Kareem Auto Sales in Sacramento, CA

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We know that times our tough so our goal is to offer you the best value possible and that's achieved by selling superior vehicles at lower prices while providing world class customer service. We feel that in this economy there's no room for excess. Unlike many of our colorful competitors we have drastically eliminated our overhead which we believe will serve our community better by keeping costs down and passing the savings to the customer.

To succeed in our business we are reliant on our veteran buyers who travel far and wide to handpick vehicles that meet our standards for resale. We take the viewpoint of our customers when purchasing vehicles for our inventory, it's important to us that the car is aesthetically pleasing as well as in excellent mechanical condition. Most Kareem Auto Sales vehicles come standard with the added protection of being Quality Plus Certified and a free Carfax history report.

Kareem Auto Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 482-3900
Address:2330 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95825
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:30 am - 4:00 pm

Reviews on Kareem Auto Sales

Amanda S. | 2015-03-19

I originally came in and test drove a Passat wagon that had a minor turbo leak and Kareem was fairly helpful. The following day I came in and test drove an Accord. I waited around by the car for a good 10 minutes before Kareem (who was well aware I was coming because I called ahead) finally came over to me. He claimed to be too busy and sent someone else with me on the test drive. The car is slightly overpriced considering there's one four years newer and about 10k less miles sitting on the lot for about $500 more and since they won't adjust the pricing, I hoped to at least be able to take the car to my mechanic for an inspection but apparently that isn't possible either. I am a cash paying customer and I asked for a price break (the lower end of kbb value) but apparently they are so far into the car, they just can't take $1,000 off the price. They've given me excuses about how nobody uses kbb values and that they paid retail value for the car at auction (they need better buyer if that's the case). The best part is that Kareem tried telling me that at listed value, they are only making $396 on the car. I spoke with someone else today and they finally came down to $11,000 but I still feel like the excuses I've been given are ridiculous. I'm now looking elsewhere after I was told to "go do some research" by Kareem and I ultimately discovered Kareem Auto Sales is actually the most expensive within a 500 mile radius. As a result of the research I was advised to do, I found two more I'm going to look at today. Thanks for the advice Kareem and maybe you should reconsider those claims about being the cheapest in a 500 mile radius based on what your software tells you. You should also learn how to make your customer feel like a priority, as well as learn how to respect a single female looking to drop thousands on the spot.

Kyle F. | 2015-03-17

Bought a 08 BMW 328i in December, less than three months later Service lights came on, took the car to BMW, whomever had the car before us did not take care of it and now it needs over $6,000.00 in repairs. Don't let Kareem Auto Sales fool you with there 50 point inspection and there fake carfax reports, this place is a SCAM.

Phu L. | 2015-03-15

Hate to leave a nasty review... We bought a car here. Sale person was very nice during the process of buying the car. After bought the car that person was kinda cocky at the end. Anyways, let me say about this car that my cousin bought from there. Let just say he have his car for 2 weeks and the shop have it for 3+++ weeks still fixing it. Never again I will step my foot in this place again. I don't know how they have some 5 stars rating! Bad experiences....

Kami J. | 2015-03-11

I could not be more grateful for my experience at Kareem Auto Sales.  They had great cars, great prices, and amazing customer service.  A few weeks ago my car was stolen and I was dreading the whole car buying experience.  We had already purchased a car from Kareem before so I knew I wanted to begin my search there.  When we got to the lot we were greeted by Kamal, I explained my situation and told him what I was looking to spend.  He immediately began to show us the cars that he thought we might be interested in.  I do have to commend him for his patience as I was less than thrilled about having to purchase a car, he made the whole experience quick and painless.  We went back to the lot about 4 times and test drove different cars each time, never once did he make us feel like we were just a waste of time.  When I finally made my decision he helped us through the paperwork and by the end of the process I was actually excited to be purchasing a car.  Thank you Kamal, and Kareem Auto Sales for making this such an easy and (surprisingly) fun experience!

Alan J. | 2015-03-01

Great used car dealership. A very large selection of cars. Professional crew and best of all not pushy at all.  Will come back again.

