of me over the years    He is prompt, knowledgeable and extremely personable.  He's always there to help and answer all my questions/concerns.  

Ask for Moises if you are looking to buy/lease.

Adrienne K. | 2012-05-29

By far, the best experience I've had at a car dealership.

Recognizing that we were fresh meat, my husband & I leisurely circled the parking lot shopping the inventory. We were quickly spotted by the man behind the curtain who enthusiastically sent out one of their hungry troops. MIKE ARSONI was batter up, and as he made his way towards us, he quickly introduced himself and couldn't have been more respectful of our space, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Mike & his team at the Kearny Mesa BMW made our experience smooth, comfortable, and exciting. Far from the pushy, pathetic sales tactics and reputation that most car salesman have in tow.


bryant p. | 2012-05-02

Slow service and very unfriendly while waiting to be attended. Definitely my worst experience at a dealership even if it was for the service department.

Adam M. | 2012-04-28

I had a great experience on their used car lot today. Their offerings were great, just not exactly what I needed.

Ask for Paul, super nice guy.

Joey K. | 2012-04-10

I purchased my pre-owned BMW from another dealer last month.  Over the next couple days, I noticed a rattle coming from the back of the vehicle.  I took it back to the dealer, and they advised me that the car was still under BMW warranty, and any work they would do would void that warranty.  So, they referred me specifically to BMW of San Diego, and even gave me the name of a service advisor that they refer people to.  However, my neighbor had also given me a card for the guy she sees.  So, I first called the guy referred to me by my neighbor.  I left him a voicemail.  After 3 days, he still had not called me back, so I chose to make an appointment with the guy the dealership referred me to.
Keep in mind, this is my first BMW and my first experience with BMW of San Diego.  The entire process of buying, owning and servicing cars with BMW is different than that of other cars.  When I received confirmation of my appointment, there was absolutely no instruction on what do the day of my appointment.  I arrive on the day of and there was no one around to greet me.  I wandered around, clearly lost, and finally went inside and asked the first person I could find which was the girl at the parts counter.  When I asked how to check in for my appointment, she looked at me and replied as if I were bothering her, "Just stand next to your car, someone will come out."  Clearly if I was asking, I didn't know the process so having her react like with such disdain was offputting.
I get someone to check me in and I wait for the service advisor.  I finally meet with him and he sits me down, asks me what's wrong.  I explain to him again, that this is my first time owning a BMW, therefore my first time at the dealership.  He seemed to not care.  He just said, "Oh".  The entire time he made no effort to have a conversation with me other than ask me facts about my car.  I asked him an unrelated question regarding a dealer installed option I was looking to add on, and he kind of gave me a blank stare with no definitive answer. Maybe it's because I don't fit their ideal of a BMW owner.  That shouldn't matter.  The fact is, this entire experience, I never felt like anyone took me seriously or cared that I was there. The advisor never once told me when I could expect the car, or expect follow up.  He just said, "I'll be in touch, and sent me on my way".  Never explained anything to me.  I got my loaner, and went back to work.  I called him later that day and he said, "Oh it will be here for the weekend".  That was it, nothing else. It wasn't until after we spoke, I discovered the form said that the car was promised the following Monday at 5pm.  He never told me that or explained that to me when I dropped the car off.  I emailed him Monday morning and still got little information.  In fact, all of his emails vague. I kept having to dig for information and one time, asked a question twice.  He seemed like he couldn't be bothered.  Instead of finding answers he would tell me, "I don't know".

I finally got my car back on the following Thursday, a full week after I dropped it off,  I never had expectations set forth for me and was not really kept informed of the process and status, unless I first contacted them.  
What I experienced at BMW of San Diego was definitely sub par.
And then to find out when I received my survey, THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO WASH MY CAR WHEN THEY WERE DONE WITH THE SERVICE!!!!!!! That didn't happen either! RUDE!

Merton G. | 2012-04-09

I have had so many wretched experiences with BMW of SAN DIEGO that they don't even post my reviews any more. My latest horror occurred last week on a Friday when the battery on my 2007 M Coupe died requiring a jump start from AAA. Because I was in emergency state lees than a mile from BMWSD, I called and spoke with Joe in the service department asking how long would it take to install a new battery in my car. Joe replied he could have the car back in my hands no sooner that Tuesday afternoon at the earliest, over 4 days later including a Sunday. His response to my gasp was "those cars take a minimum of 10-12 hours to program the new battery, and we don't have anyone qualified to do that until next week".

Now I know from experience that replacing a battery in these BMW's can be a painful, dreadfully expensive ordeal. But I suspected that this BMW expert, Joe, didn't have a clue. So I drove to South county BMW in El Cajon, got right in and was driving off an hour later with a new battery, and a smile on my face.


Andrew H. | 2012-04-01

Stay away, stay away, away!!! If only I could give them zero stars or better negative stars.. they don't even deserve one star.  I took my newly purchased used (private party) 328i to them as I knew it needed an alignment.  Around 4 p.m., the service advisor called me and told me that they couldn't complete the alignment due to "major front end damage'. When I arrived I was told that the car had either been in an accident, been driven over a curb or center divider, but it definitely had major issues and needed $4500+ worth of work.  I was still charged $250+ for an alignment even though they suppossedly couldn't complete it.  To make a long story short, this was complete non-sense, there was no damage.  I took it to another dealer and they finished the job no problem.  I called Penske corporate to complain and the GM did call me promptly and I was refunded for the alignment that they couldn't do.  I was told it wan an honest mistake, made by a technician with 10+ years of experience and I was offered a free service, which I refused.  How would I ever let these guys touch my car again?  Overall rating on Yelp is two stars, that should be warning enough.  These guys don't even deserve that.  If you're comfortable being lied to, ripped off and generally being taken advantage of continue on.  All others find someone else.  There are plenty of other reputable dealers/mechanics out there.......

Dominik H. | 2012-03-19

My experience with this dealership was so bad, that the 1-star decision comes easily. I was shopping for a car and considered a certified BMW. However, the sales people in the certified section were not interested in selling me anything. I told them what model and what year I was looking for and saw two cars on the lot that matched my criteria. I had a hard time to get info on those two cars, but when I asked if I could test drive, I was offered to keep looking around and tell them if we see anything interesting. It was so bizarre. I was asked if I really wanted to buy. Why there was a doubt, I don't know. And even if I had been unsure, shouldn't it be a sales man's job to convince us to buy? Or give me at least some information that makes my decision to buy easier? I don't get it. I am assuming that they don't live off commission. Right next to the certified-car area is a Lexus dealership. They couldn't greet me quickly enough when I walked over to them. Lexus gave me all the info I wanted about their cars and the test-drive was no issue at all.

Another experience: When I was at the dealership I went to the service (haha...)-area to make an appointment for my old BMW. There was a recall, a minor issue, and I needed to get it fixed. At the service-desk the lady told me that I have to call the appointment center. She couldn't make an appointment right at the desk. The appointment center is upstairs but apparently not open for direct contact with customers either. The lady was kind enough to hand me the phone though and dial for me, so I could talk to the guys upstairs. I thought that was very peculiar.
The recall issue was fixed while I was waiting. They told me on the phone it would be done in an hour, I could wait for it. It took them two hours. But at this point, that doesn't really matter anymore, right?

Kristin R. | 2012-03-14

I don't normally write reviews, nor have I ever felt compelled to yelp about a car dealership, but I'm far too happy with this place to hold back.

I took my car in to have routine warranty maintenance and some paint looked at.  Chris is absolutely fantastic.  He got the paint fixed in less than a day for less than the estimate.  The free rental they give you (if you opt for one) is always amazing, the wait was short, everyone was nice from Service to Rentals to the Cashiers (actually, the cashiers are always exceedingly nice).  My beautiful black 128i came back to me with new paint and a decent wash in record time and for very little money.  I could not possibly be happier with the whole place's attentiveness, service, and the great deal I got to fix the paint.

I know not everyone is going to love taking their car in for service as it sometimes means something has gone wrong and it may cost money, but your car is your lifeline and shockingly, it occasionally will cost you.  I have found that by being pleasant and having a good attitude people will basically treat you decently.  

It sucks that others have had If you have issues here, but try going to a Honda dealership.  Seriously, see how that feels.  Water?  Nope.  Loaners?  Generally no.  Doing nice stuff like not charging you because you forgot to top off the tank in your loaner?  Oh wait, do't worry, you didn't get a loaner.  Every other car dealership I have ever been to (except maybe Saturn, those were pretty great) is like a firey hell compared to anything that could ever occur in BMW of SD.

Jennifer S. | 2012-03-13

This service location is awful. No one seems to even bother to help you. If you ask any questions you are treated like an idiot. Took my vehicle in for a indicator light that came on and they wanted to have me purchase a $600 battery as they think that might be the issue; however, they are not sure. After taking the vehicle to another BMW location, I was told my battery was just fine and there were mechanical issues with the vehicle that are covered under my warranty. By going into San Diego BMW, they charged me the inspection fee of $145 and it turns out the problem was actually under warranty. I will be looking for that money back, but I will NEVER take my vehicle here again. I agree with one poster that there is a serious disconnect between service and sales. Service was rude from the moment I pulled in to when I left. Such a waste of time and money. DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION.

Jessica G. | 2012-03-13

If I could rate it a zero I would possibly the worst experience ever At a dealership the worst customer service absolutely horrible after waiting on hold for over 10minutes and yes I did time it  because it was on my phone I had to hang up call back on hold for another few minutes till I finally got the service  manager and he still didn't help absolutely horrible do not take your car here!!!!!

Ashley S. | 2012-03-12

Interesting disconnect between the service department and the sales department. While the sales folks where really helpful in putting me in the car  that I love and which I spend the majority of my day in ( I live in LA!) the service department is horrible.
I was having some minor issues with my car that needed some attention. I took a long a Monday off and made it a long weekend. I drove down to San Diego on Friday, to spend some time with family and made an appointment to drop off my car and have it worked on. I met with the service advisor, and went over the list of issues I needed them to look at.
They were nice enough to give me a loaner, unfortunately when I picked my car off and drove up to LA 4 out of the 5 issues that I had on the list did not get fixed.
I guess I have to try and fix this at one of the dealerships up here.

Isaac E. | 2012-02-28

I am 20 years old, i took in my vehicle for a recall that was found on the 3 series models from 2002 - 2005, i made an appointment over the phone and i asked her how long will it take for my car to be ready and she said about an hour and i was fine with that. I show up at BMW of SD i leave my car at the service station and there they tell me that my car wont be ready till 6pm when they close so that was a huge inconvenience for me cause i did not want to wait at the dealership for 5 or 6 hours i needed to go home. Luckily one of the service advisors let me know that i was able to get a loaner car so i was glad about that, then i walk over to the rental car area i show them my credit card my proof of insurance and when i show them my ID the clerk at the rental station tells me that i need to be at least 21 or older for me to drive a bmw loaner vehicle. I was very upset when he told me that. First off i did not know that, then no one had told me that not even over the phone nor did my service advisor let me know about that either, so that was a very big inconvenience for me to stay at the dealership for 5 and a half hours waiting for my car, young kids drive BMW's too!! If i have a valid drivers license, good full insurance coverage then whats the big deal?? BMW needs to revise their policies because im pretty sure im not the only person whos under age 21 that goes and gets there cars serviced! Very very bad.

