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We are your San Diego Audi Dealer serving all of San Diego County including: La Jolla, Del Mar, Poway, Carmel Mountain, El Cajon, Chula Vista, Rancho Santa Fe, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Scripps Ranch, La Mesa, Santee, Ramona and outlying areas.

We specialize in new and pre-owned Audi vehicles, Audi service and Audi parts. Our knowledgeable sales, service and parts staff have been thoroughly trained and certified to provide unparalleled customer service. Our San Diego Audi Dealership has been selling and servicing San Diego for over 25 years, so our experience is second to none!


Established in 1994.

Audi San Diego, recently acquired by Kuni Enterprises, Inc., has been selling & servicing Audis since 1994. We are centrally located in San Diego on Miramar Road between the 15 & the 805 Freeways at 9010 Miramar Road, right across from the MCAS Marine Air Station.

Audi San Diego

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(855) 395-5516
Address:9010 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA, 92126
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Audi San Diego

Matt Z. | 2015-04-22

not bad got my R8 serviced here although they are slow.

Yesenia C. | 2015-04-04

My husband and I were in the market for a new Audi. We decided to make the first place we shopped San Diego Audi because we had heard good things about them from friends.
We went on a Saturday afternoonand they were crazy busy. In fact the receptionist told us that the sales staff were busy helping other customers. After a little while the GM, GREG came over and said he would be happy to help us. Right away we liked Gregs informative but not pushy style. He quickly found out needs and took us to the prefect car for my husband, an SQ5. Unfortunately it was not in the color we wanted and after Gregs education on what features and accessories were available, it didn't have what we wanted on the SQ5. GREG sat us down and started looking for the one that fit our needs.
While sitting there a few of his sales staff came into the office, after all he is the GM I noticed how friendly and how they cared about the needs of their own cusotmers they were helping.
Greg located our car in Aarizona and told us that he would get it transferred to the San Diego for us to test drive.
Greg kept in touch with us the whole time to tell us when it was picked up, dropped off and when it was ready for us to test drive.
When we came back in Greg introduced us to FERNANDO and that he would be helping us with the test drive and any questions we had. FERNANDO WAS AWESOME, very informative, like GREG and was patient to show and explain EVERYTHING on the SQ5.
Long story short.....well not really, we got a GREAT DEAL, EXCELLENT SERVICE from BOTH GREG and FERNANDO.
If you are in the market for an Audi go to San Diego Audi and ask for them you won't regret it!!

Sue L. | 2015-04-01

Jack in the service department is wonderful.  He just fixed my car and made sure everything was covered under warranty.  I highly recommend their service department.  (And I love my A4 more than my LS400)!

Shawn G. | 2015-03-31

Went to several other dealerships before making my way here, but I'm glad I did.  Everyone here is very professional, friendly, and not pushy at all!  I worked with Don Bragg for my first car and he was very helpful and fair with the final purchase price.  We were so happy with the service that we received that we came back 2 weeks later and bought my wife one as well.  We again worked with Don, but we also worked with Joe Berg.  They work in teams here which makes it seem much less pushy than a normal car dealership.  Love this place and love our Audi's....thanks guys!

Dustin T. | 2015-03-28

Great buying experience. After my Q5 got totaled I came here to looks for an A5. Johnny Farmand hooked me up w/ a sweet gray A5.  There are some things that need to be fixed and Johnny made sure that happened.

Brandon (service advisor) took great care of my car and listened to everything I needed to address.

Karen D. | 2015-03-21

I recently took my A3 in to get the passenger door fixed.  I dropped the car off at 7:30 am and never received a call on status.  After talking to the service manager, I found that nothing had been done until 3 pm and then there was not enough time to get to the dealership.  I then had to take my time to pick the car up on a Saturday.  I received no apology for the inconvenience.  

I can honestly say that this is one of the worst customer service I have ever experienced.  I will never step foot in this completely inept dealership.

Patricia B. | 2015-03-11

Last weekend my husband and I as well as another couple went into Audi with high expectations.  Our friends spoke highly of Audi and after looking at the Porsche Macan at the dealership next door, they convinced us to go to Audi to check out their SUV's.  We walked in and stood in the lobby/sales floor waiting for someone to approach us since we weren't sure where the car models we wanted to look at were located. I thought it was weird that there were no models on the floor but I thought maybe they were changing their displays. The sales reps looked at us, walked by us, and one even stood up from his desk to see who was standing there only to sit back down and keep doing what he was doing.  We thought, "Ok, that's weird...not even an acknowledgement but whatever".  We decided to go out the back door and look around to see if we could see some models and wait for someone to come out and greet us.  We thought maybe they were busy??  We spent about another 15 minutes looking around at cars by ourselves before coming back inside to see if someone could help us. NOPE.  We stood there AGAIN while people looked at us and the final straw was when a sales rep walked RIGHT PAST US to LOCK UP and walked right past us again and sat down in his office.  I know he saw us because there were no cars on the floor and he stared right at us as we stood there.  I guess they were closing?? NO ONE stopped to say hello, or tell us that they were closing soon or even ask if they could help us.  We were so irritated that my husband and his friend went up to ask someone to speak to the manager.  When the manager emerged, he said, "We're closing.  There are signs posted everywhere."  No I'm sorry. No nothing. Just a crappy attitude and the worst part?? The guy walked right past us AGAIN to lock up the back door.  There were still several people in the office who were with representatives so it wasn't like we were the only customers in there.  The signs that they said were "everywhere"  said they closed at 7 but we had been standing around since at least 6:30 waiting for someone to greet us. Prior to going to Porsche, we had stood in the parking lot of Audi for a while and no one came out then and it was only 5!!  Had they told us they weren't seeing anymore clients, we would have understood.  But it was totally disrespectful to not greet, ignore, then catch an attitude when confronted. We had been to 5 dealerships before this and I have never been treated so badly by the salesmen.  Thanks Audi for convincing me to buy a Porsche.

Ray V. | 2015-03-07

About two years ago I purchased two vehicles from San Diego Audi. Not long ago it took my cars up there to have them serviced. One is an s5,the other a Q5. I called for an appointment and he told me that they would have a loaner car ready for me. When I arrived they said they had no car but that I was fifth or sixth on their list. They had no estimate as to when I could get a loner but that if I would wait a loaner would become available at some point during the day. They did offer to drive me to a nearby shopping center,and they would call me if and when a loner became available. They seemed to be quite amused about the issue.
Obviously this was not acceptable and I asked for the manager. She was a very nice young woman who I raised hell with. After I said my little profane laced speech she got me a car immediately. Then it took six days to get the cars back. One car was held up because they needed to get an air filter that they did not have in stock. During the course of this fiasco George called me up and said I needed two new tires. They were $350 apiece. This was nonsense. I did not purchase the tires because I did not need them. Nice try George!
After six days I went to pick up my two vehicles I was charged $700 for each vehicle for an inspection which after looking at the invoice boiled down to a $700 oil change. Anybody who takes their car this dealership is a fool. If you are so foolish as to do this, as I was, without asking ahead of time what they're going to do in this inspection then you get what you deserve. My advice is to first take your cart to some other reputable and recognized car repair such as Goodyear, Firestone, any of those places and compare how much they would charge you for doing the same exact inspection.I would be willing to bet  that it won't  be over $200.
But like I said, I fell for it so it's my own fault. I however will not be fooled again.
Make no mistake about it these guys are sharks and quasi-dishonest. They do so with a smile on their face and politely but  when you question them they don't like it one bit. they don't like someone calling them on their crap.
Nice cars service is a trap and a swindle.

Smit P. | 2015-03-06

We bought our first German car from Porsche next door and the service lived up to the name (and the price). I test drove the Audi S5 in December. There were two used ones that were very similar in condition. I told the salesperson I would be back in the evening with my kids.
 We returned in the evening and the kids fit in the backseat just fine (good enough for short weekday trips).  I asked to test drive the car I wanted and was informed it had not been thoroughly inspected and there were parts on order (tires and brake pads) to make the car safe to drive. They said we could work out a deal, they would do the maintenance on the car, and I pick it up with a contingent test drive in a few days. We negotiated a fair price over 15 minutes and was told to wait 5 minutes to meet with finance.
 Still with my kids and after 45 minutes of waiting I became agitated and said I could come back another day to sign papers. The manager at the time informs me that they could not hold the car and if someone came to buy it then they could sell it, even if I left a deposit. (Maybe there are some laws or rules about that). Now I felt obligated to stay. 1 hour and 15 minutes later they finally took us in. We met with finance and were out in 20 minutes.  
 I figured the incident a fluke. It was a Tuesday and I was told the car would be ready for pick up on Friday. I get a call on Friday, car is ready for pickup.  I asked to see a copy of the service report from the salesperson and he says everything is done but if I want to see a report he'll get it. I see tires replaced, all appropriate maintenance done, EXCEPT, the brakes. I asked him to double check for brake work. He walked away and then the manager comes over. "Mr. Patel I see we promised you new brakes and I'm sorry for some reason they didn't replace them. You can leave the car and we'll have that done or you can take it with you and then schedule back for service. We'll give you a loaner."  I took the car that evening of course and told them I would bring it back. They said to make sure I call ahead of time to schedule service and guarantee a loaner car.
 After three attempts to get in touch with the saleperson to schedule the brake replacement (the sales dept has to conduct the transaction with service to inform them of the circumstance) I finally had an appointment.  
 I get to the appointment on time, they take the car and give me a loaner Q3. Not to sound snobby but I was buying a sports sedan and they gave me a SUV for the day...fine, no problem, it was only going to be for the day. I go to work and around 4:30pm I call them to make sure the car is going to be ready. "Hold on Mr. Patel, there are some notes here let me call you back in ten minutes".  4:55 pm I call back.  "Oh I'm sorry I didn't back to you. Yes, we have your car but they didn't do the brakes. They don't have that part in stock, we could probably get it sometime next week." ...Seriously?
 How do you accept the car for a specific job without the part? They had weeks to order and hold the part. If they didn't have it they should have called me. I was extremely  disappointed. He started to blame sales and miscommunication. Ultimately, he said he would try to have the car done by Monday and he promised "one way or another" that he will have someone deliver the car to my work. Sigh.
 Forward to Monday early afternoon, car is done we will have it out to you. Then I get a call from the salesperson. "Service department just told my I need to bring the car out to you but I'm not going to be able to do it today. Would tomorrow or Wednesday be okay?" NO! The Service department promised to get that car to me today and he needed to figure it out with them. That car should be at my work by 4:30. First world problems? Yes. Getting what I paid for? No. The car made it by 4:25. Poor experience all around.
 At the end of January, I'm doing taxes, need copy of my purchase/loan agreement. I call for a copy because I misplaced the documents thumbdrive I was given the night I signed. Beginning of March, no copy in hand (luckily found the drive).
 1.5 weeks ago, received my plates. Wrong address on the registration (mailman knows me so I got the plates). Called Audi and spoke with Jen. "I'll overnight you some papers". 3 days later never got them. Called back again she says, "Oh I moved offices and I need to find the tracking number, I'll call you back". Here we are, no call back. I wasn't going to write a Yelp review but when you receive this level of service I am obligated to. The last time I had this bad service was in the 90's with Mitsubishi. I have bought Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Porsche, and Ford. All those dealers provided a luxury treatment though not all lux cars. Try your chances with Hoehn Audi if you have to have an Audi.

Javy M. | 2015-01-26

So I will start off by saying that I am a huge Audi fan. This is a review of both sales and service elements.
Service: First of all, Julio in the service department was AMAZING. I know a lot about cars and Julio saw this and didn't try to swindle me or up sell me on anything. I was in and out of the dealership with a free loaner car within 10 minutes. I won't complain about the price as that is part and parcel of owning a luxury car, but I was VERY satisfied with the level of service provided.

Now on to sales. I won't name names as that would be petty. I went in a couple of days before my service date as I was interested in getting a newer car. KBB had my current Audi at $16,000 so i was bringing in about $1000 negative equity. not too bad! at first the service was great. I have driven plenty of Audis, so a test drive wasn't necessary. Turns out the only cars they had in my range were a 2008 A6 and a 2009 A5. both SOLID great cars , but older and out of warranty, vehicles. I test drove both and based on my calculations, i figured i could make the 2008 work. i knew my credit score and my math is sound. After running my credit, they came back and told me that i would qualify for 6.9% APR. HORRIBLE! I just did a credit check and my credit was AWESOME!

