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Maita Subaru is proud to serve Sacramento with quality Subaru vehicles. With models like the new 2011- 2012 Subaru Impreza, WRX, STI, Legacy, Outback, Forester and Tribeca, we have something for every taste and need.

Come visit us at 2410 Auburn Blvd. to see our vehicles and take one for a test drive. If you're looking for a used car in Sacramento, we can assist you there as well. Visit our inventory page to see our large collection of pre-owned vehicles.

Maita Subaru is not just your Sacramento Subaru dealership; we also provide a full line of services dedicated to our California customers. From Subaru car repairs performed by expert mechanics, to OEM Subaru auto parts, to car loans, Maita Subaru is the smart choice for your automotive needs.

Come in and say hi! We're located at 2410 Auburn Blvd. or you can call us at (916) 486-8500.


Established in 1991.

Maita Subaru has proudly served Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville and Elk Grove for 20 years.

Maita Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 486-8500
Address:2400 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95821
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Maita Subaru

Joy J. | 2015-04-24

Just bought a used 2012 Subaru Forester from Maita Mada Subaru.  Best car buying experience to date.  Thank you to the sales person Jeffrey Martinis who even came in on his day off to help us.  Everyone was so nice.  I love my car.

Zara S. | 2015-04-14

i bought my '09 forester here in late november of 2014, and i was nervous about buying a used car -- can't lie.  i have astonishingly bad credit, so i was originally looking for a miracle at one of those crappy little dealerships that sell out of tiny little shacks.  after a hell of a run around, my friend encouraged me to check out maita subaru, and i figured i didn't have anything to lose, so i poked my head in -- and i am so glad i did.  not only did they have the perfect vehicle i didn't even know i wanted, THEY WERE ABLE TO FINANCE ME.  and not only were they able to finance me, I'M NOT PAYING PAYING OUT THE NOSE.  yes, my rate is a little higher than most, but them's the breaks when you're financially irresponsible as a young adult, right?  they worked with me to negotiate a payment i could live with, and i am so grateful to the awesome sales staff at maita for making this possible.  not only do i have a great car, but this is helping to rebuild my credit.  it's been nearly five months and i've put just over 8,000 more miles on my beloved suby, and he is solid as a rock.  i maintain him well, and i never worry about driving him long distances.  maita sold me a really good vehicle, and they were up-front and super-helpful about it.  i was in and out within two hours, and that included a small amount of hemming and hawing on my part.  i am so glad i bought my car here.  it was a great experience, and my car is definitely not a lemon.  do yourself a favor, and check these folks out when you're looking for your next car.  :)

Cindy C. | 2015-03-15

I love Maiti Subaru's service department.  I bought my original Subaru at the Automall in Roseville... Their service department sucked so we found Maiti Subaru.  Their service department goes the extra mile. I ended up trading in my first Subaru in for another and bought it at Maiti.  I cannot ever seeing going to another dealership.

Nate M. | 2015-03-13

They told me over the phone that the shuttle would easily get me to work by 7:45 if I dropped my car off by 7:00am. When I was there, they told me the shuttle wouldn't leave until around 7:45. They basically wasted my time.

Smelly C. | 2015-03-10

I was looking to buy a car for some time.. I found a car here at Maita. I ended up financing though Maita as well.. They got me a better loan rate than I got at my credit union.

I kinda already knew what I wanted and the salesperson just facilitated that. Real nice guy. He wasn't pushy at all.. then I got to the finance guy and he was nice too..

I didn't have an above average experience.. Maybe I was just worn out from months of car shopping.. I don't know.. But I bought here.. and I feel okay about it. I've been back for service and the sales person that helped me remembered me and my name each time I saw him. That was nice.

Cons: I'm not keen on their detail.. When I bought my car and they cleaned it up for me to take home, it wasn't a stellar job. It was streaky and I just wanted to take it somewhere else to get washed and detailed. That kinda made the buying experience a little somber. Like, I just dropped racks on this and that's how I get it?

I've called service with a question and was told the person to talk to would call me back. Never called me..

So i'm not really impressed nor am I hating on Maita Subaru. It's just A-OK.

Stacy O. | 2015-03-08

I bought my 2013 Outback from a dealer in the Bay Area. At time of purchase there was a squeaky noise coming from under hood, I inquired about it and it was quickly serviced and noise gone. I was then told that there was one new tire on vehicle, as that was only one that needed replacement. I thought odd but was so excited to get car that I believed what dealer said.
Two weeks later, noise returned and brought me to Maita Mazda/Subaru where Zack Carter, in service assisted me with my vehicle. While my car was being serviced with a new fan belt, he also mentioned the one new tire and explained to me how bad this was for the car, the cost of damage to car with uneven wear and tear and cost for tires would be less expensive than the repairs from having uneven tread. He suggested I call the dealer where I purchased and ask for tires, inform them of potential hazard of selling me a car with only one new tire. It is thanks to Zack for saving me big bucks and suggesting dealer of purchase to replace tires because they did without question.
Zack also spent time helping me program the blue tooth. It is because of his time, effort, follow through, knowledge and excellent customer service that will keep me coming back to Maita.

Just two weeks after new tires and fan belt, I was in a car accident. I called Zack and he referred me to Maita Body Shop. After the car was repaired Zack brought my car in for a complimentary diagnostic to make sure car was running properly after accident. He picked it up from body shop and retuned it there after clean bill of health.

Lastly, I was unable to link up my garage opener to the home link and thought it was due to the car accident or some other malfunction. Zack consulted his service manager and requested a tech come to my house and troubleshoot. Zack and his service team offer excellent customer service and I couldn't be happier with my Subaru purchase knowing I am in good hands with its servicing.

Thanks Zack and Maita!

Naomi L. | 2015-03-08

I recently purchased my 2014 Forester XT elsewhere, I knew Scott in the service department from previous service and was told to see Viktor in parts for my accessory needs. Was great to be able to pick all weather floor mats and cup holder separator at a good price and in stock. Also love how I'm always greeted when I walk through the door!

Sheri W. | 2015-02-23

I wish I could give this place zero stars. My service her was ridiculous. First time car buyer I go into buy a used car and the people were friendly sort of. The car was older(2004) so it wasn't recommended to get a warranty. I took a long thought of getting a warranty or not. I decided to not get a warranty due to the clean car fax(there service department had inspected it just a month before I bought it so they said on the carfax). I get home and I use the sunroof of my car, suddenly it breaks of the tracks. I take it back for them to fix it and they did so with minor hassle. In coming home from getting the sunroof fixed(had to get fixed twice since they did not really fix it the first time so they had my car in the shop for a month) I park the car on incline and the car starts to leak(they had inspected the car so why is there a leak). Also in the middle of all these issues I was stranded twice in the middle of the night because the cars starter and battery quit on me. Anyways as I was saying when I told them about the transmission leak as well as a oil leak they were un willing to help. I told them this is ridiculous the car was inspected by the dealership(stated on carfax) and they did not inform me of this before the selling of the car and was not stated on carfax...I set an appointment to talk about me being wrongly sold a car and they wanted me to pay for a diagnostics(mind you I had two diagnostics already done in the matter of two months after buying the car and they want me to pay for another one when it was there fault for lying in about inspecting the car?!) I told them I will not pay for a diagnostics due to it being there fault and the carfax etc and the lady at the desk got very rude with me so I left. Anyways I can go on forever about how they wronged me at this dealership but all in all do not go to this dealership for any reason. Bad service and unrightful selling of vehicles.

Andy C. | 2015-02-10

Best car buying experience ever!  I found the Crosstrek I wanted online, got a quick and easy quote that blew away the True Car estimate.  The one I wanted was still in transport, but they never tried to sell me into one on the lot right away.  In fact Larry, whom I worked with, never came off pushy or salesy at all, he was more focused on being helpful.  
Before this, my comparison of car buying experiences was degrees of bad.  Pushy salesmen, dishonest finance practices, and the like are what I've grown to expect.  I kept my guard up here, but continued to be pleasantly surprised.
I got the exact vehicle I wanted, at a great price, and had a very pleasant experience!

Nikki J. | 2015-01-30

when you take your car in to be repaired, you shouldn't leave the dealership with stuff broken that was working when you dropped it off....
i had a new engine block put in my 04 Subaru.  when i finally got it back the AC was not working and neither is my radio.  so now i have to go back yet again for them to fix what they broke.  

their customer service was very  friendly, but im a little leery on what goes on in their shop... are their techs properly trained?

Ryan V. | 2015-01-30

Finally built up my credit to the point where I could get financed and decided to go ahead and pick a new 2015 Subaru WRX for my birthday. I've bought used cars before, but this was my first NEW car buying experience and as a buyer I definitely wanted things to go smoothly. I looked at several dealers in CA and decided to visit Maita due to their wide selection. Not even knowing about their current Yelp ratings, I came prepared and ready to test drive (I'm also a big Subaru enthusiast, so it helps to have some background knowledge on the products you plan to buy). Though I wasn't really greeted by any sales staff, I found it more effective that way for my buying experience, as I got to walk around and check out the inventory, and approached a sales staff member once I was ready. Off the bat, I test drove a WRX base model and a premium model with Jamie, who I found to be a delight and had the pleasure of working with after. He was kind, respectful, courteous, and always had a smile on, making this one of the most comfortable and easy car buying experiences I've ever had. I ended up choosing the premium at a great price and went over all the financial details with Eric, who was also a great guy to work with. He explained everything thoroughly, including payments, protection, warranty, etc. and got me an interest rate that I could afford. After everything was said and done, I picked the car up 2 days later (per request) all detailed and clean and drove my brand new 2015 Subaru WRX premium model home with a smile. Keep up the good work and service Maita, 5 stars from this guy. Well deserved.

Diana D. | 2015-01-24

This has to have been the strangest non-car buying experience. Ever.

Then I received three emails from a "concerned" sales manager asking my feedback on my experience. I replied once, stating my it could be improved. I was certain within an hour or two I could get a result. I never heard back.

I replied to the third email soliciting me for feedback with a longer reply. Still ignored.

I honestly got the impression they couldn't care less.


Chris B. | 2015-01-23

This review is for the sales department.  

In general the staff here is quite polite was respectful of my time considerations when I came in with my significant other to test drive vehicles.  We were informed of all available options and not pressured to buy.  As a result, given I was ready to purchase a vehicle I came back with the intention to make a deal.

