Lasher Volkswagen Downtown in Sacramento, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Lasher Volkswagen Downtown in Sacramento, CA.

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Lasher Volkswagen Downtown

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 441-2761
Address:925 S St, Sacramento, CA, 95811
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Lasher Volkswagen Downtown

Baat E. | 2014-01-03

We are from the Bay Area and our car broke down on the way to Tahoe a few miles away from Lasher. We called them late on a Friday afternoon and they said to bring it over. They helped us with getting a car rental, and after diagnosis, told us the car will be ready on Monday afternoon. On Monday morning we got a call that the part they needed wasn't available in Sacramento anywhere, and had to be shipped from LA overnight, so the car will be ready Tuesday morning. We arrived back in Sacramento no Monday afternoon, and John was very helpful and explaining everything, and getting this repair under warranty. By Tuesday morning the car was ready for us with the new part inside, all clean and working great. They offered to come get us from our hotel, and were super helpful throughout the process. We had a great experience despite the car breaking down.. Thank you Lasher.

Mary A. | 2013-10-10

This was my first visit to Lasher for repairs on my Certified Pre Owned 2010 VW Routan Minivan. Customer Service was excellent. I brought it is for an oil change and also for some warranty repairs on the passenger side door handle, a power door lock that was not working, and my rear hatch was making a weird creaking noise. They fixed everything perfectly and on a timely basis. Felipe in Customer Service was great!

Dave C. | 2013-09-11

First time visit and I was very happy with the customer service and level of professionalism.  I only went in for an oil change for my Jetta diesel wagon but they found and replaced a broken tail light for free.  To top it all off they also clean your car after the oil change, what a deal. I would recommend this place to my friends. Only went with 4 stars because it was the first time I have visited their establishment.  Cheers

Francesca H. | 2013-09-05

I have now taken my car here twice. I have an '03 Jetta that I have a love/hate relationship with. I do my best never to take my car into the shop unless I have to. A co worker suggested that I take it to Lasher to get some minor issues fixed. Basically a henge on my trunk was broken and if I opened it I was very hard to close. This was a problem I hadn't dealt with for a year and thought it was time. I took it in to get fixed just did some small things the the check engine light and my trunk to test them out and see how their service was. John helped me out and I found him very nice and helpful, we walked out to my car he said the trunk shouldn't be a problem, took a look at some other stuff, and told me not to worry about it. He made me feel very comfortable that everything would be fine. He suggested that I should get my brakes done (I had had the car for a year and a half and never changed them) I took his advice and he gave me a coupon to help with the price. When I came back to get my car once it was done everything, the trunk worked perfectly, my engine light had been fixed and I had new brakes. He was so nice and professional about everything, he explained everything he did and why he did it. I walked away feeling pretty good about everything. My second time there was actually two days ago, my car had overheated over the weekend and I had to get it towed to Lasher. Needless to say I was very stressed about the situation, I told John what had happened when I was driving it and what my brother thought it might be. He said that he would take a look and give me a call before 11am with everything that needed to be done and a price. He called me right on time and sadly there were a lot of things that needed to be done on my car, but taking into account how little work I ever have done on it, it all made sense. He had my car fixed the same day and I picked it up after work. When I got there he once again went over everything that he had done with myself and my mother, he was so nice and sweet about everything as he always is. My experience here has been one of the best that I have ever had at any shop when having to get my car fixed. There have been many other places where I felt with a bad feeling and had to get my car fixed soon after. That has not been the case here. My mom also has a Jetta and I told her that she needed to start going to Lasher just because of the great service that I have gotten him John. I really hope this review was helpful.

Krystal C. | 2013-08-05

I don't understand the name on Yelp. It's Lasher Volkswagen on S st.

I want to convey to you my concern regarding this service shop/dealership.

I have been to this place 2 times now in a span of 3 years for recalls regarding my emissions on my car.

I will say the service writer and technicians I have spoken with are not rude or in any way condescending.

I will say though that the way they handle my car and my concerns are un-professional and on par with a "shade-tree" mechanic.  Both visits have left me extremely frustrated and at another shop right away for follow-up repairs of their work.

My first visit was for a DMV required emissions recall for the replacement of ignition coils. When I arrived my car ran perfect. I was visiting a very competent mechanic that was maintaining my car well. When I picked my car up, I made it half way home before I called to speak to John about my dissatisfaction with the performance of my car with the new coils.  It had developed a sputter at higher RPMs that was never there before that visit.  He managed to speak to me in an almost "scripted" way. Frustrated, I went to my regular mechanic and all was well after determining Lasher had damaged my coil harness.

