Future Ford in Sacramento, CA

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Future Ford of Sacramento located at I 80 & Madison Ave specializes in taking care of all your automotive needs through Sales and Service. We work not only with the general public but with commercial fleet accounts as well.  We pride ourselves in the customers complete satisfaction and have won multiple Presidents Award's (Ford'd highest award for customer satisfaction)!


Established in 1981.

Future Ford of Sacramento is part of the Future Automotive group.  Family owned and operated for more than thirty years!

Future Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 573-5486
Address:4625 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95841
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm
  • Sunday: 8:30 am - 10:00 pm

Reviews on Future Ford

Ally L. | 2015-04-24

Couldn't find what I was looking for until I went to Future Ford and had Justin Dargen help me out. He was professional and patient and took the time to really find my dream car. He is by far the best person I've ever dealt with when making a major purchase. Thank you Justin Dargen for all your help.

Danyell L. | 2015-04-21

Had a really odd experience here. They didn't have the vehicle I saw on the Internet to look at when I arrived so they walked me around for 3 hours showing me other vehicles and NEVER once showing me the car I was asking for.
WARNING: The manager gives off weird vibes and lays down the pressure to sell you a car! NO MATTER WHAT.
Once they found a car that they wanted to sell to me they started to sweet talk me to take the deal. I was able to walk away and find a great deal at CARMAX.
This place is just classic car dealership preying on the vulnerable Americans.

Erik T. | 2015-04-19

We Bought a Car las tres week. Certified escape and the personal there was awesome how ever the second day of owning the vehicle we had some issues... The car is certified how ever they did not check this one before certifying it!!! Obviostly!!! We are upset the change oil light came on the second day. By day 3 the Ac wouldn't change from defrost to front vents and the passenger door speaker does not work!!!!!!! Is it certify???? We are asking our selfs. Then their service department does not call back! We took the car in and they had it all day , they return it to us with only an oil change and no paper work on anything? Did they check the other issues? Obviously no!!! The speaker still not working. We starting to think this is fraudulent sale!!! On a certify vehicle that it is no nor has not been certified!!!! Come on!!!!

Justen T. | 2015-03-27

Some of the rudeness people ever I was just sitting by scar enjoying a cup of coffee which I purchased from Starbucks along with another person.  then a Ford employee came over and started harassing us and then he was calling the police maybe it's just because I was homeless at the time for whatever reason but as far as rude people go this  guy takes the cake so if you want to deal with rude people while buying a car come here update later that day general manager did reply to me and apologized for his employees actions which I thought was very respectful of him

Joser P. | 2015-03-21

Came here with a friend, and the service here is awesome. They really work with you in regards to payments, what vehicle you want and in what trim level. You don't feel pressured to purchase a vehicle either. My friend ended up getting a really good deal and a really nice car. Our sales person was Jaye Williams. This guy was super chill, no pressure, and I would recommend him out of all the sales people. I hate pushy and he wasn't. Overall, good experience.

Angie N. | 2015-03-19

A few months ago my 79 year old father purchased a used truck - that he loves. I did not know he was going to do this or I would have come with him. The problem was he also purchased an extended warranty. He was told that it would cover the truck for  100,000 miles at a cost of $1K. In the mail (4 months after the sale) came a notice that stated his warranty was set to expire and that was when I looked over the paper work. He was charged $1,800 not $1,000 for protection for 100,000 miles OR 7 years (the 7 years was from the service date which was September of 2011) therefore it was good for only 4 years. It was clearly stated in the contract - true - but he went on the word of the salesman. It is obvious that he could be easily confused and he was. We went into the dealership and spoke with a financial manager about this. He offered to cancel the extended warranty less the 4 months he had it. He also tried to sell us on the idea of it being a good deal. He completely ignored the complaint of a mature man being taking advantage of. At the very least I expected an apology for any misunderstanding  and to at least look into the matter.  I would call this questionable behavior at the least and even immoral. JMO.

Mike R. | 2015-03-17

Experience: Easiest car deal I've ever done! Everyone was very helpful, never pushy and got me in and out very quickly. The van was washed, gassed up and ready to go. The entire team was exceptional.

I had very specific requirements for a new work van that could carry my equipment and pull a trailer. After 2 weeks of shopping on the internet and viewing lot-after-lot for a work vehicle (it had become a full-time job), I purchased a gently used work van from the fleet department at Future Ford of Sacramento. I did spend more for my vehicle than I budgeted, because it was the better value. I believe that it will pay off in the long run. My work van is my most important asset. I now have the peace of mind knowing there is a full inspection of the vehicle and an extended warranty.

Eric S. | 2015-03-16

Well they finally gave us a rental car but I am sorry to say the problem is still present. We are so fed up that we do it even want the car anymore. It is to the point where we don't even want to return it for another  service and do not want to continue to drive it anymore. It is obvious there is something really loose and or rolling around inside the dash behind the gauges but no one has even bothered to pull the dash and do something about it.

J I. | 2015-03-11

This is my 3rd purchase from Future Ford. Each experience has been great. My most recent experience with salesman Ahmad Bashir just reconfirmed my choice to always go back here. He was extremely patient with my search for the right truck and stayed attentive. From finalizing the deal to finishing up in finance I have nothing but positive things to say. I even had to have some follow up detailing done and they did it with no issues. Go see Ahmad for your new or used vehicle needs. And from previous experiences, try to have Shay as your finance person. They're all great but I've had exceptional interactions with him.

Cheyann A. | 2015-03-08

Ronnie Thomas is a rockstar!! Have had horrible experiences in the past purchasing vehicles and was dreading this visit, but he made it painless! He really helped us out and got us into an AWESOME Ford Edge...we already referred our friend to him. If you want an awesome car experience ask for Ronnie, you won't regret it!

Jay S. | 2015-03-06

Crooks, overpriced dishonest service work and will lie to you in a heartbeat over things like Sync updates which you can easily do yourself with a simple thumb drive. Darren Needles told me twice with a straight face that I couldnt do the update myself and that I must pay them to do it. Good thing I looked at Fords website on Sync updates or they would have fleeced me for even more cash. Steer clear, its not about customer satisfaction with these people, its about shaking you down for every penny they can get.

Peter K. | 2015-03-04

This is a service review. I know every dealership has their customer service issues but, as a lifetime Ford owner and have experienced almost every dealer in the Sacramento area.

Took the F150 in for routine maintenance and was greeted professionally and promptly. One kink, not a big one but, the first greeter asked me what service I needed and told me I needed go in the door across the driveway. Now this was later in the afternoon and my service was basic. So across the Driveway is the "Quick Lane" service for basic maintenance. Ok cool got it.

This is where my visit became very appreciable. I was greeted at the desk by Jim Thompkins. Now I need to mention I had not had service at this location for over 3 years. So Jim proceeds to get my VIN and tell the service tech to get started on this asap. I told Jim I was riding my bike back to work and wasn't in a hurry. No problem. Jim had me on my way is less than 5 mins. So less than hour gores by and Jims calling to let me know truck is ready. Now I haven't caught my breath from my ride back. lol

So I return to pick up the truck and it parked right in front ready for pickup. I go in to pay and Eric greets me like he's known me for years.

Eric is one of the most professional and courteous service advisors I've ever met.

Complete satisfaction by Eric & Future Ford of Sacramento. I'll definitely go back for my service needs.

Kimberly H. | 2015-03-04

I'm writing another review because after 9 days my car stopped working! How is it you buy a car because your old car had problems and the new car breaks down--customer service now sucks! I've called and have been brushed off! When I purchased the vehicle I was told I'd have the bumper painted someone would call me. Well no one has called. I've called but have had no luck. Finance told me he'd call me 3 days after purchase to tell me who picked up my loan. No calls. I guess I'll wait to see who picked it up when I get my statement. Front tire looked low took it to Les Schwab they said it needs to be replaced--2 hour wait for roadside assistance then a trip to the dealership causing me to miss work this AM.  The only person who has kept me level headed is the sales rep Kelly Shepherd. Future Ford should follow his lead on how to utilize compassion and offer great customer service

Sean A. | 2015-02-18

I recently purchased a new F150 here and the service I received was impeccable.  I had originally visited the sister store in Roseville, but was turned away by the overly aggressive sales approach and obvious untruthfulness I was receiving from two of the sales people.  A few days later,  I went to Future Ford of Sacramento, where Garren Gonzalez listened to what I was looking for, showed me what was on the lot, allowed me the peace of mind to look at trucks without the typically aggressive car sales person attitude, and knowledgeably answered my questions.  The following day, the truck I was interested in went on ad and I emailed Garren who quickly responded that the truck was available.  When I showed up to look at the truck, Garren was again just as attentive as he was the day before even though I was looking at the ad truck (and thus, a vehicle where the commission is significantly lower).  I ended up purchasing the truck and can honestly say it was the most pleasant car buying experience I've had to date (and I've bought a fair number of cars).  Prior to buying the truck, Garren let me take the truck to show my wife (we live 20 miles from the dealership and understood when  I wasn't able to get back with the truck right away (my wife was rear-ended in her car on her way home from work).  As I was purchasing the truck, he took the time to get to know me as I was completing the paperwork.  I honestly left with a feeling that Garren wanted to build a customer relationship rather than quickly sell me a car, something that too few car sales people do these days.  Ultimately, I can't say enough good things about either Future Ford of Sacramento (I got a great deal and fair price on my trade in) or Garren Gonzalez.  If you are looking for a car or truck, I recommend contacting Future Ford, and more specifically, Garren Gonzalez.  I already recommended Future Ford and Garren to my dad, who drove 400 miles and bought a truck from there two days after I bought mine.

Justin A. | 2015-02-16

Went to future ford today to look at the newer focuses. I'm sure there are wonderful sales people, and deals to be had, but I did not have a spectacular time. When test driving a 2013 focus, the car jerked around a lot when shifting in lower gears (automatic tran), which was alarming to me, the salesman said the transmission learns from whoever drives the vehicle, and it would be easy to get it reset so it could learn from me. I'd buy that, BUT, if it were such an easy fix, why wasn't it done before being put out for sale? Wouldn't that put the buyers mind at ease? After a lackluster test drive with a pretty friendly salesman, i was told I may be able to get a new focus for less than a used one, and was lured inside. Biggest mistake I've made all week. Once inside I was passed off to another salesman who REALLY wanted my phone number. I insisted on not giving it, and asked if I could just get his business card, that way if I were interested in purchasing a vehicle, I could reach out to them, rather than getting sales calls. This was apparently offensive, being met with sighs and eye rolls. So I left. I'm a classic ford enthusiast. I've owned various Falcons and rancheros, and wanted so badly to like, and own a new ford. Sadly after today I will not be doing so. I know people who are happy with fords, and I'm SURE there are great sales people at future ford. I just had a disappointing experience, and will not be returning.

Robin B. | 2015-01-30

My update review has been upped to four stars.  I do want to express my THANKS and appreciation to Mr. Rod Collins, General Manager of Future Ford of Sacramento.  He reached out to our son and made the situation right!  Not too many dealerships would do this and I'm glad he did.  Again, thank you!    

PS:  My only reason I've not given five starts is for the fact this situation should have gone this far.

Oleg T. | 2015-01-03

Wanted to say thank you to Justin Dargen for his amazing knowledge of product and great customer service I received! I recommend Justin to everybody who's looking for great deal on the next car or truck purchase!

bernadette k. | 2015-01-03

Thank you Justin Dargen for all your help!! You made this process so much easier than I thought!!! I will recommend future ford of Sacramento to all my friends and family specially justin!

Allison R. | 2014-12-30

DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE. Save yourself a trip and go to another Ford dealership.

Every department has been awful to deal with. The sales kid on the lot did not know the models. The salesmen in the office tried to screw us over with warranties and hidden add ons. The guy had to tear up the contract 3 times because of weird add ons. The financing was terrible! At first they tried to tell us our excellent credit was not good enough for a low rate. My husband and I are rational people and we could not believe the shenanigans.

Service Department is terrible too. We took the car in for 2 rattling parts. The car has now been in there for 4 separate days without resolution (wrong color part ordered, could not locate the issue, now they know the issue, but it will take an additional day to fix yada yada). Then when they gave us a loaner (minivan, we have a ford explorer) the enterprise people tried to charge us for the loaner.