Sarah Katherine S. | 2012-02-21

If I could give this zero was. This place broke my car twice. The first time for oil change, I pick up my car the cup hold is laying in the middle of the car. They broke it and returned it without saying a word. I go in they fuss, try to blame. They fix it. I shouldn't have come back but they sent me a coupon. I come back and when I pick up my car the back of my seat is broken. AGAIN THEY SAY NOTHING YOU CAN"T SIT IN THE DAMN CAR hand me key. I go in again they blame me! 'we did not touch the inside' 'yes you did you cleaned it' 'oh' they proceed to try to JAM it back on. It wont go back he damages my leather twice, and say 'they will do it tomorrow you will need to come back'  they never called to say it was ready i call them and i pick it up and they 'you lucky they fixed it for free' ' no they broke it and i had to come out here twice.' 'but they fixed' NEVER ONCE DID THEY APOLOGIZE. Shame on them. Making all BMW look bad.... I have told everyone about this. Please avoid this place.

Nicky P. | 2012-02-03

I've been a long time BMW customer and this is the only dealership I would ever do business with. The sales staff is friendly and my advisor Andy is Awesome. He is very informative and always gives me his honest opinon to what would be in my best interest to save money, and has helped me recently with getting my recent issue covered under warranty from the factory that usually isn't. I really like how they give you a BMW loaner car free of charge to drive while your car is in the shop.

Earl L. | 2012-01-28

I purchased a new BMW a few months ago for my wife.  She really loves it and didn't have any problems at all until a few days ago.  I happened to be driving it and all of a sudden there was no power steering.  Like a brick trying to turn.

I immediately called BMW of San Diego which was the closest dealership to us.  They told me to bring in the car and I did an hour later.  My service representative was Joe Merritt.  He was really great to work with.

He told me this qualifies as an emergency and they provided a loaner car to use complimentary.   He explained he and his team were on the nightshift and someone would look at it that evening.

The very next day he called me to tell me that they found the problem.   At the factory, I guess they didn't install the hose correctly and the power steering fluid was leaking out.  It didn't leave me with a great feeling and worrying maybe other things were done wrong.

But Joe was great to deal with!  He had the car all washed and ready to be picked up less than 24 hours from when I dropped it off.

I'd highly recommend BMW of San Diego for repairs and specifically Joe Merritt.

Aaron B. | 2012-01-27

Made my way back to BMW of San Diego, this time for a brake light on and an issue with my convertible top (on the Z4).  Met with service adviser Josh Miller to discuss.  Josh took a look at the convertible top and looked in my trunk (the top opens into the trunk) and said it was simply off track.  He, himself, placed it back on track and didn't charge for it.  He also made the determination that the brake light was on due to a sensor issue and not the brakes.  Josh had the sensor replaced and kept me in the loop the entire time.  A true professional that loves helping people.  Good job Josh and thanks for all you do!  It's Miller time!

Michael C. | 2012-01-23

my experience with the BMW SD service department has been great so far. i've read some of the negative reviews and it would seem as if the service adviser makes a huge difference.  josh miller has been helping me since day 1, and based on what others have posted about other service advisors, i couldn't be happier (or more thankful).

i bought an 09 650i back in november (from coast bmw) and had to take my car in for service about a month later because of a noise coming from the back.  i also had some warranty questions that the coast bmw's salesperson was being useless/vague about.  i made an appointment, dropped off my car, and was on my way with a complimentary rental, all within an hour.  later that day, josh called back with a full explanation of the problem and also raised some red flags about the shadiness of the coast bmw salesperson and the promised warranty.  a few days later, i got my car back, with the problem fixed (replaced rear right wheel bearing under warranty) and an infinitely better understanding of my warranty.

i have been back a few other times since then for some random questions and advice on some DYI modifications i've done.  since josh used to be a master technician, he isn't one of those advisers who needs to ask others about what needs to be done, which saves a lot of phone tag time.  he is extraordinarily knowledgeable, honest, prompt with responses, takes his job and customer satisfaction very seriously.  i've excelled in sales jobs over the summers when i was a student, and am currently an engineer in the automotive industry, so my previous compliments of josh come from someone who is not easily impressed.

if you need to take your car in, i would recommend specifically asking for him.  if you've already taken your car in and worked with another adviser, i would recommend switching.  (sorry if this exponentially increases your workload josh)

Marsi H. | 2012-01-10

These guys get it right everytime.  From their sales department to their service department, they always make me feel like a VIP.  Thanks BMW of San Diego.  You are a well oiled machine!

Seth C. | 2011-12-27

Always extremely pleased with the customer service at BMW of San Diego; my service advisor, Joe, exemplifies knowledge and congeniality.  He is always pleasant and accommodating, which is extremely appreciated when trying to balance a busy work schedule.

Tiger T. | 2011-12-24

brought my BMW 7 SERIES for maintenance,they use a dirty rag to wash my car,my car came out with sratches through out the whole car ,bad service manager doesn t regulate employee ,or saying no discipline.and they didn t do any thing for the damages

Nick O. | 2011-12-21

Made my way back to BMW of SD for warranty repair service that BMW South County was unable to repair twice - it took a week but they were able to fix what South County couldn't figure out.

My passenger airbag off indicator kept lighting up even when people were sitting in the seat.  South County replaced the seat mat on two separate occasions with no resolutions.  On the 3rd time, I went to SD - they did that same fix as well as swapping out some controller...I drove off and the light came back on and drove right back - and they ended up replacing the seat leather and some more pieces which resolved the issue.  The leather of the seat was causing pulling on the sensor or something.  

Basically, if it's an oil change, service interval, or something simple...I think SD or South County are great options.  Something more complicated - i'll take it to SD.

In the end, BMW-SD has a great service center, huge stock of BMW loaner cars, my advisor was good but needed to smile or be happy or something.

Paul F. | 2011-11-24

don't go there!  i started off with a simple repair request and each time, they would call me back to share i needed to replace or fix another unrelated thing.  i had to bring my car back 3 times to fix one problem and they finally fixed it but shared it might cause me problems if i didn't pay over 1600 for another part.  they did a complete, extensive electrical analysis to find it and barely did it... however, now because of their inept mechanics, i'm having electrical issues i never had before i brought it in. i contacted them about it to fix it and they refused to own up... i've contacted ARB and BBB but after numerous attempts to get them to repair the problems, they just wanted to refund my money from the original problem and not fix the subsequent symptoms from their electrical analysis!  i've attempted to write letters but nothing.  i took it to euro auto spot and they gave me a clean bill of health regarding the car's functionality of the equipment and shared it's electrical.  so my only option now is small claims court.!  don't go there!!!!

Alison L. | 2011-11-15

Ughhhh why are you guys so bad????

So I called to make an appt and the girl told me that my previous service advisor Chris was out for the week, so they put me in with another advisor who I shall not name because he is the most incompetent service advisor I've ever met! He's unbelievable... Let me tell you what happens. So I bought my car used and got an aftermarket warranty. Last time I came in they recommended that I fix a couple things that may be covered by my warranty that's why I brought it back. Now everyone knows that the warranty companies will try their hardest to NOT pay for anything, so a good advisor should try his hardest to get them to-- perfect job for a dealership right? Considering how pushy dealerships can be. Sooo this new advisor decides to call the warranty company and ask them what they'll cover. Of course things get technical and of course they say they don't cover this and that and the advisor is very ok with that? Then it gets to the end and the company says the things they WILL cover (the fan belt) and the advisor says "Ohhh really?? I wouldn't think that you'd cover that!" Really dude?? WTF is wrong with you? You clearly have my best interest in mind....

So when I showed my disapproval with him he decided to take me to see the original service advisor (Chris)--- umm I thought he was out?? Guess not! So Chris remembered my situation pretty well and even remembered that my bf works on cars, in which case he asked me to leave my car there and he'll work whatever he can out with the warranty company... So I left my car there but I definitely felt uneasy about it.

Chris calls me on Monday (when I left the car there friday) and said he spoke to the warranty company and they'll pay for over $600 in repairs (Thrust rod bushings). That sounds better...but then he says that the fan belt will not be covered? While they clearly said they would when I was there? Not sure what happened but I think it's a technical part with the warranty company and not Chris. Either way I am picking up my car today, tuesday, after leaving it there Friday. I will update if there's anything wrong with my car but overall this AGAIN has not been a great experience.

Tracy C. | 2011-11-10

I have to say, after reading the Yelp reviews for them, I was skeptical about going to this dealer to purchase my next car. So I went, instead, to the BMW dealer in Vista, and the salesman there was horrible!  I was so turned off by that experience (I will post a review on their profile) that I called Charlie from BMW of San Diego (who I met the previous week).  He was laid back, and had an easy, no pressure sales demeanor about him.  I told him that if he was willing to work with me, I'd be in to work with him.  He agreed and the next day, I came into the dealer with my comparisons from Autotrader, KBB and other research.  I told him what I wanted for my trade and what I thought was a fair price based on what other cars were available.  10 minutes later, he came back and said we had a deal.  The process was painless (and a bit disappointing for someone like me who loves the back, and forth of negotiation).  I am very happy with my purchase and the experience I had with Charlie.  I read all the previous reviews, and it seems my experience on the Used Sales lot was very different then those who visited their service or New Car lot.  If I get a different experience with my first service visit, I will post.

Brad P. | 2011-10-16

The service is slow.  The only reason I give 3 starts is that the new car selection and deals are good, and the coffee maker and TV is good as well.

Moriel L. | 2011-10-05

Service department was efficient and professional.  I took my BMW 328i in because my service light went off and I had a lot of rattling going on.  I made the appointment via the website, and was seen as soon as I drove up.  I had a rental ready for me, and they called within an hour for an update.  Although they did a great job on the issues I brought my car in, I had a huge bill for having to replace two worn tired.  Oh well, I guess that comes with owning a BMW.  
Chris Myron was my service advisor, and he did a great job taking care of my car. I would definitely come back.

Wendy H. | 2011-08-24

After a whole lot of crap, I ended up buying the car ONLY because the deal was too good to pass up.  What a difference ONE salesperson makes.  Original salesman Matt Ars*** was and is a typical slimy sales guy.  No warm and fuzzies.  It was ONLY about the sale for him.  When my husband and I decided to get the car, we waited about 45 minutes to buy the car.  Are you flippin' kidding me? I said "HELLS NO" and thank goodness a man named Michael Grigich was there.  He is the nicest salesperson and even if he was insincere, I would have never known.  He treated us as if he genuinely cared about taking care of us and did his job by selling a car to us.  GOOD JOB Michael.  If he was the first guy we encountered, the whole situation would have been much better.  In all fairness, I do not mean to crucify Matt Ars**   I just think that he needs training to make people feel good about their experience and not come across as a commission hungry - who cares about you kinda guy.  If you buy a car, ASK for Michael Grigich.  HE IS THE NICEST!!!  The finance lady, Tami, was extremely pleasant.

