AJ-USA Automotive Center in San Diego, CA

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AJ-USA Automotive Center specializes in three departments: Auto Sales, Service, and Performance Parts.  When you first walk onto our lot, you'll notice a selection of vehicles for purchase.  As you walk into the center, you'll notice a receptionist that will direct you to either the service counter or parts counter.  

Our Service Department can do it all!  From brakes to suspension, engine trouble or even just a oil change, we have the facilities to service it all.  Been in an accident?  We're AAA certified with a full Collision Center that can fix and/or replace car panels and doors, replace windows, or even give your old car a new coat of paint.  We are able and ready to give you a full estimate.  

Our Performance Parts store carries over 30 different lines and every performance part for your vehicle.  Need Brakes?  Suspension Upgrade?  Or even an Intake or Exhaust?  We got the parts to cover your every need.  

Call us at (800) 877-1911 to see what we can do for you.


Established in 1976.

Incorporated in 1976, AJ-USA first opened its doors providing quality parts, service and accessories to San Diego Porsche owners.  By building custom parts and providing high quality parts, AJ-USA built a reputation among Porsche owners.

During the past 32 years, AJ-USA has grown from two people in a 1500 sq. ft. facility to 60 people in a specially designed 36,000 square feet automotive facility in the heart of San Diego at its present location, 6620 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, 92121.

The strong growth forced the business scope to broaden in the automotive market place by adding a collision repair center, mail order, and a department that specializes in automotive parts and accessories via the internet in 1998.

By 2000, the collision repair center experienced extreme growth; more than a 500% gain in total sales.  With the addition of AAA certified and insurance recommended, AJ-USA Automotive Center is now a place that provides Car Sales, Performance Parts, and Quality Service.

AJ-USA Automotive Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 452-8900
Address:6620 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92121
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on AJ-USA Automotive Center

Jackson L. | 2015-04-23

I had my car brought in for some paint work.  It took a week to paint 3 panels.  I didn't mind the wait as long as they did a good job.  Eventhough the initial estimates were lower than the final bill because the estimator forgot a few key items, they did a very good job with the paint.  They've matched it perfectly.  A week later when I pulled on the rear door handle, it popped off and fell to the ground causing a scuff.  Pretty disappointed in their inability to put back a simple (two screws) door handle. I didn't bother calling them, I just brought it to the dealer and had them take care of it.

Brian G. | 2015-04-06

STAY AWAY!!  I took my Audi A3 in for 3 things needing fixed (Weds 3/25/2015):
1. Most all of my engine and warning lights in dash were blinking;
2. Car was driving like I was in a intermittent 15mph headwind/sluggishness;
3. A small, dripping oil leak under the engine.

Their recommendations for each:
1. Need a new battery (not enough charge).
2. The cable to the coils needs replaced (causing a misfire in the coils).
3. Need to replace a seal to fix the oil leak.

Very nice people, I got the "VP treatment".  8 days later, and $2,000, picked up my car after they told me it was done and "3 people test drove it thoroughly." (April 1,2015)

Driving home from their shop, the lights started flashing, and the car went in to it's prior 15mph headwind/sluggishness.  I called them still on my way home.  They said they didn't have enough time to finish my car and to bring it in the next morning.

Next morning I woke up to find a larger oil leak under my car, and drive it into them.

Their new recommendations after paying $2,000 and 8 days later NOT fixing one thing!
1. Needs a new 'module' for the sensors to go off.
2. There's a small leak in the casing, right next to wear they supposedly fixed the previous leak, that's creating a 'vacuum affect' causing both the sluggishness and the new oil leak under the engine.  The NEW cost $1,100.

I paid $2,000 for three things to be fixed, and 8 days later, NOT one got fixed!  They didn't say one word to me when I went back in to get my car.  Handed me my key and walked off.


Kevin K. | 2015-04-05

Ordered some shocks from them, they wanted too much to ship so I said cancel it. They charged my pay pal, and never refunded it after I asked them too. Been 3 days with no response from them.

