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Niello Audi

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 480-2800
Address:2350 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95821
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Niello Audi

John E. | 2015-04-25

Niello Audi was absolutely fantastic to work with. Kyle Fazelian got back to me right away about my online inquiry and throughout the sales process was attentive, knowledgeable and exceedingly helpful in getting the deal done. We were able to handle all the details over the phone and when we arrived at the dealership all the paperwork was waiting for us. A wonderful homage to the cars they sell, the dealership itself was clean, modern and welcoming. The paperwork took us only 30 minutes or so to complete, it was by far the fastest car buying experience we have ever had. We were so pleased with the transaction we were back the next week to get a second A3. Due to Kyle Fazelian's effort and the wonderful product Audi offers Niello has a new customer for life. I highly recommend anyone who has had a bad expereance buying a car and given up, go see Kyle. He will make you a believer.

Leonard B. | 2015-04-20

Kyle Fazelian worked with me for over 2 months. Just got a very low mileage A6 with the specific options & packages I wanted. Kyle was not pushy, extremely polite and most importantly, got me into the perfect car.  Would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Alicia Y. | 2015-04-20

I have to agree with the previous person, as I hate buying cars. The whole process is little to be desired. I had been working with Kyle Fazelian via e-mail for a couple of months because I wasn't ready to buy at the time but had lots of questions. He was very patient and answered all my questions. I had my heart set on an A3 Cabriolet but due to the cost I was having to look at a basic version. He was more than happy to sell me that but when I came to test drive one he showed me the sedan as well. We test drove the Cabriolet first and boy it was fun. Afterward I drove the sedan version and loved it. He showed me the options that I could get on the sedan and that sold me. I was getting way more car and loved the way it drove. Cabriolet would of been fun but short lived without any bells and whistles. Kyle also spent a lot of time with me going over different ways for financing (buying vs leasing). All this was happening on a Sunday late afternoon. The entire staff stayed over and you could never tell it was time for them to go home. Kyle thanks so much for all your help and a great, positive car buying experience. If you want to buy a car contact Kyle he was great to work with and made the experience very painless.

Claudia A. | 2015-04-15

We recently purchased an Audi A3 from Kyle and Todd at Neillo Audi of Sacramento. What a fantastic experience!  Not only did we get a great car that is a blast to drive, Kyle and Todd made the entire buying experience a FUN experience. They got us into the car that fits our needs at a fair price and have been very patient with a couple of seniors learning to use the car's many advanced technological capabilities to their fullest potential.  We're having a ball!  We highly recommend anyone interested in buying a great German automobile and wanting an enjoyable and no hassle time doing it visit Kyle and Todd at Neillo Audi.
Steve and Claudia Alstrom

Christine Y. | 2015-03-06

I hate getting my car serviced, but had the best experience here. John Garcia was fantastic; tire blew out in Tahoe over the weekend and they were able to replace all my tires AND have my car serviced and ready the same day, without an appointment, and made it home safely. Wish the Bay Area Audi dealers were as good.

Garner C. | 2015-03-03

I brought my A4 in for a factory recall item to be fixed. The staff was very professional and courteous. The waiting area was a mini cafe with pastries, coffee and tea. Overall I'm very pleased with my experience at this Audi dealership. I highly recommend them!

A D. | 2015-02-14

I went to the dealership just to 'LOOK' at cars...I know we all have that intention at first.  The sales team was great and very knowledgeable - not pushy at all! (Which is unusual for many dealerships) I found the car I wanted with everything I needed - an Audi A4.  Nicole in finance was amazing! We all dread doing the paperwork because it seems to take forever but she was pleasant to work with, explained everything thoroughly and funny!  I was very impressed with my visit and buying experience here.  (I haven't always had pleasant ones, ugh!) I would highly recommend this dealership!

Diane G. | 2015-02-04

Let me just start by saying I hate buying cars, I hate the negotiation, and the process, etc. I came to Niello over a year ago with 0 intentions of buying a car, making it very clear that I just wanted to look and learn. Kyle helped me and he was awesome, he knew I wasn't going to buy but took me on a test drive and showed me a handful of different vehicles, Of course he followed up for about 6 months after but never pushy or annoying. Anyway 1.5 years later my current car was no longer under warranty and starting to have some pricey issues so i thought i would re-visit the idea of upgrading. First I went to Roseville BMW (AWFUL BY THE WAY) to check out the x3 and did not last there long. Almost giving up on the process due to the salesman at Roseville BMW i figured i might as well stop by Niello Audi since it was on my way home...As soon as I walked in I asked for Kyle, he saw and remembered me right away (pretty impressive after 1.5 years), he was very helpful and not at all pushy (thank god) after spending about 2 hours with him he said "why don't you go to lunch think about it and give me a call" which i awkward trying to walk away without getting hounded and forced into buying. I went to lunch decided to go for it and now i have a brand new, beautiful, black q5. I will also say I was set on Black on Black with a certain feature set that Niello didn't have in stock and they went above and beyond to find it elsewhere and get it to their location within 24 hours which was awesome. Negotiating was fairly painless and reasonable, the only time I ever got scared/ sensed sass was when I said I wanted to swing by Lasher and see how competitive their pricing was before finalizing...that comment did not go over well. Overall very happy with my experience and my car.

On a side note, one thing i'm unsure of that I was up sold on was the extended warranty, I paid another couple grand to extend the warranty from 50k miles to 100k miles...I guess I can cancel it and get my money back anytime before 50k miles hits but I question that add on almost every day...if anyone reads this and has an option feel free to shoot me a message.  

Thanks again Niello and Thank you Kyle! Great Customer Service!

Nikki M. | 2015-02-03

Best car buying experience ever! My sales person was knowledgable and friendly. I was never pressured and the whole process was easy and quick.

greg s. | 2015-01-29

You guys make your own conclusions.

I traded in my Audi two and a half years ago (different non-Audi dealership).

I started getting emails addressed to my email but to a different name, for my car.  So, they probably somehow got the old email for the new owner. Happens, right?

So, I sent an email to the dealership.  Nothing.  Sent a few more.  Nothing.  Contacted the main USA Audi support who actually reached out to the dealer and assured me this wouldn't happen again.

The emails continue to happen.

Today I called the dealership again.  They connect me to the service line, where I leave a message and don't hear back.

Dunno how to classify that other than not giving a sh**

Toby B. | 2015-01-18

We made the drive from Pleasanton to Sacramento three times to work with Kyle Fazelian and bought a car each trip.  

What's great about Kyle is that he is equally versed in working with you to find a pre-owned car (A3-Titanium edition, Allroad) as a new (A6).  He makes the process pleasant, low pressure and unrushed.  I've reached out to him numerous times post sale to ask questions about how the cars operate and he's totally up to speed, or can get you an answer quickly.

Living near the Bay Area we have access to a number of local Audi dealers and always end up making the trip Niello Audi, working with Kyle and getting a car.

C Z. | 2015-01-14

Being a native Sacramentan, I wanted so badly to like/use Niello Audi, however, it has to be one of the least desirable Audi dealerships out there.  

Their service department appears too busy to pick up the phone to actually schedule an appointment.  I tried an entire week to schedule my first service on my 2015 Q3.  I called two times a day to attempt to schedule the service - playing phone tag and many times calling back and holding just to try to speak to someone to schedule the service - and after waiting on hold for what seemed like a long time yet again (and note, during that whole week, never once did I get a chance to speak with a live service advisor), I finally gave up and called Elk Grove Audi (who was great in every way-especially since the first call was a live service advisor and scheduled it right then).  

We even gave Niello Audi first chance at selling us a vehicle but they did not seem interested in making a deal and acted as if they didn't need our business (only after they found out we were heading to the Bay Area to purchase one there did they seem interested.)  We ended up buying from Stevens Creek Audi and were highly impressed by their genuine customer service and the buying experience!!  

Unfortunately I had a minor bumper repair that I had to have fixed.  It was in for repairs at Niello Collision the week I was trying to schedule the 5k service (because I wanted to give Niello my business again), and much to my surprise they were just as unresponsive (not communicating status updates on vehicle, returning phone calls, and didn't contact me when the vehicle was done, it sat there completed for 1 1/2 days before I finally got a hold of a live person to get the status/completion) as the attempts with Niello Audi (for service and sales). I guess I finally learned my lesson with Niello anything.