Shawna R. | 2014-12-27

This review is for the great customer service received! Me and my partner had a difficult time finding a dealer to work with our credit and finally this was the place to go and with a good deal to match. Danny and Kathy barrage were very friendly and super helpful they went the extra mile to get us the best deal for our family and budget.

Andriy K. | 2014-12-24

I had great experience at Future Ford of Sacramento when I came in to look at some cars. Kevin Ross, my sales representative; and Slavik Nester, his manager, where very helpful. Defiantly will recommend them for your car needs.

Mandi O. | 2014-12-21

They say December is the best time of year to buy a car. When I came into Future Ford I also found the best deal from the best salesman, Garren Gonzalez. He was not only a no pressure salesman, but he also threw in some extras to make this a great deal for me. In no time at all I was in a brand new car driving off with a feeling of satisfaction having a new car and not being taken advantage of. Definitely would recommend Future Ford and ask for Garren!

Ray R. | 2014-12-20

My girlfriend and I went to Future Ford to just browse around to see what the new Ford had to offer.  Our Salesman Lino was very helpful and knowledgeable of all of his inventory.  He guided us to the vehicle that best met our needs without being pushy.  I highly recommend Lino and am pleased with my overall  experience with Future Ford.  I am definitely sending anyone I know to Lino for their next vehicle purchase.

Kelly S. | 2014-12-18

Michael horn helped me at future ford of sacramento I was so impressed with his customer service along with the rest of the dealership wish all customer service reps could learn from michael

Julie B. | 2014-12-18

Bought another car from Alex Panchenko for my sweet gran gran! I can now spot her anywhere in sac in her bright green ford focus! Thanks for a friendly and awesome service!!!!

Laura L. | 2014-12-18

This place is awesome!  Justin Hamilton was our saler. He was very patience and listened to what my fiancé wanted. He took us to Roseville location and he found a car he liked.  During the closing, Tony was very excellent in his customer service.  He was very personable shared stories of fishing and cooking.  Also made sure we had refreshments.  The financial manager I believe name was Chad was very funny but very informative.  He made sure my fiancé was in a good financial plan. Buying a car is a long process, but my experience with Future Ford was amazing. I would more than likely return or refer people here.

Max K. | 2014-12-12

Future Ford is awesome!
I brought a cousin of mine here when he was looking to get a new car. Alex Panchenko went above and beyond assisting us with it. My cousin got a new Focus and a pleasant experience. Will be bringing more friends here for sure.

Mark R. | 2014-12-10

Years ago, I had an unpleasant experience at Future Ford and so was reluctant to shop for a new car here. We were in the area, decided to look anyways and am glad we did.

A nice young man named Garren helped us, showed us several cars and we finally decided to test drive the 2015 Ford Escape. Garren was not pushy but rather took time to show us everything, answer all our questions and give us information about things we didn't know.

We asked for a no nonsense best price on the vehicle. They gave us the price and I told them if they knocked off another $5,000 we would buy. They agreed and we bought. The total time at the dealership was not much more than an hour and we drove off in our new car. HUGE secret, if you can pay cash (yes, cash, not a check but rather stacks of $100 bills) the purchase price can be reduced substantially, nearly 20% in our case.

Great vehicle, great price and wonderful service. Thanks Garren and everyone else who helped make our buying experience hetter than anywhere else we have ever purchased.

Raj K. | 2014-12-10

My girlfriend and I went car shopping at Future Ford of Sacramento and we met Kevin Ross. He greeted us with a smile and was very helpful in helping us find a Ford Escape with everything exactly the way we wanted! Then we spoke to his manager Slavik Nester.  He gave us an awesome deal! Would be happy to recommend both these professionals to all out friends!

O D. | 2014-12-10

I recently requested a quote from Future Ford of Sacramento in the Fleet Department, and Calvin Nelson did a great job. I had a previous shaky experience with the retail department but Calvin really turned things around and treated me with the utmost professionalism. I haven't bought a truck yet, but when I do I will definitely get it from Calvin. Keep up the good work!

Deborah S. | 2014-12-10

Billy Healey gave me a wonderful  deal on a Ford. My whole family has gone to billy for a car. He not only is honest and friendly but he goes above and beyond to help his customers achieve a car with in our budget. My family are long time customers we continue to send our family and friends to Future Ford!

Adam D. | 2014-12-10

Although I admit I was merely browsing the new Mustangs, Garren Gonzalez approached me with such a friendly attitude and informative rich pitch that I felt guilty not pulling off the lot in a new pony.   I plan to stop by after Christmas to look again and order my customized set of wheels from him. Thanks again Garren!

Megan N. | 2014-12-09

I recently went to Future Ford of Sacramento looking for a very specific car. I must say, I had a very stress free and wonderful experience. I worked with Justin Dargen and he was very knowledgeable and helpful, even the price negotiation was a very smooth process. I left there knowing I got the best deal possible. I will most definitely be coming back to purchase my next car and I look forward to work with Justin Dargen again. I highly recommend going to Future Ford of Sacramento for your next car!!!

Meghan K. | 2014-12-09

I recently came in with my sister and had excellent service here Mike Murphy and Justin Dargen did a wonderful job in assisting my sister in getting a car. Mike even drove us to their other dealership to look for cars! If you need help on deciding on what car best fits your needs, look no further you've found the right team!!! I will definitely get my next car through them they are awesome!!

Harry S. | 2014-12-06

Terrible service!  Bought a new card from Future Ford at Madison ave and the the service has been consistently bad.

I called today and the service rep hung up on me while I was giving him my VIN#. I called back and got the same service rep. He said his phone got unplugged. He then  gave me the run around. He told me my service would only take two hours, but he would need the car for two days.

I then called Harrold Ford and the service rep was polite, professional, and scheduled my car for maintenance without the run-around and delays.

Very disappointed with Future Ford. I bought my new car at Future Ford and the salespeople were super friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, every time I take my car in for service at Future Ford it's a big disappointment.

Howard J. | 2014-12-06

I went in there for the 3rd time on 12/5/2014, and this time I was able to leave with a car that fit my needs and my budget. I was assisted by James who called me earlier on on the day would I was at work and explained my situation and basically he told me to come in that he would get me in a car and true to his word he was able to get me in a cat that I absolutely love now and meets the needs and safety standards I am looking for as I have my first child on the way and needed something that I felt would be safe to ride around in with my child in. With the help of James and Justin I was able to get a 2013 Ford Fusion with super low miles and a 7 year warranty on it and it was under $20,000.  I absolutely recommend this dealership to anybody who is in the market for a new or used car. their customer service is excellent and great but most of all they listen to your needs and budget demands and don't give up until they get you in the right cat for your needs and budget. So if you need a car get on down there and talk to James and he will find you the car you want and need that will make you super happy after leaving.

Alicia D. | 2014-11-22

Regarding Car-Dealership-Repair
First of all we purchased this 2012 Ford Focus in April of 2014 total was like 18,500 or very close to it. We had issues in April and those problems were dealt with. So we think all is good, but no it wasn't. We started feeling  hesitation and loss of power and skipping when car was  switching gears. Its an automatic. We took it in to the shop. In the same week I get a letter from Future Ford  saying that they have this awesome deal for me because they wanted to buy my car back. He said just come in and at least talk to me. I told him we are not in any position to buy another car. He said we can use the car as a trade in. He persuaded me to say okay, so  went in. In the mean time I find out there is a recall on the  2012 Focus. So at our mtg to discuss what the buy back programmed was they had us looking around at cars, we finally settled down on the Ford Fusion. The salesman took us on a great long test drive, we really liked it, when we settled down to talk paperwork I asked how much would we get for our car? he said the car was not worth very much any more because it was now in the shop and needed lots of work, if they paid us for it they would come out losing to much money. By now they had gotten info from Repair and Service that the car was having major problems, but that the car would be fixed and ready to go. So we asked the salesman so if we wait until the car is fixed then it would be worth more. He said Hmm look, this is how it works we would give you maybe 8,000.00 for the car. Look the dealership has to make money and the Service department has to make money. I said so while the dealership and Service make their money the only ones who lose are the customers. He was so arrogant, we said no thank you. They wanted us to pay more money down and raise our payment way above what we were paying for the Focus of 4 to 5 months. We said No! As we were leaving another gentleman came up to our window and said Hey give me five minutes I can help you. He said he had heard the way the salesman had spoken to us, Now he was very friendly but 6 hours later and a headache we were told we have a great deal for you something about speaking to the manager and him wanting to make this right. He left and came back a few minutes later, Come look at this car, it was a 2014 Ford Focus. It was a basic shell car, no power windows, power seats, no sliding moon roof  and it was an ugly dull red car. I said so your asking us to basically down grade, even if its a 2014. and it had nothing that our we had in the shop and it cost more. I asked are they having the same issues with the 2014 models. He said every car has a possibility of issues. We still needed to come up with more money down, and again our payment would go up. we said no, now here is the kicker they then wanted to sell us a second car on top of the one we had in the shop, I said What????????????????? yes he told us that he could get us into a Mustang for a few dollars less than what are current payment was. I said your trying to sell us a 2nd car??? Oh my gosh. He kept telling me the higher up manager was really trying to help us. : ( That's not the msg we were getting. after saying no again we counted our 6 hours of wasted time and left. NOW every bad event has some kind of good to it. Our car was in the shop for 31 days, It got the engine replaced the clutch fixed and they had to work on the Transmission. There was one person  through out this horrible ordeal. That was Gordon from the Service and Repair, He set us up with a car rental for the 31 days. kept in contact with me, and he got everything covered though either the warranty, or the recall. There was a deductible of $ 100.00, which I got removed by the dealership. Gordon informed me of the 1000 mile break in period. He explained there might be some vibration at first. He also said we have the warranty for the new engine . Gordon was the only positive in this mess. So we thought well since we have the new warranty on the new engine should we cancel out the extended warranty. NOT!!!! I'm happy with the service from Gordon and his service team who worked on my car. 1000 mile break in is better, but I cant say our its done yet. Yesterday my car was making a new sound when I started it up.  How funny today I got a letter from a legal group informing me of the Lemon Law. Thank you again Gordon for all the great service you and your team provided. The rest well I think my review speaks for itself.
Alicia D.

Genesis A. | 2014-11-21

I came with my mom to help her a car. After reading reviews in Google I saw this was the best option for her.

First and foremost the sales man that helped us Cesar Arias was awesome. From the moment we walked in he had a HUGE smile. Was very friendly and not overly pushy. The rest of the day was great. He went above and beyond to make sure we got the car.

First we had to go to Roseville to pick up a car, guess what.....? The car was being showed to someone else but we had the key lol....so first chance Cesar had he got off the car we where in and then James Bond style got into the other car and sneaked it out lol.... the look on the other sales man face was PRICELESS lol.... we got back to the dealer in Sacramento and the rest is history. They did everything in their hands to give us the best deal at a price my mom could afford. Tyler one of the managers was awesome. He went the extra mile to make sure that we got the deal.

All in all they made a normal car buying experience easier, funnier and great to deal with. Would recommend to others.
On the plus side, the person in charge of the financing went the extra mile. Ron Sr. Worked something out to where we got gap insurance and insurance for the whole term of our loan. On top of ALL that he he got us a loan payment of almost 100 dollars less than what we where expecting.

It's always the little things that make a Huge difference

P.s while we waited Cesar went the extra mile to make sure we had what we needed...

Amanda W. | 2014-11-15

Update: Bought my first Mustang here in 2012, went back and got a 2014 at an excellent interest rate! Their advice really paid off. Since then, I tried out the service department and was lucky to get Andy Chacon as my advisor. He's always friendly, thorough, and explains everything clearly so there are no surprises. I don't take my car anywhere else for service because I know Andy gets the job done right every time.

