Mercedes Benz of Sacramento in Sacramento, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Mercedes Benz of Sacramento in Sacramento, CA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Mercedes Benz of Sacramento, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Mercedes Benz of Sacramento in other cities in the California.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 924-8000
Address:1810 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA - 95825 - 1026 near Howe Ave,Wyda Way

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 924-8000
Address:1810 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95825
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mercedes Benz of Sacramento

Mike C. | 2015-04-10

My mother has taken her Mercedes to this dealership numerous times for service over the years. On her last visit it was recommended that the battery be changed due to it's age. She decided to put it off till next time.

The car is not frequently operated and in between periods of non operation a jump is usually needed to get it started. So when she mentioned that she wanted to change the battery due to it's weakness. I volunteered my services. I bought a brand spanking new battery at local car parts store (parts store tested weak battery and was found bad as expected, crank, and alternator voltage was good) and swapped it in my driveway when I got home. Easy right? Not quite.

After the battery swap, both keys no longer turn in ignition. After some Googling(I know I am not a Merc Master Tech but not stupid either), and asking some knowledgeable mechanic friends I concluded that my car has an Electronic Ignition System and when I switched the batteries out I neglected to use a memory keeper device (that thing you plug into your cigarette lighter to deliver minimum battery to the car when you take the car battery out). All signs pointed to an EIS that needed to be reset.

I grabbed an old service invoice, called them up, they connected me to Corporate to arrange the tow. I rode in the truck to the dealership.  Found the usual service rep my mom worked with, Dave, and started the maintenance process.

Enough background, now for my actual review:

Quick and easy so far, the car put into the maintenance process at about 1100 yesterday with an estimate for $365, I asked about this price and I understood it as the cost for the diagnostic, a little pricy but expected, and it's just an estimate right ;-)

Me being curious and hopeful not to spend a lot of money on complications from a simple battery change. I proceed to pose a few questions and speculations as to the problem with the car.  In doing so I got the distinct impression that Dave was trying to manage my expectations. He never confirmed or offered any reassurance as to possibilities of what the problem might be, and offered some other more complex possibilities that I will not mention here, b/c I understand the need to manage a customers expectations and b/c they were just off the cuff statements.

Total interaction time was less than 10 minutes. I was given a ride back to Woodland with the impression that I would get a ride back the next day to pickup car. Again, maybe I need to manage my own expectations a little more? :-) I did not ask for a loaner.

It is now 3 PM the next day, I have briefly communicated with Dave via e-mail about the status of the car starting at about noon. So far the status is no status. Will call soon.  Sorry for the length of the review, but reviews should give people an impression of the experience so I like to overshare. :-) I will update the review at the conclusion of services.

Marcel S. | 2015-03-17

Always here waiting forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever
and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...

... for parts.

To be positive: they have what I need, they're friendly, and they have free fresh Starbucks coffee.

Service and parts are still extremely expensive though.

Ella L. | 2015-03-08

Never going back there again. The salesman Jose was a complete waste of time. I then went into Mercedes Benz at Fairfield even with a little more drive out of my way, they were so much more professional. Got my car and paperwork done in less than an hour. Makes my experience a positive one knowing that buying a car can be stressful.

Noah C. | 2015-02-10

I just wanna say thank you to Dave Lanzone and Michael Moreno, in the service department. These guys really know how to handle a tough situation. I bought a smart car from a ford dealer in the Bay Area last year, it was in bad shape. Thank God I got a extended warranty.
  So long story short the engine had to be replaced, the clutch and a few other things... Lol that's basically the whole damn car. And this was a very stressful process for me because at points during the work I had to assume responsibility for several thousand dollars worth of work before the warranty would say weather it was covered under warranty or not! Dave and Michael provided me with professional guidance and in unmatched customer service!
 I would give the Mercedes-Benz service department a 10 star review if I could.

        Thanks guys!!!

Cory P. | 2015-01-08

Unique experience.... Driving down the freeway nothing around no traffic. I heard a loud boom like an explosion, my sunroof bust... Google to learn more. After a roller coaster of an experience, Mercedes of Sacramento found that warranty wouldn't cover this is a costly repair.. But the reason I've gone here and will continue is because of Robert Paris the assistant service manager. He has the best customer service and compassion, Mercedes picked up the bill locally when they manufacture wouldn't. I'm blown away that they would do this, this dealership is a class act and Robert is the best service manager I've ever met in my auto experience. I can't thank them enough.

Lucas V. | 2014-12-23

I've been looking for a 2013 GL 350 with some must have options.  I initially went over to the Fairfeild dealer as that is where I will be moving in a couple of weeks.  I went over there almost a month ago and they said I would have no problem getting the car I wanted on the first week of April.  I called back this week and they still had no answers on where this car was or when it would even be there for me to pick up.  I have to say they have amazing customer service down there but such a limited inventory due to them being so new.  I called Sacramento MB two days ago and spoke with Angelo in sales.  He found me EXACTLY what I was looking for the next day and I will be getting the car Today.  I went in yesterday to sign the paperwork to secure the hard to find GL and I was in and out in 2 hours with doing a trade-in.  I told Angelo EXACTLY what it would take to make the deal and what I expected on my trade-in and he made it happen.  If you want a GL go over here becuase they can get it fast!  I never felt hassled during the experience but I knew what I wanted and let them know what they had to do to get my business.  I feel bad Fairfelid lost out on my business but I wasn't willing to risk loosing out on finally finding the GL I wanted.

Soufou L. | 2014-12-12

Last week, I took my car (which was nearing the end of factory warranty) in to have it looked at for what I thought was a small issue. Efrain Vasquez assured me my car would be taken care of, and while they're at it, they would do a thorough check for any issues that may be of concern, so that it would be taken care of before warranty expired. I did not ask for this gesture and it meant so much what their service department is all about. Turns out I had a problem with the engine and also a leak, and my car needed to stay for several days. Efrain had a loaner car ready for me as soon as I came back to authorize the work. The work was done in a timely manner and my car was fixed. Efrain remained good with communication and kept me up to date with the status on parts and work throughout the whole ordeal. I felt treated with respect and all of my concerns were taken care of.

Cathy S. | 2014-12-08

Went in to get my headlights changed on my 500E. Great service! Didn't have to wait very long. Wonderful service department with great guys.  They were done so quickly.

Beautiful customer lounge to relax in while you wait.  Highly recommended!

Andrew G. | 2014-12-01

Came to test drive a new or used ML diesel. I was told they had one ready for a test drive. I get there. No car.
"The sales director took it out on a hunting trip".
Ok, you wasted my time coming here. Let me drive the gas powered ML.
"I am not going to let you drive it if you're not going to buy it".
Who are these people? This is a Mercedes dealership? Worst dealer experience of all time!

