Autoville Motors in Sacramento, CA

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Established in 2009.

Autoville Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(916) 488-2200
Address:1761 Fulton Ave., Sacramento, CA, 95825
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Autoville Motors

Brian W. | 2015-01-07

What a joke of a place. Bought a car here and paid it off. 4 weeks later, they still have yet to submit my dmv paperwork. Over priced cars and outrageous interest rates. Will never come back again. Thank god my new cat was bought at folsom lake dodge. Go there... much better cars and nicer people.

Stephen C. | 2014-09-30

If I could give this business NO stars...I would. Sold me a Mustang with a messed up transmission. The Hydroboost system needed to be replaced. It was still within the 90 day warranty but they ended up buying a cheap refurbished system. That failed too. This place sucks and BAR should be called immediately.

Katherine S. | 2014-06-02

DO NOT BUY A VEHICLE FROM THIS PLACE!!! They don't even deserve one star, I wish I could give this place negative stars! It should be named "Alibaba and the Forty Thieves." Every single person I know that bought a car here got it repossessed - for no good reason (that is myself and five other people). They buy their cars at auction. They don't even have the titles to most of them. That is why they repossess them! It's a huge scam!!! They don't intend for anyone to ever pay off their vehicle and get a title. They just take your down payment and/or trade in and sell you a crappy vehicle that they doctor up to make look good and then turn around and repo the car you buy from them so they can resell it or trade it at the auction to get another vehicle to sell. AND after they repo your car they try to file a claim with your insurance and lie to your insurance about damage that you did not cause (this happened to me and two other people I know that bought a car here). PLUS they redo your paperwork AFTER you buy your car putting your spouse or parents name on the loan so they can try to go after that person after they repo your car (this happened to myself and another person I know bought a car here). Everyone that works here is a liar and thief!!!! It's sad because most people that buy here are already struggling financially (why else buy at this type of lot) and they take advantage of people that cannot afford to be taken advantage of!!!! Thieves!!!!!!

Phong T. | 2014-05-01

This is one of the worst place I have ever been to in my life. I know I was wrong going to an auto dealership to get a motorcycle. In the detail they said the motorcycle is clean title and that's it. I should have looked up the yelp review before I wasted driving 2 hours up to look at this motorcycle. When I got to the location I saw the motorcycle on the way in it looked fair. They were friendly when I got in, but look can be deceiving. As I got in they had me fill some forms before I even saw the motorcycle so what I was in the picture I like so u didn't think anything if it. But when it was time to go see the motorcycle everything have changed, the motorcycle looked like it been in a wreck and the said it was a clean title motorcycle. There were so many thing wrong with it.

Some of the details of the motorcycle:
Dead battery
Front fork seal is leaking badly.
Fairings all damaged.
Foot brake lever broken.
All brake fluid is contaminated.
Front brake pad drenched in fork fluid.
Read brake pad shaved down scratching metal to metal on the rotors.
Swing arm scratched up.
Both front and rear sprocket worn down.
Chain need to be replaced.

Too many things wrong with the motorcycle. What funny after me telling them this they still try to sell me this motorcycle got me laughing in side. So they said they can see that they can do for me. They took me to this fat guy that claim he knows about motorcycle so after talking to him about the motorcycle and all it's problems. All he said what it can all be fixed, I know it can be fixed but for a price that worth way more than the asking price of the motorcycle. Then me and the fat guy got into a little debate about the cost of how much a fork seal is going to cost to fix. He keep on saying it's going to cost about $80 to get done I told him I charge $150 to work on the fork seal. He called the motorcycle shop and they said it's going to cost $300+. After all the stuff wrong i listed above the man who was originally helping me was still trying to get me to buy this totaled motorcycle. Point being DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS.

Tina D. | 2014-04-29

Don't ever buy a car from here.  They have horrible business practices and very sleazy to say the least.  I have a horrible experience with them.  The loan was supposed to be in my name but some how my husband is on the loan as well.

