Sacramento Hyundai in Sacramento, CA

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Sacramento Hyundai specializes in the sales and service of Hyundai and pre-owned automobiles.  The extensive inventory choices at Sacramento Hyundai make it the ideal locations when shopping for a new Hyundai or a quality pre-owned vehicle.

Sacramento Hyundai

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 427-1234
Address:6250 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA, 95823
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Sacramento Hyundai

Amber M. | 2015-03-24

My fiancé Garett and I purchased a 2012 Hyundai Accent in November 2013. I ran into a minor problem (with the car) but a big deal to me today, 5/9/14. After to speaking to a few people on the phone my fiancé decided just to drive down to Sacramento Hyundai to have them look at our brakes and rotor. Per Garett, without hesitation they are fixing the problem hassle free as a courtesy to us as I am writing.

Providing a great experience to us is what will make us come back to buy, trade-in , or sell in the future.

Shout out to Sacramento Hyundai for the great work you do!

Emily M. | 2015-03-20

Last month my husband and I purchased a new 2015 Elantra from Sacramento Hyundai. I love my car so much and we had a really good buying experience. We knew what we wanted and the price we were willing to pay for it.  We got a great deal and everyone was super friendly, but next time we purchase a car we will be doing it elsewhere! Here's why:

Last July we also purchased a car from them. We needed a good car at a good price as we were transitioning into married life and new jobs, money was tight. We settled on a 2012 Elantra with 24,000 miles. Excellent price, and again our sales person and everyone we delt with was fantastic! Fast forward to January we noticed the clear coat was peeling on both sides of the cars the rear panels. Thinking "that's not right I just bought this car" I called Hyundai and was told that since the car was three years old and the paint was no longer covered under warranty. I take really good care of this car. Its garaged isn't left out in the elements and just gets driven back and forth work (about 20 miles a day 5 days a week). There is no reason the paint should be peeling on BOTH sides of car. Color me pissed! We also got our oil changed here in January also , we requested the tires be rotated and were told they were. Well they weren't.  After having to visit Les Schwab for a nail in the tire and to actually have the tires rotated. We were told we couldn't have them rotated because they were too worn and they needed to be replaced.  So now I get to dump more money into this car less than a year into owning it. I know it's a used car and it isn't perfect but I'm not complaining about the scratches here and there and the flaws of the interior. I shouldn't have to pay $600 to have my paint fixed and $250 for two new tires when they should have been good in the first place. DON'T BUY A USED CAR FROM THEM, we just keep running into more issues with it! And if you do don't waste your money on an extended warranty because NOTHING is covered by it. it just a waste of money. everyone we  have come in contact with in the service department is horrible. I'll just have my cars serviced elsewhere!

Jen M. | 2015-03-16

I took my Santa Fe in for its 60k check up and was treated so great the entire way thru the process. They communicated any issues before they worked on it, they called me promptly when it was finished. Jose helped me from start to finish and was great.

Then couple weeks later I went in to have a light bulb replaced because I couldn't do it on my own and they were able to help me right when I pulled up. I had bought the wrong bulb but they had another and installed it for me quicker than I could imagine. Screw going anywhere but here for anything!

Thanks guys!

RL L. | 2014-12-20

run run run away. do not buy a used car from here. and do not speak to omar, ... lie lie lie and poor customer service at the end of the day. i made a bad choice, dont you!!!

Anthony S. | 2014-12-06

I have to just say that I will never go back to this dealership again.  I actually bought my car in Vallejo and had such and amazing car buying experience there with my brand new Hyundai but moved to Sacramento and figured I should just go local, big mistake!  I booked my service appointment online for 830 am and didn't pay attention to the location, the morning of my appointment I realized it was in south Sacramento (not the best area) but decided to still go through with it.  Driving up to the lot, it definitely looks dates and not well taken care of, the banner over the service area wasn't visible, I will chalk that up to the bad weather over the last couple of day.  
   The one good thing that I will say is that the customer service staff was extremely friendly.  I made sure to arrive 10 minutes early as this was first time here and knew that I would have to do a little extra paperwork, it took maybe 10-15 minutes to get me registered and the customer service rep said that it should take an hour to an hour and a half, perfect!  This starts the clock at around 8:35-8:40.  I luckily had thought it would be longer and had a ride, but rather than drive home to Natomas decided to stay local and get breakfast.  After breakfast I just had my brother drop me back off since it was 930 and my car should at most only have another  1/2 hour.
   After a  1/2 hour (10 am) I decided to let the service guys know that I actually returned and was waiting in the customer lounge.  Another service guy told me, oh ok, your car should be done between 1030-11... hmmm well this is different from the first quote, but okay, I can suck it up.  Around 1115 the same service rep came out to say he just checked on my car and they are just finishing up.  At this point I have pretty much figured that anyone else would have lost their cool by now.  By the time he came back to get me, we had hit noon!  That is 3  1/2 hours for a service that was just a normal check up and oil change, nothing major!  How is this acceptable?  
   I actually wouldn't have had an issue had they just quoted me correctly, the last thing I wanted to do was sit around in some crappy, outdated, service center waiting for my car.  There was no apology, no excuses, no mention of the fact that it took forever, the customer service rep just said "We will be sending you a survey, kind of our report card and I'd really appreciate all 10's."  Yeah, well guess what buddy, that sure as hell isn't going to happen and I definitely will never be back.  Vallejo may be a hell of a drive for a car service, but they set a pretty high bar.

Karen K. | 2014-11-06

Sacramento Hyundai...why am I here Hyundai???

You would think that we are salespeople for Hyundai dealerships. Why? Well one of the members of our family drives a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. Personally it's a great car for a college or young person. Great mileage economical and fun to drive!

Also my HB and I drive the new 2015 Hyundai Genesis. Our car actually has all of the bells and whistles. One would say what's that? When we were waiting for our first complimentary oil change and car wash my HB showed me the difference with the new car they had in their showroom. It was missing a few options that I know we have in our automobile. At this particular Hyundai dealership many of the car sales people have yet to see a car like mine. They don't get the inventory like the Roseville one does which is where we purchased our cars!

Remember if you purchase a second Hyundai you should qualify for a bit of discount just let the car salesperson know or you're out of luck!

