Enzo Auto Sales in Sacramento, CA

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Our business is specialized in pre owned cars. We do wholeslae and retail.


Established in 2007.

Me and my friend started this business from the scratch in June 2007. We worked together and we worked hard to reach customer satisfaction by finding the best pre-owned car out there.

Enzo Auto Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 910-4343
Address:2557 Albatross Way, Sacramento, CA, 95815
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Enzo Auto Sales

Ornin H. | 2014-10-18

As I was reading the previous reviews on yelp, I was not sure if I want to do business with Enzo. I had found a vehicle in their shop and it had caught my eye. Staffs were friendly and honest. Purchased the car in right value and a months later still no issue. I went back to buy a car for my wife  and still got top exceptional service.  Highly recommend this place for friends and family.

catherine p. | 2014-10-14

It is so difficult finding a car dealership that will treat you any better that Charlotte and Eddy at Enzo Auto Sales.  We had been looking all over town for just the right Subaru for my son who is extremely picky.  We ended up an Enzo after dealing with so many high pressured salespeople -- and also after visiting lots with not a soul to be found.

We were not expecting to walk away with the car immediately after driving it, but everything fell in to place very nicely and easily.

When I am looking to buy our next used car, I will definitely be giving them a call!

Stacey H. | 2014-10-04

We bought a 2013 Toyota 4runner from Charlotte and the team at Enzo. My husband and I couldn't be happier. The car was immaculate when we showed up. Our financing was pre-approved and ready to go.  After a test drive and some paperwork we were off in our new car.  Purchasing a car from out of town can be stressful but they made it extremely easy. The car was located for us and they held it until we arrived a few days later. We couldn't ask for anything else. I would definitely recommend them in the future.

Justin S. | 2014-08-08

Great service without the pressure of purchasing a car.  Was more than pleased with the service even after I had already purchased the car.  Fixed some of the scratches on the car free of charge after I purchased, and also got a good price for my trade in. Eddy and the crew are great people to deal with.

Rodney G. | 2014-03-20

To continue my previous reviews, after calling my home four times and unsuccessfully contacting me there,  I received a call from Eddie today on my cell phone at 2:48pm while at work. He proceeded to curse wildly and threatened me multiple times. He was using the "F" word obsessively and called me out as if to insinuate he wanted to fight me. I have since called my local law enforcement and will also be contacting Sacramento P.D.. This fully confirms my past reviews and speaks worlds into the business, and personal, ethics of this car dealer. Please beware.

andrea u. | 2014-02-22

I have been looking for a Chevy Colorado for some time now that was not over priced and found one on craigslist. It was advertised by Enzo's auto sales. I was hesitant about dealing with a dealership (due to pressure and alot of BS), but I checked it out anyways. Glad I did. No hassle sales and knowledgeable about their vehicles. (Free carfax). Before I test drove the truck I told Charlotte my financial needs oh and that I have "less than perfect credit". She said, don't worry let me work my magic. Boy did she. I got my truck at the monthly payment I needed and down payment I could afford. She communicated every step of the way. Needless to say I am pleased and would definitely recommend family and friends.
A big pat on the back for Charlotte! Thank you for your determination, effort, and accomplishment!

Julia S. | 2013-10-30

My boyfriend and I bought our 2001 Nissan Xterra from here about 8 months ago and we are very pleased with everything...after searching for a car at multiple dealerships along Fulton ave we've failed miserably in finding a dealership that we felt happy and comfortable with...so when my boyfriend stumbled across Enzo Auto Sales online he wanted to check it out. I was very reluctant at first & at this point I have already given up...due to the poor horrible customer service that we've received from all the other car dealerships...but we drove past the dealership to check it out anyways.

