Sun Valley Motors in Sacramento, CA

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Sun Valley Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 667-6022
Address:2320 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95825

Reviews on Sun Valley Motors

Inna R. | 2015-03-09

My first car, I've been using public transportation way too long and now that I need to commute for my new job I needed to get an affordable car. Hector and the guys here were able to provide me with just that!. I found the car I wanted online and made my two hour drive over there with a friend to take a look at it and test drive. and in no time I was driving back on my new used car!

Lala M. | 2015-03-07

I recently bought a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder from sun valley motors at $13,999. I put down $5,500 along with the offer of $300 for the trade in of my current vehicle.  A $5,800 down payment on a car which is ending in costing me over $5,000 in repairs alone! Upon test driving the nissan, everything seemed okay. Not that I was able to go very far since the tank was on E. Before getting halfway to the freeway home to woodland, it had a hard time changing gears. We picked up our two kids and noticed now that the vehicle would not go into reverse!  The next morning I decided to have a mechanic perform a diognostic,  come to find out I had lost the reverse gear and was loosing the forward gears! I was informed that I needed a new or repaired transmission, a $4,000 job. I immediately informed the seller of the vehicle and he had me come down to the dealership to "help me out". I then was directed to work with Hector. Hector informed me and belittled me about the "as-is"policy & re-wrote my contact as if I bought the vehicle today (instead of the day, before which i had actually bought it) so he could sell me a warranty which would cover $3,000 of the cost. He took the money from my down payment to purchase that warranty. He also offered to rent me my previous vehicle for the time being. No where in the paperwork did it specify how much exactly the warranty would or would not cover. I then called Corner Stone, who said that only $2,500 would apply. After searching for the best deals, I decided to have my Nissan towed to a  sacramento mechanic shop (at my expense). Even though Hector kept harrassing me to take it to his shop at Tranzen (which I refused) who i was told would work with MY budget.  After the  Corner Stone Warranty (hector sold me) & the mechanic company  got in touch I was later informed that that Corner Stone denied my claim due to it being a "pre-existing problem" that was on the dealer to fix. They said there was no way that I had put that much damage on a car in less than 1 day.  I immediately called back Hector and he said he would talk to his boss. After playing the run around game and having to constantly contact them, I was given three options...
1) $1,500 towards the issue and it get fixed at their shop and their shop only.
2) Eliminate the bank and make my monthly payments with them
3)return the vehicle and loose out on $1,000 of my down payment. 
None of which I choose. He then offered me $2,000 and not a penny more or less and said I could pick it up on Thursday. We told the shop which my vehicle was still at, that we wanted to go fourth with the work. While under the car they noticed MORE issues! 1 broken strut and the other bent! Mechanic told me that the tire was barely hanging on and that he was surprised it hadn't flew off while driving!  The brakes needed replacement and 3 of the 4 tires were bald. Now my once $4,500 job sky rocketed to $5,000+ I again notified Hector whose response was "Your just making me a laundry list". And refused to address any more issues and said it was sold as-is and to take the $2,000 or leave it. We took his pitty check and now I'm stuck with the remainder cost of repairs to get my vehicle back on the road.
My advice to the next buyer is to do your research on not only the particular vehicle you are looking to purchase but to do your research on the dealership and the dealers themselves.  Sunvalley is a dealership looking to scam you of your money, send you with a safety hazard of a vehicle and slap you in the face with therr "as-is" no warranty.  I understand this is a business,  but what I don't understand is how these people can go to sleep at night knowing that they scam people like myself who are barely getting by "as is " and whom were put at danger by this company and its faults. This company needs to be put under!

Garry W. | 2015-01-12

This place is a rip-off. My wife purchased a 2007 Jeep Liberty last week for our daughter.
5 miles from the dealership the "Check Engine" light came on, she called to ask them to check it; their response was "too late, it's yours now".
Turns out the engine is full of sludge and will need to be replaced. No way they didn't know about it.
Take you business elsewhere!