Diana S. | 2013-08-25

All I can say is I totally agree with the prior review of this business! They are dishonest and did not follow through with what they said they would  do. They say what you want to hear but do not follow through on their word.  They were suppose to replace a faulty battery with a new one. I realized the following morning that they had only charged the "original battery" when I went out to start it. I had to call AAA to check and replace the battery with a new one. I should have known better when I drive off the lot with my car to discover that the gas tank was below empty. What car lot does that? Autoville Motors!  I should have had it inspected before any money was put down. Lesson learned! Do not buy from this business!

Caroline S. | 2012-07-28

These guys are terrible. Totally shady--you do NOT want to buy from them. They tried to sell me a car that had been in a front end collision and been painted over. Mis-matched lug nuts, a car that was leaking oil and power steering fluid. And all the while acting like they were giving me a great deal. They buy their stock at auction and make the outside look slick (and it did--the car LOOKED great, but was a HUGE MESS under the hood) to get you to buy. They try and rush you so you don't sit in the car and let it idle to check it out. They're super sleazy! Don't buy from these guys!

Jeff K. | 2012-07-12

Where do I even start. My wife and I needed a new car and our credit isn't the best so we went to Autoville. What a mistake that was. We should have known from the beginning when they said they would fill the tank and then refused saying they didn't get enough in the deal. Wierd we payed there exact asking cost and gave them $2500 down. So after we bought the car I told them I had a friend to recommend to them who was in the same situation as us. They said anyone we referred to them they would give us $100. 2 friends bought cars from them and we never saw a dime. Should have seen that coming. Next I was laid off from work and we called them to tell them we would be 2 weeks late on our payment while we were waiting for unemployment to kick in. 11 days after our payment was due we woke up to our car missing with both of the child seats in it. The only 2 child seats we have. We drove down to Autoville to find out we had to come up with $1000 to get our car back. $300 of that was the repo fee. Long story short they repoed the car 3 times each time adding the $300 fee and never so much as gave us a call. These people are crooks and take advantage of good people. The whole point in in-house financing is to give good people with bad credit a chance. Autoville takes advantage and rips you off. Save yourself the headache and go somewhere else.

Ana C. | 2012-06-21

DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE ..These people are CROOKS believe me...They want a HUGE down payment and rip u off in return all for a car that is broken down my  tranny blew 15 days after buying from these jerk offs... OH and don't except to get anything fixed by them they will make all kinds of promise they will not fulfil make you leave ur car there and NOTHING will get done  and FORGET about getting ur money back it'll NEVER happen.They should be put in jail for the stuff they do .. ill take this as a HARD lesson learned... if u want a WORKing car with no problems and don't have ,good credit or  a lot of money just go to Future ford of roseville ...just bought my beautiful mustang for on 1500 down & i love it..

Jorge B. | 2012-03-31

It's unfortunate other folks here have had a bad experience, but my experience was positive.  I was looking for a 2008 prius and these guys had the best price available for what I was looking for.  They were very pleasant and professional (not high-pressure at all) and I didn't have any issues.  The day I made the appt to look at the car, the car was there as expected, I was allowed to inspect it, take it for a test drive on my own, was provided the car fax as I requested without any hassle.  I was in and out of there probably in a little over and hour.   So far have put 1000 miles on the car and have not had any issues or anything working out of the ordinary.

The only reason I did not give them 5 stars is the car was somewhat dirty when I went to see it.  I'ts my understanding they just got the car as Prius are selling like hot cakes, so probably did not have time to prep it.  

My suggestion folks is realize you are dealing with a used car lot, so do your homework, ask for a car fax, and inspect the car carefully.  If you do all these t hings you should know exactly what you are getting into & not have any unpleasant surprises.  The person that helped me with my car was also Big Bill as the other person stated.

Annette M. | 2012-03-15

please stay clear of these crooks, they will lie, decieve and flat out rip you off. I bought a scion in 2009, put 6k down, yes very stupid of me, a week later they had the car repo"d, said it was a mistake, but still wanted 450.00 to release the vechicle, back. never recieved credit back. the car literally fell apart. if you want to be taken to cleaners financially, they are professional liars and will be happy to do so.