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Maita Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 486-8500
Address:2410 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95821
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Maita Mazda

Ron M. | 2015-04-06

I want to thank Darrell Lewis the Service and Parts director at Maita Mazda in Sacramento for working with David Kurokawa at Rocky Mountain Window Tinting. During the tinting work the doors had gotten damaged. So Darrell and David worked together in correcting what had happened and they made sure our doors got repaired.
Not many businesses will stand up to fix customer complaints the way they did. We believe we were given great customer service by Maita Mazda and Rocky Mountain Window Tinting. They deserve your business.

Thank you both,
Ron& Diane

Eddean B. | 2015-03-31

We had a great experience at Maita Mazda Dealer on Auburn Blvd in
Sacramento,CA....We went after a 2014 Zeal Red Miata, we had a plan after doing our homework.....So we knew what we wanted to pay.....We got a great Salesman, Tom Humphreys, he really could have been on stage he was so funny but he was a fantastic salesperson also.....not pushy, but very informative and helpful......They accepted our offer with no game playing so that was very much appreciated...Yeahhhhhh!We got the car!!!!! Only one stipulation, we had to drive the car before we signed the papers (I guess they didn't want me to change my mind on the way home?) So we did that!!!! Then we decided we wanted to finance it, after a little doing and redoing they got us the best finance price with a bank we liked....!  We love the car  and the experience was very good and painless.....Only one complaint !!when I told one of the guys "You are out of Creamer" he hunted and hunted but alas no creamer was to be found....YUK!!! Coffee without cream....Buttttt-- I think I'll just let that pass!!!!!!
Thank you Tom Humphreys, and thank you Maita Mazda
Ancel and Eddean Ballard. Paradise, CA.

Stephanie N. | 2015-03-14

First time every purchasing a Mazda.  Brand new.  Service department and/or coverage is the worst!  They nickel and dime to death and waste your time.  First, our car had 37,000 miles on it and the rear axle snapped while driving on the freeway.  It was terrifying.  The warranty expired at 36,000 miles and they would not cover any of it!  This was a major vehicle flaw that could have killed my husband and daughter.  We were told by our insurance company and even a service guy that this NEVER happens to any model/make car - cars are built so this doesn't happen unless you have hit something.  ALSO, our battery died at 55,000 miles.  We called them to find out where we could find a battery and were told that it was still covered under warranty.  But instead of just bringing the battery in they required us to drive 20 miles and drop off our car (to which we now have to go back and get it).  You know what they did?  They said they were charging the battery and that if we got a new one it would be prorated - so basically we would still have to pay 90%.  So angry.  Would have totally preferred to just get a new battery.  Suckers.  Never buy Mazda - that is the lesson.

Victoria V. | 2015-02-10

I wouldn't say its the best dealership I've ever been to. It's not the most attentive or customer oriented, but for Sacramento 5 stars will do. I got a pretty good deal and this makes the experience overall to have a higher rate.

Jason and Janelle P. | 2015-02-07

Worst service experience ever. Came in for an oil change. Wanted to convert my 6 remaining prepaid regular oil changes ($19.95 ea) into their new 5 pk synthetic package. Told that to the service advisor, but she told me that my remaining oil changes were already converted to 2 remaining synthetic oil changes and that I would not have to pay today. Car is done 30 mins later, but just sits in their lot for another half hr until I speak up. Apparently the service advisor wanted to speak to me about my tires. A whole half hr just to tell me about my tires which I already knew about?!? And so as I wait for them to refigure out the oil situation for some reason (an additional 15 mins... geniuses over here I tell ya) they tell me I have to pay. So I told them that I was supposed to pay nothing and that I initially wanted to convert to the synthetic oil package, not for them to just deduct $20 off a regular priced synthetic oil change. So he's like so you want to purchase the synthetic package today? And I said yes. 5 minutes later he comes back and it's still wrong. He deducted the price of 1 synthetic oil change off my original remaining balance and credited the rest to a 5pk synthetic. I had to tell him that I wanted to use the whole remaining balance on a 5pk of synthetic and leave there with 4 remaining to take advantage of the discount. Only until after 15 minutes of processing that request did he realize my intent.
Oil change here seems fine. Half hour labor is reasonable. But an extra half hour sitting there waiting for the paperwork is just unacceptable. And another half hour until we actually leave prompted this one star review. Been a valued customer here for over 10 years. Maybe it's time for a change... After I stupidly purchased 4 more.