I sat down with sales staff and pointed out specifically that I needed to be out of there by a certain time and this seemed well understood.  My negotiation process seemed to go smoothly and we appeared to settle on an out the door price for the vehicle, how much I would be financing and a very low balled price on my trade-in.  Regardless, the price seemed right.

At this point they took me out to drive the car again and make sure I was certain and at this point things looked good.  I was asked to come into the sales office and start filling out financing paperwork/etc and then after the preliminary paperwork was shown a "new" number that was almost $6000 more than previously shown.

At this point my numbers and Maita Subaru's numbers are more than $6000.  Regardless of my encouragement to make this right given the amount of time that was now wasted there was no way that this deal was going to happen.  

The car buying process is by nature, sometimes a completely pain in the ass but at least most of time if you are clear about your means/options this kind of thing doesn't happen.  As much as I do enjoy hearing the classic car salesmen stories about inability to move on price because of inventory/etc these excuses fall on deaf ears if the customer is treated like this.  

I not only feel like I wasted 3 hours of my time but my taste for purchasing a Subaru has been significantly soured.

Michelle M. | 2015-01-16

I'm honestly quite surprised to see any poor reviews about the customer service. My husband and I just leased (and I mean literally tonight) a new WRX and I can't say enough about how friendly, personable, and helpful the staff members were. Daniel and Kevin worked together as our salesmen and were absolutely fantastic. We had specific limits and they were able to help us meet them as closely as humanly possible. The manager was even kind enough to come out and PERSONALLY help us with our decision. They weren't pushy in the least and we never felt obligated to make any choices. Amazing experience and we could not be happier. Thank you!!

Paul C. | 2015-01-10

Recently purchased a brand new WRX from Maita Subaru. I typically dread buying cars because of the sleazy sales guys and endless negotiation. Maita Subaru was completely different. I worked with Steve and Larry, they were both very well educated on the car and incredibly professional throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend buying your next Subaru here!

Ken P. | 2015-01-02

Smooth. Easy. Pretty quick. We got a referral from Costco, the salesman emailed me, we bought the car.  Third car we purchased from a Maita dealership over nearly 20 years.

David H. | 2014-12-30

Had a fantastic experience with Bogdan and Will at Maita Suburu. The negotiation was fair for both sides and even though it was the end of the year and they a load of business to get through - both Bogdan and Will were patient and listened to our needs. Thus my sister left in a brand new Forester Premium with awesome options and weathertech mats. Fantastic and professional and thank you.

Nathan M. | 2014-11-22

Service techs are terrible, I've had 3 parts replaced under warranty and they leave paint chips and scratches every time. No attention to detail. Ordered wrong parts multiple times. Taken joyrides. Ignores obvious issues if not specifically reported by customer, and doesn't notify customer of issue when found.

For car sales, they install aftermarket keyless access on brand new cars by cutting and splicing factory wiring. They do not notify customers of the modifications before purchase. They refuse to replace the cut and spliced wiring.

Steve D. | 2014-11-14

This review is for the service department.

Encounter #1
I bought a new 2007 Forester here.  At about 30,000 miles, a head gasket began leaking exhaust into the water system and blowing water out of the overflow tank during acceleration.  I took it in and told them this, and they "tested" it and told me that it was not leaking, and that it must be "air in the system".    They "re-filled the system" and sent me on my way.    A week later it was back in the shop for several days having the head gaskets replaced along with machining of the heads, thanks to the overheating that normally happens when you have a leaking head gasket that pushes water out of the overflow tank.    So Maita, here is the lesson for you:  When you have bubbles in the radiator that smell like exhaust, and a full coolant system that pushes water out of the overflow tank under high cylinder pressures even before the car comes up to operating temperature, it's a leaking head gasket.  Please pass this info along to your mechanics with my compliments.  Wait, forget the compliments.  Just pass it along.

Encounter #2
At about 120K miles, out of warranty, I had a check engine light.  I asked if I could bring it in and have it read on the code reader so I would know what's going on.  They said "Sure".  I asked if they would tell me what the code was, and they said "no".  I asked why, and they said that they don't like customers getting codes and attempting to do their own repairs.  So I took it to an independent shop who read the code for me, and I did the repair myself.   That shop is now my go-to repair shop (See my review on Joe's Alfa and Subarus).

Encounter #3
A few days ago I needed to know how many miles I need to drive the car after a code-reset before taking it to be smogged.  They said they would get back to me.  That was around four or five days ago.  If they ever do call back with an answer, it'll be my first positive experience with Maita's service department and I'll bump them up to two stars.

So there is my review of Maita's service department.  I am getting depressed just writing this.

Horst S. | 2014-10-04

This review is late in coming, since I bought my Outback here in 2012, but I have been reading reviews of the sales staff and I am having trouble understanding the negative reviews...

This was the easiest, friendliest and quick car buying experiences I have ever had (not counting my last VW lease, which was a breeze).

Not only were the sales staff attentive and polite, but they went out of their way to listen to what I was looking for and finding it for me. The whole process could not have taken more than 2 hours, which is quick for buying a car - trust me. I've owned at least 20 different cars in my lifetime. I also took advantage of the Costco pricing program, which made the whole thing a no-brainer. I had researched pricing before walking through the door, so I know I got a reasonable price. I could have, if I had wanted to, negotiated a better price, but it was good enough that I didn't have to bother.

The service department is also excellent, and Lea is a great advisor. I have had to bring the car back in when a concern was not addressed, but they always make sure to take care of it if it's not right the first time.

There are only 2 dealerships I have dealt with here in Sacramento that I really like, and Maita Subaru is definitely one of them.

Jason J. | 2014-09-28

I just have to rave about their Service Consultant, Lea Caputo, and just how awesome she is!

To start from the beginning, my vehicle's coolant light turned on and found out that I had to replace the head gasket; not the best news to hear. I called the Subaru dealership and was transferred to Caputo. Told her I was getting my car towed via AAA and offered the best time to bring it in. She was so helpful, confirmed my warranty, and provided me the confidence my car was going to be taken care of. The only negative thing I have to say is that it took a little longer than expected, hold my car for a week, but because Caputo constantly kept me in the loop, I didn't mind so much.

Not only did they fix the head gasket, they did their inspection and recommended a few things. Caputo broke it down for me and let me know about prices and what was priority. I hope I wouldn't have to go back so soon, but If I have to, I'm happy to be giving her my business. Thank you!

Nandhini S. | 2014-08-31

We'd bought a Mazda from these folks in 2012, and were now in the market for a subaru.
The exact make we wanted was very uncommon and we were able to narrow it down to about 12 subarus in a 200 mile radius, one of which happened to be with these guys. We got a price quote which was over $500 of the lowest quote obtained and given their "price match policy", we asked them to match the price.
Our point of contact was Larry (we were doing this via internet sales since we are from San Jose and really needed to finalize the deal before starting on a three hour drive.
Our other viable option was with the Bakersfield subaru, which is four hours in the opposite direction. Since these cars were getting sold out pretty quick, we were trying to lock down price and availability with these guys. What was really unprofessional was that the first phone conversation with them was around noon and despite repeated emails and phone calls, it took me three hours just to be told that they couldn't match the price I had.
Not only did these guys go back on their promise of "we will match any quote", but they were sloppy about picking up the telephone, about replying to a customer, and in general everything.
I'm never going to go back to these guys again and will really go out of my way to influence friends to give these guys a wide berth. Their mediocre pricing can't make up for their awful customer service in any way.

Lyle W. | 2014-08-04

Made an appointment for a repair and here is the terrible customer service I received:
When I first called their price was higher than any other dealer but I spoke to a woman who agreed to match the price on the part and charge me 1 hour labor. Their labor rate was higher but the convenience of their location made it worth the extra cost ($500 instead of $450). I made an appointment for a week in the future and was told I would get a call to confirm the details. I did not receive a call so I called them 5 days before to make sure they had ordered the part. They had not ordered it, I shouldn't have to remind them but it was good that I did. They put the order in but couldn't confirm the price, they would call me.
I then got a call from Ben Lee who was very nice, asking for the VIN, which nobody asked about at the time I made the appointment.
This was Tuesday for a Friday appointment. They had all the details about my car for several days and now it's Thursday and still no confirmation of the price match.
Once again, I call them to get them to do what they were supposed to do in the first place, confirm the price match.
At this point, the day before my appointment, I am told by Ben Lee that he spoke to the service manager and just found out they won't work on my car because unlike every other dealer I've spoken with, Maita Subaru "doesn't work on cars with salvage titles".
He seems like a nice guy but it's a little late for him to be finding this out about his own company, much less telling me about it. Now I have to order the part from another dealer and wait another week. If you are looking for a dealer with fair pricing and good customer service, keep looking, don't visit Maita.

Katie G. | 2014-07-29

Our buying experience here was... interesting. I wasn't happy with our salesman who originally told us he had "an appointment" when we said we just wanted to look over a '14 Outback. He asked us, point blank, "are you looking to buy today" which my husband started to reply to and I promptly interrupted, "if you give me the price I want, yes". This was our first car buying experience as a married couple.

If you're new to buying cars, or new to buying cars in California, please stop everything and google spot delivery sales. Maita pulled this on us because they knew we were first time couple car buyers. It ended up working out well in the end, but I had to pay a lawyer for a private consult to help me figure out what the heck was going on because Maita was so unprofessional and terrible about communication. Just do your homework, that's what I'm saying.

I'm in love with our Outback, and I really like the Service Department here. Buying a car is a miserable experience in general and I normally spend a ton of time researching before making any decisions. Unfortunately I mistakenly trusted our salesman and the finance department because they were fabulous actors. A Grammy worthy performance for sure.

Tom P. | 2014-06-18

Purchased a 2015 Subaru Forester from Maita Subaru last week. From start to finish, I had a fantastic experience. I had shopped around online after test driving the 2015 Forester at a different dealership. Larry B. contacted me with the exact model that I had inquired about within 15 minutes of requesting information. I was completely satisfied with my pricing, financing and was delighted by Larry's customer service and professionalism. Car shopping/buying is not always an easy experience. I'd recommend doing as much homework as possible and be sure to shop around. When doing so, do not pull the trigger until you stop in and give Maita Subaru a shot at earning your business. Love my new ride!

H L. | 2014-06-17

Summary: We were ignored, not taken seriously, said no test drives unless we were going to buy the car and must have credit check. No way I would buy a car without a test drive. We were interested in Wrx.