Tony W. | 2015-01-31

Used to be great. I've brought my cars here on several occasions over the past few years. Trusted them to do repairs honestly and at a fair price. But times, and the people, have changed.

My car stalled this past weekend. Had the car towed by AAA to AJ's for service on Monday morning. Car was diagnosed with a bad fuel pump. Got an estimate for $890 to repair, and it would be done the next day. On Tuesday afternoon they called to say they couldn't get the part until Wednesday. They also said that they were able to save me some money, and the cost was now $840. I called them Wednesday afternoon to get a status, and was told they replaced the pump, but noticed that the fuel sensor was burned. They needed to now order this part, and the car would be ready Thursday. They also needed to add $25 worth of gas, as the fuel was low. Got a call at 3:15pm on Thursday, and was told they finished the repairs, and that they were just washing it before it was ready to pickup. They also managed to save me a few more dollars, and the new cost was $815.

Got to the shop just before 5:00pm, and was told they were finishing the paperwork, and that the car would be brought up front. Waited 25-minutes for the paperwork, only to find the bill was $890. Asked why the bill was back to the original price, and after a quick glance at the paperwork, Steve (the Service guy) said "Oh, we checked the tire pressure, $6, and put in $20 gas. A few bucks here and there". REALLY? Looked at him in disgust, paid the bill, and went to the car. SURPRISE! The car was not washed. It was still dirty outside, and now dirty inside as well. There was black stuff on the steering wheel as well as the roof pillar between the door and windshield. And the $20 of gas they put in the car was an 1/8 of a tank, roughly 2-gallons at $10/gallon.

I guess they've changed the people (for the worse) as I did not recognize any of the 4-employees I saw, not even the receptionist. WON'T BE BACK.

Timi A. | 2015-01-23

My first experience with AJ-USA and i am beyond happy!  Great service!!! Everyone is very pleasant and professional.  Ron Brough was my contact and he is an honest and caring person and does his best to fix your car at the best rate possible.  He was super informative with the estimate and was thorough with answering any questions that I had. I would highly recommend AJ-USA to friends and family.  Thank you AJ-USA!  I will be back!!

Suzie S. | 2015-01-05

I've been going to AJ USA for about 4 years and have always received consistent, quality service. I had an older car up (16 years old) until last year so they could have tried to convince me that many things needed to be replaced or work done it but they were always straight with me. They have a complimentary service if you need a ride to work in the morning as long as you work locally. They are AAA rated and offer a AAA discount on service as well.

Brandon J. | 2014-12-29

Great service, I like the option of having updates texted to you albeit very generic updates but the option is there. Communication is important for me so getting in touch with these guys for updates was never an issue. Staff was always friendly and courteous. I love how my paint and body came with a lifetime warranty! Update I came back to get a light bulb looked at and Ron being a great serviceman personally came outside got his hands dirty and replaced the bulb, he also noticed my pain in the butt engine compartment clips were loose and without asking or mentioning it replaced those too. Nothing but positive things to say. Thank you

Richard A. | 2014-07-23

So, there I was in the parking lot of UTC, down from Carlsbad  after having an Apple lesson.  My 2010 Caravan wouldn't start and AAA recommended AJ Auto rather than a Dodge dealer since it's an approved AAA repair station. So, off it went.

Mike McClain, in their Service group, was my contact. After most of a day trying to determine what exactly was wrong with the car (something with the computerized ignition) Mike called and said that though they could fix the actual problem, a transmitter/receiver computer gadget, I would still need to have it towed to the dealer in order to program the new keys that would be needed.
And that's what we did...and AJ Auto didn't charge me anything for all that effort.  
I think that kind of concern and awareness for us customers is quite rare!  
So, I will go back to them in the future because of their upfront honesty today!

