Cars 2 Go in Sacramento, CA

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Cars 2 Go is a small local Used Car Dealership that is family owned and operated and we treat our customers like family. Our small size and unique strategy allow us the ability to selectively acquire only the best cars for our inventory that we can offer at great prices and stand by with our 3 Day Money-Back Guarantee*. We specialize in affordable, reliable, economical cars and can get nearly anyone approved with just paystubs! Don't forget to check out our Free CarFax Reports!

*up to 300 miles with normal wear and tear


Established in 2013.

We're wrapping up our first calendar year here in December of 2013 and have grown tremendously to better serve our customers and become a dominant retail automotive "force" in the Natomas area.  We actively listen to our customer's needs, demands and suggestions in an ongoing effort to become the ultimate retailer of reliable, economical and affordable pre-owned vehicles.  Our goal is to provide a solid vehicle to anyone in need of reliable transportation and at a price that nearly anyone can either afford to purchase or obtain pre-approval for through our many funding/financing sources.  Please stop by and we look forward to seeing you!

Cars 2 Go

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(386) 227-7246
Address:561 Haggin Ave, Sacramento, CA, 95833

Reviews on Cars 2 Go

Jennifer F. | 2014-11-22

So I would recommend this place to anyone that looking for a pretty cheap reliable vehicle. Great costumer service and they will work with you to the moon and back to make sure you get into a vehicle

Vicki R. | 2014-08-07

I have been meaning to write this since January... It is a family owned shop and YES they treat you like you are their family too!

This was my last stop after a long day of looking and being harassed by car salesmen (Actually yelled at by one because I didn't want his cars). I walked on the lot and it is small and at the time little inventory. I went to look at a Passat and while the young lady was showing me that car a Golf caught my eye... she switch gears no problem. Not trying to get me to stay at the more expensive car, answering all of my questions and if she didn't know she actually went to ask or look something up. At first I was hesitant at how overly friendly she and the others were. We test drove it and I was in love. I asked her she minded if my mechanic came down and she said no whatever I wanted.

After leaving for lunch and coming back ends up my mechanic couldn't make it but I loved the car and wanted it.

I had mentioned the battery being a concern since they had to jump it, they stated it was due to the alarm going off all night...

While filling out all the paperwork she said you know since you mechanic couldn't come take the 3 day buyers remorse free of charge, take it tonight get it to him in the day or so and if there is a problem bring it back re-stocking waived as well. That alone sold me if I had any doubt.

She sent her son with it to get it filled up while we finished, and when he came back he said the AC seemed to be low on Freon so in a week or so call and bring it in for a full recharge on them. Again SOLD...

Left and that night went to my mechanics house and he ran the codes... which came back as bad battery or ground wire.. I thought great here we go.. are they going to do what they said.

Well to my surprise the next day I called them and Alicia answered and was happy to hear from me. I told her the results and yep she said no problem let me order you a new one and when it comes in we just do the Freon and battery at the same time!
Which ended up being after their normal hours with my schedule but they had no problem opening up and having their mechanic come in to help me when I could be there... not when it was good for them!!

I would and will come back here time and time again... Has the car had issues since.. yea but it's a used car... a 2000 at that so its going to. But as for everything they promised... all of the initial concerns and even not all that were my own...