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At Mel Rapton Honda, we feel giving a good deal on a new Honda is not enough; we want to make sure you get the very best deal. Our Customers are the most important people in our business, and that is why we work tirelessly to ensure that our customers receive the best deal when shopping for a new or pre-owned Honda with us. We also house a top of the line Parts and Service department, where our expert service team will handle any automotive needs you may encounter. So stop by Mel Rapton Honda today and see why our motto is, "Service is an Attitude, Not a Department!"

Mel Rapton Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 436-8364
Address:3630 Fulton Avenue, Sacramento, CA, 95821
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Reviews on Mel Rapton Honda

Tony T. | 2015-04-24

The sales rep will try to be your best friend, and he will tell you to be firm and stick to your guns, with the finance manager, but he is also in it to try to milk you for as much money as they can. Tired to buy a used car, asked them to show me how much they paid for a car, they show me a slip with white out over the original pricing!!, KBB state that car with that much miles,dealers will offer $14-16k, but they bought the car at 18k? WTF, and the finance manage said he can get fired for the price I am offer him? YOU SHOULD FIRED FOR OVER PAYING A TRADE IN!!

Michelle C. | 2015-04-20

I dealt with Mike in the service department today. I didn't have an appointment and I went around 4:30PM    I let him know about my letter I got about the airbag recall and he quickly looked up my info and arranged it to be replaced. I told him about the bad experience I. had with AutoNation and he was very apologetic. Mike was very helpful, professional and polite. It took no more then a half hour to get my airbag replaced. Thank you Mel Rapton Honda for your above and beyond, world class customer service.

Vagabond M. | 2015-04-18

Service gave inaccurate time estimates and updates. The service was supposed to take an hour and a half, then two, two and a half...a half hour more each time I called until it had taken four hours. Honesty would have been a better way for me to plan.

Rebecca W. | 2015-04-16

It took them three hours to tell me that my airbag didn't need to be replaced. They did a free inspection, which I didn't ask for, but I guess that was nice. Three hours is a long time to be trapped in a lobby though.

Andrea M. | 2015-04-10

Recently, we were faced with the daunting task of buying a vehicle. I was dreading it as I have experienced the high pressure sales tactics of car dealerships in the past. After visiting a few of "those" dealerships, we were referred to Mel Rapton Honda.

We started with the web site to look at the inventory. The web site was a great tool for finding what was on our wish list. We decided to  give it a look after we found  a  few good options. When we arrived to the dealership, the exact vehicles we saw on line were there and available.

Ken met us when we arrived. Ken showed us the options which would fit us. He was friendly, not pushy. We were very comfortable looking at our choices with him.

Once we decided on a vehicle, Giorgio took us through the application process and pricing of the car. This part is usually the most unnerving for me. Georgio was wonderful. The process was so much quicker than what we had experienced in the past. We had a great time with him.

Once through the application and settled on pricing, Bill helped us with financing and discussed warranty options with us.  We got a great rate which was better than my credit union offered. Again, the process was painless.

The owner's of Mel Rapton Honda have a great team of people representing them. We got a great car to fit our needs at a great price. All of the information about the car's history was presented to us. No pushy sales. Quality vehicles. Fair pricing. My future business is confidently put in the hands of those at Mel Rapton Honda.

Dorthy S. | 2015-04-01

I found a potential car for my younger brother who's going to college soon. I called and Chuck was kind over the phone. When we got there, he was pleasant to work with and some what knowledgeable. He had the car ready for us to see, I can appreciate that. Anyway after going back and fourth a few times with the price my mom agreed to a certain number, but I know my mom she wasn't happy at all. I told her if she's not comfortable we can leave but I think she felt pressured (What I should of done again was tell my mom to get the hell up and walk out!) After signing paper work and with a $500.00 deposit we went home. The next day I told my mom just go back and cancel the car and get your deposit back. I thought long and hard about it I truly felt the car was over  priced and to me 83k miles is a lot of miles. Over all in general the car it self was fine. So my mom and my younger brother went there the next day to cancel the car no problems. Roger, how ever after my mom had asked "Can my daughter pick up the check" his response was "that's fine as long as she has the receipt" she was told I can come pick it up around noon. I got there around 1220noon. I waited probably 30 minutes for someone to come out and help me. He was not helpful to the situation. I told him I was there to pick up a check for my mom here's the receipt. He comes back to me and pretty much says no we can't do that since you're not the person, we can mail it and walks off. I'm sitting here like are you kidding me? Wasted my damn time! So I got back to the receptionist who was more helpful then anyone there and I asked if he's coming back, he pretty much just left me there only to come back and say "well his boss says no" that's total BS!! I also liked how Roger threw around in our faces "we're family owned" more then three times that night in less than 5 minutes in between and they take pride in it. Well how about this, train ALL OF your staff with more knowledge on how to run your business and keep your word by mouth! Had I known my mom had to be the one there I wouldn't have gone and wasted 40 minutes of my time!! I know for a fact a bank would NEVER deposit a check that does not belong to you. Started good , ended bad.  So this how Mel Rapton treats me after my mom cancels the car, I will never, would ever recommend anyone to Mel Rapton. As soon as I got to work I mentioned this to my co workers and one of their response was " I COULD OF TOLD YOU THAT MYSELF!" Well I'm  glad I'm not the only one! This whole experience I had today was horrible. The only time anyone wants to help you is when you want to buy a damn car! Other then that I don't think they even care.

Jay D. | 2015-03-26

Incredibly long waits for oil change. If you just want oil change, I would not recommend this place. However, they do a good job on recommending what service your car needs and let you know of any recalls, etc. They also do a free car wash. Having said that, the service fee they charge is quite high. Understandable for the Honda specific knowledge they have. However, it may not be a bad idea to shop and compare.

Amiee C. | 2015-03-22

***The service department lost my hubcap when I took my car for a tire replacement!***

I didn't notice until I arrived home 15 minutes after picking the car up, and called them immediately. They didn't seem surprised by the call (maybe they hoped I wouldn't notice at all?) and said they'd order a new hubcap and call in a few weeks when it came it. After a month of waiting I called them and was told they needed to see if it arrived yet and they would return my call, and of course I never heard back! I emailed them twice with no response. It has been four months now and I don't believe they have any intention of replacing the hubcap.

This was not my first negative experience with them either, but I am not the kind of person who likes to go writing bad reviews. Anyhow - when I bought the car in 2013 I dealt with Jesse. He made promises he couldn't deliver on when we negotiated the price, but did offer a free oil change and tire rotation to soften the blow of the bad news. I liked the car and took his deal, only to arrive for my first service appointment and find out they had no record of it being complimentary (mind you, I had moved to the bay area at the point and just driven back for my free service!). I actually saw Jesse wandering the floor and said "can you clear this up?", he gave me a blank stare and told the service department that he never made that offer. It was very odd to be treated like that after dropping $15,000 on a car. Generally when you give a business that kind of money you should be entitled to, at the very least, being treated like a legitimate customer.

Car dealerships are unpleasant places in general, it's hard to find a dealership that is actually reputable! If you do decide you really want a car at Mel Rapton at the very least avoid Jesse and make sure any offers are recorded somewhere. Take names! And check your hubcaps before you drive off the lot! But honestly there any many bad reviews here I missed before I actually went in, and now I know it's very worthwhile to try and find a place with a better reputation.

Araliza M. | 2015-03-17

How long does an oil change take? If you want your whole day to be wasted, come here..... Worse place ever!

RK B. | 2015-03-15

I have to say that I continue to be impressed with this place. We went here to test drive some cars and the sales staff was extremely polite and helpful. They showed is what we wanted, listened to what we said and when we said it wasn't the perfect car for us there was no pressure to buy. When they called me today to check in, Hector our sales rep was super cool. No pressure, just wanted to see if we had found anything we liked better. I will definitely buy my next honda here and I will continue to take my current honda here for service. This is the only dealership in Sacramento I will ever use again.

Ryan E. | 2015-03-11

I recently purchased a used car from Mel Rapton Honda and the experience was mixed. I went because they had the used cars I wanted online and I'd had good experiences in the past with their service department. Unfortunately, the two cars I went to look at were terrible. Not sure why they wouldn't bother to clean and vacuum a used car before putting it on the lot, but the cars were gross. I happened across another car that I really liked and we went to work on the deal. My sales guy was nice enough but Mel Rapton totally employs the "good cop, bad cop" dealership tactic. Once the deal got in the hands of the sales manager, I became the bad guy. How dare I try to shave money off sticker, and he doesn't have time for me, and just generally being a jerk. Needless to say, the experience left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I won't go back to Mel Rapton again.

Lo S. | 2015-03-11

I am giving this 5 stars because of how awesome the internet sales manager Peter Lewis was in providing us with exceptional service. I can't say much for the rest of the Mel Rapton Honda because I didn't really deal with them. Anyways, I highly recommend that you deal with Peter because he was very nice and didn't make me feel pressured at all, he was also able to get me a really nice 2004 Honda Accord within the price range I was looking for and I didn't feel rushed at all. I've been looking for cars for a month and Peter was the first dealer that I dealt with that wasn't annoying or full of BS. He was also able to answer any questions I had and made sure everything was ok before purchasing the car. Peter also took extra steps to get help me with get anything else I wanted and made sure my time there was comfortable. The car also came with a 3 month/3000 mile warranty! which is a plus.

So far the car is running great, its a honda after all, but only time will tell. Anyways, as long as the car is as great as it seems I have no complaints.

Joshua S. | 2015-03-07

Seemingly nice place (the place sure looks clean and decent), but be aware of slimy dealership practices, and then some. Plenty of good cop-bad cop dynamics between the sales guy (quoting you something that makes it sound like he can deliver on, but really it's just what he's hoping for...that's the rope in) and the manager (the hardass, giving you high offers and then making you feel like he's doing you a major favor by quoting something well above what the sales guy was attempting to offer you). All of the psychological parlour tricks are in play here, and they are good at them (be especially wary when they push you to purchase that day. Make sure to come with a friend who's looking out for you). Make sure to do as much research and homework as possible beforehand. Edmunds True Price Calculator for a real quote. They'll push back against it, you just have to remain 100% firm. Dealerships are known for slinging BS, but these guys make it a high art form. Funny thing is, if any of these guys read my comments here, they'll probably just take that as a compliment. That's the very reason why you should stay away.

All in all, the car is a good one and I'm happy enough with the purchase regardless, even though the tricked me buying with a cost that they didn't discuss with me beforehand. A really personable, likable salesman, but as I'm saying above, they will use all kinds of tactics to sneak extra costs in, and get you to buy TODAY. They're going to be continously testing your boundaries, so come in knowing what they are and don't flinch when you keep pushing you. It might just cost you $1000-2000 beyond what you were expecting, like it did me (read all the fine print before signing, ESPECIALLY all of the numbers they've included. They like to move the numbers around a lot to make a deal look better than it is, or sneak in extra fees that you thought would be going towards the purchase of the car, but instead you're giving away straight to the dealership's bottom line). Just hold firm anyway, you don't owe these people anything.

Good car selection, good cars, and friendly salesmen, but they are really, really slick. But you have a counter - push back and don't stop pushing until you get what you want to get (or just walk). You'll be happier with your purchase if you stick to your guns throughout the ENTIRE process, up to and including the final paperwork. I don't feel like these guys act with integrity or have decent boundaries. They honestly don't seem to care if the customer walks away satisfied (in the sense of not feeling screwed over), and they'll probably insult your intelligence along the way. Be warned.

Charles R. | 2015-02-24

This is a review of the service department.  
I have been involved in the pruchase of two accords from this dealer.  First in 2008 and most recently when I convinced my girlfriend to buy an accord from them in 2014.  She went in yesterday for her second oil change.  They took three hours.  For this inconvienence they gave her a 10 % discount.  All well and good if you have that kind of time to set in a dealer waiting room.  Not acceptable!  On top of that they charged her $104.00.  Eighty seven in labor because they performed some micky mouse inspection that would have been done for free at any other repair shop.  Hope they enjoy that money because that it the last they will see of that car.

Sally S. | 2015-02-21

Bought 2 cars from Mel Rapton over the years. The first car was a free oil change coupon and last year they gave me a coupon for $10 oil change. There customer service is good

Kelly P. | 2015-02-04

Great and fast on services!!!! I and my kid are enjoy spending time here while my car is taking care off. Free Starbucks coffee, donuts, car wash, I feel very welcome and comfortable. Satisfy!!!!

Michael P. | 2015-02-01

Don't just consider this dealer for new purchases.

I had a used car buying experience that could not have turned out better. And I didn't even buy a Honda!

Great running car, sales staff was awesome and efficient in helping me get in the car and on the road, although the litany of efforts to pay for extra services and warranty before closing the deal was annoying. Even the DMV transfers went off without a hitch.

Compared to the typical fly-by-night dealership down the road on Fulton (where I had bought my previous car), this was a 180 degree turnaround all around. Knowing that the car I bought from Mel Rapton Honda was a trade-in (so they held the title, thus no BS with a dealer who bought their inventory from an auction) and serviced by their own folks into top condition made me wish that I had checked them out the previous time around. Sure enough, the title and registration transferred within a month (!) and I still have two months on my warranty! And oh yeah, the 3 month/3000 mile drivetrain warranty was another deal sealer for me as well!

Although I hope to be driving this car for quite a while longer than the last one, the top candidate to shop for my next one will be with these folks.

Tom J. | 2015-01-22

Just leased my 6th vehicle from Mel Rapton and everything went as smooth as the first five times. My man Mung is not there anymore but I still got the same great service from the sales staff and everyone else involved in the transaction.
Great Job Mel Rapton!

Nicole M. | 2015-01-20

I found the used Honda I wanted on the Mel Rapton website. Via e-mail I offered $2000 less then asking, which is what KBB listed as fair market value. The dealer accepted my price over e-mail. Later that day I test drove the vehicle, financed it for 3% (no down or trade-in) and took my new (used) Honda home. Very easy. The only thing I didn't appreciate was that the closing manager tried really really hard to get me to buy the extended warranty, I refused of course.

Brian B. | 2015-01-12

**Please be reminded that I'm writing this review as I sit waiting for an oil change at 7:00 am on a Wednesday morning. This review is for the oil service department only.**


After my wife bought a car in 2012 from Mel Rapton I decided to purchase my vehicle from them in 2014. Upon buying a $35,000 car from them early in the year  I received a coupon for an oil change for $9.99. Why do they charge their customers for this service? Because if it was free more customers would use it.

After my oil light came on after 6K miles I called the them to make an appointment. I was informed by the service department that they don't accept appointments however since it was my first oil change they recommended I come in and use the "Express" line. The representative over the phone informed me that the "Express" line has priority over all other customers.

I drove out to the service department at 11:00 AM on a Tuesday. When I arrived I noticed there were 2 cars in the 'Express line and approximately 4 cars in the other lines. I was courteously greeted by a shop attendant and he instructed me to turn off my car and check in.

I entered a rather large waiting room to the sounds of 80's pop music. There were 3 people seated inside the waiting room as I approached the counter. A middle-aged woman wearing long earrings and tattoos instantly greeted me and asked if I was 'dropping off'. I explained that I was here for my first oil change and that I was in the 'Express' line.

I was then told the wait would be 3-4 hours and that there were 15 customers in front if me.

I remind you that this was the express line. I explained that the gentleman over the phone had told me that I had priority over other customers and she replied that it was 'first come, first served.' This contradicted was I was told over the phone.

I then asked her when the best, most optimal time to come in for an oil change was and she replied "not this week". I asked her again the same question and she replied "we're busy all week". I then asked, "since it's first come, first served when do you open?" She replied "6:30 AM... but again...we're pretty busy this week".

I returned the next morning at 7:00 AM.

Upon my arrival I noticed that there were no cars in the 'Express' line. Again the shop attendant courteously greeted me and instructed me to check in.

If you've seen the movie Groundhog Day then you know that at this point I started feeling like Bill Murray. The same woman greeted me and I began to explain to her the same thing I had less than 19 hours earlier.

She replied "oh, you came back?" as if she was shocked I didn't adhere to her warning the day prior. After she took my information she explained that the wait time would be around 1.5 hours.

I took my seat among the other customers and began my wait as the sounds of 80's pop music and local morning television filled the room. As the oil changes began to finish for the other customers I noticed a common theme. Before the woman began to process payment, she informed every single customer that there was problems with their cars. "My job is to give bad news" she explained as if it was part of her employee customer service manual.

After spending 90-minutes writing this Yelp review... my car returned at 8:30 am. After giving the same woman at the front desk $10.00 she informed me that she couldn't make change and refused to give me back a penny. She even asked the gentleman next to her if he had a penny. "Nope" he replied. She then had the audacity to look me in the eye and ask "did you really want your penny... because I don't have one".