Equis U. | 2014-09-21

Good price on a car, fairly below KBB, but they will not budge on price. They hound you for payment even after you show them you have the ability to pay. I think they guys are, good guys but they need to work on their customer service skills. I would rate one more star, but won't because I didn't even get a tank of gas for my purchase. Seriously how damn cheap do you have to be for you not to fill up the tank after you're making thousands of the sale. And don't believe their oh were a little ol' business schtick. If they won't budge on price, just evaluate the value of the car else where . If you can get a similar car else where, do so. Cheapskates.

David L. | 2014-08-09


I saw their craigslist ad for a 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid at $8,999. I was coming from Fresno, CA to this place here in and I definitely did not want to waste my time because previous yelpers had said that they go back on their advertised price. So, in preparation, I called ahead and got to talk to Josh, and yes he was very condescending and mean. Eventually I argued with him over the phone for him to keep his word about the price that was on the craigslist ad and that I told him that I'm driving from far away for the car and for him not to waste my time. But he told me off and said that they get customers from far away all the time and that the price on the ad was on the ad. He kept saying that he answered my questions already so I yelled at him that he better keep his word about the price and about the vehicle. I guess Josh got scared and he gave the phone to Hector, one of the salesman there. He too was not all that nice over the phone, but he promised me the $8,999 listed on the craigslist ad, trade my car in for that 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid and we told each other that we don't want to waste each other's time. So with this, came a 3-hour drive to Sacramento.

When we eventually got to the some-what junkie car dealer place, nobody attended to us for about 20 minutes, there was another customer too but the other customer was scouring around like us too. I finally got to meet with Hector, and I kid you not, these were his first words verbatim. "Hey, is this your car that you wanted to trade-in? This car looks like crap!" Mind you, I traded in my 1997 Honda Accord LX with 199,000 miles, very smooth manual transmission, with a little small dent on the trunk, no mechanical problem whatsoever, especially because we drove from Fresno to Sacramento. KBB rates it $702-$1255 trade-in value. So Hector goes on to tell me how crappy my car is and says that my car is barely worth "$500". I told him that I expect at least $900 for this car because Honda Accords this year model is harder to find and is valued even more. I quoted him saying "Hey, you just said to bring my car to trade it in. You didn't specify anything."

Keeping the story short, I hustled Hector and the people there to keep at the advertised price on craigslist that I expect the price to be $8,999. They were hesitant to answer, especially when I asked to test drive the car and check the car out before buying. Mind you, there were a couple of problems with this car:

1) Checked under the car and there was something leaking a bit. It wasn't noticeable, but it was there and I figured it was raining a little before we got there.
2) The audio system was locked out and needed the code to unlock the audio system software. They supposedly don't know what the code is or where its at.
3) The engine sounded okay, but for someone who knows a bit about the car, there was definitely an annoying ticking sound because of valves needed MAJOR adjustment. Luckily I know how to fix it.
4) Just test driving the car, an orange-wrench light appeared on the dashboard. It means that the car needs to change its oil. Checked the oil and there was a bit of water in the oil chamber. Why?? Go figure.
5) Car was really bouncy on bumps. All 4 shocks and/or struts are dead and needed to be replaced.
6) There were many various scratches to the car from the bumper to all the doors and even the front bumper of the car. It's doable and its a bit hard to recognize from further away but come up close and you see scars. This was almost a deal breaker for me.

Everything else seemed okay in the car and seemed doable. I was very skeptical about what they had done to the car. I described to them about the ticking knocking noise from the engine and they didn't seem know anything about it. Luckily, in the very end after a couple of hours going through and hustling for the car because of its lack of maintenance by the dealer and neglectfulness. Eventually got the car and guess what? There were other problems that came up especially with the battery of the car and the key remote wasn't working that well. The battery of the car was VERY low so I had to charge it by braking a lot and actually charging it. I might have to replace the battery soon, which could be a big loss for me.

