Automotive Excellence of San Diego in San Diego, CA

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We Specialize in Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Bentley, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Cadillac, We have been in Business for a total of 29 years offering service for all luxury vehicles. We specialize in Porsche but we service all luxury and exotics.

We also buy cars, and have a customer car search program in which we can find any make and model for you. Let us earn your business at Automotive Excellence Motors.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 361-6050
Address:11211 Sorrento Valley Rd, San Diego, CA, 92121
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Automotive Excellence of San Diego

Gregg B. | 2015-04-04

I was looking for a used Volvo convertible, which are difficult to find. In seeing a car from Automotive Excellence, I dealt with Cornelius Green. He was responsive to my questions, and we were able to negotiate a fair deal for a car that was in excellent condition. It was just what I was looking for at a reasonable price. Thanks guys!

Brenda S. | 2014-09-27

If you are looking for service after the sale, you can forget it here.  More than happy to woo us with lots of kind words and attitudes until they got our money, promises became unfilled once the car was shipped.  For example:  the car was supposed to come with 2 keys ( no small expense to replace mind you!) and it arrived with only one.  Certain paperwork in cluding the title was supposed to have been mailed but I had to request it to be mailed a third time, because Cornelius was " too busy". It was supposed to arrive full of gas and it had a quarter of a tank.  When i called to inquire about these deficencies, both Stephan and Cornelius were borderline rude and dismissive of my issues. We wanted to pay for the vehicle on the date of pickup but they were rather insistent of having the money wired to them ahead of time ( also an added expense they were happy for US to pay for).  We had the car independently inspected ( at our expense) prior to purchase and I felt they were hesitant to do the necessary repairs but finally got them to agree to 2.. At pick up, the hired driver had to return the vehicle right after purchase because the fans wouldn't turn off. Stephan and staff had decided to paint some console buttons ( something we had not requested) and in doing so had failed to put it back together properly). the shipping driver was delayed another hour while they disassembled the console to repair it. No wonder people dislike used car salesman.  I told them I had no patience for their nonsense.

Jorge V. | 2014-08-29

I bought a 1999 Porsche convertible from these guys a few months ago.  These guys are great.  Cornelius is a crack up.  And Stephan (he's all business) was serious about service.  I was also distinctly impressed by the quality of their used cars.  You can tell a lot about a used car dealer by how clean the cars are kept and how 'ready to be sold' they look.  Their warehouse is clean and neat and the cars looked immaculate.  They 'threw in' an optional hard top without even charging me anything for it. After the sale they delivered on all of their promises and even fixed a small mistake in the registration after I pointed out the mistake.  I would totally buy from them again and in fact plan to when I'm ready to upgrade to a newer Porsche.  See you guys in a few years!

Marv L. | 2014-06-09

Stephan, Cornelius, and the whole Automotive Excellence team are the best in the business!! I have purchased a Lexus and two Porsches from them and they were both the best of kind vehicles. In both all cases they gave me great trade-in value and made it possible for me to own the cars.  I also use the team for all of my repair and service work.  With them the work is done quickly and correctly. When it comes to high-end sport-luxury cars I only go to them.

Brad S. | 2014-06-08

Cornelius was great and I ended up with the perfect car.  Could have not been better!

Lin F. | 2014-03-11

This place is absolutely horrible! Please PLEASE stick to an actual car dealership! You will absolutely regret you dealings with these people! I can only assume the good reviews are from employees.

v c. | 2014-01-13

I found my Mercedes ML350 and it was at Automotive Excellence! Cornelius was the one that helped me. I paid cash for the car and we were able to come to an agreeable price of which I was very happy. The car has low miles and I am really in love with it! But the best part was I was living in Mira Mesa and had no ride to get to the dealer so Cornelius came and got me!!!! Now how is that for service??? he was pleasant to negotiate with and when I had the car serviced there they gave me a very cool Mini Cooper. Wow that was kind of fun!!! I would definatley buy from them again!!!

Joanna C. | 2013-09-04

If I could give a negative star I would. I bought a GLK350 from Tim and Cornelius. They offered me a 1.99 interest rate when I bought my car. 19 months later I discover my contract was written at 2.99 without me knowing, rushed trough signing papers because it literally took all day to negotiate a deal. When I called and spoke with Stefan, he laughed and hung up on me. I was baited and switched and I promise I will  NEVER do business with them again.

Jonathan W. | 2013-06-13

Well, I tried to get my AC serviced here.  They had me come into their shop on a Wednesday morning just to tell me that they won't start working on my car until Thursday at the earliest.  Why have me come in for an appointment if you're not even remotely ready to work on the car?

Timothy W. | 2012-12-17

I bought a Ferrari 512TR in August of 2012. The car was delivered in September of 2012 using Horseless Carriage. The car arrived clean and as described. This car is a reliable car, with no hidden nightmares. It was my lifelong dream to own a Ferrari and Mr. Cornelius Green made it happen. He knew which finance company to use and I was approved quickly. I have been having a wonderful time driving the Ferrari I always dreamed of.

jason m. | 2012-06-18

I have bought 3 cars from Automotive Excellence.  I receive great value for highly selected cars.  They seem to find the best examples of low mile cars with deep discounts.  I will not buy from anyone else.  The cars are preselected and prices right.

ceba d. | 2012-04-15

I waited to write this review... To see who was right... I brought my Porsche in and was told I needed a new transmission... I had my doubts... Something in the tone of voice of the mechanic and the low mileage of the car tripped my ripoff sensor... I brought the car to a other Porsche mechanic for a second opinion and was told the transmission was OK... it is now a few thousand miles later - that's why i waited to write this review- and I am still driving on the same transmission...   I am sure I will replace the transmission eventually... and it could just be an honest difference of opinion between professionals that caused one mechanic to say a new transmission was needed and the other not to think so...  but every mile I drive makes me  glad I got a second opinion... The people seemed friendly and they have a nice selection of cars and a beautiful repair facility... And the price quoted was reasonable - if I needed the repair at that time... My suggestion is to get a second opinion on any expensive repair... That's probably a good idea anyway...

Joanne D. | 2011-08-15

I had a completely opposite experience.  Bought a 2007 911 and paid over $56000 cash up front for it and was treated like garbage by Cornelius afterwards.  Stephan is indeed knowledgeable but Cornelius is not and unfortunately we didn't deal with Stephan, the owner.  We had to take the car in to be serviced right after we got it and it cost $1600 to service (Beverly Hills tho) and one of the rear shocks needed to be replaced (warranty thankfully had 2 more days on it) and brakes were at 40% remaining.  Our bad for trusting Cornelius and not having the car checked out by a real dealer (he claimed to be a Porsche service dealer).  Also when we first went to see the car it was full of dings and dents though they did fix most of it but with much headache.  We just moved to California and also got the 'undisclosed' surprise of having to pay for the whole time the car was on the dealer's lot, so lost another $650 there and it will renew this fall.  I cannot recommend them. JD

gianina a. | 2011-06-24

Just wanted to give a shout out to Stephan, Cornelius and Manny at Automotive Excellence. I recently bought my first 911 from them and it's beautiful! They gave me a great deal and bent over backwards to make sure I was happy. I'm very picky, and they met all my expectations. Above and beyond is what I would describe it as. They've got all kinds of incredible cars at fabulous prices. Corn is a wonderfully knowledgeable front end man and Manny went the extra mile to communicate with me the whole way. Stephan the owner is right there making sure it's done right and easy to talk to. If you want a great buy on a luxury auto this is the place to go! Thanks guys!