We brought the car in even without an appointment. They told my HB that Wednesday was a good day to bring it in as they were not too busy. He had just brought in the Elantra for service earlier in the morning. Our wait at the back of the showroom was maybe an hour and half. They already had four people waiting. There were vending machines, flat screen tv, comfortable chairs, Sac Bees laying around for reading and decent bathrooms if you need it. And I do of course:)

My HB asked one of the sales guy for help on one of our features on our car. I told you it came with all the bells and whistles that we are still learning it!  Hahaha. It's actually pretty cool that you just may have to come to a Hyundai dealership yourself and check out the new automobiles!
We love our new car!

You might just drive out with a new Hyundai automobile:)
Did I really say that? I did get a new Hyundai license plate.
Love it!

Angela G. | 2014-10-11

Bought a 2012 Premium Hyundai genesis coupe on August 12th.
We were pre approved from our credit union and knew which care we wanted.
We test drove it, loved it, negotiated, and left with it.

Were young and this isn't the first care we've purchased. Big dealers at Elk grove and roseville auto malls ignored us ( Because we drove up in my Yaris and were young)

George was our salesmen, very knowledgeable, courteous HONEST just wonderful.
We works with both Mikes, we will call them Mike 1 (African American) Mike 2 (Caucasian) ...sorry I don't know last names. Mike 1 negotiated with my huusband, he was very polite and respectful. Didn't make us feel dumb, or bad. Even had alot of humor. Mike 2 was taking care of paperwork.... trying to as fast as he could since we came in at 6pm and they were closing at 8. ( I think we left at 8:30) he was nice, and respectful as well.

Brian Sax was the manager that finalized our sale, I mentioned to my husband-" My phones dieing." Brian pulled out his iphone 5 charger and let me use it while we were signing. We went a little over what the bank approved us for and brain got that all taken care of with the bank. We didn't need to do anything about that.

George called us a few days later to say he hoped we were enjoying the car!
I actually sent a Thank you card to their office! I was that impressed!

Our next car will likely be purchased from there if this team is still working there!

Arnold K. | 2014-09-14

so today i dropped by after making an online appointment.... was going to get oil change and also have a couple issues resolved..... but got nothing issues are:
1 after buying the vehicle from here i noticed my rear bumper wasnt properly seated and one of the corners are lifting(bad body clips) not sure... well he cant have a tech look at this simple fix becasue they out source all their body work...
2 my car feels like its loosing low end torque under acceleration... response was they can plug it up and see if the ecu has any check engine issues.. but basically if there was a check engine issue i would assume the light would be on. since there isnt a light theres no point of doing it and i took it as being told you car has to take a shit before i can manually check it out...cause i know cars have problems even if the check engine light isnt on

oh and whats the point of an online appointment, where you select services if the service rep doesnt even check to see if i wanted to get the 3000 mile service? retarded ... ON THE VERGE OF REGRETTING THAT I EVER BOUGHT A CAR FROM HYUNDAI maybe thats why they have the best warranty  or so called best casue the crap service people get for after care... maybe folsome lake or roseville will be more help casue SACRAMENTO HYUNDAI SUCKS (service center) sales was great for me

Lana O. | 2014-09-08

I had a great experience at Sacramento Hyundai. Went to trade in my Mercedes for an Infiniti JX35.
People who work here are very friendly and experienced, from salespeople to the management.
I am really happy with my new car.

Kim J. | 2014-09-01

When I decided to check out Sacramento Hyundai's Yelp page out of curiosity, I couldn't believe that the place I fully trust to take care of me and my car was the same place all these reviewers are talking about! Not to say anyone is making anything up, but the stories I'm reading are so difference from any experience I've had here. I think they've gone through a bit of employee turnover and management changes, so please take note of the date of some of these reviews and know that they could be talking about an employee(s) that no longer work there. All I can do is share my experience, and you can take it as you will.

I started going to Sacramento Hyundai after Roseville Hyundai (where I had purchased my 2012 Accent) totally wrecked my tire after what was supposed to be a simple flat fix and then took zero responsibility for it. I was living in Sacramento at the time and had only been going to Roseville out of loyalty to one of the service advisors, but he wasn't the one working on my car so after that experience I was out. I started going to Sacramento Hyundai and have never looked back. The employees there are friendly, trustworthy and I've always felt safe knowing they are taking care of my car. I've since moved to Roseville and even though I'm now 5 minutes away from Roseville Hyundai, I stay loyal to the Sacramento location. I go about every 2-3 months for oil changes and maintenance since I drive a ton, so I've been here about 6 times now.

I started out working with Sean as my service advisor but he has since been promoted to another location, so on my last couple visits I've worked with Aaron and he has impeccable customer service. My check engine light came on and when I took it in they told me there was an issue with my knock sensor but it was covered under warranty so I was all good (yay for the 100k warranty!) Aaron told me my car would be ready later that day so my boyfriend and I drove down to Sacramento, dropped off my car and came home. We were planning on driving back later that day, but Aaron called to let me know it might take another day. I was slightly irritated because my boyfriend had to work the next day and I didn't have a ride, but I also wanted them to take their time and not rush so I made some calls and found a friend who could take me there the next day. Aaron also said he could arrange a ride for me if no one was available, so that was awesome for him to offer since we're all the way in Roseville. But it all worked out and my friend took me down there the next afternoon. When I got in my car, I realized they had fully detailed it and Aaron told me that was to make up for my car taking a day longer. I couldn't believe it, I would have had a ride either way since he offered to send someone to pick me up, so I thought it was so over the top of him to detail my car just for the slight inconvenience of finding a ride.

My most recent experience was just last week, when I went in for my 60k service and found out I also needed new rear breaks. I literally had one free day that week before going out of town again, and when Aaron told me it would take another day for them to do all the work I was again slightly irritated but obviously it wasn't his fault, it was just one of those things. I said I'd appreciate it if they could put me in a rental car since I didn't have time to come back the next day, and Aaron happily agreed since I was dropping a pretty good chunk of change on both the 60k service, new breaks, and I also decided to have my car detailed. I realized while I was at Enterprise picking up my car that it's not Aaron's fault my car needed more work than expected and I had a busy schedule, and once again he went above and beyond to make the customer happy. A couple days later I dropped off my rental car and went to pick up my car, and not only had they fully detailed my car, they had put a ton of work into buffing out a pretty large scratch/dent on my bumper from me being a dumb driver about a year ago. This giant blemish looked almost completely gone from far away and I couldn't even believe that it was possible to make it look that good, or that they had taken the time to do that for me. So again I was just so thrilled at my experience and have been enjoying my newly cleaned, less banged up looking car.

