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Established in 1966.

Serving Northern California since 1966, the Kuni Sacramento (Formerly Hubacher)  name is synonymous with quality and great service that you would expect from an automotive dealership.

Thank you for visiting our site. If you need any additional information, please contact us. Once again, thank you and have a great day!

As the growth of the automotive industry continues, so does the need for more specialized service. Here at Kuni Sacramento, we not only offer highly specialized services, but in addition also provide the highest caliber of support to all of our customers. Our equipment that we use to maintain your vehicles is the best in the industry. We strive for your complete satisfaction. If you need a quote or would like to schedule a test drive, please contact one of our fine associates and let them be of assistance to you.

Kuni Chevrolet Cadillac

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 538-7217
Address:2449 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95825
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Kuni Chevrolet Cadillac

April M. | 2015-04-24

This place doesnt even deserve 1 star , I paid over 16,000 for an audi that blue book value is 12,ooo ive had it in the shop 3 times back to back with major isues that the extended warranty diddnt cover besides the high deductible and labor costs arent covered only parts that aren't common to fix ,and they lie never call you back the managers wont talk to u in person our on the phone nor call u back, they clean the top of the engine to make it appear nice they no nothen about the car that they are selling the girl had to find help to start the car they too con u into these packages for $999 a clear coat that is really a wax and it goes on and on

Jeanne L. | 2015-04-14

Worst service experience I have ever had in my entire life!!  Ed was rude from the second I stepped through the door. Apparently, he didn't want to wait on me as his co-worker sent me his way.
I bought an SRX four weeks ago from this place. Something is leaking into the front passenger floor and that side of the console. I was told I have a bumper to bumper extended warranty and "everything" is covered.
However, while checking in with Ed, he told me it will cost $140....I'm not sure for what. When I mentioned the warranty and that I just bought the car four weeks ago and it SHOULD be free, he got an attitude!  Are ya kidding me???
I chose to wait for my car as I always do. I was told it will probably be a couple hours. I agreed. After 3 hours I had not heard ANYTHING about my car so I went to check. And wouldn't you know, Ed had an attitude and said, "they're working on it. Two guys are working on it."  Umm, WTF are they working on????  No one has told me anything.
I waited another hour then went and requested my car be returned to me.  Ed called the mechanic then informed me he was at lunch and I would have to wait. OMG!!!!  I'm done!!!
Stay away from this place. I will be looking for a new place to do business.
I only gave a star because I had to!

Mike W. | 2015-04-14

I can't speak for the quality of the vehicles on Kuni's lot as I have never purchased a vehicle from them, nor will I ever. The salesmen at Kuni seems like friendly pleasant guys at first, aside from having issues communicating and keeping appointments. However in the end they are pushy and sneaky. I went to Kuni looking for a used car. I had received a letter from a finance company, days after my last car was totaled. They sent me to Kuni. The used car selection is very limited and that's fine if they had said that at the start. I let them know my price range and they had two cars in that range. One of which I was interested in. They took mine and my co-signer's information to run the numbers and see about financing, they then sent me on my way. A few days later I find that they used my and the co-signer's info to run numbers for a car that was far out of my price range, that I hadn't even seen or expressed interest in, there by dinging my credit score and making it that much harder to find financing somewhere else.

Keith N. | 2015-04-08

Brought in my 2014 Chevy Spark EV for the 7,500 mile service as well as a couple issues relating to vibration sounds when driving and the battery range dropping abruptly by 5 or so miles after parking for several hours with a range below 20 miles.  The maintenance was done as far as i can tell, the vibration sound wasn't noticed where i was hearing it but another area that the tech heard it from was addressed, but there wasn't clear resolution on the battery range issue.  I was told GM was contacted and that this may be normal and they would log the issue.  I disagree that this is a normal issue and think the battery range dropping abruptly when your range is that low is a big flaw that needs to be addressed through a software update or something.

Also, my car was with the dealer for the entire day 7:30am to 6:00pm and it didn't receive a complimentary wash.  That wasn't offered, and i'm not sure if it is something that is provided if i had asked, but it would have been nice.  I believe they washed it the night i purchased it, although a bar of soap was left near the hatchback area.  

I do appreciate the drop off service they offer.

Caitlyn C. | 2015-04-08

Terrible !!!! Most unorganized and poorly run business.  Bought my car here in October and still have not received license plates SEVEN MONTHS LATER.  Eight phone calls later and no one can figure out why.  Whoever does the DMV paperwork for this place must be on permanent vacation... They take hours to perform oil changes and minor service repairs, and usually don't even have your appointment written down.  (Don't expect your car washed or vacuumed by the way.)  They constantly make promises they don't keep and give you the run around like you're stupid. I come from a "Chevy family," and I highly recommend shopping at Maita Chevy or the Folsom Dealership, NOT KUNI.
And P.S the head sales guy who processes the final paperwork when buying a car here is extremely rude, so be prepared for that.

Darrell G. | 2015-04-08

I came after multiple poor experiences at other Chevy dealerships in the central valley. My experience in the sales, then service department had me return a year later to buy another new car and likely will be back again next year to buy my daughter her first car There was an issue with my seat I brought the car in for and they spent a lot of time tracking down what was happening until they had an answer and a solution.

Leticia C. | 2015-04-08

Bought our Malibu last week from Kuni...couldn't be happier with the entire process. As first time buyers we were a little lost, then we stopped at Kuni. Stefan walked us through the entire process, answering all of our questions and never pushing anything on us. He asked specifically what we were looking for. Told us what else to take a look at, just to be sure. ...and then showed us the car we walked off the lot with that same day. Our payments are under what we asked, and the car runs great. I would definitely recommend Kuni to anyone!

Allie C. | 2015-04-03

I had such a pleasant experience here at Kuni. I had to bring my sweet Bessie (my Suburban) in for some issues that I knew were covered under warranty. I dealt with Ed in Service dept. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, personable, and friendly. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical because they are such a large dealership that I would be just a number, this was not the case at all.
The service lounge is very clean and comfy.
They have a huge inventory of vehicles I looked around a teensy bit. I can't lie looking at new cars makes me moist...

The customer service experience was superb! All that was missing was a mint on the dashboard when I got in the vehicle. Lol
For my future service needs I will not hesitate to call on KUNI. Customer Service was truly exceptional!

Fast forward a few more days and I had to bring the girl back, as one of the issues that she had couldn't be found. (A noise that was made intermittently and as usual, won't do it when you bring the car in for the issue right?)
Until a few mornings after I had gotten her back and she made the noise that I had heard once before, but this time...The Check Engine Light came on! Which was GREAT so now they can fully diagnose her!
So I immediately called Ed Sumiyoshi (sp?) in Service let him know. He set me up with a rental and I was on my way.
I picked Bessie back up the following day and she was as good as new.

Really. I can't thank you all enough here at Kuni, you really took care of me and my vehicle.

Marc M. | 2015-04-03

Car turned out to have a nightmare of problems on the drive home. Sputtering transmission, noisy CPU, heck engine light came right as I pulled it home. Thought I was paying more from a dealer to get a reliable car.. Thought wrong.

Bill L. | 2015-03-27

I purchased a used vehicle from Kuni yesterday. I drove 70+ miles from the east bay. The transaction was seemless. No haggling over my trade in thanks to Autotrader. The vehicle I purchased was better than advertised. Financing was a snap. I would highly recommend this agency based on my experience.
Bill L.

Mike B. | 2015-03-26

Great, smooth experience.  Joe Otero (Oviedo, Spain) sold us our new ELR for my wife, and Toshi wrapped up the paper work.  Thanks, guys.  My wife and I love our Cadi's.  (CTS-V Coupe + ELR).

Steven L. | 2015-03-25

I had a great experience here. My salesperson Ali was very helpful and professional in helping me pick a car and had no problem taking extra time to make sure I got the car I wanted.

After test driving four cars, I ended up picking a 2011 CTS which turned out to be a great deal.

When picking up the car, the staff at Kuni made sure I knew how everything worked and explained to me where everything on the car was and made sure all the components were set up and good to go and Ali personally called me a few times after the purchase to make sure that the vehicle was running fine.

