Performance Chevrolet in Sacramento, CA

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Performance Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 900-6383
Address:4811 Madison Avenue, Sacramento, CA, 95841
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Performance Chevrolet

Cathryn M. | 2015-04-08

I walked in today not expecting to get financed. The staff was great and Kevin worked very hard to get me approved for the car I loved and an amazing price! Im very appreciative for all the hard work that was done, I recommend this dealership and now I'm a life long customer!

Hammer V. | 2015-03-29

I purchased a used Camaro with a Carfax that show a rear collision, a day after I found that this vehicle had a front collision and possible structural damage not reported on the Carfax.  A dealer with a certified body shop is going tell me that they didn't know? Please... I tried to return this vehicle but they were really unfriendly and did not care about my situation, really shady dealer. Now in dealing with legal issues against this bad dealership.

John H. | 2015-02-25

My wife just had to have a "Deep Magenta Metallic" Camaro. Unfortunately, that color is not an option on the 2015 models. We searched high and low for a new '14 in that color. We found a dealer in Texas that had six or eight of them on their lot. After several days of searching online we found one at Performance Chevrolet.

Well, theoretically, it's used as someone bought it, put 200 miles on it and had to return it because the financing fell through. At any rate, my wife loves the car and only had to drive to Sac from the South Bay rather than the middle of Texas.

Now if the guys in the sales department would talk to each other they'd know that they sold me a car and can stop hounding me about buying a new car.

Chris M. | 2015-01-21

I've gone to this dealer the past 10 years to service my Silverado.  I have to say that the service has been getting worse and worse, so bad that now I think it's time to find another service facility.  

I left my truck there for the day to have a battery cable replaced which was causing my alternator to only output 35amps.  Truck was finished,  so I returned at 4:30pm to pick up.   Before paying my bill,  I stopped in the sales department (another bad experience!) and was talking to a salesman about buying a new truck.  My service advisor saw I was there,  so came over and told me my truck is ready whenever I was ready.  

Service closes at 6pm, but I was still at the sales department potentially buying a new truck.  When I got done around 7pm (decided to hold off buying), I found out all the service folks went home.  They left my $28,000 truck on the Service Drive with the cab and tailgate unlocked!!!  My truck key was locked in the service dept and no one anywhere at the facility could get into the service dept to get my truck key.  I had to call my cousin to drive me home to get my spare key, then go back to get my truck.  Then the next day, I had to get off work early (time I need to make up too) to get to the dealer to get my original key and pay my bill.  

I asked for a discount on my bill for all the hassle, my gas and having to leave early.  They gave me a $20 discount on my $180 bill.  What a joke.   They did not take care of my personal property when it was in their possession, nor do they seem to care that my expensive truck would have been on on their service drive all night unlocked.

To top it off, I originally came in because I thought my alternator was bad - was only putting out 35 amps.  They diagnosed the battery cable as the problem, but my paperwork doesn't even show the alternator amperage after the repair.  I will take it somewhere else to have it checked.

All in all,  I've been getting poor service more often than not at Performance Chevrolet. BEING NEGLIGENT WITH MY PERSONAL PROPERTY CROSSED THE LINE.  If someone would even act like they cared and would try to improve their service,  I could work with that,  but this was the final straw!!  I recommend going somewhere else to avoid the many headaches I've experienced this week and though out the past years.

Judy S. | 2014-11-26

My husband and I wrecked  our car and again we went back to the dealer for the 4th time. We will not go back to any other dealer. They are honest and don't try to sell you anything you don't want or can't afford. I was privileged enough to get a lady named Cheryl Krajcar I believe she is a manager. I told her what I wanted and what I could afford and she made it happen. She was sooooo knowledgeable about all the cars, she was telling us things about the cars as we walked by them. Very unusual for a sales person - Internet Manager. I just don't know if I could ever go anywhere else. Also Gary Summer was a wealth of information. I just love going somewhere that a sales person isn't trying and trying to talk you into something you can't afford or even want. We will be back when we need another vehicle. Thank you The Silva's

Vivek S. | 2014-08-18

One of my BEST car dealership experience after having a horrendous one at Chevy Roseville. Cheryl (Internet Sales), David (our special host) , Jerry and Tom (Finance) were fantastic. No haggle pricing - matched one of the competitor's price over the email, kept the same price without ANY price haggling or try to sell me more. I was out with my car in an hour. Many Thanks to the entire Performance Chevy team - you guys are the best!!

