Volkswagen of Downtown L.A. in Los Angeles, CA

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Volkswagen of Downtown LA - Your premier Los Angeles Volkswagen dealership

We have been selling Volkswagen cars in Downtown Los Angeles since 1959, and are one of the top five dealers in the country by volume. With our impressive customer ratings from all members throughout our community, we know you'll discovery and enjoy our excellent sales and service personnel. We are the Los Angeles Volkswagen experts you're looking for when you're shopping for a Volkswagen. Please explore our website at your leisure and discover why we're the premier source for Hollywood, Santa Monica, Alhambra, San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys, Pasadena, West Covina, Puente Hills, Long Beach, Cerritos, Glendale, Orange County, Anaheim, Hawthorn, Woodland Hills, Thousand Oaks, San Diego, Inland Empire new and used VW cars. Making certain that our website is accessible and easy to use is part of our ongoing efforts to offer Volkswagen of Downtown LA customers the most modern and convenient access to useful information and satisfying service. With it, you can view our new and used inventory, schedule service appointments, order parts, get a quick quote, get a pre approval, shop, submit an online inquiry for a lease or purchase and more when you're shopping for a new Volkswagen anywhere in the greater LA area. See pictures of the clean diesel or hybrid Jetta, Passat, Tiguan, Golf, GTI, Touareg, Passat, CC and Routan...


Established in 1959.

We're a family owned business that's been selling Volkswagens in Downtown Los Angeles since 1959 and have been a Top 10 Volume VW Dealer in the United States since 2008.

Volkswagen of Downtown L.A.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 319-6645
Address:1900 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90007
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Volkswagen of Downtown L.A.

Boomer R. | 2015-04-24

Rennie, the parts manager, is phenomenal. I brought in my '87 Vanagon Westfalia to have a light switch replaced and he was more than happy to help. Not only did help me right away but gave me recommendations on how to ensure the longevity of the part and explained how the headlight voltage and battery play a role in the longevity of the light switch. I was absolutely blown away by the service and genuine care shown by Rennie. Great dealership.

Meredith M. | 2015-04-21

Specifically rating Don Dolor who sold me my car over a year ago and he continues to provide excellent service!  He really goes out of his way to be awesome and I'm very appreciative of that.

Brooke I. | 2015-04-18

Don Dolor helped me with leasing my first car and I have to say, he is great from beginning to end! I will definitely be coming back to Volkswagen of DTLA just for him! Very helpful and informative, not pushy, and straightforward. Will be back for future leases. Thank you Don!

Amy O. | 2015-04-15

I recently purchased a vehicle from Volkswagen of Downtown and it was absolutely the best purchase experience ever! The managers and staff not only were professional but they all expressed a genuine interest in doing what was financially right for me! I left feeling excited and confident about my purchase and will absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking to lease or buy a Volkswagen. Thank you VOLKSWAGEN of DTLA!

Sydney S. | 2015-04-14

I just picked up my brand new Tiguan yesterday and I couldn't be happier with the experience that I had. I worked with Don for a few weeks and he was nothing short of amazing. He went above and beyond to secure the exact car that I wanted and was extremely helpful and walked me through every step of the process. He was really attentive to what I wanted and worked with me within the parameters that I had set for what I was looking for in a car. I never felt pressured or intimidated into purchasing a vehicle and any questions that I had, he answered thoroughly and never once acted like a pushy salesman that only saw dollar signs, which I've had happen to me in the past. Thanks so much Don!

Sennette B. | 2015-04-05

I took my friends son to look for a new car.  After visiting a few lots we ended up at Downtown Volkswagon and were  looking at the used  vehicles and got lucky enough to be helped by a sales associate named Don! He was nothing but pleasant the entire time.  He was patient and took his time answering any questions that we had. Most important if he didn't know the answers he would not just make up and answer his response was I don't know BUT I will find out.  We are very happy with our purchase and experience!

Lina T. | 2015-04-05

Just picked up by brand new 2015 Jetta . Huge thank you to Bobby ( ask for him ) . Everyone here was so wonderful and helpful . Probably the best dealership experience I've had thus far. Would highly recommend

C M. | 2015-04-05

Don (Ferdinand) Dolor at VW of Downtown LA was a sincere, helpful salesman from beginning to end of my car leasing experience. He is not your typical or stereotypical car salesman! He was up front, patient, considerate, kind, smart and very helpful. He made my car shopping and leasing a very positive experience.. I feel great about my new car lease!

Christian W. | 2015-04-04

Don Dolor is AMAZING. I saw him today, and bombarded him with questions. He took them all like a real trooper. Let me tell you, managing a lease for the first time is scary stuff. So now that it's around time to turn the first car in, we needed to finalize an action strategy for the next one. Long story short, we worked out a deal and I'll be back within a couple of weeks to drive off the lot in a brand, spankin' new car! I don't feel swindled or cheated. I felt like I was cared for -- like Don wanted the absolute best fit for my family!

And if you see him, ask for a demo on parallel parking. He's a BOSS!

Susie P. | 2015-04-03

I used to work in Santa Monica and serviced my car with JD at the Santa Monica dealership. He is no longer there and I now work in DTLA so I decided to take my 2009 Jetta to VW of DTLA for service. My check engine light has been on.... for a while.... and I have to get it through smog to renew registration. I own the car and I am always so wary of taking any vehicle to a dealership in an owner pays situation. I have an awesome mechanic, but in this case I knew it needed to have the codes checked. I was told by SM VW that it would cost $140 for the diagnostics. I didn't want to drive that far and have to leave my car and get back downtown so I made an appointment with VW DTLA and dropped it off with Luis Cornejo who was awesome. He was polite, informed and just a super nice guy. I told him how happy I would be if that light was just a loose wire. My adviser Rene Morales called me later on in the afternoon and told me that it was a repair that Volkswagen would pay for and that they would need it overnight to finish the job. He also advised me that one of the fixes on the throttle body would be $210. I asked him to change the oil too which was $74.95 using synthetic oil - something that cost me a lot more at SM VW. The car was ready by 9:30 this morning and when I picked it up the whole bill was $238 total - diagnostics, all repairs and the oil change. Oh and they changed out a light bulb at no charge.

Since I wandered through the dealership looking for the cashier I noticed that everyone on that side of the dealership was really nice as well.

All in all it was a very good experience with very nice people and I really appreciate finding a dealership I can go to when I need to.

Jeffrey W. | 2015-04-02

I love my new car and felt very comfortable during my first car buying experience. Don Dolor did a great job of walking me through the process and finding the perfect car for me.

Anthony J. | 2015-04-02

I would like to say that my impression of the dealership has changed, but unfortunately I can't. Even after talking to the service manager the other day, I still believe that customer service is not a priority for this dealership. As I explained to the service manager, the lack of customer service, the lack of common courtesy, and the lack of professionalism seems to just be the culture for this particular dealership. I can only speak from my own experiences. However, I do know that I will never, purchase or lease from this dealership again. There are clearly some communication issues in the service department. And although the service writer that handled my service last week was initially lackadaisical, slow, and Unconcerned. His attitude has changed drastically by the time I picked up my car to a much more pleasant and friendly attitude.

TJ S. | 2015-03-31

When you walk into a car dealership you expect to get pushy salesman... but thats not the case with VW of Downtown L.A. I am so happy with the way they handled my transaction of beautiful 2015 VW Jetta that I can't help but write my first review on yelp. David Sales Manager was patient with me while I love to work a good deal out. I will be sending him referrals. Bobby was also very helpful and knowledgeable about VW cars. He not only helped us close the deal but explained everything about the features in the car. If you are looking for a VW call him 310-717-2005. Finally Finance was not pushy at all in selling extra warranties etc. Thank you once again to the whole team of VW Downtown LA and Congrats for having a great team.

Grant G. | 2015-03-29

This review is for sales - specifically the Internet sales team.  I've bought a handful of vehicles over the years (three VWs) from motorcycles to cars, mostly through direct Internet channels.  Both Don and Raz were up-front, helpful, and friendly.  Raz is a funny and interesting guy, really enjoyed working with him!  We set the deal over the phone, test drove and they honored our agreement with no funny business.  Delivery was fairly quick Samy in finance helped me get out in a hurry due to me being in a time crunch toward the end.  Great experience and will consider them again for my next VW purchase.

Jian Q. | 2015-03-28

Customer service is really terrible. I called to ask some questions about warranty and got transfer between finance and service department 4 times. When I told them to stop transferring me, they just showed a really bad attitude. I wander if this place have any management of their staff. Seriously, they may seem nice when you try to buy a car, but they don't really care about the customer.

Sabrina R. | 2015-03-27

Came here looking to lease a new car at a very specific budget, Kyle Milholland took care of me and worked things out so I could afford the car I wanted. The entire service was quick and painless I was in and out (including car wash/detailing) in just under two hours. No wasted time here :) thanks Kyle!

Brenda S. | 2015-03-25

I couldn't be happier today...bought a used Beetle last night from Bobby Fuster at VW of Downtown and I am just in love with my new-to-me car!  I got a super deal and the service was top-notch.  They cleaned up the car so well that it looks close to pretty!  Just want to thank Bobby and the GM, Roger Chammas, for everything!

JJ L. | 2015-03-22

It's hard to explain how terrible this service department is here. On three occasions I brought my car here. The main problem was fixed with my bumper-to-bumper warranty. Other problems are supposed to be fixed as well if I request it. On those 3 occasions I asked to have the inside of the rev counter cover cleaned... it wasn't. When I had my AC vent repaired, they did an awful job. They also left dirty paper mats in my car and got oil on my own mats. Pieces of the old AC vent were left in the car. They even forgot to call me when my car was ready and I had to leave town, I almost left with the loaner. Just stay away from this terrible VW. Go to Santa Monica or Alhambra.

Edit: I forgot the worst thing they did! About 2 months ago I filled up my car tires. The next day my battery died and I took my car to Downtown VW. When they finished up my battery, the guy told me my tires need changing in the next few weeks and gave me some insane quote for new tires. I checked my tires and they are still good. Even now they are still good. On my way home, my low tire pressure light comes on. I went to check the air and 2 of the caps were a lot looser than the amount I tighten them. GUESS WHAT!? Those 2 tires were really low on air. They most likely emptied the air in my tires.

Edit 2: I'm getting close to 40,000 miles and they would not stop calling me. They called 3 times a day, no voicemail. I called back twice and got a machine asking if I wanted to be taken off the calling list. Of course! I still got calls. When I finally talked to someone I said I did not want to schedule a service with them because I do not like their service. She just hung up on me.

Kari Jo M. | 2015-03-20

Brought my little VW in for its 30,000 mile service. Just really can't say enough great things about the service department. Rene and the rest of the service team were so wonderful and knowledgable and I felt really comfortable knowing they were taking great care of me and my car. (Which, by the way, they had done in an hour!)

Thanks! Absolutely recommend for sales or service needs.

Jessica K. | 2015-03-20

I have been obsessively researching cars online for the last couple of months and came into the dealership to test drive the 2015 Tiguan. Had not planned on driving away in a new car that night, but was open based on the deal and service. Kyle was so attentive and patient that not only did he work to get me a great deal, but I left feeling good about the experience and so excited about my new car! Definitely would recommend him to anyone else looking at a  and would go back to him in a heartbeat! He's also very handsome, so I guess that may have helped a little :)

Sara E. | 2015-03-20

I was in the market a VW and submitted a few inquiries online. I heard back from Don immediately and he patiently answered all my questions. After hearing back from the other dealerships, I felt most at ease communication with Don.  He gave me upfront pricing and wasn't a typical pushy car salesman.  I ended up getting a fully loaded Tiguan which I thought would have been out of my budget. Don made it happen and got me an awesome lease deal and fair price on my trade-in. The process was quick and painless too. The finance manger was very efficient and helpful. I am absolutely recommending anyone I know to go to VW of DTLA.

Daniel Z. | 2015-03-19

Top notch customer support, Danny from Volkswagen service rocks! Thanks for fixing my bulb. See you at my next service.

Gerard M. | 2015-03-17

I just bought my VW Beetle (Mr Beasley) not at Volkswagen of Downtown LA- but had it serviced there under its warranty plan. After a long day and stressful situation... the Service Manager- Luis Hernandez provided me with truly 5 star customer service as did his staff, offering me water and a courtesy vehicle.  Thank you. Grateful.

Stefania K. | 2015-03-17

Spoke with qwner , reliable service and great to work with! Very prompt. A+

Nikki B. | 2015-03-10

Sub par service department...Service advisors do not thoroughly explain the work that needs to be done (nor do they speak clear English)...Don't bank on their shuttle coming at the time requested...and a five year could my wash my car better. VW of Pasadena has much better service than this location.

ShaRon A. | 2015-03-06

Rene is the best service guy there. He makes sure you are informed and satisfied. Very near my job and friendly staff all around.

Jennifer M. | 2015-03-01

I found a 2012 Tiguan suv  on ., it was located at Volkswagen of downtown Los Angeles.  I emailed them and Kyle Milholland contacted me, we set up on appointment 2/26/15. I test drive and like the vehicle . I had some issues with credit score. I told Kyle the interest rate I would take, Kyle help made it happen. I was happy with the whole experience with Kyle he's a excellent salesperson .

Jiafeng X. | 2015-02-27

Definitely asking Kyle to introducing cars! He is cool and a great guy to work with. He can really provide what you want to get.

J. G. | 2015-02-16

Great and friendly place, Dennis is my advisor and he is the nicest guy to me!
I will always go back to them for as long as I keep my car.

J. S. | 2015-02-11

Don Dolor is the best!  Wife and I were dreading the trek out to the dealership on Monday but it turned out to be a great experience.  We found the VW that was best for us thanks to Don.  He is not your average sales guy, he listens, is knowledgeable in all things VW and patient... (we were kind of indecisive).  We definitely recommend this dealership if you are looking for a new car.  If you go please say hi to Don.  Tell him Cathy and J. say hi.

Amber F. | 2015-02-11

Beware the service department. Inaccurate diagnosis, overpriced estimates and rude technicians. I had a traumatic experience and promise to NEVER visit this dealership again. I take my car to Santa Monica VW and leave with a smile every time... but that's for another review.

Jack C. | 2015-02-08

I was in the market for buying a GTI, and Don from Volkswagen Downtown LA really helped me out. Being this was the first time buying a car, I was afraid of having to deal with endless back and forth haggling. Not the case here, Don was able to match and lower the "fair prices" I researched online immediately with minimal headaches. The level of customer service was unmatched. Highly recommend dealing with this guy. Consider me a happy customer

Bruce N. | 2015-02-07

I bought my jetta here, truly a classy notch..special accolades goes to Dennis in service..request him everytime, knowlegable, gentlemany, proficient a true expert..the remainder of the service team are all equally good..but Dennis is number one in my book

Kathy W. | 2015-02-05

Service dept manager LUIS & technician RENE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!
Also be careful with the extended warranty they are selling you cuz it might not cover most of the stuff you need to fix.

This review is for the service dept manager Luis and technician Rene. Previously I had no bad experience with this dealership until today and I'm never going back.

I had an appointment to service my car (30,000 miles free service) on Sat and I drove 40 mins to get there. Rene took a quick look at my car,  asked me about my concerns with my car and told me it'd take 3-4 hours so I should come back on Thursday when they are less busy.No other questions asked about my warranty or whatsoever. He also clearly said he would get me a loaner on Thursday (they didn't have loaners on Sat). I didn't want to wait for 3-4 hours so I believed him and left.

So today I went there to drop off my car for the service and  pick up my loaner so I could go to work. Rene for the first time checked my info in the system and told me my warranty expired so they will charge me $138 for diagnosis the problem with ignition (my extended warranty doesn't cover it). I didn't think the small problem was worth the money so I said I didn't need that, just do the 30,000 miles service for me. And then I was just gonna get the loaner and leave for work. Shockingly, Rene told me I can't get the loaner cuz the 30,000 mile service was only gonna take an hour and 30mins, and ask me to wait like I got nothing else to do. I was like what about my work???? You agreed to get me a loaner!!!  He said no you can't get a loaner and he was sooooo rude!! And he said he was under the "impression" I still had my warranty. I dont know where the hell he got the "impression" within the couple minutes he spent with me on Sat! He did not feel bad for misleading me/not communicating with me clearly about the fees or warranty on Sat and he was gonna argue with me. I was so pissed and I didn't want to waste time with him so I left.

After I left I felt it was so unfair that Rene didn't check my info on Sat as he just wanted to get rid off me on his busiest day. And I couldn't believe he wouldn't give me the loaner he promised and it's just a freaking slow Thursday. I felt I had to make a complaint. I drove back to make a complaint to his manger and here comes the best part: the manager Luis is 10 times more obnoxious than Rene!!!! Not only he didn't apologize for my bad experience, he was so defensive and the entire time he was trying to make it sound like it's my problem. He was being sarcastic several times and even said I could go rent a car at the Enterprise around the corner.Excuse me???????  He said there's a cost to get me the loaner and I was like WTF? my work is only 15mins away from the dealership and you guys made me drive 40mins back n forth from my house TWICE! What about my cost??

Towards the end he finally agreed to get me the loaner with such bad an attitude like I didn't deserve it but they would do it to "make me happy". I was so upset and realized I was talking to the wrong person. I can't believe someone with such horrible customer service attitude is a manager of the "SERVICE" dept. I just left.

Horrible experience!

Marc R. | 2015-02-02

Well here goes my first ever review on Yelp!

This whole month of January saw me researching various Volkswagen dealerships throughout the Southland for lease buy-out options for my Volkswagen Passat.  Each dealership had its own idea of what steps had to be taken, each gave me a very optimistic assessment of what my APR would be.  Needless to say, most of it was hokum.  Enter Kyle from VW of DTLA.  Taking my cue from fellow Yelpers, I called him and we spoke over the phone.  We set-up a time to meet the next day, and that very evening he started working with my Credit Report and its mediocre score to find the best options for me.  The next day we went over those options, which he had thoroughly researched above and beyond what would have been expected, to find the BEST possible option for me.  He was an honest and able guide through the wilderness that is auto-financing.  He championed me through the process.  He also gave me tips for building a better credit score, which I am truly thankful for.  Kyle is the epitome of a good salesman (re: good person).  He does not need to embellish, omit, or employ Machiavellian tactics to sell...he simply is honest, straight forward, and understanding.  That is as good as it gets in any field, folks.  Kyle receives FIVE stars from me and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to lease or finance a VW in LA.   Thanks, Kyle!

Alex I. | 2015-02-02

Easy Breezy! Went to VWDTLA after speaking with Don on the phone after I received an online quote for a 2015 GTI from truecar dot com. Don was a great salesperson. Honest and forthright. Easy to deal with. No pressure and he gave me a good deal. There were no surprises as we went through the process from test driving to financing. Overall great experience.

Roberto P. | 2015-02-02

My dad bought his Passat from here a few months ago so I decided to purchased my first car from this dealership too. It was a great overall experience. I knew that I wanted a Jetta TDI in a trim and color they didn't have in their inventory, but despite this, Mo from the sales department went above and beyond to locate the exact vehicle I wanted. Mo and his sales manager were pleasant to deal with when it came to negotiating a price. When I was ready to pick up the car two days later, Mo picked me up from work and drove me to the dealership so he could have the opportunity to thoroughly explain all the car's features. I would highly recommend doing business with these people.

Kate F. | 2015-01-28

I have  mixed feelings about VW DTLA. On one hand, I get quality service at a fair price. The service they have done on my car has been nothing short of exceptional.

However, every time I am here I'm treated very rudely by all of the employees. When I arrive, no one greets me or even bothers to look in my direction. When I ask politely to be helped, I get treated as if I'm a nuisance. The last time I went in for service, I was promised a rental car within 30 minutes. It took 3 HOURS for them to get it to me and gave me no updates while I waited. It was highly unprofessional and unacceptable.

I love the way my car runs after service, but I can't give over two stars for the unfortunate way I've been treated here.

Jerry L. | 2015-01-27

My sister and I get our cars serviced here with Luis Cornejo.  Cool dude and quick to help.  Between my sister and I, we have purchased 4 new VWs from here.  Sales dept peeps are cool too.  

My next VW service will be here.  So will my next VW purchase.  Thinking a GTI.........

Alice B. | 2015-01-27

After many frustrating visits to other dealerships I finally was recommended to Bobby Fuster by a friend.

Bobby listened to my needs and budget and even dealt with the fact I had no American credit as I'm a foreign business professional.
He helped expedite the process and I was able to drive my all-new 2014 model off the lot.

Go see Bobby for a hassle-free German engineered experience.

Samantha G. | 2015-01-27

I went to Volkswagen in DTLA after having gone to the dealership in Santa Monica, and the service and attitude towards the customer is more then 10 times better. Don sold us a Golf after we followed up an Internet lead, I recommend you talk to him if you are planning on buying. He will make sure you have a pleasant experience, it was stress free, relaxed and without any drama. Unlike the stereotypical car sales man Don didn't push anything in our face but made sure we still got a good deal.

Liz G. | 2015-01-26

I'll preface my horrible situation by saying that Bobby was my salesmen and was great - helped me pick a new Jetta and was extremely helpful and easy to work with.  My problems started after the new lease was signed.  About a month after I turned in my 2011 Jetta for a 2014 jetta I got a bill from Vw credit stating that I owed $1900 for mile overage.  

Upon signing the new lease I was under the impression that this amount was worked into my new monthly payments.  I looked at the lease and low and behold it is.  

So, it's been about two months and I've left countless messages.  once I finally had Ben return my call he didn't even have the lease in front of him and had no idea what I was talking about.  I had to fax him a copy because apparently they don't keep Leases on file??

He said he'd get back to me and three days later... Still hearing crickets.

This doesn't have to be a big deal.  I have been patient, friendly and explained the situation to multiple people multiple times.  

My only conclusion is that this dealership is extremely unorganized, doesn't take care of paperwork on their end, and has created a nightmare for me that I can seem to resolve.  

I'm at the point where I'm going to have to come up with the $1900 so this doesn't affect my credit.  

Do you guys care about your customers after the deal is signed?  Obviously not.  I'm extremely disappointed.  All you have to do is call me back.  Is that so hard?

I will never give VW downtown LA any more of my business.  I doubt my dad will either after hearing how insanely bad their customer service is.

Josh O. | 2015-01-19

I went to VW downtown to look for a new car. The salesperson who worked with me was amazing. Kyle was patient, kind, understanding, and tried to get me the best he could. Unlike the negative stereotypes of most car dealer salesperson, Kyle breaks down all of the stereotypes as he talk to me in a non-pressure manner. It was like talking to a friend. If you are looking to buy or lease a new or used car, find Kyle.
The next time I buy a car, I hope I could deal with Kyle again!!

Marie D. | 2015-01-14

I've been going here with my VW Jetta TDI for 3 years now. I've tried other VW dealers and feel like this one is the most professional and does the best work. Dennis is my go to service representative. He is incredibly kind, responsive, and thorough. I'm so grateful to have a place to go to that I trust!

I T. | 2015-01-12

Don Dolor A+++. I was buying a used GTI with my mother and step father on a Sunday. Don worked with us, took time to help us every step of the way. My mother made it very clear to him that she did not want to be nickeled and dimed and that she did not want her time wasted. He was extremely courteous of our time and did his best to get us out there ASAP. Great attitude. and I LOVE my car!

Lindsay F. | 2015-01-05

I recently leased a new VW during their Winter Sign and Drive Event. I had been living out of the country for some time (thus had not owned a car for a while), and was nervous about shopping for a vehicle, as well as worried about what kind of difficulties this would cause for me during the leasing process. I first met with Don who was polite, straightforward, and made me feel at ease. He patiently took the time to help me narrow down the list of things I would like to have vs. must have into the perfect car that fit both my needs and budget. Terry was also great with getting the financial end of things in order and making sure I ended up with a great rate. I went in on a Saturday evening, went home to research to see if I could beat their deal, and sure enough I was back on Sunday to finish the paperwork. I was amazed at how quickly they got me in and out of there, and I love my new car. I would definitely recommend Downtown VW and Don and Terry. I would also like to give a shout out to Jumbo Jim in finance, and the manager Dave, who were both also great. Jim is very thorough and really walks you through the process, and Dave was quick to make sure something was fixed that had been misprinted on the final contract. Thanks DTLA VW!

Mrs G. | 2015-01-02

I'm writing this review because the staff and service were amazing!

Kyle and Sevan answered all our questions and were honest, friendly, and knowledgeable. I got a great deal on the cutest beetle and am very happy with the entire experience.

Defintiely recommend! Thanks, guys!

katrina c. | 2015-01-01

Read on but to summairze, definitely go to DLTA VW and NOT century VW in Glendale.  

Like several previous reviews, I also worked and highly recommend Kyle Milholland. He was very quick to responded to my initial inquiry and other emails, texts and calls.  This was especially welcome after a horrid experience at New Century in Glendale. When the car I was looking for ended up being wrong, he not only searched for the right one but went above and  beyond to offer a 2015 instead with the 2014 incentives! I did not expect that and appreciated his thoughtfulness, candor and genuine effort in matching me with a car.  

Kyle is relaxed, easy going and worked hard to get the deal done on the last day of the year.  I liked that there was no need to posture and play the haggle game.

Also, the finance process was smooth and professional. There was a $200 discrepancy between the agreed upon deal and the contract that was taken care of quickly.

Alison G. | 2014-12-31

We went to VW DTLA to look into leasing a new car. I highly recommend Kyle. My husband and I were there with our twin babies and he was more than patient, accommodating and helpful.

He answered all of our questions and made the entire process very smooth and seamless. We ended up walking away with a new Tiguan, which I could t be more satisfied with.

Overall, great experience! And thank you Kyle!

Sam M. | 2014-12-26

Leased a new GTI from Kyle Milholland.

He was super helpful to track down the exact vehicle I wanted - even when a system glitch made it tricky to find the keys.

Pricing was straight forward and easy to understand.

Thanks, Kyle!

Gershon G. | 2014-12-21

Don did the most amazing job helping my wife and I find the perfect new VW. We are expecting our first child. The entire team at VW of Downtown LA made us feel welcome and part of their family . We weren't rushed into any decisions and everything was as simple and seamless as possible.

Don helped us pick out the perfect car that had enough space for our growing family. He spent time personalizing all of the options that we wanted so that we had a car that was perfect for us.

I've been to a lot of dealerships in LA and VW of Downtown LA the best. Thank you Don, Kyle and Dave for making this such an amazing experience. We'll definitely be coming back here for our next cars.

Anastasia T. | 2014-12-18

Loved this dealership and the dealer (Don Dolor). This is the 4th time I lease from VW and the first time this has been such a smooth, pleasant and positive experience. I went to the downtown dealership because of the dealer who was the only one who gave me a clear straightforward quote after taxes and fees at the first request without any hassle. The quote was very reasonable and he explained every question I had immediately via email - when everyone else was insisting that I should drop by if I had more questions or get on the phone with them which I hate.
Their internet manager was following up on the emails at the end of the day and I just loved that these guys just replied to the emails and never bugged me during the time I thought about it, when everyone else was leaving messages on my phone or sending me emails that were even more untrustworthy because they were suggesting they didn't give me the best answer the first time I inquired.
At the dealership Don was very straightforward, never pressured me to decide, explained everything thoroughly, was very attentive and stayed true to the offer he gave me.
I just loved the whole experience and the car I got is the most amazing. Two days later they emailed me that they actually bought the car I turned in so I didn't even have to worry about the inspection because I dropped it off. Everything about it was sweet.

Dennis C. | 2014-12-14

I have leased a couple of vw from dtla vw before. The experience was always no hassle .

Before vw, I leased from Mazda and Saturn, and doing business there is like buying car from Gil, the poor unfortunate guy from Simpsons.

Don Dolor was different. His service was excellent, not pushy for sales, and a straight up guy that tell you the truth. I was looking for a 2 door manual shift Golf in an era that nobody drive stick anymore. A few dealerships kept pushing me the gti model, some even try to convince  me that I will have trouble reselling the manual.

With Don, tell him what you want and he will deliver. I do agree that not every saleperson at dtla is like Don. If you have someone else, good luck with that. But for me, when I buy another vw, it will be with Don Dolor of dtla VW.