Jeff S. | 2011-08-18

This review is purely for the Sales Department.

This dealership is huge and nice. Unfortunately it has the worse sales department I have ever been to.

3 years ago I wanted to buy a BMW 335i. I went to this dealership, walked in and asked for a sales person. I saw 3-4 standing around, but no one bothered to help me. Finally a sales man let me come test drive the car. Before I got in he said " Don't forget this isn't your car so don't drive it too aggressively." After I finished my test drive he asked if I was planning on purchasing today. I said no and he literally just walked off. A week later I bought a G37 from Kearny Mesa. Not a better car but far better service.

Jump to 3 years later. Recently my girlfriend has been looking for a 1 series. Once again we drove to this dealership. This time a dealer actually came to help us. He asked us when our time frame to purchase was. I said, "Maybe end of this month." Throughout the entire test drive was dead silence. After we finished he shook our hands and walked off. No follow up, didn't even give us his business card. Nothing...

We ended up buying the BMW at a different dealership a few weeks later.

This has to be the snootiest dealership I've been to. I almost feel like I have to beg the dealer to sell me a BMW. It says something when I go to a Honda dealership, and the sales people treat me nicer than when I go to a BMW dealership...

Tyson H. | 2011-08-11

This dealership is fine.  I bought a 335ci from them in 2007 and returned in from lease in 2010, and I'm overall content with the experience.

The bad: The rear bumper was scratched on delivery.  Mounting holes were drilled on my custom-ordered 335ci by the dealership even though I reminded my sales guy repeatedly not to do that.  You can feel like part of a cattle herd.

The good: Service visits were painless, and the dealership didn't cut corners.  Most services were done within two hours; one that required longer (a battery charge, overnight) included a free loaner car.  ( was an experience.  At least I didn't have to put much gas in it.)  Despite all of the scared-straight style lease return literature from BMW corporate, it actually was a painless process.

Would I go back?  Probably.  I'd look at Cunningham first, which is very supportive of the local know, the guys that set up autocrosses at Qualcomm for you to do in your new Bimmer.  Because they're centrally located, this dealership kinda doesn't feel the need to try harder, but neither do they allow themselves to become complacent.

Thi N. | 2011-08-10

BMW loses another star!  I made an appointment arrived and still have to wait 1.5 hours + for someone to service me.. In the meantime 4 other people who showed up after me was serviced before me. This is frustrating!  Never had such poor service for a high end dealer ship as the BMW of San Diego. VERY DISAPPOINTING....

Natalya S. | 2011-07-31

If you are going to the BMW of San Diego I would Highly recommend Gary James as your service advisor.  Gary is very honest, knowledgeable,   and a pleasure to work with.

For the past 5 years that I had been going to this dealership he was always there for me and never once tried to sell me something I didn't need. It's hard trusting people now days especially if you are a girl at the dealership :), Gary never tried to take advantage of it and always took care of my car at a reasonable price.

Thanks Gary :)

Glenn C. | 2011-07-22

Still no resolution!  It's like they all agree that if they all say the same thing then they are not accountable for anything. Even after getting some correspondence from the corporate office, they came back and claimed to have fixed all issues at their expense!  They paid for nothing and they all act like I am lying. Like I said, talking to them is like listening to a recording, they all have the same exact comment on my issues and none if them deviates from their story.  Total BS. I have several friends that swear by this dealership though and were really surprised by my experience. I was surprised by my experience as well!  I go through cars faster than most people change their underwear, but I won't be coming here ever again.

J C. | 2011-07-17

Just wanted to say thank you to Gary James my service manager and this service center for the continued great service.  All around great customer service and repair.  Patrick in the scheduling department is great as well. I live far away from this center, but I tried Encinitas and customer service still needs to be worked out there. I rolled in with a flat tire and rolled out since they would not allow my cavalier king charles in their rental car or in their showroom.

Guy B. | 2011-07-15

I have had the pleasure of purchasing and servicing all of my BMW's at BMW of San Diego. From day one 7 years ago...purchasing experience to service has always been top notch! I have worked with the same service advisor ( Gary James ) from day one and have always been extremely satisfied with the prestige level of service. They even have snacks and Starbucks coffee in the lounge. Over all I would and do recommend this dealership!

Saraa B. | 2011-07-13

great customer service, and not pushy at all! i think paul is the nicest... the guy with the accent.. very friendly!

raymond s. | 2011-06-19

BMW OF SAN DIEGO - They're the worst BMW dealership i've ever been too.
1) I bought a car from them last year in 2010 a 2008 bmw 335i, paid around $39k for it. I got scammed i didn't do my research,, and then i took it to get it appraised they said it was worth $23k. I sold it myself for $30k on craigslist.
2) i went to take a look at the new 2011 335is, a sales guy name "Pedro" was helping me out. First off this guy is pathetic, and a jerk, He said the car was going to be $1029.00 a month for 34 month lease with $8,000 down and the car is $65k the 336is convertible. I told him that you guys are scammers, and how you guys ripped me off last year. He had the nerve to say go talk to the other sales person that sold you the car, and he wasn't helpful just in a rush.
3) i came back 2 days later, i got another sales guy who said something completelty different. Now they were going to give me the car for $850 a month instead of $1029.00. They made a mistake trying to say the car is worth more and gave me a higher payment. Until i corrected them!

All around Bmw of San Diego is a scam operation, trying to get you from the front and back and they don't care about repeat customers.

I went to bmw of encintias and i got the same car with premium and cold weather package for way cheaper for $709 a month. They worked with me till i was happy, they earned my busienss for life.


Eddie C. | 2011-06-18

Took in my 2004 X3 for which the panoramic moon roof wouldn't work. I hadn't used it more than a handful of time that I owned it. The back portion of the window wouldn't close. I figured the problem could easily be resolved. The service advisor first tried to reprogram it but that didn't work and I was told I needed to have it looked at by a technician. Upon bringing it in I was told the very least to fix it would be around $1900 and the high end $5800. $5800!!!!! That's literally one fifth of what I paid for the car! Upon haggling with the Head Service Advisor he said that BMW couldn't do anything because of the warranty expired. We were informed that it would cost us $1700 just to put everything back IN A NON- WORKING CONDITION that I brought it in. My wife flipped and we picked up the car in pieces and had it towed to Bernie's Upholstery in Lemon Grove which I found on Yelp. Jim at Bernie's told me he could get it done for a lot less. To my pleasure when I drove up to drop off the parts and my X3 I saw several BMW's, an Audi and a Porsche being worked on. "I think I may have found the right place" I said.

Jim at Bernie's shopped around for parts and was told by BMW that the two little plastic parts which had to be replaced were no longer being produced by BMW and thus he would have to buy a whole new window cassette. He was also informed (by a BMW mechanic friend) that BMW has had extensive problems with these panoramic moon roofs since they were made and since my year of car was the first they were in, go figure.

After looking at several BMW forums, good ol' elbow grease and mechanical ingenuity Val & Jim got the car repaired. And they didn't' have to put in a whole new window/cassette! My bill - $400!!!! I saved $4900 (minus the $500 I paid BMW of SD) I will forever be thankful to them for saving me thousands of dollars. They got everything working back in order except for the small back portion of the roof which is OK with me. I can still vent the moon roof and open the roof to let the light in.

Why BMW of SD couldn't figure this out or do the repairs for less is they try and take people's money from me and other BMW owners because they think we have money on trees. They have had issues with these panoramic moon roofs-which came out the year of my car- since day one and are not willing to stand behind their inept product. If you have a BMW or any other make and it needs some sort of service and don't want to pay some preposterous amount to get it done look around on Yelp or call Bernie's Auto Upholstery.  I'm sure they can recommend someone who will do it with honesty and your interest in mind and for a whole lot less money than BMW of San Diego.

If you have a sunroof/moon roof or convertible top to be fixed make sure to call Bernie's first!!! Jim and Val are 'tops'!

Cammi G. | 2011-06-13

The service is horrible at this dealership.  I have had to endure them 3 times since the purchase of my lease...and have had problem after problem.  I guess I should have figured that out prior to purchasing the car.  When I test drove it, I mentioned I liked all the bells and whistles of back up cameras, seat warmers and coolers, ect...the salesman told me to expect that from an asian dealership cause that is what they like...WHAT???? Didn't he realize...I'm asian!  To BMW financial, who failed to put my right change of address and lost my no end did the ladies at the dealership help me out with my frustration when my car got towed because my stickers had expired because I never received my DMV papers.  To my latest encounter, in which I was due for service they did not give me a rental...but offered shuttle which would have been fine if it didn't take 30 minutes and then they offered another customer a ride first going in the opposite direction of me....I had, I was first.  Needless to say, I have 1 more year on my lease and never again will I endure this pain!

David W. | 2011-06-05

I was researching cars and was trying to narrow down my choices, so I visited this dealership to test drive a certified 335i coupe.  The salesman asked when I would be interested in purchasing, and I told him that after I made a decision on which car I was going to purchase, that I would be ready to pull the trigger in about three months.  He told me that most dealerships wouldn't even let me test drive a vehicle if I was three months out.  However, he let me test drive the vehicle.

I returned about two weeks later with my wife so she could test drive the car as well.  Since she would drive the car on occasion, I wanted her to be comfortable with whatever car I decided on.  I asked one of the salesmen on the lot for the salesman who helped me previously, and he went to go get him.  We waited for 20 minutes, and he never came out.  Other salesmen were standing around smoking cigarettes, and nobody offered to help us, so we left.

A couple of months later, I was ready to purchase, and found the car I was looking for on this dealership's website.  I went in to try to work out a deal, and they completely lowballed me on my trade.  KBB on my car was $8800 in good condition.  They offered me $5400.  Also, they wouldn't budge on the price of the vehicle for sale, even though it seemed overpriced compared to other listings online.  I counter-offered, and they came back with $6200 for my trade, and $500 off of the 3-series.  I told them that if they would give me $8000 for my trade, and an additional $500 off the price of the 3-series, I would do the deal right then.  The salesman rudely told me that sometimes you want a house in La Jolla, but all you can afford is an apartment in Pacific Beach.  I was appalled.  It's not that I couldn't afford the car - I just wanted to pay a fair price.  So, I took my 820 credit score and $16000 cash down payment 100 miles up the road to Long Beach BMW and they were more than willing to work out a deal on a better equipped certified 335i coupe for $4000 less and their first offer for my trade was $8000.  I will never go back to BMW of San Diego - I have my car serviced at BMW South County and they've been great.