Nancy W. | 2014-12-28

Absolutely terrific service. We have a 2007 Audi A4, never had a problem. We were visiting my parents in Orangevale for Christmas (and scheduled to return to our home in Santa Barbara the following Saturday) - Christmas Day, Thursday, my husband goes out early for coffee, comes back and reports that the check engine light is suddenly flashing and the car is running very roughly. We found Niellos online and gave them a call the next day - they say they are fully booked, but tell us they'll do their best to at least diagnose the problem that day. They were far better than their word. They found 3 recalls that hadn't been done - nor even reported to us - by our local dealer, any of which might be causing the problem. They took care of all three recalls *and* fixed what turned out to be the actual problem, an ignition coil. We got out of there later the same day, and for less than $200. And they were incredibly pleasant people to deal with. I am a big fan of this place.

Brandon S. | 2014-12-03

Wow what amazing service we received from John Garcia a service consultant at niello audi. We showed up minutes before they closed with our q7. We were on our way home to Oregon with 500miles to go when the check engine light came on and the car only limped in to the dealer. They dropped everything to help us. They fixed the problem right away and even took the part we needed of there own stock unit to get us on our way. The whole thing only took 1 hour.thanks so much you guys are awesome.

Lisa W. | 2014-10-30

If you're looking for a "guy-magnet" buy the Audi A6!  No one paid this much attention to me and my 1999 Nissan Maxima.  Since purchasing my new car, I get looks from guys checking out the car.  I've been told by strangers what a cool car this is (duh!).  And several guys have even asked me questions about the car and asked to look inside.  I bought my A6 from Niello Audi after extensive research and many test drives of the competition (Mercedes, BMW, Acura, Infinity, and Lexus).  As soon as I got into the car, I knew I had found my new ride!  It is so comfortable, stylish, and powerful.  I spent several evenings at Niello Audi working with Todd Aardahl and Peter Agerton to find the right mix of features for my dream car.  They were both very patient and knowledgeable.  Once I decided which model to get, and signed the paperwork, Todd gave me a personal demo of the on-board systems until I was comfortable navigating the different interfaces.  As this was the first new car I'd ever purchased, I got all the packages and bells & whistles!  I don't have to worry about a single thing for seven years!
And the service at Niello Audi is top-notch.  The service advisor, John Garcia, is always pleasant and attentive to making my visit quick and efficient.  He most recently offered me a coupon on some Audi accessories I was going to buy anyway.  He helped me save about 15% on the purchase, and then had the new floor mats installed for me.  I always get an Audi loaner, and I love picking my car up after Audi has had their hands on it.  It's like getting a new car all over again.  They always clean it before returning it to me.  They even offer body work, which is nice considering that I've had trouble adjusting to the low-profile tires.  Rather than needing to replace an entire wheel to the tune of nearly $3K, Sean back in the shop, miraculously buffed away my mistakes, all for a small cost.  You can't even tell I had road rash!
It will be a long time before I need a new car thanks to the wise purchase I made with the 2013 Audi A6, and with Niello there to take care of me.  But, when I consider an additional or replacement vehicle, I'll be back at Niello Audi because they offer exceptional customer service and an unbeatable product!

Jeff M. | 2014-10-13

OUTSTANDING Service. Bought an A4 yesterday. Was just shopping and test driving, loved the car I drove but was hesitating on making a same day decision. Phillip (who I worked with) says "well take the car home, show the wife, have lunch and bring it back, see how you like it". So I did that. Then bought it. Dealt with 1 person (except the paperwork person), ZERO pressure. I feel like I got a good price and a good car. Oh and.... the car has been detailed today and I called to see if it's ready, prepared to take Uber to the dealer and pick up the car but Phillip said hey I will come get you, no problem. Great customer service!!!!

Carlos D. | 2014-09-16

I Just purchased an Audi Q5 from Niello. It was a great experience. Kyle Fazelian was with me through the entire sales process, and at no point did we feel pressured into making a purchase. Even after the purchase he continued to follow up to ensure I was happy. I will certainly encourage friends to visit Niello & Kyle for their next Audi purchases.

A H. | 2014-09-09

Great service

Geoff G. | 2014-08-25

My association with Niello Audi dates back to 2001. Service advisors come and go and none had created a more lasting impression on me than the one and only John Garcia. I have owned Audis for over a decade. While I don't own an Audi today, my daughter continued the tradition.  As a good dad, I volunteered to take care of all her car needs. This also gives me another reason to drop in at Niello Audi and to say hi to John. Buying a car is the easy part. You decide on the make of the car, an affordable budget and then arm-wrestle with the salesperson to cut the best deal. However, building up a lasting relationship with the service department is not as easy. It takes time and is all about service and whom you know and TRUST.

Having known John since 2006, I know my car will be in good hands. Knowing that I am not a Sacramento local, John would always give me priority so my car can be ready on time as promised. After the warranty expired, John advised me about buying an extended warranty. Let's face it... repair bills on an out-of-warranty Audi (like all German cars) can cost an arm and a leg. His good intention to save me a few bucks was commendable. Next down to the nitty gritty. Without beating around the bush, John was very thorough, gave me the time frame he needed to get the job done and a fairly accurate cost estimate. A loaner was always offered whenever necessary.

Nowadays, providing adequate customer service is just not enough. John goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide outstanding customer service. I recall vividly the occasion when John went out of his way be exact 200 miles out of his way! Here was what happened. The check engine light came on. After working on it for 3 hours, the car was ready.  No more than half a mile from NA, the light came back on. The service department needed another hour to re-check it but the light came back on again as soon as I drove it.  At this point, I didn't think it was funny anymore and neither did John. He immediately gave me a loaner and personally drove the distance (200 miles) to deliver the car to me the next day. This time it was a charm....the light was gone never to be seen again!

If you live in the Sac area and own an Audi, John Garcia is the name.  Your car will thank you for it!

Mark B. | 2014-08-22

First time ever buying a car, I came to Niello and was more then happy with my experience. The place is very nice and clean. Each staff was friendly and helpful. Phillip helped me and was excellent in customer service. I would deferentially buy from again. Did not feel any pressure, everything was explained and I had a great positive experience. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Sarah K. | 2014-08-19

Best Audi service I've had. I don't live in Sac but do travel out here often. They took better care of me when I got into a minor accident than my dealerships in Burlingame and San Francisco and always more than happy to top off oil within 5 min. Their service model is exactly how I want to feel when I walk into a dealership.

Steven M. | 2014-08-10

I bought my A4 here a few years ago. Stylish showroom. Nice lounge (with lots if Yelp signs). Pricey for repairs but it's a dealership so you know that going in.

Had a poor service experience the other day. I call up to make an appointment. Guy answers the phone, goes over what I need done and then asks if I can come in the same day. So I say sure and head over. When I get there nobody knows anything about why I'm there. I tell them I need my car at 230 and they say no problem. Well 230 comes and goes and no word. I call and they say yeah your car is ready. Great right? Except nobody bothered to call me or pick me up. Another 45 minutes go by before somebody gets me (I'm downtown). So lots of confusion and unprofessional. Guess I should have gotten the appt bookers name.

Patrick B. | 2014-08-07

This review is for my experience with Jason Altepeter from the sales staff. I also should note that in the end it was not the right moment for me to buy a new car but I still wanted to comment on the great service I received.

I walked into Niello Audi on a whim just a few days after having surgery wearing sweatpants and carrying around a pillow and at no point in time did Jason rush to judgement or treat me with anything but respect. When I told him what I was looking around for he was extremely friendly and helpful without ever making me feel pressured or uncomfortable. I'm sure many people can relate to the experience of going to the dealership and feeling pressured to buy then and there. That was not at all the experience I encountered at Niello Audi.

After that first day Jason followed up with me and were able to schedule a test drive for the particular car I was looking for. Even though it was well over 100 degrees the car was nice and cool for the test drive as Jason had made sure to turn the AC on ahead of time and cool it down.

Jason was able to answer all of our questions intelligently and was extremely friendly. Again at no point in time was there any pressure selling techniques. In the end I made a personal decision that it was not the right moment for me to buy a new car but if you are looking at buying an Audi I would highly recommend you check out Niello Audi and ask for Jason Altepeter, I'm not promising you'll find the car of your dreams but I can promise you will have a stress free experience.

J P. | 2014-08-07

One of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. Responsive, friendly, and treated is like we were lifelong customers. Eric is really great, ask for him. Yet another reason why Audi is the best.