Mun S. | 2014-12-14

Talked to many other vw places via email before I got my lease with them. I worked with Don and he was the only person that gave me straight answers to all my questions and did not harass, annoy me. It was a very easy process and short wait, probably because I did all my work via email. Overall very pleasant experience!

Bryn L. | 2014-12-12

Bobby Fuster took excellent care of me in the purchase of my Jetta. His service went above and beyond. Never felt pressured to buy and felt like I was able to work a great deal. I will definitely come back to VW of DTLA for future purchases  and all of my maintenance. I would definitely ask for Bobby to help you in your next car purchase  if you come to this great VW location.

Duncan T. | 2014-12-09

Great buying experience.  Moved to LA from new York and Kyle was at the airport waiting to bring me to my new vehicle.  Service doesn't get any better.

Jason K. | 2014-12-08

Don't go here. All they want is your money. Lacks info on cars they sale and sales ppl are lazy.
I felt disgusted coming here. Never go here again.
Parking is hard and lacks character.

Damian P. | 2014-12-05

Got the most AMAZING DEAL! Omg everyone needs to go see Kyle Milholand! Best dealer I have ever worked with!! He beat 10 other dealers! I highly recommend working with him! Professional and nice! So grateful! Thanks Kyle! Supper stoked for my families new Jetta Sport!

Christopher R. | 2014-12-04

I recently leased a 2015 Jetta Sport after a long journey that involved multiple VW dealerships, so I know good from bad service. Our salesman at VW of DTLA was Kyle and he was AMAZING! The nicest guy in the world, super professional and personable and he truly cared about making me happy and giving me the best deal he could given what I wanted and my financial situation. He really went up and beyond what I would expect a salesman to do and he really hooked me up. I will be signing his praises for the next three years of my lease. First class service all the way! If you're in the market for a car, VW DTLA is the best. Go in and ask for Kyle!

Ariel J. | 2014-12-03

Horrible experience. I bought a brand new 2014 Jetta three months ago with only 20 miles on it.

Two days ago while driving on the highway, my brand new three month old car with only 2900 miles began to shut down. After pulling over terrified I was notified by VW Roadside Assistance that my car was safe to drive (although I can only go up to 40 mph) but should have the car looked at ASAP.

I made my way to the closest dealership at 7:00 am the next morning to find that they couldn't see why a brand new car would stop working for no reason. Two days later I was notified that the transmission needed to be replaced as it stopped working for no reason (yes on my brand new 3 month old car with 2900 miles).

I thought that buying a brand new car would prevent such issues but I was wrong. I was sold a damaged and faulty car regardless.

Be careful when buying from them, I would advise one not to.

Carlos F. | 2014-12-02

I can not believe how easy it was. I just bought my first car, and Moh made it the easiest experience I could have ever imagined.

Before arriving at VW I had a pretty intense almost scary experience at Honda down the street, where they out the full court press on and didn't want to even let me leave without signing. Needless to say, I couldn't not recommend them any more.

Conversely, even though every VW dealership in California bombarded me with emails when I looked up a quote this past weekend, (including Don and Dave from here) I  walked into VW Downtown and was very impressed with the demeanor and professionalism exhibited by Moh. Even when another salesman was getting into an argument with the poor pregnant receptionist, Moh kept his head down and worked hard to crunch me the numbers that I needed in order to make my first new car purchase work.

He took us for a great test drive and even though upper manage rb couldn't meet the price on the model I fell in love with while driving, I decided to be fiscally responsible and take a step down to the best model I could easily afford.

Not only that, but the next morning Moh drove out to my house in order to finalize some paperwork and drop the car off!

Kudos to Dave, who seems to handle a rather large cast of personalities with poise (and great fashion sense) and even more Kudos to Moh who doesn't come across like a sleazy salesman looking for his commission, which seems the case for some of he other salesmen there. A diamond in the rough of real life breakfast of champions.

If you go, so as to avoid cherry pickers, Just call and ask for Moh first, he'll take care of you from start to drive off, or he'll personally drop it off at your doorstep the next morning.

Christina L. | 2014-12-01

Only have used this dealership for parts and service. Volkswagen shares its lot with Audi so don't get discouraged if you only see the Audi sign at first. Great attentive service here. I have never made an appointment and take advantage of their Service Xpress. It is a service where no appts are required for basic service items for your car, such as an oil change, filter change, battery check, changing out the windshield wipers or a light bulb (all of which I have done). I was in and out of Volkswagen today under 10 mins for a windshield wiper and light bulb change!

The waiting area is clean with coffee with a big screen tv usually tuned to a sports channel. The staff are knowledgable, respectful, and do not attempt to oversell (which I value as a female). I recommend just stopping in vs calling for an estimate. I have had 1 negative experience regarding calling for an estimate/appointment to have my side mirror checked. Nevertheless, I've never experienced anything short of remarkable in person. Highly recommend.

c b. | 2014-11-23

I am still in awe over the fantastic experience I had with Roberto Fuster and David Erickson!

I was looking to trade in my 2006 Jetta for a new 2014 Jetta Sportwagen lease. I've been a customer with VW for 10 years and was really hoping to find a way to make the trade in work since I really do love my VWs.

I initially spoke with Sales Manager David Erickson over the phone. He was kind, honest, and so helpful. I got such a positive energy from him over the phone I felt confident about making an appointment to have my car appraised.

I showed up for my appraisal and was kindly greeted by David Erickson and a member of his sales team, Roberto Fuster.

Roberto (Bobby)  was incredibly receptive to what my needs and concerns were and we all worked together with ease to come to an agreement that I was ultimately comfortable with.

David enthusiastically promised me that he and Roberto would help make a deal and he was absolutely right. I walked out 2 hours later with my brand new Jetta Sportwagen lease. I was stunned by the ease of the process.

From start to finish of a very short and painless process I was so impressed by the level of customer care that I never once doubted my decision.

I highly recommend working with Roberto , David, and VW of DTLA!

Avi S. | 2014-11-22

Great service! I spent a few days car shopping and Kyle and Bobby went out of their way to follow up with me and make sure that they can find what I'm looking for. They both accommodated me very well and negotiated an amazing price for a 2014 Jetta S. When shopping at VW Downtown, be sure to look for Kyle and Bobby!

Ryan K. | 2014-11-20

I worked with Kyle M at VW of DTLA who was great. Better than great.  I had a very low stress experience. My schedule was tight, so he came in to meet me on his day off.  That's customer service above and beyond.  After test driving, he gave me plenty of time with no pressure to decide between two trim levels.  The showroom is clean and has great coffee, and everyone there seemed friendly and not pushy or desperate like other dealerships I've seen.  Have not used the service dept yet, this is just about the sales dept.  Great experience.  Very happy with my new car.

Is B. | 2014-11-19

Went here because they had the car I wanted at the price I was willing to spend plus I had a trade in.

So the car was 5800 they offered me 600 for my trade in walked out spending 6100 I dont understand the math even at 9.25% in tax how does it equal 6100 someone explain this to me. Silly me for being tired and ready to go.  Car was way over priced especially for the high milage on it.

The guy who helped me was generally nice no real complaints with him he did offer to fill up my tank but that didn't happen because i refused to pay the registration for the trade in. Why would I pay registration for a car im trading in.  

The only advice when dealing with this dealership is to do the math before you sign. Its only been 2 days but im so mad at myself.

They will get over on you if they can.

Breana P. | 2014-11-16

Experience started out best-to-date with a dealer through the Internet sales, and was ruined by their crooked finance dept.  I had a very specific 3 yr lease arranged, and the finance guy was pushing an "open ended to 4 yr" which I was uncomfortable with, but he was relentless and wouldn't move on after I said NO a dozen times.  I said "fine" finally after a condescending pressure that it was no different...just left more room if I wanted a few extra months.  I still questioned, and even called back the next day again to confirm, but I got yet another condescending brush off that it was "just an open ended 3 yr".  WRONG.  VW credit themselves confirmed it was a concrete 4 yr.  What a jerk.  Will not return for another VW.

Lisa D. | 2014-11-12

Don Dolor in sales is fantastic- this is the second time I have come back to him to lease a new Jetta, and I also referred a friend who purchased a new Passat from him. Don puts you at ease right away and bends over backwards to help you get the best deal. I used to be so nervous at the thought of having to deal with a car sales person, but after dealing with Don, I actually look forward to my lease ending! VW is lucky to have Don.

Also, I wanted to say that Jim (a.k.a. "Jumbo Jim") in the finance department was also great. He made everything quick and painless and is a nice guy to boot.

Jim L. | 2014-11-12

Amazing experience with Kyle Milholland over at VW DTLA. Buying a car could be very stressful, but Kyle's demeanor and easy going personality made this experience a great one. Great deal and a new friend!!!!

Ashley R. | 2014-11-11

I had an amazing car purchasing experience at Volkswagen DTLA. I had the pleasure of working with Terry Davis. He is knowledgeable and super helpful. I was very reluctant to do the whole car shopping thing because I did not want to feel pressured and truthfully I was worried that I would get ripped off as a woman buyer. I most certainly felt very comfortable with Terry a great personality and he really cares about helping his clients to find something that fits within their budgets. He listened to all of my concerns and helped me to come to a decision about a car that I am totally in love with. He has since followed up with me to make sure that I am satisfied with my purchase and I even got a hand written thank you note! Thanks Terry for all your help! I would highly recommend Terry Davis to help anyone who is looking for a new car!

Sarah P. | 2014-11-04

My experience at Volkswagen of Downtown LA with Moh was amazing!! He patiently listened to my concerns, answered all of my questions, took me on several test drives, explained all of my options, and was overall extremely kind and helpful. No pressure at all. An absolute pleasure to do business with. And girls, you know how it is at dealerships-with Moh, you do not need to worry. He treated me equally and took extra time to explain everything. I will refer all my friends to him who are interested in a VW.

My highest recommendation for Moh.

Sharnae D. | 2014-11-03

My recent experience at VW DTLA with Terry was great!! Outstanding service. Patient. Very friendly And  not pushy!! I will refer anyone to him.

However, when it came to signing the papers, that guy
(too bad I can't remember his name) was not friendly at all. It was all about getting in and out. His face looked as if he ate a lemon. He didn't make me feel good about giving him my money!!
 Other than that, it was all good. Thanks to Terry

Wendy N. | 2014-10-29

Don was recommended to me by a friend who had used him last year. I have to say, Don is fantastic. No heavy pressure, he let's you make your own decisions and gives you multiple options when looking for the price plan that works for you.
From test drives to paperwork, he was fast and efficient and the overall process was painless.
And ladies, you know how we are treated at dealerships, you have no worries with Don, he is fair and treats everyone equally. I'll be referring him to everyone I know who wants a VW.

Tania V. | 2014-10-29

Everyone is very helpful and friendly.

Missjasminnn S. | 2014-10-26

This place is phenomenal! Rami is extremely helpful (and so is the manager!) and really cares about his customers. I had gotten a 2012 Jetta and it had some huge problems with it. My father called up Rami and right away, he told us to come down so we can make a trade. I thought I was going in to make a trade with another 2012 Jetta...However, in I went with a 2012 Jetta, and out I came with a 2014 Jetta! I am a very happy customer! They were extremely apologetic that the previous car had problems (some that they didn't know about...shame on you previous owner for not disclosing!) and were very accommodating. They take their business very seriously and customers are their priority. I have no idea why some people give them anything less than 5 stars! I was reading some of these reviews and some people on here are ridiculous....You're not going to walk out with a free car, people. And of course, you're not going to get the same price/payments as a honda or a toyota....The management will work with you only if you're willing to work with them...It's only fair, right? And that the employees here "screw you over"? Please, there's a thing called 'paying attention' and 'asking questions'. When I first went in, I told Rami what I wanted, price I wanted, and the monthly payments I wanted it to be. He immediately gave me some choices. Thank you Downtown VW! I am extremely happy with my new (well, pre-owned...but it looks new! haha) Jetta :) My brother now definitely wants a VW. And of course, he will only look here ;)

S N. | 2014-10-24

I love VW of DTLA. I've leased several different cars with them through the course of almost a decade and they always take care of me. Service is fast, honest and I love the shuttle service. Maggie's great and makes the process so easy. Would definitely recommend.

Heather G. | 2014-10-20

If you want a no pressure, comfortable environment to purchase a car, I highly recommend going to see Don Dolor and Chris Jones at DTLA VW. These guys were great. I am a 34 year old female and part of the generation that wants no BS and no pressure when it comes to buying a car. I don't want to be haggled, nor do I want to get phone calls/ text messages everyday from a salesperson if I walked off a lot without buying a car at that very moment. These guys were great- I felt stress free and completely trusting in both of these guys. They gave me the straight facts, no surprises and were very eager and willing to help. When they turned it over to Jack to sign papers, it was quick and easy to understand.
I will definitely be taking my car into this location for all servicing and maintenance!

Filemon Z. | 2014-10-20

Service department advisors are pretty good, but the policy of having a 5 mile radius for the shuttle is BS.  I have never heard of such a thing.  My work is 8.7 miles away, but they can not give me a ride?  So, I have to waste all morning here waiting for the car to be done.  Very unhappy about this.

Nicole B. | 2014-10-15

I recently bought a 2012 Jetta Sportwagen TDI from Volkswagen of Downtown LA, and was extremely happy with my experience.  Kyle was my salesperson and he was excellent, not at all the stereotypical car salesman.  I'm not an ideal candidate for financing (bad credit and a trade-in with body and mechanical issues), but Kyle was extremely empathetic to my situation and did everything he could do make this deal happen.  They found me a much lower interest rate than other dealerships offered on a car I really wanted and, in general, I felt like Kyle went the extra mile without being pushy.  Overall, it was a great experience and I'm thrilled with my new car!!

Caroline T. | 2014-10-15

Rami Zeid got me the best car deal I've seen in my six weeks of car searching. Great 2014 Jetta SE lease for 2 years with no hidden fees. Took me 3 hours from start to driving off the lot. Shawn and Johnny also were kind and helped expedite the process. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a nice, reasonable VW head over to this dealership as soon as they can!!

Michael F. | 2014-10-14

My overall experience there was pleasant. My sale rep Mohammad Zarrinkamar was very helpful! I'd give him five stars because of his honesty and pleasantness. He was very upfront; as much as he could be that is. My experience with the dealership was a very good one. They worked with me or at least tried to and I walked out of there not feeling ripped off which is always a plus. I'm knocking off a star because I was unhappy with the detailing of my car, and the customer service off the sales floor. I think the staff behind the scenes could actually be a lot better. The finance team and the sales rep always seem to be on their A game with customer service, and this should be the same off the sales floor. All in all I was happy with my car,  my sale rep MOH, and my finance deal.

Stephanie S. | 2014-10-13

Bobby Fuster (sales and leasing consultant) and Shawn Nasseri (sales manager) were awesome! They were so friendly and very accommodating.

Chat A. | 2014-10-12

If you want an exceptional service, Don Dolor is the guy to go to at Volkswagen Downtown LA.  He spent extra time and effort finding the type and color of car you want.  He is very patient in answering all your quetions, gives you an honest advice, return your calls or text promptly and best yet works with you on pricing and helps you in financing if you need it.  We are a very satisfied customer and will always refer Don Dolor.  Thank you Don.

Cassandra G. | 2014-10-07

Just bought my first VW at the DTLA location. Kyle was my salesman. He was very helpful and came in on his off day to show me the car that I really wanted. My car unfortunately was totaled, and he helped me find a replacement. I am in love with it. I bought a Jetta SE w/connectivity and it is absolutely perfect. Kyle was a great salesperson, he wasnt't too pushy and was willing to work with me to agree upon a price. The sales manager Shawn Nasseri was also great. He was very nice and helpful and worked with me, even though I am sure I wasn't the easiest client. They both did an excellent job and helped me get a good price for a car that I really wanted. The day I Ieft the lot with my new car the tire pressure sensor went off, and I immediately thought, I was sold a lemon. But it was an error and VW was happy to fix it with no hassle. And Kyle kept in constant contact to make sure the issue was resolved. Overall my experience was great. No one seemed too pushy or overbearing. I would buy a car from Kyle again.

Yara L. | 2014-09-27

I had a great experience with Moh buying my car at Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles. I had been to other Volkswagen dealerships throughout LA and this one was by far the best customer service I received. They were all very friendly and eager to help me out in any way with leasing my new car. I was in and out of the place with the car and payment I wanted within an hour! The financial department was also extremely helpful and fun to work with!! The guy I signed papers with was so sweet. I had never leased a car before let alone be in a car dealership by myself and I felt completely comfortable. It really had to do with how down to earth and nice the associates were here. Thanks for my new Jetta!!!

larry d. | 2014-09-27

Today I leased a GTI from Volkswagen of Downtown and I couldn't be happier. This is my 6th leased car and the best car buying/leasing experienced I have ever had. From the first phone call with Don Dolor negotiating was easy and helpful, to signing the papers, everything was as promised without a single trick or slight of hand. Even the Finance Manager, someone I usually hate sitting in front of, was great and to the point. No hard sell for warrantees or paint coat protection I didn't need, just straight forward business. All in all my leasing experience with Downtown Volkswagen was a 10plus!!!! Thank you

Aiman T. | 2014-09-25

Went to test drive a Jetta and I was helped by Kyle. He was the best sales guy ever! Very helpful and even though he was new he did a great job!

Lenny L. | 2014-09-24

At Volkswagen of Downtown LA, between Dave and Brandon, I was fully taken care of.

Brandon took me along a test drive journey and answered all my questions and was supportive of my shopping style.

Dave handled the nuts and bolts and many questions in which he always had an answer.

And Jack, the VW rep I signed the papers with, was amazing because he was clear and patient.

No promise was ever broken and I was never surprised.

The patience and commitment of Dave, Brandon and the whole staff at VW of DTLA allowed a sale on what I wanted at a reasonable price.

My time at the Volkswagen Dealership in downtown LA was efficient and well spent.

E G. | 2014-09-10

I took in my vehicle for its first service last month and I must say I was very pleased with Dennis Rogers professionalism. He was very kind and helpful. He informed me of the procedures my car needed and gave me an estimated time in which my car would be ready by.

When I returned my car was all done and nicely washed.. I checked back in with Dennis and he was kind enough to walk me through the service provided to my car (oil change, tire pressure etc) he was amazing, I will definitely give him a call for my future car maintenance.

Jeniffer L. | 2014-09-06

Friendly staff..but every time I come here to get my car serviced, I have to come back to get them to turn off my service warning. Makes me wonder if they're doing a careful job servicing my car.

Roxas .. | 2014-09-03

VW of downtown LA gains your trust by being super nice and then they fuck you over when you're a first time buyer. Students, young people, and first time buyers, do not trust them. Specifically Rami, Sammy, David, and Rodger.
Let's see.. Where to start? Okay so I'm a first time buyer. I walked in with money in my hand to buy off a used card. Rami was stuck up. He first tells me he can't help me. I call and talk to his manager and whoa did Rami's attitude changed to a nice guy. So Rami sells me a used car of $10,000. I'm happy about my purchase except on my way home I notice there's something wrong with the transmission. I return and I'm loaned a car until they fix the problem. A week passes and I get a call from Rami. He tells me he got this newer car and wants me to be the one to take it home especially because he has no idea when my car will be fixed. He sells it to me for $14,844.00. The car is more expensive but he told me he got me approved for financing. I'm supposed to pay off the difference which comes out to roughly about $5,000 aside from the interest rate. So they review the contract with me, not the details. I sign. Turns out they added about $2,000 in fees and they didn't "review" with me before signing. Fees that they didn't add to the first $10,000 car purchase. I call to let them know about the $2,000 discrepancy. I talked to the general manager and does not want to help me. I got fucked over by VW dealership. Now I'm stuck paying about $18,000! Worse feeling is that with interest rates it adds up to $23,000! Might as well buy a new car for that price or even much more cheaper! Worst experience ever. How am I supposed to afford this?!

Virginia P. | 2014-08-31

It is with great pleasure that I rate Volkswagen of DTLA with 5 stars! My experience there really was as good as it gets and I owe it all to my sales consultant Rami Zeid and Mohammed Zarrinkammar. Rami was truly exceptional and went out of his way to accommodate my needs to perfection. Both him and Mo helped me select my car and went through the entire decision-making and purchase process with me. I was in the process of selling my then current car and Rami made himself available to guide me through that process with helpful advice.
I trust him with any questions or concerns I had regarding my purchase knowing that he had my best interest in mind. I am very thankful to Rami and Mo for all their help and attention.

Robyn S. | 2014-08-27

Had a great experience getting my Jetta here. Brandon Carnes may be the best, most accommodating and most helpful salesperson I've ever dealt with, anywhere. Loved him and loved the car, would recommend this dealer to anyone looking to get a new VW.

Julius T. | 2014-08-22

Extremely satisfied, If you ever need a volks, this is the place to be, look for Brandon Cranes. Very knowledgable, repectable, and genuine. I came here thinking i would get the worst deal ever but came out with the best deal ive ever done. The only problem was with the financial company i financed my vehicle from, but thats a different story. I dont think i will ever buy another brand of car or go to any other dealerships as long as brandon is there, thats where im going to purchase my future vehicles.

Katerina G. | 2014-08-19

Ferdinand (Don) Dolor was amazing! He helped me get the color I wanted, helped honor the original price quoted, and in general, working with him was a pure pleasure! In addition, he helped with figuring out details with the financing of my lease, which was extremely helpful. I will definitely recommend Don and the VW downtown LA to anyone who is looking for a smooth and easy leasing experience!

Eric V. | 2014-08-15

I bought a 2014 Jetta TDI here and I'm happy I chose Volkswagen of Downtown. I got a great deal and everybody I dealt with was great.

Laura C. | 2014-08-02

Just had the easiest experience leasing my new Jetta SE from Don. He found the exact car I was looking for when other dealers were trying to offer me something I didn't want. I was on a time crunch and working during the week so he was able to work everything out with me over the phone and emails until we were both happy with the deal. I went in for a test drive and to go over each detail with him thoroughly and both my fiancé and I have never had a better experience at a car dealership. Don is amazing and I wouldn't buy a VW from anyone else!

Mr. N. | 2014-07-31

I had a great experience with the sales team here. Bobby Fuster, my sales rep, was knowledgable, passionate and transparent about the products he sells. He personally drove to my house to pick me up in rush hour LA traffic without any promise from me that I would even purchase a car. I've purchased cars before and its usually a pain in the ass. Not here. It was fun. Thanks to Bobby and the team I now have a new convertible I absolutely love.

Definitely recommend.

PS: They are connected to Audi so you can scan both inventories.

layla R. | 2014-07-29

I had a great experience. It took me about one year to finally decide to purchase my new car. I had fear to come because I did not want to get ripped off. Many people told me not to go to a dealer because that is what they do. I can honestly say this was not the case here!

Leo was great he is the service agent whom attended me. He made sure that I got the car that was best for me and my needs. The deal was a breeze. I did not feel hesitant and I felt at ease. No second thoughts so far. I am very happy with my purchase as well as the financing.

If you are looking for a car I'd recommend you come to this place especially if it's your first time!

Nancy V. | 2014-07-29

It was a great experience purchasing my first car from DTLA. From the start, Leo A was very attentive, yet not pushy like some car salesmen are. He answered all my questions courteously. Also, Dave was attentive to any other questions I had. Of course most salesmen and managers will be nice to potential customers because they want business, but sometimes they come off as fake. At DTLA the salesmen seemed genuinely nice. Thank you for the hospitality and I am loving my new GTI.

Marcey H. | 2014-07-28

I visited this establishment because my 2010 CC was cutting off.  I was displeased with the entire experience.  The "sales" service man attempted to sell me everything he thought I needed for my car including a set of tires for $1100.  I understand it's a business, but really?  Is this their ONLY set of tires?  My priority was driving my car without having it shut off, not buying an elaborate set of tires.

Anyway, before he began the work he "quoted" me a price for the services he thought I needed and emphasized that he wanted to get me out quickly because he knew I had to return to work.  About 30 minutes later, he came back and told me they had to do more work than he thought, that they already started the work, and it would be about $300 more than what he quoted me.   When I objected, he told me that they could not take out what they had put in.   I told him I didn't care because he should have verified it with me before they began the work.  He ultimately gave me the quoted services for the quoted price.

After nearly five hours, my car was ready. I arrived there at around 7AM on a Monday morning, and my car was finished about noon time.   So much for the concern of trying to get me to work quickly.  

Finally, I noticed that my side view mirror was damaged when they returned my car.  It was loose before, but when I got my car back, it was noticeably coming apart.  After much discussion and an attempt to repair it, I was referred to the manager.  What a waste.  He sat there with a smirk on his face, denied any fault, and tried to sell me a mirror for FULL price.  Really again?  If the mirror was that damaged when they got the car, they neither said anything to me nor did they add a mirror to their initial laundry list of products/services to sell me.  After I refused to buy the mirror, he basically told me that he could not help me, in essence...

"You can leave now.  I don't care anymore about trying to resolve this because we have made all the money off you  that we are going to make, so bye."  

At least that's how it felt to me.

So sad--how they treated their customer.  I am loyal to businesses, but never to a business that tries to pump me for money.  Yes, business is business, but customers are people, not money machines.

Kelly R. | 2014-07-26

See Jonathan in the service dept. If anyone has a problem with their VW, take it here. I took my Jetta to 2 different Mc Kenna VW dealerships and a private mechanic for brake issues and general preventative maintainence. Each place made it worse......picked it up from her this morning and it runs PERFECT. Amazing.

David T. | 2014-07-22

Don Dolor is the Golden Boy of VW DTLA!

My first review was made in July 2011 and my sentiments about my recent experience (June  2014) remains the same!

I recently purchased a new 2014 VW Passat last month from Don and with this being my 4th purchase from him, I am once again exceptionally satisfied. He is very well educated with all of the vehicles, easily answering every question that my family and I had with ease and patience. Don provides you plenty of space to breath and time to think, making the entire experience very lax, as opposed to your stereotypical car dealer. He gave us the key to every car that we wanted to test out in the lot and was as accomodating with every succeeding vehicle as the previous.

Talking about money with him is what makes me and family continually keep coming back to VW DTLA, especially to Don. He breaks down the numbers with you without any complications and ensures to always get you the lowest price. I leased a 2014 VW SE TSI w/ sunroof for 36 months and w/ $0 down, my monthly payments accounted to $330 with my first payment waived.

Overall, Don treats his customers with respect and warmth, and purchasing a vehicle from him will be a great experience.

On a tangent from my experience buying a vehicle, Maggie, one of the service reps at the dealer is very professional, assisting us with exceptional quality and efficiency. She is very easy to talk with as well.

Daniel K. | 2014-07-15

Don Dolor took care of me like no other, making my purchase for my 2014 Passat as quick and easy as it could be.
His responsiveness (even throughout the Independence Day weekend) was what made me choose to buy from him.
He gave me all the information I needed down to the point, without making delays which helped me make up my mind before entering the dealership.

Ken K. | 2014-07-05

I bought a new Jetta last weekend, and Brandon Carnes was really great to work with.  (Unfortunately, the credit manager was at the other extreme, but I'll get to that at the end of my review.  My rating does NOT include my experience with the Credit Manager.)  

I first spoke to him a few months ago when I was starting my research.  I told him my timeline, and he took the time for a couple of test drives and discuss some of the choices I was considering - unlike sales people at a few other places who said I should come back when I was "ready to buy."  I told Brandon that don't like being bothered by phone calls to push me to buy a car, and he said he would respect that.  

Last week, I emailed him to ask what he could do on the car I had settled on - he replied back with a pretty decent price and asked for the chance to respond to any other offers I got. (I really like when sales people "ask for the business" without any of the usual BS that a lot of people give you.)  A little later, I emailed him the prices I'd gotten from a couple of online car buying services - Brandon was able to offer something between those two prices, so I went with him.  

I couldn't get to the dealership until the end of the day after Brandon was scheduled to leave, but Brandon came back in to do the paperwork - and he also came in the next day (which was his day off) when I came back to pick up the car.  

Brandon definitely earned my business - he was very straightforward, did a good job discussing the car with me, respected my wishes about being left alone, and went out of his way to close the deal.  

