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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Win Motors in Los Angeles, CA.

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Win Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(323) 732-8888
Address:2913 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90006
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Win Motors

Ellie S. | 2015-04-08

We just bought GLK350 from Win Motors and are it was truly a pleasure dealing with these guys. They were honest and helpful through the whole process and they really care about their customers. They pointed out that the bumper appeared to be painted and allowed me to investigate further with my mechanic who confirmed that the problem was in fact minor. Lastly, after we already sealed the deal, I noticed there was no owners manual, so they actually ordered a new one for me. Michael was our sales person, and he's a great guy...highly recommended! Their prices are very competitive and I will be sending all my friends in need of a car to Win Motors.

Andy K. | 2015-04-07

Now let me start off by saying that I don't think I've ever written a review on yelp before.. You can check my history.. However, with the exceptional service that the reps at win motors provide is second to none! I've been going to Tony for the past four years and he's helped me purchase two cars now.. I was looking for a specific model with very specific options but with my busy work schedule it was impossible for me to go through the rigorous task of searching for the "one." However, tony searched around the clock and while it took some time, we were able to find exactly what I wanted. Long story short, if there's a car you want Tony will find it for you. They've also got a great selection of used cars as well. Go to win motors and ask for Tony when you're looking for your next car. He's an honest sales man with great customer service and I guarantee that you'll be satisfied..

Annabell L. | 2015-03-22

Just wanted to say I was very happy with the car dealer.It was a very easy and simple process. I highky recommend the Win Motors .

Maggie Y. | 2015-03-09

I was VERY nervous to buy a car in Los Angeles, but meeting Michael at Win Motors instantly put me at ease. Michael is one of the most genuine and kindest people I've met in LA period, so I couldn't have been more lucky to buy a car from him. Everything from the test drive to the signing of the papers was smooth and pleasant, and the whole office is warm, welcoming, and trustworthy. I love my Nissan Versa, and am so grateful to have found this shop and, more specifically, this salesperson. Go here to buy your car, and ask for Michael!!!!!!

Joel F. | 2015-02-13

Great experiance ,couldnt have gone smoother ,Mike and James provided us with the best service. Highly recommended.

Sarah W. | 2015-02-04

Although we didn't end up agreeing to a price, car shopping at Win Motors was a pleasure. Definitely the most calm and easy-going experience at a used car lot I've ever had. James and Kim are really cool guys. James went with me on a test drive, and he was really knowledgeable and friendly. All the cars on their lot looked pristine. Even though this didn't end up being the place for me, I'd still recommend it to a friend in the market for a Nice used car.

Susan D. | 2015-01-20

My review is long overdue.  It was on my list of "TO-DO's" to wrap up 2014.  But WIN MOTORS is too good a place to not follow through and let other people know about their outstanding straightforward way of doing business.  And there is a pay-off this time in getting this review in late.  The previous reviewer is Preston D.  I'm his mom.  I went with him to buy his Cube and everything went down as he said.  Kim also told us that he knew the history of the car, because he knew the original (one) owner.

However, there was another amazing thing that happened AFTER Preston wrote his review.  When he bought his car, they only had one key.  That was disappointing, but the car and price were great, so Preston bought it.  They next day they called him and said they had reached out to the previous owner to see if by any chance he still had the 2nd key.  AND HE DID!  He dropped it off, and Preston went back to pick it up.  Talk about follow through!  

Meanwhile, I had bought a 2011 Acura TSX last August at a Chrysler Dealer downtown, LA.  While Kim was explaining to Preston about the part of the body that had been replaced, but that his car had not been in any major damage because the VIN metal tag under the hood was still there, he then went on to tell me all the damage my car had and how it had been covered up, pointing out the tell-tale signs.  

I'm not supposed to say this because it is not their main line of business.  But he then offered as a favor to detail my car for me (we had quite a few parking scrapes) and said he could make it look almost new.  He offered a very reasonable price, his detailer was super nice and did a fabulous job, got all my make-up stains off the vanity mirror-- and when I tried to tip him, he didn't want to take it!  (I insisted.)  We are now looking for a used small Cargo Van for our business and the first people we will turn are WIN MOTORS.  How not?

OK. My conscience is now clear.  Buy your next car at WIN MOTORS.  Have a great experience.  Write an honest review.  And your conscience will be free too!