Pat T. | 2014-11-12

I had the worst service with Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento on Arden the whole department they lie they didn't care what they did to my credit report they gave me the car for three weeks call me back and had the nerve to ask me for money and I blame a lot of it on mike Moreno i know I hear some of you guys praising him but no they treated me like I was just a piece of shit.

Shelby D. | 2014-11-10

I came here when my car needed a checkup. I didn't like the noise it was making. Since it was under warranty, I figured it would be no problem.

I was wrong.

I had studied up and had a good idea of what was wrong, so it was infuriating when they tried to convince me of all the things I suddenly needed. Additionally, since I was under warranty, any mechanical issues should be covered. However, they tried to tell me that some mechanical issues were not covered - this is not true. I know the terms of my warranty. Then they tried to make me sign a form that said if they didn't find anything wrong, they were going to charge me $80. This is absolutely ridiculous. The reason people have warranties is so they don't worry about taking it in. I fought with them hard on the legality of this document. I do not recommend you sign it. Take your business elsewhere if they insist.

I also got a lot of attitude when I needed a loaner car. They acted like they were doing me a huge favor when I got one. Every single other MBZ dealership offers these as a courtesy. I have no idea why they were so stingy with theirs. I even let them know ahead of time when I made the appointment that I would be needing one.

Finally, I really disliked their overall attitude towards me. I felt like I was constantly being pushed aside and shuffled from person to person. I felt like they did not listen when I described my problem and they were dismissive of my ideas of what was wrong. Never have I ever thought I was treated differently at a mechanic's for being female until this experience. They legitimately made me feel that if I'd brought my fiancé, they would have listened.

I would give 1 star for customer service. However I would give an additional star for them discovering a defect in one of my controls and I taking the liberty of replacing it for me.

I will not be back. My next scheduled service is already booked at MBZ El Dorado Hills. If they are even marginally better than Van Howsen, it will be well worth the drive.

Todd B. | 2014-11-07

Horrible high pressure Sales team and managment not indicitive of a high end dealership, a nice building located in a terrible neighborhood!  Clearly stated,  we were shopping for an M350 in a certain color and they tried to push us into another used SUV and sell us on the spot after a short test drive. Desperate Sales staff overall an awful experience. Do not reccommend this dealership to anybody.

Chris W. | 2014-10-17

Service department is completely incompetent and rude. Lots of attitude and poor customer service all around. Their 2-star overall rating really speaks for itself.

Wm M. | 2014-09-23

Went in this Sept 2014 to have them service the tail light recall. The Service writer was very nice and made several recommendations. I felt a little pressured so I agreed to the service recommendations with totaled over $1000.00. After I got home I called a local German Car mechanic and he quoted me a price $166 less and he admitted that it would probably be less.  I send an email to the dealer informing them of this and asking if they could offer a discount.  They replied "I'll see what I can do". They also stated that they would call to let me know when my car would be done. Days later I got my first contact from them since bringing in my cay saying that my car was done. When I went to the cashier the total was the same as I was quoted-not further discount.
Pretty disappointing that I would be told "I'll see what I can do" setting up an expectations, then not even offer anything further than was then quoted.  Had I know not further discount would be offered I would have told them not to do the work and picked up my car.
Next time I'll have to get a fair discount from them OR go somewhere else, which is probably what I'll do including when I purchase my new MB.  
I hear that the dealership in Rocklin has much better ratings.
MB of Sacramento....I think you just lost a new and future customer...

Suzzy R. | 2014-09-08

The girls who answer the phone for service really shouldnt be giving advice-since when do they have mechanic knowledge? The service dept lacks customer service. This is my second MB with Von Housen and I promise it will be my last.

Eric T. | 2014-09-02

I went to this location for the 1st time after my S550 started having electrical issues. I was greeted by Jason Harber who was very professional and stated some of the potential issues I might be facing. After the diagnosis of the car, the issue found was what Jason had stated. Repairing the car took 3 days as they had to special order the part. Although there was no loaner car to provide at this location, there was shuttle service provided to drop me off at my house. Overall I would have to say Jason provided excellent customer service!

Jay R. | 2014-07-19

Absolutely love love love Benz of Sac! Back in 2008 I bought my new C300 and  it's a great car the service department is a bit slow but it's ok. And the sales force is great they knew what they were talking about and  they are great people. Thank you Benz of Sac you have made every time as pleasure able as the last and I am sure to tell my family and friends of the great atmosphere and great work team. Absolutely a must come back.

Rhonda H. | 2014-07-08

I had a dead battery and called their road service.   Roland showed up in less than 30 minutes, replaced the battery and had me on my way quickly.  Great service!

Suzette P. | 2014-07-03

Okay if you want excellent service please see Mike Moreno, Efrain Vasquez and excellent guest service of course all but especially Dave Wesley. Now with that said that's why I'm happy, but not happy because I am always professional but since Efrain is out of the office, I had to see Amanda Byinton, well I explain to her the day before that I'm having issues with the driver seat not pulling up, she assured me that it could come in and I would get a loaner, I mention that I'm a busy parent and also had an emergency, therefore I come in today and after waiting she tells me that it will be a charge just to look at it $355, No Way! My point is warranty expires but this car is a recurring problem with different issues, already a recall on tail lights. She was nice but my problem was she made me miss 45 min of my 7 year old party, I'm a foster mom, she waits and tell me when I get there, yet when I seen Efrain Vasquez. Assistant manger, He knew the situation and gave me excellent service, so I said to her that I'm not paying for a issue that was sent to me and I was told that this car was checked out, although I had this car shipped from Sugar Land Mercedes Benz in TX, bad service with Freddy Zaylaya by the way, well I was not happy with what Amanda from Mercedes of Sacramento informed me either. I still shook her hand and said that I will call Tx because I'm not paying, so had I'm walking to my car, I decided to call the head manager Mike Moreno very nice and cute. Lol at first they offered me a shuttle but I can't being a busy foster parent and not to mention this time consuming day made me miss my 7 yr old party, well he had Dave Wesley... Excellent service look at the car and now from being persistent Mike gave me a loaner, it's going to take a week, found out it's the motor in the seat... Thank you Mike and Dave and Efrain although your not there but as for Amanda, I know you were doing your job but you should of look more passionately into this situation because I had to go over her in order to get results, not very happy!
No charge too! Word of mouth is powerful!  So as far as the star rating, I must give once again Efrain, Mike and Dave 5 stars but for the customer service that I receive from Amanda Byington, I thank you but I was not happy, therefore I must give her only 1 star but the rest I give five stars
Suzette Pitre

Asa M. | 2014-05-21

The service side of this business seems fine. My issue is with the sales side. I am interested in trading my current vehicle (which I bought from MB of Walnut Creek) in for a newer one. I went in on April 23, 2014 to test drive one I saw online and liked. I test drove it, but once I heard the price I told the salesperson (short male with red hair) that I was not interested in paying that much.