James H. | 2011-05-04

The worst experience of my life.  Bought a 330i from them last year.  The trade in was later found by the police abandoned on the side of the road and used in a robbery, who knows what they did with my old car.  I only found out because the police called me to pick up my car, they never even took my old plates off.

Second, I bought the extended service contract.  The service department has been nothing but rude and incompetent.  They picked out parts to be replaced that make no sense.  The symptoms and codes don't even match what they want to fix.  

After everything, they try to make you feel stupid about not accepting their recommended repairs.  They call my wife to authorize repairs and don't call me back.  Thank god I know enough about cars to know they are completely wrong.  

Stay away from this dealership.  Stay away from Denny in Sales and Andy in Service.

Patrick M. | 2011-04-14

I purchased my dream car, a Shelby GT500, from Sean and their pre-owned department.  I walked in with my financing from my credit union and made an offer and they were very professional and efficient.  Those are very important to me in judging any service.

Sean drew up the paperwork and walked me around the car and then the facilities.  It was a busy day so I had to wait for the Financing Dept to help me out, but that was the only "wait" I had.  In fact, I was in and out inside of three hours.  

Sean was very courteous and even let me leave my Camry in his parking lot overnight while I took my baby home.  The next morning true to his word, the lot was open and I picked up my old Camry.  

That was my only experience there, but if that's buying a used car, I'm sure buying and servicing a new car must be a good experience also...

John A. | 2011-04-13

Well, I don't take back what I had reported earlier on my 4/9 review. However, I received a reply from Alane B. in their Customer Service department. The fact that these guys monitor Yelp and care enough to apologize to a customer via Yelp said something to me and gave me hope for them. I don't know that I would really give them 4 stars (yet), but I wanted my previous 1 star review to be balanced and averaged. A 1 star establishment would not have replied to my review. Therefore, the upgrade is in order.

Scott J. | 2011-03-20

These guys did a fine job last few times I took my car in. They have improved the service department. Plus they gave me some tips on what other things to keep an eye on for maintenance.

Jason D. | 2011-02-23

Can't say anything bad about the dealer or service department. I felt welcome when I bought my car there and didnt feel hustled by the sales person. Also, all my service visits have been pretty seamless and I feel taken care of each time.

Michael M. | 2011-02-12

Not so great, horrible customer service. I walked in, no one offered any help. I had to go up to a salesman for help who finally walked out with me, I asked him if I could look at a silver 6 series. I walked around it and he didnt evem offer to let me test drive it. I finally asked him if I could place an order even though I didnt get to drive it, and he said, well it takes a few months and it is an 80,000 car, I didnt know how to take that, So I said I would keep on looking and thanks anyway, He didnt even give me a card, so I decided to go to Crevier BMW since I bought a couple of cars from them before, and I payed cash for my black saphire metallic 6 series, they gave me great service and it only took 45 minutes to get it all done! The 6 series is a great car by the way, especially for everyday use but I only bought it cause I couldnt afford what I really wanted at the time but it was still a pretty good car. I went back to BMW of San Diego for service on my car and they said the wait would take longer since I didnt purchase the car from them. I was really suprised that they didnt want my business, not very many people drive expensive cars in SD. But I wouldnt go back to that dealer, theres too many BMW dealers in CA to deal with that nonsense

Ted G. | 2011-01-31

A decent BMW dealership, but not the first place I would take my beemer. Needs improvement in many areas but they can do a good job on your car and seem very professional. The FREE loaner car is the best part! but the overall quality of their service, as well as their customer service is so-so at best. MAKE SURE TO REMOVE ALL YOUR VALUABLES: SUNGLASSES, IPODS, PHONES, ETC. I had my sunglasses taken by an employee there so be careful!!

J N. | 2011-01-26

If only Yelp would allow me to NOT give BMW of San Diego even ONE star!  They charge me:
1. $139 for a diagnostic fee.
2. $900 to change oxygen sensor.
3. $400 to fix my seat belt
I went to my mechanic at Hi-Tech Auto in Balboa, and he FIX all of the above for....$423!

Please, if you need PROFESSIONAL help...a "doctor" who knows your problem(s) once you tell him your symptoms...Hi-Tech Auto is the way to go.  And he DOES NOT charge you $139 for a diagnostic fee!

andy s. | 2011-01-11

Buying a car here is okay, if a bit sleazy, but its the Service Department that stinks:

* You can expect a good 20-30 minute wait even with an appointment.
* You are meant to wait inline, in your car, for a service advisor, but people behind will often leapfrog you.
* You have to wait "twice", once for the outside advisor, once for the inside advisor... WHY?!
* People on the floor are unhelpful and can seem rude.
* I'm pretty sure they don't even look at your car for 24 hours, even with an appointment... even with a small issue I get a call saying "still trying to diaganose the problem".

Luckily there's other dealerships in the area to go to.

Donald Q. | 2010-12-06

Too bad Yelp doesnt allow you to give no stars, because BMW of San Diego doesnt deserve any stars.

I purchased my vehicle from my family, and the next week, the door actuators broke on me. BMW of San Diego quoted me over the phone for literally 4,000 dollars! Knowing a little skills, and having done some online research, i knew i could get this job done much cheaper, so i found Euro Auto Spot (Shane Nguyen).

I have also been running into the problems with the passenger airbag seat mat going off, showing errors on my dash. I decided that since it was a safety issue, i would bring in my vehicle for it to be replaced under an extended warranty. As i brought it in, i told the Service Advisor that my battery is bad, it will be replaced soon, and i know that cannot be causing the problem. He said alright. Once i left the car there for service, I got a call the next day saying Hey Donald, the problem is your battery, the batter will be 500$ for the OEM one. I told him, hey don't you remember that i told you i knew about the battery problem? Its not that, are you positive that its nothing else? He says yes. As i pick up the car, (I had the battery replaced and reset at Euro Auto Spot) I told the SA  that you're guaranteeing me that the airbag will deploy if i get in a car accident? He just says yes and walks away.

Well guess what? After replacing that battery, i still get airbag issues.. I even called BMW of SD for another diagnostics, but im forced to pay a ridiculous 135$ for it!

Also, I was told that my car would be washed, but guess what? my car was the only one not washed, and i had to wait over 45 minutes for my car after paying the cashier.

I would recommend all BMW owners to go to Euro Auto Spot.. Hes located on Miramar and hes super friendly, will get the job done and hes honest. He also works much faster than the dealer, but with better than dealer prices. Shane used to work for BMW of San Diego and has all of the right and major certifications for working on BMW's.

Jeffrey H. | 2010-11-21

This review may not be perfectly accurate since I've only been there for service... and the car has less than 50,000 miles. So here goes:

the staff has been friendly and professional. The place is super busy and they run a clean safe operation. Every time I schedule service the wait isn't long and they schedule me pretty quickly. That being said I trust the dealership service center a lot more than the small service centers out there. It may cost more but I'm dealing with a company that will accept responsibility in case something goes wrong... or at least that's my impression.

John U. | 2010-10-26

What can I say about this place?  They like to count money and have very poor customer service skills.  You think your transparent when you approach the service counter. No greeting just a "what do you want? " attitude.  They completely ignore you or they act annoyed.  Theres  Zero Follow Up on issues.  When you take your car in for a concern beware.  They left a yellow rag in my engine compartment. The Owner has not responded to any of the concerns I've had.  I tried cancelling my extended Maintainence Contract . They indicated that the contract is completely transferrable to a third party and will not refund my money despite the fact that the Contract is not active untill 50,000 miles or 4 years.  I have not used it.

Cristina F. | 2010-10-06

After almost 100K miles and 9 years of driving my trusty Honda Civic, it was time for an upgrade. I spent almost a year researchng and hemming and hawing then decided, let's do it. I sold my sweet silver bullet to CarMax in Kearny Mesa (which I will also review) and went for it. I read reviews on here and everywhere online and discussed in length with my husband about where to go to get my new ride. We visited the dealership on a Saturday and met Joe Chaya who was very patient and took us to view the cars he thought we'd like at another lot. He let me sit in the cars and inhale the new car smells and get used to the idea. I needed some time to let this all sink in! Meeting with Joe also helped me decide what I wanted in my new car. He did such a great job explaining all the differences and trimmings they have to offer. I had a few requirements for my new Batmobile: Jet Black Sedan, Black and Wood Interior, Tinted Windows and Sweet Wheels. I ended up getting a new 328i (with all those features plus more) and I LOVE IT. But more than that, I loved the service. My husband's coworker had a fantastic experience when he got his BMW with Tom Swapp at the dealership and referred us. Tom came in twice on his days off which we thought was so nice :) I will admit, I was a bit wary from reading all the bad reviews on here but decided to give it a shot. I was after all, ready to go! We met Tom, who was the nicest and most patient man with me. I was so nervous about going through the test driving, paperwork and financing process. Tom and Cherry (Financing Department) were so accommodating and informative. There was no pressure at all from either of them. So... we test drove the car on a Tuesday and had it tinted and LoJack installed for pick up on Wednesday. I have been vrooming around San Diego and Orange County with my new car and it is way cooler than I expected. My husband and I had such a wonderful experience with BMW of San Diego and really enjoyed picking out the right car that would make me feel at ease letting my sweet Civic go and driving off into the sunset with my new Batmobile :) Thanks Tom, BMW San Diego management, Cherry and Joe for all your help!!!

Jennifer T. | 2010-09-22

ALWAYS had a fantastic experience with this BMW dealership, although making your next appointment is like making an appointment with the DMV - your appointment will probably be a month later.

Anyhow, I had my car serviced under warrenty today with this jolly white guy named Joe (forgot last name). He was such a nice guy! He told me exactly what kind of service and procedure my baby was going to go through. Whole procedure took an hour and a half so I sat in the waiting room and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Another nice serviceman handed me the remote incase I needed to change the channel. Wished my boyfriend did that.

4 stars because they told me they were going to wash my car, and I went out and still saw the old bird shit on my windshield. :(


A nice lady read my review and told me to come back to get my car washed for free. I gladly took it back and they washed it without any questions! Thank you so much for great service!

L B. | 2010-09-09

Great fast service. Only complaint - the loaner vehicle was filthy inside, obviously no way to keep a beemer even if it is a loaner.

Adam M. | 2010-09-02

Overall I am pretty satisfied with this place. They are responsive and friendly, loaner cars are cheap and they have never tried to sell me a bunch of crap my car doesn't need.

Jonathan W. | 2010-08-01

They say you never want to own a BMW outside of warranty. Good thing mine was still covered. Who knew that the gas pump they put in the 335's was defective up to 2009? BMW knew and they've been trying to fix it ever since. They won't however let you know until your car shuts down randomly hence the extended warranty now covering the pump.

Anyways, amazing service here from my guy who we were lucky enough to run into for our service appointment. He earned all the tens and is probably the most honest man in the entire industry. If you're not happy with your service guy, just demand someone else. I'm keeping him a secret.

