Lexus Of Sacramento in Sacramento, CA

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The Elite of Lexus Are Leaders
This is a special award given to Dealers who excel at sales, service and overall Owner support. We are proud to be recipients of this year's "Elite of Lexus" award.

Elite of Lexus dealers are chosen based on:

Customer feedback from surveys rating owner satisfaction, sales and service as extremely exceptional.
Dealership exceeding rigorous Lexus operational and certification standards.

We received this honor because so many of our current and past customers have acknowledged their satisfaction with our service and attention to detail. We invite you to stop by our Dealership and experience this exceptional service firsthand.

Lexus Of Sacramento

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 485-3987
Address:2600 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95821
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 485-3987
Address:600 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95821

Reviews on Lexus Of Sacramento

Diana D. | 2015-04-24

Excellent service.  Completely satisfied.

Shelby F. | 2015-04-11

I leased my Lexus IS250 FSport from Don Dwert almost a year ago. I absolutely love it! Don was great and Rick was awesome. They made everything possible and so quick! No games here. Just recently I got a call from the low jack place to bring my car in to put it on. From my understanding it was already on the car. I called Don to bring my concerns to him and he contacted finance. That brings me to Mike. He contacted me and then the low Jack company and handled it all right away! All in the same day everything was taken care of for me. I really appreciate these guys! They have all been so helpful. I highly recommend this dealership if you want a beautiful great care and wonderful customer service!

Sara S. | 2015-04-01

I bought my car here a few years ago and I'm very pleased with it. I've had some minor repairs done and have always been given excellent service. I really appreciate  the convenience of the loaner cars.

Carla A. | 2015-03-21

christina exceeded my expectations of a service advisor. see her and she will take care of you!

Beck R. | 2015-03-15

I've owned my new Lexus a little over one year and my experience with Lexus service has been very positive.  So far only routine maintenance, but they seem efficient, courteous, and competent.

Matt L. | 2015-03-10

If I could describe the Service Center in 1 word, it would be: Incompetent.  

My Lexus IS250 had a recall service performed on it, where the piston rings were replaced due to rough idling.  Upon retrieving my car and attempting to drive off, I discovered my Manual Transmission's 1st gear was somehow set to reverse.  Interestingly, Reverse gear was also correct.  Prior to me getting into my car, the Porter started a conversation which included, "How do you get your car into 1st gear?"  I thought nothing of it since the IS250 in a Manual Transmission is rare...until I actually tried to drive the car myself.  Needless to say, I was shocked and the poor receptionist tried to finish the paperwork as fast as possible to get me into another loaner vehicle right as the dealership was closing for the day.

Upon inspection of the service receipt for the work performed, the words, "...TEST DROVE VEHICLE.  CONFIRM VEHICLE PERFORM NORMAL AFTER REPAIR." appear.  I see the car was driven 5 miles between the time I dropped it off to the time of attempted pick-up.  To be able to physically move a vehicle with a Manual Transmission, it is not logical to use 1st gear?  This means the drivers used 2nd gear (while punishing the clutch) to drive my car.  My biggest concern is: HOW MUCH OF MY CLUTCH DID THEY BURN UP WHILE NOT BEING ABLE TO PHYSICALLY USE FIRST GEAR??  And, HOW COULD A TECHNICIAN MISS THAT 1ST GEAR DOES NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY??

On top of that, the Service Adviser mentioned that they recommend they change the water pump at around 90k miles and that they would do it for me for the cost of the part at ~$100 since they have the engine taken apart anyway, where I said OK.  He stated they would call back with anything else they find wrong with the car with any estimates.  The only other two second phone call I received was to notify me that my car would be ready next week.  Clear and concise; OK, awesome.  Upon inspection of the service receipt for the work performed, the water pump work was not found.  I mentioned this to the service adviser the next business day and all he could say was, "Sorry, there must have been some sort of miscommunication."  So in other words, he could care less that he messed up and didn't follow through with HIS recommendation.  All I could think was, "You just want me to pay the $600 in service charges to replace the pump!"  Furthermore, he tried to put the blame on another service center employee instead of being accountable for his own mistake.  After having a conversation about this with the service adviser and mentioning that I felt this was unfair after the lack of communication with his own recommendation, he stated the foreman would call me back.  The phone call to me never took place.

To sum up my one word description of INCOMPETENCE:
1. For not being able to complete the job correctly.  
2. For wasting my time to pick up my incorrectly re-assembled car.  My time is priceless in that I can never get it back.  
3. For a service adviser that did not keep me informed and did not follow through with his own recommendations.

If you care about your car as much as I do (this is my baby), DO NOT have work performed at the Lexus of Sacramento Service Center.

Raley D. | 2015-02-24

I've purchased cars previously from Toyota, BMW, Chevrolet, and Honda and this was by far the best dealership experience I've ever had. I gave this purchase experience a perfect survey rating which I've never done before so it's sort of a big deal.

It did take a little while for me to get help that day because they were short staffed and it was President's Day but the salesperson, Kent Owens, made up for it. I normally feel like I'm being attacked and pressured into buying a car but not with him. I came in just car shopping unsure of what I wanted but because of him I left with a 2015 GS350 and completely happy. He was very professional, genuine and personable and never pressured me. I usually dread coming to dealerships because of the haggling and how the salesperson would make me feel like I need them and that they're doing me a favor.

Personally, I wish I could take Kent to all dealerships and show them how a good salesperson is supposed to be like. If you're in the market for a Lexus, ask for Kent Owens, you'll thank me later.

Richard M. | 2015-02-03

Couldn't ask for more. Excellent service with a professional and friendly demeanor. Had a nice loaner to go shopping while my car was being serviced. Prompt service and price is always reasonable. Everyone is courteous and takes care of every detail. Car is always washed when returned. My wife and I have bought 3 Lexus vehicles from Lexus of Sacramento over the years and wouldn't buy from anyone else. Whether our Lexus was 10 days old or 10 years old we have always been treated like gold. I mention this dealership to all my friends and relatives who are thinking of buying a Lexus because you truly won't find service like this anywhere else.

Kent H. | 2015-02-01

Mitch at the service dept is top notch.  He has always been a tremendous help to my wife and myself.   Whenever they were booked, he'd find a way to squeeze us in.   Bear in mind, I never knew him before our first maintenance service.   This guy always goes above and beyond for you.  My car is always washed after I'm done with my service.  I'm always offered a loaner car for the major repairs.  He is super friendly and never judges just because I look younger and have little money.   I'm a loyal customer of his for life.

Kent in the sales dept is also just as phenomenal.  Out of all the cars I've bought from him, they have always easy and haggle free.   He always gives me the best deal.  He even bought me (out of his own pocket) leather sleeves for my keys when they ran out.  Since the transaction took longer than usual, he got one of the guys to buy is food.  Who does that?  Now that's 5 star service if you ask me.  

I would totally recommend Lexus of Sacramento!  

Thanks Kent and Mitch!

Natasha B. | 2015-01-26

Worst customer service in existence very disappointed with everyone that works there!!! no one was able to help what so ever!

Killa B. | 2015-01-22

My one star review is for the finance department, namely Robert.  My lease came to an end and I obtained loan quotes from multiple banks to purchase the car.  In an attempt to get the best deal, I also spoke to Robert to see what Lexus would offer.  Lexus' monthly quote was $60 more per month than my bank's! I told Robert this and he seemed incredulous. He mentioned that he had been in the business over 23 years, knew what he was doing, and didn't believe it.  Robert time to learn something new, or stop trying to rip people off.

Bottom line, when financing look around because Lexus of Sacramento will not give you the best price.

Rick D. | 2015-01-20

Buying cars at a dealership sucks. Always has and always will. Having said that, my experience was actually pretty good. The salesman, Kent was very honest and forthright during the entire process, and I got a great car. Their professionalism was top notch and I can honestly say that I will go back there for my next purchase, when I'm ready for my next vehicle.

Christina T. | 2015-01-05

This was the worst experience at a Lexus dealership ever. I called in the morning to schedule an appointment, the guy on the phone said he can set me up for an appointment the same day at 1. I came around 12:50 and they couldn't seem to find my name on the list. No problem, since they said they would be able to have a shuttle take me around the area while I wait, but I didn't expect for the wait to be three hours long!! Just for an oil change!? When we arrived back at the dealership I assumed my car was not ready since I never received a phone call from them, so I waited in the waiting room because there was nothing else to do. I finally went and talked to one of the service guys and he told me that he thinks that my car was done and that someone had left a message for me, but I never reviewed a phone call or message. Also, $90 for an oil change?!?! That's just ridiculous! I will not be coming back here. I can get a better deal on an oil change elsewhere under more than half the time. This totally ruined my day, not only was the wait long, I was not expecting to pay thatch for just an oil change.

Jonas Y. | 2015-01-03

What a horrible experience I had trying to buy a car
from these guys

I found a Used Lexus on- line I wanted to buy and after my enquiry , I got a call back from a used car manager . The manager initially told me the car I wanted is their " front line car " and thus can only discount the car by $500

I then asked if they can discount the car by $1500 . I thought it was reasonable . A day later the manager tells me he can now get $1200 off ( ?) and I simply ask if he can get $300 more off . The manager again said , he will check and will called me back in a day

A day goes by and I get no call so I decided to call the manager back only to find out the dealer is selling the car to someone else .

What a joke . Not only did the manager not bother calling back but sold the car .

