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Jala Auto Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 231-3684
Address:2400 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95825

Reviews on Jala Auto Sales

Kevin D. | 2015-02-07

Last week i drove by this car lot and found a Beautiful Infiniti M35 in mint condition! I was in need of a vehicle for work! The fellahs there were very inviting and understood my situation! A few years ago i filed for bankruptcy so i knew i couldn't get a car with out a co-signer. So i told them by friday i should have one and they were very understanding to where they said they would keep in contact with me about the car if it was sold or not! So... Last night (2/6/15 Friday) i came back with a co-signer. But George "The Man" said lets just try your credit by your self and see if i can make it work?.. And to be surprise He made it happened with my bankruptcy and my credit score being very low!!!! It was a very smooth transaction!!! Definitely a great atmosphere there! I would deff. Recommend Jala Auto Sales to everyone looking into buying a car!!! Very friendly and will try hard to get what you want!!! Thanks alot guys!!!! Deff. See yall again!!!

Alyssa K. | 2014-12-28

I had a great time buying a car from this auto dealer. We were coming from Monterey. We decided to apply online. Once everything was approved in less than a day we were ready to buy the car we wanted. I saw that they had specials on their vehicles through a craigslist ad. When we arrived the minivan we were buying was ready to go. We were there less than two hours and were able to leave the lot with our new minivan!!! Great business and great deals on cars! Thanks Jala.

Gino P. | 2014-11-06

Wow !! - another bad review for Jala Auto Sales .. They shouldn't be too surprised looks like they are use to it ..
I drove an hour and a half to look at a 2011 Cadillac CTS advertised for 14,999 still covered under Manufactors Warranty .
The sales person Carlos - while test driving the vehicle I asked Carlos how they obtained the car , I also asked for the details of the inspection process of the car . For the most part Carlos said they check fluids , brakes , suspension , etc.. However as I applied the brakes as I exited off of the free way the steering wheel began to quickly shake back and forth - My first thought was  it could be the rotars  needed to be replaced , I also notice the car was out of alignment - both conditions I was assured by Carlos should I choose to purchase the vehicle those items would be fixed .ok fine - however I'm thinking " he said they already checked the brakes " , apparently they were hoping the buyer wouldn't notice - why not just fix the car before you offer for sale ?? I request a copy of the carfax report , I notice the car came from the east coast , it originated in Massachusetts was stolen and recovered , from there it went to Utah then Arkansas where it was repo 'd and finally here in California , all this occurred in a matter of months - that sent a red flag up for me . I realize rust and corrosion are huge factors on the east coast and because of this even though the car is under warranty I want to have it checked out by a cadillac dealer , I was also hoping to negotiate 15.600 with tax and license .
While I sat in the trailer speaking to Carlos another employee " Isis" entered the room - he does not introduce himself , he has a scoul on his face as if he was extremely irratated  , never once smiled , he suddenly blurts out " this is the bottom line price - it's already underpriced - the best deal you can find " he goes on to say " they should have never put that car on the Internet so cheap , I told him to raise it a thousand dollars - we are raising the price to 15,999 and it will sell this weekend , but if you decide you want it we will sell to you for 14,999, the unknown voice chimes in from an adjacent room " I already changed it " I'm thinking okay , I've seen the car online for two weeks , he has not sold it in two weeks at 14,999 so he believes his chances of selling it would be better if he raised the price , - not a very smart businessman but that's his wife's problem not mine .. Okay at that point  I thank them for their time and leave . The very next day I receive a phone all from Carlos - oh guess what sweetheart - my boss is feeling in a great mood today - he just had a baby and he is a happy man - he agreed to let you have the car for 15k out the door .. I say ok great , let me call the cadillac dealer to schedule an inspection , I'm also going to call GM to discuss the Warranty and if all works out ill pick the car up tomorrow . So I call Carlos mid afternoon and convey to him I want the car inspected across the street  at the cadillac dealership , I also want the brakes and alignment fixed and if the inspection goes well I will buy the car .. He then says to me " let me get the big boss on the phone so you can meet him , his name is George .. George gets on the phone , he tells me not to  waste my money on an inspection , again I tell him spending 200 on in inspection is nothing when I'm buying a car for 15k , he then says .. Oh dear , the car is 15,500 - we drop the price for you 500 .. WTF  ! Now it's georges turn to tell me how cheap the car is priced - he also tells me to compare prices and I will see myself . I replied by telling him " I realize it is a good deal that's why I drove ninety minutes to look at the car . I told him Carlos called my home yesterday and said the car was mine for 15k out the door , George replies " Dear , there is no such thing as out the door " , I advised him to let Carlos know that as those words came out of his mouth , George says , no dear there is no such thing  .. I conveyed to him at that price I am no longer interested - he tells me to " think about it " . I responded by saying there is nothing to think about , I was offered the car at 15k including tax and license , the car is advertised for 14.9 but he wants me to beleive he is giving me a deal at 15,500 .. Just to let everyone know , I have never ever left a bad review before but these individuals lack customer service , have no moral compass and a very poor work ethic . There are sooooo many other car dealers on the same street , so many pre owned cars to choose - stay clear of Jayla Auto Sales .

Florence A. | 2014-09-23

The owner or guy that works there is extremely creepy. They all stare and mug like they have never seen a woman! It's very uncomfortable!

Jodine M. | 2014-07-03

Do Not Go to this dealership!
The general manager has a volatile personality and seems to enjoy degrading those around him. He should be fired. The owner wasn't too bad but was very grouchy and unfriendly. They speak in their native language while you are in the room to talk about you! I find that extremely rude. They have a lot to learn about customer service!  I felt bad for the employees. A few of the employees seem to be nice people.