Aaron C. | 2010-07-30

I had my tires replaced here a few days ago it cost me $2000. Noticed this morning a bulge coming out of the side of one of the tires. I just took it back to the dealership and they told me to go to a discount tire co to have it fixed/replaced and refused to fix or replace the faulty tire they put on my car. The women who spoke to me was rude and told me "that's just how we do things here". NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE SCAMMERS... THE TYPE OF USED CAR SALESMEN THAT PUT A 40% PRICE HIKE ON THE CAR TO NEGOTIATE YOU DOWN!!!

After talking to the discount tire people they said it would have taken the bmw dealership 1 phone call to have the warranty covered by the tire company.

Payman S. | 2010-07-05

This dealership is terrible. I had to take my car there for a recall. After I got my car back, on the way to work, my brakes stopped working and I almost hit the car in front of me. My friend told that they probably forgot to reset the car after installing the new software. Last weekend, my hazard warning started to go off randomly and drained my car's battery twice. i called the dealer and talked to my service advisor. He was very rude and indifferent about my situation and with no interest to listen to my story asked me to drop off the car. This place stinks...

Amy X. | 2010-05-19

Just got a service, brake fluid renewal, and oil change, the normal stuff. They completed it in 90 minutes so I just waited inside. Staff was friendly. Nothing to really complain about. They got the job done in the time they promised to get it done by. Cool. I guess I can rely on you BMW of San Diego.

Jeff E. | 2010-04-29

I took my 2005 745Li for the 2nd time because my NAV console was not working. First they replace the battery which cost a total of $550 then a month later it was doing the same problem. This time if I tap gently on the dash board on top of the NAV console, the display comes back on. After a day and a half of fiddling with my car, they told me it is an intermittent short on the CID system and they need to replace my NAV console which will cost me almost $1300. To make matter worst, they charge $25 for a loaner and gave me a Toyota Prius, mind you my car is a 7-series. I was so frustrated and I decided to ask them to just put it back together and I just want to pick up my car. I got there and straight to the pick up counter, they gave me the bill and when I said I have a BMW gift card, they made me wait in the lounge. I was staring at the lady in the counter because there has been a dozen customers who picked up their cars and I was still sitting in the lounge. I must have waited 15-20 mins before I was able to get the 15% off from my bill because of my BMW gift card which I thought was a waste. I actually have to have a bill of $3,333.33 before I can actually use the full $500 gift card. This is the only gift card that does this, I feel like I be better off just getting a 15% discount which is not even their cost, but instead this has cost me $500 to have gotten this BMW gift card. As if that wasn't enough of disappointment, again I waited another 15 mins outside in the cold windy weather to get my car. They seem to be confused where is my car and whose car they are suppose to drive up for customer pick up. Lastly the worst part is that I was expecting that they will at least wash my car which they always do when returning the car to the customer so as the customers feel like they got something even though nothing was done to their car. Of course they just has to rub it in some more and my car was returned to me not wash. I couldn't possibly get any worse experience than what I had with BMW of San Diego at Kearny Mesa. Completely unacceptable!

Marcus S. | 2010-03-28

This place used to be so good -- when Shane Nguyen was a mechanic there.

I bought my first BMW here (years ago). At that time, I didn't know much about the San Diego dealership scene. After years of being in the BMW community, though, I quickly learned that BMW of San Diego has a reputation for bending customers over on the price (especially newbies who don't know better). After getting raped on price for my first 5 series, I've never bought another car from them. Never will, either. These guys want top dollar on all of their cars. Forget it. There are plenty of dealers around California that are willing to negotiate from invoice up. BMW of San Diego negotiates from retail down (and not very far down).

To be fair, by the way, I won't buy any of my BMWs from San Diego dealerships. For whatever reason, these dealers think they're the only dealerships within 1000 miles. Wake up, San Diego BMW dealerships. Many of us are shopping throughout California (and neighboring states) to find excellent deals.

Anyhow, getting back to the review, I just don't have a lot of nice things to say about BMW of San Diego. On occasion I'll drop by for a paint stick or a small-dollar item, but that's about it.

Last time I dropped in, about a year ago, I inquired about the price of an alignment. The guy at the service desk quoted me $199. LOL. I have aftermarket wheels (BBS LM) and the service guy suggested that they were the only ones who could do my alignment. Needless to say, I called Clarence Brown. They did the alignment for $135.

Dang, I almost forgot. I once called BMW of San Diego because my service engine soon light came on. The car had 2900 miles on it. The girl who takes appointments asked if the gas cap was all the way on. Having owned so many of these cars, I understood why she was asking. If you don't get the cap on all the way, the SES light pops on. I told them that the cap was all the way on. Something else must be wrong. The girl refused to give me an appointment. She said that it is probably the gas cap. She said to drive the car for about five days, when the light would finally turn off. Are you serious?? A phone girl can diagnose my problem over the phone? And she isn't even a technician? Hahaha. What a clown. We ended up taking the car to another dealer in town (car is under warranty). By the way, it was not the gas cap. Sheesh.

Finally, for anyone who is looking for Shane Nguyen, he is now running his own business at Euro Auto Spot (off Miramar Road).

melissa h. | 2010-03-18

Wow. Their "service" center could certainly learn a thing or two about service. I took my car in at 10 a.m. yesterday for an "oil service" and minor item (temperature gauge malfunction) and expected my car to be there for a few hours. My service advisor asks if I need a rental car - for an oil service ??(which, by the way, now runs a whoppin' $356!!!!) I decline, and he tells me that he'll call me in a couple hours. At 5pm (7 hours later) there's no word from BMW/Penske, so I call and get some lame excuse and that they hope to have it ready noon the following day. In passing I mention the $356 charge to my BF who gets irate (given some of his clients are auto dealers he gets quite irked when service departments rip people, especially women, off) and opts to right this wrong with the service manager. Interesting to note that after charging $356 for an oil service, it did NOT include the repair of an oil leak ($309) or valve cover leaking oil ($451). Given this is my first service not under warranty, it's a whole new rip-off world. After a heated chat with my BF, the service manager knocked $150 off my bill (makes you wonder the REAL cost of "parts and labor") and told us we can take our business elsewhere. You betcha!

J B. | 2010-02-16

Car dealers don't have the best reputation for being honest. I guess it's the nature of the business. This is the 3rd new car I've purchased, and it gets easier every time. Don't fight the sytem, I say. Expect to be lied to. Expect to go into the little room with the financier and get the hard-sale on stuff. That's how they make money. Just like waiting 12 hours at the ER I guess, can't change it. Anyway, find out what you want to pay for the car before you go in. Don't figure it out there. Test drive it, buy it, move on. Service for 4 years--can't beat it.

eric w. | 2010-02-12

Professional, courteous service is what I am starting to expect every time I come here.

I have been in twice and both times were for no-charge repairs. They have treated me like I might drop $100k on a new 650.

I'd run naked through a cactus patch before driving to el cajon's only BMW dealer. But, these guys are true professionals.

Wifi is available upstairs in the lounge.

Tamara B. | 2010-02-02

BMW of San Diego has been holding my 2009 X5 hostage since the last week of December. 6 weeks to replace a door and front panel? Really!?!?!!!!!

The only reason I've found out any updates is I hound the lady responsible for communicating with me on a weekly basis; she acts as if I'm putting her out for asking when I'll be getting my car back.  They've already missed two deadlines in which she communicated my car would be done and ready for pick up.

I love my BMW but I'm disgusted with the amount of time it's taking this service center to fix my car.  Disgusted.  The corporate offices in Munich will be getting one lovely letter from me.

Sarah T. | 2010-02-01

I don't know why everyone dislikes this BMW service location so much. I have found every time I go with my BF to have his car serviced that he has always been well taken care of. He drives an M5 & it's been well taken care of. However the times we've gone into have something checked on they are fast & efficient. Brad Long (I think that's his name..) is my BF's service rep and he goes WAY ABOVE & BEYOND to make sure we are satisfied. He's very helpful and always makes himself available to us. He's helped us out in a few sticky situations and really shows how much he cares about customer service. He is quick to return all of our calls and never hesitates to tell us to come on in if we feel like something isn't right with the vehicle.

They almost always have loaner cars available and even if you have to pay a fee for one, it's like $25 bucks. We've gone to a few different locations, and I believe that this place has been the best. Especially because of our Service Rep. Brad Long. But also because everyone there seems to want to be helpful and goes out of their way to make sure you are happy with the services they've provided.

The only thing my BF gets a bit annoyed about is whenever we come to pick the car up from them it's dirty. He always calls in advance and requests that his car is washed BEFORE he gets there.. But it hardly ever gets done. They leave the cars outside, which I think with a car of that caliber they should have a garage for it or at least a cover. Because we always come get the car and it's filthy. But they ALWAYS wash it when we ask while we're there. It means we have to wait a little longer, but I guess that's why they have the complimentary Starbucks coffee machine. :)

Stephano E. | 2010-01-12

This dealer is a rat race that turns and burns cars with little regard for customer satisfaction. I bought a certified preowned 3 Series off the lot. Several months later I discovered the after market spare tire (in trunk) was damaged - the tire had a large air bubble in it. Returned to dealer to have faulty spare replaced. Service advisor sent me to sales building - the sales manager quickly blew me off and literally accused me of trying to scam them.
Lesson: Check over the car thoroughly, and address any problems before you buy a used vehicle from this establishment.

D L. | 2010-01-11

So I decide to head into the Kearny Mesa dealership to buy a new car. Hoping that a salesman would help me I wonder around the sales lot looking for a 328i. I had to go inside to find someone to help me. The girl at the counter looked at me like I didn't belong there...awesome. She flags down a salesman who looks annoyed to be "helping" me. I tell him what I am looking for and he shows me the car I was already looking at on the lot. He then tries to persuade me to look at the used cars. I am not looking for a used car, I am looking for a new car. He says he is going to help a coworker with paperwork but ends up leaving me in the used lot. A newbie then calls him and he says he's with another customer. So I go along with the newbie and the he asks his boss to "appraise" my car. This "apprasal" consisted of the boss opening the door and walking around the car. He didn't ask me anything about the car nor did he even cut it on.  The whole time i was there they treated me as if I was not a serious sale and talked down to me. I am so annoyed by this I can't write about this anymore. So I am just gonna leave it. I am going to have to go to another dealer that will treat me and my money with more respect.

David C. | 2010-01-04

If I could give them negative stars, I would.  My experience with them was simply *AWFUL* and it doesn't surprise me that others have given them 1 star.

Service Visit #1:  Took my '01 325xi in under warranty because rainwater was leaking in from the doors and soaking the floorboards after a heavy rainstorm -- Moisture barriers needed to be replaced.

-- When I came to pick up my BMW, I found a HUGE deep GOUGE on the roof, where they had put the service number hat.

The service advisor apologized and offered to have it fixed.