If there is anything that you MUST take away from my experience, learn how to hustle and question all the salesmen and don't take crap from them at all. Make sure to record whatever they say when you ask them questions and when they try to talk down to you. They seem like a struggling business that is trying to do whatever it takes. One thing is that they know how to treat their customers like crap, especially Josh. But I did not get to see Josh all that time I was there.

Roch S. | 2014-04-05

I dont think that they want to sell cars. I was going to drive from Reno to check out a car but they wont even call back or reply to an email. I wonder how they stay in business.

Jordan S. | 2014-03-21

This Place sells cars that have problems!

They may look nice but make sure you have them checked!!

Josh is a scam artist!!

They hide the problems really well so beware!

Once you buy the vehicle and drive off the lot you Will run in serious issues within a day or so and they refuse to help you resolve any issues they were hiding.

I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy!

Wesley L. | 2013-12-14

Stopped by here to see a car advertised that we were interested in. Nobody assisted us for about 10 minutes until finally a sales guy came out. Seemed like a nice guy but was using the slimy used car salesmen tactics and just did not know his inventory (couldn't tell me the year, price, miles, etc). It seemed as if he was a puppet for someone in the office to feel the buyer out to best plot a way to complete the sale. All very sketchy. Regardless we left and will never be back.

Nicole D. | 2013-11-26

We went based on a car we saw online.  The sales guy was nice enough.  The finance guy was probably one of the most condescending assholes I had ever met.  Had we not thought the sales guy was nice we would have walked right back to our car and too off. When he showed us the car we wanted to see we realized it was missing one key thing we wanted.  We were grateful to bail.   The cars all seemed to have an as is warranty.  Bad vibe.  I would stay away!

Tiff. K. | 2013-11-06

Avoid this place at all cost ! These people are rude and only want your money and have no customer service after a car has been bought. My friend bought a car from them not only was the price a rip off less than an hour the check engine light came on  ! The mechanic said the belt broke and the bolt ! So we called sun motors back and they say is " you pay for what you get " really ? Paying a 10,000 car? I don't think there should be any problems ! Please I warn you people don't go here as you see many people have disliked this place ! Check out the other sun motors yelp account same problem ! How can these people do business ? Telling all their customers the cars are ok and the price is great when it not. If you really don't know what your getting I to avoid this place because they will cheat and lie to you and say whatever they feel that will make you buy a junk car with many problems so basically your paying more than what you bargained for !

Lela P. P. | 2013-09-26

So funny I just got off the phone with him John right now! Talk about a serious asshole! I thought man he was so rude let me check Yelp and WOW!!!!! Everything everyone wrote is the same exact experience I told him hey how much is the car, he kept calling me sweetheart and being overly nice then I explained to him I live far away about an hour and a half away and what was the price on the car? He said you know what we're a two man team we get these kind of calls 5 times a week and I'm ending this conversation and I said sounds good to me and I hung up on him. So thank God I didn't actually drive to this place and waste my time!! I love Yelp for saving us so much money and its looking out from businesses like this one. John you will never sell those cars with that attitude to bad you don't get no business from people out of your town. You must kiss the ass to the people that live in your area to sell s car! Good luck to you and your business!

Ren N. | 2013-09-12

salesman with a bad attitude. not very customer friendly. the vehicle was dirty and had some trash in it. when my husband called him out on the price being a little to high pointing out the broken vent, and little cubby in the front and the cracking leather seats. the salesman instantly lost the charm he didn't have to begin with and said "well sir this is the lowest it will go, so have a nice day" then went on to tell us who not to shop at, when asked "why" he says "I don't want to say bad things, just avoid them" my husband then asked again, mr. salesman reply "go ahead and shop there" with an attitude. we just wanted to know what was bad about them, he cant say "don't go there, I wont tell you why, just dont" we felt he needed more of an answer. so forget them and their overpriced vehicle. we should have taken dave h advice and saved the gas $$

