Niello Collision Center in Sacramento, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Niello Collision Center in Sacramento, CA.

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Niello Collision Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 481-9735
Address:2625 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA, 95825
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Niello Collision Center

Yuri D. | 2015-03-23

Fantastic job on car polishing! I had few scratches that had to be removed - these guys did a great job on making sure those are completely gone. Great customer service and quality!

S. R. | 2015-02-23

I was unfortunately the victim of a bizarre accident where my two parked cars were hit in front of my home by my neighbor who fell asleep at the wheel on sleeping pills. One car was totaled, the other, my BMW, required some repairs to the rear bumper area. They were very good at making sure I was happy with the job and made sure I left pleased with the work. Jose Gutierrez was my contact at Niello during the process and he was an absolute delight to work with. He not only made sure the car was taken care of as if it was his own, but he also was a great guy who really takes his job seriously. I recommend them because Niello is not affiliated with any insurance company, which is a GOOD thing because that means they aren't slaves to them, and they will not cut corners or skimp to get the job done right. I've used them multiple times and I highly recommend them!

Tien M. | 2015-01-20

I didn't really experience services worthy of 5 stars.  When I called to make reservation to bring my car in, they were booked but asked me to send them a copy of my insurance check and estimates.  Never received any followup phone call to schedule the appointment.  After calling and emailing several different estimators and assistant, I gave up.  They wasted over a week of my time while I was waiting to hear back from them.  I am not sure if they are cherry picking which works are more worthwhile for them to accept or they just do a horrible job at communicating and following up with their potential customers.  I ended up taking my car somewhere else for repair.  Not happy with the difficulty of getting my car scheduled for repair.

E L. | 2014-11-11

I have to say, that this business is ran with complete world class service.  Mike Cook is very professional, excellent, and truly cares about his clients.  I felt like I was in good hands in every interaction we had & my trust was definitely earned.  I will not want to conduct my business anywhere else.  I encountered a major hiccup with the other parties shady State Farm insurance who was by the worse insurance company to exist.  However, I'm not going to continue to talk about a negative, when Mike & Niello are nothing but positives.  Mike stood by what's right & tried to sort this matter out for me.  I am so appreciative of his service, and the value he brings to this company.   He is indeed a great representation of what an advisor and model employee is.  
My car looks beautiful and thank you again for delivering it to me cleaned & polished!

Alix H. | 2014-10-07

After I was in a car accident, I knew I wouldn't trust just anybody with repairing my car so I had it towed to Niello right away. They took car of everything, keeping me appraised, returning calls right away, etc. I had an idea of what to expect but they went above and beyond. In the end, my car was a total loss but Mike Cook explained clearly why and did not proceed with any costs until they were absolutely sure it couldn't get fixed. I even had to go back 3 times because I kept forgetting things that were in the car and Mike was always there! It felt like I could count on him being there 24 hours a day! Hopefully, I won't need their services anytime soon but if I do, they will be my first call.

Alicia R. | 2014-07-18

After only 3 months of having my new car, I got into an accident in which I damaged the entire right side of my car.  The whole process of dealing with insurance and getting the car fixed was very stressful to me, until I called over to Niello.  They saw me within a couple of hours of my accident, and by the end of the day had a package prepared for my insurance company.  They streamlined the process, had excellent communication, and that was not even the best part!  After getting my car back, it looked like brand new!  There is absolutely no way you could tell that it had been in an accident.  I hope I am never again in need of body work, but if I am, I know where I will take my car!

Ginny B. | 2014-06-30

The service was excellent. The only bad thing is my all-weather mats were missing and it took a month and a half to get them...

Stefani N. | 2014-06-04

While staying at a hotel out of town, we walked out to the parking garage to see the entire back end of our new GMC Acadia hit and hanging on the ground. Needless to say I was shocked, but after calling Niello Collision Center and speaking with Jose' Guiterrez by phone I felt confident of what to do next with the insurance, claim and repair. By Tuesday I dropped off my car and Jose' had already arranged a rental car for me. Quick and easy I was out the door.  Jose' was awesome throughout the process keeping me up to date with the status and even sending pictures of my vehicle at different stages. When my insurance adjustor tried to repair and replace using reconditioned parts, Jose' again went to bat for me. He shopped the bid and made sure I got brand new parts that will be warrantied. Being that my Acadia is just 1 year old I was surprised the insurance companies even do that. Jose' made sure the car was ready and beautifully detailed when I arrived for pick up!  I told I'm I hoped to not be a repeat customer :-) but I would highly recommend working with them and even requesting Mr. Guiterrez if you encounter a need for body repair.

Kay E. | 2014-05-27

I've always been wary of body shops- until today.

I own a 2006 BMW X3 that I treat better than some people treat their children. You can only imagine my despair when yesterday, after a long Memorial Day weekend, I tried to pack too much in my trunk, pushed the hatch too hard, and part of my bumper fell off.

I called Niello BMW today and they recommended Niello Collision Center, and I AM SO GLAD THEY DID! Chip helped me diagnose the problem over the phone and was able to research parts so I didn't need to make the drive from Davis to Sacramento for a diagnostic. They had the parts in stock, and Chip told me to come by the shop- no appointment! When I got there, he greeted me by name, took my keys, and sent me to a nice air conditioned waiting area (equipped with snacks) while he worked on my car.