Troy N. | 2014-05-21

I actually had a good time buying my truck from these guys!  Terry was my sales rep, and was great. I also talked with everyone that works there, and everyone was nice and helpful - Big George, Carlos, Little George, Issa. I made several trips to the dealership during the process and they were very helpful to make sure everything was just right.  Thanks guys!

Brian S. | 2013-10-23

We got the car we wanted, for the price we wanted.  Helpful staff, was very accommodating.  Our total time at the lot was about an hour and a half. We even made it home before the Monday night game was over. Love all the George's.would definitely buy another car from Jala!!!!

Little S. | 2013-07-01

Looking to get ripped off?? Go here! All that needs to be said about these crooks!

Nick M. | 2013-06-30

Came here last november to buy a car for my cousin. Josh was the salesman to help us out. We came to purchase a Lexus is250 and the service was well. Kinda hostile. The "manager" that sits in the office on the right side of their mobile tailor seems to be the owner of the lot too. I after pulling some teeth and rolling down the street to put air In the rear tire of the Lexus cause it was low we decided we wanted to purchase the Lexus anyways.  Came with a quarter tank of gas and they weren't trying to fill it up using the excuse of the owner of the dealership not being there.  

Now 8 months later I came back to check out a suburban z71 they had for sale. Josh told me he would give me a good deal on it seeing that I drive 125 miles just to get there. Well the "owner" took that suburban to universal studios that weekend and didn't have it detailed before I came to check it out.  Sticker was 11,999.00 it needed tires and the interior was trashed. Sunflower seeds everywhere faded buttons and again no full tank of gas. So after a test drive I wanted to get down to business on the price. Exterior also had some scuffs and scratches so I wanted it for a decent price. They wanted 11,999 plus tax fees licensing wtf ever else charges and said they would give me a deal by taking 500$ off the price and ending up somewhere at 13,000$ I wasn't going for that. That's 1000 over sticker!!! On a 04 suburban lol. I was being reasonable and offered 12,500 and right at that point the "manager"'s family shows up. The same one that just came back from universal studios!!! Now at that point that I knew they had lied to me about who the owner was I hit pissed off. He wouldn't budge from 12,742$ so I got up and thanked them for wasting my time and walked.  As I walked to my car of course boss man aka the "manager" tells josh to call me back in and he would maybe take off an extra couple hundred. I didn't cause at that point I had already wasted over an hour and a half. So at that point....

I drove my happy ass right across the street to zoom motors where I was greated by a guy named mike. he had a Tahoe z71 4x4 on the lot but it was a 2006 black in color and loaded. Now talk about no pressure buying. He asked me what car I would like to check out and I told him the Tahoe.  He grabbed the keys and a copy of my license and we were out test driving it. The sticker on the vehicle was 13,999.00 2 grand more then the 04 suburban I was checking out at jala.  Mike is a great salesman. Not trying to make 5+ thousand on a older used vehicle. He kept me happy through the whole process and gave me a great deal.  Jala wouldn't budge from 12,742$ on the 04 suburban with a window sticker of 11,999. Mike over at zoom sold me my Tahoe for 12,700$ out the door with a sticker price of 13,999. Now that's a salesman. Ohh I forgot to mention the Tahoe is spotless and has brand new tires and fluids in it not an extra 1000 miles over the claim on the Internet from going on family vacations like jala.  Jala lost my business for good and zoom just made a new one.  If I was you I'd drive right across the street from jala and get you some real customer service. I was out the door with my Tahoe in under 45 minutes.

X X. | 2012-05-13

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM HERE!!!!!  I went looking for a car here, when I looked under the hood it was in terrible condition because I knew what to look for and these idiots were bothered that I caught them. First the sales guy was a complete idiot from the start. He looked more like the parking lot bitch. He had no clue about anything and started an argument with the person I was with. He kept asking about my credit which I said is fine but I would be paying cash, he even had the nerve to say the "ghetto people" in this area have bad credit so if mine was great he rather me pay that way. Hey dumb fuck I just told you I will pay cash four times who gives a crap about loans I don't need one, I am not one of "those people." Then he kept insisting we go talk to the "manager," before while entering the office the parking lot "sales bitch" starts talking afghani like I did not know what he was saying, wrong asshole I did. Then the ugly fat f*ck manager starts being rude off the top and made some very rude comments that were very unprofessional. The supposed owner was in the room 5ft away and did not come out. They lied about everything in regards to the car I was looking at possibly buying. What they seem to like to do is take advantage of folks that do not have good credit and want you to get a loan, they really would not lay off of the credit and loan. They do not want to deal with people that can pay in cash or pay off the car quickly. The car I was looking at was a rental at one time they said, and it was not as I did a background check on it (carfax biotch!), the tires were bald, under the hood was bad too. They said it was inspected, really a$$hole by who? you?, it was not inspected, the oil was black, filter was beyond dirty and it was just in bad shape for a car that only had 50k on it. These guys are scum bags and if you ask me they probably have this place as a front and do other stuff because there is NO way they sell any cars here and they are most importantly NOT HONEST. Dirty ass Get a real f****ing business. MR'FR! This place in my opinion is the epitome of a sleazy car sales place and tactics.

Ms T. | 2011-03-08

never go here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really rude people here carlos is a pain in the ass and so damn fake!!!!!!!! raggediest cars ever!!!!!! the main boss man was so damn rude it was pitiful jala auto sales need better business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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