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Nissan of Sacramento offers a full selection of service areas including:

New Vehicle Sales
Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales
Car Loans and Financing
Certified Service Department
Full Selection of Nissan Parts and Accessories
Fleet/Commercial Vehicles

Maita Nissan Of Sacramento

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 488-5400
Address:2820 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95821
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Maita Nissan Of Sacramento

Laylah N. | 2015-02-21

I used to love this place. Service department is still wonderful. Sales... customer service has seen a drastic decline. How is it that i walk the entire lot, at least 3 sales persons doing nothing, and I'm not even acknowledged? Forget that i have over 800 credit score and the means to purchase a brand new vehicle. Customer service sells. And its definitely lacking here.

Jt W. | 2015-01-26

This is for the guy in the phone in parts department, so I call in tell them what I need he puts me on hold I wait I wait he says it doesn't say what that part is... No shit it's a Bracket that holds something in place it's called a bracket! I told you what it connects then he says ok and describes the part to me after he talks to another guy. He then says it will be a week to get it and it's 260.00 for a bracket! Then he tells me I can weld it and that would be cheaper! When I can buy an aftermarket part from PRG that is better quality and 150.00 cheaper! So anyone needing parts for nissan trucks go to PRG the have products that will hold up and fix the defects that nissan have not fixed on there trucks

David A. | 2014-12-17

Wanted to take a moment to share a positive car-buying experience and acknowledge Robert at Maita on Auburn Blvd for a good job.

My wife & I were exploring alternative fuel options, so we stopped in to see the Nissan Leaf. We were directed to Robert, the dealership's EV specialist. He spent over half an hour with us, just answering our questions in general. He never pressured us - didn't even take our names.

Afterward my wife called all the Nissan dealerships in the area to compare vehicles and prices, and experienced pressure tactics from salespeople that made her uncomfortable. So, about a week after our first visit we stopped by again, and Robert patiently answered our questions and addressed our concerns. He was 100% polite and respectful toward us, gently correcting our misapprehensions about electric cars, redirecting our learning to reliable information and never causing us to feel that a question was dumb.

After our 2nd visit, we decided to seriously explore purchasing one of the Leafs then in stock at Maita. I called Robert to see if that one was still available, and to schedule an appointment to meet him. That was the first time there was even the slightest hint of sales pressure - all he asked was if we'd be making a decision. That's perfectly reasonable to ask. It would be, after all, our 3rd visit to the dealership in 2 weeks.

The day we bought our Leaf, Robert remained patient and helpful. Our negotiations were pleasant. He accommodated our reasonable requests and calmly explained why, when he couldn't do more. After our credit union let us down, Robert arranged financing for us at the same rate the credit union had originally quoted. After signing all the papers, he spent another half an hour with us, going over all the features of our new car with all it's new and unfamiliar technologies. We never felt rushed, even though it was getting late by the time all was done.

Robert also gave us a set of HOV stickers, saving us the hassle of applying for them ourselves. And he educated us about the free parking and charging locations around Sacramento. I've really gotten into discovering places to charge the car, while out and about. There's a whole world of people, connected via social media, who share and update information about charging locations. We now have a parking pass to four of the City of Sacramento's downtown garages, where we can park for free and charge while there. At other lots, such as those operated by the county, you pay for parking as you normally would, but can charge while there for free. Finally, many businesses are becoming EV friendly, so our choice of destination is being influenced by which stores and shopping centers offer EV charging stations in their lots. We often leave the car charging in the lot while we're inside eating or shopping, coming back to a full "tank". We feel good about saving money on gas and helping the environment. There are less moving parts to break, so we'll probably have less maintenance in the future, as well.