After I worked out my deal with Brandon, he sent me to the pit of hell to deal with Ben (I think), the credit manager.  There were a couple of pieces to the deal - the sales price, financing, and a special auto show discount certificate I had gotten.  All of sudden, the deal got worse with Ben.  

The numbers and Ben's story kept changing.  I had to DEMAND every single piece of the deal from Ben (interest rate, the additional rebate from VW, and the auto show discount certificate I had).  His explanations of what was going on didn't make sense, and he kept trying to tell me that if he gave me everything, they would lose money, and I told him that wasn't my problem.  Finally, one of the sales managers had to come in and straighten things out.  The sales manager finally got it sorted out to my satisfaction, but that part of the experience was all of the worst car-buying stereotypes you could imagine rolled into one.

TJ M. | 2014-06-27

I love my GTI. Third one I have owned and this one is just as good as the others. Purchasing this car from VW DTLA has not been worth the inconvenience and my experience of their sales and service departments. We leased a second VW at another dealership this past year as a result. Big difference and much happier.

We are not hagglers and quickly came to a deal on the car. The Sales Manager pulled an old school bait and switch with the Salesman. Walking out on the deal and returning two days later only saved us $1500.

Closing the deal was an excellent experience. Best part of the dealership. Concise, professional and we know what we spent and walked away with. If the car and this made up our experience we would have to give this place 5+ stars.

The car was a pre-owned certified vehicle. It was not inspected well. Immediately after leaving the lot  I needed to schedule a service appointment for a loud noise & vibration at highway speeds. I was told it was a muffler modification but it proved to be bearing hub that needed to be replaced. The car was not smogged and I had to return 2 months later after inquiring about not receiving my license plates. 4 months later I received my plates for the car.

Both service appointments I was kept waiting sometime just to check in. Both times I asked if I had gotten the time or appointment wrong. I was told no and to wait in my car. At the service desk the Service Manager was inconvenienced to be asked questions and I was left scratching my head as to why I had to do business with them. I was going to be charged for both visits, including the smog, which was only resolved when I went to the sales floor to ask for help with completing the ownership & good operation of the car.

A minor but annoying detail to top it off  is the plastic part to attach the front plate was included in a set of floor mats in the back of the car. When I finally went to attach the plates this turned out to be the wrong part. It was not cheap to purchase.

This dealership is not a team working for the customer. It does not create trust or confidence in what they are doing. VW makes a great car and I highly recommend you negotiate a great deal on your next purchase at another dealership.

Jenny C. | 2014-06-11

Don is the best guy at the dealership. He treats you like a friend and offers you genuine suggestions - not a pushy sales guy at all. I leased my car with him and went back to him to buy my car. He makes the whole process painless, treats you with great care, and goes out of his way to make sure you are satisfied. I would totally recommend him if you are looking to buy/lease a car!

Destiny L. | 2014-06-11

Go to Don Dolor at VW DTLA! Truly a wonderful experience; I went from internet inquiry, to test drive, to the presentation on lease options,  to picking out my new 2014 Jetta in a little over an hour. Don was very honest, prepared, straightforward, knowledgeable and accommodating. Also, Jack in financing was also a pleasure to work with. Jack presented my various options and gave me all the time I needed to consult and make a decision. This was the first time that I ever felt so comfortable in a car dealership. Again, to the VW DTLA staff: Thank you so much. I look forward to proudly driving my new 2014 Jetta!

Anthony B. | 2014-06-08

As an update to my previous post (see below) I have to give this dealership credit for owning up to the damages and making appropriate reparations.  


I've completely lost faith in this dealership's service department.  Lately it seems that when I bring my car in for service they manage to damage something.  This time they've damaged the finish on the wheels.  So disappointing that they've given up on workmanship and quality control.

I purchased my car here and up to this point have had all of the maintenance at this dealership (all routine and every 10K service).  Would like to continue doing business here but hesitant based on their track record.

Could go through the list of problems I've had but I hate whiny Yelp reviews so I won't bother.  I do recommend that you walk around your car after service to ensure that everything looks OK.  Be sure to check the area that was serviced and ask questions if the repairs don't look/feel right.

Jim F. | 2014-06-05

I want to take a moment to praise the guys at VW Downtown LA.  I needed a good dependable car for a graduation gift for my grand-daughter.  I looked at a few cars online & found a couple within my budget.  I got an online great interest rate.  The 1st place I looked was VW LA.  My idea was to browse for a few then make a decision.  I showed up at 8PM, scoured the lot & asked Roz Adamian for the specific car.  He showed me the one advertised and a few others.  I did a test drive as it was approaching 9PM.  I liked the car but it needed a few things (air conditioning) and a window treatment.  Roz introduced me to the Sale Manager Shawn Nasseri he said he would fix all by noon the next day.  We shook hands and agreed to have them call me when the car was ready.  They called the next day at 10AM telling me that they were replacing the compressor.  I showed up and the car was sparkling.  I went to see the Finance manager Jack Klijian who along with Shawn were able to get me a better rate than I got online.  I cannot tell you what a pleasant hassle free experience  this was.  Got the car to grandkid before the ceremony & her smile & hugs were more than worth it.  Thanks Roz, Shawn & Jack.  Great guys selling great cars.

AJ R. | 2014-06-04

Updating my review post 30k service which has left a very bad taste in my mouth.      
    Up until our last service everything was fine here, everyone was super nice and helpful.

      I had previously dropped off the car for the 30k service which is the final service covered under VW's warranty.  My parents were in town and we were all sitting around relaxing when I got a call saying that the car was ready so we all headed down there to pick it up.
      When we got there we hung around for awhile before they brought the car up, and it was disgusting.  I dont know where they had it parked but it looked like it had been outside for a month, and I always keep my car clean....very clean if possible.
       The guy that brought it out looked and me and said - oh, would you like it washed?  Which was very nice of him and I of course said yes, thank you that would be very nice.  So he left to have the car washed and we waited an hour.   My mom, dad, wife and I just kind of wandered around..... read magazines, drank coffee....
   Suddenly the car appears, I thank the guy and he leaves.

   Mind you this is the last service under warranty - there is nobody there to explain to me what my options are from thereafter, nobody to talk to me about what my extended warranty covers or anything.  Oh, the warranty is up!  Thanks!
    Also the rear passenger window still makes noise after speaking with the service department about it twice.

So a survey comes to my email about the service, so I answer it honestly and the next day I get an email from Jeff Foster about following up on it.  He wants me to come down to the dealership so we can work it out.  I call him back and leave a message asking him what is a good time for him?  I'd love to come down and sort this out.
    I havent heard anything back.

It's really too bad because this place was 5 stars all the way until the final day.  Don is awesome,  all of the other contact that we have had with the service department was good.....not sure

Ani M. | 2014-06-01

These guys are great!  I went in on Thursday to trade in my lease and get another VW Jetta.  Everyone at this dealership is nice and helpful.  Byron was my car salesperson;  he did a great job teaching me about the car. Sean M, the Sales Manager, is awesome! Sean did a great job working with our budget.  He made the process easy and  smooth.  We were in and out so much quicker than I expected. Jack was our Finance Manager and he, too, walked me through all the paperwork and explained everything.  Like I said,  everyone there is great!  If your considering a VW,  go to this  location.

Jordan A. | 2014-05-30

You would think you walked into Audi by accident with the high level of customer service and attention DTVW offers on it's lot.

I came into DTVW with a goal of getting into a new car within my budget and needs. A gentleman by the name of Chris Jones was my point of contact and went above and beyond to get me where I wanted to go. His no-wasting-time approach is what I appreciated when discussing my options. Clear and concise rather than flowery and verbose. Chris made my purchase more than transactional- made me feel like a friend rather than a sale. Let's face it- it is way easier to give your money to a friend than a salesman!

Enter Sean- the sales manager I believe. We all knew my goal price and let me tell you- no one has ever worked so hard to meet me halfway. To quote Sean, "...I don't extend my arm for a deal unless I know you will shake on it." Lo and behold, he walks into Chris' office- arm extended- and I was in my 2014 Passat quicker than I could shake the mans hand.

You owe it to yourself to explore this Volkswagen dealer. Cheers to everyone there.

Solly K. | 2014-05-30

I had leased a VW GTI at the end of 2012 and it was great. My lease was coming to and end soon so I started to research and consider other cars and test drove many of them. Nothing could satisfy me and I ended up getting another GTI

Don Dolor at DTLA VW took great care of me. After researching for many weeks I came to find the best price and service from Don. Honestly, the GTI is seriously one of the best cars ever made. Its great for any age and life status. I am a father myself and it is fun and economical to drive and it has enough space for me and my family to get around in.

I had driven many cars from Japanese, Korean and American makers and nothing really could touch the quality and craftsmanship of this German made auto. Although the interior is not as flashy and fancy like other makers (personally I think they look like a cheap compromise unless your getting into some higher end cars)  everything is designed with great precision and really provides useable ergonomics. Volkswagen might cost more than those other cars, but trust me, you get what you pay for. When I sold my car, it still looked brand new after 3 years of abuse especially on the inside.

Note, if you are getting a DSG you should look into instruction on its driving characteristics. I had troubled Don because I wasn't used to the fact that this is a dual clutch automatic which differs from a regular automatic. You can read about how to drive a DSG so that you can take full advantage of ways it will shift. I'm sure many owners do not do this and end up driving the car much lower than its full potential. Even though I had many questions, Don was very reassuring through the whole process. Like I said, you will need to relearn your driving habits especially when coming from a manual. The DSG is actually more fun to drive than a manual and faster too!

Anyway, Don took great care of me on my first lease and when it came time to find something else, I tried my best to do better, but ended up right back at DTLA with Don. Went over some pricing quickly with him and I already knew it was better than what the other dealers I had been talking to could do.

Down to earth and friendly guy. You'll see once you decide to meet him. He will take care of you! I know now that he really wants to help you be happy with what you get.

Anna F. | 2014-05-30

I LOVE Volkswagen of Downtown L.A. and in particular, definitely ask for Don Dolor who helped me lease my first Jetta, three years ago, and I am proud to say I am now a new lease-holder of a 2014 JETTA that I LOVE!  Don was incredible to work with the first time, he was honest and comforting as I leased my first car ever.  He was exactly the same this time and it was so nice to work with a familiar and friendly salesman.  Additionally, he even helped work within my time-crunch and I was able to drive off the lot, on Friday of my birthday weekend, and within 2 hours of arriving to sign the lease deal.  If you've ever leased a car before, 2 hours might actually be a record!!  Don and everyone at VW DTLA, thank you so much, again!  See you in 36 months!!

Brendan C. | 2014-05-28

I recently  purchased a new Passat through Volkswagen Downtown LA.  The experience was not at all what I expected.  It was laid back, I was treated well and I feel I got a fair deal without the pressure I expected.  Don Dolor was a pleasure to deal with.  I hope I don't have to get a new car for a long time. but if I do I wouldn't hesitate returning to Volkswagen DTLA.

Craig S. | 2014-05-24

Worst service department ever. If I could give 0 stars I would.  I bought my EOS here four years ago.  I have had all scheduled service and other repairs done here- call me a masochist.  Last night I had a warning light go off, so I took the car in at 7:30 am- opening time for service.  The service writer tells me he has to check with his supervisor.  He comes back and says "we will try to get to it today but you might have to leave the car until Tuesday.  Granted it is Saturday and Monday is Memorial Day, but cannot someone at least look at the car and tell me if is okay to drive with the warning light on? Even more, given that I am a regular customer and have put up with other botched work at your shop, could you not squeeze me in and get the job done?  I am here at opening. I am going to complain to the general manager next week.

Bryan F. | 2014-05-23

Thank you to VW of Downtown LA. They helped me buy my new Jetta recently. I love the car.  Thank you especially to Mo, my salesman, who was so kind and helpful.  Also, thank you, Shawn!

Jeff H. | 2014-05-20

If you go here you will wait... a lot. Terrible experience buying a car. The salesman that was handling my car purchase told me that my car would be detailed and ready for pickup the next day at 2pm. So I called him at 1:45 and asked if the car was ready, he told me that it would be ready at 2:45, okay no problem. 2:30 rolls around and he calls and tells me 3pm, okay, thanks for the heads up. I call at 3 and he tells me that the car will definitely be ready for me to pick up at 3:45.
I get in my car at 3:30 and drive downtown, I arrive at 3:47 and my guy is nowhere to be found, seriously, nobody there knew where he was and could not track him down, so I pour a cup of coffee and take a seat. Salesman comes out after 15 minutes and tells me that the car is on its way. Okay fine, Ive only been waiting for 15 minutes. LONG story short, I was waiting for over 1 hour for my car, no explanation from the salesman other that, "its on its way." Management did not seem to care, I was irate and demanded to be compensated for my time. I was promised a free oil change and told that someone would contact me via email by the end of the week, no surprise, that email never came.
I'm not saying that I handled the situation well, I was upset and felt that my outrage was not being heard or handled, the "manager" didn't care and was rude. Again, I was irate, but he could have done something to make me feel that I was valued as a customer, after all, I did just buy a car from his dealership.

Here's how the problem could have been solved- call me, explain the situation and deliver the car to me instead of making me wait 3 hours total, 2 at home and 1 at the dealership.

Rossi .. | 2014-05-01

This is my second Car from VW DTLA . Got the 2013 cc from There, the whole process was smooth and Ramy the sales manager was extremely helpful  and not pushy ( like most car salesmen) :) Thank you Ramy, Thank you VW !

Aaron K. | 2014-04-29

Just bought a 2012 Jetta today from Downtown VW. Dom helped me throughout the entire process; he is an excellent sales associate. Very polite and unassuming, he truly cares about helping you get the best car for the best price. He answered all my questions and relieved all my concerns. Jack was the financial manager and he thoroughly explained all my options for warranties and other optional coverage. I could see that he was genuinely interested in helping me get the most for my money. All in all a great experience.

Meg D. | 2014-04-21

I first went to VWDTLA in Jan of 2013 to get a Jetta. I worked with Don Dolor and he was fantastic - very patient, as it was my first lease and I was not familiar with the process. He test drove three cars with me and answered ALL of my questions - and there were a lot! I loved that car and drove it until two Wednesdays ago, when I got into a car accident. Everyone was fine, but the car was a total loss. So, I went back to Don for a new Jetta. The entire car accident experience was so stressful, but Don was, again, AMAZING. He instinctively knew what I wanted and needed, and had tons of information to share without being pushy. He even worked it out so that my monthly lease payment would be lower than it was on the 2013. I am so grateful for his calmness and assistance - he really went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of. With all of that, he sealed the deal as my car guy for life. HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Don.

Christine M. | 2014-04-20

I just bought a Passat from Gina Plescia.  She is awesome!  I am used to the level of customer service that BMW provides and Gina met my expectations.  From the first point of contact, she was helpful, responsive and easy to work with.  I was able to complete nearly all of the transaction via email which made it very convenient.  If I was grading her separately, Gina would get 5 stars.  Unfortunately, the experience during delivery brings it down a major notch.  It took far too long considering the price had been set, a deal had been made and I was just coming by to pick up the car.  The paperwork was not ready, the finance people were typical car dealer slick and constantly tried to sell me stuff I did not want, did not agree to and just left a really sour taste for the process.  I could not wait to finish and get out of there.  It's really unfortunate that the dealer sales model has not fully adapted to today's consumer experience.  I knew before I even contacted the dealer how much I was willing to spend, how much the car cost, etc.  I didn't need to spend an hour waiting for someone to print out a contract, try to upsell me on stuff I didn't want, and generally make the process bad enough that I told VW corporate.  Can't wait for the day that Jeff Bezos starts selling cars on Amazon!

Lauren G. | 2014-04-17

Just go to Brandon Carnes; he is in internet sales. I checked other dealerships and was haggled and lied to. Brandon was straight-forward from the start, clear, attentive, and pleasant.

Shanie D. | 2014-04-17

I had a wonderful experience at Volkswagen of Downtown L.A. I recently purchased a Volkswagen CC 2012 from a very knowledgeable and professional salesman by the name of Bobby. Bobby was very patient and efficient when it came to shopping for the perfect car for me. Once I found my dream vehicle the financing aspect was also a great experience.  Shawn the sales manager was awesome!  He took care of all of my paperwork in a matter of seconds. Shawn is friendly and very professional.  They are in the business of selling cars but they care about people also. Need a car don't think twice, head to Volkswagen of Downtown L.A.

Brandon G. | 2014-04-16

I just relocated to LA from NYC and after not owning a car from roughly 8 years, I decided on the '14 VW Tiguan.

I worked directly with Shawn Shams through the entire process. From the point of vehicle inquiry to the negotiation and finally to the point of vehicle pickup where I headed directly from LAX to the dealer on my first day in LA. All exchanges were done 100% through email making it an extremely efficient process while I finished up business in NYC.

VW DTLA made the buying process extremely simple and smooth where I spent less than 2 hours at the dealership signing the final paperwork and driving off of the lot.

Would definitely work with them again and thus far I am extremely pleased with the vehicle.

sam s. | 2014-04-16

no god! please no!!! nooooooooooooooooooo

Kara T. | 2014-04-15

Dropped my car off for a complimentary upgrade and was surprised to find out they have a shuttle that would take me home and pick me up! They took a little longer than expected but the staff was great and washed my car when it was done. Very happy with my Volkswagen and their service so far!

Alison S. | 2014-04-08

We bought a Jetta TDI from VW of DTLA last summer. It was the worst purchasing experience of my life. A nightmare. The staff there outright lied to us about the pricing of our car and hid things in our contract to make it cost more. Literally, I asked "are we being charged for this" repeatedly and they said "no."

It was so bad, that when I called the GM after I discovered the discrepancies in the fine print at home - he apologized and re-issued our contract. Apparently we were charged for things we didn't even sign. There was a paper trail of our being cheated.

However, they only changed our contract after a nice long soft sell about leaving a positive Yelp and dealer review for them. So horrendous. HAH. NO. I think I gave them all zeros when the VW reviewer called me. I wish I could have left negatives.

I can't stress enough how dishonest and terrible the experience was. Never go there. Our sales guy was Jay and he even smelled like a smokestack. After the purchasing process, we were also forced to wait two hours while they finished up our car (even though we'd made an apt to pick it up), during which we were lectured by Jay about how hard it is to sell a car because of the Internet.

I could bullet point out even further how bad it was but the experience still gives me figurative hives. After living in NYC for years, I'd never bought a car. I heard it was awful to negotiate for one, but I never expected to be outright deceived. None of this review is an exaggeration.

Jonathan C. | 2014-04-06

Best car buying experience EVER!  My wife and I bought a Jetta GLI in Nov 2013.  It was such a great experience that we came back today to purchase a GTI from Shawn N.  Very awesome dealership!

Raffaella C. | 2014-04-05

It's almost been a month of a wonderful miracle Rami Zeid was able to perform. Despite my credit not being very high, I was able to qualify for a lease of a brand new 2014 Jetta. WOW! They cut me a great deal too! I was going to have to rent a car but thank God and Rami for this! I am paying way below half of what it would cost me to rent a monthly car BUT I am driving a brand new car!

Rami is just a wonderful guy and always returns my emails or text within a couple of minutes. He really cares! The whole transaction was very smooth and painless. In less than two hours, they were ready to have me drive the car off the lot! AMAZING! thank you Rami!

Shirley V. | 2014-04-02

I took in my Jetta for its first service. I was really nervous as it was it first. DENNIS ROGERS was amazing, he was friendly, polite, and helpful. He assured me everything would be fine. And after an hour he came to get me and my Jetta was nice and washed.

I was looking for the roadside assistance kit.. IRASMO (who's name I hadn't caugh,t but RENE informed me of)  was AWESOME! he helped me find what I was looking for and was really nice and friendly in every way. Even when I went back for a key chain, he provided excellent customer service.


Jane L. | 2014-03-27

I recently leased 2014 Tiguan SE and it was such an amazing experience with Don Dolor throughout the process. He was SUPER helpful and was able work with our budget. Don was being very patient with us and  I would 100% go back to when my lease is up. Everyone else at DTLA seems friendly and takes care of you. Overall, we were in and out of that place within 3 hours and it was just easy process. (Not to mention I had my 8 month old and the dog with us)

Thank you Don!

Kevin L. | 2014-03-27

If you need to LEASE or FINANCE your new car, look for DON DOLOR/FLEET MGR for the BEST QUOTE.
Best car buying experience ever!
My wife loves her new Tiguan.
Thanks Don.

Sabrina B. | 2014-03-27

This place was great!! I showed up at about closing time and test drove 3 cars, called 2 of my friends to come give me advice and check the cars, negotiated everything... not once did Stephen Smith ( best sales consultant i know) pushed me into buying or tried to pull any sales tricks on me.  He was very patient and got me a great deal on a 09 Jetta... So happy with my car. If you go there see Stephen, nicest sales person there!

Shannon M. | 2014-03-25

I had been to several dealerships in the area in search of a pre-owned 2011 black-on-black Jetta. Out of the five places I looked, this was the only dealership that not only showed me exactly what I wanted without any kind of up-sell, but offered me an option with a touchscreen and sunroof - perks I didn't realize I wanted until I sat in the car - well within my price range.

Ask for Mo; he is knowledgable, thorough and patient. I was there for about four hours asking questions and test driving multiple cars, and he was attentive and professional the entire time. After I purchased my car, he followed up via email and weeks later promptly answered any questions I had following the purchase.

Removed one star because their service hours aren't convenient for me. Apparently I have to make a service appointment before 6pm to pick up a spare key on a pre-owned vehicle?

All said and done, I would go to them again for another car purchase.

Dr. Groovy O. | 2014-03-18

What a great experience! We were looking for a used VW Jetta in our price range. I did some research and VW was really close to our home.

I chatted with Brandon on the VW DTLA website for about 30 minutes. I gave him the info. of what we were in the market for and the budget/credit details. The thing I liked was he showed me cars that were in our price range. He did not try to sell me on a new car, or cars over the budget. He explained the great parts about each car, warranty, etc. Some better than others. He was very honest.  At the end of the conversation we made a appointment to visit the dealership on the weekend.

After we arrived we talked a bit about what we were looking for, colors, MPG, etc. He then gave a list of cars we may like. Once again.. he did sell us on spending tons of money. He pointed out the Positives and Negatives of each car. He really wanted to help. Brandon was very friendly, funny, and helpful. He felt like a friend I've known for a long time which made our visit very comfortable.

After talking details of our trade-in we took a VW for a test drive and were sold! The credit details and all the gibberish were inputed and the financing stuff came next.

We went over to talk to Shawn. Once again... honesty was key. He explained what he could give us for the trade-in. Then proceeded with the financing. As many other, we don't have perfect credit. But Shawn did his absolute best to make it work but also made sure the car was protected in our favor for the future.

Everyone there was helpful. You always hear the horror stories of salesman rushing you and trying to sell you at dealerships. Not here. We did not feel that at all. I'd recommend anyone in the market for a new or used car to visit VW of DTLA.

Joshua Y. | 2014-03-18

I was looking for a new car to lease and i ended up meeting Ferdinand (A.K.A) Don.

If anybody needs a car go to this guy. If never pressured me at all. He gave me the best price ever. I searched all the other Volkswagen and nobody could beat what Don gave me.

Besides the cost though Don made it was a very easy transition into getting a new car.

Also there was another salesman named Raz. He took really good care of me also!

I bout the 2014 Jetta S.

Great car!

Benjamin B L. | 2014-03-01

I just bought out my Lease with Volkswagen. Sales man Rami Zeid helped me out again. I was driving a lot more than I thought I would so I had to buy out the car before it lost value. Rami suggested I'd do it as fast as possible instead of waiting to avoid fees. My monthly bill did not go up too much either, even with the added maintenance plan which only like 100 dollars for the whole year. Great service here, recommend Volkswagen of Downtown L.A. any day!

Jean S. | 2014-02-26

I would never recommend this place to anyone. Horrible customer service. I had to check multiple times a day to check the status of my car. I will never come back.

Becky K. | 2014-02-10

Julio in service went above and beyond for me today, and I am so grateful.  I dropped my car off for service this morning.  At 6 pm, I called to find out why hadn't I received a message to come get it, etc.  I was informed that service closes in 30 minutes and all the courtesy drivers were gone for the day.  Well...sheepishly, I confess that they HAD left a message with me, I just didn't see it in my voicemail.  Nonetheless, Julio dispatched someone else to come pick me up and put the windshield wipers on my car himself, AND had it washed and cleaned for me.  AND he kept the services department open a few minutes late so they could check me out.  

Julio went WAY above and beyond, and I am incredibly grateful. I will definitely continue to bring my VW Jettawagen (which I LOVE) back to Volkswagen of Downtown LA.

Sina Y. | 2014-02-07

I bought a Volkswagen Beetle 2010 few months back and something keep going off like air conditioning didn't work or the digital clock doesn't work, and more importantly the headlight went out. Oh by the way I didn't bought my beetle from this dealer (downtown). I kept going back to the place I bought my car and they were not familar with Volkswagen so they rent me a car and brought to a dif car shop. The headlight failed off the car. I was so embarrassed that I had to go and picked up my head light off the street. lol so they fixed it no fee was charged. Then it broken/went out again. Took it back again, got fixed and no charged. Then it went out again, this time took it to a place near my house cuz I hate driving to the dealer where I purchased the car again thought it was easy fix "the bulb". So I paid $55 to replace a lightbulb. Went out again....Brought back to the carshop and hoping to get fix since they didn't do it right. Nope they won't fix it free of charge. I was very upset that they didn't held respondsible that they didn't do it right, so he said its electrical problem (he guessed). So with no other choice, I took it to the dealer where I purchased the car. He suggested bring it to the Volkswagen downtown to do the electrical check.

So I went and that part where I gave this place a five stars. Not only they given me a professional attention also their mechanics were very friendly and very aware/shown interested if I was being help already or not. Got my car fixed and they didn't charged me a dime. He said its complimentary. I was wow O.K. Thanks!!!! :D They told me the screw was lose not the light bulb! When he pushed the headlight in, the light work!!!!!! so all this time, all the time I wasted and money it was as simple as screw lose. All those mechanics from dif car shop had no clue and didn't do the good job putting back the headlight. Wow simple thing but with the wrong people, ended up all these complications. Luis the mechanic fixed it in 10 minutes! He said he tighten up the screw where it was lose and now shouldn't come off or light wont go out again. I felt like I should go back and bring Luis some Sprinkle Cupcake because he was super awesome! More over he was very attractive! :D

Paige H. | 2014-01-16

Dennis is the man!! He was so sweet & helpful to me the entire process. I was worried my car needed some BIG repairs after it was stuck in gear. After I got it towed to DTLA VW he assured me that they will figure out what the issue is and get back to me ASAP. Luckily it was just the brake light switch that needed repairing. He had it fixed in 30 minutes & sent me on my way! Customer service A+ & they have a popcorn machine!!! Awesome. Thanks again Dennis!!!

Natalie A. | 2014-01-16

After someone decided to hit my brand new and parked i might add, 2013 Tiguan and left no note or anything - I panicked and called my car dealer Don Dolor - who has always been amazing when it comes to my car needs. He instantly calmed me down and told me to bring the car in. Once i did, he managed to get the damage sorted at an affordable price with no hesitation! I have always bought my cars from Don and he has always been genuine and readily available!

Due to this - he will continue to get recommendations from me and all my future car purchases!

William G. | 2014-01-03

My experience at this dealer was very unpleasant. Lets start with the finance guy running my credit, in which I asked him not to run my credit report more than once. I checked my credit report today and there are four new inquiries he ran. I am very very pissed tomorrow and will be calling to figure out a way to get it removed. Definitely not authorized

The guy basically told me where to drive on the test drive and I couldn't take it on the highway. Come to find out after I bought the car, it had a wheel shimmy 60-80mph when braking and pulls to the left when accelerating thru those speeds.

The finance specialist continued to try to talk to me about how pointless it was for us to be fighting in Afghanistan, knowing I am a US Marine. Basically saying my brothers and sisters in-arms died for nothing. I wanted to sock him right in his freakin mouth.