HardTo P. | 2014-11-13

I have to say like most people I have always dreaded going to the dealership after having a paid off car for years now. My experience here was nothing like I expected. Willie & Jaye worked really hard to get me into the car that I wanted. I saw it from the street and told myself, I want something like that! I didn't actually think I'd be driving home with that exact car. They listened to my needs as far as my budget and amenities I was looking for. If your looking for a no haggle car buying experience, I strongly recommend Willie and Jaye  at FutureFord of Sacramento, Thanks for the great experience and great customer service.

kate f. | 2014-11-13

Wow!  So impressed!!!  I actually had a great time buying a car here from start to finish.  I was initially a near-car broke down and I needed to get to work but my credit is horrible (seriously people say that bit I'm talking below 550 here folks) so I didn't think it would be an option. I got an almost immediate call back from my new buddy Herman Williams, and immediately launched into a panicked explanation of my credit issues. Herman's response? Very sweetly stopped me and said "let me help you. Don't worry. We will get you into a car today. Do you need a ride here?" (ok that's the abridged version but that's the convo in a nutshell).  I was floored. And that kept happening. They got me per-approved via an online application so that when Herman came to pick me up it was in a car I'd been approved for (I had said I was very open to which car I wanted but had given them a few ideas) and it was so nice I couldn't believe it.  It's a 2012 Ford fusion with only 66k miles. Clean title and car fax report. Still has 40k miles left on warranty. Tons of bells & whistles, I.e. it's certified, so it comes with free roadside service, 3 months of serius radio, and several other important freebies!  I love it.  He even picked out a color he thought I'd like (h e was right!).  Ive never had a car this nice before.  Plus, they made sure I could really afford it, and made adjustments to the price when I said it was a little closer to the high end of my price range without any pressure or complaint.  Herman and the supervisor there (sorry I forget his name) were both very helpful and nice. The supervisor out off his lunch break so they could get me in & out. It was so fast!  Herman then kept me company while we were waiting on the insurance broker to call. When the broker said I'd have to pay more than I could afford to get coverage right away, future ford offered to cover it for me for a few days. Whole we waited, the DM came out to greet me and I was introduced to several other staff members, All who seemed happy and very nice.  Then theres Dan, the finance hit who ford over the final paperwork with you.  OMG I love this guy. Talk about unassuming. (No offense Dan) but he kinda seems like a little nerdy @ first (and really thats ok. I'm a nerd too. Love nerdy folks) but turns out he's a total bad ass!  He rides motor cycles and his bike group is involved with ending child abuse. Never before has going over finance paperwork been fun but Dan had me laughing the whole time.  Plus he got me in and out quickly.  On my way out of finance, Herman was there to meet me. He brought me out to my car, which had been detailed and fueled up for me. The supervisor came out once more to say goodbye, and then Herman made sure to show me all the features again and make sure I felt comfortable with everything since it was dark out.  I hugged him and took off om my new car. The whole process from time I arrived at future ford to when I drove off the lot: 2.5 hours.  Amazing.  And I really love my car.  Herman said he will call and check on me soon to see how I still like it, and I believe all million percent that he really will.  I very, VERY highly recommend Herman Williams (and props to Dan too- idk if you get to choose finance guys but if so, ask for Dan!) And Future Ford of Sacramento.  Thank you Herman and everyone at Future Ford!!!

E.P. J. | 2014-11-12

The term "Buyer beware" couldn't be more true. My fiancé and I bought a 2006 Audi A4 advertised for $13.500. When we test drove the car; the salesman rolled the passenger window down then attempted several times to roll it up, but it malfunctioned. The salesman assured us that it would be covered (FIXED) if we decided to purchase the vehicle. Being as I thought Future Ford was a "REPUTABLE" dealerships; we continued on with the deal. This would be the beginnings of a HUGE MISTAKE!! We settled on the advertised purchase price of $13,500 with the assurance of the passenger window being repaired. So we thought. The salesman presented the offer to the manager and returned stating my Boss said. "If you want the price at $13,500 then we at Future Ford will not fix the window. I (meaning the dealerships) will be taking a loss!" "So if you want the repair done then the price of the car will be $15,988." I pulled out my iPhone and showed the salesman their advertised price of $13,500. He took my phone to his Boss which we could see in plain site and presented him my phone. We could see that at that point the salesman Boss was visibly upset. After about 10min. The salesman returned and stated his Boss reluctantly agreed to the deal. My fiancé and I at that point decided not to buy the car and started to leave. The salesman stated "If we moved forward with the purchase; He will give us free gas for a month and let the finace manager know about having the window repaired".  We agreed with the deal.

The finace manager was just as SHADY as the salesman Boss. The finace manager talked us into buying a "FULL" warranty for the car even after HE to assured us that the window repair would be covered by Future Ford auto repair. Well it wasn't. They lied!! I took the car as instructed by the salesman to Future Fords repair shop 3 days later and they informed me that they don't do Audi repairs and to take the car to an Audi dealer. I took the car to Niello Audi and after a thorough assessment. The window repair cost quote was $480.00 which was not covered buy the warranty but the car having 60,145 original miles as evidence of Car fax also needed both engine mounts replaced, a new power steering and water pump, and new (R) front wheel assembly. Thankfully I bought the warranty. I informed both the Sales and Finace managers of the the said issues and you pretty much know what THIER attitude was. Did I get the "FREE MONTHS GAS" as promised?!  ....H. E. to the Two Hockey sticks NO!!!

Like all the rest of THIER LIE'S...!  Avoid FUTURE FORD like the plague!!

Juan C. | 2014-11-07

I am not a big domestic car driver but I am huge on Customer service and satisfaction.  I have a Honda Accord and Brittany Mckisson helped me find my tires with ease and I didn't even buy my used accord from them.  I was just referred by a friend.  
I took my wife's Mercury Mariner there to have it looked at after Down town Ford has been giving us what I feel POOR service/repairs and outrageous prices.  Never once asked for $$ back and they did nothing (in my eyes) to correct their errors/neglections.  You can read my review for them on their yelp review.  
Brittany went out of her way AGAIN to help me with my wife's mariner and again, NOT a car we bought from them.  She was outstanding professional and didn't bash the other FORD place, she JUST made up for their "mistakes."  I have been to places where they just bad mouth a branch of their own company and I am NOT  a fan of that unless it's the honest truth and communicated in a professional manner.   Brittany M.  I wish you had more used cars there meeting our requirements and price so we can do ALL our car business there :(    That's not her fault and I am pickey when it comes to sedans and SUV's and also on certain budget.  
Thank you Brittany for taking care of my Honda & our Mariner that has our 8 month old baby in it most of the times.  I couldn't handle that check engine light on and you have relieve stress from our family, Thank you so much!!!! Top notch service!!!

G S. | 2014-11-07

If you're looking for a new Ford products future Ford in Sacramento would be an excellent choice especially if you get Eric Johnson as your sales rep.  Of all my previous experiences purchasing a car Eric made this purchase easiest ever.  The price we ended up paying for a new Ford Escape boggles my mind. Such a good deal.

Christy B. | 2014-11-04

Had to stop in for a service.... When we first got here we were greeted very politely .... Our car  goes back and the customer service is gone .... They have us now, what do they care???? The service manager is very rude with a smile.... Makes my stomach turn that we can't just leave.... Would never recommend coming here for service.... FYI, there are quite a few more folks in this waiting room with the same experience !!!!

Megan H. | 2014-11-04

This review is mainly for the service department. I bought my car 4 months ago and I really wish I would have opened my eyes. Ford says they do a certain point inspection on used cars, that's crock. My car did not come with floor mats, the back passenger window screeched everytime i'd roll it up. The back windshield wiper was missing the cap that goes on it, the kick board underneath the glove box was broken and most importantly, the passenger seat belt was defective. It wouldn't retract. I guess I was just too excited about buying a new car I didn't pay attention to these items. My husband fixed most of the issues for me besides the seat belt and the kick board. Well I finally went in to have it serviced yesterday Because my power steering fluid was leaking. I had them check the seat belt and the kick board. Well I just got my car back today and everything was fixed (for now) but now my airbag light is on. Which means they did something to mess with it. I call service back and I'm on hold for 15 minutes and when someone finally gets on the phone, she just says well you will need to bring it back in. Um yeah obviously I need to bring it BACK in. Even though I was JUST there. She was not sympathetic at all and didn't even apologize. I told her I am not able to bring it back in until next Monday because of my work schedule. I asked her how long it would be in the shop for and from what I understood is probably the whole day. For an airbag? It's inconvenient and now I'll need to borrow someone else's car and time just to bring it back in. They really need to inspect their vehicles a little better before they sell them and return them from being serviced. Only plus side, it only took them a day and an half to return my car to me.

L T. | 2014-10-30

Future Ford on Madison Ave. is the worst dealership I have ever encountered. They sold my granddaughter a used Honda Civic Hybrid, which she had nothing but trouble with. I went to Future Ford with her finally and we were greeted by someone who wanted to know what we were there for. She explained the difficulties she was having with this hybrid vehicle. He opened the hood and said it is not a hybrid. She had all her papers on the sale of the car and every one of them said hybrid. How can a reputable dealership make that huge mistake or are they incompetent or just plain dishonest? We were there 5 1/2 hours sorting this out. Most of that time we spent sitting waiting for someone to talk to us. They sent different people to talk to us, the typical scene of having to talk to this person and that person. They took advantage of a young person and cheated and lied to her when they sold her the "hybrid". They are awful to deal with. When we were leaving, they shoved a survey at us and we're very upset when it was marked with negative scores. They still didn't get the point that we were not happy. They don't even deserve the 1 star I had to give them on this post. I recommend not to buy a car from them ever.

Nastassja V. | 2014-10-23

Thank you Jaye Williams and John Retter for the great buying experience! Jaye took the time to listen to exactly what I wanted including type of car, color, and price. He explained all features of the vehicle and answered any questions I had. Even the price negotiation was a smooth process. John Retter took the time to explain gap insurance and warranty options to me as well. They were both friendly, informative, and patient. Being a female purchasing a car, has always been a stressful, unpleasant experience for me. Not this time! This was nothing short of a smooth transaction. I truly appreciate the service and experience Jaye Williams and John Retter provided me. Because of them, I was able to drive away in a 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Thanks Guys!

Georgia R. | 2014-10-22

We bought a 2004 Ford Excursion here four years ago.  If I could give them less than one star, I would.  This dealership was incompetent and unethical in our dealings with them and when I called them on it they refused to talk to me.  Let me give you some details.  We were test driving the vehicle and made it known to the salesman that it was very important to us to have the DVD system play through the speakers as we didn't have this luxury in our current vehicle. When we got back to the lot we put a DVD in the player to test it and no sound came out.  We made our concern known to the salesman who told us to "Google it and I'm sure you'll figure it out." Really?? Google it!? When we were making the deal the salesman got defensive when I wanted to lower the price by $500.  Not a big deal for the dealership, but a huge deal for us.  They also wouldn't give us the door code for the car we were purchasing without charging us $100!! Jerk move to a young family, guys.  Against all the bad feelings I had about buying this car (should have listened to my gut) we brought it home.  We did Google the DVD issue and could find nothing to explain what was wrong.  We took the car to our local Ford dealership and they were able to tell us within seconds after plugging it in to their system what the issue was, the car we bought didn't have the stock radio installed, it was a different stock radio from an older vehicle. It was so frustrating to hear that the issue that was most important to us was so simple and our Ford dealer told us that there was no way Future Ford didn't know about the radio issue and should have disclosed it to us. I called Future Ford to complain and was hung up on once and when I called back I was left on hold until I got so frustrated I just hung up.  We ended up having to pay $1,000 to have an aftermarket DVD player and stereo put in as there was no possible way to get the DVD to play through the speakers with the incorrect stock radio they sold the vehicle with. I was EXTREMELY disappointed with the unprofessional and dishonest dealings we experienced and the lack of integrity exhibited by Future Ford.  You have many more choices in the Sacramento area to purchase a vehicle.  From our experience, I would highly suggest you keep your business away from this dealership.

Toni P. | 2014-10-20

My friends Kelly Shepherd Jaye Williams accommodated my husband and I with a truly exceptional experience.  No hassle, left impressed with cars and sales experience. Definitely be back in to see Kelly and Jaye.

Eva O. | 2014-10-19

Dont buy a car here.......we did last night and it was the biggest mistake ever! They don't go over how much they are giving you on a trade, nor did they go over the total price for which you are financing.  I went back today to get this all squared away sitting there for 50 minutes before i was helped.  It seems they are only concerned about making a sale and not being upfront. These are some crooked people.  Its not their money  you are spending, they could give a crap about you!

Stay away from Willie "the sales manager"  he talks alot to distract you. I will never refer anyone to this dealership! If you were smart you would look elsewhere.

The only reason i gave them one star is because i had to in order to post this! They deserve NO stars!

Leo M. | 2014-10-19

This review is about the Service Department.