Then they said my car appraised for $11,000 but they would give me 12. I was shocked!! When i told the sales person that I last qualified for 1.9%, he told me that was unheard of and kind of treated me like he didn't believe me. Then they told me that if I wanted the car I would have to put at least 6,000 down.  I came in wanting a 400 payment, and the best they could do was 729 a month if I didn't put 6,000 down! THIS CAR WAS UNDER $20,000! Before coming in I told him i needed to be done at 6:30 pm at the latest. I came in at 4:30 pm, i left at 7. he would go back and forth between him and his sales manager, at one point making me wait 20 minutes.(watch was in tow) i was ready to put 2 grand down and they knew this. All of this information they had before making me wait 2 and a half hours. I told him we weren't making a deal and I left. All the salesperson did was say, "maybe next time" when i left. Yeah, that prompted me to write the review. This isn't a reflection on all sales people there, but i got stuck with a really bad one thus leaving a bad taste in my mouth. If i ever do go Audi again, it will not be here.

I really wanted an Audi and to stick with Audi, but now I am a proud BMW CPO 2012 328i (under warranty for 60,000 more miles) at .9%. yes, thats not a typo. My credit was great with 16,000 for my trade in!!!!! Quality service!!!!!

Hope that helped.

Matthew G. | 2014-11-30

Excellent service.  Professional, courteous and efficient.  Absolutely the best car-buying experience I've had.  Many thanks to Neal, Rosanna, the general manager and everyone we encountered for making the process smooth and enjoyable.

D. D. | 2014-11-18

Although I didn't end up purchasing my Audi from this dealership (purely due to finding the perfect certified pre-owned somewhere else), I wanted to make note of how fantastic my experiences have been with Audi SD.  Note: this review is purely for Yvonne and not for Audi themselves, who, despite building performance sports coupes, can't manage to keep sufficient manual transmission inventory.

I made contact with Yvonne about a year ago, letting her know what I was looking for - what I wanted was quite specific and apparently very rare.  She worked hard to keep me informed when a new vehicle might be coming in that would suit my needs (I couldn't quite ever pull the trigger on a special order, although, she made sure to let me know all about that process).  Throughout all of our interactions (in-person meetings, phone calls, emails), she was warm, genuine, and congenial, and always made me feel like I had a friend working on the inside to find me exactly the right car.  Over the course of nearly a full year, I never once felt pressured to buy something that wasn't exactly right.  

When, recently, I finally found the perfect CPO I located elsewhere, I felt compelled to email her to let her know so that she didn't have to keep scouring inventory for "my" car.  The following day, I received from her the most gracious, kind note of congratulations on my new car, encouraging me not to be a stranger.  Despite purchasing a car from another dealer, I would recommend Yvonne at Audi SD in a heartbeat, and, when the time comes that I'm in the market for another car, she will be the one I call.  Many thanks, Yvonne!  :)

Lisa C. | 2014-11-05

My oh my - called with a tt-emergency and lucky for me Jack Myers picked-up the phone.  This was my first time to get any work done on my girl and I feel pleased and secure knowing that Jack will take care of us.  I will be back for all future service needs and really appreciate the 5 star service and positive experience!

Hugo H. | 2014-11-05

It seems that Audi's reputation for service is indeed a core value. Being that i purchased my 2013 A4 in Newport beach i had a great experience there and had taken it there for service and it was great. I was hoping to get the same experience here at San Diego Audi and i have to say i did! I have to give props to John Kortlang. So courteous, polite and was looking out for me. I had even asked if i can have a Q5 as a loaner and with no questions asked it was pulled out for me. Wow. Got my car serviced and came bake the next day and was treated just as well. Their waiting area is really nice with tons of goodies, but i didn't have to sit much. I even had a young man named Brandon take my empty cup from me. It seems to me that customer service is a priority and i felt it. Looking forward toward my next Audi which will be an S6! Kudos to Mr Scott who brought my Q5, Mr Brandon who offered to take my empty cup for me and of course to Mr. John Kortlang who just was just great!


Karin B. | 2014-11-03

I have owned an Audi Q5 for more than five years. Aside from the fact that this is a great car, all my service appointments have been at Audi San Diego and I have had nothing but very good experiences there. My Service Advisor last week was John and he was very attentive to the tasks required for my car.

Nish A. | 2014-10-29

Just bought our first Audi Q5 from Audi San Diego! The experience with the dealership has been outstanding so far, thanks to our Sales person I.J. He worked with us efficiently and followed up with us at every step. He introduced us to the assistant sales manager to score a great deal on the lease as well. I would recommend Audi San Diego in general and I.J. in particular for anyone in the market for a new Audi. Their finance team was also very easy to work with and worked out a non-nonsense no-scary tactics lease approval. Overall, very positive and pleasant experience with I.J and the dealership!!

David W. | 2014-10-26

I must say that every single time Ive been here the staff has been very helpful, prompt and courteous. I bring my car for oil changes or tune ups and get a loaner with no questions asked, if for any reason you have to wait till your car is ready they have a lounge area with free goodies and great coffee and not only that.
You can go in the dealership and fantasize about buying that R8 you been wanting in flat white hehe.  Hopefully soon.  
I meant to put this review long ago, just haven't been so active here.  
Good job guys!

Jim F. | 2014-10-15

I brought my A5 in for it's 5,000 mile service. They were prompt, polite and efficient. They said it would take 11/2 hours and it was finished right on time. Very comfortable waiting room. Excellent all around.

Monica E. | 2014-09-23

We have purchased multiple vehicles with Audi San Diego. We have worked with Yvonne in the internet/sales department on all occasions. She is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. Greg in the finance department has been just a wonderful to deal with. The parts/service department provides excellent customer service and turns your maintenance work around extremely efficiently. This dealership has got it figured out. There is no competition in my mind, they are the ONLY Audi dealership for our family. Thanks Audi San Diego!

Jay S. | 2014-09-23

I received a call from the service manager on 9/18/14 at 1:51 pm ..... George, who had informed me that a set of license plates came across his desk. He said he had looked up the vin number to see who they belong to. He had no idea. When speaking to him, I had requested that they be mailed to my PO Box (5 miles away from dealership). He asked for the address. I gave it, he repeated it back incorrectly. I repeated the address once more, he in return repeated it back correctly the second time.

On 9/22/14 at 10:52 am and 11:25 am I spoke to a sale manager Greg to inform him of the license plate ordeal. He was going to look into it and get back to me in a short while. I had mentioned to him that George had called at 11:11 am and left a message that he would do the same thing and look into it and call me back.

Never received a call from George but finally did from Greg (with attitude). Greg had said that they had just received the plates on Friday 9/19/14, on a voice message at 2:37 pm. That they would be mailed out on regular "snail mail" since you can not over night mail to a PO Box. Well...that's strange since the service manager George calls me Thursday 9/18/14 to say they were on his getting my point?

lies.....all lies!!!! I suggest that if you have a complaint, go to the BBB and also complain there. I am!....This dealership has been under new ownership since 2012. The owner needs to get involved to rectify this poorly operated business. There is so much more.

Katie G. | 2014-09-02


Where do I start?  Well, first off, they delivered my car to me in Nevada without ANY registration whatsoever.  I had to go get and PAY for my OWN temporary registration at the NV DMV. Keep in mind I already paid them to get me my registration.  

2 weeks later and we can't get Angela to call my husband back!  So, I tried working with her boss, Karla, to no avail.  I even offered to take the whole process over just to get it done and gave her the name of a courier service that could assist.  Still nothing.  So, now I'm passed on to Judy...

I called Audi USA and got them involved.  I also got Dealer Rater involved.

To make matters worse, I get the bill in the mail for my 1st payment on the exact day the payment is due!  I called Audi Financial and had to get them involved too!  They told me Audi SD didn't submit my paperwork in time, which is why I didn't receive the bill in a timely manner.

So, not only did I get 0 days to make my first payment, but I've been paying insurance and had to make a lease payment on a car SITTING IN MY GARAGE!

I got my registration today, 38 days after the car was delivered.  Between my husband and I we have collectively spent at least 7 hours chasing after them to get resolution.  

They completely took the joy out of buying a truly awesome car.  

Take your business elsewhere!

Mike D. | 2014-09-01

First time getting maintenance done here. Called ahead for a noon appointment with John. Upon arrival he greeted me and took down the cars information and it was taken in.  Maintenance , complimentary inspection and wash were all completed within the hr as promised. At the end some recommended items needed replacement but nothing was absolutely pressed to get done. As a bonus a military discount was arranged which is ALWAYS a plus in my book! 5 star service.  Will be coming back regularly for the rest of cars life.

Crystal J. | 2014-08-25

I just bought my first band spanking new car with audi san diego :))  my salesmen was ray poota. He found me a perfect car with all the upgrades video wanted. He helped me go through the process of buying a new car. a few weeks later I had to take my car in for a engine light service and Brett was awesome and extremely helpful. This dealership rocks. Thanks audi san diego

Albert A. | 2014-08-24

My cousin and I walked into Audi San Diego Friday morning in search for a new car for my cousin. Our sales person Ian Lelis greeted us quickly and started asking us questions as to what we thought we where looking for. He faces us a great range of options and fantastic insight on different models. My cousin decided to purchase a 2015 A3. His trade in situation was a bit upside down but Ian and the sales manager Mike worked hard to get him into his new car. I was so impressed with the service that j went in there and bought the same car in Saturday! Everyone from the sales people to the finance folks are a+. If you're looking for a car go visit these guys. You won't be disappointed!

Michael B. | 2014-08-20

I have had my Audi Q5 serviced by Audi San Diego since I purchased it approximately 3 years ago and my experience with the service department has been exceptional. To their credit, they monitor my mileage and reach out to me when service is required. They could not make it any easier, I receive a courtesy call and my service appointment is scheduled. They always seem to be ready for me when I arrive and the process goes extremely smooth. They keep me posted as to their findings if any and are very professional to work with. My car is always washed and ready when I arrive for my pick up appointment. I have had several service advisers assist me and they have all been very good. I am so happy to work with such a professional dealership.

I can't wait to purchase my next Audi there, maybe the RQ5!

Mike L. | 2014-08-19

I did not purchase my Audi from this dealership so I cannot comment on that but I can speak to their service department. Jack Myers was my service adviser and he is a true asset to this dealership. He explained everything to me in detail, made me aware of how long it was going to take, and had a loaner vehicle ready for me at no charge, all within minutes of arriving. I have been going to  Jack for about 2 years now and I completely trust him and the dealership with my A5. If you need your Audi serviced in, or in my case, out of warranty these are the guys to see. Thanks again!!

E W. | 2014-08-15

Just bought my first car. This Audi dealership is fantastic. Go with Stephanie!

serina c. | 2014-08-09

Shitty service and had me wait over a hour to have my car picked up AFTER they said it was ready to be picked up. F this place stick with a Porshe or BMW or any car except for Audi

gary f. | 2014-08-06

John in service was awesome.  He took care of everything when I needed my windshield replaced.  Everybody else was great to work with as well. I will continue to service my vehicle at this dealership.

Jeffery N. | 2014-08-05

The best car buying experience! Absolutely the best! Couldn't be happier! From the hospitality to the selection you will never buy anywhere else.

Yen S. | 2014-08-04

Great and friendly service! I brought my SQ5 in for service with John Kortlang and was out by the promised time. Since I had my baby with me and couldn't wait there, they gave me a loaner car.

Will B. | 2014-08-04

John Kortlang - Service

Audi San Diego performed two repairs on my car (airbag malfunction and an intake manifold replacement).  Both were performed free of charge and in a timely manner.  I had my car back in less than 24 hours on both occasions with the repairs completed successfully.  I have worked with ~5 Audi dealers in the past and Audi San Diego is far and above the best I have ever experienced.  The staff are friendly, helpful, and attentive.  Could not have asked for a better experience and I will most likely purchase a car from them in the future.

Lei Z. | 2014-07-23

I have 2007 Audi A4 2.0T for 5.5 years now. I went through all the purchase, service and repairs at Mirama Audi Store in San Diego. Purchase experience was very good. Service and repair were super disappointed.  For the first 5 years, my car was in the warranty. I had huge issue about my engine oil consumption. I had to refill it every 1000 miles. I send my car back again again again, more than ten times. I was told "no problem", "no problem" 'no problem".   Sometimes they said it maybe because it is 2.0T, it use more oil. Sometimes they blame maybe I had bad driving habit. You know what, I am just regular driver.  After my warranty expired, they told me there found the problem, i need to fix, and I need to pay 2500+ to fix it.  I paid 2500+ to fix it. Now, engine oil consumption are getting back to normal. I just don't know what I should do to protect my right, and who I can talk to. Anyway, I am going to getting rid of this car, and be careful. They talk to you in very nice way to take you money out of your pocket. And recently, i was told the break i changed from Audi Mirama, is very bad quality. They  overprice everything. Please just find another service center for your Audi Car or don't buy.