Paige K. | 2014-12-06

Wow. Lets just say I have never been so much more upset with any dealership I have been to. This one just made the cut though. Only talking about the service department now.
My husband and I own a 350z and one day our trunk (rear -hatch) kept popping open, whenever we drove or unlocked our door. We take it in to get it diagnosed and repaired. They found the problem, stated that it was the power lock actuator. Okay, we tell them to fix it. Easily spent $467.12, just like that. That was Friday morning. My husband leaves to pick up the car Saturday morning after the "repairs", about a block away....the trunk pops up again! What the heck....
We call them, schedule an appointment and then they diagnose it AGAIN. This time they say its the trunk lock request button. They tried to charge us around $200 for this new "repair," but we refused to pay. Thankfully, they decided to only charge us for the replacement part...nice of them...I guess... So then that costs us $49.91.
Now....we get the car back, all of the sudden our interior light isn't working, and our drivers side window isn't working. It would only roll down and up whenever the weather was cold, however; it was never like that BEFORE we took the car into the shop.
Obviously we're not experts at automobiles, but I don't think we should be having this many issues and new issues come upon us whenever we get our car back. We didn't like getting ripped off like so, so we had no choice but to call the Bureau of Automotive Repair. They came, took a look at our car, and went back to the dealer who apparently agreed to fix these new problems for us.
We schedule an appointment, they diagnose our problem, then finally say it's the window motor that had blown...and here's the kicker. They want to charge us around $300+ for this repair. AND we didn't tell them that it works sometimes. When we told them it only works sometimes, they didn't have answer for us. I figure, if the motor is window wouldn't be working at all, but oh....sometimes it does. Why am I going to be charged? They reason is because it has nothing to do with anything they have done to fix our previous car of its problems. Wow. So is it just a coincidence that when I get my car back that this problem just occurred?
I don't know what these mechanics are doing and I know electrical issues are difficult, but don't make these new problems for us to keep spending our hard earned money on. Our service adviser, I don't want to give his name cause I don't want to give him a bad name, has been the same every time and he has this "it's not my problem, I just work here," type of attitude and didn't help us at all. "I'm just telling you what the mechanics are telling me," not exactly quoted, but in a nutshell of what he meant. You better check to see if your mechanics aren't tweeking with anything to create this hassle for you and us buddy.
I'm sick and tired of driving over there for the same stuff, diagnosing new problems, spending ridiculous amounts of money, and getting new problems after I get my car back.

Melissa S. | 2014-09-09

Maita Nissan was nothing but wonderful to us. After having a horrible experience with Folsom Nissan we were afraid to try again, but we are so happy we decided on Maita Nissan off of Auburn Blvd. Our salesperson Faith Lambert was AMAZING!!! I highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a car!

Pablo C. | 2014-09-04

Was treated very poorly, by sales team. Promises broken, lied to, cried in front of, used religion as a sales tactic, switched parts for less expensive, and after all that charged us more for the car then we first agreed upon. Dealership did nothing to make it right. Have emailed Gen Mgr hopefully customer service has not completely eluded this place.

Would recommend you look elsewhere. Second car purchased here. First time easy, second time Arghhhh!

Pat W. | 2014-07-27

Came here after a bad experience elsewhere and tried Maita Nissan. Robert and his team where fantastic! ! Got me exactly what I wanted for less than I was planning to pay! Seriously people give em a shot. Really good people,  Robert is the man!!!! Update 2/25/2014, when purchased vehicle experience was awesome but unfortunately when came back for service,  service department was not up to par. Had to take off a couple stars.

Meghan M. | 2014-07-08

This review is solely for the service department.

Ok, here is my first gripe. Why do you schedule appointments for oil changes if it first come first serve???? makes no sense.... anyway...

I scheduled an appointment for 10:15 Monday morning for an oil change. I showed up at about 10 am. I waited in the car bay for 10 minutes before anyway helped me. The gentlemen took all my info and said it would be about an hour and a half wait. WHAT?!? WHY SO LONG??? Fine, whatever. I go find a seat in the waiting room.  The waiting room is cold...oh so very cold. Now my wait begins.........

I look at the's been an hour and a half. Great! I should be hearing my name over the loud speaker any minute now. No. No. No. I won't. After almost 2 hours has gone by, I walk up to the receptionist and ask her how much longer, since it now approaching the 2 hour mark. She tells me my car is coming up now. Fine. I go sit back down. Guy comes out 5 min later and tells me my car is ready. Thank goodness. He tells me to go the car bay to get it.

I look, I look, I look some more; no car. The guy comes up and says, oh it's next in line to be washed. I'll come get you when it's done. Back to the cold, cold waiting room I go.

At 2:17 pm, I was finally driving away from the dealership. ALL FOR AN OIL CHANGE.

If it weren't for the fact that it was free and i have 2 free ones left, I would not come back.

As soon as the free ones are used, I will be going to Nissan of Elk Grove. Their quick lube is faster, the customer service is waaaaaay better and I don't feel like a popsicle in their waiting area.

