Balboa Motors in San Diego, CA

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At Balboa Motors, we strive to make the experience of purchasing a vehicle as simple as possible. We have an incredible selection of used vehicles at great prices and can help get you into a car that fits your needs. We offer financing and servicing on our cars.


Established in 1997.

Balboa Motors has been an independent used car dealership in San Diego for almost 15 years! We are growing in size of inventory, but still bring you the same great deals.

Balboa Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(619) 282-9000
Address:6101 Mission Gorge Rd, San Diego, CA, 92120
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Balboa Motors

Mark N. | 2015-03-22

This review is based off a 2003 Toyota Tundra SR5 Access Cab I bought from here almost a decade ago. Yes, the place seemed sketchy, but given my current situation at the time (coming off a repo and bad credit history), it was desperate move on my end. The truck at the time (2007) was priced at $17K with 25K miles (its valued at $9K today according to KBB). I was young and dumb, so I never bothered to check the car fax or cared too much for APR's or KBB value. However, its surprising that even I could've easily been taken advantage of, I still drove out there with the truck after agreeing to $1500 down financing at 6% APR. Now that I look back, I know I got a pretty decent deal. Truck was paid off in 5 years and still own it with over 137K miles, running strong. Never had any major issues or repairs, just regular maintenance. Maybe it had everything to with the brand being a Toyota afterall, but regardless, I am pleased to say the this "sleazy" dealership really wasn't too bad.

Eli W. | 2015-02-27

I can't believe I forgot to leave a review after I bought my time bomb of a car. Only a couple months after I bought my car (and conveniently after the warranty expired), the head gasket blew and took out a ton of other components as well. $2500 in repairs later, I was back on the road. After a year of owning the car, I had put about $3200 into the car. Absolutely ridiculous. Don't bother with these guys.

Danny S. | 2015-01-23

I bought a car there in September last year and even though it had some scratches, they agreed to take them out. I brought the car in and they did an OK job on getting them out (I know how hard it is) without damaging the paint. I got a great deal on the car and it still runs real good. The notable thing about this dealer is that they had a good selection of imports like Toyotas and Hondas.

Gina G. | 2014-12-26

Do NOT buy from this unethical, unprofessional, bait and switch dealership. The manager Sean advertises vehicles for sale for one price, and then refuses to honor that price. He is rude, unethical, and I would not buy from these people. Typical slime bag used car salesman. I thought those days were over.  When we showed up to purchase the vehicle, they had raised the price of the vehicle over $8000. Then they tried to tell us they would give us $5000 off and we should be happy with that.  Then they proceeded to tell us that what they are doing is legal. It is absolutely NOT legal and I hope people stop buying cars from them.

Truth T. | 2014-12-10

One star....why because at the end of the day  the sales people were dressed like gang members , the service was shitty and the mysterious owner/manager / accountant  is always in some far away middle eastern country unavailable for comment.

My wife and I purchased a car from this place not to long ago. The car is falling apart. The staff here was unprofessional. The sales lady was cussing while speaking to another salesman in front of my daughter. The owner/manager/accountant ray seems to be a shady middle eastern traveling man. Rarely present but always available to make the "tough" decisions.   When my wife tried to speak with a manager about our concerns the salesman informed me, " There is no manager , There is only Ray the owner and he speaks only to men not women". Needless to say , we were appalled by this and recommend anyone looking for a vehicle to steer clear of this place. Most of the shadiness occurred during the signing of documents and after. Lesson learned balboa motors

Ronald P. | 2014-11-28

yeah no. . . I've been told three times now that I'd receive a call back regarding a potential car purchase. . . If I have to chase YOU to get a car from you, and YOU'RE the dealer. . . red flag. . . They didn't even remember me after the THIRD call; I would advise NEVER considering this business, because they clearly don't want to sell their vehicles.