B. H. | 2014-07-22

Kevin DelMar in service at Audi San Diego is the most professional service representative I've seen at all of the big name dealers in San Diego, he actually listens to your needs and does everything he can to help you out. I was really impressed with how Kevin handled my situation and his customer service deserves a 5 star Yelp review.

Allison S. | 2014-07-21

I have bought over a dozen cars in my adult life. This, I have to say, has been the most trying experience of them all and that's really saying something as not all my purchases have been from luxury, performance brands where one might expect to be treated as a valued client.

The sales experience was not awful, but the service from the dealership over one tiny issue has tainted our experience of them as a whole and we will absolutely not buy a car from them again.

My husband and I regularly swap cars and keep keys to both cars on our own keychains. Oddly, the dealership could not locate a second key for the car we bought the day we drove it home and, after assuring us they'd have it to us within a week, took 4 months and several phone calls following up for them to supply it. When they did supply it through US mail, it was with a note telling us to take the key to any dealership and they'd activate the key for us. But when we took the car to Hoehn (a far more service-oriented dealership), they informed us that Audi SD would not authorize the $150 Hoehn's service department would have to charge to activate the key - a key that SHOULD have come with the car the day we drove it off the lot.

Listen, I realize this is a fairly small issue when we're talking $35K+ cars, but, that's exactly my point.

The upside is that working with Hoehn's service department has sold us on THAT Dealership. When we buy a Q5 or Q7 in January of 2016, it will be from Hoehn in Carlsbad because they seem to understand better how to treat a client.

One caveat: the gentleman who sold us the car was patient, helpful and kind but not empowered to service the customer.

Luis R. | 2014-07-17

I just leased my 4th Audi in a row from this dealership.  2014 Audi A5 Cabriolet.  I'm extremely happy.  Donald Bragg always delivers, listens to what you need, and tries his hardest to get you a good deal.  He also knows a lot about Audi models inside and out.  I like a salesman that enjoys what he sells and is into his job.  I will keep coming back.  Thanks Don.

Alexis L. | 2014-07-05

After my dad purchased my moms new Audi, we realized he got the wrong headlights! I set out to try and fix this issue, and soon was speaking with Donny (sales) at Audi San Diego. His professionalism and happy-to-help-attitude really stood out, and exceeded my expectations. He was quick, and prompt in helping to answer my questions.
Although we did not initially buy the car from Donny, I would not hesitate in contacting him for future purchases.

kass f. | 2014-06-25

Audi of San Diego is the best.  My service rep John Kortlang is the best.  Such awesome, friendly and super fast service.  He never tries to upsell me service that I don't need.

Melissa P. | 2014-06-20

Stopped in without an appointment for an oil change and got it done free as part of the Audi Care package. My car was done sooner than quoted, and the lounge area was nice with free wifi, drinks and snacks. Great customer service from John K!

Veronica F. | 2014-06-20

For starters, I was the first appointment of the day and everyone else who came after me left way before I did. I brought my car for routine service something that was going to take 2 hours max (estimation given by the technician). After 3 hours of waiting and questioning them, they tell me to go sit back down in their waiting area, even though my car is up front and done. Apparently there's a customer ahead of me who just got there and needs to get checked in. Meanwhile there's 4 other employees just standing there without a customer. Audi should have better service especially for the amount of money I spend. This is the last time I come here!

David H. | 2014-06-13

There are very few times on this journey I call my life that I can say I've been genuinely and pleasantly surprised.  Maybe it's my cynicism or maybe it's because we are surrounded by people and businesses that do the bare minimum which means mediocrity is the standard.  I love cars and when it comes time to buy one I enjoy the search but dread the negotiation.  I expect the selling side to do one thing, take me for all they can because it's a one-and-done transaction.  

My paradigm of what it means to buy a car was completely turned upside down recently when I bought my 2012 A3 from Audi San Diego.  The experience couldn't have been more pleasant and straight forward than if I'd done it without pants on (I'm just saying that for most occasions no pants is more comfortable than pants).  I called on the car late Friday and spoke to Manny Naddour who is the Internet Pre-Owned Manager/Buyer.  He had left for the day but still picked up his phone to tell me he'd be back Saturday morning.  He was friendly and very professional on the phone and when I showed up Saturday morning he was the same friendly guy I spoke to the day before.  He had the car out front ready for me to take a look and it was exactly as advertised.  Being an Audi Certified Pre-owned model meant it was thoroughly inspected and re-conditioned.  It was also the lowest-priced A3 in all of southern Cali for a 2 year-old car with 24k miles.  I test drove it and when we got back to the dealership Manny simply asked me "what do you think?"  My only answer was "yeah, let's do this".  

I was at the dealership for two hours but the negotiation took only 30 seconds.  The reason it was such a good experience was because of a few people who helped me that day.  Geoff Rawe the Audi Sales Manager looked for several financing options and found me better terms than my credit union offered me.  I ended up financing the car through Audi Financial.  Thanks Geoff!  My next stop was Angela Baires the Finance Manager who walked me through all the paper work you have to sign.  She made it easy and Angela has a great sense of humor.   My last stop before driving off was where I began with Manny Naddour.  If you must climb the Himalayas to find the answers to life I won't stop you.  It's a worthy pursuit.  I'll just tell you this, the Monk in the monastary at the top of the mountain is Manny.  He is a man who has the expertise of many years in the car biz and the wisdom to practice the art of listening so well it's the first thing you'll notice about him.  Put simply, he is a real pro and will treat you right.  And the best part is he's local!  You don't have to go to Asia!

If you're looking to buy an Audi or find a used car that is on the lot at Audi San Diego do yourself a favor and call them.

Matthew K. | 2014-06-09

SECOND time today that I have been unable to get ahold of a sales rep over the phone.  Do you not want money??  

Staff your phones.  You're losing business!

Rick K. | 2014-06-09

John Kortlang assisted me with the maintenance on our new Q5 just like it was his own car.  Excellent service and true caring about making my experience with the process smooth as pie.  Thanks John!

Megan P. | 2014-05-30

John and Jay are a joy to work with!

The process of dropping my car off for servicing is a breeze. I'm in and out in 10 minutes, with a great loaner for the day, and the process of getting my car at the end of the day is just as easy. And honestly, Audi makes it easy. I've had my car for a year and a half, and I've never had a problem. Just my yearly servicing--which I don't mind in the slightest.

Buy an Audi, and buy it from these guys. I promise you won't regret it!

Ramy D. | 2014-05-27

It was such an awesome, friendly, and fast services that I seriously can not wait for my families next car upgrade. We had a blast purchasing our new Audi here. Thanks to George and our sales rep. Neal. They managed to help and execute this sale in a timely matter all over the "phone."

I am overseas and wanted to surprised my wife and get her the new Audi, the Dealership took the time to manage to finish all needed red tape, and deliver it to the family once its completed. The price, was super awesome and very fair. I've managed to contact and reach out three different authorized dealerships out of town and San Diego Audi managed to deliver just better customer services and its local.

Robert D. | 2014-05-21

All good, they do what they do, you pay them, if you got it, you don't blink, if you do, you go home with a smile on your face and the smell of German engineering lingering in your hair like the scent of a woman

Daniel K. | 2014-05-20

Yvonne was professional and worked very helpful

I worked with Yvonne mostly over the email, and I also talked to her over the phone once. Unlike most of the other agents I dealt with before choosing my car, she did not bother me by calling me every day or pushing me. Instead, she spent more time asking me questions and finding me a solution that fit my goal and budget.
I thought I should at least write this review for here and show her my appreciation. Thank you, Yvonne!

Jennifer A. | 2014-05-18

Third time taking my car for service and everything is always perfect. You don't wait for anything -- they are ready for you and process your service request immediately and before you know it, you are set up with a loaner car. Never have had any delay or mistakes or misunderstandings, which was NOT the case with the former service place. Could not be more pleased with the courteous and professional team. John K in particular is fantastic. So happy that something in my life is so simple and painless!

Shoshana C. | 2014-05-15

Service sucks

Refresh .. | 2014-05-03

I had my car towed here lost my only key they told me told have it towed it would be ready in the morning. I don't live in the area so I got a hotel near. Walk over in the morning and they told me to come back the next day so I went home. They then told me calling the next day it would be another night. Really?

Gustavo S. | 2014-04-30

Salesman: Brandon German
Finance: Angela Baires

I went in on Monday to get an A4 and was blown away by how much knowledge Brandon had, not only on the Audi but cars and motorcycles in general. He's made the buying process as easy as it can be and I was able to walk away with exactly what I wanted. He let me know what all of my options were and I did not feel pressured to make a quick decision which was great.

Even at finance the process was easy which is more then I can say for my prior buying experiences. Angela had a great personality and gave a detailed explanation on additional Audi care packages which I would recommend to any buyer.

As for the store, the show room was full of amazing cars that were all kept clean. They offer an assortment of refreshments for the client as well.

I definitely recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a new or used Audi.

Eric J. | 2014-04-25

I was considering trading in my A4 and went in to check out my options. Got it appraised and test drove a few cars and they offered me a really low price for my trade in. They tried to convince me that it was a fair price with reasons like "I *might* need to change the brakes and tires and I still need to make a profit".... but didn't you just inspect them?? I just decided to leave and forget it.

A week or so later I got a call saying that they were able to get me more for my trade in and that I should come in. Stopped in after work and they offered my $250 more than before. Why even waste my time?

So irritated from that experience I drove right over to Carmax and to another Audi dealership to get my trade-in value. I didn't tell either that I had already had my car appraised so there was no leading number or price to beat.

Both Carmax and the other Audi dealership were offered me $5k more than Audi San Diego offered. This dealership lost all their credibility with me and I will not be coming back.

Lesson learned to always shop around!

Nick A. | 2014-04-25

Yvonne Coley is the best internet vehicle salesperson I've ever dealt with.

While ultimately I did not end up purchasing an Audi, I dealt extensively with Yvonne (the non-purchase was no fault of Yvonne's).  Yvonne promptly returned all of my emails, and always provided me with the exact info I requested.  She was polite, professional, AND funny.  If you like to car shop via the internet, and/or are in the market for an Audi, then I HIGHLY recommend going straight to Yvonne Coley.

Mike D. | 2014-04-25

Not impressed with the service department here.  They are outrageously priced and not willing to help you out.  I called and tried to get help with a warranty issue and they were not even willing to look into it.  Automatically jumping to the $2000+ service quote.  Oh and by the way, there is no place to sit down if there's a line.  I'd rather drive up to north county then deal with these guys.

Stéphanie O. | 2014-04-22

I rarely write review except when I am pissed... Lol. But this is a first because I WAS REALLY IMPRESSED by Audi San Diego Service and I am hard to impress...
Now, let's say that as early 30' European and blond girl (Oups) I have been taken advantage of as soon as brought my Audi in a car shop. After getting tones of lies and a $1,500 bill from a dishonest place who totally messed up my car and came back with another bill of $5,000. I decided to bring my car to the pro. What a surprise to find out that the evil little shop at the corner of my street was charging as much as they do.
Audi SD gave me a brand new Audi A4 sportline at no cost while they were diagnosed my unfortunate car on Friday.
They call me back on Monday and present me a full report, took pictures in order to help me to sue the car shop because like they said "they misdiagnosed willingly the codes, charge you for parts I am no sure they changed or needed to be changed. They broke pieces, squeezed sensor while remounting the block and even didn't take care to screw the parts together". Arghhhhhhhhhh!!! (That's me..)
Graham the technician who spent quite a time to explain this to ... well a girl and in English lol! I can't still thank him enough!!!! :=)
Graham and Joshua Chamberlain send me the pictures of the damage, provide me a full report. Nothing that I have ever get before while paying as much or even more!

And you know How much they charge me? $145!!! (one hour of labor) when they spent more than that on my car and at least as much to take pictures, emails and providing a report. THANK YOU AUDI SAN DIEGO.
I learnt my lesson and will never bring my car to anywhere else.
And Oups, did I say that I am waiting impatiently for the S3 release? Well, this is our next rendez-vous ;-)

Aimee R. | 2014-04-17

The service department here is so helpful and pleasant to work with. They worked with my insurance company to make sure the price was fair, and gave me daily updates on the status of my vehicle. I will be going back for all of my car maintenance issues for sure!