We were at maita Subaru. Look around and felt ignored. Finally a sales person came. We were looking for a vehicle with trunk space for future newborn but also wanted fun to drive.  The sales person did not seem to know his cars. We decided to look at mazda as well which is next door.

We purchased 2 mazda 3 5 door last year from them and drove in with one. The one we have is 2013, the one we wanted to test drive is 2015, completely different body style. We asked for a sales person and unfortunately we got the same sales person from Subaru - Khan C or something similar to that. "why do u want to test drive the mazda 3, you already have one and know how it drives".

We told him we wanted to test drive it anyway. He brought out the keys and we said we wanted the 5 door. He then said, "why the sedan drives exactly the same".

We then went back to maita Subaru and wanted to test the Wrx. Sales person, khan, said no unless u really are going to buy the car and have a credit check. We said the credit check is fine.  As we were walking toward Subaru, a sales person came to him and said his customer was back looking for him, he said sorry and left and he had asked someone to find us a a sales person. We got to Subaru main office, and I assume the manager was told we need help.  I can hear him say they were here already before!  We sat there for a while and decided to leave. Guess we will be test driving and buying our car somewhere else.

Shopping for a car is hard enough, I don't need to waste time with this dealership. I'll be buying my car somewhere else.

T D. | 2014-06-04

Wanted to test drive a wrx to make a final decision to buy I was debating between the wrx and the Ford st.  We had to wait like 30min before I was contacted by a sales person. And when I did the man didn't bother to introduce himself or shake are hands he just said you guys need have any questions.  Then they don't let you test drive the cars unless you are going to buy that day.  So basically if you want to make a final decision between the two cars and want to actually test drive both with out buying that day you can't.  Poor customer service and non consumer friendly policies.  I definitely won't be buying from here.

Nicole S. | 2014-05-11

I was working for a bit with the internet sales team.  They were pretty responsive to questions however emailed me a little more than I liked regarding a confirmation to come in and test drive.  I don't like feeling pressured, and though I get they have a business to run, I should be able to drop in at any time and test drive.  I told them I would come on a Saturday.  That should be enough.  Yet they wanted the exact time.  I was in the market for a compact SUV or wagon.  I did my research and I was interested in Mazda and Subaru - both at this location.  Great!  When I arrived there was some confusion at the desk.  Since I didn't give a time, I guess it wasn't noted that I would show up at all.  After explaining who I had been talking to to 3 different people, I got paired with a salesman.  It was awkward from the beginning.  He wanted me to give him all my info right there at the desk while standing.  I didn't really feel comfortable talking money in front of the whole dealership, but whatever.  I even asked, "Right here?  We aren't going to move somewhere else?"  Nope.  Then once he heard my limited monthly payment bracket (I'm a public school teacher and single mom), he lost enthusiasm.  He did let me see a few new and used cars.  He did let me test drive one used that I was seriously considering - but man it was FILTHY inside.  They do not clean or detail their vehicles before purchase apparently.  It had footprints, dirt, stains, tape residue.  Gross.  Then test drove a 2014 Mazda 3 and Impreza.  Had to sit on top of plastic when exploring it.  But for the drive they took out all the packaging garbage.  Thanks.  Once done we went inside and I asked to run numbers to see what I could afford.  Apparently that meant filling out an entire credit application.  I was NOT going to lease that day.  I like a day to think at least and I wanted to go to the Mini lot and Honda lot to test drive the other cars I was interested in before deciding.  Once they offered me a pretty poor deal, I told them I would need to think on it. The reaction was not good.  Insulting.  Asked me, "What did I do wrong...," trying to play on my emotions.  He was literally frowning and faking being hurt.  Again, gross.  Kept pressuring me to sign NOW.  Said I didn't like how high the monthly payment was.  He went to his manager and I could overhear them badmouthing me and my budget.  SCREW THEM.  What a-holes.  Walked away and never looked back.  Drove to Mel Rapton Honda and signed an AWESOME lease on a new CR-V that was $50 less a month for 1 year less with practically 0% interest.  And they were going to honor their deal even if I walked away.  I got it all in writing.  Brought in a 2nd opinion, who was also impressed, and signed that day.  THAT'S how you close a deal.  If you want a lot of pressure, disrespect and sandbagging, go to Maita.  If you want to be treated like a human who works hard for your money and deserves respect, go elsewhere.  These guys are jerks.

Kevin B. | 2014-05-06

This review is for the sales department.  

My sister wanted to buy a Subaru so I went with her to Maita Subaru.  She was undecided between the Impreza wagon, the Crosstrek, and the Outback.  We went to the dealership early on a Saturday to test out all three cars.  Salesman Eric (with an Aussie/Kiwi accent) greeted us.  Since she was not purchasing that day, I let Eric know that we just wanted to test drive and decide on a car.  Eric asked all the usual questions, but we were aloof because my sister was still undecided.  We said that we were sort of interested in the Honda CRV or Civic.  He responds by saying "It sounds like you don't know what you want". My sister really wanted a Subaru.  All she wanted was to get a feel for all three cars.  

First we sat inside an Outback limited, then we sat inside an Impreza wagon.  My sister didn't like the interior of the Impreza.  Too small, and too cheap for her tastes.  At this point she was leaning toward the Outback, but we still wanted to try all three cars.  When we asked Eric if we could test drive all three he told us that he couldn't because Saturdays are busy and they can't let us drive every car on the lot. He said this with the meanest attitude. Keep in mind the lot was empty except for us.  He then handed us an Impreza brochure.

Now I've sold cars before.  At this point I would have asked more questions and attempted to put the buyer in the right car.  I would have said "it seems like you are undecided.  Let me ask you a few questions so that I can help you find the right car."  Nothing but attitude from Eric.  So we left.  

Instead we went to Elk Grove Subaru and didn't bother telling anyone that we weren't ready to buy.  Salesperosn Dave Melo was super professional and super nice.  We test drove an Outback and my sister fell in love.  We wanted to avoid the whole 4-square pressure sales bull crap, so we went home and emailed a bunch of dealerships.  Sam at Livermore Subaru gave us the best price (plus he was cool) so we bought there (sorry Dave).  Maita doesn't know how to close without being jerks.  Avoid them.

(Edit): Right before heading to Livermore Subaru, Elk Grove Subaru sent my sister an email. When she told them that she was going to Livermore they offered her a better deal. Bonus points for them.

Lily B. | 2014-05-06

I would give this place ZERO stars if I could.

HORRIBLE dealership. We went in to check out two cars that we've been looking to buy (the BRZ and the STI). Told the salesman that we've done our research and was ready to buy today. The salesman told us we couldn't test drive it until we were serious about buying. We told him we were ready to buy and had the money but like every buyer, we wanted to test drive both cars and then make our decision. We weren't going to make a big purchase on a car we don't get to test drive. Again, he refused to let us test drive any car and told us that it was a policy that they don't really let people test drive. As a matter of fact, he didn't even open the doors to let us look inside. I told him that if that was the case, I wasn't going to deal with a shady dealership so we ended up going to Roseville Subaru where it was much more pleasant. We got to test drive both cars and ended up purchasing from Roseville Subaru. I will never do business with shady people. I have never been treated like this before especially when car shopping and I've bought plenty of cars.

Don't do business with Maita.

Gary V. | 2014-04-14

We shopped all day Saturday and Sunday for cars this weekend.  Maita Subaru offered a great starting price on their used vehicles, a great selection and they worked with me to buy a car at fair market value.  They even through in some free oil changes and since the car was certified I got a 3 month or 3,000 mile warranty included.  

They washed the vehicle inside and out, filled up the tank (which doesn't always happen when purchasing used cars) and they even gave me a free Subaru flashlight!

The salesman I worked with was D.J. Duroy.  I strongly suggest that you ask for him upon arrival.  He is courteous, knowledgeable and is very easy to work with.  Call his cell ahead of time to set up an appointment to meet with him at 916-521-1168 and you will be well taken care of.

We will be back, as we are looking to purchase a new Subaru in the next 3 years.

Carolyn W. | 2014-03-24

Swindlers, liars, money-grabbers, thieves, sleazy car salesmen. All synonymous with my experience in the service department at Maita Subaru. I brought in my car for a check engine light diagnosis and driver's side door window repair. This is what I am pretty sure happened when they took my car into the back:

"A little girl brought this car in and she thinks she knows what she's talking about. Let us build a quote for more than it's worth and see if she'll trade it in instead and buy a new car!"

Yes, my 2005 Forester has seen a lot of road and needs some work. However, it does not need $6,600 worth of repairs. How do I know this? Because I too own a code reader and know exactly what is wrong. I also know that in car repair you start with the smaller repairs first before pulling apart the whole damn engine and spending thousands of dollars replacing a catalyst when you really could have just replaced an oxygen sensor. I should have walked out when the technician, Zach, said "actually you have two downstream sensors so you don't know which one needs to be replaced." Correction Zach, my car has 1 downstream and 1 upstream oxygen sensor. How do I know this? Well I've crawled under my car multiple times and looked. I also own the Subaru maintenance and repair manual. Zach also informed me that the rear rotors my dad replaced last year were "rusted through and needed to be replaced." Oh and the "head gasket is leaking really badly." That is usually the first thing a scamming auto repair shop will say.

It serves me right for going to a dealership for repairs. They only want to sell you a new car. They will tell you anything to scare you into trading in your used car so they can make a buck or a thousand. Seriously, this should be criminal.

Oh and part of the $6,600 quote included a $210 price tag to replace license plate light bulbs that are STILL WORKING as "preventative maintenance." $195 of that $210 was for 1.5 hours of labor. If it takes a mechanic 90 minutes to replace a two easily accessible bulbs, that person shouldn't be a mechanic. When I told them no way was I going to pay that kind of money, they tried to get me to pay more than $400 to replace the motor for the driver's side window. It doesn't need replacement. The motor is brand new. It simply needs adjustment. However, not a $400 adjustment. Crooks.

Avoid Maita Subaru at all costs. You'll regret it if you don't. If you do decide to go to Maita, avoid Zach. He has no idea what the hell he is talking about and is incredibly condescending towards women.

Erin R. | 2014-03-18

I have had multiple bad experiences here.
I bought my first car here in '08 and the experience buying it was not pleasant.  