All around BAD EXPERIENCE and wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Lalie F. | 2013-12-27

Leased a new car at the end of November. I called ahead and spoke to a sales associate named Mo. When I arrived, he had pulled the car I wanted and even came in on his day off to walk me through the paperwork, etc.  I was all wrapped up a few hours with exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Mo!

Kenneth R. | 2013-12-26

I'm just going to make this short and to the point. We bought a 2012 Ford Focus from Brandon Carnes in the pre-owned department. We were already financed with a blank check from capital one so there really wasn't any reason to have to negotiate on the financing. However, capital one will only finance a car to a certain percentage of the value. Bottom line, after an upside down trade in and the value limitation, they sold us the car for a couple grand off the asking price. And that price was already less than the same car at other dealerships. Luckily we hit this place last! Also, being completely honest, this was the most stress free car purchase I have ever made. Ever. Those who have just bought cars know what I mean. Brandon is low key and not at all pushy, not at all. Those who have just bought a car know what I mean. Anyway, low stress, great yourself a favor and see Brandon there.

Jackie E. | 2013-12-23

Brandon Carnes is THE best to work with. He isn't pushy at all like many car salespeople. He is so knowledgable about the vehicles and is genuinely interested in getting you the best deal for your budget. He is quick to reply to inquiries and is so accommodating with all your requests. I highly recommend going through him! I can't say enough good things about him. Very friendly and I had an all around excellent experience leasing a car from him (which is not always the easier process). Very happy with his customer service.

Kim B. | 2013-12-20

HORRIBLE!!!!  HORRIBLE!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!  Doesn't even deserve one star.    I brought my car in to get my breaks fixed and had them do a standard service inspection on all also.  When I picked my car up I felt something was wrong but let it run a few days. Then my check engine light came on and had to take it back in again for a problem that i didn't have when I brought it in the first time just two days prior and had just spent almost $2,000 on misc. that they said needed to be fixed.     They preceded to tell me I had to replace a valve that cost an addition $400.   The real kicker is that a few days after that, my battery had died and i was stranded.  Come to find out they did not check my battery life the first time I brought it in which was standard procedure.  I have a feeling they are the ones that drained it while it was there TWICE already!.  
****ALSO they told me that I needed to replace all my upper suspension links because they were all broken (which they quoted me at $1,000).  I decided I would take my car somewhere else for the suspension links because I called around and got a much better quote.  When I brought my car in to another repair shop (in which my husband knows the owner of)  they said my links were fine and there was a slight weather crack in one of then but not broken and they would be good for a while.  WHAT!!!   I am positive they ripped me off and am positive they will rip you off too.   I have taken my car to the Glendale dealership for maintains and have never had such an issue.  This was my first time to the downtown dealership and VERY LAST!!!!

jessica c. | 2013-12-12

I normally don`t write reviews, but this place deserves it. Gino and the rest of the staff were courteous and patient even until closing time. I actually walked out that evening with my Jetta because they gave me an awesome deal! I did shop around and found this location to have exceptional service. Thank you Gino for your help.

Amata I. | 2013-12-12

Mo, I can't thank you and everyone at Volkswagen of Downtown L.A. enough for helping me with my Jetta.  You were all great  from the moment  that my friends and I walked in the place. I got a really great deal and I love my car!! Thanks again for all your help.

Cap W. | 2013-12-06

Scheduled an appt online and called to get quote from service dept. Came in and dropped my car off to be called and told I will be paying a different HIGHER price. Normally I would get my car and kick rocks but with Thanksgiving 2 days away and a family trip planned I HAD to get it done.Customer service was too nonchalant for me in such a competitive environment!  I was on the fence about returning but just received a call from the service manager Jonathan and honestly I am shocked that he would call apologize and see what he could do to keep my business. 3 stars for now and i will reserve judgment until I return to give them another try.

Taby P. | 2013-11-30

I leased my VW Jetta 2014 last week from Don Dolor.   I've had bad experiences at car dealership (VW Santa Monica, VW Galpin, VW Pacific and Culver City Toyota) in the past, but this time was different!!  
Don made the experience very easy going, he was very helpful and informative. He is the best car salesman I've ever met!!

I truly recommend Galpin DT and Don Dolor!

Dan P. | 2013-11-29

These guys are great - really friendly bunch of people, no hassle salesmen.  We were anxious about buying a car and facing all the sales chat and price haggling, but they made it really simple, and they got us a the car we wanted at a really good price. We dealt with Rami and Mohammed, who were both charming. Rami found us the car we were looking for that day, and Mohammed took great care to tell us all about it and make sure we had everything we needed. He's a great guy, and could not have been more polite and accommodating.  We felt really looked after and it made such a difference - definitely the reason we chose to buy the car there. Thanks guys!

Nancy N. | 2013-11-23

It was awesome working with Ron. Thank you for helping me purchase my new Volkswagen passat! I love it, it's beyond perfect!! He made the impossible possible. I will definitely recommend you to friends or family. Thank you once again

I also worked with Shawn. He took his time to explain everything to me in detail regarding my new passat. Such a sweet man!! Answered all my desired questions. Thank you for everything Shawn! I love my car.

The whole environment in this Volkswagen dealer is awesome. Everyone is extremely nice with great manners!

Jun B. | 2013-11-22

Ask for Don Dolor!
I was THISCLOSE to getting a Honda but before i made my decision final, i swung by this dealership to see and test drive a comparable car.  Don assisted us from start to finish.  He was very pleasant, informative, responsive, never forced us into buying something that would not cater to our needs.  He was very patient with all our questions and concerns and addressed all of them genuinely. I am a very happy customer and I will definitely be back.  Never thought id go for a Volkswagen but I did and I am very happy with my decision.  Thanks, Don!

Do not hesitate, ask for Don Dolor.  He is an asset to VW!

Raf R

SHANT K. | 2013-11-19

Terrible business etiquette and negotiation tactics. Came here to lease a new VW. Was given great service by a salesman who shall remain unnamed. We negotiated an acceptable price that I was happy with. I told the sales manager and the salesman that I would return in a week, after considering all my options, and make the deal unless something better came up. The sale manager and salesman both agreed that we'll touch based in a week.

The next day, less than 24 hours later, I received a voicemail from "Fleet Sales Manager" Garrett Osborne, who I had previously only contacted via email. In the voicemail, he advised me that the deal I was offered the previous day is a great deal, but it may no longer be available because they "lost the coupon."

Firstly, I know that he is blatantly lying. I'm sure if I were to go back, I could still get the same deal. I am not upset that the deal is gone. Rather, I am upset that Garrett (or Robert) Osborne attempted to engage me with an absurd negotiation tactic. I do no appreciate fake "threats" or other childish games.

Unfortunately, VW of Downtown lost a sale because of Garrett Osborne's shady negotiation tactic.

Jose N. | 2013-11-16

Vw of Downtown LA is awesome! Had great service! Ask for Bobby, he's a cool guy who will make you feel comfortable and makes sure you get the car that you want!
100 percent happy with my new Gli!!
Thank you you Bobby and Vw of downtown LA
Will definitely be back here for my next car!

Lourdes B. | 2013-11-15

The Customer service in the Service department here  I would NOT recommend ! - the phone is not answered, the numbers they give you only put through transferring from one extension to another - I finally was able to get through because I went through the number that was posted on their website.  And finally to add insult to injury - I find out that my service advisor is not even in! - information he did not bother to share when he gave me the quote a day before.  

Needless to say - I will not be returning here - hopefully I can find someone else in the Los Angeles area that can service a 2005 VW bug.

Delio J. | 2013-11-09

If you are in the market for a VW this is the best place to make that purchase.  Jerry, the manager, is awesome as is Christopher T, the salesman.  The buying process was easy, no pressure what so ever, and both jerry and Christopher T had my interests at heart.  Attention to detail is stressed and "TOATL" client satisfaction is the company's value proposition.

Navid N. | 2013-11-03

This review is from my experience at the service department. I will never take my car here again. They have no regard for the cars they work on. My car was returned to me with grease stains on the driver seat and door handle.  My "service specialist" couldn't answer my question of what type of oil is used in my car.
From my experience, I wonder if they even service cars properly at this location. If you care about your car at all, I wouldn't recommend taking it here for service.

Kami C. | 2013-11-01

I have been to three different VW dealerships (Pasadena, Long Beach - the WORST, and downtown LA) and the guys at the downtown LA dealership are awesome!  Dennis in service is fabulous - he gives it to you straight, doesn't try to get you to buy anything, always applies any promotions or coupons the dealership is running at the time (even if you don't have the print out with you).

Yesterday, I bought the 2014 Tiguan from Roberto (Bobby) Fuster.  I've been working with him for nearly 4 months on this purchase.  My Passat had approx100k miles on it and at my last service I had to replace my oil pump ($1500 total) and Bobby told me it was time to trade her in.  He kept in touch with me via email and let me know when they had promotions that I would benefit from.  He was not pushy at all and it almost felt like we had been old friends.  Anyways, fast forward to yesterday and he worked out an amazing deal for me.  He listened to what I had to offer and made it work for me.  I never once felt like he was pushy or "car salesman-y."  

The dealership is very clean, conveniently located, customer-service oriented and I would absolutely, 100% recommend to anyone who is in the market to buy (even if it takes you 4 months or more like me!)

Manal H. | 2013-10-30

First time Volkswagen and car lease deal for me, and I couldn't have been happier.  Specifically with RAFAEL GONZALEZ, our salesman.

I did my research with about 6 different Volkswagen dealerships and from the start Rafael was upfront, honest, and trying to get me what I wanted without any of the games the other places were trying to pull on me.

I went down to the dealership to test drive and was torn between two models and felt NO pressure and was actually encouraged to go home and think about it.  Again, NO PRESSURE.  The follow up was beyond amazing and personal.  Rafael was trying to get me exactly what I wanted (price point, miles, etc).  

Rafael made the process easy and painless the whole way through.  I LOVE my new car, and am completely satisfied with the price and the entire experience.  I THINK ANYONE SHOPPING FOR A VOLKSWAGEN SHOULD AT LEASE GIVE THIS DEALERSHIP A CHANCE.

Mina A. | 2013-10-23

Eddie Galindo is great. Getting a new car can be pain but Eddie was very professional, straightforward, honest and sincerely a good guy.

Dean A. | 2013-10-22

Excited to say it was my first time buying a VW and it is great! Worked with Gino Gonzales who is a really genuine guy just trying to get you what you want. I went in looking to see what my options are on 2014 Jettas and Gino was able to find a car in my price range of monthly payment with 0 down! He worked with me on finding the right model, color and price until we had a deal we were both happy with.

Highly recommend downtown VW; look for Gino.

Kimberley A. | 2013-10-21

Thank you Sales Manager Sevan Khajehgian, Salesman Mohammad "Mo" Zarrinkamar, and  Finance Manager Jumbo Jack Kldjian!

My husband was in the market for a new (2013) car. He had a list of vehicles he wanted to test drive and although the VW Beetle was on the list, it was toward the bottom. Neither one of has has ever owned a VW.  On 10/10 my husband test drove a 2013 Beetle Fender Edition - Turbo - had only 83 miles.  Mo was a great salesman to work with as he was very knowledgeable, friendly, and not too pushy as a salesman.   On 10/12 we returned to the dealership to purchase the vehicle. Even though our bank gave my husband a beyond great rate on a loan, Jumbo Jack was able to find a bank that would beat it!  We never felt like this dealership was playing games. They promptly returned e-mails  and answered all of our questions without sounding like they were trying to get one over on us or game play.  They were up front about the cost of the vehicle and what they would give us for the trade in (2008 PT Cruiser).  3 other VW dealerships gave us the run around regarding the purchase price of the vehicle and how much they would give for the trade in. I love my husband's new car :)  K and P

Manuel O. | 2013-10-16

This is my third VW and my first purchase at VW of DTLA. Top notch professionals and excellent personal service! Bobby Fuster was the salesperson that assisted me with my purchase. He was patient and went above and beyond to make sure I got my beetle exactly how I wanted it. Showed me all the stock options and even did a search at other dealers near by. The financing manager took time to explain things, listened to what I wanted and proposed the best plans and coverage that met my purchase needs!

Mona E. | 2013-10-01

First-time buyer of a VW Hybrid Jetta....
No hassle, no games, just great salespeople who know their product, and know how to treat customers.
An easy and painless way to buy a car...Even the financial part was simplified and quick.
Our sales associate was John Aguilar...and by the way we were treated, we will be back.

Erin B. | 2013-09-25

I called the service department here in a total panic when my Golf randomly made a hissing noise and some white smoke shot up from under the hood while I was sitting at a red light.

The man I talked to listened to me patiently as I described what happened, and even tried to diagnose it over the phone. He told me my car was safe to drive if the engine light wasn't on (it wasn't), and they would take a look at it today and see what could be done.

Dennis helped me once I got there. He was equally patient, friendly and reassuring. He told me they would call me in a couple hours with a diagnosis. Meanwhile, I took their free shuttle downtown and grabbed lunch. They let me know my AC blew out, and they would have the part in on the next business day (it was Sunday).

I came back and Dennis explained what needed to be repaired, how he made sure it would be covered by my warranty, and how long it would take. The repair was totally free to me, and it was done in exactly the amount of time they estimated (about 2 hours).

I truly appreciate how friendly and informative the staff was here, and how accurate they were in terms of time (and price!) estimates. Those are some seriously rare qualities in this industry.

John P. | 2013-09-23

I recently purchased a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta SE from Volkswagen of Downtown LA. This transaction was my second purchase of a certified pre-owned vehicle for my daughter from this dealership. On each occasion, I dealt with Sales and Leasing Consultant Daniel Catalan and was able to complete the purchase of the car from the East coast. Mr. Catalan's professionalism and friendly demeanor were once again exemplary. His service to my daughter and communication with me were beyond commendable. It also did not hurt that the dealership offered the most competitive price. I would highly recommend this dealership and Mr. Catalan to any prospective buyer looking for a trusted car buying experience.

Brian M. | 2013-09-22

I had the best car buying experience of my life thus far with Brandon Carnes at VW of Downtown LA. I hate the whole process of buying cars, it's the worst but Brandon made it so simple and easy for me and never once pressured me into a car I wasn't into. He was helpful in giving me options based on what I was looking for and luckily there was a used car that had just come in that fit everything I was looking for. It wasn't a VW but it didn't matter, he treated me so well that I might even consider a VW next time and go back to him for it. Seriously, the smoothest and least stressful car buying ever with this guy, he's the man. Also Samy in the Finance Dept was also equally as helpful and was great about explaining all the options for warranties I could purchase and I went with a full coverage with no pressure on his part. Would definitely consider buying from them again in the future. Thanks guys!

Tony B. | 2013-09-14

I came here with my g/f to buy a car after spending a hour or so we walked out because her APR was to high do to her credit score so a few days later are sales guy John Aguilar called her back so he can try to work something out, we ended up going back he was not calling us like a crazy person like other dealers didnt play games with us just a honest and good person we felt really good that why we came back and got the car from him.

we where not able to pick up the car the same they do to not having insurance so he ended up delivering the car to her work place with a full tank of gas i dont know any other person that would do this over all we got a good deal from this guy and he was very up to date with all the makes and models I recommend everyone that is looking for a VW to go to John Aguilar.

Megumi H. | 2013-09-11

I finally scrounged up the money for a CV Boot. Dennis my Service Adviser and James the Service Manager were VERY good to me :-) My glove compartment is even opening now. Just put coupons in the glove compartment just in case it gets stuck again. The service department here is the best and I love getting a free car wash each time I visit. My extended warranty is expiring in January, but I'm not afraid now since I'm BFF with Dennis and James!

Elaine R. | 2013-09-11

I really appreciate how well everyone at Volkswagen Downtown LA takes care of me and my car. Dennis is the best and he always makes sure I get a timely drop off and pickup to work while my car gets fixed. So happy to pick up my car to find it freshly washed too. The whole team is great.

Mark S. | 2013-09-10

I went here to test-drive some certified pre-owned Jettas.  Unfortunately, their inventory had just been pillaged over the Labor Day holiday, so they only had a couple on the lot.

I test drove the 2 Jettas they had with John (everyone calls me "J").   While I wasn't interested in them, I never felt like he wanted to shoe-horn me into one of the vehicles he had just to get a sale. Helpful, knowledgeable, not pushy, friendly. Win.

Emma H. | 2013-09-07

I went to Volkswagen of Downtown Los Angeles because I had to, not because I wanted to, and I'm so glad I did :) my Buick was reaching the end and I knew I had to look into leasing a vehicle. Rami Zeid, one if their sales consultants, helped me into my 2013 Jetta. He was very insightful and friendly and definitely made me feel comfortable with all my options. If you're looking to lease or buy a car, I recommend stoping in and asking for Rami's assistance. Sounds a little cheesy, but you'll be so glad you did :)

Yulree C. | 2013-09-06

I hate it when customer service handles their customers as an annoying chore. If you are not there to serve and help, DON'T be in the service sector!

I wasted 40 minutes of my morning being on the phone with VW of DTLA. I initially called to schedule a maintenance on the call. Someone briefly said, "please hold," and it went straight to voicemail. I really wanted to make sure to get my appointment scheduled so I tried calling again hoping to speak with someone. A male voice finally picked up and was annoyed because I had to ask twice what their hours were. So sorry that I didn't catch it the first time. After scheduling a time, I then asked him how long maintenance took and he told me 1-2 hours, which was faster than I thought so I decided to change my appointment for an hour later. While I was in mid-sentence, he interrupted and said, "Thanks for calling VW," and hung up. UM. Really?

That's not the end of it. I tried calling back to speak with a manager, hoping to have better service with no attitude. Someone immediately picked up so I asked about speaking with a manager. He told me to hold. After holding, he came back on the line to say, "hold on," and so I waited a little bit longer. After waiting, it went straight to voicemail. Are you kidding me?

That's not all. I called back (I still needed to cancel my appointment with them - no way I'm giving them any business at this point), straight to voicemail.

I call one more time and finally got a hold of a manager, Sean or Shawn, after being put on hold again. He apologized, asked me what I wanted, and that was that. There was no "I'll make sure this never happens again," or "I will speak with our staff about this and improve our service." I cancelled my appointment and plan on never going to that location. Volkswagen in Pasadena blows this place out of the water in terms of good customer service.

I just don't understand how people can be so careless about their business and their customers.

Gary M. | 2013-09-02

Great service from the internet department all the way to the finance department.  I started with Don Dolor in the internet department, emailing, then texting, then talking on the phone.  I ended up buying a 2013 VW Jetta.  The right car at the right price.  So so happy with my purchase.  - Gary

Michelle A. | 2013-08-30

I recently moved from Atlanta and brought my car here for its first 10k mile service and later a repair.

I appreciate the great customer service I've received here despite this not being my "home" store in Atlanta where I purchased my car. Dennis in the service department did an excellent job in handling my service request and he communicated effectively with me throughout the process and treated me with respect even though I was new to this location.

This is THE Volkswagen location to head to if you're anywhere near DTLA. Even if you're not, I still suggest here because these guys know their stuff and service is professional and on-point.  They are on their game and it felt like the VW dealership I went to in Atlanta, good people.

The waiting area is accommodating and pleasant. They offer a courtesy car and you don't have to chase the driver down to catch a ride if you need it.

This is my new VW dealership, thanks to the team here for making me feel confident enough to say this.

Courtney K. | 2013-08-29

I had never purchased a car before moving to LA so I was pretty unsure of what to expect when going to a dealership. I had thought about getting a used car but have only ever heard terrible things about getting ripped off - and I had heard the same for leasing. Since buying new wasn't an option, I had to hope for the best. Honestly, the entire experience couldn't have been any easier or more relaxing - I immediately felt like I was in great hands with Gino helping me make a decision. At no point did I feel any pressure (and I'm pretty sure my taking so long to decide meant that they had to stay open late) - he was clearly concerned that I felt comfortable in my choice.
I love the car, and continue to get great service from everyone there - I couldn't recommend them more highly!

Sean B. | 2013-08-28

This experience was a walk-in-the-park. Don Dolor was extremely helpful and really went out of his way to get us an excellent deal on a VW Jetta TDI. Working with VW of DTLA was an extraordinary experience. Don Dolor was extremely helpful, and spent the whole day with us explaining the functionalities of the car and showing my Mom step-by-step instructions to navigate the car (i.e. setting up bluetooth, special features, etc). He took us on two test drives and really too care of us. Excellent experience and I highly recommend shopping at this dealer. (Stay away from Bozzani VW)

David M. | 2013-08-27

Each time I have brought my wife's car here it has been a class act. The service department staff is always friendly and the car is always ready when promised. For the time the car was going to take a little longer to be finished, the shuttle service was really appreciated. I actually waited for the car this most recent time and the customer lounge area is comfortable and well kept. From the greeters when you arrive, to the excellent service and friendly staff, you can't beat this service department. And the complimentary exterior car wash is always a nice touch. All in all, a very well run service department!!

Joel C. | 2013-08-27

We were helping shop for a car for our daughter (my father and I used to be in the car business so knew how to get a deal done and how to deal with the whole buying process) and she knew exactly what she wanted and had us come down from Northern California to help. We called around some to dealerships and when we called this one, we spoke with a Raz (he said to ask for Raz-a-ma-Taz - he was very friendly and engaging on the phone). So we went in to see him and see what he had and let me tell you, Raz is a genuine gentleman (and comedian) and was very patient with us. He showed us everything he had new on the lot, but, they really didn't have exactly the car we wanted, and if they had, it would have been too much $$$ in the end. Then, he remembered seeing a used one recently traded in just like we wanted and went to check on it. Sure enough, he brought up a 2010 model of the car she wanted (TDI diesel wagon) and it was just like new. We had to do some negotiating for a bit (which is sometimes where it gets very ugly and stressful) but came to an agreement after not much stress and a lot of laughs. The process was actually very pleasant dealing with Raz and his managers that were there, especially Sevan Khajehgian, who helped get our daughter financed. They went out of their way to make a deal with us (we were there till after 10:30 pm at night) and they even threw in a 2 year warranty and some cosmetic repairs to the car. I highly recommend dealing with these guys, especially Raz (Razmic Adamian).  Not your typical salesman and not your typical dealership for sure. They will treat you right!

Jordan B. | 2013-08-24

I recently leased a Jetta SE from Volkswagen of Downtown L.A. and my experience couldn't have been any more enjoyable. On a tight budget with less than a week to work with, Garrett Osborne made it happen. He connected with me every day to let me know exactly what information he required of me to both facilitate and expedite the process. In the end, he and his finance team helped me stay in budget while placing me in a car that not only fit my needs but also provided a little more on top of that (sportiness, style).

If you want a straight-shooter who will make the car buying process fun, easy, and strictly on your terms (as opposed to his), ask for Garrett at the Volkswagen of Downtown L.A.

Bee R. | 2013-08-21

Chris Jones was the best car salesman I have ever encountered!! I am now driving a 2013 Beetle thanks to him and his team.  I will definitely be returning for my future purchases.  When you go to this dealership ask for Chris Jones! He will guide you smoothly through the entire process in a very professional manner.

Kerrie T. | 2013-08-20

i went to check out VW's on the advice of my brother - i had been leasing a nissan and planned to go with them again.  however, after test driving the jetta, i changed my mind.  i went home to do some research before proceeding and returned a few days later.  i settled on the jetta SE and was helped by rami z.  i did of course still have the nissan to deal with, and went over to their dealership return my lease.  it did not go smoothly (due what can only be described as scare tactics by nissan).  i ended up having to take my nissan back to volkswagen so it could be inspected there before it was officially "grounded".  i work full time M-F and was unable to be present for the inspection, so rami was there as my representative.  i should preface this by noting that i had a medium sized dent in my front bumper, scratches on the rear bumper, a missing mirror cover and had not thoroughly cleaned the interior before turning it in.  i expected to owe several hundred dollars.  rami somehow managed to convince the inspector that i only owed $80.  i know for a fact that this is a huge accomplishment as i had replaced the mirror cover once before myself, at a cost of $75.  i was thrilled, and came to sign off on the vehicle the following day.  the nissan inspector was almost an hour late for our appointment, however, during this time rami showed me all the different features of my new car that i could ever want to know about.  im surprised to have had such a great experience at a car dealership, but that is why i felt the need to share it.

C. Ann A. | 2013-08-16

This is my first time ever purchasing a car. Eddie G. made that experience a breeze.  I told him what I could afford and he made It his goal to get me the best deal for the car I wanted. I drove out of there with low payments and an awesome new car!
Thanks Eddie!!

Carl R. | 2013-08-13

Buy yours here! They are the best!! They work hard to make sure you are happy! Roger Chammas is a great manager and Julio in Service is great!!

Jenna A. | 2013-08-03

I have been in the market for a new vehicle since it was time to rid of my vehicle.  I'm so apprehensive about big dealerships mostly due to salesmen sharks, however a visit to this particular dealership has earned my trust. I stumbled upon here one night to simply browse their selection, trying to stay out of the radar of the salesmen when I met salesman John Aguilar who simply greeted me and let me know if I had any questions, he would be happy to assist. I inquired about certain vehicles and informed him of exactly what I am looking for. I appreciated the fact that from the start in conversing with me, John put himself in my shoes and related with me. He started discussing with me what might be best and also provided me with knowledge in purchasing vehicles which was very helpful. It was as if his concern was not so much in regards to ensuring I will purchase a vehicle from him but it was as if his concern was more geared to providing me with helpful information to simply ensure that regardless of where or with whom I purchase a vehicle, that I am pleased with my final decision and pleased with his overall customer service and effort, assuring my visit at this dealership was pleasant, regardless of a purchase. John had mentioned that they had in stock a cc that had been reduced, the vehicle was exactly what I was looking for being economical, luxury, and safe. I test drove the vehicle and I was sold. However John never made me feel pressured and more than behaving like a typical salesman, he made his effort to get to know me and relate to me so he would be certain that if I make a deal with him, I would walk away happy. He informed me of exactly what I needed to be able to purchase this car. That night I walked away with a promise to return. John had stayed in contact with me informing me of the car status, two days after my initial visit I returned and John had made the process easy and quick. He spent time with me after before leaving with the vehicle to make sure I am aware of how to use the car functions. If you are in the market for a vehicle I definitely recommend stopping here first, everyone here is very helpful and knowledgable and truly had the customers satisfaction in mind.

David R. | 2013-07-29

I purchased a new 2013 VW jetta sportswagen from VW of DTLA for my sister. The salesman John Aguilar was very helpful answered every question we had about the vehicle and made the whole experience of purchasing a vehicle very easy.
Thank you!

David M. | 2013-07-28

Just purchased a Jetta Sportswagen today.  Sweet ride.  John Aguilar helped us and will not be forgotten. David the manager was also so helpful.  Both are awesome.
I will come back to John when it comes Audi time.  Crossing fingers.

Rae F. | 2013-07-27

I just got back from purchasing my car here with Raz (who is awesome)! I wanted to buy local  but the deal I got here couldn't be  beat! We called and negotiated over  the phone, I put in an application for credit online and then I was on my way to LA the next day!

When I showed up I wasn't expecting the warm welcome I received! My Tiguan was sitting on the showroom floor fresh from the  carwash and we were greated by every employee we passed. Since we had already come to an agreement I didn't think they were going to take the time to give  me the dl on all of the Tiguan specs, but Raz did! We spent a good 45 minutes just checking everything out and chatting about our drive to LA from the  valley. Once we were done, we went into the office  to sign the papers where  I got a sweet deal on an extended warranty.

Now, if I love my Tiguan as much as I think I will, I'll be back again!!!

Raz and Sean were awesome! Ask for them!

J H. | 2013-07-17

First off, I rarely write any reviews, but I feel Don Dolor deserved recognition and credit.  My wife and I purchased a SportWagen back in 2011 and was more than pleased with how everything was handled.  Don was very accomodating and very helpful.  Not once did we feel any pressure to make a decision.

Come 2013 and we decided it was time to look at another vehicle.  Again we sought after Don's help.  Now the family and I are cruising around in our brand new Tiguan.  

Don, if you're reading this, I hope you're going over to the Porsche side because we're eyeing a Black Panamera!

La R. | 2013-07-16

Can't get better then this!

