Downtown Ford Sales in Sacramento, CA

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"Downtown Ford Sales is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in the area. Whether you need to Purchase, Finance, or Service a New or Pre-Owned Ford, you've come to the right place. From the moment you walk into our showroom, you'll know our commitment to Customer Service is second to none. We strive to make your experience with Downtown Ford Sales a good one - for the life of your vehicle.

We encourage you to browse our online inventory, schedule a test drive and investigate financing options. Call for your No-Obligation Internet Price Quote from our Internet Department. Please note these hours are for our new and used car sales, service and parts hours are slightly different. Visit our website for our separate Parts and Service telephone lines."

Downtown Ford Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 970-1731
Address:525 N 16th St, Sacramento, CA, 95811
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Downtown Ford Sales

Daphne A. | 2015-04-14

downtown ford sales are such big liars. tHeir commercial really make it seem like they   will help you out more than other car dealerships. they act like they can help you when no one else can.
false  advertisement is what they do.
that is why they are in a crumby location. they are the biggest lying dealership i have ever seen.
they suck!

Monica G. | 2015-04-04

This review is for the dealer ship part.I recently came in looking to lease a car and I'm so thankful I had Ira as a salesman.  He made my car purchase a very pleasant experience not like some other dealerships I had been to in the past. Actually everyone I came in contact with was great. I will definitely be returning here to purchase again

Kam E. | 2015-03-30

I am very pleased to have had Sherri as my salesperson. She was very nice and knowledgeable of the cars. She was very professional in handling my situation and she made my experience a great one. I would have given this place 5 stars, but when it was time to sign the final papers, they had Randy help me out. He was a bit rude. I had expressed my feelings toward Randy to Sherri and her manager, and they were super sweet and understanding about the situation. Other than that, I am super in love with my new car! Thank you Sherri!

Shawna L. | 2015-03-24

Downtown ford is a great dealership! I came in with my eyes set on a certain car, and they approved me for an awesome rate for the same exact car. Excellent customer service and very reasonable! Sherri in the Internet department is so helpful and will make sure you leave satisfied. I highly recommend her and this great dealership!Thanks downtown ford!

Kurt C. | 2015-02-14

Our truck seems to be more problem than its worth sometimes, but that is what the Ford Garage is there for. At least, that is what it is supposed to be there for.

I needed routine service in addition to a new problem involving the EGR valve (worst addition to vehicles ever). They had a diesel technician available, and found the problem quickly. Too bad, they also found a lot of other problems as well.

Some of them I agreed to, some of them I knew were BS. All in all, I had a huge bill covering some things that probably didn't need to be done.

As noted in other reviews, the communication was awful. I was constantly playing phone tag with these people. They didn't call to tell me when things needed to be done, I only found out by calling them.

On pay day, I went into the cashier's office, and they couldn't find my paperwork, even though they had just told me it was done. The lady at the counter was rude, and seemed inconvenienced that I as trying to pay my bill. They finally found my paperwork, (filed under F for Ford, I think, instead of C for my name), and I paid and was on my way.

The last straw was that they tried to spring additional services on me AS I WAS PICKING UP MY TRUCK. I had already returned the rental car, how was I supposed to get around not? I declined, and took the truck to another garage near where we were staying. They called Ford out on their BS, told me nothing was wrong, and said they get that a lot.

So thank you, Ford Garage, for fixing stuff that probably wasn't even broken.

Edwin A. | 2015-02-12

I came in today to have my vehicle oil changed.  David Hall was the service manager.  I know posters on Yelp are very subjective, but I had an excellent 5 star experience today and would recommend coming here for service.  I will definitely come back for all my truck needs and thank you Downtown Ford for a positive transaction!

John F. | 2015-01-20

This review deals with the service department, I didn't buy my car from here. The service department is horrible; they do not communicate with their customers, they do not listen to their customers, and do not address issues on the vehicle.

First, their communication is horrible: I called one day and left a message, more than 24 hours later I called again because I had not received a call back, I had to leave a message again, but this time heard back about an hour later. They had it for seven hours and I never heard from them (the mechanic I usually use never lets 3 hours go without a call), I had to call and was told that my car was finished, but didn't know what had been done to it.

I took it in for three things, one of  those was taken care of. The second issue was ignored, even the service adviser told me he did not know what they did about it. So it appears they did nothing. On the last issue I told the adviser that it feels like the right rear tire hammers on bad roads or when making a turn to the right on the freeway. Both times he asked if there was a rattle, both times I told him no, it was a hammer. When I go the car back, the service record stated that I said there was a rattle; so he did not listen to me.