Tom S. | 2015-02-07

VERY DISHONEST, DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME. Wanted to buy a new car that they had advertised at a particular price,in large print, with ID number, pictures etc at their advertised price, but was told by their sales person Jeff that they can't 'really' sell it
that cheap !!, why do you have it advertised at that price plus tax and license.
Quote, "we'll give it to you for a thousand more". I guess that's why their prices seem
to be so low in the ads.............because that's not really the price.

Ps: and it's still advertised at that price and still in stock. Suggest trying elk grove
,Shingle springs , auburn, and davis auto dealers so as to avoid Maitas BS. ..and
I have cash in hand to boot, no qualifying ......
MAITA, ZOOM,ZOOM,ZOOM away as fast as possible from these guys  :-)

Thimetis M. | 2015-01-22

Maita Mazda wasn't the first dealership that I visited in my search for a new car. They were the last dealership I visited. Fret not, being last does not make them a bad dealership. You know that saying, you leave the best for last? Well that's the case with Maita Mazda. By the time I contacted Maita I knew that I wanted to get the Mazda 3 sedan. Price was a big deal to me and I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best possible deal as I had been speaking to another dealer. I went on their website and put in my information the car I was interested in and within 15 minutes I got a call from Ben Guerrero the internet sales manager. He emailed me a quote shortly after I got off the phone and the next day I went into the dealership to test drive the manual as I had only test driven automatics. It was love at first drive and I knew it was the car for me. Ben was very understanding as it was my first time purchasing a new car. There was a little back and forth negotiating the terms but we finally agreed on a price and I was on my merry way. Overall, my first time car buying experience was a positive one. I opted to go with them over Autonation because of price and they threw in a year of free maintenance (i.e. 2 oil changes & tire rotations). Ben even took the time to give me a tutorial on how to use the navigation and stereo as my old car was a dinosaur and didn't have a third of the fancy gadgets that my new Mazda 3 did.

I also appreciated the follow up after I bought the car from Ben. He called and emailed to make sure I was still loving my car and wanted to see if I had any questions/concerns.

My only beef - I went on New Year's day and the service team was gone and the detailing of my car wasn't the greatest. There were streaks on the inside of windshield. Other than that, everything was fantastic. :)

Colleen W. | 2014-11-26

RIP OFF ALERT! I will never go to Maita again...last time I had my car serviced I chose to go to Maita because it was close to my work, they said I needed new rear brakes because I was at 2mm which was weird because my previous service with Elk Grove Mazda I was at 8mm. Well I declined to have them do it and chose to wait until my next service. Fast forward to today, I took my car into Elk Grove Mazda to get a tune up and new brakes before our trip to Southern California next week. They seemed surprised I would already need new brakes so they did a brake inspection and sure enough I dont need new rear brakes, I am currently at 5mm.

Sravya V. | 2014-11-22

This was the first dealership I went to to buy my first car so it was kind of a big deal. I walked in wanting to look at the 2014 Mazda 3 but unfortunately, they were out of stock. Alex, the manager came out to apologize and explain my options. I test drove the 2015 and fell in love with the Mazda 3. Daniel Espero, the salesman was very brave through my test drive (Im a new driver!) and I went home with the details. There was no pushy salesmanship and no pressure while I got my finances ready. They held my car for a full week with no nagging phone calls. When everything finally ready, paperwork was done within 45 mins and my car was detailed with a free full tank of gas. When I spotted dust specks on the car because the detailing had been done that morning, daniel personally wiped the car down again for me. Overall, they made my first car buying experience a hassle free one and I am extremely happy with my new car.

Judy P. | 2014-11-19

my boyfriend (who doesn't have a yelp acct) recently bought a car at Maita Mazda, this is his review:

I knew the car I wanted to buy (a Mazda 3 hatchback) when I walked in to Maita, and test drove it with very little hype from the salesman. I left without buying, but got none of the traditional pressure to "buy it today". When I returned a few days later, I was quite sure about what I wanted, and went through one of the most hassle-free car-buying processes I've ever experienced. I got what I felt was an excellent price (did research to make sure of this), and none of the usual "up-sell" BS that I expected. Taking delivery of the car, we noticed some glue lines were still visible where the shipment-protection pads had been attached. The sales manager seemed appalled that the detailing had not picked this up, and asked me to come back in for a re-detaling, plus a free tank of gas. The re-detailing was perfect, and I couldn't be happier with the car. Kudos to Maita and especially salesman Daniel Espero for the low-pressure selling, and the respect with which they treated me.