Be forewarned . These guys are not honest

Donald N. | 2015-01-03

Stay away!!!!!!!!!   I bought a "certified" RX350 from them and have been very disappointed with there "service" department.

1 month after buying the "certified " car the bumber came loose.  It took me 3 months and 20 plus calls to Lexus corp to get it fixed.  8 months later and 10-15 calls later I'm still waiting on my license plates.  Drive to concord and save yourself a headache.

Traci N. | 2014-12-27

If I could give the gentleman who inquire if your doing ok, hold the doors open for you etc. I would give 5 stars.  BUT as I am rating my service consultant Brandy or Brittany then I can only give ZERO stars.  I have used various other Lexus dealers (Fresno, Stevens Creek, and Modesto) in my travels but have never received such poor service as I did today 12/26/14.  I checked in at 1:30 for a normal oil change, tire rotation, and 65K mile inspection.  My consultant as I cannot use her name more than once in this review as that is all the credit she warrants mentioning, she would let the guys know I am waiting in their cafe for my vehicle.  An hour passes, then and hour and a half.  A nice gentleman inquires what he could do for me and goes to check the status of my vehicle.  He said they are not quite done but he will let my service consultant know.  It now hits the 2 hour mark and then creeps to the 3 hour mark.  I go up again to check the status and a gentleman who assisted me earlier on my 1st inquiry says they are about 10 minutes out and then to the car wash and he inquires would I still like to have my vehicle washed as I had been waiting so long.  I say why not as I have been here 3 hours now.  My consultant advisor at this point comes over to me and says, "did you think it would be faster?  Had I not told you how long the service would be?"  I say to her no you failed to communicate this to me except that you told the guys I was here waiting for my vehicle.  She said I am sorry.  At 4pm as my appointment was at 1:30 my car is ready.  I happened to be speaking with someone as my car was ready and my consultant advisor says excuse me, hands me a paper with rear tire quotes and says, "you need rear tires bad and here is a quote" and walks away and then looks over her shoulder as she is walking away and says you can pay up at the cashier.  My friend whom I happened to be speaking with me looks appalled at the rudeness of my consultant advisor.  I am appalled at Brandy/Brittany's behavior after waiting 3 1/2 hours.  What type of consultant advisor for service states you need rear tires bad and hands me a paper with quotes with no explanation.  Sure fire way to not earn a sales of tires if I need them ASAP as she stated and on my service invoice. I will never return to Lexus of Sacramento again as this was my first experience and last with them.  I will only return to another Lexus dealer in the future.  Be warned and ask for another service consultant advisor beyond Brandy/Brittany who according to her placard says she has 7 years of service.  Her service was atrocious. Highly disappointed as I have never been treated so poorly by a dealership especially Lexus who prides themselves on service.

Mike M. | 2014-12-18

Always enjoy GREAT service at Lexus.  Mitch Dean is a pure gent, and always enjoy our conversations as I'm checking my car in.  Always great to work with, and always awesome to tell me what's REALLY important to repair, and what can wait.  Top to bottom, AWESOME organization.

Marc G. | 2014-12-12

Once again another satisfied visit.... with my new car...A+

Took my new car in for  it's first 5k service. What a great dealership.... Made a online appointment and upon arrival was greeted by the staff with a smile.  I was taken great care of by Christina  Carson from start to finish. Before I knew it time flew by and my car was serviced, washed, and ready to go! Great customer service from the whole staff.

Yolanda H. | 2014-12-11

I took my 1998 Toyota Corolla in for an oil change and was greeted by Christina.  She met me with a smile and was quick with the paperwork.  She showed me to the lounge area where I was very comfortable waiting for my car.  When it was done, she notified me of a few things with my vehicle that need attention and walked me to the cashier.  My car was waiting for me outside, all nice and clean and ready to go.  I would take my car there again for service!

Annette D. | 2014-11-08

Don was awesome!  Very humble, knowledgeable and straight forward!  I would totally recommend him to anyone looking for that pursuit of excellence!

Andrew S. | 2014-10-28

No fuss, just an oil change and I was out of there. Oil change, car wash, tire pressure checked, fluids checked. Nice waiting area as well, with wifi.

K.B. W. | 2014-10-06

I agree with those two reviews. The service department is horrible. I had a very bad experience there too.

Kathryn D. | 2014-10-03

Traveling from out of town. Had a tire issue - they took me immediately, determined and solved the problem and had me on my way. Very gracious and warm service and care. Really appreciate them!

K.B. W. | 2014-09-23

The service department here is incompetent. I bought a brand new Lexus G460 (from another dealership) just a few months ago, so everything is under warranty. The car has only six thousand miles on it at this time. There has been a problem with the car alignment which another Lexus dealership tried to fix (as a warranty item) but did not completely eliminate. So, trying to save myself a trip of 200 miles to the other dealership, I called Sacramento Lexus. I explained everything on the phone to Service Advisor Wendy, she told me just bring it in. So, I drove for one hour to get to the Sacramento Lexus thinking that they would take care of this problem with alignment. I also brought the paperwork to show them that the other dealership worked on this problem just a month ago. When I got there, they then told me, in order to do this type of warranty work, they will need to road test the car. So, after a long wait, the service foreman finally showed up to road tested my car and said he noticed a pull to the right but does not think they can correct it. He then suggested that I test drive one of their brand new Lexus, the idea being that if the brand new ones also are not aligned perfectly straight either, then that must be that's the way they are all supposed to be. They wasted my time, gave me the run-around and then told me they can not do the work. They even tried to tell me that the car does not have an alignment problem when in fact it does. They also lied about the Lexus warranty - which I later verified to be false.

On my way home, when I was on a perfect straight stretch of the freeway, I let go of the steering wheel and the car actually changed lane by itself within about a minute. Tried that a couple more times, and same thing happened- car was so badly aligned that it actually change lane by itself.  How can a "professional" technician road test this badly aligned car and say that is "normal". It is quite shocking to me.
The service department of Lexus of Sacramento really sucks! They wasted hours of my time and offed No apologies! They really made me angry. I will never go there again.

W B. | 2014-09-15

1. I agree with all of the ratings that say to come to this dealership with someone. Even that may not be enough to get a fair shake. I came with a male friend and the staff separated us.. . purposely of course. And then then proceeded to unload all of this additional items to my car loan.. . .increasing the payment by about $70 / month! And I later came to find out that I should have received a lower APR but no one mentioned that to me. Luckily, I was able to refinance my auto loan through another bank rather quickly!
2. If you are a women, minority, or otherwise seen as less than then be very careful at this dealership! You will certainly be taken advantage of either through a high interest rate or some other baloney story of needing additional services on top of your loan. Boy did I have to learn real quick! I hadn't bought a car in over 10 years so yeah.
3. This dealership does not have good customer service. When I informed the finance people that there was an error on my contract, the response from him was "now you are adding a headache to my pile".  His comment came with a lot of sighs and

Jonathan B. | 2014-09-13

Easy to schedule. Moved through the process very efficiently. The best service department!

Dennis C. | 2014-08-01

I drove over an hour and passed other Lexus dealerships just to go to Lexus of Sacramento due to their reputation. I had a very pleasant sales experience from Sales Consultant, Don and General Manager, Jamal, and Finance Manager, Mike when I leased my CT200h. They took time to make sure I was happy and had a vehicle that worked for my situation. Everyone was very patient during the whole process even though it was over 2 hours past closing. Sharon was my delivery specialist and was very helpful and knowledgeable about the product. Sharon even helped me setup the hands free bluetooth before leaving the dealership in case I needed to use it on my drive home. Since then I have gotten several follow up calls just to see how I am enjoying my new car. I love my new ride and highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a new vehicle.

Steve K. | 2014-08-01

They are a friendly dealership BUT their philosophy has often been to replace an item at an outrageous price (compared to elsewhere) than to try to service/repair the item. Out of convenience, I have taken my car there several times hoping their philosophy has changed but it has not over the years. The service manager has told me they would rather replace an item rather than have a customer come back unhappy because of an unsuccessful repair. I see his point but give the customer the option! Personal examples: they wanted to charge us $800 to replace a squeaky door hinge. I took it elsewhere and had it oiled for $0. No problem for 6 years now! Several other similar scenarios. I will NOT buy another new car there nor will I attempt to use them again.

Brandon L. | 2014-07-14

I always get my oil + filter change for my Lexus IS 350 here at Lexus Of Sacramento.  Their customer service is good here.  When you pull up to their service area there is always a person to greet you and ask you what type of work needs to be done on your vehicle.  Inside the waiting area there are free donuts, water, and coffee throughout the day.  Along with the food and drinks they provide there is a tv for you to watch and different magazines for you to read to pass the time.  I made an appointment for 8:30 AM to have my oil + filter changed and my car washed.  It took them two hours to get it done which I thought was a little long even though I made an appointment.   That's the bad news about this place, but they did do a good job washing your car.  If you plan to have major service done to your car they will let you take one of their loaners (another Lexus vehicle) for the day.  If you do decide to have work done on your car, I suggest you make an appointment online or through the phone.  If you don't schedule an appointment and depending on what type of work that needs to be done, they might not take you that same day.

Overall rating:  3.5 stars.

Dawn B. | 2014-07-11

Absolutely worst experience I have every had purchasing a new car. An absolute rip-off. Do not spend your time or money at this dealership. The sales manager lied about the services that would be provided for a leased vehicle and lied about the selling price. If I could give them leas than one star I would - again do not spend your money here.... in fact RUN form this dealership!!