I had a good experience here and would recommend it to family and friends.

Susan H. | 2015-02-18

Let me start by saying I had a pretty good car buying experience here. The manager, Elizabeth helped me figure out a cost structure that I was comfortable with, my sales guy fell all over himself to make sure that I was happy, and my questions were aswered. Financing was relatively painless, although my guy could have been more professional. The guy who taught me to use the touchscreen controls was...fine.

The best part of my Kuni experience was my ATS. I LOVE MY CAR. I brought it in for an oil change. An oil change. I've been here 2 hours. When I went to check on it, they asked 'do you want me to skip the carawash then?' Sure, go ahead and make experience even better. Should I now mention the floor mats I ordered 3 months ago that  failed to materialize. C'mon guys, I'm on the fence now. I'll give it another visit before I bust out the "it's not you, it's me talk." Premium car, I expect premium service. So far my damn gym has better service.

Charles R. | 2015-02-03

A perfect example of "customer no service".  I would recommend you go to another Chevy dealer or better yet the Car Czar down the street where they appreciate you as a customer.  I waited six weeks for an appointment because a part had to be ordered that took two weeks to get in and the appointment  was four more weeks out.  This is for the ignition switch recall which the company knows was killing people.  But what the hell, what's six weeks when your driving a potential death trap.  Upon arrival for my appointment I was directed to sit in the lounge and told the service guru would be with me to check me in.  After  twenty minutes of waiting to be checked in I went to check.  My car is still sitting where I left it and I was told the guy assigned to me was with another customer.  I waited for a total of thirty minutes and never was "checked in".  So, being very pissed I walked out.  I talked to two people on my way out.  I never got so much as a "sorry for the wait".  Why?  Because they weren't  sorry.  I didn't matter to them.

Mike M. | 2015-02-02

Just purchased a new Camaro from Kuni Chevrolet. Stefan made the process quick and easy and I drove home in the car I wanted. Overall a very good experience.

Ivan T. | 2015-01-08

For the past year, I have been in the market for a truck.  After identifying what I wanted and a price I was comfortable with, I began scouring the internet.  I went through the inventory of just about every GM dealership in NorCal and also used several vehicles search sites in my quest to find the best deal.  On several occasions I was contacted by dealership Internet sales reps, such as Nelly from Kuni.  Nelly caught my attention early on as she was always willing to assist and patient in answering my questions. She never became pushy, unlike most of the other reps I was in contact with.

When I became absolutely sure what I wanted, I let several sales reps know I was ready to buy.   Once again, Nelly stood out from the rest as she let me know upfront that Kuni was motivated to earn my business and would meet or beat any deal around.  I took up her challenge by presenting her with great price I had received from a Bay Area dealer.   True to her word, within a few hours Nelly was able to get me a quote on a higher optioned truck at a slightly lower price.  Needless to say, I immediately made arrangements to test vehicles that day.

Israel took over once I arrived at Kuni and demonstrated a the same patient, helpful demeanor as Nelly.  Since I had already received a great quote, Israel and I got to work together in making sure I got what I wanted while avoiding the typical high pressure sales tactics and tense negotiations.  Israel was great, treated my family and I with respect and set the tone for amicable negotiations.

Schmitty stepped in to help finalize negotiations and finalize the paperwork.  This guy was great to deal with as well. (Notice a pattern yet?) He was very personable, explained the process thoroughly and seemed like a genuinely nice guy.  If you get the chance to deal with Schmitty, take it. He will impress.  

Finally we made our way to Toshi to seal the deal.  Again, I dealt with a competent employee demonstrating a positive, helpful demeanor in making sure I understood everything discussed.  As I surveyed the dealership to compare my experience with what I saw elsewhere, it became quickly evident that Kuni handles all their customers this way.  Patient and thorough discussions may not be the best tactics to sell cars but I'll say it's going to earn lots of repeat business and generate a great deal of referrals.

I categorize this review as a commendation as much as it is a recommendation.  The General Manager, Elizabeth, should be congratulated on the fantastic staff she has working for her and the terrific sales approach that has become the norm.  What had started as a dreaded process for me has now become a satisfying experience.  If anyone reading this is in the market for a vehicle I highly recommend you start your search with Kuni Chevrolet.  They will meet and likely exceed your expectations... They definitely exceeded mine!

Joey A. | 2015-01-02

All these reviews seem to be associated with GM cars, not so much KUNI.  

The Cadillac's today are just Chevy's with a stupid looking badge that once stood for something ages ago.  GM has no concept of harritage so rather then bash KUNI for trying to keep a dying breed of car alive, bash GM for making junk cars!!!  

Next time, buy a Toyota...they don't have transmissions go out at 60k miles!!!  They don't have Check Engine lights popping on and off in their cars or trucks which are used up with no trade-in value at 100k miles.

I've only delt with KUNI 2 times and back when it was still Hubacher Cadillac, I did a lot of business with them (1990's).  They do a good job given the junk they have to work with...has-been luxury brand that is soon to die.

Rick P. | 2014-12-31

I do believe that I received a great deal on my 2014 Silverado and Joe was very attentive. However, I am not a fan of the "transparent" trade in procedure.  The biggest gripe that I have though is the lack of attention to detail that was given to me when I came to pick up the truck after scratches were to be fixed and the spray in bed liner was to be installed. As far as the scratches go, one was missed and the deepest one was just touched up with paint and "buffed". This led to a bad swirl mark on the paint in the area and it was noticeable AFTER I brought it home and washed it. Nobody gave me a walk around the truck prior to my signing off of it and it was not cleaned when I received it. There was some sort of grit throughout the entire interior and exterior. I would attribute this to the overspray from the bed liner installation. I can not believe that my vehicle was not detailed to look its best when I came to pick it up. I am not sure how any type of quality scratch repair could be completed without cleaning the truck prior to the work. The sales process was great,but after the sale, it seems that the ball is just dropped.

Vince M. | 2014-12-30

I've purchased a dozen or so cars in the last 40 years and this has been by far the best experience of them all. Angela our salesperson was friendly knowledgeable and not pushy!
   Like so many others, we did not intend to buy that day, but they had exactly what we wanted, and made us a great deal, we got a new truck  for what I thought I was going to pay for a used one.

Alan B. | 2014-12-11

This review goes out to Ed in the service department.

This guy is the bomb. First off I wanna say I bought a used cadillac half a year ago, literally for the aesthetics of the car. I don't really understand the functionality of the car too much and if you asked to change the oil on it myself, I may possibly induce a stroke. All I know is that it's beautiful, and drives fast when there's girls in it (not too often though)

Anyways onto the point. The window was leaking air and made a large annoying whistle sound going anywhere above 40mph. I took this thing to Ed, I was like hey you let me know how much it is and fix it. I get the car back, they opened up the door and realigned the window. I get my car back good as new, no charge. I mean you think they'd charge me for labor or something. These are good hard working honest people here at Kuni.

I've also came in for other small things at Kuni, and Ed was there to answer my questions, which were pretty stupid because I could have just read the owners manual in my car except for I didn't. He answered my questions and taught me things about my car in a really nice way.

They have outstanding service at KuniChevyCadillac, and I can definitely trust my car here.

Ken T. | 2014-12-04

Moe  ( Sales Manager) was professional, respectful of my time and gave me a very good explanation of everything.  Made the whole process of purchasing a new car very pleasant.
Highly recommend dealing with Moe.

Linda S. | 2014-11-30

My husband and I went in to Kuni Chevrolet Cadillac in Sacramento on Black Friday 2014 to purchase a 2015 Chevy Equinox, and it was by far the best experience we have ever had while shopping for/purchasing a vehicle.  Stefan F. and Dominick helped us with our purchase and both were very polite, patient, professional, and they listened to and answered everything we had questions on regarding our vehicle. We will absolutely recommend Kuni Chevrolet Cadillac of Sacramento to everyone we know and we look forward to continuing doing business at their location.