These were performed, or not performed for two of the three issues, under warranty. I had to close out with the cashier, the entire time she acted as though I was bothering her.

Then to top it all off, I found the plastic seat cover used to protect the driver's seat crumpled up on the floor of the back seat like they either did not use it when test driving it, or just tossed it back there rather than throw it out themselves.

A good friend of mine also has a Ford and has said that they are horrible, he drives an additional 30 minutes one way to go to Roseville Ford because he said they take care of their customers.

I will NEVER go back here; in more than 30 years of going to mechanics this is by far the WORST place I've ever dealt with. I am going to call Ford corporate office to complain.

Bruce H. | 2015-01-16

I went here for an oil change since it was close to home and the price was good for the synthetic blend. I had my last oil change through Folsom Lake Ford, where I leased it from,  and was done in a little over a hour.

When I dropped off my car at 10am I declined other services and clearly stated no thank you because I expected to be back around 1230pm and was on a schedule. I was told 1-1.5 hours was a standard time to finish. I returned around 120pm and was told it was not done. I complained to the same person that took in my car about the situation and stated they've now had it for 3 hours. He had the nerve to check the paperwork and tell me I was off by 30 minutes on my estimate. It is not my fault that he couldn't fill out some check-in paper work in a timely manner. I know how long it was there for a fact.

After I made my complaint he said he would check on getting it done. Then he told me they were backed up because all these other cars came in and needed to be serviced. Basically he admitted to me, without realizing it, that other cars came in AFTER me but because I wasn't there waiting around they pushed my service back. I came to realize that after this discussion they then started on my cad service. I was there for almost another 1.5 hours waiting.

Basically they had my car for almost a total of 5 hours to do a oil change. Then they did not even offer to discount the charges. I had to ask for a discount and then it took them another 10 minutes to find someone to approve it. They ended up waiving the charge but my time that day was more important. An all around fail.

Anthony A. | 2015-01-14

Staff was rude, lazy, and just seemed like they did not care about your car or the customer satisfaction at all. One of the worst Ford Dealers Ive ever been to.

Debbie P. | 2015-01-03

Is this company still in business?  Really?  Why?

I will never, never, NEVER buy (or lease, actually) a vehicle from Downtown Ford ever again.  Years ago, around 1999, my husband and I were looking to buy a Ford truck and stopped in at Downtown Ford.  I wish we never had.  Against our better judgment, they talked us into leasing a Ford F250 truck, and yes - we should have 1) first gone home and done our homework in regard to leasing (which we admittedly knew nothing about), and 2) gotten the salesman's promises in writing.  Long story short, the salesman, Jesse, lied to us about what it would take to get out of the lease if we decided that wasn't working for us.  Later, after all was said and done, we found out differently.  When we confronted them at Downtown Ford, we were basically called liars and were informed that St. Jesse would never lie.  

It left such a bad taste in our mouths that we couldn't get rid of that truck fast enough.  Once we found out we had been lied to, we went to Folsom Lake Ford and traded in that truck for a Ford F150 (in spite of all the money it cost us to get out of the lease - regardless of what we had been promised) because I never wanted to even look at that truck again, much less drive it.  It made me totally sick and angry every time I saw it in my driveway.  

My advice to you is that, unless you particularly enjoy being lied to by your sales person, and then called a liar yourself when you bring the matter to the attention of the manager, steer clear of this place!  To them, you're just another notch on their figurative belt buckle, and they don't care what lies they have to tell you to make the sale.

Joe B. | 2014-12-03

We took my daughters ford there , expecting a honest repair as its a ford  dealer -spent over 800 dollars. We  had to take it back for the brakes. They said they were done right , but the truck still had brakeing problems.  Tthey said they did the radiator  flush, but we had to take it to another repair place that said it did not seem the flush was done on the radiator-so we had to pay to have it done right at another repair shop. Not a good expierience or workmanship - When we took it back to  have it checked they did not seem to care.  We feel we have been had, and we wont be back. I will make it a point to tell others about the bad repair experience we had

Alex K. | 2014-11-20

My father has been going here for years and loved these guys. I had been driving a Honda for ten years sold it and  I purchased a used 2008 Ford Edge from them they were great....I also have been having it serviced there my service guy is Wade, very nice. Keep up the good work!