Kristi D. | 2014-07-22

Another great experience at Niello Audi.  I had just had my Q7s entire audio system replaced at Reno Audi. A few days later, driving to Marin, the system went completely berserk... Turned itself up to maximum volume and could not be turned down or turned off.  Then it got worse, and turned into a shrieking noise, also at full volume.  This has been going on for about a half hour by the time I pulled into Niello's service bay unannounced - I was very rattled and probably acting like a completely crazy person!  They were so helpful, dropping everything to help me.  Ultimately, because I was in a big hurry, the best solution was to pull the fuse out which left me in blissful silence and got me back on the road quickly.  THANK YOU NIELLO!

David J. | 2014-06-14

Drove all the way up to Niello from SF to meet Kyle Fazelian and Cain Carter about a Q5. The guys are great and make you feel comfortable even after a long drive. They even delivered the Q5 to me in SF. Customer service from these gentlemen is amazing and they never pressure you into a purchase.  If you guys check out Niello Audi find these guys and they'll make sure you're taken care of.

Highly recommended!

Gary P. | 2014-06-10

Had car in for service and they said needed a relay for ECM, when took in for shifting problem and was told by another repair shop that their was a service bulletin for shifting problem, which they said was not one for my car?? Charge me for part that in my beliefs was not bad now car shifts worse,runs at higher rpm at 60 mph (3000)+ and dash warning, which was never doing this before when took in to Niello. They give you a song and dance about your problem to get more money out of you.For a transmission that is to be life time fluid why it need more and when car gets hot it shifts worse than cold?? FLUID BACK DOWN $$$$

S. R. | 2014-06-06

My family have been clients of Niello Audi since 2005 when we purchased a brand new A8. The service department has treated us well and would get 5 stars, especially Mr. John Garcia, if the review was only about the service dept., it's the sales department that has turned into a bunch of crooks. Not everyone in the sales department is bad, but there is a saying that the fish stinks from the head down, I think the management are the problem and it trickles down to the floor sales associates. People in the sales department treated my family like we were bums off the street despite the fact we've been clients for a decade. I concur with another reviewer who said the sales department is very guilty of ignoring you if you don't 'look the part', basically unless you walk around in a suit you'll likely be ignored or not taken seriously. This has happened to me on multiple occasions, it's totally disrespectful and ignorant.

Once we were offered a trade-in value on our car for LESS than half it's KBB trade in value and were being given no discount on a new Audi, and this was all being done to a long time customer! When we argued that the deal was totally unfair we were basically made to feel that our loyalty to the company as repeat customers mattered for nothing, and we were made to feel like strangers to a dealer we'd worked with for years. If this is how you treat a long time customer, imagine how they treat completely new customers.

Despite this I gave them one more chance several months later when I was interested in the Q5. At the time they had only 1 new Q5 in stock and said it would be "more than 6 months" until they got anymore new Q5's in, so Stan Barney said I better buy this one or "I'd be sorry". The one they had wasn't what I wanted but I needed a car, so I still inquired into a possible purchase. But the deal they offered me was laughable because they barely took anything off the pricetag. Stan claimed I wouldn't get a chance to buy another Q5 for at least half a year so I'd better settle for the chance to buy the one they had in stock that had a lot of things I didn't like on it. They acted like getting screwed on the price of that Q5 was an honor since Q5's are "so rare", funny though because I see these "rare" cars everywhere. I ended up buying a Volvo XC60 instead at Turner Volvo who treated me great and gave me a great deal. But this story gets even better, a month after I had inquired into the Q5, I was driving by the dealership and saw that there were now 7 brand new Q5's parked in front at Niello Audi, I confirmed this on their website later that day. Remember, I was told by Stan Barney just a month earlier that they were sold out for at least the next 6 months and I needed to buy that Q5 or I wouldn't get another chance for at least half a year.........HMMMMM does anyone else see the sleazy sales tactics and lies here??

I will never buy an Audi from Niello, this dealership was different 8 or 10 years ago, they were more honest and appreciative of repeat customers. They're not the same company they used to be and it has been noticeable for the last few years, even before our attempted trade-in and the Q5 fiasco. If you're looking to buy an Audi, take your business elsewhere, but the service department is solid and I recommend them highly, particularly John Garcia.

We have bought vehicles from Niello Volkwagen and Niello Acura and our experiences were much more positive. Niello Audi's sales department has fallen off a cliff, Stan Barney especially, until it's fixed you won't see me in that showroom.

Audrey B. | 2014-05-24

I came in to have a license plate bracket put on the front of my car. I met with Dain Bryant who was incredibly friendly and explained that he would only charge me for the part (which they already had in stock) and not the service to install it.
I had my small terrier with me that day (he's a 13 year old boy who keeps to himself). I planned on keeping him outside but Dain was so sweet to him and told me that he could come inside, no problem (I was waiting there for my car to finish). While we were waiting, one of the ladies came over with a treat for him. They were completely accommodating, knowing that I had to wait there for the service.
Dain finished off by explaining what things needed to be done for my Audi after the inspection. He was completely honest- explaining that some of the things I should wait to have done because they would be a waste of money if done now. I appreciated his honestly, his assistance, and his attitude. I'll definitely be taking my car to be serviced here regularly as I can see these are people I can trust. Thanks Dain!

Shrenik D. | 2014-05-22

I was new to Sacramento area and I went for the service with them in January sometime for my audi A4.  I just went for oil change and the service provided in the warranty. They charged me $850 just to do oil change and maintenance check. I tried talking to them but I had to pay that amount. After servicing my car started making weird engine noise. I dont' know what they did. Also, I am just over 4 months down the service and already the oil level shows less than a quarter level. I thought if I go to the dealer atleast I'll get some good service for my car. Its not worth spending that much on their pathetic service.

Apryl W. | 2014-05-19

This review is for Cain Carter, the Internet Sales Manager at Niello Audi in Sacramento, Ca:

I just went to Niello this past weekend for a new car, surprisingly I didn't purchase an Audi but a 2013 Prius IV. I had a black 2010 Prius IV that I was looking to trade in; I wanted a newer Prius IV in the blizzard white color. I stumbled across Niello Audi from ; they had the exact Prius I was looking for and it was priced $3,000 under the Kelly Blue Book price. I sent Niello an email; I received a prompt phone call and email from Cain Carter the Internet Sales Manager. I make an appointment for Sat at 10am, on my way to the dealership Cain called me to ensure I had an alternate route to the dealership as there was heavy construction on the freeway to avoid; I was really impressed by his consideration. When I arrived the car was parked out front ready to test drive! After the test drive we went into the office, I gave him my information which he quickly entered into the computer to generate an application (no long paper application process!); I reviewed the information and signed. He came back with an initial scenario for my feedback, I told him I expected a little more for my trade and what payment I wanted to be at. He said "No problem, we're not too far from what you want. Let me see what I can do." He brought my credit score, then a few interest rates from 2 other finance companies and one "scenario" from the best interest rate offer. The scenario outlined everything, payment, interest, the value for trade, everything that I wanted to see. The deal was perfect, per my request he was able to give me more for my trade, my new interest rate was 60% less than what I was paying for my old car and my payments were less than my original request. We shook hands; they gave me (and my husband) an Audi key chain and an Audi tote bag (to remove any of my belongings out the old car). I met with the Finance Manager who was very respectful! I didn't want to hear the full pitch on additional warranties so she gave me a brief summary and ended the conversation there (which I appreciate). We went over all the paperwork; I signed, paid my down payment and was done. It literally felt like I was in and out of there. Everything was clear, concise and transparent. I understood everything and didn't feel any sales pressure at all, it was very pleasant experience. My appointment was at 10am and I was out of the dealership by 1pm, which includes the test drive!

If you know what kind of car you want, like me, working with Cain is the absolute best option.

Vladimir G. | 2014-03-29

Solid one star experience. Selling those high end vehicles,  but can't even match the trade-ins of other dealerships. Apparently,  they did not want my business and I have bought the car at the other dealership where they care about their customers and willing to negotiate instead of backing up on their offers.

Anthony A. | 2014-03-03

I do admit, I did not buy an Audi... but that was never my intention. I met Kyle and Todd several years ago and have always trusted their opinion and have ultimately bought vehicles from wherever they are working. True class acts of the industry. I met them at their location, told them what I wanted, and walked out with an Escalade that I ordered. They are that good and highly recommended.

Douglas Y. | 2014-02-04

This upscale dealership is located on a bad stretch of Auburn Blvd not far from the auto sprawl on Fulton Ave.  I have been here a few times to check out cars and test drive different models over the years as I contemplated which car to buy and service has always been outstanding.  Stan has helped me twice in the last few years and he is always professional, friendly and informative even though I have never purchased an Audi.  It is not a surprise that Stan has won awards from Niello almost every year he has been at the dealership.