Bob S. | 2014-10-30

We got a great car and the price was better than expected. Salesman Jamie was awesome;  no pressure and down to earth.  Best experience we've ever had buying a new car!

Jill F. | 2014-10-28

I started searching for a new car recently and began my search at the Roseville Auto Mall.  Once there, I was overwhelmed by all the dealerships and sales people.  I felt a lot of the sales people were pushy and didn't really care what I was looking for.

While sharing my story with a friend, she mention she purchased her car from Maita Mazda. She told me she had a similar experience at the Auto Mall and to give Maita a try. She highly recommended I speak with her sales person, Jamie.

Last week I went to Maita Mazda and met with Jamie. I found him to be funny, (which lightened up the car buying experience)knowledgeable about cars and very in tune to what I was looking for.  He was on my side from the beginning trying to accommodate the long list of requirements for my new car.

I left with a great car and a great experience and would recommend Maita to anybody and if you wants to deal with a professional, call Jamie!!

Justine H. | 2014-09-08

Last week I received a call from Mazda asking me when I was able to have my car serviced for an oil change. Working three jobs and living in granite bay it is quite difficult for me to squeeze in a visit to auburn but the gal was persistent and let me know my oil change would even be complimentary! My boyfriend laughed and said don't worry they will try to charge you for something, but I insisted it was just great ownership. My appointment was at 8am this morning. I grab all my stuff from my car to do some work while I wait and am told that (even though it blatantly says complimentary oil change on the screen) I have no complimentary oil change and that is only part of a brochure or program that I do not have. The person then handed me a business card and said feel free to contact them if I have any other questions or would like to set up another appointment. Really?

I not only took the time out of my schedule for the appointment, but I drove from granite bay! I left with no oil change and a few hours that will be missing from my paycheck.

I'm embarrassed that I believed they would honor me with such a complimentary service after my boyfriend warned me several times. Had to spend my lunch break writing this--I will not be back for any future services.

Brooks J. | 2014-08-21

Hands down, Maita Mazda was the most professional dealership I found in my recent search for an SUV. I looked at dealerships in the Bay Area, Fairfield and Vacaville and these guys were heads and shoulders above their competition.

Juan Ramirez, the sales rep I worked with at Maita, is probably one of the most knowledgeable and honest car sales reps I've ever worked with. He took the time to discuss my purchasing requirements and provided all the pro's (and con's) of each car I looked at and test drove (including Subaru and Mazda). He's super-professional and trustworthy - no upsell or pressure here.

After test driving 5 cars, I went with the Mazda CX5 - I am totally happy with my decision and my purchase from Maita.

Enrique in financing was also extremely professional.

There was a minor snafu at the end of the delivery process, but Glen (the sales manager) stepped in and resolved everything without a lot of fuss - these guys clearly get the dealership reputation factor and, at every step, worked with me to ensure I was satisfied with the car, financing, etc.

If you are from the Bay Area, it's worth the extra 2 hours to go see these guys - I felt I was working with professionals and got a reasonable deal on my car purchase.

Linda S. | 2014-08-20

On august 8 2014, after assuring me I was approved for a loan at .9% and able to trade in my vehicle, with no out of pocket cost, I drove 450 miles one way to maita mazda located on 2410 auburn blvd., sacramento, california.. I met with ben a sales person . I test drove the car and then went into his office. there I met a  man named alex. The banks had okayed a 27000 dollar loan for the CX5. but before I could sign papers alex informed me he wanted an additional 800.00 dollars cash. I looked at ben and said, that is not going to happen, alex then said how about 600.00. I said no and he walked out of the office.

I learned a valuable lesson. do not deal with this dealership in sacramento. they lied by telling me i would get a .9% loan with no out of pocket cost, that they would accept my trade in where included in the loan was an additional 5800 dollars on top of the new loan for the trade in of my vehicle, and then made an  attempt to manipulate me for money that was not required and wasted my time and money to drive to sacramento.This is poor consumer tactics.

Anthony I. | 2014-08-10

I walked onto the lot, and the gentlemen that greeted me asked me if I needed help, what I was looking to buy, etc. I explain that I didn't know what I was looking for and that i was hoping looking at dealerships would help me make up my mind. I asked him if he had a business card on him, and if I could come to him if I had any questions. He (admittedly politely) states that he didn't have any business cards on him... He then walks inside the Mazda building? I wait for him to return, but that doesn't happen. This confused me, but whatever. I look at the lot, and decide I'm not too impressed.

