CarMax in Sacramento, CA

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 509-4428
Address:8185 E Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95828
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on CarMax

Nikky C. | 2015-04-25

I scheduled an appointment to sale my Honda Accord. I got a courtesy call from Alanna S. I get there and everything was seamless. She made me feel comfortable and was so knowledgable. The team at CarMax was extremely attentive and I would recommend this location to anyone. Thank you Alanna for making my experience with selling to you guys for the best possible price, a good one.

Carlos O. | 2015-04-20

We sold our 2007 Infiniti G35 to Carmax back in October of 2014. Everything seemed to go smooth until I kept getting delinquent registration papers from the DMV. I mailed off the required paperwork to them since day one but somehow they never received it. I called Carmax to see if there's anything they could assist with but the receptionist was extremely rude. She told me she'd take care of it but I don't see how since she never bothered to get any info about my car or me. Last straw was getting yet another delinquent registration paper last Friday. Needles to say I will take my business elsewhere from now on

Jennifer S. | 2015-04-10

had a car transfer from the reno location to here so we can put down a down payment .we had got full coverage and ALL the documents needed and were financed through Carmax. ..went to lot yesterday for test drive and love the car....EVEN though you make $20 an just about they told my husband he doesn't have a lot of work history  (hes only been here 5yrs )..and they said its NOT ABOUT MONEY even if he came in with $3000 they still wouldn't sell to him. kiss my behind Carmax. The sales rep was nice but her bosses were NOT.

Cece N. | 2015-04-09

Brain is super helpful! He's very patient. He laughs and does a bit of light  joking which is great to lighten the mood of buying a car all together. We actually just came in for loan options but he was so helpful we ended up looking at the car that we wanted to. He was able to get us a transfer for a car right away.

Debra M. | 2015-03-11

I love CarMax. My husband and I just bought a gorgeous vehicle from Dave Gentry, who worked with us for almost a month to help us find the perfect van.  Dave never once was anything but honest, and he didn't talk down to me...ever.  I stopped going to the 'regular' car dealers, as I've felt pushed, talked down to and tricked.  My husband fares better at those places, but not much.  CarMax is professional and customer-friendly.  Just excellent.

Holly A. | 2015-03-09

I enjoyed how no one hassled you while looking at the vehicles. There were a wide selection of vehicles & were heat unlock to look inside which was a plus for us! Appointments were easily made for ones interested in other vehicles inside their other lot.

Con- clean the inside of the vehicles better. One vehicle smelled like smoke. Another had dusty air vents & dash & compartments-- not like little but A LOT! EWwww...

Ill check elsewhere (another carmax location perhaps) and see if there are better deals & cleaner, more reputable cars. Hopefully it's not s trend for them if going to their other locations.

C B. | 2015-03-06

My first time stepping foot into a Carmax and I must say I had the most pleasant experience. It doesn't have the yucky car dealership feel, and I felt like they weren't trying to sell me what I didn't want or get over on me. It was hassle-free, no haggling, great line of cars, and a very easy process. I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend Carmax to anyone wanting to feel taken care of in your car buying experience.

Reese S. | 2015-03-01

I went to CarMax after an unfortunate accident left me without a car.  When I went in I had some concerns about my credit, so I was really just there to check out my options, financially.  Turns out, I have great credit!  And they had a cute little 2012 Mazda3 hatchback with my name on it, so I brought it home.  The entire experience was awesome, from the moment I was greeted by my sales representative until the signing of the paperwork.  There was absolutely no pressure to buy, and the process was made very clear.  I would highly recommend CarMax to anyone who finds themselves in need of a quality used vehicle.

Yvonne C. | 2015-02-17

CarMax in Elk Grove, Ca- BAD Service. I purchased my car in LA. The Best purchase ever. was in and out within less than 3 hours. Got a great deal. after 3 yrs of having my car I decided to try the Elk Grove CarMax instead of the dealer. First time I took it in for a simple brake repair in Oct 2014. Came back really good. Price service everything. Ok so Feb 2015 I need major repair to my car alternator went out. It took 2 weeks to get an alternator put in??? and then I got the run around. Find out after taking it home they damaged my car. My hood would not stay open/up. They failed to look at the list of other items I requested for repair. I will not be brining my car back there for major repairs. Just very disappointed with the all around service!! NEVER AGAIN!