Ed M. | 2014-11-13

We took our car here due to a recall. The service department told us it would be ready for pickup by the end of the day. After getting off work, we jammed across town to get there before they closed. Upon arriving, we were "greeted" by the customer service cashier wearing a shirt that said "leave me alone". Based on her attitude, it was very suiting. After being told to have a seat, we wait about 15 minutes before being informed our car wasn't going to be ready until the next day. David Hall, the service Rep, gave us this news and seemed oblivious to the fact that his business was providing terrible customer service and inconvenience that a phone call could of easily resolved.
Fast foward to the next day, return to pick up and after standing at the cashier counter for 5 minutes without being aknowledged. We are graced with yet another obviously unhappy employee. She retrieves our paper work,and tells us the amount due without showing us the paperwork. When I ask to see the breakdown she hastily shoves it across the counter. Lets us know our vehicle will be pulled around out front. We then stand outside for a good 5-10 minutes waiting with no acknowledgment. When employees see us standing and waiting they start blaming each other about who is getting the car. David approaches us , no hello or apologies,asks to see paperwork and walks away. Finally get my car and drive off to have to turn back around because all of my settings mileage,temperature, etc. Are set to metric system. Basically, boils down to very poor experience in every aspect. Very disappointing as our buying experience there was fantastic.

Juan C. | 2014-11-07

My wife stayed loyal to this place since they took pretty good care of her Focus.  She got a Mariner and continued taking it there.   Let's just say to be "nice" the service/inspections were like night and day.  The most recent was with check engine light on & took the Mercury Mariner in and has been nothing but problems for the last 3 months.  We had them check it and it was a suppose "gas tank" issue.  Paid over $600 to get that fixed.  Check engine came back on, took it in again, "oh, you have a bad battery cell", in my head, well how come you didn't catch this a week ago when you caught the gas tank issue.  Granted those check engine readers may or may not point out everything.  Here's another issue, IF we request you drive our car to hear or feel what our problems are, DON'T drive it through a taco bell drive thru and then ACTUALLY EAT in OUR car.  It's one thing to drive it and grab your lunch but to eat in it!!!!! Irritating and if your techs are going to do that, maybe have them pick up your mess from our seats and cup holders!!!!!  After all this the gentleman that always handles our car at service window very nice guy said it would be communicated to techs.  We called someone above him, we weren't really offered anything to make up for their carelessness.  I think actually a FREE car, yeah that totally makes up for it...............NOT!!!!!  3 different trips at least over $700 spent on gas issues and bad battery cell replacement (the whole battery) and ONE LOST customer forever because hey guess what the check engine light came back on and I took it to a different Ford dealership and they found PO 456 -evap system leak reading.   Why was this not caught when we took it in last ????????  pure carelessness & I can't believe I even considered buying a used car from here.   Needless to say I have come to agreement with my wife, NEVER take it to downtown ford......We are strictly taking it to future Ford off Madison where the staff was also friendly BUT what matters most, corrected any issues and car was handles accordingly.  yelp review to come for Future ford of sacramento.

Conlan K. | 2014-11-05

I always bring my car in for free oil change.  They always have good service but are a little slow.  They use to wash my car after my oil changes but they don't anymore because they want to conserve water.  Wash my car. Haha.

Jordan D. | 2014-10-19

We had a very easy, straight forward buying experience at Downtown Ford. I had done all of my research and homework prior to arriving at the dealership, including emails and phone calls to the Internet sales manager. When it was determined that there was an online misprint in the price, they honored the lower price and matched the CarMax offer for my trade-in. Deal was done in about two hours, and we're very happy with our purchase! Big thanks to Graham for a quick and easy transaction.

Kim v. | 2014-10-02

Just had a horrible experience with Downtown Ford. 2 of the 3 salesmen where decent. I test drove 3 different cars and after 2 days of test drives and comparison shopping decided I would buy a Focus SEL. But I had found the same car with less miles and no GPS in San Jose. The difference in price was significant.  After two hours they came down roughly $600. But tried to get me to buy an anti theft thingy for $200. I left to eat dinner and think about it...when I came back and told them I just couldn't pay $4,000 for a GPS and while I did not expect them to come down to the $14,000 price I could get in San Jose ...could they at least come down to $17,000. NOPE. They could bring it down to $18,000 (just $283 lower.)
I wasted 3 days on this! I wanted a car today and would have drove it home if they would have just played ball.