So what you're telling me is... that after I bought a $35,000 vehicle form you you're not going to give me change back for an oil change?

It's the principle folks. Plain and simple. Customers should not be treated this way and it's a shame that Mel Rapton Honda doesn't understand this.

Gwynneth D. | 2015-01-02

I was pleasantly surprised with the good service I got from a dealership. I was expecting to be upsold a bunch of service that I didn't need, but it didn't happen. Bill was really great. He told me that I didn't have to get my brakes and tires fixed right now, and he told me approximately how many miles I had left before they needed to be serviced. He also gave me an idea of what to look for with my shocks that were showing moisture. Thanks for treating me right, and not looking at me, and expecting me to be naïve because I am a woman. I have to say that Mike was great when booking my appointment as well.

Tish A. | 2014-12-30

This place sucks for customer service! I guess they're OK for repairs, but WOW, the customer service is really bad. I bought my 2011 Honda Fit from Mel Rapton Honda and that was a great experience, but when I took it in shortly afterward for the "free" oil change, they took a really long time and tried to up-sell me on a bunch of stuff that I really didn't think I needed after 8,000 miles on a new car!

When my clutch started going out (from teaching my 16-year-old how to drive a manual!), I thought I would give them another chance.  I called, in advance, to make an appointment because I wanted to have the car back as quickly as possible. I brought it in at 7:00 a.m. as instructed and was told that I would get a call with a status report "in a few hours". At 3:00 p.m., when I had still not heard back, I called them. They told me that they were "busy with airbag recalls" and had not even looked at my car yet! I felt that since I had made an appointment several days in advance, they should have made my repair a priority.

When they finally did call me back (90 minutes later) with the status report, they told me they would have to order the part, but that my car would be ready early the next day. At 4:00 p.m. the next day, they called to say that my car would not be ready until the following afternoon! Again, I had made an appointment so that my car would be done more quickly... Not so much! :-(

So, after paying $1300 to have my car fixed (which was about $200 more than I was quoted originally) and having to cab and bus it for three days, I asked if they could please pick me up (I was about 3 miles away from the dealership at the time) so that I could get my car, they refused. Baaaad, Mel Rapton!

While I think this is a fairly good place to buy a car, I definitely would not recommend it for their service department. You would be better off taking your car to Overstreet Auto Repair. They're honest, forthright, and treat customers like they want to keep them. I am not ever taking my car back to Mel Rapton for service or repairs.

Jess L. | 2014-12-20

I have been researching cars and today I drove a honda accord at Mel Rapton. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

I've purchased cars from dealers in the past and felt like the salesmen were very pushy and sometimes unprofessional if you weren't agreeing with what they said. And of course pricing isn't always fair.

So with that being said, I had a wonderful experience here. They are educated on their Hondas, professional in a light hearted manner, and extremely fair when it comes to pricing and meeting the customers  needs.

If you ever find your self here I would ask for Moe. He was so nice and informative. And I never once felt like he was out to rip me off. Plus, he showed me everything I asked to see and would of gotten a great price to trade my truck in.

If I decide on a honda I will definitely go back here.

Karina M. | 2014-12-09

I came to Mel Rapton on a Thursday at about noonish to get an oil changed and tires rotated for my Civic. Mike Martin quickly helped me out and got me checked in. He did warn me there was about 6 cars in front of me and let me know it would be about an hour and a half wait. I appreciated the heads up. He also let me know about a deal they were having and I got $10 off of my service. Very painless experience unlike other places i've been to. I will most definitely be coming here for all of my service needs for my car.

Tizzy P. | 2014-11-21

The guy who approached us seemed nice enough.  We told him exactly what we wanted.  First he wandered around the lot reading stickers with no clue what they had in stock or what the engine sizes were on different models. He asked us at least three times if it had to be a manual.  Then he started to complain (extensively) about how hard it is to come by a 4-door with a manual transmission.  Okay, fine, it's a rare combination - do you have one or not?!  Then he tell us that he might have one in 2015 stock, "but you guys look like you're looking for a bargain."  Really?!  Did I say that?  Do you know my salary?  It's my credit score written on my ass?!  Clearly he didn't want to sell me a car.

Serge9940 .. | 2014-11-21

Mel rapton was good until I went to do an oil change on my Honda accord. Next thing u know after driving for about couple of weeks my oil light went on on the dash.  Went to check my car again at a different shop. And when my accord needed 4 1/2 bottles of oil Mel Rapton only put 3 bottles of oil. Could of screwed up my engine if I didn't check it on time, the oil was dirty and to tell u the truth I'm not even sure they changed it. So I had to do an oil change again. Never going there again.  very very disappointed

Hillary S. | 2014-11-15

Went there today and got my front brakes done, timing belt, water pump, belts, etc. I found out they had ridiculously good coupons in Nov and Dec and they did! They finished w/my car earlier than Jancion Chua said which was great for me. He gave me a car wash voucher ($9 value) which I used right after plus he gave me a free oil change voucher. Free coffee, wifi, and walking distance to a good sushi restaurant and Walmart to kill time. I loved that he didn't try to talk me into having other services done to my car, he said everything was fine. I'll be back!

Thomas S. | 2014-11-03

Good quality of service, but very slow. Also, since it's the dealer, expensive. Typically I end up waiting 2 1/2 for a service, although they do have a shuttle service until 12:30pm. That being said I do trust them with my '13 Civic Hybrid more than other places, and seem to be ethical and professional. A nice feature is that they do not require an appointment: just roll right up for a service. However it may be better to do that in the morning, since I have been turned away after showing up in the late afternoon (they were too busy).

G H. | 2014-10-16

Thinking about going to Mel Rapton for your next Honda?  I urge you to think twice, especially if you would like to take advantage of one of their lease offers.  This review is not about Honda vehicles, rather about this particular dealership and their poor customer service.

I recently ended my 3-year lease on a Honda CR-V, and the vehicle was great.  However, the experience in obtaining the vehicle and returning the vehicle was not very pleasant, and I will tell you why:

On obtaining the vehicle...
In 2011, there was a nationally advertised 0$ down lease through Honda financial and I decided to take advantage of it.  I had/have great credit and was looking for something new, but temporary, so the fit was perfect.  Although the salesman was nice and friendly, he was not well versed on the vehicle.  However, the worst part came during "the hand-off" from the salesman to the sales manager.  The sales manager took over the transaction, and I was left never to see the salesman again.  Despite me being very straight forward in regards to only entertaining the nationally advertised offer, the manager moved forward with discussing other alternatives.  He made it very apparent that he did not believe I had a great credit score, spoke to me about alternatives, and was quite frankly, rude.  The conversation was condescending. (mind you, my credit had not been run yet)  I then realized I was being profiled, either because I looked young (which i get all the time) or race.  But I maintained my composure.  Once the numbers were run, the sales manager realized my score was excellent, even stating "its higher than mine has ever been."  His demeanor changed drastically, and I was treated very differently.  I don't know about you, but I don't see the demeanor of this interaction as customer service oriented.

On returning the vehicle...
Upon reaching my lease end (9/25/14) I was contacted several times (daily phone calls, emails and mailings) from sales managers at Mel Rapton Honda.  To the point where I felt a bit harassed.  Regardless, I called several times to schedule my vehicle turn-in appointment, left voice mail messages for different contacts that I was directed to every time.  Not one message was returned and to I was not able to schedule an appointment.  Vehicle inspection, lease agreement and service records on hand, I walked-in to the dealership prior to my lease maturation to turn-in the vehicle.  The manager whom I dealt with was very distracted, and would waiver back and forth between different transactions that were going on in the dealership.  From the beginning of our conversation, I indicated that I would like a ride back home to retrieve my vehicle.  (which was within 3 miles or so).  At the end of the transaction, he indicated that there was nothing he could do.  I asked about 4 times, to no avail.  He didn't even offer solutions.  Having had the CR-V serviced at Mel Rapton during my lease, I knew they had a customer shuttle service.  He indicated that it would only take me to the mall. Without a solution, he took my keys and walked away.  Again, I see this as very poor customer service skills.  Not to mention, that it was apparent that Mel Rapton Honda only values customer service when making a sale is involved.

I urge you to think twice before using Mel Rapton Honda for your next vehicle lease or purchase.

Raquel U. | 2014-10-06

I've been here a few times now for service on my older Honda. I called to make an appointment for four new tires and they quoted me a price and scheduled my appointment over the phone. My appointment email reminder came but it was for the wrong day (not a big deal) so I called to confirm the correct date. Then when I went in on the day of my appointment they only gave me two new tires for the full price they quoted even though I know I confirmed it was for four new tires when I made the appointment. They were nice and friendly but did not go over the work to be done with me when I checked in either, so I had no idea I wasn't getting what I made the appointment for. Also, every time I have been there the service department tries to up-sell me with something that needs fixing on my car - its never been the same issue "wrong" any of the times I have been in and its always really expensive. Very disappointed in their service, will be going to a new place from now on.

Kayla W. | 2014-09-27

I purchased my Honda from this dealership and I love the car. I was surprised they had the make and model I wanted as it is kind of hard to come by because it's from a small generation of Honda models. It had low miles, it was in good shape, and had been cleaned out very nicely (was used).

In terms of the staff, we were very pleased with how we were treated. Didn't run into any "well I thought you said it would be this" moments and there weren't any hidden surprises throughout the paperwork process. One of the reps actually offered to buy us Taco Bell while we were filling out paperwork because it was so late and we were starving but didn't want to wait till the next day to finalize the sale. So we got to enjoy some free Taco Bell while we did paperwork.

My only complaint and reason for the 3 stars instead of 5 was that a couple of times throughout the paperwork, I had asked one of the associates helping us a question about keys for the vehicle. We test drove it and it had a keyless entry fob but I wanted to make sure it had two key fobs instead of just one for obvious reasons (safety). The associate had said he would look into it while we were filling out paperwork but the vibe I got from him was that it had two keys like normal. I reminded him again about 20 minutes later. Still didn't hear anything about how many fobs we were getting. It wasn't until after all the paperwork was done and we were getting ready to leave that I asked about it a third time and was told "we only have one fob for that vehicle". And on the way home we realized that wasn't even the case because we had half of a fob. The fob we had only had two working buttons on it (lock and unlock). Both the panic button and the trunk unlock button were not functioning. I feel like every keyless-entry  vehicle should have two working fobs for safety reasons. I've been worried ever since that my one and only partially-working fob will stop working on me and leave me stranded somewhere, (car will not start without a working Fob present as an anti-theft measure) and I work in a bit of a dangerous area. Had they told me initially when I asked that they only had the one fob, we would have waited to complete the purchase until we could renegotiate terms to have two working fobs made available for the vehicle. I feel like that should be part of their overall inspection and resale efforts, especially if the fob is an anti-theft mechanism that the car relies on to start. When the told me about their lack of a second fob that night I was disappointed and the paperwork was already done but no offers were made to help provide us with a fully-functioning fob and ideally a second one as well seeing as there were two of us and we just dropped 17 grand on the car. It was a bit upsetting but we were tired and mostly pleased overall. So we went home anyway. It's been a while and my "gimpy fob" is still working thankfully but I'm a full time college student and don't know when I will be able to pay to have two working fobs for my Honda. The more time that goes by the more I wish I had that peace of mind and I do not. If they had offered to help provide me with a safe set of keys, I would have given 5 stars.

Lynde M. | 2014-09-26

I love my new Civic!  Been traveling from Half Moon Bay to Mel Rapton  for years to have their excellent service department maintain my 1996 Accord.  During a visit in August, I wandered into the sales department & asked a nice Gentleman if they happened to have a 2014 Civic EX L in orchid Pearl with black leather interior.  They didn't but he offered to let me know if one came in.  Clemente remembered & called on September 17 to let me know they had one!  When I arrived, he was right there to meet me, took me out to see it, we sat in it for a long time while he very proudly explained all of the extensive features & stuck with me through all my doubts!  His knowledge & patience are so appreciated!  Everyone I dealt with during the transaction was patient, on top of, professional.  The people make the business.....on top of being a clean, beautifully maintained facility....the family of professionals at Mel Rapton make it well worth the drive!  Thank You Clemante, Brian & every one else that helped.  FYI...the insurance on this top of the line Civic was only $850 a year! For full coverage!  AAA agent said that is because of the safety features on this model & it's excellent security system!  I am so happy!

A O. | 2014-09-22

Just bought a car from Mel Rapton Honda, their sales team was very good, no hidden fees , all up front and no hassle.  Great experience with Chris Riley the Internet Sales Manager.

Andriy S. | 2014-09-18

Had to wait 4 hours for them to change my oil even though I went through the express lane. Customer service is so so. You have to talk to couple different specialists to get your answer answered.

Two stars are only for the deal they sent me that I can get a $20 oil change for test driving one of the cars.

Stone Cold R. | 2014-09-15

Listen to the Yelpers who gave low ratings to Mel Rapton. This place is full of shysters, con artists and swindlers. My wife and I recently went in and dealt with their sales staff. We were both looking to buy new cars. What a bunch of snake oil hucksters. They lie to you as they shake your hand. One guy got verbally loud with my wife and she let him know how unhappy she was about his attitude. Yelling at someone is not the way to sell a car. Did you not take car sales 101, fella?

We decided to give them one more try through their internet sales dept. Even worse. We ended up buying a Subaru and a Toyota instead. We had great service at both the Subby and Toyota dealerships and love our new vehicles. We'll be sticking with them from now on.

Adam E. | 2014-09-06

Love this place.  Purchased last two cars here and get regular service.  Mike and Anthony in service will take good care of you.  Mike went out of his way to get me a shuttle ride after I missed it today.

Steve P. | 2014-09-05

These guys are always the best! Specifically, Georgio Seruge is one of the best salesmen I've ever worked with.  He always makes the process pain free, no pressure!  And his deals are unparalleled!!!

Heather M. | 2014-09-05

My experience at Mel Rapton Honda was amazing! The salesman Georgio Seruge went above and beyond to track down the car I wanted, he was easy going and made the sale hassle free! Very knowledgeable! Thanks Georgio! I love my honda! We will be coming back when it's time to trade my sporty car in  on an SUV!

Manny M. | 2014-09-01

*** New car purchase at Mel Rapton and disappointed ***

    I recently purchased a new Honda from Mel Rapton and it only took 5 1/2 hours!!! The test drive and dealing with the sales guys was really good and positive. They take the time to show you the car and answer any questions you may have.

  The disappointment comes from dealing with the Managers at Mel Rapton.  For some reason that I don't understand, Mel Rapton has always hired bad Sales Managers.  The car salesman do all the work and the managers act like you should be honored to have met them.

In order to buy my car I had to deal with Roger who was polite at first but then started to get upset and frustrated at me when I wasn't happy with his offers. Overall I felt like I was being scolded for even attempting to ask for a good deal.

The only thing positive about MR is their service dept.  I would easily recommend their service dept. to anyone.

On the other hand, the sales side is just like any other dealer.

Ally G. | 2014-08-28

***IF I could give Mel Rapton ZERO stars I would***

Recently I decided to purchase a new Honda. As a birthday gift, my father generously offered to buy the vehicle for me. We decided to purchase the vehicle at Mel Rapton Honda where I've purchased a car before and my family has purchased many Hondas over the years. Since my father currently lives out of state, he negotiated a deal for my Honda with the Internet Manager, Chris R.. They confirmed the price via email and he told Chris he would send me a personal check made out to Mel Rapton Honda and I would bring that in at the time of pick up. (This was a week and a half before pickup.) When I arrived to pick the vehicle up, I was advised by Junior R. that they would not take the check, even after I showed them Chris R.'s email. The manager I dealt with, Roger, was extremely rude and his behavior exacerbated an already upsetting situation.

Mel Rapton Honda not only reneged on their word (which was in writing in an email) but they were discourteous, defensive and made what should have been a quick and easy pick up of the car an absolute nightmare. Never once did they take responsibility for THEIR error or try and right the situation. I sent a letter the next day to the dealership's VP of Operations (Curtis Rapton) and General Manager (Katina Rapton). The fact that they don't back up their written agreements is deceptive and quite fraudulent in my opinion. Their tagline of "We Really Want your Business," is ridiculous. What they want is your MONEY. Don't expect any kind of good customer service at Mel Rapton Honda and definitely don't expect them to keep their word on anything, even if it's in writing. They obviously negotiate in bad faith.

Amanda W. | 2014-08-24

If I could rate this place 0 stars I would. First off their chain of command for price negotiations is absolutely unacceptable.  Each person we talked to had to talk to their manager.  The sales people have no authority and management makes you feel like they are doing you a favor by trying to get an appropriate price for a used vehicle that is quite banged up which was advertised as well maintained and very clean. After almost 2 hours of being held hostage (they had my car keys and registration) in their office waiting for an answer on a price we walked out. I would never walk back into this establishment. We took our business right down the street.