Stephanie A. | 2015-02-16

"We stand behind all of our cars." This is what my salesman, Jarell said repeatedly while I was test driving a few vehicles in September 2014. I decided on a 2010 Chevy Malibu. It handled nicely. Jarell told me to drive it like I had stolen it for the next 30 days. I laughed. This was, of course, in order to find if there were any problems with the car. My Malibu was fine during that time. A few weeks later, car wouldn't start. Turned out that I needed to replace the battery. Carmax reimbursed me. All good at this point. Fast forward to January. Hadn't even put 3000 miles on the car yet. Riding down the road it's losing power.  It stalls. I pull over, turn off the car. Wait a few minutes, car starts again. I make it to work. I call the service department. Leave a message. No return call. I call again. No call back. I finally call Jarell. He promises me, someone from the service department will call to set an appointment. Again, a BIG FAT nothing, for over a week. I take my car to an independent mechanic, to see what's wrong. It's my transmission. I go to Carmax, track down a service associate, and they say " oh yeah, that's covered by the manufacturer's warranty, just take it to Chevrolet." These guys could have looked at my car and told me that from the start. Or had they had the car serviced before the time of selling it to me, I would not have had to go through all of this. I really liked Carmax when I first purchased the car, that's what the extra star reflects. But their customer service sucks once they've sold you a vehicle. Their service department is a joke.

Raymond B. | 2015-01-27

Wow I'm a little taken back I purchased a brand new Murano with 7k miles and it has a radiator leak. It took 2 weeks to get it into service just for them to take it to Nissan..where's the first month Carmax will take care of you?   I was informed my car will be in for some days and can come after work to pick up a loaner.  Just worked a 13 hr shift to be waiting a hour for a loaner car that should have been ready upon arrival.  I love my car but the customer service here is a complete joke they weren't lying when they said CarMax the way Car Buying Shouldn't" be!!!!!  And still waiting for my loaner as I write this review.

Tony G. | 2015-01-25

I asked my sale guy (Don) to find out if the car I interested having transfer from Santa Mesa has any interior/exterior defects.  He said he will find out and get back to me.  Well, two days gone by and no words from him.  In those two days I called, left VM and texts asking for updates, he never reply or call back.  Maybe he too busy, who know!? but a call or text only takes a minute.  I got tried of waiting so I went to the one in Modesto.  The sale gal (Vanessa)  was able to get me the answers and set the car up for transfer within 1 hour.  Talk about fast customer service.  To this day I still has not heard from him, not that I am waiting anyway.   I test drive and bought the car the same day.  Would definitely recommend Modesto Carmax,  sale reps there are more friendly and attentive.

Kandy F. | 2015-01-03

My friends and I came into CarMax looking at cars. My friends were really the ones who were seriously looking for a car. I helped them browse around looking for what they were really wanting.

As you walk into their facility you will be greeted by someone. A very nice guy said, "Hello", and asked if we needed any help. We told him we were just looking. He told us that the cars were unlocked and that we could step in and check them out.

As my friends and I were looking around...there were sales people walking around and asking if we were ok. They did a good job of letting us browse around. I saw a few cars that I like and will be back to check out a fun toy to drive on the weekends. Lol. I feel a little middle age coming on. Lol.

Inside their facility are monitors that you can browse cars that way. I believe it shows cars that can be transferred. Pretty cool set up.

Oooooh!! Nice bathrooms, too. Clean and shiny. Love it!!!

Minus a star for the lot had sooooo many cars that on some really cannot open the door to get in. Lol. You would have to move several cars to get to the one you wanted. I am sure they will be moving them. Must had a shipment come in or something. Lol. We will be back soon...