The dealership carries a good assortment of new and used vehicles ranging from "Iron Man's" RS8 super car to the economy A3.  Certified Pre Owned vehicles are often a great buy here as well.

Since I have never purchased a car here, I can't really write a complete review.  Based on my encounters here at Niello Audi I would highly recommend coming here if your in the market for an Audi.

Phil C. | 2013-12-08

i have used niello on several occasions,and they continue to disappoint. the service dept is terrible, they overcharge, the they treat you poorly,i would never use them again. i would go anywhere else. they tried to charge me $649.00 for a free oil change. what a joke.they finally backed down when i showed them the flier THEY sent me for free service and oil change. DO NOT TRUST THEM !

Tavares L. | 2013-12-02

Excellent service. From check-in to checkout! This is my second time coming here and the service reminds me why I only but Audi. They go out of their way to make sure customers are satisfied.

Marc E. | 2013-11-22

I am writing to review my experience today with the Niello Audi service department. I called up this morning not expecting to get an appointment for my 5k mile service, but to my surprise, I did. The service team was friendly, attentive, and very accommodating. I just picked it up and John was friendly and the service excellent. Very good experience.

Kathy D. | 2013-11-04

Service here is excellent!  No waiting to check in and finished before promised. Fresh coffee, pastries, etc. if you need to wait for your ride.  Car is washed beautifully.   Bought a Q5 here, love it and had a great experience.  Nice to know the follow up service is just as good!

Emmanuel M. | 2013-10-29

The service department at this location by far exceeds their customer service. I have been helped by Dain Bryant, an amazing guy to work with always detailed and keep you informed about the services to the car. I recently called in for my car because it was miss firing and worked with Darcy in getting my car to there service center, she was very professional and empathetic to my problem and insured me that they can take it in and have it checked as soon as possible. My service rep was John Garcia, he made sure I was well informed in what needed to be fixed and kept me updated. They have free shuttle service so you can get to work or home. They will pick you back up so you dont have to worry about transportation. The driver Vance who usually does the pick up is fast and a great conversation!  I can't be more satisfied by this service team! Everybody in this team should be recognized for their great service.

Thank you again!

Marcus C. | 2013-10-06

I have stopped by here a couple times to check out a car I am interested in buying but no one ever bothers to help me. The dealership would be dead and I will e the only one on the lot and I still can't be treated as a potential buyer. Needless to say I have bought several high end cars elsewhere. It's even left a bad taste in my mouth about Audi altogether. All of the other Niello dealerships has treated me with  great service. No wonder there is always no one there.

Roman M. | 2013-10-01

Their work is good but the customer service is not so good. The repairs took a lot longer then originally quoted ,I was not updated even after calling and leaving multiple messages.very hard to get ahold of my service adviser. Probably wont be going back.

Mike B. | 2013-09-21

This place must be the worse Audi dealer in CA. Their service department is even too busy to pick up the phone to schedule an appointment. After calling 7 times to try and make an appointment for the first service on my 2013 Q7 and being told the scheduling person is not available, I gave up and went to Elk Grove Audi (who was great in every way). I gave Niello Audi first chance at selling me the Q7 too but they had no selection and acted like they were the only choice in the country. I ended up buying it from Concord Audi and that was also an all around great experience. I think it is time for Sen. Niello to step in and fix this place. Two failed chances to earn my business. I won't be back.

Chris A. | 2013-07-20

I HAD to write a review for Niello Audi after Scott Bunker went SO far out of his way to take care of me.  

I took my car to Niello Audi to be checked out and i cant believe the Service that i received when i pulled up.  This is the first Audi i have owned and the first time taking it to Niello.  This guy Scott Bunker treated me like i had been his best friend for 20 years.  Not only did he take care of me regarding my car, he talked to me about cars and motorcycles and going to the race track.  Something i can sit and talk about for hours.  I am still in shock with the service.  He was genuinely interested in talking with me.  

I am always skeptical about taking my car to the dealership because my first impression is they charge an arm and a leg for everything and they tell you EVERYTHING is wrong to make a nickel.  Scott COMPLETELY changed that outlook for me and i will 100 percent be bringing my car back to him for everything.

This last comment is for Niello Audi.  

I will never own anything else but an Audi because of the service Scott has given me.  Thank you again for everything, you have definitely earned a life long customer!!

Skip S. | 2013-07-10

Cain's service continues after the sale!  It's been 7 months now since we purchased our Q7.  The car is still amazing, but one thing we messed up on was signing up for a very low cost option of Audi Connect.  It's a mobile data connection through T-Mobile, and if you purchased it within 2 weeks of the purchase of the car it was like $4.50 a month for your own hot spot.  Well, we missed the 2 week deadline and although Cain tried every which way, could not get Audi to extend that price to us after the 2 week window.  Regular price was like $30 a month, so with plenty of smart phones around we decided just to forgo it.  WELL, Cain didn't forget.  He emailed me yesterday to let me know  that Audi had changed their policy to include that low price even for used vehicles.  So, months after our purchase, Cain helped us get the $4.50 price again!  That's some service from a sales guy if you ask me.

Ben H. | 2013-07-09

I've been an Audi driver for years (yes, you can judge me).  Niello Audi has always been a great place to buy and service my Audi's.  Buying a car is not necessarily the top of everyone's fun list, but the sales staff at Niello do a great job of making the process as enjoyable as it can be.  If I want to test drive a car for a day or two to get a feel for it, they oblige.  If I want a different color or trim level, they find it.  If I'm not quite ready, they smile and let me know they will be there when I am.  

Even more impressive has been the way the treat me for service.  They always have a car for me.  They always call and confirm appointments.  If, by some chance, I have an issue that isn't covered on one of my older Audi's, they let me know the likely cost and have never exceeded the estimate.  In fact they regularly over deliver for less $$ than I was prepared to spend.  Scott Bunker and the rest of the service staff treat me really well.  I get a clean, serviced car and no hassles.  Ever.  I especially like the little booklet about my car after every visit.  It tells me what they did, what my consumables are looking like (tires, brake pads, fluids, etc) and what may need attention in the near future.  

The managers have been great too.  They know me by name.  Matt Phelan asks my how my visit is every time I am in.  Prior managers were just as attentive.  In short, Niello Audi spends the time it takes to make me comfortable and they've gained a long time client because of it.

Stephen B. | 2013-04-04

So I decided to buy a new car. First I thought about another Mini cooper, looked at the new models drove a couple and not really impressed.  Then I went to BMW, Ok experience but once again, not really excited enough to buy.

So I started looking on line and decided to check out an Audi.

I get on the lot and expect to see a group of sales people smoking in a circle waiting to make eye contact and run to their next commission and it was nothing like that at all.

Phillip arranged for the test drive, I drove the A4 and bought it.

Today I had my first service, and it completely exceeded my expectations.

1) They use email calendar with reminder
2) Really friendly employees - everyone seemed to really enjoy working there
3) Great waiting area, employee's checked several time to see if I needed anything
4) Work done on time

I had questions about Audi care and Ryann the service manager explained the advantages and I decided to buy it.

Of course my friends now say I went from a Mini (innie) to a Audi (outie). But I can live with that..

June S. | 2013-03-31

I love the service I receive from Niello Audi.  Scott's the best!  He takes care of all my needs and gets me and my car in/out quickly while providing great service.  Thanks Scott and the service team!

S P. | 2013-03-21

I recently brought my A5 in for some custom modifications.  Even though I hadn't purchased the automobile at Niello, I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.  The modifications were performed exactly as agreed, and on time.  Dealing with Scott, the Service Manager was a positive and effortless experience.  I would wholly recommend the folks there.

Dan B. | 2013-03-02

I had to write a positive review for Niello Audi for saving our Tahoe trip.

My Q7 had unexpected mechanical troubles while driving through town on our way to Tahoe. Respecting the urgent nature of our situation, they worked diligently and quickly to discover the nature of the mechanical issue. Once they determined the cause of the problem and realized it was something they could repair, they put my car on the fast track and had it completely repaired in under two and a half hours while we waited - after an unexpected walk-in.

I haven't seen such attentive, overwhelming customer service from any automotive shop here in San Francisco, and I thank them again for their outstanding customer service.

B B. | 2013-02-14

Horrible customer service!! We are looking  for a new car - my husband wanted to check out the clean diesel / we walked around the lot and showroom for  at least 10 minutes - they were not busy - only a few customer - no one even bothered to acknowledge us!! So we just left! If this is how they treat customers - we'll stick with BMW and Mercedes Benz - we have had excellent service there!!