AC C. | 2014-04-08

I worked with Yvonne Coley to purchase a CPO A3... It was impossible to find a low mileage certified A3 without all the bells and whistles - just the ones I wanted! I saw a posting on autotrader in San Diego, contacted Yvonne, test drove the car, and they matched the pricing I'd seen across CA (I searched up and down the west coast) and I drove home the same day.
I dinged one star, mostly because I purchased a number of other add ons (audicare etc) and literally 2 months later, I was checking my accounts and Audi San Diego had never "registered" my account. Fortunately, after an email or two, it was remedied. But, that really shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Roy K. | 2014-04-03

When I was shopping for an Audi, I started here first. However - the sales guys were so off-putting and aggressive that I ended up driving up to Santa Monica to buy my Audi instead. (Tip to all: just call to the dealerships in LA - they'll give you MUCH better deals)

However - given that it's not realistic to get it serviced up in Santa Monica, I had been getting it serviced here.

Every time I tell them there's something wrong with the car, they say they've fixed it, and the problem re-appears again. The final straw (and the one that got me to stop servicing with them) - my right tail light had been intermittently going out.

I told them this was happening - when I picked it up they claimed to have looked at it and there was nothing wrong. Drive home - voila - tail light went out again. Took is back, then a service tech actually looked in the light housing and realized it was completely busted.

I wouldn't be surprised if all their workmanship on servicing was this shoddy - they see far more interested in pushing volume than anything else.

It seems unless you complain about something two or three times they assume it's a random issue that will go away on its own. Not very confidence inspiring.

Back in the market for an Audi, and only using this dealership for test drives. Feel sorry for the sales guys, but this dealership needs to treat its customers better. They do a disservice to the Audi brand.

Two stars though because their new building is very nice.

Shreyas H. | 2014-04-03

After I saw Audi Mission Viejo's Audi A3 You Tube review on the demo unit they had obtained, called up Audi San Diego month to ask for Audi A3 availability/pre-booking. Was asked to call back in 2 months. Huh?
I have got more enthusiastic customer service while returning a $10 item on Amazon!
I am now happily driving a BMW 3 series purchased from BMW San Diego.

Parke A. | 2014-03-28

I recently had the pleasure of going to Audi of San Diego to purchase a new vehicle.  Originally, I was interested in getting an Audi TT, but after test driving it, I found that it did not meet all of my needs.  The excellent Audi Brand Specialist Don Bragg listened to what I was looking for and recommended that I drive an A5.  I test drove the vehicle, and was very impressed.  I was just doing some pre-shopping before bringing in my wife to make my final decision.  We came back and also wanted to take a look at a beautiful pre-owned S5.  Don was helping another customer, so Frank Martin took the time to let us drive the vehicles yet again.  At this point, I knew that I wanted to purchase an Audi, and I knew that I wanted to purchase it from Don and Frank at Audi of San Diego, but I was still unsure on whether to go with the A5 or the S5.  I went home to think about my options and set up an appointment to come in the following day.  Don was very understanding and did not try and pressure me into buying right away, as he said his goal was to make me a lifetime Audi customer, not just a one time sale.  We came back a 3rd time, and wanted to test drive the vehicles yet again.  Don was very understanding and was more than happy to meet my requests.  After the 3rd test drive, I finally decided on the pre-owned S5.  The vehicle was just received so it had not yet gone through the smog check, so I brought it in a couple of days later to get that completed.  Even though it was just a quick check, I was in a time crunch so they gladly provided me with a loaner.  After a couple of hours, they told me that the vehicle tires were running a little low, so they gave me all 4 tires completely free of charge even though I had already purchased the vehicle!!!  I could not be more impressed with the sales and the service quality that I received from Don Bragg, Frank Martin and Audi of San Diego as a whole.  I myself have been in sales for over 15 years, so I have very high expectations of any salesmen that I work with, especially while purchasing from a high-end dealer like Audi.  That being said, I was blown away with the qualify to service not just from Don Bragg and Frank Martin, but from everyone I worked with at Audi of San Diego.  I highly recommend them for anyone in the market for a new or qualify pre-owned vehicle.

Angela S. | 2014-03-26

We just bought an Audi RS7, and my only way to describe it is "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" - This car has a growl while oozing class.  Every time I press the gas a huge grin covers my face while my heartbeat picks up exponentially.  I feel like I am gliding across the road without touching the asphalt.  The plush inside curves around me like no other, and I cannot even begin to talk about the sound system.  I feel like  I am a party of one in my own private concert.  I cannot thank Audi San Diego, and in particular my salesman Don Bragg for helping me make this experience possible.  He was there from the very first look at the car until I drove it off the lot.  I knew from the first time I sat in the car I wanted it, but with any big purchase there is a process.  Don tirelessly stood by us through the adventure.  When I see him it is not longer a handshake, but a big bear hug.  Many Thanks and Warmest Regards Audi San Diego!  If you are looking for a car buying experience then there is no need to look any further.  Ask for Don.

Mike F. | 2014-03-25

Car Buyer Beware!

Certain Audi's may be hard to come by, and some may be expensive, but for the high price this dealership expects to get out of their cars, I would almost swear that they are gold plated!

As a professional car buyer (I negotiate deals for people who don't want the hassle), I've quoted with this dealership several times... especially over the last year.  Each time they're not quite low enough but this last time they actually inflated the lease price of one of their "S" models.   Ex: $4,500 down and payments of over $900 a month on a $61,000 car just to lease for 48 months (12k per year).  Then, when I told the car dealer I could buy a Land Rover for that, they started in telling me how great Audi is and that if I wanted to be seen in a vehicle that has a "low payment" then I should shop elsewhere.   So, for my client i did.

I scored a deal on a 2014 Audi SQ5, MSRP of around $61,500 (same color/options as Audi San Diego).  

Down payment?  $2,500.  
Lease terms/miles per year?  36 months / 12k per year.  
Monthly Payment?                   $854.00

Oh, btw... the salesman was extremely rude to me over email and when I forwarded the email to the manager, no response.  Three calls to the GM and never returned a single call.

I've rated two stars because the facilities are nice as is the varied selection.. but when it comes to customer service, ability to negotiate, and getting the best bang for your buck, Audi San Diego certainly can do WAY better.

They've lost my personal business as well as that of all of my future clients - and they don't seem to mind a bit.   Good for you Audi San Diego - Two Stars!!!

Chanel B. | 2014-02-19

From start to finish my experience at this dealership has been A1.  Had to bring my car in a few times for service/maintenance and the service is far superior then any other dealership I've dealt with before.  They are very organized and on point, no waiting around.  I also love how they give you the option of having a courtesy vehicle while your vehicle is in the shop. This is the kind of service I would expect from a luxury car dealership and would consider buying another audi just based on the service.

Chiloh B. | 2014-01-24

From my car buying experience with Frank Martin and the finance team this past May to the two additional trips I've made to the dealership, I have zero complaints.  Everyone I've dealt with has been friendly and more than helpful.

Monique G. | 2014-01-12

I use this location for service on my Audi A3 Quarto. The customer service is excellent at the service desk. The staff is quick, communicative and always takes great care to go the extra mile (like helping to insert my baby's car seat in the Q5 loaner vehicle). Their waiting room has a fancy coffee machine, snacks, and a fridge full of drinks. Their bathroom has a couch for nursing mothers!

Tarina G. | 2014-01-10

I recently purchased a pre-owned 2013 Audi Q7 from Audi San Diego and I was sold the Term Select Plan for my vehicle which they explained I needed this coverage because without it I would be paying a fortune for vehicle expenses. The exact words from the financial lady "Rosalin" was "This plan will save you so much money in the long run, because if a light goes out in your car,  without the plan you can pay up to $2000.00 out of pocket just to have it replaced and this plan even covers your tires which can be very expensive to replace". The Term Select Plan cost $1295.00.  After driving off the lot, I felt so excited to have a new car and called my husband and my friends from the car's blue tooth to tell them the good news.  Well that new car feeling came to an erupt end when the car company called and told me to come in and sign a new contract because "we (the car company) put something into the contract that was not suppose to be there" I inquired more information as to what was in the contract and they explained that it was the Term Select Plan. I explained to them, they did not "put" anything in the contract that was not suppose to be there, I explained to them they sold me the plan and I purchased it. It has been three weeks now and they have been threatening to take my car and if I don't sign the new contract then they will not provide the service. They did offer to give me a (meaning 1) free car wash, if I sign a new contract. WHEN YOU ARE BUYING A CAR FROM THIS DEALERSHIP, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A WITNESS WITH YOU, ESPECIALLY WOMEN. I AM A WOMEN AND I REGRET GOING INTO AUDI SAN DIEGO ALONE.

Oh and I forgot to state that as of today, they are trying to now say the have to take my car because "all of a sudden" they do not have a financial institution to give me a loan. They are saying the cancel of the contract has nothing to do with the Term Select Plan. FYI Audi San Diego, I have never been denied a loan for a car. I HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE BMW FAMILY FOR YEARS AND TRADED IN MY BMW FOR AN AUDI.

I have nothing against the Audi Brand, I love the brand. I was inspired to purchase my Audi Q7 when I was visiting Italy several years ago and my friend had just purchased one and I loved the way it drove. I have a problem with this particular dealership for being shady and unapologetic.

Katie A. | 2014-01-09

I was extremely pleased with my last visit to Audi Mirimar this week. Admittedly, in the past, after the new change of ownership, I was absolutely infuriated with the loss of my "free oil changes for life" and the lack of concern of this frustration by the service department.  There seemed be  disconnect of the sales and service department. Also, I was extremely frustrated that they NEVER offered an actual Audi as a complimentary loaner vehicle. Instead, they charged for a rental through Enterprise that was usually a Toyota or lower end vehicle.
HOWEVER, it appears things have changed for the BETTER! I was pleasantly surprised with how customer service has drastically improved at Audi Mirimar. First, I was greeted immediately with a smile.  I didn't have to wait at all. John was great at getting me logged in and explaining the process. I was given a complimentary Audi Q5 to use for the day. The entire process ran smoothly. My car was washed and vacuumed when I came to pick it up. All smiles here.

Give Audi Mirimar another chance. John and his staff in the service dept. have really made some great changes and seem to really care about making their customers happy.

Paul C. | 2014-01-08

I've purchased a couple of Audis from Audi San Diego (then Miramar Audi) and have sent countless people to Frank Martin to purchase theirs including others in my family.  Frank has always provided top notch sales services and is the only person I want to work with there.  He knows the brand, the vehicles and the packages/options and provides a very relaxed zero pressure buying experience.  The dealership also has the largest selection of Audis in San Diego.  The service department now provides mainly Audi loaners which is a huge departure from past hertz loaners.

Kyle R. | 2014-01-06

Just moved to San Diego. Called the dealership to schedule a service appointment. After 10 minutes of the phone just ringing and being transferred back to the same receptionist multiple times, I left my name and number for a call-back. Never received a phone call so I scheduled my service with Audi Escondido and was very satisfied. After reading the reviews it seems like I dodged a bullet.

Gabrielle N. | 2014-01-02

We purchased a beautiful Q5 on New Years Eve from Yvonne at this dealership. She was very knowledgeable, honest and worked hard to get us the car we wanted. Upon arrival, paper work was ready and we drove off in our beautiful new car. Thank you Yvonne and Audi San Diego.

John H. | 2014-01-01

I was very happy with the sales experience provided by Frank Martin at Audi of San Diego. Very professional and knowledgeable, he was very helpful over the purchase period of my vehicle. Additionally, he made sure that I was satisfied with my vehicle and went the extra mile in getting any accessories I needed for my Audi.

Please note: This review is for the sales department, as I have no experience with service as of yet.

Jefferson K. | 2013-12-29

I really appreciate the staff at Audi San Diego.  Every time I go there for maintenance on my A3 they take good care of me.  They have a nice customer lounge while you wait and even gave me a loaner car when I had to leave mine over night.

Tad C. | 2013-12-11

I bought the Audi A3 Sportback.   Great car perfect for my active sport lifestyle.  I have received excellent service from the Audi Miramar maintenance team (John Kortlang is my service tech).  In the three years I have had the car I have only had a battery change and it was covered under the warranty.  

