Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Sacramento, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Sacramento, CA.

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Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 273-9004
Address:3610 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95821
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Sacramento Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Cece G. | 2015-04-15

Sang Kim was the best.  I have never had such a smooth fast car buying experience.  He wasn't pushy, but definitely guided me to  a car that I love love love.  he listened to me,  didn't push me toward anything I wasn't interested in.  I was in an out in 3 hours, driving home.  He  wasn't smarmy, didn't try to shine me on.    I would definitely buy from him again.

Lindsay H. | 2015-04-04

I went to just LOOK at cars- I wasn't going to buy.  My husband and I were looking around their lot and I found the one I've been wanting- a Mazda 6.  It is beautiful and the price was great.  I worked with Jeffrey Gibbons and he is a fun professional guy!  He told me what he could do, I told him what I wanted and he basically got it for me- no problems!  I highly recommend going to see Jeffrey Gibbons at Sac Chrsyler Dodge Jeep Ram for your next vehicle- you wont be dissapointed!

Tracy G. | 2015-04-03

I just purchased a new Chrysler Town and Country van. I am so impressed by the way everyone was so knowledgeable about my van. They were very polite, courteous and respectful of my time the whole time I was there.
Jeffrey Gibbons was my salesman, who is the most professional person i have ever worked with!  He knew all the features on my fully loaded Town and Country. His manager was Cash Zimmernan, who helped to get me my new car. My family is very thankful for the whole experience.
I LOVE my new car!!!  I highly recommend this dealership and Jeffrey Gibbons.

Nancy R. | 2015-03-25

A huge THANK YOU to Chris Lawson for his professionalism and hiis attention to customer service and follow through was superior!  Chris continually kept me informed on the status of a recall issue that I thought was handled about a year prior in Southern California. Since I moved to Sac, I took my vehicle to Chris and I had a very good experience. I would also like to thank CORPORATE who called me back after the vehicle was repaired to make sure that I was happy. YES!  I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY JEEP AND WITH SACRAMENTO CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP!!!!

Frank R. | 2015-02-21

Not the nicest receptionist on the phone to schedule an appointment. When I arrived, fast curtious service. Got basic maintenance
Asked to wash my (rag top) wrangler, they did a half fast job on it, but hey, wash a free wash. 3-4 stars overall

Carlos S. | 2015-02-15

Both Paul and Jeremy took great care of me. They're team work pays off to speed up the business process and make you feel like you have the best salesmen on the job. I had several questions that they were able to address to help make me feel confident in my decision. Most importantly they spent quality time with me in the car to help me have all my settings configured so I can feel like I'm driving my car right off the lot. I had a badass experience as it should be when buying a brand new Dodge Challenger!! Still smiling!

Steve J. | 2015-02-13

Service department are major scam artists and sloppy. Will never trust them with my Wrangler again.

JASON G. | 2015-01-10

I am in the market for a new truck. I expressed to Maurice (salesman) before I stepped foot onto the curb that I was between three makes. I was interested in the ram/silverado/tundra. I was there to inquire and test drive the Ram, however wanted to test drive the new Chrysler 200. (Because there was also a $25 gift card for the test drive). After searching for hours for what I really wanted in a new truck, we found the truck. However the dealership couldn't find the key to test drive it. While waiting for the key I was asked about financing. I explained I was pre approved by my credit union. Again while waiting and waiting for the key to show up (Michael) a manager, had expressed that I needed to fill out their financing paperwork (CUDL) to see if I could get a better rate. I expressed I DID NOT want my credit ran again due to I was already pre approved. I was ASSURED it wouldnt leave a hard inquiry on my report. I even threatened Maurice that if it left a hard inquiry that he would owe me every car/truck on the lot. Guess what, a hard inquiry showed up. Well again WAITING (YES STILL) I eventually got up and walked out due to lack of urgency. They force you to be rude and get up and walk out. These people were recomended by radios Rod Arnie and Dawn show, however they did a very poor job assisting a potential customer. I left due to a "forceful to buy" environment, poor customer service on (Michaels part). On top of it all, we were not able to test drive the Chrysler 200 nor the Ram I would have considered from this group. I would not recommend business as it was not enjoyable, and ate up 3/4 of my day. Time was important to me. Not to them.

Jennifer G. | 2014-12-15

Customer service is not in their vocabulary. Charlie is the guy who I did all the paperwork with, but once I left with the vehicle it was like he didn't exist anymore. I have been trying to get in contact with him for 2 weeks now. He does not return phone calls or emails. This place will only be attentive when they are getting your money and then will blow you off. Don't ever buy a vehicle from this place. I learned my lesson and they will never get my business again.

Jacob M. | 2014-11-21

I would like to give two different reviews.  One review to reflect the amazing customer service I received from the "sales guy" Tom, and a second to reflect the terrible, insulting service from the other "sales guy" Jose.