Tina T. | 2014-07-20

Mel Rapton has consistently provided excellent customer service EVERY visit for past 10 years. Let me put it this way, Elk Grove Honda is much closer, but I'd rather drive across town for better service!

The service dept is prompt, professional, & courteous.
Sales dept made my latest purchase quick & painless.

Dejra T. | 2014-07-15

I found my car guy for LIFE!!! I will refer all my friends here to Junior. I spent 10 days prior to coming to Mel Rapton Honda- getting run around and actually yelled at by Ford and Auto Depot, I guess intimidation is a way to get some people to pay more then they can or want. The Ford guy was a manager and I was referred to him by a friend, he actually yelled at me and said my price was for a car without power windows!!!  I went to Toyota and because I wanted a lease and the special advertised, noone would help me and they said the car is out of stock. Well, The stressful week of trying to get a car that wasn't a bad deal for me is finally over. Junior didn't push or add tons of fees- I will absolutely tell people you can trust my car guy. I have a beautiful- NEW_ Honda Civic for 200.00 month and I have bells and whistles!!! I actually got more then i wanted for the price I needed.

K E. | 2014-07-05

We just bought a new Odyssey from Dhillon. He was informative, polite, and true to his word. Having been to other dealerships that try to add "weight fees" and other overpriced add ons this was a refreshing experience. We did go a little over budget but I felt we got a good deal and felt good about giving them our business. I strongly recommend making an appointment with Dhillon if you want a quality experience.

Thom M. | 2014-07-05

My most recent service experience was to maintain the condition of the paint by renewing the paint protection that was first applied when I purchased my Accord Crosstour over three years ago. This appointment occurred on Monday, 23 June, and was like most (over 90%) of the many other times (three times a year for the past 24 years) that I have taken our vehicles to Mel Rapton Honda to be serviced - job well done (yes, over 60 service appointments since I first began having our vehicles serviced here).

Mel Rapton Honda has regularly provided an exemplary service department and staff who conscientiously, professionally, courteously, and with a high degree of competence met my automotive needs over 90% of the time with no issues. All of the service and sales staff are consistently friendly and welcoming each and every time I come in for service from the Service Manager, Larry Reuter, and his Assistant Manager, Brian McCarrel, to their competent and friendly stable of Service Advisors - Kevin, Charlie, Bill, Mike L., Ruben, Anthony, Nick, Kat, and Mike M. For me, tt has been well worth it to drive 24 miles (bypassing other Honda dealerships who are closer and have been of help on a few occasions) to continue this professional relationship that first began April of 1984.

I sincerely appreciate how well they have consistently and respectfully treated me as a loyal customer. I know that my Hondas are in good hands in Mel Rapton's Service Departement. That's an intangible "peace of mind" for me that they have earned over decades of personal experience.

China Doll B. | 2014-07-05

We have bought two cars from Mel Rapton over the last fifteen years.  Each time we have had great service with the sales people and management.  This last visit was no difference. Matthew saw my daughter and I looking at cars first. We were browsing since I left my husband and son at the dealership next door. Matthew went through showing me one car after another.  I  kept telling him the car had to fit my husband.  I could see the doubt in his eyes about this statement think it was a plot to get out of there.   Then he saw my husband and probably thought, "She wasn't kidding." Arriving towards the end of the day I figure we were only going to look.  but Mathew was so nice and willing to work with us even as nightfall fell I decided to go ahead and purchase the car my husband wanted.  Long story short we had the dealership there until eleven that night to get it done.  I had all the paper work with us and was willing to get the deal done no matter what.  The men that helped us conclude our deals were the nicest ones around.  Take your time and look around.  You will find great people and good deals.

Allison H. | 2014-06-26

Showed up for my appointment and was told that didn't exist because their website sucks... it emailed ME!

Joe G. | 2014-06-25

Horrible service. This is the 3rd time in a row they promised to be done by a certain time and when that time was up I asked about my car and was told it just went into the shop and it would be another 30-60 min. When I asked why I was promised one time and it was going so much longer the response was "it is what it is". 3 strikes mel rapton I will find another place to have my honda worked on.

Jaimie Z. | 2014-06-20

Let me just first start by saying that I don't enjoy giving negative feedback, but my experience at Mel Rapton Honda was not what I was expecting. I called the day before for a price estimate and asked if I needed to make an appointment, and the clerk on the phone said no to just come on in. So I arrived there the next day at about 11:30. I was only coming in to get a new key so the service clerk told me that it would only take about 40 minutes. Knowing this I decided to just sit in the waiting area instead of arrange a way to get picked up since that amount of time isn't too long. So by the time 1:30pm rolls around you can understand my frustration. I had been sitting there for about 2 hours without anyone checking in on me or telling me what the hold up was. I am a very nice and soft spoken person so I did not want to go and bother them by asking what was taking so long. But by 2pm I had had enough.
As I approached the service clerks desk who had helped me, he began saying he was sorry before I could even say a word.He said they were backed up and my car had just been taken back 20 minutes ago! If he knew I had already been sitting for 2 1/2 hours shouldn't he have come and given me an update on what the hold up was?! But no, I had to approach him. He told me that it would only be about 20 more minutes and he would come get me from the lobby when it was ready.

At 3pm(way past his estimated 20 more minutes speech he had given me an hour before) they finally came and got me from the waiting area. By the way some other clerk came and found me, not even the one who I had been working with.
So I paid and then wasn't really given any instruction on where my car was or if I could just go drive off with it.
I walked outside and my car was just sitting there with my key in the ignition and my two old keys sitting in the cup holder. No one questioned me at all as I started the car and drove away. This worries me, as it seems anyone could have just come up and taken any of the cars because they didn't seem to have any type of system!

One more thing, they include a "complimentary car wash and tire pressure check"
I know for a fact they didnt wash my car because it is still dirty and there is black gunk all over my wheels. Also, my tires were not given any air either.

Sorry this is long and I feel bad for complaining but the customers and the employees should know that this is going on.

I will not be back.

Tina R. | 2014-06-02

I'm definitely  a fan! I purchased my car here so  maybe I'm biased. Either way there service department is awesome. I have NEVER once felt pressured to get something I didn't need, or couldn't afford. It was rather... "If your budget can't afford it right now you probably have x amount of months before it gets real bad and you have to do something about it." I also love the fact that they have rentals on site--that way you aren't under any pressure, and you can go on about your day without having restraints.

Andddd! I was there today. I had a break job, and oil change. I was getting ready to drive away, and I'm stopped by a service manager who noticed my break light was out. I said I could take care of it later, but he fixed it right then & there free of charge. It took less than 5mins. I have to admit I was impressed.  I believe his name was Nick.
Kudos to Nick!

Sales team: You guys are great. I've never personally had any issues with your department. Although... my friend has, and he's purchased every Honda he's owned from you guys... I think 3. Either way I know this last time my friend was inquiring about a pilot. The gentleman that helped him was full of hard sell pressure, he was very rude--not the best manners. It's hard to believe he said he used to own his own car dealership in Texas...

Anyway aside from that Mel Rapton is my go-to car shop!

Keith S. | 2014-05-28

My first visit to Mel for express oil change. Overall the visit was pleasant, employees were all friendly. Time was a bit much just for an oil change/tire rotation. It was good to not have an appointment and just come in. I decided to go here because this is where we bought the car.

I'll try them again to see how next visit goes. Would have given 5 stars if time was shorter.

Ken R. | 2014-05-19

This review is really overdue -- I've been coming to Mel Rapton Honda for more than 10 years, since I got my first car when I was 16. I don't live in Sacramento anymore, but over the years I've still gone out of my way to bring my car in to them whenever possible, because the service has been stellar.

I really began seriously appreciating Mel Rapton Honda after I moved to San Francisco, where it seems every dealership in the Bay Area is out to rip people off and upsell like crazy. I once took my '99 Integra into a local Honda dealership and they tried to upsell me on tightening my engine brackets, and tried to sell me parts that I had already replaced recently -- and of course never offered to check up on service history. Mel Rapton Honda is the absolute opposite -- I've only dealt with completely friendly, honest people there. The reason I'm writing this review now is because this weekend I took my car in for regular service and the rep told me I actually only needed an oil change, which I got recently, so he told me I didn't actually need any service. I 100% believe that almost any shop in San Francisco would have pushed me to leave the car for service and then tried to sell me on extra unneeded services, but at Mel Rapton Honda there was complete honesty. And on top of it all, they offered to wash and vacuum the car for free!

That's why I really respect and appreciate this place -- they know that by being honest they can keep me coming back for more than a decade, whereas the Bay Area shops that rip me off won't get my return business and I'll probably review them poorly. Although my car only has 126,000 miles on it, which is low for a '99, I strongly believe they've played an important role in keeping it running like new over the years.

Sadly my car got rear-ended later that day, but even now I'm considering driving back to Sacramento to see about maybe buying my next car from Mel Rapton Honda -- because I actually trust them. We'll see what the insurance company says.

Anna Z. | 2014-05-07

Very rude sales associates, way too pushy, to the point where they lay down on the ground and beg, attracting attention from other buyers! And pressure you into buying something we didn't want by making you feel guilty for wasting their time! ...after we told them that it's our first stop and we are here to see our options. Very rude.

Shelby E. | 2014-04-29

If your looking for a car defiantly go to Clament Edwards at Mel Rapton Honda he defiantly makes sure you leave with exactly what your looking for and he patiently works with your budget he's not pushy what so ever and answers all your questions clearly! He's truly is an amazing sales man and you can tell he loves his job and wants you to leave the lot with your dream car without breaking your bank!!

Kristin M. | 2014-04-16

The sales people here are terrible and rude. I wanted a car for 11,000 and they acted like no car would ever be that cheap. While driving away I saw a car for 5600$ which I would have liked to see but no one ever showed it to me, they went straight to vehicles out of my price range.

Bryan S. | 2014-04-14

My daughter and I were looking to get her a reliable car for her while she goes to college. We did some research online as to what type of car she would like, and made a plan to visit several dealers within the area that had cars to her liking. Our first place we stopped, was Mel Rapton Honda, to look at a car we saw online. After taking a test drive, we excused ourselves from the salesman that was assisting us, and wanted to look around the lot to see if there was anything else my daughter might be interested in looking. Nothing really seemed to peek her interest other than the car she test drove. We were about to leave, when we were approached by Matt Gallegos, who seemed very interested in helping us. He was very friendly, not pushy, and truly concerned about my daughter driving home in the car she liked. We talked figures in his office, and he presented them to his sales manager, Kyle Ruoff. Minutes later,  Kyle appeared in Matt's office to talk with us. I thought, here we go; the hard sell. It never happened! Matt and Kyle both worked with us on the price of the vehicle, and our trade in to make the numbers where we wanted them with absolutely no pressure. My daughter and I excused ourselves, stepped outside, and realized we were not going to get a better deal anywhere else. We agreed to purchase the vehicle after all our numbers were confirmed, and we were sent to Eric for our paper work to be completed. Eric was friendly and professional, and did his best to get all the paperwork done as quickly as he could. While we were doing the paper work, Matt was having the car cleaned and gassed for us. When we had all the paperwork completed, we were walking out of dealership, and were congratulated and thanked by all the sales staff for our purchase You just don't see that anywhere else!

When it comes time for me to purchase another car, I will definitely make Mel Rapton Honda my first choice! .

Amy T. | 2014-04-13

I have been to Mel Rapton twice now for service on my '08 honda, and both times have left me feeling less than satisfied. The first time I took my car in for cv joints and they fixed one, left the other and I ended up back in the shop the next week with the same problem, the other side was broken also. I went in just last week for an ac repair, and guess what!? My ac isn't working already. I was told the repair would be $340 once they had diagnosed the problem. You can imagine, much to my surprise, that the bill showed my repair at $360.  That wasn't what I was told, or agreed to. I showed my service writer, and he blew off my concerns. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...well, you get the point! I will not be returning to Mel Rapton Honda again!

Dana H. | 2014-03-17

I did not end up buying from Mel Rapton, but it was not because of the lack of service -- which is saying something for a dealership.

Carl took me out on two joy rides, and went out of his way to get to know me (and tell me about himself!! What a doll!) and did not try to oversell anything. He helped explain a number of tactics and financing tricks in car sales/purchases, and made a big difference in the way I looked for my car.

Thank you for the lovely experience! If I had ended up with a Honda, I would have gotten it from you guys hands down!

Rich K. | 2014-03-16

My family has been buying cars from them since the 70's. I gave them two chances to take care of me and they blew it.

I recently bought a used (2011) Honda in the Bay Area, and wanted to start a relationship with Mel Rapton for service . I had some parts I wanted installed so I called in. I was met with resistance due to how busy they were (short version). I called back to let the service manager know that due to my exchange with with the service tech, I went ahead and made an appointment with a another dealer and that he might want to remind his people that customer service is paramount to staying in business. Service manager apologizes and let's me know he'll see what he can do and get back to me.

I get a call from the service manager after a couple hours, and he lets me know that although he'll be gone for the day, he has a 4:30 apt for me, and that it should take about 45min. Great! I thank him, make arrangements to my schedule, and make my way there.

I'm greeted by the Assistant Service Manager and take care of the paperwork. He tells me it should be about an hour... Ok, I'll be in the lobby waiting it out.

An hour goes by, and the Assistant Mgr shows up and says (not verbatim) "So the guys are saying this is going to take a while, and we're closing soon." Me: "Yes, I know how long it was supposed to take, that's why I brought it to you guys, and why I made an appointment. It's why Larry said he'd take care of me." ASM: "Well we can get you another car to drive." Me: "Well that seems weird considering it was only supposed to take an hour." ASM: "I know, but they couldn't find instructions and it's getting late now." ME: "Are you kidding? I found instructions on YouTube in 2min. I can do almost anything, but I'd rather pay professionals to do this. Looks like I need to find some." ASM: "What would you like to do?" ME: " Well, where are we at? I mean what did they get done?" ASM: "Nothing." ME: "Really? So I've spent over an hour waiting in the lobby for nothing? You're telling me I had an appointment, provided you with the parts, you never bothered to tell me you're running behind, didn't do ANYTHING to my car, and had me waste my time on a beautiful Saturday while your guys looked up how to install a Honda Product? You seriously wasted my time?" ASM: "Yes" ME: "I'm never coming back here again. You guys blew it." And the Assistant Mgr. without missing a beat, simply turned around and walked away and had an almost rehearsed smug and un-phased quality to his demeanor. In his defense, he did "say" the words "we're sorry for the inconvenience", but it was clear that they held no value, and were a typical damage control response to what i can only assume is a regular occurrence with Mel Rapton's "service" department.

It's a question of a bad culture. Often, when places get too large, they develop a disconnect even with other parts of the organization. They forget how to communicate with each other and also their customers. They loose the understanding that customer service is the primary differentiator between them and their competition. I'm willing to pay more for good service. Mel Rapton has a culture of no culpability. There will likely be no noticeable repercussions from this other than ME not going there again. I'm just one guy. It's a shame really, my family has bought a few cars from them over the years. Cest la Vie, things change.

Frank R. | 2014-02-23

I needed a new car and left myself little time to do it. Everyone knows the car buying experience can rate right up there with getting a root canal or colonoscopy. I wasn't looking forward to it at all!

I spent this past Thursday visiting 5 dealerships, trying to test drive and learn as much as possible about the car that I would choose to make mine for the next few years. Kind of like a girlfriend or wife. The experience was as expected: I spoke with many sales people; some good, helpful and, seemingly, sincere. The others, I didn't much care for.

I finally arrived at Mel Rapton Honda around 8pm, extremely worn out physically from car shopping after an 8hr day at work. I was also on mental overload from the endless car specs and financing options running through my head. Needless to say, I wasn't so excited about this last test drive and sales pitch.

As I arrived at Mel Rapton, sales consultant Brian Garcia immediately offered assistance with a firm handshake and a happy smile. I mustered up enough politeness to greet him.  Trying hard to suppress my irritability, I let him know exactly what I was looking for.  He didn't skip a beat, taking me directly to the Accord sedans that I wanted to see. After talking features, price and chatting about this and that, he suggested I  look at the coupe as well.

He took me to the coupe, the same model that he owns, and talked up all the differences between the 2 models as well as how much he enjoys his. I decided to test drive both the sedan and the coupe to compare them for myself. However, when we tried to start the sedan, the battery was dead! No big deal, Brian apologized and took it all in stride. He took me directly to the coupe, it up and off we went on a the last test drive of the night. Apparently, he knew what he was doing because I was sold on the car.

Brian and I went back to the sales office and proceeded to put the deal together. I was totally expecting the typical sales pitch with the sales manager coming in to try to finish the deal with his expert closing skills. It was anything but... Brian and sales manager Kyle made this the best car buying experience I have ever had. They couldn't have been nicer and more helpful; no pressure. It was late so I left without making the deal. I wanted sleep on it.

