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Address:2200 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95825
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Reviews on Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company

Tee T. | 2015-04-17

I'd heard a lot of horror stories from family & friends about car shopping so I was extremely nervous going into this place alone, as a first time buyer and a female one at that. I mean, I'm no fool. I know how much easier it is to get over women when it comes to this car stuff, add my bad credit history in there, and I thought for sure that I wouldn't be leaving a happy customer.
Fortunately for me, I wasn't one of those ones that got suckered into anything bad. My whole PB car experience was so much better than I expected and I was lucky enough to leave w/ the exact car and car payment that I wanted thanks to my salesman, Tam Pham and the finance manager, Al Pham. They gave me the best deal possible w/  what I came in with ($1000 dwn payment and a trade in -- banged up and all).
The day before I had gone to a different car dealership and almost left that night w/ a car but something had happened and we couldn't finish the paperwork so I told them I'd be back the next day to finish it up. I left feeling really funny about the whole thing and was super disappointed that I went home w/ out a car, but after some thought, was actually really relieved that it didn't end up working out. My down payment and my car payments would have hurt my pockets, big time. So thanks to the other car dealership for screwing up my paperwork. I was able to go to a better car dealership (Paul Blanco's) and ended up w/ a better deal altogether.
I definitely think PB's would be a good place for anyone to go car shopping, especially first time buyers or people w/ bad credit. If I ever need another, I will def be going back to PB's!

Laila B. | 2015-03-27

Wow! Why did I NOT read the reviews? Very irritated and unsatisfied. I am shopping around for my first on the lot car. I'm not at all thrilled about having a car note, but you gotta do what you have to. Paul Blanco lied when they said they help if you have bad credit. Ran my credit and didn't let me even look at a car. Said I needed at least $2000 to even try to locate a lender for a sedan. All this after we came from enterprise who offered me a suv for $1200 down. Really?!  All I had to do was sign the papers and I would have been golden but silly me thinking Paul Blanco would give me a better deal and actually do what they said they would do! Sad sad and needs to be SHUT down! I'm too disgusted and I will be purchasing with Ryan from enterprise. I recommend them instead of those liars at blanco!

Chris M. | 2015-03-26

"Happy Bob" was nice, but I came completely prepared for the car I wanted. I make more than radio ad required, ok credit with joint app. I was approved over phone but that's the common gimmick to walk in and do the entire headache process in person.

Truth is, they ARE a dealership, bank approval required and they want that money down. I made myself very clear with staff over phone and email what I can't afford,car of choice in stock, but money talks, not a fresh start program.

They didn't want me to test drive until approval anyway(although approved by phone). Hate to brake it but America turns with money. Don't have the green, Your car won't be seen.

Kelly M. | 2015-03-13

Mr. WC and I are job rich but credit poor. No credit card debt or foreclosures, but when you have 5 kids between us...ya know, poor scores happen. We saw the commercials, asked a few friends. Most important was the fact we needed wheels quick.

I have always paid cash off the lot for every car I purchased. The loan process was often arduous and humiliating. I filled out the online application, answered some questions over the phone and booked an appointment. We met promptly at 10 AM with "Happy" Bob Stag. He treated us professionally and with dignity. Long story short, we got just what we wanted, with the payment  we wanted. They even gave us quite a bit more than we thought we would get for a 20 year old trade in, and we didn't have to deal with selling it. All in just under 2 hours.

I read the other reviews. You have to remember they sell a TON of cars, and the reviews only seem to be about one a month, so maybe a half a percent of what they probably sell. You're just not going to walk in making a grand a month with no down payment  and drive away with a car. They're good, but not that good.

Robert H. | 2015-03-03

Paul blanco fresh garbage program sucks!!! I went here about a year ago to check out a car. I went in there to just get a price on a truck we seen while driving by and boy was that the biggest mistake ever.

When i first walked in i was approached by a young hispanic man about my height which is 6foot3. I ask him for the price on the vechichle since they dont put the price on the cars. He kept trying to get me to sit down i told him no i just wanted the price for the car and he told me we dont want your business anyways and gave me a shove. I wanted to fight him but decided to be mature and move on.

I honestly dont know how this company is still in business the people there are rude, they try to rip people off on there car deals. Everyone stop going to these paul blanco car dealerships, they deserve to go out of business.

So V. | 2015-02-19

I drove all the way over to Paul Blancos fresh start program 45 min drive just to be told that I could get a van for 600 a month that's Ridiculous!! How is this supposed to be a (fresh start) this place is a joke and they say over the phone we can help anyone we don't go on credit we go on your income!! Well that's another lie just to get you over there and not approve you I even seen them sending other people away this business is a plain joke I would never come here and give them business all they will do is embarrass you I'm so angry and upset I had to write this review on the dealership who promises auto loans to anyone!!!

Kelly Y. | 2015-02-18

The only reason this company is getting one star is because this company was great to actually buy my car from, my sales guy was amazing and got me the car I wanted. The problem happened after I drove my car off the lot. I noticed when filling up on gas that my Trip A mileage was the mileage that had been written down on my contract, warranty and everything else. Turns out my car ODO read a higher amount, a difference of over 14,000 miles. I immediately called the company to discuss changing my paperwork and also changing the worth of my car. I knew it wouldn't be a huge difference in the worth of the car but I wasn't up for paying over $16,600 for a car with now an additional 14,400 miles on it. I called and called. Kept getting the whole, we will fix it and then nothing happened. In the mean time they wanted me to pay a deferred down payment based off the contract with the wrong mileage. I refused. Two years later and they drag me to small claims court over it. I was told while sitting outside the small claims court that if I agreed to make payments on the deferred down payment that I would get the owner's wife email address and she was aware of the situation/ready to fix it. I thought, okay, we can settle this outside of court and get everything taken care of without wasting the judges time. So I did and I emailed her right away. I got one response that she would respond when she got back from out of town and then I NEVER heard from her again. Which is EXACTLY what happened to me two years ago when I first let them know about the damn problem. I mean the owner's wife won't even send me an email at all. Nothing. Just like the manager did when I brought the problem up with him. I am now going to have to take ANOTHER damn day off of work to go back to court over this but I thought others should know, if you buy a car and have a problem after you have signed everything, DON'T EXPECT IT TO GET FIXED. They won't. They will ignore you and try to take as much money from you as they can. They are shady and they aren't responsible business owners. Mistakes happen and I was happy with the sale, all ready to write a great review but then this crap happened. HOW CAN YOU IGNORE THE FACT THAT YOU SOLD ME A CAR WITH AN ADDITIONAL 14,400 MILES ON IT??? Including a warranty that was useless to me because it also had the wrong mileage. So warning, this seems like a great deal but check all your mileage, make sure you watch them to make sure they don't do anything shady and when you have a complaint take it straight to court. They don't like taking care of their issues AT ALL!!! Be very cautious when you buy a car from here. If the owners are willing to ignore my issue of selling me a car under false pretense and falsifying a contract, imagine the shadiness they could do with your car sale. They need to clean up their act. Respond to complaints and be a GOOD CAR COMPANY. I will never refer anyone to them because of this reason and I would have two years ago because I thought their sales guy was great. Bad company. Bad owners. Not a good place to buy a car from. There are plenty of other dealerships. I will gladly change my review if I could ever get a response from the owner's regarding this crazy mistake!!

Najma L. | 2015-01-03

last year i bought a car from Paul Bloncos.worst mistake of my life,in a bout few months all the Electronic  parts stop working and every time i made a turn while i was driving water was coming out from all the seats and after the first rain inside my car got flooded.when i contacted them the only respond i got from them was too bad you bought the car and if you have any problem contact our if that was not bad enough i ended up selling the car with huge loss after 3 months so i went there personally and cancel my warranty which has been 3 months since and i have not been able to get my money back,there respond,person in charge is not in the office,we do not have a copy of your request(which i faxed it to them),person in charge is out to lunch and will call you as soon as she gets back and still nothing so Monday i will contact news 13 and have them air my please think twice before you buy your car from them and do not fall for their advertise.