Tom was a very social, nice salesperson.  He helped me to drive and discuss my purchase.  I told him I wanted to buy a car within the week and so we sat down to get a price before I walked out the door.

This was the first time I met Jose.  He was more of the salesman I was expecting to see at a car dealership.  He wanted to sell on the spot (to be expected) and gave me a price to take home with me and mull over.  Overall experience good.

When I returned the following Monday, I talked with Tom and asked him if he would sell me the car after we had discussed numbers a little further.  He agreed, but apparently he wasn't able to offer pricing (only Jose could do that).  We sat down and after a solid 10-15 minute wait, Jose sat down and put a number much higher than what he had quoted me at on my previous visit.  

I offered him the paperwork he gave me with the much lower price on it and he offered to "see if I can still honor this".  I told him that even if he could work that price, I would still want to discuss it.  He asked me what would be a confident price for me to buy.  I told him and his response was very non-salesperson...y.  

"You're insane if you think I'm going to give you that car for that price."

I can understand the response if I had offered a crazy number, however, as crazy as it was, I ended up with that deal at a different location.

He went so far as to manipulate paperwork to try and convince me I was paying a different price for the car.  He told me that I was stupid for trying to get a price any lower than 1000 bucks off MSRP.  I was astonished and insulted that this was what car dealerships were doing.  

I thanked Tom for his time (still a good guy in my book) and as I was walking out Jose remarked "Hey, if you find that car for that price, let me know and I'll buy two."  

I don't like being treated like an idiot, and I'm sure others don't either.  Probably best to test drive here and buy somewhere else.  The prices are cheaper and the sales staff with work with you instead of offering a take it or leave it deal at some outrageous price.

adam w. | 2014-11-08

0 stars

I walked in around 7:30 pm tonight to look at some trucks. I start a new job on Monday and I was anxious to get into something within the next few days.
Greeted and walked around by a brand new employee (nothing wrong with that) He was being friendly, but I knew much more about the vehicles than he did. I was pretty specific in what I wanted, but he wanted me to come inside to have him fill out a "wishlist" so that he could drive up each truck from off another lot. I had been to a few other dealerships in the area within the past week and have had no problems just browsing the lot with the salesman and being informal about the process.
Not here...
They sat me down and wanted me to fill out a information sheet before we could look at anything. I said specifically that I did not want to give them my address. Not only had I never been asked for all my personal information at any other dealership in my life, I did not want to give out my address just so i can receive more spam mail than I already have!
After telling the salesman twice I didnt want to give them my address, the sales manager Jose comes out and asks me again for my address. AGAIN, I said no. I responded saying that i have never had to give that information at any other dealership.
He then tells me that he needs my address so that when i buy a car, he can give me the proper sales tax information and register the car. I said that I have already said no 3 times and if i have to give up my address just to look at cars on the lot, than I can go somewhere else. so he says HAVE A NICE NIGHT SIR and walks off.

I urge everyone to just go to Elk Grove Dodge, or Swift in Davis, or Hoblit Dodge up in Woodland. At each of these dealerships I found great guys that were happy to show me around. Ill be going to one of them in the morning to purchase a brand new truck!!!

robert s. | 2014-10-31

Do not buy a car here if you are going to use the service department.. I have never had worse service in my life. Dropped the car on Sunday evening called Monday to make sure they received my vehicle. On hold for 15 minutes until I finally call back and ask to leave a message with my service adviser. Never received a call back on Monday. Called again Tuesday on hold 15 minutes again finally spoke to Brian my adviser said they are diagnosing my GPS problem he will call me back. Never heard back on Tuesday so once again I called Wednesday. Brian tells me GPS is bad it is under warranty being it was replaced 10 months ago I ask if my wipers are fixed Brian says there was nothing listed about them. I tell him to look on the service envelope because that is where it is written. I ask about the brake shimmy he states the pads are good dosent matter to me as the front steering wheel shakes when coming home from Reno down hill Brian states mechanic can't duplicate so no repair done. I must be lying about this as well. Bottom line I would pay more for a vehicle at a different dealership any day then put up with this service department. Trust me folks  go to a different dealership than buy a vehicle from this group. Service is everything. The sale lasts a few minutes service is forever. Read my other reviews if you don't believe me.

Gilbert C. | 2014-10-19

So I get a letter in the mail from these ass whips I don't have a dodge or a Chrysler never been her but I get a letter saying they want to buy my car? I didn't know I wanted to sell my car? I talked to a so called manger that was rude when I asked how did they get my address and he said they purchased it from a company !! To me thats invading my privacy !! That is some lousy way to market your dealership !! so please stay way from this place

Angel C. | 2014-10-17

Disgusted !!! Horrible !!!! Bought a new 2014 Jeep Cherokee.  Had it four days, check engine light came on. They have had it for 3 weeks now and can't figure out what's wrong with it. DO NOT BUY the 9 speed 2.4 automatic engine.  Full of problems.  You will spend most of your time in rental cars. You have been warned.