Denyne M. | 2014-11-14

Absolutely horrible service and follow-up.  When I showed up off hours after arranging to get my vehicle, it could not be located.  I had to come back the following day.  Then when I showed up the following days, the assistant manager came out due to other delays to getting my vehicle, apologized profusely, and then said she would personally follow-up on all ongoing appointments.  Before leaving after much confusion, I ordered an update CD to input in my navigation system.  I paid $395 and said it would arrive within two to three weeks.  It is now five weeks later and after numerous calls it is still not here.  

Prior to the move of Kuni, I was impressed by all divisions.  However, now total disregard of needs of customers.

Kirsten H. | 2014-11-13

Ali was a great salesman! But all the sales people I spoke to are  nice and are willing to put the extra effort at Kuni. The sales manager gave me the numbers I was looking for and the payment I could afford. They got me approved for a new Volt, when I couldn't afford the $4000 down for a used one at that the Salinas Chevrolet. The gentlemen in financing was nice and doing paperwork was an easy & smooth process. Nick, the technician, was very informative in letting me know how to work my new vehicle. Everyone was very patient and I didn't feel rushed. I was there until 11PM, which was 3 hours after closing. My only regret was that I did not go to Kuni Chevrolet first, so I could have saved my credit from being dinged all week at the other dealer. The only recommendation I have is for the dealership to accept deposits for buyers whom live further (I live almost 2 hours away). So far I've bought 3 previous cars (Ford, Toyota, and Hyundai), and Kuni Chevrolet has been the best dealership I have ever worked with. Thank you!

Eric B. | 2014-11-07

Contacted the Internet dept last Saturday on a Tahoe that I wanted. Got a response the next day, sent in all my trade in info to get a rough idea on what I would be looking at. A week later still no response, lost my business. It's too bad I really wanted the Tahoe they had!

Amy C. | 2014-11-04

I am amending my original review from a 1 star to 3. - Yes, Customer service here sucks! I had to leave 3 voice messages and still no response or call back. (It actually took 3 full days before I got a return call from someone there working on my quote- yet my car was there for service??? Weird!) I wanted to take my car in to get it fixed so waiting 2-4 days for someone to call me back was unacceptable as there are mechanics and dealerships all over. The service department NEVER picks up the phone (still true!)... I know because I had tried to get a live person 5 times over a day and a half. Even when I called and expressed my frustration to customer service, she quickly transferred me to voicemail yet again. Errrrrr!!! Update: I ended up taking my car here since after I sent a message on social media (they responded in 8 mins to social media) I got a call immediately from Eric a Service Adviser. He was good with keeping me posted once he had my contact info and my car. Sad that I had to go through so much frustration just to try and get a hold of someone. I finally got the call my car was done and I let them know I would be right over to pick it up. Took me about an hour or so before I made it over there. I checked out and went to wait for my car to be pulled up.... then I am told they didn't have time to wash my car. What? You called me over an hour ago to come get it?? I couldn't wait for them to get around to washing it so I just took it. Service, once you FINALLY get a real person, was ok.

Me Y. | 2014-11-04

Dave is the man!

My experience with this dealership was awesome. I was able to walk in and drive out with a sweet Camaro. There was no pressure, and the folks there didn't seem like the normal pushy car salesmen that will say or do anything to get the sale. My credit is bad, but Dave still got me financing, and even knocked off about a thousand dollars from the price so I could get approved. He was awesome. Toshi, the finance Manager is also awesome. This car dealership is awesome. Get the point? Catch my drift? Are you picking up what I'm throwing down???

I would definitely shop here again. If you need a car I would definitely recommend coming to this dealership and asking for Dave.  Boom!

Cindy H. | 2014-10-26

This was the easiest car buying experience I've had. It was quick and hassle free. I have purchased multiple vehicles at another Sacramento area Chevrolet dealership... my experience at kuni was 100% better. I will definately go back and would recommend this dealership.

Jason N. | 2014-10-26

Buying my car from Effie Teresa, and Elizabeth was a breeze.  They beat the offer from a large local competitor and were honest about it from the beginning.  They did not waste my time and even did everything in email and text before i arrived.  The price was negotiated via email and i came in to see it and sign papers.  SAM is the nicest monster of a pit bull i have ever met.  The staff is friendly and helpful.  Any new car i need will go through Kuni!

Trudy K. | 2014-10-10

I bought my Escalade at Hubacher Cadillac, Loved the service there every time we had to make a visit.  Kuni has only been so so, until yesterday when I went in for a oil change, tire rotation.  First of all it went to the Express Lube Service and it took 1 1/2 hours, because I also asked them to wash my vehicle, and the wash was very backed up.  Finally it was ready and I got in and started to put it in drive and my hand could feel that the tip of the gear shift was missing.  It was all there when I got there, so the guy asked if something was wrong and I said this piece has been broken.  Oh my they were going back and forth on who would have done it the oil guys, or the wash guys, I said I don't care who did it, I would just like it fixed.  They went to parts to get one, and found out it was not sold separate, you would have to buy the whole arm.  So he said I have to talk to my manager.  Rick Baker Service Director came to talk to me and said I will take it back and glue it on, or I will give you a discount on the new part, but I am not paying for it.  I said it was not broken when I got there, and they found the piece on the floor of the car.  He said how do I know it wasn't cracked when you got here, and that is normal wear and tare on a vehicle that age.  He was so rude to me, he took my car back into the shop and glued it on.  Mean while the tech Abraham who had been so nice about everything, came over to me and said, I feel so bad about the way he just talked to you and how he is handling this, I am going to refund the amount of the oil change.  I can't believe the Service Director didn't even offer, he was a complete jack _____!  He brought my car back and said it is glued, I am sure it will never come off, take it home and have your husband check it out, if he doesn't like I will give you a discount on the part.  I had not 1 word to say to him.  Instead I am writing this and I went in and spoke to Angela a sales women there, who has been working with us on buying a 2015 Escalade and I had to tell her, we will not be doing business with Kuni any longer and why.  Everyone has options and customer service is what its all about.  I could be taking my vehicle to Roseville Cadillac its 10 minutes from my house, instead for 9 years I have been giving them my business.  NO MORE, I WOULD NEVER REFER THEM either.  Also I hold a Cadillac dealer to a little higher standard!!!!!

Amy B. | 2014-09-16

We bought our Impala here nearly two years ago. The Kuni staff were fabulous during the purchase of the car and have continued to be fabulous anytime we need them. The service dept. is top notch. Very effecient, timely & polite. We will buy our next car from Kuni as well.

Sara H. | 2014-09-15

On Friday, September 12, 2014 I contacted Kuni Chevrolet regarding a 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD with an 8.1L V8. I spoke with Fred who assured me that he would contact me if the vehicle sold prior to me coming down on Sunday to look at it. I told Fred I would be coming from Reno, NV (A mere 150 miles one way.) My husband was emailing a woman with Kuni Chevrolet by the name of Nelly. Nelly emailed my husband at 1954 hours on Saturday, September 13, 2014 and stated that the vehicle was still available. My husband and I then drove down on Sunday, September 14, 2014 (after I worked a grueling graveyard from 2200 hours on Saturday, September 13, 2014 to 0700 hours Sunday September 14, 2014) to drive and by the vehicle. We drove down with cash in hand only to find out at 1100 hours Sunday September 14, 2014 the vehicle had been sold the night prior. The lack of communication within the dealership is appalling to say the least. A manager came out and apologized, but the damage and distaste for this dealership will always remain. If you are looking for good communication I would NOT recommend this dealership.

Stacey C. | 2014-09-14

I was in the area from out of town and needed an oil change. They didn't have any available times I could go, so they went out of their way to fit me in. Great staff and it wasn't a long wait. The only negative was that they must have spilled some of the oil under the hood because my car smelled like burning oil when I turned it on. Not a big deal but just kinda icky. Highly recommend them.

Bruce D. | 2014-09-10

After walking out of the nightmare called John L Sullivan in Roseville,  we went to Kuni in Sac.  The contrast was incredible.  In the time it took to be lied to and insulted at Sullivan, Muhammad (Moe) Teresa, and finance manager Brandi had a deal in place and we were out the door. A fair price, no pressure, and very nice people. It was my daughter's first car purchase, and it was great to restore her faith in the process.

