Moto Auto Sales in Sacramento, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Moto Auto Sales in Sacramento, CA.

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Moto Auto Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 370-8582
Address:1502 Silica Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95815

Reviews on Moto Auto Sales

Arianna L. | 2015-02-08

I got an amazing deal on a 96 Toyota Avalon here, and I love it! Mazin was super nice and willing to answer any questions we had but not seem too pushy and over bearing. He gave us nice cold sodas since it was hot outside while he walked me through the paperwork and I drove away happy :)

trudy g. | 2014-10-05

Mazin was very courteous and worked out any problems we noted right away. He was hospitable as we did the paperwork, never hiding details from us. When we took a test drive one light didn't work to our satisfaction. He had it fixed that evening. We came back next day to get the car; three months later it still works like a dream. Low mileage on the odometer, a 1996 Mercury in mint condition: we recommend him to our friends.

Jennifer W. | 2014-02-08

This was a good experience. Moto Auto had a specific model/year older car we we're looking for. After scrutinizing the vehicle on their website, my husband put in an offer via email which was accepted (husband is not patient and does not like to haggle).
We we're met by Mazin at our scheduled time, test drove the car and completed all paper work in about an hour - wow! Pink slip came in the mail approximately 2 weeks later - perfect!
Do your research, know what you want on a vehicle and if Moto Auto has the car your looking for, do not hesitate.

Bryan G. | 2013-08-17

Moto Auto is exactly what you would expect: they are a small independent auto dealer. They operate out of an interesting industrial area near Arden Mall, and have an owner and staff who are super-helpful and straightforward.

We discovered them online, of course, and called to confirm that our desired auto was still available. It was, so we arrived for an appointment. Mazin, the owner, was cheerful and brimming with customer service. We were given an opportunity to test drive right away, which we did.

The test drive was awesome, but we had a couple of questions. Mazin asked if we'd like to put it on the lift -- sure!

On the lift we had a close up look at the CV Joint boots (which were fine), the transmission fluid reservoir (which needed to be tightened a little), the oil pan, the springs, the brakes (which were fine), the struts (which were fine) and the sway bars -- which needed to be replaced. Mazin ordered up the parts right then and there and had one of his guys replace them while we did the paperwork. We inspected it later and it was a job well done.

All the while Mazin was cheerful, positive, and answered all our questions. We were offered cold water while in his delightfully air-conditioned office. He explained everything about the paperwork as we did it together.

Here's the deal: you are shopping for a used car. A used car. Used. Don't forget that. Go into this with your homework done, your eyes open, and a good attitude -- you'll get what you want. We arrived with a Kelley Blue Book print out, a  Carfax report of our own, and notes from our telephone conversation with the owner where we had asked about price and payment options ahead of time, along with title transfer and state sales tax fees -- all of which were gladly explained in detail before we got there.

Mazin raised the price by $100 in the paperwork (presumably to cover the sway bar cost) but when I pointed that out he dropped it. He also absorbed credit card processing fees, no problem. I was NOT taken aback by a slight difference in price; this is a USED CAR transaction. I had my eyes open -- it's a compliment to barter and bargain.

In the end, we got a great deal and they made a good profit. What's wrong with that?

Seriously, this was an excellent shop to deal with. The owner, Mazin, treated us very well (along with the couple ahead of us). He fixed little problems on the spot. He put the car on the lift with no objections. He made recommendations for good mechanics when we needed something in the future. Seriously, this was a great transaction.

I highly recommend Moto Auto Sales and Mazin Alhaidari. Come prepared, know what you want, and you will have a great experience just like we did! We are happy!

Noah S. | 2012-12-08

Oh where to begin? I give one star because the business was located where it says it was. Upon shopping for several Subarus online, my wife and I made the trek from Redding to make a potential purchase. It sounded great. Clean interior, "appears to be garaged", "no known mechanical problems" Upon arrival, the owner took us around the car, stated the peeling paint (conveniently avoided in the angles they took pictures from) was the only defect, and assured us the car was running really well, mechanically. To be fair, it was a 1997 Subaru Outback. We weren't looking for a perfect car, just functioning. We drove it to a mechanic that came highly recommended for honest and thorough work and had them do a pre-puchase inspection. I wanted a good report, because we liked the car. What followed was a laundry list of what can be wrong on a Subaru, Here's the whole list:
1.Leaky valve covers
2. cracked and leaking passenger side CV boot
3. leaking front and rear struts
4. leaking rear differential cover
5. leaking transmission pan gasket
6. dry and cracked AC belt
7. severely dented up oil pan
8. old and nasty brake fluid
9. rear driver's side tail late was out
10. Battery at 50%
and last but not least, the favorite potential Subaru repair, leaking head gasket.
All told, these repairs would cost more than the car was being sold for. We drove three hours and paid for the gas to get there, to find out our "no known mechanical problems" car was a POS bucket they were waiting to dump on some poor sap that didn't know any better and was stupid enough to not have it inspected by somebody. When I tried to point out the issues on my print out to the owner, he initially tried to act like these repairs weren't a big deal and how you can live with some problems and fix them as needed.  The head gasket is on the verge of FAILING you moron! That's a pretty freaking big deal, especially for a Subaru. Not to mention the fluids are leaking from every place they are able to leak from. Pretty sure you don't want transmission fluid going anywhere except in the transmission. Then he got cute and pulled out his own report that showed that everything was fine, and how his mechanic didn't find anything wrong with it, and how if you take it to different mechanics they will say different things. Well, I went to Prestige, a well-known and respected mechanic in Sacramento who had nothing to gain by telling me what was wrong with the car. The bottom line is, this car has been sitting here for a long time. They probably got stuck with it on a bad trade, and now are trying to predatorily pawn it off to whoever was stupid enough to stumble across it. Well if you are looking to buy a green 1997 Subaru Outback, VIN#4S3BG6856V7639716, license plate 3UMX506, don't bother. I paid 85 dollars to find out what's wrong with it, and I share it freely with you. I offered them $500.00 for the car based on the repairs needed for this car to function effectively, but surprisingly he didn't go for it. Take your cash to someone with integrity. This place is about as stereotypically used car slimy as they come.