Erika R. | 2015-02-22

Thanks to Kamal we got what we were looking for. Our Honda Odyssey is the best!!  great service great people at Kareem made us feel comfortable and they really worked on getting us our van. Thanks to Bal the mechanic for his help. I recommend if your looking for a car go to Kareem they have the best deals! Great and friendly employees! Thanks again Kamal  our sales associate! Ask for Kamal to help you purchase your new car.

Juan R. | 2015-02-19

I have to say that they have nice inventory. They have friendly staff. I did not purchase a car, here is why. The lot is crowded. You have to park by a bunch of grimy and broken down cars in the back lot. Comfortable navigating the lot and looking around cars can be a chore. The staff has to pull each car out to get a proper look at it.

Their pricing starts below market value in most cases which is great. I am concerned with the kind of cars they buy. They tend to have modified cars and cars with adverse cafax history. Lots of cars that are out of state cars, lots of accidents reported, and a Pontiac GTO that had ILLEGAL smog headers installed despited it going through smog and safety. No CARB sticker was in plain sight. Whomever purchased that car is facing serious repair costs to make the car smog legal the next time around. It would be difficult to prove that the dealership sold the car that way.

If you buy here, have the car looked at by a mechanic and have the body work inspected. Check for rust. They are ok cars to buy but some are less than desirable. I can't speak to the buying experience because I will not buy a car from them.

Robin W. | 2015-02-06

Never had a smoother sales experience. I was in and out with the car I chose in less than an hour. Very professional, fair market value on the vehicle, no hidden fees. They have an excellent selection of solid vehicles. In fact I have never seen a better selection at a used car lot. They do things different from the other guys and it works. I would graduate them to pre-owned vehicles:) I will not only recommend this dealership, I will be a repeat customer for years to come. Thank you Kareem!

laura r. | 2015-01-29

I went to kareem's because i found a car they advertised on craigs list that was close to the kelly blue book.  When I researched them more, I saw that they used an independent auto shop to inspect their cars before they put them up for sale.  I noticed the car pulled to the right and they promised to send it in for an alignment, which they did. they were easy to work with and seemed to be fair in their pricing. I would recommend them

John S. | 2015-01-18

Could not make a deal with Kareem but it's nothing they done wrong. Good bunch of buys would highly recommend.

Adrian P. | 2015-01-03

I purchased a car about two months ago and I appreciate the business at Kareem Auto Sales. I was in a difficult situation were I needed a second car for my wife and I. From the minute I contacted them, Mike and staff did everything they could to help me. In less than two weeks they made it happen. The car runs great and Ive had no problems so far. There whole staff is friendly and very cooperative. I do recommend this dealer 100% and if anything contact Mike. He was very helpful and better yet he made it happen. The process was easy and quick. I personally had a great experience with Kareem Auto Sales. I appreciate it guys, keep up the good work!

P.S They have a wide  variety of cars to browse from and they are always getting new cars in.

Ricardo A. | 2014-12-08

Dear Sal M (Business Owner)

Please STOP sending me personal messages telling me to remove my review. I have already reported your actions to Yelp. You're being very unprofessional. My review on yelp is 100% accurate, based on the real events that happened when I visited your business. There's no need of making false assumptions of my employment nor take things personal. I hope in the future you and your team are more considerate of your possible clients.


Suzanne Z. | 2014-11-12

We purchased a car a couple of months ago from Kareem Auto Sales. Do I like my car? No. I LOVE IT!! The process was fairly quick and painless. I usually hate buying cars from dealerships because I feel like you are sitting across from your enemy and can't trust anything they tell you. However, we received a full carfax on our vehicle so there were no surprises. The car runs like a charm and I love it more every day.

We stopped by here because a co-worker recommended this dealership after she purchased a car here. Our experience was great. I would buy here again.

Lisa C. | 2014-11-10

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! WE WENT AND LOOKED AT A VEHICLE THAT WOULDNT GO INTO 4 wheel drive High. Had the service indicator on. Mo made a big stink and acting job that he would get this taken care of and give us a call back on Monday. We wanted to buy the car and now I found out the car was sold. How can you sell a car knowingly has mechanical issues. He gave us a good speech about how they want to be known as doing good business. This is not good business. BAD BUSINESS!!! Mind you we look at the car Saturday evening. And was sold by Sunday.