T S. | 2014-09-02

This review is for service consultant Abraham Contreras. We went for oil change , car wash system wasn't working .Abraham took it upon himself to hand wash the car.wow, that's great service.                              
Thanks kuni Roberto Mary Sandoval

Owen W. | 2014-09-01

This review is for the sales department only. I bought my 1-yr old Pontiac here in 2007 with very reasonable price. The salesperson Todd was very helpful. Since then to today in 2014, I still receive happy birthday letter every year, and occasionally sales anniversary letter from them, even they changed the ownership and I moved to another city so many years ago. Those letters are simply wish-you-happy letters, no advertisement at all. I like it! Sending personalized mail may be a common sales tactic but I've never seen other business doing so for so many years.

John H. | 2014-08-26

It's my fourth day waiting for a response from the service manager to give details about a $1,150 purchase (parts item). I'm left wondering where the breakdown occurred...with the receptionist? Service manager? Maybe I'll get a call today with some help?

Hopefully things are working out better for Kuni's other service dept. customers!

Arasto F. | 2014-08-22

This review is for the Kuni Chevrolet Sales Department -- and in particular, Joe Otero.  

Joe was awesome from start to finish.

I needed a 2013 / 2014 Chevy Volt for my commutes. (Court days, all over the Bay Area.)

Joe landed me a 2013, 15K original miles, fully loaded, for $5K less than any other dealership in the entire State of California.

It was well worth the drive from Santa Clara to Sacramento -- and Joe waited for me way past the dealership's closing time to finish the deal.  

I am very happy with the service provided. 5 stars.

As for the shoddy reviews re: service at this dealership -- no idea / comment.

Kaitlyn G. | 2014-08-17

Their service department is incompetent and can't complete a simple oil change correctly. I dropped my vehicle off on a Thursday evening to have an oil change done the next day while I was at work. The last time I had an oil change done, the windshield wiper fluid wasn't checked so this time, I specifically asked the service advisor Abraham to ensure that all fluids were checked. He assured me that they were when he told me my vehicle was ready. The next day, my car was making a weird noise so my boyfriend looked at it and found that there was almost NO COOLANT in my car. The best part is that is says on my paperwork that I had specifically requested that the coolant be checked. It is noted that they found that it was low and the task was marked completed. Either the coolant was never even checked or the technician was so inept that he found that it was low and did not add any coolant. When I called to complain, the rude woman who answered the phone said she couldn't help me because the service department was closed and asked that I bring my car back some other time. I don't have time to bring my car back again and it really shouldn't take two tries to do an oil change. Needless to say, I will not be bringing my car back to the incapable and unprofessional employees at Kuni again.

Ts S. | 2014-08-06

Customer service lacking. Friendly factor poor. They ought to be happy to have customers during construction. Will go to Roseville from now on.

alex b. | 2014-08-01

I had a great experience here!  In my decades of driving I've never purchased a new car and I was ready to dislike the whole process.  I had heard the horror stories.  But I wanted a new Chevy Volt and that was that.  I called around first, and the other Chevy dealers were nice but not so quick to get back to me.  Also, I was asking them all about their workforce--if they only hired white men I wasn't interested. I was about to spend a lot of money and I wanted to support a nicer place with some diversity.  Kuni Chevy was totally cool when I asked them and I had a female sales rep call me back in 2 minutes!  (Relax, dudes, I don't hate white men--I just like white men *and other people.*) :)

After a couple of calls I made a date and went in.  I ended up spending HOURS there--but of my own volition, not because they were slow!  They greeted me warmly the second I arrived and not only was my car ready to test drive, they had a surprise other one for me just in case I was interested (a 2015 instead of 2014).  They spent tons of time with me.  Test driving, talking about money, making sure my bike would fit in the back, etc.  The entire purchasing process was not only easy but fun.  I never once felt pressured.  I was clear about what I wanted (and didn't), and they completely respected it.  

After I signed everything they spent ANOTHER full hour with me, maybe 1.5 hours, showing me all the bells and whistles of the car.  I was really impressed with their time and their helpful attitude!  They also walked me through the tax rebate programs, the online stuff, everything.  

Two weeks later I called with some questions and they got back to me in minutes with all the answers I needed.  I assumed that once I was gone with the car I would be on their "I don't have time to call back" list, but no.  Their service department was also super quick and helpful.

Last but not least, they delivered my new car to my driveway...two Kuni staffers stopped what they were doing and drove almost 50 miles round trip so I could have my new car that day (and get my old car home as well).

I highly recommend them!  When my friends admire the new Volt I'll be sending them to Kuni for sure.  I worked with Theresa Sanchez and Nick Gilleste and they were *excellent.*

And did I mention that I LOVE the car.  I expected to be very impressed but it exceeded my expectations. If you're on the fence--do it.

Nate M. | 2014-07-14

Stay away from this place.  They are completely incompetent.  I purchased a vehicle from them last year.  The moron in the finance department screwed up the paperwork and didn't get financing for the full amount.  Some c**t named Elizabeth called 6 months later demanding I pay 1000 dollars for their mistake.  When I refused they filed a lawsuit against me.  Luckily they are as stupid at legal issues as they are at finance paperwork.   The case was thrown out.  I am now going to file a lawsuit for fraud and violations of ca car buyers rights.  Don't ever go here.

Margaret L. | 2014-07-13

I think it says a lot to keep buying your car from the same dealership three times. I have never received but the very best customer service at Kuni. General Manager - Elizabeth D'Amore runs a tight ship. Everything from sales to finances to service, you can expect to be happy every time you walk through their doors! For a hassle free, friendly, and satisfying car purchase, I highly recommend Kuni Chevrolet & Cadillac!

Zac S. | 2014-06-29

I came here to buy a used car I had seen listed online. Salespeople were friendly, not pushy at all, and didn't waste my time. We were able to settle on a very reasonable price on the car I was interested in, and the paperwork all went smoothly. Efigenio Fuentes was my salesman, and he was incredibly friendly and helpful, although not quite as down-to-earth as I would have liked.

One month after this purchase, I still have not had any issues, and I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone else in the market for a used car.

Misty B. | 2014-05-27

Went to purchase a 2015 Tahoe. We met Tom H. he is a one of a kind. He is really great at what he does. Very kind and up front. They worked really well with me on my trade in and got me exactly what we were looking for.

Mike P. | 2014-05-21

I,ve been in the market for a new truck and I'm defiantly a GM man.  I went into Kuni and their staff (namely Julian) went above and beyond to help me get the truck I wanted.  Anyone in the market for a Chevy needs to head to Kuni and talk to this guy!

Bonnie W. | 2014-05-20

I moved to Sacramento from Phoenix the end of March.  As all things go, I started having trouble with my power steering.  I call my auto nation back in Phoenix and they told me to find someone out here and it did not have to be an Auto Nation.  I started do searches and came up with Kuni Chevrolet. The reviews were good, especially on an advisor named Eric.I am very leary of dealorships.  I have a lot of experiences with car mechanics, both with my own vehicles and my children. They markup their parts and pay the "mechanics" very little.
I decided to call them and made an appointment.  They got me in the next morning and it turned out Eric was my advisor.
The car would not cooperate on doing what it had, so they rented me a car from enterprise for 24 hours. They had also taken me home in the meantime with their shuttle. The car was fixed the next afternoon.
I did notice that they had I thought given it a bath, but someone had put some gum on the passenger right rear door before I had moved.  The person who washed my car never even took the gum off.

All in all, the service was good and I will go back for oil changes when needed and see what happens.
I am hoping that I do not need to come back and write a negative review of them after I take it in again.

Daniel D. | 2014-05-19

I found a few used volts online that I was interested in purchasing. I made an appointment to come in a view them only to be told that one was sold and the other was currently being used for personal use by the manager and would be back the next day. Apparently this is normal according to the salesman. Why go through the trouble of making an appointment to view the cars and not have them on the lot? Why are they being driven for personal use by the managers and still advertised online as available to view? One car owner label means nothing if the car is now being driven by multiple people for personal use by the dealership. This is a very shady place and I would not trust any purchase or services done here.