Josh B. | 2014-09-19

It is too bad that the service department at Downtown Ford can not fix stupid.  My wife made an appointment to have a duplicate key made for my new car, which was promised by the sales department two weeks prior. They completely failed to follow up on this, so I had to do the footwork on my own. I took the vehicle in to have my key made and my service advisor, Jeremy,  informed me that it would be about an hour.  I figured that since this was going to be quick, I would just take a seat in the waiting room. Fast forward to one hour later, I hear nothing.  I continue to wait patiently, since service departments at the dealership are notoriously slow. I wait another half hour, still nothing. I walk outside where the service advisors booths, and there is no one to be found. So I was standing outside, and about ten minutes later I see Jeremy.  He approaches me and lets me know that the service manager informed him that the key is on the way and being delivered to me as we speak.  I questioned him, I asked him that you have had my car for two hours, and you never had the part to begin with? He replied well, yeah.  I was irate at this point since I had made an appointment the previous day, so they had 24 Hours to get this key in. This isn't rocket science.   I told him just to get my car, I want to leave. Jeremy asked if I wanted to wait. It would be thirty minutes maybe to get the key. I said no, just get my car. After this went down, Jeremy disappeared for another ten to fifteen minutes. I could see my car parked on the back lot, so I wondered what was taking to long.  I walked back, and found my car door wide open, and nobody around I looked inside, but the keys were not in the ignition, so I had to wait.  Finally Jeremy brings my car back.  I asked him, since I still didn't have my key, if I made another appointment,  do you think you could get this right, on a later date. He said sure, bring it back tomorrow at the same time, and we will get right on it.  Fast forward to the next day. I dropped the car off with my wife. We went to get some breakfast.  Sure enough, my car is done with in the time promised. I pull in to the dealership and see my car parked out front. My wife and I go to the cashiers window, and ring the bell. The woman at the counter was straight up rude. she asked my wife why she was here. My wife informed her she was there to pick up her car parked out front. the lady asked my wife for her last name. My wife told her. The woman at the desk says "is this from yesterday?" my wife replied yes. The grumpy lady at the counter asked her "and who is paying for this key?" my wife replies it's a due bill.  Grumpy replies, go get your keys from Jeremy.  We walk outside,  and guess what! Jeremy is nowhere to be found!  Just out of curiosity,  I walk over to my vehicle, noticed both of the doors are unlocked, all of the windows are down, keys are in the ignition,  and this vehicle is completely unattended.  The only thing missing was a sign in front of the car that reads "please steal me"  Please people, for all that is holy, do not spend your money here! There are many other Ford dealers in the area. Pick any one of them, it has to be an improvement.

Laurie W. | 2014-09-08

I know what the problem is. It's so simple. Thank you AAA for the truth. Now if they can stop trying to find a way to sell me more than I need I'll be a happy camper.

Martín D. | 2014-06-06

Here is my tip, after 3 consecutive visits to this place with poor customer service, delayed wait time from 2-3 hours becomes 5+ hours don't waste your time. Harold Ford is not too far in Arden or even Future Ford further down the freeway is better than the miscommunication, poor service and "condescending" Service Advisors that say "I can't see the future" I know this that's why you pick up a phone and communicate it will be longer than expected instead of me coming at 5+ hours to get my car and I am told it is still in the shop. Tip, don't use this shops service.

Kyle T. | 2014-05-21

I use David Hall at Downtown Ford to take care of my Expedition and Ford F150. He is excellent and I always know he will take great care of me and my cars.  I never worry about being over charged or told I need something that didn't need to be fixed.  Thanks Dave for taking care of my cars for almost 15 years.

Kunney T. | 2014-05-20

"I'm going to do it," I thought to myself.  "I don't care how crazy it might sound.  It's a good deal, and the mechanic okay'd it.  It's only what - 7 hours of driving," I reasoned.  

So I did it.  I pulled the trigger, bought a one way flight to Sac, and bought a car that I've wanted since I was a kid.

***Rewind four days prior***

I've been keeping an eye on roadsters for quite a few months, fearful of rushing the purchase but scared of waiting until convertible season hit (which for SoCal is from mid-January to about November).  

Then, I saw the posting on autotrader.  The price was about $800 above Edmunds true value for a private seller with that mileage and that car.  A good deal.  I mean, I could have gotten less, but probably after days of haggling with a few private owners.  However, this was exactly the color that I wanted, with all the options that I wanted, at a low mileage.  

But no pictures.

So I called and talked with Graham Enos, the son of the owner and one of the main guys in the internet department.  He sounded nice, too nice.  I instantly wanted to trust him.  But... he's... a... (used) car... salesman.  They cannot be trusted, right?

"Send me pictures first, I said".  So he sent me some pictures, and posted the pictures up.  The car was gorgeous.  

He also sent me a few pictures of scratches, in the interest of full disclosure.  *RED FLAG* I thought.  

He'll hold it for me as long as I sign off on an application.  *ANOTHER RED FLAG*.