Diana C. | 2014-11-07

What a great experience! Professional and knowledgeable. We came to look at a 2005 Prius and Mike helped us on the lot and took us for a test drive. He knew just about everything about the car we drove and Prius' in general. Very friendly and not a bit pushy, letting us take our time to look and ask questions, even though it was very close to their posted closing time. Al, the finance guy was also very friendly and helpful and even did most of the research and talking to the lender before we arrived the next day to close the deal. Also very knowledgeable about the terms of the loan, warranty policies, gap policies and the cars in general. He got us out of the office, keys in had in about 30 minutes. All in all, the best car buying experience I've ever had and I would recommend them to anyone. Their cars are very clean and they have a lot of one owner cars on the lot. Plus, they know what cars are notorious for having problems and purposely steer clear of those models.

We are looking at a second car for our teenage so that is on their lot as well.

Thanks Kareem!!

Zach K. | 2014-11-02

While I didn't buy a car here, I was impressed by the service and the low pressure sales environment. Salesman was very friendly and relaxed. No trying to drag you into an office to talk prices. The lot was clean and had a pretty nice selection of cars. I would recommend a pre purchase inspection of any vehicle you are seriously interested in, by an independent mechanic.

Denise G. | 2014-10-30

I brought a 2007 acura mdx last Friday and I drove all the way from Stockton to get this car and let me tell you it was well worth the drive. The sales people there are very friendly and Mike is Awesome and very honest and trustworthy man. So if you ever need a great selection of used cars you can't go wrong with  Kareem Auto Sales and ask for Mike he is the man you want.

Rami J. | 2014-10-13

The best car dealership in town good cars clean and the best price friendly I'm so happy I got my car from them
Thank you Kareem auto sale

Mohamed H. | 2014-10-11

I called to check if the car available he said yes . Second time call I told him I'm going to drive like two hours to se the car I give him the car modal and milage and price confirm that it is available before I go yes it is available then when I get there he show me the same car with same option same year same everything but the price was not the same was extra $7000 ask him why the prices it's higher than what they saw you say because this is less mileage and it's a different car I said I need the car I saw on the Internet and ask about it he is like it's sold two days ago but this is the same car with low mileage and it's only $7000 extra
I'm like I don't want to pay extra . And if you don't have the car I ask for it in the phone why you tell me to come you make me drive two hours I don't want to be any extra so do not trust this dealer

Said A. | 2014-10-11

Dont rcommend it to anyone
They check my crdit and i approved over the phone I also have been going to pick up my car So I drive 125 miles and when I get there
Thay sad we just sold the car but you can still look around we have a lot of cars
You're seeing that I'm a student and don't speak English and don't have ssn ( are you really serious? ) what do you want me to do right now! post my Social Security on the Internet . Hhhhhh

Rochelle K. | 2014-09-08

Very disappointed...looked online for our 16year old daughters 1st car and found Kareem had the best ratings out of all the other used car lots within 75 miles. So we drove the 1 hr  to go look at a car we saw online only to find it ended up not being what we were looking for.   But then we saw a Toyota Rav4 WOW it was beautiful! took our daughter back a few days later and test drove it and again were impressed. So we asked about the price, Ha, they said they would come down $100. Which was already 2,000 more than we wanted to spend. So unfortunately we told our daughter that it was not going to work. After several days and lots of research we found that this was actually a " pretty" good deal. We called to see if the car was still available and found it was. We asked if we could take it to a shop near by to do a prepurchase inspection and they said "of course" we found a GREAT shop near by via YELP that had super great ratings and made an appointment. They "fit" us in. We were ready and willing to pay the asking price PLUS the 120.00 it was going to cost for inspection. They told us give them 1hr and they would let us know what they find. We were so excited, we were going to surprise our daughter with the car! Ha again! !!! 30mins later the shop said they were done. They proceeded to tell us the list of about 7-10 things that were wrong with the car. Including the" abnormal severe transmission shift issue, odor & discolored fluid, speed sensor that would not allow it to pass smog inspection, oil leaking from timing chain cover and lower oil pan". Right on our report the technician wrote" WOULD NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASING VEHICLE" Need I say more. The technician verbally told us after 30mins he did not need to go any further and that they would only charge us for the 30mins. 60.00 vs 120.00 WOW what honestly!!!!!!
The ONLY reason we are giving 2 star's is bcuz of the awesome person we dealt with at Kareem, Kayla. Honey you are better than them go work somewhere you can use your talents.