Ms. S. | 2015-01-03

I was at Carmax tonight. I called ahead and gave the stock numbers of the cars I wanted to look at today. The salesman didn't pull up the cars. I arrived happy, he (Dave) seemed grouchy and bothered. He told me that "We have a policy of only showing two cars". I nicely let him know I'd driven all the way out there to look at at least three cars and that I was curious about a forth. But if he didn't want to show me all four I could go somewhere else to see the other cars. He then agreed but complained about it the entire time.
He took over 25 minutes to pull up the third car (the stock number I'd given over four hours earlier). He told me, "It doesn't have any gas so you can't drive it around?"
I thought he was either (a) kidding or (b) being an extra lazy, sleezy car salesman.
I said, "What?"
He then yelled and snapped my name.
I told him, "It's not appropriate to yell and snap at customers". Then I went inside.
What was clear is that the "Sales Manager" I spoke to only cared about the sale. He then offered up a different sales person who looked like a little brat with RBF.
He told me that they don't have a policy of "only showing two cars".
But I told him, "I just can't stay here after being treated like that" and left.
Note: One of the cars made a good amount of noise, the brakes made noise and as it turns out the gas cap was broken on the Honda Fit.
Multiple inspection my eye!
AND I found the same car I wanted online at two other dealerships for less $$$.
I'll never go back to Carmax to buy a car.
As a person with some intelligence, at least I can negotiate down. Everyone is paying retail price..You're not getting a good deal. You're buying at 100% retail. I was willing to do this for the car that I wanted,but not after driving their cars and dealing with their rude salespeople.

Conrad K. | 2014-12-24

My husband and I came here last night to sell his truck and get a new car. Joe worked with us and he was amazing! I'm very picky and wanted to look at a few cars, but Joe was very patient and was helping us find the perfect car for us. We left with a beautiful 2012 Hyundai Tucson. We could not be any happier with our experience here. We will definitely be back!

Carrie H. | 2014-12-23

Sold my car here today. Did not buy one.. Nicest people , within 1/2 hr I was done ! Tammy Peterson is who helped me through the process. Gave me a very fair price.i was happy !!  Easy,fast,friendly people ..thanks ;) when looking to buy I will be back to this same place !

Adam R. | 2014-12-21

First off, Thank you CarMax! I had a great experience here and I plan on doing business with them in the future. I financed a 2013 Tiguan SE. The man who helped me is named: Freddy Rivera. Freddy is the man, he knew how to be professional and be personal. if I had my own company I would hire Freddy. The process is very straight forward and kinda quick. All the people are clean kept and have manners. This is a great place to do business.

Janelle C. | 2014-11-04

I normally don't "vent" on social media, but only doing so bc I don't want anyone else to go through what I've gone through.
I purchased a vehicle from Carmax end of July only because of their so called point check system & guarantee. I drove off the lot w/ a tire sensor error, so the days following I called their service department w/ no luck.
They didn't take me seriously until weeks following my purchase, my 2 year old & I were stranded on the causeway bc my car died with no warning.  They only took me seriously bc I called & texted the salesman & managers. At first I had to pay everything up front. A week later, they said my car was ready. When I picked up my car it still didn't "feel right" so I took it back to the actual Ford dealership since it's still under warranty. In addition to the other repairs, Ford informed me the battery was bad & the tires were bald. Above all, the customer service has been an up- hill battle, no one in any department on the same page & I repeatedly had to tell my experience every time! It's been a week since i picked up my car after several repairs and guess what folks I was stranded on the freeway AGAIN w/ my toddler . I only gave 1 star because I had to.

Bob S. | 2014-10-19

See Wesley C.s review below.  I know him and this actually happened.  Advise going to another location of CarMax or better yet just buy your car from Hertz or one of the other car rental companies.

Mandeep K. | 2014-09-12

I haven't bought a car from here yet so this review basically is on the facility and location. I am not sure how the service here is but this place is huge with almost every type of car you can find at a normal dealership. You can see CarMax right off  freeway 99 and in the evening the parking light is lite up with hundreds of lights.

I am deciding to buy a SUV but not sure what type. Instead of me going to a dozen dealerships trying to make the decision I came to CarMax. The vehicles here are not locked so you can roam around the huge lot climbing in and out of the vehicles as you please. Unlike at other dealerships you have to have the salesperson go inside to get the keys which can take days for them to get back. At CarMax one sales person came by once to ask if we needed help and left us alone instead of annoying us by following us around. I am sure they were able to hear us inside on their monitors if we were looking for help.

After going to CarMax and trying out a few SUVs we have decided on what type/model we want but now just deciding on when to purchase it.