"We're not going to sell a car out from under you if you're already spending money to fly up here.  So we'll hold it, even if someone wants it.  *THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING WRONG HERE!  THEY SOUND TOO NICE!*

***Day Of***

I'm scared!  Why is he going out of his way for me.  What if I blew $250 on a one way flight to Sac, only to get screwed and have to buy another $250 flight back?  

So I sent a mechanic to check it out.  Mechanic says its okay, but I don't get the report immediately and my flight is taking off in a few hours.

So I thought - I should give this up.  It's too risky.  Graham is too nice, so what's the catch?  People are never nice, unless they want something.  And he's a car salesman, too!

But then I thought, "Oh screw it, this might turn into an adventure!"

So I got on board a one way, flew up to Sac, and got picked up by Graham in my future ride.  

We talked about movies, tv shows, House of Cards.  He was very reassuring even thought I acted more paranoid and schizophrenic than Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind.  

Transaction went smoothly.  Graham even set up my bluetooth, gave me a soda, and a lunch recommendation before I headed back to SoCal.

And right before I left, I couldn't help but saying "Graham - you've been awesome.  If you end up screwing me on this deal, I will hunt you down.  I know where you live!  But if this all works out, I'm going to write you a great review."

So - here it is.  Great transaction. Super nice guys.  Competitive pricing.  I would repeat if I needed to, and definitely would recommend dealing with Graham.  I definitely appreciate him in hindsight and wish him continued success.

P.S - For those American Pie fans, Graham looks just like Finch from the movie.

Eric B. | 2014-05-06

Beware of this place.  They are scammers.  I was pro Ford until I dealt with these scumbags.

Suzanne V. | 2014-05-06

this was the best car buying experience I have ever had. every question was answered thoroughly along the way. the salesman, Julio, showed me all the choices I had in my price range and didn't try to up sell me. I feel my trade in was fair. I would recommend them to my friends n family

Mike W. | 2014-04-23

I can see what they only have 1 1/2 stars, yelp needs to allow us to give a 1/2 or zero stars. This place is awful, not only because it's a Ford dealership but inside the cars were dirty, the salesman well was an ass! The typical salesman you'd expect from a car lot. The wannabe Rico Sauve who became a jerk when we called him out on his prices. The price on the window was 2k more than what was online and he said to bad the online price was wrong and the window price is there asking price. Needless to say we left, he wasn't happy. Go to Lexus of Sacramento way cleaner and nicer folks.

John Q. | 2014-03-02

Horribly over priced , inaccurate diagnostics and very unprofessional staff.. Please seek other higher rated auto mechanic options .. Only my opinion and experience .

Craig W. | 2014-02-21

Oil leak under car that was brought to Downtown Ford to determine cause.  The diagnosis was that I needed new tie rods at cost of over $1000.  When told that another opinion was going to be sought, price was lowered to around $800 because I had been long time customer (two previous Fords).  Brought car to another service mechanic who identified oil leak was caused by oil filter that needed to be tightened; oil filter installed by Downtown Ford.  Emailed Downtown Ford's president and service manager to express concern about accuracy of current and previous repairs.  Service manager called and said he would speak to technician.  Never received call back.  Do you think I will ever trust any car to be serviced by Downtown Ford?

Rcd M. | 2014-02-15

The employee here at downtown ford  are so nice and friendly. They always get you the right parts for what you need for your vehicle to get you back on the road..

Melissa S. | 2014-02-01

Ladies, if you want to feel degraded then this is the perfect place to get that kind of service. In 2005 I shopped here and received the "little lady treatment" and ended up buying from Folsom Ford. Because of proximity to work and home, I've mostly had to service my Explorer here and regret it every single time. In some cases, because my model is a lemon, I have to go here otherwise I would be risking driving it over to Harrold Ford (much more preferred) as its breaking down. One rep there I just can't stand I'm pretty sure doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground, and the other with his kicked back nature creating no sense of urgency or care about anything. And the only other guy did kinda talk at my level trying to be a "girlfriend of sorts" (which I could have taken pretty annoyingly), but really didn't see the issue though he "tried" that ended up resulting in me having to replace my transmission only a week later for his oversights. The general manager of service talks to me like I'm a moron obviously setting the bar for his employees, and didn't return my calls when I left him a message saying that my transmission wasn't working even only 1k miles after getting it installed. Not to mention I get treated as though my vehicle is not worth their time because its "old" - a 2005. Nice for you standing behind Ford's so called quality.

Their recent commercials stated "crappy location" quality service. Should be "crappy everything."

If you must see your makers mechanic, then go to Harrold or some other service location. Not here.