Twenty minutes later, he brought me my keys- he had gone to the dealership to grab a part, and had re-attached my bumper. When I asked where to pay, he said it was free of charge- he just hoped that I would think of them in the future. He completely made my week- anyone who owns European cars is familiar with the hefty prices that come with fixing them, and thanks to Chip I can afford to buy groceries instead of car parts.

I hope I never need more collision repair, but if I do, Niello Collision Center is the only place I'll be going. The service was above and beyond anything I've ever experienced, and I am so impressed. A huge thank you to Chip and his staff for getting me back on the road with my bumper back where it belongs!

Mike K. | 2014-03-12

Niello Collision Center went above and beyond what a normal body shop would do! First off they fix my car and made it exactly how it looked when I first bought my car! On top of that my estimator Jose was very communicative about the progress of my repair. When it was time to pick it up! It was right in front of the store all waxed up and shiny and clean looking! The best part was they even cleaned my ugly yellow headlights too! Wow they didn't even have to do that but took it upon themselves  the time and effort to for do that for me! I cannot thank you guys enough! 5 stars isn't enough for the service they offer you!

Kay P. | 2014-03-01

Just adding a few more stars.  Can't say much more than others already have, but the experience with these folks was excellent.  Their body work is superb - my car looks better than before it got crunched.  It needed mechanical as well as body and I didn't want a non-BMW shop working on my Mini.  They did the body then sent it over to Niello Mini for the mechanical.  They touched up door dings at no extra charge.  They cleaned it inside and out.  Best of all - they called me every time their was a change or update.  I NEVER had to call them to see what was going on with the repair.  And a shout out to my representative, Kevin Michaels who kept me informed throughout the process.  Thanks!  So yeah, go to these guys if you need body work.  Especially if you have a Beamer, Mini or other car they sell.

Suzie S. | 2013-07-24

Several years ago, I was in an accident and had my 2003 Acura TL repaired at Niello Collision Center with Mike Cook overseeing the repair. Prior to this last accident, I had been rear-ended three different times and they had always done a spectacular job so I knew I was in good hands. The entire front end on the left side was rebuilt and the left headlight replaced. When I picked up my car Mike suggested that I bring it back and he would have the right headlight sanded and buffed to match the new one. Well, it took me several years to take him up on the offer and, when I called him to schedule it and ask how much it would be, he said "when would you like to bring it in and it will just cost you a smile!"

Mike and the entire team go above and beyond in their customer service and the repair work is stellar; I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. My 2003 TL is still a beautiful car thanks to Niello Collision Center! Thank you Mike!

Linda B. | 2013-05-20

My Porsche Cayenne was involved in an accident.  I choose Niello Collision Center as I always have my car serviced at Niello Porsche and trust their work.  The experience with Niello and especially Jose could not have been better.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said for my insurance company (which I will refrain from mentioning by name)and its employees.  Jose was extremely patient with my insurance company dragging their feet.  He always kept me updated on what was happening with my car.   I can't say enough about his customer service skills.  He was able to get me OEM parts when my insurance company would not pay for them and the cost to me was very reasonable.  I have my car back just like new an couldn't be happier.  Niello Collision Center and Jose ROCK!!!

Dan M. | 2013-03-08

The customer service that I experienced here was absolutely the best from start to finish. I took my vehicle here the very same day I had the accident. I was a bit distraught having just been in a serious front end collision. The adjuster I was assigned to, Julie Ficht, made me feel so comfortable and at ease. She was such a joy to work with the entire time. I would highly recommend Niello Collision center! Ask for Julie Ficht!

Ryan R. | 2013-02-08

Recently, I had some one hit and run my brand new 2012 Camry, damaging the whole front left bumper area. Frustrated and not really excited about most of the body shops in town. I wanted to take it to a place that was known for it's quality and attention to detail and could also restore my car to it's original new state. I chose to take it to Niello Collision based off a friends suggestion. The staff was friendly, professional and understanding. I dropped my car off and picked up my rental car and in less than a weeks time Niello had my car down. I cannot express how impressed I am with the top notch body work and attention to detail they did in repairing the previous damage. Not only did they do quality work, but they completely detailed the inside and outside of my car, leaving it to look as if it was rolling off the showroom floor! Thank you Chip and the entire staff at Niello, you've exceeded my expectations and set the bar for all the other body shops in town to try catch up to, along with making my weekend.

It's true what they say, you get what you pay for. I definitely recommend Niello Collision to anyone in need of quality body work from a mid tier car to a high end car.

Raul L. | 2010-01-27

We had an accident in our Acura MDX and neared a total loss on the front end damage. My brother-in-law had referred me to Niello after having two collision repairs done here and really being taken care of.

The rep at Niello really put us first! He kept us completely informed before and during the process, we had someone on our team....never felt like we didn't know what was going on. They spoke directly with our insurance estimator and made sure everything was covered, kept us in the loop on the timeline for repairs, and helped out with rental coverage when the insurance company left us out in the cold!! Amazing!!

I hope we don't ever get into another wreck, but if we do, we're definitely coming back to handle our repair!!