Raymomd Q. | 2014-11-29

(I'd prefer to give this place zero stars but that's bat an option)Took my girlfriend there to try to buy a car and could have left more insulted. I guess most of their customers are dealing with financial problems so the sales staff/manager think they can say anything to you. I told them I was looking for a car under 300 a month. They tell me that they have a car for 291. When I asked for a second too look at the numbers they proceeded to call me names such as coward, say I'm not a man, since I didn't keep my word of wanting a car under 300 a month. I tried to leave only to have the sales guy follow me all the way to my car calling me names. I hope anyone looking to buy a car realizes that CarMax has a similar program with wayyyy more friendly sales associates.

Wayne M. | 2014-11-16

I am extremely disappointed with the service at Paul Blanco.  We gave all of our information over the phone for an appointment.  When we got there we had to repeat everything to the salesman,  that we had told to the person over the phone, including the car we wanted and fact that we had a trade in. The kicker was, that instead of writing down some of the things, that were communicated in the beging of our conversation,  he went through his sales pitch just to have me repeat what car I wanted and the fact that we had a trade in. I would avoid this place at all costs.

Brian A. | 2014-11-12

Marisio did a great job helping us pick out a car that was perfect for our family! Buying a car here was quick and easy!

Eveline G. | 2014-11-10

Great place for no credit or bad credit. Came here late and they worked with us on leaving with a car!!!

Lynesha M. | 2014-11-07

Horrible car company!! Recently got a new car brakes or rotors makes a grinding sound. Brought my car in a week after, called today and Vince from the service dept basically stated I was lying, over talked me while yelling and did not listen. Have a 33,000miles 2yr warranty & he said thats wear & tear so it doesnt cover it. Hate this place wish I could have gone somewhere else!!!fucking assholes! SINCERELY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER!!! They deserve no stars since I have to put 1

Doug W. | 2014-10-27

I'm extremely disappointed with the service I received at PB on Fulton Ave. The majority of people they deal with are probably grateful to get into any vehicle that they can, which apparently gives the Sales Associate and the Sales Manager the belief that they can be disrespectful and arrogant in their approach.

I had talked with a salesperson ( John I believe) and made an appointment to come down the following day to look at some trucks. In our initial conversation he asked how much money down I had and I told him that I could only do $2000. The  next day my appointment was for 10 AM, and at 9:45 John called me and asked if I was able to put $3000 down. I told him no I was only able to put $2000 down and to not put the cart before the horse because we haven't even talked terms yet. Heck, I didn't even know what vehicle he was looking to show me. I told him this and he replied "I told you a truck", with irritation in his tone. So let me get this straight,S.O.P. Is to ask for a higher down payment without even letting me know what the vehicle was? I asked him if I should still come down and he said "if you don't have $3000 then don't waste your time".

I didn't think this was the way PB wanted to do business, so I then proceeded to call the manager on duty. I got a guy by the name of Reggie, who said he was the general sales manager. I started to tell him what had happened, but all he did was talk right over me. He was extremely  unprofessional, rude and to tell you the truth, pretty ghetto.

They act like a bunch of thugs, which is quite annoying. Reggie killed the deal for them though. For being a GSM, he had zero customer service skills. I'd recommend steering clear of this company. Look at the low yelps, obviously others feel the same way I do. These guys are a joke.

Emma D. | 2014-10-26

Today I went with my friend to Paul Blanco to find her a car. The person we worked with was very nice and helpful

Linda H. | 2014-10-19

I purchase my 2nd car at Paul Blanco Friday night.  My salesman was Enrique, he was wonderful.  He got me the car I wanted at the price I wanted.  This is my 2nd time with them, and there will be a 3rd.  The whole team was wonderful.  
Also  since I was there 2 years ago, they have really spruced up the place, it looked super nice, very welcoming.  I got exactly what I was looking for just like the first time.  Buying a car can be stressful,  both times were painless, pleasant, and they showed their appreciation for my business. Al Pham the finance manager was polite and very pleasant to work with, the paperwork went so fast!   I do not have  great credit, this was not a negative factor for me.  They got me approved with the payment and term I wanted.
Thank you Paul Blanco.  I have sent people to you and will continue to do so.

Wayne L. | 2014-10-16

Buyer beware!! Paul Blanco got pissed at me when I told him that his interest rate was too high and we were going to shop around for financing. He told me he already tried other banks and threatened that if another car salesman ran my credit, it would drop my credit rating below a point he would be able to sell me a car at. I get the idea he must push a lot of people into taking his high interest rates. Our salesman was nice, Paul Blanco... Not so nice. We will never go back there again.  Stressful, pushy, emotional games, used car sales tactics etc.

Tom M. | 2014-10-16

I been looking for a truck for my job, i'm 20 years old with no credit. So i went to Paul Blanco since i heard about it on the radio all the time. I made an appointment and met with Guillermo, first thing he did was run my credit without even asking if i had a trade in or a deposit. comes back to ask that i had no credit so that i would need $3.000 to $4,000 in order to be able to get the truck i need for work. I told him if i had the kind of money i certainly would not shop there.
I went home and told my mom, she looked on their web site to see they advertise that they take junk cars for trade. so my mom called Guillermo and left him a message. it's been a week and he has never returned her call.
What happen to the FRESH START that they advertise about ? all a bunch of crap.

Jessr Y. | 2014-10-06

Illegal?  I didn't think much of the reviews . Seemed nice on outside.  But  after sitting with a helpful sales man.  The cars had no prices.  The prices on the cars online are not the actual prices. Its the low blue book value.  That's very misleading...  the loan part...... he ran my credit...pretty much told me i can't find out the price of the car until what the bank says... this isn't true. What Paul Blanco does is that put in their own price.... you have to have a amount for the bank when u apply for a loan..i didn't feel right...   inside it was ok but unprofessional... from gangster ghetto rap playing loud  to a horseplay atmosphere.   When i walked out the receptionist was glued in lol zone texting..i doubt she saw me  leave. I was like omg this is so ghetto

John R. | 2014-08-31

My wife was considering buying a car here which had some sales lady calling incessantly. I'm talking morning noon and night- no break on the weekend. My wife is at church right now with the kids- I'm getting a moment of silence and of course the phone is ringing and the caller id reads: "Paul Blanco" NOO00oo! I think this guy must hire collection agents. I asked this persistent person not to call back and as soon as I hung up the house phone the cell phone began ringing... "Paul Blanco". I answered, repeated my request and told her we're NOT interested anymore- please don't call anymore. This woman got an attitude and told me, she would quit calling when my wife told her to quit calling... lol At this point, and I told her this- there is no way we would ever do business with them. You hear me Paul Blanco? You could not give us a vehicle. LEAVE US ALONE! lol

Jena B. | 2014-08-05

I only gave this place one star because I had to. My fiance went online and was "pre approved" for a loan, they never said how much or what the payments would be. We had an appointment and when we show up no one bothers to come help us for an hour. Then as soon the slime ball sales man sits down he looks over our paperwork and immediately asks me why I wasn't co signing on the loan. After about 10 minutes sitting with him he tells my fiance he can't help him. they would only give him a loan with a minimum of a $2000 down payment and monthly payments well over what we could afford. This place is a complete joke! I think they tell you that you are pre approved just to get you in the door. We went to Nissan in Davis and got a loan with no problem on an almost new car. I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone.