So in case you can't tell, I am a fan of Sacramento Hyundai and will continue being loyal to them for all my maintenance needs!

Gretchen F. | 2014-08-20

THESE PEOPLE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!! You are not human to them, you are a cash cow ONLY.  If you are not buying a car from them they don't want anything to do with you.
My husband, 13 year old son and I were in Sacramento (over 100 away from home) we noticed our car making a noise on the passenger, front side tire.  We drove over to the dealership in hopes that they would help us so we could get home.  It was Sunday and I knew the Service Department was closed but I thought that they would be able to help in some way.
When we walked up to the door we were greeted with happy, smiling salesmen.  It was a very warm reception.  I was relieve that we were going to be taken care of and that this would be a quick fix. Boy was I wrong.  The moment and I mean it was instantaneous,  they found out we weren't there to buy a car but needed help there smiles left there faces and they all walked away from us except for, who we were lead to believe was the owner, Omar.  He was very reluctant to help us but did assist my husband in trying to find the cause of the noise.  After taking a drive down the block and back to have him listen to the noise he told my husband that he would just drive the car home that he couldn't help us.  The tire was clearly not safe and my husband showed him how he could move the tire about an inch within the wheel well.  We were afraid to drive the car home at 70 mph on I5.
So he sent us away and we ended up across the street at the mall so we could call the Roseville dealership.  I spoke to the receptions at the Roseville dealership and she was really helpful.  She suggested that we could rent a car and leave our car at the dealership to be fixed and pick it up later.  So we went back over to the dealership to see if they would help us find a rental car company.  My husband walked in and Omar looked so annoyed and said "he can't help you"........  WOW I have never been treated like such a burden and sub-human being before.  My husband and I are good people who are always nice to everyone and we don't ever complain but this was un-real!!  I felt I HAD TO WARN EVERYONE....
So my husband ended up focusing on the receptionist and asked to see a phone book so we could call for a rental.  Omar ended up, very disgruntled said "you won't find any rental car companies open on Sundays".  He said that the only place you would be able to rent a car would be at the airport, which was 20 miles away.  After some time of trying to figure out how we were going to get to the airport he ended up having a sweet guy by the name of Tue drive us to the airport.  What I don't understand is why they didn't just do that in the first place??  
So we ended up getting a rental car at $138, they fixed my car and two days later I picked it up.
The service manager I spoke to was very professional and nice and we told me that there was a bolt that was loose that held the arm onto the tire and that if we took the car home that day it would have damaged the car or the tire could have come off.
So once I got my car back I called the REAL owner of the dealership, Chris Shaffer, who also owns the Roseville dealership, make him aware of our experience in hopes that he would be able maybe do a little customer service training for those involved, especially Omar.  But Mr. Shaffer never returned my phone calls and so here we are.  If he had returned my phone calls and was nice and helpful to me I wouldn't be writing this review.  I am not sure how they are staying in business.  I will also be writing letters to the Hyundai Corporation letting them know of my experience.  I love my car and happy I bought it at the Petaluma Hyudai dealership where I was treated like a human being by everyone, even if I bring it back for a cleaning or oil change.

John F. | 2014-06-27

Silly me, if I had read some of the reviews before contacting this dealership I could have saved myself a lot of grief. Simply made a request, on the internet to get the difference between purchasing a new car or leasing one. Wrote in the e-mail "..DO NOT CALL ME AS i AM JUST LOOKING FOR INFORMATION, ANSWER VIA E-MAIL." Five days have passed and I have gotten no less than 3 phone calls per day, each from a different salesperson. So today, when I got another call from them I said "don't call me ever again, you have made such a pest of yourself and so pushy, I would not get a car from you if it was free." How much do you want to bet I get a few more calls....from a supposedly manager. Look at the dates of the reviews and each and everyone of them lists a different manager name. What do they do over there? Take turns being manager of the day. Wish I didn't have to give them one star but wanted to warn everyone AWAY from these clowns.

Anthony N. | 2014-05-24

I noticed my tire light going on and I was due for an oil change so I went here and not Folsom because of distance. I told them to check my tires too for holes and when they finished changing my oil they said they needed to replace my tire. I forgot how much it was, but I know America's Tire was just down the street. I went there for a second opinion and save some money. America's Tire fixed my puncture for free and I haven't had a problem since.

Hyundai changed my oil quickly because the lines aren't long. So plus 1 star. I might only go here for an oil change, but I can't stand dishonest employees.

Sb N. | 2013-11-21

Wow.... All I have to say is Wow.  You would think that this day and age with Yelp, Facebook et al and the abundance of social media a dealership would be aware of its reputation.  Apparently not this one, what a horrific Nightmare to deal with.

I simply wanted to take my mother and law and test drive a Tuscon to compare with a RAV4 or CX5.  Looked online didn't see any in their inventory.  Called the dealership, was put on hold for 10 minutes as they tried to find a sales person.  No one could, finally the receptionist comes back on to tell me "We have a Tuscon available to test drive".  Read that sentence close, although not a lie, its not what I expected when we arrived.  Kind of like a tour in Mexico, they don't lie to you about what you get but its not quite what you expected.

I showed up, was approached by one of the sales sharks, told them about what we needed and it was the classic deer in headlights look.  Goes inside, for 10 minutes, comes back out saying they have no Tuscons on the lot.  I again reminded him of my conversation with the receptionist, showed him on my I Phone the Phone call and the time of the call etc...  Another 10 minutes goes by and voila... A Tuscon shows up from around back.  Looked like a lease return and was a 2012 model.  Well we want to drive a new one, you know one we are interested in buying, not last years model, they do change you know.  Wouldn't you know, they don't have any new ones.

We left after wasting our time:

Calling Dealership:  10 Minutes
Driving to Dealership:  20 Minutes
Standing around:  20 Minutes
Driving Home:  20 Minutes

One hour and ten minutes of my precious time wasted.  Rest assured I won't be purchasing a Hyundai from this place should we decide to buy one.

As others have overwhelmingly stated, this place is not good and it looks like there own sales people are writing positive reviews to try and bolster their ratings.  AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.

Kali D. | 2013-10-08


1st visit: Brake Light Recall
*Appointment was at 8:00 am, they did not get to my car until 9:35 am (I watched them).  
*It took approximately 15 minutes to replace the recalled item.
*Two hours of my morning wasted.
* But Jose, check in customer service guy, was GREAT!!!
*I was advised I need to replace my air filter because it was dirty.