Visit #2:  Returned in a few days to see that they had just tried to buff out the gouge.  I was not happy.  The service advisor apologized and offered to have it re-buffed and have the whole car detailed.

Visit #3:  Still not a good job done on fixing the gouge, but to hell with it, I drove my BMW home.

Visit #4:  A couple of days later, when starting my BMW, the engine (which had otherwised purred/roared like a kitten) was mis-firing and was undriveable.  I had my BMW towed back to BMW of SD.

Visit #5:  Engine mis-firing addressed by replacing ignition cables (probably damaged when they steam cleaned the engine compartment while detailing).

-- Found a CUT in my leather sport steering wheel!!!  WTF!!!

Service advisor instead of apologizing, asked me if I wore any jewelry (I don't, nor do I wear any rings on my fingers).  Finally he offered to have a new wheel ordered and installed at their cost.

Visit #6:  I had them replace the steering wheel outside while I watched.

I will never go there for anything ever again.

Jocelyn O. | 2010-01-02

I took my car here for servicing since it was close to work. I didn't opt for the loaner car because my appt wasn't early enough to actually get a BMW. Who wants to drop off their BMW and drive back in a Camry. I had the service guy drive me to work and it took forever to get a ride (never do that again). The lounge area is small, nothing special there.

So when I come back to pick up my car, it takes forever for it to come out of servicing. I swear they called me to tell me it was done but it wasn't. I wasn't even getting an oil change. Maybe a top-off on fluids and a replacement part on my steering wheel since it was worn out. So when it finally comes out, I just left. I didn't bother looking at the car before leaving. It turns out that they forgot to close my hood all the way AND they didn't even wash my car. I remember looking at other cars and you can tell it was washed. Smudges of oil was found all over the car. Lessons learned: Always check your car before leaving the lot.

Luckily I don't drive my M5 everyday, its more of a weekender car. I would hate to take my commuter car (another BMW) here. I agree with all of the reviews here that say this place sucks.

Nico A. | 2009-12-10

I really don't know why a lot of people dislike this place. I've been here a couple of times and I've never been disappointed.

They've always delivered what they've promised and they are always on time. I've tried a couple of their Service Advisors and all of them are very professional, patient and very informative. They always make me feel like a VIP and I'm surprised that they remember my name.

While having your car serviced, you can go up to the waiting lounge and enjoy free coffee and drinks. They even have pastries and snacks at times. And oh, they have Direct TV which helps in passing the time.

Frank R. | 2009-11-08

I bought my M5 new from BMW San Diego a few years ago and while the purchase transaction went just ok; it was not without a few disappointments.  For one... it took the sales manager almost an entire week to accept my verbal offer on the car.  Second, after I came into the dealership to settle the purchase with a cashier's check, the finance department required me to fill out a full credit application for financing!?!  To add insult to injury, after I purchased the car they sent the pink slip to Bank of America as the title owner!  Now in their defense, they did apologize and immediately rectified the issue but these types of mistakes should never be made with a cash buyer.

Another reason for one-star--BMW of San Diego does not offer all BMWs for their repair/maintenance customers.  Instead they throw you into a Toyota Camry... mankind's answer for insomnia.  This is my number one reason for taking all of my service business elsewhere.  If you're going to service and sell BMWs you have to offer BMW loaners.  BMW North America should really look into taking the franchise away from these people.

Thom P. | 2009-10-26

The real sad part here is that I have to give BMW of San Diego one star, that is way more than they should ever receive.  I have several BMW's, none of which I bought there, thank goodness.  I like to refer to BMW of San Diego as "The People's Republic of BMW".  They actually believe the propaganda they so eloquently spew so well.

I called to make an appointment to get an oil change, 9 business days was the next available appointment.  I didn't think there was any place in the world where you would have to wait 9 days to get your oil changed; however, I was wrong.  BMW of Encinitas was 10 days out.  Now if you have ever been to either of these rip-off's then you know it just can't be worth it, and it's not.

If you are looking to buy a BMW go to PS and talk to Ralph, he's the bomb when it comes to salesmen.  NO pressure and VERY professional yet personable.  I've not met another BMW salesperson who comes even close.  If you need service, do what I do, look at the reviews on YELP and find a local garage.

BMW of SD and BMW of Encinitas tried to charge me $180 to change my power steering fluid and another $180 to change my brake fluid, seriously...  Can you believe that?  Remarkably, that was after the $220 oil change.  

Every dealer has their day and these guys should have a special little corner down there in Dante's lower ring.

The only worse experience I have ever had at a dealer was at their sister dealership Mercedes Benz of San Diego.  

Hopefully when the sun falls out of the sky it falls on these two places.

J M. | 2009-10-14

Let's see, how many ways can a car dealership suck???  From the crappy customer service to the way the managers try to scam you and belittle you, this place takes the prize.  Look if I am going to spend upwards of $1,000 to get something fixed, I expect a little courtsey.  I got so frustrated with the manager "Glenn" that I had my car towed straight out of there and fixed at a more reputable BMW shop, La Jolla Independent.  Saved me at least $400 and treated me with respect and honesty.  I will never go back to BMW of San Diego.

Jerrold L. | 2009-10-12

BMW of San Diego delivers terrible customer service. First off, I did not purchase my BMW from this dealer (thank god) and have experienced much better service from dealerships in the LA area. I needed some warranty work performed on my late model BMW and was treated poorly by their service staff and service adviser - so badly that I walked out during my appointment and got the service done at South County BMW instead.

First, they scheduled my appointment on the wrong date.  Upon learning this through an email confirmation, I called the service dept about the discrepancy and although they acknowledged the mistake, it was never reflected on the system.  So when I arrived for the scheduled service, they claimed my appointment had been missed and their service adviser gave me a hard time about it even though it was their mistake.

Next, they didn't offer me a loaner although my car needed to be left overnight.  All other dealers that serviced my vehicle before have offered this service - BMW of San Diego wanted $25.  This was annoying but didn't upset me much since I only work a couple miles from the dealership.  What irked me the most was their shuttle policy.  They offer shuttle rides to your home or place of business, but you need to find your own way back once the service is completed.  WTF!!! This was really upsetting and below the level of service expected from a BMW dealership.  Even Acura offer loaners and return shuttle rides.

Lastly, my service adviser was rude.  He couldn't explain why their loaner policy had changed and wouldn't estimate a day/time when my car will be looked at - let alone when the service would be completed.  I walked out after hearing this nonsense.  Not only would they not pick me up from my office, they wouldn't even tell me when I would get my car back.

This was the worst dealership customer service  I have ever experienced and they will never see me walk through their doors again.

J S. | 2009-09-28

Worst car sales team ever.  I am a very loyal BMW consumer and went into their used car lot to look at a car that I saw online.  This was after making an appointment to specifically see the car and potentially buy it that day.

The salesman that I got, Paul Hutchens, was a complete jerk and did not want to show us the car.  He told us that "we looked like people that were browsing and not shopping".  This was a complete turn-off and we decided to leave right then.  We made a complaint to Tony (the sales manager) which so far has not resulted in any courtesy call back or apology.  

Do not go to this dealership - they are a bunch of sleazy rude used car salesmen.

Sameer S. | 2009-09-22

I went in to see car at their used car lot and the salesman there was very inconsiderate and rude. That fat b*stard did not even allow me to test-drive a car, and started haggling on the price from the start. He tried to bully me, and was very condescending in his demeanor, almost abusive. I do not know where these guys get such mannerless idiots to be their car salesman. I swear I would have bought a car there today but I am not going to even look in their direction henceforth. This was the absolutely most vile treatment I have got at a car dealership ever.

Suz C. | 2009-07-28

How does this international car company stay in business when they have the most incapable, rude, and lazy people working as employees for them??? This is exactly what I got when I called to just ask a simple question such as how much would service cost to replace a window regulator for my bmw.  Not only was I put on hold for several minutes at a time, but when someone at service did pick up, they straight transferred me back to the operator without even saying a word to me!  I would hear someone pick up, hear their background, then get transferred out.  What a LAZY bastard!  And so I had to speak to the operator a trillion times whose name was Stephanie, and she tried to transfer me several times to a service adviser and even managed to hang up on me once.  This whole ordeal went on for at least half an hour, without I repeat, WITHOUT getting my question or quote answered.  I did not even get to speak to ANYBODY in service.  But the parts department was very nice and helpful.  Except they aren't the ones to quote you for labor, are they?  You can guess I took my money elsewhere.  Hey they could of gotten my business and money, but I guess thats not what their aiming for!?  Are they the only ones doing ok in this economy where they actually don't need to work harder to get paid??? They sure got nasty written all over them.  Lazy sons of bitches!

Stephanie R. | 2009-07-24

I just bought a car from BMW of San Diego and I have to say that these guys are top notch for service!  All of us tend to think of car salesman as super aggressive and shady, but not here!  Tony, the Sales Manager and Ken were absolutely awesome and made this entire experience seamless and painless.  I was continually pleasantly surprised with the level of service: from the initial introduction I was offered a beverage, Ken personally escorted me every step of the way from getting a loaner BMW (a sexy, red 1 series convertible!) while my car was serviced to when I left, and the follow up was great.  Hell, when I have taken my car to get serviced at other BMW dealers, I usually feel rushed and pressured to give them a 5 star rating when asked to survey their service and I never get escorted!  I truly felt these guys were genuine.  I only wish that I lived closer to this dealership so they could service my car when needed!

Patty C. | 2009-07-10

When looking into getting a new car about a year ago I had some favorable experiences and some not so much.  However, the worst, and most unproffessional experience was at this location.

They stuck a noobie salesman on me, after the head sales lard ass tried buttering me up.  Since this was my first bmw purchase I wanted a vehcile with everything in it that i wanted.  I was not going to settle for a car without features I wanted.  For some reason the bone head didnt understand this.

After some talking they realized that they had one with the color scheme that i wanted in their offsite lot.  This is when everything went to hell.  At this point I thought about how it might not be bad to talk about how much they would offer for that car (even though it didnt have sirius, which was a deal breaker). The sales guy said he would not go back and talk about price until he went back and got the keys to bring the car up front (so we could gaze at it while discussing price).  I was like, "umm, this isnt Cal worthington's dodge used car lot,"  this is BMW and I will buy when im ready.  The sales guy didnt understand this and he went into a fit.  it was late on a saturday and we wanted to get going and told him that we knew he didnt want to stick around any later than he had to either.  he didnt like this either.

Long story short, I got so angry from the experience.  Since when are you supposed to get infuriated from going to look at a car?

When we went back to the show room I told the head fat guy about the experience and he was all apologetic and said that they might fire the noobie because he wasnt cutting it.  Unfortunately for them they had already lost my interest in purchasing from them.  Fortunately for me I live in SoCal, home to tons and tons of BMW dealerships.  The next week I called up several dealerships, told them what colors and features I wanted and had the most accomodating one order it in from LB port.  Before I knew it, I had a new whip...such an easy experience...minus the jackasses at KM BMW.  I think they think they're tough since they dont have much competition in SD.