Brittany R. | 2014-08-01

Buyer Beware. Paul Blanco's staff is incompetent.  I bought my car here in July '12. I never received my plates and tags and when I went to the DMV to find out what was going on they informed me they had no paper work showing the car was even registered to me, befuddled I called Paul blanco and each time I got the run around stating I owed money and they messed up on paperwork. Turns out they use their own DMV, who I am now dealing with. WARNING: do. not. work. with. Angelina. This woman was a recipe for disaster and unprofessionalism. From eating chicken like a caveman in front of me to rambling on like a crazy woman. Paul Blanco's is a scam.

Jesiree O. | 2014-07-28

I bought a car from this place on 3/16 and it was a 2013 Chevy Malibu and I have had nothing but problems since. Apparently the car had a lot of work done and it made my warranty void with Chevy.

One of many issues:  Paul Blanco confirmed they put a new battery in, it was apparently done poorly because the battery kept dying. When I took it to them they to check they said nothing was wrong. I have had to take the car in no less than 5x (for all kinds of stuff) I finally took it to a chevy dealer and they explained to me even some of the issues. They corrected an issue with the battery...and of course there was a charge. I requested reimbursement from Paul Blanco becuase it was them that put the battery in poorly and hooked up the wiring poorly. They didnt seem to catch the problem on one of my several trips back in for service. I requested reimbursement because yes it was their fault! I requested reimbursement several weeks ago, called to follow up and was told someone would get back to me. No word as of today. I was at one point told by the regional manager Reggie that Chevy "upcharged" me for the fix. Ummm...Paul Blanco put the battery in wrong and couldn't detect the issue when I brought the car in & then they placed blame on an actual Chevy dealer. Talk about bad business.

I was told by the salesman I full manufacturer warrenty since it only had 12k miles. Nope...not the case. When I took it to the Chevy dealer they told me the car had been repainted, after market battery put in, problem with the bumper..etc. So I am unable to take advantage of the warranty.

To add, I thought I was getting a good reliable car...they convinced me to put $3000 down based on that. My car note....ridiculous for all the troubles im having & no ability to take advantage of the manufacturer warranty.

They asked me at signing for a Yelp ya go. My pleasure.

Bailey H. | 2014-07-26

This place is RIDICULOUS. Had we paid attention to the Yelp reviews in the first place, we never would have STEPPED FOOT in this place. They make promises they can't keep knowing full well they're full of BS. They said they'd work with us on our down payment, made an agreement on what they would withdraw from our account and then took what they wanted anyways.

I don't suggest EVER going to Paul Blanco, if you do get everything in writing. Save yourself some trouble, both mentally and financially and go to CarMax.

If they fix this, I'll be more than happy to update my post, but I'm not holding my breath.

Susan M. | 2014-07-19

I don't even want to give them one star, but this is the only way to get my review posted. I just moved to California from Minnesota and heard of this place, so I decided to give it a try and go in. I was there for over two hours, was told I was pre-approved and they had me test drive the vehicle I was "pre-approved for", went back inside to sign the paperwork and was told I was not able to leave with the car without a co-signer. If you tell someone they are pre-approved it gives them the impression that they have the loan to drive off the lot with the vehicle. I work in real estate, and although it's a different business, clients are not pre-approved if they aren't getting the loan. They are straight up and honestly told that they are not getting the loan and given the education to come back in the future when they would be ready to be considered again. Awful, awful experience and a complete waste of time!

Erica Q. | 2014-07-15

I had to convince my husband to go to Paul Blanco's but is was a big mistake!

I saw a commercial on Univision (mexican channel) and was sure that they would help us get a car.

I had $1000.00 for a down payment my husband and I where going to be on the contract and we let the sales man know that we where willing to bring in 600-800 more in the next two weeks. So before even being able to look at a car paperwork had to be done first.

I was told I needed a much bigger down payment or a co-signer with GOOD credit..... lol so what happened to no credit,  bad credit, we can help?

I felt like we where wasting there time and they did not even try and help us out. I left very disappointed, my husband told me don't be disappointed things happen for a reason....

Sure enough they do!
I went elsewhere the next day test drove a car that I really really like and today is in my drive way!

Thanks for nothing Paul Blanco's!

Anna V. | 2014-07-15

Never in my life have I been treated as low and as little as Paul blanco did today. I came in to get an idea of what kind of car I can afford, I walked around for about 20 mins before someone approached me and had me come inside to talk about my finances. Then the man asked the basic questions such as where do you work and how much do you make monthly when i told him he shaked his head and said you won't even qualify for a car here then gets up says thank you ladies have a good day and left us sitting there. All I can say is I will never go back to any Paul blanco and I will be telling everyone I know about the horrible service here. I would have put no stars but they require you to put at least one

Victoria M. | 2014-07-06

There are definitely mixed reviews but I think this place works if you're in  specific demographic...not so great credit and understand that the terms are a little higher than other dealerships. Those are the rules of the game. With that being said, I had a relatively good experience. Yes, I did make an appointment and I came prepared. Tom and Al assisted my purchase and they were what made the experience what it was; not only were they friendly but understanding of my terms and they did what they could to get me to purchase a car. It worked out and so far I am happy. I would recommend to a friend but only if they're in need of a great car without great credit.

Mrs W. | 2014-06-30

Went there this weekend and I was very upset with how this car dealership operates. I have never been to a dealership where they have no prices on the cars. I sat down to wait for them to call me so I could talk to someone about a car. I had a wait so I went to the lady and told her I was going to go outside to take a look at what they had and she got very upset about that and wanted to argue with me. She went on to say that's not all the cars they have and they don't like anyone to go look at the cars before they get credit approval first. I explained to her I just wanted to look while I waited she got loud and continued saying I would lose my place on the waiting list if I went outside. OK there was only one person behind me so it didn't make a difference. After that I just sat down til I was called. I then spoke to a man who was handling me and someone else at the same time. He had her paperwork on the desk witch I thought was very unprofessional because I could see all her personal information. He then asked me what type of truck I was looking for I explained to him that I seen a 2004 F150 on there web site for 12,660 and I wanted to go for that. He then said we don't have old vehicles only 2011-2014 I told him pull up the site. He did then he said let me go look to see where it is. He then asked me how much I had down and how much I wanted to do in payments. I told him and he walked off to talk to the credit department. Then he comes back to me saying I needed 5000.00 down and my payments would be around 594.00 a month because even thou they have it listed for that price they did some other work and so the price would be around 17000-18000 for a 2004 truck. How can they advertise a vehicle for a price and not honor it. They put those prices to get you there and and they lie. They say they are the credit specialist and they can help anyone regardless of your credit and you only need 1500 down payment all a lie. I left that place and went to another dealership not only did I get a better truck my down payment was what I wanted it to be and my monthly payment is way below what I thought it would be. I rate Paul Blanco's with an over all F

Danielle O. | 2014-06-28

I walked into Paul blanco yesterday hopeful to buy a car and using my mom as a co signer. I had a budget with 2200$ to put down and didn't want payments for more than 200-250$ a month.

The sales man came to us, ran our credit did all of that, and then said that there was a car that they just received and to come look at it so I went and it was a 2012 accent , I test drove it and asked how much it was , he then responded with "I don't know, the bank is still deciding"

We walked back inside for the salesman to walk back with the car fax of the car with another man (the manager I guess) and he came to us to throw his pitch. The car was 16,000$ I was told I had to put down a 5,000$ down payment and my monthly payments would be 532$ I told him there was no way In hell i could even possibly pay this and my APR was 25% I was shocked. After I told him I couldn't pay it he continued to keep talking about the car and I quickly cut him off and told him that I didn't understand why he was still talking about this car when I couldn't even afford it, he then turned to my mom and asked if she could pitch in which made me even more aggravated. They didn't even go and let me look around the lot. Never coming back here again.