After that I brought it in to buy a rack for it a couple years ago.
I insisted that I need rack type A and they insisted I needed rack type B.  I finally gave in and bought what they told me, drove all the way home to install it and it was the wrong one.  I went back to exchange it for the one I had originally asked for and they didn't even apologize.

I just called them again today for a part and they said they absolutely could not look it up for me without the vin number of my car which I don't have since I'm at work without the car. They were not polite at all.

I called Elk Grove suburu and they asked me if I bought the car from them, they could look up the vin number that way.  Maita didn't even offer that though I DID buy the car from them.  Elk Grove then managed to look up the part without the vin number (using make and model and year) and ordered it for me.  And they were super nice about it.  
Please don't take you business to Maita.

Jeff W. | 2014-02-20

Had a great experience purchasing my outback.  Great pricing, service, and people.  I will come back!  Thanks Danny, Al, and Larry for the hard work.

Christine T. | 2014-01-05

I'm surprised this place got such poor reviews, I can't say that my experience was that bad!

I was in dire need of a new car (since I crashed mine back in January) and after doing extensive research on brands and types, I decided a Subaru would be perfect for me and my new growing family. After my husband communicated with a of dealers all over Sacramento via email, Maita seemed to offer the best deal for the car that I wanted.

When we arrived, we were not greeted immediately, but we were helped and when we told them who we were looking for, it took a good 20 minutes for him to show up. Once he showed up he pushed us to the next sales rep available, but that was fine with me. We were then told the car we actually wanted was no longer on the lot, (which was disappointing), but they worked really hard to call all dealers to find another car like it and to have it sent to Maita ASAP. The only downside was the price that we agreed upon was for the car that was gone, and they were not able to offer us that price for another car that wasn't in the lot.

Feeling a bit disappointed, we found another dealership with the car, and for a better deal. Once we told Maita we would be going elsewhere, not only did they work on finding us the car faster (like two days later), they also negotiated for an even better deal. SCORE

The sales reps here work hard and very fast to make sure you are satisfied, and what's great is once the loan process/paperwork starts, it's really not bad at all! The loan guy was very informative and made sure he told us all things but never once did we feel pressured to buy any added insurance or warranties that we felt were unnecessary. We got there at 6:00 PM and I was out the door with my brand new car (programmed with blue tooth and everything) by 8:30. Really impressed considering car purchases used to last the whole day if I remember correctly.

Even a week later the sales rep who helped us (shout out to Dave) gave me a call to see how the car was treating me and he hoped that all was well. Big bonus for me.

Thanks Maita and to Dave for all your help. I love my Subaru!

Dan C. | 2014-01-01

Everyone here is usually polite, but the lack of thoroughness is unacceptable. I pay for a service agreement that includes car washes, but they never wash my car. I left my car for a week with them for repairs and now my registration renewal is being delayed because they didn't do a simple wrx computer recall update. "Sorry, we forgot" was the reason I was given over the phone.

I'll be driving the extra distance to get my subaru serviced by another deal from now on. If I wanted this type of service, I could just bring it to a random service place, not a dealership.

Tiffany N. | 2013-12-30

I came here with my sister and brother-in-law so that they could get a new car.

We had an appointment with one of the salesman and we had to wait a while to meet up with him. And when we finally did, he had to push us off to someone else (probably closing a deal of sorts) which was totally fine.

The car they wanted was not on the lot so they called some places and got it shipped there.

They got a good price and the car came faster than quoted

Maxwell M. | 2013-11-15

We picked up a new Outback today.  It is our 3rd Subaru from Maita, and we love this place! The sales people and Lea, in service, have always treated us so well. They are always friendly and seem to genuinely care about providing great service.  How many people can really say that after visiting a car dealership?  We will certainly continue doing business with Maita Subaru.

Stephen P. | 2013-11-14

I just purchased my first Subaru (2014 XV Crosstrek) from Maita. I've bought a couple new cars from Niello (Acura & VW) and this experience really put them to shame.

Larry Bilger (in their internet sales department) was extremely friendly, professional, and didn't BS me at all. When it came to talking numbers, he knew that I had a bottom-line price from doing my research and he was able to do a little better than I expected.  There was none of the typical back-and-forth that I've come to expect during the car buying process. I think the entire transaction took less than an hour.

It's been 3 weeks since I purchased the Crosstrek and I can say I'm extremely happy with the car. Larry has since followed up a few times and even helped me get a slight alignment issue taken care of. Overall, this was definitely a 5-star experience.

Eda C. | 2013-11-12

Wish I could have stuck with a four star review. But you do not get a four star review for EFFING up a simple trade-in. Wow I wanted to give this place a chance. The nice manager even asked for me to write a positive review about our buying experience and I DID.

My boyfriend traded in a leased car and Maita agreed to take over the payment. That's how it works, yes????

Well it's been two weeks later. Why is it that my boyfriend has to be the one calling Maita and Mitsubishi every day making sure they are on top of their sh*t?? Maita sends a check to Mitsubisbi, if Mitsubishi says they never received it, send another?? Do some investigative work, get that money in on time for the next payment on the leased car. Sorry, we're in the 21st century. Mail--high priority mail like CHECKS--DO NOT GET LOST if sent to the right address!!!

Now, my boyfriend has to possibly pay for a leased car he no longer is under contract with, for a car that is already on Maita's lot to be sold, just so his credit is not screwed.

I am disappointed with how incompetent this dealership has turned out to be. Maita is a joke. They've even lost their own tracking number for their own check.

Fire some people, Maita. Your controllers, secretaries, and accountants are not helping your business.

Live update: Laughable, laughable, laughable. My boyfriend is holding a three-way conference call with Mitsubishi and Maita. Mitsubishi lady clearly thinks this dealership is a joke too. Amy has done a great job being responsive. Everything else has been crap post-buying experience.

Scott V. | 2013-10-23

I called to get pricing on a new Subaru.  I am shopping prices at the closest six dealerships to where I live.  I spoke to a man named Juan.  Juan was rude...  He told me that the only thing he was willing to give me over the phone was the vehicles MSRP.  This is a virtually worthless piece if information and is obviously available in any Subaru publication including the website.  He then told me that if I wanted their price I would have to come down and get it.  He then hung up the telephone after a condescending "have a nice day". Every other dealer within 150 miles cooperated and provided me with competitive prices via email and telephone.  Maita Subaru is obviously too cool to play the game and will not get any current or future business from anyone I know.  People who treats customers like this in one aspect generally treat customers similar in all aspects of business. Judging from the other reviews on this dealership it's probably safer to stay away.

Ronnie Q. | 2013-10-01

I went to the Maita Subaru dealership in Sacramento on September 29,2013 to purchase a 2013 Legacy Premium, which was on sale.  On the computer Maita Subaru had an advertisement stating that they would give a $4000. discount on the vehicle. I went for a test drive and decided I wanted to purchase the vehicle.  I had a print out of the $4,000. discount advertisement with me. The salesperson said he had to talk to the general manager(GLEN BERNI). The general manager(GLEN BERNI) came out and told me it was a mistake and he would not honor the discount.  I had driven 70 miles to the dealership and I feel that the manager (GLEN BERNI) had made the mistake and should have honored what they advertised.  I think that manager(GLEN BERNI) was not forth right and he is a reflection on the dishonesty of the dealership and the consumer should not support this business.  He  stated that he would not take a lost.  "Horrible CUSTOMER SERVICE"   I would never deal with Maita Subaru. EVER AGAIN.

Traci G. | 2013-08-23

They were all very friendly but this place is a HUGE rip off !!!!!
Check Engine Light = $200 just to look at it!
Spark Plugs and Wires (plus some extra BS) =$1000!!! I think not!
Took it to my local guy who repaired it for $200!
I get this is how they make money and I am so mad at myself for going there in the first place! Lesson Learned!

Rochelle S. | 2013-08-15

A zero star rating would be more appropriate. We came in with a pre approved bank loan and salesman insisted on running our credit to get a loan through dealership financing. After AN HOUR of filling out JUST the application with him, he asked us to leave and he would call us since the process would be a long one. Two hours later we get a call back saying at this time they were unable to sell us the car EVEN THOUGH WE HAD A PRE APPROVED LOAN. I don't understand how they didn't want to sell us a car even with a pre approved loan?!? COMPLETE WASTE OF VALUABLE TIME.

Jon B. | 2013-07-11

I would never buy a car here because of the way their sales staff treated me while I was Subaru shopping. They wasted an hour and half of my time, ran my good credit, told me I had spotless credit, then wouldn't let me test drive the car I was interested in. They offered to let me drive the car after I bought it.........Their service department is really good. I bring my legacy here to get maintenance done and have always been treated well.

Regina B. | 2013-05-17

where do I Start.  Not a good experience.   They pulled me I. With an offer of 4300.00 off ,  then lowered it to 4000. 00 after I was tnere.  I emded up buyi.g it after 3 days of security chip mishap and didnt pay attention to tne written contract.  My fault for being a. Idiot.  They took 3000. 00 off price of car.  I was naive to thi.k I could trust them.   I've always bought my Subaru's fromI was an idiot Roseville(3) should have went with that. I was an idiot    dont be o.e too.

Luis B. | 2013-04-08

It looks like they make judgmental calls and they thought we got no money or something sales people walking around us and they don't pay attention we both got great credit and down payment id needed. This place is a joke.

Munchie S. | 2013-03-05

Patriarchal, patronizing jerk salespeople.  Called around to 3 other dealerships and they ALL gave me prices about 2k cheaper. Don't bother using these guys for anything beyond a convenient test drive. Buy elsewhere.

Ryan H. | 2013-02-26

Went there to buy a new STI paying cash. The sales guy knew nothing about the car and seemed like he was just making stuff up off the top of his head. He also bragged about how fast they got it up to on test drives. I was ready to buy that day because they were the only ones in town with a WRB STI with gold bbs wheels at the time. But after 15 minutes with their sales guy I ended up driving to the bay and buying the same car from another dealer that had much better customer service!

Anna J. | 2013-01-16

This is my first Yelp review ever - my experience at Maita Subaru compelled me start Yelping. Fabulous experience all around.

I contacted Maita Subaru while visiting my family up north to get a quote for a 60,000mile service and other work I needed preformed on my 2004 Impreza Outback Sport. I have always been skeptical that dealerships rip off their customers - poor experiences at my hometown dealership contributed to this. Their customer representative Heather objectively and honestly helped me out every step of the way from start to finish.