First visit: I made an appointment to have an oil change and a couple of recalls taken care of for my Ford C-max. I dropped my car in the morning. I had to call in the afternoon, after not getting a call from them. I was told it would take longer to work in my car. They got me a loaner for next day. Next day, I got a call saying they didn't have the necessary part for one of the recalls, and that they would call when they received it.

Second visit: I received a call to inform me that they had the part for the recall fix. I made the appointment and dropped my car there. In the afternoon, while I was going there to pick my car up (I didn't receive a call before), I did receive a call saying it would take longer to work on my car. Again. I went directly to pick the loaner. Next day, I went to pick my car up and they told me they actually didn't work on the recall because they didn't have the part (!?!?!?!). At least, I did get the oil changed (not sure if that happened the first time I was there).

Third visit: I received a call to inform me they hay the part for the recall fix. I made the appointment for the day they told me (they were too busy to do it the next day). I dropped my car in the morning, and went back in the afternoon, no phone call this time. Again, they informed me they weren't unable to work in my car that day. So, this was just enough. They offered a loaner, but I already had gone through that experience before, so I just wanted to pay for my oil change and get my car back. They kindly said they would pay for the oil change. I appreciated that. They offered to call me whenever they could do recall fix.

They called. However, I will never go back there again.

Suggestion for the Service Department: it's good that you are friendly. It would be great if you can also be effective and professional.

kelley G. | 2014-10-08

Want to buy a car someone who has your best interest. ask for Kelly Shepard, he's not pushy and he will find you the right car.

Brian F. | 2014-09-26

Not many dealerships will help someone with the kind of credit I have, but these guys really worked hard to make the deal for me.

Willie Wilkerson and Scott Braz @ future ford of sacramento, both went above and beyond to help us out.

The vehicle was excellent and they filled the tank and detailed the truck (of course). I would definitely buy from them again!

Pete P. | 2014-09-26

Here's an interesting experience for ya. I place my car for sale on Craigslist and I get a call from this nice sounding young man. He told me his dealer wanted to buy my car for it was a high demand car. He told me to come in and they will give me a cash offer.
I figure I try it out. Maybe they will be in blue book range. Boy was I wrong. Never ever go into a dealer with kind of scheme. They try ripping me off. I didn't ask to sell my car. They wanted buy mine! I didn't know they wanted me to donate. I thought I was in church.
Never go to this dealer. Using some low ball tactics.

Jordan S. | 2014-09-11

Thank you so much Willie Wilkerson and Scott Braz for getting me into the car that I wanted. I had a great experience and I'm glad that I'm in another Ford. For going in Labor Day weekend I thought it was going to be an absolute headache, I'm so happy that I got a hilarious salesmen. Thank you Willie for making me laugh constantly, you did a great job. Thank you!

Rebecca D. | 2014-09-02

Thank you Justin Dargen and D'Artagnan for making my purchase smooth and effortless!  They both took the time to explain all the features of my new car and even synced my phone so that I would be able to use the hands free from the get go!  As good salesmen should be, they took my safety into consideration and ensured that I knew how to work my lights and fog lights since it was dark when I left.  

I will definetely buy my next car from Justin!

Heidi B. | 2014-08-25

I went into future ford of Sacramento yesterday with high hopes of getting a new car but I knew the possibility wasn't that great because I was so upside down on My current car loan. My first Baby is due in December and I needed something safe, reliable and affordable.  I am Happy to say I walked out with a 2015 Ford fusion. My sales Rep Jaye Williams was seriously the best ever. He was so patient, not pushy and helpful.  I told him what I needed and the price I could afford.  He met all My needs and I drove off the lot a completely Happy customer. I definitely recommend the dealership and if your going make sure you ask for jaye Williams of future Ford of Sacramento. (Contact # 6618091056)

Thanks again Jaye and future Ford,  now I have a nice ride for My family!!!

Deanna G. | 2014-08-24

I had a very positive experience at Future Ford with my salesman Ronnie Thomas. Jason Stackhouse-esque, knowledgable, and friendly. He even offered to buy us dinner since it was getting late. He was very patient with me and all my questions. I was buying with toddler in tow, not the best situation. But the lobby was fully equipped with toys and movies to keep baby busy. All the staff was kind and friendly toward my son and no one seemed to mind him smearing his toddler fingertips all over the fender of the classic mustang. 10/10 would buy from Ronnie again.

Maryana A. | 2014-08-24

Came in with a friend who was car shopping. We were helped by Ronnie Thomas and I was beyond impressed with the service we received. He was professional, charming, and knowledgable. He even offered to go get my friend and me some dinner. I would definitely recommend Future Ford and Ronnie Thomas to people looking to buy a car.

Marisa V. | 2014-08-21

I found myself back at Future Ford under duress (my 2013 Escape had an electrical problem no one could solve) but my trade in was handled well by Buddy Love. I felt respected even though I was was being forced into taking a depreciation hit because my car was a lemon. Buddy handled my distress well and did his best to soften the blow by being a real human. I suppose that's the best you can ask for in a salesman!

Despite my state of mind, the experience was pleasant, just as my last one was, so if you are interested in a Ford I do recommend Buddy Love and Future Ford.

Just remember, buying any car, you have to be willing to participate and fight for what you need otherwise you will go away unhappy. Tell Buddy I sent you :)

Juan P. | 2014-08-08

So me and the wife had been shopping around for the last 6 months and we're completely exhausted with our searches. We had a 2010 mustang v6 premium we bought a year ago, it was our first car and at the time we were not thinking economically. We loved our car but with me finally getting fulltime in another town I needed something fuel efficient and dependable. We came in to Future Ford because we were in the are and wanted to give it one more shot. Buddy Love could not have been a more perfect salesman. He was polite, patient, and understood our needs. At first we wanted a new Mustang and we loved it but financially I was walking into what I was trying to avoid. Buddy never pressured us at all but wanted to make sure we were in the vehicle we loved. I had driven a Focus not too long ago, loved the body style and fuel economy. He found one that was perfect for me and the wife. We could not be more satisfied with our experience and our purchase. I highly recommend Buddy Love for your next vehicle purchase and Future Ford. It's no wonder they're back to back President Award winners.

Cynthia G. | 2014-08-02

I have just been looking and I stopped by future ford of Sacramento and didn't expect much due to the yelp rating. . I was wrong, Alexandru was wonderful. .. I told him I wanted to look.. not buy that day and he treated me with great respect and gave me all the info I was looking for plus some. He wasn't pushy, gave me space to look, I wish he was the standard for car sales men. I will be going back to see him soon. .

Sarinea M. | 2014-08-02

I was visiting a friend last weekend, and because my car was totaled on Memorial Day, I've been car shopping ever since. I thought I would take a look at what Future Ford of Sacramento had on their lot just because I was curious, and to get more info on some models. I spoke to Alexandru who was very professional but easy to talk to at the same time. I appreciated his concern for my finding exactly what I was looking for, so even though I walked away without purchasing, I was incredibly impressed with the experience.

Nadine D. | 2014-08-01

I am a very hard person to please when I have my mind set to something. I went and just wanted to car shop. Kelly Shepherd was a great sales man. He didn't make me feel pressured at all. Kelly has the best sales personality, completely professional as well as great attitude with a great twist of humor! The business was very comfortable and everyone seemed to be very uplifted! I would highly recommend Future Ford for your car needs! Ask for Kelly!

Patrick D. | 2014-07-31

Had a great experience with Garren Gonzalez at Future Ford of Sacramento. Go in and ask for him if you are looking for a new or used car!  He is very friendly and professional. Definitely makes the car buying experience better.

T W. | 2014-07-30

I usually don't enjoying going to car dealerships because I find the sales people to be pushy and rude if you don't make a purchase the same day.  But my visit to Future Ford was very pleasant!  Jaye met with me and he was great.  He was so friendly and really put me at ease.  He didn't try to push or pressure me into anything, instead he offered great customer service by answering all of my questions and offering suggestions on a car that would best fit my budget.  I know when I am ready to buy I will be back!

Sharde W. | 2014-07-15

Here's a little update... So the manager of the service department gave me a call to see what was going on and said he would look into it... That was a week ago and still haven't heard anything. I'm still waiting on the GM to call me about this matter. I guess customer satisfaction isn't a priority. So I have started my claim with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)  cause at this point I don't even want the car it needs to be replaced.

J J. | 2014-07-15

I had written a review about the sales department for FF after we bought our truck.  Pam, the sales person at FF was wonderful.  Our Jeep was having trouble and needed to be traded in immediately.  She had several options waiting for us when we arrived at the lot and we picked out a truck.  We were very specific that it needed heavy duty Class IV towing capacity.  They brought out their fleet manager and we were assured it did.  When we got our truck back to San Francisco however, the local dealer said in fact it did not.  This was important as we tow a boat, which they had seen attached to the car we traded in, and it can be dangerous to not have this option with this kind of weight on a truck.  When we called them back they clearly did not know what that meant and kept insisting that we had the right truck.  Finally we had to speak with Ford Corporate to get the problem resolved, who told us that our truck was unsafe to drive with a boat on it.    Future Ford would install a towing package on the car to accommodate the extra weight.  I drove 2.5 hours back to Sacramento early one Monday morning and waited all day at their service center for them to install what we needed.  (What they assured us was on the car when they sold it to us).  My husband spoke with them several times during the day to make sure they had what they needed.  When I got home at 6 that night it turned out they didn't finish the installation.  The paper work said that they did, but most important parts of the install were not even on the truck.  To add insult to injury they forgot to put the undercarriage back on the car and FedEx'd a piece of plastic the size of a dinner table to my home with instructions to have a local dealership "put it back on the car as they forgot to put it back on."  Oh and then the check engine oil light on my new truck went off.  SO 5 stars for Pam who is awesome, and the finance department, and Zero stars for the individuals who assured us that we were buying a towing package and Mark in the service department who assured me that they were finishing our install and forgot to put a part back on the car.  We ended up having a local mechanic in San Francisco finish the work.  Wonderful guy.  Will happily give you his info.

Gina H. | 2014-07-05

Great service from this place! I definitely recommend you to come here if you're looking for a new car :) the guys are super nice & they put a LOT of effort into helping you. I wanted to thank Ramiz and Scott for helping us so much! You got us a beautiful mustang! You guys are seriously the best. Definitely recommend this future ford!

Katrina B. | 2014-07-02

So I'm a really picky customer. I work in customer service and expect the same service I give out. I'm a costco customer, and was referred through their program- the first person who responded to me was rather rude, pushy and i didn't like him. Thank god I got moved to a new wonderful person- Carl Borgwardt.

Carl is wonderful!!!! I originally thought I could only do a Escape SE - but I left with a Titanium. He answered all my questions in email, answered all my questions over the phone- and when I came in he was sweet, professional and like a true gentleman. NOTHING LIKE YOU EXPECT A CAR SALES MAN TO BE.

I highly recommend any one who is looking for a professional, respectful car person to go to him!!!

Maribel H. | 2014-07-01

I dont know about all these negative reviews maybe they should of met RAMZI (our salesman). He tried his best to get the car we wanted at a price we could afford pluss the laughs, his a pretty nice guy. Usually the whole purchasing a car can be very time consuming but as soon as i made my mind on what my husband and i wanted it went pretty quickly and the finance part was quick. So i totally recomend this place specially if you go with RAMZI i promise he will make the stressful decision very entertaining i will be bringing in family to him so that outa tell ya!!! He did an amazing job!!! I belive and know one day he can be a manager there they need more salesman with his attitude to bring more people in by the way i see all these negative reviews!! this was at future ford in sacramento ask for RAMZI awsome fella!!!

Penny R. | 2014-06-30

Leased a car through Future Ford in 2012 and had a great experience.  Decided to give up lease and purchase this time. Buddy Love was wonderful, taking me through all my options until I was happy with the financing.  I would recommend calling Buddy if you need a new car.

Melissa C. | 2014-06-30

I recently purchased a 2014 Explorer from Joe Quintana at Future Ford of Sacramento. I am very happy with the entire buying experience. Joe made the whole transaction easy. He was professional and friendly, not pushy or gimmicky. I also looooove my new car.

Meghan M. | 2014-06-20

I am updating my review by 1 star. The initial experience was what is was BUT I did reach out to the GM and he called me back the next day. He apologized for the way business was conducted that day. He did not try to make excuses for what happened nor make me feel like I was wrong for my interaction at the dealership.