Rothstien M. | 2014-09-23


Jenny H. | 2014-09-12

I am getting my 2007 jeep commander updated from a recall. It was an easy and friendly checkin process. They say it will be about an hour. So far it's been a great process. Even though they have a nice clean waiting area with a couple vending machines. They suggested that I should go across the street for lunch or a beer at the golf course tavern. It was a great suggestion. It's a great place to pass an hour of time. Free wifi and 10 different beers on tap. Entertainment as the gofers come in for the 19th hole.  I am going to have all my jeep work at the this location;)

Kris E. | 2014-09-07

Went to have my car get the right services  since i bought it from this exact dealership. Water gets inside and parking break just breaks on its own while driving, just the fact that the parking break sets on by itself is mind bothering blowing right? But nope, they were calm, never got bothered and told me to call some whoever corporate shit. Then the leak INSIDE the car? Never fixed and they said they did not find the possible leak, i said can't u see the water mark? Coz there is a mark. Then the lady said, "well why didn't u say so? You should've told us that there was a water mark." FYI the water mark is very obvious if you will try to look around for real. And i clearly told her that its by the roof on the passenger's side.. So it was my fault, i did not say where exactly the huge water mark was. And yeah, did i mentioned that i went to the carwash the day before i went to this place and paid $40 for it to get it cleaned and waxed and get all the good stuff, but after they so called "CHECKED" my car there was hard water marks everywhere!  And those plastic and paper thing they use to sot in the car are still there and yes, HARDWATER MARKS EVERYWHERE.. Well i think everything is ok, cozi just pay them $500 every month for my first jeep car and expecting that its one of the best not just the brand but the company itself. I'm sorry if ur expiriencing these too.. I guess their fine as long as they get their money monthly. The fuck they care. Right? It's my foult i bought a $30,000 worth of suv through them, right?

MD W. | 2014-08-08

Terrible customer service in parts when I called. I started off telling the guy the make, model, year and issue and part I needed and instead of listening asks me the same information over. I patiently tell him again and he condescendingly talks down to me the entire time to the point I just hang up since no one has time for a guy who wants to act like a jerk.

I would never bring my car or my business here, the other reviews that talk about lack of customer service and other issues in my opinion are spot on.

Polly P. | 2014-08-02

Please read! 2 amazing experiences:

1. I was out of town and my change oil light came on, so I decided to take it to a local Chuck Patterson in Chico to get a quick service. They told me that my oil pan was stripped and I had to replace to entire thing. I wanted a second opinion, so I took it to jeep on Fulton. Nothing was wrong with my jeep. There was not only no wait, but they were honest, quickly changed my oil and let me know I was in great hands. I will always go to this dealership for any service.

2. Time for another oil change. I went back to my favorite jeep dealership on Fulton. Got the oil change and mentioned I had a few scuff marks from parking at my job site. Daniel, one of the detail techs, came out and brought some compound and in 5 min he made my car look brand new. Didn't charge me anything and wouldn't accept the tip I insisted to give him. Talk about excellent service! Daniel deserves a bonus or award or something. They are lucky they have such great workers. My jeep is all shiny and no scuffs around the entire car! He really went over and above. Thank you and I will see you for the next oil change.

Katie C. | 2014-06-16

Received a letter in the mail that's a mock up like a faux email that's supposed to lead me to believe the manager Steve has asked his sales staff to contact me regarding my car that is not described in the email. The form letter used....

"Please try to contact Katherine for me and let them know that I would like to buy their vehicle. I need Katherine's vehicle and can offer additional incentives on a new vehicle, if we can get this deal done quickly, I have a buyer for this vehicle and it's a heck of a deal if Katherine is interested. We need these vehicles - advise them that we will appraise their vehicle and they can trade, sell outright or walk away. You may just want to print this email and send it to Katherine. I will honor this offer through June 30th. Tell Katherine that if we do a deal or not, we will give them a certificate for a FREE OIL CHANGE to thank the for coming in. Steve Emert sales manager. "

So apparently the 2007 civic si w/ 100k miles is in HUGE demand. Congrats for marketing.... But I think what annoys me about this is that's it's a "printed out" email which is just a trick. I know it seems silly, but I find it insulting. If you want my business, be straight forward about it.... Not trying to trick people who don't know better into thinking you've really been talking about getting them a really good deal on their '87 Pinto.

Mama E. | 2014-05-30

I showed up at this dealership knowing exactly what I wanted, with a usaa certificate in hand.  They ignored my usaa price, priced me way over the usaa price, and didn't even know much about the vehicle I was looking at.  What a waste of my time.  Bait and switch.  Don't waste your time with these folks. Shady and typical scum.   I Will not be back.