Deezee E. | 2014-08-03

I have bought 3 vehicles from them starting with a new 2004 Avalanche . Loved the Avalanches they were an awesome dealer for those and corvettes.  They worked a great price and rate better than my credit union. Came back 2 more times and still driving one of the cars we bought in 2007.  Service department stays in touch with any specials or unfortunately recall issues.  If they have what youre looking for they are awesome to deal with, also great sense of humor. I had to go back home, I live 90 minutes away so I came fat and passed up many dealers to buy here.  Already bought the truck the sales staff went in the joke as i pretended to take it for a test drive and family didnt know i already bought it. We drove half way to Reno.  Many laughs later and all returned to dealership and they detailed it for me and everyone was now calm that Pops didnt snap and steal a new truck.
 Used the service department for maintenance only but they keep in touch make great offers and inform you of any manufacturer issues.  We only had one and the vehicles we bought had no issues and were and are good.  I cant complain about our experiences and if they have something in inventory on their lot i would give them a chance.  One thing, was shopping around and saw vehicles on lot that werent on their web site which by then was too late. That would be my only recommendation for them to improve.  Most of the people i dealt with over the years have moved out of the area or retired but they were very good to us.  I have dealt with several chevrolet dealers from Merced to Roseville and well Performance is one of two that I start off with.  If there is a new Chevy coming that i want I will be back and I live far away but.its always good to come back to my hometown to visit and buy my vehicles. Thanks Performance.

Michael B. | 2014-07-25

Performance Chevrolet is the Chevy store to go to for high-performance Corvette and Camaro also the fleet Department has so many options you don't know where to start. Family owned and they help the community.

James I. | 2014-07-22

Leased a 2014 Chevy Spark EV.

Possibly the best dealership experience I've had. Most places have a gauntlet of people before driving away with a new car. Here, I worked with Tom L. from start to finish. Upfront and honest, rare adjectives for a car dealership.

Tom was upfront about not having much experience and information on the vehicle, and leasing. This would have been irritating if I had no clue about what I was looking for. Having done research upfront, comparing different electric vehicles on the market, I had a good idea what the Spark included (and didn't). No concerns of being "up-sold" on any features of the vehicle.

Took the car around the block and on I-80 to the Antelope exit. The car sold itself.

Overall, the finance process was straightforward. The dealership had no issues honoring the national lease deal ($199/mo. for 36-mo. with $999 deposit plus taxes and fees). Computer system to input the financing information was down, but not a fault of the dealership. This delayed receipt of the car to the next day.

Dealership manager, Mo, called to update on the financing snafu. Car was washed, detailed, and fully charged. Would recommend.

Gianna B. | 2014-05-23

this dealership has defrauded me!!!!!  do not purchase from them! i was sold a used vehicle under the pretext it had not been in any accidents complete with carfax report to "prove it". the paint on the front bumper started chipping off and when i had aaa come out to evaluate the damages on my car they told me based on the physical evidence that car had been in an accident!

upon my own investigation i discovered that this vehicle had been 2 accidents and that this dealership could not have acquired this vehicle from auction (which is where they obtained it) with out knowing that it was announced at auction as having structural damage!!!

they have told me they knew nothing about this. they have refused to discuss with me over email any potential offer so as to "make right" this situation and have required that i come to them. i have requested that i be reimbursed on my down payments and mothly payments, financial investments in the car and that they recind my contract. they have to this day not done so and it has been a month since i first contacted them about this!!!

not only that, but when i presented them with documentation about these accidents, they still kept silent and lied about not having access to this information!! and they again did not reimburse me or dissolve my contract!!!

do not buy from them!!!