This is our 4th VW from Volkswagon of Downtown L.A.! This place is truly filled with awesome people. We have never had a bad experience, and truly feel like family now. Octavio is our usual salesman, and I could never say enough about this man! He is so sweet, honest, I can go on and on. Ask for him when you go next time, he's your man for sure!

We went to get my husband a Passat. Of course Octavio helped us find the one we were looking for, but then when it came time for the numbers and signatures...we were fortunate enough to meet the very friendly, Jumbo Jack!  Jack made the entire process very easy, and pretty quick. All the paperwork was explained so simply and my husband and I really appreciated that. We left content and confident with our decision. Thank you Octavio, Jumbo Jack, and Volkswagon of Downtown! We will forever be loyal!

Eva C. | 2013-07-12

I have been at dealership after dealership for the past month, and was dreading to even walk through the doors of this one. But then I met Rafael Gonzalez. He treated me with respect and didn't play any games. He was easy to work with and made it easy for me to make a confident decision on buying a 2010 Tiguan. It was honestly the best dealership experience I have had.

I don't have the patience to sit and wait out a salesman while he tries to sweat you out. Literally, I walked in and Rafael gave me a great deal on the Tiguan, and I knew I didn't have to look anymore.

The entire car buying process is extremely stressful, I am feel so good about my purchase thanks to Rafael!

Taylor J. | 2013-07-07

After looking around on the prices of a new GTI (both pre-owned and new), I decided to head on over to Volkswagen of DTLA as it is one of the larger Volkswagen dealers in the area. Within the first minute, a salesman (Octavio) promptly greeted me and took me in his office to talk business. I immediately was shocked at how friendly he was and just how honest he is; Octavio threw out every stereotypical aspect of a salesman and just made buying a car a pleasure and very welcoming. He gave me an awesome deal that I just could not pass up and helped me out more than I could have imagined, almost like I have known him before I walked in his office.

I highly recommend checking out Volkswagen of Downtown L.A., they will treat you like a real person and they want your service, not your money.

Josiah B. | 2013-07-03

I recently purchased a CPO Passat from VW of DTLA and my experience was great.  They were able to work with my budget and I'm extremely happy with the car I purchased.  My salesman Chris Jones was incredibly helpful and I will be recommending him to any of my friends interested in a VW.

Jessica E. | 2013-06-30

Rafael Gonzalez is a ROCK STAR!!! Even though I ended up purchasing my car at another dealer, Raffi @VW DT was an enormous asset to my car buying experience!

I reached out to Raffi after already test driving at a dealership closer to my home. I wanted to ensure I was getting the best deal and see what he could possibly do for me. He quickly gathered my info and crunched the numbers for me coming up with a video quote so AMAZING even the guys where I bought the car were stunned! Armed with this info, the guys at the local dealer had no choice, but to fold. Raffi saved me thousands of dollars on my new VW and all without any hard feelings!! I will definitely think about going straight to him next time!

Judith M. | 2013-06-28

I recently leased a new beetle from Downtown LA VW with the help of Don Dolor.  It took me 5 months to make a decision and he was so helpful, informative on features and benefits, the entire process was one of the best I have ever experienced.  It would have been so stressful, if I was working with anyone but Don Dolor.  He knew instinctively what would make me smile each and every day, even in my two hour commute in LA traffic.   He was so right.  I love driving my beetle.  
This has been such an exceptional experience.
I highly recommend Don Dolor and Downtown LA VW for a wonderful experience and you too will be smiling even if you are stuck in traffic.
Thank you Don!

Hilda R. | 2013-06-24

Let me start this review by saying that i have never actually bought a car before last week.  All I had to compare this was friends and family experiences at various dealerships and their experiences when buying cars.  I can say my experience at VW of DTLA surpassed my expectations.   I had a wonderful experience at the dealership and great customer service.

I had been emailing with Don Dolor about a 2013 Golf, Don explained the entire process, type of finance and I felt no pressure to buy.  He was straight forward, no hassles,  just great service, great deals and a great deal of knowledge on my options and the car itself.  After saying I wasn't going to walk out of the dealership with a car as I wanted to continue shopping around, I trusted Don and decided to get the car.  I can honestly say my first car buying experience at VW of DTLA was a good and  pleasant one.

Alizee G. | 2013-06-24

I had an amazing experience at VW Downtown LA and I highly recommend you Don Dolor!!! I just moved to Los Angeles from Europe for work and I've been looking for leasing a car at so many dealerships. My issue was that I have no credit history in the United States, so at the beginning it was pretty hard for me get approved for a leasing. In other places, in order to get approved I had to choose the cheapest car or get cosigner which is really annoying... But when I went to VW Downtown LA, Don Dolor really helped me out!

VW Downtown LA actually have a special program for people like me, called "Foreign Business Professionals Plan". So, it was really smooth and easy to get a lease. Moreover, I could choose fully loaded car. So I went for a VW Jetta SE, 2.5l. I've been driving it for a week now and I'm really happy about my car and I know that next time I'll go back to see Don again, he will save me from a lot of stress. Because every other places I went, they were pushing me and stressing me out to lease or buy I didn't really like. And Don Dolor took the time to answer all my questions (and I had a lot, lol!), explained me the whole process and I didn't feel any pressure from him. And I think that this is how customers should be treated, I really enjoyed my experience with him!

Thank you Don ;-)

Dawn H. | 2013-06-21

V.W of Downtown L.A is the best.    I am a proud owner of A JETTA SE.  I love the heated seats..  I went in into the service Department and was helped by Smitty.   Great job!!!  Thank  you

Sara M. | 2013-06-14

This place is THE WORST!!!  I had a horrible experience with Eddie G, if he approaches you then I suggest you run for the hills.  After test driving 4 cars we went to go talk - I found a great car and we began to negotiate.  Although we reached an agreeable number I asked that it include a few more things, which they could not accommodate, which was fine.  When I told Eddie we did have not have a deal he started SCREAMING at me that I wasted his time by test driving 4 cars.  Last time I checked, he was a car salesman, isn't that his job?  When the manager stopped me to ask if he could change my mind about the car, I informed him of Eddie's behavior, instead of apologizing for his employee and attempting to save the sale, he pitched me one more time on the price.  I have no problems negotiating and in all honesty would have taken the deal they laid had I not been verbally assaulted.  There are plenty of other Volkswagen dealerships in the LA area, I suggest visiting them instead.

Josh H. | 2013-06-10

Rafael is the best -- simply put.  Only go to him.  Hard worker.  Funny.  And most important, honest.   Walked away battle scar free with the best deal.

Danielle M. | 2013-06-08

I actually had a really negative experience at this location. I think a lot of it had to do with my servicing agent, who I feel bad for naming, so I won't. I brought my car in here a few months prior to my warranty expiration to get everything checked out and what I thought were some minor things fixed. One of those things was a strange whistling I heard EVERY time my car was in 4th gear. I didn't think it was anything big, but wanted it looked at nonetheless. I came back for my car and they insisted they heard nothing AND my car had a huge scratch near the bottom where they lifted it up. They said they'd fix the scratch once I approached them about it, but I decided I never wanted to go back there.

I then went to the Glendale location to get a second opinion because it didn't feel like Downtown had any interest in servicing my car because of the "phantom" whistling. Anyways, I brought it to Glendale and sure enough the whistling was WAY more serious than expected as they had to replace my entire transmission. They were so kind and thorough at Glendale that I'll definitely make the extra drive to bring my car there!! AVOID DOWNTOWN.

John M. | 2013-06-06

I actually had a fairly positive initial experience with this office. Consequently I bought a used Mazda from them. The thing that really sold me was that they offered a 2 year warranty on the car. This is also why I'm giving them a negative review.

As tends to be the case when buying from a dealer there was a lot of paper work to sign. As such I made the mistake of not reading all of the fine print. Before signing I asked the financing manager several times if the warranty was comprehensive and I was assured that I would be covered for all mechanical breakdowns.

A little over a year later and I find that my transmission is shot...and my warranty does not in fact cover it. I am now on the hook for a repair costing over 10% of what I initially bought the car for. I was undoubtedly mislead when I purchased this car. For that reason I won't be back.

Tulio D. | 2013-06-05

By far the best experience I've ever had buying a car! Thanks to Shawn Shams at VW DTLA ask for him, he will treat you with respect and courtesy. No pressures at all... We were approved for a new car within 18 minutes flat. Who does that? Highly recommend...

Esteban J. | 2013-06-02

After wasting days with Galpin VW. Then  i found Rafael Gonzalez  at Volkswagen of Downtown L.A. He treated me with respect and i got an Excellent deal on My Passat Diesel TDi SEL.

Thanks Volkswagen of Downtown L.A.

Jennifer C. | 2013-05-30

From the moment I emailed Downtown VW I knew it would be an awesome experience, and I most definitely was not disappointed.

I spent a day emailing Jerry Riboli back and forth regarding the vehicle I wanted and the trade in I wanted to do.  He always answered my questions precisely and got back to me in a timely manner.  I had originally another VW location, but felt a lot more comfortable with the responses I got from Jerry.  He asked me questions which helped him give me a rough estimate of what the price and payments would be if I qualified for the low interest deal they had going.  I also did my homework on the trade in.  I used their website and got a rough estimate on how much they would give me for my vehicle.  

Later that day, my husband and I went in to test drive the 2013 Passat TDI SE w/ sunroof and navigation.  It just so happened that they had one car in the exact color (inside and out) that we wanted.  Jerry let us test drive this beauty and we fell in love!  The best part of this whole deal was how comfortable we felt the entire time.  We never felt pressured or had the feeling we were getting ripped off.  He was always upfront with everything and we truly felt like we got the best deal possible.  

And I can't forget to mention JUMBO JACK!  I read a lot of great things about him on Yelp, so I was happy to meet him while we were there.  He helped Jerry out for a bit, because Jerry is fairly new to this company.  It was great talking with Jack and you can definitely tell he knows his stuff!  

We went in at 7pm and drove out in our new car around 10:30pm.  It would have been a lot sooner but the finance guys were backed up.  

Overall, I give this dealership a 10 out of 10!  They were everything we could of asked for.  Definitely the best car buying experience we've ever had!

Thank you all very much!

B D. | 2013-05-30

I walked into the dealership with my eyes set on one particular car.  The first person to greet me with a smile was Eddie.  He was very knowledgable because when I described the black BMW I saw listed online, he knew exactly where it was.  I saw the car and it was love at first sight and seeing the car made it official.  I had already been financed through Capital One but what they were willing to loan me was not enough to purchase that car.

Eddie worked magic!  He asked me questions about what I would be willing to put down and worked so hard to get me financed through the dealership.  He informed me that Capital One was charging me way more interest than they would and that they could finance me for the full amount.  It took many trips back and forth to get certain amounts approved.

End of story...I drove out of there in my Beamer!!  I put no money down and I know my credit is not great so I do not know what magic Eddie worked but it was definitely amazing!  Initially, I had some hesitation about buying it because I did not want to make a rash decision but Eddie made it all worthwhile.  He did not talk to me from a salesman perspective.  I felt like he was my mentor which I needed because I had never purchased a car before.  The last feeling I wanted to have was regret.  Well I can tell you I woke up the next morning happier than I had been in awhile.  BEST DECISION!

Thank you Eddie and the entire team of Volkswagen of Downtown L.A.!  You guys are amazing!


Brandon O. | 2013-05-29

I recently set out in search for a CPO Tiguan.  VW of Downtown L.A. was my very first stop of the day (and ended up being my only)!  Right away, I met Jumbo Jack in the pre-owned office.  Very friendly and a big smile!  I found the car I was looking for right away.  Jack made the entire process very easy, and pretty quick.  My credit is not great right now  - Jack was very honest, and up front about everything.  I got a loan from my credit union at a very low interest rate (relative to my credit), which came with strings attached, of course.  Jumbo Jack worked out things on his end (jumped through hoops) to make sure I was taken care of on all fronts without any additional money down!

So far, I LOVE my new-used Tiguan!  It's my first VW and, am now thinking, won't be my last.  I'll definitely return to Jack "Jumbo Jack" Kldjian  and will refer anyone I know looking for a car!

Thanks, Jack!!

Gregg W. | 2013-05-28

Fast, friendly and trustworthy (or so I think).  Have been taking my ride in for oil changes here and have never been disapointed.  They seem honest and affordable which is insanely hard to find these days.

Tack C. | 2013-05-28


Truly exceptional service and professionalism.  I've been working with Don for my last 2 Vw leases. He has made the process easy and clean. His prices are always the best and service exceptional.  

This is how it went down:
I called Don. I told him I was up on my lease in 14 months and I was at my milage limit. He asked what the miles were and what I wanted.  I told him I want a Passat with 15k miles and $0 out of pocket.  He asked me for my email. He pulled my file on existing vehicle and did a quote based on my word that the car was clean.  Within a short period of time I received a quote.  Now most places will send you a rediculois quote on the first offer. Not Don. I came in 2 days later and he was ready for me.  I filled out the credit application online and he had me Pre approved.  When I arrived to the dealership he greeted me at the door and had a vehicle ready for me to take to the storage facility.  We went to the off site lot and he told me to choose a color.  Wow, that is treat when a sales person let's you choose out of the whole fleet. So many places force specific cars that they have had in inventory for a long time or have special incentives on.  Not Don... I was in and out in less that 2 hours from start to finish.  That is great!!!

Anyone who is looking for a fun easy going salesperson with a high degree of integrity. Don is the guy to see.

Thanks Don!

Cheers Tack and Misook Paik

Roberto C. | 2013-05-25

I was thinking of buying my second car and Don Dolor made the whole process as easy as possible. No stress, and 100% honest and courteous. As a volkswagen owner of two cars I recommend volkswagen of downtown LA and Don Dolor service.
Thank you so much and definitely I will be recommending him to friends and family.

Jessica E. | 2013-05-24

I thought about knocking off a star for trying to get TO this place, but I realized I'm just a non-local and most people probably wouldn't get lost twice on the way :)

Don Dolor was the first to respond to my Auto Trader inquiry. He was prompt, understanding when I was late for my appointment, showed me all the cool features of the car when I test drove it, and wasn't pushy or rude when I had to walk away the first time! Although due to his persistence and my stubbornness, I ended up coming back later that day and signing the contract for my beautiful pre-owned Golf TDI :)

He was helpful and even offered me a place to keep my car for a couple days if necessary, since i wasn't able to get a friend to drive down with me. Turned out I didn't need it, I just came back with a friend the next day, picked up my adorable new-to-me VW and drove off! It's unlikely that I'll be in the market for another new car anytime soon, but I will definitely refer friends to this dealership and Don in particular.

Excitethesoul F. | 2013-05-20

For most people purchasing a car (new or used) can be a very stressful time.  Afterall, it's the second most expensive investment for most people second to property purchases.  

In my case, I had been thinking about purchasing a VW CC for quite a few months.  I did the typical online research for models, cars, then eventually dealership reviews.  One dealership that consistently appeared to have good reviews is Downtown LA VW.  I requested a test drive through the many online portals and corresponded with Rafael Gonzalez.  Rafael thoroughly answered all my preliminary questions about the car and financing, all the while replying in a timely manner.  We eventually set up my test drive.  

Strolled in on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and met Don Dolor through Rafael's reference (Rafael was offsite that day though I eventually did meet him that afternoon).  Don and I took two cars out for a drive since I wanted to compare the DSG auto transmission with the manual.  During the test drive we talked more about the car's specs.  I consider myself a car buff and know quite a bit of VW's current products but Don still had a deeper knowledge of them and pointed out details I wasn't aware of.  Kudos to him for that.

I didn't expect to purchase the car that day but since things were going so smoothly, I decided to pull the trigger.  Don took me through the whole purchasing process, exploring financing options without hiccups.  I felt comfortable the whole time; Don has a knack of creating a casual, non-stressful environment.  Moments later, I drove home a new-to-me VW CC with the satisfaction that I got the fair deal and financial arrangement I sought after. Between Rafael and Don, the entire process was a walk in the park.

Both Don and Rafael come highly recommended.

Carlos F. | 2013-05-16

Gino Gonzalez is the man! These guys are great made my first time buying a new car (GTI drivers edition) easy without the hassel. They have tons of cars to choose from so im sure they will have what you are looking. They dont pressure you at all (like some other dealers) just give your options and I appreciate that. Also their finance guy Ben I believe was awesome and discussed with me all my options from financing to leasing. The manager was cool too, Fernando I think, he even hooked it with a cool VW cup!

Gabe G. | 2013-05-13

These guys were excellent in getting me into my Volvo s40. Don Dolor was super helpful and honest with me. Jack was awesome and drove the car I was looking at to a mechanic (of my choosing) in Silverlake. Don made the whole process so easy. I was dreading the experience, but it was completely positive.

Nenee E. | 2013-05-11

Service Department @ VW of DTLA is badass! They are friendly, extremely helpful n knowledgeable! They even call you the next day to follow up and make sure u are satisfied. I have no complaints and will definitely take my car to them each and every time I need too. If u need ur vw serviced I recommend Julio Pinto to get the job done you won't regret it!

Sanggyun K. | 2013-05-09

Don Dolor. This guy made all the complicated lease processes so easy.  His strength as a seller is that he is straightforward and trustworthy. No disguise. That really helped me go through all the models, options, colors, finance options, lease options, and so on... I ended up selecting a lease option on 2013 Jetta SE. He spent whole lot of his time with me comparing all the available options, test-driving, and showing me available cars on spot: he took me to the locked VW car park nearby the dealer shop twice to look, touch, try and compare among available cars. I literally chose my very car among a dozen Jettas. What a car-shopping I did. Anyway, his help substantially decreased all my effort, energy, and fuss that I would have spent while buying/leasing a new car! It was a pleasant experience. Don rocks.

Jeymye G. | 2013-05-09

I purchased a Jetta a few weeks ago, and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I had been looking for a car for a few months now and I went around to different dealers in DTLA, but none of the cars & prices convinced me. I even looked around in the valley for good prices but no car made the cut. I thought I was just never going to find my car.
That all changed at VW. First of all Eddie G. is the best.!!! My family for years and years now have been recomending people to Nissan of DTLA but that's all changing, now we will be sending all our family & buddies to VW with Eddie. He took the time to listen to what I had to say and what I expected to find in my car and let me tell you all I am one picky hard to please person. Eddie provides excellent customer service. After hearing all my expectations & budget he directed me towards the perfect cars to which sadly I could only have 1. But I really loved the fact that I had options all in similar price ranges. At no point was he pushy, I felt he was really sincere and honest person. Over all experience at VW was excellent!!! The staff all worked hard to make my family and I happy. Thankyou Eddie & VW of DTLA.

Brinleigh R. | 2013-05-09

A BIG THANK YOU to Jerry Riboli and everyone at DT LA VW! I LOVE my new Jetta SE and had such a wonderful experience with you all! Thank you!

Jackelyn V. | 2013-05-08

Volkswagen of DTLA is Amazing!!! I bought my car from Don. He is straight forward and very helpful. The service department is amazing too. I am happy with my new Black Jetta and I look forward to buy my future cars here :D

Mert K. | 2013-05-05

I finally got my Jetta S. Since from the beginning I got great assistance from Don Dolor. I'm a foreigner, and so things were a little different for me. And Don was so informative, aware what he is talking about, clear and helpful.
The most impressive thing to me; I've visited couple of dealers, they were all trying to seem super nice, helpful, but a lot of games behind. But Don was straight forward, friendly attitude but no fake smile, focusing on helping only. So it felt much more solid, trustworthy and natural. I really appreciate that.
Do not hesitate to work with him!

Joe A. | 2013-04-30

Class A dealership! Ask for Octavio. Always gives best deals. None of the bs car salesman talk. I have leased two cars now. A cc and recently a Jetta. Highly recommend.

Sue F. | 2013-04-29

Upon suggestion from other Yelpers, I sought out Jack Kldjian "Jumbo Jack" to help me with leasing a 2013 Jetta Sportwagen.

Jack was very helpful in finding the right wagon for me and gave me no bullshit like most car salesmen do. He was up front, honest with the numbers and what he could do for me. He was even able to deal with my Dad who is now a senior citizen and a crazy, 65 year old pain in the ass. Dads sure do like to drive a hard bargain, but I think Jack understood this because he's a Dad too.

I never once felt awkward or embarrassed about my credit issues, Jack was very patient and understanding about everything that was going on with my current situation. I never felt swindled or got that weird "I'm being hustled into this, spend your money NOW" vibe. I am very happy with the service I received from Jack and would recommend him to anyone looking to get a new car!

Shant H. | 2013-04-29

Octavio is the best!!! This is my third Volkswagon that I am purchasing from him...he provides exceptional customer service, he is very knowledgeable and makes the process feel quick. Thank you Ovtavio, I will forever be loyal to you!

Ralph P. | 2013-04-29

This Don Dolor dude definitely knows what he's talking about. He helped me out in purchasing my 2012 jetta gli autobahn by giving me the best deal i could get compared to other dealership. Two thumbs up for the Don!

Kenia C. | 2013-04-27

I finally got my new 2013 Jetta!! Woot woot! I love everything about it! I received the absolute best service from Octavio. He got me the perfect car at the perfect price! I'm so glad I had such great help, especially since this was my very first car. I had looked in lots of different dealerships but this one takes the cake! Octavio listened to me when I told him what I was looking for and when he said, "I have the perfect car for you!", I was more than impressed. They are a great dealership and I would recommend everyone to visit them if they want the best deals on the best cars!

Thank you Octavio for all your help! I really appreciate it and I LOVE MY CAR!!! :D

Miguel Y. | 2013-04-25

My sister April Ynclino purchased a car for her daughter--my one and only niece in this dealer ship and to the amazement of my surprise, the sales process went very smooth and Ferdinand Dolor made buying a car a pleasant experience.

If you are looking for a great experience, no haggle straight forward honest sales---go to Volkswagen downtown LA. That is off course you are looking to purchase a VW.

Thanks you so much Volkswagen sales team! 2 BIG THUMBS UP!!!!

Jonpaul D. | 2013-04-23

The service person Greg wasn't helpful or very friendly until he realized how angry I was. He had stated that he had called and left me a voicemail the day prior to come and pick up my vehicle. I did not receive a voicemail or see any missed calls. The next morning he calls and says he "Wanted to make sure I received his voicemail" ...I told him no and of course I double checked to make sure I didn't somehow blackout the prior day and miss his call and voicemail. No sign of either, so I realize he was just trying to cover himself. Greg was very apologetic when I was leaving and obviously not happy, but this was very inconvenient for me and I'd rather someone be honest with me than make excuses, the last place you want to deal with dishonesty is at a car repair facility.

Haley E. | 2013-04-22

I got my certified pre owned Jetta in february from Rami (who was great btw) I came in on a federal holiday and told them my financials and explained that I was a single mom with limited income but that my '03 ford focus was no longer safe for me to have a child in. I wanted the safest car within my budget. So Rami says, well lets do my financials first and see what I am working with so I don't fall in love with a car I can't afford. I tell him what I am looking for and he finds exactly what I want and it is in my price range, BUT it is a holiday so all the banks are closed so I could not drive off with anything :( Rami calls me the next day (his day off), lets me know that he has still not found someone who will finance me but will hold the car for me while he looks for a lender. So he looks and he looks and he looks and it takes almost a week. Alas, Rami to the rescue. He finds me a lender!!! I drive in, we test drive the vehicle and it is AMAZING and Rami shows me the ins &outs, every little detail. He even assists me in loading In my daughter's carseat with my sleeping toddler in it. I sign the papers, pay the man and go home. But its not over yet. He calls me twice in the following week just to double and triple check that everything is going smoothly and if I ever have any questions about anything in the future to call him. No matter how small the matter might be.

I live in Orange County so coming to downtown LA twice in one work week was quite a trek, but I cannot imagine going anywhere else. Everyone was great. They were patient with my cranky child, even put cartoons on the tv in the lobby and brought her some popcorn.

Seinn S. | 2013-04-22

I purchased a pre-loved Passat Wagon from VW DTLA.  The car drove great initially, but the rear tires "cupped" a few weeks after purchase.  As luck would have it, the tires weren't covered by VW's warranty.  Needless to say I was super disappointed.

As a loyal customer of VW, I reached out to VW America and VW DTLA for a solution.  Although it took a while to resolve, I'd like to thank VW Customer Care and Roger Chammas for standing behind their cars.

When this car is good and gone, I'll definitely consider buying another VW from DTLA.

Daniel S. | 2013-04-18

Incredible service and honesty in purchasing my new GTI with Chris Jones. He was poignant in explaining how a Lease would work for me and the best options for my credit. After a month, I couldn't be happier with my new car. VW has the best selection in the world and with VW DTLA the best crew.

Elliott B. | 2013-04-15

This dealership was not a bad place to visit while I was in, but through my process of working with a particular salesman I was insulted and talked to in a very unprofessional manor. Six months ago, I went into VW of Downtown LA and met with a salesman who I won't name publicly. He was friendly, but a little pushy for my taste. We were down to working on numbers and I was simply not ready to get a car.

Fast forward six months, and I was ready for my new VW. I came back to the same salesman as I am a loyal person. We had a meeting set for a Saturday, and although it was his day off he SEEMED happy to come in and help. A few hours before my meeting I received a text message simply to confirm the appointment. As a savvy customer I called a few other dealers in the area to get basic pricing so I didn't walk in with nothing. I let the salesman know that I did so, and I can tell via text he was upset. In response to my text about shopping other dealers I received a text message stating this: "whatever...just bring the quotes with you. I've spent too much time with you and I don't want to come in on my day off like last time for nothing." This is no way to treat a customer who six months ago wasn't ready to buy a car, but that day was. I was blown away the moment I read that message, and I turned my back on this dealership and never looked back! I ended up going to a dealership out in Covina based on a recommendation by a coworker, and even though it was a trek, it was completely worth it.

Imani B. | 2013-04-13

Make a service appointment!!! Jeff was awesome, great customer service!

Sergio G. | 2013-04-08

This guy, Don Dolor @ Downtown LA Volkswagen is something else!! No BS, No gimmicks...Straight to the point, clear cut options! Fast, easy & efficient transaction for my new 2013 VW CC R-Line 2.0 Turbo! Hit it out of the ballpark yet again!

Katie D. | 2013-04-03

Carlos in the service department is the BEST! I asked for some plate frames for my GLI and he went into the shop and hunted some down for me! Fast and friendly to boot!

Natalia J. | 2013-03-25

After getting into an accident which left my car totaled, I had about one weekend to find a new car. I went to every single dealership in downtown LA and ended up purchasing my pre-owned 2012 Jetta from Jumbo Jack. He was very knowledgeable about the car and didn't hesitate to show me any and every car on the lot that fit my specifications. I couldn't be happier. I would definitely buy a car from Jack again.

megan S. | 2013-03-25

Rafael Gonzalez of Volkswagen, Downtown LA, is an amazing guy. He went above and beyond to give me excellent service. He drove out to LAX to pick me up and bring me in to the dealership on the day of my purchase. Not only that but he was an inspiration in the ways of business and life. Super cool guy!! Thanks Rafael, Georgia Rew, Owner of The Pretty Pretty Collective

Kevin T. | 2013-03-24

Let me preface this review by saying that i have never actually bought a car before today, so all I had going for me were the horror stories about other people and their experiences when buying cars.

I got to the dealership at about 4:30pm on a sunday and by 7:15pm I was on my way home in a brand new, 2013 CC sport. I test drove the car, got approved for financing, bought insurance, signed all the paperwork and had the car detailed and had EVERYTHING about the car explained to me by the awesome sales person Chris J.

Chris Jones made this car buying experience about as pleasant as I could have ever imagined. No pressure, straight forward, no bait n' switch. Just great service, great deals and no hassles!

I could go on and on about how great of an experience I had but I just want to go drive my new car some more!

P.S. they also beat the VW regional offers, so I got a better deal than I would have anywhere else

Robert Q. | 2013-03-14

Go see Jumbo Jack! Got most of our process done over the phone and he made things as painless as possible. No hassle, no runaround and no up-sell.  Great communication, we will be sure to return for our second vehicle. Thanks Jack Kldjian (aka jumbo jack) and Volkswagon of Downtown LA!