Also, do not participate in USAA pricing if you won't honor it, Sacramento dodge.   Shame on you!

Caesar B. | 2014-05-27


I've been coming here for my 2005 Chrysler Crossfire since I got it, they've done major repairs and have done the little things too. I love coming here because they keep you informed and they don't do anything without asking you first! So there are no surprises when you come up too pay. Everyone is always very friendly.

Got my oil changed today, they have an express lane for it so you don't need an appointment, only waited about an hour! Sure you pay a little more at a dealership but to me it's worth it! They knocked out the oil change quick and they did a free inspection! I thought I needed to change my breaks because of a light that would come on every time I pressed on the brakes! Turns out it was just a signal saying that my brake sensor is getting weak! Turns out the sensor is discontinued but the very nice lady at the front desk took my number down and told me they'd try to hunt them down for me!

Thanks guys I'll be back! Hopefully not soon tho! (X

Patrick M. | 2014-05-20

The short: What I originally thought was going to be a dealership I would continue to do business with didn't turn out that way. Apparently business is SO good they don't need to sell anymore cars here.

The long: I originally (Sept 2013) bought a brand new Dart Aero from this dealership since there was a great sale running on them and they had what we were looking for. The salesman we dealt with was nice and very knowledgeable. As an added bonus because I told him I had sold cars before I did not get any of the "what can I do to get you in this car today" or other shady car sales tricks. We haggled the price where we wanted it and did the financing and we left with a new car. It was raining the night we were taking delivery so they didn't detail the car or fill the tank up and told us to bring it back later to get it done. Now it goes downhill.....

I had to bring the car back in to get the license plate bracket put on so I called before I came up and asked about the detail and gas. Nobody seemed to know anything about it and the GM who told us to bring it back apparently wasn't around anymore. Well can't do much about that can we. So I take the car to service and walk in and the only person working is on the phone and tells me he will be right with me. In the meantime the room continues to fill with people waiting to be helped. He finally gets off the phone and asks what I am there for so I let him know. He says okay it will be one minute and then he goes on helping the 4 others customers who walked in after me. At one point he wanders off and is out at some guys truck chatting it up while I stood waiting. At almost 30 minutes later he finally gets around to getting the 2 or 4 bolts put on my car so I could leave. If I had the tools to do it myself I would have left instead of waiting for this crap.

Against my better judgement I came back to look into trading in my other car a few months later (Apr 2014). I was hoping that some repeat business would earn me a little something like service. After wandering around the lot for over 20 minutes with nobody saying a word to me I finally had to go inside and find some sales member to get information from. I took a test drive and they took all this time trying to hard sell me on the spot. I pretty much told them I wasn't making a decision without my wife present so they asked if we could come back in. They took the time to get my contact information again and do just about everything except send me to go pick up my wife in the truck so I figured I'd get a call over I don't know the next week or so. Nope nothing. No follow up. No return phone call after I called and left a message. Well guess I'll take my business elsewhere.

What works: They're great until they sell you something then expect ZERO

What to improve: Customer service especially for repeat customers, Service department overhaul

Kristin M. | 2014-04-16

Just bought a brand new car, I received the payments I wanted (through hours of bantering) but it was friendly, in good fun and everyone here was incredibly nice. This was before I decided to buy brand new, and even after, When I had issues with some tape marks in the window, everyone was very cool and amazing. Told them I was going camping over the weekend and they offered to wash it AGAIN (so third time, two for the tape marks) after my trip. Love everyone here. By far the best experience.

Edit: I changed my review to 1 star because my car had break issues and I had to bring it in 5 times and it was just a headache.  They aren't open on Sunday's,  the service department,  and the vehicle is a POS. do not buy a jeep! The plastic inside keeps breaking off left and right,  it's only been a year!

Marcie H. | 2014-03-17

I had a bad experience at another location earlier that day. I went in wary and was greatly surprised by the service I received there. We meet with Sam and she was very nice and friendly, I felt like that I was walking around the lot looking for a car with a friend. There was no pressure at all to buy anything

Once I found the Jeep Compass that I wanted she was very straight forward about the process of buying a new car. The manager Ruben that she worked with to help us get the best possible deal was very friendly and made my husband and I feel welcome.

The financial manager Becky was funny and nice that it went by quickly while signing the giant pile of paper work. By the time I was done signing all the paperwork my jeep was detailed and ready to go.

The dealership filled up the gas tank, and told me that I could come back and get my first oil change free.

I'm so glad that I came to this location. Everyone there was kind, courteous, and friendly. If I ever have to buy a car again, or have a friend that wanted to buy another car this is the location that I would recommend.

Daniel S. | 2014-03-05

Always on hold for more than 5 minutes. Never gotten instant help. They must not care. How times should I try today? Idk, might to waste gas and drive there to maybe get some help. Ruining someones time. They know how to do it.