Daniel S. | 2014-06-30

Brought the car here because my car had three problems: 1. AC was not working properly; 2. car was making a noise and was steaming occasionally; 3. the battery kept draining. I left my car here to get it repaired over night and they assured me that everything was fixed when I went to pick it up. Within two days, all the problems came back. Called them to ask for a refund (or at least a credit) but they refused to give it to us because they said we "rushed" them to finish the job and they didn't have enough time to test. They basically didn't do anything we paid for and it's absolutely inexcusable. Do not bring your car to this place.

(I should add, though, that a couple of people there were friendly and I appreciated their help.)

Mars L. | 2014-06-19

Picked up my car from the shop and it looks amazing!!!! Great job. Super satisfied that AAA recommended this place to me :) Enjoyed the status updates via text, and my car being ready to pick up a day earlier than expected! And... That they stayed a few mins late for me after closing so that I could pick up my car during traffic hour to have for the weekend! Not too fond of the price, but my insurance covered most of it so no big deal :) They even fixed my key alarm, which wasn't working when I gave it them, but now it is!! They deserve five stars from me, so here ya go! Thanks

Quinn C. | 2014-03-25

This is my first time bringing my vehicle to AJ's and I will definitely be back! They were extremely easy to work with through AAA and Malani in particular was EXTREMELY helpful at organizing my rental car when the Enterprise next door was being uncooperative. The shop is very clean, organized, and professional, as well are all of the staff.

David W. | 2014-02-26

I've taken our cars to AJ for a number of years.  Please keep in mind we have relatively high-end vehicles.  Two BMW M3's, an M5, a Porsche 944, and an Acura MDX have all been serviced here and I find them to be trustworthy.  The weird thing I've found is that more often than not, my cars are dirtier than when I left them.  Not really on the interior but on the exterior.  Their car washer apparently isn't there all the time, needs to be taken out back and shot, or they park it in front of sprinklers to wash the car.  Its just plain weird.

Citas L. | 2014-01-02

The workmanship at this shop is poor and way below par.  Brought my car in at a recommendation by my insurance carrier after getting hit on the driver's side.  Shop replaced my door, repair tool longer than promised, brought my car back a few more times because I can hear the wind while driving, which my car didn't do before I brought it to their shop.  After a few returns, still have the same issues and a jagged wide seam on the side panel.  John from AJ claims it is normal wear and tear, which I disputed because my passenger side doesn't have the same jagged seam.  The seam on the passenger side for one is smooth (not a zigzag like the driver's) and not cracked or wide.  Bottom line, place has poor workmanship and employees have no integrity.

Joey S. | 2013-12-13

This place was very great for me. AAA recommended them to test/charge my battery. James was a huge help, even during a very busy morning. I was worried that I was going to have to get my battery replaced but really appreciated him telling me afterwards that he couldn't justify that because everything looked great.

Jeff H. | 2013-10-08

These guys lie to you. They even made me bring my vehicle back so they could stop off the quality brakes I bought for my X5 so they could put them on another customer's vehicle. In the past the always wanted to rebuild the top end of my 540. They go through service managers like toilet paper. Stay away. Find a sincere, low overhead mechanic that really cares about you and your German vehicle.

G D. | 2013-09-16

Took my car to here because this is where the Insurance referred me. They had to fix the bumper  and exhaust. Got a call that the exhaust repair was a little out of their repair capability so they had to send it out to be repaired. They DROVE my car to the repair facility. 20 miles ROUND TRIP. They used a 1/4 tank of my gas!!! To go 20 miles??!!!  I asked them about it and they basically called me a liar to my face! NEVER going here again!!!

alex t. | 2013-08-25

Will not be returning here ever again. Filled my BMW M3 with the WRONG transmission fluid and then had the nerve to try and charge me for the correct fluid!!! On top of that, when I returned home with the vehicle I noticed they did not properly re-install a few parts - there were clunking noises coming from the underbody of the car there were never present prior to these people touching my car. Took the M3 back and had to wait yet another day for them to correct another one of their mistakes. No one should ever have to experience this kind of incompetence at ANY upscale repair shop.