After 1st visit, I completed a survey online and over the phone.  I was then given a Free oil change due the amount of time it took!

Yay, right? No!  My husband was checking something out under my dash and discovered the air filter was broken.  He wanted to know if Hyundai had pulled it out, Um yes!  

2nd visit: Free Oil Change
*Hubby advised customer service they had broken the air filter and it should be free along with the oil change, they kindly agreed.
*Proceeded to take 2 1/2  hours to change  the oil and complete the service.

Again we took another online and over the phone survey.  We were advised this location is trying to work on their turnaround time. . The agent looked through the log and noted the service workers logged in replacing an air filter as a 45 minute job. . .UGH it takes less than 5 minutes in my car. . .

Nothing Free this time because we will NEVER go back!

Avolyn F. | 2013-09-18

I moved here in June. Came in to have them repair a tire sensor. Made my appointment 2 weeks out, showed up at my appointment and they turned me away because they did not have the right parts ( knew the repair I was coming in for) Showed up a few weeks later at my new appointment and they finally got it fixed but told me that unfortunately there was a new factory recall that had just come out (the day before) and that they would need me to bring my car in at a later date when they got the parts in. They said they would call me when the parts came in.

2 months later, I had still not heard from them. I called them and they said they did have the parts and that they could see me that day if I came right in. I show up and wait, they told me it would be a 2 hour repair. 2 hours in, the manager Barry tells me that they are all finished and that my car is being washed. A half hour later, right at close, Barry comes out and tells me "There's good news and bad news."

Apparently they had run into additional snags while trying to perform the recall so they needed to order additional parts. They were unable to do any of the recall work (makes me wonder what they were doing for 2 hours while I waited and why he told me they had finished the work) I was the only one in the waiting room so I don't think he was getting me confused with another customer.

They told me that they did not want me driving the car but Enterprise was closed and I didn't know anyone to pick me up or borrow a car from. So I told them I would bring it right back on Monday (this was a Saturday) and I didn't plan on doing any extensive driving.

Monday I show up with my car, they tell me that the parts won't be in until Wednesday. They arrange for Enterprise to pick me up and give me a car since my car is certified and under warranty.

Wednesday I call to see if they have a new estimate of when the work will be done and they tell me that they won't have the parts in until Monday (a week and 2 days after initially coming in, a week after I dropped off my car).

Monday rolls around and I ask them if they got the parts in and if they had an updated date of completion. They tell me that it should be done by Thursday at the end of the day IF they get the right parts in.

Wednesday (today) rolls around, I call to ask if they got the right parts in and if they will be done tomorrow and they say unfortunately they don't have all of the parts and that they should be getting the parts in tomorrow so they won't be done any earlier than Friday and Friday is not for sure.

I leave for a business trip on Friday and will be gone for a week. I tell them that I need to fly out on Friday at noon and ask if I can drop my Enterprise car off at the airport when I get there (since they have an Enterprise location) and then that I will have to leave my car at the dealership for a week because I don't have anyone to pick it up or any place for it to be dropped off since I live alone in an apartment. I told them that when I get back it will be late Sunday night and they won't be open so I will need to secure a rental car to take to take me home and to get to work on that Monday before I can pick up my car that Monday night.

They tell me that I can't leave my rental at the airport because they would be charged $50 and I would be liable for that $50 drop fee. They also tell me that they can't provide a rental for when I get back because the service will be done before then.

I go on to remind them that it's not my fault that the repair has taken this long, and that I can't move my trip, and that I don't know anyone who can give me a ride to/from and that they won't be open when I get in town so there is no way for me to get my car from them any earlier.

Barry calls back and says that he has been authorized to get me a rental for that Monday just for one day until I can come pick up my car but I can't leave my rental at the airport in two days when I leave or I will have to pay the $50 fee. INSTEAD he offers that one of his guys can give me a ride to the airport from the dealership which is 20 miles away. SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT - you don't want to pay a $50 fee for me to leave a rental at the airport when its your fault that the job is taking this long and that it even needed to be done in the first place BUT INSTEAD you are OK with paying your employee in labor to drive me there, paying for the gas, putting miles on whatever vehicle you use, and the increased liability that we might get in an accident where I become injured or have to miss my business trip, and you're OK with that liability rather than just performing GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, accommodating me and eating the $50 in lieu of the cost to u to have someone drive me and the increased liability. HHHHHMMMMMMM..............?

Not to mention the bad taste that I now have in my mouth and the loss of any future business from me.

Adele G. | 2013-09-11

I bought my first Hyundai a year ago and Anthony was my salesperson.  I was so impressed with him that I know I would be back to buy my next car.  Honestly, I did not plan on getting a new car (I took my 2010 Hyundai in for an oil change.)  Anthony was there so I said hi and he let me test drive some cars.  I told hom I could probably not afford a new vehicle yet and I felt no pressure from him to buy.  He said he would run some numbers to see what kind of payments I could get. He also said if I did not like the payment that came up I did not have to buy.  My payments for a brand new car ended up being close to the same so I ended up getting a beautiful 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT.  I went for an oil change and left with a new car!:)  I am so happy and the staff are always so friendly.  Also, over the past year with my previous Hyundai, I have had nothing but good experiences with them.

Rachel K. | 2013-09-03

First off I want to say that I went to a handful of dealerships but Sacramento Hyundai really cared about what I really wanted and not what would be best for their profit margin.  
JJ Jones showed me around and was so awesome!! He is an amazing man!
Dave was very Informative and helped me figure out exactly what I wanted. Brian (I'm finance) was very easy going and answered all my questions very well.
I got a Hyundai Elantra limited PZEV with the technology package and navigation system and I am so excited to drive it everywhere.
My car is awesome! I'm Super happy.

Karen H. | 2013-08-09


I purchased a 2011 Hyundai Sonata in January 2011.  In February the entire roof was leaking and it took them 5 attempts to repair it.  

In August of 2011 (7 months after I bought it) I had a No Start problem with my car and they said it was the brake switch and replaced it.  
In April, May, June, July, August of 2013 my Intermittent NO START SWITCH prevents me from starting my car.