Ashmita B. | 2014-07-07

My mom bought her RX350 from here about 2 years ago. We always bring it here for its service needs. Every single time we bring the vehicle here for whatever reason we always have an issue. For example we brought it in for an oil change, had to bring the car back after taking it home because they over filled it with oil and I had my drive way covered in oil. Next the service advisors are plain rude and careless about their customers. You don't feel welcomed what so ever, they don't seem to care. Came across a service advisor name "Nick" who I guess is the "PRO" service advisor for this dealership. Well I would think for someone to have the title "PRO" it would mean that they are the best out of all the advisor they have and are knowledgeable. He wasn't. I asked to have them take a look at the windshield controller in the inside of the car that was detached from the windshield. When I returned the next to pick up the car it wasn't fixed. Nick told me it wasn't something they could fix, that only a windshield specialist could fix it and that I would have to find my own place to take it. I asked why would that be the case if the vehicle is a Lexus, I'm standing at the Lexus dealership, what better place then to bring the vehicle needs then here. He stated he didn't know. I asked to speak with the manager and was given a business card to contact. I called and left a message and was given a call back. The only reason I'm giving 2 stars is because the manager called to address the problem. After speaking to him he said that I did not have to go out and find my own windshield repair but that they actually work with a couple places, and they come out to the dealership and fix it there. I told him that his "PRO" service advisor Nick told me something else and he said that Nick wasn't correct. Point made. A pro service advisor should be the expert..

I rather drive to the El Dorado dealership to have things done right on the car the first time then have to take the car back and deal with people who don't know what they're doing.

Richard P. | 2014-07-04

If I could give -5stars, I'd certainly would! I made a deal with them 2 days ago for the is250 for 84 months by financing it. 2 days after I come back to have it detailed and all of a sudden the manager wanted to speak with me to break that deal because it wouldn't work for them. It's either I lease it or pay an additional 7,500 to get it financed. Whoever is in charge of this bull crap shouldn't have the title being the financial director! You are a DEAL BREAKER! I DO NOT REcommend THiS place to ANYONE!!!

Alan B. | 2014-06-20

This is our third Lexus from this dealership in 7 is the reason why:  John Dickinson, sales agent,  had sold us the two previous Lexi and our experience with John left us trusting him concerning pricing and trade in value...everything was within a few dollars of  5 pricing ( new and trade in value) web sites (Truecar, consumer reports, edmunds, Kelly blue book and us news and world report.  the only dislike of any of the purchasing experiences was the 5 hour wait time from entering the dealership to driving away with the new vehicle.  We plan to buy our next Lexus from John.

Verna L. | 2014-04-24

WTF is wrong with this dealership?

We bought a 2011 Certified Pre-owned Lexus 450h from them 2 months ago.
1. They ripped us off in price, but my husband is fine with it, cuz we were already there many hours, and just wanted a car. Fine, that's our fault.
2. It took them forever to get us the owner's manual. Why didn't they order it to have with the car to begin with when they knew it was missing from the previous owner?

3. THIS ONE IS THE BIGGIE. We bring it into the Serramonte Lexus dealership to look at, because there is some rattling noise when we drive the car. Turns out, the nice mechanic tells us that one of the wheels was not bolted in. Only one of the 5 bolts holding the wheel to the car was secure. WHAT THE F***. These are people's lives you are messing with. I am lucky I made it to the dealership without the wheel falling off on the expressway, the mechanic said. Mind you, I am 3 weeks away from delivering my baby, and supremely upset that I could've been in a car accident because of this. I would sue these MTF's if it wasn't for the fact that we signed all these papers that probably said that we should've known to make sure the wheels were f'in bolted to the car before we drove it off the lot.

Mike W. | 2014-04-23

We bought a new car here and the guys were great to work with. Ron K was the best salesman We've ever dealt with.  Lexus of Sacramento went the extra mile to make a great deal for both sides. As much as I dislike the City if Sacramento I would make the trip up there to buy another car. Ron even mentioned if we bought a guy in the future, he'd drive the car down to us if we found one we like. What a great guy not to mention a great salesman. If you go here ask for Ron and tell him Mike and Lindsey sent you via Yelp.

Lexus O. | 2014-03-04

Attention 2006-2010 IS 250 Owners!...We purchased our 2008 IS250 brand new and within a year, we had to take it in due to a fluttering sensation while at take off or at low speeds. The service department told us that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. Over the past 4 years we have taken the vehicle in for the same issue at least 6 times and since then they have replaced the valves and pistons and also performed a top engine clean. We continue to experience the same problem with the car fluttering and they pretty much tell us that if the car doesn't indicate a "code" then they cannot help us. We have spoken with Lexus Corporate and they have given us the same response that unless they cannot see a "code" at the time we take it in, they cannot do anything for us. We have been Lexus customers since 1991 and have purchased 4 vehicles from them. We felt that if we kept the IS250, that down the road this may lead to other problems with the vehicle so we asked them to exchange it for something comprable. To this date we have been told by the GM is that he would try to find us another vehicle but his failure to call and keep his word is were we have left it.  We recently received a letter from Lexus Corporate, extending the powertrain warranty for 9 years due to "intermittent rough idle and /or illumination of the Check Engine Light. We have two Lexus vehicles in the family and I have decided to pull all future service with them and go to a private auto repair shop. If you have an IS250 and you have experienced fluttering or rough idle, your Lexus has what they believe to be a build up of carbon and you need to take action.

David P. | 2014-03-01

The last two times I had my car in the service department are certainly the last two times I will ever have anything to do with Lexus of Sacramento. I am fairly certain I could get better and more honest service at a non Lexus dealer than I get at Lexus of Sacramento.

A few months ago I had my higher mileage RX 330 in for a service and the dealer swore that my timing belt needed replacement, they had looked at it carefully and it was wearing badly and ready to go. The mechanic was so concerned that the service writer was called to the shop to see how ugly it was she swore to me..imagine my surprise as I had just had it replaced a few thousand miles earlier at a non dealer service center.

Needless to say I took it back to that other shop and they dutifully opened everything up and checked the belt which looked as new. Clearly the Lexus peeps were lying through their teeth.

The Lexus service manager confirmed as much eventually and later apologized telling me they were using my case as an example of bad customer communications etc with their

This week, truthfully against my better judgment,  I took my newer RX350 in for a service and to check on an issue that occurred out of the area and was diagnosed for free by another Lexus dealer. Sacramento Lexus charged me $75 to look at the codes, there were none, on top of $450 to do a service.

When I questioned the service writer about the bogus charge she became combative and rude. This was all in front of another employee who was so embarrassed that by the time I got to my car the service manager was standing there asking if he could help. I explained to him the issue and what had occurred, he promised to get to the bottom of it and call me back. He called me back but had yet to speak with any of his employees. The last I heard from him was he would speak with the dealership manager and get back to me...yeah right still waiting.

My conclusions about Sac Lexus are these. They are mostly incapable of telling the truth and this comes from a culture established at the top as far as I can tell. This lack of honesty will cost you money, time and patience. No one is going to address your issues so don't waste your time. If you just need a bottle of water, cup of coffee or a pastry they may be the right choice if you get there early. Your probably better off at a Jiffy Lube for most minor issues...:)

Cami W. | 2014-02-27

I came here with my mother to get a new car a few weeks ago. I am a long time Lexus customer (despite my age). My mother and I usually end up getting our cars from a Lexus dealership back home in the Chicagoland area, but it makes it easier now that I live in California to come to the same dealership.

I ended up buying my brand new 2014 ES 350 from the most awesome salesman there. His name is Larry Ayers. He will make you laugh and he provides excellent customer service with a smile. We had a great time over there, everyone was super nice and polite to us and incredibly accommodating. The only thing I would like is to get the survey so I can tell Larry and Lexus of Sacramento what a great job he did for us!!

Christina V. | 2014-02-08

Let me first start off that I did NOT buy my Lexus from this place. I bought my 2014 IS from Coliseum Lexus in Oakland. My plates just came in and I thought, well driving back to the bay would be a waste so let's just have this Lexus dealership put my plates on. The day before my appointment, my tire pressure light came on. Mind you, I've only had my car for 2 months. Crapppppp, I must have gotten a nail in one of my tires. I figured since I was going in today for service, they would help me out with the tire pressure light as well. When I first pulled up, a customer service rep "jokingly" said ...ohhh, we dont service cars that weren't sold from us. Ughhhh, jerk?! Of course, after my dirty look...he asked me what he could do for me today. I told him that I have an appt to put plates on the front plates. He goes to look at the front of my car and says "oh, your IS front looks weird, I'll have to call someone else!" After ten minutes of waiting in the rain, a woman walks up and I explain to her why I'm here and that i would like for them to look at my tire pressure as well since the light was on. We sat down, she took my information and told me that as of last month, Lexus no longer repairs tires and that if something is wrong with the tire, i would have up buy a new one. WTF???!!! Are you serious???!! Did I not just tell you my car is only 2 months old and you want me to buy a new tire already???!! I told her, no I'm not buying a new tire, I would just like for the tech to take a look to see if there is a nail in it or not?! After 15 minutes of filling out my information, she sends me to sit in their waiting area. They finish the work in ten minutes which is the ONLY reason I gave this place 1 star. As I'm being walked out by the tech, I ask if the rear passenger tire is ok?! He looks confused and just nods?! They didn't do anything!!! My tire pressure light was still on. I'm sure nobody even cared to look at the tire. All they did was put my plates on and change the license plate signs to Lexus of Sacramento. WTF??!! I will never ever ever get my car serviced at this Lexus ever again. I would rather drive back to the Bay Area where I was treated better and the staff listened to me.