Great service, great product, really great dealership.  Service is very important with me and they always take good care of my needs.  Will I buy my next car from Audi Miramar?  The answer is YES!  (Maybe the Q5)

Cassy B. | 2013-12-04

I have the same complaint as Diana W below...I purchased my pre-owned Audi A6 from Miramar Audi back in 2009 and was told that I would have FREE oil changes for life. Considering an oil change on this car is over $100, this was a major pull for me when buying this car. Fast forward to NOW...I brought my car in for an oil change and some standard maintenance a few weeks ago, and I got a bill for more than I was prepared for. This is because they had charged me for an oil change! I asked "what's this charge for? I've never paid for my oil change. This was part of the deal when I bought my car." Then they informed me of the "new-ownership=no-more-free-oil-changes" policy! I was FLOORED!  And FYI, I wasn't given ANY notice of this snail call. And trust me, THEY HAVE MY CONTACT INFO. They told me that they would remove it from my bill this one time, but that every oil change moving forward would Not be free.  So it's interesting that George's response says "Therefore we have offered all previous customers of the dealership up to 3 free oil changes" because no one at Audi ever mentioned this to me.

So my FIRST problem is that they tried to pull a fast one on me (ie, just put it on my bill and expected that I would just pay it without reviewing it first), and my SECOND problem is that they have taken away this service which was PROMISED to their customers. And In the words of Diana, "When you break contracts and promises, you lose my respect and my business."

All you have to do is google this a bit and you'll find the following: "Ordinarily, the new owner assumes the liabilities of a business as well as acquiring its assets. A transaction can be structured so that the new owner doesn't assume the liabilities (such as service obligations), but in that event the prior owner must make provision for handling the obligations not assumed by the buyer. They remain his obligations.  Someone, either the old owner or the new owner, is liable to you. It is fraud for the buyer and seller of a business to fail to provide for claims of customers, suppliers, employees, etc."

Good luck Audi. With crappy customer service like this, you'll have a hard time KEEPING customers.

Jason P. | 2013-12-04

Had my S5 serviced there this past week. John Kortlang was my service advisor, very cool guy. Opened up early to get me in, put me in front of a TV with Direct TV and a waiting room full of food and drinks to keep me entertained while my car was services and then topped it off by finishing early. Love dealerships who treat their customers like this, its why I bought an Audi and not a Chevy. Keep up the great work John and Audi San DIego!

Michael P. | 2013-11-27

I'll be honest, I didn't think that I would ever go back to Audi San Diego. About 5 years ago I had the worst experience imaginable with a service department. But, I was forced to go back to have some warranty work completed. I informed my new service writter of my previous situation and he assured me that everything would be perfect. Furthermore, he explained that they have new ownership and that several changes were made to make sure that every customer is well taken care of. So I would like to than John Kortlang for his superior work and making me feel comfortable with this establishment once again.

Michael B. | 2013-11-07

Got a beautiful 2014 A6 off their show floor. I defiantly over paid though. The service was great, facility is nice, my sales guy needed to talk like a regular person, too salesy. But overall a good spot to buy an Audi. I'll be back for an SUV in 2014.

brian h. | 2013-10-17

This is a review of their service dept.  My second one and sadly, my last.  My first review related to a bumpy pick-up: they 'lost' my car.  Took them 15 mins to find it. Caused me to be late for a morning meeting.  
This time, even worse.  Long story short, they needed more time to work on my car than originally anticipated (no problem) and since I had a business trip planned, my pick-up day would not be until 6 days after I dropped off (no problem).  My flight landed at Lindbergh at 11am so I told the service tech I'd pick up at noon on my way home.  No problem since they had the an extra couple of days.  Would be ready and waiting.  Because of my last experience, I even sent him an email confirming the date and time I'd pick it up.  You can guess what happened when I got there to pick it up.  Yup.  Not ready.  Not because they encountered a problem.  It wasn't ready because somehow, my car again, got lost in the system and still had one more part to install.  It would be ready in about 90 mins.  WOW.  What added to my fury was that it just didn't seem to be a big deal to anyone there.  I had to ask to speak to the manager.  I'm sorry but if this were my business; a business that is all about service for high end vehicle owners, Scott would not be my service leader.  He took $200 off of my $1500 bill (I spent $3k+ in January) but conveyed no genuine sense of remorse; just numb.  Which probably makes sense given the horrible service machine that he runs; he probably gets grief all day long from customers.  
Here's the issue: the system is broken here.  they need a tighter tracking system for cars in for service so they know where they car is relative to promised pick-up times.  That process doesn't exist.  No check and balance.  I've concluded that it's a crap shoot whether you get your car back on time as promised.

Randy F. | 2013-10-16

Just picked up my car from a warranty repair. This was not a repair that I paid a ton of money for. They were making the minimum the maker would allow. This is also not in the top five of most expensive cars I have owned. With all this considered, I was treated like it was a top of the line R8. Brett my service writer is always on top of things and very prompt keeping me aware of the status. The guys that issue out the loaner cars are great. They try to get me the best loaner that they have, meeting what I want, not what I dropped off. The young lady in service is so friendly and helpful. I now feel that my next car will be from dealer stock as this service department has really impressed me.

 Now to address some of the negative people out there......I do understand that people have had problems with the dealership. One reason I am so impressed with this service department is because I have been a service manager at a multiple lines dealership. I told the service manager that I would be proud to have this crew. In my experience, most problems that arrive in dealerships is because of the attitude/understanding of the patrons. With that said, there are bad service departments out there that should just be shut down. People need to realize that if every mechanic had a crystal ball......they wouldn't be mechanics! If there is a problem, the dealership is unhappy as well. Give them some time and see what they can do for you. Despite the popular belief.....the sweaky wheel gets replaced these days instead of oiled! Yelling and being a a-hole gets you nothing other than talked about how big of an a-hole you are!  FYI.......this was the third time my car was in the shop in the last three weeks. I understood and guess what? Well I am writing this so obviously they took REALLY good care of me, and don't think I'm a a-hole!

Rafael D. | 2013-10-07

Great service, Friendly, Called in with last minute appt request they were able to fit me in on saturday. Great Overall.

Tom H. | 2013-10-02

This place has horrible service. I went in for a scheduled oil change and they said it would be an hour and 1/2... Ended up being 4 1/2 hours. They do not even know their own parts and you would think they are audi pros. I am sure they are nice on the sales floor but whole different story in parts n service. I have been here three times now and this is my last. I wanted to buy a new Audi because i love the cars but now I guess I should look for something different. I recommend googling a local auto shop that can service your Audi.

James H. | 2013-10-01

(RATEING IS FOR SERVICE ONLY) So far i have had really great experiences with Audi San Diego. I moved to San Diego not to long ago and was pretty sad to leave my dealer (Don Rosen) In Philadelphia as they always treated me like a king. I have only had service done to my Audi at this dealer so far. I deal with John every time and he never disappoints me. He remembers me and makes sure I am taken care of right. I will say that the wait I have experienced is a bit disappointing. In many ways I feel that this dealership is not equipped to deal with the amount of traffic they have because its pretty much always very busy. John has gone out of his way to help me with a few things and he has always been very polite. On the other hand, I was looking to trade my 2010 Audi in at 55k Miles, so I decided to look at a few cars in the show room and on the lot. While in the show  room, not one person asked me if I needed any help but many of them looked at me and kept walking or avoided making eye contact with me. I think a lot of that has to due with my looks in that they assumed I was some kid who couldn't afford an Audi, but in all reality I was looking to purchase a brand new S5. When that time comes, we will see what dealer I end up going with.

Enjolie L. | 2013-09-25

George Gushulak in the service department is the epitome of customer service. He went went above and beyond to accommodate me during a hectic week.

Karen W. | 2013-09-23

Leased: 2014 Phantom Black Pearl A4 (manual) until the 2015 A4 TDI comes out ...

I had a top notch experience, and I used to sell cars in Arizona so I'm picky. At first I wasn't even considering purchasing locally I was going to purchase at my old dealership but I was having problems finding a stock number matching what I was looking for. Most of them would have to ship from California anyway.

I contacted Audi San Diego and sales representative Yvonne Coley responded. She  was able to find EXACTLY what I was looking for and she matched the price which is what I was hoping for. The whole negotiation process took a few hours and her responses were quick which I appreciated! Her immediate friendly nature and willingness to help my situation is what really caught my eye.

The only thing I wasn't a huge fan of was the money factor they used. For someone with my down payment, credit score, and income it was a tad high, I wish they would have negotiated lower.

But the customer service and vehicle sales price was worth it! The customer service didn't stop at the deal--it continued all the next day after the dealer trade was done and my baby was finally available for me! Her excitement made me excited! She went above and beyond and spent so much time showing me the details of the vehicle and fun features since I have an old Volvo that still uses a key, all of this technology was a lot for me to absorb.

I've received lots of follow up with since purchasing which I've greatly appreciated.

I am recommending her and this dealership to everyone I know. Please don't let their negative reviews stop you from checking this place out. I'm so happy I purchased from them. I can't wait to give them a 10+ when I get the survey.

Special K. | 2013-09-17

I made an appt for my 1st service on my Q5 and was not disappointed. I arrived 20 minutes early for my appt and they happily greeted me in a prompt fashion. I was standing around for about a minute before a service adviser apologized for "the wait". They explained what was involved with the service and addressed a few concerns about the door locks and rear lid. I decided to wait and was glad that I did. I was escorted to the customer lounge which is apparently brand new, according to the service adviser. I sat down in modern,comfortable seating with all the water, diet soda, coffee and cereal bars I could handle. It was Monday morning and the dealership did not seem that busy; I was able to sit and read in a quiet, relaxing environment waiting for my car. Good wi-fi connection here too.There were no screaming children or blaring television and it was immaculately clean. Car dealers are not fun...ever. This environment made waiting for my ride very pleasant. My car was serviced, washed and delivered in the promised amount of time. I really do not understand the bad press here. I will be back to service my car here. Great experience.

Jessie L. | 2013-08-11

My husband and I were on a mission to buy a new car, and after hours of research on behalf of my car-enthusiast husband, we ended up at Audi San Diego.  Brandon German was the first person we encountered, and he did an excellent job introducing himself and helping direct us towards the cars we were interested in.  He was very knowledgeable on the cars and extremely personable.  We first test drove an Audi Q5, decided it was too big.  Went for the Audi A3, TDI, liked it, but couldn't really decide.  Brandon asked his the sales manager if we could take it out for lunch to talk about it.  We took it, but still wasn't sold.  Went back to the dealership and Brandon had some numbers ready for us.  Still, not sold. Brandon suggested we  take it for a couple more hours, talk about it more, put it in our garage.  Ok. Sure, we'll do that. Took the car home..still, not sold.  On the way back to the dealership we decided to swing by the VW dealership to check out a GOLF R.  Oh yes. That was the car.

We took the A3 back to Audi San Diego.  Found Brandon, thanked him for his time and told him we were interested in the GOLF R.  About this time, the sales manager, Geoff Rawe, came out and wanted to know what we thought of the car. My husband told him our decision, and he basically flipped accusing us of using his car to "car shop". Sorry, Geoff, we were being smart consumers.  Not only that, it was your guy that encouraged us to take the car home.  We left the dealership in a hurry with no desire to return.  

Wahoo! Thank God we bought a GOLF R. It is awesome.  Kearny Mesa VW is awesome and the staff there is great.  Go there first if you want a great car, ask for Jaime.  

Now we are on a mission to replace our second car.  After this experience we will have to think twice about returning to Audi San Diego.

Enrique V. | 2013-08-04

The parts department is the worst
HORRIBLE customer service especial from some idiot named Anthony. Extremely rude and I'm happy I didn't buy my car here. If you're looking for an audi drive to mission viejo, trust me it's well worth it.

Luca M. | 2013-08-02

Terrible experience. I went to purchase a 2014 A7 MSRP 71,595, lease payment was $924 with tax. I went back after a few days, I negotiated a nice $69,000 and guess what, the lease payment went up to $935. What kind of math is that? They showed me that only after I shook their hands and I thought the car was mine. Very sneaky and dishonest practice. They thought I would not notice I guess.

I walked out, went to the Audi dealership in Carlsbad, got a more expensive A7 and got a way cheaper lease. Funny what honesty can do to numbers!

Don't go to Miramar dealership. The sales manager was very rude too, I've never seen anybody so unprofessional.

donna f. | 2013-04-16

I have a certified pre owned 2004 3.2 audi tt. When I bought it in 2005 I had no idea it was supposed to come with a code for the stereo. Still have all the paperwork from the sale but no code or info on the stereo. Fast forward to 2013 and the ORIGINAL battery needed to be replaced. I love this car! Anyway, simple job. Battery replaced but now the stereo doesn't work,  it needs the code. Called Audi San Diego and explain. They have dealt with the car  through Amato's bodyshop and had to give them the code for the stereo several times in the last 2 years. Explained all this to service at Audi San Diego. They wanted me to bring the car there, (min. 2 hours there and back) and charge me $70 to give me the code. "Audi policy" said the smug jerk in service. Called another dealer, gave them all the info and numbers I had. They verified it all and called me back within 2 minutes with the code. No charge. Wow, what a difference in dealerships. DON"T USE AUDI SAN DIEGO. Apparently, the new ownership is worse than the old ownership which wasn't stellar but wasn't at this level of greed.