I have been stranded numerous times..they had a recall and replaced the switch twice and last week my BRAKES went to the floor and I called them and they told me to "LIMP" it in to the Dealership if I could.  I called a tow truck...good thing because it was the Master Cylinder that went out and it sits in the shop more than in my garage. It is there now.

I hired an Attorney regarding the Lemon Law and Hyundai continues to call me and tell me to pick up my car.  Last week I was told to pick it up because it was working fine. I went there after the Master Cylinder was replaced and it wouldn't start...They told me that I should pump the break to get the fluid into it...I found out that is not true at all from a Mechanic who has 40 years of experience.

I have been called while on Vacation in a rental while my car was in the shop to come and get my vehicle immediately because it isn't safe in their lot.  The manager also said that he wants the Rental car returned immediately because he has to pay for it out of his paycheck and Hyundai doesn't pay for it.

I have been so unhappy with this dealership.  It is horrible how I have been treated.
I am a 66 year old single woman who depends on a safe, reliable car to get around.  I have not had that luxury for many months and yet I pay over $500.00 per month for a car I can't drive..  I can only buy 2 bags of groceries because when I get stranded I can walk home with them.  I never go anywhere that I can't walk home from.  
This is a horrible way to treat a customer who spent $29,000.00 on a LEMON!!!

Randall G. | 2013-07-29

First off, I generally go miles out of my way to avoid Florin Hyundai because of previous experience, none of which are complimentary. Unfortunately for me my office is located only 2 miles away which force's me to service my car there do to time constraints. My last oil change took over 2 1/2 hours and most recently I had a rattle as if something came loose on my front passenger tire of my 2013 Sonata which to me was deemed argent especially since I drive my 4 year old to and from school. I stopped by to express my concerns and service told me they where booked and to make an appointment. I then said "if something is loose and/or falling off wouldn't that be a liability?" They lady behind the service counter said: "again, you can make an appointment" then I left, parked my car. HORRIBLE customer relations!!!!

Joe H. | 2013-07-16

DO NOT BUY HERE!!  So I bought my Jeep Wrangler from them in January and one of the things they assured me was that the car had an oil change and everything was inspected.  Just took the jeep in for a 5k oil change and the mechanic proceeded to tell me that it had 1/2 a quart of oil in it (it should have 5 to 6) and that by his guess the oil had not been changed in 30,000 to 40,000 miles.  He said he didn't know how the engine hadn't locked up on me, which would have cost me thousands.  All because they wanted to save $30 on a oil change.  F these guys.....go somewhere else!!!

mark n. | 2013-07-16


I should have looked at Yelp before I came in here, but I had been here once before several years ago and I liked the service. Things have changed, and not just the location.

I went in to have them look at a problem I had. That is when I put on the brakes the inside lights were flickering. Also ever since bringing the car in for a recall last year, the air bag warning light is on. Also wanted them to change oil and oil filter.

They found the problem with the brake lights was a short in the back bulb. Cost of the repair plus the oil change... $173 dollars.... for an oil change a and brake light. Oh yeah, I didn't pay enough for them to find out why the air bag light is on, even though it started after they last looked at it to fix a recall issue.

I will give them one star because they washed the outside of the car. Check the reviews at Folsom Hyundai and Roseville Hyundai they are much better. I won't come back here again

TeaBoy A. | 2013-05-09

I agree with 11 out of 13 review here.

If sales manger Omar Ahmadzai talks to you, don't walk away, run away.

Listen to "Jean K." advice  "The General Manager, Mike, is HORRIBLE to work with.  Pretty gross if you ask me.  Completely unprofessional, sleazy, rude and has no manners.  Pretty surprised he is the general manager.  I would avoid this dealership and especially Mike if possible."

and also advice from

Monica "This dealership is sleezy & they DO NOT know how to handle business matters in a PROFESSIONAL manner!!! "

I should have read yelp review before walking into this dealership.

I am here to buy a car, I am spending a few thousand here, Your suppose to treat all your customer with the highest level of professional customer service. This place is very unprofessional. They judge you by you the way you dress, and your race.

Review via Blackberry Z10

Nancy S. | 2013-04-21

Wow worst sales service ever. We went in with cash in hand willing to buy the car at any cost because my sister was in love with a car there, but I was going to try and negociate down for her anyways. They treated us like we were stupid, disrespected us, and told me there is no room to negociate off their sticker price. The manager (middle eastern guy, forgot his name) told us, there is no room to negociate and we can take it or leave it because they don't need our service to ran their business.  We got up, thank them, and walk away. Too bad they didn't try a little nicer... If it hadn't been for the unfriendly customer service, we would have bought the car regardless of price. I usually don't like leaving bad reviews, but I'm willing to waste a couple minutes of my time to sign up and leave one for this dealership.

Rick O. | 2013-01-18

Shocked to read some of the negative reviews about Sacramento Hyundai.  We had been dealing with Roseville Hyundai, and Sacramento  really went out of their way to earn our business.

We inquired here because it was a preferred dealer from the bank we were financing from, but they were nothing but friendly to us in trying to earn our business.  We called and told them exactly what we wanted, what we were willing to offer, and what the out the door price needed to be under.  They gave us a deal below invoice, and below the MSRP of the model BELOW what we purchased for a brand new car.

The only reason that I'm giving them 4 and not 5 stars is that we made it incredibly easy on them to earn our business, and did what they had to do to get it done.  No hassel, back and forth, or anything else like that.

Eric L. | 2013-01-04

I seriously can't believe this shack is licensed by Hyundai. The salesman I dealt with was friendly and professional, but as soon as I got into the showroom, the sales manager (Omar) was very cocky and unprofessional.
But it gets worse. The next day I called up to make an offer on the vehicle I'd test driven and another sales manager accepted my offer on the phone and arranged for me to be picked up after work to sign the papers.
Then two hours later some other guy calls me with "good and bad news," the bad of which included that they'd sold my car to someone else from the Bay Area, and the good that they had the same car, but a year older with 10K more miles, and that they were going to give it to me for the same price as the newer one!!!
I promptly told them I was not interested in the deal or the ride.
The newer Hyundais are decent cars, but I would avoid this dump at all costs. And from what the salesperson told me, all three in the Sacramento area are under the same ownership. I'd seriously suggest making a day trip to the Bay if you want a Hyundai. But I ended up going with a Honda (at Folsom Lake Honda), which was actually not much more and will hold its resale better. Plus the environment was much more professional.

