Mason RV and Auto in Sacramento, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Mason RV and Auto in Sacramento, CA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Mason RV and Auto, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Mason RV and Auto in other cities in the California.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 929-2917
Address:2480 Green St, Sacramento, CA, 95815

Reviews on Mason RV and Auto

Aria H. | 2014-02-09

This RV dealership is now in Davis, CA at 1700 Olive Drive, under a different name- RV USA. In my opinion, it is never a good sign when a business changes its name.

We actually came to this dealership twice during normal business hours and no one was to be found. Not a soul in sight. On our third visit, we finally found Jim, who was clearly dissatisfied that our children were on the lot. he was glaring at them from the moment we he saw them, and actually told them they could not look inside of an RV. He yelled at them to "stay back!" as if they were a pack of wild dogs. This is a big purchase for our family and our children WILL be involved. It is exciting for them too!

Well, it was exciting for our teenage daughter. Not anymore. She and my husband caught Jim looking at her inappropriately several times during our visit, which was approximately 40 minutes (too) long. Our 15 year old girl is now reminded of how uncomfortable Jim made her feel every time she is in the RV (which we did NOT purchase from JIM after-all). Yuck, what a pervert.  

The lot at 1700 Olive drive is tiny and overcrowded. It feels like a junkyard. It is so tiny, that on our visit I actually heard him badmouthing and plotting against one of his mechanics. I could not believe the things he was saying about a man named "Tim."  (Tim, if you're out there, take your last check and move on. This man is going to set you up and fire you) To make matters worse, he was talking to another employee! I was stunned at Jim's complete lack of ethics.

This dealership should be shut down and Jim's business license should be revoked. He is sleazy and dishonest. I can only imagine what has happened in the past that incited him to change his business name from Mason RV to RV USA, and to change cities. eeekk.... maybe I don't want to know.

M. Yomna B. | 2012-10-07

I wish I could give more stars.  Just recently bought an RV from Jim and I have never been so confident with my purchase.  I always use to refer to car salesman as sleezy people but Jim definitely doesn't fall in that category.  I have been researching RV's for quite some time and since they're like homes, there was still so much to know!!  I finally started to look at RV's in LA but decided to drive up to northern Cali since I saw there were better deals.  After going to several places in northern Cali I finally went to Mason RV and Auto and it was definitely the last.  I had a list of questions and Jim was very honest and open with answering my questions and I never felt any pressure to buy any of his RV's.  He just wanted me to be comfortable with my purchase.  Of course, as a yelper, I also asked him about the bad review he received by Dave H.  He was honest and straight forward and any right parent would know NOT to let their kids run around a store and touch everything without parent supervision let alone an RV dealership.  

After my visit there I went home and did more research and everything Jim was saying was right and honest and I was shocked!!  So at that point I decided to drive up again and go with one of his RV's.  He was patient and very helpful in guiding me down the right direction for even my financing.  I've had my RV all summer and I would say it was my best buy of the year.  

I highly recommend Mason RV and Auto and it was definitely still worth driving the distance.  I have the theory that going with a small mom and pop place saves you the cost of overhead and employees and after doing more research I found that  he gave the best price that I was never able to find again.  I've also refered several friends and they are very happy with their purchases as well.

Dave H. | 2012-01-24

Went to see Jim at this small dealership to view a RV with my family.   Of coarse, according to Jim everything was perfect with this RV, it is a great deal and these have been selling fast.  Before we left we pointed out the cracked window and broken interior wall, and told him we would like to see some others before deciding on a RV.  This morning I got a phone call from Jim, and after I told him we weren't interested he tells me my kids broke the interior wall because they didn't know how to close a shelf.  The large crack would of made a sound we would have heard, and my kids tell me they only discovered the crack.  I believe them and feel it was unprofessional of Jim to tell me we broke something when we did not.  Additionally, he has multiple postings of the same RV on Craigslist with different prices.