Todays visit...
Again, very apprehensive and not at all eager to see them. I had 2 recall warranty parts to have installed so I made an appointment.
I made the  appointment because a conversation with John informed me that I was not going to be reimbursed by VW for these repairs already being performed.

Come to find out this morning that was NOT correct.

It turns out, If any repairs are performed to my car outside the dealership, and then the repair becomes a recall, I can contact VW for a reimbursement for that repair.

They Lied. Maybe they are not completely informed. I am skeptical

I received a call after 1 o'clock from Felipe saying my car was ready "it still has a misfire and the check engine light is on but it is ready to pick up"  Felipe offered a diagnostic starting at $130 at that time but I declined because i assumed the car was running the same way it came in.

**This is important**
I told John and Felipe when I dropped my car off ....
"the car runs great, the check engine light has been coming on and turning off for a time now for a random misfire. It has never run rough after the repairs I had to have done after my car left your shop the first time.

I don't think they were listening.

I watched an employee pull my car around. It was running HORRIBLE!! It was blatantly obvious from 50 feet away that the car had something wrong. He handed me the key, I started the car, said to myself "no f****** way" and walked right back inside.
John performed the most amazing song and dance I have ever seen from any service writer I have come into contact with. After talking about parts under the hood I had no experience with he finished with "We can diagnose it for you for $130."  


Remember, I drove my good running, daily driving car in to you this morning to have you deliver me a barely running, unsafe to drive, car.

I called my mechanic. On the spot he advised me to have it towed in. I put him on the phone with John. After a conversation it was decided that the car had a failed #1 injector. Mind you....I just had new injectors installed in January.

I asked if a mechanic would come out to verify if my car was safe to drive. John told me he would drive the car with me in it to check it out.
What I went on was a show.
I was imagining the parts inside my car breaking and taking a beating from the horrible way it was running. He kept trying to make it seem ok!

"Just keep it revved up, then the misfire goes away" - Wow

JOHN! All you had to do was confirm the problem, take it back to the mechanic who performed the work and make him double-check his repairs!!

There is NO form of Quality Control. Remember they do not get paid time to test drive your car. Piece work, or as they call it, flat-rate mechanics are not concerned
for the customer. I am sorry for the blanket generalization. It is my concern

At this point I felt like a kid watching the animals at the circus perform their best.

They are very disconnected and un-professional.

I must say individuals like these are not the product of experience but the obvious PRODUCT OF FAILED MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP IN THE COMPANY

I limped my broken car to my mechanic down the road. Within 1 hour he found:


To make a long story short, my mechanic fixed it for free, he felt responsible for the recommendation.
I was not looking for a refund from Lasher, it was a free repair performed by VW because of a recall.


I have had 2 for 2 horrible experiences. Please be careful

Lisa W. | 2013-02-21

I called on a Friday and made an appointment for early Monday morning for a safety recall on my green '08 Rabbit that I call Frankie. The girl on the phone told me that it would be a quick 15-20 min. job.

When I walked into the shop Monday morning, the male service rep. wasn't too friendly. But I just thought that was his personality. As he was checking me in, he asked if I had any other issues with my car. Well, in a matter of fact, Frankie's back car door handle gets stuck and can't open. He gave me a blank stare as if I just spoke Swahili to him. I then asked him to follow me so I could show him the problem on Frankie.

He opened the back door and it actually opened on him (Damn you, Frankie! The one time you actually open). I told him that it was still an issue. He totally dismissed my request and answered, "The cover is just coming off." and suggested that I go back to the original place where I had the issue occur. Jesus man, I'm here already, just check it out for me!

We go back inside and I wait. He then tells me that it would be an hour job --- an hour job? The girl on the phone told me 15-20 minutes!  

Moments later, a male customer walked in and the SAME service rep who dealt with me changed his tune. He actually smiled, laughed and made small talk to this male customer. I just thought, "Oh, I'm a female, and that other customer is male --- that customer rep just favors guys cuz guys need to stick together and talk car talk." Moment later, another customer shows up, this time female. I thought, "Service rep is totally going to blow her off." This female customer didn't even step foot into the shop yet and the same service rep who dealt with me dashed outside to help her. WOW! Now that's what I call selective service! Sorry I'm not white and blonde!

Now back to me. I see my car is pulled out. I walk up to the service rep again and again he gives me the blank stare --- no smile, no small talk, no thanks --- just "here's the paper work and sign."

In the words of Taylor Swift --- I'm NEVER EVER, EVER ... going back to Wes Lasher.

OH, I called this awesome place on 34th St called Kombi Haus. I told them about the door problem. The guy on the phone said, "Yeah, I heard about that issue, we've had a lot of calls about that. Sure we can check it out!" BOOM! That's how it's done! Listen to your customer and solve the problem.