Renee B. | 2013-08-30

I was sifting through websites for cars this morning and found a good deal so I called to check it out and make sure it was still available. I spoke with a pretty nice guy by the name of Hector. Unfortunately because they close at 3pm today (weird) I wouldn't be able to make it to Sacramento until Tues. I called back about 10 min later and asked to speak with Hector again and a guy said he was with a customer. I proceeded to tell him I was very interested in a car and was wondering because I live so far away if they could call me if it was sold before Tuesday. He seemed very put out by even the idea of such a request and told me to just call before coming. I again explained how far away we lived and it would be helpful. His response was, "sweetheart we are a two man show here." He also proceeded to tell me how they are selling cars like crazy. He followed it up with, "I'll have Hector contact you, but NO guarantees." I again told him how much I liked the car and I didn't want to keep looking for other vehicles if I knew this one was still available. He told me, "keep looking sweetheart, keep looking." WHAT A JERK! I told him I will keep looking and NOT at Sun Valley Motor.

Kassondre Z. | 2013-08-15

I would never suggest this place to anyone! I saw a car online (infiniti) and I called the guy to see the price on it. He said to drive down there to get the price. I told him I couldn't go more than 11,500 out the door in cash. But when I got down there, he lied about everything. The cars didn't have a guarantee on them like they said online. He refused to show me one infiniti because it was out of my price range. Ever thought I wanted to just look? The other infiniti was CRAP. & it was soooo over priced. He then took me to the last one & said this is in your price range but when I tried to test drive it, the car wouldn't start! The insides of all the cars are ruined. Melted with scratches and ripped leather. He then tries to sell me a car WITH SCRATCHES ON THE HOOD OF TWO STARS AND "I hate"..... The manes name was hector. I don't know how he has any good reviews because he made me waist 2 1/2 hours of driving there. Thankfully we saw an infiniti dealership in Fairfield. I bought a car with a WAY better deal & straight cash. My car is in beautiful condition with new tires and leather that looks brand new. Not to mention all the maintenance was done so I don't have to worry about a thing (:

Karriem G. | 2012-11-11

After Seeing 2005 Nissan Xterra in January from a Bus Stop I new what I wanted, But with only a Part time Job and my military disability I was hard pressed to come up with the money. And in Looking for full time work, I needed a vehicle. So I spent 10 months saving all the change and tips I could and converting them into Gold and Silver Dollars, so I wouldn't spend them. On October 30th I walked in with $3000.00 in change that I was about to deposit into my bank account if they could work with me, They gladly assisted helped get me into a 2006 Xterra and even sat there and Rolled All those Coins with me. Less than a week later I had 4 Job offers and my car's running great and. Thank you so much Sun Valley Sacramento

Ryden G. | 2012-06-22

Bought a Chevy Malibu from them for cheaper than KBB, within 3 days it stopped running, They said they would pay to fix it, but never did. Didn't even pay for the towing THEY called. In the first month spent ~2k on  repairs, and since then this car has been nothing but trouble.

O, and I left a similar review for them awhile ago, but it somehow got deleted.

Dermot C. | 2012-05-15

Bought a truck here and was delighted the customer service and the deal I got. I was able to bargain down the sales guy from the Internet price as I was paying cash. I even got a few extras shaved off the price as well. An all round great buy and worth the drive from San Francisco.

Dave H. | 2012-02-19

I guess you have to give these guys a star at least. they dont even deserve that. they advertise a price for a truck and I went down there to look at it and they tried to charge 2k more than the price posted on craigslist. Flase advertisers. I read the other guys review and looks like he got burned too. Dont buy a vehicle here. Seriosly wasted $20 in gas. Im pissed!

Bert R. | 2011-11-22

Be very wary of vehicles purchased from this company. I purchased a car from them and within a few weeks I almost lost my life due to a problem with the suspension system causing the vehcile to lose control. The 3 month 3,000 mile warranty doesn't cover it. In reality the warranty is only a limited service contract. BUYER beware. These guys are crooks!