The salesperson still insisted on going over and over payment and down payment options. Growing more and more irritated, I requested my keys and registration back (he held on to them after checking the mileage on my car and verifying the registration). He ignored my requests for my keys and registration and ignored my statements that I needed to leave.

By that point, I had been there approximately two hours and was more than ready to leave. Still, the salesperson persisted in: 1) going over and over payment plans on the car I liked but clearly told him I was not willing to purchase; 2) trying to get me to lease a car (in spite of the fact that I told him more than once that I was not interested in leasing); 3) trying to persuade me to purchase a car at auction, sight unseen; and, 4) trying to get me to buy a completely different car than the one I was interested in.

The salesperson went back and forth into the manager's office three times to bring me different payment plans and prices they would pay for my car. He tried desperately to get me to buy something then and there despite that fact that I told him I was not going to make a decision that night (it was after 7p on a workday). I was unaware that he had actually taken my keys and registration into the manager's office so I couldn't even just take them back off his desk and walk out.

Finally, upset and agitated, I walked over to the manager's office and asked for my keys. The manager proceeded to completely ignore this request and, instead, said something like "come on in and have a seat!" At this point, I was so angry and afraid (I was the only female in the building and even the receptionist had left by that point) that I raised my voice and practically shouted at them to give me my keys and registration so I could leave. Finally the salesperson took the keys from the manager's desk and gave them to me. I turned and walked out of the building, and he still had the nerve to ask whether he had done something to upset me. I got into my car and drove home shaking because I was so upset by the experience.

Women (as I'm not sure that a man would have been treated this way) should be cautious about going to this place alone. Those pressure tactics may have worked for them at some point, but they don't work for me and I am not at all interested in going back to this place.

Gary M. | 2014-05-08

I'm at Mercedes Benz of Sacramento due to a recall on my 2008 C300 tail light failure as of April 2014. This is a safety issued recall my the NTSB and they attempted to charge me $456!!!!! Really!!!?? So I show him the article they immediately relent....of course!!!!Before you take your car here please be an informed consumer!!!! Be prepared to have them attempt to collect on any repairs including FLIPPIN RECALLS!!!
Completely unbelievable!!!! From now on I'm looking into alternative services.

Update Mercedes Benz of Sacramento is taking the position that they have done me a favor by repairing a recall issue....or "goodwill gesture" for a defective issue they're completely aware of, but because Mercedes hasn't sent letters to owners as of yet I should drive without a brake light, turn signal, and backup light? I wonder if GM is regretting not taking care of the ignition recall issue. Not having a brake light is a SAFETY ISSUE!!! Furthermore explaining to a cop that my light is out due to Mercedes Benz not sending me a recall letter to have the light repaired won't hold water as I'm getting a ticket!!!!!

Katie K. | 2014-04-16

This is my 6th time going into a dealership to buy a brand new car and I must say it was the most pleasant experience by far. I have to say thank you to my salesman, Robbie who was amazing. He wasn't pushy and he did not once make me feel uncomfortable (like most salesman). I did not feel like he was trying to hustle a deal out of me. He was sincere, patient and efficient with his information and answers.

The sale manager, Jason and finance manager, Michael were great too.

Somewhere in the negotiation phase there was a miscommunication but at the end it was resolved and I got the car I wanted, 2014 GLK 350 for the price and rate I was happy with. Also I purchased the pre-paid maintenance package. Michael gave me a deal I couldn't resist.  
5 stars for great customer service (thank you Robbie), friendly staff, easy going atmosphere and overall a great experience.

John A. | 2014-01-29

Unprofessional funny,  my dad was interested in a used ML, so he asked if i could come down on my lunch to test drive the vehicle.   Salesman seemed pleasant enough, answered all questions.  Now with time getting tight,  we needed to go.  I was going to recommend buying the vehicle when my dad had time.   No sooner than we were set of to leave,  the old song and dance started to occur. .."Oh I came here on my day off because I thought you were going to buy this car"  "let me get my manager", sleazy supervisor comes out,  eyes us then after i let him know we have no time now, I placed my hand out to shake his hand and he completely ignores me and continues babbling away at my dad.   He then uses the "buddy" word with me to close our conversation. ..I yelled out you are not my buddy, total lack of respect by the manager.... Brand should sell itself,  no need to be pushy.  A jerk will always be a jerk, especially a used car  salesman a Mercedes Benz Sacramento.

Kevin V. | 2014-01-26

Salesman: Michael Gonzales

Customer Service: 5
Great customer service, very personable.

Informative: 5
Michael knew the latest information for all the cars and explained it well.

Quick Response AFTER the sale: 5+
Michael will follow up with you even after you purchase the car, If you send a text to him he'll repond within 10 mins.

Sales/ Deal: 4
I didn't get the price I wanted, but it came close enough without going to the Bay Area.

It's been a little over 1 month since I got the car, So far everything is great, I'll update the review After my first maintenance in 11 months :D Overall, I would totally recommend Michael Gonzales as a salesman.

Kathryn L. | 2014-01-01

My husband and I stopped in at the dealership today to ask some questions about a new car, since we are in the market.  We were in the show room for approximately 10 minutes looking at cars and saw several employees walking around the showroom doing nothing. Not one person greeted us or even said hello.  I guess we didn't meet the criteria of being a Benz owner.  Sorry guys...we WILL NOT be back...we will take our money elsewhere.

Nicolai L. | 2013-12-02

I bought a car here a few months ago. This is the most unprofessional dealer in Sacramento. They claim to be different from dealerships and unlike other sales people. Obviously I'm not the only person who has been cheated by this bunch of lowlife scum. They are more concerned with making a dollar than having customers return or positive recommendations. This is not how good business is done. Don't waste your money.

Bettina L. | 2013-11-16

Note that this review is only for the service department.

YAY!! This dealership is sooo much better than RAB back in marin. I've taken my Benz here a couple of times now. Kerry, my service advisor actually gets back to me in a timely manner and keeps me updated regarding my car.

They 1) actually try to take care of me, 2) are nice when giving me service and most importantly 3) don't nickel and dime me!!!!!!