Jen P. | 2014-04-23

I recently visited Kuni for the first time.  I am a 4-BMW owner and was ready for a change.  What caught my eye was the Cadillac's but I wasn't sure if I wanted a car or SUV.  Upon arriving at Kuni we met Smitty - I couldn't have asked for a better salesman.  He was patient and let me and my husband drive several difference vehicles.  We choose a 2014 Cadillac SRX and I couldn't be happier with our choice.  If you are looking for a Cadillac go visit Kuni and specifically Smitty - you will not be disappointed!

Emily K. | 2014-04-08

We just purchased a car and found the service to be incredibly lacking. We looked at the car several times over the course of a month and negotiated a price over the phone and arranged to purchase. The car needed to have a recall item fixed so we agreed to wait a week to finalize the transaction. When we showed up we were shocked to discover that the car had an extra 1,400 miles on it!!!! The extra mileage was not communicated in our conversations, not stated on the advertised details and could not be explained by the dealer. If we hadn't have caught it ourselves we would have been none the wiser as it's doubtful it would have been brought to our attention. Obviously it put a damper on the transaction as that mileage goes against the warranty. The manager tried to help by taking a bit off the sales price, running the car through the Ozone machine (it had been a smokers car) and giving us a full tank of gas. Still, the whole thing took the wind out of our sails even though we ended up buying the car.

We would have called it good except that when we picked up the car two days later after the Ozone treatment we got two blocks away and saw that the tank was empty. Talk about a downer after buying a car, especially when that was something promised. A tank of gas isn't that big in the scheme of things but to us it showed lack of service. I would have thought that after the mileage debacle the sales rep would have taken the time to make sure that everything was ready for us. Instead I returned to the dealer to find out that they fill up for gas down the street so I drove the car there where a Kuni person had a credit card and filled up for me (they would have taken the car but it would have been longer so I just drove it myself).

Let me just say that after spending big bucks on a car and driving off the lot it was a huge downer to end up at the 76 station filling up my own gas.

Ryan P. | 2014-04-07

Purchased a 2012 Volt that was originally found on Autotrader.com . Did initial communication over email/phone and the staff was very communicative. Once I arrived at the dealership to do the paperwork, they were very thorough in walking us through the features, the paperwork was quick and we left feeling very good about the experience.

Daniel was our sales guy. It was his first week but he was very good and a super nice guy.

Rick H. | 2014-03-28

Bought a new GMC Sierra 2500 diesel here a couple of years ago.  I had been looking for this vehicle for several months. I paid a high price for it, but it had everything I needed and wanted on it, so I bought it.
Decided I would use the Service Department, hoping I would get great service, since I had purchased the truck here. Forget that!  I had several issues that were covered under warranty,  but it took them forever to correct the problem. I ended up having to rent a car, (which they paid for) for two days.
Went in for an oil change, got down the street, and  the oil pressure light comes on. Took  it immediately back to Service Department, the Techs have gone home, have to get another rental car (they paid for again).
Had issues with a blue fluid dripping from both driver and pax seats.  Three times I took it in for this. They can never figure it out.
Tried calling the Service Department to get a quote a a 50k Service. My call gets transferred 3 times, and no one picks up.
Not wasting my time with this Dealership ever again.

Nancy F. | 2014-03-18

I had a problem with my car.  I was very pleased how things were taken care of.  The owner and service manager were great to work with.  They bent over backwards to get my transmission fixed.  I appreciate it greatly.  Thank you for taking care of everything for me.

Karen S. | 2014-02-18

I purchased a 2010 certified pre-owned Chevy Camaro. Toshi Merritt was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. Most importantly, he seemed genuinely determined to assist me with purchasing the car I wanted and did not try to steer me towards other vehicles. The whole buying process was smooth and painless; no haggling whatsoever. Thank you Kuni Chevrolet for helping me buy my dream car at a great price!

jon m. | 2014-02-17

I ordered a Cadillac CTS-V wagon. They are extremely rare, and there was no chance at all that I would find one in the color and with the options I wanted. I guess not many people want a white wagon with standard wheels and brakes and a manual transmission. I started my search for a dealer by emailing all the dealers for a few hundred miles, telling them I was going to order a car and asking what price they would do it for. Toshi Merritt from Kuni got back to me quickly and with a very good price. It wasn't actually the lowest, but Toshi clearly put some time and thought into his email, and it made me feel that he and Kuni wanted my business and would carry through in a professional way. We set up an appointment to get the ordering process started. Toshi and Mo helped me through my choices and made it easy and pleasant. After waiting what seemed like years (but was really about two months) the car arrived. I drove my old car from the Bay Area to Roseville to sell it to a used car dealer. They wanted it mpsihan Kuni; I guess a MINI would look a little out of place at a Cadillac dealer. Toshi sent a very nice guy from the dealership to pick me up. The guy who does the paperwork and financing asked if I wanted to finance some of the deal instead of paying cash as I had planned. It made sense, so I did it. Then the dealer's technology guy spent about an hour walking me through all the neat things this car can do. Throughout the whole process Toshi and the Kuni team were friendly and professional. There was never a hint of "hard sell" or any attempt to slip in unwanted extras. This was clearly the easiest and most pleasant experience I have ever had ordering or buying a car. The only thing wrong is that Kuni Cadillac is a two-hour drive from my house. In spite of that, I would absolutely come back to Toshi and Kuni for my next car. A great experience and a great dealership.

Edit: Sales is great, service SUCKS! They knew for 4 days that i was bringing in my car (100 miles each way). They've had my car 4 days, promised to call 3 times. Didn't call once. Only call after I call them. And, in 4 days they have fixed 1 of 5 issues, and haven't even started to diagnose 2 of them. RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!


Edit 2: Got car back from service. Without going into too much detail, the only job they successfully completed in the 7 1/2 days they had the car was to buff out a little scuff mark in the paint.
5 original complaints
1 completed
1 unable to reproduce
1 unfinished
1 not started
1 made worse
If this is how they treat someone who just bought a new $75,000 Cadillac, I can't imagine how they'd treat you if you bought a used Chevy Spark.

Meghan M. | 2014-02-15

Where Do I begin? DO NOT BUY THROUGH KUNI!!!!!  

We were referred to Kuni and went in with hopes of a good deal. In March 2013, we were looking at a Honda Odyssey. During the test drive I told the sales agent that it felt like it was shifting hard and something seemed wrong. First he told me it was the rough roads around the dealership (which were really bad..) but once on the freeway I mentioned it again and he stated it was just different from the Dodge Grand Caravan I was used to driving and would get used to it. I was not happy with this response but since I foolishly believed the sales staff would be knowledgeable with the vehicles I went with the purchase. I also do not believe the vehicle was actually inspected at all. When I test drove it, it was still dirty from being a trade in that day,  I went the next day and took possession of the van.. They barely had time to wash it let alone do a thorough inspection.  A month later I had not "gotten used to it" and it appeared to be getting worse. I called the dealership and the gentleman that answered the phone told me he would have the agent call me back since he was familiar with our history. That never happened. Life got busy and another month went by. I had the transmission serviced to see if that would help. The mechanic told me that it may help short term but that he believed the transmission would go out on me soon. At this time I called the dealership again and got the run around.. again! I called Honda to see if there was anything they could do to help but since the previous owners were DIY'ers there was no service record of maintenance and was told there was nothing they could do to help. At this time I have made several calls to the dealership and not once have they returned my call. On Christmas day it finally happened. As I am pulling into town about 100 miles from home, my transmission goes out with the van full of my kids. This time I emailed them with the situation and gave almost a month for a response.. still nothing. I have since had a domino effect of issues relating to this vehicle including being behind on payments as well as other things because all my money had to go into fixing a vehicle I have had less than a year!!The money I've put in is more than two of my mortgage payments!!  I am now stuck with a vehicle that is turning into a money pit, horribly negative equity and diminishing credit so no ability to trade it in! I am considering hiring an attorney since they seem to have no interest in doing the right thing and making it right with their customers.. and to think I was going to bring repeat business to them when my husband wanted a new car.. So glad I didn't!!!  CLEARLY THEY DON'T MAKE SURE THEIR VEHICLES ARE MECHANICALLY SOUND, SO IF YOU MUST GO WITH KUNI, MAKE SURE TO BRING YOUR OWN MECHANIC TO CHECK IT OUT!!