Customer service is everything and a whole business shouldn't be penalized for the actions of a few. I appreciate the level of concern he had for how customers are being treated and that he took the time to speak with me about it. He offered a very fair solution and I am very pleased.

Nice job Future Ford.

p.s. I would still recommend Buddy as a sales rep any day!!!!

Johnathan M. | 2014-05-22

Future ford was where I bought my my ford focus. So when it came time to consider a new car it only made sense that I would go back to future ford. First off I had wanted a BMW for sometime and they had one on there lot. I spent the whole day at future ford with finance the end result was they couldn't get my payment to some thing I could afford. Not a problem I understand. The next day future ford call me and tell me that they could get me my car for the payment I needed. I call in to work to talk a half day and rush down to future ford.... Ummmmmmm when I get there the BMW is sold!!! wtf I ask what happened the sales person said well I wanted to get you down here to show you a jetta!! Wtf huh I said noooooo I was only interested in the BMW.... After a debate he finds another BMW on the other lot. We drive 20 minutes to the other future ford. BMW I loved!!!! But again payment can't get to what I want. Long story short I complained and complained and end result was they lied to me to get me down there waisted two of my days and no car. Future ford could have made it work but choose not too. I won't be back! They don't respect repeat customers

Teddy J. | 2014-05-05

Just an update on Future Ford of Sacramento. The General Manager and I spoke on the phone around the middle of April. He asked me how we can resolve this issue. I told him I wanted to pick out another Certified Pre-Owned truck and they could take $4000 off the price to make up for the down payment I put on the first truck. He said he could not do that because he had employees families to feed. Uh, so do I. So, bottom line is I still have a truck with issues and I am warning all of my friends and family never to do business with Future Ford Sacramento or Future Ford of Roseville., since they are both owned by the same person. This truck they sold me has issues, but on top of that it was how my wife and I were treated there, like we were stupid. Bad mistake.  One other issue is that even though we told them not to run our credit and send our info out to other banks since we were already pre-approved by Golden One, they dinged our credit with at least a half dozen different banks and credit unions. I really don't know what these people are thinking, but treating customers like this in an era of social media is not too bright. Next stop, Better Business Bureau.

Johanna K. | 2014-04-25

horrible horrible over priced and pushy sales people. they sold me a lemon!

David S. | 2014-04-05

I recently had trouble with my 2013 Ford Fusion active alarm systems. The info system was notifying me of hill assist failure, passenger airbag, and others. I contacted the service department and brought it to the dealership. Initial contact with Service Advisors J.R. And John both were instrumental in setting up a rental car and repairing my car in a timely manner.  They kept me in the loop on the status of the repair work done on my car and it was covered under my warranty. It took two days to fix my car but they made it pretty much painless for my experience. Thank you all Future Ford of Sacramento Service Department.

Alexander S. | 2014-04-01

Since my review "disappeared", I will try again...

Visited Future Ford about week before ready to buy  and was told that they would not honor THEIR OWN advertised price because it was a "misprint".  

Got a phone call on Sunday and they said they would honor their advertised price this time around (I guess it really wasn't a misprint).  I triple checked  to make sure they knew about the advertisement before I got there.  I was told everything checks out and to come down to the dealership.

The salesperson, Darren,  told me over the phone that he was a "man of his word" and something about "integrity".  So, I changed my mind about the dealership and gave them another shot at my business.

Got there ready to buy and they did not accept their own ad.  

Lied to twice on two different occasions by different salespersons/managers.  This place seems to hold collection of deceitful employees.  

Maybe it's not Darren's fault, but rather the sales director, Jeff Holt.

Angela H. | 2014-03-27

I just purchased a 2012 Nissan Altima for myself and a Buick LeSabre for my son. Steve Burton was our sales guy and went above and beyond to help us out and get us a good deal. He's an awesome guy and an awesome employee. He's not just out to sell a car he's also there to accommodate you and help you out in any possible way. I would buy another car from him in the future.

Alex F. | 2014-03-17

This is a review for the service department only. I visited them months ago but vividly remember how dissatisfied I was with their service, so mush so that I still feel inclined to write them a review. I took my truck here because one of the headlights wasn't working and Im not mechanically inclined at all unfortunately... Anyways, they estimated an hour service time. I was there for 3 and a half hours!!! this is not an exaggeration. and it cost a hundred bucks for them to perform the 'wiggle test' (this was what they put in the paperwork) and apply some electroconductive jelly. Not 3 days later, the headlight wasn't working again. The local auto zone was more helpful than fords service dept. Their customer service wasn't terrible, but they weren't very good at keeping the customer up to date on whats going on. Also, their waiting room sucks.

Shannon H. | 2014-03-11

Have given them chance after chance. My first ford, love my car not the dealer. I will only buy toyota again. Service is crap!!!

Sarah S. | 2014-02-28

My husband recently purchased a van from Future Ford. The van was used, and was being sold "as is." We were told that the van was on the lot over the phone and about an hour later, we arrived at the dealership to check it out. When we arrived at the lot, the person who had told us the van was there waiting for us came out and told us the van was ACTUALLY at their Roseville location and someone "must have JUST come to pick it up from their lot." Soooo ok whatever, fishy, but we jumped in the car, headed to Roseville, picked up the van and did a test drive back to Future Ford. On the drive back, we heard a whining noise that sounded like something was either about to break or was already broken. We mentioned the noise upon arrival to our salesman, who then quickly assured us that if anything was wrong, they would repair it for free. This is when it gets good.

He goes to get the head mechanic or head guy whoever is in charge of broken cars they are trying to sell. At first, the guy is echoing the salesman, assuring us if something is wrong, they will fix it. Husband and head guy go drive the van so he can hear the noise. When they return, head guy is adamant that nothing at all is wrong with the car (treating us like we're idiots, no less). He says that they have already inspected the vehicle and it passed, that they would never sell a broken car because they take pride in the cars that leave their lot. He tells us that he can have his guys check the car again but he is sure they will find nothing wrong.

At this point, we realize it's either take the obviously broken car or continue to be lied to. It was a good deal, so my husband did buy the car. Then took it to our mechanic who diagnosed a transmission problem. Took it to a SECOND mechanic who agreed, and finally forked out $3200 to fix this car that the dealership swore up and down was flawless.

So, they will sell you something broken and lie about it. But- the car was "as is" and only an idiot would have believed these shady people, so they get two stars instead of one.

Imogen A. | 2014-02-15

Joseph Khattar texted my unlisted, do not call registered, personal cell phone out of the blue.

He was then rude.  He then used the business line of Future Ford Sacramento to repeatedly hang up call me and leave me a lengthy voicemail of him typing on his keyboard.

These people are unethical AND unprofessional.

Chris C. | 2014-01-22

This review is about Future Ford of Sacramento and not any of the others.

I started with an Internet quote for a 2013 F150 through the Ford web site. Nick in the Internet sale dept Future Ford of Sacramento was the ONLY Ford dealership around that gave me a quote. Everyone wanted me to come in and test drive! What part of coming in was an Internet quote? I started this process three moths prior to buying. Nick was very patient with me and gave me no pressure at all! I am also in sales and hate the part of buying a vehicle!
When I finally went in it was the week before Labor day. I told Nick I was on the fence and I just wanted to look. I explained I was also in sale and didn't want any pressure and just want to look around. After kicking tires for about a hour without distraction or pressure form anyone  Nick introduced me to Carl. Jokingly I said I am not buying today! Nicks response was "that's what they all say!" Well I finished chatting and said thank you and left. I told them! Then the Labor day weekend came and I made an appointment for Saturday
I purchased it through the Costco program and bought it on the Labor Day weekend sale and took advantage of all of the rebates! About 7500 worth!
The transaction was smooth and good. Carl and Nick took care of me and answered all of my questions. The paper work was easy. Shay in finance was real cool as well. A very sharp guy there! Still no pressure but Shay was very informative and hooked me up with a couple of extra goodies. (yes I paid for them)
With the exception of not getting enough for my trade in everything was great! We all no about trade ins!

After the transaction Carl and Nick both called me to be sure everything was alright. Carl even called me 2 more times in the week after that! That is what good customer service is all about! KUDOS Carl!

Two weeks later I took my new F150 in to get the Zyilon coating applied. Well that didn't go so well. I had to go back in and have it done again. Again it was done incorrectly. Ali in service was great about it and very apologetic about it! In the mean time we noticed a blemish in the paint and it had to go back in for repaint. So after the paint cured and came in again so they can reapply the Zyilon coating. This time it went very bad. Let just say my new truck got scratched! I was pissed beyond belief! It took me some time to cool off. Once I did I talked to Tony the service director. He was very apologetic and said it would be done perfect when it was returned. Greg in service called me and assured they would take care of me and it would be done right as well. I even went to Rod Collins the GM of the company and met with him and expressed my disappointment.
Rod, Tony and Greg all work on getting my F150 back to perfect. I had my doubts about it as it was going to be repaired. Well they did just that. When my truck cam back it was absolutely beautiful. Even nicer than when I bought it! When talking to Rod Collins I asked for a couple of goodies to make me feel better about the whole thing. Rod did what I asked and honored my request. I was very surprised he came to the plate. Every time I was furnished a rental car as not to be without a ride.
With the way I was treated with Nick and Carl in the beginning and with Rod,Tony, Greg Taking personal responsibility for the scratch and making it right I have the Utmost respect for Future Ford of Sacramento! Everyone took great care of me from start to finish. They all made me feel great about my purchase and came through in the end. I became more the just a car purchase but a friend of all of them! Thank you for all of the support and making me feel welcome and not a victim.

Honorable mentions go out to Andy in service for taking my uproar when I saw the damage, Marc in service for getting my truck done quickly and Cory in parts for knowing his stuff when it comes to special ordering extras! Cory is the man if you need anything special!

I will defiantly return for my next purchase!

Thank you to all of you!

Stephen G. | 2014-01-07

1991 Mercury Grand Marquis with approx 58k ORIGINAL miles.  My car is in excellent condition, so I called and asked SPECIFICALLY if they had the appropriate equipment to work on my year car, which I was replied with "Yeah".  I mentioned a couple of the issues I was having (minor overheating, alignment), and if they could give the car a once over to see if everything checked out.  I also purchased replacement striker plates for the doors from their parts department as the plastic failed and the doors rattled when closed.  I asked if they could install them as well.  Sure, no problem.  
I left the car and had asked for them to arrange a rental.  

When I arrived, I had to go FIND the guy I spoke with on the phone, after being brushed passed without acknowledgement by 3 separate service people.  OK - so they're busy.  No problem.  Find the guy, tell him what's going on, and he said we can take a look.  Oh, do you need a ride or what?  I reminded him I asked for a rental.  Oh yeah.  

The result: 1.  I was told the alignment is not out of order (it's the high center in the roads) seriously - bs pile #1.  I feel my ears get red.  2.  We don't have the equipment to "hook up" the car to the computer "cuz it's too old",  so no checky check on the overheating "which I'm not even going to charge you for!"... OMG pile #2, now steaming - redness spreading to my face.  3. They replaced the striker plates (unscrew old, screw in new).  Ok - wait, how much did you charge me?

Total: almost 400 dollars - they charged me 100 bucks for a tire rotation and no alignment , 100 buck to install 4 bolts, and 100 bucks to NOT check my engine on the computer.  Plus tax.  

Liars, thieves, and bs artist that service rep.  It's been a couple of weeks since this experience.  Not to worry, I've been very vocal to everyone I know.  

PS: I alluded to the fact that I might be interested in upgrading my ride, and did they have Ford to loan me while my car got fixed?

Answer: No.   Anything else?

Got it.

Best Hyundai ad ever - the car I rented while my car was NOT serviced at Ford.  I've had terrible experience at Future Ford Roseville, Sacramento, and before closing, the Ford dealer in Auburn.  I bought my last NEW Ford at Folsom Ford.  Check them out instead.  Or better yet, by an Audi like I am, or even a Hyundai.  Or a KIA, or TOYOTA, or LEXUS.  Or...  you get the idea.  I've finally learned my lesson.

Daphne J. | 2013-12-28

I will definitely be returning to Future Ford of Sacrmento, thanks in large part to Erynn Stevenson. He was extremely helpful and understanding of our needs. His personable attitude allowed us to feel comfortable after several negative experiences at other dealerships in the area. I would highly recommend Future Ford of Sacramento.