Today, they changed my lightbulb for me at no charge, took almost no time and without even having to have an appointment! :D now I can avoid getting pulled over again and potentially getting a fix it tix!

Emily S. | 2013-11-04

The Mercedes Benz dealership and the Smart Center are both highly unprofessional and my interactions with them as well as Smart USA since July 2013 have been sour and incredibly disappointing. They claim to provide "world-class customer service", but have found every way to be the opposite.
Not only am I stuck with a lemon of a car, the Smart Center has not once followed-up with me and the dealership has turned a blind eye.
My Smart car, which I absolutely regret buying and despise driving, has a malfunctioning driver's side mirror with little to no visibility. There are many other Smart car owners around the nation that have been experiencing the same problem since 2008 which I have learned through my own research. The mirror is loose in the housing unit - the passenger side works just like it should - and because of the vibration and shaking, the mirror is essentially useless. I was told by the dealership that this issue "is a characteristic of the vehicle".
I've owned/drove many different cars in my life of different makes/models/years and never experienced such as issue.
The dealership has decided that it does not want to remedy the situation and after being told to open up a case with Smart USA, my "case manager" has not once followed-up with me.
When I am forced to drive my Smart car, I often have people ask me if I like it and other questions about the vehicle. I'm very honest with them and I will continue to be so. I wish that this business would opt to be honest about their conduct as well.

Andrew L. | 2013-10-31

I recently bought a c250 and the finance director has been harassing me for about a week now because I haven't sent him a copy of a utility bill. First off, I just moved to California less than 2 weeks ago so how am I going to be able to give him any utility bill statement yet? I told him that and he just didn't understand. They just sent me a letter in the mail saying they're canceling the contract and want me to return the vehicle. Can you believe that? His name is Michael Marquez( finance manager). I strongly suggest that you don't waste your time with Mercedes. The staff is genuinely fake and would sell their own mother for a dollar. Typical car companies

Tori C. | 2013-10-23

Yelp, let me tell you a story:

I came here while in the midst of deciding on whether or not I wanted to give up my M for an AMG - I won't go into specifics for the sake of anonymity but I'm sure the people involved will remember me. The man who greeted me was nice enough but when I told him I wanted an AMG, he looked at me as if I had no idea what it was, and proceeded to try to sell me a C250. I playfully asked him if he knew how much horsepower I would be losing if I gave up my current car for a C250. His response was "not much". Are you kidding? It's at least a 300hp difference. Of course, I didn't say that. Instead I decided to tell him that I'm really interested in an AMG and I was thinking about making the switch from BMW to Mercedes.

He tells me they don't have one on the lot but invites me inside. He takes my keys so he can get one of his guys to get an "estimate" on my car. I have a seat in his office. He pulls out a brochure. He tells me, "Although we don't have one on the lot, you can go ahead an order one and we can have it shipped here." Seriously? I don't even buy pants before I try them on and you want me to purchase a car before I test drive it? No. I explain to him that I would prefer to test drive one before I make the purchase so I can personally experience the performance difference between the two very different machines. He says, "Well, you can order it, test drive it, and return it if you don't like it." No. I tell him I'm not comfortable doing that. Meanwhile his buddies still have my keys.

I ignore the fact that he's trying to push a sale on me and ask him about the features that would come with the car just to test his knowledge. I specifically ask him about the option for red seats. He says they don't come with red seats. Really?! I tell him that's too bad. By this time I'm thinking the guy doesn't know a thing about the cars he's selling because the AMGs do, in fact, come with the option for red seats. What further confirmed my suspicion was the fact that he was reading the brochure WITH me.

Me: "Oh, they come with 19" wheels?"
Him: "Umm." *looks at the brochure* "Oh, yes, they do."

Eventually, he says he'll be right back. Meanwhile I'm sitting alone for about a half hour.

Then in walks the physical manifestation of a sleazy car salesman. Seriously, he was chubby, his hair was slicked back, he had his blingy watch, hairy arms, chest hair peaking out of his shirt, and gold chains swung around his neck. He walked into the office as if he owned the place. He plopped down in the chair, and began INSULTING my BMW. He states that BMWs, in general, have a lot of problems. He says that the drive is a lot bumpier compared to Mercedes, and the stops in the Mercedes are a lot smoother. He goes on and on about how BMWs suck until he finally stops and says, "so, why don't we order you an AMG tonight?" I then asked for my keys and left. I went to a different dealership where they let me test drive. There, I ordered my AMG WITH red seats.

So there's my story, Yelp. I hope it invokes so much disgust in you that you decide to go to a different dealership because I know the service cannot get any worse than at this location.

Blake C. | 2013-09-29

Best experience ever buying a car. Obviously it should be since I am getting a Mercedes, but Derek the sales guy was helpful and made it really easy for me. He allowed me to just walk around and stare at cars and was there when needed. Great customer experience here.

Denise D. | 2013-09-20

BEWARE.  I have had an issue with tire pressure and repeatedly took my car to have them correct the pressure issue.  Last week, the repair person indicated I had a nail in the tire which was not reparable.  I would need two new rear tires.  This morning I took the car to Big O -- no nail in the tire.  A small leak was detected near the stem which they fixed for $20.00. A couple of years ago the same service department at MB said they had to dust my "cabin filers" with the scheduled service.  I had remembered a similar charge with the previous service (and it wasn't cheap) and questioned them.  Oh yes, we did that recently so we won't do it this time.  Ask questions and watch out.  They are ripping people off.

Robert C. | 2013-07-12

Oddly enough same company but...El Dorado Hills handled me excellent. Funny though the General Manager is housed at Scaramento a very problematic store. Yet the store without the GM runs smoother ?  In any case service seemed professional catering treating customers with consistency and Respect. Thanks. Grayton! Awesome job! I did not feel Sacramento had the same service message .

Justin B. | 2013-06-04

My wife and I recently bought a 2010 E350 and absolutely loved the customer service we received.  Jose Armenta was our salesperson and went above and beyond to make sure we bought the car that we were looking for and knew everything about the car he was selling us.  We have had close to 10 cars(non-MB) in the last 10 years and most of the time the sales people knew nothing about the cars they were selling but not here - Jose knew every little thing about the car and was eager to show us how everything worked and advised us on all the safety features.  