Adam A. | 2013-03-26

Great service, premium loaner cars.

i've come here on several occasions to get work done on my car. They have a fleet of base level audi vehicles that they use as loaner vehicles which is major kudo points from me. Once you get used to luxury, its hard to accept a cheap rental in lieu of your own.

The service is always friendly, and I have had no complaints. When I'm ready to pick up my next car, I will be sure to check them out.

G G. | 2013-03-14

Yes, George is very polite and considerate.  However, having to wait 1.5 hours (with an appointment) only to be told what I already knew (that I had a puncture in my tire and required a patch) and sent off to another establishment to get it fixed was quite a waste of time.  I had called to make the appointment and they could have suggested that I don't even come in, but go elsewhere to fix the flat.  At least the tire place they recommended was a good experience. Thanks for topping off my fluids and recommending a good tire place though (Discount Tire) - earned you the 2nd Star as George earned the only other positive star I could assign.

Tricia W. | 2013-03-07

I bought a new Audi A4 from here in '09 and before that I brought my '05 A4 in for service. You won't find a better service representative than George Gushulak. He is wonderful. He knows me, knows my current and previous vehicle and always makes me a priority when I come in and is accommodating and friendly. When I drop off my car, in under 10 minutes they've put me in an Audi loaner (which I really appreciate, I didn't buy an Audi so I can drive around in a Mazda while it's being fixed) and I'm on my way. Within an hour or two, George has called or emailed me or both to let me know what work is being done and how long it'll take. The service has always been very speedy, and George contacts me the second my car is ready. There's another guy in service who checks my car in if George is busy, and he is always friendly and efficient. I can't remember his name but he sits in the front row of service desks all the way to the left. The man who takes my insurance info and gives me the loaners is also great to work with, quick and friendly.
Getting great service and being treated like royalty every time you come in is worth its weight in gold, trust me.
When George G retires, I hope they give him a brand new, top of the line Audi as part of his retirement package. He really represents the whole Audi experience to me.

Nick S. | 2013-02-27

Excellent experience font to back at this dealership. So much so that I was inspired to sign up for Yelp. I drove down 90 miles from OC for the pre-owned a4 i had been searching long and hard for. Had the pleasure to work with Kate and she went far above and beyond. I would say that this is the first time in my tire kicking years I have ever experienced genuine customer service at a car dealership. There is a really good vibe at this place. When the time comes for me to buy another Audi I will make the 90 mile drive again. They are well worth it.

Kathy M. | 2013-02-27

While driving in my new Volkswagen Passat (2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year!) my tire pressure symbol came on with a message, 'Check tire pressure!'  Using my navigation system, I looked for and found a Volkswagen dealer 5 miles away and in the direction that I was heading.  I drove to the location, circled the block twice looking for Miramar Volkswagen.  Finally I drove into Audi San Diego and explained my plight.  The employee (didn't get his name but all of the people in the service department were ready to assist me) told me that the shop had been Miramar Volkswagen.  He also explained that while he couldn't work on my car, he would be happy to take it back to the shop and have the tires checked out.  He suggested that I make myself comfortable in the lounge and true his word, the tires on my car were attended to and I was on my way within 10 minutes.  If buying a truck wasn't next on my shopping list, I would be looking at cars at AudiSan Diego!!

Cassandra S. | 2013-02-25

WOW! Great Great Great customer service! My husband and I went to this dealership on Miramar Road a couple weeks ago and knew exactly what we wanted so we weren't "car shopping". No one attacked us in the parking lot nor on the sales floor. Heck, no even ran up to us right when we walked in the door so we were already feeling good about things. We comfortably got in the sales room and a very friendly woman named Kate stood up, walked right over to us with a huge smile on her face and was more than happy, ready, and willing to help us. We sat at her desk, she asked us a few questions and then we went over exactly what we were looking for in the car we wanted. She didn't try to change our mind about we wanted, she didn't try to upsell us on anything! She simply explained everything to us and then let us make our decision! If she had any questions on anything she asked someone and got right back to us. She wasn't hesitant to say she didn't know the answer nor did she try to make something up. She wanted to make sure we knew everything we could and that all of our questions were met and then some! They didn't have any Q5's at their dealership so she called around and found one to our liking in Torrance! She was even able to have them get the car to us the next day without an extra cost! Did I metnion it was Sunday of President's Day Weekend?! Great customer service!! We dealt with a few other people there. One seemed like the GM and another great guy in the finance department (unfortunately I'm drawing a blank on his name right now...a tall Asian Gentleman). Everyone was so helpful and really cared. We didn't leave there until close to 7:00 on a Sunday and nobody tried to rush us out nor did it feel like they had anywhere else to be but right there with us. I actually felt bad for them working that late on a Sunday! Our car arrived the next day and they did an amazing time detailing it! When we were walking out to the car, we even ran into the car detailers and they were just as friendly and happy as everyone else we had already met. They took pride in their job. Kate even put a big red ribbon/bow on the car hood for us (like the Lexus commercials). Too sweet! She then took her time to go over every feature in the car and get us all set up. We will definitely be back to this dealership for service and hopefully more cars in the future.

Erin L. | 2013-02-23


George Gushulak  has been my service advisor for almost all the times I've been here and he hasn't let me down .. yet; not saying that I expect him to.  

The staff are always welcoming and opening their doors to you, which to me screams excellent customer service; they're all friendly as well.

I absolutely love this remodeled dealership .. the cars in the display windows make me want to buy another Audi, a definite in the near future, as for now I'll stick with my A4 :)

Once you go Audi you can never go back .. at least for me :P

Scott M. | 2013-02-22

I had an excellent experience at Audi San Diego. Don Bragg was a pleasure to deal with. The car I bought had more options than I was looking for, but Don was able to get the price down to a number I could live with. I'm happy with the deal I got on the car, and my new A5 is absolutely fantastic

Cort R. | 2013-01-30

Internet sales:

Recently a vehicle went up for sale on Autotrader that this dealership was selling. I called in right away and asked about the vehicle's condition and various other questions. The sales woman, Yvonne Coley, who was over seeing this vehicle said she couldn't believe that they posted up pictures of the vehicle that was so dirty and that she had to get all the paperwork and mechanical records to me as soon as she could because it still had to get inspected by the shop. 2 days went by and she made excuses that the internet was down all day on Monday. But whatever, she gave me what I needed. I told her I didn't have a ride(no car and in Irvine), so I would be arriving by Amtrak and will taxi over to purchase the vehicle blindly.

Every conversation since was that I was buying the vehicle. She even asked her manager if she could pick me up to buy the car. Humorous to say, that he never supposedly told her about some mysterious random guy who already looked at the car and said he was going to purchase the vehicle today after I already sent and email that they said send to them with my offer to adding a few more things to the vehicle which upped the price of the car. Coincidence? I think not. Let alone, the lack of communication between sales staff is non existent. Lying to a customer who already said he was going to purchase the vehicle and already has the money to do so, just waiting on their approval of those items previously talked about.

I have owned several Audi's and still do and many other cars. Never have I dealt with such insolence. You would expect a higher class of customer service as being Audi is a luxury brand name and supposedly takes pride in their customer service. Audi of America has been notified and I will stop suggesting Marines to head down to that stealership and redirect them to up north for their purchases or Audi Enthusiast sites where they can buy a better quality product for cheaper and less bullshit.

EDIT:: To make things more clear on how their customer service is awesome, I received a call from the sales manager, saying he wants to laugh at me and went on to try pissing me off and hangs up. Pretty mature if you ask me.

Milan I. | 2013-01-26

This review is strictly for Don Bragg, a car salesman that has been great!  I am in the market for an Audi and every question I've asked has been answered, which is how it should be.  Don's passion for the product shows!   Very humble guy, down to earth, and drives what he sells...  I respect that.

I would give the whole dealership a 3.5-4 if I can be picky, simply because the finance guys are a bit pushy...  but I guess that's expected in a sales environment.  Solid spot though...  I'd recommend.

Kelley M. | 2013-01-21

We purchased our new Q5 in 2011 and love the car!  Imagine our surprise when we arrived for our oil change and were told that they were no longer going to honor their promise of free oil changes. When we were negotiating for the car that service was part of the negotiating process and the reason that we purchased our car from them. It is very unfair that they are not keeping up their part of the contract. Certainly never doing business with them again since they cannot be trusted. We will purchase our future Audis from some other dealer.  Think long and hard before purchasing a car from AudinSan Diego

Latrisha H. | 2013-01-20

Came to this dealership last Saturday looking for a Q5. My husband and I walked around looking at a few assuming we would be greeted by a salesperson, but that never happened. No one ever said hello or even acknowledge I was there. I decided to walk inside and ask the receptionist if we could get help seeing a couple cars. She told me I could wait around and drink coffee, but it would be a while because they were short staffed or I could give her my number and come back later when someone was available. I'm sorry... But I came to a dealership expecting to spend $40K plus on a luxury vehicle and I expected a little better service. Why are there not more salespeople on a Saturday afternoon? The place didnt even look busy. Not to mention their inventory is minimal. I'm not going to waste my time with a dealership that does not put me first. Continuing my search elsewhere.

PATRICK F. | 2012-12-31

I am reporting a great experience with the Audi San Diego Service Department and Service Advisor, George Gushulak.  

I am visiting from San Francisco.  Last night (12/30) my CHECK ENGINE light came on. Called Audi SD this morning and was told 1st available appointment was 01/03.  After I explained that I had to return to SF on 01/02, I was told to get there ASAP and they would squeeze me in, which they did.

Turns out the problem was a loose gas cap (my fault) and the diagnostic turned up no other issues.  The usual vehicle inspection was done as well as a car wash and interior vacuuming.  I was in and out in about 90 minutes and there was NO CHARGE!

I am used to great service from my SF-area Audi dealer.  But, to receive this kind of service from a dealer and Service Department with whom I am unlikely to ever do any other business with was a very pleasant surprise.

The three service personnel I dealt with (phone receptionist, intake person, and  Mr. Gushulak) could not have been any more accommodating, personable, and professional.

K. H. | 2012-11-28

I recently bought a new car at the Audi San Diego dealer and I had as good as an experience as possible.  The team was extremely attentive and customer focused and the showroom is fantastic.  Based on my extensive pricing research the pricing was very competitive and the process smooth.  There were a few small smudges and other things and the team fully detailed the new car to my satisfaction and had me on the road that day. I walked away fealing like I received a fair deal and had a dedicated team behind my purchase and needs. Kevin, Neal, and the new President George have created a top-notch dealership.

Heather R. | 2012-10-26

I am disappointed that what appears to be a nice, reputable dealership in reality offers empty promises and extremely poor customer service.

My fiancé and I bought our car here this summer.  The car is great actually, so this review is for the hoops we have had to jump through and the hassles of the dealership.  When we purchased our car there were a few minor scratches that needed to be taken care of and the vehicle needed to be smogged.  We brought it in and were promised a loaner Audi to drive while the work was being taken care of.  Wrong.  We had to rent a car from the Enterprise Car Rental inside the dealership.  The rental was free, but came out to $20 or so a day for insurance.  That was fine....the first time.

After the painting and service was performed we thought we were done.  Wrong.  We were called back because they forgot to smog the car.  Again we were promised a loaner Audi, again they just happened to not have any available and we were forced to rent from Enterprise.  We ended up having to bring it in again about a month later when there was another service issue. Again we were promised a loaner and forced to rent.

A couple of months later we received a ticket in the mail under my fiancé's name.  Apparently the plates to the vehicle had been stolen from the dealership, but they failed to mention this and we got to deal with calling the DMV, dealership, and police to sort it out.  When we called to inform the dealership we were sent to voice mail, and though we requested a call back we never received one.

Finally, we were promised a second key-less entry for our car.  Kevin, the salesman we purchased the car from promised he had spoken with the previous owner and he would get it to us asap.  Not the case.  We would call, and call, and call, and never receive a call back.  When we tried again to call the sales manager, we once again received voice mail and no returned phone call.

Bottom line if you care about customer service don't buy from this dealership.  If you run into any problems they will go out of their way to avoid helping you.  They make promises they can't keep, and have now lost customers in us and any of our friends and family.