Pat B. | 2013-03-14

Restored my faith in car dealerships, definitely the easiest car buying experience I've had.  Chris Jones was quick, professional and cool.  After the original car I called to inquire about was unavailable, Chris somehow managed to find a vehicle many times better on their sister lot within minutes.  When I arrived an hour later the car was clean and ready for a test drive.  Going over paperwork was a flash and we were in, tested, washed and paperwork signed within the hour.

Jesus G. | 2013-03-09

I love coming to VW of Downtown LA, I have bought two cars from Shawn Shams. He is really great and flexible. If you are looking for a great deal call ahead and ask for him!

Alex W. | 2013-03-05

So I finally decided that the Passat TDI was the car for me. I emailed Jack and he responded within minutes, I was very specific about the color/options I wanted and he was able to get the car the same day. The paperwork was a breeze, the conventional wisdom has always been that buying a car takes all day so you bring a book. Not here, I was in and out in a couple of hours. Jack and the rest of the team were friendly, organized and efficient. In the time since my first review I considered several models but no dealership or salesperson even came close to my experience here. And now I get 40+ mpg!

Cassy H. | 2013-02-25

After doing long research I actually googled reviews of dealerships and from I saw that this dealer had amazing reviews . Of course I checked 7 other dealership and weighed my options out and did my research. I made Volkswagen downtown LA my last stop .
I went in and  directly as for Don Dolor because I heard he was an expert !
 I love my new Jetta and I am so grateful for Don and the rest of the staff at Downtown LA Volkswagen ! The staff was a blessing very nice and welcoming never once did I feel judged or pressured to buy a car ! it was all smooth sailing !My friend will be buying his wife a car from them as well !! !!

Karlo M. | 2013-02-21

Will surely return. Just have to look for the right people to talk to! They'll explain to you you're options on lease end. I still was undecided less than a month before I had to return my leased GTI. And they are assertive enough to follow-up regarding your decision without rushing you. My acount was handled by Don Dolor and he was transparent about my options and showed how I can have a good transition from lease to purchase. Professional in all sense especially to his clients. I had a lot of questions and he effectively communicated with other departmentsk to make sure the information he provided me was correct. I admire his dedication to work as per our conversation, he sometimes work 7 days and sometimes until 11pm. Oh well, i didn't know car dealerships were still open until those times. I also like that he went out of his way to please my discomforts and worries. I would love to have my next car purchase to be handled by Don or if not possible with the same work ethics as him. Services and transactions were completed in a timely manner. Even the loan officer, i think Robert was his name, was very accomodating and professional.

Sean S. | 2013-02-20

I leased a car from here for 39 months. I really liked the car, so I wanted to purchase my car when my lease was up. I took my car in before the 3 year/36k mile warranty expired to get checked out. They found my front sway bars were torn and needed replaced. The rep that I was working with told me that "it was under normal wear and tear", was not covered under the 3 year/36k warranty and that I would be responsible for the cost of parts and labor. So I declined all of the work and checked my manual that came with the car. It did not list the sway bar links under the wear and tear items. I called VOA call center and asked them if this was considered wear and tear. They told me under normal circumstances that it would not be considered wear and tear, and they told me they would contact the dealer for me and see why they did not fix my vehicle. VW of America called me back the next day and said that VW of Downtown LA would be contacting me for the repair. VW of America appologized and promised to get everything worked out. So VW of Downtown LA calls me and we set up an appointment. I show up for the appointment and all the service people act like they do not know what is going on. I tell them I'm there for my service and after the guy runs around for 45 minutes he tells me they do not have the part in to fix my car. Awesome. So they have me to reschedule for the next day, which was not at all convenient. I deal with it. I go down the next day and tell them I'm here for my appointment, again the man I am dealing with does not know what is going on, and is asking me for all this extra information, which, I gave them already, and is under the impression that I am paying for this service? Is there no communication here? I get frustrated with the man and tell him I am sick of the miscommunication and the way I've been treated here. We both exchanged heated words. Another gentleman steps in and handles the job. I was  frustrated, angry, and embarrassed. So I go outside and sit on the benches after the ordeal is finally worked out to cool off. A nice gentleman (the shuttle driver) asked me if I needed a ride anywhere, I told him I was unsure. So I went inside to ask how long my car would take, and the man with the attitude said "You just dropped it off!!! You think it's going to be done this fast?!!?!" I said no I was just asking if I should wait or take the shuttle. I walk back outside and the the whole service department erupts in laughter. So I walk back inside and the laughter suddenly stops. I stand in there for about 3 minutes and one of the service reps asks me if I needed any help. I told him, no I just do not like being talked about when I leave the room. No one will even look at me? Are you serious?? So after of about 5 minutes of super uncomfortable silence, I walk back outside. One of the reps comes out to defend himself and say " we weren't laughing at you, we were just laughing at what the customer said about the tech" oh ok. Then another rep comes out to defend himself and actually incriminates himself by saying, "yeah, we weren't laughing at you, the customer said to the rep 'I remember you, you used to talk to customers like that at another VW dealership. Then they all started laughing. How is this not about me??  I am again angry and embarrassed.

I took good care of my car, so I wanted to purchase it at the end of my lease. I worked with one of the salesmen over the phone and internet for financing. I needed to take my car in to make it certified pre-owned. I was told I could bring it in when we were signing the paperwork. I then got a call from a panicked salesman and asked me how fast I could get down there. I made it down there in about 30 minutes (not bad in LA rush hour traffic from weho) but of course it was too late and had to leave my car there overnight. Because my car could not be CPO'd that day, we could not do the paperwork for the sale that day. Hence another day wasted. So I go back the next night to pick up my car. I go there when I am scheduled, all we had to do was sign paperwork. I wait for about 2 hours in the lobby. Finally our turn, yay.
Do all the paperwork, go out to my car, the salesman tells me they filled my gas tank up and fixed my water pump. Awesome!! I am grabbing some things out of my cup holders. There is a receipt in there for mid-grade gas. My car requires premium. I called the gas station to verify, and it was indeed. I called VW of Downtown LA and tried to speak with the salesman I purchased the car from, but he was on vacation. I called VW of America and they told me a misfuel could cause potential engine damage and void the warranty. I told them VW of Downtown did just that, and they said it was out of their hands, and that Downtown would have to deal with it, since, they did it. The man that called me said he would call me back after he spoke with VOA. Called back after I posted this review.

Humberto C. | 2013-02-19

I went in asking for a price to compare a used car to and ended up getting a new car one week after. Amazing.
Don was awesome and very patient.
I love my new car.

Richard T. | 2013-02-19

Need a VW?? Then you need Don. Trust me this guy is a blessing. One email from an online web search was basically all it took. He is a no nonsense guy. Had me pre-approved even before I walked in the door. Had a selection of cars ready and waiting for test drives. He explained every single bit of the financing side to give complete and utter transparency on my options.... no one has ever gone into that detail like that before. He keeps thanking me for my business, but it is I who want to thank him for being a standout salesman! Thank Don. :-)

Chen C. | 2013-02-18

It's a good place to buy your car. I bought my first car here, and it gave me the impression that the guys here are frank and kind. They give the acceptable price quickly and I think it's convenient to buy a car here.

Fiona W. | 2013-02-17

I love my 2013 Jetta!

I decided to buy a car at the end of last year hoping get a car as soon as possible. However, as an international student, it is very hard for me to get any financial assistance to get a car. After checking out many dealers in greater Los Angeles area, I felt like it's almost impossible for me to get a car at the beginning of 2013. I felt so sad about that.

However, fortunately, my parents, my aunt's family and me visited Volkswagen at Downtown LA and met Bobby who was such a helpful and nice guy. Bobby warmly welcomed six of us (a big group) at the door. After knowing my special situation as an international student and all kinds of my requests. Bobby provided me several plans and his suggestions, which made me feel being helped a lot. Also, since my parents don's speak English, Bobby patiently waiting for me when I translated what he said to my parents. He also tried to communicate with my parents, too. My parents liked him and felt he is an accountable representative. And since we came as a big group, everyone had questions. We sat together in Bobby's office and kept asking him questions without stopping. He patiently listened to each of us' questions and answered our questions one by one. And he also gave me test driving for different cars. So we decided to buy a car from Volkswagen right after our first visit.

Then Bobby explained every detail of my buying process and what documents I need for the transaction to me. During the documents verification process, Bobby always kept touch with me, letting me know if I missed anything and what was going on. He kept me updated all the time. And he was easily to be reached even after work if I had any emergent questions. Also, he tried so hard to get a good price that was within my budget for me.

After all my documents verification done, I got my car at the beginning of January, which worked with my schedule perfectly! Bobby called me at the first time when I could get the car. And since I had school, I could only go to get my car early morning on one day that Bobby didn't work. But he came to the office for me. He patiently introduced every function of the car to me, And he asked me to practice every function and ask him any question that I dont know. It was like a training class! After that, I felt I have no problem to drive the car by myself and use all the functions.

And Bobby also helped me with choosing insurance. My situation was special and hard to get a good price insurance. But Bobby tried very hard in order to give me the best price insurance. And I did get a great deal of my insurance.

I had such a great experience at Volkswagen of Downtown LA thanks to Bobby. He is such an excellent sales representative who knows the cars and deals very well. And at the same time, he is such a wonderful friend who treats customers as friend and really thinks their needs for them.

Many thanks to Bobby! Again, I love my Jetta so much!

Nikk G. | 2013-02-14

After a call from both the Manager of the dealership and the service manager I was able to discuss my concerns and issues with the incident that happened during my last visit. To show that they were sincere about making amends they actually arranged for my Touareg to be picked up from my house to be thoroughly detailed and washed. They also left me with a really nice loaner Passat for the whole day to use as I please. At this point I believe they were really just under staffed during the holiday season when my incident happened and really do care about the customer service and satisfaction.  They really did a detail number on my car, including shampooing my carpets, waxing and wheel polishing. I was actually pretty impressed with the level of service this time around.

Thank you Roger and Jim

Marcia G. | 2013-02-11

I had a great car buying experience, with a high quality car for the right price.  Don, the sales rep that assisted me was top notch from the moment I walked in, to the moment I drove off with my Beetle. The closing process is as good as it gets, insuring everything was done right, fast and efficient. Definitely I am a happy camper and I highly recommend Don D. to assist to in your next VW purchase/lease.

Mike L. | 2013-02-07

I just got into a new lease on a 2013 VW Passat and Don Dolor was awesome.  He was a great sales guy and was very easy to talk to.  He made the whole process very simple and stress free.  I test drove the car on Saturday and picked it up on Super Bowl Sunday.  I am very happy with my car and the monthly payments Don was able to get me.  I will tell anyone I know that is looking to get into a car to see Don.  Thanks again!

Alexandria R. | 2013-01-28

I'd give this place 10 stars if I could! Look for Don (Internet/Fleet dept. located across the street). Best service ever!! Everyone is super nice and makes you feel right at home!! No hassles, no unnecessary pushing. Thank you, see you guys next time!

Kary P. | 2013-01-25

My first experience with this place was about a year ago when I needed an oil change on my 06 Jetta. They were decent, and the service members were nice, but I didn't have enough information to decide what to rate them.

But yesterday, I brought my 06 Jetta and a buyback letter I had received from them into the store, and a man named Ben helped me out. He listened to every word I said, showed me exactly the vehicles I wanted, and got me into a brand new turbo beetle with no money down and a percentage rate 7% LOWER than what I had. My monthly payment barely went up, and my previous car had 120,000 miles on it and a slipping transmission.

I was wary, because I bought my Jetta from McKenna Volkswagen in Huntington Beach, and had the worst experiences there (including them keeping my car for service overnight two weeks after purchase, resulting in the theft of my GPS). But VW of Downtown LA is absolutely a notch above the rest. You don't feel pressured into anything extra, Ben was so pleasant he didn't even seem like a car salesman, and they brought me a drink and offered me food!

I urge you to go to these guys. They are over generous with trade in values and will absolutely do everything they can to help. And I LOVE my new car! :)

Helena D. | 2013-01-23

Bought my Jetta Sportwagen TDI here in December from Don Dolor.  He was the first to reply on my inquiry on Edmunds.  Not only did he read my email and know exactly what car I wanted, he also made sure the car was ready for a test drive when I arrived at the dealership.  There is absolutely no used car salesman type of approach at this dealership.  Before buying my car, I needed to first figure out what to do with my existing lease.  Don provided me with so many options.  In the end, my transaction was seamless and stress free.   So, if you're in the market for a new VW, look no further and just go directly to this dealership!

Oh, everyone at the service department rocks too!!  They are all so nice and will answer any questions you have (dumb or not) regarding your car.

Ray M. | 2012-12-26

I had an issue with my front headlights, real lights, reverse light, brake lights, turn signal, and high beams. They weren't lighting up at all. I thought I just had to replace the bulbs so I did and they still weren't coming on. I had taken it to pepboys and was told it would be $100 for a inspection fee plus another $100 to have the electrician look at it. Not including labor. While I was there i had my wiper blade stolen and asked the security guard if she seen anyone since she was standing near my car and she responded rudely "no, you park at your own risk" so i left angry to the dealer and right away customer service came out, i explained my situation and right away Luis opened the hood, opened the fuse box and showed me the exact fuse i needed to change, i had extras and i put a new one in and car works excellent and gave a discount on the wiper blade. No charge for anything except the wiper blade.

Deidre M. | 2012-12-24

Literally just got back from the VW of DTLA Service Center and had to write this as soon as I got home!

My parents took a little road trip from Illinois to LA to visit me during the holidays. A super weirdo freak car issue popped up when they got to AZ. Literally the ignition switch FELL into their dashboard!!!! LIKE WTF. Thankfully they got it fished out and were able to drive to LA that day but seriously...super strange right??

I spoke to Danny this morning and rushed over to get the car looked at my w/ step Dad since they were planning on driving back on the 27th. Being Xmas Eve and all, I was really happy that the car was able to be looked at. Danny, along with Jose, Hector and pretty much the entire crew came to look at this random issue that no one has ever seen before.

They fixed it within minutes as a courtesy. You do not know how happy I am that my parents are able to move on from this annoying issue and know that they can drive back to IL safe and sound.

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!! I cannot express my appreciation enough. Have a Merry Merry Christmas.

Becca D. | 2012-12-18

Last night, I signed the lease for a brand new 2013 Eos Komfort (black).  I'm extremely excited about this lease and the new car.  I can't say enough about how great the DTLA VW team was during my visit.

Eddie G. was awesome.  He took me on a test drive, showed me various styles for the car (Komfort & Sport) and the colors available.  He knew the cars very well, going over the features and explaining to me how to work the mechanics of the top, the bluetooth, etc.   He was patient, friendly and knowledgeable.  A great combination for a VW salesperson!

Roger C. was also amazing.  He presented me a clear picture of the cost, payments, taxes for my new EOS -- and provided me with an amazing deal.  Really courteous, prompt in his quick return phone calls (earlier in the day) and ready to answer all my questions.  Made it easy to say that I wanted to sign the paperwork last night.

Samy did the financing and paperwork part of the lease and was great as well.  He went through the contract with me, answered all my questions and was a pleasure to speak with regarding the car.  He even made it so I could keep my personalized license plates.

Together the team not only leased me a new car, they bought out my old lease which is expiring, which makes it so much easier for me.  I can just bring my Mazda to VW, and they'll take care of everything for me.  I requested to pick up the car in two days, and they were happy to oblige and have let me know that the car will be fully prepared for me -- cleaned, full tank and ready to drive!

This was a top-notch experience and I thank the full team for all their work. I will highly recommend the DTLA motor group and the DTLA VW to all my friends.

Rhino R. | 2012-12-09

Thanks Rafael!

I had been looking on Auto Trader for a Ford Explorer Limited throughout the Western US because I wanted very specific options and color. One popped up in LA a few weeks ago and I hoped it would still be available when I planned to be in San Diego next. The day before my trip I called the dealer and talked to Rafael Gonzalez. Within fifteen minutes he verified all the options I wanted were on the car as he personally walked around it while I was on the phone, sent me a video of the car he made on his iPhone, sent me the Carfax and then we agreed on the price I was willing to pay. Very easy and painless process that was facilitated by Rafael's friendly and helpful attitude. The next day we drove from San Diego to LA to check out the car. It was waiting right out front for us and was all detailed and gassed up ready to go. After a thorough inspection and test drive I determined the car was exactly as represented and we could do the paperwork. It took about 30 minutes to fill out the loan apps and get loan approval. We then went to the main lobby to wait for the finance guy to to process our paperwork. We had to wait about two hours to see this guy but Rafael checked in with us regularly so we did not feel totally forgotten. I would have given this car buying experience 5 stars except for this long wait, that was mainly a big problem because we still had to drive back to San Diego and did not get home until almost midnight. Apparently there were two buyers ahead of us and only one finance guy. Anyway, Rafael was great to work with and I recommend requesting to work with him if you go there. I have bought many vehicles over the years including several that were in different cities from where I was and this overall experience rated up there with the best.

Reva Y. | 2012-11-23

Don Dolor and Vick are awesome!

For me, used vehicle shopping is not my ideal way to spend my weekend, but it was a necessary evil since I just moved to LA and was carless.

After an arduous weekend of dealing with interesting characters and A-holes alike, it was such a breath of fresh air to meet Vick and Don Dolor. They worked with me to stick within my budget and made my experience easy and stress free. It was amazing, I could not would not ever imagine it being possible to purchase a car with such ease. They are all about customer service and want to make sure their customers are happy with their purchase. You couldn't find two more honest and straightforward guys in the industry. Don't waste your time, effort, and money anywhere else!

Chase W. | 2012-11-20

I keep saying (after buying my new 2013 Jetta SE from Rafael Gonzalez and Dave Erickson) that buying a car in Los Angeles was easier than getting a Driver's License in NYC (I'm a recent NYC - LA transplant) but it really was. I thought to myself on a Saturday, "I probably need to get a new car" and then, Sunday, 4pm, I'm driving home in my brand new, PERFECT, clean, Jetta. Couldn't have been easier. The whole process was gorgeous and seamless and lovely.

I got exactly what I want and I'm paying exactly what I want. Mr car only has 250 miles on it now (only had 43 when i got it) but so far, my experience at Downtown LA voikswagen has been absolutely flawless.


Chanty C. | 2012-11-06

This place is great! Everyone I met, Rafael, Don, Dave, & Jack were very nice and  helpful. They all work so well together as a team. The customer service at this place is top notch. I felt like they really care about their customers. I'm so glad Rafael was our  salesmen. He was easy going and never pushy. I felt at ease. Dave worked his magic on getting me the lowest possible monthly payment for the car I really wanted to lease.  He was fantastic! Thank you! I'm loving my Passat!!!!

Doxy T. | 2012-11-04

I recently leased a car from this dealership and had such an easy and fair experience....My salesman, Raz, was low key, never pushy, was able to answer all my questions, and made the whole experience less daunting than it could have been.  I would definitely send people his way.  And, I am loving my car!

Shelley B. | 2012-10-18

Bottom line... VW of Downtown LA, and specifically Jack Kldjian, are amazing.

After having a really negative experience at VW Van Nuys, we were apprehensive to even go to another dealership.  VW-DTLA had the car I wanted, so we gave it another chance.  Jack was extremely informative, respectful and worked really hard to get us into the car we wanted.  This was my very first brand new car and Jack made the experience very memorable.  Thanks Jack!

I highly recommend going to this dealership.  I am extremely happy with our experience and will be using this dealership for all future VW purchases.

Rodney R. | 2012-10-17

Most Pleasant car buying experience i have ever had.  Had the car I was looking for and at a good price as well. My salesman "Razamataz" was very friendly, knowledgeable and upfront with me about everything.  I Highly recommend talking to him if you are in the market for a VW!

M. G. | 2012-10-15

Purchased a 2007 Rabbit in 2007 from salesman Sevan Khajehgian at the Downtown Volkswagen dealership in the used car section with approximately 3,500 miles on it. Sounded like a fantastic deal. They claim that a woman purchased it new from them and brought it back to them for an upgrade because she didn't like it.

Sounded like a deal. I saw a very very very slightly duller section on back right panel and asked about it - was told by Sevan that they would clean the car before I drove it off the lot... I asked if it was possible that it was in an accident before - he said "no" and that they have a checklist they adhere to when accepting a car back, and the carfax was clean.

I ran the carfax report and the DMV report on the car and they were both clean - no accidents reported. Months later I was rear ended and when I took the car in they told me they could not guarantee their repairs because the car had been totaled and salvaged and there was rail damage. They showed me and documented with photos of underneath the panels and showed me where bondo and what appears to be scotch tape (!) had been used to repair the car. Apparently that light buffed spot I had asked Sevan about was a poor re-paint job by sketchy mechanics.

In this case, I was not covered by lemon law because these damages were not manufacturer defects. I assumed at this point that the woman who had previously owned the car had crashed, salvaged and fixed the vehicle 'under the table' and brought it back to Volkswagen, which didn't adhere to the extensive checklist for accepting used cars and turning them around for resale.

I called and spoke with Sevan to ask him what their policy is and what documents I need to file with them to claim on this issue. He told me that I cannot prove that I did not do this to the car myself. I called back a few weeks later as a random potential consumer and asked for them to fax me their checklist for accepting used cars to their lot, which I received. At this point I identified the many points of inspection that were not documented properly.

Unfortunately for me I did not have the money for further legal council at the time, and seemed to be in a gray area for rights in this situation. If you choose to purchase a used car from Downtown Volkswagen of LA, take the car to a trusted mechanic and pay for a thorough inspection, as Downtown Volkswagen of LA does not have a proven track record for doing this properly.

And for the woman who sold the car back to the dealership - I do not know how you sleep at night, but maybe you should apply for the sales department at the used car lot at Downtown Volkswagen of LA, because you're a fantastic liar and apparently can get away with anything!

Shiloh V. | 2012-10-11

I purchased a 2013 Jetta and was very pleased with the service, especially after coming from a different Volkswagen dealership and not liking the service. Octavio my sales person was both helpful and patient. He made sure that I was able to get the best deal and the car I wanted. I would definitely refer this dealership to any of my friends and family.

Sara T. | 2012-10-07

My husband and I just bought a new, though 2012, VW Beetle at Downtown LA Motors Volkswagen.
Salesman Eddie Galindo has been amazing through our process of looking at various VWs and maximizing the car we could get for our price.  Eddie is knowledgeable, helpful, not high pressure, a great driver, patient, cordial and warm.
DTLA VW's facility is clean, comfortable and spacious.
Robert in the Finance Dept. was also very helpful.
Thank you!

Jaime R. | 2012-10-04

We had the greatest experience at Downtown Volkswagon with the greatest salesperson, Ben Louie! He was funny, personable, and so helpful in helping me pick out a brand new 2013 Jetta SE. I would refer anyone to him to purchase or lease their next car. Ask for him!!!! He is honestly the best salesperson I've ever met and I felt completely comfortable and happy with my purchase. No pressuring or loads of BS. Thanks Ben!!!! He even came and picked us up from the Honda dealership after I turned in my lease! :-)

Craig W. | 2012-10-01

We had an awesome buying experience.

Definitely recommend to other's looking for a great buying experience.


Rich L. | 2012-09-29

Scott Kaufmann and his team, Katy and Erica, were outstanding!!!!  I have never felt more comfortable in a car dealership.  I always hate dealing with car dealerships, but this experience completely changed that mindset.  I will forever be a DTLA customer and I will recommend my friend, family, and co-workers.  I LOVE my new car!  THANK YOU!!

John D. | 2012-08-19

Update:  I still believe that the folks on the sales side of the house are fantastic.  I had a fantastic experience when I got the new VW Tiguan.

This update and my changing down to two stars (used to be four stars) is all about the Service Department at VW of Downtown LA.  They promote how they are all about excellent customer service and seriously missed the mark with this customer.....

My Tiguan developed a body clunking noise after about 6 weeks of driving it.  I decided that the best thing to do was to take it in before my 90 Day Inspection appointment that was set up when I got the vehicle.  I called this dealership to make an appointment and after being routed to the voice mail of some woman in the service department, I left a voice mail for her.  I waited a few days and no return call.  I called again, got the same woman's voicemail in the service department, left another message...waited a return call.  I called again, same woman's voicemail, left another message...another week, no return call AGAIN!  I decided at that point, why bother and I waited for my regular appointment.  

My 90 Day appointment came and I took it in first thing in the morning.  They gave me a shuttle ride downtown and I did some errands.  My service advisor was supposed to call me when it was done, a couple hours after I dropped it off.  No call by mid day, I called.  My advisor told me it was done and they could not isolate the noise.  He asked me if I could do a test drive with the shop foreman.  He arranged for a shuttle driver to come pick me up in about 20-30 minutes.  After waiting for the shuttle for 60 minutes, I called back.  Confusion ensued, the advisor said that the shuttle driver had tried to call me to get my location at which point I told him that was complete garbage since I had been standing in the spot that we agreed upon and was holding my phone the entire time I was waiting.  The second driver came and got me (oh btw, while I was in the shuttle going back to the dealership, the first driver called me and wanted to know where to pick me up!).  Back to the dealership, test drove the car, no noise.  We agreed when the noise was more prevalent, I would bring the car back.

Friday, 7/26/12, the noise is back and more regular.  I called to make an appointment to bring my car in on Monday, August 6, 2012.  I spoke with a guy in the service department.  He tells me that the Monday I was referencing (one week from the following Monday on the day I called) was not the 6th but it was the 3rd.  I questioned that but was in the car driving so I could not look at a calendar and trusted him.  After we hung up, I looked at the calendar and found that the 3rd was a Friday...I called back and spoke with the same guy.  He proceeded to tell me that I was wrong.  I told him to look at a calendar and he said he was.  Some back and forth and a little of him being dismissive of me and arguing that 8/6 was not a Monday and finally, there was a "oh, wait.....pause.....I was looking at the wrong calendar, sorry man" from him.  At that point, I was pretty upset and asked to be transferred to the manager.  The assistant manager picked up and was very kind.  He listened to my rant about my entire service experience with the dealership and wanted to "handle my appointment personally" when I came in.

When I came in on 8/7 (I had to reschedule it due to a conflict and they were very accommodating), the Asst Mgr was great, handled the check in, took me and the shop foreman on a test drive and alas they heard the noise!  They worked with me on a rental car (which was screwed up but whatever...) and off I went.  That evening, he called me with a status report.  The next day, I called mid-day to find out the deal.  He told me what they were doing/did and that I could pick the car up later.  He also told me that the noise was "normal" and that they test drove three other Tiguans and it was present in each.  I was not buying that.  I took the rental car back and went to get the car...he was out at lunch...when I got the paperwork, it did not have all the info he told me on the phone and I was not pleased.  I insisted that the paperwork be updated and asked to talk to the service manager.  

The Service Manager came and got me and we chatted in his office for about 30 minutes.  He told me he was embarrassed about my experience.   He committed to fixing the paperwork and getting things back on track (he even called a day later to check in on me).  

We will see if this customer returns...

Katherine K. | 2012-07-28

This review is regarding my experience with the ONLINE SALES department.  I recently leased a VW through Volkswagen of Downtown LA, after contacting a few other dealerships, and was pleasantly surprised throughout the entire process.  Not only did the sales staff answer all of my questions promptly and with transparency, I was never hassled with repeated phone calls or given sales numbers solely focused on a monthly payment.  My initial contact was with Shawn Shams and Michelle Lapiana, both of whom were very quick to respond to email and answer every question I had regarding the sales vs. invoice price, money factor rate, residual, etc.  When I arrived on site, I worked with Don Dolor, who was also amazing!  He ensured I knew all the ins and outs of the vehicle and features, took me on a test drive, worked to ensure the financial #'s were to my liking, and followed up after the transaction to confirm I was happy.  I recommend this dealership and Don...I absolutely hate the process of looking for a new car, and this was by far the best experience I've ever had at a car lot!

Steve B. | 2012-07-08

Great people here! My wife had a flat tire in the middle of Downtown LA, I called and talked to Roger, he was more then helpfull, he put me into the right hands in the service department Jose. In the middle of a busy Saturday Jose made it felt like she was the only person there, they put her spare on and she was out of there in a heartbeat. Great team work and a well run place, kudos to the GM.... Keep up the great work... Thanks

PJ S. | 2012-07-06

Beyond excellence -- Don Dolor!!