Sungwook P. | 2015-01-14

Best auto dealer that I have ever visited. Tony helped me to lease a vehicle. He was very reliable person. He gave me the best quote and tried his best to find the options of car that I wanted to have. Would recommend this place for my friend who wants to buy or lease a car. Also good place to sell used car. Tried to give me the best value of used car. Try this company. Never disappointed from here.

Karina N. | 2015-01-05

I am a big yelper and I went strictly off reviews for Win Motors. I noticed the high ratings and went in to ask for James. I was not disappointed at all. After seeing their selection online, I knew I wanted something inexpensive and reliable. I looked at both Nissan Versas they had on their lot as advertised on their site and decided to purchase one. James gave me a good deal and worked with me on financing. He also showed me both carfax reports and pointed out that the newer model had 3 previous owners which was a deal-breaker once I realized the one year older model only had one. I am grateful I came across Win Motors and recommend them to anyone in the area looking for a positive used car experience.

Blake B. | 2014-10-21

I bought a 2010 Toyota Sienna with low miles and in excellent condition here for a very fair price. I worked with James and his customer service was excellent; a pleasure to speak with and none of the typical car lot high-pressure sales tactics. I am normally leary of used car lots, but the inventory in their lot was very clean and I would definitely considering doing business with them again. Thank you James!

Preston D. | 2014-10-20

First of all, I don't think I've ever written a review for any product or service, ever.  So the fact that I'm writing this at all is a testament to how great Win Motors Inc is.  I highly HIGHLY recommend you do business with these people.  

I was searching for a Nissan Cube.  I went to 5 dealers.  When I spoke to them on the phone they each swore that their Cubes were in great condition and to come in and we would negotiate the price.  However upon getting there, the cars either smelled, or were scratched, or were lemon law, AND each sales person SWORE "they were losing money on this car" by selling it to me at the advertised price and they wouldn't negotiate after all.  Amazing how so many dealers can lose money on so many cars and never go out of business, isn't it!?

We weren't expecting different when we went to check out the car at Win Motors, BUT we were pleasantly surprise the car was in excellent condition, as advertised.  We worked with the owner Kim, who was gracious and totally straight with us.  He pulled the CarFax report and then told us that it was wrong!  He voluntarily offered that he could tell that part of the car body had been repaired/replaced and it WASN'T in the report.  He even took us out to the car to show us how he knew that.  I know nothing about cars, and had he not told me, I would have never known since the car looked brand new.  However, he wanted to be totally honest about the condition of the car.

Then rather than lie about how he was losing money on the car, he told me straight up how much he and the sales guy would make and that he couldn't go any lower.  On top of that he knew the prices of all the surrounding dealers for the same car and knew that he was price $1000 lower than any of his competitors.  And why wouldn't I want him to make money!?  I want him to make money, I just don't want to be lied to and ripped off.  Right?!  

Long story short, we bought the car right then and there and I can't imagine ever buying a car from anyone else again.  Also, since I know they are honest, straight-forward, hard working small business, I'm sure I can rely on them to steer me toward a good mechanic and maintenance.

Save your time, save your worry, save your headache.  Go to Win Motors Inc and THEY WILL HOOK YOU UP!!!!  It really is a WIN!

Nathan P. | 2014-10-05

Extremely impressed with high level of service and attention that was provided here. We stopped by to check out a 2010 Nissan Altima and I have to say it was the easiest purchase ever. Kim was a great help and really displayed a high level expertise. Definitely will be doing business these guys again.

Tony H. | 2014-10-02

Just bought a 2011 Hyndai Sonata for a great price at this place. They had a lot of great looking used car at their lot and all at some pretty decent prices. James was very helpful with making my car purchasing fast and easy, I was in and out in a little over an hour. He even offered a wax and car wash for me next time I was in the area. I highly recommend this place if your looking to buy.

Candy L. | 2014-09-16

I highly recommend Steve Hong he was very helpful and went the extra mile with great service.  I got a BMW at a great price.  He helped with every aspect of the transaction.  He will help you find your dream car!!!

Rr T. | 2014-09-11

Best dealer ever! Really good attitude and service. Luke is really nice. I bought a car from him. When I met problem, he helped me to solve it. Although it is not his responsibility, he is really helpful and friendly. I recommend this dealer and Luke.

Jordan P. | 2014-09-06

Bought a Toyota Camry recently from here. James was a great dealer to work with. He knew a lot about process, since it was my first time buying a car. We went on a little test drive that definitely convinced me to buy the Camry. There were a few dings in the rear of the car but they fixed that right up for me before I bought it.