They called me on Friday with the good news that I qualified for preferred lease rates and I went back to Mel Rapton after coordinating my down payment. I sat down with the finance manager, Bill, and after a few aborted attempts at printing the correct contract terms, I was able to sign and initial the large stack of contracts and disclosures, Bill was very engaging as he worked to get me out as quickly as possible.

Finally, the car was delivered to me with a full tank of gas and a hands on tutorial on the car's features, by Brian. I thanked Brian, Kyle and Bill for their wonderful service and promised I would write a review.

If you're in the market for a car, new or used, go see the staff at Mel Rapton Honda. Ask for Brian, the young man with the firm handshake, big smile and more wisdom than his age would indicate. If your experience is half as good as mine, that would still be better than all the other dealerships I visited that day.

Kurt K. | 2014-02-23

I recently spent about two weeks in researching some 23 models in the compact SUV class I was shopping in.  Ultimately, my decision to buy a 2014 Honda CR-V was made based on a combination of engineering, features, styling, and of course price.

On Valentine's Day I walked into Mel Rapton Honda next to Business 80 at Fulton Avenue, with the intent to acquire a CR-V, but dreading the buying experience.  My past experiences have been characterized by never-ending negotiation sessions, hard sells, and a general keep-talking-until-we-wear-them-down sales technique.  

Initially, I had first met Sales Associate Mike Beane and found him to be a personable, knowledgeable, and helpful guy who I would recommend to anyone thinking about going to Mel Rapton Honda.  On my next drop-in visit, Mike was in the middle of a sales negotiation but asked Sales Associate Jim Cullen to help me.  Again, another person with a winning combination of knowledge and personality.  Mike or Jim.  Ask for them by name and you won't be sorry you did.  Better yet, call Rapton in advance of your coming and make an appointment with one of them.

So with the car I wanted selected, we sat down to negotiate.  Enter Sales Manager Roger Richardson.  To my pleasant surprise, he appreciated that I had done my homework and treated me accordingly.  After a reasonable amount of straightforward back-and-forth negotiation, which was very civil throughout, we reached an agreement on a fair purchase price.  My only question:  why aren't there more guys like Roger working as sales managers in Sacramento car dealerships?

The next step, in the Finance office, was where the hammer had really dropped in the past, causing me to either leave the dealership with a car and a migraine headache, or to terminate the transaction entirely and walk out thoroughly frustrated.  When someone buys a new or used car the last thing they want is to leave with a sour or bitter taste in their mouth from either being coerced into buying things they didn't want, or being personally abused because they stood their ground and refused to do so.  These stories are the source of negative word of mouth that gets around quickly, and in today's Internet-saavy world, Yelp gets it out there even quicker.  

Bill Bertucci, Finance Manager, was my last stop, and proved to be the guy who allowed me to go home that night still feeling not only good about the experience, but in a frame of mind to want to write this Yelp report to show my appreciation.  Again the question:  why aren't there more finance managers like Bill working in Sacramento car dealerships?

Most organizations are a direct reflection of the business practices of their owner or CEO.  In this case, I can only conclude that my experience was no accident, but was a predictable one made possible by the style in which Katina Rapton runs her car dealership.  She and her people have earned my trust and loyalty as a new Mel Rapton car owner, and Mel Rapton's Service Department will be the place to which I will take my new CR-V for all needed service.

Mel Rapton Honda:  a class act.  Customer service has not gone out of style there.

Crystal L. | 2014-02-22

I was in an accident the day before Thanksgiving and Mel Rapton Honda is who my insurance company suggested I send my car to for repairs. My car was at a tow yard an hour away and since I didn't file the claim until that afternoon, I figured my car wouldn't be able to be towed over to Mel Rapton Honda until after the holiday weekend. But to my surprise, by 5pm I got a call from Mel Rapton Honda saying they had my car and would get started on it first thing Monday morning. $11K in damages and they had my car disassembled for inspection, repaired, painted and ready to go 3 weeks later which I thought was pretty quick since they were working around 2 major holidays. I also got a call every 2-3 days with status updates and they hooked me up with a Honda Civic rental at $15/day which I couldn't find anywhere else. Best of all, my car is as good as new!

Jeff W. | 2014-02-20

I tried to get an estimate for Honda lease turn in, but wasn't helped and sent away without a quote.  I was told I could be helped if I wanted to get into a new car, but that wasn't happening.  A sales guy took my account info, but nobody looked at the car and said they would be in touch.  5 days later I still haven't received a call.  They will help you get into a lease, but don't really want to help if your not.  Thanks to Maita Subaru for the trade in and new car purchase, they had excellent service.

A C. | 2014-02-02

One star... I went in knowing what I wanted and ready to buy.  I know it's Super Bowl Sunday and you have to work so you're probably not happy about that but hello you work in customer service... Be a little friendly, try smiling a little? Cold, impersonal, unfriendly customer service experience. We sat down, wrote down some numbers and I waited for 35 minutes for the "boss" to come out and shake my hand and reiterate the same information we had written down 35 minutes prior. Don't waste my time, I told you I'm pre approved I'm not financing through you, deal or no deal? Maybe if they looked like they wanted to sell a car on what I can already predict to be a slow cold no sale Super Bowl Sunday I might've waited for an answer. No thank you. You're not the only Honda dealership out here in NorCal. Bad vibes, negative energy, not the enthusiastic (even if its phony) car buying experience I was hoping for. Taking my business elsewhere

Bonnie S. | 2014-01-30

Mel Rapton spent mega bucks on their new location, but still refuse to get at least some chairs that don't give women bruises. (The width between the arm supports is less than 19 inches, and hits women right in the widest part of their thighs.) WOMEN DESERVE RESPECT, AND THAT INCLUDES ALL WOMEN. Take your money and business anywhere else!

C.T. L. | 2014-01-29

Bought a brand new Honda last month and I must say, this has been the best car purchase experience I have ever had. Everybody here is extremely helpful and polite. They have the best price compare to any other Honda dealerships in the Central Valley. The best part of this experience is they LISTEN to you and give you your privacy without breathing down your neck like other dealership.

Carol S. | 2014-01-12

I am very happy with the sale of my new used car, a Honda Element. The sales team were friendly and professional in manner. They took the time to explain and answer any questions I had about my new car. The sales team was to be desired over sales persons I have met at other auto dealers. They remained calm throughout sale process, which is not always a pleasant experience to endure. I want to congratulate a job well done to Alex Gonzales, Jesse and Kyle!

William G. | 2014-01-08

Kat and Nick in the service department are great!  I used to go to another dealership in Davis but with the service I received here, will not be going back. From the very first time, they made me feel comfortable. They are extremely knowledgeable and very easy to talk with.  This I now my 3rd time here and their customer service from start to finish is exceptional.

Yohan N. | 2013-12-21

Issue: Took car in for an oil change at Livermore Honda. Service people forgot to put cap back on after the oil change. Car started to smell like gasoline all the time. Opened up hood and oil was splattered everywhere.

Resolution: Took it into where the car was originally bought - Mel Rapton Honda. They steam cleaned for free, washed the car, and refilled the engine oil which was about to be empty. Another steam clean needed to be done, a cap needed to be ordered, and the drive belt needed to be replaced ($200+ service). Mike called Livermore himself, took care of everything and the bill went to Livermore.

One happy customer. Great service, took ownership of the issue, and resolved in timely manner. Excellent!

Joan M. | 2013-12-18

Talk to Carl in the Internet Sales department.  He is honest, straight-forward and easy to deal with.  I had shopped online first, and received six quotes for the car I wanted to buy.  Mel Rapton was $400 more than the cheapest, but I picked Mel Rapton because it's closer to my house, and I had already been a service customer.  Mel Rapton (Carl) met the lowest price.  Financing was painless, and I didn't have to sit through 2 hours of grilling trying to get me to purchase an extended service agreement.  Thank you, Carl!

Justin C. | 2013-12-09

Just called mel rapton parts dept for a transmission filter for our acura, they wanted $29. An online dealer had it for $19 + shipping of $10. The parts dept said they would not price match since with shipping it is the same price.  Oooook.

Bought one on ebay 2 minutes later from Lehigh Valley acura in Pennsylvania for $22 shipped to my door.  Saves me $7, a gallon of gas and a half hour.  Is it a big savings? No, but he easily could have price matched another honda dealer that is shipping a part cross country.  Makes me wonder what else they overcharge for.

Mary B. | 2013-10-24

I followed up with Mel Rapton about the above misdiagnosed transmission problem and found that they really stand behind their work.  In this case, they recognized that a mistake was made and went the extra mile to make sure I was a satisfied customer.  They made a few repairs on my car (unrelated to the transmission) free of charge and did a few other repairs where I paid for parts only and the labor was free.  Everyone I dealt with at Mel Rapton handled this situation politely and professionally.

Justin H. | 2013-10-21

My sweet Honda Fit, aka The Slammin Salmon, was throwing a temper tantrum. Got out of school at ARC and called to get an appt. Told me to come in and they would get the Slammin Salmon in right away. So I drove my rad mobile over. Bill Smith helped me at the front desk. I chose to wait for the car to get repaired. They told me it would be a few hours. Whatever, I need to study anyway. Needless to say I spent too much time tinkering with Fantasy Football and drained my phone. Asked Bill for an iPhone charger and he ran in back and grabbed one for me. Great guy! I will definitely be back for future repairs.

Cassie E. | 2013-10-12

I have been coming here for years and I have received fantastic service......Charlie Nelson has always been awesome!!!!:))

Tony C. | 2013-10-11

I Just bought my Odyssey from Mel Rapton. Over all I have very good experience. I have called many different Honda dealer in Sacramento area see if anyone would match a price from another dealer in Vallejo, who has the lower internet price. Only Mel Rapton is willing to match the price I want and saved me a trip to Vallejo. I dealt with Mung Nguyen on the phone and when I arrived, Tony Visek greeted me at the door and help me throught the whole process. I know I got the best deal because all other dealers are willing to pass. Tony V. also showed me how my new car works in length. I strongly recommend this dealer if you are looking to buy a Honda. By the way, I love my Odyssey!

Aaliyah I. | 2013-09-19

My throttle censor was going out on my car I've been to the other Honda dealership in Elk Grove and did not like there service at all so I decided to come here greeted by everyone instantly they ordered the part and was here the very next day took a couple of hours for them to put it in the only think I didn't like about this place was the sales people it seemed like every 5mins someone asking did I want to trade my car in so many people were asking that I I wouldn't even look up to say no... other than that my experience at the Honda dealership was great

Tom A. | 2013-08-24

I want to apologize to Katina Rapton for impugning her integrity in my post. She has always treated me well. evidenced by the fact that I have returned there many times. My real beef was withan employee who is no longer there. I should not have included Katina or the dealership in my rant. Her dad was a great man and she has always been straight forward with me. I am ashamed of what I wrote and please accept my apologies. I forgot I wrote this or would have taken it down a long time ago.  Tom

Abe S. | 2013-08-20

This week we had the pleasure of purchasing a used car from Mel Rapton. We called in advance to ensure they had some of the models we are interested in.  When we arrived our sales person, Alex, already had a couple of options at the front for us to view. He was knowledgeable and very patient as we juggled car shopping with our 2 daughters.  We didn't quite have enough time that first night so we went back the next day to complete our selection. Through the the whole decision-making process we were treated very well and we really appreciated the no-pressure assistance from Alex. We were also pleasantly surprised at the speedy paperwork and very competitive pricing. Again, even the team in the finance dept. were courteous and patient with our daughters.  My Aunt had been telling us that Mel Rapton was the best place to buy a car in Sac...Now, after experiencing it for ourselves we are believers!  We can't imagine going anywhere else.

heather s. | 2013-08-19

We bought our 2012 Pilot from Carl in their Internet sales department.  He made it easy to do business with them.  

We did A TON of price shopping and by far they not only gave us the BEST price, they went to a lot of trouble to get us the car we wanted in the color we wanted it in.  BEST service for an internet sales team.  We tried to buy from our local dealer here in Folsom, but Mel Rapton won our business with price AND sales service.

I'm not a big fan of auto finance departments, but the guy at Mel Rapton was actually really solid.  He even up sold us on the extra warranty package we were planning NOT to buy.  He sold it to us in a very practical make sense way.

Next Honda we buy will be through Mel Rapton's Internet Sales department for sure!

Monica C. | 2013-08-12

I took my car to Mel Rapton Honda for the first time.  Anthony was fantastic.  He told me in advance to ask for him and he met me immediately when I pulled into the service line. I had to get to work and thought I would hike there, but Micky was available to deliver me right to the door of my office. (I underestimated the distance!)  I got a call confirming the problems found and the pricing and my car was ready for me by the end of my workday.  Such a stress free experience!  From now on, this is how I will have my car serviced.  Get it done while I'm at work anyway and don't need the car!  Sweeeet!  Thanks Mel Rapton Honda!!!


Abbee N. | 2013-08-09

I come here for oil changes and major services.   I've never had any issues and the service is fast and friendly.  They have a kids' playroom, which keeps my daughters occupied during the wait and they have free water, popcorn and donuts for their patrons.  They also have a business area where you can plug in your laptop and they have free wifi.

Ellie S. | 2013-08-02

Honda recalled the 2007 Accord V6 last winter because the hose carrying power steering fluid failed under certain conditions. Mel Rapton's service department replaced it in April for me at no charge. In late July, the steering started to make a rasping sound and I found the fluid reservoir nearly empty. I took it back to Rapton's and they fixed the problem at no charge - "It was our fault." How refreshing. Thank you.

Swami L. | 2013-07-27

Awesome service dept. Go see Kat, Michael, or Ruben. I always go here for oil changes-great value and a thorough inspection.  I changed the cabin air filter in my 04 Pilot, which is not easy to do for the average Joe. They have the best prices upfront, no bait and switch like some independent service shops. The wait is a bit long at times, with 10-15 cars in queue, but they have an old school 'take care of the customer' attitude that is rarely seen these days in other service dealerships.

Robert C. | 2013-07-17

I went here after I had just sold my car and had cash ready to put down on a new accord. I had to beg for someone to help me and when I finally got someone's attention, I asked if they could print me out a quote for the package I wanted. They told me they would not and that the prices are listed online (basically said to F-off) UNBELIEVABLE! I went to Toyota and got a new Camry that day. Stay away from this scummy, unhelpful, trashy dealership!

Rachel E. | 2013-07-13

If I could give no stars I would give negative 5.

First my husband took his Honda S2K in for the check engine light Wed. July 3. Knowing that it was running lean, he discussed it with the service representative and left the car there. When the results came back they said it was the gas cap. Had that replaced. Picked up the car Sat. July 6 and 30 minutes later the check engine light came back on. Went back the same day but now was told it was what he knew was wrong with it in the first place. $30 for a gas cap down the drain. Had to wait until Monday to bring it back.

Monday brought the car back. Everybody was super busy. Well everybody except the two women working at the service desk literally picking at their nails and not looking up at to see the two people standing in front of them or the fact that the phone was ringing off the hook. After staring at one of the them for a few minutes, she ducked into the back for probably no reason. No wonder every time you call there no one answered the phone. Since they were no help we waited for the service representative to get off the phone and finally was able to straighten out the previous problem with him. Dropped the car back off and waited for the phone call to let me know what needed to be fixed, and waited...and waited... Two days later... called to say there was over $700 in repairs needed including problems discussed in our first meeting. Hoping to resolve the issues with the car we okayed all services required.

Saturday got the car back, no car wash which was promised, and after we left we stopped to check to see if everything was fixed... My husband noticed that the same leak in the radiator was still present after they replaced the radiator cap.

Finally when we got home and took the time to look around the car, we noticed DENTS in the fenders that obviously had to be from the mechanics that worked on the engine and because my husband is extremely meticulous with his car and notices anything different. If anyone knows about the S2K, you know that the body is fragile and know that you must handle this beautiful car like the masterpiece that it is.

Needless to say we are pretty upset that we have to wait until Monday to talk to anyone about these problems.... This is the reason why dealership shops get a bad rap. STOP THE CYCLE!

Phil C. | 2013-06-02

Auburn Honda could not match a Bay area price,(not even close) on a new suv. So I called Mel Rapton on the phone on the way to the Bay Area to buy a car. They came with in a few hundred dollars of price, saved me a trip to the bay.....Brandon Boozer and team Great Job!

Anthony W. | 2013-05-28

After 3 months of calling this bank, I finally found this guy named Ryan that put himself out there to help people on the Fifth Third Facebook site. He was the only guy I had talked to there that was helpful. But even he tried to get a release of lien sent to me and lo and behold it was "lost". So I called last Friday to talk to him yet again, and this time he came through. He had them send me a notarized release of lien via 2nd day UPS.