Lacey K. | 2014-09-15

*LONG BUT INFORMATIVE*I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS DEALERSHIP* Our buying process was not bad; your normal situation (test drive, paperwork, money...). It was after that we ran into some MAJOR problems! We bought the vehicle almost three years ago...we were waiting on our registration to come but it never did. Come to find out the registration wasn't up to date for over two years and Balboa Motors said it was our responsibility to pay it! After many phone calls and a letter to them stating it was their responsibility as a dealership to get us our current registration otherwise we will take legal action, they finally paid the fees and sent it to us. Fast forward to a few months ago...we paid off our car early and were told we were entitled to a refund for the GAP insurance we purchased with the vehicle. I contacted the dealership and they seemed very confused and apprehensive to help in any way. I contacted GAP and they told me they would forward the needed info to the dealership...I called a week later in which they denied receiving any paperwork.  After numerous calls (being treated VERY rudely) and sending paperwork multiple times, they said it would take another couple weeks to get the money...a month later, nothing still! I contacted them but was told they didn't have it. I contacted GAP to which they told me they "sent check #_ for the amount of $_ on such and such date and it was cashed on _ date". I called the dealership and told them they were given my money two months earlier and they cashed it two weeks later, yet here I am a month after that with no money....SHADY! I told them they have one week to get me my money or else I'm reporting them to whoever I need to! They sent it on the final day and we are finally done with that mess of a dealership! Rude people when presented with a situation, clueless when it comes to certain dealership practices that should be known in their line of business, very shady financially.  Makes me wonder what else they are hiding! BUYER BEWARE!

Soban C. | 2014-06-11

Avoid them as you avoid fire! I would have given them -ve stars if I could.

1. They showed us car fax report report of a wrong car(it had lesser mileage and only one owner).
2. Showed us KBB value of wrong trim (was higher trim, and even started arguing that was indeed higher until we pointed out absence of sunroof :) ).

When we bought the car, we pointed out 3 issues in the Car which they promised to repair free of cost, (they even gave us in writing):
1. Bumper clip.
2. Tyre pressure Monitor warning.
3. Oil Leak.

We took the car first time, they kept it for 2 days and repaired only the bumper clip, and reset the TPM. The TPM light started coming ON within 10 mins!

I took it one more time, they kept if for a week, said they had fixed the TPM, but they didn't. They TPM light went ON within 10 mins!

I called to complain, the Onwer  who goes by the name "Wai" was very rude.

Learn from my experience, avoid this dealership.

Jazmin B. | 2014-04-07

DO NOT BUY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
Bought my car here one year ago to date. Already had to replace the transmission and  struts! and then later found out there was body damaged that was covered up! we have lost thousands on this car! and today found out that it technically should be a salvage title!

Hossein S. | 2014-01-11

Professional. Courteous. Honest.

Seamless process selling my car. Staff were friendly and personable. Price was both reasonable and easy to agree on. Refreshing to know that there are still honest and fair people in the used car industry! I highly recommend this place if you want to either buy or sell your car.

Blake K. | 2013-12-13

The car buying went smoothly.  The reason for the one star is we've been waiting 4 months for the title.  Opened a complaint with the  #9815637.  They've been contacted 2x's by the BBB with no response.  Besides all the fees they collected to process the paper work, I'm starting to wonder if they didn't run a scam wherein they resell cars without possessing the title.

Update: finally received car title 12/17.

James P. | 2013-08-29

Do Not go here, I test drove a car that would whistle when I revved it. I work on cars and know its not the belts, but they insisted it was, then insisted it wasn't there or it went away, when it very obviously was. I got the run around with empty promises that if I buy they will fix it, and it was 3000 over KBB value. Stay Away!!!

shawn b. | 2013-04-01

Absolute worst car buying experience I've ever had, hands down no comparison.

This is a family run shady operation where they're taking lemons off the street, doing a little bit of work in their shop and flipping them at KBB value.

I bought a Maxima from them years ago and within 1 month the clutch and transmission went out. When I brought it to their attention they told me to pound sand and tough luck.

If by chance you dont believe the horror stories in here and do take the chance to walk into their office you'll know right away what everyone is trying to alert you to.

Very shady, family run business, speak in different languages around you regarding your purchase. They even have a "preferred" 3rd party mechanic they'll send you to if you have concerns before buying. Same Nationality, right down the street, and no doubt on their payroll.

Be warned this is without question the worst car dealer in Mission Valley and more likely all of San Diego.

Tom F. | 2012-11-16

Worst experience ever!  I know car dealers are scam artists but this place takes the topper!  I went in there one day amongst many other dealerships and they're one salesman Peter was great. He was the only reason I went back the next day to make a purchase.  Peter took me for a test drive and helped me read the carfax. Then I told him I couldnt spend more than $15000.  He went to his boss and came back to have me fill out the financing papers.  I was really happy.  Peter was great and this whole experience was nothing like those buying car horror stories.  Until, the "boss" comes over and says "oh I have someone paying full price this afternoon". Really?  Then why are you wasting my time?!??  Why am i filling out these papers?  Why did I just test drive it? I then grabbed all paperwork with my information on it, stood up and said ok have a nice day!  He said "oh, well leave your phone number and we'll call you if the deal doesnt go through".  Screw that!  They had already wasted enough of my time and energy!  They are rude frauds!  Unfortunately for them their best salesman, Peter, the owner's nephew, is leaving them for a hospital job.  He must have got tired of working for crooks and hearing lies!  Take my advice DONT WASTE YOUR TIME at BALBOA MOTORS!!!!