Victoria M. | 2014-09-04

I had the best experience with buying the used car from Kareem Car Dealer. About a month ago we bought Lexus 2002, 133k mi, for a very reasonable prize, just received the license plates and a check from Kareem for overpaying dmv fees, proof that they are honest. The car is driving fine, no problems. That day, first I went to Nissan Maita on auburn, explained what we are looking for, and could feel that the sales person was not interested, I think he wanted to sell us their new car, which is exactly what I did before I got a new 2009 Nissan Altima, but this time the situation was different.  I am so glad that I did the online research  and thanks to yelp posts decided to give a try to Kareem. We where surprised that they have a big selections of cars. Thank you Angelo for listening to our needs, for not pushing the sale, for giving us a time to think, for getting us approved for better rates than we even got when we purchased Nissan. We are definitely coming back to buy our next car.

Nina M. | 2014-08-26

I can't say enough good things about this car dealership.. where do I begin??  

First of all, they are different from any other car lot/dealership you will go to.  The sales staff there are friendly and personable - not invasive AT ALL and don't try to apply the pressure.  They genuinely want you to find the right car, and while I am sure they are concerned with their bottom line, they don't make you as the customer feel uncomfortable about it.  Also, apparently the sales staff do get commission - but it's not based on their personal sales - so they aren't overly aggressive.  Additionally, they don't try to upsell you with extra warranties or insurance.

Secondly (and most importantly), they give you the facts about the car up front.  They aren't trying to hide vehicle history, etc - they readily point out what they believe might be drawbacks to a certain vehicle.. but again, they do it in a fair, transparent way.  They will print up the Carfax for you and have a good discussion about any vehicle history (good or bad) that they are aware of.  It was refreshing to have that kind of honest  conversation on a car lot!  They seem to really take pride in making sure their customers are fully informed prior to making a decision.... a rarity in this business.

Anyways, after a long week of test driving vehicles at various dealerships, we wound up buying a car from Kareem.  This was mainly due to their friendly, up front staff and their selection of well-priced, quality vehicles.  To be honest, it felt GOOD paying them for a car because at the end of the day, they are an awesome business who deserve good customers.  I especially want to thank Kayla and Kamal (sorry if I misspelled that), for helping us out - you both treated us so well.  You've earned customers for life!

Chelsea O. | 2014-08-02

I was looking online for a while and finally found a car I was interested in. I wanted to trade in my car and I was ready to negotiate. I expected to get low balled and I wasn't going to stand for it! Mo took my car on a test drive and returned with an offer. It was totally fair!! The whole process went smoothly. And I left with my new car. It's been a couple days...So far so good!

Sarah H. | 2014-08-02

My first time buying a car.  Really nice and reasonable guys.  They were super accommodating when traffic prevented me from making a follow up appointment.  Highly recommend them.  I love my car!

Aubree C. | 2014-07-28

Got a good deal on a Mazdaspeed Protege here. I love the car. I have found issues since I purchased it though.

Maureen S. | 2014-07-28

Im actually surprised that I am sitting down and typing this review; as I had come to believe that used car dealerships have stuck with me as in a negative aspect. Or they always stay true to  the negative puns and stereotypes as most are.. My wife and I purchased a 2005 Toyota Camry from Kareem about 6 mos. ago now. When I signed the contract on our way out, I asked the lady (forgot name-sorry), if I could buy a warranty to protect our butts, as we just spent our life savings. She replied, "we stand by our cars  here, don't worry...".  Ya  right, I said to myself, looked at my wife for approval, smiled, and got our keys a headed out. Almost the next day the car started giving us problems. Panic hit me as I said to myself," I'm one of those, I bought a lemon!" #%&T!!! I'm not going to get into the details of all the problems because that's not the point here. I took the car back to Kareem and was told "don't worry Jason, we will get it fixed." Anyways...they fixed the car, no questions asked!!! I wish I could of written this a little sooner, but I finally have the time. If you want a car that you can trust, buy from Kareem!!! I swear, they really do want a good name.