Hal B. | 2013-12-24

I was looking to sell one of my cars and brought it in here for an appraisal.  Typical used car sales process: I walk in, he looks it over, low balls me, I walk out.  He texts me the next day, raising the offer to something that's moderately acceptable.  I text a counter response.  No response from his end.

I show my car to some other dealers in the meantime and decide to text one more counter response, this one a bit lower than the first. He gets back with a more acceptable offer the next day, but by that time I had already sold the car to another dealer.  Now, all of this is pretty normal and not worthy of posting a yelp review.

However: when he sent his "final offer" text, I chose to call him directly because I was hoping to get some advice on a car matter and keep the relationship in place for the future (I own a Ford which I will probably sell in the next year or two).  When I called, he said he wasn't busy at all, just shooting the breeze with the mechanics. Great.  After discovering that I had sold my car already, and that I was calling to get his advice on a matter, he asked me to please hold a matter needed his attention and after 2 seconds of holding our call somehow got disconnected.  And he never called or texted back.

I find this to be incredibly short sighted behavior.  What if I wanted to give him my business in the future?  What if I know someone who's looking for a car themselves?  I just didn't think it was the most intelligent or professional choice that could have been made.  

So - I'm letting my fellow yelpers know about it.

Larry M. | 2013-05-30

Downtown Ford the best dealership in the area. I bought my Ford at Future in Roseville and had nothing but grief since my purchase. Future should take note and learn from the real Pros. Excellent service, courteous staff and top mechanics. Downtown even washed my e250 van after completing service. This is the way a dealership should handle business. Future you can learn alot from this dealership. I recommend this dealership to all.

Jon C. | 2013-04-12

I just traded in my 2008 Mustang for a 2009 Ram 1500. Raza was friendly and easy to work with, the sales manager was pretty mostly bullshit free and we worked a fair deal pretty quickly. This is important, a lot of dealers make you wait around while they "talk to their boss", this is a way for them to wear you down, they didn't pull this game.They just gave me a good deal.

I had a somewhat weird situation, my car was paid off and I wanted to get cash out of it, so I wanted a check for my tradein and not much down towards the new purchase. They made this happen, also the finance guy did no up sell, it was just a strait no prepayment penalty 4 year loan.

Finally, the one negative was that the key fob for my truck was broken, this is the only reason I didn't give them 5 stars, i'm pretty sure they knew this but "forgot" to tell me. On the plus side they paid for the replacement when I took it to my local dealer, no b.s. no waiting, they just paid for it.

I realize that a big reason i was impressed with this dealer was a lack of them doing things wrong, and that's sad, but they had a lot of opportunity to drag things out and try to scam me out of this or that and they didn't do any of that, it's just a honest dealership, and i really respect that.

Wade H. | 2013-03-07

Downtown Ford has provided me with excellent and affordable service on my Ford Ranger for over 15 years.  I appreciate the friendly and timely service provide by David Hall and all the service folks at Downtown Ford.  I would recommend Downtown Ford service to my family and friends.

E S. | 2013-01-25

I recently purchased a car from downtown ford. Here is the bottom line. I got a fair price on both the car and my trade in. However, the experience I went through was horrible! They played the "good cop bad cop" routine so that I wouldn't have ill feelings towards my main salesmen. Obviously my main salesmen was polite, courteous, and helpful. The "bad cop," a bald, white, want to be UFC fighter in his mid to late 20's, took the scheme way too far! He was rude, harsh, over bearing and attempted repeatedly to intimidate me. He also made several derogatory comments regarding me wearing my military uniform (I came straight from work on the day I picked up my car). These comments included "do you think your cool wearing that" and "I bet that uniform makes you feel tough." I am a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and have served my country for almost 10 years. To hear those words from any American, not to mention the individuals selling me my car, was repulsive!

Doin It On T. | 2013-01-18

Service?  They know nothing about customer service.  Took my new 2012 F-250 Lariet FX-4 in for it's first service.  I got the truck back and the drivers door had grease on it and a scratch down to the metal, near the door handle.  Apparently the tech opened the door with a greasy tool in his hand.  It also had a strange warning sign illuminated on the dash but nobody knew what that was or how to get rid of it.

I finally got the warning to clear by just playing with the settings.  

They said "we have hundreds of vehicles in here and this doesn't happen to them".  Oh, that made me feel real special!  I explained that I don't care about hundreds of other vehicles that I only care about one.....that I have a $65k truck and they just put the first scratch on it.

They agreed to paint it and to provide me with a rental car.  Being a Maint. Mgr. (not in the auto industry) I understand that sometimes things happen and we mess up.  I also understand that at that point that it's not only our responsability to correct the problem but to go out of our way, make a concession what ever we need to do to make that customer happy.  