Linzzzz Z. | 2013-12-28

I called this plae to get an approval for a vehicle. I was wiling to put around $2,000 down. I was referred to a guy named Charles and have him my info etc. He ran my credit and said that the $2,000 down was fine but after each phone call the down payment kept going up. First he agreed w $2,000 down, then it was $4,000 and then ended up being $7,000 and also trying to get me into a car that I didn't want. I finally gave up and stopped calling. They are a waste of time and give you the run around. I tried to get ahold of Jeff the manager to see I he could help me get into a loan and I was directed to his voicemail and I left a message by he never called back. I will not be purchasing a car from here.

Scott P. | 2013-12-27

I just want to say how wonderful of an experience I had with Mr. Erynn Stevenson.  His wealth of knowledge regarding my options will keep me coming back again and again.

Eddy A. | 2013-12-25

I had them replace rear brakes on my F350, got it back and noticed it would vibrate during heavy braking.....I never had this problem before Future Ford worked on rear brakes!!

I took F350 back within a week and service writer said the viibration was from the front brakes now, which I knew was BS and told the guy this. So, his answer was to spend more money to fix a problem they caused!!

Anyway, took F350 to another mechanic and he said rear rotors were warped and Future Ford should have replaced them as part of the original brake job. Long story short, new mechaniic did the brake job correctly and vibration is gone and truck stops great!!

Brake job costs me twice, but it was a good lesson on who not to trust to repair work.

Based on my experices there, I won't be going back to Future Ford anymore, serious rip-off outfit.

Kiley G. | 2013-12-23

I purchased a car from Future Ford a month or so ago, my sales person Maxwell was very kind and straight forward. There were some hiccups in the post sale aspects, but overall I am very satisfied. The General Manager Rod is very helpful and wants his customers to feel welcomed. Brendan in the service department was also very helpful. I would recommend Future Ford to anyone who wants to truly be taken care of.

Elroy B. | 2013-12-19

Working with Tyler Swedensky was an absolute pleasure.  My first experience of buying a car from a dealership was a great one.  not once did I feel pressured or obligated to make a purchase.  as far as getting updates on my cars availability, Tyler was there every step of the way!!!!

thanks Future Ford of Sacramento!!!

Robert T. | 2013-12-05

By and far; the worst car buying experience I've ever had. It would be an epic saga to detail in full, the issues we had with Future Ford on Madison. So in place of that lengthy story I will sum up how they ruined an In hand, fully aprroved, slam dunk deal with an x-plan, haggle free, uncertified multi-point inspection.

1, Rude.
2, Unprofessional.
3, Inappropriate personal contact by salesman.
4, Zero knowledge of automobiles including Ford products.
5, Deceitful cost/sale "mark ups" and prices.
6, Semi-hostile, confrontational "closer/manger".
7, Attempted theft of personal information.
8, Continued Harrassment by way of emails/calls.

If this is the future, I prefer the past but would have settled for an honest deal in the present.

Jean B. | 2013-11-30

This business is nothing but a bunch of scammers.
Run, do not walk, away from Future Ford!

These guys pulled the old bait-and-switch on me. They cost me over 160 miles in fuel and a full day of my vacation time to find out that "I didn't actually go out on the lot and look for the car" (Jeff Hull) to see if it was there. He merely told me over the phone that it was. It doesn't technically make him a liar - but it certainly makes him unethical.

I went in for a $6,000 car and all they did was try to shove/push/intimidate me into buying a $22,000 car!!!!  And give up my current vehicle and have payments at TWICE what I am currently paying.  They are SO pushy that when I finally got fed up and walked out, they followed me to my car and kept trying to talk me into a deal as I drove away!

This business is scummy.  


Ash H. | 2013-11-18

Horrible business practices!  Incompetent finance department.  Business office is worse.  Fills out forms incorrectly and damaged my credit.
Don't ever give them any of your personal information.  Dangerous!

S U. | 2013-11-18

My husband and I went to Future Ford of Sac after seeing a few vehicles online that interested us.  They didn't have what we were looking for on their lot, so they took us up to Roseville which had the trucks we were looking for (the lots interchange vehicles).  We found one that we really like, and drove it back to Sac to sit down and talk numbers about it.  

I'm just going to point out the things that led them to NOT making a deal with us:

1)  They tried to REALLY low ball us on our trade in.  We have been to several other dealers and know what they were all going to give us.  

2)  They said their sale price on the vehicle was $35,000.  Future Ford of Roseville had that very same vehicle listed on their site as $30,000.  Maybe Sac should learn to cross- check their prices with Roseville.  How else should we feel other than they were trying to screw us out of $5,000 and thought we were stupid enough to not realize it.

3)  Manager was rude...kept putting down our trade in and basically saying it was a piece of crap when in all reality, the vehicle that we were going to trade in is still a VERY nice truck.  

Our salesman, Rob, was the only positive out of our experience.  He was very accommodating and friendly.  I feel bad that his manager made him lose a sale.

It was a huge mistake to go to Future Ford and try to give them our business.  We will stick to our small town dealers and keep our money local.

Rod D. | 2013-10-22

I understand it's really easy for people to have really bad experiences at car dealerships (we've had our share), but this review is for the excellent experience we had at the Future Ford Madison Avenue dealership.

This is not a review of Future Ford of Roseville in the Roseville Automall.  I have a separate review for that place, specifically their service dept.  They may share the same name and owner, but our experiences between the two dealerships are literally night and day.

We had reservations going into a Future Ford dealership, given the horrible experience we had with the Future Ford Roseville dealership service dept years ago.  But we were very interested in getting a Focus ST, and Future Ford Madison had by far the best selection when we checked online.   Even though we had already done our homework and were very ready and eager to get a car that day, my wife and I agreed well in advance that it was to be a noncommittal visit and that we should be able to walk away if we were not happy with the deal.  We were pleasantly surprised at how nice everyone was.  We weren't bothered by the whiteboard listing the day's sales, or the fact that we negotiated in the large main hall.  We did get a bit of pressure from the general manager on the floor, but really that's all part of doing business in a car dealership, it's all part of the dance and we understand and accept that.  

Every other part of our experience was top notch, particularly KEVIN ROSS, who was our salesman and who did such a fine job going over the car, options, and being very accomodating and patient.  He had a great understanding of space, and he was very respectful.  We were treated maturely, and in the end we were very happy with the deal we got, I think we got a great deal on exactly the car we wanted.  What more could you ask for.

Also I'd like to compliment our finance person, MEYSAM SALEHI, who did a great job.  He was straightforward, efficient, told me everything he needed to tell me, and allowed me to decide and have the final word without any addiitonal haggling.

From reading other posts I know somebody at Future Ford Madison reads these Yelp reviews, and that is the main reason I am posting, to publicly compliment and have management recognize KEVIN ROSS for being such a fantastic salesman for us.

Jason G. | 2013-09-18

Liars. They give you a written quote for your vehicle in person, with a 7day guarantee and then when you agree to sell it to them they change their mind. And try to lowball you even more.
Thanks for wasting my time losers

Natalie M. | 2013-09-10

After having my car totaled by someone else and getting screwed over by her insurance company I was frustrated, out 5 grand, my vehicle, and still trying to maintain my busy schedule with my kids and jobs, I walked into Future Ford to compassion and understanding to my situation. I was treated with respect and walked out with a beautiful 2010 certified pre owned Ford Fusion. Kathy was amazing in selling me something that fit my needs and lifestyle and Jeff and Shane were incredible in finance! I was out the door with tears of joy and the biggest smile on my face. Easiest thing I've ever done, something that car buying should be more often! Thank you all again! :)

Christopher A. | 2013-09-08

What absolute scumbags and pieces of **** these guys are.

We negotiated for almost a week on a 2014 Grabber Blue GT. Then they try to change the price. Then they refuse to honor a rebate that expired the day before without telling us.

So after all this, I decide to get the car. After driving 2 HOURS to get here, the sales guy decides to then tell me that the front bumper has scratch damage. The interior had crumbs and sticky soda residue in the cup-holder. AND THE TOPPER: The transmission (6-spd) was bad. Should have been a red flag that the car had 300 miles on it.

If this is their definition of Customer Service, then what an absolute joke. We were jerked around and when it was all said n done, had been tossed around between 5-6 sales people. And ended up with a 4 hour roundtrip with no car (and a hard to find color no less).

Kathleen G. | 2013-08-08

I had a minor headlight issue. They never resolved it and charged me for a lightbulb and one and a half hours of service time. I still have a headlight that doesnt work. When I spoke to their manager all he could do is say sorry.

Robert C. | 2013-07-17

My 87 year old Grandfather went into a Ford dealership alone (because he is healthy and capable, yet stubborn- we begged him to let us come along). The salespeople at Future Ford of Sacramento CA sold (ripped off) this old man, a Vietnam veteran, a model listed in the paper as 19K for 28K! After a month it broke and they took 29 days to fix it, knowing that after 30 days it would be a lemon and wouldn't even offer a service or rental car. We will never buy from Ford again! I don't know how those scum of the earth people sleep at night!

Makena G. | 2013-07-11

I am so pleased and excited about this dealership! Tyler and his crew at future ford were amazing! Not once did I feel pressured into buying the car I liked. Everything was very relaxed and laid back. I can not brag enough about how sweet and caring they are! I would come back here in a heart beat and send all my friends here! Thank you Tyler!!!!

David C. | 2013-05-18

Awful car dealer. Only concerned with profits and getting you into a profitable car instead of what's right for you. They totally screwed me over and ill be paying for it years and years. You'll get better rates and numbers at other ford dealers. I have dealt with Folsom and Dixon and they are both much better.

I do have to say though that the service department is really nice and fast. I would probably give them 4 stars.

Kranthi K. | 2013-05-15

We tried to identify the problems in the cars and the sales representative is so arrogant and trying to point out that we are trying to find reasons not to buy the car. Any thing you ask the sales guy, the standard answer is regular wear and tear. The sales representative is NOT interested in selling the car! He wasted our time making us to sit in the show room for 2 hours just to find out if the car can be fixed! And you know the answer is, they can't fix it after waiting for 2 hrs for his managers review. What is the point in buying the car which we cant lock the doors. and paying the price of EXCELLENT condition as per KBB!  The car left passenger door doesn't lock at all. There are no original keys, neither the remote. The automatic door locking system malfunctions during the drive (keeps trying to lock the door).  So, beware if you try to buy cars from this dealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vikie C. | 2013-05-09

If I could give this place zero stars I would.  Let me preface this review by stating that I am a reasonable person and when I put out a lot of money, I expect better than average customer service.

I called on the morning of May 6th for an appointment for a repair to my engine, an oil change, and tire rotation & balance on my 2008 Ford Fusion.  I had my car towed in due to the nature of the repair.  When I came in to talk to Andy, I again reminded him about the oil change and tire rotation/balance that needed to be done in addition to the engine repair.  Andy confirmed my request and told me he'd call when my car was ready.

I received a phone call on Tuesday, May 7th at 3:00pm from Andy stating that my car was ready.  I told him that I was at work and asked if the courtesy shuttle could come pick me up at work.  When I gave him the address of my office, a mere 10 miles from the dealership, he told me that it was too far and that I needed to find another way there.  I informed Andy that if he could not send the shuttle that I could not get a ride until 5:00pm.  He said that was fine and if I could not make it by closing time, that I could pay my bill over the phone and that he would leave my keys and invoice at the sales counter.  I agreed to this, paid my bill, and came over when I got a ride.  I found out after I had paid my bill that the oil change and tire service had not been done and that there was no time to complete it that day.  When I arrived at 6:05pm everyone from service had gone home already.  I went to the sales department as instructed and my keys and paperwork had not been left as promised.  The receptionist could not find my keys and had to call the sales manager, Greg, to come back to open the service office to get my keys.  He did not have my invoice and said that Andy would mail it to me.  I did not get my car back until 8:00pm and my car hadn't even been washed, as it typically is when I take my car to the Elk Grove Ford dealership for service.

Greg informed me that I would be getting a phone call from Andy on Wednesday to discuss the interaction because I was highly upset at that point.  Andy did not call me as promised on Wednesday and did not in fact call me until today, Thursday, May 9, 2013 after I made a verbal complaint to the representative that called me to ask if I was satisfied with my service.  Andy left me a voicemail that further frustrated me by saying he was sorry things did not go as planned but that I "may have" told him about the oil change and tire rotation and he "may have" forgotten and that him not leaving my keys and paperwork as promised was a "minor detail".  Andy's nonchalance about the entire situation is terrible customer service in my opinion.