Hyatt S. | 2014-01-01

I have come here for service and for sales over the years and have had varying experiences.  Several years ago I had great experiences with both sales and service department.  Most recently I have met with sales people who led me to take my business elsewhere - people who were unpresentable or seemed like they were on their last leg.

Sherry L. | 2013-12-19

Came in for my 10k service with my two little ones.  Service was great, my two little one were hungry asked the service guy if there was a vending machine.  The service said we have snacks in the back.  I said it was fine we can get something in the vending machine, he insist and told the other gentlemen to bring out the snack tray.  He said "stay here we come to you".  Tracey at the cashier was super helpful and friendly.  5 stars for good customer service.  I guess you pay for what you get.  I know that my 2013 Lexus GS350 is well taken care when I'm here.

Patty E. | 2013-10-11

My husband and I live in Stockton and we went here to test drive the GS. This was our first Lexus Dealership and I have never test driven any Lexus vehicle.  Even though the GS was the reason why we were there I also wanted to test drive the ES and IS just to see if I would fall in love with a cheaper car.  I also wanted to test drive the LS "just because" even though it was out of my price range.  Don was the salesman.   I told him the 4 cars that I wanted to test drive.  His response was "oh that's a wide range of cars".   I didn't understand what he meant by that until later on-it really meant  "oh you want to waste my time". I ended up only test driving the IS and GS.  Don asked me "Do you want to drive on the city street or freeway?"  Mind you they were both the F Sport model.  What kind of stupid freakin question is that?!  How I am suppose to experience the F Sport feature on a busy street such as Fulton?  (And don't get me started on the ghetto location) I test drove the IS first but it was too small for my taste.  I would have like to test drive the ES second but by this time Don looked like he was already annoyed and we saw a GS that was priced fair.  I have to admit that Don was kind enough to let me test drive both cars for 15 minutes each.

So we went inside to discuss the GS with Don and another man (I don't even remember his name).  My husband asked if they had any snacks and was told "oh yea yea" but no one produced any. (not even a $0.50 bag of chips/cookies) Whatever.  Don explained to me that Lexus customers normally put a down payment of $12,000-$16,000. We didnt want a high monthly payment.  They brought up that since we previously purchased from Monterey Toyota (we drove to Sac in our Tundra) we could get our interest rate lowered.  The man supposedly went to check with Monterey Toyota and came back in last than a minute saying we werent in their system.  Again, whatever.  I told him we were willing to put down $20,000. We finally agreed to purchase the vehicle and went the bank to withdraw money.  We came back and they got my insurance info. Don only wanted me to go with him.  A little weird but all the haggling was done so I figured it was ok for me to go without my husband.  After they got my insurance information we were ready to sign paperwork and seal the deal.  This time I wanted my husband with me.  We met with a third man with a horrible cocky attitude.  My husband asked again if they had any snacks and was again told "yea, yea".  He didn't make a phone call or asked anyone to bring him any.  So we're going through all the extra options to add on to the car.  My husband and I aren't idiots.  This maybe our most expensive car  but definitely not our first.  Mr. Cocky (aka former car sales man that moved up to the finance department) made a rude remark after EVERY time we declined an option. Finally we get to the Lo Jack option which both my husband and I thought came with the car since they had signs everywhere saying it did.  We were told "no no it just means that we installed it.  There are small writing on the bottom".  By this time, I was hungry and pissed off.  They knowingly tried to pull a fast one on us. We wasted half a day there. As we pulled out, Don comes up to us and says in a blaming manner, " This is all because of the Lo Jack?" No idiot-its because of your crappy customer service and sneaky sales tactic.  He agreed to throw in the Lo Jack but the damage was done.  They lost a sale.

Overall, I felt rushed and deliberately misinformed. Word of advice Lexus of Sac-listen to your customers!  If it means spending $10-$12 on fast food when your customer has excellent credit and is willing to put $20,000 down-go ahead and do it. Toyota did that for my parents when they purchased their Rav 4 and they paid half the price of what I was going to pay for on the GS F Sport.

par a. | 2013-09-30

Great experience!  Mike Kennedy in Internet dept was fantastic. Smooth easy transaction. Would buy from again.

Ashley R. | 2013-09-18

Awful customer service. While waiting for my service I took the Lexus shuttle to the gym. After an hour and a half at the gym, I call for a shuttle. Not only am I on hold waiting for the transportation to pick up for 12 minutes, the receptionist insisted she couldn't leave her desk to help me reach the shuttle driver and took a message for him to call me back. AN HOUR later, they call me telling me my car is done and they will send a shuttle. 20 minutes later (only a 6 minute drive) they still haven't shown up. So I call and ask where they are and the shuttle desk tells me "didn't I just talk to you 5 minutes ago and say they would be there?". Wow, not only was he exaggerating but he was rude and told me I needed to be patient. Oh, patient even though I've been waiting an hour and 20 minutes!? Then when I finally make it back to the dealership, the shuttle desk smiles at me, no apologies. Every time I'm here they are rude. Lesson learned.

Johanna L. | 2013-09-09

I won't beat this place up, but let's just say if you want to be treated with respect and class.... head over to Roseville Lexus in the Automall.  The cars are beautiful, the prices are fair, the salesmen are nice, the deal was smooth.  By the time the deal was done with our new Lexus, it was shined up waiting for us with a full tank of gas, a basket of cookies, and very appreciative smiling faces.  Best car buying experience thus far, and yes I tried to shop at Sac Lexus.... never again!!  A guy (finance dude) named Brian kept coming over telling me what I wanted to do, and better yet, telling me what I DIDN'T want to do--we excused him quickly, but he wouldn't have that, he kept coming over with apologies, annoying us so we stopped the whole deal and went and purchased a NEW Lexus from Roseville.  Also, as we left Rville in our new car, the roads were so nice, not all tore up like Fulton ave, no whores, homeless, drug addicts were wandering up and down the streets.... it was great, Sacramento Lexus should truly to get out of the middle of the ghetto, and get a new reputation.  Jus sayin..... remember, where you buy your car and warranty, you will have to keep coming back to the same dealership to get serviced or anything you need, think about where you want to spend the next 5yrs!!  (hopefully won't need much service anyway with a Lexus )

J. Lozano

Mei W. | 2013-09-02

Guys here are very pushy to sell; what I think every car shopper hates facing. But luckily, I came here with intentions on buying a new car and I knew exactly what I wanted. Service here is mediocre, I think I've actually experienced better service at the Honda dealership in Elk Grove where I bought my previous car. (They're just more friendly and personable!) Anyway, the guy that helped my husband and I was friendly but sure enough forgot who we were a month later when we were back in car shopping for my hubby. (At least Honda remembers me every 6 months I went back in for an oil change!! Just saying!) My husband has been calling around several Lexus dealerships for quite sometime for me and sure enough we got a fantastic deal that day - only because the general manager was at the dealership and was generous enough to cut us a super great deal. Husband called me while I was at work and insisted I test drive my future new car during my lunch break. Told the sales guy I was on a super time crunch when I arrived and he wasn't really considerate of my time. He took the car out about 10 miles out before he allowed me the test drive the car! Well anyway, the only reason we came to this location was because of the great deal I got on my car; if it weren't for that I'd probably be out at the Roseville dealership.

*On the plus side, they have a nice beverage bar with fresh donuts served every morning! :)

Sara B. | 2013-09-01

We went here today because we saw a certified pre-owned RX 350 on their website that we fell in love with. A gentleman by the name of Don helped us initially but eventually, another gentleman by the name of Robert took over because Don's appointment showed up. Robert was very accommodating and was able to get us a great deal within our budget. From start to finish, the entire car buying process was exceptionally smooth. Once we sealed the deal and started signing papers, we were in and out in no time! My last car buying experience (not at Lexus) was time-consuming and took 3-4 hours. We were truly pleased at Lexus's no BS approach.

Bryan, the Delivery Specialist, also delivered excellent service to us! His job was to make sure we understood the ins and outs of our new Lexus, especially since we had mentioned we have never owned one before. He repeatedly asked us if we had any questions and offered his assistance, either via telephone or through a future appointment, if any questions came to mind. He really made us feel at home!

We are extremely satisfied with our purchase and their service. From the moment we stepped onto their lot to the moment we walked out, their service was truly outstanding.

Thank you to Robert and the rest of his staff for making our first Lexus experience a memorable one!

Mari A. | 2013-07-04

If it was possible I would give this dealership a zero a terrible sales man who did not even give me his name and Ernie (sales manger) gave the worst service possible. He was wanting 100 dollars more per month than what other dealerships were asking for, not only was he accusing us of lying but he wouldn't let me take the paper that had the deal on it nor did he let me take a picture of it. He as a matter of fact snatched it from me. Good job Ernie that's how I would treat a customer who drove an hour and a half to buy a 45,000 dollar car. Avoid this dealership at all cost! We don't need to shop there anyway according to the salesman they sell 200 cars a month they don't need the business.  Way to go lexus of Sacramento that's who you have representing a luxury line.