Rachel H. | 2012-12-11

If you are looking for a dealership that backs up its word with follow-thru, this is the place for you.  The sales department is top notch and gives you the facts you need to make an informed decision and the service department is thorough and prompt.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sac Hyundai to any of my friends in the area.

Conrad D. | 2012-11-19

Sacramento Hyundai has had a lot of changes for the good in the last few months and is headed in a fantastic direction! They have fought back from some rough ratings and are completely worthy of this 5 stars!

The sales team is a group of professionals from all walks of life that care about their customers. I noticed several languages being spoke by the sales staff, and that's refreshing.

The new building has been cleaned up and repainted for a fresh look. The lot is now well lit and clean.

The service drive is covered and you don't have to walk out in the rain to get to the waiting area that now has nice comfortable leather chairs and free wifi.

If you are a "yelper" give this store a shot dispite the bad ratings from the past. It's a whole new world at Sacramento Hyundai.

Heather M. | 2012-09-07

I am a 2x Hyundai owner...lots to say! When I went into the Florin Rd location where I purchased my Tucson a year 1/2 prior I was so apprehensive. My purchase experience was less than stellar. Pushy, aggressive non professional salesMEN. Yuck! When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole new staff ran by Dave the Sales Manager. He confirmed that "changes had been made" fewwww! So, I needed to get out of my 3yr lease and was only a year 1/2 in...what's a girl to do!?!? No fear, I have a Hyundai and lucky for me they sell like hot cakes! Dave reviewed my car, asked what my payoff was, did some calculations and "wallah" car bought back for full payoff. That simple. Since I wasn't planning on walking out w/o my car that day or that easy Dave suggested I keep my car until financing officially paid off my lease. Nice gesture. He also suggested that if I needed a loner car until the end of the month he would arrange that (for free) as well! So great and accommodating! I kept checking in w/ financing for an update on the payoff...when it finally cleared I drove to the dealership, tossed them the keys and walked out. Simple and painless, unbelievable actually! Dave and the dealership were great, I would refer to anyone!!!

Heather :)

Liz i. | 2012-07-27

I was in the market for a new car. This was the first time that I have seriously inquired about a Hyundai. I decided to buy a 2011 Sonata fully loaded. We told the price, the sales staff kept jerking us around. The follow up and condescending attitude was just too much so we left late afternoon since they would not work with us. I did tell sakesman that I would be back Sunday afternoon. On the ride home I guess it was just the way they treated us that was the deciding factor, because of their treatment we went to Honda, and one would think we would pay more, but we did not, and the saleman was not a jerk. .

Lisa B. | 2012-06-18

My wife and I went to Sac. Hyundai after seeing about the great deals they had online, we found a 2011 Sonata that was a previous rental.  We were told that all the services were up to date since it was a certified Hyudai.  The vehcle had 31,000 miles on it when we purchased it and was told it had had the 30,000 mile checkup done, we took the car to Jiffylube to have the oil changed at 36,000 miles, both the hepa and air filters were brought to us to show how dirty they were, they were so soaked with dirt and oil.

We called Sac. Hyundai and spoke to the general manager David Slaton, we explained he situation to him and he said "no poblem bring it down and I will take care of it no charge."  It takes 45 minutes to the dealership from our home, when we got there the car was in the service department for an hour and 15 minutes and then brought the car out and presented us with a bill for $68 for changing the 2 filters!  I then asked David Slaton why we were being charged when he had just told us to bring it in and there would be no charge, he said he had said that he would change the filters at his cost not free....thats when I know he was a liar!

I was told it would be changed for free since it had not been done as they had stated when we bought the vehicle, and to just put the old filters back in if they were going to lie about what had been told to me, it took them less than 5 minutes to put the old filters back in when it took them and hour and 15 minutes to take them out!!

Dont go to Sac. Huynai ever!  They are liars and theives!

If I could they would be minus 5 stars!

Elaine J. | 2012-04-23

I had the most unbelievable experience at Sacramento Hyundai yesterday. I still cannot believe this really happened.

We went to look at a 2008 Entourage minivan. We had seen online that they had one on the lot and it got good reviews. We arrived shortly after they opened. They brought the van around and the first thing I noticed was that the side sliding doors did not close when I pushed the button for them to automatically slide closed. Hmmm...the salesman poked and prodded and got out the owner's manual and finally said "Well, we can fix that." Ok.

So we decided to take it for a test drive. Hopped in the driver's seat and...the van would not start. Are you serious?!?! So the salesman trotted off to get a yellow cart and jumped the battery. Off we went. As we drove along, I asked why the interior ceiling lights were on (above the driver and in the middle of the van). The salesman tried a few things, which would not make the lights turn off, and then said "We can fix that." Same thing was said about the dashboard airbag light which was glowing steadily.

As we continued on the test drive, the reek of cat pee permeated the van. It was clearly coming in through the air vents. I said to the salesman "I think there is cat pee in the engine or something." He said "We can clean that." I told him "You have not had much experience with trying to get rid of the smell of cat pee, have you? There is no way you will ever be able to totally get rid of that smell." He said "Why not?" Well, ok, good luck with that.

In addition to all those issues, the van's interior had sand everywhere - as if the van had been driven to the beach and left in a sand storm with all the doors open. There was also grime on the door frames and interior walls of the van.

This van has been at Sacramento Hyundai since January, having been bought at an auction (sounds about right). It is Hyundai Certified, which makes me lose all confidence in that having any real-world value. How on earth did it get Hyundai Certified and they did not notice all the problems with it??

Quite honestly, Sacramento Hyundai should be embarrassed by the experience we had there yesterday.

That was the van, and dealership, from hell.

Kathie B. | 2012-01-18

Pros: Their service advisers are personable.
Cons: Where to I begin? Well, I'll start by saying I now take my vehicle elsewhere for actual efficient service. Read on!

My vehicle has been in numerous times, often for the same problem, at 300 miles off my extended warranty for each time I have to go in as I am from out of town. The breaking point happened last Thursday after the vehicle had been in for a week to get the faulty rack and pinion assembly repaired. Thirty miles after leaving the shop I noted a burnt oil smell from the engine. The service center was closed but I was made aware that Roseville's center was open until 7. Rob Peace got me in right away, held over some of his service employees, showed me exactly what the problem was (a busted valve cover with oil pouring heavily out, plain as day) and two hours later had me on my merry way. More on that in their review to be posted later. While they were under the hood, they noted my thermostat was frozen and replaced that, also under warranty. Interestingly, they showed me that my front brakes were bad and in urgent need of replacement. Oddly, when I had seen the car up close and personal in the Sac shop the week before and specifically asked about the state of my brakes (original, 92K miles and a mere 7K from going out of warranty), I was told they were fine. Fearing that the brakes, not covered by warranty, weren't as bad as they were reporting and that it was just a way to pay for the fact they were keeping people over, I opted to wait on the brakes. My personal mechanic looked at the car the next day and concurred - the brakes did need to be replaced immediately.