Somewhat of a bitter victory since they "lost" my title and 2 or 3 release of liens, and wasted 3 months of my time calling every few weeks. Not to mention the anger and stress it caused me. I never thought the post office could lose so many pieces of mail from the same sender! Also I have to pay for a duplicate title to be issued from DMV now.

I had called Mel Rapton and left a message with one of their finance managers to complain but never received a return call. I tried other times but nobody ever answered their phone in finance. Maybe you should all just avoid Mel Rapton all together.

Rick B. | 2013-05-25

Mel Rapton Honda made my car buying experience a breeze! I have never purchased a car and felt less pressured to buy then at Mel Rapton Honda. Jason presented the vehicle with no hidden agenda. He also did not use the cleeshay sales tactics of other car dealers. I will continue to purchase future vehicles from Mel Rapton Honda!

Hooman N. | 2013-05-14

engine was having some starting issues. bought my car here years ago so i came for a tune up and to see what was going on. was the starter or alternator. just the battery. im experienced so i bought the top of the line cold cranking battery from costco for 120 prior to dropping my car off. wasnt about to get a honda "recommended" battery for the same price.

6 hrs later i get a call that it was the battery that needed replacing. so i told them use the brand new one in my trunk! lol

went to pick it up, no car wash, and they charged me $65 to run the diagnostic.

Scott Robinson of Torrance CA still is the best honda dealer i have ever dealt with. if you are down there...i highly recommend them!

Lisa H. | 2013-05-11

I just moved to Sacramento and had to find a new dealership to service my 2008 Honda.  It has been religiously serviced at Steve Hopkins Honda in Fairfield, and they are wonderful.  

I decided to go to Mel Rapton to get my baby babied.  I was extremely disappointed and rather irritated.

I called the day before and asked about bringing my car in.  I was not given an appointment, but rather told to come on in the next morning.  

I arrived at 6:45 AM and when I was approached by a gentleman there I let him know that I had spoken to so and so on the phone the day before, so he takes me to so and so to wait while he does intake on another customer.  Really?  Do they work on commission?  He couldn't have helped me?

Next, so and so is finally ready to help me, takes my keys to go get the info he needs from my car, comes back mumbling something about a baby bird in the wheel of a Pilot and he needs to go get the rest of my VIN.  Say what???

Paperwork is done and I tell so and so that my friend is picking me up to go to the gym and can he call me when it is ready.  He recites my phone number incorrectly twice, though I can see it is correct on the paperwork.  Whatever...

Cut to after 10 AM and I still haven't heard about my car (this was classified as "minor service").  I decide to call them and I am told that a lot of other customers have been waiting.  I asked if they are given priority even though I dropped my car of at 6:45 and was told yes.  At no time was this indicated to me before service or when I let so and so know that I was leaving.  After sharing this little nugget with me, the guy tells me that my car is ready and waiting. So, why no phone call???

Oh, and someone mentioned free donuts if you are there early?  Not so much.  No donuts, no coffee, no hospitality at all.

I won't be taking my car back here.

Cristina B. | 2013-04-24

I just wanted to share my story.

I had a great experiance at Mel Rapton Honda.

I wanted to let everybody know that Georgio Seruge is one of the best Salesman ever.

i hope that if you are looking for a car you will ask for him.

Thank you for reading this

Angel G. | 2013-03-19

My family checked out an SUV this past weekend. The salesman Devon was excellent. But during the whole negotiation, one of the finance manager was a total
A-hole and rude. He made a comment and disrespected my family. Why would we go there if we weren't a serious buyer.  He needs to go back to Business/Finance school and learn how to treat your Customer period! Your customer is what keeps your business running Mel Rapton Honda.  He was way out of point. He needs to be FIRED!

Dat L. | 2013-03-18

I have one word for this place. "BOO!!!!" with a big fat thumbs down.  The guy that wrote up my work order lied on my invoice and said that I declined a car wash. He never even asked me about a car wash? How can you decline something  you weren't even asked? But I forgave him.

Then when the oil change was done the tech that got out of my car was smeared in grease and didn't use a paper cover for my floor matt or a plastic barrier between my leather seats and his manspiration which is not a compound word for inspirational man. (aka man sweat). I forgave him.

Then to top it all off the maintenance schedule on my cars navi wasn't cleared and still showed 15% oil, due for oil change.  I thought they cleared that for you as part of the service dont you think?

I won't forgive that. Thats like a doctor with sausage fingers doing half a hysterectomy and leaving some of his tools inside.

NO..... never again.

This type of service makes a mans penis instantly soft.

I would rather go to hyundai and get my service done there.

Jackie T. | 2013-03-13

Ever since I purchased my car here in 2004, I have always brought it back to Mel Rapton for my servicing needs; with the exception of a few years ago when gas was mad expensive and I had to settle for another unnamed Honda dealership. Huge. Mistake. But that's neither here nor there.

Anyways...I came crawling back to Mel Rapton Honda after having some terrible experiences at the other location. Mel Rapton's quick lube service is more professional, more reliable, and a little cheaper. And to top it all off, they offer a complimentary car wash for ANY service done here.

Their waiting area by the show room is huge. The quick lube wait area is not as huge, but still serviceable, as long as you bring some forms of entertainment to get you through the wait time, especially during the weekends when everyone and their mother's are servicing their Honda's. Free Wi-Fi and laptop stations for all you working professionals that can't wait til you get into the office to do your work!

And lastly, if you come early enough, they have free donuts! Mmmm....donuts!

Ashu N. | 2013-03-01

Never again! I used to be a long time customer here and drove furthur out just to come to this location...I went in to another dealership near my work...I told them I have noticed lately I am going in for an oil change faster than usual and that my light comes on everytime now. I check my oil and its always low before my oil change is due. Twice I have noticed this happen and I started checking my oil level after it being serviced at Mel Rapton...Just what I thought, they do not top off my oil, maybe a little over half a quart short and I drive my car like crazy and now my oil light goes off and now my car is not holding speed. I didnt drive my car for two days being scared, then took it to another Honda place...Oh yea, theres no oil! My car has been serviced at Mel Rapton for years! Yet, not once has they ever came out to say hey I noticed your oil was low. If we could of caught that problem in the beginning I wouldnt be changing my oil so often nor had my car give out on me! I was so angry! How is it the service guy always tells you oh I recommend this or that, or looks like you need to change this...yet, not tell me the simplist information of my oil is lower than it should be?! This happened months ago, but just remembered to right this on Yelp because I recevied a letter stating my maintance is past due.

Dave M. | 2013-02-14

Our 2000 Odyssey has been serviced here since we bought it used in 2004. Affordable, quick, knowledgeable and very customer service oriented.

In my work experience, one responsibility has been to handle company vehicle maintenance for a couple small fleets of 4-10 vehicles. I have interacted with many dealer service departments and one independent. Mel Rapton Honda is wonderful. They estimate accurately and rarely call with an add-on. The express service is fast and thorough.

While no shop is perfect, Mel Rapton Honda will make sure the customer is happy.

The free Starbucks coffee from the machine isn't bad either.

Michael L. | 2013-01-09

I've never bought a car here, but I've done a ton of service here and overall I'm pleased with the service department. I've been coming for years for my 1989 Accord. Like any place, they don't always get it right, but I've never left dissatisfied. Most of the time they'll give you a loaner if they made a mistake on your service.

Seems as my car gets older, I have to make sure I get the right tech to look at my car.

Overall, if you don't have a garage relationship already, Mel Rapton's service department will take care of your Honda.

Cheng X. | 2012-12-24

The service price is high and service was mediocre. Toyota does a better job in satisfying their customers.

Jeff D. | 2012-11-25

If I could give this place zero stars I would. I had my civic serviced here and had smelled coolant for months so I took it in three times to be sure. They knew the shoddy engine blocks made in China cracked and that there was a national recall. I brought it in three days before going on a cruise out of long beach just to be sure as I really did not want to be stranded out on highway 5 in the middle of nowhere. Wure enough they said I was fine and there was nothing wrong with the car. Sure enough on the way hoke the block cracked and it cost me five hundred to tow it back.   The service department tried to put the blame on me initially refusing to fix the car under warranty. They finqlly agreed to fix it but were only going to replace the block! I quickly had the car towed to Carmichael Honda and they took care of me. Stay away from this place and go anywhere else as this place is horrible.

Yihua Z. | 2012-11-14

I had my timing belt changed for my 2007 Odyssey in here, I have learned a lot trick about this, and summarize here.

First of all, I did search on eBay about the timing belt kit, and found the following things cost only ~320$ and they shall be changed together with timing belt:

Timing Belt (Honda / 14400-RCA-A01);
Water Pump & Gasket (Honda / 19200-RDV-J01);
Serpentine Drive Belt (Honda / 38920-RCA-A03);
Idler Roller / Pulley (Koyo OE / 14550-RCA-A01);
Tensioner Roller / Pulley (Koyo OE / 14510-RCA-A01);
Hydraulic Tensioner (Honda / 14520-RCA-A01);
Front Camshaft Seals x 2 (Honda / 91213-R70-A02);
Front Crankshaft Seal (Honda / 91212-R70-A02).

Service adviser (Anthony) offers ~800$ for replacing only the first 3 items, I asked to replace all the seals (the last two items in above list) as well, since they could be wear out, and the adviser asked for 25$ more. With some negotiation, they give me a 50$ rebate and a rental car free of use. They only have one of the Tensioner in the inventory, that costs another 145$ by itself, the ad visor suggest to check if it is not leaking, then no replace. It ended up not leaking. Overall, it is a good service, and Anthony is a very nice guy.

Compare to Folsom lake Honda, they offers 1299$ without water pump (I guess they will change all the tensioner and pulleys), but extra 299$ for the water pump. There are so many tricks and each dealer are playing them very differently. The more you research and compare the more you save.

Victor M. | 2012-09-14

Prompt, courteous, and without any problems auto service.  Thank you to my service adviser, Ruben Vasquez.

Michelle B. | 2012-07-19

I bought a new Honda Civic from them a few days ago. Would I buy from them again? No.

It was a typical (=games/manipulation) car buying experience.

I expected better from Mel Rapton Honda. I went to them primarily because I bought my first car there many years ago, had a decent experience, and have had it serviced there faithfully since, and have been pleased with the service department. Unfortunately, I won't be recommending them any longer.

So... what's my beef? There is a constant barrage of subtle and non-subtle game playing/manipulation occurring. It's difficult to explain the subtlety, the nuance of the games, but in every way they are trying to get you to lower your guard, so that they can get exactly what they want out of you (insert appropriate cuss word) and make you thank them for it in the end. Doesn't work on me but I don't appreciate the efforts either - and I'm only human, they got some juice out of me.

The non-subtle crap is the waiting around for hours (even during a week day when the store was downright empty) in order to wear you down while mesmerizing you into believe it's going to be 'just a few more minutes', pressure to close today (as if there were no tomorrow?), low-balling the trade in (next time I'd just say no), switching interest rates/number of payments to see if I'd notice (I did), focus on monthly payment amount (a magic trick - don't fall for it) and other rigmarole. Of course the sales person was fantastically personable, but that's just a trick too. They're sharks. By reputation and my previous experience, I just expected more respect, less games. Silly me. It's just the same 'ol shenanigans.

Oh yeah, the hard sell at the end on the extended warranty was a nice touch. I knew it was coming from my previous experience, but it's just shady - people think all of negotiation is finally over then get the hard sell (when you've finally let your guard down). Really, why does it have to be a hard sell? These people just don't know any other way of doing it, I guess. I didn't bite and the finance guy was then quite impatient and irritated with me. This last part is probably what pushed me over the edge in my opinion and colored the rest of the entire experience (they would have gotten another star).

While I have been quite pleased with the service department I will likely not return there either.

In conclusion, I love my brand new car and have no regrets on my choice, but I could have gotten it anywhere. Next time it won't be from Mel Rapton Honda. And if I'm buying used, I'll definitely go to Car Max.

Louisa B. | 2012-07-08

I was shopping for a corporate car for the company I work for and went to  Mel Rapton. At first the sales person, Chris, seemed responsive, but he lost interest really fast, at which point he also became quite arrogant. We were trying to figure out the financing and neither he nor the finance people wanted to spend any time working with me. They didn't return my calls and  Chris passed me off to other people who also didn't return my calls. Every time I called they were 'busy' or 'with someone'. When I stopped calling, no one even called to follow up to see what happened to me. I just started to feel like they really didn't want to sell me a car.

We decided to pay cash for the car, but ended up going to Folsom Lake Honda where I worked with Brandan. So glad I did!  We were able to do everything over the phone, and all I had to do was go in with the checks and sign the paperwork. Great service, gave us a fair price, and actually made me feel like they wanted my business. I am still shaking my head at the way I was treated at Mel Rapton, I mean wow, they must be doing well if they didn't care if they sold me a car or not. I know it was only a Civic Sedan, but still.

Bottom line: If you want to be treated like you don't really matter go to Mel Rapton, but if you want to have a great experience go to Folsom Lake Honda instead like I did!

Mike F. | 2012-07-07

If you have any comments or suggestions how we can improve our service to you, please let us know.
I'm Dissatisfied with Mel's ability to diagnose problems. Three visits to your shop. Each time informing you of an overheating problem that followed a recent radiator "home replacement" shop using a "non-factory" radiator. Each time in the shop you talked me out of my request to replace the radiator and into troubleshooting other parts:
1: you talked me into a sending unit that you said was "slow"; this was not the problem..
2: you talked me into a thermostat replacement (even though I told you that it at Been replaced 10,000 miles prior to my visit with you); this was not the problem.
3: You had me bring the car in so you could test drive (in the flat city)to see if it would overheat. ( even though I told you that it only will overheat on hot days on a grade with a load. You then handed me the car back telling me that you couldn't replicate the problem. Why did you even need to try? I had given you pictures of the the temperature gauge and the exact location and driving conditions that I was in with the intent of illustrating that the problem was the cheep/defective radiator that was installed wasn't accommodating the demands of the Honda.
So instead of trusting the research I did on Google, along with my BASIC common sense troubleshooting skills and just purchasing a $350.00 radiator from you, to correct the only CHANGE in the equation proceeding my issues, I let you talk me into approx 500.00 worth of parts and labor (ant time off work) to let you THROW PARTS at a problem that I had given you more than enough clues to solving.

P.S. I went ahead and purchased a Honda factory radiator and installed it myself and drove the car through the Santa Cruz mountains and back to Folsom fully loaded (in 100 degree weather with the A/C ON and IT DID NOT OVERHEAT AT ALL THE WHOLE TRIP!!!!!

Thanks for nothing...

Mike Freitas

J K. | 2012-07-05

I purchased my vehicle (Honda Fit) over a year ago and couldn't be happier with its performance and ease of maintenance.  Great sales people, owner and service department!!!


Noah C. | 2012-06-24

I come here to get service done on my car.  They are usually quick and are upfront with everything.

Kim H. | 2012-06-21

Beware the bait and switch!

I had a terrible experience here. I had selected a car, the dealership and I had agreed on a price, the financing with my bank was in place and I was going in to pick up the car. A friend suggested I confirm by email the terms that had been agreed to, I didn't think that was necessary, but I sent a brief email with the agreed upon terms.
A few hours passed, before I received a call from someone I had not previously spoken to saying the dealership could not honor that deal. He then proceeded to try to renegotiate everything! The color, the features and the price. No one ever responded to the confirmation email. So my advice is get the terms in an email or they will bait and switch you! I'm glad I found out before I got there and wasted several hours but I was extremely disappointed, and bought a car from another dealership.

J B. | 2012-06-15

DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!! So a few years ago, I was in the market to buy a new Civic or maybe an Accord.  I swing by Mel Rapton to take a test drive and get a feel for the cars.  The sales lady I was dealing with was doing her job and managed to sit me down to look at some #'s... Now mind you, this was in 2009 and I was already driving a 2003 Honda Accord EX V-6 with all the extra options... oh yeah, I only had 73k miles.

Wanna know how much the lady offered me on my car?  And I'm not kidding here... $500.00.  No, that's not a typo.  Apparently she thought I just fell off the turnip truck and stumbled in.  Obviously I said thanks but no thanks and started to head out.  All of a sudden the sales manager comes out of nowhere and offers me 7k... a little more reasonable, but by this point I was done with their shady practicies.  

I excused myself and went home and subsequently was called everyday for 3 days straight by this sales person wanting to know if I was still interested in a car.  I finally had to call her boss and tell them to stop calling before I filed a complaint.

This place will totally screw you out of $$ if given the option.  I understand they are in business to make money, but $500.00 for a car that was worth several thousand is a joke.  Take your business elsewhere!