Danielle S. | 2014-03-04

My post is only about the service department. My husband and I took our Trailblazer in to be serviced for several different issues we were having. The car is still under warranty. When we drove into the service department, the adviser was very rude and making snarky remarks. Also was acting like my warranty wasn't going to cover the cost of the repairs/diagnosis, when they never even asked for any of my warranty information.It was almost as if they did not want our business due to the fact that we were under warrant. I instantly felt uncomfortable and did not let them service my car. I later called John L Sullivan Chevrolet and they were very warm and friendly. Thanked me for the opportunity to earn their business and gave me no hassle once so ever!

Jerry C. | 2013-11-06

Armando was very informative and honest.I will be looking for a new car in the spring and Performance will be my first stop. Trevor in service was great and I was impressed by great service.

Kenneth P. | 2013-10-26

Always get great service here,  Chad Weaver is the best wrote up the problems with my car had to order some parts brought it back the next day and it was taken care of.

Again can't  say enough about Performance Chevrolet

Jeremy B. | 2013-10-21

I purchased a used vehicle from them last week and was blown away by the whole experience. Mario the sales associate was very kind and courtious through the process.  The next day however I noticed that the taillight assemblies were held on by only 1 screw a piece do to broken plastic retainer built into the taillight. When I called back the dealer they were very helpful and told me to bring it down and they would replace them.  When I got back up to the dealer ( 1 and a half hours away)          Desmond the used car manager started fixing it right away.  Within 15 minutes I had my truck back with new taillight assemblies and a full tank of gas at no charge! I have never purchased a vehicle at the dealer but after this experience I know that I will be doing business with them again!!

Jacki W. | 2013-10-11

My review is especially for Mitch at Performance Chevrolet. It was midnight when we closed out deal and Mitch kept my 3 and 2 year olds occupied and happy while we were doing our paperwork. A month later, my 3 year old was still saying "remember Mitch?".
Overall, the purchasing process was pleasant. The staffs were professional. We purchased a 2013 Volt and are loving it! They promised us a tank for gas since they didn't charge our battery when we left and they kept that promise.

Deborah R. | 2013-09-26

My boyfriend is a new car junkie.  Every couple of years he has to trade in what he has for something else. The last several cars have all come from Performance Chevrolet. We recently traded in our beloved Avalanche for a Chevy Cruse. The better gas mileage convinced us it was time for a new vehicle. We love Kevin and all the other people at Performance. They all know us and treat us like family. We can't imagine shopping anywhere else.  Carl & Debbie

Jill J. | 2013-08-08

Chad is always wonderful when I bring my car in. Friendly and conciencious.

Rick M. | 2013-07-13

Appreciated the quick attention when I arrived.  There was a nice waiting lobby and the attendant let me know the time frames and I was wished a good day and thanks for coming.  It doesn't get any better service than that!

Gabriela N. | 2013-06-06

I was rear-ended a week ago and the insurance told me to go to this place. When I received a call to make an appointment for an estimate the was super rude. I told them their hours were not convenient with my schedule and she just kept making snarky comments. I decided to go elsewhere for my repair. I don't see how somebody can be so rude when they're going to be getting money out of the business that i  bring them.