Bill G. | 2014-09-07

Was looking to purchase a truck from them. Set up an appointment to look at  certain vehicle, the wholr time expressing interest in a certain one on their webpage. Drove over an hour to see the vehicle only to be told it was pending sale and then a different salesperson tried to get me to look at a vehicle $6,000 more and not equipped like the one I was interested in. Then the saleperson walked away to "see if he could speed up the sale" to see if I could get the one I originally went to see. Didn't see him for 10 minutes, then spotted him chatting at the reception desk. We walked out and never looked back.

Found another truck exactly what I wanted at the Fairfield location,  called them, they put a hold sign and took the truck off the site pending my looking at it.

wesley c. | 2014-09-03

"The way car buying shouldn't be"

CarMax fraudulently sold my wife and me a vehicle that had an odometer reading of 40,000 miles, when in fact it had clocked approximately 200,000 miles. Not only did CarMax fail to run the vehicle history report, I suspect they did not perform their 125 point inspection either (after putting only 2,000 miles on the vehicle my mechanic said the oil was filthy and had not been changed in a very long time).

Four months into owning the vehicle, the engine failed on the freeway and nearly caused a wreck. We had the vehicle towed to Elk Grove Honda, and they estimated that the repair would cost $3,000+.

An engine failure at approximately 40,000 miles? Nope. We decided to run our own CarFax report and found that the odometer had been rolled back numerous times. After taking our findings to Carmax, and enduring several rounds of awful customer service (we spent several hours on multiple occasions waiting to be served in the store), CarMax ultimately purchased back the vehicle from us.

If we can't trust CarMax to thoroughly inspect their vehicles, what's the point of using their service? A private party vehicle with a mechanic's diagnostic fee is considerably cheaper than the $1,000 mark up or more for the cars on their lot.

I don't  know if all CarMax locations are as negligent as this one, but I would definitely suggest steering away from the South Sacramento CarMax location.

I will be reporting this location to the Better Business Bureau, the Bureau of Automotive Repairs, and the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Ricardo A. | 2014-08-31

My girlfriend and I are currently looking to buy our very first car. We first went to CarMax because my girlfriend's mom just recently bought a car from this exact location. She got a good deal on her new car and she suggested for us to check it out, so we did. When we arrived at CarMax, we approached "Trevor". I told him that we're here to take a look at 3 specific vehicles. Mini Cooper S, Honda Civic Si and Wrangler. He walked us to the Mini Cooper. I asked him if we could take a look around the lot on our own. He pointed out where the cars are that we're looking for and told us that if we would like to test drive any of the cars to just let him know. We walked around the lot and checked out all the vehicles we that liked. We got in them, got a feel how it's to be behind the wheel. Checked their features.

After we got done checking out the vehicles in the lot. We each decided to test drive one car that we liked the most. My girlfriend thought the Mini Cooper S was "Cute & Sporty" while I personally fell in love with an Audi A4. Leather interior, spacious, sporty and I know it has a great sound system. As we walked back to the building, Trevor came out and asked us if we found anything we liked. We told him that we were interested in test driving these 2 cars. He said that we could, he would just need to scan our driver's license. We gave him our licenses. He went to scan them and when he came back he let us know their policy. He would have to first drive the car out of the lot for safety purposes then we can switch. We test drove the cars, made conversation with Trevor. He was really cool. We asked him a lot questions.

Overall, we really enjoyed test driving the cars and had a lot of fun. At the very end, we let Trevor know that my girlfriend and I would like to bring a mechanic to check out the car and do some research on the Audi. Check the CarFax, Fuel Efficiency, Insurance Rates, Etc... He was very respectful and understood what WE WANTED.

After looking around and having horrible experiences with other car dealerships we have decided we're definitely going to be buying a car from CarMax.

Estrella G. | 2014-08-17

My first time purchasing a car off the lot and through financing. I got a really good deal despite my low credit score and found a car that I truly liked that fit my budget. The no-pressure environment was just what I needed in getting a new vehicle for a great price!