Linda T. | 2012-06-13

I always get my oil changed at Mel rapton even though I live in San Francisco, I found that they are trust worthy, very FRIENDLY, and priced reasonably...

Caitlin S. | 2012-05-29

I started by listing a few positives about this place, but in the end had to delete them because really there's no point. I simply had the worst car buying experience here.

Looking at used cars. One of the cars on the lot had a giant crack through the wind shield. I don't care that you say you can fix that right up. Why didn't you take care of it already? Why don't you have more pride in your car stock? Keep things up to par, aimirite?

And then! We found the car I was most interested in and got in to take it on a test drive. The car would not start! The battery was dead (and again, wtf, mel rapton - are any of your cars quality????). The salesman brought over a contraption to jump start the car so we could go on the test drive. I have no idea why we didn't just turn him down and go on our way, cuz we didn't -- we stuck it out. Finally, the car was operational and we took it for a drive on the interstate. I actually began to have a little fear that the car would fall apart then and there. It was so crazy loud and it seemed as though the windshield was rattling in its frame.

We eventually made it back to the dealership and very quickly left Mel Rapton. I've grown up with Hondas so I know they are good cars. I do not have any faith in the car stock at Mel Rapton's though. Something is definitely off there. Buyer beware.

Scott S. | 2012-05-29

I've giving in 4/5 stars b/c I didn't buy a car there.  I shopped for a Honda Civic and worked with Carl and Junior here at Rapton.  I emailed in with my car and trim and they replied with the best price I'd see from any other Honda dealerships for the exact same car.  I called and talked to Carl to confirm the 'off the lot' price, then drove up there to look at inventory.  They didn't have the exact color I wanted and the price was only for those in stock. They had every other color - I was looking for light blue which was really hard to find over Memorial Day weekend. They had silver, maroon, gray, dark blue, and white - just not blue.  

I called the next morning to confirm pricing and it was exactly consistent.  I ended up buying from University Honda b/c I live in Davis and they matched the price and were able to find a light blue one (all the way in Petaluma). (See my review of University for more details.)

All the while, talking with Carl on the phone and walking the lot was very mellow.  He didn't try to push or close me on the spot.  Told me that I had his best price and that he knew that I knew it was a good price.  It was.  

I'd definitely recommend working with these guys while shopping. Don't know about the whole closing process, but my hunch is that he's a straight-shooter.  Very experienced.  Again, the only reason I didn't buy there was b/c I wanted to stay local in Davis if possible as long as they gave me the same price, which they did.

Bethany V. | 2012-05-23

They were helpful all the way until they got their $ from me, now...i have had problem after problem with them. I traded in my car and agreed to trade it in to them for $6,000. Thats what the sales agreement states. They paid off my current car loan for $4,000 and they are not giving me the remainder. They wont return calls. The finance guy "jaime" has broken english and was very rude on the phone. I have called them about 15 times so far and talked to 4 different people. I've now given up and am going to go back there in person for the third time (1hour away from my house). In addition, they tried to hide the fact that the car i bought from them was in two accidents. I only found out about the accidents after my father did research on the internet. Rediculous and unprofessional scammers!

Jennifer F. | 2012-04-30

I recently purchased a car from this dealership and had a great experience.  This was my first time buying a car, so I didn't know what to expect.  The salesmen I dealt with, Brian and Georgio, were great,and they let me know all of my options and made me feel comfortable the entire time.  They made the entire process easy and I now have a great car that I love.  I have referred all of my friends and coworkers to Mel Rapton because I had such a great experience.  It is obvious that the entire staff genuinely care about their customers.

Brian H. | 2012-04-26

Thank you for being Sacramento's only Honda dealership for 50 years!!

Ayren J. | 2012-04-23

My Husband and I bought a brand new Honda accord from Mel Rapton Honda last night. I have never had a more positive experience with a car dealership! From the moment we pulled on the lot our Sales associated,  Georgio, was helpful and honest and not sales "pitchy" in the least. We told him what we were coming in with (which was not much) and instead of trying to pull us around the lot trying to put us in something we didn't want or could not afford he took us directly in to Devon in finance. Devon was also and up front guy. He gave us some numbers that would possibly work for us and let Georgio know what kind of car (price wise) we should be looking at. THERE WAS NO RUN AROUND. While doing the paperwork both of these men were hospitable, cheerful and just comfortable to be around. I would recommend Mel Rapton Honda to anyone looking to buy. I'm sure the other sales associates there are just as good but if you want a really great, comfortable experience buying a car, look for Georgio and Devon. They are the reason we will being going back!!!

Very Happy Costumer!!

Desmond H. | 2012-04-12

I recently had an issue with my Honda Civic where it made a popping sound when I went over inclines/declines. When I brought my car here for service Charles took care of me and made it a great experience. He brought me into the shop to show me what was wrong and explained how it was affecting my car. The issue was fixed promptly and I left a happy customer.

I've been a customer for Mel Rapton Honda for years. They've always treated me well and showed they valued my business. Even though I live in Elk Grove, I've always make the drive to Mel Rapton for their exceptional service.

Tracy S. | 2012-04-06

Bought my Hybrid in 08 - and other than it never quite got the mileage expected (45 rated - and it averages 36), the service department and quality of service and value I have gotten for four years from Mel Rapton had been impeccable! Also, their customer service people are some of the best trained professionals and communicators in business today.

Genelle L. | 2012-03-25

In order to write a review, I had to give Mel Rapton Honda at least one star as this dealership deserves less than 0 stars.
HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE Dealership! Drove 1.5 hours to Sacramento because we thought we would get a better deal than in our small town and chose Mel Rapton based on a phone conversation we had the night before about the exact Honda we wanted.
We were serious buyers and were looking for serious sales people to sell us a car. Mel Rapton is definitely not interested in selling cars, exchanging money for a car, or treating you with respect, especially if you are a woman.
After 4 hours of working with them, they told us to go to lunch and when we got back they would have all the paperwork ready for us to sign and a car ready. We got back 2 hours later and they had done nothing of what they said they would do! They thought we left for good, even though it was their idea for us to go to lunch and we even called them while we were away for lunch!
Once back at the dealership we had to wait another 2 hours.When we finally get in to sign the papers with the finance guy and told him that this was not the experience we had expected he blew up at us, stood up and said: "I am going to go talk to the manager on IF we are going to do business with you"! Really? So this is how you are going to do business? Their financial guy just broke a sale and they allowed it!
We walked out. Honda dealerships are a dime a dozen. There is no need to have to deal with buying a car in such an archiac way. We took our business elsewhere.
If you are wanting to work with sleezy, crappy, degrading, frat boy, car salesman, then Mel Rapton Honda is the place to go.

VI P. | 2012-03-22

I have been coming here for the last 6 years for maintenance and oil changes. They have an excellent deal for oil changes, its usually less than $30 for an oil change and free car wash. I actually liked their old location on Fulton Ave better, it was more centrally located so you could walk around while your car is being serviced.

I also came here to purchase Honda Accord V6 with a friend a few years ago. From what i can recall the sales side is just like any other dealership. nothing special. However, her car was a certified pre-owned car (3 years old), about a month after having the car, we noticed the moon roof was leaking. We returned the car to Mel Rapton, at first they insisted we pay for the repair. They said this is not covered under their warranty. After several phone calls to their GM and Corporate they agreed to cover the replacement of the moon roof (about $3,000).

Anyway the reason for the 2 stars. I dont understand their Quick Lube set up. I went in for a normal oil change. The cashier was sitting at the desk doing absolutely nothing! Im the only customer in the room and she says i have to wait for the service guy sitting at the computer next to her. He was on the phone for a good 7-8 minutes so i awkwardly stand there and wait.  Finally the guy hangs up the phone and helps me. THEN after my oil change (45mins later) the same thing happens!!! The advisor now says i have to wait for the cashier. She is now busy with a customer while the advisor sits at his desk doing doing nothing!!! I waited another 10minutes for the girl to take my money and ANOTHER 5 minutes for me to go back to the advisor to ask for him to radio the valet to bring my car around.. this is just plain stupid!

Hawglegg J. | 2012-02-13

My car went into the shop for service. They fixed it but there was still something wrong afterwards. The transmission needed to be serviced or something and usually if there is other issues like the recalled one that I didn't know about or the fluids needed changing a good shop would say something. This fuck face wrench turning hairy metal spike monkey name Lonnie tells me after I return what the issue is and then slams my fucking hood. Not to mention the lost cap for the manual ignition shift that Lonnie said wasn't there when he started working on the car. It had to be because no one knew what the fuck the manual shift was when three days before when I took it in. Lonnie the WRENCH MONKEY lost the fucking part or whoever moved the car after towing dropped it off lost it. There was no reason for me to remove it. Piece of shit wrench boy. Whose fucking KID is that. SORRY!  The part they did replace was $75 and the labor was $350. FUCK THAT SHIT TOO! Sorry GEICO! I will never use Mel Rapton AGAIN! I feel something bad will happen for this and can't wait!

Dana C. | 2012-01-11

I came here the first time since I moved to Sacramento. I needed a tire.  Although my initial conversations with individuals within the organization had poor communication, when I spoke to the Manager "Bob", he was AMAZING!!  He listened intently, didn't flinch for a minute of not believing my issues at hand and handled it.  It's been a LONG time since I've had a Manager stand behind his employees and his word and make the situation right!!  I will definitely go back and my comments to other's if you are not satisfied, talk "nicely" with Bob, I'm sure he will make it right and you will want to come back every time.

Megan S. | 2011-12-29

I already had issues with the service department being completely inept when I brought my old car in about a year ago, but I thought I would give their sales department a chance. I went in last week to check out a 2009 Honda Civic and had them pull my credit report and they would check out financing for me. I was told before I left that they would call me "tomorrow." I NEVER got a call back from Mel Rapton Honda. Today I bought a 2012 Honda Civic Ex from another dealership. Don't recommend this place to anyone, they obviously have no follow-through.

Frankie P. | 2011-11-14

I have been coming here for the last 9 years to get my car serviced whenever I needed it. After this recent experience I will never come back.
I called because my check maintenance light was on so I knew I needed a check up. When I called to book the appointment I told them that I needed it looked at and that my car makes a horrible screeching sound when I back out of the drive way. I took my car in at night and was given a rental while they "fixed" it.
When my car was supposedly fixed I went to pick it up and noticed I needed gas. I drove straight from the repair station to the gas station and noticed two huge scratches on my bumper that were not there when I dropped off the car. I called and wouldn't you know it, the manager was not in. I have called several times since and every time the manager is not in.
Also, the horrible screeching sound is still there so they basically kept my car over night, charged me lost of money to not fix any thing and damaged my car!!! I don't really care if they backed into something while they were fixing my car. But I do care that they tried to hide it from me and refuse to return my calls or fix what they damaged.

Michael L. | 2011-11-14

every time i go here for service they tell me it wil be ready in an hour to an hour and a half, maybe two at the most. And even though they tell me that any service I receive fom this place takes not less than 6 hours which is insane! Even the last time when I went to have the doorhandles changed only and it was still 6 + hours even though I had been told 2 hours. This happens every time I go there. Last time when I brought the car in I dealt with service advisor Mike Lyman and told him how this had happened on several occasions already and I didnt want it to happen again this time; he asured me it wouldnt happen again and saidf he would personally keep an eye on the repair and yet it still took over 6 hours; but believe me I kept on top of mike, puting pressure on him to keep checking every soo ften and he looked like he was getting stresed/miffed but hey so was I! and I was fed up with the lies they tell you about how long your cars guna take. Make sure you have the whole days schedule cleared if you bring your car in here for service cuz you'll need it! and its not like theres ANYTHING to do around the dealership while you wait.. all the time killing businesses you could loiter in while you wait ALL DAY llong are miles away so forget about trying to kill time that way!

When they finally did fix my car's door handles,. the mechanic had trouble with the driver's side door and ever  since then I have not been able to use the drivers side door to open up from the outside  so I have to always enter the car from the passenger side, which is so anoying and tome connsuming and makes my life harder and makes my car look cheap to boot... But ya know what's funy? I just took my car to a stereo shop and the guy at the stereo shop said he could fix the drivers door so I could enter from the driver's side door again (like a normal person would) and he could do it for only 45$- something Mel Rapton couldnt or wouldn't do for me!
How is it the dealership can't fix this but little average joe over at the stereo shop CAN do it!???
Color me satisfied!! Satisfied with the stereo shop that is and dissatisfied with Mel Rapton's Honda Service department!

Lauren E. | 2011-11-05

I needed the radio code for my car and the guy found the code and fixed it in about 2 minutes and I was out the door and on my to bumping some tunes. Very fast service.

C M. | 2011-08-15

I am still going to and am still happy with Mel Rapton, and they saved me lots of money again! A couple years ago, when I bought a 'new' (used) Civic, and brought it in to them for the first time for maintenance, they said that the engine block had a crack in it. They were able to do the full repair under the Honda warranty on the vehicle, even though I didn't buy it from them and wasn't the original owner!
I would recommend to any Honda owner to bring their vehicle into a dealer at least once before the 7 year Warranty is up just to get anything like that repaired. If I had gone elsewhere that repair would have cost me a few hundred dollars.

David E. | 2011-07-17

We had a terrible experience at this dealership.  The sales staff is ridiculous and resemble ex cons.  Actually tried to sell us a car with a broken radio - and didn't disclose until we brought it to their attention.  Would never do business with this joke of a dealership.

Roman H. | 2011-07-13

Now this place is what i call "Old School"! They were very helpful and they worked with my parents financially and they helped them get the vehicle that my mom always wanted! The staff was wonderful and great and i couldn't ask for better sales people, I would recommend anyone to Mel Rapton Honda because they have great customer service, they work with you financially, and they are very polite and pleasant. They are by far the best car dealership still in existence that is "Old School" and willing to work with you get into a car. If i could i would give them a 10 star because i and my parents were very pleased with the service and how good they worked with us. If anything as for Jim Cullen he was the one who helped us and he is one of the top salesman! Want a car? Go to Mel Rapton Honda!

James L. | 2011-07-02

After getting a high estimate from a local Midas on replacing a part, came to Rapton and they took care of the problem for nearly $200 less. I didn't think the service department at a dealership would be cheaper but it was. And got a car wash. Waiting in their spacious office with free wifi, cable tv and newspapers/magazines doesn't hurt either.

Lisa M. | 2011-06-26

We had the most wonderful experience ever with Junior at Mel Rapton Honda.  We live in the east bay area but were happy to make the two-hour drive to do business with an honest and straightforward salesperson.  After searching for days on-line, on the phone, and on site at several Honda dealers in our vicinity, only to be mislead time and time again, we found the car we wanted, and a salesman with integrity at Mel Rapton Honda.  Junior greeted us at the door, made sure we were comfortable with all the documents we had to complete, gave us a thorough run down of the cars features through a test drive, and got us on our way within two hours.  Buying a new car should be a pleasant experience, especially when it's your first car!  Junior's professional and personable way renewed our faith in Honda and in salespeople.  He's not your run of the mill salesperson.  He's a friend!

J-M V. | 2011-06-07

Upon a friend's recommendation, we bought a used car at Mel Rapton in early 2004 and had a great experience: it was easy, they worked with us financially, and the salesman was kind and not cheesy. The car was reliable and very low-maintenance. After adding 145K to it, we recently returned to Mel Rapton to trade it in for another used car. (We even made the trip from our Bay Area home!).  
It was another great experience.  Jim Cullen was friendly, not pushy, and felt like an authentic person rather than a car salesman. We were so grateful to be able to work with Jim and have him show us around. Once again, Mel Rapton worked with us financially (and even gave us a larger than expected credit for our trade-in), and we drove away in a great new (used) car after an smooth easy transaction.  We recommend the dealership and especially recommend Jim Cullen!

Stephanie D. | 2011-06-06

I used to be the type of person who would never take my car to a dealer because it's said that they are more expensive than a regular mechanic. When dealing with Mel Rapton Honda, I make an exception. I take my care here for regular oil changes and other repairs, when necessary. I have taken my car to non-dealer mechanics, but they tend to be fairly slow in getting my car back to me.

Yes, I could get my oil changes done for less than $20 at some chain lube and oil place, but I've done that. I don't really trust a lot of those places and they also don't inspect the rest of my car. For about $34, Mel Rapton provides an oil change, car wash, and recommendations on other repairs that may be needed. I find their repair recommendations to be quite helpful and they let me know which ones are more important than others. I have never felt pushed into getting a repair done and my regular service advisor, Mike, is always kind and knowledgeable.

An oil change/inspection/car wash takes about 30 min. in the early hours of the morning (they start working at 7am and I arrive at 6:40am to be first in line). Mornings are always the best time to bring your car in. I always get my car maintenance done on days when I have nothing else planned and get oil changes done on my free mornings because I know that it takes a bit of time. So, be aware that if you bring your car in during your lunch break or middle of the day, you will be waiting longer because there will be many others ahead of you.