Meli B. | 2013-08-23

My AAA insurance recommended this auto body repair shop when my car was hit last June. The bumper had to be replaced along with tail lights and a paint job, plus lots of other minor repairs due to the accident. It's been a few months since the work was done and no issues have come up (i.e. paint color fades, shoddy workmanship, etc.). The turn -around time was fairly decent too. My car came back sparkling clean on the outside. Plus, it looks like they vacuumed the inside of my car, which was an awesome perk! So I give 4-5 stars for the actual work done to my vehicle. The customer service was lacking, however. This was especially true of the front desk staff and the staff answering the phone. Each phone conversation was rushed, stressful, and nobody was polite or helpful. There were communication mix-ups between my insurance and the repair shop along the way and I got dragged into the whole mess. The phone staff is very quick to tell you that the shop "HAS to take your vehicle" because it was sent in by AAA, but if you're just a general customer then it could be weeks before your appointment time. The customer service (or lack thereof) made the experience very worrisome and I wondered if enough attention would be paid to my car (since they are obviously so overbooked and seemingly can't control the influx of cars). I feel good about the repairs done to my car, but the overall experience was probably more stressful than it needed to be due to poor customer relations.

Edmond A P. | 2013-03-31

I took my 2005 Porsche 911 Turbo and a Lexus to have dents and scratches fixed. I told AJ-USA that I wanted all the damage repaired and the cars in "pristine" condition and I paid over $5000.00 to get both cars' body work finished.

Well they missed 4 glaring scratches on the Porsche (cost was over 50% of approx. $5000.00 total repair cost) which were located less then 2 inches from the other scratches they repaired.They claimed they were not instructed to fix those scratches and left them and refused to fix them; although they admitted that they received my instruction that they were to fix all the scratches and dents and that they were to put the cars into "pristine " condition. The work they did on the Lexus was also sub-par and incomplete. I did not complain there because of the terrible way their general manager handled my complaint over the Porsche. I will NEVER take a car there again.

Valerie M. | 2013-02-14

I went to AJ-USA after my car was in a terrible hit and run, my insurance company recommended them to me. They told me that it would take two weeks for repairs but it ended up being 40 days!!! The staff was professional and nice enough but I had the impression they weren't exactly happy to be repairing a non-luxury/high end car. After I picked up my car I could tell it was not right; I had to take it back to AJ twice and even then it still wasn't right! After the third trip to the shop I was fed up with my car not being repaired and took it to the dealership. I had to take my car to the dealership 3 times to have them fix the "repairs" AJ had done on my car. If you want your car fixed right the first time DO NOT go to AJ-USA!

Janet X. | 2013-01-27

I've had my car repaired here twice- both times due to my fender/bumper getting hit by inattentive drivers. My insurance company recommended this place, so off I went to AJ USA.

John and Jacob were the two guys I worked with, and they did an excellent job of getting my car repaired nicely and within a week. Jacob had my bumper replaced and my car back to me in 3 days! I really liked their efficiency, and would totally go back to them if not for the fact that some things were missing from my car on both occasions (emergency cash, movie tickets, car wax and clean vouchers...). When I reported this, they checked with the repair guys to see if they could find my missing items, but were unable to do so. Oh well, at least my car was patched up quickly and well on both occasions. I would recommend this place, but please DO take all of your valuables out of your car with you ($5? Movie tickets? really? I get stealing my wax and clean vouchers, but the other stuff...lame).

Elisa R. | 2012-07-07

The guys here at AJ's are completely trusted by our family 100%

They do a great job and have never let us down.  Pricing can be a little on the high side for some services, but I feel better paying a little extra for quality work.  They've worked on two of our cars, a Jeep Cherokee and VW Jetta.  Both have had major work done, e.g. timing belt, radiator replacement, etc.  We've always left feeling good about the work.