The only thing that I didn't like was that after a week of owning the car, I decided to take it into a mechanic for an inspection. My back brakes were squeaking. The mechanic told me that the back brakes were totally dead and the front tires also needed to be changed. I didn't see any of this on the car fax report and James didn't inform me of this. So I had to purchase new brakes and tires a week after getting the car. Everything is fine now but I would have liked to driven away and not have to take it into a mechanic for at least 2 months. A little more honesty with the condition of "small things" like my brakes would be nice.

So 4 stars is enough because I got great service especially fixing the back of the car and helping a first time buyer out. But they get 4 for not informing me that I would need an immediate brake and tire change.

Indigo S. | 2014-08-27

I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to buy a nice used car! I walked onto this lot after having a terrible experience at another dealership, so I was very skeptical at first but that changed very quickly. The staff was very professional, honest and friendly. Plus everything on there lot had very reasonable prices. They let me test drive a few cars until I found the one I loved! They never seemed to get impatient with me nor did they try to rush me at all, which was such a relief!! They made buying a car easy and exciting! 5 stars for everyone over at Win Motors!! Thanks guys :) my car has been running great!

PT V. | 2014-08-15

Came here after visiting another dealer, which shall remain nameless. Walked in and my friend and I were greeted by very nice gentleman (Luke) who was as helpful as could be seeing as how his manager (James) wasn't in. Anyway, I left all my info and got a call the next day from James, he must have done a little magic and was able to get me the car I was looking for. Would definitely buy another car from this place as the experience and the vibe I got from those two guys was above my expectations. I've had the car for a week today and so far, it's running great.

Elisa H. | 2014-08-07

Great car, great price, excellent customer service! Have been visiting this place for a while. My boyfriend sold his car here and I just bought a new one last week. Steve was super nice and helpful! All the paperwork was done in an hour including getting me a car insurance, not to mention it was lunch time. He will help you to look for the car that you need or right for you instead of taking advantage to sell pricey car only. I would highly recommend this place and look for Steve of course!

Young Hoon K. | 2014-08-03

Got a new lease my from my dealer here named Tony! I got the new gs and from beg. To the end he took care of m very well.. Was very parient with me.. And even hooked me up with a lot of other things. Great, kind salesman lookin forward to working with him again in 2yrs after my lease is done!!

Joanne P. | 2014-07-22

This place is great! I bought my 2014 Honda accord from here and everyone was so personable and helpful! Ki Kim delivered the car to my house and there was the tiniest scratch on the gears which I'm pretty sure is normal for most cars but when we noticed they got us a brand new car which really shows their excellent service. I would recommend this place to anyone and I love my new car!!

Lv L. | 2014-07-10

Recently purchased our Infinty G37 from them and let me tell you they provide Excellent customer service and excellent prices!!!!!. We are from bakersfield, went into the LA area to purchase our first car, we figured they had reasonable prices. We ended up going to 2 different car dealers before WIN motors and their customer service was just horrible and prices were to high. WE were about to give up, when we looked online we found the car we were looking for a really good price at WIN motors .Once we got there  I was surprised to see how friendly there staff was Kim and Steve greeted us in a very friendly way, they gave their 100% to make us feel comfortable, they offer EXCELLENT customer service and their prices are just amazing!!!!! We will definitely be going back for our second car purchase!!!
Sincerely, one satisfied customer :))

Paul P. | 2014-06-05

I had a great experience here! As other reviews already mentioned, everything from the service to helpfulness to the dealers themselves has all been amazing. Luke Shin helped me with my car and things went very smoothly. Definitely worth checking out if you're on the hunt for a car!

Bonnie K. | 2014-05-24

I got my Prius here from Luke Shin. He worked so hard to make sure I got a good deal by looking at any specials Toyota had, as well as what their company could offer. He even corresponded my insurance company when they were being very unreasonable. Thank you so much Luke!

Christine L. | 2014-05-18

Highly recommended place.

Their service is great, their attitude is personal, and their cars are trustworthy.
I recently bought a Honda here and I love it. They made the process run really swift as well.

This place is trustable and worth your time!
Definitely recommend it if your selling/buying car.

Delilah R. | 2014-04-26

AMAZING! Bought my Lexus is300.  And had a good experience I've gone to so many dealers and they have been extremely shady but you can tell these cars are in great condition. My is300 was in mint condition the inside was soo clean and had VERY good miles considering it's a 2001. The sales men are really sturdy and know what they are talking about. My salesman was James and he was extremely helpful and patient with me and walked over every thing with me. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a good condition used car.