When we got there we slowly drove by to just get a glimpse of the cars due to the fact they were closing...immediately Joseph one of the salesmen saw us, greeted us & told us that we were free to take our time and look if we wanted to & so we did which was very courteous of him...the following weekend we came back to look more. We had the pleasure of Joseph to help us in the whole car buying process...from the very beginning to the very end I have to say that Joseph treated us with the utmost respect that I believe how every dealership should treat their customers. He went above and beyond in trying to find us the perfect loan. He definitely made my first time car buying experience a easy no hassle experience...I have to give Enzo Auto Sales 5 stars for their great customer service & reliable cars...I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking to buy a car!!!

Staci F. | 2013-08-20

Love, love, love! Charlotte is wonderful!! She went above and beyond for me. She was npt pushy or rude, she worked very hard for me and I still cannot thank her enough. I traded in my 01 Saturn for a 05 Jetta. I love my new car so much and the entire process was just wonderful!! My brother purchased a car here from Eddy and he was very happy, still is! He was the one who told me about this place. I cannot thank Charlotte and Eddy enough for all the did for me. My son was with me and he's 5, they treated him great which made a huge deal!!! Anyway, I am so happy with the way I was treated, these people are honest, nice, professional and so kind! Thank you both again!!

Nick A. | 2013-08-14

I purchased my car there about two years ago and was sold a voided warranty for $1,200. When I found out it was voided I contacted them multiple times to try and get my money back from them when the owner would never call back and while trying to call them they would ignore my phone call. Just poor customer service I was not happy.

Danielle P. | 2013-05-17

Ok...I'm about 5 days out from buying my Cadillac Escalade EXT from Eddy and Charlotte at Enzo. I waited a few days to let things settle and I can happily say I am still absolutely elated with my new car and my experience!
I really liked the feel of the smaller dealership. Things were very strait forward. No "let me go talk to my manager" and going off to back rooms playing head games.
Eddy and Charlotte both were very cordial and professional. I was working with a Lender they had never worked with before but were more than happy to do what was needed to close out my deal. I was coming from out of town and after work but they were more than happy to stay open past hours and well into dinner time with thier families im sure. My new car WAS held and reserved for me. Beautifully detailed and ready to go. My trade had some quirks (and was filthy!) but they were flexible and fair in dealing with that, and gave me a fair price on my trade in.
My new Cadillac has been gone through by my family of mechanics and is in impressive shape and was purchased at an incredibly fair and competitive price.
To those with bad reviews I'd have to say I'm shocked with thier experiences...I cant imagine the people who were so honest and upfront with me dealing in such ways. I will say in dealing with used cars...its always smart to have a mechanical background or a mechanic review the car prior to purchasing "As Is". Also....I find it fair to mention while signing my deal I was offered an option to return the truck, no questions asked, and cancel the contracts for a nominal fee.
I actually went alone and without any of the several male mechanics in my family and never once felt they were trying to pull one over on me or be unfair. I felt they were just very respectful. I've had my share of "Sleezy used care salesmen" they were nothing like that.
I searched for many months through many dealers and am thoroghly pleased to have found Eddy and Charlotte! I actually have and would again leave mid-deal from a dealer who I felt was being rude, shifty, unfair or in anyway not perfectly pleasent and professional. Its my money, my time, and a large, important, and STRESSFULL purchase (good or bad) that deserves proper respect and understanding. I simply refuse to go through all of that with any dealership that wouldn't treat me properly.
I would absolutely refer my friends and family to Eddy and Charlotte at Enzo. They have a very broad selection of vehicles from average economy vehicles to harder to find luxury vehicles. And service that I personally found incomporable.
Thanks Guys!

Jay D. | 2013-04-10

Nice guys are the best con artists.  Just because someone is nice doesn't mean they are honest; it just means they are nice.  Eddy is just that type of nice guy.