We actually bought the car sight unseen because the car belonged to a long time client of Mercedes Benz who was waiting for his most recent purchase to be ready for him, at which point he would turn over his trade in which would become our car.  Jose believed so much in the quality of MB and said that if we didn't love the car when we saw it and if it wasn't all that he promised it to be that he would tear up the contract.  Several days later Jose, personally, delivered our new car to us, at our house and it was all that he promised it would be and more! (I should also mention that after closing the deal they even gave us a new C250 to drive until our car was ready)

The service department went through the car and completely reconditioned everything to the point that everyone thinks we bought a brand new car!  This was hands down the best car buying experience ever - there was no pressure to buy, we were given an ample amount of time to test drive the cars and able to look at the cars without some shady sales person hovering over us.  

In my experience the best deals are the ones where both parties walk away feeling good about the deal and I definitely felt good about this one, although we didn't get this car for a rock bottom price a big consideration was that this place is a reputable business & certified MB dealership that sells quality cars.  As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and when it comes to luxury German cars you simply cannot cut corners.

I highly recommend Mercedes Benz of Sacramento and paying Jose Armenta a visit if you're in the market for a Benz, and serious about purchasing - this place and this guy should be your first stop!  5 STARS across the board to the dealership as a whole and Jose - Thank you!

TOMA V. | 2013-05-13

only one word about sell's department:' horrible"

Shawn B. | 2013-05-11

Salesman: Georgian

Customer Service: 0

Informative: 0

Bought a 2012 GL from here and had to take it back 3X to fix issues that was told would be addressed during the sale - finally took the car to Mercedes Benz of Fairfield were it was fixed right - as for the sales department, stay away  - i tried to get hold of Georgian, my salesman and was never able to get a hold of him and never contacted me back. Once the car was sold to me i was pretty much left to be. I was never even told of any functions of the vehicle. For instance, the daytime running lights would not function properly - i was told by service advisor to just turn them off as they are too expensive to replace!!

it's too bad as i have been going to this dealership for service for some 15 years and thought of them as friends.

Cindy W. | 2013-04-26

Great service dept- bright, clean, loved the coffee bar, and new snack area. Robert is the best service manager!! Our car is always ready when promised & they always go above & beyond to make everything perfect when we visit. They value our time & patronage by being professional, courteous, & prompt!

Allison B. | 2013-04-19

This review is for the Service Department as it is the only part of the dealership I have worked with directly.

I dropped off my vehicle late afternoon to have the cluster module reset after having it replaced at my local mechanics shop.  I was a little worried they were not going to want to work on my car because I had gone elsewhere, but they were more than willing.

I spoke with a woman on the telephone who quoted me $130 to reset the cluster.  Not too bad.  Dropped the car off, and picked it up the next day to find that the invoice stated $165.  We spoke with the Service Manager (Terry, I think?) and he was incredible decent and changed the cost to $130 without any argument.  

Its nice gestures like that made us decide to be a lifelong customer of MB of Sacramento.  The El Dorado Hills location is actually a lot closer to us, but the service at the Howe store is truly the best!

Tim B. | 2013-03-26

NOt great but OK. It took 5 people to answer a simple question i had. Need better service.

Deiby T. | 2013-03-19

I've been looking for a used 2012 E350. I was told they had a fully loaded 2013 E350 demo with 4500 miles and was also told I would get a good discount.
I asked what the selling price was and again was told I would get a good discount.
Took the car for a drive and car was great. Went to the office to negotiate and asked what the selling price was they pointed to the MSRP really? The car was driven off the lot, it has miles albeit not many but that's depreciation.
Nobody pays MSRP and I told them that, was never told the true selling price, was never offered a discount. Only thing I was asked was how much are you willing to pay, so I gave them a number and it was low but a good starting point. They didn't like the number, duh! After their failed attempts for me to pay more and again with them never saying what the selling price of the car was we parted ways. One of the worst negotiating experience's I've ever had, the manager was condensing saying I didn't know the value of the car etc...   If you are going to shop here insist they first make an offer. Look at MB of Walnut Creek or Rab Motors in San Rafael they post their prices!

Khan P. | 2013-02-22

Very nice dealership , very nice people  , and very nice environment. Would come here again. Recommend this place to anyone.

Lewis C. | 2012-12-19

General Manager was very professional and did the right thing once I complained in writing.  He had the car picked up and delivered back to me properly repaired a few days later.  Can't say this renewed trust in the techs or service managers.  Shouldn't take a vivid complaint to be treated properly.  From my experience it seems the service department is concerned with  the appearance of care, and is not eager to deliver the standards of care they advertise.  

Would recommend Mercedes of Sac for car purchase but not for trusted service.

Shaneel S. | 2012-12-19

This place has really bad I mean vary bad service. Vary rude and unprofessional. The difference between this location and the El Dorado is day and night. It's a shame they would act in such ways.

Felicia F. | 2012-09-15

I REGRET buying a car from this dealership. I would recommend the Mercedes of Fairfield or RAB Motors in San Rafael, instead. My parents and I have bought plenty of cars in the past (Mercedes, Lexus, BMW) but have never encountered such horrible customer service from the Sales Department, particularly from Ken Sammut.  He might seem nice when you initially purchase the car, but will never return your call when you have an issue afterwards.

Tip: Never purchase a car and have it shipped to your house. They will rip you off and deliver a car with more miles than initially promised when signing the contract. When they are in the process of shipping the car over, they will then let you know that there are more miles than expected. By then, it's too late! If we knew we were indeed getting a test car with so many miles, we would not have paid so much for it!!

Beware: If you want to get ripped off and never have your questions answered or calls returned, then feel free to come here. But if I was you, I would not waste my time!

Kathy U. | 2012-08-01

Great customer service had to pick up a key less entry for my sisters car thanks for the great customer service !!!they even washed her car real fast wow amazing service huh!!

Noelle C. | 2012-07-17

So I typically don't write reviews but I am today. I needed to get some repairs done to my car. I usually have good customer service here but apparently today when I called the service department the receptionist was extremely unpleasant. She had attitude in her voice & gave me that tone like 'well duh!" Geez! I wanted to tell her to watch her tone but to be honest I just wanted to get my appointment in rather than deal with a snarky receptionist. Maybe it's just me but I feel like if you're dealing with Mercedes Benz you should have great service regardless if that person had a bad morning. Take hints from people at Geico & Starbucks my dear!