I would DEFINITLEY recommend them to friends and family!

joy m. | 2012-05-12

Yes, the place is super clean but... Went there because I had a Groupon for what seemed like a killer deal for an oil change and hand car wash ($19). I wanted synthetic blend oil instead of standard and knew it would be an extra charge, but it ended up being an extra $30 on top of what I'd already paid. I was so busy thinking about that I forgot they were supposed to wash the car....which they didn't. Not such a great deal after all. In fact, a pretty lousy deal.

Erica P. | 2012-04-03

The other day as I merrily drove about town my Grandma passed me going the opposite direction and honked her horn at me and waved. And I honked back! Or tried to that is. Alas, my horn didn't work.

And I was pretty livid.  ... after all... I had both the right and left horns replaced after my dust-up with the SUV...and I had been back to AJ USA for 4 trips already...

So back to AJ USA I went. And I wasn't happy.  

When I arrived for my 11:15 a.m. appointment, I was late because of a meeting at work.  Regardless, John, my AJ USA Rep, took the Prius back right away and apologized and said they would have it fixed up shortly.

A short time later John came back and oddly enough asked if I had taken my car to another shop because they always check the horn first and they had it in their notes as working when the car left.  And apparently a fuse was missing. But I've taken my car to no other body shops the past 4 weeks, and I doubt some leprechaun stole the horn fuse on St. Patrick's Day.  John apologized again, said he wasn't sure what must have happened and explained that he was going to talk to his manager about doing something for me after all the hoopla I've been through.

A short time later he came back with his manager, Jacob, who had kindly fixed that window issue a few weeks ago.  Jacob apologized and I admitted that I've always used their body shop when I've been in accidents - even for my 1995 Miata back in the day that I got hit in at a stoplight and I have never had any problems before.   My repairs have always been pitch-perfect and I was really disappointed this time around.  Jacob apologized again and promised that I could come back for a complimentary tune-up - oil change, alignment, whatever and they would comp it.  When they brought my Prius around, it had been washed and cleaned up quite nicely and I hadn't even asked for that.

I feel that Jacob and John are sincere, honest people who are doing their best.  I think perhaps many of the issues I've been experiencing have something to do with the complexity of the Prius.  Ultimately, it's all my own damn fault for not paying attention and getting in that fender-bender.  But I do appreciate that AJ USA values its customers and wants to set things right.  I'll be taking Jacob up on his offer for that tune-up.  And heaven forbid that I get in another fender bender, but if I do I'll be back.  Genuine people are a rarity and there are a few gems here.

Ash C. | 2011-10-04

AJ-USA is THE best mechanic shop....hands down! Amazing, clean shop, top notch technology, outstanding client services and fair prices on parts and labor! Jesse, the General Manager is incredibly accommodating and customer service oriented. My Jeep Commander's water pump went out and Jesse waited at the shop after hours until the tow truck arrived to drop it off. They had my Jeep ready to go by the next day and when I came to pick it up, they had detailed it inside & out...clean as a whistle. I would highly recommend AJ-USA for mechanical needs.

Not to mention, when I dropped my car off there was another client in their lobby who had been utilizing their services for 35 years!!! If that isn't the ultimate testament to what kind of business they run, I don't know what is.

Sega S. | 2011-09-09

I went  to AJ-USA for an estimate for my car on a walk in basis. Front desk was cheerful, this girl new her job well. I was pretty much in and out. The quote was realistic and fair, they even sent the pictures and paper work over to the insurance company which made things very easy for me.

Joseph B. | 2011-08-13

Don't waste your time with their parts dept. I saw a few poor online reviews elsewhere but assumed since I was local I'd get better service for some reason.

I found them online while attempting to order some Prothane motor mount inserts. They were local so I assumed I could get my parts faster. The guy I called on Tuesday (Skip or Skeet or similar) seemed super helpful and said he'd have to check with Prothane and he "took down my info" so he could call me back tomorrow with a status from Prothane so I could prepay and he'd order them. I received no call so I tried back Saturday because I didn't remember to call them until after closing time during the week. The Saturday guy never apologized and said I'd have to call back Monday since the manufacturers were all closed (never looked into whether it was checked on or not from Tuesday).