Overall, I like Mel Rapton Honda's service department. They may be a bit more expensive than a non-dealer, but it's worth it because they know what they're doing.

C. Y. | 2011-05-23

I just bought my 2011 Honda Odyssey there.  They gave me the best price in the bay area and their service is great!  The whole process is very easy and straight forward.  The best car buying experience ever!  I highly recommend this dealership!

Mona P. | 2011-05-16

I recently took my car to Mel Rapton to get serviced.  The dealership is a bit out of my way but I don't mind driving the extra distance for good service.  Since I got my car it was making an annoying noise.  They took time and tried to find out where the noise was coming from.  I have taken my car to several dealerships where they abuse your car while it's there for service, but this place, made sure my car was returned to me in the same fashion in which it was given to them.  They even detailed the inside and outside of my car because it took them extra time to figure out what was wrong.  If you are looking for an honest service center for your Honda definitely give them a try.  They have a nice big CLEAN area to sit and wait for your car and they even have a shuttle to take you to the local shops.

Jeniffer W. | 2011-04-13

I drive an older Honda with high mileage. Last Fall I thought I needed a new engine, so I took my car to Mel Rapton Honda at Fulton/Business 80. I did not need a new engine, I needed a new a/c compressor. I had the work done and didn't think much of it again until we had a hot day this month. I needed to use my new air conditioner for the first time since having the work done, and I found it was blowing out hot air. Sounds like a bad review, but hang in there with me and you will understand why this is a great review.
I called Mel Rapton and spoke to a service advisor. He said that although the work (part) was covered for 12 months, I had exceeded the 12,000 miles, therefore the work (part) was no longer covered under warranty. He said I could bring my car in and they would diagnose the problem for free anyway.
So, I took my golf clubs for something to do while I waited (they are right across the street from Haggin Oaks golf course/driving range), and turned over my car for inspection. Unfortunately, my service advisor, Mike Lyman, came out to tell me that I once again needed a new a/c compressor. He said he would try to call the Honda parts rep. to see if they would cover any of the cost under the circumstances, but the rep. said no. I was very surprised and disappointed to hear the news as the parts and labor last visit were about $1,300-$1,500 (can't remember exactly), and I was concerned about the unknown root of the problem.
I was upset about facing the possibility of having to fork over another $1,300-$1,500 for something I just paid for, as well as being without a car for another 2-3 days (although they do have a great shuttle service). What could I do though? I did not discover the problem until after I exceeded the warranty limits, so technically, it was gonna be on me. In my 40 years of experience, the automotive service industry has always been, well...let's just say a little less than sympathetic.
Here is where Mel Rapton won me over. My service advisor Mike Lyman went into service manager Bob Bellumini's office and they talked for a while. It seemed to be a lot of discussion over an air conditioner for an old car, none of which is under warranty anymore. To my surprise, Mike came out and did something totally unexpected, he told me the truth and told me they were gonna take care of everything, including a loaner car, all for no charge.
What had happened was that I had not paid for some sort of filter that should have been put in when the a/c was changed, so the Honda parts rep. said no to replacing the part. The current condition of my air conditioner placed my alternator and engine at great accute risk of failure, so I couldn't drive the car anymore until the problem was fixed. The service advisor and manager had decided that rather than lie to me and make me pay for everything, they would not put me at risk of breaking down and ruining my car, they would tell the TRUTH, loan me a car, and repair everything for FREE.
I am going to forward this review to the dealership manager, Katina Rapton, and Honda, and please don't be upset with them for telling the truth, even if it cost some money for the dealership today. I don't even care that there was a mistake made on my first visit. It is such a refreshing change in today's business climate to have a business tell the truth even if it interferes with profit, I will now be your customer for life, and will be your most outspoken word of mouth advertiser. I love my high mileage Honda that still runs like a champ, generally with very little trouble. But when the time comes that I have to say goodbye, I already know where I will be shopping for my next Honda.
My sincere thanks to the gentlemen in the service department, and Mel Rapton's management in general for running an honest business.

Kate S. | 2011-02-09

I took my 2008 Fit to Mel Rapton's for a minor recall repair and a general tuneup (and may I say that I love having a car that tells me when a tuneup is due?) I packed a book, crochet hook and two balls of yarn, and a PBJ sandwich because I expected a pretty full day of it.
But no! The process took only a couple of hours. The waiting area was pleasant-- large enough that one can choose to sit in a quiet space or snuggle right up to the TV and free doughnuts. The whole place is surrounded by huge windows that face on a wooded area, so you can watch the sky and the trees and feel restful.
Each member of the staff who interacted with me was courteous, welcoming, and cheerful. The cost of the service was reasonable.
And when I got into my freshly washed car to depart, I reached to turn the key in the ignition and realized that the engine was already running-- it was THAT QUIET.
Next time I take the car to be serviced, I'll still pack the yarn and the book, but I'll leave my old nervousness-about-car-service in my past. I'm THAT IMPRESSED by Mel Rapton's service.

Drew T. | 2011-01-08

Great customer service, lots of lanes for service, and pick up van was great too. Wait times still need some help, but overall good experience.

Alex F. | 2010-11-18

This is for the body shop.

I was in a car accident a month ago. They estimated I could have my car back in 2 weeks.

2 weeks came and gone. They said, oh we are going to replace this and do some alignment.

no calls from them. We had to call them.

after 3 weeks, they said the car is ready.
when I got the car, the sterring alignment was not aligned, the door locks didnt work, the floor panels had gaps, the flooring was not sealed.
however someone took the time to just reset and set all the radio stations to spanish speaking stations, deleting all my original presets.
(I mean I know this is minor, but to take the time to reset someone's original preset settings on their radio instead of checking at the door lock and paneling and alignment just made me mad.

Also, on the day this happened, it was at night so i didnt look critically when I picked it up. I assumed.
Well, the guy told me that this car was "road trip ready" even though the alignment was all off and all the doors did not even lock.

and in the work order form, it showed that everything was done....
.....which is really surprising that they would check it off as being done when they did nothing.

So I went back and told them to redo it all. The first day they said, ok. itll take an hour. I brought it in at 10am. and hour came and gone. I called 2.5 hours later at 12 and they were like, oh its going to take till mid afternoon to finish, so I waited from 12 to 5 with no answer. I call them at 5 and they were like, well. we are ordering a part, so not today. which left me is going on?

the second day comes. I get no call or anything.
I then leave a voicemail to Mrs. Rapton. explaining my frustration and what all has been happening.
Then I get a call back from the body shop manager apologizing for the delay and all.
Then the day after I get a call that everything is done and the car is ready.  
So, the next morning I go pick it up. everything seemed to be ok.
and then while driving I notice a rattling noise. so i had to drive all the way back to the dealership to ask them to fix it.
I bring it in and notice that it was with the door paneling.
I was mistrustful in the amount of time it will take, but it took 30 minutes. they said the door clips inside the panel were not all clipped in.

So, its just frustrating to know how I leave my car in there for a month and tell them to take their time....and find out that they just breeze by my car with lack of attention to detail and have no common sense or quality control.

They kept saying they did test drives and fixed everything, but I still found problems.
and Im not a mechanic.

This just left a very bad distrusting taste in my mouth from honda.

I do all my services there and all my maintenance is current and frequent.

I just didnt understand how bad this whole thing was. I thought it was really shady.

so for me, Im not holding my breath if they say anything to me.
and I from what I got out from it, you cant trust them 100% and they will list things as done without doing them. So be careful and be aware.

Curtis S. | 2010-11-14

**Purchase Review Only**
I showed up here knowing which car I was going to buy and how much I was willing to pay for it. The car was a 2010 Nissan Sentra, used. Gabriel, the sales guy, helped me out and let me drive it. He was very friendly, and not in a greasy, douchey salesperson way. We did a test drive on the freeway and came back. I told him that I would like to purchase the car, and we went in for the negotiations. Like every other dealership, they had me wait for several hours "for the banks to get back to us" (which is a sales tactic to make you impatient). Brandon, the finance guy, came back with an offer that I immediately refused. After the back and forth haggling, he finally made me an offer that was what I wanted.  I informed him that I wanted to call my girlfriend to verify everything.He responded, " You have to get permission from your girlfriend, and you call yourself a man?! OK buddy, go ahead and call wifey". I thanked him for his permission and went to smoke a cig and fume down. I should have left immediately, but I really wanted the car. Throughout the transaction he continued to be a douche-bag. I laughed it off and didnt let his immaturity get to me. Then they tried to sell me a $2000 warranty. "oh its just an extra $25 bucks a month"  The clever white-haired Mike says. "no I am ok," I say. " I assume the car is going to be ok since it only has 30,000 miles on it and it is a Nissan." He replies condescendingly, "Assume? I'm sure that's gotten you far!."  Thanks for the fatherly advice you snake in a cheap suit.  

Overall, there were  many reasons why I should have left. Brandon and Mike almost made me walk out with how  rude they were being. You don't treat customers like that ANYWHERE. Gabriel was an exceptional sales guy and I commend his patience with having to work with these low-lifes. If it wasn't for him, and the fact I REALLY wanted this car for the price,  I would have left. Hopefully they restructure their finance and warranty team soon, or they may lose out on a lot of deals.

Kara B. | 2010-11-10

Hmmm... I'm more than a little bit peeved with this place.
I've had this pent up frustration for sometime, and now I've just gotta unleash.
I've been giving Mel Rapton my biz for some 13+ years now. Have even steered some friends to buy vehicles here. I just bought a vehicle here a few months ago. Now, I'm wondering why!?

Sure, buying a vehicle and dealing with any car salesmen is right up there with a visit to the Gyno and Dentist all at once, but sheesh! I'm still feeling the pain months later, as I go in to get my car serviced.

Long story short... I bought a certified car (which they consider "new"), so I was supposed to get two keys, and a valet key. They couldn't find the spare key and told me to come back any time I brought my car in for service, and they'd make me a new key - LIAR, liar, pants on fire!
So, I take 'snowball' the car in for regular maint. and when I inquired about said promised spare key, they gave me the run around.
Asked me who sold me the car (hehe, wouldn't ya know - he doesn't work there anymore), asked me if the car was new or used, asked me if it was a certified car, what color my panties were.... okay, you know I was starting to roll my eyes at this point.

So, back and forth the employee goes, trying to find something on record where the salesman 'said' they owe me a spare key. Of course they couldn't find it.

So, on a rascally wabbit hunt I go tonight through all my paperwork to find this scribble of a promised key. Heck, I've gone this long without it. But, now steam is spouting from my nostrils, and I'm about to go bull-in-a-china shop, if I don't hear from them soon. Update to follow.

Rene L. | 2010-10-23

*Service Review Only*

as a Honda newbie (former Saturn girl, yes i know) i had no idea what to expect for my 1st service or where the service dept was located.  Nick and Mike were so helpful and sweet, even with the huge furlough crowd there for various services.  I explained how i had no clue what service i needed, how to read the codes, etc.  Nick was extremely patient with me in all the descriptions and had an explanation sheet ready for me to take home.  

Thank you so much for making my 1st Honda service experience easy and painless!

Casperde F. | 2010-10-05

In the auto service business upsell is a way of life.
But when you LIE about which codes were flashing(i have eyes and it was a simple 'A' oil change only) not A16 for a rotate and diff service i sensed that it must be that time of the economy when the true colors of auto dealers shine bright.
Then while waiting at lunch the CLASSIC call comes. "your rear brakes are really bad less than 1mm and we can take care of that right now for $300.00!!" So after declining and returning to the waiting room I was amused to hear the same pitch word for word to two different customers
in the next ten minutes. Jackass! I`m sitting right in front of you!
If your gonna play the game at least be good at it.

Melissa C. | 2010-09-28

I was skeptical about going to the dealer since they are known to have overpriced services but when I made calls around town at 2 other automotive places they were the ones who quoted me for prices that were higher than Mel Rapton!

The serviceat Mel Rapton is extremely friendly. They were nice enough to fit me in for major maintenance on my car without an appointment and were done with my car in 2 hours! I was pretty impressed. I thought they would make me wait longer since I did not have an appointment.

This will definitely be the one place I will go to get my car serviced!

Joe N. | 2010-07-04

Dear Mel Rapton Honda,

My friend and I stopped by to get my brakes check due to new manufactured defect, both my friend and I have bought cars from you before. There was no reason to treat us with disrespect as SOON as we got out of our car. from your manager's snotty attitude to his abrasive remarks at us, to even almost hostile demeanor to only US. I will notify everyone I  know to never use your shop. I have never had any dealership treat me like that. I have been to BMW, MERC and Lexus when i was 17 and a complete tool and was never treated this way.

Joe N

P.S. management here is garbage friend of mine almost bought two cars from here because of a really good salesman but when the salesman transfered him to his manager, manager was a complete prick and cussed him out and told him to leave the premises. WHAT COMPANY DOES THAT??

Ryan Z. | 2010-06-06

Body shop was fantastic.  As close to a Honda factory body repair that you will get in the Sacramento area.  I won't take our Honda anywhere else for body work.  You will not be disappointed.

Taylor B. | 2010-05-28

dear mel rapton,

ive been your loyal follower for years. you've treated me well with decent prices (considering i take my poor little honda to a dealership whenever i want repairs) as well as speedy service.

however, i recently brought my putt-putt of a honda to you so you could retrieve the code from a top my radio and make it work again. you did, and charged a pretty little penny for it, too.

hen i got in my car to find SCRATCHES on my radio! now i know i cant prove they werent there before since my car isnt exactly brand new, but i know and YOU know they werent.

not to mention while i was driving around later that day my radio FELL OUT of my dashboard onto my passenger seat. WTF?

i wont be back.

toni o. | 2010-05-14

Meh, I've experienced better. Much better, actually. Mel Rapton Honda seems to have poor communication methods between their different departments and between the business and the customers. On several occasions I've had to wait around because of mistakes made on their part and I'm not patient to begin with.

The first time that Mel Rapton Honda angered me, they had my car for two days and forgot to fix it. After trying to call several times I finally went in to deal with it and they basically said they forgot about it. To be fair, I'll admit that they were very swift thereafter, but still ... that is a very poor excuse.

Fast forward to today - I went in to pick up a part that I had to special order and that was a smooth transaction. I had planned on taking that part to the auto shop that my boyfriend goes to because they said they'd do it for free, but since I was there already I thought, "what the hell - I'm already here". I went to the express station immediately after to have my license plate mounted onto my vehicle and I was completely ignored for ten minutes. Ten minutes! My time is very limited these days and I don't appreciate it being wasted.

Me and my parts are heading over to Red Rocket on Broadway where the service is better and the prices are more affordable. Thanks for making my decision easier!

Joshua B. | 2010-05-05

I have been taking my car here for over 3 years. I love these guys! No BS and they get the job done. I have never had any problems and they make the process so easy to get your car fixed. Now I can't say much about actually buying a car there, Thus only 4 stars, but it would be one of the first places I would try if I needed a Honda.

Terran O. | 2010-04-16

So I've never been a fan of taking cars to the dealer for any kind of service because I've always had the feeling they bend you over a rail and really give it to you (wow, too graphic, maybe...).

But Mel Rapton was really quite good.  And the best part, the price charged was less than the estimate because it didn't take them as long as they had thought.  Wha-wha-what!?  That doesn't happen.

So the transmission fluid change and my new O-ring were really a good deal here.

I wouldn't take it here for an oil change though, still have to hold to my principle a little bit.

Jeanice S. | 2010-03-14

So I just got a 2007 Honda Accord SE sedan from here.  We really tried to negotiate the price as best as we could but at the end we settle for an APR of 5.9% since the car is under my mother's name.  Overall, the sales guy, Hector was helpful, but isn't much of a talker.  He does try to help, but at least he isn't one of those pushy sales guys.  The sales manager brought the price down which was good.  Compared to the Roseville Honda, Mel Rapton Honda is better.  We were there for about 3 hours which is kind of long.  Overall, this Honda is okay.  I do have to go back to buff my back bumper.  I am very happy with my Accord.

La C. | 2010-03-13

This place is great!  They get you in and out quickly for service, and don't push you to get work done until you really need it.

The folks who work there are all very polite and professional, and I got my car in and out for a service on a Saturday in 45 minutes.

They wash your car for free (exterior only), so you can always time your appointments around car washes.  They also have free Starbucks coffees in their vending machines if you want to have a nice hot drink while you are waiting for your car to be worked on.

If you get on their e-mail list you can get coupons for discounted services and accessories.

Great place overall!