Michael C. | 2012-06-23

I recently purchased a c63 from here - I would never buy a car from here again or from Angelo again.
This guy  first tried to sell me a sedan when I asked about a coupe and he said there were none available.  When he "checked their back inventory" - he then said I was in luck and they had a black one.  When it was clear I only wanted white - he then checked again and said I was in luck again and they did have a white one.  Shady.
I asked him simple "test" questions about the car - rims, std features, options, and he basically didn't know squat about the car other than that the engine was "hand built" and had the guys name on the engine block.
I asked him to retrieve my license plate frame from my trade in within 2 hours of purchasing my car and he said sure/done.  5 days later - he had no idea what I was talking about and then couldnt find it.
It took 5 days to turn the car around and when I went to pick it up - it wasn't there.  No one even knew where it was.  He then called me apologizing saying they could not get a hold of me to tell me it would take another 2 days - he had sent me text messages 2 days earlier.  
The car's check engine light then went on within a half block of leaving.  they computer checked it and it was fine.  He then said he wanted to "test" it and proceeded to nearly red line the car on surface streets.  Then I noticed driving home the big stickers on the windshield saying that the car should not be driven hard or taken above 3500 rpm for the first 1000 miles.  Stupid
Then I had take the care back b/c the upper brake light was loose and rattling and they proceeded to blame the window tint guys.  
My car gets a lot of double takes on the road and it looks nice.  But I would drive a 100 miles out of my way if I ever end up buying another MBZ again since rocklin, edh, and sac are owned by the same company.

Belinda S. | 2012-03-29

My husband and I recently purchased a 2008 Mercedes C300 from this dealership after searching the internet for a couple of months. Although we love the car we chose the experience at this dealership was not worth it at all. We were really dissappointed in the Sales Dept considering what we spent here. The lack of follow thru and lack of communication was bad enough but the excuses were the worst. Justin, the "Sales Manager" must have missed the manager 101 class for sure! He was so busy making excuses and passing the buck on things that had not been taken care of with this car it was embarrasing and insulting to say the least. Just getting a phone call returned was an absolute joke. Will never do business here again and will warn anyone looking here to shop elsewhere. Not worth the trouble at all.

Hannah Z. | 2012-03-25

Service - very, very overpriced even for an MB dealer.  Their standard maintenance service consistently appears to be merely a tool to get themselves more overpriced business.

Sales - be very vary of their traded-in offers. Their offers for your used vehicle are substantially less than other dealers like CarMax and Kelly Blue Book.

ZinLifGal M. | 2012-03-03

Love the folks at Benz-no matter what my inquiry is, everyone is very helpful from shop to floor. Awesome customer service, follow up and elegantly relaxed atmosphere...easy to spend time and money when you know you're getting such value in return.

Dodi S. | 2012-02-26

I have been nothing but very Impressed with this Dealership. They have very smart/educated people running this company. They have very professional staff in the sales and in the service department and they are all very helpful all the time. I always take my Benz to them for regular service and I have full confidence in their work. They also provide you with a new Mercedes as a loaner car--I love it!

I have read some negative reviews about this delaership from some people. And mainly they are all about the repair prices. Listen, if someone is having difficulties affording Mercedes parts, then they must quit impressing their friends with the Benz brand and might want to consider downgrading to a Ford Fiesta!!!  

Mercedes Benz of Sacramento is the best!

Max R. | 2012-01-22

So a friend of mine recently asked me to go car shopping with her, partly because I know a lot about cars, but mainly because she felt like she wouldn't be taken seriously, or given as good of a deal, if she was a woman shopping by herself.

She'd found a C-class sport sedan on Mercedes Benz of Sacramento's Web site, and they had apparently set one aside for her, though she wasn't really sure which trim level was right for her, so we went and paid them a visit.

The guy who helped us was named Robby, and I was immediately impressed with him. He spent a lot of time really listening to my friend's questions, and when he asked some of his own, they were good, insightful questions, the kind that helped him make intelligent recommendations.

I'd been lobbying hard for the C350 Sport Sedan, because hey, I'm a car fanatic, and I'll always choose the model that's got the most horsepower under the hood.

Robby, however, was able to show her so much value in the much less expensive C250 Sport Sedan that she wound up opting for that one. I was impressed that he was so willing to steer my friend toward a $35K car when she could have so easily been talked into getting the one that was well over $40K.

The biggest surprise of the whole experience was how much it didn't feel like your typical car buying grind. There were no surprises at any point, and no pressure whatsoever. We've all dealt with car salesmen who are too eager to sell you that car TODAY, and will tell you any effing thing to make you drive it off the lot, but Robby wasn't like that: He seemed utterly confident about what he was doing, and about his product, so much so that he never needed to act like a salesman in the conventional sense of the word.

This felt more like a nice trip to Nordstrom than a descent into auto dealer purgatory.

As for the car itself, my friend is thrilled with it, and I'm completely blown away that she's driving a Mercedes for about the same price as a Dodge Charger.

The real point of this review, though, is that I was pleasantly surprised to find my friend's fears had been unfounded. These folks took my friend seriously, and I feel she would have been taken just as seriously if I hadn't been tagging along.

Tony G. | 2012-01-15

These guys are GREAT!!! They're high-priced, but these are Mercedes Benzes after all! My experiences have all been top-notch.

stephanie r. | 2011-12-29

If you want your explicit requests as to what you want in terms of model, color, mileage, options, and price to be ignored and your time wasted by a-hole salesmen, then this is the place for you!

I intended to buy a car here. my efforts were frustrated at every turn. Instead of obliging to show me what I wanted (despite assurance that they had "tons" in stock), they only would show me cars $10k above what I said I wanted to pay--and refused to tell me the price upfront saying, "Oh that information is written down inside." wtf?!When I said no way, they brought out a model I originally asked to see, but w/a ton of miles and in the one color combination I said I absolutely did not want. These are but a couple of examples of their apparent unwillingness to help themselves sell cars.

These idiots lost themselves what would have been a guaranteed sale. Instead, I bought a car from MB of Fresno.