5 minutes later we walked out and drove to Carmax to get the car in my budget 2010 toyota yaris with 40k miles for 12k$ and my interest rate was so much lower I recommend everyone to carmax before coming here.

Johnathan M. | 2014-06-26

So I always enjoy writing an update to a review I posted when I think they have made an improvement or if they still are just awful. In this case still awful. So I emailed Paul Blanco (due to the fact I received an email making sure I received excellent service) the email was from a Melissa Delvo stating that they work directly with the Paul Blanco family and wanted to know how my service was. I of course reiterated that I was not happy as stated in my previous yelp review.  She then went on to defend the dealership stating that the reason they could not offer anything other than a Mustang was because the bank dictates what car they are able to sell to a particular person based on there credit worthiness. So the bank thought it best based on my credit worthiness to put me in a 27,000 car with a 690 car payment. ROFL!!!!! WTF!!!! So I have no choice apparently in what car I am able to purchase. The bank makes that decision for me LOL. WOW I have been in finance for ten years and never heard such a crock of #$% in my life. STAY AWAY FROM PAUL BLANCO!!!!!! FRESH START is a SCAM!!!!!! However she did offer to send me a gas card so I guess their is a silver lining lol

****UPDATE 07/07/2014****

Meghan M. | 2014-06-23

I was in the market for a car earlier this year. I decided to give Paul Blanco a try. I don't have bad credit and had at least $2k to put down if I needed too.

The minute I walked in, I knew I wasn't going to stay for very long. I asked if there was someone to help walk around the lot and show me what they had, as I was looking for a specific type of car, and was told there wasn't and everyone was busy. Ok, fine. I'll look myself. There are no prices listed on the cars so you can't tell what is what, just the year. I saw a couple cars that I actually liked and wanted to see what they were priced at.

I asked the first person I saw, if there was someone I could talk to about a couple cars on the lot. He asked if I had an appointment and I said no. He then said that in order to know the prices I would first have to talk to finance and be pre-approved. No, no, no. You are not going to run my credit just so i can SEE the prices of the cars. I told him absolutely not. He then pointed me to a flip book of newspaper ads that had some of the cars listed in it and said that some of the prices were in there.

I just walked out at that point. I can't help but feel like he took one look at my exterior, sized me up and decided I was not worth the time. Little did he know, that I was more than qualified and ready to purchase that day.

Oh, well. Found what I was looking for a couple days later and I am happy.

Erica P. | 2014-06-04

Me and my Husband came here to purchase him a car (that I agreed to co-Sign for). We told them we had a trade-in (which they accepted) and they approved the deal. Only to find out when it was all said and done, when they brought out the paperwork they had switched me to be the primary (since my credit was better) without my knowledge. Now they keep calling me about more money for the down 6 months later & saying they are going to take legal action and garnish only my wages! Bad customer service, I bought a car myself around the same time from another smaller dealer & I haven't had any problems at all. If you are looking for a car please Make Paul Blanco your last stop, only come here if you want a headache!

Mayra S. | 2014-05-30

My hubby and I purchased our new car for his work, we were very nervous and very doubtful as this was our 1st big purchase and like ever big 1st purchase we were scared to get suckered in by sales reps. As we walked in we were greeted warmingly and George Sein came in to help us, he asked what we were interested in and how much info we had on our credit and gave us plenty of info and options of Paul Blancos fresh start program and putting us more at ease. His co worker Beto was also helping us out and made it feel more like we had close friends helping us looking out and protecting us. Overall experience as a 1st time buyer was great. Thanks guys see u in 10 months when we go back to get a car for me :) Mayra and Jesus.

Dave D. | 2014-05-20

If you have really bad credit (which I did over two years ago when I bought my car) they can get you financed. BUT DON'T FALL INTO THE SAME TRAP I DID!!! I alone destroyed my credit when I was younger, and am still in the process of building it again. When my wife and I were expecting our first child we were sharing a car and needed a second four door car. I was sold a 2011 Chevy Impala and it has been a great car. BUT, I was told that after 6 months of on time payments i would be able to refinance the 29% interest rate for a lower rate. WRONG! After six months i called and stopped by to try to talk to some one to refinance. I was either left on hold or to wait in the lobby until I got frustrated and left. When I finally did sit and talk to someone I was not able to refinance because of the depreciated value of the vehicle. Two years later I am $10,000 upside down in the car paying $550 a month. I can't refinance unless I put the $10,000 down.

Sam D. | 2014-05-14

Putu Blanco is a SCAM ARTIST I would love to see her and her family arrested and their company put out of buisness they are thieves and trash! They prey on people with bad credit and scam them! I'm working on a complaint with the better business bureau right now! They have sooo many complaints on them it's ridiculous!!

Elle D. | 2014-05-11

I came in with very specific requirements:
I wanted a Nissan or Toyota, had $1000 to put down and wanted my payments to be no more than $300 a month.

I was told by the salesman named George that because of my credit situation, I should realistically expect a 20-27 percent APR and a $400-$500 monthly payment, and would have to put at least $2000 down. He mentioned that he might be able to get me a deal closer to what I was looking for...if I were willing to purchase a Dodge or other American brand instead and/or find a co-signer. I said absolutely not.

I find it highly suspicious that they have no prices posted for the cars they have on their lot. And when I asked what the prices were, George claimed that he "didn't know" the prices because "the banks determined them." So you're telling me that you are selling cars yet don't even know for how much? And you're giving me an outrageous estimate for APR and monthly payment WITHOUT telling me the price of the car? What a shady, dishonest establishment.

Although George himself was a nice man, it's the management and owners I blame for imposing dishonest practices.

I highly recommend CARMAX in Roseville instead. I was approved for the exact Nissan Altima I wanted, for only $1000 down INCLUDING tax and licenses, 12% APR, $280 monthly payment + extended 50K mile warranty. :)

I'm not sure how George came up with a 27% APR and $500 monthly, but obviously I found something ELSEWHERE that was even better than what I was originally looking for.

But like I mentioned, George was a nice man just trying to make a living, which I understand. So nothing against him at all. It's the establishment I do not trust and was completely unimpressed with.

They should change the name of their "Freshstart Program" to "Freshripoff"

Felisha H. | 2014-05-01

My son purchased a car from this dealership in February of 2014 and it is currently sitting on my front curb, with a non working transmission. The employee named Mark that sold him the car assured him it would be taken care of soon after the problem was discovered. They sent his car to be diagnosed and as a result repaired because of the faulty transmission. The car was supposedly repaired. When it was returned in March he received no paperwork saying what was done to the car just that it was fixed. Three weeks after the repair the transmission completely went out on the freeway  and even though he was told he had a 3 month warranty on the car with the purchase. Very frustrating to try and contact Mr. Mark and he is never available and transmission shop is requiring my son to pay out of pocket approximately 700$ for repairs on a car that is still within the 3 month warranty. I was considering going ther to buy my car but most definitely will not and will not recommend them to anyone else. Very bad customer service but very good at NOT honoring their warranty and their words of assurance to their customers.

Anthony W. | 2014-04-28

The purchasing of my daughters first car with no credit was pleasant with the license sales consultant George Sein helped her understand why good credit is important good life lesson for her. I give a five stars for anyone that is trying to get on there feet if you understand credit you have to start here and work your way to improving it and this company helps you accomplish it.

Jacque E. | 2014-02-24

I'm amending my original review. Although I'd definitely like to see Paul Blanco's improve their phone system, my overall experience has been very good.

I showed up on an evening, exhausted and needing to either buy a car for myself or my daughter. I didn't expect much as I've been working on my credit but still had a few outstanding issues, which is why I decided to try Paul Blanco's.  I worked with Jared. He was friendly and efficient. He found me a car I really like in my price range. I didn't feel any pressure and things went fairly quickly.