Jennifer R. | 2014-04-25

We looked for several months for the make/model/price of car that we wanted and finally found it here.  Daniel was the salesperson and provided excellent service throughout the process.  He did not put any pressure on us and was able to answer all of our questions about the vehicle.  He also let us bring out own mechanic to the lot and inspect the car.  We highly recommend Win Motors.

Alex N. | 2014-04-22

I recently bought my first car here and it was wonderful. service was great and all the cars on the lot where in outstanding condition. I am very pleased with my purchase and I highly recommend this place. I got a great deal and im sure you will as well. thanks again james for everything.

Nasirellie Bellie T. | 2014-04-12

i highly recommend win motors inc. to anyone and everyone!!! i leased a brand new bmw 320i 2014 for an unbeatable price! mr. kim was wonderful and very helpful. win motors will cut to the chase, get you what you need for a fair deal and out of the door, unlike...some dealerships (i won't mention any names)...if you need to buy a car or lease a car, seriously go to win motors inc.!! trust me, you'll thank me later or buy me food..since this is on yelp!

Charles Y. | 2014-02-20

I've leased BMW 535i from here last week.
Well, I've talked to 3 different BMW dealers and going through 2 Internet sites researching and dealing (phone calls, emails, online chats, etc.) so I would get a "great deal", or at the least wouldn't get ripped off.  Getting weary, my wife called a couple of places for me and Tony Lee came through (mentioning his name here, so he would get the credit).  I usually deal directly with the dealer sales person for past 2 decades, so I wasn't confident with the brokers.  But boy, this guy is direct, fast and knowledgeable.  No non-sense this and that, but right to the point.  I've got the car I wanted in a record time at a great deal too (I've done my homework, so I know if I'm getting a good deal or not).  In addition, I've traded in my Acura TL and Tony gave me very fair price for it, though I had to folk out $300 to my wife as a commission for finding this dealer.  Bottom line, I would recommend this dealer to any of my family, friends.  And when my wife's Mercedes lease comes to end, will visit him again instead of going back to the dealer.  Highly recommended!

Esther C. | 2014-02-07

I recently leased a 2014 Lexus IS250 at a great price where no one can beat!
First, I was unsure of this dealership, because there are numerous car dealers and few that are well known. My friend introduced me to a sales rep name Steve Hong. He was very friendly and patient enough to go over my LONG list of car/price options (great customer service). I had horrible experiences in the past because I don't know much about it, so I used to be OVERCHARGED and those around me always said NEVER go to a dealership on my own. However, I did stand alone again, but Steve did not take advantage of my uneducated car/price range. He actually went over lists of car and helped me make the right decision. Everytime people asks how much I leased my car for? their response is...what's the catch?... my answer.....that's the deal I got! I will definitely go back to Steve for my future car in 2 years. :)

BuMin K. | 2014-01-02

Bought my first car here. Because it was my first car, I really looked around very carefully for the best car and for the best deal. Very surprised to have found this place and I feel very lucky to get such a great deal and awesome customer service here. My car had a slight alignment problem so brought back in and they got it taken care of very promptly. If you are thinking about purchasing a used car, forget about big car dealerships bc they'll kinda overprice you. Instead go to win motor and ask for Tony Lee
He knows his stuff and will help you out very well in the most polite and appropriate manner.

They even sent me a merry Christmas card lol not that this should affect your decision to come to win motor but at least it shows that they are willing to go an extra step to satisfy customers.

Trey D. | 2013-10-28

Bought an 09 Prius there a couple of hours ago. Could not have had a better experience. James the finance guy handled the sale. Super nice guy. Very friendly and helpful. Zero pressure.

Took the car to a dealer for independent inspection and they told me they would be selling the car for $1500-3000 more than I was paying.

Great experience. Great guys. Highly recommend them.

Wally B. | 2013-10-01

I was in the market for a used Honda Accord for the past few weeks before I stumbled upon WIN Motors. I looked far and wide until I saw this Acura RL on Craigslist. After seeing the specs I immediately went to go check it out at WIN. The car was in impeccable condition. James my sales guy came out and was very helpful and friendly. He even allowed me to go take the car to my mechanic and get it checked out. The car checked out great! There were a few small things That needed to be fixed and they took care of it. Out of all the car dealerships I visited this was definitely the best one. James and his entire staff were very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a used car. Great job WIN! This was definitely a WIN for me!!!