Robert P. | 2014-08-11

Wow... Marketing win... consumer fail.
I went out there with a friend of mine, he's not a "car guy", and wanted my two cents on the cars here... He was looking at 1-3 Year old Toyotas. The pricing seemed high, but he was "Carmax is supposed to be the best". Well, first car they show us I notice the signs of a repaint on the hood. Open the hood and can see the signs of a repair panel welded on the inner fender (pointing to a major front end accident). Carmax salesman starts to argue rudely, basically calling me a liar and yelling that the Carfax/Autocheck is "clean" (well, I'll tell you Carfax and Autocheck only report what is reported to THEM, and don't even pick up on DMV or police reports, usually the only time they get information is when a car runs across an auction block as the auction companies do report this (since the dealers they work with want this information as they don't have the time to check every car across the block) until I open a similar model near it and show him the difference between a "factory" weld and a "repair" weld. Sounds like I found the one bad one... nope. Continue on to find 3 more out of the 6 or so cars we looked at having some kind of major body work.

Now, cars do get in accidents, and can be repaired correctly but they wanted above bluebook for these cars. In fact just to show how high they were I took my friend to a Toyota dealer the next day and he was able to buy a brand new one, exactly the same trim and options (except 2 years newer and 34K miles less, and a FULL FACTORY WARRANTY, and a 2 Year free covered maintenance ) for $3K less than Carmax (!).

So here's what you need to get here.. Carmax pushes it like they would never sell you a bad car, and you don't need it inspected. I can tell you, ALWAYS do your research, and ALWAYS get a Pre-Purchase Inspection... Never, ever go by Carmax's "certification" or because it has a "clean" carfax/autocheck (They're great to CONFIRM problems, but not *FIND* problems. (Basically their a marketing tool for the dealer... and not the consumer). The two stars here is due to the fact rather than work with us, they were quite rude, and quite condescending in tone. Also the fact they try to act as if they're "better" than any other car dealer is a complete joke.

Kelly B. | 2014-08-04

Best services I have gotten in the many dealerships I have vitsted!!! Robert was super nice, upfront, and helped me with all questions I had! Rick was my closer and he was super friendly and explained everything to me while I got my car detailed and ready to get out! I was suprised with what I found out with CarMax; cars were inexpensive, I was not bombarded with sales people and I was looking at cars by myself without the 10 million questions!

Abelardo C. | 2014-08-03

Worst customer service ever experienced.  We paid to have a car transferred from Southern California, test drove the car and decided to purchase.  The manager then sold the car we ordered to another customer!!  We have always raved about the CarMax experience to our we will never return.  Their response to "fix the mistake" was to have us wait another 28 days for another vehicle...still have not resolved situation.  We asked to meet with the manager who sold our car and we were told "that's not going to happen because we don't want you disrupting our offices." The corporate office was not helpful and felt that as long as they were looking for a replacement that was good enough.  Mr. Thomas J. Folliard, President, your managers and offices did not uphold the CarMax fundamental principle of INTEGRITY.  You have lost our business and every time we share our story with others they are surprised and say, that's not the way they do business...that's what we thought.  So disappointed.

M M. | 2014-07-31

I can't stand this Carmax! They have the absolute worst service in auto repair. I had to take my car in twice both times they My car two weeks and did not call with updates. Compared to service in auto repair at Roseville this is the worst service ever! They do not even care that they have bad service

Blake C. | 2014-07-27

This is a new carmax to the area. It is nice, clean, and productive. The people here are very nice and no pressure ever as always. Thank you for making my car selling experience worth while.

Randy C. | 2014-07-27

A convenient place to test drive used cars from several manufacturers.  We were looking at models from Toyota, Mazda and Hyundai and saw on their website that they had each on their lot.  We test drove each with no hassle or pressure to buy.  This helped us narrow down our choice.  We would have bought here except that we got an exceptional deal elsewhere.  I bought a previous car from a different Carmax and feel like their sales process is professional, less risky for buyers and hassle-free.

Bryan S. | 2014-07-04

Carmax is an EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT car dealer service, we took it car in for a warranty repair and they went above and beyond my expectations, the car was done in 3 days the service was A plus, the car ess done and fixed way better than I would have ever expected, My reccomindation would be if you want to buy a car BUY IT FROM CARMAX, if you need your car services the Service team is TERRIFIC, the Sales Staff is a no pressure situation and the halls that work up front are very very well trained and put the customers first, so basically CARMAX is a TERRIFIC COMPANY I Highly, Highly Recommend them.. Everyone is about Customer Service!!