I was disappointed the next morning to learn that my seat heaters didn't work - one of the things Jared had specifically mentioned to me as a selling point was the leather seats and seat heaters. Getting through to the service department was not a fun experience. The option to look up an extension by name just gave me a list of extensions with no names associated. Out of 9 calls, I was told I was being transferred 6 times only to be disconnected. Twice I actually got through but was put on hold for so long I had to hang up. When I did finally get through, I got an appointment. The service department has been great and is working with me to resolve the seat heater issue.

Scott W. | 2014-02-10

While visiting our Friends up in Sac town, my old truck finally gave out.   So it was time to buy a new one.  I found these guys online, while searching pretty much every place around  the Sac town area.  I forgot the guys name that helped us, but everything was good. I have good credit so there was no problem getting the car that I wanted.  They were a little pushy on extra's and what not. but I feel like that's just their job.  I would definitely recommend them.

Brianna G. | 2014-01-23

Do not fuck with that company period.... They are a bunch of scammers I had to go threw 3 cars before I got one semi decent car from them and still returned it they buy back lemons none of there cars are worth any good don't go there go to Carmax instead

Cassandra S. | 2014-01-11

This is my First car to buy in a real dealerships. We got lucky to have " happy bob" as our sake person,  thank goodness too since I came with my bro and a training dog and my two little kids. He was very nice and  understanding and quick!  All the staff was very friendly and helpful. Yes it was quote a long process but not so bad with all the smiles and helpfulness. So advice for any one going here ask for "Happy BOb"

Rudy R. | 2014-01-01

I had a great experience purchasing my new vehicle . Friendly and professional sales team . They handled all the questions I had and made me feel extremely comfortable.
I would recommend this place any day . Thanks again.

Mighty C. | 2014-01-01

Went in to buy a car. Yeah I have crappy credit. Say down with a salesman and figured out the car I wanted. 2013 Chevy cruze with low miles. Told him I liked it. Then it came time for monthly payment and that great and wonderful stuff. He showed me the paperwork and it showed the car before anything was $17,900. I immediately asked why I'm being charged $4000 more than the price they have it listed on their website for. He said it's because I have bad credit. Well wait a second?!? Isn't that what the horrible interest rate is for??? So that was the first warning that went off in my head. Then I asked why are they putting a $2000 warranty on the car? It already has the rest of its 5 year 100,000 mile
Power train warranty. He said they would take it off. But my point is, they tried to take me for stupid. He also tried the "after one year you can refinance." I told him the car would be so depreciated that no one would be willing to refi the car and that I wasn't going to rely on something like that because you know what? If it didn't happen I would be stuck with a car payment of $512 for 72 months! Over $36,000 for a car they had priced for $13,900! No thanks! Forget these crooks. Go somewhere else. For goodness sakes look at the yelp score!

Christopher B. | 2013-12-25

I bought a 2006 bmw 330i. Javier lied to me about my credit score, my interest rate which now I know I should have been reading what I signed but was trusting this guy. Now the warranty I thought I bought was simple cut and dry was not as simple and only covers certain things. Everyone should avoid these people.

R. R. | 2013-12-08

This place is a joke! I was "helped" by Lou who wanted me to lie about details on my application. When I asked for the "manager" some guy came out of the office who looked drunk off his butt and got in my face. I was so disrespected by Paul Blanco. They really made me feel like crap since I have bad credit, but the very next day I went to folsom lake dodge where i was approved for a brand new 2013 Dodge Dart with 9 miles on the car! The payments dont kill me AND they treated me with dignity and respect! Paul Blanco should be ashamed of his company and the minions who work for him! I do not recommend the establishment! I wouldnt recommend my worst enemy!

Stacey H. | 2013-11-27

Everyone knows if your credits in bad shape your options for getting a new vehicle become minuscule. Yes, I know totally my fault. Doesn't make me a scumbag and should be treated like an adult not child to be reprimanded. Paul Blanco's ads are everywhere! So a year after a repo I called to see what they could do for me. I was told by a salesperson I shouldn't go down unless I had at least $1,000 to put down. I appreciated the honesty and not having to waste my time. A year later looking for a car again I decided to give it another shot. I found a Honda Civic for 7,095 on the website and emailed my inquiry. I received a call back and was away from my phone. When I returned the call I gave the woman my information was told I was approved and to bring in proof of income and address. I informed her I had no down payment at the moment and she was adamant that they could work with me on the down payment. So I figured hey what have I got to loose? I scheduled and 9am appointment for my Saturday off. I get there and the sales man tells me they have nothing on the lot under $10,000 (what was that I saw on the website?) Classic bait and switch? Also had to run my credit again (thought they did this on the phone. Why else would she need my social?). He proceeded to ask what I had down? I said nothing and explained that I was told they would work with me on my down payment. I am not stupid and understand that you won't get a car for free but after getting his boss who's tone was nothing less than condescending he tried making me feel like that's exactly what I came in to do. I explained to him for the 2nd time what I was told on the phone and that I wouldn't have even come down to the location if I knew I required at least in his words $500 down.The whole trip was a waste of time. I could have just stayed home and slept in lol When I had the $500 I spoke to the sales man again and asked if they would really be able to work with me? His response was he wasn't sure whether or not a loan company would pick up my loan or not and that he didn't want me to be angry at him if it wasn't approved. Which I will say knowing how banks work that's is understandable but again why say come up with at least "$500" if your not going to honor your word? I would not recommend this place to anyone. Shop around there are other options.

Holly F. | 2013-10-22

I went to look at a used mini van they were advertising. OMG the people in their were scummy and the stuff not much better. Music was blaring in the office so you could not hear yourself think. Turned around and left as fast as I came in.

Robert B. | 2013-09-29

I saw on the internet a Prius with a price around 14,000.  I went to the store.  The first thing the salesman did was to run my credit application.  He saw that I could get a loan close to 19,000.  He then tried to sell me a car for 19,000.  I said no I wanted to see the car that was shown on their web page for 14,000.  The salesman said he had to go talk to someone.  The finance manager came over and tried to tell me to buy the car for 19,000.  I said no and started to leave.  The salesman intercepted me and wanted to talk about the 14,000.  But wait the car for 14,000 was really 18,000.  The small print underneath the web page said that the local dealers could change the price.  he told me that the price was 18,000.  The salesman then said he could lower the price to 16,500 and it was a great deal.. I left and will not go back.. This was a deliberate "bait and switch" operation.   Advertise a good deal then try to convince the customer to buy a more expensive car.  Then if that doesn't work jack up the price on the car he saw on the internet.

Shelly W. | 2013-09-11

This place is Gross... the employees are very unfriendly, and some of the customers are just plain scary!!! I would save yourself the time and energy!!!!

Mike M. | 2013-05-24

Today I purchased a 2012 Ford Focus, I have to say I wasn't expecting much walking in due to the ratings and reviews I've read here on Yelp; HOWEVER! My experience was fantastic. I worked with Bob at their Sacramento Fulton Ave Location and he was great. I have what you would call "problem credit" and I was honest with Bob up front about what I could pay and what I wanted. We did all the financial stuff first, which seems a bit backwards at first, but then you realize why they do things this way. They want to match your financial situation up with a car you CAN AFFORD! I see people reviewing this place saying "I couldn't get the car I wanted"... blah blah blah, well people it's a numbers game, it's not personal, it's business; and as a consumer you should educate yourselves instead of writing negative reviews. Bob and the rest of the team there worked hard to get me financed and out the door in the car that I went in looking for at the payment point I told them I could manage. They were more than fair with my trade in, flexible with my down payment, and did everything they could to make sure I left happy. Bob even came to my house to finish the paperwork late at night so that my wife and I could sign the papers together... Talk about CUSTOMER SERVICE! I would happily send my friends to Paul Blanco's dealership having the experience I just had, and the new (used) car in my driveway is proof. Thank you to everyone there for making my experience a positive one, and not just looking at my credit score as the end all be all of the person I am, but seeing that behind that number is a life story that deserves a second chance.