Kevin J. | 2014-07-07

Bought my pre-owned certified altima s.l here an after a few months of owning it the top began to turn dull. The car was only four years old at the time. Called nissan an they told me to bring it in, after inspecting it they told me that there was nothing they can do. It was from neglect.  How can it be from neglect if i only owned the car for 4 months? Seen several other altimas on the road with the same problem!  Typically the dark grey or black.  They buff and temporary made it shine to make the sale! I think as a dealership they should have taken full responsibility and repaired the car.

Erin W. | 2014-06-25

Took my car in for scheduled maintenance and they did me right.

1.  had shuttle service to anywhere I wanted to go within a 10 mile radius.

2.  had a big screen tv

3.  washed my car after maintenance.

Wished I would've bought my car at Maita rather than Folsom Lake.  I could have gotten the same car for about a grand less but with better wheels and a spoiler. imho.  maybe not.

S S. | 2014-06-04

Short review: I happen to own two Maita Cars both purchased new. I have a Maita Toyota and a Maita Nissan. Toyota dealership has good customer service and smooth operation. However I cannot say the same for Maita Nissan. Customer service is non existent. I always got my oil changes done via this Maita Nissan dealer -

The following review details the experience I had:

I drive up to the service center - there is a sign that states please remain is your seat a customer service adviser will be with you shortly. I can see the employees though the window laughing and having personal conversations with themselves - not one of them came out within the time frame I was waiting. So after waiting a good 5 - 8 minutes I decided to go inside. They stated we will be with you shortly - so I went back into my car. Sometime later another guy parked his car behind me, gets out of his car and walk inside. He was helped right away.

Finally about another 10 minutes later I an individual asks me if I needed anything. I told him I would like to DROP off my car for an oil change. He writes down the car information, vin/licence and mileage.

He states since this is the first time I am here He will need to input the information into the computer. I told him this isn't my first time. However he insists on taking another 10 -15 minutes to input my information into the computer. Then he states the car isn't registered to me! I purchased the car and I paid for it - who else would it be registered to?

Finally he asks me to sign on two papers and tells me to go into the lobby -  he also states " I'll come get you in a second".

So I do that - I thought he had more paper work for me so I wait patiently for about another 10 minutes. I go back to the service desk and ask for the individual however he is no longer there - another individual asks if I needed anything. I told him the story and he states your all set, if you don't want to wait you can leave and we will call you when the oil change is done. I stated I would like to come back when its done. Then once AGAIN this new individual starts asking for my information.

I can't believe how there is a utter lack of management, coordination/communication between employees and  customer service. I will never ever come back to this place again!

Should it take 45 minutes to drop off a car for an oil change when there are no other customers around?

Awful experience!

Michy G. | 2014-05-09

I will have to say that the Maita Service Department is one of the best I have ever encountered in my more than 40 years of driving.

I have brought my Nissan Cube to this facility twice for service and each time the Service Advisers have been very customer focused, with a strong knowledge of the vehicles and what services your team can provide.

When I brought my car in this week, Todd, the Service Adviser, was able to find out that my warranties would cover many of the things that were wrong with the car.  He offered a great rental vehicle and promised to call me with any news from the diagnostics that were performed.  I was kept informed each step along the way to the completion.

When I came back to pick up my car, Roger, another Service Adviser, was able to answer questions I had on the work that was done.

My vehicle runs as great as it did when I bought it back in 2011.

Sheri W. | 2014-04-17

After a bad experience on Tuesday, we went to look at a car here. Unfortunately the car was sold so we decided to test drive another car that we saw. We thought about purchasing the  Rouge but  we really wanted a Murano.  The manager came in and spoke with us and suggested that we thought about leasing a brand-new Murano. We Didn't think that they could get the monthly payment that we would feel comfortable with, but he came in  and gave us a better deal on our trade-in and payment in our target area that we wanted to be in.
Matt our sales person was awesome! Was very knowledgeable about the cars answered all our questions and was extremely friendly and helpful. As we were waiting for paperwork to be completed he came in and talked to us and it was very natural and genuine.

Everyone there that night was very helpful and friendly and what we loved about it was that we felt they were honest and upfront and to the point. We don't like our time wasted with playing "the numbers game" and they didn't do that with us. We don't like wasting peoples time too so we went in with a pre-approved loan and knowing exactly what we wanted to spend and they were very respectful of that.