Brandon H. | 2013-01-15

i bought a used audi Q7 here. even though i live in sf bay area, this dealer had a Q7 with close spec that i wanted. so i took a day off from work and took public transportation to get up there. i bought the q7 but i didn't feel like i got the best deal, but i bought it anyways. audi had a discount program to pay the first month bill, so it knocked off another half grand. they tried to make more money in the end by persuading me to buy extended warranty, but i didn't fall for it. well, i don't have any complaints on this part since all other dealers do that as well.

but the reason for 1 star is this. the car looked very clean inside out from pictures on their website. however, when i checked it out in person, the cargo space in the back was badly scratched all around as if the car was used to haul big and sharp hardwares. this was a big surprise, yet they didn't give me any additional discount for this damage.  i later found out that fixing it would cost me $900+. inside was a bit dirty as well (this car was audi certified vehicle and i expected more). so i had to ask for interior clean up.  when i was about to drive off, i connected my iphone to the integrated iphone cable, it did not work. i called the salesperson and he brought me a replacement.

but the disappointment didn't end here. when i drove home for 2.5 hours, my wife noticed that rooftop bars were missing. in the advertisement pictures on their website, the car always had rooftop bars. i immediately contacted the salesperson, and he later found the bars and asked me to come pick them up. i had to drive up 5 hours roundtrip again, but i was ok as long as i could get them. but being so busy at work, i couldn't visit the dealer immediately. about a week later, i contacted the salesperson to make sure he still had my bars. you guessed it right. they were gone and he couldn't find them anymore. i complained so many times, but he told me that they must have been sold with other car. at this point, i suspected that they use them on other used Q7 and sold the car with them. he told me he will let me know when he gets another used Q7 with bars. it's been close to 4 month and he has not responded to my email ever again. i've called the dealer, left voice message to general manager, but i got no attention from them.

i am not just crying about some accessory parts i got ripped off of. i spent a good amount of money, perhaps as much as buying a new car. yet, the entire experience was so bad. and being far away from dealer put me in a big disadvantage which put them in a better position to ignore me since they got the money from me. i'm a big fan of audi, but what niello audi dealer has shown me was one of the worst experience i've ever had at a car dealer.

everything i wrote above is true and i standby what i wrote here. so use your judgement and don't be a victim like me.

Marianka B. | 2013-01-08

Smooth talking salesmen that have a story for every question you ask and treat you like you're a retard! Ridiculous overpriced ($3900 for a clutch repair) and slooooow to repair anything. I will not buy an Audi again because of the service at this garage!!

Sarah H. | 2012-11-16

Service department - specifically Eric, but also the entire department -
Long story short - my dad passed away two weeks ago.  He always maintained my cars, reminded me to get my oil changed etc. My trip to Niello Audi is the first time I've ever handled anything car-related on my own and boy was I nervous.  

Turns out that Eric and the staff at Neillo Audi were tremendously helpful. They treated my car with such care, went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. My expectations were exceeded! Thank you Niello Audi!

Sokthart S. | 2012-09-05

F this place. The salesmen are jokes here. They would say anything to get you to buy their vehicle. If I could rate this place a ZERO believe me I would. I will never do business with this establishment again. My experience buying my first car when I came here. I was promised that I would get a low apr of 6.5%. After examining my paperwork a week after purchasing. The Paperwork printed that my interest/apr was at 18.7%. I soon went back and argued with the person who handled my paperwork and he said he didn't promise me a low apr. but in fact, he did promise me that after he shook my hand. He totally lied in front of my face in front of his manager when I confronted him about it. In the end, I couldn't do anything because signed the paperwork. Being that I was 18 years old at the time. I felt that I was definitely taken advantage of due to the fact it was my first car purchase and believing everything they told me. Now that I am 24 years old now and have a lot more knowledge and experience. I will never ever let chump car salesmen  take advantage of my again.

Julie M. | 2012-07-13

After having a disappointing experience at Sonnen Audi, the team at Niello was a breath of fresh air.

Cain Carter was super friendly and helpful without being pushy whatsoever. After closing on an Audi TT, which I just love, Cain and his colleague Nicole even helped me set up my insurance since I did not have an existing policy.

Five enthusiastic stars for the Niello team - I would recommend any friend or family member to Niello!

Tom C. | 2012-05-27

I am definitely a wary consumer. Known for stirring-the-pot if my large-ticket (over $100... Heh) experiences don't go well (and letting people know about it).

This said - I was originally a bit apprehensive about taking my car here - especially after a few of the previous reviews. I didn't purchase my A5 from Niello, but am trying to establish a service provider.

Well - I have two weeks left on my factory warranty, and suspected that I may be in need of a good inspection, perhaps an alignment and a few other small warranty items (start button and visor clip). With this, I thought that the dealer would somehow try to rack-up the charges for lots of other items.

Dain in the service department kinda shocked me. He was super friendly, patient, thorough and ultimately charged me significantly LESS than the original estimate, while honoring all of the warranty items and exceeding my expectations for the minor service that I did need (the window seal adjustment).

He also covered my transportation needs far, far beyond my expectations - and again, I didn't even purchase my car from Niello.

I will certainly be bringing my car back for future service and repairs. Dain also mentioned a tech that can restore my wheels that had been curbed a bit by the previous owner. A must.

Lastly - It's really neat to meet a service advisor who's just as enthusiastic about how cool these cars are. Perhaps a trivial detail, but we all love our cars, right?!

Rick W. | 2012-05-03

I recently took delivery of my third, Niello Audi A6.

Obviously the professionals at Niello realize that great customer service brings buyers back and back again.

Having also had the pleasure of purchasing the other German brands that Niello sells I can honestly say their customer centric attitude is organization wide.  (Congratulations Rick and Roger Niello!)

Five stars for Audi, Niello, Cain Carter and  Bob Nelson!
Six stars for Scott & John in the service department!

Now, if they only sold German motorcycles...

Elle R. | 2012-03-28

This review is for Cain Carter. I bought my Audi A5 here after looking for months and since I did not live close,we did do everything via email and phone. I usually hate
buying cars because of all the games but
Cain is very personable,no pressure,and his customer service is impeccable!
He follows up with any concerns I had and even called me to say Happy Birthday! I know it is not a big deal,but with all the competition out there, it is those little things that make a difference.I already had bought the car and he didn;t ever have to contact me again.
Most important,weeks went by,and I had a minor issue with scratches and a key that needed to be programmed and he took care of it immediately.
I could've simply drove 10 minutes to my local Audi instead of over an hour but I am glad I did.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for an Audi!

Shahrukh A. | 2012-01-20

I highly recommend Cain Carter of Audi Niello. He is honest, respectful and very professional sales man. I just purchased a 2004 Lexus LS430 even though my budget was pretty low but he was able to convince his management to meet my budget requirement. It was really pleasure dealing with him and in future I will only buy a car from Cain Carter of Niello Audi.

Norma A. | 2011-12-31

I am reviewing Audi Service Dept. I have to say that I expected to be treated poorly, one because my Audi is a 2000 S4 and second because I am a minority. I have to say that I received the most professional and welcoming experience! They treated me as special as every other person there.

My Audi was giving me a blinking check engine light and shaking, I was worried that I was going to break the bank. Plus, I didn't know if they would even have time to fix it since the day was pretty busy.

They were able to squeeze me in and provided me with the best service. I waited for the car in the lounge and even had Starbucks Coffee while I waited. They let me know the immediate things to repair, the other things that it would be needing soon. They repaired my Audi in no time and I was back on the road.

The entire experience was awesome. I will be taking my car back here for all my Audi needs. Thank you for making my first experience a great one.