Michael B. | 2012-10-23

I bought Audi Q5 recently and I am really happy with it! Sales person Don Bragg was helpful and provided professional service!! I didn't have any problems and it was a pleasure to buy a car in Audi San Diego. I really recommend this place!!

matt b. | 2012-10-07

I purchased my first Audi yesterday from Audi San Diego - a 2013 A4 Quatro loaded...I love it!  The reason I am writing this review is to tell fellow yelpers about my buying experience.  It was 1. zero pressure, 2. comfortable, 3. informative to whatever extent I wanted and ultimately 4. fun.  Perhaps I just lucked out, but Alfredo Alonso was an excellent salesman for me.  I usually get very creeped out by the car buying experience (I am trading to my A4 from a 2011 Lexus LX570).  All the psychological sales questions and word tricks and pressure that make buying a car a sleazy experience.  Alfonzo had none of that.  He's a solid and normal guy.  He was terrifically friendly, extremely well informed, passionate about the product in a genuine way and in no hurry whatsoever.  The A4 is sold in like eight different configurations.  I'm used to these packages being confusing and salespeople brushing over them to get you to focus on buying whatever they have in stock - not exactly what you want.  Ok, so I had not even identified myself as a serious buyer...and Alfredo never even asked.  We spent well over an hour together where he brought me up to speed on the different models, took me on long test drives where he was excellent at having me test the different max capacities of the car: acceleration, acceleration in turns, turning radius, stopping on a dime, etc.  He then showed me the cars capabilities with him behind the wheel (I highly recommend you do this too as he made it feel like a different car - a race car!).  Alfonzo got me very familiar and comfortable with these vehicles and educated me on some of the differences he saw with competing models (Alfredo recently came over to Audi from BMW).  He was not a salesman as much as a car enthusiast sharing his passion of the A4 which he drives himself.  Then we went to talk about pricing, colors, and interior specifications.  I still had not presented myself as a buyer per se, and nor had Alfredo asked the question in any way...he was there to passively be of assistance for me and it made me feel very comfortable.  It turns out they had the color combo I wanted in stock and so I inquired about price.  I told him I was interested in the vehicle and that I wanted a transparent dialogue about price.  I didn't want to get involved with the good cop (salesman)/bad cop (sales manager) game.  We spoke very transparently about the dealer cost on the vehicle and the sticker price.  I told him the price that I thought was fair to me and to Audi, he brought it to the manager and it was immediately accepted.  As I was filling out the paperwork and it became known that I was driving a Lexus Alfredo notified me that he would be taking another $1,000 off the price as they were running an incentive program to bring other Luxury brand owners into the Audi brand!!  Again, they did this AFTER I had agreed to price!  There was actually another noteworthy interaction on a customization feature I sought for the vehicle.  Without going into detail, these guys showed there true colors again.  I found Alfredo (and sales manager Geoff Rawe) to be excellent service providers.  Their conduct told me that 1. They were interested in making me satisfied, 2. Interested in my long term loyalty to Audi and only after those two selling cars.  In this case their mission was accomplished.

Kalei L. | 2012-10-01

Brought my car here for a service, my car was eating way too much oil, and the problem is still the same if not worse.

I gave them 2 stars for catching a problem I wasn't aware of, then quoted me the price for the fix. He then called  a couple days later to say the issue was something else entirely and quoted me a different price, which was $1000 more than his first quote.

Seemed kind of shady to me, but I trusted them and went ahead. Now my car still eats up a lot of oil, and my engine cooling fan doesn't come on anymore.

Bottom line, this place sucks, and is out for your money.

Joseph T. | 2012-09-11

I work in an industry where customer service is so important that's how we get our commission. I was very hesitant on leasing a vehicle, especially after having spoken to reps from Audi Escondido. I even called Audi San Diego and I spoke to a rude man who told me "if I don't like the price I'd better go find another car to buy." I decided to come in and see if things would be different. I met a sales rep Kevin who was very customer service oriented. We looked at used vehicles and he asked me if I would consider leasing. I told him about my bad encounters when trying to lease and he put me at ease. He walked me through the leasing process and he didn't act like Audi's were out of my price range. I could tell he would do whatever he could to get me to lease a car BUT with an agreement on a price I would like. I gave him my price and he had no problem going to bat for me with his manager. He went back 2 times and we settled on an amazing deal. Kevin made it work and I'm actually typing this while he's drawing up the paperwork. I recommend Kevin for anyone looking to buy/lease a car from Audi San Diego.

Timothy K. | 2012-08-29

I have had to replace the front rotors (and pads) on my A6 twice as recommended by Audi of SD Service Dept. - $800 plus each time. Car only has 48K miles.  Service Dept says perfectly normal for Audi.  Anyone else have similar experience with Audi brakes?

James R. | 2012-08-22

Once again this dealership has gone above and beyond. In the middle of changing the rear brake pads of my friends A4 I realized there was something different about the calibers. I called Audi San Diego for some much needed advice. Dominie was the person I spoke to and he explained that I'd need a special tool to compress the calibers. To my suprise he offered to let me use his to finish the job.
Now that is exceptional service!

Lauren A. | 2012-08-22

I just purchased an A4 at Audi San Diego. At first we were thinking about going back to Carlsbad to make our purchase, but the Audi salesman was so helpful with negotiating the price we decided to purchase from them. Joseph didn't have the car I wanted, he had the "better" version of the car I wanted. At first I didn't want the navigation package. The car they had in stock was the color I wanted and had the features I was looking for, just had the navigation. After negotiating the price, Joseph and I had a deal. I went a little over my budget after I added Lojack and the other stuff but it was still within range of what I can afford. I wanted to ask for a poster for my dream car the R8, but I was too shy... =P These guys are wonderful!! I'm already waiting for my friends/family to purchase an Audi so I can tell them to go to Audi San Diego =)

Kellie N. | 2012-08-14

I purchased 2 Audi's from this dealership and I wish I had purchased my 3rd. I love the staff here and my salesperson, Kevin Kao, was (is) such an amazing guy! He never pressured me, listened to what I wanted and needed in my new car and made the whole experience easy and stress free!!
The service department is really nice as well...I wish they did a better job of cleaning the cars they service, but I have to say that everyone in the service department is a pleasure to deal with.
My favorite Audi dealership for sales...Audi Henderson has the best Audi service department on the West Coast!

D J. | 2012-08-14

I had a great experience at this dealership.  I was reluctant to leave BMW after being a lifetime devotee, but after terrible experiences with salespeople at two of their locations, I decided to give Audi a look.  I love the new models and especially all the tech goodies.  This location gave me a good price without haggling and I never felt pressured.  Both the salesman Kevin and their general manager George were very knowledgeable and walked me through the models I was interested in and the different features, and the finance person Karla was great at going through the financing and lease options and getting all the paperwork sorted out quickly.  She also went through other good options they have available and that I took advantage of, including the Audi Care which seems to make the service plan the same as BMW's all-inclusive service.  I appreciate that they all made it a smooth process.  And I'm loving my Audi so far!

Diana W. | 2012-08-09

Another one bites the dust - and the hand that feeds them...

When you break contracts and promises, you lose my respect and my business.

They have opted not to honor any previous contacts from Miramar Audi (even though the only thing that has changed is the sign on the door)
There's really not that much more to it - I won't trust my vehicle with a company that is not trustworthy. I certainly won't be buying my next Audi from them or returning for future services, they've seen my last dime.

Betsy G. | 2012-08-08

So sad that Audi Miramar got bought.  We purchased a new A6 last fall, with the promised of free oil changes for life.  Three months later the dealership was purchased and they are choosing not to honor the promise of the previous owner.  I can understand not continuing the practice with new purchases made through them, but to not honor a commitment made is disappointing.  They claim they will "invest" those funds in improved facilities (of a dealership that has been rebuilt from the ground up literally)!  We went to Miramar for their excellent service, we will be going to other dealerships now that we have no incentive to return to Audi San Diego.  Bad decision, Audi San Diego.

H. O. | 2012-07-29

The following is my experience from two different visits to the Audi service department. After handing the keys for a scheduled maintenance appointment, they pointed me to a section for a "courtesy" vehicle. The person asked for my driver's license, a credit card, and car insurance. The insurance information was not enough to them and they requested the insurance card itself which was in the car that is being serviced. After going to the car and bringing back the insurance card, they said "your all set" and put a key on the table. One thing I noticed is that the key was not for an Audi, so I asked what the car is and I think they said Kia. I asked whether they have another car and they said sure. I chose the least uncomfortable vehicle among the available which entitled me to pay extra since the "courtesy" only covers so much per day. When I returned it, the person went and checked the fuel gauge, which is inappropriate especially when you're explicitly asked whether you filled the car with fuel. Then they request a charge that is way far from the difference they mentioned to me when I picked up the car, and when I asked why, the reply was that I requested this insurance and that insurance. The person literally counted several insurance types that I registered in insisted that I requested it and this is what I owe per day. They did not want to accept my argument even though I reminded them that my insurance information was not enough to them and that I had to bring them the insurance card itself. Eventually they said we covered you with insurance and since your saying you do not want to pay, we will take care of it and it will be on us! It was a similar experience the next time I came for service. The story short, I asked for an upgrade and they said I will need to pay the difference and I said that is fine. However, the only upgrades they offered were two SUVs and neither was suitable and so I told them to give me any regular car. This time I explicitly mentioned that I do not want any type of insurance from their side. So the person is constantly talking me into buying their car insurance and saying what if you hit the car on your way, I said that I am going straight to work and back, and so the person continues what if the car gets hit while its parked at work!!! And on and on until I said that I will not buy any coverage from you and that I am being late for work. This time when I returned the car, the same thing happened. After handing the keys, the person asks whether the car is filled with fuel and I said yes. The person goes out and checks. Sliding into the office chair when returned, and not even making eye contact, the person puts one leg over the other. Then another person I have never spoke to before starts crunching numbers while looking at a screen and then says your total is something. The number was not expected and I thought the person lying on the chair is the one helping me. Then I look around and it is only me and so I asked whether the person is talking to me. The person literally repeated the previous statement about the total due and this time also without lifting an eye. I asked to explain the numbers and the person said I requested an upgrade!!! The car they gave me was a Mitsubishi!!! A two door Mitsubishi!!! They said that I requested an upgrade and that they gave me one!!! Again after going back and forth, they said we will take care of it and it will be on us. I told them this is what they said last time about the insurance. When I turned around and left, the two starting talking to each other and I heard one laughing. To conclude, this is an experience I would not expect in a gas station and despite it mainly being with Enterprise, it is an experience imposed by the Audi service. I waited three weeks before posting this since I expected someone from Audi to call and explain what happened as it did happen in their building and in front of the people that were working in the Audi service area.

Gavin L. | 2012-07-01

I purchased a new vehicle from this dealership about 8 months ago.  The vehicle came with free oil changes for the first 50k miles at the regular service intervals.  This is probably what, a total of 4 oil changes?  It wasn't free services, just free oil changes.

When I brought the vehicle in for 5k service, free oil change.  When I brought it in for 15k service, here's what they said.

"Oh, we're under new management and your vehicle won't get free oil changes anymore.  We know we promised you free oil changes when you purchased it, but the new management isn't honoring that agreement."

Seriously, how much is the oil change part of the service anyway?  $20?  You've pissed off the customers for $40-60 bucks?  On a luxury brand vehicle?

Seems stupid.  It's not the money, it's the principle.  Don't sell me something and then change your mind later.

Shop around...

Dave W. | 2012-06-27

This is strictly for the Service Department. I recently bought a 2012 Audi A3 premium s-line from a Commonwealth Audi. Little to say the least I did not have any intentions on coming to this dealership for servicing due to all the bad reviews and word of mouth badness from my friends. As reluctant as I was, this was the most convenient Audi service department for me. I came in with the intent of being bias to yelpers and friends, but that changed.

Initially I called in for either an appointment or to talk to someone about servicing my car. I had a faulty window, due to a factory recall. No one was available from the service department and I thought, "how typical". I left my number and issue with the operator and within 15 minutes Jack Myers calls me up and tells me to bring it in at any time before they close. I brought the car in within a few hours. I thought I'd be there spinning my wheels for the next hour or so trying to get them to buy my story to fix what I needed to fix. Jack and Dominie took a look at my issue and quickly gave me a courtesy car. I was in and out within 15 minutes tops. These 2 guys are spearing up a new concept and heading in the right direction for the service department. I felt like they heard what I had to say and quickly took care of me. The car was done within 5 days due to ordering the part(s) and the weekend. They even ordered/fixed the part that wasn't broken just to give me that piece of mind. I got to drive the courtesy car for the entire length of time for FREE so I had no problems with that. The courtesy car was the A3 premium plus s-line, which has paddle shifters.