Lessons Learned, just drive up the 5 and talk to people who have at least half a brain.

Chris E. | 2009-06-30

The customer service at BMW of San Diego is awful! I have finally had it with them, today was the last straw. Here are the details: I got a notice from BMW that my car was being recalled so they could update the programming on the emissions and in California it is required. I dropped the car off yesterday morning to have this work done and I chose to have the oil changed as well, since it was there. They do not offer free loaners any more, so I opted for a shuttle ride back to my house since I am on vacation this week. The leave me a voicemail later in the day yesterday to tell me the work is done and I can pick up my car. I called them and they said, they don't offer pick-ups with the shuttle....what? a one-way shuttle service? how are you supposed to get back to get your car? It would have been nice if someone would have mentioned this before I chose to take the shuttle, perhaps I would have elected to pay the $25 for the rental instead. BUT, the service advisor said, call back tomorrow morning (which is today) and we will have the shuttle guy come get you. Well, I called at 9am since they said between 7am and 9am is the busy time and left a message. An hour later, I called back and the service advisor answered (and he knew it was me so they must have caller ID) and said he was working on it and I should hear from the shuttle drive in 30 minutes or so. An hour later, no shuttle, so I called again...this time I got his voicemail, so I left another message asking when the shuttle would be here? Ugh! I think it is ridiculous that they only have a one-way shuttle! How are you suppose to get back to your car? Mossy Ford provides roundtrip service and so does City Chevrolet (I know because I have a 2 other cars), so a premium brand like BMW provides lesser service than it's "lower pedigree" competition??

Mary E. | 2009-06-27

Joe in Sales is a good guy and very responsive.

Darrell R. | 2009-05-27

NOTE: I did not buy my BMW Z4 Roadster from this dealership - because, they were considerably higher priced than all the other dealerships in Southern California. If you're looking to buy a new BMW, I'd recommend Shelly BMW in Orange County.)

Now, with that said, much to my chagrin I'm somewhat "forced" to have my regular and incidental services done at BMW of San Diego (not that it matters much because Penske Automotive owns just about everything, anyway). Unfortunately, not all of my experiences with BWM of San Diego (aka Penske) have been favorable.

Historically, they have been a buggar to deal with - but, to their credit, they have been getting better.

For example, their "free loaner car program" consisted of a (Penske) Toyota. Ummmm....I didn't buy a Toyota because I didn't want to drive a Toyota. And, from a marketing perspective this deflection to another brand is probably not really smart. Think about it, would a good business man direct you to his competitor for the same goods and service? tsk-tsk. Your initials don't have to be M.B.A. to know better than that. Penske's service hasn't always been user-friendly, either.

However, I must give credit where credit is due...the last two visits have been extremely pleasant - and, although they have discontinued to "free" loaner car program, they do offer a BMW loaner vehicle for a small fee (a concession I'm happy to make to remain behind the wheel of the ultimate driving machine). And, a higher emphasis on service seems to be their new philosophy (Duane is topnotch! fact, he's starting to rebuild my faith in Penske.)

Min C. | 2009-05-06

Okay, so I received a survey from BMW of SD which I completed listing my complaints and my service advisor contacted me and offered to recheck my car and make sure nothing else went wrong. He also offered to pick up my vehicle and drop off a loaner and do a detail on my car, all for free.

I took him up on the offer and I just received my car again, and everything seems good. So now I'm revising my review to be what I would have given them had they not messed up on my car.

I'm giving them 2 stars because they're technically a 4 star dealership (the waits are very short, the service advisors are knowledgeable and friendly, they have nice, clean facilities). But the company that owns them, Penske, decided to not give out free loaner cars starting from January of this year. I think this is a -2 for them because I don't know about other people, but that's a big part of the BMW service experience (or any other luxury brand for that matter). It's not this dealership's fault, specifically, but it's a major mistake I think the corporate office is making. Like, why would anyone want to go to BMW of SD (despite the positives I listed above) if they can go to another BMW dealership and get a free loaner?

Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

Brady L. | 2009-04-29

Okay I must do this because its just the right thing too do. To update why I am raising there star rating is because of the latest action. After calling BMW of North America with no help from them I wrote to Roger Penske (the president of parent company of in which owns BMW of San Diego) and told him the entire story of what had happened to me and even told him to check out yelp and how terrible this dealership rates. I got a very quick response from him directly and the dealership called as well. They made the decision to replace all 4 of my tires and no charge. I just really really wished that I would not have had to go through all of this and they just treated you like BMW should and are expected too from the start. Hopefully this situation may help improve BMW of San Diego and at least for me I feel much better as a customer that they company did the right thing in the end. I thank Penske Corporation for taking care of me!

Tina B. | 2009-04-22

Horrible place!  I bought my car here 5 years ago.  The car had a minor scratch so the salesman wrote up a work order to have it fixed the following week.  I made an appt and  returned the next week.  No work order could be found and I was told the salesman had been fired!  Turns out he never submitted my order.  I had to fight tooth and nail to get the work done without paying for it.  I swore I would never go back.  Well five years later I figured I give them another try.  I had been taking my car to Cunningham but it is a lot farther from my house.  I took my car to SD BMW for an oil change and they tried to strong arm me into paying $230 for a safety inspection!  When I refused the service advisor told me in a snotty way that they were not going to reset my service indicator (counts down mileage to next service).  I was furious!  After they completed my oil change (minus the safety inspection) the advisor told me I needed $1400 in addl work. Pound sand if you think i am giving them another dollar!  After paying for my $115 oil change I asked a diff advisor if there was a way to reset the indicator myself.  He called a mechanic out and he reset it for me.....and I didnt even have to pay $230 for it.  I called around for an estimate regarding the work they said I needed and even Cunninham BMW was 30% cheaper.  Independents were even less expensive of course. How do businesses like this survive.  Do people not realize they are getting ripped off by these guys????

LORENA F. | 2009-03-14

I took my mother to BMW of San Diego this past week.  I must set preface that I love cars.  I have bought plenty of cars in my day.  I became aware of car taxes increasing on April 1st, so I figured that this would be a good time to make the car purchase she has long talked about.  Her car is a 2006 and very well maintained car, no small kids or junk in her car.  Nice, good car, but her warranty is up.  

I had read the BMW has a 100K mile warranty and free service. I figured that this would be good for my mother as she tends to keep her cars for about 3 years.  I made an appointment to see Ed and Effe from their Internet sales dept.  They both were nice, but for some odd reason, I was told to deal with Daniel, the floor manager.  From the beginning, Daniel was an asshole.  My mother had her loan approved and was just looking to see what to purchase.  I have to be honest that I was not dressed up, representative to the deal look.  I had just gotten out of a Pilate's class and did not care to go home and change when it is my wallet that was going to do the transaction.

Daniel's comments kept making reference to "affording" the car, swaying us to an 2005/2006 model.  I had opted for a 2008 9K 328 for my mom as  the body has not changed.  The 2008 was relatively new, but it is an 2008 with a fleet of 2009 cars that are stagnate.  

I was not going to have my mother pay sticker price for the car, but according to Daniel, they do not negotiate.  He wanted $7K as a down payment plus my mother's 2006 car.  I thought, are you shitting me.  I simply told him that I was going to keep my money and he needed to get a better price.  His frustration level grew out of control so I left.

Daniel did call me at home, I told him I left his dealer but he was extremely rude and would not give me a saleable price for the car.  HE said he would lower the price by $250, but it was still way over market price.  He decided that the $7K were not needed, but his shenanigans had gone to far.

The rude character, demeaning nature, pulling teeth to get a price and crap overall has convinced me that I will never buy a car from this place.   To add a note, I did let Daniel know that I was looking for two cars as my lease at Mercedes had come up.  He kept saying he didn't care.  Selling two cars is better than no cars.

Oh Ward Easy on the B. | 2009-02-22

THE GOOD - The dealership/service area are beautiful; very upscale
THE BAD - Everything takes at least 2 tries to get fixed; trust me on this, we have 2 bmw's in the household here and you have to keep bringing them back and back and back to get the problem corrected.
THE UGLY - You pay $25 to drive a fucking Camry while your car is in there for the 5th friggin' time for the same problem.
They are always very apologitic when you yell at them (rightfully so) for taking several appointments to fix - not - your car but why don't they just fix it right the first time?

Kayla C. | 2009-01-21

Oh God, where do I start with this place?

I really should have read these reviews before I came here. I didn't purchase a car from here but this is a review for their SERVICE DEPARTMENT!

First of all, I am a young 23 year old college student. and a FEMALE. they probalby thought i knew nothing about cars which i don't really but i would assume that BMW are high class enough to not give me the run around just b/c i'm a girl. Anyway, on to my review. I went to get my Service Pack II done so basically all they do is checking tires, fluids, filters, blah blah blah....and it came out to almost $ window washer thing was not working and i told them about it and they told me if it needs to be replaced it wuld be another $130!!! wtf...but luckily it was just clogged which im surprised why they didnt lie about it so i give them that. anyway, i came back to pick up my car and had the worst trouble getting around during the day b/c no one lives by me to give me rides. anyway, i found out when i came back to pick up my car that I WAS ENTITLED TO A LOANER CAR! Not once did these people offer me a loaner car. i was SO PISSED i yelled at the manager b/c i had so much trouble trying to ge to work etc etc etc and WHY didn't anyone offer me a loaner car. and they didn't even say sorry which would have been nice. They just said "well we will just give u 10% off your bill"...which is not much considering i payed 700 for you to CHECK my damn car. i guess it was my fault to go to a dealership but this is the only BMW dealership i been to who has been very un-helpful and snooty. God I hate this place. I hope EVERYONE GOES TO YELP WHO WANTS TO BUY A BMW OR GET SERVICE FROM THIS BMW READS ALL OF THESE REVIEWS. BECAUSE THIS PLACE IS SHADY!!!!!!!! Never going to them ever again...and they are really after your money!!!! BEWARE OF THIS BMW!!! Please do not give this place business!

Patty J. | 2009-01-11

we just purchased a 328i in oklahoma and drove it to san diego after christmas.  we had a steering lock warning come on so we stopped in new mexico to have  Sandi BMW look at it.  The gave us a rental car (free of charge) and we went shopping while they had our car.  They told us it was a sensor and they would have to order the part, which would take a day or 2 or we could continue on our trip and get it replaced in San Diego.  We drove and took it to BMW of San Diego.  I wish I would have read these reviews before we took it to them.  As far as the repair, they did fix the car, but when you bring it in, it takes forever to get the paperwork done just so they can get it in to be fixed.  The, they wouldn't give us a rental car, they wanted us to pay for one.  We ended up not getting one and instead I had followed my hubby to the dealership and he drove home with me.  We finally got the car fixed and when my hubby went to pick it up they tried to charge us for a rental car, even though we didn't get one.  Plus, they washed the car afer we told them not to and it was highlighted on the paperwoek DO NOT WASH! I don't like this place.  They act like they are doing you a favor by taking care of your care.  I paid too much for my car to not even get a courtesy car when I bring it in for service.