I walk over to Subaru (same lot, same owner) and meet Casey B. He introduces himself, shows me Subaru cars (wasn't impressed), and he asks if I've had a chance to check out Mazda. I explain the odd interaction I had with the previous salesman, and he suggests re-visiting Mazda. I agree on the condition he provide me with a business card. He gives me one, and we walk over to the Mazda lot.
He shows me the various cars, asks what I'll be using the car for, and suggests the Mazda 6 or 3. I explain that I'm into the technology, nerd-friendly cars. He suggests the NEW :) 2015 Mazda 6! We check out the interior, and the vehicle is decked out! It has EVERYTHING. Now i'm getting excited about buying a car. Without being prompted, he suggests a test drive! Woo hoo! The car has ZERO miles on it. The ride was amazing! Loved the car. After returning we go inside to talk price. (This is when I saw the gentleman that first greeted me sitting in the lounge watching TV. That kind of bothered me.)
Casey wrote everything down, so I could see it on paper. No guess-work, no wishy-washy dealership verbage, no hidden fees. You pay this, I give you keys to a car. I thank him for his time, and tell him I need to think it over.
I have his card if I have more questions.
(Side note: I get my finances ready, and have the cash for a down payment.)

I called Mazda August 10th around 1pm, and ask the receptionist if Casey is in. She says yes and asks me to hold. The man that answers the phone (not Casey) says,
"WHO are you holding for??"
"I'm waiting for Casey. He help..."
"CASEY decided to stop working here. He DOESN'T work here anymore."
"Ok well he wa..."
"Is there something that I can help you with?"
"I guess not! Thanks..."
I was miffed by the clear unprofessional-ism of the guy that answered the phone. If this is how the rest of the crew treats prospective customers, I can only imagine how I would be treated if Mazda already had my money. I imagine taking my vehicle in for tune-ups, maintenance, etc would be a nightmare. I want no part in it.

Mochi S. | 2014-08-06

Don't ever bring your car here. Imbeciles and waste of time. I kid you not. Be warned!

Scheduled an appointment on Monday for the following day at 10 AM for DIAGNOSTIC ONLY. Had miata towed there Tuesday morning at 9 30 AM. Check it in went home. Waited 4 hours called back, nope not started to check on my car yet. Called back again after 2 hours. Nope didn't touch my car yet. I call them before the mechanic shop closes, the idiot said "well looks like they didn't do anything to your car today so I guess we will call you tomorrow."  

-- Ugh?? No thanks? I do have to work and I can't walk there. I made an appointment for a reason, for ONLY a DIAGNOSTIC and they didn't get to it? They keep it all through Wednesday, called at 11am, nope didn't touch the car yet. Called again at 230, NOPE didn't touch my car yet. WOW! AMAZING! The mechanics there must be sitting in the back blowing each other because they can't seem to get their job done. And the lack of customer service and business management. Whats the point of making an appointment if they won't touch your car for two whole days???

Probably would of save more time taking it to some janky shop off florin or Stockton blvd area. God forbid people know how to do their jobs these days.  People are just amazing.

Es Y. | 2014-07-20

I'd like to give Larry B. a shoutout. If you're going to buy a car, ask for him. Went and test drove a 2015 CX-5. He was not only funny, but also extremely low-pressure, no haggle. I was nervous going to the dealership, as it was my first time buying a brand new car, but I felt really comfortable with him. After the test drive, he didn't try to get me into the "sales box." Instead, I told him I'd be buying another day, and he was totally cool with that. No attitude, no pressure.

I got a really low offer from another Mazda dealership, but because I liked Larry so much, I really wanted him to make the sale. So I brought in my email correspondences with the other dealership to see if they could meet or beat the price. Larry was able to work his magic and meet the price. The only problem was they didn't have the car on the lot and his sales manager wanted to charge me a $200 drivers fee to go fetch the car from another dealership. $200 would be over my ideal budget, so I let Larry know that unfortunately, I would have to go to the other dealership I had originally emailed. This is where the 4 stars comes in. For Larry, I'd definitely give 5 stars. But then the finance or sales manager (some big, burly guy with a Russian accent) starts arguing with me and talking over me! It was like a bad breakup, and honestly, made me feel awkward. I just wanted to say, "'s not you, it's me." I feel bad for Larry for having to deal with someone like that. Larry politely thanked me with a handshake and a smile for my time before I left. Even after leaving, he later emailed me thanking me again for coming in to try to complete the sales with him. How professional and nice is that?! The other salespeople I've met never emailed or called back to thank me for my time! Definitely left a great impression on me.

