Auto Save Group in San Diego, CA

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At the Auto Save Group we give you a better way to purchase or lease your new car and handle your trade-in.

We are able to find the car of your choice in the right color with all the features you want for the right price due to our relationships and our volume of business.

Plus- we take care of all the paperwork and arrange for delivery, so that you never have to set foot in a dealership.


Established in 1980.

We are a group of automotive enthusiasts with over 30 years experience who were frustrated by the amount of time and haggling necessary to get a reasonable deal on a new car purchase from a dealer. We have developed a better way for all of us to purchase or lease a new car.

Auto Save Group

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 987-6777
Address:989 5th Ave, San Diego, CA, 92101
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Auto Save Group

Leigh P. | 2015-04-23

Randall and Auto Save Group are the greatest. I just got my new Mercedes from and the entire experience was amazing.  I spoke to him once over the phone told him what I wanted and 1 week later he delivered the exact car to my doorstep!   Car buying can be such a horrible experience but this was perfect beginning to end.  I will never set foot in another car dealership.  Many thanks Randall and Co.

Omar N. | 2015-04-03

Everybody knows how annoying it is dealing with salesmen and dealerships. You will never get back the countless hours wasted in those showrooms. With Randall, not only did I get an amazing deal, but he was professional, courteous, patient, and best of all HONEST. Not only is he my go-to guy now for buying cars, but I will be referring everyone to him. Thanks Randall and Auto Save Group, you are a class act, and I look forward to dealing with you in the future!!!

Leilani A. | 2014-12-28

Walking into a car dealership is hands down one of the most terrifying things for a woman... I get anxiety just thinking about it. But thanks to Randal and Auto Save Group I didn't need to go through that experience. Randal made this process simple, easy and convenient!

I live in Las Vegas and was having a difficult time searching for deals locally. A friend referred me to ASG and after one phone call with Randal, he found my car (2015 Lexus IS 250) and got me an AMAZING deal! A week later my car was personally delivered to my home and I couldn't be happier!

This is hands down the only way to purchase a car. I definitely would recommend ASG to anyone looking to buy or lease. I am beyond grateful and looking forward to continuing this relationship.

Diane Z. | 2014-12-16

We have leased so many cars in the past, but the process through Auto Save Group is unbeatable. We are so satisfied with the service that was provided to us. Randall was able to switch out our 2012 Mercedes E350 for a brand new 2015 Mercedes E350. We asked about the car on a Tuesday and the car was delivered to OUR HOUSE on the following Thursday! The exchange was very smooth and quick. Not only was the service good, but the price was the best out there. We checked out other competitors, but no one was able to top the price that Randall offered us. I will definitely continue to do business with Auto Save Group in the future!

Leslie A. | 2014-12-11

Loved this car buying process! So simple and easy! Nothing is more nerve wrecking than making a big purchase like a car. Before calling Auto Save Group  I wasn't set on buying or leasing but after being provided with the amazing deal I went with buying.

The customer service was extremely impressive, I loved being able to talk openly about all the questions I had without feeling like there was an obligation I owed such as the feeling I get when at a dealership. The process was simpler and more convenient than any other previous car buying experience. Their service was great and I look forward to continuing my business with them.

Breanne G. | 2014-12-09

Best car buying experience yet! Friend just got the same car I got for 2k more than I got mine, a Lexus IS350. Randall was awesome, very professional yet very personable. I was referred from a co-worker who said they had a good experience too so I skipped the dealership and went straight to them.

Me and my family have purchased directly from multiple dealerships and used CarMax, Auto Save Group wins. From the price to customer service, they exceed!!!

My husband will be getting a car next year and I will definitely be using them again :)

Martina M. | 2014-12-04

It was a pleasure buying my car through the Auto Save Group. I would like to express my thanks to the Sales Representative - Randall Zaitona, who made sure all of my requirements were taken care of and was patient throughout the entire process, from start-finish. He really expedited the process with all his knowledge and expertise.

I'm beyond pleased with my car and I'm looking forward to continuing this relationship!

Richard A. | 2014-12-04

Hallelujah! Let me preface this review with: I loathe the car buying process. But! As long as Randall and Auto Save Group are around, I will never have to waste another day at a car dealership haggling prices and being shown cars I'm not interested in.

I gave ASG a call at the urging of a friend, who knew I was in the market for a new car. I spoke to Randall and gave him the couple different models I was interested in and the payment I was hoping to have. We chatted more, and I provided him with the kinds of cars I had previously, and he gave me some recommendations based on what I had and what I wanted.

I felt zero pressure to lean towards a particular car, and after some deliberation went with a 3 series from BMW. From the moment I decided which model I wanted, I felt like Randall's only priority (even though I know he was certainly busy helping others) and his communication was impeccable. Within a couple days he had found my next car, and the price was right! We met up, signed the papers, and my car was mine. No joke, this was a great process and I definitely owe my friend a beer for referring me to ASG.

Valentina S. | 2014-11-26

Very very pleasantly surprised with these guys. I just leased a Mercedes C300, two tone interior with a rear view camera through them. Blew the dealer's price out of the water, so happy I asked around rather than believing the "this is the best deal you're going to get" line.

All I had to do was call and ask for what I wanted. I had a few cars in mind but the gentleman I spoke with, Randall, had exceptional knowledge of cars and the market and pointed me in the right direction with what I was looking for.  

Once we decided on the C300, he got back to me within the same day with the deal and I had my car 3 days later.

Probably won't be leasing another car soon but will definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy or lease!

Jeremy W. | 2014-11-24

I recently was refered to the Auto Save Group about buying a new vehicle and not sure what to expect but was very impressed after speaking with Will about a new car. I explained what i was looking for and he came up with 3 different cars i would fit in to. he even set up test driving appointments for me. I got the car i wanted with no hassle from the dearlership.

I would recommend the Auto Save Group in your next car buying experience.

Laurence R. | 2014-11-10

Now this is how car shopping should be. Personally, I hate the car shopping. You waste a day going from one dealership to another, haggle with some salesmen, and end up with a big headache. The experience is not favorable whatsoever, so when I mentioned to my buddies that I needed an affordable car for work, they referred me to the Auto Save Group. I had never heard of a service like this and was pleasantly surprised at how convenient the entire process was. I gave Randall a list of cars I could afford and he gave me great feedback on some features I expressed interest in. He was very knowledgeable so I felt comfortable having him in charge of the process. I met him in Mission Valley, signed some papers, and was on my way. What a care-free process.

Overall, it was a great experience and I definitely recommend calling these guys over stepping into a dealership.