I recently purchased a brand new 2012 GTI from Don Dolor at VW DTLA and I have to say that I am EXTREMELY happy! Yes, the car is phenomenal but what really put my experience over the top is the first class service I got from Don Dolor!

This being my first brand new car purchase I made sure to do my due diligence and shop around but of all the salespeople I spoke to Don really stood out. With Don I felt like I was dealing with someone very honest. He was very upfront about the entire process and explained all of my options. I did not want to rush into buying a car and he was very patient throughout the process and really helped me make the right descision. There was never a point where I felt pressured -- on the contrary I felt like he genuinely wanted to help me make the right descision for myself, not for anyone else.

Don is really a great guy! If you are looking to buy a car don't waste your time dealing with other dealers -- go see DON DOLOR at VW DTLA You'll be happy you did!

Food i. | 2012-07-01

I'm at 17 year old and went to this dealership to buy my very first car, the new 2012 Jetta SEL. Cash Yi helped immensely through this process with my parents. Thank you, Mr. Yi! I recommend him greatly.

Allison J. | 2012-06-29

Great experience!  I worked with Dave online and he gave the cheapest price hands down.  No haggling, nothing shady, and no pressure.  After visiting several dealerships I settled on Downtown VW because of their excellent customer service.  Everyone was extremely helpful and I got the best deal in town.
I've had my car for a month and I still hear form Dave just checking in and making sure everything is going well.
I highly recommend Downtown VW!

Brian S. | 2012-06-25

**This review is strictly about the experience i have had in the customer service/sales dept.Different experiences may happen due to credit scores,buying vs leasing,money down,etcetera.**

So this all started offa one recommendation i had seen on twitter that rated cars in the top 10.As i lazily sat on my couch I said to my wife "Hey they(the reputable company i followed on twitter) said that the jetta is a top 10 car under 20k."and she immediately said "I wanna get a jetta",ME:"Well we can always go up there" Her:"Im down,lezz go!"

Ok,so now I turn to the yelp community after realizing I need to visit a volkswagen dealership,and i need to do it soon.First place I check is the local dealership review,which is Santa Monica VW which had piss poor yelp reviews.I just shook my head and laughed at several reviews.So going local is obviously gonna be all bad,we need to travel 2 downtown la since the reviews were night and day.We both agreed lets not waste time at Santa Monica.Thanks to all the yelpers who are avid reviewers.Every yelp counts.

At this point it is no turning back and we are grabbing the necessary information needed before going,in case of emergency(purchasing).We hit the 10 fwy and blasted the ipod,next thing you know I hit the 110 and exit Adams Blvd and make a left on Figueroa.We finally get there and now "S#!t is about to get real"

My wife was super skeptical about being approved for a car.I came just for backup in case there was need for a co-signer.I kept telling my wife,"you just never know what may happen,the worst thing that can happen is you get turned down and we have a idea where you are at.You might mess around and not even need me."

We were approached by Eddie G and he was very cool about setting us up for the process and halfway after setting up the paperwork we went on a test drive with a fresh car with only six miles on it.Everything was fully loaded on the jetta and my wife was a teenager again smiling from ear to ear,She still felt a little bit skeptical that something was about to go wrong where they would tell her some bad news and we came back in awaiting the numbers.

To my astonishment,they told me they "didn't need me" and "only wanted her".I was in shock because my wife was now the bosslady' and shotcaller'.I felt proud of her because I remember where she started at and now she had a great oppurtunity in front of her.The numbers came and then came "the decision"
The first deal was kinda high for a lease but still was decent,we took some time and thought about it carefully.I told her to be 100% sure that this was the car she wanted and it might be better to go elsewhere to see what  she truly could get.Broaden her horizons ya feel me'.Before you know it, he comes back and sees that we were becoming cynical about the deal and heading towards the door.He says "what do u want to do?What numbers can we work out?How can we keep your business?Is it something I did?Was it a different car you would rather prefer?".So by this point he calls his boss and the boss worked out a marvelous deal that my wife COULD NOT REFUSE!!,(I wouldn't allow her to walk away from that deal,under any circumstance).I  never got a deal like that in my whole life and it was so impressive being that I just bought a car at Airport Marina and I felt the service my wife got was far more superior.I am not a volkswagen type of guy,more so of a Audi(same company) or a Dodge Challenger type but I would definitely recommend coming here to get a car.You just don't know what may happen,just go for it.I cant promise that you will be satisfied,or even may get a car,but the importance of the customer is far more a priority in comparison to other dealers.

On a side note Eddie G showed my wife every single feature in and out before my wife pulled out of the lot.She got out the lot and was jamming down Washington Blvd.I just shook my head but was proud that my wife accomplished her goal.

Darragh O. | 2012-06-23

From Start to finish the staff at VW of DTLA were very professional and answered all my questions.  Gary Schwartz of the internet department had my car ready to go as soon as I arrived and gave me a thorough run down on all the things i should know, from how to set up the bluetooth, to how to close the trunk properly.  I highly recommend dealing with them in the future.

Erica J. | 2012-06-21

I own a Jetta TDI that is from this dealership and have had all maintenance done by them.  I called the dealership yesterday morning to see if they could squeeze me in because I am (or was) a loyal customer and I thought that I might have a slow leak in one of my tires.  They said that they were too busy to fit me that day and to come the next day.  Last night, my tire blew on the 170 freeway and it was a very scary feeling to have cars wiz by me in the dark.  I felt unheard, uncared for, and dismissed.  Go to VW of Van Nuys because that dealership knows how to listen and help you.

Desean T. | 2012-06-19

The customer service is very problematic. They are very unorganized and slow to assist you.  I have been waiting quite a while for a check from my trade in.  

My contact person is a gentleman named Ben, he never returns my phone calls.  If they assign you to him, I suggest that you ask for someone else.  However, I spoke to the general manager, himself, he said he would look into my case and return my phone call the following business day.  I haven't heard anything from him either. Pretty sad.  They were great on the day of purchase, (isn't that always the case) but it's been hell ever since.  

If you are thinking of trading in a car to them, unless they've given you an amazing offer, I would strongly suggest going to Carmax.  They seem to be pretty unorganize and it's very difficult to get them to return your phone call.  That isn't a great experience when they owe you a pretty sizeable check.

J C. | 2012-06-09

Bought a used car for my college daughter. Normally loathe sales people at car dealerships but I was pleasantly surprised! Really enjoyed working with Perry Makwana. Highly recommend him!

J B. | 2012-06-02

Don't go here. Slooooooow. Poor customer service and you have to deal w pushy salespeople while you wait for your car.

Grace L. | 2012-05-15

I highly recommend the sales associate Michelle Lapiana of Downtown VW because she is truly an asset to the sales team.  Michelle is professional, efficient, straight forward, and helpful and answered all my questions quickly.    We were about to close a deal on a Passat but it was a shame it eventually fell through because my family is not ready for this major commitment. Hopefully some day down the road I will deal with her again.

La Angie F. | 2012-05-03

I must say, I have never had better customer service at a dealership before. Everyone was super attentive and helpful, getting me in and out the door with almost no wait time. I took my car in for service yesterday for a 90-day checkup. Even though it was a minor service appointment, they explained everything they would do to the car and why. They even went as far to tell me what to expect at my next 10k appointment. The shuttle service is great for downtown as well. I had to get back to work quickly so they dropped me off and picked me up when I was done. Everyone is so friendly and made what is normally an annoying experience pleasant.

Kam K. | 2012-04-23

Dave Erickson was amazing! He was personable, helpful, informative and delivered excellent service. I'm very very happy with my purchase and will recommend him and VW of DTLA to my friends and family. Thank you Dave! You Rock!

Candace L. | 2012-04-18

Ok, 3 strikes and you're out! Hopefully, that is - I'd like to be done with them.

With that said I'll let Downtown VW fall right in the middle of my two previous reviews with a 2 star rating. Of course I will not be returning and/or recommending them to anyone unless someone specifically asks me "where can I purchase a VW and have the entire process spiral downhill and into a complete clusterfuck" and then I'd say "hey, go downtown" but since my last review - my gym workout was interrupted yesterday by me trying to deal with these peoples calls and emails. They wanted me to come down to the dealership to give them a "new check" since they decided to deposit my check the day after I had left when they had told me they would deposit it on 4/16 but went right ahead and put it through on 4/9.

They did offer to top of my gas tank and wash the car but there is no dollar sign on peace of mind. This dealership proves to me they cannot be trusted, so as lovely as a fresh car wash and a topped off tank of gas sounds, I declined because I don't trust them to do either of the above. I told them they could call my financial institution, which is out of state to verify funds and re deposit the check and then they said they needed a cashiers check! Ummmm, I'm not going to pay for a cashiers check and overnight service because you dipshits fucked up! I offered to FedEx overnight a new check to them as soon as they return my original check (again, because I can't trust them at all, last thing I need is them pulling some shady stunt and trying to get me to give them $22k instead of $11k).

It seems their folks in Finance/Accounting are NEVER in the office. I asked the receptionist for the General Manager and left Roger a very detailed voice mail explaining all of nonsense I've been going through with them. He returned my phone call and made it clear that he monitors the dealerships surveys (which I completed) and their reviews (which I indeed leave) and even seemed a tad bit T'ed off that I had left honest feedback about my experience and commented that he knows I won't be removing any of my reviews. Which, BINGO! He is correct. I am an honest and fair person and I don't remove my reviews. I give credit where credit is earned and speak the truth to my experiences with businesses. Granted not everyones experience will be the same everywhere - it's always nice to know the pros/cons when going into something like purchasing a vehicle and anything that has to do with your finances.

I explained again that they screwed up, which he admitted knowing and that I was not going to be responsible for the fees I would incur to send them a cashiers check. He told me I could deduct them from the amount, which in the end I'm sure would still have me owing that last $25 on my loan - Nope! not doing that. I asked him if he would verify the funds and redeposit the check, He checked into this and promptly returned my call to say they'd do so. Let's hope so! As much as I don't mind an extra 11k sitting around in my checking account - it's about time this dealership does what they say they are going to!

So long as I see the check clear my account in a day or two, I'll be thankful for Roger actually taking some action to get things on track around there.

On another, slightly more interesting note: I phoned the sales guy (Dave) I was working with on Friday 4/6 to inquire about a car antenna and the radio sounding "static-y-" to me. He explained it shouldn't sound like that and I told him I'd mess around with some sound settings in the car and see if I can get it to come in clearer. I also made mention that since this car is a downgrade for me - perhaps, I was just use to the stereo system in the Passat.

When I called them on Monday 4/9 to ask why they had deposited the check they agreed to hold until 4/16 (spoke with Gary) we got onto the subject of the radio and Gary mentioned it could be due to the "tint" I had put on the windows. Well... that's all fine and dandy - it has zero to do with it! BUT what struck me as interesting about this conversation IS that FRIDAY 4/6 when I asked Dave about this I had NOT yet had the windows tinted. It wasn't until Monday 4/9 AM that I had them tinted and I had not told anyone at the dealership that I had them tinted, because Hello? Why would I? The tint on my car has nothing to do with them. So it was clear then that they sit around stalking your Yelp reviews (which is where they must have seen my review for the tint shop) and played the blame game rather than taking responsibility or troubleshooting any concerns I had about the actual stereo system.

So now... my thinking is did they read the review I left the evening I made the purchase and screw everything up to fuck with me, or are they really just one shitty ass car dealership?!?!?!? Who knows, but again - not a pleasant experience and they loss my trust within 1 business day of making a purchase. Not cool! BEWARE!

Vanessa H. | 2012-04-10

VW Service Department

I bought a Jetta in 2007 and have had it serviced here since day one. Stellar service starts from the top.  Drew Davis trains his staff to be helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. From the minute I walk into the service department I am greeted by name and with a positive attitude. I feel important and appreciated.

The service department staff know their products, show respect, provide quality products and services, and look for any opportunity to go the extra mile.  Because of their exceptional services, I have recommended friends and family to VW of Downtown.  Thank you Drew Davis, Jose Barreto, and the entire service department team for making me feel like family and for always providing service that is above and beyond.

Laura R. | 2012-04-07

Just bought a 2009 new beetle here and it was a great experience. The staff was extremely helpful and not pushy. Octavio was great! If you are looking to buy a car there you should go see him. This was my first car purchase and I will definitely come back here when it is time for me to buy another car.

Shane N. | 2012-03-31

I just bought a 2012 GTI from Volkswagen of Downtown LA, and have had such a GREAT experience there, that I simply had to yelp it to the world.  

First a little background:  I spent about 2 months trying to figure out what car I wanted. I like a fast German car - even though reliability may be questionable -- they just FEEL better to me than Japanese wind-up cars. I narrowed it down to two cars:  2012 BMW 335i (6 cylinder inline with all the tech toys -- so hot), or the 2012 VW GTI Autobahn. Very different cars, obviously.  Both rated in Car and Driver's Top 10 for 2012.  The GTI has a consumer road-test score of 87 (which is higher than all others in its class) -- and after a lot of soul searching, I chose the GTI.  It just makes more sense for the type of driving we do here in LA, and frankly - with over $25k less on the price-tag; it was definitely the right choice for me.

I'd done ALL of my research, had worked out the numbers, and though I'd originally test driven the GTI in Santa Monica -- after over a month of nagging emails from the internet sales guy there with no responsive feedback when I asked for numbers, I opted to make my purchase from VW of Downtown LA.

Rami Zeid was my sales consultant.  From the second I first reached out to him to the moment the deal was done, I had absolutely no doubt that he was being straight on on the level.  He have me a great deal on the car, without ANY hassle, and the VW financing incentive he gave me of 1.9% at 5 years trumped even the rate that my USAA credit union was able to offer.  Moreover - Rami just seems like a genuinely NICE guy - eager to do business, but completely respectful, and with no trace of desperation or the typical negative expectations we have of car sales people.

Because I'd done my research and also have stellar credit - the only real point of negotiation that was required was for my trade in.  That's where Jerry Loh, the sales manager came to play.  

Jerry gave me *pretty darned close* to what I'd expected for my trade in. I'd done my research on my 2005 Audi A4's  trade in value and had developed a magic number I was comfortable with. Jerry came in pretty close -- about 500 under -- suggesting that he'd have to sell my car at auction since older cars are typically a harder sell for them... but you know what?  It was a very fair deal.  My car probably requires some factory reconditioning, and let's face it... dealerships are businesses, and these guys work very hard.  They're not making a killing on the margin for the car... and the financing with my credit was a lock -- so Jerry's deal was totally on point.  (Also - very straightforward and a pleasure to deal with.)

Next step - Financing... Again, 5 stars.  The finance manager, Andrea Flores is absolutely fantastic.  SUPER sharp, and with a great sense of humor -- Andrea whipped me through my paperwork with speed and precision, while still explaining the detail on each signature I'd have to pen. She explained the financing, manufacturers warrantee and the options for an extended warrantee - which ultimately, I ABSOLUTELY opted for. (German car.)  Moreover - after a snafu with one of my tires (which I'll get to in a minute) - she has bent over backwards to help me get some additional coverage that I didn't initially figure I'd need.  I'll save you the details, but I think I'll friend her on facebook after this.

And so I left with my new car.

Finally - to the one snafu I've had so far:  At mile 100, one of my tires unexpectedly deflated. I had taken a friend to the airport only to discover from some nice passer-by that my tire "looked low".  Looked low?  It was full out flat.  VW roadside assistance had a towing company at LAX departures within 20 minutes, and on my way with the full size spare within 35.

Now I don't THINK I did anything unusual with my car.  100 miles... brand new car - nothing unusual on my end.  I explained this to the Service Manager, Julio Mendoza when I went in.  After a quick look at the flat tire in my trunk (on a fairly busy day - thanks Julio), he found a puncture in the sidewall of the flattened tire -- something not repairable.  And here's where my VERY positive story wraps up...

After some deal of "what are we going to do about this?"  Sales guy Rami walked me into the office of Roger Chammas, the GM for the dealership and explained the situation.  New car.  35 miles on it before I got it, only 115 when I got a flat.  Really no way to tell where the fault lay... Defective?  Driver error? But only after a little consideration on Roger's part, they got me a rental so I could make my 1 o'clock, and then replaced my tire at no charge.  "I want to make sure your experience with us is a good one" he said as I left.

I've got to say... so far, it has been GREAT.  

- Rami - GREAT sales guy
- Jerry - Very reasonable sales manager
- Andrea - Completely on point and hard working finance manager
- Roger - Totally stand-up GM

Lauren B. | 2012-03-26

It was my first time buying a car and EDDIE made it the BEST experience! He was super friendly, provided great customer service, and was fully knowledgeable about the product. Thank you to EDDIE and the VW family for making my VW experience the best! I'm always going to buy with VW going forward AND I recommend you all contact Eddie...he's truely amazing! :)

Mas T. | 2012-03-19

BEN LOUIE! Thanks for an Amazing experience here!!!! I went to three different Volkswagen dealerships. This one by far is the best! If you're looking to purchase a car or lease, this is the dealership to go to! BEN LOUIE was awesome. Great in every aspect. He got us a great deal and made the shopping experience fun instead of stressful. This is my third lease and this has been the best deal and experience that you can possibly have at a dealership. Go see BEN LOUIE! He won't B.S you and he makes you feel comfortable. The sales manager FERNANDO PEPIA helped out as well and was great. BEN LOUIE THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! Oh and he might give you a fortune cookie if you ask. GREAT JOB GUYS!

Harold G. | 2012-03-17

I just leased a 2012 Passat SEL this Thursday from this dealership, and let me just start by saying my experience was PHENOMENAL. I was approached by Eddie Galindo..WHAT A SERVICE....Eddie, is professional, knowledgeable, and very patient, and he works very hard to get you what YOU want. I've walked into other dealerships, and I always find pushy, arrogant salesman, Eddie redefines the definition of a car salesman. Do yourself a favor...If you're looking for a VW drop by VW Downtown and ask for Eddie...I guarantee he will take care of you, and Yes I AM loving my Passat even more every time i get on it.

Eva C. | 2012-03-17

I was there looking for a brand new jetta sel. They didn't have the car in stock .  My sales Ben Louie sold me a 2011 Sel for 6k less . Parking was horrible but things worked out really well.  Haha go to Vw in downtown.

Keisha P. | 2012-03-16

$138 to "diagnose" what is wrong with my tail light? So I pay $138 and it might be a fuse that only costs a few dollars or I pay $138 and the whole panel might need to be replaced for another couple of hundred dollars???

What kind of racket is this? You have to pay even if you decide not to get your car fixed there?  I've never heard of such a thing.

michael c. | 2012-03-04

This was my 3rd VW Dealership while on the hunt for leasing my new car. I must say the customer is WONDERFUL!!! Unlike the other two dealerships, I felt extremely comfortable safe with the staff. There was no sense of urgency or pressure. The financier walked me through the process and gave me good advice.
Octavio took excellent care of me. He is not the stereotypical fast talking salesman. He is super friendly and very helpful.
My overall experience was very pleasant in an atmosphere of honesty. I got a great deal and look forward to my next lease!!!

Nathan I. | 2012-02-16

I had a truly exceptional experience here. I got my second VW here after months of looking at many dealerships. The experience here was the definition of no-hassle and superb.

I worked with David Erickson who was very patient while I worked through all my questions and concerns.  He just wanted to make sure we got the car we were going to love.  It was such an exceptional experience that I told him I'd be back to buy from him again when it's time to buy VW #3!

This is an easy recommend!  Ask for David - he'll treat you with respect and give you the space you need to make a decision!

Jesse S. | 2012-02-14

Incredibly helpful, friendly, no stress, no pressure environment. Will gladly let you test drive the car... in fact the encourage it.

They are thoroughly knowledgeable in the cars that they are selling/leasing. Make recommendations based on your likes/dislikes and priorities. Do you want a gas efficient vehicle? Or something that glues you to your seat every time you hit the gas? Speed and gas efficiency? "Go for the GTI."

They even went as far as to contact the assembly plant (yes in Germany/Hungary) because the car I wanted was missing some of the bells and whistles that came standard in my last car.

When the car is due for maintenance you get a friendly email reminder and a postcard in the mail. Their service is fast and hassle free. Even give you coupons for free car washes.

I took it in back in November for a faulty turn signal. They took the car in immediately citing safety concerns and  had the keys to a complimentary rental in less than 15 minutes. Incredible. They even extended the rental and upgraded it for free when the part was to be ordered from Germany.

I would highly recommend VW of Downtown LA to anyone. Or Audi and Porsche for that matter. Customer service is top notch.

Now I know why so many of these cars have those cool Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche of Downtown LA Plates!

Dae Y. | 2012-02-07

Greatest place to get a VW!

Matthew S. | 2012-01-08

Big ups to Ben doing the Sign and Drive sale. He killed it for us and now we have a brand new 2012 Jetta.

Ellen K. | 2011-11-27

I'll be getting my next VW here. Go ask for Jerry.

Douglas M. | 2011-11-15

A Pain-Free Way to Buy A Car

"There's a new breed of car salesman, a younger generation," Don Dolor told me, "I'm part of that new breed." And he's right. My purchase of a 2012 Jetta Sportswagen was a stroll, a cruise, a cool drink of water. It went down like a dream. I knew what I wanted. I emailed VW of Downtown LA asking for a price. Pinging back came a smart note on availability and a go-straight-to-the-bottom price from Dolor, their internet sales guy. Then, of course, I checked around like a fiend, touching base with VW dealers from Ventura to San Juan Capistrano. What I got back was the usual: shady evasions, outright misrepresentations, clouds of drifting smoke. (That'd be the OLD breed of salesmen at work, adjusting their bad ties and busting out their sad old tricks. Those old dogs do not learn new tricks) But more to the point, none of the several dozen So Cali dealers beat Downtown LA's out-of-the-gate price. Here's why. First, Downtown LA is huge, one of the biggest in the country, so they get a better price from VW corporate. Second, internet sales guys like Dolor get paid on units moved, not by skimming commission off the top of lucrative rip-off deals that reward the salesman by cheating the customer. Because it pays Dolor to move cars at fair prices, that's what he does. The end of the story? Easy -- I printed out my email quote, drove over and bought the car. I recommend it highly. When you go get your car, say Hi to Don for me.

Daniel M. | 2011-10-09

I leased a 2012 Jetta and notice some issues with the car, so I take it in to have them look at it.  The first thing the guy asks is "did you do anything to the car?"  I think he means stereo work but anyways, I tell him "no, I just got the car less then a week ago and I didn't do anything.  It's a lease"  He looks at the issue which is the passenger door doesn't close correctly and he says "we see this happen when people get work done on the car.  You didn't get anything done to the car?"  I'm surprised and kind of pissed cause I already told him "no".  I tell him, "look, I didn't get any work done on the car.  I just got this car less then a week ago and it's a lease".   I look at him and he's got this look of disbelief.  Then he tells me that they don't have time that day to look at it.  Not sure if he's telling the truth or not but that guy's got some attitude.  I'm sure he's dealt with a lot of ghetto ass customers since the dealership is in downtown LA but he needs to not let that effect his attitude on everyone.

Mari M. | 2011-09-17

I had a GREAT experience today at VW downtown LA.  It'd been 2 weeks of overwhelming online searching galore, lots of written words and numbers, phone calls and inquiries, and today was finally the day i bought a car.  ASK FOR CHRIS.  He handled me like a real person (which was a welcome experience after feeling like i was communicating with robots @ vw pasadena), was kind, a clear communicator, informative, patient and understanding.  I'd even spoken to him on the phone from berkeley before i even made it down to LA and all the way down I had such a good feeling about working with him on buying a car...and i was right.....

Zoom zoom!
Good luck!

Jenna R. | 2011-09-17

Fine dealer. Technicians and service providers were nice.

Diorella A. | 2011-09-14

How does a girl buy a car for the first time? Ask around make some calls...I only called a dealer once and that was it.  VW downtown Los Angeles and spoke to Don Dolor. He asked for all necessary details from what car I want, budget to credit processing.  Just came the next day and out in few hours with my brand new car!  No fuss. Straightforward business. And a car you really like.
Thank you VW for having Don Dolor!

Karen B. | 2011-08-29

Well, heck. I can hardly complain. My air conditioning was buzzing quite loudly and I thought I heard my car misfiring. I have chronic pain so my car was absolutely filthy and I had to have someone else drop it off for me. But they were cool with that and told me not to worry.

I picked up my car today. They said nothing was wrong with it, but they fixed a recall thing in the sunroof. Though I picked it up on short notice, Dennis said if I could wait a few more minutes they'd wash it for me -- considering how dirty it was and how ill equipped I am to wash it myself right now, that was more of a favor than usual. They pointed out a nice place where I could sit and wait.

I drove it home. The air conditioner was magically working again after making horrible sounds for over a week and I didn't hear a misfire on the way home. Some mechanics might have seen this as an opportunity to sell me something I didn't need.

My charge? $0.

In eBay speak: "AAA++++, would do business again!!!"

Rob B. | 2011-08-26

Great service, I bought my VW two weekends ago and called Rene for some sunshades and a 3M bumper protector.  Rene ordered it quickly and I spoke to service who got me in first thing at 8 am on the following Saturday.  I arrived and spoke to Eddie Perez.  What a class act.  He was timely, professional and a great guy.  He treated me and my silver 2011 Sportwagen with care.  He explained what he was going to do and in an hour and 30 minutes, I had my car back.  He had first explained that his crew had not done one of these 3M's before but was confident it would turn out great.  AND....  it did.  Eddie asked me to come outside and take a look and it was very professional.  He handed me the keys and said thanks for being a good customer.  He was great and so was his crew.  From the car buying experience to service and parts.  All around I have been treated very well.  I am a little shocked with the car buying nightmares I hear about.  I am glad VW Downtown LA is around.  I will be sending anyone who will listen their direction.  

Thanks VW Downtown LA!!!!

Erika E. | 2011-08-22

I worked with Don D and Perry in the Internet/fleet sales division and they were very nice to deal with.
Perry was very patient, answered all of our questions. He allowed us to drive several cars and was very honest and upfront in pricing. No smoke and mirrors, no getting a manager.

If you live in LA need a VW - call these guys - they are pretty good!

Ralph K. | 2011-08-21

I'm not kidding when I'm saying that dealing with Don D. at The VW Downtown was the best experience I've ever had with any purchase of anything and I would give Don 10 stars out of 5, -  if I could!

No pressure, no attitude, a great listener and just a great guy.

Thanks so much, again.

Tiffany B. | 2011-08-20

Amazing experience at this location! I did tons of research online of dealerships in Los Angeles and this location had lots of options in my price range. Along with that, within the hour of me sending an online request to the dealership, Don Dolor emailed me back to see when I wanted to take a test drive

I went the next day, on a Sunday morning, by myself "just to look" (aka feel out the joint and see how pushy the salesmen were). I knew I liked the prices here, but I wanted to see if I needed to bring my boyfriend with me when it came to signing paperwork (this was my first time getting a new car).

Don Dolor is AWESOME!!! I told him what I was comfortable paying monthly and we worked out a brand new 2011 Jetta. I really didn't think I would be able to get a new car for so little a month, but he made it happen by working with me on a down payment I could afford and a monthly payment that was in the range I felt comfortable with. I work in TV production as a freelancer, so some months are better than others financially. Don is VERY patient and takes the time to show you on the computer the different classes of cars and inputs your down payment and computes monthly payments on various VW models so you can get an idea of your options.

So I make a decision on the car I want and I have the total in front of me for my down payment and my monthly payment. I asked how much money on top of this amount I would need to factor in (for taxes, registration, etc). He was like,"No, that's the total. That's the amount you owe." I was really shocked, I thought there were going to be a bunch of hidden fees and other costs he didn't calculate.

I just can't speak more highly of Don- he was extremely honest and I was so happy with my experience that day that I decided I was definitely giving him my business. I was so ready to go in and be on the defensive with a pushy salesman, but it was the complete opposite. If you want a hassel-free car buying experience, just go see Don.

Daniel S. | 2011-07-25

1 year update...this time for the SERVICE CENTER!