S F. | 2014-01-28

Went here on New years day and bought a mini van 2013, had to upgrade since we are expecting our 4th child in a few months. The salesman was very professional and not pushy, we knew what we wanted, he showed us, and done deal. He even took the time to show us a few features in the car and how it all worked. Very nice, my husband will be back there in the near future to buy a car for him.

Nicole O. | 2014-01-06

Originally went to Folsom Lake Jeep to buy one of their Sac Bee ad brand new Jeeps. After what I would call a horrific experience at Folsom we went the next day to Sacramento Jeep to get the car. The salesman was only about 25 and said this was his way of learning about cars! Whatever! Anyway these guys honored the deal in the Folsom ad which was $5200 off msrp on a $23000 jeep!
The four stars pertain to the time it took to get in and out(2 and a half hours, and the finance person trying to get us to sign a contract at a much higher interest rate than we were pre approved and holding a check for. Plus they filled the tank for us and I didn't think they did that anymore! Would go back for sure.

Josh R. | 2014-01-04

Great place. Super open layout. Easy to work with and they actually work FOR you! After issues with other dealerships & being told I was worthless as a customer, Sac CJDR redeemed it. Eric Klinger worked for me in a very short amount of time over the phone. I got pre-approved in minutes with a prime lender via their online form that I was able to complete from my phone. (After being told by other dealers I had horrible credit & sub-prime HIGH rates was all I could get!) This place was a real breath of fresh air!! I drove home after 2 hours start to finish! And they even took a moment to gas my new wheels up AND treat the interior from a previous smoker! No extra costs! The little details means a lot! Thanks Sac CJDR for being awesome & keeping the customer first! Next time I buy, you'll be my first choice!!

Gene F. | 2013-12-28

Typical dealership service experience. I'm not certain they did all that they said they did or should have done. The service I'm confident they provided was, of course,  expensive. They also refused to repair a nail hole in my tire citing "liability" concerns since the tires were "speed rated". My tire shop had no problem making the repair. I'll continue using the dealership(s) just to maintain my warranty but I have no problem paying out of pocket for second opinions or to have their work checked.

Matt D. | 2013-11-18

I didn't read any reviews on this place before hand and I am glad I didn't.  I emailed them told them what I wanted, Ed Christ got back to me right away and we scheduled an appointment.  I talked to Ed told him I wanted to come in look at the car and told him where I wanted my payments to be... then boom! They got me right where I needed to be.  No big fight on price or what I wanted for my trade. Great group of people at Dodge hats off to Becky, Ed and Brent.

Ryan J. | 2013-11-08

Awful....the cars are great. The sales staff are exactly what you think of for used-car salesmen.  Take your business elsewhere. Car is awesome, but th scumbag salesmen renigged on deal.

Matthew James R. | 2013-10-07

I visited this location to purchase new wipers and a bulb.  The parts guy was very friendly, but the visit went down hill from there.

The cashier seemed inconvenienced by me.  The service staff did not even make eye contact with me.

I drive a 99 Jeep Wrangler... so I guess I don't fit in?  I replaced my wipers and bulbs right there in the service drive by myself.  About a dozen employees, including the service advisors walked past with no offering of assistance what so ever.  I'm very capable, but I would expect better service from such a large corporation.

Folsom is a little bit farther, but I will be going to pay them a visit for my next purchase.  Parts or otherwise...

Angela B. | 2013-09-29

What a great place to buy a new car from!!!  So I was on a journey to buy a new Dodge Dart and after going to the Dodge place in Tracy and then in Dublin, we came to Sacramento. Here's what happened... Friday night we stop by the Dublin Dodge to see what they had in inventory, the Limited with black leather interior, computer dash, push start, fog lights, those were my most important options then the color. They had a gray one but no leather interior, no push start and they wanted $1,000 more for it, during negotiating they didn't want to bring it down due to it not having the important options that I wanted. My boy friend gets on the phone with Sacramento, (spoke with Junior) about a car one their lot with everything I wanted and made sure the advertised price on $1,000 less was accurate, it was. You see we called to find out because Dublin was telling us they couldn't work with us on the $1,000 because the price advertised in Sacramento was a military discounted price. So we told them we will go to Sacramento and get my car the next morning and that is what we did. Junior in Sacramento offered to send me an email with the credit application that I was able to summit online that night, I also received an email from John Miles introducing himself. We then head over to Sacramento from Tracy, CA. I spoke with John on our drive to Sacramento ,he called to see what features I was interested in, I told him what I wanted he already had a car in mind and it just so happens it was the car I had in mind, he had it washed and ready for us to look at and test drive when we got there. Great guy by the way, you didn't get that salesman kinda feeling with him (or anyone else there) you get a very welcoming, family like feeling here. John was very helpful, very pleasant to talk with, we actually liked the white one better (easier to keep clean). John had hem take it to be washed and detailed for us while we went to negotiate, we then met Joey (Bud) also great guy, I ended up getting the car of my dreams I would and have already recommended my friends and family to go here for their purchases as well.