Will C. | 2010-03-12

Loyal customer for several years for the Service Department.  I have never encountered any negative experience.  Great staff to work with and honest too.  Takes time to show you the problem and the recommended course of action.  Once the shop foreman took me under the car to explain it.  Waiting room is sort of small.  WIFI signal is very good.  But if the waiting room is tight, I move over to the regular service department waiting area where it's larger.  I highly recommend their service department.

As for the sales department, worked with the internet department.  They work on your schedule and they don't harass you.  Due to a misunderstanding concerning dealer incentives and Honda financing, Katina went out of her way to assist me throughout the buying process.  Because of this, I chose to buy my first car ever from Mel Rapton.  Rosemary Reeve was especially helpful with my internet inquiry.  The downside though was in the Finance Department.  He almost...ALMOST...killed the deal.  I just wished he stopped asking me for the 3rd time about taking the extended warranty.  He was really trying to sell me the warranty as if his life depended on it.  I honestly thought he was going to have a coronary.  All in all, I would buy again through their internet department.  It was "almost" easy.

Ryan B. | 2010-03-07

Charlie Nelson is the only service advisor you will ever need!  

I have been working with him exclusively for over 5 years.  He has to be one of the hardest working guys there.  Routinely goes out of his way to explain technical issues and is HONEST about what service needs to be done, doesn't, and if a mistake is ever made he will fix it.

Why people go to discount auto repair shops is beyond me.  After a timing belt mishap on a previous 95 civic hatchback literally blew off (as "repaired" twice by a no longer in business discount auto repair service) Mel Rapton Honda, and Charlie specifically has provided me with a level of quality, reliability, and personal service I have found no where else.  Thanks Charlie.


Roman R. | 2010-03-05

Honda Accord 2002 automatic ~40,000 miles
My car was not shifting well and it got worse. At first it was a bit of jerkiness sometimes while driving. Eventually, it started not wanting to shift into gear first thing in the morning (January). I eventually noticed an oil leak and took it in. It was about due for a regular service anyway. After $175 and a couple hours, they told me that the carrier bearings were starting to go out and leaking oil past the axle seal. Apparently the complexity of automatic transmissions means the entire thing would have to be replaced at a cost of $2550. Ouch! Unfortunately they had no comment with regard to how this might have happened.
After doing some internet research, I discovered that many Hondas have had a similar problem. Honda apparently sells bad transmissions or weak ones. It's not like I drive my car hard (except for in late December when I sped into and jumped a center divide accidentally, ripping up the splash guard which got replaced with the transmission for $77). One Honda web site suggested that I call and ask for a good will assistance. They did some research, called Mel Rapton and the dealer I bought the car from and apparently agreed that my car fit the profile of this too common early death transmission problem (torque converter problem?). So, they agreed to foot half the bill. I paid $1276.
I will say that Mel Rapton runs a pretty professional operation as far as customer service. They print out and itemize all the charges, meet and sometimes go a little below their estimate, work pretty quickly and give a shuttle service ride home included in the price, which I used today. That also have a nice (huge) show room/waiting area. I was in at about 7am and got the call that my car was ready at about 2pm. Their prices may be a bit higher than some places, but not terribly. Things always go pretty much like clockwork when I go there (usually just for regular service--which doesn't seem to have helped me at all).
As for the car itself, I have had some other problems with my Honda, which I always had a professional deal with. I'm not all that impressed at the quality of the supposedly very reliable Honda Accord (note my milage), but I really have no idea how often this stuff happens.

Katie G. | 2010-02-18

About 10 years ago I bought a used Honda from a private seller. Before purchasing the car I took it into the Mel Rapton honda shop and they did an over view of the car. I had such a good experience with them that even though I drive a Toyota now I still take it there. Every time I have been in an accident they take great care of my car and even go above and beyond like changing my headlights when they went out. They also make renting a car very easy by dropping me off and picking me up from Hertz down the road. Plus when I pick up my car and has been washed and vacumed. I am and will continue to be a proud customer of Mel Rapton Honda

L.J. S. | 2009-12-10

I have been coming to Mel Rapton for years, but not anymore.  I recently brought my Odyssey in for a minor service.  They told me that all my engine mounts were broken and needed to be replaced.  Since this was going to be very costly, I brought it to someone else to check and see if it was really necessary.   There was nothing wrong with my engine mounts.  The other mechanic said he had been seeing this a lot.  It seems that since business is way down, dealers are taking advantage of their customers.

I do not think you can trust them.  Get another opinion if you can.

Robert B. | 2009-11-08

Went in to buy a second used vehicle (our first being a 1997 Honda Odyssey we picked up for a great price that they've serviced excellently since), because I didn't want to go the new vehicle route. Went to many dealerships around town before coming back here, and just strolled the used lot. A great salesman named Floyd helped us out who wasn't pushy and didn't have a cheesy/sleazy personality like so many other car salesmen have. We felt in control the whole time. Didn't get the deals I was dreaming for once we got inside the place, and the finance guy Mike was fantastic. Nothing but great service and follow up from everyone involved so far. Even the guy who told me about window tinting was fun to talk to. The base price was pretty good on the window, so that made everything nice from there.

Brittany N. | 2009-10-07

I brought my car in for an oil change, but ended up getting turned away because I didn't actually need one (gotta love the spiffy Hondas that apparently tell you when they need their oil changed, as opposed to having to go strictly by the odometer).  When I joked that I was bummed to miss out on the free car wash, the nice guys at Mel Rapton didn't skip a beat and offered to clean it up for me anyway; I got my sparkly car back within minutes!

I docked a star since I can't speak to the actual quality of their repairs.  But if their customer service is any indication, I'm sure they do a great job.

Sam E. | 2009-09-26

Today I drove from Oakland to go pick up a a new car that I reserved over the phone the same day but half way there I received a call telling me that they sold the car! WTF? Ended going to Honda of Walnut Creek and I received great service and a great car at a great price!

Nick G. | 2009-08-27

I'm disapponted the Sacramento Trap and Skeet Club had to go, but I'm glad Mel Rapton Honda moved in.

Avoid Autowest Honda in Roseville like the plague and come here instead. Unlike Autowest, this place really does a good job.

Yes, you pay a lot (dealership repairs are legalized highway robbery), but they have always done a good job with the old Honda.

Shane B. | 2009-08-07

I got a great deal on my Honda Fit and their auto service is superb.  The guys are great to deal with while the girls sitting at the desk can be a little snotty.  Although, the girls in auto body were very helpful when I had a little fender bender.

Mona S. | 2009-08-07

Worst dealership ever! Stay away, especially from the sales manager BRANDON.
The salespeople lure you in with false promises, then the sales managers lead you on for hours before they screw you over.
I negotiated with salesman over the phone and agreed upon a reasonable price for a new Accord. The salesman ensured me that the price was set and the manager (Brandon) even called me to confirm the appt. When I asked him if the price was solid, he would only say that this particular salesman was a man of his word.
When we got there, everything seemed great. All the salesmen are friendly and courteous and ours had the car ready and was very helpful. Then they found out we wanted to do the Cash for Clunkers. Brandon came out and went over the negotiated price and said everything would be done shortly. He came back after 2 HOURS!!! Cody, our salesman, kept going back and forth, and just said that they were verifying all the information from our clunker and the paperwork takes time - okay, no problem, we said, AS LONG AS OUR PRICE IS STILL SET. He should he hopes so.
When Brandon came back, he had a sly , deceitful smile, and showed us price $3000 over!! When we asked what happened to the original price, he gave some lame reason. I was furious and asked why he had wasted our time if he had NO INTENTION of making a deal. Even our salesman (or so it appeared) was angry. He basically slapped us across the face and kept on smiling.

THIS DEALERSHIP IS FULL OF UNDERHANDED WEASELS!!! Mr Rapton and his family should pay more attention to providing some kind of adequate customer service and get rid of douchebags like Brandon

jeff k. | 2009-07-26

im not one to give places bad reviews or even 1 star unless my experience is just horrible.  thats what happened at mel rapton honda.
i walked in last thursday for an oil change.  they have an express lane just for that.  so i figured itd be somewhat quick.  given i went during my lunch.  so i figured it would be 30-45 mins.  
i walked in at 130 and there were 3 people sitting waiting for their cars with 1 person being rung up and ready to leave.  i finally got to the desk to get my paperwork and stuff done at 143.  it took the guy 13 mins just to ring up the person in front of me.  rediculous but didnt bother me too much at the time.  so my info got processed and the guy told me 30 no longer than 45 minutes so i told him i can wait.  given a oil change only takes about 10-15 mins i figure since theres 3 people in front of me ill give them up to 45 mins.  45 minutes later i was still waiting for my car.  1 hour later i saw my car outside done and ready to go.  im sitting there while i see the service men bring my paperwork in and ready for the guy to call my name.  15 minutes later i stand up and look at the guy and my paperwork and he just stares back and helps some other people who walk in.  so i ask him if my cars done and ready to go and he responds by saying let me help these people who just walked in because they were here in line first. so my respone was, "ive been here".  so about an hour and a half later (more like 2 hrs) he finally calls my name and doesnt even apologize for the wait.  he just asks for my money and then say have a nice day.  i said, yea right buddy my days screwed because of the terrible service provided.
i would never come back to this honda dealership for anything.  my experience here was that bad.  i dont recommend any of you who are reading this, come to this place for anything either.  mel rapton honda needs to make some changes before they go out of business.  train your employees in customer service and also learn how to run a business to be more effective.  1hr and 30 mins to 1hr and 45 mins waiting is crazy for just and oil change.

Mona M. | 2009-06-08

I went to Mel Rapton Honda's express service for the fourth time this weekend. This has been my go to place for oil changes since I moved to Sacramento.  

They have great customer service and the prices are really reasonable. I also love that they offer a free exterior car wash. It's a nice little perk.  The people there have always been really nice to me and never try to push extra services on me like you find at other places.

Also, their new location is awesome. I think they can still spruce up their waiting room a bit, it may actually make me stay there during my oil change. I usually drive out with my boyfriend and leave after I drop off my car...

If you guys have a Honda...take it here for an oil change, they are great!

Inigo M. | 2009-05-20

Free wifi at the sales building is pretty solid / stable...perfect for work (VPN works) when you have to wait for car repair.

I can't say enough good things about their service department...once again they repaired my vehicle quickly and for a fair price. The service reps are as pleasant as ever.

Steve S. | 2009-05-16

I will never do business with them again!   First, I went to their location to find they lied to me and did not have the model of CRV I wanted even though  they said they did and we had an appointment.  They then tried to sell  me another model.  Second,  they gave  me an absurd estimate for a bumper replacement, 6 to 7 hundred dollars to just paint a bumper.  250 dollars to order it and that didn't include installation.   They were also very rude.  Some businesses just need to fail.

Lauren D. | 2009-05-14

Wow! I'm shocked by all the negative reviews preceding mine. I have had nothing but great experiences at this dealership.

A few months ago (at the other location) I had to go in when my battery wasn't working right. Not only did they finish it in 20 minutes, they didn't charge me.

Then my roomie and I went there a month ago, she bought a new cr-v and everything went so smooth and easy. Everyone was a joy to do business with.

Then I took my car there yesterday to replace my brake pads, and EVERYTHING WAS SO EASY. The man who helped me was super sweet and patient and communicative. I want to send them a thank you card for all they did. And I am not even covering it all.

I suggest you give them a try. Ignore the bad reviews.

Pie S. | 2009-05-14

One more note - Mel Rapton Honda is completely unresponsive to customer inquiries and comments through their website.

Dave H. | 2008-09-05

zero stars if I could. I never had such an unorganized and rude experience at a dealershipin my life and I've been to a lot of dealerships. Long story short u need to know your rights before you come here or they will take advantage of you and possibly make your experience as bad as mine.

Stacy G. | 2008-08-27

I have used Mel Rapton twice now and have been favorably and unexpectedly impressed. A natural cynic when it comes to anything related to cars, I was weary of my first encounter, but found the staff to be pleasant and efficient. Both times I have gone here to have my car serviced, I received a discount without asking for it. The thing I appreciate the most is that I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of when I come here. I'm a big fan of Mel.

Aimee P. | 2008-08-26

After researching and settling on the Honda Element, I started putting calls out to NorCal dealerships.  Katina Rapton answered my call, listened to my requirements, and got back to me within a couple of hours with multiple cars to consider.  Katina was understanding, helpful, patient and never once made me feel like I was talking to a car salesperson.  When I made the trip to the dealership from SF, Katina was on vacation in NYC, but made sure I was well looked after by Giorgio, her "Element guru".  It was a very easy going, no pressure deal that got done in a very quick afternoon... and the price was well below what other NorCal dealerships were quoting me!!!  She even called me from her vacation to ask how everything went and if I was satisfied.  In fact, I got a few more calls in the following week from her and Giorgio too, just to make sure I was happy and the car was all right.  Great customer service.  Now flash to today, four weeks after purchase...  in an hour I have to pick up my friends to drive out to Sunnyvale for a concert, and I have to put the back seats back in, but I've forgotten how.  No problem, I call the dealership, and Giorgio walks me through it on speaker phone.  He got into an Element and went through the steps with me one by one.  So I must amend my previous statement- FREAKING AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!  Thank you Mel Rapton Honda!

Taun V. | 2008-07-28

Ready to tango with up to three sales people including the general floor manager?  Because that's exactly what happens when you're dealing with this "churn'em in and chuck'em out" dealership.  My girlfriend and I walked around this car lot for sometime without anyone asking us for assistance.  This was despite the fact that several salesmen had walked pass us while they were out helping other customers.  We found a Civic Si that we liked and proceeded inside to get a salesman.  On the sales floor, where you'd normally have cars showcased, we noticed a bunch of round tables.  They were set up like tables you'd find in a cafeteria or food court.  Initially, we thought it was just the waiting area for the service department, but it was actually the area that the sales people used to close their deals!  So you're basically sitting there, intermixed with a bunch of other customers, going through personal things like your credit history.

After we finally got someone to help us, the test drive itself was idiotic with the salesman dictating the route.  It was essentially the "four-right-turns back to the dealership" path, so they didn't even allow us to put the car through its paces or get on the freeway.  We also had a trade-in and implicitly told them any deal would be contingent upon the value of the trade-in, which had previously been appraised by Carmax.  Mel Rapton Honda couldn't meet or beat the offer, which is understandable since Carmax can sometimes be more competitive.  We told the salesman that we understood and would take our trade-in back to Carmax.  Once we had the cash, we would come back for the Civic understanding they WOULD NOT hold it for us.  

Simple right?  Wrong.  Instead, they wanted us to leave them a check for the entire amount of the Civic and "promised" not to cash it until we received the funds from Carmax.  We explicitly told them "No" because we were uncomfortable with leaving a $16k check in anyone's hands, let alone an auto dealership.  We went through the salesman, assistant manager, and general floor manager before finally walking out.  The general floor manager was the most unprofessional, rudest undignified ass I've ever met.  He kept raising his voice, almost shouting, in order to make us accept the deal and leave a check.  When he couldn't get his way, he just abruptly got up and stormed away from the table, proceeding to another table hoping to close a deal (or lose another customer).  It was almost like a hopscotch game.

Anyhow, we were more than civil throughout the negotiations and upfront about what we wanted.  I understand that dealerships need to make a profit in order to stay in business, but they can do so in a way that's professional without lambasting the customer.  

If you want sorry service, a piss poor attitude, and an unprofessional approach, go no further than Mel Rapton Honda.

M M. | 2008-02-09

Katrina Rapton is NOT her father when it comes to running a business. This place is horrible in both sales and service. My best advice is to stay far away as possible.

mike u. | 2007-10-27

I've owned 3 different Hondas in the past 10 years and I had taken the first one to various places for repair until finally ending up at Mel Rapton on one occasion. The service is top notch and fast. We taken our cars there since.  I work close by and the service manager even brought my car over to me when it was done on 2 occasions! For that - 5 stars. The work is always done to spec and never a need to bring it back in for the same problem.  Their shop is old, but they are moving to a new location which should change that.

reggiequadroupled P. | 2007-08-14

Horrible dealership. For being the only Honda Dealership close to the core Sacramento area they are very out dated and cluttered. I have never purchased a car from them but I can only and will comment on their service department. They have an area called "quick lube"... well don't hold your breath. Don't try going on your lunch or you will be screwed. They tell you 1 hour for service but it takes 2-3  hours. Every time. They have an over night early bird drop off but they figure I guess that you have time to wait forever the next day to wonder about what's going on with your car. they have never called in the morning. They don't call when its done and they almost always try to charge you for something they didn't do. Do NOT get your car serviced at Mel Rapton Honda. They are extremely SLOW, disorganized and careless. They have no idea how to prioritize themselves and do mediocre service. Last but not least, when the techs test drive your car they get it extremely dirty. PLEASE WEAR GLOVES. Who wants mechanic grease all over their shifter and steering wheel???