Tula S. | 2013-04-16

I went there and Bob aka Smiley Bob was great! He was super friendly and helped a lot. Yes the interest was high but it was my fault because of my credit. Even though I didn't get a car (my insurance ended up not totally my car like they initially said they would) but when I do need a car I will go back.

Michel M. | 2013-02-09


Taken from the Paul Blanco's website:
"Welcome to Paul Blanco's Fresh Start Program. For years Californians have known the Fresh Start Program for its ability to help good people; regardless of their credit"

Paul Blanco's Fresh start program is specifically designed to draw in people who have poor credit, low income or lack job hostory. They make you feel that they are your only option to buy but the truth is they will hustle you and brow beat you into buying a car and when you can't pay they will repo your car and sell it to the next unsuspecting fool that walks in!

What they fail to tell you is that if you choose not to buy from them, they will tell you outright "THANKS FOR WASTING OUR TIME" exact words!!

Tonight my fiance and I  had a 7:30 appointment at Paul Blanco's; we had no idea what are credit looked like (we knew we weren't in the 1%) or what we wanted to buy, it was truly just a starting point. We met with a guy (I won't use is name because ultimately he was not the problem) he was very straight forwarded with us about our credit being pretty challenged but he could help us. He told us what we were looking at in terms of payments and months which made us flinch a little but we were still processing it our heads trying to decide if we could afford it comfortably in our budget or not so we agreed to look at a car. The car was a 2011 Ford Taurus, mid-level sedan with some good features and lacking some as well but a decent car none the less.

When we came back from the test drive, he was asking how we liked the car and did we think we could afford it? By this point we had decided we could not comfortably agree to buy a car until we figured out our budget a little better so we told him we really needed more time to think about it and to try to save more for a higher down and he immediately went into used car sales man mode; he began fast talking and scrambling to try to hook us back in...then he said he was going to talk to his boss to see what else they could do (side note to all buyers...this is what ALL used car sales people say when they are "getting you the best possible deal"). My fiance and I stood up to go find him because we didn't want to take anymore of his time but out comes a fast talking, foul mouthed Mexican dude in a bad suit trying to seal the deal that wasn't even made (Damn I wish I could remember his name because his name should be on blast). We politely tried to explain that we could not comfortably agree to buying a car until we had more time to think, he WASN'T listening, he just kept saying "What if I could" do this or that and we were still trying to ease our way out and he kept coming on stronger. Then the guy we were originally working with comes out so we again tried to politely apologize explaining why we couldn't agree to buy and though it was obvious he was disappointed in not getting a sale he was gracious enough to leave well enough alone. But NOOO the fast talking, foul mouthed Mexican dude in a bad suit had to come back over and say "THANKS FOR WASTING OUR TIME" exact words!!  I had to blink twice before it hit me that he actually said that  BUT then he went onto say  "we been here almost 3 hours and you just wasted my man's time, we work on commission" EXACT FREAKIN WORDS!! (For the record we were there 2 hours 10min.....jussayin!)

Dude, obviously forgot to turn auto-tune off and said what he was obviously thinking but no one should never dare to say out loud in a retail establishment...I mean seriously Who the F*** says that to a potential customer...Maybe he thought he could say it and nothing would happen, he would be back to work bright and early tomorrow morning screwing over the next unsuspecting fool...WRONG GIRL Bucco!!

I learned 3 valuable lessons in this experience: 1. ONCE A USED CAR SALESMAN ALWAYS A USED CAR SALESMAN 2. Being Mexican myself, I now know to never trust a fast talking, foul mouthed Mexican dude in a bad suit!  3.Don't ever disrespect someone in this day and age because social media will get ya! Find me on twitter, facebook, yahoo and gmail

Erin M. | 2013-02-08

I didnt think I was going to be writing a review, but since the hits keep coming, it's time!  As you will see, I'm a pretty reasonable person, but enough is enough.


In late October 2012, I applied online and then got bombarded with "You are pre-approved, let's make an appt" phone calls.  I made the appt, arrived on time but the woman I was supposed to meet with wasnt there.  I was then connected with Anthony.  I had done my research, knew exactly what I wanted (Chevy HHR) and that they had one at the Stockton lot...or so their website indicated.  They didnt have the car I went in search of but they had the same type with same options, just a different color at the Sacramento lot.  A bit of an inconvenience, but I thought "these things happen".  

This was not my first "rodeo" and I was prepared for what was coming.  I knew what kind of car I wanted, how much I wanted to spend, how much I wanted my payment to be and how much I wanted for my trade in.  The process wasnt at all challenging until Anthony disappeared for some time and some other guy came back to "talk numbers".  All of a sudden it turned schmoozy and "typical car salesman"-ish.  He said they could keep my payment where I wanted it but I would have to go with a car one year older (a 2010 instead of 2011) and I would have to come in with $1000 cash...on top of the trade-in.  Going with a year older was not a problem for me as it was still in the mileage range that I wanted.  $1000 cash I wasnt going to do.  The man then said they could "loan" me that money.  They would take an copy of my CC and run the payment 30 days from that day.  I told him I wasnt interested and prepared to walk out.  He  then said they could drop it down to $500 but that was it.  I would have had to make that payment on the current car anyway so I agreed.  They were happy and I was happy.

Now we are going to head to Sacramento to see the car.  As my daughter and I wait...and wait...and wait while Anthony "pulls the car around" that is going to take us to Sacramento, I finally ask what the hold up is.  Im told that the paperwork is being printed for signature.  Wait!  "I am going to sign all the paperwork for a car I havent yet set eyes on?  Why arent we doing the paperwork in Sacramento?"  I was told that it wasnt a big deal and that if I decided I didnt like the car they would tear up the paperwork and drive us back.  I start to feel a little leary.  We finally sit for paperwork when I discovered WHY they wanted the extra $1000. They slipped in a $2000 warranty that we hadnt discussed.  The paperwork guy apologized that it hadnt been discussed and offered to re-do the paperwork.  Being that I was having a little bit of an uneasy feeling, I thought it best leave it in place.  Used car, "as is", warranty is important.  Off to Sacramento!

In Sacramento I am led out to see the car...that was parked in a way that the sun was glaring off the hood and windshield.  I walked around the car and noticed some little dings, but no "major" issues with the paint or body of the car.  I climb inside, its got the options I wanted it to have, my daughter is excited, so we have a deal.  Everyone is happy, we drive out of the lot and I realize the gas light is on.  WHAT?!  This is the 5th used car I have purchased from a dealership but the first time that the tank has been empty.  I laugh it off as an oversight.  An unprofessional one, but an oversight.  Now at home, without the sun glaring off the hood, I discover that the hood has previously been keyed and there was an attempt to "repair", ok let's be honest....HIDE that fact.  Now Im angry, but Ive bought this car.  I have friends in the business that I know can take care of this for me, so I am not going to make a big production.  In the grand scheme I am happy with the car, Im happy with my payment, I dont feel ripped off, etc.

Now here I am, 3 months later, generally happy with the car when it starts dripping oil and the wheel starts shaking...alot!  Off to the local dealership I go.  Oil = O-Ring is bad but can be fixed with an oil change, which was due anyway.  No biggy.  Wheel shake is warped rotors and out of alignment. Of course, this is not covered by that $2000 warranty so $400 later it will all be good.  

As far as Im concerned and from all past experiences buying from dealerships, these should have been dealt with BEFORE the car was sold.  Now Im here on Yelp and reading that Im not the first to experience such issues with Paul Blanco.  Seems they are SHADY, SHADY, AND MORE SHADY.  I will never buy from them again and will never refer anyone to them!