All in all, I honestly just wanted to write this review for Larry. I had a great experience with him...but his manager....not so much. Poop. Thank you Larry though! You're still amazing!

Adolfo M. | 2014-07-08

Decided to buy a new car and started here. Communication amongst staff was horrible and I had to show emails to help them get on the same page. Then, they lost paperwork and asked me to start all over. A complete lack of customer service on top of ineptness and I am happy I bought my car at a different Mazda dealership.

Amy M. | 2014-06-30

Just wanted to make sure we let people know what a great experience we had at Maita Mazda.  I don't enjoy the whole car buying/leasing thing but they made it easy and pain-free.  Emailed with Jeff Avarilla about what I was looking for and what price.  He was quick to reply and found the car I wanted and price I wanted.  Showed up at 2pm, test drove the car that was right there, ready to go, and drove it home by 5pm!!  A+ service here!!

Emily O. | 2014-06-20

I had the BEST car-buying experience here yesterday. I came in looking for a Mazda 3, iTouring with the tech package. However, I wanted the dark blue exterior and sand interior. Not only did they have the perfect car in stock, but it was only $21,200!! Alex was extremely helpful in picking out the car and I was impressed by how straightforward and knowledgeable he was, as was Jeff during the test drive. However, Khan was fantastic! I love how the dealership brought out their invoice and showed me exactly how much they had paid for the car and the add-ons. I knew exactly what I was getting and that it was at a great price. I would definitely recommend you coming here if you are looking for a car!

Shannon B. | 2014-06-07

Very very happy with my purchase and all of the help I received! My salesman Kahn was GREAT. he's funny, super easy going, and didn't pressure us at all. The GSM Alex gave me a great deal! I live in Elk Grove but will definitely drive up here just to have my car serviced. I'm very happy with how my entire transaction went :) thank you MAITA Mazda for making my first car purchase a great experience!

John S. | 2014-05-25

My daughter unfortunately took her new 2013 Mazda 3 Skyactiv to Maita Mazda for a standard scheduled maintenance at 25k miles, only to be told by a woman in the service department that she needed to replace her spark-plugs, a service they so kindly offered for $300+. She immediately called me, considering I was paying for it, and asked me if she should go ahead with the repair or if she should wait.. Of course, with the car being less than a year old, I told her to hold off and immediately looked up the maintenance interval, and as stated in the owners manual "Spark plugs are long-life platinum with a replacement interval of 150,000 miles." When I asked her to let me speak with the service technician, she told me that this was "recommended summer maintenance." She refused to answer as I pressed her on the up sale. We obviously chose not to have the unnecessary and over-priced service done. We also found that they neglected to rotate the tires even though it was on the maintenance slip, thanks for keeping your customers safety in mind.

In summation, thanks for trying to take advantage of my daughter Maita Mazda. I can tell you we'll never set foot in your establishment again, and hope that this serves as a warming to your future customers to avoid if possible, or if you can't avoid it, keep your guard high.

Nathan P. | 2014-03-02

I usually got to Roseville Mazda but needless to say this dealer was my only option... I was coming from down town after a full day of *glorious* jury duty and just went through the Marconi S curve when my cars steering began to feel very weird and basically wanted to go all over the road and then it began pulling hard to the right... needless to say it was with enough time for me to realize that the Maita Mazda dealer was there and for me to get over... I pulled in around we will say 3:30 ish with no appointment and told them what was going on... They took me in just then and told me they were going to look at it FREE of charge... FREE OF CHARGE!! So fast forward 30 Mins later, my service adviser came back and told me that for some reason the wheels were loose but mainly the front right wheel. They asked if I had the car serviced recently FUNNY GO FIGURE... yea... AutoNation Mazda in Roseville less than 50 miles ago... they even wrote on my paper that they didnt tighten the wheels and that it was the other mazda's fault... so as a WRAP they completely earned my trust, they took care of me where honest and even did a safety check on my car, with nothing needed awesome! Next time its due for service I will give them a try... Thanks guys!!!

Steven L. | 2014-02-19

After getting my new car home, I decided to poke around and make sure everything was new and fresh that should have been done during the CPO process. I found that the tech never replaced the dirty and clogged ensign air filter, the cabin filter, multiple light bulbs inside and outside the car were out, and a couple small pieces inside the car were missing. I immediately contacted the dealer and the Used Car Manager sincerely apologized, asking me to email him ALL receipts for the parts I had to replace. Four days later, I had a check for the full amount in my mailbox. Again, Maita Mazda went above and beyond to make sure I was happy as a customer! Great job guys!