Ellen D. | 2011-11-18

I love Audi's but if Niello Audi is your only option to buy it from, don't do it .
I live on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, I bought an Audi A8 4 years ago at a dealership in Reno. The Reno dealership closed a year ago, so instead of getting a new car I bought out the lease on the A8. My car needed some work done recently, so I took it to Niello in Sacramento (2 hours away from my house).
When we dropped it off with service dept, we decided to look at the new A8s. Had a very nice, professional salesman, Rob Davis. We decided to consider turning in our old Audi and buying a new one. We test drove a few cars, got a price for trade in for our car, talked about pricing for new car and told them we would call back in a day or so.
Next day talked to Greg Hall who told me there was some repair work needed on our trade in but would hold to his word on the trade in price anyway (by the way blue book was $8,000 higher than what I agreed to sell it to them for). He told me "as long as you bring the title, you will walk out with a check for the full amount the day you pick up your new car (we were not putting the $ towards the new car). We agreed on a price for a new car and the deal moved forward. They said delivery would be the next week.
I then spoke to the service dept and told them not to do any work on the car as we were going to turn the car into them, so only do what they would want to pay for. Dain told me OK.
Delivery day came. Rob Davis was very professional and spent lots of time showing me all the features of the new car. Then time to sign the lease contract. Signed all contracts and asked for my check for the car I was trading in to them. Finance person told me it was Friday afternoon so they couldn't do it that day, but would put it in the mail early next week. (Today is 3 weeks later and my check has not been issued yet). 4 days later I got a call from the Finance Manager. He told me the contract we signed at closing was wrong, the contract stated $.25 per mile charge for each mile over the agreed upon 30,000 for the term of the lease. He said they meant $.35 cents so he was sending me a new contract and I had to sign it. When I questioned why they thought it was appropriate to change a signed contract after I left the dealership with the new car he said "do you mean to tell me you wouldn't have bought the car if we told you the milage charge before you signed"? Is that really the point? Maybe I would have chosen a different lease option, maybe a lot of things, but who insists that you change the contract 4 days after the deal is done? Hmmm, maybe I should have changed the things I felt like, 4 days later. New contract came I didn't sign it.
2 weeks later I still hadn't received my money for the old car - $29,400! But we did get a call from Dain in the service dept who told us we owed around $1200 for repairs to the OLD car that we traded to them for an "as is" price.
3 days ago I get a call from Bob Nelson who wanted to see how my experience with Niello was. I explained the issues I had and he told me he would get back to me. Well, we talked today. He decided to let me keep the old nice that he was going to be a good guy and let the now 3 week old contract stay in place. Gee Bob, that's how it works in America. You sign a contract and live up to it.
But he said that some of the work on the old car was done before I told Dain not to do any work...hmm really? What was that? Breaks and oil change. So Bob, that "as is" price Greg promised is now not really the price? And were you really not going to get the breaks fixed before reselling the car? And when am I going to get paid on the car that I was supposed to "walk out with a check" 3 weeks ago, when I gave them the title, and still don't have? Well, he will send the full amount if I give him a credit card for the amount of the repair bill or else they will hold it until we resolve this problem. So how much longer are they going to hold my $29,000 interest free? Well the only way I can get my money is to have them send it less the repair cost on my trade in that I didn't drive at all since the first day I walked into the dealership. Oh by the way, they are charging me full retail price for the service work on the car that they now have the title for, have not paid for and that they would have to do to sell it to anyone.
I didn't play hardball on the price of the new car, I didn't play hard ball on the price of the trade in so they made good money on both sides of my deal. Now they are going to make me pay for repairs to a car they now own? Good luck, Niello Audi.
You are everything people dread about going to car dealers. Thanks to my 500+ Facebook friends word is spreading quickly in the No. Nevada/ South Lake Tahoe area. Hope my $1200 was worth it to you. Oh by the way, remember my friend that was considering buying my old A8, well she decided to by new instead. Guess where she is NOT buying it.

Trudi L. | 2011-11-15

My 2004 Audi Allroad needed a 4 wheel alignment. I called 2 places in Reno. I gave them all the information about my car and asked if they can perform the alignment. Both places said yes, that they will be able to do the alignment on the Audi Allroad. I dropped off my car to the first place. They kept it for 4 hours. When I went to pick the car up, I was told, that my wheels were so badly out of alignment that they were not able to do the job. Then, I took it to a second place in Reno. They told me that the ride height adjustments (4 Level Air Suspension) were out of sync..NOT!

Finally, I called Niello Audi and spoke with John Garcia at the service department. John was very knowledgeable about the Audi Allroad, as he has one himself. I was in and out of the Service Department in less than 2 hours with a 4 wheel alignment. My car drove like butter back to Tahoe!

Gabby D. | 2011-10-28

I just bought a brand spanking new black A4 2012 from Cain Carter at Niello Audi in Sacramento.  My husband and I took care of all logistics via email and phone calls since we live in San Jose. Cain was awesome and very helpful.  We were very impressed with his level of customer service and attention to detail.  He quoted us EXACTLY what we were looking for and on the day of pick up all we had to do was sign the paperwork.

Before purchasing from the Sac. location we visited our local Audi dealership in Stevens Creek, Santa Clara and had a poor experience with two different reps.  We would never purchase an Audi vehicle from the Steven's Creek location but hopefully their repair shop is better as we will inevitably have to take it in for occasional maintenance.

Roman R. | 2011-10-11

I just bought a used vehicle from Cain Carter and Tyler (forgot last name) at Niello Audi.  Their low pressure sales and professionalism was unmatched.  It truly was an enjoyable experience.  I think I spent less than 1.5 hours total at the dealership which is unheard of when buying any car anywhere.  They noticed a blemish in the glass and offered up front to replace it.  The service department was truly exceptional and I received some of the best service I've received anywhere.  Eric Carr matched and exceeded my expectations and may have provided some of the best service I've received at any establishment, including restaurants and hotels...I can say that this has been a truly outstanding buying experience and I would recommend Niello Audi to my closest friends and family without hesitation.

Amy M. | 2011-08-11

They are great until you by the car. Then the customer service is over and they couldn't care less, because they already have your money. My family has purchased four vehicles from Niello Audi over the years... NEVER again. I'll go to the Bay Area next time.

Kevin P. | 2011-06-24

Dropped off my A5 (was not purchased from Niello) today for the 15k miles service.

The car only has 11k but the service light went on so I brought it in to have it checked out. I was a bit hesitant since I know dealers will overcharge and offer unnecessary services. My plan was to have Niello quote me on the price and bring my car to a good mechanic to get the same stuffs done.

Right off the bat I was told by Andrea that sometimes the service light turn on early and my car may not need service. If so I they will reset the light and I can bring my car back at 15k miles. She got my VIN and checked out previous service history. It turns out Audi recommends 15K or 1 year from previous service whichever comes first. So my car needed service. I was prepared to pay if their price was somewhat reasonable since customer service was excellent so far.

As it turns out the previous owner bought Audi care package and routine services up to 45k miles are all FREE!!!!! (I HAD NO IDEA...thank you sir ma'am whoever you are!)...AND thanks to the staff at Niello and Audi for being completely honest and efficient with customer care.

Andrea told me everything takes about 2 hrs. So I hang out at their Quattro cafe and check out the awesome R8, S5. My service advisor Scott went over everything and I was out in about 2 hours exactly. Beautiful dealer, friendly staff, comfortable atmosphere...didn't get that feeling of getting scammed like when I'm at other likey


Tom D. | 2011-06-10

This is the best dealership experience I have ever had.....The purchase was very low pressure and professional , Rob Davis knows his Audi,s and was great every step of the way. My service advisor Scott Bunker also was very professional in all my dealings when I had some troubles with my car even when I was getting loud:) He took care of everything...Niello has a  customer for life because they GET customer service......every employee I have come in contact with was awesome...thanks guys and gals

Jen M. | 2011-05-28

I just have to say that I am sooooooooo freaking impressed by Cain Carter that even though we live in LA we have already decided to buy our next car from him.  He has been amazing and I honestly feel like this whole experience has been more than just buying a car.  Cain has checked in with us every month to see if we need anything AND has called to wish us both a happy birthday.  Talk about a great salesman!!!  It's the little things like that that people have forgotten and in my mind, great customer service like that makes me completely loyal for life.  If Cain changes dealerships, I'm going with him (but it better be a German car dealership Cain, just sayin ;-)).
Thanks for everything Cain!!  YOU ROCK!!!!

Becky J. | 2011-04-02

I had a PHENOMENAL experience with purchasing a new vehicle and my subsequent service appointment to have my LoJack installed. Each employee who's worked with me has been responsive, courteous, professional, and friendly.

Rob Davis, who sold me the vehicle, is the anthesis of what one would think when you say "car salesman." He's educated and is a true professional; he took the time to assess what would work best for my needs. Mark in finance is equally as consultative in his approach.

I never felt rushed or pressured, and it was a surprisingly comfortable experience -- the employees and overall environment took the anxiety out of what would ordinarily be a stressful situation with making a major investment.

The dealership, including the service area, is spotless and well appointed with a variety of amenities.