Right off the bat, Heather competitively matched a quote I previously shopped for saving me $95.00. I left my car for the day and when I returned to pick it up and pay, a different customer representative I spoke with took off an additional 20% off my parts cost. My car has been running like new and I am now a happy customer thanks to Maita Subaru.

Lawrence C. | 2012-12-29

I had spoke with a Salesmen by the name of Ken, I think. I was trying to get a quote from him in regards to a Forester 2.5X limited, however, not much into our conversation he hung up on me in the rudest manner ever. I am very disappointed in that service and everybody I know will hear about this rude service and to never deal business with your dealership because of this rudeness. You have lost my business as well as my future business as I am planning on looking at purchasing my third Subaru some time very soon. Elk Grove already earned my business as I have already purchased the Forester today and quite possibly Elk Grove Subaru will be where I purchase my third Subaru as well.

Disappointed and unhappy lost customer

If I could give zero stars I would.

Andy C. | 2012-12-15

Great customer service. Peter Kato is a great guy and very polite. He even went as far as to track me down after I wandered off (admittedly looking at the STI's ). Gave me the price upfront and had no surprises. Took a bit long but this is not Speedy Oil after all and I want it done right. 5 Stars because of the great Parts Department service (didn't catch his name) he ran to the warehouse to pick up a part while I waited. If that's not excellent service then what is.

Joanne R. | 2012-12-08

Thanks to Daryl and Ben at Maita Subaru for their outstanding service.  The headlight on my Tribeca went out for the third time in less than a year (replaced previously at another dealer).  They replaced the bulb, checked the electrical system and did so without charge even though the warranty had expired.  This is service above and beyond and warrants a try from anyone seeking honest, professional and competent auto service.  Three cheers!!

Zachary S. | 2012-11-15

I could not have been happier with my experience at Maita Subaru.  I worked with Mike Cook in purchasing my 2013 Subaru Outback and he was extremely knowledgeable and professional.  It is a great car, great dealership, and was a great overall experience.  I would highly recommend working with Mike and Maita Subaru  to anyone looking to purchase a Subaru and will definitely be back when I am buying my next car.  I actually have never had a better buying experience.

Mo A. | 2012-11-02

This review is for the Service and Parts Department only.

Lea Caputo is really helpful and knowledgeable! I go here regularly for my oil changes and tire rotations and they always do a great job! Plus, there's wifi, coffee and comfy chairs! I took off one star because I did not have a good experience with the other female service adviser (Heather?).

Bobby R. | 2012-10-11

Similar to the other car selling horror stories at this dealership, selling my car here was a hassel. Having come here to get my service done (which was OK), I thought this would be a good place to sell my car. They offered me a decent trade in offer and took the car but it was nearly impossible to work with them on getting my check -- it was always "Oh we're waiting on the title" 30 days after purchase, when my bank had contacted me two weeks ago letting me know the title had been sent. Nothing here is on the up-and-up and trying to contact these people means leaving voicemails for the finance team that don't really ever acknowledge you and when you do get ahold of someone, all they do is take your name and number not really ever getting back to you. I'm happy and relieved to have finally received my check but it was quite a process that I would definitely recommend NOT doing. There are PLENTY of other dealerships out there!

Tori B. | 2012-10-05

I've purchased two cars from Maita and this is a FIVE STAR dealership!  I've also used Maita since 2006 for my service needs.
My most recent sales experience was amazing.  I researched this car for three years until I finally purchased it yesterday. My salesman, Zeke Wong, was so helpful and amazingly patient with all of the questions I came up with!  The sale was great--I never felt I was playing any kind of game.  I didn't trade in my car this time, but I did last time. I felt I got a fair price them--realize that they will NOT give you what you could sell it for.  I'll definitely use Zeke again and highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a car.
Lea Camuto has been my service ad visor for several years.  She's also awesome--really knows Subarus and is straightforward and honest.  I've NEVER had a problem with a SINGLE service performed at Maita.
I can't say enough about the sales AND the service at Maita Subaru!  FIVE STARS!

Dan H. | 2012-10-02

This review is for the Maita Subaru Service and Parts Departments.

I purchased my 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX new and from a dealer in Fairfield that went out of business (not the current Fairfield Subaru). Most of my major service has been done at Maita Subaru.

Whether it's dropping by for new oil filters or getting major scheduled service Maita has always done an excellent job for me. Lea Caputo is my service advisor and we have developed a trusted business relationship. Lea definitely knows her Subies.

I'm still loving the WRX and expect to be driving it for some time to come.

Kelly K. | 2012-08-21

I recently brought my Subaru in for its first oil change to Maita Subaru.  I bought it at another local dealership that shall remain nameless. :-/  

Subaru has now moved into its new building right next to the old one. When I pulled up I was happily greeted by Lea, one of the Service Advisors.  That was a pleasant surprise - I don't know how many other times I've pulled into a service line and had to wait and wait and wait for someone to come out or I'd have to go in and ask for help.

I didn't have an appointment, but Lea told me that it would be no problem.  She set me up and I was out in probably an hour.  She even told me about a coupon that saved me $20!

This location is convenient and Auburn Blvd is recently repaved and painted.

Katie P. | 2012-06-04

I had purchased a car from Maita in 2010 and had a nice experience and have purchased many cars from many dealerships in the past.  However, my recent experience with Maita was unbelievably bad and I would never return to the dealership again.  My partner and I spent a total of 6 hours at the dealership and we could not believe the number of lies and games that this dealership played.  After they reviewed our trade-in, they at first told us we could have 9000 for our trade-in and then later told us 7500 as the sale proceeded along.  They also had a certain car (with VIN number) and sales price on the internet, but when we came really interested in buying it, they told us they couldn't match the price on the internet.  Then they told us we could have another car for a certain price and later said they couldn't sell it to us at that price.  I have never in my life experienced so much lying and deceit and wasted so much of my time.

My partner and I ended up purchasing a car from Niello BMW.  They were straight up about the price and negotiations and we were out the door in less that two hours with a great deal.  To all those out there, stay away from Maita, they seem like they have the best prices in Sacramento, but they will add on hidden fees and waste your time.  Go to Niello or AutoWest.

Alan K. | 2012-05-28

Quick, friendly and expert service and repairs.

Peter S. | 2012-05-23

They always show online inventory but when people contact them, they always tell you the vehicle is sold and it will take 3 months to get a new one? Stay away from Zeke Wong at all costs.

James T. | 2012-05-06

I agree with some of the reviews on here, the customer service is beyond horrible, its like i rather walk through firer and still not buy shit from them. I went to this dealership just to buy a oil filter 2 weeks ago and to my surprise their was no parking in that small ass dealership, so im looking for parking, and driving around this small ass place, all of a sudden here comes a salesman in some kind of hurry with road rage tailgating me and giving me the hand to hurry up, and I swear he's pissed off , i dont know why, maybe cause none wants their service cause they act like shit, Im glade i was just buying a oil filter cause I bet buying a car from them is like paying them to act like bitches and rip you off!!!, these people need to keep it cool, chill the fuck out, cause you dont know who will roll up in your dealership and maybe blast your ass, thank you!!!

Irina I. | 2012-03-25

Recently purchased a Subaru Legacy from Maita (our 7th Subaru) and had the pleasure of dealing with Phil Gundry. We flew up from LA to pick up the car and drive it back mainly because the dealers in LA wanted to make this transaction as complicated and expensive as possible. Phil, on the other hand couldn't have been more accommodating or helpful; first by email and phone and then in person. He answered every question and was very knowledgeable and patient. It was definitely the easiest car buying experience.

La Juan H. | 2012-03-25

my place for my maintance alway quick and good service.

Lucinda C. | 2012-03-21

Dealing with Maita Subaru felt nothing like dealing with all the other pushy dealerships...instead it was easy, breezy.  

When my lease was up on my Toyota, I set off looking for what my next car would be, visiting many, many dealerships in the area.  I spent months thoroughly researching to find the right car. Maita Subaru was the most laid-back, easy-going dealership ever. Ronnie, my salesperson, was great; he's an overall cool guy, easy-going, I never felt pressure; I never got annoying follow-up calls. I also met a lot of other salespeople because I came back so many times while doing research, to take another look, and they always welcomed me and never pushed.

I ordered the new 2012 Impreza and had to wait a couple months for it to arrive, because they didn't have any out yet. Of course I would've preferred not to wait that long, but Maita had nothing to do with fact, they let me know when they had the first model arrive that I could come and drive to confirm my decision.  (I was never obligated to get it in the end; and the Subaru company gave me a very generous gift for waiting; I was truly impressed.)  I also dealt a lot with Al Palmer who helped me to get the car I wanted in the price range I specified; which he did.

I felt like I was treated more like simply a human being than just a target for a sale.  Maita struck me as a very "non-traditional" dealership....they clearly sell a lot of cars simply because they have great cars!  I'm extremely impressed with my Subaru and can't believe I haven't discovered before what great cars they are, and what a great company it is. (They even donated $250 to ASPCA in my name for getting into a Subaru!)  I will probably only get Subarus from this point on, and when my lease ends on this one, I won't hesitate to return to Maita.

Steve T. | 2012-03-20

If I could give it zero (or negative stars), I would.....

First, I moved here recently from San Jose, where I had a horrible experience with Stevens Creek Subaru.  Our current car is the 4th Subaru I've owned, and I had my last one for almost 300,000 miles.  I used Carlson in Redwood City, and they were the BEST for service.

Unfortunately, this place falls far short of being even acceptable.  I was heading to Tahoe for the first time earlier this year and a major service was needed.  I usually do my own work on the car, but I was short on time and thought it would be convenient.  It started out good and seemed to be OK.  Then, the car wasn't ready on time and there was "additional recommended work."  They stated the belts needed replacing and I went ahead and did it for an extra almost $200.  Back to that in a minute.

They also highly recommended replacing the brakes, especially the front ones as there was only 3mm left on them.  In fact, it was said if i didn't do it immediately, it definitely should be done before the next oil change.  Well, 4,000 miles later, several trips to tahoe and around, and I go to do the brakes myself this past weekend.  I get the materials, jack the car up, remove the wheel and caliper, and lo and behold, there's far more than 3mm left on the pads.  Let's see, I was told they were less than 3mm, I drove for another 4k miles, then find out there's more than 3mm on the pad?  They wanted almost $300 per axle to replace them and they didn't even need to be replaced.  