Penny C. | 2013-05-15

On 4/30/13 I was involved in an accident in the parking lot of Home Depot on Madison Ave. in Sacramento, CA. I was hit by a large Plumbing truck that backed up quickly and ripped the front end of my SUV off. My vehicle was towed to Performance Chevrolet Inc., also on Madison Avenue. They did a terrific job repairing my vehicle which I picked up 5/10/13. On 5/13/13 @ approx. 4pm I received a call from Federated Insurance of Roseville stating that that changed their mind and they were going to put a stop payment on the check they sent me. They told me I'd better let the dealer know. I called Mark in the body shop and discussed this with him. In his 30 yrs. in the business he never had heard of such a thing. He went to bat for me with Federated and Mark just called me and Federated is going to make good on their commitment to pay for the damages. I know when I am ready to look for a new vehicle Performance Chevrolet will get my business. I highly recommend their body shop and kudos for a job well done by Mark Waldemarson, I hope they appreciate having of man of this caliber and integrity working for them!
Penny Callmeyer

Jessica F. | 2013-05-11

From the moment we walked on to the lot to the moment we left we loved being at performance chevy, we enjoyed all the staff along the way also. We will drive all the way to Performance to buy all our family vehicles. We love our Tahoe!!

Eric L. | 2013-04-09

Parts, parts, parts.

I needed a computer for my '90 GM 5.7L.  They happened to be the only dealership in Northern California who had one.  They saved my bacon with a friendly and knowledgable parts staff.  I may check out the sales team when I need a new truck.

Alisha C. | 2013-04-05

My husband and I were out looking at getting a new vehicle and I was so happy that we came to Performance Chevrolet. We were greeted and helped by Mario and also assisted by Earl. These two men were so wonderful and helpful it really made our experience a great one. Thanks again Guys, keep up the great service ;)

Doug C. | 2013-04-03

Brought in my C3500 Silverado for an oil change and a battery problem.  I thought the batteries (yes two batteries) were going bad and I would have to replace them since the engine would hardly turn over.  Turns out that when AAA put in new batteries 6 months ago they didn't tighten the clamps.  Very glad the batteries did not need to be replaced.  Another satisfied customer...  ;-)

Ken R. | 2013-03-16

I have been looking everywhere for a C6 vet, and had seen several for evaluation in the past months, and had scheduled 3 more for a Sunday, and they were my first of the 3 stop.  Krystyl, a newbie on the Internet, had been sending me information on the Internet, including taking custom movies and posting them on youtube, of the different choices.  She was great at explaining the cars and my wife and I were impressed with her professionalism, mixed with a caring personality.  She admittedly didn't know sales, but she was good at it, for just being factual and no nonsense, if she didn't know, she found out.  All important to me.  We got to Performance Chevy, and Krystyl was not working, but we met up with Cheyenne, and we test drove the car, and ended up purchasing the C6, and drove it home that day.  Everyone at Performance was very professional, and a pleasure to deal with, including  Chris, the finance officer.  A very different, no pressure, no nonsense approach to sales, that I didn't experience in the past from car dealerships.  I would very much recommend this dealership.  The car I purchased had an ABS idiot light go on while I was there, and since their maintenance is not open on weekends, they gave me a fix it ticket to bring back and have it fixed.  Stellar, and thanks to Krystal for getting me in, and to Cheyenne for providing a deal I could live with. I too drove 3 1/2 hours with a $ amount, and they came through, and I'm extremely happy with the experience.

Moe J. | 2012-09-17

Our 3rd car in 13 months from Performance Chevrolet, We love this dealership

Steve R. | 2012-01-13

I get my cars serviced at Performance Chevy. They are a no nonsense dealer that does a great job.. My service director is Jon. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Try them out. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Miles W. | 2011-04-07

I have bought over ten cars in the past 12 years. Some purchases have been through private parties and some have been through dealerships, but Performance Chevrolet of Sacramento was by far the worst experience I have ever had buying a vehicle.

When I spoke to the sales person over the phone I was told the purchase price was 30,000$ out the door. So I drove an hour and a half to Sacramento and when I showed up and the purchase agreement was put together the total was now 30,666$. Which is 666.00$ more than the agreed to price over the phone. I then confronted the sales person at which time she lied straight to the face of me, my father and two of her bosses. It was one of the lowest things I've ever seen a person do. My Dad was speechless since he heard her on the phone only a few hours earlier telling me the price was 30,000$ out the door.

Due to the fact I was still getting the vehicle for several thousand below KBB I still purchased the vehicle. (Plus I just drove an hour and a half.)