Wish I could give negative stars!

Sally R. | 2012-11-09

I purchased a BMW 328 this past summer and love love love my car!  It was in impeccable condition and they gave me the extended warranty, which came in handy for a free oil change already!  The staff is knowledgeable and helpful.  It was a flawless process and I couldn't be happier with my new ride!!

David P. | 2012-08-04

These guys aren't too bad.  I purchased a truck from them, and it worked.  I took it to my mechanic beforehand and it needed a little work, but they were able to come down on the price based on the mechanic assessment.  They're a little pushy, but hey, it is a used car lot.  All the paperwork and registration were in order, so no problems there.  Overall, for buying a used car, not a bad experience.

Paola M. | 2012-07-09

This is the worst dealership ever. I bought a car from them, it was a 2005 Mazda. The dealership gave me a reasonable prize and the salesperson who helped me was very helpful.  But right instantly when I bought the car, the next day I already had a ticket. My car was parked outside of my house and I got a ticket because the salesperson put the registration paper taped in the window wrong. Do to the fact that the sticker was expired. I called the dealership and they told me that I had to call the court and deal with it myself. Are you kidding me, it wasn't even my fault and I had to do there own work. Then, the passengers side window wasn't going down, and I also wanted to charge my phone inside the car, and the cigarrete lighter wasn't even working. Then, the transmission engine turned on, and I was beyond mad. I haven't even had the car for two weeks and I already had problems with this car. I right instantly called the dealership and wanted to speak with the manager. They transfer me with the owner Ray  said to come on in with the car and he will helped me out. When I arrived at the dealership I waited about two hours just to speak with ray. He said that I should of brought the car the next day, but they kept giving me excuses.  Then after giving them a down payment, he told me that in order to fix this stuff, I need to pay another $1,000 dollars. Not only that, they took forever to give me my registration. They never called saying that they already had the registration, second when i went in person, they couldn't find my paperwork, and third it seemed like nobody cared. Overall, it was a very bad experience and to top it off. Not to be mean nor racist but the owner was from the middle east, and making deals with them is a big no, no. Ray then told me if I can take one of his employees to his house since I was driving towards where he leaves. Are you serious, he was asking me as a customer to do him that favor and he will give me $5 dollars for gas. I wouldn't recommend this dealership to anyone, please avoid this place.

Heather M. | 2012-04-21

I bought a car from them in Jan2012 and I had the airbag sign on.... I called to have them fix it and they kept playing games. They told me that the car was smoke free and the smell I was smelling was the cleaning solution in the car. I found small cig burns later when I looked down behind the driver seat. I told the owner about how my car stinks still he said he would replace the airfilter for me and my airbag light as well. The owner Ray said come down that day I show up and he never order the air filter for me from a few days age. They play games back and fourth. Now 3 months later after been told that my tires are new and in good condition I had to by 4 new tires. My cars a 2008 and Discount Tire said that the tires on my car where 2002. So they placed 10 year tires on my car Are you kidding me!!!! Now im having to buy new tires. I will be reporting them to BBB. They do not know how to run a car business, they gave me fasle information!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

Jill J. | 2012-02-20

If you buy a car from here, make sure you are savvy about car buying, or have someone with you who is. We are, and we had to jump through hoops to even get them to give us a car fax. They are a strange bunch of people. What can I say... I do like my car though.

Michele B. | 2012-02-13

Absolutely the worst car buying experience ever! I needed a new car quick after mine was sandwiched on  the freeway. I decided to buy from a dealership instead of a private seller because I thought it would be a safer purchase. Was I wrong! I saw the car I liked and made a deal. The dash had a warning light on it for the airbags but I was assured, in writing, that the issue would be taken care of. Quickly after leaving the lot I realized that the transmission was having issues as well. I took the car back 2 times and the issues were never resolved. The first time they had the car for four days and when I finally called to check on it they told me that thier testing machine was down and they could not fix the problem. The next time I took it in they convinced me that the transmission was okay and that it just needed a tune up. They had the car for two or three days that time and told me the airbag issue was taken care of but as I drove the car away I saw the warning light was still on. I finally ended up taking the car to my mechanic who solved the problem in an hour!
I have had the car for two months and have put $2200.00 into it. Now it runs great but I have STILL not gotten my tags for it. The last time I was at the dealership I asked about the registration and so they brought me the paperwork but no tags. When I asked about it they said they didn't know why I hadnt gotten them. I am not holding my breath for them to take care of it!!