What they are doing is despicable and is what gives the whole car maintenance industry a bad name.  I will never be taking my car to them for anything, even a car wash.

So, back to the belts.  After they were replaced, I asked to see them and they were mysteriously unable to locate them.  Now I wonder if they even needed to be replaced as there was only ~60k miles on them and most belts will last far longer than that.

Fool me once.....and I'm done.  Stay away from this place at all costs.  It's not a place to be trusted with anything regarding service.

Trista V. | 2012-03-12

My husband and I went to Maita Subaru after we received a high recommendation from a person at our credit union. We were set up with a point of contact and assured they would take good care of us....Well, I think my idea of good care might have been different than theirs. We were in need of a new car since we have military  orders and are moving overseas, our current car has 135,000 miles on it. First, let me start by saying we are ROOKIES this was our first new car shopping experience. This is mostly why I feel so stupid now. Too bad lessons are only learned after a fail. Anyway, our guard was down because we had been told by this person at the credit union that he talked to the general manager personally and that they would do whatever it takes to make us happy. So we showed up at the dealership asked for our sales rep and started the exhausting process of shopping for a car with a car saleman in tow. We knew exactly what cars we wanted to look at and how much we wanted to pay. We needed to compare two choices. After we looked at what we wanted the most we started fishing for the price we wanted to pay. The sales rep made us feel so comfortable that we trusted what he was telling us... I know it sounds stupid now, but remember we were getting "special"  or so we foolishly believed.  After being assured that they could not meet our offer price we started looking at option two. After an hour of this I still really wanted my first choice. MSRP was around $28,249.00 I had $25,000 plus cash for taxes, lic, fees. I didn't know how much dealerships could come down so I guess I didn't push very hard. My sales guy said no way they would come down more than a thousand. SO I settled for a used car with 9992 miles on it for 24,988, I asked them to reduce the used car price by 988 and again was told "so sorry but it's already on sale and we paid top dollar for it so we can't budge on the price". Only to return home to find an email containing an e-quote from that dealership for the car we wanted for $25,488 sent by the same guy who did our deal WHILE we were at the dealership shopping that day. So much for the idea they couldn't come down anymore than a thousand. I have since talked with them to express my dissatisfaction of my experience with them.They told me they would refund me a $300 dollar check...hope it arrives. So I have learned a lot from this and hope that I can help someone else make better choices for themselves when they buy a car.

1) Lies Lies Lies...Don't believe anyone when they say that they know a car salesman who will give you a deal. This goes against everything a salesman is taught. The car salesman is working to get the best deal for himself. You will not reach a true bottom line price until after two or three layers of bosses. The sales manager will not get you the best price either go above him to his boss.

2) DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you shop. There are many web sites that will tell you what you should expect to pay and what the dealer paid for the car. They will also show how the dealerships "work" you and what they will say and not say to fool you into a comfort zone and many other tricks
3) Don't shop when you are in a hurry or in anyway off your game. This means you should find a babysitter for your kids who can babysit all day if you need them to. Pack a picinc luch or plan to leave the dealership when you get hungry. Their water and sugar snack will not help prevent the hunger train form derailing you! If you leave to eat it might motivate them to offer a better deal plus you can refuel for round two.

4) Shop online and negotiate with several dealers through their web sites first before you step foot on that lies and deceit vortex called a car lot.

5) DON'T tell them all your business, keep them in the dark about what your bottom line is and negotiate only one term at a time like final offer price, monthly payment, APR and cash down amount. They will use all this info against you NOT for you. You will be sold a bad deal on one of these terms meeting your requirements.

Even though at first glance this seems like the one.... good looking, charming, smooth talking with a promising good time ahead you wake up to find a disappointing  "morning after" conversation with your friends sounding more like .... "Meh, I've had better" A two star rating.

A man walked into a tavern and sat next to a very attractive, smartly
dressed woman perched on a bar stool.
"Hi there, Good Looking. How's it going?" he asked.
The woman looked him straight in the eye and said, "Listen, I'll screw
anybody, anytime, anywhere, your place, my place, it doesn't matter. I've
been doing it ever since I got out of school, and I just love it!"
"No kidding?," said the man, "I'm a salesman too! What dealership are you with?"

tlee r. | 2012-03-03

Phil Gundry is the nicest car salesman I have ever met. He responded to my email quote request right away and was very courteous both online and in person. He was incredibly helpful, not pushy at any moment, and just a pleasure to deal with. I never got the weird, high-pressure sales vibe from him. I had been researching a variety of different cars in depth and had narrowed it down to three options. My husband and I went to a few different dealerships to test drive models and talk prices. We ended up at Maita to drive the Impreza, but they didn't have any on the lot that matched our needs. Phil took us down to their holding lot, to walk around a new shipment to find one for us, in the rain. He is super knowledgeable about both Suburu's and Mazda's. I just wasn't a fan of the Mazda. The Impreza, though, fit our needs so well. We negotiated a price, which felt more like a conversation than anything. Phil went out of his way to find us a car at another dealer that matched the features we wanted, and even went along to drive it up here. He helped expedite our paperwork so I could get to work on time that night. The other staff members were helpful as well. We felt well taken care of, and Phil even offered his email to help answer any questions we may have later. Overall, the experience was a great one, especially as it topped a week in which my beloved Scion got totaled by a kid running a red light.

Chad L. | 2012-01-26

Absolutely horrible - my first experience with them was awful, and it will definitely be my last. I brought in an 07 Impreza for a pre-purchase inspection from another dealership, thinking that bringing it to a Subaru dealership would give me more peace of mind. There was a slight noise I was concerned about that I mentioned specifically to the service representative about. That, of course, came after an almost hour-long wait to speak to a representative. The check was fairly quick, maybe two hours, and upon completion I was assured that they had reproduced the sound and that it was a normal operating noise. I purchased the vehicle, and 5 days later, took the vehicle to another shop (Davis Import Auto Shop) to get a 45k mile service completed. I mentioned the noise to them, and the service tech took a ride with me to reproduce the sound. He immediately told me that it was something interior in the engine, and was most definitely not a 'normal operating noise'. Now I'm looking at something between a $1,000 repair, to a $3,000 engine replacement, on a car I've owned a week! A WEEK. To dispel any doubts: the repair has been certified by a separate estimator from outside the shop. And I was assured by Maita that this was nothing to be concerned about. I'm toying with the idea of filing a B.B.B. complaint. Never come here. EVER.

Sanford K. | 2012-01-09

Since the year 2000, we have had our 1998 Subaru Outback Station Wagon serviced at Maita Subaru.  Then in April 2011, we bought 2011 Subaru Outback from Maita because of the decade of excellent service we had on the 1998.   Their service writers have always been extremely helpful, their prices competitive with non-dealer providers, and the service has always been complete.  In all that time I have never had a reason to complain.   Even their computer records helped.  We do not put many miles on our car and the service writers advised us to extend some of the service requirements to keep our spending on maintenance proportional to the miles driven.  When I had trouble with my key fob, the technician came out from the shop to show me how to program the key.  The car is always  washed when serviced.  Over and over again there have been small actions that have provided a superior service experience.  Thank you.  

Our experience in purchasing our new Outback was equally satisfying.  I did my homework before going in to buy a car when the car that I wanted became available.  The time we spent was not unreasonable and the sales staff was always courteous during the negotiation process.  My questions about warranties and extras were answered directly and without evasion.  Even though I pushed them on the pricing, there was never a change in courtesy or respect.  

Maita Subaru and their staff are professional and great to deal with in both the sales and service sides of the business.  I suspect the same is true of the whole Maita organization.  In 1988 I bought a Toyota Camry from their Toyota dealership and had the same satisfying purchasing and service experience through the 12 years I owned my Camry.

Desiree W. | 2011-12-19

Would never buy a car through them. Ever heard of "money grubbing car salesmen" this is exactly what they are. I only went here because my uncle knew Al Palmer, he was supposed to help me out with rates and get me into something that would be comfortable and affordable.
I had a $4500 down payment and a credit score of 640 not excellent but good. He was trying his hardest to get me to buy a brand new Mazda 3, when I insisted I wanted to stick to Toyota. Finally they got me into another car it was (2k over my price range) and a Nissan when I had told them I do not want a Nissan because I owned one currently and do not like them.
Al was very short with me and not customer friendly I will never shop here again. I would have given this place one star but Zeke our other carsalesman was very personable and made the experience bearable. I feel sorry that he has to work under Al, he's a nice guy.

A M. | 2011-11-03

DO NOT GO HERE! They charge you a ridiculous amount of money just to look at the car and by the time they tell you how much the extremely overpriced repair is going to cost you're already out about 150 bucks for the price of the diagnostic. I know dealerships tend to overcharge, but this was borderline robbery. The screwing starts the second you walk in the door.

E C. | 2011-09-18

Greatest car shopping experience ever!  Stellar reccommendations go out to salesmen Mike Cook (916) 201-3094 and Phil Gundry (530) 204-8686.  I bought a car there recently and was treated like royalty, got an awesome deal, and got professional, consultative and genuine service from Mike and Phil.  It matters who you go to when buying a car.  As customers, we know this.  We hate car shopping because of high pressure sales hype.  These guys did not engage in any of that.  They overachieved my highest expectations and I was happy to write them a check. Everything they said checked out with the homework I did.  These guys did an outstanding job!  We need EVERYONE in the car business to behave like this and car shopping would be a better experience.  DO NOT buy from someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, pressured or gets caught in a lie.  If you buy from them anyway, even though youre not happy about it, you ENCOURAGE them to continue treating other customers this way.  Ask the General Manager to assign you someone he highly reccommends.  If they have not a single person at the dealership who can strike a genuine connection with you, dont buy there.  Its obviously a place who isnt able to earn your business.  Its up to the consumer to end unfair sales tactics, we are the ones who have all the control so take advantage of that. And if in Sacramento, for anyone shopping Subaru, Mike and Phil are definitely your go-to guys.

Linda B. | 2011-07-16

This place is totally disreputable. They "bought" a car from a friend of mine, then refused to pay her for it. Two full weeks after they "bought" it, they still will not give her a check, and she keeps getting exuses day after day about why they haven't gotten around to it. Meanwhile they have it listed for sale!! How do you "buy" a car from someone and not pay for it? I doubt they would let their customers do that.