Eugenio F. | 2014-02-12

Purchased a BMW 7 Series was told that it went through K certification meaning that all systems were tested. The next month I took it to a BMW dealer and was told that I needed new brakes.I called the sales manager to let her know that I had to pay for brakes and rotors. I was told that it was out of her hands!  I will give my salesperson Ali credit for his professionalism.

Maggie H. | 2014-02-05

I'd been searching for a previously owned, dependable vehicle for several months. I went to a few other car dealerships and was offended by the manner in which I was treated and the lack of assistance they offered. I came into Kuni rather skeptical, especially with their high end inventory. However, as soon as Joe came out and welcomed us to the dealership I began to feel more at ease. He had a genuine demeanor and seemed to really want to answer my questions and find the right vehicle for me. He was very helpful and went out of his way to make sure I was buying the right car and at the price that fit my budget. The experience was great, although I was nervous about filling out paperwork for the sale, as this was my first time purchasing a vehicle in my own name. I walked into Brandi's office to complete the contract and was surprised and gladdened to see a female working at a car dealership. She was very helpful and upfront and honest in her answers to my questions. Things were explained thoroughly to me and I appreciated her taking the extra time to make sure I knew what I was signing. I also appreciated the transparency she provided in answering questions that most car dealerships tend to "cover up" regarding commissions and profits. Brandi also mentioned the Kuni Charity Foundation. The overall experience was a satisfying one that I will share with family and friends. Great job, Kuni!

Lina B. | 2014-01-10

Still loving my 2013 Cadillac srx!!! I'm surprised by some of the negative reviews on here. My experience has been wonderful! I originally wrote a really good review but I don't think it posted so I wanted to write another one just to thank the entire Kuni team. This place is classy and they treat me like I'm valuable. Great service!!! I won't go to any other dealerships again, I'm staying with this one! Last time my car was in for service they even let me drive a new ats until my car was done the next day so I didn't have to worry about getting around. It doesn't get much better than this team!!

Joslyn I. | 2014-01-03

We had a great experience purchasing a previously owned Escalade from Schmitty at Kuni. Low pressure, great communication, great service. It was refreshing to be treated with respect and kindness when buying a used car. Ask for Schmitty.

Peter S. | 2013-11-23

Not happy with service dept. Brought my Cts for oil change. And ask to check why switch for power window not operational  ..I was happy to hear him say no problem , we'll check it for you ..After waiting for almost 4 hours ..was handed the bill!  40 for oil change plus $120 for letting me know the switch was bad..really? ?? $150 to install new one ..never went back there and never will...

Bob D. | 2013-11-08

I was referred to Kuni Cadillac by USAA car buying service. I was shopping for a new Cadillac ATS to lease. Joe, at the Internet department called to tell me that I should go to Kuni's website and look at their inventory.  When I asked Joe about the lease particulars such as the interest rate, residual value, current incentives or rebates he refused to provide the details. I asked to speak to the GM, Joe refused to transfer the call to his management. Needless to say, Kuni Cadillac just lost a potential customer. This an example of a very poor service.

Blake A. | 2013-11-02

Horrible customer service. I just called this morning to get a price check for a transmission flush. The customer service girl had told me she would get a price and call me back. It is unprofessional to not only one, not know the general price off hand, but also to not even call me back after an hour all ready!!! I will take my business elsewhere and highly recommend you avoid Kuni for any sales or services!


Jeff S. | 2013-09-14

Worst experience ever with the service dept!! Won't ever go back for parts or service, I'll go back to Maita Chevrolet where they value their customers!! Made an appt for 11:00 for a simple program of a body control module, that's all they had to do!! 1/2 hour job for $138.00, when my driver( I own a shop by the way, been in the business for 35+ years) got there they tried to jack the bill to almost $300, now 3 hours later and my driver is still waiting!!! If they don't value a repair shop that spends 10's of thousands of dollars, then I really feel sorry for their other service customers!! I value my customers way more than this idiotic service department ever thought of. Believe me, if you're looking for a dealership experience where they value your customers please listen to me and go elsewhere, I have great service from Maita Chevrolet and I'm sure that they value you too. Good luck with Kuni if you decide to deal with those losers!!

Michele N. | 2013-08-22

Not sure what happened to this place...but not going back. They wanted to charge me a huge amount for car repairs, basically more than the car is worth. I took it to a mechanic that I use to go to in Folsom, he fixed it for a few hundred dollars.

They new building isn't happening for a while due to low car sales...

Tracey S. | 2013-08-21

I purchased the Cadillac SRX Crossover and love it! My salesperson, Dave Forget, made the process easy and stress free. The explanation of the works of the vehicle were precise and thorough. I will recommend Kuni to my friends and family.

Duane R. | 2013-08-16

One of the only Saab service dealers still around. Always good service even though the mechanic is only available on Wednesdays and Fridays. A bit on the expensive side (dealer prices) but I've never had a problem with the work done.

John F. | 2013-08-15

We traded in our old maxima and got a BMW. We had Ali as our sales person he was nice and it was an easy transaction. Then the light went out on the car I came in they couldn't fix it, so I went to BMW the next day then tey sent me back to Kuni, then they finally ordered new lights....why not just do that the first time!!!! Then 2 weeks after we have owned the car Ali calls us and ask if we're still in the market for a BMW after we bought it from him. Never had that happen before ever. And their lounge seats are a little in the shabby side for what they are charging that room could be nice, vending machine, kids room, etc.

Sean F. | 2013-08-14

I am in the market for a larger vehicle but in no hurry to make a purchase. I used to always love dealing with Hubacher Cadillac but they moved to Fulton ave and changed their name to Kuni. I stopped by to check out what they had one day.

Tomm H. Approached us and was very personable. He took us around to look at vehicles in a golf cart and gave us cold water. We thought we were interested In a vehicle but after test driving it I decided I wasn't a fan of the model and want something else. Tomm showed us some other models but nothing caught my eye in my price range. He was very knowledgeable about all of his inventory and gave me some solid ideas of some good vehicles for me. He was very friendly throughout my visit and didnt try to tackle me and drag me inside when I was ready to leave. I've dealt with a lot of dealers in the past and none have ever made me feel more comfortable. A lot of them come off like creepers and scammers.

I keep checking Kuni inventory and will be asking for Tomm directly once something comes up that I want in my price range.

The used car inventory here isn't monstrous. Most of the cars I saw were Chevy Certified and came with 100k warranty which is a major bonus.

Meghan V. | 2013-08-02

So disappointed that I bought my car here. 60,000 miles and the transmission goes out! I took it in 3 times since I bought it and even told them there was something wrong with the transmission but apparently because I'm a woman I don't know anything. It took it to be slipping gears for them to finally do anything. They have horrible service and don't call you back for days on end or tell you anything. To top it off they have your car for a week at a time and don't even wash or clean your car after service so it's dirty from technicians getting in and out. If you want better service go to Performance Chevy on Madison they're great. I will never buy a car from Kuni again!

Rick J. | 2013-07-13

Went again for tire rotation recently.  I took them 2 hours, seriously?

Linda M. | 2013-05-22

I just got off of the phone with the General Manager, Brian Castonguay, in regards to my review here on Yelp, and I am happy to report that he was very sincere in wanting to talk about my review on 4/25/13 and things they can do going forward to give "gold star" service.  I will be willing to try again, as it was very reassuring that Brian took time out of his day to contact me personally.  I have high hopes in writing another update with an even better rating.  Mistakes happen, and we all have our off days, so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Thanks again for your call, Brian.