Thank you to the entire team at Maita Nissan!
Matt I can't make you any promises but if we are able to we will try to get you a ticket to one of the Niners games!
Keep being genuine and honest and you'll have a bright future!
Talim and Sheri Wright

Sheena C. | 2014-04-13

I have been car searching for a couple months now, and have gone to a few dealerships with less than stellar service. Last night I went online to the Maita groups website to see which cars they had, and 2 caught my eye. I requested more info - they were closed, so I received an email saying someone would contact me as soon as they opened today.

I received an email early this morning letting me know both cars were still available. I exchanged emails with the Internet Sales Manager, Dave, and then left home for the dealership (an hour away).  We had a great experience with Dave, he was super friendly and really great to work with. After test-driving the first car we went to one of their other lots to test-drive the second car, and unfortunately the second car had JUST sold.  So he let us take the first car for another (and longer) test-drive, which was really nice.

We decided to go with the car after the test-drives and sitting down and talking with him. If you're in the market for a new  or CPO car, I definitely recommend working with Dave (just go online and request more info when you see the car you want and he's super quick to respond).  Often times ISM's can give you a better deal (and are FAR more enjoyable to deal with frankly), so I definitely recommend Dave!

The center console latch was broken on the car, so I signed all the paperwork (we were there for about 3ish hours total), and left the car there to get fixed once the Service department opens tomorrow).  I'll update my review once I pick up the car and have more interaction with the rest of the dealership.

Katy W. | 2014-04-09

I purchased my Nissan from them two years ago and DID not have a pleasant experience ( I happen to have an extremely good memory). On day one, I talked to one sales associate and decided to purchase a Nissan ( Pre-owned 2010). Throughout the process, the sales associate did not seem too knowledgeable about the dealership's Nissan cars and used very board terms such as "great" and "reliable" when I asked him about the features and performance of the car. " It's a great car." " Yes. The engine is very reliable" DUH!! For a while, I was alone looking at the cars on the lot and I could see the sales associates, sales manager, and a few other employees in the sales manager's office talking about me ( 1. all of them kept looking at me and I was the only one on the lot. 2. as soon i walked back into the sales manager's office, they all looked at me and fled he room, except for the sales manger and the sales associate) Later, the sales manager told me the sales associate thought i was being rude to him. LOL. SO HIGH SCHOOL and unprofessional. Talk about feeling uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I went through the paperwork and decided to pick up the car the next day. And GUESS WHAT? The next day I went in to pick up my car, my car WAS NO LONGER ON THE LOT! The sales manager then told me one of the employees DROVE MY CAR to CAL EXPO where they were having a CAR SALE. Can you even just picture someone driving YOUR CAR YOU JUST BOUGHT to a car show to sell the car? The sales manager told me they must had a communication of some sort. I was for sure annoyed at that point. At the end, the sales manager said to me ( word for word) " Now that you are done with the paperwork, we can be mean to you now."

Overall, I DON'T recommend you going there to purchase your Nissan! I would recommend the Nissan dealership in Elk Grove ( very nice sales associates)!!

Danielle J. | 2014-03-18

On Sunday 3/16 I went there to see what kind of deals they had on 2013 Nissan Sentra's. I was in luck, because of the holiday there were indeed some great deals.

Tom Humphries was the salesman who helped me out. He was honest from the start and never began to promise things to me he couldn't guarantee. He was upfront about everything!

I ended up choosing a 2013 Nissan Sentra SV. I left with the price I wanted and the car I loved. He was so helpful while waiting on the paperwork he even gave me a phone number to help me get a good price on auto insurance!  

Great friendly service and I love my new car!

Rachel M. | 2013-12-27

Service or Disservice Department? First off to the people reading this- you do have a say in your bad experience with Maita. Call Nissan Assist @ 1-855-619-8190-it is the equivalent of filing a corporate complaint, which dealerships don't want. Nissan Corporate will assign the complaint a case manager, case number, and investigate. They indicated to me that they do not tolerate rudeness, etc. Use these tools to bring tools like these guys up to par.

Thursday 12/26 at 6 PM on the 4th Floor of an empty downtown parking garage I experienced the dreaded Electronic Steering Column Lock (ESCL) failure with my 2009 Nissan Altima. What is that you say? It is when you put your key fob in your Altima and your car acts like the key doesn't exist.Turns out it is a defect in the 09 Altima, and Nissan has dedicated an entire  web portal to it. Even the tow truck drivers said "Oh, another one."