The Customer Relations person called me the next day and he repeated what the service writer said "we have many, many cars and trucks come through here and don't have this kind of issue".......wrong thing for a Customer Relations person to say to the customer!  He again reitereated that they'd get it painted for me and provide me with a loaner/rental car for the three days that they'd need it.  

I replied that there needs to be some form of compesation for the inconvience that I'm put out.  He said they'd have their "detail" guy detail it for me.  My experience is that nobody at a car lot knows anything about "detailing" a vehicle.....that I've always had to take a new vehicle to a detailer to get it done about just a credit towards some future labor.....that sooner or later something will go wrong that's not covered by the warranty.  He was going to get back to me and that also somebody else would be calling me.

Nobody else ever called.  He called me back about ten days later and asked if I was happy with my service?  I couldn't believe it!  I said as much to him......incredable!   And this is their "Customer Relations" guy?  I reminded him again of the situation with my truck and my conversation with him and that I'd asked for some form of compensation.....a credit towards future labor.  He didn't want to talk about that.....beat around the bush and then said "apparently we can't make you happy".  With that, I said "have a good day".  I am not going to grovel for them to right their wrong or teach them what true customer service is.

I've listed the can form your own opinion.  Let me just end it by saying that I'm not surprised at their low customer review ratings here on Yelp

By the way......this is the first dealership that I've been to in years where you have to pay for the coffee in the waiting room.  Really!

KL O. | 2013-01-03

I just moved to Sacramento from Chicago on new year's eve, needed to buy a car before the sales tax increase the next day, called Downtown Ford to find some info about the Ford Escape deals.  I told Glenn that I was going to buy an Escape that day and was just a mile down the street... we obviously didn't have a car so we were going to walk down there... Glenn said he would call me back about someone picking us up to buy the car... I never heard back from him.  I hope he sold a lot of cars because I had $35-40K burning a hole in my pocket and he didn't take advantage of it.

I did buy an Escape that day... at Future Ford.  When I called them to find out about the Escape deals, they actually answered my questions and when they found out I was without a car, they hopped in a car, picked me up (they were MUCH further away so this was impressive customer service) and got the sale.  Cha-ching!

daniel n. | 2012-11-02

Scott was great to deal with.  No pressure great stories.  Too bad can't say the same with the service dept.

Neal M. | 2012-10-20

At first, I was not impressed.  They couldn't figure out what was wrong with my car.  There were no lights on the dash but I was pretty sure what the problem was and told them to check the TSB's because I was pretty sure the answer was in there.  At the end of the day, they said there was no problem they could find and they wanted to charge me $122 for "diagnostics" even though they didn't find anything.  Without me asking, they dropped it down to $65, which I paid.  So that was nice of them.  About 3 months later, I moved to a different state and brought the car to a little garage with certified Ford mechanics, they found the TSB I mentioned to the folks in Sacramento, and the issue was almost immediately identified and it cost me nothing.  I contacted the Customer Service Manager at Downtown Ford and explained all this and sent him the documentation from the mechanics and he refunded my $65.   So although my personal experience with the mechanics wasn't so great, their customer service department deserves some major kudos.  And, they have a great shuttle service if you live or work downtown so you don't have to mess with cabs or all that.

Lyndsay R. | 2012-10-09

I had a problem with my car and called in to make an appointment asking ahead of time to be sure I could take the courtesy shuttle they offered and made sure that I could make it in to work on time.
Came to the shop on time, signed in and waited for the shuttle. It was going to be there in a few minutes... 20 minutes later... just a few minutes... 40 minutes passed - Oh, just 4 minutes out..... an HOUR, I waited an hour for the shuttle. I'm now late for work because they couldn't keep themselves on schedule. And if I'd known how long it would have been I would have gotten a taxi. Saved myself an hour and not had to call in late to work.
And for a place that charges $115/hr for labor, I just expect better service than places that charge $75/hr.

Caitlin S. | 2012-03-27

I liked it. The salesman was nice and not pushy. The location is super nice - convenient to downtown and to my house. I didn't buy a car from here, but I did sit down with a salesman and was totally sketched out by this random other salesman who flashed in with a free junky coffee maker just for me(!). I turned it down and left soon afterwards. I had liked my first salesman (an older gentleman), but the 2nd guy struck the wrong note. However, I'll probably go back for my car maintenance needs since they have a good reputation for that and they are so much more conveniently located than the other Ford dealerships.

Tony V. | 2012-03-01

Thank's to Ray.