Lily H. | 2009-01-08

This has got to be the shadiest bmw dealership ever. I took my month old bmw in a few months ago to get the lcd screen replaced because I noticed a dead pixel. When i arrived, they were kind enough to provide me a rental (toyota) which was pretty cool. The service was speedy and I was able to pick up my car a few days later. After waiting 10 minutes for them to pull up my car, Ann walks over to me and asks me if there was a black scuff mark on the rear right bumper. I told her i brought it in brand spanking new and if there was any damage it was soley the dealerships fault. She apologized and said they would get it buffed out in about 20 minutes. I waited almost an hour and when they finally pulled it up, I double checked the spot and i couldnt even tell there was a scuff mark. My lcd looked good too, so off i went without any further questions. I honestly thought I had a decent experience there until a few months later.  

While i was waiting at a light, my car was rear ended. I stepped out to check the damage and aside from the huge dent, I noticed the paint on the right half of the rear bumper chipping off like cheap enamel on an old house. I made a mental note and went to get an estimate at Phil Thearles the next day. As the tech was scoping out the rear bumper, he asked me if I had purchased the car used or if the bumper had previously been repainted because factory paint does not chip.. post accident or not. I frantically peeled away at the problem area I had at BMW of SD and sure enough I saw a black scuff mark on the rear right corner.. i was sooo p.o.!! im still not too sure what BMW of SD did to my car but they totally tried to cover it up and were sooo shadyyyy about it. I really wonder how often they do this to their customers.

Fortunately but unfortunately, my car was in a minor accident because I would have never found out about the faulty paint job which equals mucho problemos down the line. thx bmwofsd!

Patrick M. | 2008-12-03

This dealership is the best that I have ever dealt with.. Gary James and Mark Matthews are the most easy going service writers.  They have together have been able to solve all of the problems with my BMW 530i.  I would recommend this dealership to all in San Diego County!

Duncan C. | 2008-11-08

Brought my car in because the check engine light was on. I suspected it was due to a dummy (not me and ironically the dummy was male) that put the gas cap on wrong. I tried disconnecting the battery thinking it would reset this, but no dice. I brought the car in and told them my suspicions. In a nutshell, I got a $70 car wash (and not even a good car wash) since there was nothing wrong and all they did was turn the check engine light off. The service contact person confirmed it was the gas cap being improperly replaced. The vehicle had been going there for years. In the last year, spent around $1600 on maintenance, front/rear brakes, and rotors - would have it hurt to get a deal on this?

Am I being ridiculous?  And no, I had not read yelp prior to my visits here.  Will not be back, even if  I have to do the brakes myself!

Tawn N. | 2008-09-16

I concur with the other posters that this establishment is dishonest.  I regret actually purchasing my car from this dealership.  I will never buy another car from here again.  Everytime I brought my car in for service, it cost around $500.00 even though it's still under warranty.  I now drive to another dealership to have my car service and it's actually 20 miles away from my home.  My next car will be at the other dealership.  They have been providing excellent services with out defrauding me on unneeded services and parts.

Kristopher C. | 2008-08-05

i went to get my 5 car keys programmed and they said it would take a day and it would cost money.

i said bump that noise but  suddenly some dude in a BMW work shirt came over n said he'd handle it.

guy came back in like 10 and said my keys would all work, and they did!

thank you BMW man

Allen R. | 2008-07-28

I've been in the SoCal BMW community since I returned home from Germany in '99.  All I heard was negative stuff about SD BMW but I was due for an oil change under the covered maintenance program so I figured I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and see for myself how bad a BMW dealer could really be.  They couldn't mess up an oil change, right?  I was so WRONG.

Initial impressions were good and they took care of me pretty quickly.  That all went south when I started to drive home and noticed oil splatter onto the windshield.  I pulled over and popped my hood only to find more oil covering the engine and sprayed all over the hoodliner.  You could probably imagine how my blood began to boil after seeing this happen to a car that wasn't even a year old.  

I realized right away that the incompetent tech overfilled my motor with oil.  Called a friend to help siphon out some of the excess and headed straight back to the dealer.  Of course, the service writer refused that it could of been overfilled and that they would find the true root of the problem.  I knew I needed to calm down so I let them clean up the mess.  Writer comes back and tells me it was a loose fitting linked to the Vanos.  Yeah, OK buddy.  He brings back the car and says the engine has been steam cleaned and she's ready to go.  I had to see this for myself and proceeded to lift up the hood.  The motor was fine but the hood liner was ruined.  I asked for a replacement and the writer had the nerve to offer a 5% discount on a new one.  He told me that he doesn't have the authority to replace the part and that he knows his manager won't approve a new part either since they did their best to clean it.  I told him I have friends that are service writers and I know exactly what kind of power he has.  After all this, he still refuses.  Unbelievable.  I let him know BMW NA was going to hear about this and he tried show his understanding saying that his brother is a BMW collector and covers his cars with blankets at night, bla, bla, bla...   I had to get out of there before I knocked this guy out.

Listen to these horror stories and stay as far away as possible from SDBMW.  I now work on my own car and hit up a few friends that are BMW certified mechanics for the bigger stuff.

Nick T. | 2008-02-28

As I walked into the showroom with my then girlfriend, another couple walked in right behind us, who were older and dressed better than we were.

We saw 3 salespeople standing around.Immediately one proceeded to walk over but he walked right past me to help the older couple behind me while the other two continued to chat with each other.

After about 10 minutes of looking around , one of the other salesperson finally comes up to me and says

" Hey how are you two ? Are you getting your car worked on at Toyota next door? "

Ah, no. I'm here to buy a car, I have cash in my pocket and I'm interested in buying a new BMW.

They ran my credit, and I provided personal info and pay stubs and what not but after realizing how annoyed I was at the initial experience I told them that I wanted to sleep on it for one night.

They were dumbfounded.The manager comes over and starts to to play 20 questions with me, I tell him what happened when we first walked in and how we werent even acknowledged even though we were in plain view and that I didnt appreciate it.

We left. They kept blowing up my cell phone the whole time that  I was driving over to Cunningham.

Refugio G. | 2007-06-10

No stars!!  This dealership has to be the worst on the planet.  I showed up and said, hey this is what I want.  I specifically laid out the the options I wanted on my car and informed the salesperson that I had a trade in, but we would talk about it after we settled on the price for the new vehicle.  I asked him 2 very direct questions, to which I did not get a direct answer for.

me: so what is the monetary difference in cost between premium package and sport package?
him: well, you see with premium you get leather, power seats, bmw assist, bla bla bla and with sport you get bigger rims, this this and this.
me: again, what is the difference between the two when it comes to the price?
him: I have to talk to my manager

2nd question:
me: so what is the bottom line price you will give me on this 328?
him: I have to talk to my manager.
me: ok, go ahead and I will wait here for you.
him: I can't go talk to him
me: why?
him: we have to appraise your trade in.  
me: OK, but, what does my trade in have to do with the purchase price on the new car?  We are going to negotiate the price on the new car first, then we can negotiate the value of the turn in.
him: I have to run your credit to see what we can offer you.
me: no, I am already pre-approved with BMW FS, they approved me at 2.9%
him: sir, I am just a sales person, I don't know anything, I have to talk to my manager first.
me: you just said you couldn't when I told you to go talk to him.  You know what?  I'll make this easy for both of us. (at which time I got up and walked out.)
him: sir, don't leave, we can give you the best deal in town, just give me a chance.
me: I did, and you blew it. (he literally followed me all the way to my car and tried to put himself between  me and my car)

this place sucks, I cannot believe they are still in business!!

Linda S. | 2007-03-24

Do you see the trend of BMW of SD reviews here?  I took my 2006 325 in for service so many times this year. You always hear people tell you not to buy a car whenever the new model rolls out due to its unforeseen problems/bugs that it will have. And I should have listened. This past week I dropped off my car again because something else is wrong/broken with it. Two days later...after picking it up, on my way home, I noticed that my navigation CD was missing. The CD costs about $200-$300.  I was beyond furious. I came back and this woman named Ann informed me that there's nothing she nor anyone can do for me because everyone has gone home for the day. She offered me a damn rental (a Camry). How would that   resolve my problem? AND  why would I take that piece of crap home and leave my car there for them to steal other things from my car. I was told I have to wait until Monday for the service specialist guy to return to resolve this issue. UNACCEPTABLE!. Don't buy a car from this place and don't trust them to fix your car either.

Rick B. | 2007-01-23

They suck!
First off, realize when you go in for a repair, you have to talk to the service specialist guy. He gets paid on commission. No wonder he gave me a $1500 estimate for a broken spoiler. Then when I just wanted one  $125 dollar part replaced, he calls back and wouldnt do it. What? refuse business? Complete jackass, made up some lame excuse and that I can go to the parts department and buy the part and install it myself if I wanted..
It gets worse. I did the oil change there at the same time. A few weeks later a light comes on the dash telling me,"Time for oil change." I call BMW of SD, ask why this is so. They say oh, looks like you just got the basic oil change, for $50 more we reset the cars onboard computer but you didnt get that..
Unbelievable how bad customer service can be at a dealership. I found another BMW place that did it for free.

Hen A. | 2006-07-07 i hate bmw of san diego....use to have a 540i...that was purchased here...and what luck as soon as the warranty breaks down...have it towed to bmw of san diego..they say some parts need to be replaced..nothing major...i pick up the car..$1,300 bill...ouch....20 days stops again..take it back..."oh..different problem..need to replace a part".....pick up the car...$1,000 bill....driving out of the stops....they push it back...."we'll need to take a look"....miracle!..."oh..this is different problem again...need to replace part"....another $1,000+ bill.....

*this goes on for about 7 or 8 months*

after about $10,000 in repair bills...and angry complaint letters to bmw of usa...i get reimbursed for part of the repair costs....finally after the last repair job..i told bmw of san diego to "fix everything and anything that is wrong".....i get the car back....

my family was pretty pissed about my car troubles and told me to just trade it in for a 3 up to the front of the lot...ask for a salesguy...."trade the 540i in for a 325i"....the salesguy says that somebody will need to take look at the car...i tell the guys just fixed "everything" on the car....he still has to have a guy look the car over to get the trade in value..the guy sees me and the car...after some whispering..the salesguy comes over and tells me that THEY CAN NOT TAKE MY CAR IN AS A TRADE IN...SORRY~! guys fixed it and you won't take the car in as a trade in...el cajon bmw wouldn't take it either....urgh...

drove the car out...was passing by benz dealer...quick phone call home...tell them they won't accept it as a trade in...i tell them..the new c-class came out..i get a new silver 2004 c-class benz...