Poor service. Poor follow-up. It's nice in a way that they feign interest in helping (at least they're not rude) but angers me that it was obviously phony.

They allegedly had a good price for the part so I'll give them a 2 star rating, even though I never was able to close the deal. I guess I'll order online from someone else and wait longer b/c at least I'll get some service and follow-through that way.
Maybe I wasn't meant to get these inserts b/c Amazon screwed up my original order and left two mounts out of the kit and included a mount for a different car. At least Amazon was super helpful and easy in returning it all at their expense.

Mark T. | 2011-08-04

I just came to San Diego and my 10 year old van started having problems.  I found these guys on Yelp (they were closest) but almost didn't call them because the reviews seemed to point to luxury cars. My Ford Windstar is hardly that.  I called this morning and they let me drop it off immediately.  They got me a fast estimate on three completely different issues and fixed the same day.  The cost was incredibly reasonable and they explained everything well.  They checked over everything else and unlike every other service place I have ever used, they didn't give me the old "oh, we also noticed that this thing needs to be replaced...".  I'm so thrilled with the service and the overall experience.  I definitely recommend this business for auto repair.

Michael J. | 2011-07-14

Super honest.  Made me feel like I was the only customer even though the lot was full of cars.  I came in with no appt, a power steering leak I tried to fix myself already, and a pile of parts I had already bought from the Land Rover dealer.  They found my real leak, used the parts I had brought in (after making sure they couldnt' get them cheaper), and had me back out on the road the next day.  Price was reasonable.  Probalby could have found someone with a lower labor rate but not with this level of quality and customer service.  Couldn't be happier.  4 stars only because of my limited one time experience.

jerry b. | 2011-06-02

I miss Greg.

Joe W. | 2011-05-23

I have a 2001 BMW 530i. I think this place focuses more on German cars.  So have been lucky and satisfied to date.  Here is a quick summary of 3 trips i made.

1st Trip - Installing new tires.
I found AJ USA through TireRack.com as i was getting new tires for my BMW 530i.  Greg was great and walked through the process of what would need to be done when the tires arrived.  A week later the tires arrived.  They provided the mount and balance for a reasonable price.  Not the cheapest, but i thought fair for this type of shop.

2nd - Check Engine Light
We had major flooding in Dec 2010 in San Diego.  The road to may office at the time flooded.  i drove through about 1 foot of water.  The check engine light came on about 15 mins after driving through the water.  Opps.  The next day i brought to AJ USA and had Greg to take a look.  Without appointment he came outside, checked the codes on his computer and gave me what he thought was the problem.  Unfortunately i could not get the car fixed in San Diego and spent 1500 on a couple of other mechanics in Las Vegas.  I wished i made the fix in San Diego.  The point is without an appointment and using his computer would have cost me $120 at the stupid BMW dealer.  20 min of time & AJ USA did not charge me.

3rd - Oil Light & Sound in Power Steering
My oil light and power steering was acting up.  i Drove over to AJ USA (no appointment again) and had Greg check it out.  He immediately told me that with a performance car in the hills around where i drove that the oil gets used up faster.  Greg told me to add more of the same engine oil.  Problem fixed.

He took a look at the power steering fluid and noticed it was low.  The hoses to the steering were a bit damp, but he mentioned that it was probably some minor cracks and that i could wait to get them replaced.  He did take the car back to the garage and top off my power steering fluid.  Now these 2 items are fixed.  15 min of time & AJ USA did not charge me.

I believe that all auto mechanics have a preference and specialty on the types of cars they work with.  This is like doctors and that they understand specific diseases and treatments better than others.  You should really take the time to see what cars they fix by looking at the repair bay or just talking with the service manager.    The other area i look for is attitude.  Like great doctors, some just spend more time to explain and follow-through on what they say.  For me i believe that AJ USA has both of these qualities.