Taha M. | 2014-07-15

Very customer oriented dealership. Financing group is very knowledgable, friendly and pleasant to work with. They go out of his way to make sure I received the best customer service. The salesman are  courteous, and respectful. I have found them very focused, very enthusiatic and eager to help. Everytime i have called the dealership with any questions they were very informative,and seem to have great phone mannerism. If i left they voice messages, they promptly return my calls and are always attentive, and polite and pleasant to talk to. No hassles. Best dealership ever. I will never go anywhere else for my cars. Thank you for helping me a great car.

Gsb S. | 2014-07-09

Where to start i was looking around for a while after my car broke down looking online and seeing the kareem auto sales cars around town i decided to give them a chance i was blown away by the service they gave me got me the perfect car for the perfect price for my budget (lexus is300) no pressure sales person was really helpful didnt bother me when i asked him that i wanna to look around by my self because after going to other lots where the sales people attack you this was a nice change they showed me the carfax report and i test drove the car been happy for a month with my car now i will highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for a great used car with no Bull***t involved and no games and thanks again kareem auto sales i will be buying my next car from them for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Kayla P. | 2014-07-08

Purchased a 2007 BMW 525i a couple of months ago from them and I am overall pretty satisfied with my new used car. For being a 2007 it was in amazing shape seems like this dealership knows how to buy clean quality used vehicles. They had the carfax history report readily available for me and they weren't your typical pushy annoying salesmen who love to BS women into buying something. Angelo was there to let us check out the vehicle inside and out and provided us with the key to turn it on and check out under the hood. After the car checked out OK we took it on a test drive. I appreciate that even on the test drive Angelo wasn't hitting us with the typical sales pitch. He was making sure that we tested everything out on the test drive to insure its working condition and answered any questions that we had about the car and the dealership. The process of purchasing the car was the quickest and most easygoing experience that i have had. Kareem Auto Sales actually surprised me with how customer service oriented they were and the standard they hold themselves and the dealership to. I would most definitely recommend anyone to purchase from them. You don't have to be scared they aren't like most of the other vultures on Fulton ave. Thank you to Angelo and the rest of the Kareem Auto Sales Team!! :)

Martin T. | 2014-07-08

My sister and I went looking for a used car for our 82 year old father. We had done our homework and decided on a 2005 Toyota Solara (only 53,000 miles). Based on the KBB prices and review of the Carfax history that they provided to us for our review, we were satisfied that we were paying a fair price for the vehicle. We also looked at cars at other used car dealers prior to our purchase and noticed that Kareem's buyers were more diligent in their purchase of their used cars at auctions. That is, the car's tires, interior and engines seemed to be more gently used and better maintained. All of the sales and finance staff were low pressure and very pleasant to work with. If you are looking for a nice used car for a fair price, check out Kareem's.

Patrick R. | 2014-07-05

Angelo was very personable and happy to show us the good and less than perfect parts of as many cars as we liked.  We settled on one we liked and then sat down to negotiate the price.  I'd done a lot of research and literally bought the same make and model with similar miles.  I got a stupid good deal on that car.  Kareem's offered me a price only $300 above that car, which was good, but this new car had SatNav, Homelink, rear trunk covers, two key remotes and extra Prius carpets.  So that made it a great deal.  The paperwork was easy, thanks to Angelo's wife, who also works there.  All in all, a very good, low pressure, positive car buying experience.

Lynette C. | 2014-06-15

So I just left here with my new/used car. I saw it online after having done research I called this morning and spoke to Kayla. I asked if it was still on the lot. Yes it was. So I high tailed it over there and checked it out.  It was love at first sight. Kayla came.out to greet me and asked if I was who she had just spoken with on the phone. I said yes and she already had the keys in hand for me to check out the car. The battery was dead but a quick jump resolved that.  I test drove it and decided it was definitely coming home with me. The sale was smooth she was not pushy at all. We talked about their pricing and it's based on car lots up to a hundred mile radius and fair prices. They also have the carfax. This is a no nonsense, non pushy car lot and I was happy to have a female sales person. I was able to talk to her like an old girlfriend and not feel apprehensive or bullied into buying a vehicle. They are not vultures here like some car lots where they jump on you as soon as your foot hits the asphault.  As for the car it was a really good deal and I'm loving it. I will do an update at a later time.  For the time being it's definitely 5 stars and I would recommend coming here.