I am very disappointed with this interaction, as I expected a much higher level of customer service based on Future Ford's "commitment to excellence".  After spending over $550 on repairs, the least Future Ford could have done was provide transportation and wash my car.  I will not be returning to this dealership in the future.  I will be taking my vehicle elsewhere for service from now on based on the disappointing level of customer service and the outrageously overpriced cost of repairs.

Arwen E. | 2013-04-26

If you want an awesome car buying experience thats personal and from a genuine down to earth salesman who cares about your needs and wants I suggest you call up Frank Roman at Future Ford of Sacramento!  My Family has just bought their fourth vehicle from Frank and as always we got a 100% awesome experience.  My new Explorer was the perfect fit for my family and the right price.  call him up (916)662-2384! Dave (his manager) is a funny guy that also made the experience feel more like seeing an old friend that the usual car lot grind.

Robert S. | 2013-04-14

Kathy and Barbara were great ladies I would recommend them for a car buying experience. We drove off the lot at 10PM with our new vehicle so could not really see perfectly. The next day we noticed the vehicle was dirty and we were a little disappointed. When we called Kathy and Barbra to tell them they took care of it  which made me happy as this is my wife's and she needs it to be good for her. about 2 weeks after purchase after a big rain we noticed there was 2 inches of water in the spare tire well/holding area. We called them again and they requested that we bring in the vehicle the next day. They kept it for 7 days fixed the water issue (missing washer or rivet in the hatchback door) and fixed various other rattles I had heard while driving. They gave us a rental car that was not the bottom of the barrel this time for the whole duration

Justina K. | 2013-03-31

Curt Lopez is the best salesman I have ever worked with! He is not a total shark like the rest of them! He even talked things over through a nice lunch. I wouldn't go to anyone else to buy a new truck. He is the go to guy, and will talk you through anything, and makes the transition very smooth. Curt along, with Slovik, are a great team. Not to mention, Ron in finance was the sweetest ever.

Alex T. | 2013-03-14

So I decided to pop in quickly to look at some trucks and Ivan Serratos was the man I ended up with. Got to give him a few stars to add to his badge since he was professional and always gave me my space, never pushed further than my comfort level. We ended up buying a truck that day. Good job Ivan.

P S. | 2013-01-26

Not good.  I don't live in the area, but had to go there with a family member.  In my view, I think they're service department is dishonest and I felt they took advantage of my dad (who's in his 80's) to the tune of nearly $2,000.

Sandy R. | 2013-01-22

I wish i would have read the real yelp reviews before purchasing from future ford of Sacramento.


Greg C. | 2012-10-09

As a car buyer, I always dread walking into a car dealership, especially a domestic brand. Previous experiences say this is going to be painful. That being said, walked into Future Ford looking for a specific vehicle they advertised on Autotrader.com that my college bound daughter was interested in looking at. They took an hour to 'find' the vehicle on the lot while showing us other vehicles. We finally drove it off the lot which was appreciated and after some of the usual haggling, we agreed on a price. About 2 hours into the process now. Was paying cash so figured the final paper work was going to be easy. Met the finance guy and got some of the usual up-selling for services and warranties we weren't interested in. He printed out the sales contract and handed it to me to sign and upon my review, found a $200 'option' charge for engraving security numbers on parts of the car, something never discussed during the sales process. The interesting thing was the last $$ difference during our negotiation was $200. The finance employee stumbled all over the place when I pointed out the option I never agreed to and was clearly unable to explain why it was there.

At this point I would have walked out, but it was a car for my daughter, and we were worn out by the now 3 hour ordeal that should have not take more than 90 minutes. He redid the contract minus the $200 so we walked out paying as was agreed during negotiations.

Other notes ... the car was not filled with gas as our salesman promised, but it just wasn't worth trying to find him and get it taken care of.

I would wish I could give more than one star, but it felt much like when I bought a 1986 Mustang new ... 26 years has not improved the domestic experience.

Doin It On T. | 2012-09-28

I've bought a number of new vehicles through the years and while most have been great experiences, there have been two or three that were not.  My recent experience with Future Ford of Sacramento was by far the most negative car buying experience I've ever had.....or even heard of!

If I hadn't already had so much time invested at the dealership and on the phone, I would have just walked away.  I kept telling myself "just be patient....give them the benafit of the doubt....we can work through this".  I should have listened to my inner voice telling me to run as fast as I could!

The salesman didn't know the product that he was selling, even after two calls quesioning him about it.  The finance manager got involved and he just made it worse.  He's the kind of guy that gives all car lots and car salesman a bad rap.....he'll tell you what ever he thinks you want to hear even when he knows it's a lie.

I wrote a letter to the General Manager.  He asked what he could do to make it right by me and I outlined it.  He told me that's what they'd do for me and assured me that it would be handled professionally.  They even messed that all up.  It just seems that dealership is full of a bunch of bumbling morons that smile to your face, slap you on the back, promise you what ever you're wanting......knowing that they're just trying to close the deal and have absolutely no concern for your satisfaction.  They talk the talk but they certainly don't walk their talk!

Vanessa O said it best in her review....if there was a minus sign that I could put....this place would get it.  I agree with her....they will tell you a known lie and smile while they're doing it, just to get your signature on the line.

You should know that most of my reviews are positive as that is generally my attitude in life and I always try to give the benafit of the doubt.  This dealership is the worst review I've ever wrote and they are totally deserving of that.  If I could stand at the door with a sign to warn people and share my experience, I would.....however, I have to work for a living.

Vanessa O. | 2012-08-17

If there was a minus stars this place would get it!!! I hate this place!! everyone there lies thru their teeth. They never hold their part of an agreement and even try to bully people into doing un-ethical things.

Hank M. | 2012-08-13

Lee Peebles what a great guy and a wonderful salesman. He took such good care of Alice and she is so happy with her new Ford Fiesta!
I wish my first car buying experience was this good. If you are a first time car buyer you should go see Lee 925-285-0215 internet sales...the only way I will buy a car!
Did I mention 0% interest for 5 years...for a first time car buyer

tiffany m. | 2012-07-05

I was in a major situation where getting a car was as easy as climbing the empire state building with my bare hands. i had been rejected from dealership after dealership because they could not work with me and find me a car I could love AND afford at the same time,

Lee Peebles, go to him at future ford. he works wonders!! he was so helpful and willing to work with me and give me OPTIONS. no car dealer has ever given me options.

I had such a positive experience at ford and im a VW girl all the way, but this time I needed something affordable and he made it happen.

Shawn B. | 2012-03-26

While We ended up trading in our HHR for a focus (which actually has more room than the HHR)and we got a decent deal in the long run, we almost walked out. This wasn't our first car lot rodeo. We have bought other cars before plus my father in law was a car salesman for 30 years and he taught us what to look for and how to wheel and deal. The whole process was like being in the car with granny while she was riding the brakes and driving uphill. For these people to be such professionals at their job it was slow. We got there at 16:30 and didn't leave until 22:00 (that's 430 pm to 10 pm for the non military). It wasn't the salesman's fault..in fact he seemed to be a little annoyed at the process himself. It was the the appraiser and the manager who were apparently unsure how to do their jobs. They were quick to offer us ridiculously high payments and not even low KBB value for the trade in. Every time we counter offered it took 20 to 30 minutes for a re-counter. This whole time we also had to chase around the 2 year old who wouldn't stay in the designated play area (which was actually not bad). I ended up having to leave the wife to wait for a counter offer and get the carpet commando dinner from a fast food place at about 19:00. To wrap up this part of the story: we didn't get as low of a payment as we had hoped but we did get them to give us a top offer on the HHR which paid it off and gave us a couple of hundred to aid as a down payment for the new Focus. I was about ready to rip a hole in the closer when he started to offer us extra crap that would have almost doubled our payment, and boy did he push his product. At the end of the night he said he would try to get a lower interest rate for us which I didn't believe. Lo and behold he did call and he did exactly what he said he would do AND he was able to throw in a couple of the perks he tried to sell us at a lower monthly payment than what we had when we left the previous night. I applaud that. Long story short: I wasn't concerned about the sales floor being the bargaining table, every one else there was doing the same thing as us and there was a child's play area to boot. I didn't even mind the haggling, it's all part of the game. I did mind the excessive amount of time for counter offers. I loved that the closer actually took his time to find us a better loan, but I was tweaked over the fact that car lots always have to sell you more crap even if they know you really, truly, already have reached your monetary limit on the payments in the first place. The people were nice, just a bit challenging to deal with, as all car salesmen are. I may go back for another vehicle after my Passport turns over 200,000 miles.

Caitlin S. | 2012-02-24

Well, I bought a car (my first!) from them last weekend, so I should have nice warm feeling. I mean, I love my car. I even greatly enjoyed my salesman (Josh J. is fantastic - funny, low pressure, dorky). However, I have some quibbles.

I didn't like how the negotiation area was the large reception room - you sit a tiny table surrounded by salesmen, receptionists, passersby and other car buyers. It's loud and chaotic. It made me feel like they didn't value me or my transaction - that I was just one more person they were trying to hurry up with so they could move on (and mark my sale on the large public "score board"). Which is probably exactly how they view me, but they should improve that area so that the customers don't walk away with that impression.

I also hated the finance guy, Alex. You know the stereotypes of salesman sleaze? Well, one for one, he managed to check them off. And I was paying cash! I can't image what shenanigans he would pull if you are getting a loan. As it was the last part of my car buying experience, it really soured my experience there. And to boot, it took them 6 days to cash my check! They had told me it would only take 2-3. Not cool.

they were playing Joni Mitchell on the loudspeaker +
our salesman struck me a genuinely nice guy and I appreciated his humor and tact +
they have a fantastic selection of new and used cars +
they have a giant plant in the dealership which is both cool and calming +
there is an in-n-out across the street +

the finance guy drove me batty -
the head salesman was not too flexible -
the negotiation room is poorly designed - uncomfortable, loud and cold -
the snacks are crummy -
the bathroom is not ADA compliant - (!) (how is this even possible in this day and age??)

The math: +5 + -5 = THREE STARS -- fine, but nothing to rave to your friends about.

Dave H. | 2012-02-19

One more dealership that ies to there customers. Rip-off prices and not willing to work with you. Quote a price on craigslist ad then changes it once you get to the dealer. Go buy a car someplace else.

NATASHA F. | 2012-01-23

Future Ford was hands down the worst dealership I have even been to. The day started out ok, found the car I wanted to buy... then came time to finance. They kept giving me the run around with prices telling me they found a company to finance but arent too sure... but by the end of the day I was done dealing with the BS so I took a certain insurance company to finance with. The next day Future Ford said that company was not going to work and I either had to give the car back OR pay another $1000 down to find me a company who'd want to work with me.....!!

LONG story short... I ended up having to scrounge for another $1000 to put down on the car and got raped on my interest rate with a company I had never heard of..... PLUS the employees at Future Ford are impossible to work with and completely rude and not considerate!! Never again will i attempt to even buy from them!!

Patti R. | 2012-01-21

Came here today as I was having trouble with my car. Parts dept staff (Rudy!) was VERY friendly and helpful! He didn't treat me like I'm an idiot just because I'm a woman. He patiently answered my questions and I felt good about my purchase for my car.  The Service Dept guys were terrific when I doubled checked on where to install my part--again, super helpful.  I had good service here and would come back.

Noel H. | 2011-12-20

oh wow do i hate there services area, i bought my truck at this location yea great sales guy an all but now that i do my maintance, i rather take it some where else, the sales rep from ford  name is dave or david, he was utterly rude didnt take me serious, and then the mechinac did the work and left my truck really dirty, now this is a ford f350 king ranch 2008 i keep it clean and these guys litterly just turn it in hella dirty, oil spill all over my door i had to take my truck right away and get it wash spent nearly 50 bucks for the clean up, screw this department of parts and serivices i rather go to elm ford in woodland

Heather S. | 2011-06-29

One correction to my original post - The original guy who stood us up during the sales process was Scott Lucchessi and not Shane.  Just another one to add to the list of dysfunctional employees there.