Samantha H. | 2013-01-20

Absolutely horrible service. I'm in the parking lot of this business feeling so disrespected and frustrated that I immediately got on yelp to post this review. They have poor attitudes and made embarrassing comments about my credit. I came here for the "Fresh Start" program. HELLO! I wouldn't recommend this place to an enemy.

Marcus C. | 2012-12-12

These scumbags will say or do anything to get you into a car you can NOT afford.

I went in to buy a car between 4 and 5 thousand. They came back and said I could only get into one car they had on the lot, which was $12999. They also said the loan would be at 25% but that, if I made my payment on time for 6 months, I could refinance it.

Desperate for a car so I could get to work, I bit.

Now I am on my second year with this lemon. I have spent over $8000 and still have a $9000 payoff. No one will refinance me despite all my payments being on time.

Stay away from these crooks.

They're not your friends.

Nin P. | 2012-09-30

I wish there was a 0 star.  This is what this place deserves.  Lack of Customer service since the I walked in there.  The receptionist was rude.  I told the salesman I wanted to spend no more than $10,000, that I wanted to put only 10% down.  His reply was that he could get me to spend $13,000.. really??? did he not hear me... Anyways, then he pulls my credit and comes back and explain certain things.  He then told me he will not show me any cars until I was ready to buy the car because I said I have been shopping around.  He refused to show me a car!!!! so  I told him then how am I supposed to consider buying from you when you don't show me what you have to offer!! at that point it got worse.,.. Please do yourself a favor, don't go into this place!!! There are so many other options out there.

Sara J. | 2012-09-23

They get two stars for the fact I went in with absolutely no credit, and only 1000 in my pocket and I left with a decent 2006 car with pretty damn low mileage.  My sales guy, scott was a nice guy and helped me out big time which I am grateful for but after doing more research on the vehicle I purchased I def. overpaid and I agree they just ran my credit and told me which car I can get and thats that, no negotiations, no nothing. I'll take it as a lesson learned being it was my very first car ever bought off the lot and I'm barely 22. They obviously rely on the fact that the people that tend to go in are pretty down on their luck.
 Apart from that the place is pretty much garbage, not to mention the fact after discussing them with a friend who works for the state they informed me they are operating so close to illegally the way they do things people are just waiting for them to mess up...
I was loaned 1,000 from them with a month to pay them back and Im just thankful I did that so I can wash my hands of them, deal with the finance company called Rudolph Inc. which isn't much better for about twelve months than look for a new bank to refinance my lease n be rid of both of them.

Nicole H. | 2012-08-17

The only reason they are getting 1 star is because I can't give zero.  They didn't do crap for us.  We made an appointment 2 days in advance.  Buying a car because mine is done.  Told them all of our info and situation.  They said cool, we can totally help you!  Get down there.  Right away, sorry, we need a couple thousand bucks down.  They couldn't say that on the phone?  Commercials are a bunch of crap!  Paul Blanco sucks!

Kesha J. | 2012-05-12

They are sharks out of water.... stay away from these people. Hubby and I purchased a car through them and have had nothing but problems with them and the car. Also I'm pretty sure its illegal to sale cars without original plate numbers but but we had no plates at all for nearly a year. If your credit challeneged or need to established credit go elsewhere! Do not give these crooks your money or your time!


Scott W. | 2012-04-30

I used them for Credit Repair, and they F*cked up my Credit Report even more!!  I don't even want to give them 1 star!!  DO NOT GIVE THEM BUSINESS!! I am trying to buy a house, and having a hard time, cause they disputed Healthy items.... they are dumb and stupid...

Irvin D. | 2012-04-03

******************Buyer Beware****************
They are crooks that prey on buyers with challenged credit.

Go to CarMax in Roseville Auto Center. They gave me better rates with the same challenged credit and without hassle and secretive/fishy environment. CarMax also offers a 5 day 100% money back on a cancellation.

On Sunday, April 1, 2012 i went to Paul Blanco located at 2200 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA.
I was greeted promptly and the Salesman was great and not too pushy. They allowed me to look at any car i wanted.

The salesman had to go get permission from the "hidden guy" supposedly the owner on  every car that i wanted to look at and test drive. This took 15-20 minutes each time.

When it came to talk numbers the same permission and secretive scenario happened. I questioned this tactic on every quote i received. It came down to the point of me about to sign this paperwork and i got a vibe that there was something wrong with getting in a relationship of this kind. I pulled back and told the sales guy that i needed to leave and think about all the numbers. He then rebutted and told me he was going to go get the owner to come talk to me. Instead the owner sent someone else who told me that i needed to stop being a "tuff guy" and just do the deal. This belittling made me furious inside and i insisted to talk to the owner's owner told me that he told him to say that to me and then told me to leave. As i was leaving i asked the owner i guess "Paul or Jeff Blanco" to have all the paperwork they printed out with my personal information. He yelled at me and told me, " we don't have any of your information and you need to leave or i am calling the cops!" During this whole situation i did not raise my voice and stayed very calm.

Corky C. | 2012-02-06

Paul Blanco himself used the F-word to my friend when he went there (I am not joking).  I think the only people that stumble in there are those who are not web savvy and therefore did not read the reviews everywhere on the web.   Do your homework people!

If you spend a few minutes there you'll feel that you are in a very dirty and evil place.  Just look at this place and the employees.   If it doesn't bother you, maybe you should be buying a car from Paul Blanco because he's your style.

Gia M. | 2011-12-06

This place is TERRIBLE!!! I had heard all of their radio ads and thought that this would be a good place to buy a car since I don't have the best credit. I went to their website to do some more info and was told that I was pre approved and to come on in. I saw a car on the site that I really liked, and that was less than $6000, which was what I was looking for.

When I got there, I was not greeted by anyone. I had to ask multiple times for the lady I was supposed to meet with, who wasn't even scheduled to come in until a half an hour AFTER my appointment was scheduled. When she finally gets there she says that she has to run my credit, which I thought was already done. She comes back and tells me that I am financed for $6000, so I tell her I want to look at the car that I saw online. SHE DIDN'T LET ME! She takes me outside and makes me look at a POS coupe, when I wanted a small SUV. I told her that I didn't want that car since I do a lot of traveling with my daughter and there wasn't enough room for her car seat and her feet when I was positioned properly. I'm 5'5" and my daughter's dad is 5'11". There was no way we could go anywhere as a family in that car. I kept telling her that I didn't want that car. It wasn't what I was looking for. I didn't want a white car or a coupe.

She then leaves to go ask my mom, who was my ride, if my mom would cosign for the POS coupe. I was PISSED! I never intended to have my mom cosign for any car, let alone one I didn't want. She kept bothering my mom, to the point where I had to have my mom go wait in her car while I got my pay stubs and stuff back. The lady didn't want to give me my stuff. She tried to bully me into getting a car I didn't like. She kept saying that no one would finance me but them, and all kinds of other BS. Finally I got my stuff back by saying it was illegal for her to keep my paperwork. She proceeds to then chase me out to my mom's car. I was literally running away from her while she was chasing me with stilettos on. It was crazy.

I was able to get financed for a car I liked somewhere else. I'm so glad I waited and wasn't bullied. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone. Not even someone I hated.

Lydia B. | 2011-09-24

I'm giving them a two star rating because they were nice enough and they did get us right in for an appointment.
 However they do not let you shop around their lot or test drive much. they do not provide a carfax or compare ther prices with kelly blue book. the salespeople are rather pushy.
 Pretty much they run your credit and come back telling you what car you can buy from them. they tried to sell us a cobalt which was nice enough, but my boyfriend and i are big and tall people and this was not a comfortable option for us. It was fustrating because they really had quite a small selection of cars.
 When we told the guy this car wouldnt work for us he pretty much blew us off. I think we will try another dealer and come back only if we really have no other option. I would reccomend this place as a last ditch effort only if you have tried other places.
  Basically this is a car dealership that preys on desperate people with no credit. they will tell you they have exclusive loans and such but i strongly suggest shopping around.