Sophia L. | 2013-06-04

If I can give this a 0 I would totally do it. My husband and I brought our GS 300 2006 in for a diagnostic due to a misfire a month ago and the advisor Jeff helped us. At first he was very accommodating and when it turned out our car did have a misfire, his attitude totally changed. It's a factory warranty for all cars that are misfired meaning they have to rebuild the whole engine. He quickly tried to brush us off and
he didn't want to answer any questions that my husband asked,and basically told us to go home and do our own research. My husband asked how long will it take to order the parts and Jeff told him it will take a about 2 years and 3 years max and my husband asked him "why so long?" Jeff said " Because there are many other cars with the same problem."
At first my husband was like "WTH, 2 years...."(in his head). He came home and told me about it and I was like no wayyyyyy....

Next day, my husband decided to call Lexus Corporate and they were shocked that Jeff told him it would take 2 years for the parts to come in. They told him that were going to investigate and get back to him a few days.  Meanwhile, we're waiting and my husband decided to call other lexus(magunssen lexus of fremont and lexus of roseville) both places started laughing and told us that it would only take 2 months and the longest would be 3 months. At that point  we were just pissed off as to why Jeff would tell us it would take 2 years maybe 3 years. WTH

Thomas T. | 2013-04-30

We bought an extended warranted for 7 years for the brand new IS. After 6 years, the head light has water leaks in, causing fog to the light dome. Call them few times and find out that they said its not covered. Not very happy. This is not wear and tear, is a factory default.  The time we bought it, the sales guy said it bumper to bumper, yeah right.  When something break and you need it to cover you, they will said is not covered.  :(

Don't ever buy extend warranted. Your car already comes with few years warranted. Is a waste of money. Your car won't break down not in few years anyway.

Michele M. | 2013-04-04

I received a call from the Service Manager, Terry the day after I wrote the first review.  I shared the experience and feedback about their prices being too high. Terry  indicated that he had been with Lexus for a short time, and had already put discounts on the maintenance up front.  In addition Terry said that was why the coupons did not apply to maintenance.  I offered that information should be shared right up front by the service department (signs).  Terry also offered that he was looking into discounting repairs for older cars, and offered discounts on the estimated repairs should I decide to do that.  I found Terry to be genuine and helpful and appreciated his diligence and follow-through.

Neesh Q. | 2013-03-17

Writing this on behalf of my husband who took his Lexus in for a paint protection servicing.

He had initially wanted to diagnose a couple of other issues, but upon hearing the overpriced costs, we were completely reluctant to do so. A simple light/locks check costs $75?! I understand Lexus owners face the high cost of maintenance but that was just a rip-off.

To be fair, the dealership did take care of some minor scratches on the car and painted over a few other nicks on the house, which made my husband feel like he got better treatment, considering he did buy the car at this dealership.

Next time, we'll be skipping the drive to Sacramento and taking the car in to a Bay Area Lexus instead.

Sarah F. | 2013-02-16

We bought my 450h here in December.  They took the time to set up an appointment to show me all the bells and whistles.  Customer service has been fantastic here!  We shopped at the Roseville store but were given the run-around.  Great staff, terrible location :(

Jon S. | 2013-02-04

I have purchased two new RX's (both hybrids because I care about the air quality) at Lexus of Sacramento. I am about to buy a third. I live in Tahoe and I need an all-wheel drive car for the snow & ice.

I am super impressed with all of my experiences. Lonnie is a good salesman. Brandy in service is great. And I really like the GM, Christian. So as I am going in to look at the Lexus all-wheel drive models, I am looking forward to a low-pressure experience. (I am going to look at the all-wheel drive sedans but I know I will end up with another RX. That is just how it goes. I am stuck on a super reliable car model.)

If you want a new car, I can highly recommend Lexus of Sacramento. Also, their service is outstanding. I cannot comment on the previously owned cars since I have never purchased one. But I would suspect they too are excellent.

OK, onto the stuff that *really* matters: they have free dough nuts and excellent coffee in their waiting room. Plus, if you schedule your service ahead of time, they give you a free loaner. I get to try other cars whenever I am in service, which isn't too often. But it is fun to drive a new car that is different from my daily driver. They also have wireless in case you want to wait and work from there. BTW - I learned I *DO* need to put gas back in the loaners. I didn't know to do so for like two years. I finally read the contract and realized I was using gas for free. My bad. But just like a Lexus employee, they weren't rude and didn't even say anything to me. So their kindness made me feel even worse about the free gasoline. Yikes.

They also wash your car with the littlest service. I go in for an oil change and, seriously, I get a free car wash. On Fair Oaks, that car wash costs me $25. So the $80 - $100 for the oil change, inspections and filters (remember the cabin filter for your Lexus - it greatly reduce the dust on the dashboard.) minus the $25 I'd spend over at Fair Oaks wash, the cost is only about $55 to $85 and I know it is done right.

Also, I just noticed the last time I was in there (about a month ago for 80K service) that I am *never* charged more than the estimated cost. It is usually about $5 cheaper. I know there are Consumer Affairs laws governing these issues but we have all seen the repair shops cheat and charge us more. I am sure Lexus does that so you don't get shocked and pi&^ed off when you see the bill. But it is nice to know that what they say they are charging is what they really charge.

So eat a free dough nut, get a free rental car and then enjoy your Lexus.

Toby B. | 2013-01-29

I really research my autos. When I decide to replace a vehicle, (about every 3 - 5 years) I read magazines, consumer guides and discuss with friends and professionals. The Internet runs overtime in my home to crank out all of the stats and pricing models. By the time I walk onto a dealer lot I know about the features and the prices of my target vehicles. In the case of Lexus of Sacramento, I know more than do the salespeople.

So when I recently went to Lexus of Sacramento, I was surprised that the sales staff told me about IS F features that were inconsistent with the truth. (I will not accuse them of telling lies. They simply made statements that are inconsistent with the truth.) Sales people touted performance that was contradicted by Lexus' own website. The car I wanted simply didn't have the features that the salesman claimed. And the claims were inane. For instance, I was told the IS had heated washer fluid. I looked into it and that was not true. And why would we need such a feature in Sactown? If I lived in MN and not Sacramento, I could understand that inconsistent statement. But why speak about a non-existent feature in a region that doesn't need it?

Then there are the features with which I was interested: mileage. I was told the actual MPG was greater than that stated by the EPA label. "Yeah most of our IS customers tell us they get more MPG than that label states." We all know that the EPA way overstates the MPG. Then there was cooled seats. I was told that the driver, passenger and rear seats were each, independently heated and A/C'd. That is wrong on many levels. Most obviously, the rear seats are neither heated nor are they cooled. But NONE of the seats is air conditioned. According to… none of the seats is air conditioned. Some seats on some Lexus models *are* air vented but the A/C compressor never cools the seats.

And I was told *standard* security includes a vehicle recovery system and an automated collision report system. Acura clued me in that Lexus only provides that *standard* feature if you pay for it and then subscribe to Lexus' subscription service. And that service, for which they charge mightily, is provided by a satellite system placed in orbit by American produced, launched and paid for NASA missions. So why does Lexus get to charge Americans for the very satellites that we put in orbit? IDK.

I was choosing between an Acura and Lexus the last time I purchased a few weeks ago. I decided on the Lexus because of the excellent service at Lexus of Sacramento. (No disrespect Acura. I just don't know about your service.) Even reading these Yelp reviews you can see that Lexus provides excellent service. And Brandie, the reviewers write about, is a superstar. She helped my son with his older Lexus RX he purchased from Craigslist. I am sure Lexus of Sacramento would have preferred that my 18 year old son buy a new RX from them. But he earns an hourly wage and cannot afford it. But Brandie didn't huff or puff or roll her eyes when he needed service. She just estimated the repairs and coordinated them. Plus she estimated about $40 too high. When was the last time an auto service department didn't use every penny of the estimate and ask for more?! My son still has that RX and it runs great at 140K miles! So I want to support Lexus so we can enjoy that positive, helpful service. There is another guy in service named Steve who manages the service department. He is also a straight shooter. He seems to just tell the truth even if the truth doesn't tout Lexus as all things to all people.

But during my latest purchase, and after weeding through the statements that were inconsistent with the truth at Lexus, I purchased an Acura. Sorry Lexus but your sales staff needs to either:

1. Learn the products better OR
2. Talk about the actual features of the cars not the features about which I am interested

There is one exception: A black guy named Lonnie. He told me the truth as I understand it and was, as far as I know, completely honest with me. He even came to me behind the back of the first salesman and politely corrected some misinformation without accusing the first guy.  He was very professional. So if you do go to Lexus in Sactown, try asking for Lonnie. He is the older, taller southern sounding black gentleman.

BTW - don't count on the sales manager to save you or your deal. I think his name is Marty and his intention is 100% to support the bogus, sales-at-all-cost approach to faking features. He will act as mediator but he is simply trying to save your deal from the inevitable dissolution that occurs after you find out the salesperson told you statements that were inconsistent with the truth. He couldn't save my deal though. I trusted the Lexus website over his slick talking.

Do you blame him? His job is to sell cars, not save consumers.

My two cents.

Coral H. | 2013-01-15

The customer service is excellent. I went in recently because my headlight casing failed and had condensation/water in it which of course blew out my low beam. Talked to the service agent who has a beautiful Golden Doodle and we had some brags with dog photos, but I digress.  

The bad news was $1400+ for a new headlamp because there is a computer involved. The somewhat good news is they provided a 2012 ES 350 loaner car for the 4 days I was without my RX 330.