The next morning I contacted the service manager, Ken Cramer. When I informed him of the problem, he shared my concern and said he would look into the situation and get back to me by the end of the day. If you read some of the other reviews, you'll see a pattern here. I did not hear from him Thursday and by 2 p.m. Friday when I hadn't heard anything, I called back. I was sent to his voice mail where I left a message. Flash forward to Monday. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I let it slide as I was busy with kids at home, but come today, Tuesday, I waited until late morning then called Rob Peace at Roseville just to see if he'd heard anything from Ken Cramer. He informed me he had emailed Ken the night my car was in and while he did see Ken the following day, could't recall specifically if they discussed my vehicle as there were four or five others they talked about (not a good sign). I sent Ken Cramer an email stating I still had yet to hear back from him and after five p.m. today he called back.

He did not apologize for the problem, instead he gave a litany of excuses for not calling me back sooner. He did not address my concerns for the situation but steered me towards the issues with my brakes, which he again excused as a possibly "sticky pad" (my mechanic assures me it was not a sticky pad). I did make him aware that I drive 300 miles per incident and repeatedly have not had issues resolved the first go around and this last situation has me feeling edgy. Again, we were back to scheduling an appointment to "look" at my brakes. By then I was close to becoming short tempered and hurried to get off the phone. Needless to say, I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, the Bureau of Automotive Repairs (BAR), Hyundai Assurance's program under which I have the extended warranty, and will be taking my vehicle for repairs to the Roseville Hyundai.

My advice? If you want some fun chats with the service advisers (all things said, they are personable, it's the quality of the mechanics' work and the responsiveness of the management that leaves a lot to be desired) and a rather dark and dismal waiting room to hang out in for several hours, take your car there. Want service, a nice sized waiting room, and efficiency? Take it to Roseville. Peace out.

Oso V. | 2011-11-02

Terrible customer service. The ginger sales guy ryan was a jackwad. But to much of a ***** to look you in the eyes when doing so. Go to another dealership or buy a honda or toyota. What a low rate trash heap staff. OH and nice job telling me the car salesman had sold the car earlier in the day. That is quite ironic considering he didnt even know the car existed when i arrived. Perhaps people buy BS sometimes but when you make it as obvious as that.... Come on now Nice try.

Sorry for the one star service department, I have actually heard quite favorable things about you in the industry. Moral of the post, buy a car here?? heck no, buy it elsewhere then go ahead and bring it to get serviced with dealer plates from somewhere else/

Monica O. | 2011-07-08

The Sales Manager, Juan Vazquez is so unprofessional!!  I went to the dealership 3 times & still left without a car!!  First time was to test drive the vehicle.  Second time was to purchase the vehicle.  So we made the deal, signed the contract, left a check for the down payment &   We agreed on what color vehicle we wanted and we were told the vehicle would arrive at the dealership in 2 to 3 weeks. 2 1/2 weeks late we get a call from Juan that the car has arrived.  As excited as we were we go down to the dealership the next day (1 hr drive) to complete the sales contract and ready to drive home our new vehicle!!!  YAY!!! Wait don't get too excited yet!!  The car wasn't the color we requested..... But we agreed to take it because it came with everything else as previously agreed.  So then off to sign and finalize the sales contract.... Wait.... another problem!! Juan Vazquez the sales manager NEVER told me that the interest rate for my auto loan had gone up to 15% from 7% !!!!  
This dealership is sleezy & they DO NOT know how to handle business matters in a PROFESSIONAL manner!!!  They should have been UP FRONT and HONEST & explained these issues when they called us to notify us that our vehicle had arrived!  At the end it wasn't about the interest being higher or the car being a different color.... IT's ABOUT the PRINCIPLE of HOW they chose to handle this sale!  To say the least... WE WALKED AWAY from the dealership.... They LOST a sale!  Too bad for THEM!!

Jennifer F. | 2011-06-22

Typical bait and switch.  We came in off a listing on Craigslist they had the car advertised at one price then when we showed up cash in hand to purchase it they changed the price to $3,000 more because of their own damage done to the car.  The manager was not helpful and at one point left the room and never came back to tell us about the tax and licenses that we asked about.

They lost a sale, the Roseville Hyundai shop luckily weren't assholes so they moved the car from Sacramento Hyundai and we bought it from someone else since the managers at Sacramento Hyundai were far from friendly and helpful.

Don't go to Sacramento Hyundai.  PERIOD.

Jean K. | 2011-06-22

The General Manager, Mike, is HORRIBLE to work with.  Pretty gross if you ask me.  Completely unprofessional, sleazy, rude and has no manners.  Pretty surprised he is the general manager.  I would avoid this dealership and especially Mike if possible.  The drama that we went through with this place is way too long to go into detail but simply put, they are unethical in selling their vehicles and unwilling to work with you once the purchase has been made.  They have no idea what customer service is.  Sad because Hyundai makes good cars.  Go to the location in Roseville!

Ken B. | 2011-05-05

I don't write reviews about places often.
The service manager at this dealership (Dave) went well above and beyond the call of duty, to help my wife get out of a jam. With 15 minutes left to react to a timely solution to serious issue my wife had with her car, in the middle of nowhere, he called into his office the 2 service and parts person, and said look, I know t his is out of the ordinary, but we have to find a solution for this customer's wife, and we have to do it in less than 15 minutes. I was on the speaker phone, during this time. Because the solution required thinking out of the box, he made a couple of suggestions that would work, that required the department to certainly go out of their comfort zone, to solve the issue and get my wife on her way.
I was amazed at the way he handled the problem, and solved it with little time.
I wish we had to use this dealer's service department on a regular basis, but unfortunately we're in the Southern end of the State and 8 hours is a bit long to drive to go to this dealer.
I'll tell you though, this guy was ON THE BALL and I would take my car to this dealership in a heartbeat.
For me, it's service that makes or breaks a dealership, and having been through wars with the likes of BMW and their alleged top notch service, I highly recommend this Dealership, so long as Dave is the manager, at least.