Heidi R. | 2011-09-15

I am looking for a new car and i have challenged credit.... SO, thought WHY NOT!

I had applied online and set up an appt. Immediately, I was placed with one of the sales people. He was a complete ASS. At first, he seemed like he was trying to schmooze me, but then he seemed real jerky about my bad credit. After reviewing all my paper work and going to look at my trade in, he left for what seems like an eternity. When he came back, he told me what i was approved for and that i needed more cash upfront. After telling  me that i could "borrow" up to $2000 from Paul Blanco & they would take an imprint of my debit card, I decided to say that i would rather come back when i had more money. The sales guy got mad, THREW his pen on his desk and said rudely "SO i JUST wasted all my time!!!???". Clearly he was trying to intimidate me which did not work. I promptly left and will not be returning.

However....on a side note... ANY of the other sales people seemed perfectly nice... my luck i suppose.

Amber R. | 2011-09-01

Puta Blanco you run one hell of a business! I am absolutely impressed with the customer service you provide! Honestly I should report you to the BBB.
This lovely company had my warranty refund in hand for over two months!!!! After many visits to try to resolve the issue, I finally had to go in and basically refuse to leave without the money they owed me. It was clear by looks on on-looking employees that this was a regular practice. I cant imagine how many people they get over on by giving them the run a round until they give up. Puta is the owner/manger and even after running into her, I was blown off for two more weeks!?
Without question this is a poorly ran business.

Brooklyn S. | 2011-08-17

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!! Please take my word and stay away from this crooked dealership. I know I may not have the perfect credit and all but I'm not going to put up with someone trying to get over me. I purchased a car from the Sacramento office. I arrived there at 1pm. They tried to get me in a Monte Carlo. After test driving the car, I was on board. Then they took the keys back and said it was out of my price range. Then the salesman pulled up in a Pontiac G5... Not a G6 but a G5! With NO GAS!!!!!!

Basically they said this was all I can get. So I settle for the G5. Which was dirty bcz it was sitting on the car lot for over 5 months. Signed the papers with a payment plan for the down payment.
It took forever to sign the papers and go thru finance. I had to leave and come back to pick up the car bcz they put a chip inside the car . YES!!!!! A Chip!!!!!!! If you are late on making a payment on the car it will automatically SHUT DOWN!!!  

So I came back an hour later and they advise me to come back again because the car wouldn't start and that they was going to have their mechanic fix it. Their excuse was that it may be a loose wire. So I come back another hour later. By this time it's 8pm. I was there from 1pm - 8pm!!!!!  Now, I stay all the way in Fremont, CA. The next day I go to run errands and the car wouldn't start!!!! So I called AAA to have it towed to my house.  When I got home, I called the dealership and advised them that it's not even 24 hours since I had this car and the car breaks down on me. The dealership advise me to have it towed way back to Sacramento. Now, who was going to pay  for the tow........ BINGO! I was!!!! After yelling at them, they said that they will have their tow company come and pick it up. (Which will be the following day!!) Mind you, I have a job and I need to be at work. They advised me to leave the keys under the seat. Which I did.

When I got home from work the next day, I notice that they came and picked up the car. Now a week later.......... I haven't heard anything back in regards to my car. I keep calling, and the service department never picks up. I talked to the salesman and he keeps referring me to speak with the service department. The salesman also promised that he will have someone to call me back. Now, I'm stuck with out a car.... They already have one of my down payments which is $500 and they think they are going to get the rest of my down payment.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

NEVER! They can keep that funky car! Never do business with them. Run the other way!!!!!! I wouldn't refer my own enemy to this place! Paul Blanco is TERRIBLE!!!

Tiffany S. | 2011-06-15

EEK! I went there with have little credit although i was approved for more at carmax, i heard severla radio comericals and thought why not try. This place is gross filled with sleeze sales men. i actally knew exactly what i wanted.. looked at it on there website.. get there and its not even the same suv... funny thing is you need to go here looking at everything they dont fix or clean the cars the suv i was interested in had pee stains in the very back seats stains on the roof  leather that was torn and trunks that didnt open.. having a family of 4 i would not put my children let alone let my dog lay in any of there suv that i looked at... there sales team is slow as snails .i get poeple that think they dont have credit of bad credit assume that they dont have options but YOU do dont be fooled for there cheap cars at wholesale values with cars that have over 100,000 miles on them and give you a 13% apr... you shouldnt be treated as if you are customer no matter how your credit or situation is... i just bought a car fully loaded for under 15 with less than 50 thousand mile as well my sister was with me and experienced the same thing getting approved at the roseville automall dont let them real you in with there you dont have options.....

Kathy N. | 2011-05-30

Awful experience.  No prices posted on the cars.  First they do a credit check to see what you can afford.  With no prices on the cars how do YOU know what you can afford.  They take advantage of people that need a break.  They want way too much statements, utility bills and total of 6 friends/relatives.  They say you need that for all car loans,  This is not true.  The cars are in rough shape.  Holes and stains in the interior and bad paint jobs.  DO NOT here.  Save up your money and go to Carmax!

J K. | 2011-04-21

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT waste your time with them!

My situation was that I needed a semi new car; reliable and less than 10-11k that I could pay off quickly with a reasonable down payment and affordable monthly payments and no prepayment penalty. I should have been treated as a first time buyer with no credit (I worked very hard to clean up my background; I stopped using credit, paid off all my cards, and closed the accounts. This took a great deal of patience and discipline to do); the trouble is that I am a credit 'ghost' with no history. I found a vehicle I was mildly interested in and the sales guy was less than willing to provide me the carfax report; which he eventually did. I did my homework and found the reasonable blue book value. I thought I would be able to negotiate the price on the vehicle to be somewhere between the retail and private party value. I was told that the blue book was 'worthless' to me and to actually throw it away. I then asked him what they wanted for the vehicle; they had the nerve to want nearly $4K MORE than the thing is worth; and that was before you figure in the interest rates, license fees, taxes, and forget if I wanted the extended warranty. I asked them to show me something that was within my budget, and was shown a newer vehicle with even MORE miles! WTF?? I scooped up my stuff and could not leave faster. 15 minutes pass and the guy has the balls to call and apologize to me that we could not strike a deal. I ended up going to Folsom Honda and found a NEWER vehicle, with a FRACTION of the miles on it, that fell within my plan; although it was not what I wanted to begin with; they were more willing to negotiate the deal and offer me a better interest rate with a lender that would allow me to renegotiate/trade the vehicle in after a year or so. I simply needed to have a reliable vehicle that would allow me to reestablish my credit and do not feel I should be punished for being responsible with my finances and credit. As a buyer that has no credit, this is less of a risk to the lender than someone who actually HAS bad credit/bankruptcies/foreclosures/repossessions in their background; these people have PROVEN themselves as likely to have been irresponsible with their finances and credit.

Did I say to stay away from Paul Blanco???

Maria Carmen D. | 2010-12-13

ok seriously the people who work  here are highly uprofessional And i really wish that i had read the other 2 reviews that are posted because its true they make promises they can't deliver, they are a bunch of crooks and fake nice ... you know what i mean ... like too nice, but its all bull... i am very unhappy with them and wish their business goes under

Annette D. | 2010-04-10

They really start off sounding like the company of your dreams. Then they don't check e-mail and start harassing you for not contacting them when you "agreed upon". The interest rates are HUGE for vehicles with no guarantee.... take your down payment and buy a used car via craislist... way less risk!


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