Eric H. | 2013-01-11

This was my most pleasant experience at LoS by far.  I was most pleased by the Service Manager I worked with, Christina.  She was very good in communicating the situation, providing me with details of what service was being provided, what would be covered under warranty, etc.  She called me frequently with updates and to verify that I wanted to move forward with any particular work being done and said that the car would need to be kept overnight.  I mentioned I may not be able to bring the loaner car back until the following day after the repairs would shceduled to be complete and she said that was fine.  Again, when work was complete she provided me all the details of what work was done and what and why it was or was not covered under any warranty.  She also printed out my service records, at my request and had the ready for me when I dropped off the car.

I was very pleased with her professionalism. Honestly, I've had other less pleasant experiences at LoS, where I wasn't getting proper communication and felt like I wasn't getting treated respectfully.  The worst was when I couldn't get a hold of my service manager for a courtesy pickup back to the dealer, after several calls and left messages, and ended up just walked myself back to the dealer.

I will definitely request to work with Christina for future trips to LoS.

KC N. | 2013-01-10

We have been coming to Lexus of Sacramento for seven years for buying and maintaining our cars.  We have always had great service.  The staff has always been informative and friendly.

Norval C. | 2013-01-06

I was very pleased with my service appointment and the work done at Lexus of

Brandy Joseph, my service advisor was very efficient and courteous.  Stan, our shuttle driver was a real good driver and conversationalist.

Dean S. | 2013-01-04

Recently retired and paranoid about money I had my brakes replaced by another vendor, thinking the $ 380.00 a little steep for brakes since the pads themselves cost almost $ 80.00.  Jeff Dyke turned a very bad situation of extremely noisy and undependable stoping into a car I could trust again. Don't know what I was thinking since I've been going there for the last 10 ~ 11 yrs. bottom line cost me a lot more but taught me a good lesson

Jo-Ann L. | 2012-10-26

This review is only for the service department. I've been coming to Lexus for car maintenance for over 10 years and I can not complain about anything!  I love bringing my cars here!   I've tried many of the maintenance advisors but Brandy Joseph has been my favorite so now I only make all my appointments through her.  I can always count on friendly service and I know that she looks out for me.  I also really appreciate Steve in parts.  They have both been so helpful in many occasions, making me very fond of Lexus of Sacramento.

Anytime I have service that is more than 3? hours, I make sure I get a rental car for the day.  It's always fun to drive a different new Lexus.  If waiting, I am always offered a shuttle ride somewhere if I'd like.  When I wait for service in the waiting room, it's hard for me to resist those donuts (but I have to say I really miss the days they served Krispy Kreme).  They also have coffee drink machines and bottled waters for all their guests.  When my car is finished, it is returned nice and clean, inside and out! :)

Not only am I very pleased with our Lexus automobiles, but because of the wonderful service, I am biased to purchase another Lexus for our next purchase of an automobile.

Arman S. | 2012-05-29

Got my 2007 ES 350 here for 50 k service and with minor complain of noise  inside the cabin,just like an object sliding inside a box every time the box moves,Needs to be with a technician to find our where that noise coming from, the tech ,me and the service advisor ,Wendy, discussed about it  and it will cost me $130 per hour to find/locate and remove  that irritating noise which they assumed maybe a lipstick ,a coin or something that was inside the under seat ac vent.

Thanks for their honesty, saves me hundred of dollars for this costly work up,the service manager said , it may take 1-5 hours to do the job. That is $130-$650  now I guess I have to live with this Lexus  with loud music .

More power to Lexus of Sacramento for their Honesty!!!

John G. | 2012-03-08

I don't own a Lexus but heard about the Presidential detail special for $129 from Kyle the front desk girl. Christina, my service advisor, was phenomenal. My Jeep Grand Cherokee looks new. The exterior gleens bright and the interior is incredibly immaculate. I am beyond pleased with the results and recommend Lexus of Sacramento to anyone. If I have the chance to buy a Lexus, I'm definitely going to Lexus of Sac.

Ryan M. | 2012-02-11

I Emailed the Internet sales manager Kent Owens and after 6 hour I got an email back then after another 2 hour a phone call from him. In the phone call he was very pushy and rude. I really liked the car so I emailed again thinking I could get through to someone else and once again Kent Owens emails me again. Saying that the earthquake in Japan is the reason why Lexus car prices are high and sorry if Lexus wasn't in our price range. So then me and my wife went down to Mercedes-Benz of Fairfeild and bought a $37,000 car. Thanks Kent Owens for being so rude and helping us find the right car at Mercedes-Benz of Fairfeild.

joe m. | 2012-02-08

I purchased my vehicle from Lexus of Sacramento but after my experience I'll be going somewhere else to get my Lexus serviced. When I pulled up I wasn't greeted which I found strange because the guy who sold me my car told me that i would be greeted promptly after i pulled into the service drive. After waiting for several minutes i walked inside to the receptionist  area to ask her  where I could find a service advisor to assist me. She was obviously too busy playing on her computer to give me the time of the day because when i asked her where the service department  was located she couldn't even bother to look up at me to answer my question. My experience with my service advisor was great. She was very kind and personable. But things went sour when I went to pick up my car  after it was serviced. As i approached the cashiers desk all i could here was profanity and screeching. Now, I have no problem with people swearing but there is a time and place for it. I think screaming swear words at the top of your lungs while you're at work with customers around is just unprofessional. The same cashier that was swearing and complaining to her coworkers was the same cashier who helped me  with my bill. When i asked her if she could explain to me what exactly my charges were she rolled her eyes and started speaking extremely fast. When i asked her to clarify what she just explained to me she rolled her eyes yet again, snickered, and yet again gave me some half ass explanation. It was just obvious to me that she rather be gossiping about her life then doing her job. I just felt  as if the people who worked there besides my service advisor were extremely lazy and unprofessional. It's really obvious when you go to an establishment who takes pride in their customer service. I got a bit of a low class impression from this service department. I definitely didn't get that "pursuit of perfection" experience that Lexus prides themselves on. My advice get your car serviced somewhere else.

Blaine W. | 2011-12-26

Y'know what would be nice? If a high-end auto dealership actually manned their online service booking system. Tried booking in early Dec and requested a callback to confirm the requested repairs - no call came, I cancelled the appointment. Booked again to replace a headlight and (happily) saw they had availability on Mon, Dec 26th, so I booked a time and when I showed up.... service dept closed.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I'll be taking my business elsewhere going forward.

Tom L. | 2011-12-11

If you are thinking of buying a Lexus go to Lexus of Concord and ask for Eric or Bruce. I just bought a new 2011 IS 250 F and love it. I got it at Lexus of Concord.

No I do not work for Lexus of Concord. But just had such a drastically different experience at the two dealerships that I just had to share my experience so other people won't waste their time.

I was looking at a 2011 IS 250. I live close to the Lexus of Sacramento dealership so I wanted to try them first. The salesman, Earl, was nice but not that knowledgeable about the car. After the test drive we sat down and talked price. He brought his boss Brian who proceed to argue with me about how MSRP is a "fair price that the government has determined for dealerships to make a profit." Ok dude whatever. They dropped the price to just over invoice and said that is the lowest they can go and barely make a profit. What they didn't realize that I knew was that there was still $3000 of manufacturer to dealer rebates. So instead of passing this rebate to me they wanted me to pay over invoice and they wanted to reap another $3k in rebates. No way! I was not too happy and pretty much walked and never looked back.

The next day I drove 1.5 hours each way to Lexus of Concord. Sure it was a farther drive but man what a difference. Met Eric who took the time to show me the car and talk about the car. The guy has been selling Lexus for 15 years (Earl from the other dealership just got the job 9 months ago). Then I went to Eric's office and we talked price. No BS. No haggle. He showed me his price and told me about the factory rebates and pass them all over to me. I felt I got a great deal and a fair price. Most importantly these guys wanted to earn your business. They made me feel like I was part of the Lexus family and they wanted to develop a long term relationship. I had some logistic and service issues and they totally went out of their way to make my experience 5-stars (See my review for Lexus of Concord).

Buying a new car and spending $41k (MSRP) can be a stressful process. Eric and Bruce at Lexus of Concord are really genuine people and a class act. They really exemplify excellence in service. Now I know every dealership has bad apples. I can't speak for everyone at Lexus of Sac or everyone at Lexus of Concord. But if you are spending over $40k why even bother. I have been to BMW, Acura, Infiniti and Lexus. I have gone to 12 dealerships over the past year looking for the perfect car and perfect deal.

I am glad I finally found it. You can have your own marathon experience or just save your time and go to Lexus of Concord. I guarantee you won't regret it.

I am happy to answer any questions if anyone has them. Good luck.

Gary L. | 2011-10-31

As soon as I step foot into Lexus of Sacramento, I received excellent service from the sales associates, Omar and Jerry. Omar spent a lot of time showing my wife and me a few cars. My son stepped on one of the seats and I apologized. I mentioned that I will make sure the car I clean before we leave. Omar said, "Oh don't worry about, I understand. I have grand children (said with a smile)!  We felt so relaxed car shopping. And this is where the customer service went downhill.

While my wife went on a test drive, I was hanging out in the showroom with my two children. My children were in one of the cars in the showroom. I noticed a salesman kept giving me dirty looks while he was helping his customers. After his customers left, he comes to me and says in a very arrogant manner, "This is a brand new Lexus. Please do not let your kids step on the seat and get it dirty. Also, they can't rip off these airbag stickers" and walks off. A simple smile and "Please do not stand on the seat" would have been fine but this salesman was rude and arrogant.