Philip M. | 2011-03-10

AJ-USA wrote me an estimate for $2,000 to repair damage to my car when someone carelessly scraped along the side of it in a parking lot.  When AAA insurance contacted them it was suddenly reduced to $1,500.  I guess they figured I would happily pay $500 more than an insurance company offered them for the same work.

Read the other reviews - don't use this body shop.

Ricky B. | 2010-10-04

Well, as most, my car was damaged; by not one but two senior citizens in "good ole' San Diego." I was instructed by the faulty party to have my vehicle repairs completed by AJ-USA.

The first encounter went without a hitch, great custmer service, speedy service, however, AJ-USA did not correct an issue which I had to have repaired later, (I will explain, bare with me). Following my wait for the paint to dry, I was in my second accident of the month, back to AJ's. The service this time was much worse than my first experience, the original sales clerk that was handling my insurance claim left mid-way through the process and I had a heck of a time understanding Miguel. I also insisted that the first item the company had missed be repaired, a brush guard. The company gave me a run around, stating: "We can't find that part." I located the part myself and it was repaired, eventually! Well, 7 days past the estimated delivery date and more money from my insurance company, my vehicle was ready.

I doubt I will seek service from AJ's again due to their lack of communication skills, from the tech rep's, even though the office staff are great, they do not do the work. Due to the huge time delay and lack of google "know-how" to find a part; "I felt as though the company did not invest time in my vehicle or me."

AJ-USA, insurance scam or high end garage, you be the judge.

R H. | 2010-05-07

My battery died and I went here to get a new one, they charged me for the battery and that's it! No labor costs! I know they didn't overcharge me either because I did my homework on the costs of batterys at Kragen and Auto Zone and the price was on point. I thought it was funny how the tow truck guy who came to jump start my car before I could get it to AJ's tried to offer me a deal of $170 for battery!! I'm sure it's because I was a girl, I absolutely HATE these car repairmen who think they can take advantage of me because I'm a girl and prob don't know S*** about cars... phhhh! I do my homework!

Ilias P. | 2010-01-29

After my neighbor decided to drive her car from her driveway into my parked car on Christmas Eve, I was directed by her insurance to AJ USA to get it fixed. Already upset at the idea that I just sank a little over $2,000 into my car the week before to fix some things (80,000 miles and all that comes with it), I was a little depressed about the whole situation, but alas, what's done is done and I was looking forward to getting my car back. They asked me to sign some papers so they could begin work. I signed them. Now they tell me the car isn't fixable and on top of that, they've taken it apart to a point that it can't be put together again. Now I'm left with my car in pieces, some of which they tried to keep, and a cheque from the insurance company that isn't going to get me anywhere close to wholly owning a car again. Although they were nice on the phone, I can't help but feel like I've been scammed.

Andrew C. | 2009-08-12

I have used AJ  guys several times for servicing and some suspension upgrades work. Top notch quality of work in general. They are cheaper than the dealer but more expensive than your usual service center.
I knocked them down a star as the last time I was there the service rep tried to push a set of unnecessary and expensive extra services on me that are not on the service schedule just like the dealers do.  Really ticked me off and I have not been back since. Memo to AJ, if we want to get screwed like that we can go to the dealer...