Jan W. | 2014-07-03

Great Experience. My sales man Miguel was great. I hate buying a car because of the hassle but this was not the case at Carmax in Elk Grove, Ca. The staff was courteous and Miguel was very knowledgeable, welcoming and took care of my car needs. Jenny did all my paperwork  she had me out of there and driving off in my new car quickly. If ever you want a great experience with a dealership contact Carmax and speak with Miguel. I couldn't be happier with my experience and my new ride.

Katee R. | 2014-06-23

Seriously why would you go anywhere else?  We went to ford Nissan and Toyota.  After playing the cat and mouse game we quit. Walked into Carmax found an enormous inventory of quality used vehicles and finally got a Nissan XTerra, hassle free.

If you look at their inventory online find a car you most likely want and apply for a loan you get an answer by phone in about an hour. If the payments sound great you test drive the car when you go down and the whole process takes about an hour.  Make sure to bring proof of income and utility bills and insurance information for faster service.   Ask for Heather Bough!  She's awesome sauce!

Jean H. | 2014-06-23

My son and daughter in law recently purchased an SUV from Don Hayes at Carmax Sacramento south.  What a great experience.  They were both very pleased!

thomas O. | 2014-06-15

Had a very good experience purchasing a 2014 Ford Mustang.

I initially began searching to replace my car here. I test drove several cars with Jason who was very helpful and knowledgeable about the vehicles. I was taken to what I had asked to see and wasn't dragged off to other cars I did not have interest in. It was a very relaxing experience compared with other dealers that I later visited.

I found the car I wanted a couple of weeks later and had it shipped up from Los Angeles.  I spoke with Nick over the phone who arranged my transfer and even ran my financing. I was going out of town for two weeks, but Nick assured me they would hold the vehicle for me until I came back even though I wouldn't be able to pick it up right away.

When I was finally able to come in and purchase the car my transaction was smooth. Marc handled my final processing and was extremely professional and courteous. Took me to the vehicle right away and allowed me to take my time with it. I felt respected and valued as a customer through the entire process which did not take very long (I was in and out in under two hours). I traded in a 2013 Scion tc and received a fair trade price for the car.  Others have griped on here about Carmax under pricing their car. Keep in mind they are business so they are not going to give you full value for your car.  Their offer beat the next closest one I had by $1000 plus I avoided the headache of trying to sell the car myself. The finance department was also very good and they make absolutely sure all questions are answered.  

Overall I had a very good experience with Carmax! I highly recommend them over purchasing a new vehicle or going to another used dealer. The price you see is the price you pay and if you know the market well, and are patient, you can get a very good deal from them. There are no games being played, no tricks, and no uncomfortable negotiating, they are just there to do good business. Can not recommend enough!

Cindy G. | 2014-05-12

First time here and had high expectations. Good variety of cars, but they were all in bad condition, scratches, dirty inside and out and many smelled of cigarette smoke. Higher than usual prices as well. Not impressed and will not be back

Terry Y. | 2014-05-10

I was under the impression that the car would be without any noticeable defects. It had gone thru an super check out according to the paper I had received. Mine must be the exception.  I really like this car too. It is obvious that all the items were not checked inside the car which causes concern about the stuff under the engine!    I am very upset about this,  I just wanted to get a car that I knew was super looked over.  That is what CARMAX is all about.  I also see the customer service at this location is less than desirable.  A little uppity for the new kids on the bloc.  I will not purchasing a vehicle from here again.

Julia T. | 2014-05-07

Yesterday I traded my 2011 Camaro in for a 2013 Scion Tc. Yes, I know that is quite a difference! I've traded cars with Carmax once before and had a good experience so I decided to go back and again, I had a great experience. I wasn't able to come in and test drive the car I wanted right away so Eli held the car until I was able to come in 4 days later! I was nervous that they would appraise my Camaro for less than what I had Blue Booked it as, but it was the exact opposite! I got more than I expected! I was able to pay off the Camaro and put a few thousand down on the Scion. Eli was very informative and helpful when it came to the cars. Jazz helped me with paperwork and she was great as well. I will definitely recommend Carmax and these staff members to my friends and family looking to buy cars.

Jonathan T. | 2014-05-04

A real pleasure to buy a car from !!! We loved this place down to the coffee maker ! Johnny is a real salesman. From start to finish and patient enough to work with us nearly 6 full weeks to find the right car and loan. I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO BUY FROM JOHNNY AND CARMAX IN S. SACRAMENTO !!!