Anyway, 2 hours and 2 tows later I'm home and on the Internet learning all about this defect. Promptly on Friday morning 12/27 at 7 AM I'm calling my usual dealership ended up dealing with the worst most rude 'coordinator' ever at Maita Nissan. He talked down to me like I was a stupid female. When I mentioned a recall he snapped "THERE IS NO RECALL",  I said, 'OK, not recall, then maybe warranty extension?' and he says "THAT ISN'T  A RECALL," and  then "We're busy- I can get your car in on Tuesday- do you want to schedule or not?"

The best part was when I asked about it getting picked up and towed there and he laughed (yes, ha-ha-chuckle chuckle) saying "YOU WANT US TO TOW YOUR CAR?!!?"  har- har-har. Going on to say that he'd give me the number of a tow company to call, as he continued to mock snicker. **P.S.Jerk- Nissan corporate is reimbursing me for the towing, so next time you har-har-har a customer in distress I hope you are eating a chicken wing and choke on it and that nobody is there to give you the Heimlich.

I was tired, I was frustrated. Most of all I was completely disgusted with this clowns treatment of me. According to Nissan's own website they have a whole FAQ section indicating ALL dealerships were notified of this defect as early as April. Maybe Maita could have informed or warned me when my car was there in June.

I instantly hung up and called Hanalees in Davis and spoke with Dave, one of the kindest service guys I've ever dealt with. He patiently asked me the questions about the car, explained procedure, and said he most certainly was familiar with the 'thingy' I was talking about, but of course they did have to check it out. I got the car over there and Dave quickly called me to explain things further. I had my car fixed, washed and vacuumed the same day. Oh, and they were "Really busy too".

John A. | 2013-12-26

Called today to get sister cars key fob reprogrammed. After being put on hold and disconnected they got back to me saying the could not squeeze me in. And that it's a half day procedure to reprogram. Give me a break. It less than 5min procedure I just looked it up. On top of that if they had made time was a $120 fee. Maita Nissan is a typical stealership. I would say avoid for service.

Caleb B. | 2013-11-14

I have subsequently gone back and bought another new car here. I got a really great deal with zero hassle. They priced matched a dealers ad all the way in Peteluma. Much better than the Automall.

Jenn S. | 2013-07-02

I've used Maita Nissan twice now for service on my Nissan Murano despite the fact that they were not the closest Nissan dealership to me nor were they the dealership that I purchased my Nissan from.  This week I needed a new cat converter and received several quotes on the cost, Maita Nissan was one of the cheaper quotes.  The service rep was polite and he was able to work with me to get discounts that competitors were offering.  Usually I would have thought that the dealership would have been more costly than a no name mechanic shop, but to my surprise the dealership was cheaper.  Considering they specialize in Nissans, I feel comfortable with my decision to go with them and though the cost was over $1,000 (not a cheap fix), the price offered to me was very fair.  Thank you Maita Nissan Service Dept., I will definitely be back for any future needs with my Nissan :)

Dee R. | 2013-05-30

Jan is an amazing service advisor

Nikelaos R. | 2013-03-20

My partner and I walked into Maita Nissan midday on a Tuesday. Our intentions were to drop $30,000+ on a new vehicle. The dealership did not appear to be overly busy. We sat for 45 minutes as many employees walked right by us without acknowledging our presence, let alone saying "hello" or asking if they could help us. Was it because we're gay? Was it because we were dressed in street clothes? Regardless, it was the most unprofessional sales environment I've ever encountered. Obviously we walked out, not impressed. We then drove down the street to BMW/Mini and gave our money to them. Thanks again, Maita Nissan!

D K. | 2013-02-21

Classic bait and switch!!!! I am not sure what kind of dog and pony show these idiots are running.

Zach M. | 2013-01-03

Went in today for an oil change... couldn't be happier!.  In and out in under an hour and included a recall fix for the cold air intake.  Waiting room is large and comfy... TV, magazines galore, complimentary coffee n treats, WIFI with power station bench for the computer crowd, and even a paperback novel bookshelf.  I liked the way they made recommendations for future service but did not try to up-sell me like the 'quikie lube' joints do. They washed the exterior, vacuumed the interior with a quick wipe of the dash...