Jon B. | 2014-06-10

The first time I've actually enjoyed going to a used car lot!  My mom had been shopping for a car for a few weeks and Kareem seemed to have the best prices.  Arrived to the lot and wasn't disappointed!  After a while I started trying to think of excuses to get rid of one of my cars so I could buy one there :)

At the end of the day my mom got the car she wanted at a great price.  Salesman wasn't pushy, which of course was greatly appreciated.  Overall a pleasant experience!

Cory B. | 2014-05-08

I bought a car less than 3 months ago from this stealership. Within 3 days of buying the car, the clutch became mushy (after they had supposedly replaced the clutch), the amplifier went out, and the AC would not shut off. I've put less than 1,000 miles on this car (as of May 8th 2014) and so far I've had to replace 2 cam sensors, the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, and the ball joints.

These guys appear to be masters of disguise. They make their cars appear to be good and well kept, when in fact they're just hiding issues in order to sell the car and get you off the lot.

Don't bother getting their "warranty" either as it only covers massive FAILURES (good luck proving this without a catastrophic event). I'd advise anyone who's thinking of going to Kareem Auto Sales to look elsewhere.

I purposely waited to write this review for exactly this reason. BUYERS BEWARE.

Renee B. | 2014-03-29

I bought my "first" vehicle here (parents bought the two prior, I'm a lucky gal!) in November, and was pleased with the experience overall.
I submitted a loan app online, and Al contacted me the same day and got the ball rolling. I was looking at a specific vehicle, so when I arrived to see it I was disappointed to find the battery was dead. In Al's defense, I did arrive before he came in for the day, but guys, make sure the vehicles you know you're going to be test driving have good batteries!
Battery was charged, no technical difficulties after that. Test drove with someone else, a couple of vehicles, and left to have lunch & check out other lots. Was not impressed at various other locations along that strip, and none had the vehicle I wanted at a decent mileage for a good price.
The vehicle I wanted had been recently marked down, the sticker still said 2k over the listing price, and I do feel like I got a good deal. Working with Al was pretty painless (as painless as it can be forking over that much cash!), and he talked me down from a more expensive vehicle that would have put some constraints on my loan process. So kudos for keeping it real.
Was a little disappointed when I contacted them on a safety issue in this vehicle and it was poo-poo'ed, after I drove down there and showed them the problem... But I might as well put my warranty to good use if Kareem's isn't interested.
Would recommend them, as far as used car lots go, I was impressed!

Roxana A. | 2014-03-22

Amazing dealership and customer service! I found Kareem after doing an intensive search online for a car that met my criteria. I was greeted promptly upon arriving and the sales people worked as a team to quickly move all the cars blocking the one I wanted to test drive. My sales guy, Angelo, was super friendly but still very  professional. The "closer", Sal, was easygoing and reasonable.  It was definately the most painless negotiating experience ever. After agreeing to the terms of my trade in and purchase, I was promptly assisted in driving away in my "new" Sequoia. The exceptional customer service came in especially after I drove away and had to call back to request they get something I had forgotten to grab off my  trade in and to tie up some loose ends on my vehicle. They had given me their verbal agreement they would work out a little wrinkle on my new vehicle and they sure did. I dealt with "D" and  he treated me so politely and took everyone of my million calls... all this post sale! After coming back to pick up car, I noticed they have so many beautiful vehicles at such great pricing... If you are looking for exceptional customer service and value,  Kareem will overdeliver!