Daniel K. | 2009-06-18

I don't know what this person below is talking about...any smart person knows that when you go into get an initial estimate, its a more like a guesstimate since the body shop is not allowed to take off the bumpers etc...and if she did almost total her car then how can she assume there would be no damage under the bumper...really how dumb can you be?  My uncle took his car in after he had gotten into a pretty bad car crash (the whole front was crushed on his explorer).  Since the car was brand new we didn't see it being totaled. After working with Gaby and receiving the first estimate...he advised us there will be revised estimates as they start to strip the car down.  Well by the end the car was totaled. But we received a call from them almost every week to update us on the status of the car. Sure it took them longer then promised to finish the repairs...but would you want the repairs done quickly or would you want the repairs done correctly? either way I give them 4 stars for a job well done.  I would go back to them again if god forbid we crash another car...and for anyone taking this Morgan T. girl serious..think twice (she was texting on the phone while driving and almost totaled her car!!! she could have killed someone) hmmmm...I bet when they showed her the estimate and told here there will be follow up estimates to come, she was on her phone texting away.

John U. | 2009-04-02

This Service Center was recommended by TireRack.com for installation of  Eibach Springs and Koni shocks on my Honda Accord which I installed back in Spring of 06  Well they screwed up the instalation on the first try but Greg their fabulous service manager told me that the car needed to settle into them first.  I wish I could show you the pics I took .  Yes the car was straight and true in alignment but about two inches higher instead of an inch lower.  It was a monday instalation and the mechanic flipped the cups where the springs sit.  When I sent the photos to Eibach the staff there told me they could not stop laughing.  
So I took my new Monster Honda back to Greg and requested he reinstall the springs correctly.  Instead of an apology he was argumentative and told me that he was not going to do this without payment!  I could not believe it!  It was only when I told him that I would report the problem online to the Tire Rack that he seemed to be more cooperative.  I then requested a rental car and he was reluctant but offered  only after I mentioned my review would be posted otherwise.  Well the second time was a charm.  I wasted a day there and had to come back after driving on elevated springs for a week.   Maybe service is better now but think twice if your having issues with this clown

Morgan T. | 2009-01-27

I know AJ USA better than I'd like.

I crashed my 2007 Corolla into a wall (Let this be your lesson -- do not text and drive!) and took it to AJ USA for repairs as suggested by my insurance company.

The problem with AJ USA is that they didn't locate all of the damage to my car in the initial estimate. If they had, the insurance company likely would have chosen to "total" my car rather than repair it.  I missed out on a fat check from my insurance company with which I could have gone shopping for a new car!

I don't think that the mistake was an honest one.  AJ USA did the initial estimate and my insurance company said the cost of repairs was just under the "tipping point" for totaling it, so AJ USA began repairs.  Only two days after beginning repairs, they noticed (for the first time, they say) $1500 of additional cosmetic damage to the rear bumper.  Had they included the damage in the first estimate, it's likely that my car would have been totaled.  If my car was totaled, AJ USA would have only made about $600 on me, but with all of the repairs made almost $10,000!  You can see why they'd have incentive not to "find" all of the damage at the outset!

Furthermore, the repairs were completed a week late.  A full week.  Yeah, 7 days.

On the upside, the customer service staff was all very nice, friendly and full of smiles as they were screwing my insurance company for $10k!

Kim S. | 2008-10-21

At first glance, AJ-USA looks like a small dealer of high performance cars: Porsches, BMWs, etc. In actuality, they're a "service center" (repair/maintenance shop) and while they do most of their business with high performance cars, I'm sure they can service just about anything for which parts can readily be found. I call my car "sporty" and it may be on the low end of what they typically work on, but hey.

I first found out about AJ-USA through tirerack.com (you buy the tires online and they ship them to the recommended local installer of your choice for mounting). It's close to my office in Sorrento Mesa and they have a good rating within Tire Rack, so I went for it.

On my first trip I had the new tires mounted and balanced, and got an aligment. A year or so later it was time for another balance and alignment. (Darn you, choppy San Diego roads!) The tire mounting cost is right in line with everybody else, though I recall the alignment being on the pricey side, but still less than the dealership. They gave me a discount on the second alignment -- I'm not sure why, but I didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth! (I'll update about the pricing after my upcoming new set of tires.)

Customer service really is top notch. The free car wash after service is a nice touch too. I could give it a five, but I'm not sure if that's fair, considering I've only scraped the surface of their services.