Scott S. | 2014-04-24

Well, I went in, first time carmax shopper, with the expectations of what carmax is "supposed" to be.... Highly Trained folks on every level, including the purchasing of cars to sell on the lot.  Basically, no-haggle pricing, but you know you're getting the best... Or so I thought....  I looked at a few cars, but in particular, a Lexus IS-F.  The vehicle had quite a bit of wear and tear for it's age... Meaning, scratches, scuffs, dings, curb rash, etc.  This theme followed all of the cars I saw on their lot.  I drove the car, and, like any Lexus for the most part, it drove well. What I didn't expect was that it needed an alignment, and some rotors (warped)... I look at the tires, maybe 30% tread left.  The inside of the car looks like it came straight from the last owner and was never detailed. No Nav DVD.... NOT what I expected from a "premier" used car lot.  The price?  Extremely high, even if the car was immaculate, which it wasn't, it was too much.  I will say, it's cool that they offer the same warranty for the same price no matter if the car is the limited sport model, most warranty companies don't do that.  It's also nice to be able to get in and out of every car because they're all unlocked, however, the 1/4 mile test-drive isn't even close to enough.  Try other dealers, find one that participates in the CUDL program, and you're sure to find a clean car you want and have a good experience without having to do the "no haggle" which really means "bend over."  Also, you can bring in you're trade that's in better condition than their cars on the lot for sale, and they'll belittle every flaw.... They can haggle, you can't.

K P. | 2014-04-19

We originally bought  a 2007 ridgeline from a CarMax in Torrance, CA with an extended warranty.  A year past, gas prices are high, and we are living in the Bay Area, where a truck is not the most convenient option.

My husband decided to trade in the ridgeline to this CarMax in Sacramento. CarMax gave us a better trade in than the KBB value and we found a fuel efficient 2013 Chevy Cruze for our City lifestyle.  The Sac. CarMax also refunded the remainder of our extended warranty for the ridgeline.  

I am glad we are repeated customers and will continue to be.

P.S. the warranty only covers parts, not labor, so it may not be the best option (especially for American make)

Ms. S. | 2014-03-10

Awesome!!  I came from Paul Blancos to CarMax.  Called and got a quote over the phone, met my salesman and he showed me the cars I could afford.  I test drove a few and then went in to discuss the details.  Everything was straight forward and upfront - the computers don't even face the opposite direction.  Everyone was friendly, well-informed and professional.  No slick talking - no commission boosting.  Just efficient business.  The facility was VERY NICE which didn't hurt at all.  I am very happy with my purchase and very happy with who I purchased through.  I have tough credit history and they will work with you as much as any other car company will.  They offered me a lower interest rate than Paul Blancos (and they are supposed to be the final stop for bad credit).  If you're looking for a car - LOOK HERE FIRST.  I bet it will be the only place you go after that.

Zamora S. | 2014-03-01

Id first like to start by saying if you can get an associate by the name Felipe, I highly recommend him, he done everything he could to make sure I was pleased and to get me exactly the vehicle I wanted to the T! CarMax has done such AWESOME work with employees, to there vehicle inspection. Definitely at the top of my charts. They are definitely there to make sure you are happy with everything across the board and if they don't have it, they will go out there way to try to find one. and/or simply leave at peace, knowing they've done everything in there power. Super friendly, super helpful, very professional, and the atmosphere was very welcoming, this new opening on east Stockton has definitely put the CarMax in Roseville to shame, where they are not the friendliest nor seem to be as enthusiastic to help you as the one on east Stockton. I cant say anything bad about them, but they have my business as well as some family and close friends. THANK YOU CARMAX!!!

Joe C. | 2014-02-24

My wife and I bought our first car together at this newly opened Carmax. We scheduled an appointment in advance and glad we did because they were crowded on the first Sunday they were open! Jason was our Carmax rep and he did an excellent job showing us our car and also several more in the same class and price range. It was a fun and we all had quite a bit of laughs, didn't feel rushed or pushed at all into buying a car. In the end the process was flawless, all the Carmax people were super friendly, and we had a rugged Nissan Xterra ready for my wife and baby on the way! Thanks Carmax and Jason, we'll definitely be referring our friends and family your way.

Best regards,