Nina R. | 2014-03-01

Came here to look for my future car, their website seemed legit, they have what seems a good selection for used cars. I've been car shopping for two months now and I gotta say kareems has the worst customer service. Not to mention the car that i was test driving kept making a constant noise, and the brakes kept squeaking. The young man who was helping me was not helpful at all, told me the price they advertised was firm and that they would negotiate to go ONLY $500 down .
The car was overpriced for what its worth and it had no warranty. I'm glad I waited to go to a Legit Car dealership(Maita Toyota) where I purchased my 2008 Toyota corolla for only 8grand out the door, (they negotiate with your budget), the car is certified and has a 100%warranty. (I only wrote what I experienced here at kareems, good luck for all those who are still car shopping)

Becca G. | 2014-02-26

My boyfriend and I bought both of our cars from Kareem in the past 2 months.  After working with Mike with the first car, there was no question on where we would buy the second.  Everyone at Kareem is super friendly.  Mike is amazing! He is super friendly and helpful.  I took awhile to decide which car I wanted and through the whole process, I never once felt pressured to buy a car.  They are not pushy at all.  I highly recommend not wasting your time anywhere else and go straight to Kareem.  You won't regret it.  Thanks again for everything Mike!!

Luis G. | 2014-01-28

I just bought a car from them on Sunday and they made it a very easy and pleasant experience. The whole experience took about 45 minutes including test drive. So far the car runs great. I will review this update after I drive the car some more

Don N Julie M. | 2014-01-07

I would highly recommend Kareem Auto Sales. I don't give five star reviews easily. Used car dealers are a lot like lawyers, most of them are bad, but when you find a good one they are great. I live in Modesto and found a vehicle for my daughter on cars.com I went online and filled out the credit app and was approved prior to making the long drive to Sac. I called and discussed light terms on the phone prior to making the trip as well. They guys there were very professional and most of all honest. I left the dealership with a verbal agreement that they would supply me with items for the car that couldn't be found at the time of purchase. This is where 99% of other used car deanships would fail, but Kareem auto came  through. I was extremely impressed. I will consider them for future purchases and recommend them to others. The location in Sac. where they are located is Extremely competitive. Let this recommendation serve you in selecting somewhere to buy a car. Don't waist your time with the other dealers. Please contact me if you have any question of my experience. Kareem earned the 'best used car dealership' award as far as I'm concerned.

Rachael C. | 2013-10-04

After getting completely snowed by a different used car lot last year, I very cautiously visited Kareem's as well as several other lots on Fulton in early Sept. 2013.. We initially were interested in one of their pricier cars, but a few days later ended up buying a less expensive one. In fact, we made the offer over the phone based on the ad before ever seeing it. We agreed verbally on a price then immediately drove there to test drive it and kick the tires for about an hour. The salesman never made us feel bad about taking so long to decide or about purchasing a car that was half the price of the first one we considered. It was actually the most pleasant experience we've ever had at a car lot!

When it was time to take care of business (you know, the dreaded march into the sales office to complete paperwork and pay), all went well.  They honored the out-the-door price that the owner offered us over the phone. There were absolutely no surprises whatsoever!  Our salesman was in the process of being trained on this aspect of the business and he did a great job with the whole transaction. He received very competent and kind guidance from a more experienced staff. We enjoyed their company and even had some good laughs during the process.

A few days later, our mechanic thoroughly inspected our purchase and confirmed our own assessment, that it was a great car that should last a long time. He only had to fix a few minor things like change dirty transmission fluid and air filter, and repair the battery mount; a mere $200 for the inspection and repairs.

I know some Yelp reviews are negative and I'm sorry that those people had those experiences. However, I can only say good things about Kareem's based on my two visits to their lot and the one purchase.  My husband and I plan to return in several years when it's time to purchase a newer car.

Erica D. | 2013-09-05

they have very good customer service. I went in not knowing exactly what I wanted but the sales person just asked me questions trying to figure me out and sold me to the perfect car. they didn't try to sell me to their most expensive luxury cars they aren't pushy and they met my needs. I would recommend this place for everyone who is looking for a great car that fits them and meets their needs and want to experience really great customer service.

Jennifer C. | 2013-06-26

Wouldn't recommend them to anyone.  Got pre approved before I came only to find they had someone else test driving the car when I got there.  They pulled me into an office and told me they sold it because I told them I wanted to discuss the price when I got there.  Now my credits dinged and I wouldn't never buy any other car they wanted to show me.


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