Curt P. | 2013-09-21

Stay Away, Run Away!  Friends just bought a brand new Jeep, this dealership has treated them with disrespect and unprofessionalism.  They should get a minus 10 stars.  Please DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS!  Thank goodness my car no longer has to come here for service....

Ryan N. | 2013-09-13

My review was deleted.  Worst car buying experience I've ever had.  This was over a year ago, still bitter about it.  Take your business elsewhere.

Marc O. | 2013-08-28

These guys are GREAT!!!  I have brought my truck here a few times for warranty work and every time they have been super friendly. Tiff is my advisor and has gone above and beyond every time!!!

Mary V. | 2013-08-28

Thank you Sacramento Chrysler Jeep Doege Ram!  You made our car buying experience the best we've ever had.  It was a long day but they didn't have the car we came all the way from Napa for so brought one over from their Folsom dealership for us to look at.  John was so pleasant and professional to work with.  We love our new Challenger.  Worth the drive for sure!

Randall P. | 2013-08-23

If a guy dressed like a pimp from Jersey Shore attempts to meet you named Dick Gold, run away!!

B D. | 2013-08-21

I wouldn't advise shopping here.  The GM likes to pressure the sale and he low balled the values for my trades.  Both were clean and well cared for and still couldn't get him to go with the top or even medium dollar values posted for trade-ins online.  

The finance person that I worked with was awesome.  Her name was Becky and I highly recommend her if you do buy a car here.  I would gladly work with her again.  She is totally 5 star and earned this dealer two stars instead of the minimum one star on this review.

I was the last customer out of the dealership that night.  The place was locked down and no one around by the time I was pulling off the lot.  I barely had any gas in the tank.  

I was told that Dealers don't fill tanks for the customer anymore.  I've got a problem.  I buy cars.  If there were a twelve step group for it, I would join.  This was the first time in 20 years that I didn't get a tank of gas with my new car.  The cars I traded in had gas in them.

To be fair, when I complained about the gas issue the next day, (when I dropped off the second trade in) the GM did have someone take my car to fill it with gas.  I don't know if the money came out of his pocket or the company's, but either way... selling a new car and not giving the new owner a tank of gas is a real cheap shot and if that is really how Chrysler Jeep Dodge is, I won't buy another one.  Too bad, too.

When its all said and done, I like my new Jeep and I'm not sorry I bought it. That said, I should have followed my own advice and stuck with the internet sales team.  They always seem to do a better job, get a better price, and faster service - no matter what brand car you buy.

Happy car hunting.

Vadim T. | 2013-08-13

Worked with John Miles and his manager Kevin. Honestly it was my best experience at a dealership. They were both very professional and knowledgeable. Got a really good deal on my trade in (almost as much as the KBB recommended private party sale) and got a great deal on the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. I bought the car late in the evening and did not noticed the water spots on the windows until the next morning, called John and he setup an appointment to get the car fully detailed. Over all great experience so far, John and Kevin went above and beyond what I expected. Even my father-in-law was impressed and I consider him a pro-haggler and my wife loves here new Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland.

Mike M. | 2013-08-10

Conclusion of the matter- I filed a complaint with the Bureau of Automotive Repair.
Terry Oniell came out inspected my car took a couple of pictures and confirmed I neither had my radiator repaired or replaced nor that it leaked. He then drove directly to the dealer and within an hour he called me and told me they would be refunding my $135 diagnostic fee and if I didn't receive a check by next week call him. I did receive my check 9 days later.
If you ever catch me thinking of going here again, just shoot me and save me the misery.

Hafida H. | 2013-07-18

It takes only one bad experience for a business to lose a customer.  And when this experience is a result of staff and management deliberately challenging a customer, charging without rendering a service, arguing no obligation to inform a customer that a charge will be applied whether or not the service is rendered and pointing the finger at you, all that sends you away with a chock and leaves a bad taste in you mouth.  The amount may not be significant, but I have not experienced customer service at this low level, scary!  So, this dealership has lost a customer, and it may not be the last customer they lose if they continue with this practice.  In fairness, there was an employee that courteously kept the door open for us to enter, and that made me feel good before we discover what was inside...

Tyler F. | 2013-05-15

This was my first time at any dealership that was not to buy a new car. I brought my wife's 2010 jeep liberty into the service department. The guy i delt with at the service dept. counter was awesome,! Even the cashier girl was very nice. I did not even buy our jeep from this dealer and they treated me like I had been one of there best customers for years! Amazing customer service, jeep was fixed under warranty with no issues. I'm VERY happy with the respect I recieved and the service my jeep got. I will be back to purchace my next vehicle from them. Thank you very much!

