Mikes Auto sale in Sacramento, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Mikes Auto sale in Sacramento, CA.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 826-4043
Address:1650 silica Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95815

Reviews on Mikes Auto sale

Chrystal I. | 2015-04-18

Do not go to Mikes auto sale in Sacramento !!! He is extremely rude and has hung up on us 3 times, We are very angry how we have been treated by him. Do not by a vehicle from him, he is so rude and disrespectful!!!The first time i called he was yelling at me, because i asked him to please send paperwork. I am making a complaint through DMV !!! He is a Jerk and i will take this to the better businesses bureau.

Judy B. | 2015-04-08

Can we put Mike's Auto Sales out of business???  Go to dmv.ca.gov and find a complaint form then send it to Criminal Investigations attn:  Gary Constantino.  916-229-0167.  DMV gave me this info because after 8 months I still couldn't  register my car. In my case, he overcharged for DMV fees, late in transfer, misrepresentation. Criminal Investigations knows all about this unethical dealer.  I am also writing to Better Business Bureau. Hopefully something can be done .

Olga K. | 2015-04-07

I purchased a Toyota Prius from Mike and he was awesome he was helpful he truly made my experience there enjoyable I will definitely recommend anyone to go see Mikes for your next car purchase he is honest and want you to get in the right car that is best for you. All the employees there are very friendly and nice , I love Mikes Auto Sales they made my car buying experience go smoothly and even fun ...

Dawn S. | 2015-02-07

BEWARE OF THIS CAR DEALER!  I bought a car with cash from Mike on Sept 22nd 2014.  On Dec 13th, I contacted him because the temp tags was about to expire and I hadn't rec'd any paperwork.  On Dec 19th, he tells me the car had over 70 tickets totaling over $5,500 in fines attached.  I told him I had already been pulled over and was worried about the temp tag expiring.  This jerk hung up the phone on me.  It was 11:30 a.m. on a Friday and he said "I haven't even started my day yet lady!"  I had to text him.  On Dec 20th I went back to his office to get a new temp tag.  Thankfully I brought witnesses with me as he had 2 other guys in his office waiting with him.  I believe his attempt at intimidation.  It didn't work.  

I noticed that he back dated the new tag by 5 days.  When I asked him to correct it, he went off.  "It doesn't matter.  It's good for 90 days."  When I told him dates do matter in a court of law, his response was, "Say hi to your law for me."  When I responded "I sure the hell will!" and left, he started frantically texting me 5 mins later.  He stated it wasn't his fault, yada yada yada.  

I was going over all my paperwork when I  noticed the false information he put on the ASC Warranty paperwork.  He back dated that to show Sept 20th as the purchase date and he shorted the mileage by 3,935 miles.  As the warranty was only good for 90 days or 3,000 miles, he rendered it useless once I drove off the lot even though I paid for it.  The mileage on the other paperwork was correct, just not on the warranty I paid extra for.  

On Dec 22nd he stated he was having North Bay auto auction take care of the former owners tickets.  I kept texting him asking when it would be done, he finally gave me Sharyn's info at the auction.  I spoke with her on Jan 22nd and she advised me that everything was cleared and in my name.  The hold up was that Mike did not forward the DMV fees I paid to him at the time of purchase to DMV.  He argued that she didn't clear it.  On Jan 23rd, I sent him a demand of action letter with return receipt.  He refused the letter on Jan 26th.  I then sent him my demands in the form of a text, which he replied to. (not as smart as he thinks he is).  I also told him I found another person he did the same thing to.  He text back that "It doesn't matter if you found 10 people with the same problem, DMV gives me 90 days to get you your paperwork."  When I told him he already missed the 90 days, and that other customers experience does matter as it sets a pattern of service history and was admissible in court, he got rude again.  Telling me I needed to "chill lady" and that I wasn't "god" or "Jesus" and "shit happens".  Yeah, really professional.  

He text me on Feb 2nd to tell me he mailed my plates on Sat Jan 31st.  Once I still hadn't rec'd them as of Fri Feb 6th, I text him again asking for the tracking number, he never responded.  I got them today on the 7th and per the post mark and the tracking through USPS.com , he didn't even mail them until Wed Feb 4th.  THIS GUY IS A LIAR!  ONCE HE GETS YOUR MONEY HE DOESN'T GIVE A CRAP.  CHALLENGE HIM, HE GETS RUDE AND HANGS UP!  I have bought cars from private owners and never had this much trouble.  
The car is great...the dealer is not.  If you do purchase a car from him be sure to:

1.  TAKE WITNESSES WITH YOU!  THIS GUY FLIPS ON A DIME.  (I think he may be bipolar...if not just a huge a..hole!)

2.  Check all the paperwork dates and mileage for accuracy.  You may need a magnifying glass to see the tiny font on the warranty paperwork.  Make him correct it before you leave.  Advise him that dates matter in court.  

3.  If you don't get your paperwork within 60 days, contact him.  I suggest you do not call or he'll hang up.  Send it via text and save all messages to and from him for future reference.  Send a demand letter using return receipt.  Even if he refuses it, you have proof in court should you need to take him to small claims.  

