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Established in 1980.

When it comes to luxury automobiles in and around San Diego California, AUTOHAUS San Diego has hand picked the best selection of luxury vehicles for over 30 years. We pride our business on a solid reputation, selection, and extreme attention to detail. Make your next auto investment a guaranteed pleasure. Brouse our website for more information on Mercedes, BMW, SAAB, Porsche, Land Rover, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, only the best of domestic vehicles and more! We pride ourselves on our National reach we have here in San Diego and are happy to help you find your next dream car!

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Thank you San Diego for over 30 years!

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(619) 521-1000
Address:6045 Mission Gorge Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92120

Reviews on Autohaus San Diego

Steve P. | 2014-12-08

LET ME START BYE SAYING THANK YOU AMIR!!  I bout a infinity g35 from auto haus  after I bout it and rolled off the lot I had drove it  a while with NO warranty  and what happened unfortunately my cylinder went out in my car . I didn't know hat to do I was sure when I went back to the lot they would be well "you" drove it off its your fault". WELL I GOT NEWS FOR YOU " the owner was shocked that it happened and paid 100% percent of NEW rebuild motor NOT a used one . I thout that was outstanding integrity and I appreciate it AND now I have a basically new car and it has ran PERFECT ever since . Thank you guys I will be back to get my next car when time comes

Darcy G. | 2012-10-26

I recently purchased a BMW 3 series from Autohaus. I do not think I will purchase another car anywhere else as long as they are around mainly due to the trust I felt when dealing with them. I left feeling as though I had made a great purchase at an outstanding price...and what better feeling is there when purchasing a car. There were a few cosmetic blemishes on the car and as I was signing papers the employees were taking care of the blemishes. I drove off the lot with a car that looked brand new. I will not hesitate to refer all my friends/family to Autohaus. Thanks guys!

Kathleen C. | 2012-09-11

I bought a 2003 Cadillac cts from this dealership about four months ago. There were a few problems wrong with exterior of the car that I wanted fixed before I agreed to buy the car. First thing was they needed to fix some of the scratches and dents. We made an appointment with a gentleman that works with them and we should up on time and the guy never showed up. We waited five hours for this guy to show up because everyone kept saying he was on his way. No one ever showed so we had to make another appointment. On that appointment the guy made the dents worse and just painted over the scratches without buffing them out. So disappointing. Next I told them we needed new front tires cause they were dangerously bald. The manager took my car to get two new tires and wound up just having the tires rotated to the back cause they knew we were not going to check the back again since we determined those tires were good. Next I asked for new breaks cause the ones that were only there were really squeaky. They said that the breaks were brand new and give them a little while to break themselves in.... Two months into having the car it stopped starting and making really bad noises. We took it to pep boys and there were so many things wrong with the car and the bill was almost two hours and dollars. I called the dealership asking them what to do and how to get ahold of the company that has my warranty. The guy told me that cars break down deal with it then hung up. I called back explaining that I needed information on how to find my warranty information and he said there computers don't work on the weekend and I needed to just deal with it myself. Computers down on the weekend? How do you sell cars on the weekend with no computer?  How do you sell a car to someone telling them it's a great running car and will last forever and not even two months into it the car breaks down and cost honest people so much money. These people are horrible people and I don't know how they sleep at night knowing they screw so many good people over.  I have had to go to pep boys five times in two months and have my car fixed. I have consulted a attorney and I'm contacting the BBB. What these people are doing is not right, people are trusting this company to put them in a safe car and they are putting our lives in danger and that's illegal. There is a lemon law that they cannot sell you an unsafe ar. I feel sorry that these people cannot be honest great people. They are discusting and karma is a bitch.

Paul M. | 2012-04-11

I just purchased a beautiful 2003 Cadillac Deville from Auto Haus in San Diego, let me tell you first I do NOT work for them, nor do I have any friends or family there.
 I called first to make sure the vehicle was still for sale and spoke with a Justine, who said yes the car was still for sale.  On arrival I met with Justine, and we went
for a test drive, what a car!, back the dealership Matt put together the best possible
deal that I could very easily afford.  All in all I was very happy with the whole experience at Auto Haus and recommended them to a co-worker, and he bought a car from them the next day,   Excellent people to do business with.
                                                                                                      Paul M. National City

Dennis W. | 2012-01-13

We found a beautiful CLK320 on the lot of Autohaus, San Diego.  We arrived at an equitable price with the understanding that we would be able to purchase the missing and damaged accessories at their discounted cost from the MB dealership.  For the next 4 weeks I had nothing but a shell game.  Matt made "promises" he never kept, cut me off from each call, telling me he'd call right back.  When he never did, and I called him, he tried backing out of his promises by telling me he really doesn't "do the discount thing".  I chose to cut him off, reminding him that he had not proven one thing since taking our money.  On top of all this, their DMV person made a mistake, confused that our cashier's check was a "loan check", and filed a lien with the State that didn't exist, which took another week to resolve.  Once that was corrected and I asked about our newest, promised date for our dealership order, and was told that the rules had changed and I had to drive to the MB dealer myself and talk to a particular person and they would give me the Autohaus price.  This has been a ridiculous ride, and this "business" and their operators have no ethics.  "Take the money and screw the buyer" is their modus operandi.  Just like the other reviewer I found on (… ), I have learned that they likely change their business operating name every year, or two, likely to avoid "bad press".  I would avoid this dealership at all costs.  The cars and prices are available elsewhere, and I don't like the idea of lining their pockets and hope that this advice saves others time, energy and frustration.