I went to Enzo to test out a 2002 Subaru Forester S model with 148,000 miles on the vehicle.  On the way to Maita Subaru for a pre-purchase inspection I noticed the front end vibrated at freeway speeds.  That was nothing compared to what Maita found: (1) both head gaskets leaked including an O-ring, (2) new thermostat needed, (3) oil engine pan seal leaked, (4) steering wheel shimmied, (5) tires showed "cupping", (6) left front axle seal leaked, (7) front break pads needed replacing including rotors resurfaced, (8) compass rear view mirror was cooked, (9) cup holders were shot and (10) minor driveline vibration present in reverse.  $3,500 of needed repairs.  Eddy did say he "honestly" didn't know what condition the timing belt was in...there's another $500-$600 bucks.

Eddy listed the car for $6995, which is a suggested retail price in "excellent" condition for dealer pricing in KBB.  Private party value is $5,490 for "excellent" and $5,165 for "very good", which this car is not.  Then came the ultimate con....

Eddy said he would split the cost of a GWR Warranty if I paid full price for the car and then told me to take the car to my favorite mechanic halfway through the policy and claim all the above repairs.  In other words, Eddy encouraged fraud.

Run from these nice amoral scumbags!

kayla j. | 2012-08-25

my husband and I bought a 2004 Subaru from this dealership and were pleased to discover their no hassle approach to sales.  We were never pressured and they even stayed open several hours late for us.  I am sure that they wanted to go home to their families but they allowed us a lengthy test drive, never rushing us.
they encouraged us to ask questions and were friendly and poltie throughout the entire transaction.  I have never felt so comfortable at a dealership before.
I would recommend this dealership to anyone based on my experience.  

thank you again for the pleasant transaction.

Jondre M. | 2012-06-28

Last week, my 2-year search finally ended at EnzoAutoSales.com  I was able to meet the owners Eddy and Fabian, but worked with Joseph on the vehicle.  All outstanding individuals.  This is a small business that doesn't have a lot of overhead, hence, you're not going to pay for more than for your vehicle. Period.  

Although I found similar vehicles in my own city and state, I traveled to Sacramento to check out this vehicle.  Of all of the ones on Autotrader, Cars(dot com) local dealers, private sellers, Enzo Auto Sales had the one that was worth traveling down for.  I was particularly cautious as the vehicle I was searching for was a higher end SUV and ones in good condition are more rare these days.  I was able to test drive the vehicle as long as I needed to through Sacramento and finally spent some time back at Enzo Auto Sales sitting in it, looking under it, and testing all of the electrical and movable features.  After being very satisfied with the condition, I took it home... the real test began.  It climbed through the Sierras and through elevation as if it were new, the looks that I got on the road were worth it!  

The next day, I took it to my service shop.  This local shop is a nationwide outfit that inspects vehicles from the tires to the roof and through the transmission, engine, and all critical parts. They commented that it was in outstanding condition although it had higher mileage (96K).  I then took it to my DMV as a state inspection must be done for out of state vehicles prior to registration, the inspector also commented that whoever had the vehicle before me took great care of it. Finally, I asked my good friend, whom is a government contractor for federal vehicles, he too said that the SUV was exceptional. It was confirmed, Enzo Auto Sales provided me with an outstanding buy at an outstanding price!  

If I wanted 0 miles, perfect paint, a new interior.. then I would have gone to a dealer and dropped $80,000 for the same SUV. Instead, I chose to be smart and went to Enzo Auto Sales and only spent one-fourth of that amount for the same vehicle in nearly the same condition.  If they have the car that you've been looking for, then I would put them on the top of your 'must see' list.  

Great guys, great cars, with an honest, no-dealer, no pressure environment.

As my vehicle's saying goes.... Like Nothing Else!  My recommendation goes to EnzoAutoSales.com  Thanks guys.

Little Miss S. | 2012-05-04

I could not say it better than the comment from bellow.  Jessica H. -  well said.  

I have been introduced to the Enzo Auto Sales through a word of mouth and I am so pleased that I've address my car needs to them.

Since I am not in the car business and know very little about it, Joseph and Eddy were very helpful on many levels and really helped me understand the process of purchasing a car and how to go about many details.  Me, being a busy mom, I found this to be SOOO useful!