Amber S. | 2011-05-29

I went to at least 20 car dealerships in the greater Sacramento area looking for the car I wanted. There are several that I would visit again - this is NOT one of them. I am convinced that if you looked up the word "sleazy" in the dictionary, you'd find a picture of the salesman that helped us here!

I was very polite and very clear about what I was looking for - and instead of being straight with me the man took me to several cars that were either out of my price range or WAY older and higher mileage than I wanted. Then when I told him that I'd already financed through my credit union and would not be financing with them, he ARGUED with me! When I made an offer on a car, instead of coming back with counter offers, he continued to come back with different financing options. I finally got fed up and just walked out....

He called about 15 minutes later. I had my mom in the car so she answered the phone for me. I have never seen my mother be rude to anyone in my entire life - but less than a minute into picking up the phone my sweet mother HUNG UP on him! He was being so pushy and rude that she just couldn't take it!

Thank goodness I found the perfect Subaru somewhere else - I'd rather shove hot pokers in my eyes than deal with that man again!

Michael G. | 2011-05-21

The head sales man CHUCK who has been here for 20 years should be arrested and put in jail.  He was lying through his teeth to me about a used vehicle they had on the lot about the details and history of a particular car.  Then he had two of his other salesmen trying to back up the lie.  When I proved them all to be liars, he got extremely upset and red in the face.  A fourth salesmen admitted they were lying.  It was BLATANT FRAUD.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH MAITA SUBARU.  Bunch of thieves.  I will never go back.

K D. | 2011-04-18

Bought a new car. Never thought to consider the quality of the service department. Really disappointed with the service department here.  Not friendly or attentive.  Several 'misunderstandings'. I would expect that the under the hood service is up to par, but my experience is with the people on the floor. Toyota's next door. I had to rent a vehicle through them while my car was being serviced. I felt I had better quality customer care (and they have a popcorn machine).  Kind of disappointed that when I bring the car in for service they didn't wash it before they return it. seriously?

Lynn H. | 2011-03-21

First off, I would never ever take my car to a dealer normally for service because I know the tend to overcharge. But since I bought my car about 6 months ago and it's still under warranty, I figured I'd go take advantage of my warranty.

I took it in to get my oil changed. I checked the website and found out I could get the oil changed for $21.95 if I brought in a couple of cans for donation. Sweet! They were very helpful with that and the techs also did an overall inspection on the car. All was well.

I was actually pretty surprised at what little time it took to finish up. They told me about an hour but I was in and out in about 20 minutes. Their waiting area is pretty nice. They had wi-fi and a big screen TV. Pretty handy if you had to wait a while for your car.

What was pointed out to me was something I already knew - I had a 4th tire that didn't belong with the other three in the set. (Had to replace it as there was a "bubble" in the tire wall.) She mentioned that the car was "fine for now" and some other crap about replacing the tires, etc... I fully realize they were just trying to get more money out of me so I thanked her and went on my way.

So here's what to remember when you come in for service: Check online for coupons! They had a bunch for other services as well. And most importantly, don't let them sell you extra services.

Oh, and I dinged them an extra star because they forgot to close my hood all the way. Like come on, seriously? You guys are car technicians. You should be able to remember that simple step.

Rich B. | 2011-02-26

I have bought many cars over the years, and some were good experiences, and some were just awful. Buying a car from a dealership can make a person anxious, what with the pushy salesmen and all that. I was looking for a good Subaru Legacy 2-4 years old. Legacys are hard to find that aren't previous daily rentals. My wife surprised me one weekend and asked to go to the dealership with me to check out some cars. We went to Maita and met with Frank. Very nice guy and not your typical dreaded pushy sales guy. We came back about a week later, drove a nice Legacy, and took it home.

Then, after having the car for a couple of days, I noticed the brakes were squealing, and the parking brake needed adjusting. I called the dealership back, and they asked me to bring the car back to them. They gave me a 4 wheel brake job, and adjusted the parking brake; no charge. That is awesome.

My wife's van will need replacing in about 2 years. We both really want the Outback wagon, so I am sure we will be heading back to Maita to buy her a car.

Jason M. | 2010-11-03

Don't trust the sales staff here (though the internet sales guy seems like a nice fellow, you might try him). In general, I don't trust sales staff at car dealerships, but that needs to be emphasized here.

I was shopping around for a 2009 Forester 2.5X (base model) and everything went fine until it came time to finance the car. I was told that my credit wasn't good enough to qualify for their low financing rates, but the salesman told me he wanted me to be able to take the car home, so he thought he could work it out with the financing manager if I agreed to pay $400 a month for 5 years with a down payment of $6,000. That's $30,000 for a car whose invoice price was around $19,000.

The reason I'm giving one star is that I feel like the sales and financing staff tried to mislead me into making an overpriced purchase by telling me that I didn't have good enough credit (which wasn't true). It bothers me that some people probably take the bait and are now paying more than they should for their automobile.

I went to Jenson Motor Center in Napa, got the car financed with a low interest rate and paid the invoice price without any haggling.

Kevinandsara R. | 2010-10-20

I've been using the service department here on my WRX for three years. Sometimes there can be a bit of a wait but the service people are helpful and now that they are open on Saturdays this is my preferred service location.

John C. | 2010-10-12

I did not buy a car here but I did sell my car to them. The price they offered over the phone was what was paid when I got there. No games or BS. They had the customer shuttle give me a ride even though they had not made a dime from me yet.

As far as car dealers go I will stop by when its time to shop for a new car.

Nick S. | 2010-09-28

After telling the guys at Maita I had a 5,500 cash budget, they let me drive a 2002 Outback priced at 9,000. I figured they'd give me a handsome discount, since it has been on the lot for a year and the A/C was broken.

After the test drive I was interested. But they wouldn't come down further than to 7,000. I told him I had 5,500 period. I don't know how I could have been more honest than I was, telling them this in the first minute I walked up to the lot.

This wasn't going to work out, I was leaving. He threw a 6,500 offer at me. Frankly I was willing to consider that, but needed to talk to my girlfriend about that option, which I told them. This was going to be OUR car after all. To which he started to insult my manhood. (Which is hard because I have chest hair.)  : "Your GIRLFRIEND? Oh well, SIR, why don't you tell me an amount for which you don't have to call your GIRLFRIEND?"

I told him 5,500. Again. The manager called me "unreasonable" and walked away (no kidding). The sales guy looked at me in pity. I could tell in his eyes that he wishes this was 1960 where women would just stay home and cook, and definitely not get involved in car purchasing decisions.

Me, my chest hair and my manhood left.

Six months later, the car was still there. Felt great.

maureen m. | 2010-07-31

I would give 0 stars, if possible.  I received a written trade in value for my car.  I accepted it in good faith.  I spent the next 6 weeks looking at, test driving, and evaluating many other brands in the small SUV marketplace.  After several visits to Maita Subaru, I finally negotiated a fair price for a Forester.  When it came to the trade-in, they reneged on the original trade-in offer and offered me $2000 less than they promised.  

I spent hours and hours finding, testing, pricing and negotiating vehicles.  I was disappointed and angry to find out that 1) Maita Subaru operated unethically and untruthfully and 2) many of the competing brands incentives expired today and I can not get them back.

Worse than reneging on the original trade-in value of my car, the sales manager explained that the manager who determined the trade-in value "never appraised the car - he looked out the window and decided the milage it had and the value."  I know this is a flat out lie because I watched them appraise it with clip board in hand and a thorough check out.

I am angry beyond words.  72 hours, my trade in values dropped by 2,000.  How fricking ridiculous.  Do not shop at Maita Subaru.  They are liars, cheats, and unethical.  They will happily screw you over with no guilt.  Talk about sleaze bags!!!   I thought this type of insulting bait and switch tactics were behind us.  Nope.  They are alive and will Maita Subaru.  OMG - such a rip off.  What kind people are they guys?

Brandon B. | 2010-07-14

This review is in regards to the Service Department.

Just know that you're never going to get a real deal on service from a dealership, anywhere, ever.  That said, if you do go to a dealer (say, if you have a credit card that earns you "Subaru Bucks" which can pay for said service), you could do worse than Maita.

I have worked with Lea a few times, and I've found her personable and ready to explain anything in as much detail as necessary.  

Recently I got new brakes and brought in a 20% off coupon from a mailer that Maita sends out monthly.  I had gotten a quote for $680 over the phone (very high compared to Joe's Alfas and Subarus and other places -- but I've got these Subarubucks I have to burn), but when I brought the car in I was quoted $635 with the coupon -- 7% instead of 20%.  I asked about the discrepancy, and Lea said that they quoted me discounted labor over the phone.  I said that no one said anything about that to me and that I felt a bit misled by a "20% coupon" that wasn't.  She said that she would talk to her manager and let me know.  They took the 20% off without me having push harder, but I still got a little bit of that creepy feeling that auto dealerships have given me at many points over the years -- that I was just narrowly escaping a ream-the-rube situation.

They DID wash my car this time (they promise it every time, but the past two times my car was unwashed despite a promised wash) -- which only matters because it seems to me to be evidence that they're getting their stuff together customer-service-wise.

You can do worse that Maita Subaru service, but if you're paying cash instead of Subarubucks, you might try Joe's Alfas and Subarus.

Paul C. | 2010-02-12

It was time to retire my beat up old sport coupe and we wanted a small SUV to get us to the snow and back without hassling with gear and chains too much. Sooo, we talked with several car owners, RAVs, CRVs, Foresters, etc. and found "Subie" owners to be almost fanatical about their cars. Personally I've never like the Subaru exterior design, and the wife and I love our Acura and so were leaning in the Honda direction.

Then we got the Consumer Guide for autos and saw the Forester was ranked well above the competition. So, we decided to check out the Subaru first as a comparison, and then check out the others. Long story short, Maita's crew was so good and the Forester so excellent that the others never got looked at.

Our sales guy Bob Baikauskas (… ) was the anti-salesman from heaven or the best reverse psychology expert I've ever met.  He seriously made us think that if we didn't absolutely love the car and everything about it then we *shouldn't* buy it.  He went over everything in excruciating detail, talked us out of things to save us money, and never gave us an ounce of pressure.  He even offered to call Maita Toyota and set us up an appointment there after we were done with him.

We did our financing through Costco - so there was zero haggling - $500 below *invoice*, not MSRP.  The deal was incredible.  What iced the cake is they took my old beater off my hands and gave me a very fair deal, again  with no hassle at all.  