Shaneel S. | 2011-04-28

Well so here is what happened with them they never canceled  my Gap insurance the only reason that It got canceled  is because i faxed the original to the Gap company. I am so disappointed at this place. I though that this was a great place to shop for cars at but i will never go back here or even recommend it to anyone.

t t. | 2011-01-07

hello everyone..  i usually write about food but b/c a "Jack Johnson" @ this dealership i have expanded my scope.

Do not deal with this guy @ this dealership.. Honestly, i believe this is an alias name.  i have to say i recognize his voice but...  He is completely unprofessional.  Hyundai should send him to Nordstrom's training class so that he learns the importance of customer service... not just be superficially polite only to increase his sales number.

i understand numbers are important to his job.   but he did not have to threaten me.  In California, a new car sale is not final til the buyer has taken delivery & driven the car off the parking lot.   i have done neither.   i had a change of heart.  i wanted a more family-friendly car and decided on a different car.  when i called & apologized for my decision... this Jack immediately showed his true colors & put me on the defense. he further falsely accused me of going around town ordering cars & messing up dealerships... totally uncalled for.  

i work almost everyday and long hours... i have no energy to go out about town wasting my precious minutes in life to be haggled by car salesmen.   i would rather be hit by a monster truck.  

anyhow, i was initially sincere & apologetic until "Jack" ANGRILY responded, "who gave you the right to have a change of heart."   really Hhyundai!!! THIS IS WHO YOU'VE HIRED TO REPRESENT YOUR COMPANY??  i understand the dealership spent some time to trade the car & has every right to be unhappy w/ me but both parties have invested significant time & effort... yes, i absolutely feel bad for changing my mind but it is my right  as a consumer to do so.   plus i do not own the car.   and i have seriously apologized.  sometimes sorry isn't good enough but that is all i can offer.  his response reinforced that i've made the right decision to not buy the Hyundai from them even more!!!!  i told him that if he is so sure of his company's product then he would not have trouble selling the vehicle they've traded... he had no response to this but got angrier @ me.  really does he not believe in his company's own product????

i told him that i was going to send my automotive attorney on my behalf if he does not accept my word.  In addition, i will file a complaint w/ the bureau of automotive if he continues to harass me... and he said go ahead to BOTH.  In addition, he THREATENED to have my information sent to the Hyundai Financial Services so that they can deal with me as the loan has already been approved.  he should watch his anger & be more composed.  because one of these days, i am certain a customer will send an attorney his way.  and i wonder how Hyundai will feel about that.  i would have sent my attorney if it weren't for Ryan H.

all in all, this dealership would have received a fat NEGATIVE TEN and then some because of this Jack Johnson... but there's a Ryan H., who was an absolute professional when i called back & affirmed that i will not be picking up the vehicle as i do not own it.  He thanked me for my apology & reassured me that i am no longer contractually obligated to Hyundai in any way including the financial aspects.

if you MUST ABSOLUTELY go to his Hyundai dealership on Florin Rd... please deal only w/ Ryan...

Kimberly C. | 2010-11-02

After taking a look at some of their cars, a couple of weeks later I got a phone call about a car special. Once I got down there they totally switched the terms of the deal. It really was the classic bait and switch, even after I told him that I was only coming down for those exact terms. I walked. I think you should keep walking too.

Jerry J. | 2010-05-22

Santa fe  had issue with idling rough and called the service department and they told wife to bring it in and they check it out and found the problem right away and was able to fix it and get us back on the road within a short period of time. So i would say they are top notch People!! Glad we bought and had are car service there.

Esmeralda B. | 2009-08-17

Here's an update for the people who apparently don't believe me or thought that I should have given Sacramento Hyundai another chance. First off, if it's the same dealership that's on Florin Road, then yes, that's the one I have been dealing with.

Second, if it hadn't been the complete lack of customer service, it would have been the people working in the service department calling me a liar when I told them that the problem they "fixed" was still happening after driving the car less than a block. Their explanation? "Well, it wasn't doing that when WE drove it." Okay, that's fine then, I guess YOU are right. Again, complete lack of customer service. Or the numerous calls I had to make to get in touch with the service manager, and was re-routed to the sales dept time and time again. When I finally showed up in person to address my car issues, and spoke to the elusive Kenny, he basically told me that he never got any of my calls. I told him the specific date and times of all the calls I made (because I kept record), and his excuse? "Well, I have been in meetings all week." That would have been fine if I hadn't been trying to reach him for the past 3 weeks.

In terms of my sales experience. Prices have been hiked up tremendously on basically the same car I bought for $8k cheaper 7 years prior. No new upgrades, same basic car. But for that price I would much rather go to a car manufacturer that produces a more reliable car with better service. Also, since my dad is the car-buying expert, he came with me to look for a new car. Started at Hyundai (mostly because we were hoping to trade in), and when we weren't given a decent deal, we told them we were going to look around at other dealerships. By the time we had returned to the lot, my dad's car was locked in. They chained the entire area around the lot and the customer parking lot and neglected to call us and let us know they were going to do this. Mind you, both my dad and I both had been in contact with the sales and service people, who easily could have called to let us know they were closing (they had both our #s). This resulted in me having to drive my dad back to the bay area late that night and not getting back to Sacramento until after 1am. Thanks a lot!

In case you are wondering where this is going, I donated my Hyundai to charity, and went to Toyota and bought a new scion. End of story.

Sam & Kelly... I find it to be very coincidental that you both signed up for Yelp at the same time, and posted reviews on the same day, to counter the other reviewers experiences with no substantive explanation of your own personal experience. If you want to write an advertisement of Sac Hyundai, use your company website for it. And Sam, aren't you the sales person that I personally dealt with? That's horribly tacky.

Chrysti M. | 2009-03-10

i stopped going here. screwed me over on a few things, lied to me about a few things and turned me away when we went to get usual oil change. then they argued with us about it. then called and asked why i hadnt been in to get the oil changed......and then argued with me AGAIN about it.

oh yeah they tried to sell me something i had JUST gotten. sorry, im not spending 200 bucks again because you are not making enough money. i now go somewhere else. screw these guys, im never buying a car from them again, never going here again EVER. after giving them 2 chances thinking they were busy...uhhh no.