Joshua G. | 2011-12-22

Yesterday i decided to go take a look at the '12 C250 in Rocklin, as my '07 C230 with 70k miles (that i bought at VHMB Sac in march '11) seemed to be getting more and more inconveniencing to me.
I will say this, i loved my 230 because while driving it i felt absolutely secure and comfortable almost like the car was a boulder - just inpenetrable. After having the car and being COMPLETELY dissappointed with Von Housen MB of Sacramento, Ca to be completely honest i have little loyalty to MB (this is after owning 3 that were spactacular), Julie in the finance department down at VHMB is a complete baboon and doesnt seem to know her rear to a hot rock as she messed up my deal and paperwork a total of 3 times causing my spouse and i to have to come back down and resign the contract. THEN to top everything off, while getting the car serviced (service A), the discovery that the computer was bad, as well as the cruise control unit caused both to have to be replaced with not a thought in my head that the car could be a bad deal. When the car was in the shop for the 3 weeks it was taking to get it fixed, i realized that after my asking for the carfax report 3 times i never got one with my paperwork. I ended up pulling one and come to realize that the car was a reposessed rental, as well as had been purchased 3 times and returned to the dealer due to unhappy customers!!!
After the car was returned twice wouldn't one think to reevaluate whether that car should be a CPO on the lot or on one of the wholesale lots on Fulton?? ugh, i suppose not. Long story short, i felt pressured to keep that car after finding this out as well as backed into a corner, so i tried negotiating down the price of the car and told the used sales manager that to make this deal work i wanted the extended warranty, and tires for life (both i had purchased with the car in the original deal) for free due to the consistent inconveniencing and misleading done by the sales team to get me into the car and lock me into it.
After seeming to haggle i told him to "work out what he needs to and i will be back in 45 minutes, at that point if he isnt going to give me the 6k$ worth of warranty then i will walk and go to Jaguar (where i was looking at a 335). Then returning in about an hour, i discover that they had worked it out and they were going to give me those things to keep the car. WRONG!! Those BASTARDS just gave me the sheet saying that those things were free but didnt change the price of the car (remember with the added amount of those warranties), which i didnt think about because i thought that possibly at that point they might clean up the misleading, and out & out lies for truth, integrity, and ethics... Apparently i was wrong.
My poor little C230 has spent half the time i have owned it in the shop for everything from the replacing of the cruise control unit, to the control arms, and complete replacing of the AC unit. Not that those problems arent serious at all, i guess i had hoped that maybe my problems were done, again WRONG! the power steering unit i had found twice bone dry and when i asked my service advisor about it he said "its a water based fluid so it might go down in level after awhile, just put some more in and you should be fine" my reply was "whaaaaat!? water based!? i suppsose, and ok" as the car IS still under warranty. well, now the power steering unit has gone out, and will at some point need to be replaced (not by me because i dont have the car anymore), as your reading this your probably thinking "is he done??", nope theres more. About a week ago the transmission started slipping, and thats when i starting thinking about what i could do to get out of the loan... So yesterday my spouse and i had a conversation about what we were going to do since we still owed about 24,500 on the car (due to the sneeky antics on the behalf of the sales dept), we ended up at the Rocklin Dealer (Sacs sister dealer), chose to trade the car on a lease so that at the end of the lease the negative equity would vanish which is an ingenius option though now i am having to pay a $850 car payment on a '12 C250 which could have simply been avoided if SACRAMENTO VON HOUSEN would have taken car of business, i WILL NEVER buy a car from them ever again, they completely are lacking in organization, ethics, and integrity... I truly believe that MB makes an amazing car and if you are interested in looking at one, drive right past Sac MB and go to Rocklin, John Menig up there is absolutely a life saver and helped me out of Red (my C230)... Hopefully after my experience down there other people will wise up to my mistake and head to Rocklin.
Take care my friends and AVOID this dealer.

Loc H. | 2011-09-28

We found our 2011 GLK  this past weekend for a better deal than up here.  Contact BESHOFF IN SAN JOSE AND ASK FOR "DODY" (Internet Sale Manager).  He will deal with you through email first and he's very direct about pricing.  Trust me, I've done my research and homework all around the bay.  They have the best price.

GOOD LUCK VON HOUSEN.  Sooner or later no one will buy from you with your OVERPRICING deals.

Matt S. | 2011-09-25

Sigh -- Mercedes stealership, how I loathe thee. I would probably never buy a car from this place and only come here for when I'm desperate for servicing.

Alright, let's get the good things out of the way:

- They'll work on your Mercedes ldo
- Free car wash after each appointment
- Decent waiting area
- I got a GLK350 as a loaner for a few days
- Honor online coupons and third-party service contracts

Onto the bad:

- Typical MB tax price gouging ($1,300 for spark plugs? GTFO)
- I've gone through two service advisers and wouldn't trust either of them with a pet hamster. They have zero clue on the mechanics of a Benz and half the time are just rattling off the service order list and praying you have no clue what they're talking about. I know that's not part of the job description as an SA, but SA trustworthiness at this place is about equal to a car salesman
- The car wash isn't touchless and will inevitably swirl the hell out of your paint
- If you say you're going to call me with an update on the car @ x:xx time on ____day then do it. I never hear from these guys on their own initiative and have to find out myself (e.g. my car was in for servicing for 5 consecutive days, didn't get a status report until 3 days later!)

These guys could definitely take a note from the EDH location. I don't understand, they're both under the same dealership family (Von Housen) so either I got really lucky with my visit to EDH or there really is a large disparity of training between the two. The saving grace for me not giving them two stars is the fact that if your car is 8+ years old, you get a few decent perks. How they'll pan out remains to be seen, but the mere fact they offer discounts and free detailing is enough to deserve recognition.

Shannon H. | 2011-09-07

I took my SL500 into  Sac. Mercedes-Benz dealership on Howe. I was assigned to a service advisor name Jason Harber which, he was courtesy when I first dropped my car off .I stated to Jason a  fuse had blown out in my car and it's disabled me to drop my top and lock my doors etc...
To make to a long story short, I gave Jason a $20 tip and thought he was gonna take care of me.  Wrong.. To change fuse# 71 the part was
$3.49 yes $3.49 ,labor was $229.00 for 5 minutes of work . It saddened me to know  Jason was trickery ,he stated it took 2 hrs...Bullshit....  By the way ,3,000 miles prior they charged the warranty company to fix the same problem ,which service claimed they replaced the fuse blower...Not true.  I'm confused, I brought my car brand new,anybody that knows about Mercedes, know I spented over $120,000 for my sl500.But for Mercedes dealership to over change me for a fuse that lasted  two hours,now that's bad bad business. I spoke to Jason directly on the matter and he started begging me to let them really fix my car,I stated to Jason(
Exact words) I'm afraid to bring my car in to your dealership  I just want my refund ,due to your company did trickery business over a few dollars.) Jason said,"I will call you right back." It's been three days and the only message I retrieved from Mercedes-Benz of Sacramento was ,a rep letting me know ,the driver visor had arrived, yes I forgot to mention ,the mirror on the visor cracked also at 22,000 miles,It seems like I have a Pinto, instead of a Mercedes.My other three vehicles don't  cause me any problems at all,from the Cadillac to the Lexus... I know I won't buy another Mercedes-Benz in life.
Buttom line.....Also my carpet is cream and is in Excellent condition, why did Jason jump in my car without covering my flawless seats and using a mat cover....Customer service is everything to me.

$229.00 is nothing to me,but it's the principle..I know Mercedes Benz of Sacramento beat me, so BEWARE..... IF YOU DO DECIDE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM ,TIP THEREAFTER...