Fast forward to last week, I was frustrated that my Navigation system did not include my own home/street in the maps. Upon investigating the SD Card, I found the card was from a 2010 Mazda, my car is a 2012. My best guess is someone at the dealership swiped my card to upgrade their own and replaced mine with the 2010 unit. My salesman called a couple days ago to check in and make sure I was still happy. I let him know about the SD Card situation. He vowed to handle it, we will see what happens...that's a $200 SD Card and I really don't think I should pay for it.

Bottom line - do not hesitate to do business with Maita Mazda/Subaru! It seems they really do care about the customer and making sure they are happy! Remember, stuff happens and things rarely go perfect, it's how the dealership handles things when problems arise! These guys (and girls) handle business the right way!

J. F. | 2014-01-25

I took my old car into Maita Mazda as a trade in appraisal. Didn't get any pressure by anyone, it was pretty low key during the entire transaction.  I never felt pressured the whole time I was there. It was appreciated to not have any salespeople breathing down our neck or following us around for once!

The internet salesman that assisted us (Ben Guerrero) was very patient, knowledgeable, and found exactly what I was looking for pretty quickly. In the end, we got a great deal on a Mazda3 Sport that I love!

Ann S. | 2014-01-04

Went to test drive the cx-9. 1st sales person was busy he  found someone for else me. But not before becoming  majorly distracted by a homeless man on the lot crying. Big ordeal took 5 salesmen to find the manager to deal with homeless man. Big woop. Ok, finally the sales guy can give me some attention to test drive the cx-9. After 15 minutes of waiting for him try and find keys for the test drive. He comes out with 10 sets of keys and not 1 are for the cx-9. Overall disorganized and unprofessional dealership. A lot of guys standing around too.

Bill M. | 2013-11-22

Buyer beware! These guys are shady!

Here's my brief experience... I saw a *fantastic* price on their website and corresponded with one of their Internet sales guys ("Steven") via email. He confirmed the pricing in writing. I then asked if the price included any discounts, rebates, or incentives that I would need to qualify for. I never got a reply despite two days of follow-up emails and voicemails. So I called the dealership this morning. "Mike" explained that the price I had previously been quoted included a $500 owner loyalty incentive. I didn't qualify, so the price would be $500 higher. I asked Mike to provide out-the-door pricing via email. He agreed. When the email arrived, the quoted selling price was $1,000 higher than what we had discussed by phone ($1,500 higher than the original quote). In a subsequent phone conversation, Mike claimed that the price posted on the website was an error that had now been corrected. Because they had made an "error," he was willing to knock $300 off the price. I indicated that I'd consider and asked him to update the out-the-door pricing. He agreed. Minutes later, Mike phoned back. His "manager" was willing to knock another $500 off the price.

Here's the conversation that followed:
"No need for an email. You have my word," said Mike.
"Mike, I'd like to get an updated out-the-door price breakdown by email."
"No need. As I said, you have my word."
"Mike, you seem like a nice guy, but I don't know you, so your word doesn't really mean much to me."
"Well, come on over to the dealership, then you'll know me!"
"It's a 90 minute drive for me. I don't want to make the trip unless you can update the out-the-door price by email. Can you do that?"
"Sure. I'll send an email confirming a price of '$24,000 plus fees'."
"You'll provide an out-the-door price by email?"
"No, I'll provide the selling price 'plus fees'."
"I'll need an out-the-door price, Mike. Can you do that?"
"Why not? You provided an out-the-door for the earlier quote."
"I don't know. That's just what my manager told me."
"See ya, Mike!"

Stephanie R. | 2013-11-19

The service people are very polite and the lounge is clean and bright but I'm wary of the up sale you get. I took our Mazda in for a tire rotation and oil change since my husband had to work that day. They told me that the tread on the tire were 0/32 and needed all to be replaced. They said it was unsafe and would not do a tire rotation. After a quick panic call to my husband who disagreed, I left feeling a little scared. 5 days letter, hubby took the car to the Mazda in elk grove. The tires were rotated and the tread wear they reported was higher, 5-7/32, it did not need immediate attention but will need to be replaced.

Creed C. | 2013-09-21

Dealt with a rude sales manager last night. Unwilling to work on ridiculously low trade appraisal (THOUSANDS below a fair bid I had been given elsewhere). I'm in car sales and know how to treat people. They clearly don't value their customers.

Lily B. | 2013-07-31

I would give this place ZERO stars if I could.