How hard is to replace an airbag sticker or to clean the windows inside of the car?

The car buying purchase is difficult already; customer service like this is unnecessary and unacceptable! Angry and upset, I ask for that salesman's business car and it turns out he is the sales manager, Bryon Burdette. That is terrible service from a sales manager. One would think a sales manager would enforce and promote the "Lexus Covenant" and "Elite Service" at least that's what it says on their website.

Omar and Jerry, the sales associates, were wonderful however the sales manager, Bryon Burdette, was the complete opposite.

Why should I still buy a car from this dealership?

Allie S. | 2011-09-23

You expect the car to be expensive but dammmmmmn gurl! Lexi (the name of my GS 350) just cost me $170 for a 50k check. Sixty thousands going to mean dropping at least $1,000. Not cool but what are you going to do?!

At least the people at the Sacramento Lexus make it somewhat easier. Jeff in Service was more than happy to get me in the next day even though their online system showed no availability. He was straight up with me about prices and what my baby actually needed. He wasn't at all sales-y or creepy. The greatest thing was that he gave me a rental without having to ask. Guilt free is the way to be... At least the way to have satisfied customers.

The waiting room was excellent. Stocked with bottled waters, coffee, granola, etc.

Lexus of Sacramento embodies customer service. It doesn't suck to bring your car to the shop anymore people!

Steve B. | 2011-09-13

If you want Rude service from liars (Mitch in service is the liar,do not trust this guy) this is the place for you. The cashiers are rude and painfully slow. The female person running the service area flipped me off as I was leaving, I guess they do not like complaints.  THIS DEALERSHIP SUCKS.

PAUL C. | 2011-08-30

I purchased a brand new Lexus yesterday.  Emailed Kent Owens and asked for the best price/quote.  Kent responded within 30 minutes and then we talked a bit.  I told him that another Lexus dealership, 2 hours away, gave me a quote that was a little less.  Kent told me to bring in the quote and they will match it.  I walked in that afternoon and the whole process with smooth and amazing.  I've purchased an Infiniti and 2 BMWs before.  This process, by far, was the best.  Kent truly wants my business, appreciates my time, and wants me to be happy.  

Here's the best thing.  I was going to pick up the car the next day.  Kent said he will drop off the car, detailed and full of gas to my house that same night.   Kent came over, went through the cars features with my wife, programmed our phones via Bluetooth and hooked up our homelink garage system.  That is what customer service is.

I've read some of the reviews regarding the criticism over the service dept.  I can't comment since I have yet to experience the service dept.  I do plan to have my car service at Lexus of Sacramento and I fully expect to have a positive exprience as well.

je t. | 2011-07-24

Took the Lexus for recall repairs. Came out with estimate for repair for 90k miles maintenance which included the timing belt and also THEY SAID  a leak for water pump. Estimate was over 900 bucks.  I decline the service and took  my car straight to my mechanic and lift the car up and found there was no leak and of course the 90K   maintenance last year by my mechanic.  Lexus dealer at Fulton is a potential ripe off.

Tami M. | 2011-07-18

Unpleasant experience!!  My visit to the Service department  left a lot to be desired.  The rep that "so called" helped me was rude. They certainly don't want to cover things in my warranty.  Trying to give me a USED stereo!!   But of course, she was more than happy to offer me to buy the extended warranty.   Ugh, "As if"!!!

Laura B. | 2011-07-12

I try not to go here as the customer service is much better in the bay area, but since my car needed a major service and I live around here, I decided to go for it. Requested a rental for the 2 day service when I called to schedule my appointment and was told when I got there that they ran out of cars. My options were a Camry and a dodge SUV. Since I drive a hybrid and don't want to waste money on gas, I picked the Camry. Although it's not the end of the world, it's still annoying to get a car with cloth seats, no gps, no phone Bluetooth and half a tank of gas when paying for a $1500 service. Lexus of Pleasonton always has new Lexus cars available and let's me pick which one I want to try. In addition, they wash my car for every service, allow the option to get a rental no matter the service, and never have they "run out" of cars. I won't be back here for a while (although Mitch Dean was knowledgeable and pleasant).

Haeyoung K. | 2011-07-07

Normally, I get pretty good services here.  But not today.  I made a quick stop at the dealership at Fulton Ave. because my dome light would not turn on.  Thought the light bulb was out.  When I pulled in, I had to stand around waiting for someone to come and help.  This happens a lot by the way.  They always make you stand there waiting.....

About 10 minutes later, an Advisor, later find out his name is Mitch, comes and greets me.  Friendly enough.  After I explain to him about the light bulb, he tells me to go check with the Parts department to see if they had the right bulb for my car on hand.  Following his instruction, I walk to the Parts and was told they do have the right part.  I was very happy so far.  After I pay for the light bulb, I ask the guy helping me at the Parts if someone can install the bulb.  He tells me to walk outside where I left my car and someone will help.  Following his instruction, I walk out waiting for someone to help me.  Eventually, I make an eye contact with an employee who comes to ask me what I needed.  I explain to him that I just purchased the light bulb and the guy at the Parts told me that  someone can install it.  He looks around and says it seems like everyone's busy.  I point to the Advisor, Mitch, who initially told me to get the light bulb.  He was helping other customers.  The guy I'm talking to tells me to wait for Mitch since he knows what to do.  I wait and wait, with the guy standing next to me.  

In the meantime, another Advisor stops by and I explain to her again that I need the light bulb I purchased to be installed.  The guy who's been standing next to me all this time tells the female Advisor that I wanted the installation to be done for free.....Did not say this to the man or to anybody.  I was simply following the instructions by Mitch and the Parts guy.  After another 10 minutes, Mitch comes out and tells the guy standing next to me to drive the car into the garage and have the mechanic replace the light bulb.  Mitch does not talk to me or even acknowledges me standing there.  About 5 minutes later, my car is delivered with the light bulb replaced.  Yes, I got the work done.  However, the way I was treated made me feel very upset.  Like they just brushed me off.......Here I was just following the instructions and I get treated like this.  I really expected more from Lexus dealership and their employees.  Just the fact that I'm taking time to write this review tells you how unhappy I was.

Grant R. | 2011-06-14

Had a nice surprise at Lex of Sac yesterday. I needed a wheelcover bolt and batteries for the two keys to my 10-year-old Lexus... expected to get nicked $20 or so. Well, surprise, surprise. No charge, and the parts guy even changed the batteries for me. Thanks!  :-)

Collette W. | 2011-04-23

We bought our Lexus in 2009, and every time we took our car to be serviced, we received superb service. From the moment we drive up to the moment we picked our car up - excellent. Our Advisor would check up and make sure we were aware of any issues that arose, but since it was a 2009, not much but a routine il change.
Lexus of Sacramento is the best place to get your car serviced. Nuff said.

Tiffany C. | 2011-04-04

This was my 3rd time @ this Lexus, the first was due to a brake recall, 2nd  was engine concerns (false alarm) and today was for the fuel pressure recall.  My previous experiences were pretty good, as soon as I pulled up I was greeted and an advisor took care of me right away.  However, for this particular appt, not so much.  As always  I had called in advance to set up an appt for today.  Arrived 10 till 9am and was greeted by a maintenance man, waited 5 minutes before Wendy  Lange, the advisor came out and greeted me.  I wanted to go to the mall to as I was told it would take 3 hours.  Wendy, said the black guy over there" who handles transportation would be able to set up me up.  [Really, did Wendy, who is white have to say the guy is black?] Since the mall opens @ 10am I had to wait 1hr (no biggie).  I had brought some good read and Lexus always have coffee and water available so I was happy.  Unfortunately, that happiness didn't last too long.  Around 10am, I received a vm from Wendy, (my advisor) who wanted to inform me about my tires...okay? but I was in the lounge area the whole time sitting across from another man you kept coming back and forth to talk to yet you didn't make the effort to let me know personally about my vehicle status you had to call me?  I saw her update the guy again so I flagged her down and even she kept walking away from me, until I told her I got her vm then she stopped to respond.  In the interim I had signed up with the lexus transportation dude letting him know I was interested in going to the mall and he put me on the list.  I went back to follow up with him about 20 minutes later and he informs me the two drivers called-in and they'll have to get me a loaner vehicle.  Okay, thanks for letting me know 20 minutes later, I just told him nevermind.  1.5 hours later, I get another call from  She's all "are you still here?"  In my mind I'm like duh, I'm still here your transportation dude told me two of your drivers called in and couldn't take me to the mall, now you're wondering where I am, when I've been sitting in the lounge across from the dude you've been consistently updating him on his vehicle. (sigh) so I replied yes, I'm in the lounge and Wendy informs me my vehicle is ready and for me to go see the "cashier".  I head out that direction and the chick is obviously texting on her phone, but quickly puts the phone away as soon as I approach the counter.  The cashier counter is where the cashier chick receives your vehicle as completed and makes you sign the car back to you. [Disclaimer: I would have been fine with this whole experience until this part]
Me:  Wendy the advisor just called me saying my vehicle is ready.
Cashier chick: so you're here to pick up your vehicle?
Me: I'm here to get my car, which was serviced this morning
Cashier chick: so you're here to pick up your vehicle (fake/bitchy smile).    
Me: [getting the feeling the cashier chick wants me to say i'm here to pick up my vehicle, I say..] Sure, whatever you want to call it?
Cashier Chick: okaayeee [think 'okay' like the white chicks movie, and the cashier chick was black] Um, I don't think it's ready yet because I don't have the key, [calls service ppl] okay, it's going to be 5 minutes before your car is ready, we'll call you when it's ready, go ahead and sign here, there's no charge because it's under warranty
Me (thinking): first of all, Wendy called saying my car is ready, so if it's not ready, ya'll need to have better communication skills and secondly my car is no longer under warranty, this service was due to a recall so of course it would be free.  And of course people come up to the cashier counter to pick up their vehicles, you should know, you're the one that call people to get their car keys and have them pay their bill so why even question the customer if they're there to pick up their vehicle?! (sigh)
Me (actual): *signs paperwork and leaves cashier counter

Lexus of Sacramento, what happened to your customer service?  I used to have a decent advisor and cashier experience, now these new people are really ruining the whole Lexus Service experience.  Train your new folks in customer service.  I don't expect to have a best friend @ lexus, but I do expect some common sense from the people who you have act as customer service.  Actually, just hire qualified and competent people who want to work and ensure customers have a quality experience.  I was not here today because of personal concerns, but because of a recall notice.  Do your best to serve the people who keep you in business.