Ronald K. | 2011-06-23

This horrible & unforgettable experience should be posted in November 2009.  Even though it is a little old, it is still worth to share with all the audiences.

Recently bought two 2009 C300 Sport sedans from this dealership based on the sales price advertised with local Costco stores.  One car is for us and the other is for our niece.  Salesman Ken Sammut is horrible.  Don't go with him.  Go with Kelly Mosher (Internet Manager) and she is extremely nice.

Don't go with Steve Armstrong (Finance Manager) when you do your financing paper work since he is a jerk and disrespectful to customers.  You may not have any choice but him.  Justin Watts (Finance Director) seems to be better but they are all liars.  DON'T trust these guys.
Jason Bryner, the Sales Manager, can't be trust too.  He only admitted the C-Class rebate ($5,000 to $10,000 during the month of September 2009) after we showed him the paper work.

My niece bought her 2009 C300 one day after us.  She added Lojack system to her 2009 C300.  But after more than 2 weeks and no follow up from MB of SAC, she decided to cancel the Lojack installation.  Surprisingly, MB of SAC REFUSED to do that.  We even complained to the MB of El Dorado Hills where company headquarter is located.  So far, no DIRECT responses from the Sales Executive (Rhett Snider) and the owner (George Grinzewitsch Jr.).

This is a very lousy and trust-worthLESS car dealership.  Get your MB from the dealerships in the Bay Area.  Don't do it in Sacramento area since the same owner owns the other two (2) MB dealerships in Rocklin and El Dorado Hills.

Mike L. | 2011-01-04

5) The car doesn't have a current year registration sticker, which is a pain because we have to go to the DMV to get  one
6) Put more option on the spec list than what the car has

Overall I wouldn't recommended friends and family there.  I can't believe it's a Mercedes dealer.  Bad Bad experience.

Brandon L. | 2010-10-09

So far, this dealership has come through so-so.  Relatively professional staff.  You will need to be an expert if you want to be able to negotiate a good deal from this place if you plan to buy your Mercedes here.  When it comes to the service dept, all of their warranty repairs have been done without any problems.  The service advisors are relatively knowledgeable but could sometimes be quite rude.  Like all other dealerships, the service dept charges you an arm and a leg for all repairs.  What's new!?

Alvin A. | 2010-09-03

The service managers are good and the service time is reasonable.  Price is hefty for simple car maintenance services, but what do you expect from luxury brands.  At least one of the service managers, gave us a C-Class loaner vehicle for a day while we had our car serviced overnight for transmission, plus he offered $50 discount...which brought the initial $800+ cost down to $785...still whopping though.  Can't wait until the warranty's up... I'll have to go to a quality car service shop that offers affordable service.

Sabrina N. | 2009-07-20

I think Customer Service is KEY so ...

Minus 2 Stars for rude a$$ service from the bimbo at the front Receptionist area. She doesnt know anything about MB cars and yet shes here to help customers answer questions.

Minus another Star for the service department for wanting to charge you money for every little thing.

Minus another star for my detailed car wash. When I went to pick it up it was dusty.

I don't reccommend coming here, Go to the one in El Dorado Hills, Everything is exceptional there. They fixed my shade, door handle and replaced some of my fuse AT NO COST! Plus they had donuts, bagels, chips, and soft drinks for waiting customers...

J F. | 2009-01-23

The only local Sacramento dealership...

It has okay customer service...  A few service service advisors should be more courteous to customers.  Jason Downing is the advisor who will go out of his way to take care of you and your car.

A negative experience with the service department was after a repair where they damaged our bumper... They repainted and refinished it right away, but did a horrible job- they repaired it successfully the second time.

J. M. | 2008-11-12

I took my car to MB of Pleasanton once, I've been paying for it ever since. Never had problems with Sacramento. The car ran great until I brought it for service at Pleasanton (they over-filled it with oil and the problems began). Sacramento had better pricing as well. I live over an hour away and I'm never bringing my Mercedes anywhere but back to Sacramento. They are polite and courteous (Pleasanton actually laughed in our face and denied doing things despite us holding the paperwork that said they did).

Kirsten H. | 2008-10-23

Very professional and courteous service every single time!! This alone was enough to convince me to buy another car from this dealership.

Beautiful cars, free loaner cars for warranty work, free coffee and juices, free pastries & snacks, and exceptional customer care. What more could you ask for??

JENNA L. | 2008-08-17

I hate taking my car to dealerships since I feel they always want to rip you off and you can never walk out spending less than a $1000 bucks. I was referred to Mechanic Brett Cowen and His sales manager Joann after my Mercedes had a weird caution light come on. Initially when I made the appointment they had me with someone else even though I requested Brett and Joann. When I showed up for the appointment I again stated I was a referral and only wanted the 2 people I requested. No problems! They saw me a 1/2 hour before my scheduled appointment time, Joann was friendly, asked if I needed a ride anywhere and my car was off to be looked at. Joann called about an hour later with my estimate:one for the actual problem and 2 for some minor issues. I opted to fix all 3 since it was already there but they were out of stock on a part so only 2 issues were fixed(the main and 1 minor). My total $300, I was shocked and amazed. It was clean, ready and waiting when I arrived after work to pick it up. If you want no  BS at the dealership service department be sure to ask for Joann C. and Brett Cowen only!

Mizzy P. | 2008-08-06

Finally, a C class that is really worthy to be called a Mercedes! I was given the 2008 C350 as a loaner the other day. Very nice styling. Bigger engine. Picks up quick. Interior is nice. Back window provides a small viewing area. Controls- mostly trial and error to figure out. Audio system is kickin'. The handling is on the loose side, especially compared to the 2007 C230 that I was also loaned. I may have to upgrade once I get to my mid-life crisis. Everyone in the auto repair department is attentive, nice and accommodating. Gayton was my service advisor and he is fantastic (and I'm not just saying that because he loaned me a new C350). The ladies in customer service/cashier are better when they are working alone. When there are two or more of them, I feel like I'm interupting their conversations about "The Hills" or something like that. And I'm taking away two stars because I had to return my vehicle twice after everything was supposed to be ok, but I'll give one back for the loaners.

Anna H. | 2008-05-12

Recently the boyfriend purchased a car from here.  The salesman was very helpful and they even stayed 2 hours past closing to close the sale.  We got here 10 minutes before closing after talking to the salesman and found the car pulled up the front newly washed.  After inspecting the car and taking it for a test drive we went inside to talk numbers.  Although they couldn't match him on his offer, they gave us a much better deal than Lexus of Concord was.  I would definitely consider coming back here if I was in the market for a Mercedes Benz.