On Par with what I had expected.
I never get excited about having to take my car in for service....but my buying experience was great, so I expected this time was no different. Upon arrival valet service, Octavio Fuentes treated us as if we had just arrived to the Bentley Car Service! I loved it.....Ok check in our car, and bam free shuttle service to our breakfast spot of choice (within 5 miles...see my jacks and joe review) all within 15 minutes of our arrival. We even, explained that one of our brake lights was replacement even though it had gone over warranty, saved me time and money, thanks Dennis (big shot out to Dennis, he's the man with the master plan)
Total time for our first service 3 hrs as biggie, it was Saturday AM, so the wife and I still had the rest of our day to go to the beach and chill.

P.S - I even ran into Octavio Inofuentes, the salesman that sold us the CC last year, he remembered us and was very polite.

I love this place! I'll be back

Adam D. | 2011-07-13

"Ask for Don"

Just finished the task of getting another car after moving across the country. As a really satisfied Volkswagen CC Luxury owners my wife and I decided to stick with the brand and check out the GTI. After a rather annoying experience with Volkswagen of Pasadena , my wife did some research and sent a request via email to Volkswagen of Downtown LA. She got a quick and straight set of answers from Don Dolor. After about 3-4 email interactions we decided we'd better go down and see for ourselves what was going on there.

Don was super chill. Very professional and made the experience easy and fun to do. We got our car at the price we wanted and Don made his sale. It was as simple as that. None of this "hey , where ya from?" "Oh my brother used to live back east , maybe you met him? " blah blah blah nonsense.....He wasn't there to BS us and become our new best friend. He was there to help us get the car we wanted at the price we wanted and the experience was really easy and pleasant. Yes, I just said , pleasant.......a word you don't usually associate with car salesmen!

Once we finished with the finance dept and finished up all the loose odds and ends Don sat in our new car with us and ran us through a lot of the features. Even as owners of a Volkswagen we learned some new things. He was patient and really calm and cool. Just can't say enough good things about his demeanor and professionalism. If he knew anything about the record business I'd hire this guy to manage me! Seriously , a good guy.

Drove the car off the lot within 3 hours of starting the process.  LOVE THIS CAR.

wont go into any of the numbers or business,.........because , THATS NONE OF YOUR BEES WAX BUB!

IF you need a VW and you live in the greater Los Angeles area and you can pull yourself away from all the beautiful people on the west side in Santa Monica ( SNORE! ) get your butt down to VOLKSWAGEN OF DOWNTOWN LA and get your DAS AUTO on!

tell em MOWO! sent ya!

Alec A. | 2011-07-11

I recently purchased a GTI here from Don Dolor.  He was extremely helpful both online while we were negotiating via email and in the dealership when it was time to finalize the deal.  If you're looking to get a vehicle form this dealer, be sure to start your search online and request a quote from Don.  He answered ALL my questions directly and fully, which isn't what I can say about other VW dealers I dealt with, and made sure I got the exact vehicle I wanted for a price even better than what I was shooting for... come on!

Donna F. | 2011-07-07

My daughter just leased a Jetta from Don Dolor.  He actually made the transaction pleasant (something you don't expect when you're car shopping).  Don was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional.  He gave us the best deal and without any pressure.  He even followed up after we took possession of the car to be sure that all was well.  We would highly recommend him and VW of Downtown LA.

Jeremy H. | 2011-07-01

Another 5 Star review for VW of Downtown. My wife and I just purchased a Touareg from Gary Schwartz with their Internet Division - he is the BEST car salesman in the world.

Not only is Gary patient, he is extremely knowledgeable - I was deciding between a Q7 and the new Touareg 3 and he was very helpful pointing out all the different features and options with BOTH cars (seriously he seemed to be completely unbiased, which was awesome!).

Gary also went to my Wifes place of work and drove the car over for her to test drive - what a Gentleman.

Honestly - I would refer everyone I know to Gary...he's one of the most honest, and reputable people I have ever purchased a car from him.

Thanks to Gary for such a great car buying experience!


Zoe R. | 2011-06-30

We are the first time customers of Volkswagen and were looking for a good deal on Tiguan for a while. At the VW Downtown we got the best price by far and best service. Their sales manager Don Dolor was very helpful and informative. He helped us to find a car we wanted and acted very professionally. We got a great experience and definitely coming back for another car in the future.

Chuck B. | 2011-06-21

Just wanted to share my great experience with VW of Downtown LA in general and Gary Schwartz, Manager in particular. After visiting a couple other dealerships, I called Gary, and over the phone and I received a no nonsense quote, which ended up being far less than the other two dealerships. Everything was successfully handled over the phone and through emails so that once I arrived all I needed to do was sign documents. The whole process took less than hour. Gary made what is usually a very unpleasant experience a very pleasant one.

Robin T. | 2011-06-10

This dealership is clean, well organized and well-stocked. Gary Schwartz was a PHENOMENAL sales associate and beat the deals from all other area VW dealers. He put me in a gorgeous new 2012 Eos and handled my lease return easily and quickly. Excellent service from a super nice and knowledgable guy!

Nick K. | 2011-06-02

I didn't even get the free car wash this time.

Long story short, they wanted to charge me $900 for a job that could be fixed with a thirty dollar hose and six screws. Also, I was wrong earlier when I said a scan was $90. It's $138. And you can't get the scan done on the weekends.
Here's the deal. I can get a machine to scan the codes for under 100 dollars. It's borderline criminal that they're charging an arm and a leg for simple jobs, jobs that they might be causing.

Alex D. | 2011-04-04

The first time I came to this dealership was with a friend as a moral supporter and negotiator. Both of my roles proved to be relatively useless. When I came back to purchase my own vehicle I found out first-hand why.that was.

Very helpful staff. Great attitude. No fuss, no muss.

If you need a VW - this is the place.

Dan Z. | 2011-03-24

Easiest car buying experience ever!  Gary Schwartz (Internet Sales Manager) was great!   He made the experience quick and easy.  The rest of the staff were friendly and supportive.

I knew the car I wanted... I knew what I was willing to pay for it.. Gary made it happen.  No apologies, awkward moments, or being shameful for my less than perfect credit.  

I would definetly recommend this dealership to anyone I know!

Katie W. | 2011-03-23

Rude. Extremely unprofessional. Horrible Service. Not helpful at all.  

Do not go to Volkswagen of Downtown LA especially if you are planning on leasing a vehicle because they will treat you like crap when you return your car.

I will never in my life buy or lease another Volkswagen.

Josh R. | 2011-03-06

Seriously, the best car buying experience ever!!  Gary Schwartz (Internet Sales Manager) was bloody amazing- no pressure, just facts and excitement about cars, and attention to our desires and needs.  I can honestly say- he made the experience wonderful.  The rest of the staff were friendly, fun, and supportive.

I did my research, and knew what I wanted... Gary made it happen, in MY price range, on MY terms.  No apologies, awkward moments, or being shameful for my less than perfect credit.  

I got what I wanted for a few dollars LESS than I said was my realistic limit... five stars, earned honestly.  Thanks!

Charles H. | 2011-02-22

Downtown traffic was absolute murder last Friday with rush hour, rain and the All Star game all happening at the same time.

Eddie Perez, my Service Advisor, waited for me to pick up my car until a half hour after closing. Very cool...thanks!

amy j. | 2010-12-02

Very disappointed in VW Service dept pricing.

I've been going here for 10 years for maintenance since I wasn't sure who else knew how to fix New Beetles that well. Recently, a lot has been going wrong with mine. When I got a $1000 quote for a check engine light, i just paid it to get it fixed. The next month when a few brake lights came on, I got a $1500 quote. This was just too much. I even considered just getting rid of the car if the problems were that costly. They charged me $130 just for the quote - for doing no work at all.

Luckily I found another shop that fixed all the same problems for $125 (turns out even the diagnostic wasn't very accurate or complete - just needed a module and a few fuses). I felt like a sucker and that DTLA VW started targeting me as such with outrageous quotes. It's known that dealers are a rip off for service when the warranty wears out, but it sucks if you don't know where else to go. Try Autobahn on La Cienega instead.

Rhoi C. | 2010-11-18

I used to come here all the time when I had my Audi (different service departments, same dealership owners, and they're right next to each other) and I always had the best experience at their Audi dealership when I came in for service. All the other Audi dealerships were either too elitist or clueless.

Now that I have my VW (which I bought from this dealership after scoping out the cars while my Audi was in service), I tried all the closer dearships' service departments to my place and they were all a disappointment which is why I brought my VW back here. It's more of a drive but always a better experience.

One suggestion though is I wish they had a better customer lounge. Maybe I'm asking for too much since I was used to the lounges at the Audi dealerships, but their lounge consisted of 4 chairs int he corner of the main dealership hall. Since I live further away from this dealership and I end up staying to wait for my car to be finished, I did appreciate the four desks they had set up with internet access.

Keleigh S. | 2010-11-08

Love VW DTLA! I just leased my 2nd car from Gary Schwatrz yesterday. I had the VW Jetta last lease and now I I have VwCC. It was all a great experience and I think that I got a very nice lease deal. I have sent several people to Gary in the past too and they also had a great experience.

David A. | 2010-08-12

I feel compelled to write this review for anyone who's thinking about going to this dealer for service.  I strongly recommend against it.  Initially, my experience with the service department was great.  It was close to work and they even quoted some repairs for a lot less than the VW service department in the South Bay, which is how they earned my trust.  However, after my experiences within the last month and a half, I wouldn't recommend this dealership's service department to anyone.  I took my car in for service and was told I needed a mass air-flow sensor.  I paid almost $500 for that.  Then, 2 weeks later, I had to take my car in again.  I was told I needed a speed sensor for about $475.  I had some doubts about the earlier mass airflow sensor repair but was  re-assured it was really needed and that the speed sensor problem was new.   After that, I needed to replace a hose in my engine for another $100.   Shortly after that, I was still having problems with my car and ultimately told I needed transmission work which they don't do.  I strongly feel that I was not told about the transmission repair needed because that would have meant no business for them.  Long story short, I feel as if I've been ripped off for about $1000 worth of repairs.   I could have been told from the beginning that my transmission was the problem.  That would have been the honest thing to do.  Please note the multiple negative reviews for this dealer's service department and the few positive ones which were obviously written by employees or friends/family of employees.

Adam S. | 2010-07-29

Both of my experiences with the service department have been very poor.

On my first visit, they forgot to reconnect the gas gauge, so it looked like I was always out of gas.  They never returned my phone call to have this repaired, so I wound up paying someone else to fix it.

The second visit was worse. I took the car in for repairs several days before leaving for Las Vegas.  After being told that the work would be done that afternoon, I was told to come in the next day.  On Day Two, I was told the car would be done at 5AM the next day, just before I was to leave for Las Vegas.  I did a double-take: 5AM?  Really?  I asked to make sure and was told, yes, the car would be done at five in the morning.

When I went in the next afternoon, the car still wasn't done.  I told them to cancel the remaining repairs (interior stuff, mostly).  After paying $1600+ to fix my struts, bearings, timing belt, and change the oil, I was off to Vegas!

... Until the car's steering wheel started shaking violently.  And then it began pouring blue smoke all over I-15.  Do you have any idea how fun it is to be stranded in the desert?

We eventually made it back to Los Angeles.  The dealership never returned my irate phone call, so I was nice and livid (yet somehow still restrained) when I came in.

To their credit, they wound up fixing their almost-there repairs for free, and gave me a rental car for the day.  That's the only reason why they get two stars.  I definitely won't be taking my car to this dealership again, if they've screwed up their "repairs" on both of my visits.

Barbara S. | 2010-06-14


I bought a brand new Jetta TDI wagon on March 15, 2010 since that time this service department as destroyed my new car!

First, the rear tail light got a water leak inside; i took the car in to have the light replaced.  They seated the light incorrectly and it stuck out 3/4 of an inch.  I took the car back for them to reseat the light and adjust the sunshade.  When I went to get my car there was a 4 inch scratch on the left passenger door.  They painted the door and it came back with fish eyes and blemishes in the paint; they got overspray on the driver's door.  I made them paint it again and told them to detail the car and make it look like the new car I had purchased.  Well, I didn't need to wash my car until the Memorial weekend and after taking it through the car wash, water infiltrated the car somehow (even though the sunroof was closed) and so they had to replace the headliner.  I just picked up my car on Friday from the headliner job.  The entire headliner was seated improperly, the seams do not fit, parts and wires are exposed and it is filty with oily stains and fingerprints.  

I'm telling you . . . stay away!  Find a reputable repair department elsewhere cuz it ain't here.  If you want to see the service orders, letters, pictures, just send me a message!

Taylor S. | 2010-04-30

worst salesman ever.  it was if he doubted that I was there to purchase, test drive or even inquire about purchasing a vehicle.  I took my business to VW Pasadena and had an amazing experience.

James S. | 2010-03-08

I leased a 2009 VW Jetta using the Internet sale department and it was a great experience!!! The sales guy is Tony Saghetian and he is super straight forward and no games. I liked working with him A LOT!!!  Once we worked out the numbers, everything will smooth. They didn't pressure me too much to buy the extended warranty and all that stuff. Very professional and respectful. I would totally buy a car from here again. Other VW dealers seemed to be more into games. I got a good deal on my VW Jetta and I love it!!!

Venus A. | 2010-02-27

If you asked me in 2008, I would have given this dealership 5 stars.

Two years later as our VW Jetta lease is about to end and we are interested in discussing something else, we have had NO RESPONSE.  We have left voice mails, emails, more voice mails, more emails.  Okay, I received 1 phone call back, but that's it, and that was on February 4th, 2010.

It isn't like we approached this dealership with unrealistic expectations (like going in to ask for something like a Touareg with no money down and payments for like $400 a month).  It's also not like we aren't existing customers either.  When we signed our first lease with Gary Schwartz he made us feel like coming back and stepping into another lease or continuing to do business with them would be easy.  Sure, easy if he actually called us back or emailed us.

Our first experience was excellent.  I don't get why it's so different now.  We literally left Gary messages and I emailed him with details regarding a possible trade-in after talking to him once.  He has yet to call us back or send me an email - and he's one of the main guys for Internet sales for goodness sakes!

Mind you,  when we first signed-on with VW I worked with Gary back in 2008 - it was purely online.  He emailed me immediately so I don't get the lack of response now.  He even called me before as well.  Maybe he's past some sort or prove yourself point with the company?  I don't get it.  Either way, I sent him an email on Feb 4th and never once received a response.  Since then also, my husband has called and left messages for Gary several times with no response.  

So all-in-all, I do not feel like I am giving this dealership an unfair review.  This is very disappointing because we were such great fans of L.A. VW and Gary Schwartz.  We will probably not end up getting another VW as a result.  It is a lot nicer than Van Nuys VW though - that place is really dirty slimey small no selection.  At least VW L.A. has a very large selection and nice facilities.

I guess expect to be treated so great the first time, then expect to be ignored if you want to come back?  

WEIRD and really a bad bad way to maintain long relationships with people.  I guess I must be too needy (I don't think so).

Anyway hope this helps.

erika t. | 2009-07-15

notice how the only people who have given this place a positive review are men...
VW of downtown los angeles has been a nightmare for me.  I have had multiple negative experiences there with the most recent being that the service adviser lost my car key and requested that i come down to the shop in the middle of my work day to bring them my spare key, otherwise they were unable to proceed with my car repair (mind you, my car, my only means of transportation, was in their shop).  
This is one example among many.  Overall i was ripped off, degraded, taken advantage of and simply inconvenienced- on more than on occasion.

if you drive a vw, i strongly urge you not to bring your car to this dealership esp if you are a woman and are not well versed in auto mechanics.

Eli S. | 2009-04-22

I don't know about the service department, but we had a great experience with Tony and Jorge in the sales department. We were able to lock in a very good price and weren't pushed or prodded to buy any add-ons. It was nice not to be 'sold' a car. We purchased what we wanted at the price we asked.

Milla G. | 2009-04-13

I have been loyal to this VW dealer for about 5 years now- UNTIL NOW - I used to live near USC and it was convenient then but I have relocated to Glendale and despite there being a Glendale dealership walking distance from my house I still make the trek to Downtown because I trust their prices and service department more than the Downey and Glendale dealerships I have been to once or twice.

DENNIS is great and honest provides great customer service and treats you like a human being. I also have had JOSE and I think he was also trustworthy.

However, I made an appointment online and forgot to request either of them and got scheduled with DON and I don't think I am ever going back after the experience I had today. I am really bummed.



Ric P. | 2009-04-11

A friend of mine hooked me up with this Dealership. And I have to tell ya, it was one of the best experiences I ever had.
Common now, who likes to deal with all of the tedious stuff that goes along with a car purchase.

I had the honor of having Tony Saghetian "Internet Manager", as my guy. He is THE BOMB ! From the 1st phone call, to the last hand shake, as I drove off the lot, and checking in on me after the fact, has/had been a car buyers dream.

I come from Ventura County via working in the Toluca Lake area, and let me tell you, it's worth the drive, time,service & money saving trip. TRUST ME WHEN I SAY, DO IT. JUST DO IT !

The establishment is is so friendly, and pristine clean. I saw the cleaning maintenance gal, maybe three times in the one hour I was there to finalize my papers. Where do you see that ? Those little things add up, and make EVERYTHING a more pleasurable experience.

I just got myself a '09 Passat CC loaded, at a great deal. And I have to say, it puts BMW & Mercedes to sham, and at half the price too.

melissa m. | 2009-03-06

Let's just say this review is 50/50, so more like 2.5 stars.  Cmon YELP - how hard is it to break a star in half?  really??

So there I was, downtown Los Angeles on a busy mid-day weekday.   Engine light goes on, now its flashing!!  Pull over to gas station on Olympic and Grand.  Phone a friend.  He says we are about a mile from a Volkswagon dealership and that is where we need to go.  Drive white-knuckled, holding breath through each traffic light and alas, 5 minutes later (which seemed like an hour) arrive at VW dealership's service department.

Upon entering the service department office at about 2:30 pm, we are  "greeted" by Don, who will be our service representative.  I explain the engine light, the sputtering and loss of power.  I also explain that I am from San Diego and was hoping to have the car looked at sooner than later, in so many words, but quite nicely and even a bit at-your-mercy-like.  We are met with the "we will not be able to look at it until tomorrow morning.  We are really backed up" - in a whiny annoying tone, not to mention deflating, unassuring and creating more anxiousness than relief.  Turns out if it is an engine issue, of course, it is covered under warranty.  There's the "good news".  But this DUfus isn't service oriented in ANY way.   We are told we can't get a ride to Silver Lake (a mere 5 miles away), there will be no complimentary rental car and if it isn't engine related, it will be $125/hour.  Super!  My thrifty friend, T re-approaches the service counter and reiterates that neither of us are from the area and we are virtually stranded now; it seems they should do more for us.  Balking again, Don says "nope, sorry."  T drives it home, "we would like to speak to the service MANAGER" -  tah-dah!! free car rental!! just like that!  We walk to Enterprise who puts us on the ehhh, VW voucher list so we bask in the concrete jungle of downtown LA Enterprise for about an hour waiting for our white chevy compact, imagining our next and first meal of the day, wondering if my car will be o.k. ...

Next day:  I have been told that they will look at the car at 8am and notify me by 9am of its "diagnosis".  9 am comes and goes.  I call them.  No answer in service department.  I call the service manager; he refers me to Don-O.  Don says they are still looking at it.  Calls me at 11 am.  It has misfired, spark plugs all need to be replaced and after further inspection, the Cadillac Converter needs to be replaced as well.  It will be a couple more hours.  $240 and a minor operation literally 24 hours later, I return my complimentary rental and retrieve my car.  Don is more reluctant to be nice than ever.  He barely makes eye contact, rushes me over to the "cashier".  Lays my paperwork down in front of her and doesn't look back.  This guy is amazing!  He is so bitter that we got a free rental and that he couldn't authorize it on his own or that we stepped on his big toe, who knows, who cares.  If your job is in service, well then, SERVE!  stop your whining and drop the attitude.  Thankfully the technician working on my beloved beetle cared enough to replace warranty'd parts and give me the thorough service everyone deserves.  Thankfully the Service Manager gave us a free rental car.  No thanks to Don.  Zero.

Following day:  voicemail from Don!  "Hi Miss MA-yyierr, It's Don, from Downtown Volkswagon.  Just wanted to follow up and see if everything is ok with the car.  give me a call if you need anything, 213-blah-blahlah...thanks, bye."  click!  Wow...

Car is purring like a cat.

Israel E. | 2009-01-21

Great delership! I mean all these other dealerships try to hustle you into buying their cars I mean thats part of the reason that drove me away but not here the service is really good here ask for my friend Rami he's really cool I bought my Jetta from him and have been happy ever since!

Bryan F. | 2008-10-17

Was really excited to trade in my 96 Jetta and purchase my first new car - a 2008 4 door Rabbit... According to my dad, who sold cars here in socal when I was a kid, I got a pretty good deal and the timing was spot on with this economy struggle and loans becoming harder and harder to get.

Heres the bad part; After a few days of driving, an alert shows up on the LED dashboard telling me my tire pressure is low. Doesnt say which tire? So I wait for a couple days and realize the back right is the prob. I take it back to the service dept and they say they have fixed it. I believe them. Its OK for another 2 months or so then it happened again. I was due for the 5K checkup around that time as well, so took it in and had it serviced + asked them to repair the tire. The tire repair still didnt take, 3rd time in and they replaced the defective part.

During the purchase, my salesman, who pounded my door down trying to sell the car to me, told me that he would take care of the 5K service, but when I tried to get ahold of him through emails and leaving messages, he was no where to be found and still hasnt returned any correspondence. I foot the 89 bucks.

The "Service Now!" light is still flashing and they were supposed to have reset it, the tire still leaks and Ive been back now 3 times for the same things. Ive even written the Gen Mgr about my probs - he hasnt returned anything yet either.

The service dept guy I was working with is a great guy. Its not his fault that his mechanics arent doing their job and he doesnt deserve me ranting at him. The mechanic working on my car was just so uninspired that day dragging shit around, slower than a turtle in overalls. Whats with this shit?

3 stars because the VW dealership has been semi-responsive, -2 for the lackluster of some of the employees (sales + mechanic).
However, VW washes your car every time you bring it in for service. Thats a plus.

Flora K. | 2008-09-21

I've had my Passatt for 5 years and been to several dealerships for service (Pasadena, Glendale, Torrance, Hawthorne, and Downtown LA), and Downtown LA has been the best by far!  

The problem with most VW dealerships is that the service people are way too concerned with the rating you will give them (5 on the scale of 1-5 is the only passing grade).  This gets in the way of them being able to provide you good service.  

The Pasadena dealership definitely has this problem.  One time the service provider even asked me to give him a 5 because it would affect his Christmas bonus!  

The Torrance dealership (which has thankfully gone out of business) falsely made a claim that a recall service was performed on my car.  What happened was that I made an appointment and they promised that I would have my car by 2 pm, but I didn't receive a call at 2, so I called around 3 pm and they hadn't even touched the car.  I then decided to pick it up with no service performed.  I then took it to the Hawthorne dealership to perform the recall and they said that it had already been done by the Torrance dealership!  I had to go through so much trouble to fix that problem.

Anyhow, the Downtown LA dealership has been great!  No pressure to give them a 5 star rating and the last time I went there the guy replaced my dipstick and fixed the moulding on the roof for free!

James L. | 2008-08-14

After several weeks of horrible experiences in my attempt to purchased a used car from the dreaded USED CAR DEALERS, my experience at VW, Porsche, Audi of Downtown LA was a breath of fresh air.  I was picking up the car from an hour and a half away, so of course I was anxious.  

The first thing that happened when I pulled up, I was greeted by a very friendly salesman who asked me to make myself at home and brought me a drink of water, first thing.  Since I came from an hour and a half away, I brought a one-way Avis rental with me. The salesman offered to help me return my rental car to Avis and picked me up and brought me back to the dealership in his own (very cool) Porsche.

It took a little time for the management to look over the paperwork and get the financing arranged, but all through it the salesmen would periodically come back and advise me why it was taking as long as it was. My salesman even checked the traffic for me on his phone to see how long it would take for me to get out of LA (which I wanted to do as quickly as possible) and which would be the best route for me to take.

The salesman showed me the car, gave me an opportunity to inspect it and ask any questions I wanted.  Their web site had already given me a free Carfax report showing me that the vehicle was a one-owner vehicle.

And all of this when I was purchasing the car at 25%+ less than book price!  After my weeks of high pressure and just plain gimmicks in trying to purchase a car, going to this dealership paid off.  I highly recommend it, based upon my experience so far.

Helen V. | 2008-08-13

This is the cheapest VW service I could find.  Santa Monica charges $100 more and Pasadena (although far from me) was the same price.  But VW Downtown was amazing.  It ended up being cheaper than I was quoted and I was in and out with super friendly service.  I will most definitely go back!

libs k. | 2008-06-13

i've taken my car in for an oil change once, and even though it's closer to work i will never go back there again.

i dropped off my car on a thursday for maintenance. no call over the weekend that the car was fixed, so i called back on monday afternoon. they said it was done on friday and that i can pick it up at 8am. so i had my husband drop me off at 8am to pick up my car on a chilly tuesday, and they neglected to tell me that cashier's don't open for another 30 minutes. so i stuck around until it did, then after paying the cashier $140 i waited in the reception area with a bunch of mechanics who were hanging out and talking sh*t to one another  - very unprofessional. after waiting for 10 minutes i went back to the counter and asked where my car was. the cashier lady THEN gave the keys to one of the mechanics to get my car! the car was unwashed and the seats and radio were tweaked. to top it off the service adviser tried to convince me to replace my two rear tires for $200, which i let him know were replaced 2 months ago.

there was a happy ending though - i wrote the dealership a letter about the horrible service i received there, and they did not charge me for my service. hence the extra star.

i'll still never go back there though.

Jennifer H. | 2008-03-24

The Worst service I have ever delt with! Had transmission problems and it took them 3 times in a yr to fix it, after my warranty had expired. They were asking me to pay for the new transmission. I had to fight with corporate finally they charged me only "labor" for them to be able to fix it. I took them a month to finally come to an agreement with me. When I got my car back, I noticed my car had been driven about 10 miles, my radio was on power 106 and they spilled soda or something in my car because they didn't clean it and the dashboard was all sticky. NEVER GO THERE!

Marina P. | 2008-02-20

Two stars because when I leased my car from this location the salesman who helped me was awesome. I had just moved to LA from the East Coast and he did everythg he could to help me. He unfortunately no longer works there though.

The service department is HORRIBLE. I got rear ended pretty badly and they could not fully fix the vehicle. I kept having to take it back cause my engine and exhaust lights would go on. They kept my car for weeks at a time and only after complaining A LOT did they give me a loaner car - which was disgustingly dirty and on an empty tank of gas when it was given to me. The people there are just plain rude too.

Don't waste your time here... Volkswagen of Santa Monica has far more efficient and friendly service.

Ashley A. | 2007-07-10

I'm a bit surprised to see either five-star or one-star reviews of this place, as it seems to me to be squarely, though comfortingly, average for a European car dealer's service department.  It has all of the typical pros (accountability, nifty [in this case online] reservation systems, nice customer service folks, pretty waiting areas, gorgeous cars to drool over while you wait) that you'd expect from a European service department, plus the age-old con: high prices ($115/hour for labor).

That said, I made an appointment on a Sunday with a rather hard-to-diagnose problem; dropped it off without fuss on Monday morning; they had diagnosed it by noon and--expensively, but thoroughly--fixed it by that evening.  Nothing to complain about there.

So if you like the accountability and risk-averse nature of dealerships that leads to their high prices--don't hesitate, I'd say, in emptying your pockets at this one.

Toni P. | 2006-10-05

Excellent service, follow-up and knowledge. I was lucky enough to have Israel Gomez sell me my VW, but it seemed that every employee there was extremely knowledgable and (unbelievably) unbiased about what they are selling.

They are also patient, not pushy, all good things I like.

I started out at the Audi dealership -- this dealership is a combo VW/Audi/Porsche -- and having the flexibility to stay with one salesperson and look at different models was great.

I've had to go to the service dock twice for minor, non-engine things and service was very efficient. Not the best, but very good and very friendly.