U Save Auto Sales Inc. in Sacramento, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company U Save Auto Sales Inc. in Sacramento, CA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer U Save Auto Sales Inc., and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer U Save Auto Sales Inc. in other cities in the California.

U Save Auto Sales Inc.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 488-1230
Address:3010 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95821

Reviews on U Save Auto Sales Inc.

Kelly K. | 2014-10-06

Unfortunately I purchased a car from this place and had to spend $2500 in the first month for basic maintenance and transmission problems to be fixed. Of course I was told the car had been put thru a whatever point inspection and passed easily. One of the many flat out lies I was told by the, clearly crooked, salesman here. Please just NEVER do business at this place. Believe me, I have 2500plus reasons I shouldnt have...

Hector E. | 2014-09-23

WARNING WARNING WARNING! DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! These Guys are a couple of Crooks! They sold me a Jeep 2001 Grand Cherokee Limited. The Salesmen was very nice and helpful at first, then after he took my money he sold me a Lemon!

The car worked great for about one week after that it began to breakdown, I have spent over 1,500.00 dollars in repairs including a broken water pump and a destroyed CVC Joint since. I approached them to see if we could work something out and they said that they were not liable and refused to work out a deal!! They recommend I call a mechanic and not bother them!!

Today I just found out that I have a VERY expensive Transmission repair and I have had this car less that 2 months. Please DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS STAY AWAY FAR AWAY !!!!

Brandyn L. | 2014-04-29

I have both some good and much bad to say about this dealership. I will start with the good. Despite not having super great credit they got me approved for a high interest loan. I guess that I could call that good. However it was not the car that I originally set out for the original car's that I drove over 4 hours to inspect somehow were sold just one hour before I showed up. This was after calling before I left home and and two more times besides. Once I arrive there I get a Very warm welcome greeting with someone who doesn't really understand his vehicles he is trying to sell me. To make a long story short I decide on a car that appeared to be in great shape. I did notice on  the convertible top that appeared to be leaking water where I felt it shouldn't be. However the dealer insisted that it was a drain port. Stupid me I believed him that was a $1,200 mistake that hasn't been fixed yet.

Moving forward after waiting almost 4 hours to complete the paper work. I drove off with my new car and barely made it to the .5 mile away gas station (car was running on fumes=fuel pump killer) to discover that the fuel door did not work ($60.00 fix) and I had to be creative to get it opened. Once that situation was over I discover that much of the newly discovered electrical features did not work (luckily just 7 blown fuses) I finally made it home with a car that I was not to sure of. With in just 1 month of owning this car I have had to replace the Fuel filter, tires,rear venter led light,brake,brake rotors both air filters interior carpet thanks to the roof leak and much more besides. I have since then learned from my mistake of not being through enough when buying a new used car.

I will not say that the sales men from usaveautosale inc are con men I just think they are extremely uneducated with the vehicles that they are choosing to sell. With this information future buyers just be smart and to your homework first. This dealership will lie to you to make a sell however they will also lie for you to get a better deal. They are not all on the same page so do not trust the website and if something seems broken or missing it most likely is. From what I experienced since then I have bought 3 other cars from different dealerships the salesmen from usaveautosales should not be written off completely as a bad dealership yet they should not be fully trusted.

Mario A. | 2012-01-23

Just to summarize and save you some time; Absolute crooks.
Avoid this dealership at all cost! Be very careful when purchasing a vehicle from this place. On 1/23/2012 I found a Lincoln Navigator on their website and I decided to call them. I called and spoke with Gustavo. He assured me the car was clean and no accidents what so ever "I have the car fax report and I will show you when you get here & etc.." After negotiating back and forth with his manager (Gino), we agreed on a price and I took a day and decided to drive 1.5 hr to see the car and purchase it. On My way there I called and had them send me the Car Fax and to my surprise, there was were an accident incident listed on the Car Fax that they did not tell me. I called them immediately and they were speechless and all they said was that they did not look at the Car Fax and they apologized. I found out later that the car had a major Impact on Jan/13/2007. I did not buy the car!

I STRONGLY recommend not buy any car from here because they are dishonest and not professional.

Pale R. | 2011-09-13

Terrible.  The most shady dishonest place I have ever worked with.  The vehicles are in the worst shape and I'm absolutely positive they do not inspect a thing.  Absolute crooks.  Do not buy here.  I did end up purchasing a vehicle, then when I needed support they would not return my calls week after week.  I asked for the finance manager, used car manager, dmv clerk and the owner and found they were all the same person.  Please do not get roped in like I did.  DO NOT TRUST THEM!!

Heather K. | 2011-03-06

Stopped in yesterday to check out a car. The office is kinda small and a little rough, but the sales guys are pretty nice. We worked with Charlie, who was pleasant and non-pushy. They've got a pretty good selection of cars, and although we didn't end up buying the Bimmer we tried out, we still had a good experience.