Bob talked us into a pearl white color, which we wouldn't have bought, but his reasoning was great - as cars get old (and we plan on keeping this one 10+ years and we park outside in the sun) the paint is one of the first things to show age.  Small scratches, oxidation, etc.  Well, as Bob correctly pointed out the scratches and oxidation don't show on a white finish nearly as badly. He showed us a mid-90's white car with obviously original paint, and we immediately saw what he meant.      

Anyway, we love the new Forester design, the all-wheel drive is great - no chains *ever* again, and the car is very roomy, comfortable, and designed with extreme safety in mind.  

The only complaints we have are minor - the iPod interface took an adapter cable for the power charger to work with 3g devices (Apple changed their standard wattage) and the layout of the wiper controls are a bit counterintuitive.  The iPod interface is a bit low-tech also - it will find your playlists and podcasts and all that, but the display is very retro - it's certainly nothing like the iPod touch screen, just scrolling old school style text, no GUI.  

We loved our experience at Maita, we loved our salesman, we love the car we bought.  In fact it's been over a month now and we love the car more & more as we use it.

Saskia C. | 2010-01-22

We just purchased a new (pre-owned) car last weekend at Maita Subaru and had a great experience. Everyone at the dealership was professional and courteous without being pushy. We did our homework and new exactly what we wanted. We knew the car was available and made an appointment. The paperwork process took a while but they had comfortable couches and cartoons to keep our kids entertained. When we wanted some extra parts (cross bars to hold a ski box) they ordered them and made sure they were available on our way back from the mountains. The finance manager even helped us to assemble it. Other extra's (all weather mats) were offered to us at cost price.

Oh, what a luxury to zip by the chain 'station' on our way to the mountains - so far we love our Subaru!

Jonah S. | 2009-11-29

Based on the reviews of the parts dept. here I am going to side with the repair shop on what I was told. I needed a new wheel bearing and was told by a local shop that it would probably get here in 2-5 days depending on if it had to be ordered or not. When I call them a week later they didn't know about it so called Maita Subaru. Maita had forgot to order the part completely! After all this they did not even get expedited shipping for me and it took me 3 whole weeks to get a damn wheel bearing replaced. This place has horrible customer service (the shop had a hard time getting a hold of anyone or calls being returned within 24hrs). This is the only place that delivers to Stockton, but I am driving to etiher Livermore or Modesto Subaru to pick stuff up myself instead of giving this place my buisness.

E F. | 2009-11-09

I did bought the car here with Zeke.
He is really nice and a subaru expert. We stop by 5 times and test out all different models. He is always patient and able to help me to understand the difference between. The price talk was smooth and no pressure. Base on the following comments, service here may be not so perfect, but it is worth trying to talk with Zeke for a new car.

M. K. | 2009-10-24

My wife drove out here because they had one 2009 Forester left in stock and were offering a great deal on it to clear out space for their 2010 models.  As it turned out, we thought the recent redesign made the Forester drive more like and SUV than a car, which we didn't like.

We asked to test drive a 2010 Outback instead, which we liked a lot more.  It was a little bit out of our price range though, so we asked for their best price.  The salesman quoted us sticker price, without any negotiating or working with us on the price.  We left.  

A week later, we bought an Outback from a different dealer in the Bay Area for $300 under invoice, or $1,700 under sticker.

Dale N. | 2009-10-04

Update time...

Been driving the car for about a month now.  Runs like a new car.  No more 'torque binding'.  Better gas mileage.   Best of all the 'new' transmission has a 2 yr/24,000 mi. warranty.  
So once again I am 'spreading the love'!!  :)

Melody P. | 2009-08-22

I want to reiterate my opinion with less stars after this last visit.

We managed to have them recheck the car for warranty work as they were quite quick to say nothing was wrong with the car.

Diagnostic fee: $110.

They found worn belts, which is possibly the reason for the car issues.  We got that repaired out of pocket.

I was $210 broke after the visit.  I feel bamboozled.

Jason H. | 2009-06-20

I didn't buy my Subaru here, and based on the other reviews maybe it's a good thing I didn't.  However, all my experience has been with their Service Department.  I will say right now that I've yet to be disappointed with their Service Department.  Everytime I arrive, Leah is there and she's been friendly, courteous, and most importantly honest with me.  I've tried Senator and Autowest's service departments and they always tried to get me to buy services I knew I didn't need, essentially calling me a liar.

My service appointments have always been prompt, and there's never been an issue with getting me a complimentary loaner when it was warranty related.  The time schedules they gave me for getting my car repaired have been mostly accurate.  The only major issues I've encountered have been power outages - which I really can't fault the dealership for.  I'm not certain if I'm just unlucky, but three times I've been there, there's been a power outage which resulted in a delay of several hours (usually because they couldn't get my car down from the lift or something similar.)  However, each time, they've given me a complimentary service for my next visit, and they honored that each time.

I may not buy a car from a Maita dealership based on the other reviews here, but i certainly do not have any problems taking my car here for regular service.

Stephanie R. | 2009-03-25

I didn't actually buy a subaru here.. but i went with the hubby to be.  Zeke (real name, seriously) was wonderful.  explained everything showed us their actual cost of the cars and no pressure at all.  even mentioned that we should sleep on it.

once my VW goes kaput, i'll be walking over to see zeke.

Pamela K. | 2008-12-19

I am actually writing to thank Maita especially Fred in the Parts department for finally convincing me to never and I do mean never darken the doorway of this dealership again.  I really love my subaru and I am considering never buying another one because of Maita subaru.

I originally bought my car in 2002 and had first went to Maita, which incidentally is less than 1/2 mile from my house.  I was misinformed and treated rather rudely so I did my online research and made a deal via the internet with Gold Rush Subaru in Auburn and drove all the way to Auburn to buy my first brand new car.  I drove all the way to Auburn for my initial 24000 miles worth of services when I could have gone 1/2 mile from my home.

Then the car in 2008 had a more serious, the first serious mechanical difficulty, and I chose Maita rather than tow to Auburn.  I had some other problems specific to poor design to Subaru roof problems and odometer splotch so decided to fix these items at the same time as the mechanical troubles.  Why Not, right?

Well, $1200.00 later in parts and $2300 in labor later, that is why not.  Then they ordered a part, neglected to call me to say it was in, I remembered it, 6 months later.  I have already paid for it so I call to find the status and am made to feel like I am trying to scam them.  WTF!

So I go in with my receipt and they have to reorder the part and they reorder the speedometer not the odometer.  I tell them that I just want my money back and I AM REFUSED.  They took my ben franklins fast enough when I paid for the part. I am livid, right!  Fred, who is the asshole I have been dealing with in parts, orders my correct part I ask if they are going to install it for free for my inconvenience and am told why would they want to work for free.  I already paid $2300.00 in labor and then had to wait months for the part and was treated like a would be criminal, and lest we forget the several unwanted trips I had to take to Maita.  

Well, needless to say I am thrilled to have finally taken enough mistreatment and I have discovered Alpha Subaru Specialist on Sunbeam.  So sayanara Maita Subaru @$%#$@%$.

Corey P. | 2008-11-15

The salespeople are fine, but I've just watched, to my considerable amazement, the finance manager throw a hissy fit after a customer refused their original offer on an STi

While the salespeople are fine, it's kind of amazing to watch a person in a supervisory role act like such a classless jerk to customers...I've never seen an employee of the neighboring Audi or BMW dealerships act in such a fashion and both of those brands are a hell of a lot more prestigious then SUBARU!

Robert B. | 2008-05-27

Top notch service and reasonably priced. I got jerked around at Autowest Subaru at the Roseville Automall (see my separate review for that place) and the folks at Maita bent over backwards to help me out. I've gone back for service other times and they've been incredibly helpful and I never feel like I'm getting ripped off. I recently had screwed up power steering and they found the problem to be about $2.00 worth of rubber O rings that needed to be replaced. Yay! I don't know anything about cars so they could have told me I needed a whole new engine and seat belts to fix the problem, and I probably would have agreed.

Michelle K. | 2007-11-09

I'd love to give it NO stars but I'm not sure that's an option. Stay the H E Double Hockey Sticks away from any Maita Dealership, whether it be Toyota or Hyundai.

They are rude rude rude.

When we went to try and purhcase my husband's car back in 05', we waited forever, only to get a saleswoman who had been there long enough to where she SHOULD know SOMETHING about the vehicles and her inventory only to end up having ME teach her a thing or two. They absolutely DO not budge on price which irritated me. I wasn't asking something ridiculous, in fact I didn't even get to ask beacuse the answer to the question of, "How can you make this a better deal" was a flat out - "we wont".

And that wasn't the first time that happened. Fast forward 2 years when we are shopping around for my car. I couldn't believe it but it was like these guys did not give a cr*p whether we bought a car or not. They were not interested in really making the sale. I mean....I still can't understand this but when we tried to negotiate, they flat out refused to do so. So we drove up to Roseville Hyundai where they were cleaner, nicer, prompt and gave us a fantastic deal along with oil changes for life.

David G. | 2007-09-01

I bought a 2006 Hyundai Sonata from Maita Hyundai, and I have to say I've  had the best dealer experiences with them.  Not counting that I like my car, I've had good service from them.  I go there for all of my oil changes because at the worst, the prices are competative and I'll know it's being done by someone who knows Hyundais (the oil filter on these are on the top), but even better, I get plenty of coupons from both the dealer and Hyundai for things like cheaper oil changes or free car washes with the oil change.  Even better, today I had my oil changed for $20 and they gave me a free car wash.  I'd certainly strongly consider buying from them again...sometime next decade :)

Po L. | 2007-05-11

2005 STi Oil Change

The Subaru dealership was fairly easy to find.  The customer service rep was informative on how long it would take for my oil change and what would be done to the car.  I brought my own synthetic oil (purchased at Wal-Mart) for them to use, which they didn't have a problem with.  This save you a bundle as you only have to pay for the labor, disposal, oil filter and any tax.  

The waiting room was comfortable with cushioned seating for about 6-8, plasma TV and Internet hook up.  They did provide donuts and drink (small charge for the drinks).  They do have a performance with exhaust kits, rims and whatever else you need for your Subi.  My car was done in a timely manner and the cost was very reasonable.

Service - Good and friendly
Price - Fair price
Payment - Cash or Credit Cards
Recommend - Yes, I would bring my car again for an oil change and I would try their repair service.