Susan P. | 2012-12-03

I have bought a lot of cars in my life and this was the worst dealership I have ever been to.  I tried working with them for two weeks on buying a 2012 Juke.  They did not respond to any of my emails in the middle of negotiations.  I finally reached the general manager, Eric Wilson, through the Better Business Bureau website.  I immediately got a call back from the Sales Manager, Noah.  The next day, I went in to dealership and the place was completely void of customers looking for new cars. It was quiet, the sales person helping me, Ryan, was actually yawning while discussing the Juke I was interested in.  I left there, went to Roseville Nissan, and the energy in that place was unbelievable.  It was filled with people, the internet sales person, Munro was very attentive, returned all my emails, calls and even gave me his personal cell phone number for contact.  The next day, I called Maita to negotiate the price of a lesser priced Juke.  Ryan again helped me.  He made me an offer.  I asked if they could get lower and he said he would talk to Sales Manager and email the details.  Never got the email.  I gave him an hour, called back, spoke to him, and he said he got busy and forgot to email me...he then apologized.  I asked if he could email me the figures so I could look over them, he agreed to email or have someone else email me in a few minutes as he was helping another customer.  I never received an email.  If you want to have an enjoyable car buying experience, DO NOT go to Maita Nissan.  The dealership itself was lifeless and cold.  I'm just saying.....

Michelle M. | 2012-10-03

great service department!!

Austin K. | 2012-08-17

Nothing but praise for this dealership's service department. I have made a few trips in here for warranty issues and routine maintenance. They are always very fast, dependable, and provide excellent customer service. They sell service packages that include an oil change, tire balance, full inspection, and car wash all for $20. I can do all of this by myself, but for $20 this is very worth it.

I took my car in yesterday for said package because I thought I had a credit for one but they charged me anyway. I figured it was my mistake and it was used up (my dad uses them too sometimes), I got a call today from Joeseph at the dealership with an apology and a credit for the next one to be on the house. These guys rock, and have a good thing going.

Jason G. | 2012-07-09

Got in quickly for a rattle in the fan and a check-up as part of the purchased maintenance plan when I got the car new.  Too bad not all my visits are preventive and routine maintenance.

Mel L. | 2012-07-03

This review is on their service department only:

I had to get my car looked at because it was having starter issues. The guys in the service department were very friendly and helpful. They offer a complimentary shuttle, which is nice. They called me to keep me updated on what was going on, and when it came time to discuss parts and labor, they checked my warranty to find out if it covered what I needed...and thankfully it did! After they did an exterior car wash, my car was ready to take home. I'll definitely be back for my oil changes and for future maintenance.

Jeremy P. | 2012-05-31

Went on a monday, 2 hrs later still no deal but almost there. Go back 2 days later and there is a price change. They said incentive rebate was no longer available. I called Nissan & checked nissan website. Nissan said maita was wrong. I explained this to the salesman but he just stuck to a higher price. Classic bait & switch. Don't waste your time. I feel they quoted me a low price to get you to stay, but when you are ready to sign,the deal changes. After yelp review ,general manager Eric called and apologized. He was not there the day of the problem, but did his best to fix the problem to original deal. He was close and I gave maita a 2nd chance. Smart g.m. , but line staff need some work. End of day I bought the car.

Nancy B. | 2012-05-09

I have bought and sold quite a few cars as an adult and this car-buying experience stands out as one of the most pleasant and even fun experiences. Nick Nazeri is easy-going, fun, straightforward and not pushy salesperson.  His manager, Jesse, didn't do the usual manager push at the end of the transaction but came in to thank us for our business.  Fair price for my trade in, very fair price with all the closeout deals for 2012 Altimas, and easy process...simply the best!

Karen F. | 2012-05-01

I had done my research going in and knew what I wanted. My husband and I had narrowed it to 3-4 possibles on their used car lot. Our sales person (Ryan D) was great, no pressure, and super honest. We ended up selecting the car we wanted about 45 minutes after arriving on the lot. We already knew it was a good deal, and did not haggle too much with pricing.

Then we waited. And waited. And waited. We waited over an hour to get into finance. RIDICULOUS. We then met with Kendra, who is the finance manager. I'm going to give her a bit of leeway since it was a Friday night and closing in on 9PM at this point. However, she was very unprofessional in my opinion, suggesting that we were probably getting 'hosed' on our insurance, using some foul language, and acting like we were idiots for not jumping on the extended warranty and 'already installed' aftermarket alarm system. I know that they are trying to make money, and just because you are in Finance and not Sales doesn't mean the selling stops, but come on. My husband told her we were exhausted and hungry and just wanted to get everything done and get out of there - no extras. She replies 'yeah, me too. Have a Reese's Egg for dinner.' (Which I did, I was about to eat my arm). She was really scattered and hard to follow (which is the part I am chalking up to a late night/long day). If she was who we talked to first, we would have left immediately.