HORRIBLE dealership. We went in to check out two cars that we've been looking to buy (the BRZ and the STI). Told the salesman that we've done our research and was ready to buy today. The salesman told us we couldn't test drive it until we were serious about buying. We told him we were ready to buy and had the money but like every buyer, we wanted to test drive both cars and then make our decision. We weren't going to make a big purchase on a car we don't get to test drive. Again, he refused to let us test drive any car and told us that it was a policy that they don't really let people test drive. As a matter of fact, he didn't even open the doors to let us look inside. I told him that if that was the case, I wasn't going to deal with a shady dealership so we ended up going to Roseville Subaru where it was much more pleasant. We got to test drive both cars and ended up purchasing from Roseville Subaru. I will never do business with shady people. I have never been treated like this before especially when car shopping and I've bought plenty of cars.

Don't do business with Maita.

Ken N. | 2013-07-12

I requested online quotes from dealers on Sunday night. first thing Monday morning I was contacted by Larry Bilger. I told Larry exactly what I wanted and 2 hours later he contacted me finding the car I wanted. I came in, test drove the car, filled out paperwork and had my car in less than two and a half hours from beginning to last two buying experience is lasted over 7 hours. larry was professional  and did not play any games.I got exactly what he promised.I love my Mazda 3 and Larry's follow up has been very helpful.

Pauline C. | 2013-06-02

I have begun the process of buying a new car. My experience with Sean Flanagan Sales at Maita was so incredible I may very well go with a Mazda,( even though I am a dyed in the wool Honda fan). If I do it is because of Sean. If I don't, I wanted to give him kudos for being an especially professional salesperson.

Brittany M. | 2013-05-06

Really nice people and they do cater to your needs. Took them 3 times to finally find the issue with my car. Other than that, great company.

Juice J. | 2013-04-10

I was pleasantly surprised with my buying experience at Maita Mazda.  My sales person (Sean F.) was patient and has been terrific with follow up even after the sale.  I researched prices prior to negotiating and was impressed with the offer presented to me by Alex the sales manager.  I'd definitely recommend them.

Fabi P. | 2013-04-10

I wish the sales manager was as nice as their sales men. He was the reason alone I walked away and would not go back - not very honest.

Shelby F. | 2013-04-04

I just bought my first brand new car. A beautiful pearl white Mazda 3. I am so in love! I couldn't be any happier with the service at the time of looking, purchasing, and taking home my new car. DJ DuRoy was a wonderful salesman. He was so helpful and friendly too. Nobody was pushy there and thats why I loved it. I would recommend this place and of course DJ.

Susan S. | 2013-03-30

Yesterday I purchased a 2014 Mazda6 from Maita Mazda, and I have to I have never had such excellent service!  My sales guy, Larry Bilger and Alex were outstanding and they found the perfect car for me!  I was able to buy a great car at a great pice that will be happy to drive for years and years to come!  Thank you guys, you were the best!!

catherine O. | 2013-01-20

if i could give no stars thats what you deserve.
I spoke with a sales man regarding a 2011 used honda pilot prior to my 2 hour drive there.I was assured the car was in great condition.When we got there the car was awful.The leather interior was very wore for the age of the car,there was a very visible tear on the back of the seat which the salesman denied seeing......really!!!!There was no car mats and the bluetooth that was advertised was nowhere to be found.When we asked about the bluetooth we were told it was a typing error.You give car sales men a very very bad name.I would not recommend going here they appear to be very dishonest,inconsiderate of peoples time and not very knowledgeable .

Mark M. | 2013-01-02

Wife and I had been searching for a loaded Mazda CX-5.  We had done our homework in regards to invoice pricing.  Went to Autowest Mazda and we were dismissed because we were not willing to pay all the dealer markups over invoice.  Sent an email to Maita Mazda on Auburn Blvd. and got in touch with Will Dean.  I cannot recommend Will Dean more highly.  Will was the only person we dealt with.  Our car deal was a 5 minute discussion.  No pass off and haggling for hours.  We bought a CX-5 for $2000 less than Autowest Mazda and were out the door.  If you want to buy a car from a guy who does not have that salesman air, Will Dean is your guy.

Adam H. | 2012-12-29

Today I purchased a car from Maita Mazda. It was a fantastic experience.  The price for my 2012 Mazda 3 iTouring sedan was very competitive and my salesman, Steve Roe was kind, patient, very knowledgeable of the product and professional.  Alex in the finance department  was a big help and so was Phil Gundry of the e-commerce office. Thanks Maita Mazda!