Bari S. | 2013-04-03

I have been going to Kuni since I got my car. They're great with my car. Most mechanics won't touch my car because of the modifications that have been added so I can drive, but I've never had an issue at Kuni. Plus they always make sure it's fixed before I pick it up. They are also very courteous and caring.

Denis M. | 2013-03-30

I was in the market for a Chevy Van and checked out Maita, Chevrolet in Woodland, and Kuni.

Kuni send me a detailed invoice that detailed every thing that I wanted in a Van.

Woodland wanted me to buy one that was more expensive and wanted a credit card to show "good faith" that I would purchase the van.

Maita immediately told me that the Kuni invoice was not correct, that they couldn't have what I wanted, and that the promised intrest rate was impossible.

The Kuni salesperson was Jessica Katz. She was personable, competent, and followed through on every part of her initial invoice.

Dominic made that final paper signing actually enjoyable (hard to believe, but true.)

Nick took lots of time to walk me through all of the features and functions of the van.

Elizabeth, the sales manager, has put together a dynamite team and I would recommend Kuni to anyone looking for a good purchase.

Mishy G. | 2013-03-26

Best Car Buying Experience Ever!

I have one word to describe our new car purchase experience with Effie Fuentes at Kuni Chevrolet -- AWESOME! I plan to tell everyone I know that we just had the BEST car buying experience ever! After researching the make and model we wanted, we launched the hunt for "our" car. That hunt took us from the Bay Area to Sacramento. We found the car on Kuni's website and were lucky enough to hook up with Effie. We found him knowledgeable, patient and he wasn't one of those pushy car salesmen we all dread dealing with. After negotiating a screaming deal (all via email and by phone), Effie offered to deliver the car to us! Last night at about 9pm he and his associate pulled into our driveway with our new beauty. Can you say SERIOUS customer service? These guys are a class act It doesn't get any better.

Jerry C. | 2013-03-11

Do not take your car to Kuni Chevrolet.I took my Corvette in for transmission flush and they said the water pump was bad,so I spent the 700 dollars for parts and labor.everything else checked out and they stated in writing that it passed all tests.Then as I was on my way home from the shop and my charge failure light comes on, so I take it back were it sits for two days and now they say there is a probability that my alternator is bad and the coolant system surge tank is leaking.My question is how did all this go unnoticed when it passed all tests the first time.
Was considering buying a new a Cadillac from them will be taking my business elsewhere and all my future services.

Amber O. | 2013-03-11


Just a warning... I was trying to finance a vehicle through them and my credit scores weren't great, Kuni Chevrolet submitted my personal information to at least 5 different lenders.  I received inquiry notifications in the mail and when I actually purchased a vehicle from another dealer, they made comments about the "abusive" amount of inquiries that were made.  

For someone trying to clean up their credit, thanks Kuni for making it harder.  JERKS!

Nan L. | 2013-02-12

Kuni GM is seriously a NIGHTMARE!!!!!
Brought my car in to get the drop-top roof aligned, when I came back to pick up my vehicle, I paid for the service first, expecting everything to be in good condition; but when I got in the car, my XLR was seriously trashed! They left the window down so the cars carpet was destroyed by rain, oil marks all over interior. when I confronted the dealership, they blamed me, even the general manager...
On more than one occasion I got quotes of work needed to be done, they all came out to be $3000+, but when I brought It to other dealers and shops, multiple times I got the work done for less than $500. Again when I confronted the management they stated that it was the quality of Cadillac that costs more.... Yeah they will rip you off anyway they can.
Tip: stay away from Kuni go to Elk Grove Chevy, they do the same quality of work but Chevy is a honest business, not like Kuni- scrambling for money, so they target the unknowing customers

Margaret L. | 2013-01-31

This is the quintessential zero star company.  I took my car to get re-keyed in September after my car key was stolen.  They told me to let them do the repairs instead of going down to San Fran because they could fix it.  Amazingly, they had my car for a full month.  Consistently, they promised it would be done soon.  I could never get a hold of my case manager.  I could never speak with anyone in repairs who knew about my car.  It was disaster after disaster.  Finally, after calling every day for a month, my car was done...to the tune of $1750.  Ok, thanks.  

When I left with my car, it had a weird electronic error message, a burning smell, 100 miles less per tank, and hesitancy upon reversing.  When I called, they said bring it back and they'd fix it for free.  When I got the car back up to Sacramento (with terrible mileage and over an hour away), they said I'd have to pay to DIAGNOSE the problems.  Weird, because they said they'd FIX it for free.  Unfortunately, the person who had promised me that was now fired.  Go figure... They informed me they couldn't call him, didn't know how to find him, and couldn't help me.  

Finally, they diagnosed the car for me for free, but quickly told me none of the NEW issues were their fault.  I'm sorry, when you re-key a car and a message reading "Security Theft Alarm" comes up...YOU did it.  Anyways, after my "generous" diagnosis, I told them not to fix anything (I can only imagine the exorbitant price I would have been charged).  I called to see if my car was ready the next day as promised, and they told me that it was still taken apart in the shop.  So, I pushed my car pick-up to yet another day later.  Thanks Kuni....

When I left, with my still-broken-by-Kuni car, I was just happy to never have to deal with them again.  They don't answer phones, they don't help customers, they don't finish by time promised, and they don't communicate with you at all.  

The next day, as I was leaving work, I noticed that my center console was sitting in my back seat.  Thanks Kuni for breaking yet SOMETHING else in my car, and just leaving it conveniently on my backseat.  I'll be sure to recommend you guys to everyone.  You literally can't even give back a broken car.  

They always break at least one more thing than they fix.  And, they do it at a record slow time.  

You literally couldn't pay me to go back here.  You couldn't even pay me to utter their name.  This place is the worst.  Unhelpful and the worst.  Thanks for worse than nothing, Kuni service department.

Tim K. | 2012-10-08

Second service center review: Kuni GM has gone above and beyond my expectations and has proved to me that customer satisfaction is important to them.  I feel confident that my CTS is in good hands.

Tanisha E. | 2012-10-07

I came here after looking at several other chevy dealerships to purchase a camaro. They were friendly and not pushy. They didnt have the color i wanted but i was able to order the specific one i wanted, signed the contract, they gave me a rental car free of charge while i was waiting on my camaro to be shipped here. My credit is so so, but they were able to work with the banks for the loan. Sales and finance people are awesome, they treat you genuine like an individual w/understanding in personal preferences in a car along with your finances. Come here for a positive buying experience and leave happy with your investment.

John M. | 2012-09-14

Kuni deserves the title "Stealership"...

1. Xenon headlamp that was installed was off color and then died less than a year later.
2. They did unnecessary work - performed coolant flush when the car manual says it's good for life of car.
2(a). Even the unnecessary work that was done was done wrong - put green coolant in when spec calls for red.
3. They overcharged me for 60,000 miles service to the tune of $300-$400.
4. Screwed my oil filter housing on too tight so that only they could work on my car.

David S. | 2012-08-22

This review is about the service department only, I cannot speak regarding the sales department.  If I could give them ZERO stars, I would. I had a "gift certificate" they mailed to me for $20. No fine print, didn't say it was an "offer", it just said, "in the spirit of the holiday season (this was back at Christmas), we give you this gift certificate."  They wouldn't accept it because I had a coupon for the service I was having done. They said there are "verbal rules that are not written down" that managers who are not here have laid down. I asked for a written policy, they reiterated it was a verbal policy and they would "mail a check" if they "changed their minds".  Unacceptable, especially when the service costs hundreds of dollars (we aren't talking about an oil change).  Avoid this place like the plague.  I should have.

Christine T. | 2012-07-24

Purchased my Cadillac here almost a year ago.  Have routine service appointments done.  Never been easier to schedule and get follow up service.  All good!!!!!