Joni B. | 2011-03-25

I've purchased two vehicles from Niello in the last six years and I've been very happy with the service from both the sales service departments.  Friendly and low pressure sales staff.  I talked to many salespeople when shopping for my second Audi and I spoke to a number of sales people who couldn't answer my basic questions, such as "How much torque?"  I had a Cadillac salesman tell me he had never been asked that.  Maybe I expect too much from a sales person to know some of the basic mechanical specs of the cars they are selling . . . . . Stan Barney was my sales person when I bought the Q5 and he was great.  When I told Stan why I wanted a different model than my A3, he asked questions, listened and steered me to my Q5.
The service department has gone above and beyond for me a number of times.  And I did not own an R8, A8 or TT - just an A3.  Their shuttle service will drop off and pick up at Arden Fair Mall which makes taking my car in for service a shopping day for me.  That may not appeal to men, but I live over 30 miles from the dealership, so I might as well make a day of the it.
I would highly recommend Niello Audi to anyone looking for an Audi.

Nick P. | 2011-02-08

Much like every other Niello dealership, this place is a wonderful experience.  Friendly, low pressure staff, wonderful amenities, beautiful building, and an abundant selection of new and pre-owned.

My family has all purchased vehicles from various Niello chains and we will all be back again when the time comes.

Dave C. | 2010-12-30

Having purchased many vehicles from Niello Acura with much success, wonderful test drives, and incredible customer service it was only natural for us to look to Niello Audi when it was time to buy our Audi TT Roadster. While the professionalism at Niello Acura is impeccable (Salesman Chris Knutsen is great) the guy at Niello Audi left a very bad taste in our mouths.

We pulled up to the dealership like anyone else that day, dressed in business casual attire, not sloppy, not overdressed. We were greeted by a salesperson and I told him that my wife loved the new TT Roadster design and after having read a few reviews on the car we'd like to test drive both a 2.0 and the 3.2 to get a feel for each. The sales guy looked us up and down and said "I'll see what I can do" very condescendingly... He spoke with his manager and then came back and said that he could let us drive the 2.0 but not the 3.2 since the only one they had in stock was in the showroom and he noted (again condescendingly) "you do know it's over $50k right?"

Excuse me? did you seriously just ask me that? I responded with "yes, we're well aware of the price, it's not a problem, we just want to compare both before making the decision. He said with a chuckle, "well we just can't do it sorry, it's on the showroom floor."

So we drove the 2.0, and once finished and back at the dealership we asked again why we could not drive the 3.2 that was right in front of us next to the large double doors it drove in through... and he said "well, it is scheduled for a test-drive with someone else in 30 minutes" as it happened the folks came early for their scheduled test drive. The problem was not that they couldn't take it out for a drive, it was apparently more that my late 20s money wasn't as good as their early 40s money.

We drove that same day down to Lasher Audi in Elk Grove, test drove the 3.2 and ended up buying the 2.0 on the spot. Not due to the cost but due to the fact that the 3.2 only increased the HP by 50 but added about 1000 pounds negating the HP increase so there was no difference in the feel of the drive.

Niello Audi lost a potential long term customer that day.

the single star is for the building, it is a nice looking place and has a beautiful showroom.

Linda W. | 2010-12-12

I went here the other day with my boyfriend to look for a gift for a friend. We parked in the front and walked in. No one greeted us. No one even talked to us. Every dealership I had ever gone to, the sales people would flock to me or something of that nature. I guess I was looking too "poor" for them this day.

We went to the parts department and was greeted by a helpful salesperson. (Only after finding him first). He helped us pick out the gifts and the cashier rung us up.

Sad part is, the only thing positive about this place was the cashier who was sweet and asked us if we wanted coffee. This place definitely makes me NOT won't an Audi. I hope they recognize it's a recession. P.s. You WORK here, I'm a customer. Don't act like your better than me because you work here. Lol

Moxie H. | 2010-10-09

I'd love to say that I had a great experience, I did have good customer "service", BUT after spending $5,100 to fix multiple problems and install new brakes as my old brakes "only had 5% left" I am left with a car that takes longer to stop than before.  I have taken it back to the Niello and they said they had 3 people drive it and someone take it home and put 50 miles on it and it is performing properly.  Bull sheet!  My daughter often drives the car and said the pedal is lower and she experienced the same unreliable stopping distance issue I did.
Interesting that the loaner stops on a dime but mine goes into the crosswalk with new brakes.  And the stereo was performing normally before service, now it has static even when listening to CD's.
I am taking it to someone else to look at and if they find a problem, I WILL sue Niello for the amount.  Find a different mechanic.

Violet D. | 2010-09-09

Had to take my A4 in again, before the big move to Seattle, and they are still nothing short of the best. I considered trading my car in, and regardless still served me with impeccable service and honesty.

Cristi I. | 2010-08-26

I hate to say it but this place is the WORST. The service department treated me so poorly. I had a $4,000 repair done to my 03' Audi. During the quote process I was continuously put on hold and treated less than par. When I finally came to pick up my car it was filthy! It looked like it had been on a road trip. No one offered to clean it up..I was just handed the keys after a rather large check was written to them.I have currently found a better repair place and WILL NOT be purchasing my new Audi from Niello. I believe this is not a reflection of the company as a whole but maybe of the chauvinistic service attendant I dealt with?? BUMMER!

Joshua R. | 2010-04-06

I recently purchased a 2006 A4 from them and Rob Davis walked me through every step - hands down a great professional and pleasure to work with.  Very upfront and wanted to make sure I was picking out the car I wanted with absolutely no pressure.

Had to take the car back in for some service and have them look at an issue I had, I worked with Dain in the service department and he took just as good care of me as Rob did.  Too bad to hear about what happened to the other reviewers in their dealings with the service department, I had a wonderful experience and am sold on Audi's for life.

john t. | 2010-03-23

Aside from the obvious fact that Audi makes a very, very good car, Niello Audi is a superb dealership. I have owned three Audi's and have always been treated with honesty and respect by Niello. Until recently, however, I had never had a major mechanical issue with any Audi so I was unsure how Niello would respond to my rather complicated situation.

After reviewing my situation, Niello worked to immediately resolve my issue without any conditions or argument. They were fantastic. I am sure had a similar problem arisen with another dealer the result would have been much different. Niello actually understands the old fashioned concept of integrity. Of course, they also understand that by doing the right thing they brand me to their auto model and their dealership: I get that.....and that is ok with me. That's good business and the kind of old fashioned service that you just don't find anymore.

Take my advice, if your going to buy a car check these guys out. They are simply the best. And you get a top notch car in the bargain.

Jennifer C. | 2010-03-19

The service department is great!!!  Dain Bryant, Service Advisor, was especially helpful and pleasant to deal with.  

Since the changes with Audi warranty, I can no longer take my vehicle to an authorized Audi mechanic in my hometown.  The vehicle must go to the closest dealership, which happens to be Niello Audi (2 1/2 hours away).  I broke down, something with the fuel, so Audi had my car towed to the dealership and back to me when repaired.  So I didn't have to go all the way out there.  

Received my car two days later repaired, washed (even the rims were nicely cleaned), and a nice thank you card.  I was joking with the tow truck driver about the card Niello left in the vehicle and said they forgot my chocolate only to pick up the card and find a mint underneath.

I was already impressed with the communication that was given to me when the car arrived at the dealership, and their apology for any inconvenience, but adding that little touch will certainly not be forgotten.

Paul H. | 2010-02-22

I'll attempt to avoid long details of my experiences with Niello Audi.  I've switched to another Sacramento area Audi Service center due to very poor customer service at Niello.  

When first entering their service area, it seems great.  Repeated questions of:  "Would you like a cup of coffee?" -or-  "How about a bottle of water?"  After a while, I learned those questions were well rehearsed attempts to mask they're complete lack of true customer service.

On all visits, there was no explanation of service performed when picking-up the vehicle.  Plus, on one visit I was over-charged and it took several communication exchanges to get resolved...about 3 weeks.

On another visit, I complained of an issue with the vehicle but both the Service Rep and Tech said it was operating properly. I researched the issue and showed them how the vehicle works. Only then did they replace the part.  They never apologized for wasting my time, although I'm sure they must have been embarrassed.  Plus, the service rep developed an attitude and raised voice in the middle of the service area. I was completely shocked. In the end, he offered a bottle of water for my drive home. Weird

My opinion is that Niello has too many customers.  They were VERY busy every time I was in there.  They think offering coffee and water is the only customer service approach that's needed.

Hey Niello Audi, I don't want coffee and water offered every 5 minutes, I want my car fixed right the first time.  I don't want attitude from your service reps and I don't want to hear them argue with each other about their stack of paperwork to process.  I don't want them to raise their voice at me because they had to spend about 3 minutes explaining the service order. When they screw-up, I want them to say "sorry about that, looks like we missed that one."  I suggest a much different approach to customer service.