I don't understand WHY Sales and Finance cannot streamline their processes to get buyers out faster and with less hassel. This (in my expereince) is an industry-wide issue but really annoying.

I did call back the following Monday because I was missing a supplement to my manual and they got it for me the same day, so other areas of service so far seem to be good.

Linda H. | 2012-03-19

Neither of my brake lights were working so I took my Nissan into Maita Nissan for repairs.  The wait was long (I came in at 7am and left at noon so it was a 5 hour wait total) but the time passed quickly.  In fact, I actually enjoyed my wait.  The waiting room was clean and comfy, with plenty of outlets for your laptop.  It was also stocked with free bananas, apples, fruit bars, and coffee.  I settled in like a laptop camper at a coffee shop.  

When I was told that my car was done, I was actually a bit disappointed.  I was getting so much work done while waiting and felt so comfortable there in the waiting room.  But I was not at all disappointed when I learned that the car just needed new brake light bulbs and since my car was under warranty, the repair was free.  

Oh boy, what an enjoyable day.  I think I'm going to go there for my next oil change just so that I can make use of their waiting room, their excellent customer service and honest, reliable work.

5 stars for the waiting room amenities, GREAT and HONEST service, and reliability.  Negative 1 star for the wait (which, I didn't mind, but I know that most people would).

Walter C. | 2012-02-21

I purchased my Nissan Murano S AWD from Maita Nissan on February 17, 2012.  

Tony Rivas (internet sales manager) did not only differentiate on price from the other dealers but also on communication.  It was very refreshing to get a quick response via email in full sentences.  He always started with addressing me by name on every email he sent and always ended with a proper salutation.  English is not my mother tongue, but I do appreciate nicely written sentences.  To me, it showed that, as a customer, I matter to him.

He was a true internet sales manager in the sense, that the price was discussed via email and confirmed via email.  Unlike some so-called "internet managers" that want to meet you in person or do not want to send out a price via mail.

Tony made sure that buying my new car was a pleasant experience.  I still had to go through "Finance" to sign the contract, but even that did not take too much of my time.

On my way to the dealership to pick up my new car, my wife and I changed our mind and decided to go for an AWD instead of the 2WD.  Even that last minute change was handled exceptionally well by Tony.

It most certainly was worth the long drive from Walnut Creek to Sacramento.

I can only hope that my after sales experience will be as good as my sales experience, so that I can keep enjoying the Nissan I just purchased at Maita Nissan.

Highly recommended.

LJ H. | 2011-06-01

I purchased a 2011 Nissan Versa from this dealership.  Fred (Sales Consultant) is very nice and helpful.  He is down to earth and didn't try to push me buy something I didn't like.  Tony (Sales Manager) help me easily financed the car and was able to break everything down.  I wanted to take my car home before they closed and Tony made sure that happened.  Paul (Finance) is very friendly and didn't push me to buy anything extra.  I definitely will come back here again when I buy my next vehicle.

Young K. | 2011-04-28

My problem is with the service department's fishy business practice.
So I take my car in to diagnose my check engine light.  They charge me $160 to just LOOK at it.  I said forget about it.  The next day I call them for the same estimate (pretending to be someone else) and this time somehow the price went down to $110 magically overnight.  They seem to charge differently based on their mood and not by a set standard.

I call a different Nissan dealership and they were only charging $60 for the same service!

Araceli W. | 2011-02-13

Purchased my '07 Pathfinder from these guys and having worked at dealerships for several years, I was expecting a bumpy ride (pun intended). Josh (Internet Sales) and Andy (Finance) both did a really great job. Although I was there for several hours (it was right before Christmas, and they were finishing up another deal) the process went pretty smoothly, and I was happy with everything in the end. I brought the SUV in a month later and was also pleased with the help I received from Jan in the Service Department, even the Service Cashier was pleasant :) I highly recommend this team. They know what customer service is all about and the GM is clearly doing his job.

Nick C. | 2010-12-13

I hate driving out here and I usually am not that fond of dealerships but this place is nice. It was fully remodeled and has wifi. There was a complimentary selection of fruits, donuts, breakfast bars, and water. I'm not sure if this was a grand opening special, or if this is standard fare. I was impressed. The service took awhile, and actually set me back more than I was expecting, but I really didnt mind waiting in that nice lobby.


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