Melissa H. | 2012-12-23

Finally-a car buying experience that went well!  End of the year and I figured why not purchase a car?  My current ride is is nice but has required too many repairs and is rather large for my needs.  So I go to the Fiat dealership in Sacto and they lost my business and desire to buy anything Fiat made due to their slimy bait and switch tactics.  I walked away from the dealership and the brand.  Still wanted a car so I did some research online and discovered that Mazda Miata has some very nice inventory.  I went on a rainy day and was absolutely pleased to discover a Mazda Miata on the lot in perfect condition, low mileage and a price that could not be beat.  The salesman who I worked with was fantastic!  No hard sell, no getting too personal, nos sexist comments....just nice and easy to do business with.  I left with my car feeling extremely satisfied with each aspect of the purchase.  I plan on returning to this dealership for all of my automobile needs.   Thanks guys!

Joyce M. | 2012-11-16

My husband and I drove to SAC to see if we could find great car deals. After test driving the Subaru Forrester next door and we were recommended by the sales agent to another agent at Mazda. I really wanted to try out and drive the CX5 and asked if we could test drive the car. The sales agent said "Before we waste our time test driving the cars, what is your price point?" ***POW!*** really he said "waste our time" We told him our price point but really we could go higher we wanted he took us to the lower version of the CX5 and again, I don't think he wants us to test drive the car. He asked us again about the price point, etc and he will find us the car that's within our price range without wasting each other's time ***POW!, really???***. My husband asked me if I like the car? I was giving him hints that I wanted to leave this place. I guess the sales agent saw that I've lost my interest and said OK, let me get the key and you could test drive this we finally have had the chance to test drive it. He mentioned about the special promos and we asked about it. He said he won't tell us unless we are sure that we are going to buy a car. ***POW, what the heck???*** You just lost sale for the day, buddy!!! He told us he was the top sales agent from another dealership, really??? with that attitude, I doubt it. We walked out the dealership, had our lunch and went to Nissan and bought a car (higher than the price point we told the agent at Mazda) the same day later that afternoon!!!

Mary D. | 2012-10-28

Just finished purchasing a Mazda 3 from the dealership, and had a terrific experience. I worked with Phil Gundry of the e-commerce office and Mike Cook, and I was talking with several other dealerships at the same time.

Phil and Mike were straight up at every step, and when I told them how I wanted to do business (negotiate the price via e-mail and phone, rather than come in) they gave me no hassle about it; just good information and competitive numbers. In the end, I gave them the chance to beat the best offer I had -- and it was a very good offer -- and they did it.

Because of their professionalism, I chose to drive an hour to get to their dealership, rather than work with the slimy dealership 10 minutes from my door. I got a great deal, enjoyed the process and appreciated the service and professionalism of both Phil and Mike. I'd definitely buy from them again!

Lynnda V. | 2012-10-13

I had the most amazing experience with Maita Mazda!  Zeke Wong is the most imformative, kind, and helpful Sales Rep. I have ever dealt with in any dealership!  I also worked in Sales for Automotive Advertising.. So I have experience with Automotive Dealers..  Well, I must say, that I got all the best services you would want going to a dealership!  Attentive, fast, and no B.S....  They weren't pushy, but very informative.  I am very happy with my new car and wouldn't reccommend anyone going anywhere else!  Zeke truly was amazing and even put note tabs in my manual to help me on any common questions I may have on my car!  Thank you Zeke and staff at Maita Mazda for an amazing experience!!

Katie P. | 2012-06-04

I had purchased a car from Maita in 2010 and had a nice experience and have purchased many cars from many dealerships in the past.  However, my recent experience with Maita was unbelievably bad and I would never return to the dealership again.  My partner and I spent a total of 6 hours at the dealership and we could not believe the number of lies and games that this dealership played.  After they reviewed our trade-in, they at first told us we could have 9000 for our trade-in and then later told us 7500 as the sale proceeded along.  They also had a certain car (with VIN number) and sales price on the internet, but when we came really really interested in buying it, they told us they couldn't match the price on the internet.  Then they told us we could have another car for a certain price and later said they couldn't sell it to us at that price.  I have never in my life experienced so much lying and deceit and wasted so much of my time.

My partner and I ended up purchasing a car from Niello BMW.  They were straight up about the price and negotiations and we were out the door in less that two hours with a great deal.  To all those out there, stay away from Maita, they seem like they have the best prices in Sacramento, but they will add on hidden fees and waste your time.  Go to Niello or AutoWest.