Devin O. | 2010-02-12

Very professional sales and service department; stunning architecture too!  We love our Audi and Niello.

Chad M. | 2010-02-08

My wife, 7 month old baby and I were driving back home to Los Angeles from a great  vacation in Lake Tahoe, when our 2010 Q5's oil light came on. The light indicated we were really low on oil. We had another 400+ miles to go and I wasn't interested in taking a gamble; if something were to go wrong driving through the Valley and Grapevine that would have been serious problem.

Just as our oil light came on, we noticed on our NAV a Audi dealership right off the highway and decided to stop by for some help (thank God I programed the NAV to show Audi dealerships when we purchased the car!). It was Sunday, and honestly, I wasn't expecting much - maybe someone could help me find out what oil type I should use and then I'd go buy it at a local gas station?

I walked in and was immediately helped by, I think, the manager (he was sitting in a office off the showroom floor, so I think he was higher up in the food chain). The service area was closed (Sunday), but he said he might be able to find one of the service guys back to there to help.

I hung out for a bit, and then he showed up with two quarts of oil. Unbelievable! I quickly added a quart and shot the wind with this guy. He asked me where I was going and how the snow was in Tahoe. He mentioned he had 4 boys and was thinking about taking them up to the mountains. After the quart was finished, I asked how much I owed him? "Nothing," he said. Unbelievable! What a stand out guy.

All to often, bad experiences and what not are highlighted. Good service and stewardship should always be noted and returned. Bottom line: This dealership came through for me and my family, and I won't forget it. The next time I'm in the market for an Audi - even 400+ miles away - I'll consider this dealership.

Thanks again, Niello Audi. Great experience in a time of need.

MacAllister Family

Gavin C. | 2009-09-25

I had a car buying experience with Niello that couldn't be beat.  I found the car I was looking for on the company's website at about 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday.  Cain Carter responded to my email inquiry that same night, saying he would be in touch first thing in the morning.  The next morning I received an email and call from Cain, and we had a very reasonable deal worked out with minimal hassle.  Not only that, he drove the car down to SF, himself, to drop it off, same day.  I would highly recommend Cain and Niello to anyone looking for a new Audi.

Renee T. | 2009-06-01

Traveling on a road trip along highway 80, we had a blowout on our Audi Allroad. We were on our way to Napa for our anniversary...good thing we weren't in the boonies!

I called AAA who sent Carriage tow; they arrived in 20 minutes and changed the tire. We made a plan to find a local tire shop and buy a new tire. I even saw Niello Audi nearby & was afraid to go because of these reviews on Yelp.

But just then a mechanic (Darcy) from Niello Audi showed up on the side of the freeway in a loaner car with a tool kit. What? Apparently the GM (Mike Davis) from Niello saw us on the side of the road as he was driving by and called the shop to have them send someone to our aid.  Wow.

Darcy gave us the address for Niello and we drove the 3 miles to the dealer on the spare. When we arrived, everyone knew we were coming in and they had all the people ready to go. Debbie Bonn (customer relations) wrote our paperwork up as Darcy took our car back. They bumped us to the front of the queue and even checked fluids as the tire was rebalanced. We were treated with respect and assisted with urgency to get us back on the road. We were given the opportunity to skip the power wash (something normally done at the dealer when your car is repaired) so we could get going. We were driving away an hour later and were only charged for the tire & $20 labor.

I couldn't be happier with everyone's help and smiling faces. What a great gift!

Elise D. | 2009-05-03

I just had the best car buying experience I've ever had with Cain Carter at Niello Audi.  I saw an Audi they had on Autotrader and emailed them some questions.  We then negotiated everything via email, including the value of my trade-in.  I live in the Bay Area and didn't want to drive 1.5 hours to see the car unless the numbers made sense.  Anyway, I drove up very nervous that they were going to not honor some part of the deal, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  I got there and we did the paperwork, Cain made sure the car was clean and fueled up and spent time showing us how to do things and we were off.  Great experience.

Eric M. | 2009-02-06

When I first bought my 2005 A4, the dealership was great.  The service department was responsive, helpful and everything was covered by my warranty.  50, 000 miles later, my warranty expires...and apparently so did the quality service.

Since my warranty has expired, they have become combative, unresponsive, difficult to communicate with and they have not followed through on their promises.

Most recently, I had to take my car in for an issue with a faulty fuel pump.  Niello Audi replaced the fuel pump (to the tune of $700+).  Within a week, I had to take it back because the original issue appeared to have resurfaced.  I was told that I was mistaken and that everything worked as required.  The issue with the fuel pump is this.  It makes very loud humming noises.  For a period of about a month, it did seem to go away.  But then it came back.

When I contacted Niello Audi to schedule an appointment to have this checked again, I asked if I could be given a loaner vehicle since the nature of my business requires me to go and visit clients often.  A day without my car is detrimental.  I was told that Niello was scaling back on this service, but that they would hook me up with one this time.  Great!

On the day of the appointment, I arrived and was told that they could not offer me a loaner vehicle because they had given them all away.  When I pressed the issue, they want on to state that they were not offering them any longer to people without warranties.  I explained that I had been promised a loaner vehicle by a service adviser.  I could even see that it was written on the service write-up that they had waiting for me.  They acted like I was mistaken and that it wasn't possible.  They asked me if I would like to be driven to Enterprise so that I could rent a car at my own expense.  WHAT?!

To go further, when I explained the issue I was having, they told me that it may be [enter some technical car jargon here] and that was normal.  I asked the service adviser..."my car is making loud noises that are the same as the noises when my fuel pump went bad 2 months ago.  the noises are so loud that I can hear them from my neighbors house...and you mean to tell me that this is normal??"  

On another instance, I was having issues with my car, to the point that I wasn't sure if I should even be driving it.  I was told that they could not schedule me for an appointment for a week away at the earliest.  I asked them, " there is a chance that I may be stranded on the side of the road if I try and drive my car for another week.  What would you suggest I do?"  Their response: "wait for your appointment next week."

I'm not sure what happened over their, but I have since been looking for a new shop to take my car too.  Niello Audi treat customers without warranties like garbage, they don't seem trustworthy and on three occasions I have had to take my car back 2-3 times after they have performed service because they did not do it properly.  What a crock!

Taun V. | 2008-10-30

I wrote a review for this dealership once before, but it looks like it was removed.  So here it is again...

I purchased my 2006 A4 at Niello and had a great experience, but my time with their service department has been absolutely horrible.  After having my car for 15k miles, I noticed my left headlight had started to flicker and sometimes would not even turn on. After researching the problem, I found out there was a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) for the issue. According to the TSB, some of the headlight housing for the A4's were faulty and had symptoms that ranged from flickering to not turning on.  As such, if the determination was made to be a faulty housing unit, it would be covered under warranty.  If it was the bulb, then it would not be covered, but the dealer needed to see the car to make the finding.  So with the TSB in hand, I made an appointment with Niello's service department to have them find a potential warranty covered issue.

On the day of my appointment, the car was dropped off mid-morning and I was assigned Gary Phillips as the service advisor. He told me they needed to check out the issue to see if it was either the bulb or the housing unit.  He also said that they could have it done by the end of the day. I explained to Gary that I wanted to know specifically what the problem was before any work was to be done.

Well, they kept the car for 2 days before finally getting around to it!  Throughout this time, I was never given any courtesy updates.  Instead, I had to call periodically throughout the two days to find out what was going on.  They eventually told me that the bulb was faulty and they could replace it for $300.  Thanks, but no thanks, especially when I could buy two bulbs for half the cost and install it myself.  I told them not to do anything and I would pick up the car.  

Here's the worst part.  When I picked up the car, I found out they simply switched bulbs from the left headlight to the right headlight to see if the problem repeated. At most, it was a 1 hour job, yet they had my car for two days and had the audacity to charge me $137?!?  I didn't know service departments charged money for looking at potential warranty issues, especially since Gary Phillips never initially mentioned there would be a "diagnosis" fee.  Anyhow, he was really rude and obstinate about the fee.  We argued for a good 15 minutes in front of other customers before he finally relented and waived it.

I just wanted to say, I've owned an Acura, Lexus, and BMW, but I've never been treated as poorly as I have been with Niello's Service department.  While these other luxury makes look into potential warranty issues as a courtesy, Niello prefers to nickel and dime you for them.  Again, thanks but no thanks.  I'll take my car elsewhere from now on and avoid Niello's piss poor customer no-service attitude.