Angie J. | 2012-05-03

I have mixed feelings about this place...
Let me first start by saying that I bought my Cadillac here 2 years ago, and I had a great buying experience! My salesman was an older gentleman who was kind, patient, and not pushy. (unfortunately he has retired since then).
The service department however, is awful. I have had my car serviced there 2 times since I bought it. The first time was just cold and in friendly; the service I just had done this last time was unbelievable... Unbelievably awful. I went in for just a simple oil change. At first the service was the usual cold and un friendly, but then the service advisor went to check the mileage on my car, so I ran after him and said "do you need my key?" he sarcastically answered back "no, we start it with a screwdriver...."  I couldn't believe his rude remark, so I confronted him, and told him I didn't appreciate his rude and condescending remark. He tried to brush me off saying that he was talking to someone else.... Ummm no, I am not stupid. He was definitely talking to me. I asked for the manager, and the manager was actually pleasant, apologetic, and gave me a free oil change. So that helped, but the service advisors are seriously in need of an attitude adjustment.

Miss M. | 2012-04-27

Needing a new car was hard enough without having to deal with annoying sales people. Luckily a friend suggested we call Joe Bardo at Kuni to help us with our new car.  Driving 2.5 hours to buy a car didn't seem like the best idea ever but we figured we'd see what Joe had to say. I am so glad we made that call! Joe was able to find us the perfect car for a great price and to make the deal even sweeter he had it delivered to San Jose. We literally bought a new car from our living room. I fully suggest if you are even sort of thinking about buying a car you call Joe. He is always available and made us feel like our car deal was the only thing he was working on. Knowing that if you're buying a cheaper car and still get treated like a VIP is AWESOME. Also I made a service appointment because I was coming up to visit some friends in the area which then fell through and when i called to cancel Teresa was extremely pleasant. She even told me to bring my car in for a wash the next time I was in the area! We will be buying all our cars from Joe from now on!

Caitlin S. | 2012-03-27

I wasn't really impressed with this place. The salesman talked up the flashy extras in the cars, but hardly touched on anything else. It took 20 minutes before he offered us a test drive, even though that was what I was most interested in. I just got the impression that they weren't flexible or responsive to their customers, which is apparently so not others' experiences. So they must get it right for most people, but I wasn't one of them.

Roberta L. | 2012-02-22

The service department at Kuni's is not knowledgeable I would not recommend. My vehicle is still under the extended warranty even though it is a 2006 and GM no longer manufactures the vehicle. Kuni's service department told me I had an after market addition and that it was not covered by the warranty. The part in question is a wind deflector that was on the vehicle when I purchased the car brand new. This part was placed on the vehicle by GM when there is a sun roof. I filed a complaint with the New Motor Vehicle Board and the response from the service manager was coated with lies. The service manager that responded to the government agency was so wrong let me state it this way you buy a new vehicle however it has some fancy part on it that was not extra well he states they do not have to fix the problem. The reason I have been in contact with different agencies is I do not want anyone else to encounter the problems that I ran into. I also filed a police report for items stolen out of my vehicle. DO NOT BUY OR SERVICE YOUR GM VEHICLE AT KUNI'S.  If you have a Chev go to Roseville to John Sullivan or to the Roseville auto mall for the Buick and other GM vehicles. As the service manager said to me when I explained in all my years of having new vehicles and having a vehicle service this is the first time I ever encountered so many problem. His reply "We are not a mom and pop organization we are a big corp" all I ever dealt with previously were small companies. Well give me a family owned small company any time it beats having this misery any day. Thankfully I have stopped 3 friends from going there to purchase new vehicles and steered them to other dealerships I knew had a much better record.

Jim A. | 2011-11-05

This is a service center review.

I really appreciated the Kuni team. My appointment making was very easy, they have convenient Saturday availability. The receptionist was very nice.

While I didn't appreciate the wait to drop off the car, I was over an hour early for my appointment, due to an unexpected trip. Their service was fast and they even washed my car before giving it back. They also had hot lunch and popcorn (coffee rush in the morning drained the pot before I got there though).

Staff were knowledgeable and courteous, and did what I asked for a reasonable price (basically a confirmation that my car is f@#$ed).

David H. | 2011-10-23

We went to several unprofessional dealerships before we found Kuni. Gary and Elizabeth got us a great interest rate and a great vehicle and were extremely professional. I would recommend them to any one.

Randy G. | 2011-10-22

Great Parts Department.  Denny, Robert and James are friendly, knowledgeable and fast.  I went in there yesterday for some brake parts and they took the time and answered all my questions.

Ask James to do his "I'm a little teapot, short and stout", dance for you.  It's so cute!

Heather W. | 2011-09-23

Looking for exceptional service?  Ask for James Cox in the service department at Kuni.  He's extremely knowledgeable and is able to explain the type of part I need in a way that I can understand. I walk away feeling good about my purchase.  Really appreciate the great customer service.  Thanks James!

Janet B. | 2011-08-30

Needed help with an expensive part for my truck. It was a big bill to swallow but James Cox at Kuni really helped me out. He was patient while I made the expensive decision on what to do. Thanks for not pressuring me into making a rash decision. If I need Gm parts I know there is only one place to go. Call James at Kuni!

Asha K. | 2011-08-03

Great Service - Gary Haynes is awesome!  I love my car and my deal.  Will come back again.

Tim S. | 2011-06-29

It took 3 trips to Kuni to get a simple valve gasket cover installed correctly replaced under their warranty.  Because of the inconvenience, they told me they wanted to give me a free detail.  Well.when I picked up the car there was a nice 6 inch diameter where the clear coat was taken completely off right in the middle of my hood.  They told me they were not responsible, but out of "good will" they would only charge me $250.  This place is the single worst business I've ever dealt with.  Unbelievably poor customer service!

munesh n. | 2011-06-25

do not buy car from here, and if you do be very careful. they will give you car and after some time will come back to get it from you, and even the service is is very poor

Rami A. | 2011-04-03

I bought my new Saab here, for an awesome price.
Jon Rubio was great, nice and very helpful before, during and AFTER I bought the car.

Also their finance guy (also named John) was very nice, and professional.

Overall I was very happy with the whole experience.

Nick P. | 2011-01-24

Test drove a Camaro just for fun this weekend and they were fine.  A little slow to help us initially, but hey, not like we we're buying anyway.

Christine M. | 2010-05-17

2 hour wait for a simple flat tire repair! Go anywhere else!

Jessica S. | 2010-04-13

I had to take my car in and they were very nice. The staff is friendly.

Devin O. | 2009-12-04

Great dealership and service department.  I hope they will continue to sell SAABs now that SAAB has been saved!

The GM is a great guy too!

J. W. | 2008-05-30

I've had very positive experiences with the Cadillac service center and sales staff (ask for Fred).  Hubacher recently purchased the local Buick/Pontiac/GMC dealer, so the clientele is much more diverse than it used to be.  I was concerned that the customer service would suffer, but so far everything is just as great as it's always been.  Keep up the good work, Hubacher!

Chris B. | 2007-12-29

Although listed primarily as Hubacher Cadillac, this is also the only Saab dealership within 100 miles of Sacramento.  And since I have a Saab and needed to take it into to a Saab dealer to service a factory recall, I had no choice but to go to Hubacher.

I'd give four stars for customer service because they were friendly, helpful, and free fancy coffees were available in their waiting area.  However, there is a bit of a learning curve to dealing with this busy auto dealership/service center.

1) Scrutinize any factory recalls that apply to your vehicle.  Although Hubacher took care of two other applicable notices for my make and model, they failed to find the recall notice for which I originally brought the vehicle in.  I think they transposed a number when looking it up.  I called Saab myself to straighten this out and then informed the Hubacher people after I brought the vehicle back for the second time.

2) Drop off your vehicle.  They are busy here, so don't expect even routine maintenance to get completed within a speedy time frame.  I waited more than six hours in their waiting room to get a tune up, radiator flush and fill, and oil and filter service.

I am dinging them a star because I had to make a return trip.  I also asked them to inspect a leak and wound up with a $900 estimate on repairs.  I realize now that they will try to fix everything that could possibly contribute to the problem, but that I would probably be better served visiting a repair shop at which I could talk directly to the mechanic.

My return trip was hugely pleasant though.  They diagnosed a "check engine" light for me (software issue) and took care of my recall, all free-of-charge.  I knew better now to drop off the car and be patient.