Matt D. | 2013-03-29

Do not take your vehicle here for service. This is not the place to buy a car either. I recommend Elk Grove Jeep.

I recently took my Jeep Cherokee in because the heater stopped working. They quoted me $900 to replace the heater coil and said it would take a week. They also recommended a transmission service for $400. The whole process took well over two weeks because they couldn't find any R12 to refill the A/C. This was an inconvenience but not a big deal. I mainly use this Jeep for fishing.

A week after I got it back, the A/C stopped working. Looking under the hood, it was apparent the R12 had leaked out of the compresser. I brought my Jeep back to service and asked them to make it right since they had worked on it less than a week before.

This is where it gets crazy...they accused me of tampering with the compresser and using the wrong tools. They took no responsibility for it, and they said it would cost an additional $350 to fix. Frankly, it wasn't the cost that offended me; it was their allegation that I was to blame for the problem when they were the last ones to touch it.

I've left several messages for the service manager Jim, and the sales manager Joey, who promised to help me when I picked up my Jeep. I haven't received a call back. Actually, Jim called me back once, but I was in the middle of moving and asked if I could call him back. I have several times but haven't heard back.

As a life long Jeep owner, I'm saddened to see their lack of appreciation for Jeep enthusiast...especially over $350.

Since this happened, I've talked to a couple friends who purchased new vehicles from them. All were pleased with their cars but hated dealing with the service people. Touche!

Ashlee B. | 2013-03-13

I purchased my dodge dart here a few months ago and all I can say is the service and attentiveness of the employees was exceptional. I was greeted right away and had all my questions answered. Since my visit any service I had done was top notch. I will definitely be back!

Alan T. | 2013-01-27

Everyone we met and worked with at the dealership was great - professional, courteous, and as far as I could tell, honest. Actually got treated like a valued customer, as opposed to some other dealerships we had visited in previous weeks (ahem, Stevens Creek Chrysler Jeep Dodge in San Jose). I initially spoke with Junior R. on the phone to agree on sale price of the vehicle (a JGC). Two days later my wife and I went to the dealership and test drove the vehicle with William P., who also did the sales paperwork for us. We were also introduced to a few others including their friendly GM, Damon W. Finally, we worked with Roberto P. to do the financial paperwork. All great guys, and the staff seem like they are all straight shooters and not out there to bait and switch you (again, ahem, Stevens Creek...).

To be picky, the only reason I'm giving 4 stars and not 5 is because we had to spend 4 hours at the dealership whereas our past car buying experiences have been much quicker. Perhaps they were a little short-handed that day, or certain processes had not been fully smoothed out just yet (it's a relatively new dealership). The vehicle price had already been negotiated by phone two days prior to us going to the dealership, so we did not anticipate having to wait so long in the waiting area while they checked our credit, filled out paperwork, etc. Other than that, it was a 5-star experience here!

E G. | 2012-12-30

This place is horrible! I had called to inquire about a Longhorn Ram that no other local dealership had and that they did. I was told  that it was still in their inventory so I made an appointment and drove 2+ hours to purchase the truck.

Once I arrived I noticed the truck was in the detail area. I told this to Michael Kelly (the person that called me to confirm appt.) and he said he would figure out why. As I'm wondering about the lobby some random salesman asked if I was being taking care of. Not knowing he was speaking to me I continued to exit the lobby outside. He followed and asked again. I told him yes. He then asked who. I told him Michael. He says which one. I pointed him out. He seemed a bit irritated and gave me the excuse that they were really busy selling vehicles. What's that got to do with anything? Anyway, a few minutes later the random salesman comes over again this time telling me the truck had been sold. I told that I had an appt. and that I drove over 2 hours to get there. He didn't seem to care and just said that it was illegal for them to hold a vehicle. I turned my back on him and walked out. That should have been a clue to the guy to let it go. He didn't.

He continued to follow me out and this time his voice was getting louder saying over and over "What do you want us to do? It's illegal for us to hold a vehicle!" As I was waiting for my friend to come back to my truck, this guy continued to raise his voice and give excuses for the dealerships actions. I got out of my truck at that point and walked up to the the guy. He was within seconds of losing his front teeth before my friend intervened.

I got back in my truck and left while this nut job continued his pathetic ramblings.

I ended up at another Dodge dealership I saw going back home. This one was in Davis and it was a night and day difference in customer service. They happened to have a Longhorn Ram truck in stock and I bought it.

SCJDR may have sold a truck but lost a customer in the process. If they are truly trying to revamp their image, they need to start by getting rid of that cancerous parasite of a so called salesman. I know the dealership is an equal opportunity employer but the line has to be drawn with mental cases.

I don't know this guy's name because the babbling idiot never introduced himself but he's white with blond hair, glasses, in his early to mid 50's and looks trailer park. You can't miss him.

If this salesman happens to read this and thinks that I'm just a coward behind the me.