tonia m. | 2011-10-02

DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR FROM THIS DEALERSHIP! Overall, I'm a very positive person, giving the benefit of the doubt often. However.... this place is your stereotypical used car dealership. If you're looking to buy a car and drive away with less problems then you did with your last car, this is not the place for you. I purchased a car from this lot a month ago, wherein I have been back to this lot a dozen times, got the runaround 2 dozen times and have wasted more time on my new car then I did on my old falling apart car. Beware, the owner of this place is not reachable! He seems to be on vacation all of the time, and has family emergencies when you have appointments with him. If you're a girl and want to be treated like an absolute idiot.... buy your car from this place! They do an awesome job at bringing a whole new meaning to bad business. Also please check with the Better Business Bureau regarding this dealership, as I am in the midst of validating my concerns with them, so that all consumers are aware of the type of poor business that occurs within this establishment.

Navid Z. | 2011-02-09

Me and my girlfriend came here to purchase a Honda Accord coupe it was not a good idea buying from these guys.

We purchased the car from Ray and his salesperson who gave off a very odd vibe. Though the car was priced reasonable, the car itself was not in very good shape...It was sold to us with bad axles ($500 to repair). Essentially it was our fault for not taking it to our mechanic to get checked out, or take a legitimate highway test drive, but the main point is that balboa motors sells cars which are not in good shape as they claim them to be, and offer a warranty which is laughable (they pay half of the repair work if THEY agree that there is something wrong).

The main problem with this dealership is that they do not stand behind their cars, when we took the car back to ray (which was very scary to drive on the highway) he said there was nothing wrong with the axles and that he is not to be held responsible at all. We ended up having to fix it ourselves after he brushed us off as a joke. I would definitely not recommend Balboa motors, they sell cars which have been purchased through auctions broken and not repaired properly.

K B. | 2010-12-08

DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!!! These people are crooks. They sell cars that are lemons. My car had engine problems but had somehow managed to pass smog. Not possible. The  mechanic used wire and zip ties rather than properly bolting in the parts. For the 2 months that I owned the lemon, they sold it spent about 6 weeks in their repair shop. And they install illegal trackers on the cars. Even with a CARFAX, I would not trust whatever they try to sell you. Pay the extra and go to a reputable dealership like the TOYOTA dealership across the street. I had to threaten legal action to get my money back, and the owner still tried to stiff me.

Sherry S. | 2010-08-13

Talk about bait and switch routine.  This establishment advertised a low mileage (less than 40K) van on Craigslist for less than $4,000.  We show up and the story was that the van was at a dealership to be fixed.  The dealership was looking for a replacement computer since the vehicle would not pass the smog check, but they would have it back in two days.  Salesmens were very pushy trying to sell us vans with over 125K miles for $5,000 and up.  We said we would wait to see the original van that we had come to see.  Now they say that the van has had a lot of interest and there were others that we ahead of us that wanted to purchase it.

Alex Z. | 2008-05-31

This is a used car dealership that has a small shop that does body work and service, mainly for the cars they sell.

My girlfriend and I came here to buy a car, and we dealt with Ray.  We got a pretty good feeling from him, which is extremely rare amongst car dealers.

We ended up buying a used Civic Hybrid from him.  We checked the car with CARFAX and a mechanic, and everything that Ray had said about the car checked out to the letter.  The price listed was very reasonable, and he was a tough negotiator.  It may be that this shop's model is to set the price fairly low to begin with, and not budge as much on it, or that may have been just our particular car.  He did throw in a few written guarantees on items for which we had expressed concern, in addition to his regular warranty.

Since buying the car, we have had no problems with it.  I *love* the car...and I am enjoying the 43-47 miles per gallon I have been getting.  Overall, our experience here was very positive, and we would recommend this place to others.

Further update...I've had this car for over six years now and it has held up very well.  The battery started to wear out, but was under warranty and was replaced by my local dealership free of charge.  The body work and new windshield put into the car after it had been fixed up, also has all held up, and the engine has stayed in excellent shape.  Car still gets outstanding mileage and as I've learned to drive it I've upped the figure into the mid-50's of MPG, for highway driving.