So once I got home the vehicle had a blown tire. I took the vehicle to Les Schwab and the tire had a razor blade in it. After that I thoroughly went through the vehicle from top to bottom and found there were several options that were originally in the craigslist ad that I had not found on the vehicle. (On-Star, Keyless Start)

Later that day I called Performance Chevrolet and spoke to the General Manager, who told me to kick rocks, and would not be providing me any reimbursement for the blown tire or options which were not on the vehicle.

Sorry for the extremely lengthy review but if I can save one person the headache I went through it is well worth the time and effort I put into this review.

Thank You,

Sincerely disappointed

Aieabo y. | 2011-03-24

After 12 years and 220K miles, it was time for a new car. I had done my research for several months and knew exactly what I wanted and what a fair price would be for the vehicle. I also contractually obligated them for several options that weren't on the car, but they would have to order from the factory.

This wasn't my first trip to a gloryhole, so I was prepared to bend over, grab my ankles and take it like a man. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed it. I got what I wanted.

Other than the obligatory haggling over the price, everybody was smiling, professional and polite, like they should be when they are taking you for a turgid ride on the hershey's highway.

The extra's took a few weeks longer than expected, so they ran my car through the auto wax/detail machine for free. That was awfully nice of them to use a condom.

I will NEVER EVER give a 5 star on a new car sale, something about giving them 30K of my hard earned $$$.

They came close though. No pun intended.

jennifer c. | 2010-12-22

I really cant stand the dealership and to be honest its always my last resort-so its only when my regular mechanic cant figure it out I have no choice. John L Sullivan can stop sending me coupons-ok my hubby enjoys burning them but hey save yourselves some postage guys for real....
Found myself in a situation where I had to go to the dealership and with Saturn nothing more than a memory I have to go to GM I figured what the heck here goes nothing...performance surprised me I must confess, they didnt give me bullshit song and dance, they actually cared about what my mechanic had to say and they didnt try to bullshit me into a bunch of crap I didnt need. The only thing I was unhappy with was the time it took to fix my car- a busted fuel injector took a little over a week wth??? they called to let me know they overlooked a gasket that needed to be replaced and since they overlooked it they were going to do that for free...ok you get some bonus points for that....even worse they are not open on the weekends either so no bonus for weekend hours...
Bottom line is this;if you have to see the dealership I reccommend these guys-they dont give you bullshit and they dont try to charge you for every single friggin thing under the sun....I will go back but only if its my last option....

Lincoln K. | 2010-09-30

The instrument gauges on my 2005 Chevy Cavalier were reading wacky.  I first took it to Hanlees Chevrolet (in Davis) and was told it was a 3-day job which would cost $700.  I then took it to Performance Chevy, where I dealt initially with John who had a pretty condescending and sarcastic attitude and seemed to think I was nothing more than a pain in the ass.  Thankfully, the service consultant I had was Chad, who was honest, straightforward, knowledgeable and courteous.  He said it would be a 2-day job and cost $480.  The car was repaired in a day-and-a-half and I was billed the quoted $480...the gauges work properly now and they even washed my car.

Yves J S. | 2009-09-26

Review based on Service department experience.

  I brought in my vehicle early in the morning to get some basic maintenance done. It was time for a trans/oil change, and I wanted to have my brakes inspected since it had been a while and I began to hear more frequent brake pad squealing and light vibration. I normally would take my car to a non-dealer shop for basic stuff to help save on cost of repairs, but since I received a coupon by email, I decided to take it straight there instead of doing it myself.

 They fixed the vehicle, advised on future maintenance needs to consider, washed the car, and did not try to up-sell on current visit. I checked the work when I got home and they had also topped off all the other fluids. I'm satisfied with the work done, but was a little bit unhappy with the length of time it took to finish.

Pros: Good work, ease of service/parts availability, and communication.

Cons: Length of time it took to complete job, total cost of work if coupon/discount was not present.