4.  Call North Bay auction to get them involved as that's where he gets his cars from.  They didn't appreciate his problem becoming theirs and contacted him.  LIke I said, the car is great, Mike is NOT.

5.  Even if you do resolve, I suggest filing complaints with DMV regarding service and time issues.  The FTC regarding any mileage issues you find, he could be fined.  Also add your experience to YELP to help others AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP.  and any other agency under the sun that issues fall under including the Sacramento District Attorney's office.

I will be following up with my complaints because I can't just let this jerk get away with this with other people  Anyone who would like to contact please do by sending me a message via yelp.  I hope this helps a few out there avoid having the same issues.

Patrick J. | 2015-01-09

mike is a piece of work and his sales guy is a idiot that knows nothing about cars. hell i had to break into the expedition i went to buy because the key didnt work on the door!!!   wtf?

went in and bought a 2005 expedition because the price was fair and i already decided on the bank i wanted to go with who already approved me in the past.

he said if i wanted to use that bank thats ok but will take 2-3 days to get the approval back BUT he can send me to Lobel and get an instant approval.  i know that was BS and he just wanted to use Lobel because he has their program on his computer. with my bank he had to pick up a phone which he didnt want to do.

he got the deal bought with Lobel as he said but they wanted an extra 840 down and bumped my payment 100 over what i really wanted to do but i needed a suv that day

they also forced me to get a tracker installed on it which i had to pay for which i thought was crazy but whatever, again i needed a suv that day for work.

after the tracker was installed i left and on the way home it started to stall out on me, had to pull off to the side of the road 4 times.  also during this time the bank, Lobel, decided to call me for a phone interview. i tried telling the lady i was trying to make it home and not get in an accident because the suv was not running right.

she told me i needed to complete the interview and to pull over or park to talk to her.  i was floored this happened because clearly she didnt care about my well being or the fact the car i JUST bought was already having mechanical issues.

i hung up on her after answering her pointless questions while trying to gimp the vehicle into my driveway.  then the owner of the dealership, mike, called me all pissed off saying i was telling the bank i was going to unwind the deal and rip out the tracker and this and that and that i shouldn't mess with him or he will repo it from me, etc etc

he hung up on me before i could get a word in and i called him back and left a message telling him that i never said i was going to rip anything out or unwind the deal. i simply said that i believe the tracker is messing with the car since it didn't do this on the test drive before tracker was installed.  also that i said i was bringing it back to have it put in correctly.

he called me back and said to bring it back in so he can have it looked at.  i told him it was running like crap and i wasn't comfortable doing that since its not running right and to send someone over to my house.

couple days of that back and fourth BS i finally was going to try to drive it back over there and on the way the check engine light came on.  so since my mechanic was closer then the dealership i went there.

my mechanic said it needed a new catalytic converter for the passenger side, new plugs, coils, fluid changes, brakes, and rotors done.  he said the previous owner didn't do a good job maintaining it.

all of this on top of the dvd player not working, the climate system not shutting off, driver door lock being broken, weird hissing noise.... i was not happy!

i called to let mike know all this and he said he is now the bank and the car is mine and if i dont pay for it he will repo it from me. i told him im not fixing all that right after buying it and he needs to fix it all,  he refused to do that and continued the threats.

well i also found out he never did the smog on this expedition and now it cant be transferred over. its illegal to sell a car in California without a current smog.  told him to fix everything, smog it, and were good OR unwind the deal and refund me every penny i put down.  he reluctantly refunded me and still threw out the threats during the whole unwind process stating his time was lost and he never got paid for his time.


avoid this place or bring a mechanic with you and get everything in writing because if they actually followed the law and did the smog this would of been a little harder to unwind.

Esther A. | 2014-11-25

Mike is a 6'  240lbs man  body builder, beware of this sales man.    This place should be called Mikes fraudulent auto sales! I still saved a few grand, however at an emotional cost. First Mike is very pleasant until he stuffs your cash down his pants. Make sure to get all receipts and all paper work before you give this cheese puff your cash. I had to wait three weeks going back to the DMV 4 times! I finally got the paper through, but not before Mike hung the phone up on me and said I was disturbing his after noon sleep!!! that man just took my hard earned saved cash!!. Further, he falsely advertised with showing lower miles that were actually on the Van.Hey Mike you Cheese ball I saved the advertisement on my computer, I decided to just post this instead of suing you! because I  still saved a few thousand! You can get a good deal, just make him prove every thing he claims, eg have him send the pic of the actual miles on anything he sales. Furthermore, have Mr. Mike send you pics of everything you will need to register your new used car, eg have him send pics of smog, yea I paid for the smog. , I had to pay 3 months late fees on registration! also have exact change, he will lie and say he will mail you your change which is another lie. JUST BE SURE he sends pics or you will get a surprise when you invest time and gas to inspect your used vehicle.
                                                  If you have been a victim of this car dealer you should post here,and post on other dealership rating sights like car guru., just google rating for car guru and write your experience.