Audrey L. | 2012-12-11

Got my challenger fixed on a road trip here a while back. leaking oil and cost 400 to fix. I think it should have been covered under warrantee but they siad i used an non dealer oil change so i had to pay the full thing. i guess the mistake was mine. I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A TOYOTA.

Miguel G. | 2012-11-10

I wouldnt trust what they say, get everything in writting and review with a fine comb before you sign. If you end up signing... hope for the best you didnt miss anything.

I would not buy or service my car here... Just dont...

-I am not an employee, nor a family member of an employee
-I just saw the vehicle online and went in, obviously did my research before i went in to establish how much i could/wanted to pay.. and worked with them on a deal.

Chris L. | 2012-10-20

First and foremost I am an actual customer - not an employee of any sorts. I came here because Paul Blanco and his fresh start program ruined my credit by selling me a vehicle that did not work. I came here in high hopes of getting a better vehicle and assumed I would only be approved for a small vehicle. After some looking around and hunting the management team came back to me and informed me they had a new Range Rover available and asked if I was interested. Reluctantly I knew that I couldn't be approved - the stellar sales team pulled some strings for me, got me approved and even cut my APR! Even now as I come in to have my car serviced, the service department went above and beyond by waiving all of my service fees for me.

In spite of the previous reviews I will continue to shop here and recommend it to everyone.

Matt V. | 2012-10-04

OK, so I have my truck towed to the dealer. After paying them $180 to 'diagnose' the problem, which was literally for them to write down that the transmission will not go into gear...they quote me 2 k to fix the transmission.

I call Clutch Mart and they quote me half that if it is what they suspect. When I decide to have it towed to cutch mart, to my astonishment, the service guy DRIVES my car around to the parking lot.  Then the 'service professional' down revised the verbal estimate she gave me on the phone to about 1 k.

I wound up driving it to Clutch Mart (10 miles away in the city), and they said that, while I may experience problems in the future (e.g. months), I should drive it until I need to have it fixed.

Eventually I did get it fixed by them, but they fixed much more than what these guys had quoted and for half the price.

In all, I was very skeptical of the estimate I received and the $180 I spent for them to 'diagnose' my problem. If you have a choice, take it.

Toni D. | 2012-09-17

EVERY person I have come across at this store is a completely egotistical, condescending, and dishonest jerk, all the way up to the management.
It is really a shame the way they treated my (very intelligent) wife. And we were shocked by how the attitudes changed when I joined the picture.

By the way, if they run your credit, you have the right to see your score STRAIGHT FROM THE CREDIT BUREAU, AND NOT JUST WRITTEN ON A PIECE OF PAPER.

I wish some people would think about how they would like their wife or daughter treated as a customer, before they open their very unprofessional mouths.

Absolutely Disgusting!

Hailey U. | 2012-08-20

So after speaking with one of the salesman on the phone getting the price down on a brand new truck we were wanting we decided to go further and come into the dealership. So the salesman said he would be in the office if we had came in sometime before 9. We got there around 8pm and he was no where to be found, so we had to start over with a new guy. The original guy said to come in and they will give us a purchase order so we can get our own financing. Well needless to say we get there and they couldn't give us a purchase order. That's the first point against them. So we drove all the way out there, which was a waste of time.

We went back the next day and decided to spend a little more to get the next best truck. We dealt with a salesman named Robert, he claimed that he was the honest salesman around and blah blah. And his brother Armando was the GM. They appraised our truck through autotrader online for $12,800 and the salesman took a walk around the truck and said it was great. So we are there for 3 hours and finally they run our credit and see what they can do as far as financing. At that point after he decided on the appraisal amount he says " oh wait that truck has a 6.0 engine, we will probably cut that in half after the recalls." Ok yea fine we would have been ok with him saying that WHILE we were doing the original appraisal. He's in the truck business, he KNOWS which fords have that engine. Those engines went in ALL trucks within a certain time period. So thats point 2 against them.

After they run our credit, he brings me a piece of paper saying my husband and my credit score was 100 POINTS less than what it was 3 days ago. So I called the salesman out and he contradicted what his brother said on the bureau and system they use to check your score. He also kept giving me the bs lines of "well you have had your credit checked a couple times within the last few days and that could lower it." I called bs and said theres no way it goes down a hundred points in 3 days. And then as I was up to leave the salesman COMPLETELY disrespected me. He yelled and made a scene in front of everyone at the dealership saying how it was crazy that I was gonna walk away from a deal because of this and so on. We didn't have the keys to the truck, and it took them about ten minutes to get us the keys. They tried to keep us there anyway they could so we couldn't make a fast getaway.

All in all it was a horrible experience and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. They were crooks and I had a horrible feeling about them from the get go. Had my husband not loved the truck I would of walked from step one. They tried to lower my credit score to make it seem like I couldn't get a great interest rate, therefore raising it to make more money off us.