Honestly, I've never felt so comfortable in such a situation (or if I can say, at a car dealership).  I really felt I was in good hands.

The business procedure was handled meticulously and professionally which only resulted in confirming my positive gut feeling about the place and the recommendation.

I would recommending Enzo Auto Sales to friends of all levels, as a recommendation helped me get my car!!!

Charlotte S. | 2012-04-05

My husband and I bought a Range Rover here and couldn't be happier with the car and our experience!  Both Joseph and Eddy were extremely nice and knowledgeable.  They were able to get financing for us at a rate that was better than we expected.  I have since sent my best friend, hairdresser and brother in law to these guys and they've all been stoked on their experience too.  I HIGHLY recommend Enzo Auto Sales!!

Rosa d. | 2012-03-28

WHAT ??theres not a half-star??? I dont even believe they deserve THAT! I Spoke with Joseph who was pleasant and always NICE, BUT when I brought my car up to trade in from an hour away, they dropped their original trade in price from 2000$ to $650. Then having to pay $1500 out of pocket, down. Getting 23.9% interest, then after I was BROKE after all that! I didnt have money to get the car checked out, I Waited maybe one month to take it to the shop, I had an electrical test done & they checked the rest to make sure everything was good. (MIND YOU...I dont drive but 1 mile to and from work) the people at the shop gave me a quote for almost $2000 for the rear shocks & tires & alignment (which dont ware in a month) I called joseph and he said I had a warranty which I wasnt aware of because they told me after I left with the car that I DIDNT have one! ?? I am confused, obviously not getting any help from them....I get the repairs done. I am a single mom & its not easy to come up with that money. a few weeks later, it starts raining no I am having water leak into the headliner, control panels of the radio, consoles, gears, rearview mirror & all electrical system causing my ENGINE to stall out.... it leaked so much water all into the leather seats, and everything where the radio stopped working the speakers are going out, and the carpet is wet. now I have to get body work done to fix this problem, who knows what will happen next. now they are telling me I need new tires after 3months of having the car easily adding up to 4-5000$ in repairs alone, AND I GET TO HAVE A CAR NOTE!!!! THANKS ENZO! worst experience of my life & this is WHY I support corporations & big car dealerships who know what they are doing!!! Oh I forgot to mention, they also forgot when they JUNKED my good running car, they didnt send in the release of responsibility to DMV so now THE DMV is charging me $600 on top of all the headaches.....JUST stay away from these people, you will just end up getting angry voicemail on your phone and YELLED at by the owner...NONE of this is worth this car by any means....just avoid this place like the plague!!! you have been warned...worst nightmare. I will now also need a mechanic & lawyer as said before. Thanks....

Jessica H. | 2011-12-21

I had been without a car for a few years, and living in an area with little public transportation and a very active toddler, I needed to find a way to get around.  I've spent months researching cars and dealerships across the area, from Lincoln to Davis.

Today, my search came to a delightful - and fruitful! - end at Enzo Auto Sales, and I really don't think I could be happier.

From the very first phone call inquiring about a car on their website, Joseph (the salesman I worked with) was kind, courteous and - above all - professional.  I never once got the feeling that I was being spoken down to, as is still all too common as a woman doing anything car-like.  He listened to my concerns and gave me all the requested information before I ever stepped foot on the lot.

When I got there, the professional courtesy continued.  All of the cars for sale were maintained beautifully.  After an initial inspection and walkaround, I took the car out for a test drive, then to a mechanic - who was impressed by the condition under the hood.

When it came time to negotiation, there were none of the stereotypical underhanded used car lot  wheelings and dealings.  Joseph listened to my concerns about the car, took the carfax report and my thoughts into account, and came up with a price that was satisfactory to the both of us.

I would buy another car from Enzo Auto Sales again in a heartbeat, and have no qualms about recommending them now.