I called Ray at Downtown Ford and told him what car my mother was looking for. A couple hours later he phoned me back. The car was perfect! He had a trailer hitch put on, washed it and filled the tank with gas. When we came to pick it up we were signed and out the door in very a very short amount of time.

This was truly the best experience buying a car my mother and I have ever had.
I recomend Downtown Ford. I don't know that they will fill up your tank when you buy but they sure filled ours and my mother is as happy as she be.

Thanks again Ray,

Tony Vivilacqua
Waste Removal and Recycling

Eloise B. | 2012-01-12

I contacted all the Ford dealers in the Sacramento area via email and asked them to give me a price quote on the 2012 Ford Focus - Cliff, the internet sales manager was quick in his responses and got me the exact car that I wanted. Their internet pricing is very close to invoice and they will not try to sell you anything you don't want. Their prices are better than anyone else in Sacramento.

I also had a trade in, which they gave me more $$ for than what I had expected...BONUS! Overall a pleasant experience and I would definitely recommend to friends and family to buy their cars through their internet sales - it is the most fair and least stressful way to go!

Spock L. | 2011-05-03

Don't know why Yelp has Downtown Ford on two profiles. Maybe one for sales and one for service? Anyway, I commented on their sales page and will do so here as well.

I have owned two Fords and have taken them mainly to Downtown Ford for their service needs based only on location- closest to me versus Roseville or Elk Grove (which was closed for a few years anyway).

As I said on their sales page, I would never consider buying a car from these guys based on the way their service department is. They are SLOW, expensive, not rude but not customer friendly at the same time. I know that may sound confusing but what I mean is they just don't really seem to care about their job or the customer. Like have you ever worked in an enviroment where people just did their job to do it; not because they enjoyed it or loved it. That's pretty much what I'm talking about- no smiles, no passion, no personality.

I also took my Ford their for a diagnostic on some unusual noises. They did the hour charge on me and recommended $500 in work. I took their advice but did the work myself and the noise was still there. I ended up fixing the noise by tightening 6 loose screws on the underside of my car. LOL.

Melody P. | 2010-09-05

Great folks.  Purchased 2 vehicles here and have no problems whatsoever.  I get a car wash with each oil change.  I pass time by checking out the car lot.  The salesmen are not pushy and very friendly.

I'll always come back.

sara d. | 2010-08-10

Midnight on the causeway. Funky yellow triangle blinks on the dash. Warning bells.

'Please pull to the side of the road safely and turn off your engine.'


Reference to troubleshooting.

'Turn off engine and restart to reset. If error message repeats contact your dealer'

Ok, fine, it starts. A few miles later it does it all over again.

So the 2 Ford dealerships out by Mace Road seem to have done a Brigadoon.

Quick google shows that the nearest dealership is downtown so we head, slowly, with many stops and restarts and some tense conversation, to the Downtown Ford Dealership.

When we arrive there are chains across all the street entrances. The security guard has the keys he says, but can not allow us to move our car off the street (where there is no parking) and leave it for the morning. He. with a bit of pressure calls his boss, who with a bit more pressure calls a dealership manager, Scott, who tells him that no, a customer with a breakdown may NOT leave their vehicle for morning service.

Unreal. Paying customers at the door, able human there to assist, but no, go away we are not interested in YOUR business.

Pissed off, we pack up and head over to Howe, and the Harrold Ford Dealership.

Where the security guys greets us with sympathy, kindness and fetches the drop off envelope, scrounges up a pen so we can fill it out, directs my mom, when she arrives to pick us up, over to where the car is parked in the queue for morning service and then HELPS move all our baggage, bikes and bike rack, from our DOA vehicle to hers.

So yeahhhh..... survey sez.... guess you can figure that one out ; -)

Avoid the hosers at Downtown.

Way bad juju.

Mark R. | 2009-10-16

OK, it's a Ford dealership, but they treat us like family. We have purchased 2 cars here in the last 5 years and each time we walked away feeling like we got a good deal. The sales people are not the typical "sharks" that circle the lot waiting to strike relentlessly, until they have torn the flesh of your wallet from your person.

In fact, both times we bought, they threw in extras after the sale. This last time, we got an extra set of floor mats, front, back and for the way back of the SUV. They also detailed the car again, making it spotless, filled the tank up and followed us home to get the spare set of keys for our trade in so we didn't have to make an extra trip to return the keys.

Since we are Ford only type people, and we buy a new car every 2 1/2 years, we will only buy from Downtown Ford. You have our business because you earned it! Thank you!!!

M M. | 2008-02-18

Not on your best day. High pressure sales. Quite rude. Very ugly situation from all accounts. Avoid this dealer.