Service department fixed problem yesterday (keep in mind this was NOT authorized by us as we were working on getting the truck out of there at the time they called to say it was done!).  Still nothing had come back regarding warranty resolution so its clear the left hand doesn't know what the right hand was doing.  We spoke to Tony, the service manager, who seems to be the person we should have STARTED with last week.  He agreed to let us pay nothing more than the deductible on the warranty for the repair even though the warranty covering the item was still up in the air.  Does this make up for a week's worth of hassle, stress, and lack of vehicle?  Not in our book.

J. B. | 2011-01-22

These guys are scammers. Salesguy was great, but the finance guy was dishonest, pushy and just rude. We're kicking ourselves for buying a crappy car for too much money here. We've since sold that car and have dealt with much better dealerships (in terms of stress, honesty and sincerity). They pride themselves on so-called awards, but I wish we would have done more homework before letting ourselves be "taken" at Future Ford!

B.O.B B. | 2010-12-16

0 Stars.... if it were only and option

Serivce Department fixed the wrong problem/part on our 2005 Ford Explorer even after I told and showed them exactly what was wrong with the vehicle so we got stuck paying $600 dollars for a problem that was never fixed.

Then we ended up trading in our vehicle and got passed off to 3 different sales people in the process and then the guy almost didnt want to sell us a vehicle we picked out because they said that and I quote "We are not going to make any money off of this deal" EVEN THOUGH WE WERE PAYING THE FULL STICKER PRICE ON THE WINDOW... then to top it off that they were rude and love to talk to customers as if they are not educated about what they are doing. This is the ONLY and LAST time i will ever do business with this dealership and I DO NOT recommend any to go this place, they are disorganized and rude. Especially the Assistant and Finance managers, this guy Gary Harmon was horrible.


Matthew G. | 2010-12-07

Some of the preceding reviews look phony like a letter to the editor of a men's magazine.  Who but a car dealer talks about buying a NEW car?

My experience there was textbook bad: I had sent detailed information about the vehicle I intended to trade-in and made an appointment to view a particular vehicle they had advertised.  They wasted as much of my time as possible to make me feel invested in the transaction by making me wait while they checked trade-in values (though they'd had the information for several days).  So I sat next to a low-income family being pressured to buy more car than they could afford.  There was a lot of chit-chat and efforts to "connect" on a personal level even though I told them my 4 y.o. was a ticking time bomb and that all I wanted to do was see the vehicle they had advertised

They came back with a trade in value that was 60% of wholesale or 45% of retail.  They couldn't show me the vehicle I had made an appointment to see.  Classic bait & switch.  The used cars they showed me were 10-15% above their true values, but don't you don't have to take my word for it,  Go to cargurus.com enter in a make and model and see which ones show up with the big red arrows.

They're very friendly, but they are no friend to their prospective customers.

Justin C. | 2010-11-29

Justin McClellan is great. The dealership was low pressure, all about the customer's needs and really improved from the last time I was in there. Though we didn't leave with a car; Justin figured out a way to get the deal exactly where I wanted it to be! Thanks for the great efforts guys!

Victor T. | 2010-10-13

A+ Service and Easy to Work With!

I recently purchased a pre-owned car from Rod Collins at Future Ford of Sacramento and found his sales and service staff to be helpful, friendly, easy to do business with. They were never pushy and treated me like a family member.

I have never given a review on a car dealer, nor have I spent the time to refer one until now. My mother-in-law just puchased an SUV from them and also had a great experience with their staff too.

Diana W. | 2010-08-23

Bought a new Ford Focus last week. They are having problems STILL completing our paperwork on the loan. Called a week later and told us they needed more documentation. We called back to find out exactly what they needed and after 4 days still cannot get ONE person there to return our calls. Finance manager Dave Queen has been left 2 urgent messages to return our calls yet has refused. This place is a disorganized mess and the customer service is non-existent. I will update this review if this problem is ever resolved. Called FORD MOTOR CO. directly and they put in our complaint but said this is a sales/internal issue and will not get involved. GREAT.

M C. | 2010-07-15

I had some trouble with my Ford truck and these guys were great. There was one guy who looked like the Jolly Green Giant that was so sexy.

Malea B. | 2010-03-17

This was my fifth trip to Future Ford for services to my '04 Escape.  Each time the service has been an improvement over the previous visit.  Previous trips were for 30k service, an oil change, tires, and for a few repairs after a car accident.  In between I've gone to a couple of other places and had a horrible experience everywhere else.

Today I went in for 60,000 mile service and told the service agent, Ed, up front that I was *only* interested in that service and nothing more unless absolutely necessary.  I hadn't even thought about the fact  that my battery was past due to be replaced....so, when he told me that needed taken care of, I was cool with it since I did know, but just wasn't thinking about it when I made the service appointment.   I also knew that I have two tires due to be replaced but figured they could wait another month.

Anyhow, I drove in at a few minutes past 7am and didn't have to wait at all for Ed to come out and check in my car.  We had already talked about the services needed and he didn't even try to push me for anything extra - the last few places I've gone for services have pushed *immediately* for additional services.  Not Ed...he was chill and like, "Hey, I get that.  You know what you want..."

I asked how long I should expect to be without my car and Ed told me to expect about two, maybe three hours.  I had planned on longer since every other place I called was telling me a MINIMUM of FIVE hours!  Oh, and did I mention that when I called around to compare estimates, Future Ford was $200 LESS than everywhere else???  A few places refused to even give me a ballpark over the phone.  Ed was awesome when I called...he said, "Assuming you don't need anything else it will be $425 MAX, including tax."

When I arrived for my appointment, one of the first things Ed told me was, "I forgot to tell you on the phone that I have a $40 off coupon that you can use towards your service today."  Niiiiice!!!!

So, I took myself across the street to Starbucks, fully expecting to be there quite a while (I had planned for that and brought a full backpack of stuff to keep me busy....).  After only about 45 minutes, Ed called and said, "I wanted to let you know that we had a hard time getting your car started.  You really need to replace your battery soon...if not today.  I would hate for you to be stranded somewhere.  If we do it today, it will cost x amount more...I know you don't want to add any additional services but this is really kind of a necessity..."  Since I had already been aware of my battery problem but kind of ignoring it, I was fine with this additional service.  But, I had expected a push at some point for more stuff that wasn't necessary....that never happened!  I even fully expected them to go on and on about my needing two new tires, which I *do* need...the only mention was, "You should get those two tires replaced in the near future but it doesn't need to be immediately..."

I was in and out in UNDER two hours!!!  Plus, Ed gave me the $40 off coupon, plus another 5% for some loyalty program or something and a credit towards a future visit.  He also gave me a price quote for the two tires and told me to shop around FIRST to be sure I got the best price.  He even wrote out the tire size/specs for me so I wouldn't have to do it myself.  And, he told me how to save more money if Ford turned out to have the lowest price...

PLUS...on top of the great service, savings, etc, Ed also told me that they changed out my coolant for FREE.  Last time some place wanted to do that, it cost me $30 additional!

I do have other services that I want to get done before a cross-country drive this summer and plan to bring my car back to Future Ford for all of it, including the two tires.  

Dealing with Ed kind of felt like having my dad holding my hand through all this garbage that I don't really understand.  I felt taken care of and like my business was valued.  Even when I went to pay, the cashiers were super nice as was the kid that brought my car around when I was ready to leave.

Mayra J. | 2010-02-27

"A"  for the service

"F" for their lobby

Yes I'm allowed to do that...shut it please.

Ok here's how it went down...

Got there this morning at 9am and met with a great "female" service person, not many of those these days, she was spot on with what I wanted even threw in a free car wash coupon for Bubbas car wash across the street, I don't care if it's only worth $5 it means alot that they thought of that.

The truck was done by 10 and I was charged for just what I asked for. Awsome chicks at FORD.

Ok, the "F" stands for FOR REALS? The lobby  was packed, weren't that many seats to begin with. Two-TV wasn't working, Three-3 different car salesmen came in with their business cards, "Hey if ya'll need a new car, come see me I'm ________!" Really, I'm here to get my truck serviced, not to buy a f@cken new one...leave me alone!

Had to restrain myself after the last one, cuz one lady told the man she just bought one last year, he said, "But that was last year." What do you say to that but, you little dip sh*t!

Ok, I'm seeing red again.

Overall I'd say that my experience at all Ford dealerships have been sucky, the men there treat you like you're a pest when you come in. And the sales people need to be roped off to their own area, jeez.

They should be lucky I gave them any stars at all.

Jon C. | 2009-10-28

I still can't believe I am writing a 5 star review for a Ford Dealership. I have been a long time Nissan guy. I stopped by this dealership the other night and was rather surprised. We pulled in driving a Porsche, so of course we were prime targets for the pouncing sales force. We were approached by Tony Coe. He has continued to be the most courteous and friendly car sales guy we have had in a long time. Along with his 'closer' Jim. We really had a complete change of opinion of Ford Dealerships. I had a new Nissan on order, but needed a car a little quicker. Tony showed us a 2010 Black Expedition Limited and then told us all about the technology we had no idea was even in Ford's. We have bought a lot of cars, but never a Ford. We drove it away. I was trading in my 2005 Nissan Armada, and they gave me a fair trade in price without even seeing it. We brought it in the next day. It really was a surprising experience.

crispino d. | 2009-06-09

It's incredible how dumb and ill-informed the car salesman are in this dealership. I mean cmon now, how are you not going to know the most simplest of facts such as horsepower output of Shelby Cobra? If you are going to be working in a Ford dealership, wouldn't knowing general info about the inventory be helpful in fostering a thriving business that keeps customers coming back for more? They do not know shit about the cars they are selling, let alone how to provide great customer service.

I bought a used mercury about half a year ago and one would think after spending 17k that a full tank of gas would be complimentary with the purchase.  Nope. The cheap bastards couldn't even give me a full tank of gas!  Having driven all the way from Oakland, spending another 40 bucks to fill my tank was totally not cool.  

But since I could not leave the lot without my beloved Marauder, I decided to bite my tongue and just leave it be. I just wanted to get the hell out of this place asap.  I highly reccommend any one looking for a Ford/Lincoln/ Mercury to look elsewhere.

Jamie W. | 2009-05-23

I was in a car accident last summer and my beloved 1997 Mustang was totaled. When we went to Future Ford to replace my car, everyone was great... until we went to pay for the car. The finance guy kept going on and on about their warranty plans, even when my dad told him we had somewhere to be in about an hour, and we still had to go home and get ready. He finally got it, and we picked the plan we wanted, but here's when the biggest problem came: my new 2007 Mustang was missing the knobs on the back of the seats. They raise the seats so people can get in the back, and there's a secondary lever but it's not reachable by the people in the backseat.

They promised to order the knobs right away. Many months and phone calls and emails later, the knobs were actually ordered and delivered.

They were the wrong color.

Fortunately I still had them installed. Future Ford promised they would reorder them in the correct color, but that was last fall. I'm still waiting.

Rick R. | 2009-03-31

Future Ford is one of these big old school looking dealerships. They have the Mustangs out front on rotating displays and they always have the hottest Roush and Shelby Mustangs and F-150's customized sitting right out in street view. If you are a Ford guy, this place is awesome. The only problem is you cannot just go look and enjoy viewing your favorite Ford, because as soon as you pull in the driveway, some fuckin sales retard starts bee-lining right for your car. You open your car door and he's alreayd in your face assuming you want to trade in your current Mustang or car. The biggest problem I have is that most of these guys know nothing about Mustangs! I am a Mustang guy, I always have been. I went to look at the new Shelby Cobra when it first came out and I was curious as to what motor was in it. I know the 03-04's had the Terminator motor which is a dohc 4.6 3v 281 supercharged, and I was wondering if thats what was in the new Shelby. So I asked the guy what motor was in there and he says, "its a GT500." No shit, but what motor is it? Is it a 4.6 or ??? He had no clue, so I asked him to pop the hood and I could see that it was a 5.4L Supercharged beast. He then asked me if I was interested in a regular GT and I told im I already had a 2002 GT and then he said yea but the new GT is 300HP!!! But thats all he knew. I get pissed off when someone trys to talk cars or bikes with me and has no idea what they are talking about. If you are gonna sell Mustangs, not only be a car guy, but be a Ford guy.

Brad E. | 2009-01-03

So far, they have been quite consistent.  It goes like this, I take my car there to have it repaired.  The car has the problem fixed but comes back with a different problem.  You call to complain and get the "hold" treatment and run around.

In an industry know for the shisters (sp?), Future Ford is worst in class.


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