Joseph P. | 2013-08-20

Just recently bought two cars from them. I got help from Min Kim and he is honestly the best! He's someone who's definitely on the customer's side, not someone trying to rip you from your money. My KIA optima and an Acura TSX have gotten the best deals. Super friendly employees and they were able to service and support all my interests and needs. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to purchase a car! you really won't regret it.

Brittani Z. | 2013-07-24

I recently purchased a used Toyota Highlander from Win Motors.  Their sales staff was friendly and answered all the questions I had about the car.  They even let me take the car to my mechanic for an inspection.  

The Highlander needed a few repairs but they helped me with a really reasonable repair shop and worked with me on the price of the car to offset the repairs.  

Once everything was complete they even delivered the car to my home!  

I would recommend Win Motors to anyone who wants an upfront, helpful, and accommodating car buying experience.

David C. | 2013-07-10

I bought a 2007 Rav4 From Win Motors. Overall, it was a good experience given the circumstances. I just had a craigslist deal fall through during the last minute after two weeks of negotiating, and my deadline was rapidly approaching. I went to a Toyota/Scion used car dealership prior and was really disappointed with experience. The salesmen were pushy, they were constantly trying to slip in extras I never asked for, and their prices sucked.

I went to Win Motors expecting the same, but it turned out to be very straightforward. I saw the car, took it for a brief test drive, and bought it. He told me what was wrong with it, and nobody tried to upsell me on random crap.

You should always get a pre-purchase inspection, and I admit I was in a rush. I took it in for a AAA inspection the following week, and was relieved to find that there was no time-bomb waiting for me down the road. There was work to be done however. It needed new transmission fluid, tires, and rear brakes. I was informed about the brakes, and I probably shoulda checked the tires more thoroughly before leaving. But even with the cost of repairs, the price was still fair. And at least now I have a maintenance baseline to work from.


My one gripe was that the craigslist listing said it was a LE trim, but it turned out to be a base. So the price went from "good" to "fair". I probably could have found a better deal on craigslist if I kept looking, but given how quickly I had to find a car, this went pretty well.

Christine V. | 2013-07-06

We recently went to Kim at Win Motors to buy a used 2010 Toyota Prius. His prius was listed online for substantially lower than comparable priuses.  

We found Kim to be very straight forward and no nonsense in his presentation of the car.  All of the questions that we had about the car were answered honestly, and we never got the impression that he was trying to "convince" us to purchase the car.  He also did not pressure us to make a same day decision.

On our next visit he allowed us to take the car to a local Toyota dealer for a prepurchase inspection. The inspection came out clean so we proceeded with the purchase. He was more than willing to negotiate to a deal that we were happy with. It was a very unpressured environment and was rather more of an honest discussion of finding a deal that worked for both parties. Because the vehicle was already so reasonably priced, the negotiation process was very much painless.

We would recommend this dealership to any of our friends or family members and would do business with Win Motors again.

Disclosure: writing this yelp review was not a part of the deal that we got.  It is well deserving of the 5 star review

Brian L. | 2013-06-28

As unpleasant as the experience of buying a car may be, James Kim (the individual who assisted me in buying the 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE), presented the car in a modest and collected fashion, made the financial transaction very smooth, went out of his way to give the purchased car a full tank of gas and offered a free car detail, which includes de-greasing the engine bay, steaming the seats, exterior wash, etc.

Unlike the other car dealerships that I have done business with, Win Motos Inc. do not try to swindle or cheat you by selectively choosing to not mention any of the (arguably) negative features of the car. They have all of the proper documents and are more than willing to clarify any questions that you may have about the vehicle in question.

Lastly, as briefly aforementioned, the people of Win Motors seem to genuinely care about creating a relationship rather than just "doing business". In fact, they went out of their way to call insurance brokers for me. If the sandwiches and the assorted Korean breads didn't win me over, it was the reasonably priced vehicles which was the reason why I came here in the first place. I bought the vehicle (mentioned above) for far less than what the Kelly Blue Book advertised it for, considering this model's particular trim and mileage. Although there are many types of vehicles that are sold on this lot (ranging from Toyotas, Audi's, to Mini Coopers), the cars are appropriately and reasonably priced. This makes Win Motors a perfect place to find affordable, yet tasteful rides for high-school or college students.

I recommend this place with confidence. Thank you, Win Motors.