Picking up the car was just as fast as bringing it in. Everything is in working order and they checked everything from bumper to bumper for me just to be sure I was well taken care of. They even emailed me a check-list of things they did.

I would highly recommend getting your Audi serviced here. That's to say I was under warranty. I hope the service is the same for out of warranty cars as well. I'll find out for sure after my warranty ends.

Haley K. | 2012-06-18

I took my A4 to the Audi service on Miramar Road for 3 years.  I was initially satisfied, but the last three-ish visits were disappointing.  These are a few of the reasons why I decided to switch:  
- They started charging for the loaner vehicles, and there was typically a 15+ min wait to get set up with the loaner.  (They always charged for insurance.)
- My car was not starting cold well.  They said I needed my injectors flushed.  If my injectors broke, they would have been covered by warranty.  But they only needed to be flushed so I paid ~$800 for the service.
- They tried to sell me an injector flush the next time my car was in for reg service about 3 months later.  
- The service reps could not describe the service that was done.  

My car was due for its regular service last week, so I decided to switch to Escondido Audi.  I got a completely complimentary loaner car -- including insurance.  It was a brand new Q5.  Yes please.  They also looked up factory service bulletins that were covered by my warranty and found 3 that Miramar had not performed.  They service rep knew what he was talking about and clearly explained what service would be performed.  Not like the other dude who mentioned oil in my intercooler...riiiight.  I was in and out in 10 min.  Very efficient and convenient.  

If you can handle the extra drive to Escondido, I recommend the switch.

Quan N. | 2012-06-10

I bought my second new A4 here at Audi San Diego (originally named Audi Miramar). This review is strictly for the sales side. I know their customer service department is less than great, especially if your vehicle is out of warranty. The sales man didn't exactly explain all the available features for the new 2012 model, and kind of pushed me to choose one of the cars they had on the lot. After I purchased the car, the dealer is supposed to walk you through the features of the car. This guy really, really rushed my orientation. I guess he assumed since I already had an A4, I didn't need to know how the navigation works, etc...

My advice would be to do your homework and check out all the local Audi dealerships in San Diego to see their inventory, and go online to do thorough research on all the possible configurations before making a purchasing decision.

Also, get the AudiCare. It's about $750 for the A4, and is worth it because it saves you hundreds on your 45k maintenance versus paying at the time the service is due.

Brian S. | 2012-06-09

Super nice dealership, fair trade prices, good selection of cars, great service department, fast and courteous, and will give you a loaner if an issue arises and your audi is still under warranty.  Finance dept. got me an amazing 1.9%  on my loan through audi....with a 760 credit $$$ down just equity in my trade!

UPDATE-11/14/2012--I just downgraded my rating, this dealer is HORRIBLE!  STAY AWAY!!!!   ZERO Customer Service, Service Department is horrid!  My A4 has been in the shop 3 times over the past 5 months for  major issues!  Everytime the car comes out of service there seems to be a new problem!  AUDI makes crap cars!  Huge mistake buying an Audi and buying one from a dealership that does not care!  Currently suing Audi America for my $$$$ back on this lemon Audi that was sold to me!  Spend you money wisely and wisely is not on an Audi!  Sub-par cars, sub-par dealership!

Suzzette W. | 2012-05-25

After purchasing a certified Audi last year I was told that it came with life time oil changes well apparently the dealership was sold & the new owner will not honor this. That was a deciding factor when I made my purchase. I'm very disappointed & would not trust a dealership that won't honor the previous owners deals. I certainly would not recommend a place that doesn't believe in customer satisfaction

Kristy A. | 2012-05-18

I purchased my A4 (Certified PreOwned) in July 2011. The purchase process was not a problem.

However, I was told on 3 different occasions that the car had NEW tires on it. 6 months later I find out that this is not the case and they're saying I need new tires. Unacceptable.

Additionally, I purchased the car under the condition of Free Oil Changes for Life. New management has apparently cancelled this.

I feel taken.

Matthew M. | 2012-05-05

I have been servicing my Audi A8L here and am very happy with the service. They recently moved the service department to the dealership with rental car service and stepped up the service. They always have a loaner car available, which gets me on the road very quickly allowing me to arrive at work on time.  The service staff is very knowledgeable and attentive, providing me with timely updates.

I noticed that some reviews blamed the staff for car issues. Audi's are sensitive so they may have multiple issues. The only cars that compare to an Audi is manufactured by BMW or more expensive automobile manufacturers (Astin Martin, Bentley, etc.). For example, my engine light turned on and I needed a new alternator. After the repair my engine light came on again an my catalytic converter needed to be replaced. I probably drove too far with the bad alternator and damaged by catalytic converter.  

I recommend purchasing an extended service warranty and enjoying your car and Audi Miramar's excellent service.

Angela A. | 2012-05-01

This used to be my favorite Audi dealership.  I love the new building but the staff not so much anymore (sales staff).  We were recently in the market for a used S6, there was one for sale down the street in a small lot, but we would rather get something from the Audi dealership so we walked in and were greeted by a sales person.  He was interested in showing us what he had available and NOT listening to what we were saying.  When ever we brought up the model we were looking for, he would say those are impossible to find.  So we left and bought our car on-line with an Audi dealership in another state.

I miss my old guys here, between Kevin and Dennis I never had to worry about looking for a car myself.  I would tell them what I wanted and it might take a little time, but they would find it for me and we would both be happy.  I'd get the car I wanted and they would get the sale.  Now this new and improved???? dealership doesn't get my business.  I haven't met a new sales person that I would want to work with there, no personality and definitely NO DRIVE to really help someone.  If it's not there in front of your face, they won't bother to work with you.

THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT however is 6 stars.  LOVE LOVE LOVE these guys.  I swear if George leaves so am I.  The service staff has been left pretty much the same and so I still get the great service, but if these new owners start changing the staff there, I am OUT.

Beautiful new building - suckie new staff!!!

(previous reviews posted on wrong business)

3/31/2012    We recently purchased another Audi (big surprise) but from an out of state dealership.  They were not so reputable, so I called up my favorite guy George Gushalak told him I didn't trust the car now and he booked an appointment for me immediately.  I dropped it off and he took over, he treated it like the car was his own.  He had it looked at from bumper to bumper and gave me the good and bad news.  It was then that I realized that George is one of the MAJOR reasons why I love Audi so much.  It is so hard to find someone to trust in the car industry and as a single woman (not any longer) I never had to worry about that with George on my side.  If they could multiply him and his professionalism more service departments would be frequented with joy.  Thank you Audi San Diego for being smart and having George on board!!

Sharalynne N. | 2012-04-17

George from the service department was courteous and friendly.  However, all of my lug nuts were missing from my vehicle and no one from the service department caught that (after my 15K mile check up).  

Now onto customer service, two words - PISS POOR.   The internet/sales assistant for the website is horrible.  She and I got into an email war!  As a professional one knows that you don't engage in an email war with a customer, yet this jerk did.  She has no manners and definitely no class.  

I wish I read the Yelp reviews prior to dealing with this place.  I'm going to defect like everyone else and take my car to Escondido, those people over there don't appreciate anyone, and their rude.

STAY AWAY, listen to fellow Yelpers, this place is horrible.

Rod H. | 2012-03-24

Bought 3 Audi's from them (2 from the previous owners Pioneer) and haven't had any bad experiences. Left some items in my trade in and Frank called me back to pick them up with out stealing a penny I left in the coin tray. I do admit the location isn't the greatest but the staff is always friendly and courteous.

Matthew S. | 2012-03-24

In retrospect, I never knew how amazing customer service and how awesome the service department was when I owned an Audi. I now drive a Mercedes-Benz and let me tell you... everything is a hassle and most of the reps I come across are very rude. If I had to do it all over again, I would have purchased another Audi and have it serviced at this service center.

Julia S. | 2012-02-29

I'm not going to rate any cars or anything particular connected with them, because german cars are the best. The only thing I want to share that the dealership itself is a very safe place. After a test drive (which literally blew me away) followed by the powerful influence-closing discussion with their representative, I left with a promise to come up with a decision toward buying an Audi (you know, the regular "please let me go" speech from a random prospect). After two hours I felt like I was missing something very important - happened to be my wallet with a big bonus, iphone. That day I couldn't come back to Audi Miramar, but easily contacted their desk associate, who politely explained me that she already found it and was waiting for me to pick it up. Isn't it sweet? May be it's my destiny and even my wallet wants to be near german  produce :-) However I know since then that Audi is a good place to go: where you don't loose, only always find something.

Lake E. | 2012-02-18

Walked into this dealership and custom ordered a very expensive, exclusive model, and specifically told them NO FRONT LICENSE PLATE.  Upon picking up the car what do you know but there was a front plate screwed into the grill.  They messed up the order!  I refused to take delivery of the car unless they promised to replace the grill plate and I got it in writing.  That's when the runaround started.  Salesperson lied to me and tried to say all the cars come with a plate screwed into them.  Sales Manager then claimed that he promised to "repair" the plate, not replace it.  Good thing I got it in writing.  As of today, about 6 weeks after picking up the car, I still don't have a new plate but they are promising that they are working on getting one.  We'll see.  Regardless, their attempt to go back on their word, their lies, and the bickering with me over the phone has made me extremely leery of this dealership.  I still haven't received an apology or an admission that they messed up.  Go somewhere else or GET EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, IN WRITING!  My experience was after the dealership was purchased by Kuni Automotive and the name Audi San Diego, so don't believe it if they claim their service has improved under new management.  It has not.

Annie C. | 2012-02-13

After having a horrible experience with the Hoehn Audi service department (see my review, they should be ashamed of themselves) I was VERY hesitant to try another dealership and even went so far as to contact Audi corporate to see if they would make an exception so I could take my vehicle to an independent garage for warranty issues.  Not an option apparently.
So I brought my A6 to Miramar Audi since I still wasn't convinced the vehicle was safe.  Walking in I was sure there was a picture of me on a dart board in the back room but I met with George who actually got into the vehicle with me and drove it around to see what my problems were.  There was no staring at me with a blank face, no patronizing attitude, it was as if he actually wanted to see what was wrong with my vehicle and repair it.  What? Wow, they do more here than just choose the most expensive repair that kind of sounds like it could be right?  Crazy.  Completely different experience from the other dealership and I didn't even buy my car from Miramar let alone two cars.
I read the other yelp reviews before I took my car here and it was scary.  I will say though that George tells it like it is, I didn't leave feeling like I was lied to and taken advantage of, which is more than I can say for the other dealership in Carlsbad that I went to multiple times and bought two vehicles from (it appears that it takes me a long time to learn).  I would definitely recommend this service department.  Don't be worried about the other reviews because I can tell you another dealership that has good reviews (probably written by employees) that I wouldn't send my worst enemy to.  Ironic that my worst enemy is actually the other dealerships service department.

Nina W. | 2012-02-03

*Update - changing my review because the dealership changed ownership. I was offered lifetime oil changes when I bought my 2012 A3. The new owner will not honor this but offered me the next two oil changes free of charge. Not happy about this.

very helpful. i came in with my A4 convertible and it needed $3K in repairs and updates. so instead, i just traded it in for a new A3. i was in and out of there in 2 hours. whoot whoot.

like a boss.

Mike V. | 2012-01-15

I bought my CPO quattro from this dealer last year.
Though I have had some issues with the car (which has nothing to do with them) the entire experience from the purchase to service was excellent.  We drove about 5 A4 lease returns and settled on my car.  I gave them a check for a grand to hold it over night so I could think about it - not a problem - filled out the online credit app, went back the next day and we were outta there in about an hour.  That has NEVER happened to me before with any purchase.
It's been back for service a couple times and they have always been quick and efficient there, too.

Susanne T. | 2011-12-29

It is worth the extra 25 miles to take your Audi to Carlsbad or Escondido!  These guys are the worst.  Do not trust them.  I have had two Audi's in here for services and both cars were quoted prices almost twice what anyone else is quoting.  Both times the cars were not done correctly on first visit requiring numerous return visits.  Staff routinely try to sell additional services that they will tell you that you need!  They are a nightmare!!!  

Most recent problem... they were the only of all three dealerships in the area that did not ask any of the appropriate first questions before telling me they couldn't get me in for a problem that appeared.  Both Carlsbad and Escondido asked a number of questions and did their best to help me.  Never going to Miramar again!!