1 star for the complimentary car wash.  Staff did a good job getting rid of three bird poop from 2 weeks ago.  Now if your morning office staff worked as hard as those in the car wash, you'll have happier customers.

Jennifer F. | 2011-04-04

My car was purchased from this dealership, but I think I'll seek service elsewhere.  I called at 5:55p.m., and was immediately informed by the receptionist (before she transfered me) that the service department closes at 6:00p.m.  I'm thinking in my head, "are you kidding me?"

I get transfered to some lady in the service department, and told her that I have an IS, and I curb checked my wheel and now it has scratches.  Apparently she didn't hear me because I had to repeat myself twice more, and finally, she just responded, "oh" (kinda like the "oh" when you just don't care).  I had to ASK her if they performed this type of repair service.  She said no, and tried to end the conversation abruptly with a "thank you for calling, blah blah blah."  I had to interrupt her and ask if the dealership had anyone that they could refer, and she gave me some guys name, and tried once again, to end the conversation.  And I once again, had to tell her, "I have another question!"  At this point, I asked my question but didn't bother listening to the answer-obviously she's written enough service for the month to not care about MY needs.

I have friends in the car business (sales, and service), and this is definitely not a way to treat a client.  What a crappy service advisor, even if there's only 5 more minutes left in her day, she should have been assessing my needs.  So, see you later Lexus of Sacramento, not only will I avoid your service department like the plague, and I'll be sure to buy my next Lexus elsewhere.

Kristine And Caleb C. | 2011-03-24

We bought our Lexus because of my great experience with Lexus service in Dallas at Park Place. OK this dealership doesn't do the volume but one would expect at least good service. I had a flat tire (tires that I bought at Sac Lexus and Wendy Lange told me that even though you have a flat and need it checked, the only air it up. They do not check your tire!) they aired my tire up and sent me on my way. HAD A NAIL IN IT!! I was pregnant, husband out of town and mother visiting from Dallas. WAS A NIGHTMARE!! That is just ONE example of the level of service. After giving them the benefit of the doubt even for a few years, and then receiving confusing overpriced quotes, I started doubting my service person and looked into other companies to service my car (didn't want too but didn't trust the service person and her bogus quotes). I took my car into a LEXUS CERTIFIED mechanic that had left Sac Lexus. The crap this girl quoted me wasn't even broken and if it was wouldn't have cost that much!! To top things off, we were "friends" on FB. I caught she and another person at Sacramento Lexus bitching about clients and more. . Really disparaging stuff. I called her to talk with her, supposedly the  Service Director Marty was in the office with her she shouted during the whole conversation and called me an idiot over and over again and then proceeded to lie about things. Obviously scarred because her lies have caught up with her. IIf the service director was in the office and allowed a person to speak with a customer that way, there are more issues there then I thought.   I have sent a complaint to the GM Christian Simon. We will see what happens. If not... I will post the FB comments. DO NOT GO TO SACRAMENTO LEXUS! The culture is corrupt!! Go to University Automotive on Fulton Blvd - 488-6710. They are friendly and awesome!! (no, I do not work for them, married to them, related to them, YES I have experience with them and would like to shout out when someone does an honest job!!!)  That is my experience with Sacramento Lexus. Not an opinion. If you chose to berate me, sorry. I cannot change what actually happened. I wish I could because really??? It's a car???!!!! This never had to come to this....

Felix C. | 2010-06-23

This review is for the service department at Lexus of Sacramento.

I had work done here when I still had my Lexus. While I can't really say anything about the quality of the work (I had the struts changed so workmanship wasn't exactly visible) but I was ineligible for a loaner vehicle. Their shuttle service took me from their dealership back to Davis, and picked me up later in the day back to Sacramento; each trip alone was about 30 minutes, and they really went out of their way to accomodate my rides. Wendy, my service advisor, was very friendly and kept me informed about the status of my car.

Great customer service. Their waiting area is very nice too, they have a selection of complimentary drinks and big, comfy sofas.

S D. | 2010-06-20

My dad bought a Lexus this past year at this dealership and he was really happy at the pressure-free environment and great service from Kent.  Kent was even very patient at accommodating my dad's craziness for wanting a very, very, VERY basic Lexus (seriously not even the GPS, my mom was so embarrassed) shipped from the Roseville dealership. I can't speak for the service department yet but Kent was awesome.

MATT M. | 2010-05-11

Promises promises promises. Bought a GX here and was extrememly disappointed with the care of service and customer service there after. Took the GX back to get service done (paint seal, 3m protectent, etc) and the work was beyond shotty (had to return twice for the 3m). Not to mention not being able to get a Lexus loaner, as they advertise. I was told that they ran out of Lexus loaners when I arrived, even though I specifically called 2 weeks prior and specifically requested one. So instead I was stuck with a Corolla and having to give a $50 deposit to Hertz. Very classy Lexus of Sacramento. Thanks.

Dan G. | 2010-02-27

I bought my 2009 Lexus IS 350 and sales team was awesome.  Don't use service dept they will lie lie lie about everything and anything. They also will damage your vehicle and say damage was already there. If you decide to use their service dept check your vehicle for damage before you leave. Trust me on this most dishonest service dept in Sacramento!!

George W. | 2010-02-23

Great Pressure free salesmen, He showed us the car and let us test drive as many as we wanted. He was very patient. We werent even planning on buying a car at the time but little did we know wed be driving off with a Lexus GX470. I would reccomend Lexus of Sacramento.

M M. | 2009-09-28

Free WiFi, water, and sweet talk, coupled with comfortable chairs does not make for a good dealer by any stretch of the imagination. Service is paid through the Mfg. if you have a maintenance problem. This makes the dealership look real good. But let's get to the sales dept. They are a nightmare. Went in to look at a car and found a beautiful Lexus for sale, less than 5k miles and clean. But a pitted and severely dinged windshield. Asked that they pay for a new windshield. It  had a small 1/4" crack; yes, it was quite small, but I do believe it would have cracked all the way across eventually, which would have cost me a pretty penny to replace. So they agreed. The service dept. stopped by and said it was no big deal. So I decided to believe them. After I agreed the windshield was all right the price went down the cost of a new windshield. Where was the windshield they said was for free? Also, the battery was dead, and it needed a new one as well. Do you want to be stranded with a dead battery? Same situation again. And, they could have used the warranty for the battery, but again tried to hide more money in the sales price. Rest assured they would have given me a new battery under warranty and then charged me for the battery. One experience is worth a thousand words. Buyer beware. Desperate times make for unfriendly deals and deceptive practices. And, what makes it worse is they own the Lexus dealership in The Roseville Automall as well.

L A. | 2008-08-01

Horrible service department.  I've taken my car in there twice for the standard service based on the mileage.  Both times I had to track someone down to help me.  The first time, they had my car all day and never worked on it.  I showed up to pick it up, they told me they needed another day.  No phone call to tell me this before I showed up at 5 or later...nice.  When it was ready the next day, they just left my new air filter on my passenger seat, never put it in.  
The second time, same experience.  They tried to up-sell me on services, quoted a different price than on the phone, then again left my air filter on my seat next to me.  I made sure they put it in both times.
I even complained to Lexus corporate, never heard a word from anyone.
I then took it over to where I have taken my truck...Made in Japan.  Never had any issues w/them.

Suzanne K. | 2008-07-10

Took my Lexus in for its very first oil change.  

Dont have OCD but the oil change indicator light on my dash was irritating.  It wasnt flashing or anything, but it was obvious enough and within my peripheral vision that it was making me nervous so I decided to take it in at 7,000 miles.  

Let me tell you, Lexus of Sacarmento is the best.  Attentive and friendly customer service.  The waiting area is extremely nice and comfortable.  They have individual roomy soft leather chairs, seriously,  no joke, they're spacious comfortable chairs.  Also their fully stocked bottled DASANI water refrigerator and gourmet premium coffee available in the waiting area was nice.  And ohh yeah, free Wi-Fi access too.

Best of all, my Lexus was washed and cleaned and to my surprise the oil change was F R E in no charge.  Apparently, any and all maintenance charge on brand new Lexus' are covered up to 10,000 miles.  

Awesome!!  pocketing that extra cash for lunch tomorrow.